Pada (2022) Movie Script

They will come and ask
What did you do when the poor suffered
When tenderness and life
burned out of them?
Otto Rene Castillo
Translation: KG Sankara Pillai
The Kerala Legislative Assembly
amends the Adivasi Land Act
Kunchacko Boban
Joju George
Dileesh Pothan
Prakash Raj
Arjun Radhakrishnan
Salim Kumar
Savithri Sreedharan
V K Sreeraman
T G Ravi
Unnimaya Prasad
Shine Tom Chacko
Gopalan Adat
C R Rajan
Sudheer Karamana
Dasan Kongad
Kani Kusruti
Hari Kongad
K Rajesh
Sibi Thomas
Bitto Davis
Vivek Vijayakumaran
James Eliya
Sajitha Madathil
Gopal Mangat
Kottayam Ramesh
Shankar Ramakrishnan
Santhosh Keezhattoor
Devendranath Shankaranarayanan
Unni Vijayan
Abhija Sivakala
Raavi Kishore
Kannan Nair
Sunil Annoor
Rajeevan Vellur
Haris Saleem
Nithin George
Sajith Kongad
Sunil Kumar
Ishitha Sudheesh
Master Davinci
Shaji Oorali
Adwaitha Sreekrishnan
Sreeshma Chandran, Susheel
Based on True Events
You can sit there
Everything is ready
Palakkad, 1996
-Vijeesh, is the back focus okay?
-Of course
-Please don't mess it up
Here you go
You are free to look at
the camera while you speak
-Is it okay if I don't?
-No problem. Shall we start?
-Should I reveal my name?
-Yes, start with your name
My name is Rakesh
You might know...
The police are looking for me
in connection with a recent case
So you are in the company of a fugitive
Your action made news all over Kerala
Can you speak more about it?
Before I get into it...
I should explain the recent
amendment to the Adivasi Land Act
There are 140 members
in the Kerala Legislative Assembly
All the members voted
in favour of the Act
Comrade KR Gowriamma was
the only member who protested
Did the lawmakers speak
to the Adivasi community here?
How many of them know about
their living conditions?
Nobody responds to
hunger deaths among them
Who is responsible for it?
They frame new laws to
drive Adivasis out of their lands
What is their motive?
O land, did you hear our forest cry?
Did you hear our forest cry?
And did you see them laugh
When our forest cried?
O land, did you hear our forest cry?
Did you hear our forest cry?
And did you see them laugh
When our forest cried?
Our belly aches with hunger
There is no butterfly or beehive
Soil and trees are dead
While we beg for bark and hide
The stream dried up
Only the heat and stench stayed
The forest where we lived in
Sound Recordist
Esha Kushwaha
Has been lost forever
Sound Designer
Ajayan Adat
Sound Mixer
Pramod Thomas
R G Wayanadan
Costume Designer
Stephy Xaviour
Production Design
Gokul Das
Production Controller
N M Badusha
Music Composer
Vishnu Vijay
-Throw that stick away
Hey, it's my stick
Shan Mohammed
Director of Photography
Sameer Thahir
Mukesh R Mehta, A V Anoop, C V Sarathi
Kamal K M
Wake up
Wake up
Wake up
Come on
Azad, wake up
I won't ask what this is for
But don't disclose my name
Don't worry
-Where is the bus station?
-This way
Okay, see you then
Such a damned system!
This is what annoys me
We live 50 years behind, you know
Gone again!
Aravindan, why are you silent?
Is this the number?
So you want to know why I'm silent?
You want to change the
world with your ideal talks
Carry on
I have no such plans
Aravindan, there's a phone call for you
Okay then
The ones who watered their gardens
The ones who watered their gardens
The ones who looked after their pet dogs
The ones who...
Have you turned this into a phone booth?
Is everything on track?
Is there anything I need to do?
Should I contact Balu or Rakesh?
I will call when I reach there
I will reach early morning
I can't imagine carrying that
sewing machine all the way
I'm the one carrying it, right?
But I have to carry it
the rest of the way
A rickshaw ride costs Rs 50
If it's Rs 50, you should pay Rs 50, Balu
I can give Rs 50
Then give it now
Or you will say you forgot
Aren't you coming with us?
Plans have changed, sweetie
We have been fooled
Now we will have to carry
everything ourselves
Won't we come back here?
I like this place a lot
But you have friends there also
Where are you going?
-There is an important work
-What important work?
I will tell you when I'm back
And when will you come back?
I will be back in no time
I know you will be away for a while
Hold this
Go on, sweetie
Come on, dear
What will we do with the sewing machine?
We can fasten it to the back of the bus
So a fight with the
bus conductor is certain
-When are we coming back?
-We can return anytime you want
What about Thumbi and Seema?
Didn't you tell them, Rosa?
When are we really coming back?
Hurry up
Give me that bag, get in
-Did you take all your books?
-Take care of your brother, okay?
Will you give me your watch?
Why? Do you want to pledge it?
What will I get from pledging it?
Sorry, you can't keep this here
People will board from next stop
We will get it off at our stop
Don't worry, someone is already there
-For God's sake...
-Don't worry, please go on
They are waiting at the stop
to help with it
Take care of him, okay?
Can I call to Mini's lab?
No, I will call
Take care of the kids
Be good children, okay
-Will you give it back?
-Of course, I will
You two buy some sweets, okay?
-Don't fight with each other, okay?
You can get it from the counter
Okay then... let's go
Has anyone come?
I got here a while ago
I didn't see anyone
Any change in plans?
That's not possible
Who are they?
You know Raghu, that photographer who died
They are his parents
We had decided to lay low
in the last meeting, right?
Did I say something wrong?
-Do they know your name, comrade?
I will be over there
-One black tea
Hey, take the money
-Buy a lottery, son
-No thanks, sister
It's the goddess of luck, son
Come on, buy one
I really can't, sister
-Suku, one tea
-Do you want tea, son?
-I already ordered
Sir, your tea
-Should we wait till everyone is here?
-Let's see
Do you see the man next to Aravindan?
He is a cop
He is Bindu's brother, I know him
Did he see you?
I don't think so
We should have gone to the shop
I told you not to come here
-Oh really?
-Don't look there
-Aravindan is here
Aravindan is calling you
He is calling you
Please help a blind man
who can't go to work
Buy a lottery ticket
and try out your luck
There are already so many cops
I don't understand this plan, Kutti
Just leave it
-What happened?
-Rakesh and Joseph are yet to come
I called Joseph, he won't come
-But where is Rakesh?
-At least four of us have to go in
It's Comrade Ravi's fault
Why did he choose Joseph?
-Balu, this has to be done today
-We will do it
Can I come instead of Joseph?
We have Usman outside
Are you sure, comrade?
Yes, I'm sure
Kutti is sure of everything
Let's wait for Rakesh
It's already past 10.30
-You go home, Mini
-I will stay, Usman is here
We don't want anyone to see you with us
Go, Mini
Mini, come
Long live the revolution!
Long live River Protection Committee
Long live River Protection Committee
Let's all say, 'No more'
Let's all say, 'No more'
Let's all say, 'No more sand mining'
Mini, please try to understand
You go now
-You are too late, comrade
-I'm so sorry, comrade
Joseph is not coming
I'm taking his place
-Is Balu mad at me?
-No, he is over there
Mini is still here
Where were you?
I fell asleep
I was in Coimbatore when I woke up
-Did you bring everything?
But I didn't get time to assemble it
-We don't have much time
-What about this?
That's okay
I can assemble it once we are inside
And the gun?
Listen, don't get too excited
and do something stupid
Any questions?
-When will the Collector come?
-Please check with his office
Do you know how to use a gun?
But this is how one learns new things
When will the Collector come?
His PA hasn't called yet
Wait outside, I will call
-Give me that file
-This one? -Yes
-Sir will come, right?
-Hello -Has the Collector arrived?
-Not yet
Excuse me
Can you write a petition for me?
That man will do it
Why can't you write it? Tell me
Why don't you get married?
This is not good for you, son
How many times should I tell you?
Be quiet, Kunji
She has a poor memory
-No problem -What problem?
Who are you trying to fool?
Attention everyone
The Collector is visiting
the BDO office today
So all of you can come tomorrow
-Will he come tomorrow?
Excuse me, son
I got a paper here
Please write it
Here it is
Can you please write it?
I will tell you what to write
Let's go
-What happened?
-The Collector won't come today
Why didn't you leave?
Why did you come back?
I told you to leave
Kutti, tell me what happened
The Collector is not in office
-Come on
Usman here
We couldn't give the memorandum
The Collector didn't come
-Please sign here
-I can't sign
Press your thumb here
-Can we see him tomorrow?
-Yes, you can give it there
Why don't you trim
your beard and moustache, son?
This is fine
-It's the new fashion
Fashion? So you decide that?
-Will you come tomorrow, son?
-Don't look for me
Don't fight with anyone, okay?
Come, let's go
You are coming home, right?
We should not be seen together
Have you decided what to do?
We need to be better prepared
Good it didn't take place today
considering what happened
How many days will it take?
What we need are some dry fruits
But we don't have enough money, Balu
Do you know any place
where we can stay tonight?
Shall we go?
It's a small model but it
consumes more power
This will do
Can't we buy a kerosene stove?
You can just draw a line
from the electric pole
No way
Why not?
Everybody does it these days
So what?
You think it is stealing, don't you?
This is called double standards
Do you have any energy booster?
-Do you want any energy drink?
-Hey, no
-How much is it?
-Total Rs 50
I'm really worried, Kutti
What should I tell your mother?
Just make up some excuse
I'm afraid there will be a shootout
You go now
Give it
-I'll see you later
Hey you!
-Come here
-What is it, Sir?
-Rakesh... from Kanhangad?
-Yes, Sir
Do you remember me?
-No, Sir
-Of course, you won't
I knew I would catch you someday
Come on, get into the jeep
-Why Sir...
-Get in! -Okay, Sir
-We are done for, Usman
-What should we do now?
We have to inform everyone
You go to Rappadi, Usman
Okay, I will bring them with me
-I will follow them
-Could you go faster?
-Okay, Sir
You were missing from
Kanhangad for sometime
No Sir, I was there itself
Sir, don't you recognise me?
I was your student
-Minerva College
What happened, Usman?
-The cops picked up Rakesh
Balu, what we do.....?
He has the gun.....!!
You said you bring him...
Kutty gone to the policestation..
Come on, let's go
The Adivasi Gothra
Maha Sabha will spearhead
this historical struggle
for the rights of Kerala's Adivasis
To explain the political significance
of this protest march
we have here the pride of Adivasis...
What happened to your case?
Which case, Sir?
That bus burning case
The court acquitted me
-Are you sure?
-Yes, it's been a while now
-Writer? -Sir?
-It's a case from '93
Hosdurg police station
Accused name Rakesh Kanhangad
-Tell them it's the bus burning case
I want to know its present status
Be quick
What is in your bag?
Let me see
Any trouble opening?
I offer my respect, love and gratitude
to each one gathered here
Let me begin with this
The people of the soil are suffering
You should accept us as human beings
Otherwise, no matter what you do
we will oppose you
This is our message to the government
That's why we are here to protest today
-What are these for?
-My friends are organising an arts parade
These are props for a street play
Why do you need these for a play?
It's the story of a scientist, Sir
It's this thing between science
and people, you know
The station officer confirmed
the case was acquitted
Street play is okay but
don't play your old tricks
No, Sir, I'm done with it
Now I'm mostly into theatre
-The minister is about to reach
the meeting place, Sir -Okay
-You may go now
Call Mohan
We want to protect our forest
We don't want your generosity
We have a right to live in our land
We have our needs, our rights
and autonomy too
We want things to change here
The British who ruled this
land once framed several laws...
including the Forest Conservation Act
And each one of those laws
alienated the Adivasis
The governments supported
encroachments on forests...
and looting of forest resources
They have been
oppressing Adivasis for ages
Our children, women
and our ailing elders
raised their slogans and sang their songs
In the end, they seized our lands
and left us their songs
Please move
Excuse me
Please let me through
Hey, please let me through
Hello, move!
I'm going to meet Comrade Ravi
Don't worry
That CI was after me in an old case
Just wanted to say hello
-Were they suspicious?
-Where is the gun?
-It's tucked to my waist
What if they had frisked you?
They would have got it
I can't find my pen
Where did father go?
He didn't tell anything to Azad also
Get some curry leaves from your aunt
Go, Rosa
Prime Minister HD Devagowda may
visit Kerala on the first of November
Add some more
Drinking water will be our main problem
We have to arrange it from there itself
Do we need more men?
Should we ask Usman to join?
There is so much to do
We are enough, right?
Of course
What was the news last week?
Where was the plane hijacked from?
-From Lebanon to Bulgaria
It was carried out by one man
Who is it?
-Did you go home, comrade?
-I was with Comrade Ravi
Come in
-What is this?
-Some food
Shall we pack?
Pass my bag
-Do we need these?
There are a few more things here
We will take only what we need
-What is left behind?
-Some food and tools
Kutti, be careful
Are we on the right track?
You are not schoolchildren who dream
of compassionate rivals in a struggle
Nor Satyagrahis who endure
the contemptuous ridicule of your foes
You are the one who brandishes...
the double-edged sword
of destruction and reform
And anticipates the most brutal forms
of torture and revenge
You are frontline warriors
who forge ahead with defiance
UP Jayaraj
He was a genius!
Just go to sleep, Rakesh
Did you see Usman?
He will come
Hey, Rakesh
So what is the plan?
Please tell him about us also
When will Collector Sir leave?
-Around 12.30 pm
Sir, will the Collector leave soon?
-Sorry, I don't know
-I had booked a token
Please wait
I will go with you to see the Collector
You stay here, I will call you
-How many are there?
-Around 25 people
-Call them in
-Send it to SP's office
-Okay, Sir
The Collector is in the office
Those who want to see him can go in
-Please go
-What about token?
No token, all of you can go in
-Shall I postpone it?
-No, we can't move it
Please go in
Let's do it tomorrow
What about the meeting with CM?
We need to postpone it
We have to call the welfare
association meeting too
-Please be seated... Seventh or eighth
So just one meeting today
Then I can return by two pm
Please take a seat
I will break your camera
That will teach you a lesson
Mother, please be seated
I'm a little busy today
I have to attend a medical camp in Agali
Sorry, don't get me wrong
You can leave your petitions here
I will check
Please come another day
Seventh or eighth?
Schedule it for eighth
Tell me, what is it?
We are members of the Ayyankali Pada
We are here as part of a protest
Okay, what is the issue?
Do you have a written petition?
This can't be solved by writing a petition
What sort of an issue is that?
Let's sit down and talk
Please take a seat
Tell me
The Adivasi Land Amendment Bill was
passed by the Kerala Government last week
It should be repealed and withdrawn
The land rightfully belonging to the
Adivasis should be returned to them
It is a legislative action
I can't do anything about it
We only enforce the law
Then this is our counter action
We will hold you hostage until
the government repeals the law
What do you mean?
I can't translate it
You are under our custody
Tie him up
Get out
-What are you doing?
-Go away
-Please don't do this
-Shut up
Stay away
Stop it
Sadiq, stop it
Do you want me to shoot?
-Take him
-Please don't do anything...
Ajay Sir
Please... please listen to me
Don't do anything unlawful
Please listen
Get out
Balu, open
Stay away
Don't move
Go away
Listen everyone
All of you should leave this place now
Our fight is to challenge a grave injustice
We want to speak to the government
We are armed so they should listen to us
Don't try to enter
Tell the police too
We are fighting for the
rights of the oppressed
And we want to do this peacefully
So we request you to cooperate with us
-Please don't gather here
-Please leave
-Please leave all of you
-Everybody go
Call the SP's office
Sir, please come quickly
-Try the local station
-I will inform at the counter, madam
-Give me some water
-6-8-0-1-1-7 -Is it ringing?
Hello, SP office?
Calling from the Collectorate
Comrade Kannan?
Usman here
We submitted the memorandum
Then I will come there
If you don't see me, call me at
this number after two o'clock
You must call
I will try my best to come
Okay then, I will come around two o'clock
No, he isn't here yet
There is a function at his house
He said he will come by 11 am
Don't be so stupid
This is crazy
We can discuss the matter
-You can't take law into your hands
-We don't care for your law
Our protest doesn't follow any law
Listen, please untie me
Please stop talking, Sir
Now we will talk
-What if I don't?
-We will blow you up
What do you want?
Tell me
Repeal the amended Adivasi Land Act
Adivasi land for Adivasi people
Fight against injustice
Long live, Ayyankali Pada!
-What exactly happened?
-It was on the first floor
-What is the situation now?
-No idea, Sir
-Don't let anyone in
-You stay here
-Go back
Whom should we call first?
Chief Minister or Chief Secretary?
-I refuse to cooperate with you
-Why not?
Because this is not democratic
Hello, stop it
-We are fighting for justice
-Justice? Is this your protest?
-What is your point?
-You represent this government
-So what?
-Your system
This farcical democracy
is the biggest terror
The least we can do is to challenge it
Please read this, Sir
-For what?
-It's all written there, read it
This struggle is against the
injustice inflicted upon the oppressed
Here it is
Chief Secretary's number
Here he is
-Good morning, Sir
-Good morning
-Ajay Dange is from Nasik?
-Yes, Sir
Was there any threat against him?
No, Sir
We are waiting for
the Intelligence report, Sir
Any clue as to who they are?
No, Sir
Did you inform the CM?
Sir, he is at the election rally
His Principal Secretary will arrive soon
We have informed him
-The DGP will also come
-That's not enough
-Inform ADGP Bhasi also
-We have done that, Sir
Someone called from
the Palakkad Collector's office
He was threatening us
The call came a few minutes ago
-What threat?
-He insisted on talking to you
-When I said you were in a meeting
he disconnected -Call back
Did he speak in Malayalam?
Yes, Sir
Hello, Mathrubhumi?
We are members of the Ayyankali Pada
We have taken Palakkad Collector hostage
This is an act of protest
Shouldn't we call VS Iyer?
We want the Adivasi Land
Amendment Bill revoked
Is the DGP in town?
He is here itself
VS Iyer
What happened?
It's engaged, Sir
I will try again
You mean one of them wrote it for you?
Let's go home
Move back
All of you, go back
Please wait here
We will call you
Justice VS Iyer?
I would like to talk to him directly
May I have his number?
Move aside
This way, Sir
Sister, please move
Detain all suspects
Sir, that's the main door
The hostage is in this room
There is a small gap here
That's the only way we can see inside
Over there, Sir
-Sir, I was with him
-She is the ADM
They tied something onto him
I think it's a bomb
Someone has identified a suspect
-Sir, he is a journalist
-Call him
-Your name?
-Which paper?
Whom did you identify?
The pink colour...
The man in pink colour shirt
is Narayanan Kutti
He has trimmed his beard
But I'm sure it's Narayanan Kutti
I just spoke to SP Sachin Agarwal
Sir, it's them
Turn on the speaker
I told you I want to talk
to the Chief Secretary
This is the Chief Secretary
Who are you?
N Rajashekharan, right?
We know that you are the
chief agent of this puppet state
Now listen carefully
Collector Ajay Shripad Dange
is in our custody
Tell me what this is about
Repeal the Adivasi Land Amendment Bill
passed by the Kerala government
Return Adivasi land to Adivasis
These are our main demands
We are ready to discuss it
But I need to speak to the Collector first
You should speak in a language
that we can follow
I will speak in Malayalam
Give him the phone
Sir, Ajay Dange speaking
Hello, Ajay
Is this Ajay?
Rajashekharan here
Can you hear me?
-Yes, Sir
-You will be alright
We are all here, okay?
Now tell me
What happened there?
Sir, there are four people
They are activists
They are armed
Now listen
Don't panic and make
sure they stay calm too
We can solve this
I'm assuring you
I'm trying my best to handle the situation
But they are not allowing me
to do anything
Don't worry about that
Till we find the right solution
just stay calm
-Okay, Sir
Shall I talk to them now?
Okay, Sir
Thank you, Sir
The government will do all that it can
I promise you
But I need time to talk with the CM
Until then, don't do anything drastic
We can't promise you that
Do this first
We want the people of
this country to know about it
So broadcast this on national media
like AIR and Doordarshan
We are not ready to start
the negotiations until it is done
That's okay
We will do it right away
And don't try to outsmart us
One bomb can destroy everything
We can solve this
We hope you have understood the situation
But in a peaceful manner
Who saw them last?
Sir, they have been detained
No one has been allowed to go
We also identified two people
who talked to them
-Who are you?
-I'm the Collector's gunman
-So you were there?
Did they have any weapons?
Be specific
All of them carried bombs
and one of them had a gun
-What about your gun?
-Sir, we almost caught them
Where is your gun?
-I didn't bring it today
-Sir, we almost caught them
And then?
Collector Sir asked us to let them go
Did he say that?
Sir, shall I shut down the power?
We need to be extremely cautious
it will be a rude shock to Kerala
We have to play this down
Sir, we will handle this
Over a hundred police
personnel are deployed
We are trying to mobilise more force
Talk to the SP
Tell him not to provoke them in anyway
We have to watch them first
-This is a strict order
How can we have a discussion
if you tie me up like this?
What are you planning to do?
Whose safety?
We know everything about you
-You cleared the IPS first
-You got arms training too
-So what?
You are armed
You are the ones with weapons
Do you think I will do
anything thoughtlessly?
-We don't know what you are thinking
-That's your problem
Your mistrust
We won't untie you
We want a radio
Sure, Sir
We can begin the operation
once they are identified
I'm SP Sachin Agarwal
-We are ready to cooperate with you
-We are not interested
Call Daffedar Vasudevan
-Shall we talk...
-Call Daffedar Vasudevan -Okay
We can talk...
A radio...
and some drinking water
-Bring them immediately
-Can we...
I want to call home
Who is there at home?
Wife and child
I have a young child
-Let him call
He can tell them he will be late
Should he say it now?
We can't deny him his rights
We have to keep fake news in check
-Take a seat
-Did you talk to the CM?
-He is not feeling well
So he even cancelled the election rally
He is resting at the guest house
He thinks it might be a Naxal group
This is just a ploy
to garner political attention, Sir
I think this will flare up
more than we can imagine
Sir, we need to investigate
where they got their weapons from
It could be from across the borders
This is the contentious document
The Adivasi Land Amendment Act
-Hello, Malini
-Yes, Ajay
Malini, I'm calling from office
No matter what, we aren't
changing the plan, okay?
There is a small problem here
It's nothing new, is it?
How long have we been living in Kerala?
Listen carefully
And stay calm
-What is it?
-A militant group is here
-They are staging a protest
It's a sit-in protest
-Ajay, what exactly is the problem?
-You should inform our families
-but don't scare them
-Is this something serious?
-I will try to call later
-Can you hear?
-Who is this?
-Here is what you can do
Call the authorities and
beg for your husband's life
-What happened?
Mother, it was Ajay
There is some problem
I represent the system, right?
Not my family
Don't threaten them
Please leave
All of you, leave
I heard Kutti is among the captors
I don't know
The police have identified him
Do you know anything about it?
I will check
I just said what I heard
Sir, one Narayanan Kutti
has been identified
We had arrested him
in a street theater troupe case
Then they certainly are
Kerala Communist Party workers
Ayyankali Pada is just a ruse
They want to confuse us
We need to open all
channels of negotiation
True that, Sir
Sir, I think we should inform
the Central Home Secretary
You are friends with Shastri Sir
I totally forgot
Please call his office
We can't risk a man's life
Isn't there a smaller one?
This is all we could find
-We have to open the door
We have to open the door
Sir, any corrections?
One second, Sir
Shastri Sir
-Sir, this is Rajashekharan
-Yes, Rajashekharan
I got the report
Such a terrible news
No state can accept what has happened
I'm already doing something about it
We will send a team of
NSG and rapid action force
It will be taken care of
Thank you, Sir
Thank you so much
He is sending a team of
the National Security Guard
It's a good thing, Sir
We should take maximum precaution
-Should I go to Palakkad?
-Come on
It will take time to get there
We need to end this soon
Shall I get some porridge?
So what is happening in Palakkad?
What are the updates?
How is the Collector?
Sir, he is fine
I spoke to his captors
Tell them not to create any trouble
Or they will face the consequences
I tried to warn them, Sir
But they are adamant
They didn't give me a chance to speak
Who is in-charge there?
IG Chandran, Sir
That's not enough
We need someone stronger there
Francis, the North IG
Let him go
Okay, Sir
Finance Minister Menon...
is in Thiruvananthapuram
I will coordinate it, Sir
Call me if there is any trouble
This is a highly sensitive issue
The elections are coming up
Keep that in mind
We got it, Sir
We will handle this strategically
Sir, the Centre is sending
an NSG team to the spot
That will cause even more trouble
The shootout at Koothuparambu
happened only two years ago
So we have to avoid troubles from our end
Don't make any mistakes
I know, Sir
We will be careful
Can you do this?
Sir, you know better
Of course, Sir
I know that
-Thank you, Sir
-Sir, the press has been calling non-stop
-That can wait
I think...
we should call them
Sir, the SP called
They asked for a radio and water
Should we allow that?
Sir, we need a proper strategy
Otherwise they will exploit the situation
Call them
Let's talk to them
We know what you are going to say
So listen to what we have to say
Summon the Legislative Assembly
Invite all the Adivasi
communities of Kerala...
and ask them if they
approve of the new law
-Let them speak up
We can't call the Legislative
Assembly in a day
We are ready to sit here
as many days as you want
We got food for the Collector also
You need to stop this now
I mean...
You better release him first
This will become a huge issue
It's already a huge issue
In fact, that's what we want
No civil society can accept
what you are doing
Let's talk face to face...
It has been peaceful so far
We have nothing more to say
I think we need to
figure out a plan for NSG
Yes, Sir
We are trying our best
We have contacted a few mediators
-The NSG team is coming to Coimbatore
-Will update you, Sir
Then by road to Palakkad
They will reach around eight pm
Thank you
They agreed to it
There is plenty of armed
force at the Collectorate
They will deploy more
someone has identified Kutti
In that case...
they will find us in no time
The police might be at our homes already
I think...
even the IG has arrived
All India Radio, Thrissur
Check the regional news at 12.30
Drink it
No, thank you
Are you scared?
Are you scared?
But we don't trust your kind
-Then don't drink it
-What do you mean?
Whom do we trust? You?
Or the police waiting outside?
Or should we trust those
politicians who control you?
-Advocate Murali Menon?
Namaskaaram, Sir
We are the Ayyankali Pada
We are organising a protest holding
the Palakkad Collector as hostage
Yes, I heard that
In fact, I was discussing it with
someone after watching the news
We invite you to act as our
mediator with the government
I don't want to know why you called me
But I don't agree with your views
You chose violence
Everyone has the right to
speak up against injustice
And the right to correct it too
But I don't know how I will fit into this
-I hope you don't mind if I speak up
By the by, who am I talking to?
Ayyankali Pada
I'm telling you again
This is very suffocating
Untie me
You know what?
As per the UN Declaration of 1979
-even a hostage has certain rights
In that case, even before that...
in the year 1957...
the United Nations placed a demand
before its member nations, including India
To draft a law to protect the Adivasi
communities and safeguard their land
I'm not sure you know
ILO Convention 107
Kerala passed such a law in 1975
For namesake
It was included in the Ninth
Schedule of the Constitution
So that it won't be sabotaged
For 21 years, the Left and Right fronts
ruled the state alternately
and watered down the law
until it reduced to nothing
So far...
governments have allocated
millions in funds for the Adivasis
If you distribute these funds
among the Adivasis, each person will get...
more than 10 million rupees
Where did the money go, Sir?
The government is trying to
sabotage one law by creating another
Do you think you can solve this
by taking me hostage?
The Adivasis are the real
hostages in this society
You seized their land
and turned them into refugees
But this is a democratic nation, my friend
You have to follow the system
This democracy belongs only to a few
That's what we are trying to say
Sir, who will head the NSG commandoes?
IG Francis Chacko?
Francis is good
Didn't he train at the Scotland Yard?
He is good, the CM also said that
I don't understand what
the government is trying to do
I heard they have called central forces
Let's see
I have written a note for the press
I will read it out
This is a warning...
to all those corrupt upper-caste agents
of the Left and Right governments
who have been deceiving
the Adivasis and other oppressed
communities for the last 21 years
Palakkad District Collector
Ajay Shripad Dange...
is taken hostage by four armed men
This morning around 10.45 am
the men reportedly entered
the Collector's office
posing as visitors
The police believe
they have explosives and weapons
After locking in the Collector's room
the men held him captive
Additional District Magistrate
Padmini Ramachandran
and other officers who
were present informed
Senior police officials
including SP Sachin Agarwal
have arrived at the spot
Mothers, sisters, please buy a lottery
and lend this blind man a helping hand
You violated our first condition
We told you our slogan was
Adivasi land for Adivasis
The AIR news report is misleading
We can't accept this
Please calm down
Allow me to check how
they missed that part
I don't know if they edited it out
Every AIR station
should broadcast what we said
If you don't do as we say
you will be responsible for
every bomb that explodes
The next bulletin will carry
all the information
I guarantee
One more thing
Justice VS Iyer and Advocate Jayapalan
We recommend them as mediators
You must get them here immediately
We need to check if they are available
If you stall, everything stalls
including guarantee of life
Call Justice Iyer
-What was the advocate's name?
-Advocate Jayapalan, Sir
He is a criminal advocate in Thrissur
He actively works for social causes
That must be why...
-I will get his number, Sir
-Yeah, get him
Shall I order something to eat?
-Why not call Jayakrishnan of Asianet?
-His number?
I have his pager number
Can you untie me?
I want to use the washroom
I want to pee
Sir, the NSG commandoes
have started from Delhi
When will they reach Coimbatore?
In five to six hours
Then an hour-and-a-half by road
So that's the time we have for negotiation
Let's see
Thank you
Excuse me
Please call Ayyankali Pada
Can you tie this at the front?
Please, it hurts a lot
No, thanks
Why not?
Are we untouchable?
Or is it a hunger strike?
Or Satyagraha?
-This is my protest
Don't eat
Can I check those files?
Anyway there is no point talking to you
So let me do my job
-I'm cooperating
-Just stop talking
These are urgent files
If you insist, we will give you a file
One company of KAP fifth battalion
armed force will be here now
Okay, Sir
Good afternoon, Ma'am
-Is the Collector safe?
-So far yes, Sir
I was by the door, Sir
There was no provocation from either side
Ma'am, is the Executive Magistrate in town?
Have you tried to talk to them?
I tried my best, Sir
But they are not ready to talk
Did you identify their organisation?
We identified a local guy
called Narayanan Kutti
Sir, I think it's a political issue
-Other arrangements?
-Two units of fire force are here
-It will come shortly, Sir
Sir, they are asking for Kumaran and Kunji
-Who is Kumaran?
This couple has talked to them
He says one of them wrote
a petition for him yesterday
The police are not invited
Go back
You please come in
Don't worry
You can't go inside
I'm Jayakrishnan from Asianet
I said you can't go in
-But we have heavy equipment
-No matter what, you can't enter
Shukoor, take them out
You can start
I will join soon
I will call, okay
I want to make a call
Jayakrishnan here
Who is this?
-I'm leaving
-Where are you going, comrade?
-I'm leaving too
I have to go home
I heard my mother is unwell
Besides I have to call Advocate Antony
and Comrade Madhavan of Ernakulam
I already alerted them
Let's see how long Balu
and other comrades hold on
We have been living there
for the last 28 years
We applied for the title deed many times
But nothing happened
Now they have sent an eviction notice
We submitted an application
But no response
We are getting old
We have nobody to depend on
Please help us, Sir
Call Satheesh, the clerk
Call clerk Satheesh
Call clerk Satheesh
Earlier whenever we
came to the Collectorate...
our son used to come with us
He died in an accident
We are all alone now
We have nobody to help us
It will be really helpful
if you gave a stay order
When we go to the Village Office
they ask us to see the Tehsildar
We went there many times
We keep visiting offices
but nothing happens
We have nowhere else to go
-Hello -Advocate Jayapalan Sir -Yes
Namaskaaram, Sir
We are the Ayyankali Pada
The Palakkad Collector is...
Yes, I heard
But why did you call me?
We want you to be our
mediator with the government
We believe an expert lawyer
like you can help us
That's why we recommended you
to the Chief Secretary
No, but...
I think it's better to call
somebody from the judiciary
But we want someone
who is honest and just
I thought you wanted me
because I'm a criminal advocate
I don't mind taking part in this process
But if you want this to run smoothly...
the government has to intervene
You know that, right?
We will see, okay?
He wants the Chief Secretary to decide
I think he will come
Close the window
Sir, there is some problem downstairs
The MP and MLA are here
You handle it, go
This is a stay order
Keep this with you
Don't go anywhere
until the matter is resolved
Stay at your home itself
It's all written in that order
Thank you so much, Sir
Stop it
Will you please move back?
Blow it up, comrade
Aravindan, blow up everything
Let me call the Chief Secretary
-Don't move
-Please don't do anything
Move back, you!
We are moving on to the
next stage of our protest
If I press this button
the whole place will blow up
Move back, all of you
Let me talk to the Chief Secretary, please
We are suicide bombers
Sir, my wife is still there
There was a blast
in the Collector's chamber
The squad tried to get in
Call them
Connect the IG
Long live the revolution
Arrest the criminals
Probe the political conspiracy
Probe the political conspiracy
Long live the revolution
Ask them to shut down the power
Hey, shut down the power
What's going on there?
-Sir, it's the party workers
-No, everything is fine
I will call you back
The MP and MLA are here, Sir
-Somebody go and talk to them
-CI Joy has gone, Sir
Why can't the SP go?
Hey, Sachin
Why is only IG Chandran there?
Where is Francis Chacko?
Sir, he will reach there in a few hours
What happened to the mediators?
Justice Iyer is in Bangalore, Sir
It seems that he can't travel
Sir, we are trying our best
But we need...
This is serious negligence
Sir, please, it's not safe to enter now
-We can talk this through, Sir
-About what?
You can't even handle the situation
Why should we talk to you?
Sir, call from the Chief Secretary's office
Sir, IG Chandran here
What are you doing there?
What is happening?
We heard an explosion
from the Collector's office
No casualty, Sir
-Everything under control, Sir
-Under control?
Don't do anything
-Wait for the NSG commandoes
Don't do anything
you aren't sure of, please
We should be careful
until the Collector is freed
-None of you will be spared
-Sir, please
-Please calm down
-We will wait for some time
You have to sort it out by then
-We will be here, so be careful
How could you do something so stupid?
Do you have any idea of the consequences?
-Sit down
-Or what? Will you kill me?
What else can you do?
Sit down, Sir
I grew up seeing protests
I'm always with the downtrodden
And what could you do for them?
It's easy to give lectures, Sir
Don't say that, okay
I took charge only 40 days ago
Until 10 days ago, I was taking action
to reclaim the encroached Adivasi lands
I did it not just because
of the High Court order
-I knew it was the right thing to do
-And what happened?
When you came to Agali
I was there, Sir
You had to stop the procedures by noon
Even the police gave up
You saw it too
There are many reasons for that
Mainly, political pressure
That's a different story
-Sorry, Sir
-What nonsense
Advocate Jayapalan
Namaskaaram, Sir
Tell me, Sir
You might have heard what
happened in Palakkad today
Yes, one of them called me a while ago
He asked me to be their mediator
But it's the government's decision, right?
-I told him so
-That's why I called
Please consider it as a request
from the government's side
-You can't go in
-We are from Asianet
The IG knows us
-Where is the Collector's chamber?
-First floor, Sir
I don't think it will be easy
Then please inform the media, Sir
Advocate Jayapalan leaves for
Palakkad to begin mediation talks
But there is one condition
There should be no interference
while I talk to them
I don't trust the police
I'm going in as a mediator
I don't want to end up
as a hostage, that's why
Hello, Ajay
-Hello, Malini
-Why are there so many cops at home?
I don't understand anything
Malini, don't panic
-I will call you back
-Minister Menon Sir called
He told me RAF and NSG teams are arriving
Is the situation that serious?
I will call you back, Malini
But Sir...
everybody will say
the police failed to act
They will blame the police anyway
This is the reality, Sir
And you know that
What if a similar unrest happens again?
We need to think ahead
This has to set an example
Or we will be considered a failure
in tackling law and order problems
If the NSG is coming
it means this is national news
Which means we won
Am I right, comrade?
What should we do if the NSG attacks us?
We will blow up whatever we have
And then?
We have the Collector
But we can't let him die
Are you afraid to die?
Where are you going, brother?
Sir, I can't find my wife
She is not well
Brother, you need to
go straight and turn right
She is sitting there
Take the next right
Why did you come here?
You must leave
My child will be back from school, comrade
Don't stay here, go home
Hello, can I talk to Advocate Sibi?
Please tell him Sheeja called
Kunji, you
This is me
-Where have you been?
-I was right here
I looked everywhere
I feel so thirsty
I need some water
I will buy tea or juice for you
Let's leave this place first
You saw what happened here, right?
I started my career
as Palakkad Sub-collector
From my probation days...
I have seen the plight
of the Adivasi community there
And nothing has changed much
And I'm talking about 36 years of my life
I'm sure they won't hurt Ajay
Let's wait and watch
At best, they may hold up till night
By that time, everybody will be tired
After all, hunger is
the cause of all problems
Hours after Ayyankali Pada
took the Collector hostage
the matter remains unresolved
It's important to note that
the state government hasn't send
any of its ministers to the spot yet
Once Jayapalan reaches there...
we should keep track of the NSG team
that will land in Coimbatore
Sir, I had a word with IG Francis Chacko
He is all set for the operation
-What is the update?
It is getting late
We called both of them
Justice Iyer is out of town
Advocate Jayapalan is on his way
We won't call you about it again
There is a blackout
We want the power restored right away
See there must be some problem
I will take care of it
If you take any action against us...
we will move on to
the last stage of our protest
Palakkad Collector hostage
situation is getting complicated
a press note from
the Chief Secretary's office said
The captors have informed
that they are not ready to accept
the government's proposals
Chief Secretary N Rajashekharan IAS
said that
government representatives
are attempting negotiation talks
More than 1000 police personnel have
been deployed at the Palakkad Collectorate
said DGP KP Balagopalan
He added that violence
will be met with violence
Sir, please
We should break open
these two doors at once
The NSG team has six members
-They can enter easily
-But it's risky
I'm concerned about
the explosives they have
But they can release
the Collector in a minute
They are very quick
Besides, Nitheesh will lead
our police force
What about casualties?
They can also kill
four people in a minute, Sir
The police will be held responsible
for every damage caused
Things can go wrong anytime
There is an important message, Sir
They are creating trouble downstairs
-Are the MP and MLA still here?
-Yes, Sir
They are still waiting
They aren't ready to leave
Arrest the savages who
took the Collector hostage
We should get in, let's not wait anymore
Sir, I'm DYSP Thomas
-Let's sit upstairs
-The Chief Secretary called
What is happening now?
-He is safe, Sir
Sir, this is Advocate Jayapalan
We were waiting for you
Francis Chacko
Sir, with due respect...
this is a legal mediation
There should be no police interference
Not at all, Sir
We are aware of that
You have our full support, Sir
-Can I trust you?
Open the door
This is Advocate Jayapalan
Open the door
There is no need to do that
I told the police not to come in
It's okay
Take a seat, Sir
What is your name?
Is it necessary to know?
It's good for mutual trust, right?
Balu... Kallar Balu
-Where is the Collector?
I'm Advocate Jayapalan
I got a bit late, I'm sorry
No problem, Sir
The Chief Secretary said you will come
There is no point in asking
how you are doing
-Could you talk to your family?
Take a seat, Sir
So let's get into the matter
Tell me
What can I do for you?
We want the government
to legalise our demands
It must be guaranteed
within this legal system
We will not leave until there
is a clear-cut solution to this
It's not that easy
You are challenging a legislation
Only a court of law
can intervene in this matter
What I'm trying to say is...
there are many legal hurdles
involved in making it happen
Then there's no point continuing this talk
-We will decide what to do next
You want a report of the total fund
the government spent for
the Adivasi community so far
Do you think it can be done in an hour?
Be practical
So you mean it's not possible?
That's not what I meant
It will take time
I came upon your request
to speak as a mediator for you
-Sir, Advocate Jayapalan here
-Yes, Jayapalan
How is Ajay?
Is he alright?
He is fine
He said he was able speak to his wife
Our priority is Collector's safe release
I have talked to them at length
And I have convinced them that...
it will take time to meet their demands
They are ready to release the Collector
But only on one condition
Their demands should
be fulfilled without delay...
and a District Judge should guarantee it
on the government's behalf
How can we call
the District Judge at this time?
See, it needs to be approved
by the High Court Registrar
It's not practical
If you aren't interested
in resolving this immediately...
why should I waste my time here?
It's not a lack of interest
We need to follow the protocol
Please understand
I will get back to you after discussing
with the crisis management team
Who is the District Judge?
Justice Thankappan Aachary, Sir
The NSG team has landed in Coimbatore
-Will they set out to Palakkad immediately?
But before that...
contact the District Judge
I will call the High Court Registrar, Sir
Is that so?
Who is the District Judge?
Justice Aachary, Sir
Will he come if you call?
Sure, Sir
Take necessary action
Don't delay it further
-We are already too late
The NSG team has
already arrived in Coimbatore
Sir, you please take rest
We will update you
Sir, it's Thankappan Aachary
Justice Thankappan Aachary?
-Tell me, Sir
-We spoke with Justice Aachary
He is ready to meet you
You can see him right away
-He should come here
He is in the next block
Why can't we go there?
No Sir, we are not ready to leave yet
Let's not argue about it
We can request the Honourable Judge
Thank you
-Call Justice Aachary
-Yes, Sir
What will you do once this is over?
Where is the NSG team now?
They will reach Walayar in 30 minutes
The 12-hour hostage strike
in the Palakkad Collectorate
that kept the state on
tenterhooks will now be resolved
The negotiations will resume
under the leadership of District
Judge Thankappan Aachary
The members of the
Ayyankali Pada informed that
there will be no cause
for concern until then
Do you mind if I ask a few
people to join us for the discussion?
No, Sir
-Are you okay?
Come in
Take a seat
Bring that chair
Sir, I called Malini
Thank you
-Sir, any problem?
-Are you okay?
-I'm fine -Okay, Sir
The real trouble starts once this is over
So let's concentrate on follow-up action
Do you mean the NSG team
needn't go to Palakkad?
We don't need them
once the Collector is released
Sir, let them come
They should be here
to deal with these Naxalites
It's a matter of perspective
Violence is violence
No matter which force kills
the government is answerable
Your Honour
I'm Advocate Jayapalan
A mediator appointed by the government
I spoke to them at length
They call themselves the Ayyankali Pada
That's the identity they want to go with
But why don't you reveal
your own identities?
And what exactly is your purpose?
This law was passed 21 years ago
Every government that ruled this state...
misused the law to deceive
the Adivasi communities here
The government has given away
vast areas of land to estate companies
They don't want to recover it
and distribute it among the landless
Instead they are trying to
destroy the Adivasis
This amendment is part of that plan
It needs to be corrected, Sir
That's why we decided to protest
against it risking our own lives
But nobody died
So let it be
I talked to the Chief Secretary
He told me to discuss with you...
and resolve the matter immediately
He has also asked for more time
to meet their demands, Sir
Of course, it will take time
They have to locate the files first
Anyway, I will write a report
listing your demands
and submit it to
Chief Secretary and Registrar
Will that do?
They have one more demand, Your Honour
What is this new demand?
They should be allowed to walk free
The police should not take
any action against them
Zoom in, don't leave anything out
That's their last demand
How can we allow that?
They have gun, bomb
and other deadly weapons
That's what I heard
Sir, those weapons are fake
these are some plastic pipes and wires
this is only a toy gun
Anybody can examine it
See, it doesn't fire
Just a few pipes and wires
Hey, silence
-Hey, don't take photos
-Hey, stop it
There is only one way before us
Complete this procedure
Everything on paper
How do we go about it?
Sir, we have to form an enquiry commission
You mean judicial enquiry commission?
-Yes, Sir
It will take time
Kerala has only one percent
of Adivasi population
This is a protest
to protect their rights
We wanted to bring people's
immediate attention to this problem
That was our only motive
But we want to personally
apologise to the Collector
I want to ask the Collector about it
Tell me
Your Honour
I don't support what they did
they treated me with respect
I also tried to...
convince them
Do you have any complaints?
This is a political protest
So I have no complaints
What about the police?
The Collector has no complaints
Do the police have any
objection in releasing them?
Tell them exactly what the DGP said
Don't hesitate
Sir, since there is no casualty...
the government has asked
to avoid further police action
In that case, we are
closing the proceedings
Since the Collector has no complaints...
and as the IG said...
there are no casualties...
so considering only
the good intent of the accused...
I allow them to leave
Please note down what I said
Then let's disperse
I got some work to do
Can we believe that
these promises will be fulfilled?
What about their arms and weapons?
They were fake, Sir
I was confused when I heard it
We can discuss that later
Let's focus on sending the NSG team back
What did you aim to do by
such a controversial action?
Could you tell us your names?
Ayyankali Pada's statement
This is the outrage of the oppressed
This is a warning...
to all those corrupt upper-caste agents
of the Left and Right governments
who have been deceiving
the Adivasis and other oppressed
communities in Kerala for 21 years
The Constitution proclaims the right to
the welfare and protection of the Adivasis
What did you do for them?
You must do justice to the
values of your Constitution
This fight is for the oppressed...
Sir, the politicians and
media will accuse us...
of letting the captors walk free
You must know that it was a moral
responsibility to allow them to leave
It was the District Judge
who approved it
Please trust me
Naturally, that was the right thing to do
And that's what we did
Investigate the conspiracy
to tarnish the government
Investigate the conspiracy
to tarnish the government
Arrest the culprits
Arrest the culprits
You must do justice to the
values of your Constitution
There is a famous quote by Mao Tse Tung
'All reactionaries are paper tigers'
That's what we proved here
These are just thread balls
and plastic pipes
As for this... see
It doesn't even click
Where is your husband Narayanan Kutti?
I don't know
-You can't enter my home
-Move, you!
-Wait outside
Over here
Where did he go?
You search inside
Check everywhere
Where is he?
-What happened?
-Your father...
The police may come home
looking for your father
Don't get scared, okay?
Is everything okay?
Kallara Babu
Vilayodi Sivankutti
Rules, regulations and
petitions against occupied land...
remain forgotten in government files
They are left there to gather dust
Nobody takes any action
It has to change
Mundoor Ravunni
We will continue to fight for it
The fight against injustice will go on
You, I and everything else will
become the driving force behind it
This is the truth
It's the only thing I believe in
Ajayan Mannoor
What we expressed here...
is the angst and protest of the
displaced and the oppressed
Any form of government and its laws
that do not believe in the
equality and liberty of humans
will be challenged
It has to be challenged
Rameshan Kanhangad
The next day, on Oct 5, 1996, Kerala
Government filed a case against six men
The next day, on Oct 5, 1996, Kerala
Government filed a case against six men
District Collector WR Reddy
was transferred in a week
They said he aided the accused by defending
them before the Enquiry Commission
District Judge Rajappan
Aachary also suffered
many losses, including
promotion opportunities
Advocate Veerachandra Menon refused
to cooperate with the Enquiry Commission
He challenged the police to arrest him
Vilayodi Sivankutti, Ajayan Mannoor
and Rameshan Kanhangad...
were sentenced to three
years in prison on Nov 27, 2003
The judgment said the social significance
of their cause won them a reduced sentence
Kallara Babu who surrendered years later
was acquitted by the court on Nov 13, 2015
Meanwhile, the Adivasis
continue their fight for land
We will be the burning force
We will strike like thunderstorm
We will be the burning force
We will strike like thunderstorm
We will pave our own path
Ours will be the new dawn
We will pave our own path
Ours will be the new dawn
Ours will be the new land
Ours will be the new dawn
Ours will be the new land
Ours will be the new dawn
Feb 19, 2003: Kerala Police fired 18
rounds at Adivasi protestors in Muthanga
Five people, including
a policeman, were killed
We will be the wind and the storm
We will lash down in torrents
We will lash down in torrents
Our forests and mountains
don't need your border stones
No, they don't
Our sacred groves don't
need your priests or idols
No, they don't
Our forests and mountains
don't need your border stones
No, they don't
Evicted, neglected and landless
With no place to call their own...
the history of the Adivasis
continues to this day in India
Long live the revolution
Our land belongs to us
Our land belongs to us
Long live the revolution
Long live the revolution
Our land belongs to us
Our land belongs to us
We know the rules of your game
Yes, we do
We build a fort with our
laments and march ahead
Yes, we do
We know the rules of your game