Padmini (2023) Movie Script

Is this Rameshan sir's wedding venue?
Yes, yes! Come on in.
Once, I entered the wrong wedding venue.
That's why I wanted to be sure.
The groom's father passed
away many years ago.
That lady in the silk sari is his mother.
She's an Ayurvedic Doctor.
Sudarshanan isn't here?
You didn't invite him, right?
Still, you could've brought him.
Sudh holds his
dignity in high regard.
That guy on the side is
the groom's brother, Rahul.
I told you to get a gold facial done.
Now look, I'm stealing all your thunder.
Bro, make sure your hands don't shake
when you tie the nuptial chain.
Oh, Venu, shut up!
That's Venu, their cousin's husband.
He's from Trivandrum.
Look, the bride is here!
Rameshan could've gotten a better girl!
She hasn't adorned
many gold ornaments, as well!
That necklace must weigh
around three and a half sovereigns, no?
Hi, Sister Shantha.
We were just talking
about Rameshan's bride.
Of course! Do try to
be a tad mindful though!
Don't delay it.
It's the auspicious time for the marriage.
Get the nuptial chain.
Rahul! Stop fiddling
with the phone.
Bring everyone
onto the stage to click pictures.
Smile, please.
Sister, please smile.
Come on.
Now, both of you look here.
Come on!
She's your wife now. Stand closer!
Brother Shankunni...
Come let's click a picture.
Is that necessary?
Don't we need a photo of Brother Shankunni
at Rameshan's wedding?!
I don't even have a single
photo of mine at home.
I guess I'll take one now.
Is anyone left to eat?
Hurry, please.
They need to enter the house
before the auspicious hour ends.
Hey, where are you off to?
You already ate, right?
Go and sit inside the vehicle.
- Where's Rameshan, Mom?
- They are having food.
Isn't this over yet?
Let's go to the registrar's office
and complete the formalities.
Son, some avial for me.
Sorry, I was wrong.
It isn't avial, it's erissery.
Whatever! Serve it!
-So what if the sambar was too salty,
the payasam was burnt beyond repair!
Sir, now put one spoonful
into the mouth.
Into her mouth!
Not your mouth!
Hey, Kannan, enough of your photography!
It's time. Come, let's go.
Come, quick!
Almost done! Just two last pictures.
Both of you look here.
Oh! Perfect candid!
Rahul, take Mom and go home.
And on the way, buy some bananas
from Sukumaran's shop.
A full bunch, okay?
When will we reach the registrar's office?
By now the registrar
would've probably locked up and gone home!
Now, both of you sign here.
- Hello, Rahul.
- Yes.
- The marriage registration is over.
- Okay.
- We are about to leave.
- Alright.
- Keep the snacks ready for the guests.
- Everything's set.
But the aunties
here are fighting over
who gets to carry
the lamp and welcome the bride.
Do one thing! Tell everyone
to hold a lamp and stand.
Rameshan, my brother-in-law!
Come here.
Brother-in-law, the wedding went smoothly!
This is your first night
after the wedding!
You should ace it!
Go nail it, man!
Go on! May all auspiciousness be on you!
O crow, the honest wanderer!
O crow, the one without an abode!
Dark on the outside
And bright on the inside
O crow, you poor innocent soul!
I clapped my hands and beckoned you
While I fed my ancestors
Yet, the next day, as your cries echoed
I hurled stones your way
When deceit exhausts your weary flight
Return, my winged wanderer
Stop wandering, you vagabond
I yearn for the sound of your caws
Like a hymn in my ears
I yearn for the flutter
Of your black wings
O Smrithi, memories wield mischief
More than death's grip upon a life
- It's about you, Smrithi!
- Really?
Did you write poems about me
so many years ago?
This book "The Crow
on the Banyan Tree" is my bestseller.
May I continue?
Is there more?
Of course. I've recited only half of it.
I'll read the remaining by myself.
- Here.
- I mean, later on.
I will read it tomorrow.
Okay, that's cool.
You'll read it tomorrow morning, right?
That will be good.
This trophy...
Oh, no!
Did you get scared?
Hey, no!
This is the first time there's
been a power cut on my wedding night.
I mean, this is the first time there's
a power cut in my house at night!
Why are you scared
when I am with you?
Look over there!
Such a lovely moonlight!
Do you like the moonlight, Smrithi?
A lot!
How about we go for a walk
under the moonlight?
That's exactly
what I was about to tell you!
- Seriously?
- Yes!
Anyway, it is so boring
to chit-chat inside this closed room.
I want to take a stroll with you
and gaze at the moon and the stars...
It will even calm us down.
Actually, we have
the same wavelength.
That's true.
So, shall we go out for a walk?
Watch your steps.
- Oh, no!
- Hey, it's okay.
Just bumped into...
the gifts.
I'll close the door.
That's my uncle, Vasu.
Don't wake him up.
Nobody should know
that we are not here.
Yeah, that's right.
If he sees us, he'll also come.
Aren't you scared of snakes, Smrithi?
No, why do you ask, Rameshan?
We should've taken a torch.
That's okay.
When I am with you, nothing can scare me.
What a bright moonlight, right?
The torch of nature!
The torch of nature!
When we received your proposal,
the first thing
that struck me was the name.
- Which name?
- Smrithi.
- Oh!
- Which means, memories.
Who gave you this name?
My uncle, Unni.
Is he a poet?
Why do you ask?
If he is, we'll make
him name our baby too.
We will call him when the baby is born.
This farmland is ours,
it's around three and a half acres.
We need to sow pumpkin this year.
We will.
I learned to swim in that pond.
- That one?
- Yeah.
Ammukutty and I were
always there after school.
Who's Ammukutty?
Ammukutty... is an old friend of mine.
She's married now.
I don't even have her number.
Such a pleasant night, right?
- Yes, yes.
- So nice and cool.
Isn't there a banyan tree nearby?
There is a banyan tree after this turn.
That's the same banyan tree from
"The Crow on the Banyan Tree."
- Oh.
- I will show you, come.
Who's here at this hour?
That's Siju.
We had to do this because
we had no other choice.
We tried to elope a lot of times
before the wedding.
But my father had
locked me up in the house.
We know this is an unforgivable mistake.
And that apologies won't change a thing!
Still, I'm sorry.
- Thanks.
- Come.
If you've any parting words, say them now.
Don't hesitate.
Say it.
Don't have any hard feelings,
okay, Rameshan?
I'm leaving before anyone else sees me.
My thoughts shatter
My heart breaks
With an ember I silently ignite mind
This serene journey
Rhythmic and lonely
Pachari Shaju,
Kuzhimanthi Rafi,
Pazham Pori Ratheesh,
Reel-baby Keerthi,
Pattaya Shashi...
Oh! Thank Goodness!
My name is not there.
But Amminikuttan doesn't
need another insulting moniker!
Those students...
What's the matter?
Some bratty students have
written nicknames for the teachers.
We should find out who wrote this
and make them erase it!
Is that really necessary, Rafi sir?
It will remain there
until we find out who wrote it.
Let us erase it.
What is it?! Are you all watching a show?!
Why are you here?
Is anybody serving biryani here?!
But Kuzhimanthi is here, sir!
Listen, they have only
mocked strict teachers
who don't dance to their tunes.
In that case, Rameshan sir's name
should be on the wall.
But it isn't there!
What is this for?
To put up a status?
Shouldn't we complain?
Sir, we must complain!
We need to find the people
who did this and suspend them.
Rafi sir...
The way to deal with these nicknames
is to be calm and cool about it.
If we start reacting,
it will only invite more trouble.
See you tomorrow.
Sister Shantha.
Tell me, Lalitha.
What are you doing?
Look at this, all are half-dead.
So dried up!
That's true.
They have started rotting.
Sister Shantha...
Since morning,
there's this mark on my neck...
It's itchy and it's burning, as well.
Stop teasing!
It's not what you think it is!
Vijay removes his dental implants
before sleeping.
This seems like an insect's bite.
Sure. Come inside. I'll take a look.
- Give me a sapling of this.
- Yes.
Rameshan has planted plantains, right?
Given the circumstances,
plantains are the best bet.
- What circumstances?
- I meant the weather.
These days all crops are getting ruined!
- Take a look at this, sister.
- Show me.
It's very itchy.
This isn't too bad.
It will heal.
I'll give you tablets.
Aren't you looking
for any girl for Rameshan?
He isn't interested in girls
or marriage anymore.
Even if he is, it won't do any good.
It was such a scandalous
blow to his reputation!
Why are you bringing it all up?
Sister, mark my words.
She'll pay dearly for this.
Poor Rameshan accompanied her with a torch
so that she could elope with her lover.
Imagine how much love he has in his heart.
She'll understand its value one day.
But he didn't take any torch.
The other day, Vijay was talking about
how Rameshan stood there,
all heartbroken,
when he went to collect
the money for his wedding pavilion.
It breaks my heart
when I think about it.
Don't break your heart.
Take this medicine and eat it.
Shall I go?
- you will...
- Live forever, isn't it?!
Are you happy now
that you've heard it all?
As the burning lamp that I am
My lover, you snuffed me out
From the piercing brambles, as your sole
Didn't I shield you?
Even when you departed, forgetting it all
I perched on this branch
Waiting for you, in vain
It failed to thaw you
Or ignite your awakening
You cast aside all the love and connection
O my crow on the banyan tree
An unyielding agony envelops me
In this thundering firestorm
I suffer endlessly
Like a withered plantain, left useless
She's a sensible girl.
She didn't let
the wedding feast go to waste.
But Rameshan is totally wasted now.
Good that he came
in a Premier Padmini car.
- Imagine if it was any other car!
- Hi, Padmini uncle.
Innova Rameshan,
Scorpio Rameshan,
Pulsar Rameshan...
Isn't Pulsar a bike?
So what? Can't they elope on a bike?
Well, now I don't miss having a daughter!
Nowadays, people call me Padmini's mother.
Padmini Rameshan!
It has a nice ring to it.
Feels nice to say
the name out loud, as well!
- Padmini...
- Padmini...
- Padmini...
- Padmini!
- Padmini.
- Padmini...
Half kg onion.
You didn't go
to Shankunni Brother's house?
I thought it would be better to go
when there isn't much crowd.
When did he die?
At 4:30.
The funeral is tomorrow.
I'll go there after closing the shop.
- What's new with you, Rameshan?
- Nothing.
Oh! You're looking for them?
They aren't here today.
After drinking six days a week,
they rest on Sundays.
How can you live in fear
like this, Rameshan?
You won't understand how it is.
I feel at peace only
when I get to college.
There are still plenty
of folks in town...
who mock and smile
when they see me.
But, even I smile when I see you.
Maybe they are just
giving you a friendly smile.
People have already forgotten
about your wedding.
But I haven't forgotten it!
It was my hard-earned money.
How can I forget it?
Sir, I'll give you a discount.
Just pay me 10,000 bucks.
Watch out!
Sir, open this and see.
If you see this album,
you'll want to take it home.
Let me be honest with you.
I didn't do such a good job
even with my wedding album!
I swear.
I don't need it.
At least give me 5000 rupees.
That's all I paid for printing this.
Who told you to print this?
You knew she ran away, right?
I thought she would come back
by the time this album was ready.
That's why!
Okay, let's settle for 3000.
I've convinced my mind that
I never had such a wedding.
My wife from this album
scooted away with those memories.
But only the wife from
this album is gone,
the rest of your family
and relatives are still here.
It won't start.
Even if you don't understand
my situation, this scooter does.
That's why it won't start.
Did you mess with my scooter?
What! Pay me for my photography, first!
You can worry about your scooter later!
I need Shankunni's picture
to print the flex.
- So?
- So...
can you give me your wedding album?
Here, take this!
The freezer isn't cold enough?
Have you been here for long?
Yeah, it has been a while.
When is the funeral?
Some relatives haven't arrived yet.
Rahul isn't here?
He's sitting at home.
None of this matters to him.
Did you inform Krishnan Uncle?
No need to call and inform him.
Did he call us when his father died?
Oh, no! I called and informed him.
- Did you know?
- Yes.
Darn it!
It's okay, will see when Grandma dies.
Did sister Shantha come?
She's sitting somewhere there.
Come. I want to tell you something.
Who? A distant relative?
Son of the elder daughter.
He went to Kodaikanal
to celebrate New Year's Eve.
It's August month, right?
He went there last December
but he hasn't returned yet.
Rameshan, take her home.
She needs to go to the loo.
It's very crowded here.
That's okay. Your house is nearby.
I'll go by myself.
No, no need to go alone at night.
He'll take you there.
Rameshan, go with her.
- Come.
- Go.
If not today, it's okay
if you come tomorrow.
Sreeja was here.
Didn't you see her?
Yeah, I saw her while coming.
What do you mean by saw her?!
She's your wife, right?
- No, I mean, she went home.
- Say that then!
It'll take two hours.
Abu, towards the side...
- There... place it in that corner!
- Careful, man.
- At least we have this picture!
- Sir...
The picture is nice, right?
Keep it in that corner, man.
Towards this side.
When you enter,
the loo is on the right side.
I know, brother.
I'll go.
It should be closer,
that's the beauty!
What should I say?
What are you doing here?
What do you have to say now?
Didn't I say
I'll come to your house and kiss you?
Listen, my brother might come. Leave.
He won't.
I made him wait outside.
You are bold!
I am, right?
Even I'll come
to your house like this once.
You really made him wait outside?
need to get married immediately.
Laya's age is the same as your brother's.
No... that's not what I...
You know, I understand...
It will be fine once you get married.
Tomorrow itself,
we'll go and see a doctor.
I mean, we'll see a matchmaker.
Don't worry.
It will be fine.
A 65-year-old unmarried man's
rotten body was found in a closed house.
The deceased has been identified
as Satheesan, a native of Kottayam.
This incident marks the third
isolated occurrence this week.
O crow, the honest wanderer!
O crow, the one without an abode!
Dark on the outside
And bright on the inside
Let's go, Thanku!
I've been waiting forever!
The longer you wait,
the better your
facial works its magic!
The facial will do its thing! But...
my perfume's smell will fade!
- Hey, Thanku!
- Hi, Venu!
I was waiting for you.
- Come on in.
- Yes.
But, Thanku...
What about my girl?
Don't worry!
Your girl isn't going anywhere!
We'll leave right after this.
Just five minutes.
These days women prefer punctual men.
Thanks to your exceptional punctuality,
we've seen 49 potential matches for you!
Go out for five minutes
and smoke a cigarette.
I'll join you by then.
But I stopped smoking!
These days women prefer men
who don't smoke!
Oh, Jayan! Please just sit down!
Don't worry about that.
Well, nowadays women like atheists.
Is that true?!
My dear, Jayan! Just sit down!
Why is the marital status column empty?
Aren't you single?
- No.
- Then?
His wife...
is gone.
So young?
Jayan, what is the opposite of a widow?
I meant...
his wife eloped with someone else.
If you have that option, tick that!
Don't worry, sir!
I'll find a perfect profile
for you! Alright?
Look, sir.
I only keep good profiles.
There are students, teachers...
and even a principal!
I don't see anything good.
there aren't many
second marriage profiles.
We are okay with fresh ones too!
Rameshan is fresh, as well!
Do you know why?
She ran away on the first day.
Listen up, Jayan!
Remember, even you haven't
had your wedding night yet!
Just one second, sir.
This one...
- This one seems okay.
- I had called dibs on this girl!
Thanku, she's mine!
Are you seriously planning
to get her married twice?!
Just calm down, Jayan!
Go and sit there!
Go on!
Sit over there. Go on.
Sir, I'll find some
matching profiles for you.
Be ready. On Sunday,
we'll go and see a potential bride!
Let's go the other way.
His banyan tree and crow!
It should be set on fire!
Aren't we going to Vadakancherry first?
After that, we can go to Chittoor.
We don't have to go
and see all these girls today itself.
No, no! We must go
and see them today itself.
After two long years, you finally
had a change of heart today!
Do you know how happy your mother is?
So, let's go and see a girl
and fix the wedding today itself!
Come on, smile a little at least!
After all, you are going
to see your potential bride!
Why did you ask him
to not worry about the horoscope?
Horoscopes don't matter.
The only thing that matters
is a person's mindset!
You could've worn a sari, dear.
This is more than enough!
I already told you
I'm not interested.
Then why did you call them, Mom?
You've already avoided a lot of proposals!
These folks belong to a decent family.
The groom has a nice job.
Whatever! After all,
it is his second marriage, right?
So what?
Shouldn't we consider your age too?
Just because a girl is beyond
the typical age for marriage
doesn't mean she'll only receive
marriage proposals from divorcees.
Let me see if I can find the right guy!
With all these demands, I doubt
if you're ever going to find someone!
I will!
I'll find myself a man,
who cherishes me
like the apple of his eye,
loves me with all his heart,
showers me with surprises,
and is the most romantic guy ever!
Thanks to your fantasies,
you've become 32 years old!
As if that was the only reason!
In that case, where is your husband
who married you at the age of 18?
I think they're here!
- Come, let's go.
- What's wrong?
This house isn't good.
- The house?!
- Unlock the door.
Has he suddenly become
a Feng Shui expert?
The house seems fine.
Are you here to see
the girl or buy a car?!
Were you sent by the matchmaker, Thanku?
Well, there are no issues as such...
Actually, the groom isn't interested.
But he didn't even see the girl.
No, not the girl...
- he didn't like the house.
- The house?!
Actually, the house, that car...
the whole setup...
Sister, please don't do anything.
Rameshan is a nice guy.
- Tell her...
- Hey, no!
Get inside the car!
Hey, you!
My house and car
don't meet your standards?
Unlike you, I don't have to depend
on taxis to get around!
Listen! Is this how you behave
with our guests?
Well, the guests should
have some courtesy.
This is his second marriage,
and he's already eyeing my assets!
Seems like your first marriage
had the same storyline!
No wonder that girl dumped you!
Yes, I'm getting married
for the second time.
Unlike you who remains unmarried
at 32 with no suitors in sight.
Open the door.
Stop right there! Let me show you!
- Dear!
- Oh, no!
Is she getting a gun?!
Well, brother-in-law, is this how your
long-awaited marriage meet and greet ends?
What's this?
It's the list of wedding proposals
that I've received.
Well, courier it now.
I don't want anything anymore.
Neither a marriage nor a family!
And I'm not going anywhere.
You're right!
Let the girls come to you.
Why should we go after them...
only to get insulted in return?
So, you're from Perumthalmanna.
Where do you stay?
In a hostel, sir.
Come in.
We have the Arts Committee meeting now.
I'll join you right after this.
This is Rafi.
He works in your department. Mathematics.
Rafi, she's our new guest lecturer.
She is Shamala madam's replacement?
What's your name?
Did you call me?
No. What happened?
I felt like someone
was calling my name.
No one has called you.
I know.
I have the Arts Committee meeting.
Oh, carry on, sir.
Unlike you, I'm into sports.
You know like chess and stuff...
You may start
the lectures tomorrow itself.
- Okay, sir.
- We have an Arts Committee meeting.
You may sit in the staff room.
- Good morning, sir.
- Hey, Nandini, meet our new teacher.
- Please lead her to the staff room.
- Okay, sir.
Tell me.
Thiruvathira dance has been
assigned to Vilasini madam.
- Vilasini? Can she handle it?
- Of course.
Are you sure?
Also, Shaju's for drama.
I'll do the follow-up.
That's okay.
But Rafi...
do you think this new teacher
will be interested in Arts?
- If she is, bring her to the meeting.
- You're right. I'll ask her.
Who was that?!
Does Rameshan sir get free kurtis?
Maybe he's trying to look smart.
Please don't ruin it.
What's wrong with him?
- Was that you?!
- Not me, it was Rafi sir!
Rafi sir.
Don't you dare mess with me!
Draw the name and I will shake your tree!
Hey! Don't mess with me!
Who told you to call out that name?!
The principal!
The one who used to make us stand outside
is in the same position himself.
Did he create such a ruckus
that you asked him
to bring his mother
before entering the class?
Can you see this thing on my nose?
It's not a fly, but a plaster.
We'll talk to him and make
him understand the seriousness.
He will never repeat this.
Just this once, please forgive him
and file this under lesson learned.
Back home,
everyone mocks him with this name.
When he heard it in college...
he lost it!
So for this last time,
please forgive him, bro!
I mean, bro... Not, bro!
As mature individuals, we should
forgive others for their mistakes.
So, just this one time...
I can't.
Oh, no!
I'll take action against him.
Bro, is it really necessary
to take action against him?
Yes, it is.
It's all for the sake of your job!
Do I have to stand like
this until evening?
I don't know the rules
that's the reason I'm asking.
Two peas in a pod!
Dear dead boss, please protect
the living boss and the company.
If you snatch the girl's
phone when you go to see her
and check her WhatsApp,
you'll definitely get kicked out.
They could've checked
my WhatsApp in return.
They're certainly hiding something.
Or they won't behave like this.
- Things should be transparent.
- But privacy matters more, you know?
Do you have WhatsApp, Narayanan?
Do you have a smartphone?
But I've common sense.
You... go straight to my cabin
and bring all the purchase orders so far.
Let me check them.
Sir, why are you
sitting here in this heat?
There is AC in your room.
Can't you go and sit there?
My father brought this company
to this position by sitting right here.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
I have to sit here
to increase productivity.
- Do you understand?
- Yes.
Now, go!
He still hasn't changed the garland on his
dad's photo since he passed away!
Why are these boys
roaming around?
Aren't they here to
shoot the commercial?
Why are they still here?
I don't know when the perfect punchline
for the commercial will strike me.
If an idea strikes me out of the blue,
I can immediately discuss it with them.
May I ask you something?
If this commercial succeeds,
have you made any promise
to produce their short film?
You'll be losing money!
Just concern yourself with
the company's account.
Don't worry about mine.
Okay, I won't.
Did you call Thanku?
But you've already
met a girl today.
I can meet up to four girls in a day.
Raareeram mattress!
That's my company.
- The mattress is nice, isn't it?
- Yeah.
We use German technology.
It's bent here.
Don't you flip it every six months?
Will Jayan snatch that
girl's phone or something?
Just check if there's any bruise
on his face when he returns.
First, he needs to ditch that
safari suit and toss it away!
Only then he'll change!
That's true.
What's it?
We were saying that Jayan
looks good in that attire.
- Right?
- Yes.
That's true. Nice attire.
Feels like I've
seen it somewhere.
Jayan's father used
to wear the same suit
when he went to see
his prospective brides.
Oh! That's it!
No matter how
good the mattress is,
it will last long only if you
flip it every six months.
I've something to tell you.
I know what you want to say.
You must've had countless
dreams lying in this bed.
But never in your dreams
did you expect to meet
the owner of the
mattress company like this!
Am I right?
All those secrets you
whispered to this mattress,
little did you know its owner
would come to hear them all.
Isn't that right?
That's also wrong.
Wrong?! Then what is it?
Get out.
Get lost, you loser!
- We come and go...
- Thanku!
We never return in pairs,
only in threes.
You went there to see
your prospective bride.
This is what will happen if you
behave like some mattress salesman!
This is the first time somebody
has thrown me off my own mattress.
In that case, let's try
a different location.
That teacher in Anjilimattam...
- Alright, let's go there.
- Yes.
No need.
But you can meet
up to four girls in a day...
I don't want to see any more girls.
I'm going with this one!
She's the one!
The one born to carry
my name with hers!
Sreedevi Jayan!
What did you do
with that mattress?
I put it up for sale on OLX.
Who's going to use it?!
- I'll call you back.
- I wanted to discuss a case with you.
Come, let's sit inside.
No, it's okay. You've closed the door,
don't open it again.
It's a petty case.
I was looking for a good lawyer.
That's when my boss mentioned you.
My boss said that you
should plead my case.
If my boss has recommended you,
you must really be that good.
Because my boss is very
knowledgeable and intelligent.
I want you to plead my case.
Why not! Tell me about the case.
Well... the case is such that...
on the eve of last Vishu,
while we were bursting firecrackers
in the middle of the night,
a firecracker went off
and exploded inside my
neighbor Biju's house.
Biju was not inside
the house at that time.
Then who was there?
Biju's wife and Biju's friend!
And where was Biju?
Next door, at Mallika's house.
So Biju and his wife
are seeking divorce now, is it?
Biju's friend and his wife?
They are leading a happy life.
Oh, so Mallika and her
husband want a divorce?
No, they don't.
Then who needs a divorce?
Biju has filed a case against me
for throwing that cracker into his house.
I came to you
regarding that case...
Come on, man! I'm a family court lawyer.
Family court?!
Go and ask your knowledgeable and
intelligent boss where he heard about me!
I raised my hopes for nothing!
But the boss did not tell me that!
My honey, my sweet milk
My sugar
Don't shatter, don't fade away
My mirror
My honey, my sweet milk
My sugar
Don't shatter, don't fade away
My mirror
I have a case.
I clearly told you that day...
It's a divorce case!
I'm going to divorce my wife.
My boss asked me to do it.
I'll do whatever he asks me to.
She is a nice person.
But... my boss is also a nice guy.
-I gazed slowly into your eyes
-And stole your heart away
-Your heart away
I fell in love with you
Without a single thought to sway
O gentle river of rain
Like the embrace
Of the gulmohar tree's bough
Rajeesh, are you understanding
what I'm trying to say...
Didn't your wife hit you last week?
- Yes.
- How about we file a divorce case?
We settled that problem.
Don't settle! Get a divorce, man!
I've got a good lawyer.
She'll hit you again.
You know how it goes
once she gets used to it.
This is Rajeesh's wife.
What's the matter with you?
Jayan, the call was on speaker.
I was planning to come in person
and apologize to you.
I thought a case along with my apology
would make the apology more meaningful.
Get it down.
Be careful.
Oh! This is your house!
No wonder this road
looked familiar to me.
We are selecting a few
lucky winners among
our loyal customers
through a lucky draw.
They'll receive a brand-new
mattress as a special gift.
This time it was you!
You're very lucky!
Hey, ask her mother
which room she wants it in.
Yesterday... we forgot to give you this.
Come with me.
Isn't he a bit too much?
Not really.
So are you going
to take up that case?
I don't mind considering it.
Love you, sweetheart, love you!
Whatever you say, I love you
Love you over and over again
A love you that drives me crazy
Love you, sweetheart, love you!
Whatever you say, I love you
Love you over and over again
A love you that drives me crazy
How's Rameshan sir as a person?
Looks like he missed the chance
to properly introduce himself to you.
- He's a decent bloke.
- Alright then!
That's why he's behaving like this.
He's taken a week off and
is currently holed up at home.
I think he might even
quit his job in fear of you.
Oh, dear!
I was just kidding.
And he is nothing like us.
Given his family's wealth,
losing his job won't affect him
Oh! So he's a rich guy then!
He's not what he seems.
He's a landlord.
- How was the movie yesterday?
- It was okay.
Hi, Rameshan.
What are you up to, Rameshan?
Did you get enough rest after
your gymnastics performance?
Your cool and calm reaction...
spread like wildfire
throughout the college.
Isn't it nice to have old
memories as nicknames,
tagging along with us?
Aren't you free during the first hour?
Let's get done with the Arts work.
- I'll also come, I've got work.
- Come on.
The event is on the 14th
and it's already the 10th.
- So, you'll handle the Thiruvathira.
- Yes.
Everyone's here.
Please follow up
with the drama team.
You'll take care of it, right?
Sit, sir.
Rafi sir, what are we waiting for?
- Can we begin?
- Yes.
Sorry, she has the list and other details.
Let's begin after she comes.
Wasn't it Rameshan sir's job earlier?
Rameshan has given up Arts.
He's into Martial arts now.
Stop it, sir.
Oh! You are here!
So, in order to avoid any confusion,
we will specifically mention your names
as Padmini madam and Padmini sir.
Stop this, sir.
- Rameshan!
- Sir...
What did you have to do that,
Ratheesh sir?
Hey, Rameshan...
My father and mother
got married here.
What about us?
No, I'll go for something different!
Can't get too sentimental
about everything.
That's why I brought
you here right away.
Our wedding should
be magnificent.
My dream is to have a destination wedding.
Won't it cost a fortune?
So, what?
Money is meant to be spent.
There's a quote that goes...
I forgot.
I'll remember it
when I don't need it.
Sree, once we're married, we'll bring
your mother along with us.
I shortened your name.
We'll bring your mother here.
If you ever get bored at home,
you'll have some company.
But I will go to court, right?
That's not needed.
I want to go.
I've seen my mother
struggling a lot without my father.
I don't go to work just to escape boredom.
Just like you think about
your business all the time
everyone values their jobs and career.
Then, you may go.
Among the books
that came yesterday,
is there a book called Like the Sky
by Sajeevan Perilloor?
Yes. Isn't it a new book?
It's not numbered yet.
So I won't be able to issue it now.
- Am I allowed to read it here?
- Oh, sure!
But that teacher took that book, right?
She must be somewhere there.
I want that book after you number it.
I'll come later.
You came looking for this, right?
Here you go.
Don't let me get
in the way of your reading.
It's my name that makes
you angry, right?
But how is that my fault, sir?
Now that there is a teacher
called Padmini in this college.
Just think of it this way,
when someone calls
you by that name,
assume that they're calling me.
Don't react.
Your face is only beautiful
with a smile.
Library scenes like
this are a dying breed!
Beautiful comeback!
Oh precious heart
So tender and serene
Oh precious heart
She is the ink, the poetry on my paper
The wind carries
The fragrance of love today
And it gently pursues me
Like a radiant bride
In a tapestry of bliss
You dance through my dreams
You knock upon
The doors of my heart
Pushing the doors ajar
Breaking the lock
You storm into my heart's sanctuary
Come, steal my heart away
When no eyes shall see
Your handwriting is really nice.
How did you know I would
come to borrow this book that day?
I noticed that your poems have
been influenced by Sajeevan Perilloor.
Have you read my poems?!
Back in college, one of
my friends proposed to me
on Valentine's Day
by giving me one of your books.
And then?
I broke that relationship
right there and then.
Was it that bad?
A thorn that pierces deep within
O my beloved, you enchanting maiden
Just close your eyes
And lean on to me
You gracefully stroll into my heart
My queen, you're the melody
In my ears, my sweet darling
O sweet maiden
Who softly tiptoed into my heart
O sweet maiden
O gentle river
Serenading the pages of my poetry
The wind carries
The fragrance of love today
O playful minnow
Teasing my ears with secrets
Our dreams woven in gazes
Forever entwined
O enchantress of my heart
You came to set them free
A lonely prince, stood
In love's sacred shrine
On Thiruvathira's eve, in divine grace
Crossing seven mountains
The princess's arrival is nigh
He awaits with nuptial chains
To bind their hearts
This is how you wash a car...
I can't even remember
the last time I saw the rain.
I've been longing to see the rain.
- Brother-in-law...
- Yes?
Who's the girl?
Which girl?
Don't act too smart, kiddo!
only two types of
people think about rain.
One is farmers.
And the other, new lovers.
I can tell you're jobless now after
all the toil in your plantain farming.
Oh, my!
He's blushing!
Stop blushing! Stop it!
I actually came here
to tell you about it.
But then I couldn't think
of a way to bring it up.
Have you found a way then?
Are you all set?
Then gather the words
and put them in a sentence. Who's she?
Didn't I tell you?
In my college...
- You know her.
- No.
I don't know. You tell me.
Oh, boy!
Did I just hear you say Padmini?!
Oh, my!
Good, you've finally overcome
the fear associated with that name.
You know...
when the two of you walk through
this town, no one will call you Padmini.
Even if someone does, she will look back.
She looked.
She already looked!
So you used Padmini
to deal with Padmini?
I like that!
That's amazing!
A thorn that pierces deep within
O my beloved, you enchanting maiden
Just close your eyes
And lean on to me
You gracefully stroll into my heart
My queen, you're the melody
In my ears, my sweet darling
So Padmini, you are working, right?
I mean, you're a working woman, right?
Yes, in SN College.
Do you know Rameshan sir,
who teaches there?
But I know Rafi sir who was
kicked by some Rameshan sir.
Ruined it!
I was trying to set a mood.
Well, this is your first meet
and greet for marriage.
You will never be able to
experience this again in your life.
Let me ask you the next question.
Do you believe in a higher power?
I am a staunch believer.
I go to the temple every day.
- Really?
- Yeah.
Even I went to the temple in the morning.
- Next year...
- Padmini...
Who? Me?!
No, it's us!
Vasu is my uncle's wife's sister's son.
Two days ago when we called Vasu
to inquire about your family,
he mentioned it.
We didn't expect
you to be related.
So you did your own
little investigation, yes?
We did ask around.
Padmini had told us
everything about Rameshan.
None of that matters to us.
The guy should be of her choice,
- that's all!
- Exactly.
This is Padmini's uncle.
- Hello.
- He's a village officer.
Sorry, I'm a bit late.
- I had to go for a land survey.
- Oh.
Nice color choice.
- So, we're fixing this, right?
- Yeah.
Is your job permanent?
Yes, I joined the college
only after I was made permanent.
- Oh.
- It's been a year now.
Shall we sit inside?
- Are you a Maths teacher?
- No, Malayalam.
Padmini teaches Maths.
She told me about your first wedding
and what happened after that.
On the wedding night...
Oh, yes, she told me.
Nowadays, such things are common.
We don't care.
Even though you weren't
at fault, getting a divorce
from the court would've
been challenging, right?
Did none of you think
about this until now?
Why would anyone think about a girl
who ran away like that?
But it was registered, right?
You've been with
him all this time, haven't you?
Why didn't you think about it?
You didn't, right?
So that's what happened!
Nobody thought of it!
Well, there's no point in arguing now.
First, go to court
and try to get a divorce.
And then we can pursue
the same proposal!
Hey, he's calling you.
- You think it's all set?
- How will I know?!
Maybe he changed his mind.
You are wearing...
my shoes.
This half of the movie is brought
to you by Raareeram Mattress.
One plus one, three!
Raareeram Mattress!
Happy mid-September offer.
Buy a double bed
and get a kids' mattress...
absolutely free!
Raareeram Mattress
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To sleep like a log!
Come, sleep like a log!
Oh, no! So many people!
Now do you understand that
you're not the only one with problems?!
Everyone has problems.
What is the name of the
lawyer Padmini mentioned?
- Sreedevi.
- Sreedevi...
I thought you won't come today.
How's that possible?
Today is the verdict
for the case that I argued.
Usually, you're nowhere to be seen
in court on the day of judgement.
Listen, Sherin, just because you've
more cases than me, don't ridicule me!
Things have changed!
I'll win today, you'll see!
Wow, you're on time!
Why does your face look different?
I didn't apply vermilion today.
I always do.
I'm finally getting divorced!
Be seated.
You may begin.
Case number 510/2020
- Uthaman, Jaya.
- Come, he's calling us.
Oh, sorry!
Come here.
Today is the verdict, right?
Be confident and issue the judgment, sir.
In the given case, the court finds
insufficient evidence or reasoning
to support the granting of a divorce
on the basis of the husband's
alleged over-affection,
as pleaded by the
petitioner in this case.
Therefore, the petition
has been dismissed.
What did you just say?!
I'll tell you.
Jaya, we won!
Is there a lawyer
called Sreedevi here?
There are two people
named Sreedevi here.
No, there are three.
I'm never wrong when it comes to
the matter of ladies. There are three.
Fine, there are three.
Which Sreedevi do you want?
Pick the best one among them.
Let me call and check.
The world is so ungrateful!
- Anyway...
- Flirts with coats in courts!
Tell your father not to worry and
to go ahead and fix the wedding date.
After all, I'm pleading your case.
I'll easily get you divorced!
Her phone is busy.
Where? Is he here?
Send me the number.
We don't need this lawyer.
But we can't back out either.
Considering, she's Padmini's friend,
how do we handle this?
Oh, right.
But in my opinion, we should
stick with this lawyer itself.
Remember her performance that day?
Just half of that performance,
but this time in the courtroom.
And the divorce will be yours!
there's another thing too.
There's a certain
heroism in having the girl,
who could've been your potential bride,
plead your case and win.
There is! Got it?
Usually, people start looking for new
brides once their divorce is finalized.
How many months
has it been since the wedding?
Not months, it's been years.
Two years.
What were you doing all this time?!
He was in shock.
For two years?!
He got over the shock after a while...
but then he forgot
about the divorce.
That's what happened.
This case is a bit complicated.
Not to forget, you also
taunted me that day.
However, the reason I'm taking up
this case isn't because I'm jobless.
We didn't say that.
No, I'm just telling you.
I can't say no when
Padmini asks for my help.
But there's also another major reason.
What's that?
There's a certain
heroinism in getting the guy who could've
been your potential groom, divorced.
- That's it!
- Correct!
Fill up this form.
After we came to see you,
did anyone else come?
What kind of a question is that?!
My engagement is fixed.
My fianc is a businessman.
The wedding will take place soon.
Unlike some people, we don't
need to wait for divorce and all.
Come hibernate on Raareeram Mattress!
Buy one mattress
and get four pillows free!
- Congrats.
- Thanks.
- Will you have tea?
- No, I'm good.
Raareeram Mattress
Sleep like a log!
Sleep like a log! Raareeram
So, her name is Smrithi.
We can quickly move
the mutual petition to the court.
The affidavit should
be signed by both.
What are you doing?
You said to sign it.
Rameshan and Smrithi should sign it.
After signing it, bring Smrithi
to my office tomorrow.
Bring her?!
Of course, she's the wife, right?
Who else will you bring?
we don't know where Smrithi is.
You don't know?!
Are you sure this
is the right way?
Are you asking me
the directions to your wife's house?
I have been here only once.
I don't remember the route.
Aren't you a driver by profession?
Aren't you required
to memorize directions?
But I don't accompany you
as your driver, do I?
- Let's ask them.
- Hold the stick.
- Why do I have to do everything?!
- This woman!
Where's Keshavan's house,
the one who runs the ration shop?
Keshavan's house...
The second house
after this turning.
- This turning?
- Yes.
Aren't you Keshavan's son-in-law?
I came to your wedding.
Do you remember me?
- Did you recognize him?
- Yes.
- Poor guy!
- Yes, yes.
What's he doing here?
Maybe he came to invite
them to his second wedding.
Will this be the first time you
see her father since that day?
He might just cry
and fall at your feet out of guilt.
Don't sway.
Show no signs of mercy whatsoever!
Come in.
Hello, Mother.
It's just the two of you?
You didn't bring Smrithi?
We want to meet Smrithi and talk to her.
Oh, dear!
But I've already married her off.
This isn't where you
should come looking for her.
Go to her husband's house.
How can you say that...
Come on, talk! Tell me everything.
Say that she left the house
because her husband was useless.
She disgraced our family
and left me in shame.
No one should come
here looking for her!
Why is he rolling his eyes at me?
Who the heck asked you
to take her out of the house?
I had her locked up here and
handed her to you with utmost care.
Didn't I?
Go inside!
I checked with the contacts
in Smrithi's college.
Nobody has a clue.
She's not even on social media.
Did she change her
name or something?
Who knows!
Rahul is searching, as well.
Let me ask him.
Let him do it.
I don't think this is my cup of tea.
Smrithi Poonkunnam?!
Smrithi Narayani.
Smrithi? Smittu?
Smrithi Rani.
Not that one.
Look at these issues on TV!
Fortunately, my Rameshan's life didn't
turn out this bad!
And my life, as well.
Oh, how the world has changed!
This Smrithi looks nice.
Hey, did you find her?
- No.
- No!
Kottakkal Ayurveda College...
Same as mine!
Let me send a friend request.
Nice pictures!
What is this?
No... I was... just...
looked similar...
Is this what you do
when you're given a task?
- No, I...
- What's the problem?
Mom, he's hitting on other Smrithis!
- Mom...
- Listen!
Don't you dare
bring any girl named Smrithi here!
I'll beat you black and blue.
That's definitely going to happen!
His request.
Don't... cancel!
Didn't you brag about easily
tracking her down on Facebook?
And I regret that now!
It was unnecessary!
I reached out to some local groups
in their town for information.
They have no ties to the town anymore.
But, Mom, even though they're
disconnected from the town now,
there'll be one
place in that town
where all their details are
curated and stored safely.
Don't worry, Rameshan.
- I'm with you!
- You're what?!
Never mind!
- What's that?
- Notification.
Just a notification. That's all.
Go watch your show.
This is 500, right?
Get down.
Why are we here?
Tea shops and barber shops
are the most active
detective agencies in any town!
You just cooperate.
I'll handle the rest.
Thanks for your advice.
- You were right...
- Brother, get us two teas.
- Two coffees.
- Yes.
No! One tea and one coffee.
Add it to my tab.
Brother, I'm taking
two banana fritters,
two lentil fritters,
and two eggs as well.
Why so much? Are you starving?
It's not because I'm hungry.
When we buy so much from him,
he'll develop a bond with us.
And then, he'll answer
all our questions.
It's as simple as that.
Just wait and watch.
- Who wants coffee?
- Here.
Brother, do you know Keshavan,
the ration shop guy?
Yes. Somebody else
is handling that shop now.
Do you want to know
where his house is?
No need!
We were just...
they're looking for a groom
for his second daughter.
Are you here to inquire about his family?
Yes, we are.
I'm the groom.
So, I wasn't wrong.
They are a good family.
Every family in this town has
savored the rice from his shop!
His elder daughter eloped
with her boyfriend
on the wedding
night of her marriage.
That's the only sad thing.
No! That's not it.
She ran away because her husband
did something nasty on the wedding night.
Even I heard that.
It seems like he's the other kind of guy!
- A psycho!
- Get lost!
That's not the case.
Her husband and boyfriend were friends.
Together, they staged the marriage so
that she could unite with her boyfriend.
Yeah, right! My foot, it was staged!
I know that guy in person.
- He is a drunkard.
- Rameshan,
- Really?!
- let's go.
Of course. I've seen it with my own eyes.
- Such nasty villagers!
- ...God knows what else he must be doing!
Come, let's go, Rameshan.
See, he's lying!
If we stay any longer,
they may start pinning the
blame on the husband's brother!
- Shouldn't we pay him?
- We'll make an online payment.
I don't want to go in there again.
This isn't a tea shop,
it's a full-blown madhouse!
You head in. I'll make a call and come.
I called to tell you something.
I know you didn't mention our
meet-and-greet encounter to Padmini.
Let it remain that way.
Okay then. I'll call you later.
This is your first time
in my office, right?
Yes! We haven't met
since the wedding was fixed.
I meant your wedding.
Mine is still complicated.
How's he?
He's okay.
He's a typical businessman,
a bit boastful and frugal.
In my case, it's the opposite.
He's a bit stuck in the past.
Isn't that good?
I don't think so.
Why are you lingering there, Rameshan?
As if you're here to see a bride!
Come, sit.
Why do you look so anxious?
Even after a lot of research,
we couldn't find a clue.
In my opinion, don't waste
any more time searching.
I'll file a case in court stating
that your wife ran away.
It will be deemed as adultery,
and we can obtain a quick divorce,
similar to a mutual petition.
Rameshan, bring me a copy
of your marriage certificate.
And a wedding photo too.
Just one will be enough.
Shall we leave, then?
- Okay.
- Alright.
Where are you going now?
I'm going to my hometown today.
He'll drop me at the bus stop.
Come on, Rameshan,
can't you drop her home?
There's nothing wrong
with being a bit romantic.
You should see how my Jayan is.
Perfect timing! It's his call!
- Hello...
- Okay, then.
There's a blue tick on WhatsApp.
Then why are you not replying?
That's because...
Why are you smiling?
Send me your reply.
I was with a client.
You should be giving more attention
to the guy you're going to marry.
Not to the folks
who are going to get divorced!
That's all!
The makeup is ready.
I'll call you after an hour.
Hi, sir...
I need a picture.
Passport size or full photo?
No... the photo from my album.
Your wife's back?
I knew it!
Nobody can forsake
Rameshan sir and go.
No, this is for something else.
Is it necessary?
Then, pay me 10,000 rupees.
You said 3000.
Back then, I was helpless.
But now, you are.
So, I need 10,000 rupees.
I just need a single picture.
This album cannot be sold separately.
Why did he look at you before leaving?
Maybe he got an idea
when he saw my face.
What idea?!
The idea that if he pays me 3000 bucks,
I'll steal a picture and give it to him.
Sir... 3000! 3000!
3000 is enough!
She's wearing a lot of ornaments!
Did she take them all?
Though she had plans
to elope at night,
she posed really well for the pictures.
Why will I need this?
Why will I keep it here?!
Here you go.
Who's he?
He's my client, Rameshan.
Aren't you the one who registered
for a second marriage
at the marriage
bureau just last month?
Did you get divorced again?
No, this is about the old case.
Is this your Jayan?
of luck!
Do you know Rameshan?
- Is his name Rameshan?
- Yeah.
Yes, I know him.
Do you really have to take his case?
His wife eloped on the
wedding night, right?
I just hate these divorcees!
Pathetic losers, tarnishing
the sanctity of married life.
Do you really want to plead this case?
Actually, I don't need to plead his case.
It can be settled with a simple affidavit.
That's why.
- What happened, Jayan?
- Nothing.
Sree, what kind of wallpaper is this?
A flower?!
Where am I?
It changed when I updated
the phone yesterday.
Sree, wallpaper is the
mirror image of our mind.
And here.
Give it, I'll change.
I have a lot of pressure
from my family.
My uncle is trying to force
me into another marriage.
My mother keeps
saying the same thing.
We need to get done with the divorce
at the earliest, Rameshan.
Or else, things will get worse.
It's the lawyer.
Hi, I called to tell you something.
Tell me.
Jayan should never find out that
you came to see me as a potential bride.
Why's that?
When you said Padmini shouldn't
know about it, did I ask you for a reason?
No, right?
Jayan shouldn't know, that's it!
What did Sreedevi say?
What did she say?
It was about the case.
Shouldn't I know that?
She called to talk about
some court procedures.
You mathematicians, won't get it.
Don't get anxious.
Everything will be fine in three days.
Sreeni, are you keeping track
of how many times the fan spins?
- No.
- No.
Can't you increase its speed then?
- Wait.
- Pardon?
- Read it and go.
- Oh.
He's always busy!
Case number 200/2022.
Rameshan, Smrithi.
Tell me, Rameshan.
I need a divorce.
Why do you want a divorce?
My client, Rameshan, a poet
and college lecturer by profession
married Smrithi on September 11, 2020.
On the wedding night
after the wedding, she...
She eloped?!
Hence... a divorce...
Two years after the incident?!
Has this eloped wife ever returned?
Then why did it take you so
long to approach the court?
That's the problem here!
I'll grant you the divorce.
But for that, the court must be
convinced what you say is true.
And what do you need to do about that?
You must bring your wife to this court.
Just talk to her.
It'll be good for both of you.
Tell her to just come to the court once.
The case has been scheduled
for the 26th of next month.
Sir, please...
Let him bring her.
He needs to speak to her.
Even I want to talk to her.
Poor fellow!
That's final!
Sreeni, call the next case.
You said this would
be over in no time.
Court procedures
are like that...
It's fine for you guys.
Think about my condition.
I'm not even married!
Yet, here I am, in family
court for a divorce case!
It's extremely hard for me.
I need to go to college.
I came here to see what happens
with the case you're pleading.
Why are you so curious about it?
Because it's my girl
who's pleading the case.
Didn't you lose
the case in court?
I didn't.
Now we have to present his wife in court.
Let him find another
lawyer to do that.
I said you don't need to
plead this case anymore.
Why's that?
What will you gain by
arguing in court like this?
Only taunts!
Have you ever won
any case you've taken up?
I have a lot of money.
Then why do you need a job?
If you are so eager
about going to work,
just come and sit in my office.
That's true, Jayan.
To date, I've not won any case.
But this job financially supported
me and my mother for all these years!
I'll plead Rameshan's case.
And I will get his divorce sanctioned!
I can't blame Padmini
for what she said.
Rahul, get me that herb.
She's the one paying the price.
What about me?
You're used to it.
Here's the herb.
Is this what I wanted?!
You're an insult to Ayurveda!
The whole town makes fun of him anyway!
At least give him
some peace at home!
Give him peace?!
Did I take away his peace?!
Who else did then? Did I?!
Brother, that's it...
- How much?
- 70 rupees.
Oh, what am I looking at?
- The herb...
- Not that!
She's my advocate, Sreedevi.
What brings you here?
I tried calling you several times.
I saw your missed calls.
But I wasn't in the mood to talk.
We did not expect this to happen.
I was in shock.
Sorry, even I didn't
expect this at all!
But it's okay.
No matter what, we'll get
Smrithi to the court on the given date.
We'll have to search.
We can do it together.
I'll take a day off tomorrow.
Why tomorrow?
We have time now, right?
Go, get ready.
Come on, Rameshan.
Will it take more time?
We'll get it done soon.
Even I'm determined
to win this case.
We went to her
house once before.
It's completely different
when a lawyer goes there.
Many unheard answers will be revealed.
Let them be revealed.
I'll wait outside.
Now, talk.
- I'm Rameshan's advocate.
- One...
The last time Rameshan came here
looking for Smrithi, you threw him out.
That's why I came in person.
I need to know
Smrithi's whereabouts.
She's inside.
Come, I'll show you.
Here's Smrithi!
Smrithi's mother and sister
were missing her a lot.
So I bought this dog
and named it Smrithi.
It's a female dog.
She's here to see you.
You people talk now.
Do you also want to
go inside the kennel?
Go back inside.
Shall we go?
What happened?
Couldn't find Smrithi?
I found her! She's so obedient!
She was wagging her tail, as well.
Really? Why didn't you bring her along?
Look at that...
Lately, Keshavan's son-in-law
has been visiting them quite often.
- Call on this number.
- Okay.
Thank you.
Maybe he wants
to marry the younger girl.
If it's the same guy, no need
for any background check!
That could be true.
You always had a knack
for figuring out such things!
I knew it!
It's good that all the girls you had
considered found some reason to back out.
This girl was destined for you.
This wedding will happen.
Is she a little taller than me?
Stop talking nonsense now!
Where did you
get this video from?
It was posted on Instagram.
She is cheating on me, brother Narayanan.
Who's this guy anyway?
He's her client.
Oh! Just a client?!
Then there was nothing wrong
with them traveling together.
Mariamma Chedathi,
who bought a bed from here, is my client.
So do I ride...
a scooter with her?!
Oh, that!
Mariamma Chedathi still
owes us money for two pillows!
Brother Narayanan...
just for a while,
at least for a little while,
can you stop being an accountant
and stand by me like an elder brother?
Listen Jayan,
maybe he just gave her a lift.
She could've called me if she
couldn't find a vehicle.
No matter where she is,
I would've picked her up.
I wonder what I lack.
Hey, don't be so emotional.
Such emotional outbursts
can ruin your married life.
As men, we must decide how
our lives should progress.
We need to let go
of certain things.
No matter what,
I've to ask her about this.
Don't be impulsive
and unnecessarily do something.
When you see her,
act like this never happened!
Be more mature.
Hey! Aren't you just an accountant here?
You better go and collect
Mariamma Chedathi's payment.
Go it? I'll decide how to deal with this.
I know what to do.
Have you loaded all the supplies?
I need to load 15 more beds.
Symphony cafe.
If you simply come and sit here,
you'll feel like falling in love.
Isn't it?
I've decided, I want
to know all your wishes
and fulfill every one of them.
Shall I buy you a scooter?
A scooter! I'll buy you one!
How about a red one?
Black is also fine.
Okay, then. Black it is.
From now onward,
you should only travel on it.
This is my first dinner date ever.
Isn't this your first too?
- Actually...
- What?! It isn't!
Actually, why are you
asking all these questions?
Oh, like that!
Just making small talk...
Shall I order starters?
We're still stuck at
our starting point, no?
But we're moving ahead.
All relationships will have
some problem or the other.
Let's prove those who say that
all relationships have problems wrong.
What say?
Proving anything won't be enough.
A divorce is the only
undeniable proof.
My uncle went to my house
and created a scene yesterday.
Once you see the message,
reply immediately.
Or else, I'll feel bad, Sree.
You must do that,
whether you're in the office or at home!
My mom was my only support.
Even that is dwindling now.
Please don't worry.
I can't keep troubling my
family beyond a certain limit, Rameshan.
Who are you chatting with?
My cousin.
Which cousin?
Rameshan, please...
- Call me once you board the train.
- Yeah, I will.
I haven't told Jayan that
I'm going with Rameshan.
I'll tell him later.
Why are you so interested
in Rameshan's matter?
It's a case that I have taken up.
You've pleaded many cases before.
Why is this any different?
I'll call you.
Shall I leave?
I talked to her mother.
She also says that Sreedevi went
to Chennai regarding some case.
I'm tracking her number.
Oh, dear!
She's in Tamil Nadu.
Dial this number for me.
Whose number is this?
Rameshan's number.
It's a nice number.
The number you are
calling is either switched off
or out of the coverage area.
I knew it!
Don't feel bad because he
didn't pay heed to your problems.
He's facing much
bigger problems.
He can share these
problems with me, right?
But he never says anything.
Not everyone will
behave the same way.
There wouldn't be any fun in
this world if everyone was alike.
Are you Padmini?
I am...
I know you. Please sit.
Yeah, that's me.
That commercial is good.
The mattress is also nice.
Are you Padmini's friend?
- Yeah.
- Yes!
What's the matter?
I came to ask you something.
Where did Rameshan go?
Rameshan and Sreedevi went
to Chennai. Didn't she tell you?
Yes, she did.
I forgot...
What happened?
No, they went together...
So what if they
went there together?
There's nothing wrong
with them going together.
But she's not
picking up my calls.
Isn't that fishy?
You can just call her, right?
I'll call Rameshan once.
Okay, I'll call her too.
Hey Google, call baby.
The number you're trying
to reach is unreachable.
Not reachable, right?
Maybe there's no
network coverage.
There's no network coverage
in Chennai, a metro city?
You buffoon! Idiot! You fool!
- I will say the rest once I'm back.
- Come on, say it!
- Get the heck out!
- Get lost!
My Rameshan has come!
Didn't I tell you that my Rameshan
will come to save me from this grave?!
Open your eyes and look!
So, my suspicions were right!
Yes, they were right!
Even after she left you,
she held onto your wedding chain.
That's when my doubts began!
Everything is clear now!
What's in the fridge?
Your apples!
I knew that you
were getting paranoid
when you bought this fridge
that was bigger than me!
Move, you dog!
Don't you dare
call me dog, Smrithi!
Get lost, you dumb-head!
Hold this, Rameshan.
Dear, hold this for me.
I won't set foot here again.
- Don't!
- Come, Rameshan.
- Get lost!
- Go to hell!
Let's try calling them once again.
Hey Google, call Baby.
This guy...
Padmini, I'm a bit busy right now.
I will call you later.
He said he was busy with something.
He knows how to lie.
Sreedevi doesn't.
That's why she didn't pick up.
Brother Narayanan.
Book a flight ticket to Chennai.
Damn it! Not for you, for me!
I was waiting for a chance
to escape from that Siju.
Rameshan showed up at the right time!
What about these bags?
I had kept them packed for
the last two months.
But Smrithi, Rameshan
is here for a divorce.
Oh, really?
Since you both got married earlier,
Rameshan is not able
to legally marry another person.
Don't worry.
I won't cause you trouble.
That Siju is paranoid with distrust!
Do you know how much I suffered?
Since I left my husband
on the wedding night,
he thinks I'll run off
with someone else again.
Will I ever do such a thing, Rameshan?
No matter how hard I try, why
doesn't he understand me, Rameshan?
What I did today was the
best treatment for his illness.
That's all!
I didn't come to cause you any trouble.
Just tell me what I should do
and I will do it.
Why did you keep Rameshan's
wedding chain for so long?
To sell it in case
of an emergency.
Come in, Rameshan.
Where's she?
She's in the washroom.
Did you talk to her?
There's no more
complication, right?
No, we found her, right?
Now there's nothing to be worried about.
- Okay, fine.
- Surprise!
Why didn't you just kill me?
That would've
been better than this!
I had hope until I opened this door.
I am an open-minded person.
Not possessive like some people.
But I can't forgive this.
Why are you here, Jayan?
Your problem is
me being here, is it?
I came here to meet my future bride,
only to find her on tour with
another man, sharing a room with him,
all under the pretense of a conference!
Enough is enough!
I don't want this relationship.
Excuse me.
I'm taking this with me.
I'll keep it safe...
as a memento of the biggest
betrayal I've ever faced in my life!
What your wife did to
you on your first night
was far more decent
compared to this!
I won't cry!
I won't!
Who was talking about me, Rameshan?
Our case is up in
court next week.
Inform your family.
Especially your uncle.
Isn't that Smrithi?
Why is she here?
I wanted to talk about that, as well.
We can't ask Smrithi
to go to her house.
Please accommodate her here for now.
What are you saying, Rameshan?
You can accommodate
her as a guest, right?
Just for a few days.
Why can't you just book a
hotel for her and her boyfriend?
Siju isn't here.
it is better if we can
keep an eye on her.
After all, it's our necessity.
Why? Isn't it necessary for them?
Oh, so this is Padmini.
Rameshan, your selection
didn't quite hit the mark this time.
Something seems to be missing here.
Don't you think so?
You guys leave.
I'll drop her to
the room and go.
Look, this is our wedding picture.
Don't we make a better match?
Don't you think so?
- Come.
- Alright.
It's great that we had a place
like that to accommodate her.
It's good for us that Padmini
will be in close proximity to her.
When they are together,
Padmini will definitely
talk about you.
That girl should realize...
what an incredible
life she missed out on...
when she dumped you!
Tell me, Sreedevi.
Stop the car.
- Turn the car around.
- What happened?
They've started
talking about me.
If your love is true,
leave your family and
be with him, like I did!
Instead of waiting
to sort out legal stuff!
You don't need to interfere!
I can take care of our lives!
The reason you have my Rameshan
is because I left him that day!
Remember that and don't forget it!
Sreedevi, take her away from here!
I'm leaving anyway!
I can't stay in this
rat hole of yours!
It's so hot here.
Don't you think so?
You came here because you
had nowhere else to go, right?
If that's the case
then let's not get involved with her.
I have a place to go!
My Rameshan's house!
The rule of guests staying overnight
is long gone!
What right do you have to
go to Rameshan's house?
I'm Rameshan's wife!
Listen, stop this.
I'll take Smrithi to my house.
Wait a minute.
Even if you both get married,
you'd only be a second wife to him.
Remember that!
You'll be nothing beyond that!
- Oh, God!
- Come, Sree.
There's a famous
saying for this situation.
But, it won't be
appropriate to say it!
Give me that remote.
Today's show is over.
The next episode will air tomorrow.
Now leave, let them talk.
- Let's go.
- Come on.
Enjoyed watching the fight, didn't you?
- Let's go have dinner.
- Please go.
Even after everything,
you couldn't say a word in my favor.
if she fights and leaves,
we'll be the ones in trouble, right?
So our life is at her mercy?
Isn't it?
As the burning lamp that I am
My lover, you snuffed me out
From the piercing brambles, as your sole
Didn't I shield you?
Even when you departed, forgetting it all
I perched on this branch
Waiting for you, in vain
Will it shed, will it fade away?
Why must I bear this
Binding crown of thorns?
Has the grip of fire been vanquished?
Does darkness spread its grasp?
Has the path ahead closed?
Silence engulfs a void of echoes
While my thoughts waver and sway
Destiny's relentless hand torments
Who stands by me as
My heart fiercely burns?
- Rameshan, is everything ready?
- Yes.
Where's Smrithi?
Wasn't she with you?
No, she isn't. She said she'll come.
So I thought she'll be with you.
We thought she'll accompany you.
Oh, no! It's very late now.
- Case number 200/2022.
- Try calling her once.
Rameshan, Smrithi.
Case number 200/2022.
- Rameshan, Smrithi.
- Let's go there.
Come, Rameshan.
Finally, he will get his divorce!
He looks so happy!
Poor guy.
So, Rameshan.
Where's your wife?
She was here.
But now she's missing.
Did she run off again?
Weren't you told to
present your wife today?
The court doesn't have time to waste.
Do one thing.
The case has been rescheduled
to the 10th of next month.
I told you!
Call the next one, man.
Where the heck did Smrithi go?
You can stop
following her around.
If not...
remember those shoes of
mine you accidentally wore?
I'll take matters into my own hands
if you know what I mean!
Well, then!
I never thought I would be
apologizing to you in this very spot.
I didn't skip the court
on purpose, you know.
I just didn't feel
like coming there.
I was in shock, Rameshan.
I left Siju to trigger a response,
hoping he would change his ways.
But it got screwed up!
That loser took it seriously.
He's going to marry
another girl, Rameshan.
This is my fate, Rameshan.
When I found out, I went blank.
I even tried to hang myself.
But the stool I stood
on wasn't tall enough.
I'm completely alone, Rameshan.
I neither have my family nor Siju.
Now, all that I have is you, Rameshan.
What will I do if Siju gets married?
Hello. Monisha, right?
We need to talk.
You know how Rajesh is.
He's immediately drawn to money!
The groom comes
from a well-off family.
Yes, right.
Shall I go in, then?
Come on. Why are you in a hurry?
I usually sleep early.
That's the only reason.
- Then go and sleep.
- Yes.
Make sure you sleep, okay?!
So, yesterday he was...
Classic jerk!
There's a scheme to earn easy money...
- Hello, Father-in-law.
- Hi, Son-in-law.
Where's Monisha?
She must be in her room.
Go inside, dear.
- Good night, Father-in-law.
- Goodnight.
- Give my regards to Mom.
- Sure.
Kids these days!
He says, good night!
Classic Father!
What a respectful guy!
I told Rajesh about this guy.
He can't say no to my choice, after all.
Siju's here!
You didn't bring milk?
Do you like milk?
That doesn't matter. I wanted
to keep the glass on the table,
take a picture, and post it.
Sit down.
I have heard that...
people who have never
been in a relationship before,
get very excited on
the wedding night.
That's so true for me!
Me too!
Is there a power cut?
Switch on the generator.
You don't have a generator?
It's such a big house
and father-in-law didn't
even bother to keep an inverter?
It's unusual to have a power cut.
Yes, normally, we don't
have power cuts at this time.
I wonder what happened.
Are you hiding from me?
Mo... Monisha!
What is that disgusting sound?
What's wrong, dear?
There is a girl in the room.
Some girl?!
Which girl?!
Who's this?
I don't know.
You said she was
in your room, right?
It's not my room,
but a room in this house.
- Who are you? Where's Monisha?
- Who's this?
He ditched your daughter too.
That's this scoundrel's modus operandi!
He charms every girl and abandons
them when it's time to get serious.
Oh, Monisha's dad!
You dog, you don't know me?!
Smrithi, don't you dare call me a dog!
Get lost, you lowlife!
You said you don't know her!
He knows everything!
Give him a tight slap, Monisha's dad!
- But...
- So you were lying, you rascal!
Hey! Listen, I'll tell you.
Come here.
I said, come here.
Both of them have been in a live-in
relationship for the past few years
He ditched Smrithi to marry your daughter.
I'll explain in a way that
Monisha's dad can understand.
Hear me out, Monisha's dad.
On a wedding night just like this one,
I left my first husband, Rameshan,
and ran off with this rascal after
foolishly falling for his hollow words.
You rascal, I'll...
I had warned Rajesh from the
beginning to reconsider this alliance.
Where's my daughter?
What is it, Rameshan?
Happy married life!
Thank you.
After ruining my daughter's life,
you are happy?
Take whatever is yours
from here and
- leave my house right away!
- We'll leave.
I'll retrieve all the money
I spent on this from your family.
Where's Monisha?
- What will I tell my daughter now?
- Dear...
Nobody needs to tell me a thing!
- You call yourself my father?!
- Dear...
- This fool won't stop ruining my life!
- Calm down!
I'm sorry, my child.
His milk bottle!
His auntie's curd!
- My life is ruined. Are you all happy now?
- Dear...
You all will pay dearly for this!
- Please listen to me, my dear.
- Don't worry. We'll find a solution.
- What will we do now, Mom?
- Dear...
You have Dad.
Who do I have? I have nobody!
Thanks to sir, I got to know the truth.
What if he had kept mum?!
What would have become of my life?
- Dear, I'm sorry...
- Will anyone marry a girl
who was ditched by her
husband on the wedding night?!
Nobody will marry me!
- Don't say that. Somebody will.
- No!
Didn't we tell her everything
three days before this wedding?
And wasn't it her idea
to create such a scene
- on the wedding night of the wedding?!
- Exactly!
Why is she overreacting now, then?
- I can't understand anything!
- What's the problem?
- Why can't you mind your own business?!
- Dear, please don't say such things!
Why the heck does he
meddle in other's matters?
Your curiosity!
I'll end your curiosity for you!
- Just talk to her, please.
- No!
Dear, listen to me, please.
Will anybody agree
to marry me now?
Nobody will marry me!
We'll find the perfect groom for you.
What's wrong with you?!
- Who invited him to the wedding?
- It's all my fault!
I'll marry you to any man of your choice.
- Yes.
- Yes, we will.
Can you marry me off to him?
This one?!
I have already told you my choice.
You're the one who brought
up family status, dignity, and whatnot!
- What is the condition of our family now?
- Shall we leave?
- Awesome!
- I... I've called Kishore.
- Kishore will come here to save my life.
- I have a new case!
- Rameshan...
- You must agree to this.
Kishore doesn't have ego issues.
His British face cream
business is doing great.
He's unleashing fairness!
He'll treat me like a queen!
Oh, dear, out of the
frying pan and into the fire.
they didn't register the marriage!
I forgot to give them my business card!
It's okay, I'll call and insist
that they give me the case.
You haven't had enough, have you?'
It's my livelihood. Rameshan.
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