Paganini Horror (1989) Movie Script

Hello, darling.
Have you finished practicing?
You got a new lesson today.
Yes, Mom.
Good, you can play now.
Go on, darling, it's all right.
But just remember, one day
you're going to be a
great, famous musician.
Just like your father.
Yes, Mom.
Every night
Lose control
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stay the night
Heart and soul
To the end S'
Turn it down lower.
More Kate higher, though.
Yeah, I think that's better.
Gotta make it through the night
Gonna lead and make 'em sad
The music's loud and body's right
I got no choice my angel
Let's stay together 'cause
all my love is yours
Now stay, don't you run now
Let's get together and
reach for the stars
Stay the night
Heart and soul
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stay the night
Heart and soul
To the end S'
Rock and roll
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stay the night
Lose control
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stay the night
Heart and soul
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stay the night
Lose control
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stay the night
Heart and soul
To the end S'
Rock and roll
Stop the tape, Paul.
I can't take anymore.
A complete waste of time.
That's enough, Kate.
It's really enough.
- Okay girls, let's
just stop for a moment.
The hangman wants to talk to us.
So you don't like this one either, huh?
It's the same old stuff.
There's nothing original about it.
Hmm, I know, it's the violin,
but it's essential to the sound.
No, it's not the violin.
It's the whole song that doesn't make it.
There's something missing.
I know the difference between
a hit and the mundane.
Oh, really?
Let's hear it then.
If you knew what it was,
we wouldn't be here discussing it.
If you ask me, your creativity
has fallen on its ass.
You keep doing the same stupid
things over and over again.
- I cannot make million
selling records all the time.
I just can't!
- Yeah, but this one wouldn't
sell a thousand, Kate.
It's anonymous, boring.
I'd rather not even record the thing.
Well I have to record it now, Lavinia.
People are already asking for it.
Yeah, but this isn't it honey.
Find another song.
Something new.
Something mind-blowing and sensational.
That's what people expect from you.
Another hit, not rehashed bullshit.
Oh, my god, I don't know.
I can't seem to come
up with anything else.
I don't know!
- Then find someone else that
can write a new song for you.
Someone that can do what you
no longer seem capable of.
Or maybe you're all washed
up already, finished!
I'm not finished and I'm gonna show you.
Okay kids, that's it for today.
Okay, you finish too, Paul.
Wait here for me, I'll be right back.
Mr. Pickett?
Come in, I'm over here.
Hi, Mr. Pickett.
Couldn't we have met somewhere
a little less out of the way?
No, Daniel, this place is perfect.
We have a transaction to make.
A very particular one.
Did you bring what I asked
for on the telephone?
Yes, it's right in here.
Yes, it's, it's light,
it's very, very light.
It contains only one thing,
but it could mean a lot to
the person who possesses it.
Right, Daniel?
Check it, if you like.
The combination is 666.
On each lock.
Go ahead, open it.
(eerie music.
See, it's just what you asked for.
The original score.
With his own personal seal.
This is the song for Kate.
Do you like it?
Yeah, sure, that's nice.
We should be able to come up
with a winner out of that.
Right, Kate?
Yeah, I like it a lot.
But where did you find it?
It's a long story.
Let's just say that there's an interesting
little secret behind it.
What secret?
It's a song written by Nicolo Paganini.
I have the original parchment.
The real thing.
- Do you mean Paganini,
the famous Italian violist?
- Yeah.
- Oh, really?
But that means it's well-known.
Even though it's public domain,
we can't use it.
Hold it, Lavinia.
This song was never published before.
Never published?
That's right.
Paganini wrote this song 200 years ago
for some secret use, some secret sect
that held mysterious ceremonies at night.
Don't you know about it?
They say he sold his soul to the devil
in exchange for fame and wealth.
Hey you guys, don't you
realize what this means?
If Daniel really has the original,
we can use the title Paganini Horror.
It's gonna be fantastic, sensational.
I can see it, people are
gonna love the music.
No one has ever done anything
remotely like it before.
Except for Michael Jackson with Thriller
and his fantastic video clip.
We could do the same.
Yeah, it's a great publicity idea.
We hire Mark Singer, the director.
The King of Horror.
Uh, are you serious?
No one else could do justice to it.
We'll shoot the video
clip in some lonely house.
The kind that scares
you just to look at it.
I know just the place.
La Casa De Sol, The House of the Key of G,
where musicians and composers
lived many centuries ago.
Yes, I know it.
And I know the girl who bought it, Sylvia.
She's a reasonable woman, I think.
That's it, that's our house, my friends.
The house of Kate's video clip
of Paganini and ghosts.
Where am I?
What am I doing in this house?
In this dress?
Who put this dress on me?
Where's that music coming from?
But this is my music.
Where's it coming from?
Come to me, Kate.
Today in this house,
a contract has been stipulated
between Nicolo Paganini and the devil.
Wherein the musician
is granted eternal fame
in exchange for his soul.
Signed, Paganini and Satan.
That's it, that's great!
Hit her again, harder!
Now angle the blade a
little more this way, up.
According to the legend,
it was right here in this venetian house,
that Paganini sealed his
agreement with the devil.
And then killed his bride Antonia.
And used here intestines as strings
for the violin that he
played from then on.
In fact, Paganini's violin
had really a unique sound.
Maybe because the strings played forever
the screams of his poor bride.
It really is a horrible story.
Mm, just one of the many concerning
the great Italian violinist.
But they're only fairy tales.
- Of course, I don't
believe any of it either.
Okay, that's it.
That's enough.
- Thank, God.
I was stifling inside there.
You were fantastic Kate.
Oh, hey thanks, Elena.
You were both great.
This scene will knock 'em dead.
- You sure the censor won't
decided to cut it out?
Well I mean, it's a video clip.
It's not one of your horror movies, is it?
Don't worry about it.
I know what to do.
You and the girls go change, Kate.
We shoot the song next.
Okay, girls.
Let's go, that's a good idea.
- Mark, would you come here
- Who do you think you're
- a second.
- calling a girl?
This is Sylvia, she owns this house.
- Hello.
- Nice to meet you.
Do you know that your last
picture kept me awake nights?
- Really?
- Mm-hmm.
That's my job as a filmmaker.
To scare people.
Then there's my job,
to pay and pay and Pa)'-
- Go, go, go, go, go
all you little demons.
Little demons.
Little demons.
Little demons.
Little demons.
Little demons, little demons.
Little demons.
Little demons.
Little demons.
Yes, fly away, little demons.
So that the real ones can take your place.
So that what happened with Paganini
will repeat itself this time as well.
That the price for fame be extracted
by the one to whom it belongs.
His majesty's, Satan.
The wintertime blow my mind
I can see the sunshine
Never-ending places call
Dreaming types and vanguards
Think we've all been taken
Yes, this is the point of no return
I'll miss my love forever
It makes me cry, goodbye, I say
Close your eyes
And I'll be sailing on my own pride
Can't you tell
There's no place you can
go all alone at night
Close your eyes
And I'll sailing on my own pride
I want you
There's no place you
can go alone at night
I am fine, I won't mind
Nothing makes sense in time
A forgiving place we have to be
See the sights and so far
No, they're not for taking
Yes, this is the point of no return
I'll miss my love forever
It makes me cry, goodbye, I say
Close your eyes
And I'll be sailing for my own pride
Can't you tell
There's no place you
can go alone at night
Ah, uh
Ah, uh
Ah, uh
Ah, uh
Close your eyes
And I'll be sailing for my own pride
Close your eyes
And I'll sailing for my own pride
Ah, uh
Ah, uh
Ah, uh
Ah, uh
Cut, that's enough for me.
You are very, very, very great, girls.
- All right!
- All right!
Okay, that's done too.
- Good work.
- I enjoyed watching that,
thank you.
- Anytime.
- Okay, girls, come up to
the make up room, quickly.
Your producer sure keeps you
on the move, doesn't she?
- We've heard her say
time is money more than once.
- I'll say.
- I don't think
I can finish today.
You have to.
If you don't, Sylvia will charge me
a full day's rent for the house,
and I'm already way over budget.
Hear that, Sylvia?
Anyway you can help us out'?
Well maybe we can work something out.
How about half a day's rent
if you have to work tomorrow, okay?
Whoo though, that's hot.
- There isn't a hell
of a lot of air up here either.
That's for sure.
- I can't wait
to get this jacket off.
It went fantastically, didn't it?
- Mark's a genius.
- Yeah, really.
Hey little Rita, get ready now
'cause we're going downstairs.
Okay, I'm almost ready.
That's good.
- Bet they're yelling.
- The director's
waiting for us.
- I like the movements he made
us do there with the dummies.
Like I say, he's a genius.
Talented genius.
You ready Elena?
Yeah, I'm ready.
Rita, see ya downstairs.
Tell Lavinia not to worry.
I'll be right there.
- Okay.
You got it.
I'm gonna love telling
Lavinia not to worry.
That's like, oh, I don't know,
telling a fish not to swim.
How's that?
It's been used before.
Well it expresses the concept.
- Honest to
God, I think that brawd
could have hysterics
over a tenth of second.
Tell me about it.
Did you ever here what she
pulled that time in Chicago?
Hear about it?
You gotta be kidding, it
was me she pulled it on.
- Ah.
- And you weren't even there.
- Oh, my God,
I think you're right.
Hey, Daniel.
How come you came back up?
I am not Daniel.
And now you will pay.
And you will pay in the
only coin I ever accept.
I don't know, I just don't know.
Lavinia, she's nowhere to be found.
She's not in the makeup room.
She's not in the dressing room.
She's, she's gone, she's disappeared.
That puts in shit, in deep shit.
What the hell ever made
me accept this deal?
Come on, Mark, do something.
Come up with an idea.
What idea?
Uh, I'm supposed to tell you
considering what I'm paying you?
I don't know what idea.
Something that will let us
finish this video without Rita.
If she wants to take off,
there's nothing we can do to stop her.
Anyway, I'll worry about her tomorrow
when I can talk to my lawyers.
But in the meantime, we
have this video to finish.
- We can't finish the video
with just the two girls.
It's not enough.
So you replace her, Daniel.
You play the girl, right?
The third girl.
Right, with a wig and lipstick.
Look, Lavinia, I love you,
but don't talk bullshit, okay?
I'm not kidding, Daniel.
Better you than nobody.
- You know that I'm under
contract to another record label.
Playing the role of Paganini is one thing.
I'm covered by a mask.
I'm no more than a mannequin,
but to appear in person,
Lavinia, forget it.
You said it, Daniel.
You said mannequin.
Yeah, well?
Well, mannequins.
That's the solution.
- Mannequins?
- Yes.
What are you talking about Mark?
You sing, Kate,
backed up by Elena,
in the midst of an entire orchestra.
An orchestra of dummies.
I saw even more, lots of them.
Through there, in one of the other rooms.
You're right, I saw them too.
A whole orchestra of mannequins.
- Yes, it'll add a touch of
the weird to the video clip.
Mannequins backing Kate,
enveloped in smoke.
You'll let us use them, won't you?
All right, no problem.
I'll go get 'em.
You guys rehearse in the meantime.
- Whoa.
- Well, that was a close call.
- I told the world
you were a genius before,
this time I'll scream it!
- Now, is there
a handy place nearby
where I can faint?
Don't you recognize me?
Hey, Rita?
Is that you?
Why are you dressed like that?
Come on, where are you?
Rita, Daniel?
Where are you?
' Rita?
Where are you?
' Rita?
Where the hell are you guys?
- Well this is
just a waste of time.
They're not out here.
Yeah, you're right.
Let's go back inside.
It's freezing out here.
I'm really worried.
Where can they be?
I don't know where they are,
but I do know that we'll find 'em.
Let's just give one more yell, okay?
Yeah, sure.
It can't hurt.
' Rita?
Oh, let's just forget it, come on.
- I would have never expected
these pranks from Daniel.
I just don't understand it.
He's so, I don't know,
he's so predictable.
Oh, there's Lavinia.
Well, any news?
- Not a sign of them.
- Nothing.
Are you positive?
We've looked everywhere for them.
What about you?
No, I've checked everywhere.
There's nobody.
- They've just gotta be
around here somewhere.
They're a couple of jerks.
You know what I think?
I think the two of them took off together.
Daniel's been on Rita's
track for a while now.
Oh, come on, that's ridiculous.
Well at least it's a theory.
It's more than you've come up with.
Lavinia, all of you, come here.
I have to show you something.
- What is it?
- What happened?
I was looking for them,
and I found, hurry.
It's in here.
- What a strange light.
- It's coming from over there.
- It's more
than strange, it's weird.
Yes, I can't explain it.
Anyway, let me show what I
discovered in this strange room.
Look, can you see?
It's in a human shape.
Daniel, it's still warm.
And this, this is ring he wore.
Do you recognize it?
I get it, Daniel's playing a joke on us.
Right, Kate?
Yes, he would do something like that.
Wouldn't he?
- Right, a man doesn't
turn into a pile of ashes
in a matter of minutes.
Not even if the devil himself
suddenly popped out, out of the ground.
Look out, the place is falling apart!
The floor must be rotten, hurry!
Help her, we've gotta
do something for Kate!
Help her, Mark!
Hold onto my hand.
Hold tight!
I'll try to reach her.
Where are you?
No, I don't see her.
I'm here, Mark!
we got her!
Oh, my God!
My hand!
' I'm gonna go crazy!
Oh, God!
I can't take it!
If we stay here, we'll die!
You guys, let's get out,
let's get outta here!
We gotta see if we can still find Kate.
We're not leaving here without Kate.
Get off!
They're getting away.
We gotta stop them!
Get away from the car!
Oh, Mark, Mark!
Wait, Mark.
- It's too late, Elana!
Mark, oh, Mark!
- Stop it, Elena!
- He's dead.
Mark, Mark!
What happened?
What caused the crash?
I, I don't know.
Well, there was a wall.
An invisible wall.
A wall?
Are you crazy?
It blocked the only way out.
It blocked us out.
" Help me, help!
- It's coming from the house.
- It's Kate.
Yes, hurry.
- My God, you're right.
- We've got to help her.
Come on, come on!
It came from there.
Oh, God.
Now it sounds like it's coming
from the end of the corridor down there.
- That's the room
where the floor fell through.
Only the light's changed.
It seems more normal now.
Let's go see.
It's empty.
Be careful.
Oh, it's too dark, I can't see a thing.
I'm going to look for a flashlight.
In the kitchen.
- Sylvia, too many strange
things have happened.
Too many things that go beyond logic.
I know.
But haven't they happened in the past?
No, absolutely not, never.
But you know, this house
has always had the
reputation of being haunted.
Only now I'm afraid
- Haunted?
That something truly evil has happened.
Something monstrous
to spark things off like that in my house.
Just me.
It's just earth and nothing else.
No trace of that strange light.
Wait, wait, I see something.
It's a kind of tunnel.
Kate must have gone in there.
I'm going down there to check it out.
Are you crazy?
You can't go down there, it's dangerous.
I don't care.
There's no point in just
standing around waiting.
You two stay here and don't move.
If anything happens, believe
me, I'll let you know.
- Lavinia, be careful.
- Yeah.
The tunnel curves out of
sight at a certain point.
I'll go see.
- Please, Lavinia, stay here.
I'll be all right.
I'm going on.
Be careful, Lavinia.
- But the scream came from
upstairs, not from the hole.
You stay here.
Don't move.
I'll go up and see.
No, what is it?
Are you here?
Where are you?
Daniel, wait for me!
Kate, Kate.
Who are you?
Sylvia, I'm Sylvia.
Sylvia, oh.
Oh, God, my head, Sylvia.
I'm so confused.
What happened to you?
What happened?
I don't know.
I was walking and all of a sudden,
I fell into this damn hole.
Then I found myself here.
Where are we?
In the pool by my house.
Your house?
Sylvia, this house is haunted.
Please, we've gotta get
away from it, quickly.
It's got a terrible secret.
We've gotta go.
Yes, you're right.
We have to at least try.
Quickly, quickly, help me!
Let's get out of here.
Yes, of course.
Let's go find the others.
This is the room I started out from.
Oh, I know that damn
tunnel didn't tunnel back.
I know it.
Elena, Sylvia?
Elena, Sylvia?
Where are you?
Elena, Sylvia?
Where are you?
What's happening in this place?
What's happening?
- Lavinia.
- Oh, Kate.
Oh, you're alive.
Yes, I don't know, but I am.
And Elena, what's doing with her?
- Isn't she by the hole?
- No, she isn't there.
That's impossible, she must be there.
No, listen, if you don't believe me,
just go take a look for your own self.
She's disappeared.
There's something maddening in this house.
Something monstrous.
Time and space have their own rules here.
Look over there.
What is it?
It looks like blood
mixed with something else.
Oh, it's disgusting.
Let see where it leads.
Careful, though.
- Yeah, all right.
- Mm.
Hey, it's that way.
Toward the makeup room.
It looks as if someone
had a very, very hard time
dragging themself along here.
Let's take a look.
Do you hear that?
It sounds like breathing
or like gasping or suffocating
or a wild animal.
It's like, it sounds weird.
Oh, God.
Oh, no!
Elena's dead.
But how?
Who could have got her to look like this?
I, I don't understand.
I think I know.
This, this mold, I've seen it before.
It's a special fungus
that they discovered in
the 18th century on logs
that were floated along
certain European rivers.
Wood that was used to make
the most precious violins.
Guarneri's, Stradivari's.
Yeah, you're right.
I've heard of this special wood before,
and its special sounding
violins, but, oh-
- What does it have to do
with what killed Elena?
I don't know.
I honest to God don't know.
But this is the fungus for sure.
I saw it enlarged in a TV documentary.
- Listen, a wood fungus
can't attack a person
just like that in a matter of minutes.
When I left her, she was all right.
- Well this house was normal
when we first arrived.
Just the day before yesterday.
Now there's some terrible
curse that's out to kill us,
one by one.
And all this, all this
comes from the music.
From the violin.
And from Paganini too.
But how can we stop a monster
that isn't even part of this world?
I know how.
What did you say Kate?
Yeah, it sounds like a crazy idea,
but everything's really
strange and crazy tonight,
so what the hell?
You see, we have to fight the
monster with his own tools.
Because he came into this
house with Daniel's music,
so the only way we have
to send him to hell
is to use it as our own weapon.
I don't know.
What do you say?
I don't know.
It could be possible if it's really
the music that's the key.
I'm convinced.
There's some secret behind all this.
Something that winds it all up.
It's something like a
mathematical problem.
A formula which binds
the monster to our world.
It's really strange.
But mathematics, it's just like music.
Music is five lines and
seven circles, the notes,
and with those elements,
you can get all music.
From Bach to Paganini to your songs, Kate.
And do you know what?
The old scientists
thought that the universe
was founded on a musical structure,
which they called the
Harmony of the Spheres.
And now, the new scientists,
through their enormous radio telescopes,
have discovered that the
old theories were right.
Stars, in their revolutions,
make really their own sounds,
which are incredible music.
- But I still say there
must be another reason.
Something specific.
All this can't have happened
just because someone sold Daniel
a score of cursed music.
Oh, but you don't think
he sold his soul to the devil, do you?
No, because Daniel was killed.
There must be a hidden secret in here.
And we'll find out playing our music.
But how?
We're in a complete blackout.
- Lavinia, you're forgetting
that we have a violin.
- Oh.
- Let's go.
Where's my violin?
I don't see it.
On the floor, behind
the drums.
- Yeah, there.
Oh, and the bow?
Here, I've got it.
- I'll play the melody now.
- Yeah, Sylvia,
cross your fingers.
Evil spirit, leave us, go away!
Go to hell!
One, two, one, two, three.
Now we'll see what happens.
Nothing's happened.
Things are just the same as before.
It seems so.
But we have to go and check it out.
- Yeah, we'll have to
go out and take a look,
and see if the invisible
barrier has disappeared.
If it has, the nightmare is over,
and Paganini has gone to Hell.
Let's go have a look.
Yeah, let's go.
What do you think?
It feels normal to me,
but the only way we can be sure
is to go and see what's with the car.
That's for sure.
Is the barrier still there?
Who knows?
It could be that playing
that music did the trick.
Maybe you were right, Kate.
I hope so.
Let's go.
That's Mark, Kate.
This is the point.
This is where the terrible crash happened.
If it's gone, we're all free.
' It's free!
The barrier, it's free!
Lavinia, it's free.
Stop it, stop, stop, stop it, Kate!
Oh, no, no, it's all right.
Why, why can't we leave this place?
Why are you doing this to us?
That is completely senseless.
What is it?
- I still think the music
is the key to the problem.
What is it that's going wrong?
Is it the way we're doing the music?
Of course, of course.
Why didn't I think of it before?
What a jerk.
All right, when we have the gate open,
the music is played normally,
so to close the gate, we just have to play
the music to the contrary.
- You mean play it backwards?
- Exactly.
That's exactly what I'm talking about.
Oh, why didn't I think of this before?
- What, I don't understand?
- Lavinia, you get it?
Would you listen?
It's the only way we have
to get Paganini and his
fucking music out of here.
What do you mean
it's the music?
- Yes, I heard, Lavinia.
Out of this fucking
nightmarish place here.
What are we waiting for?
Come on.
- Let's get out of here!
' Go!
' Yes!
Hurry, hurry, get the violin.
There it is.
Can you play the music backwards?
I can try.
You've got to do it.
- Get the parchment, quick.
- Hurry.
- Have you got it?
- Hurry.
Yeah, here.
Like this.
Backwards, backwards.
- Oh, no!
- Be careful.
- No!
Oh, my hand!
Lavinia, no!
Don't you move, you bastard!
Stay there.
Don't move, you bastard!
Stay there!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Let me out!
Oh, I'm burning!
Oh, burning!
I'm burning!
You bastard!
' Sylvia?
I thought you were dead?
- Uh-hmm.
But, what happened?
I don't-
- Understand?
It's not difficult, dear.
You didn't play the
music backwards, did you?
- No.
- So everything goes
round and round in a circle,
and the circle holds you prisoner.
Hello, Kate.
We meet at last.
Who are you?
Daniel knew me as Mr. Pickett.
- Pickett?
- Perhaps
I don't have a name,
or perhaps I have a thousand names.
Do you understand?
What are you doing here?
Let's say I'm the organizer
of Sylvia Hackett's own private hell.
- Mm.
- Own private hell?
Sylvia, what is he talking about?
Oh, it's all very simple, Kate.
Many years ago, in this house,
I killed my mother
By throwing a hairdryer into the tub
while she was taking a bath.
The night you just lived
was the night he punished
me for my horrible crime.
I have been condemned to relive
this experience for all eternity,
with all new people to punish
and play the other parts.
You mean, that this place is Hell?
The people who come here
have already been condemned.
Ah, the new tenants.
They can't see us.
They're living in another time layer.
And so it all starts over again.
Good looking family, aren't they?
And considered to be highly respectable.
Actually, the only innocent
in that nest of vipers
is the little girl.
We might consider sparing her.
You mean, you kill the people
who come in this house for punishment?
And I'm not dead, I'm alive.
So I'm not being punished.
That means I'm safe.
I can go.
Apart from one little thing,
which I'm sure you've forgotten.
You see, Kate, I don't like people
who sell their souls
For money and success.
Goodbye, little sinner.
I must get back to work.
Go on, Sylvia, talk to them.
Don't play hard to get.
Hi, sorry to be late.
I'm the owner of the house.
Please call me Sylvia.
This place has a very strange name.
They call it The House of G,
from the musical note G.
Paganini lived here once,
and he had some pretty
strange ideas, they say.
Anyway, I know you're just
going to love living here.
You're just the right types
to enjoy a place like this.
I know this house will be
an enchantment for you.
A real enchantment.
The wintertime, blow my mind
I can see the sunshine
Never-ending places call
Dreaming types and vanguards
Think we've all been taken
Yes, we reached
the point of no return
I miss your love forever
It makes me cry, so I say
Close your eyes
And I'll be sailing on my own pride
Can't you tell
There's no place you
can go alone at night
Close your eyes
And I'll be sailing on my own pride
I want you
There's no place you
can go alone at night
I have pride, I won't mind
Nothing makes sense in time
A forgiving place, we have to be
See the sights and so far
No, they're not for taking
Yes, this is the point of no return
I'll miss my love
forever, it makes me cry
I say