Paharganj (2019) Movie Script

"Do you hear me now?"
"There are strange
stories about this place."
"There are strange
mysteries about this place."
"Wrapped up in the smoke of night."
"There are strange mysteries..."
"There are strange
stories about this place."
"There are strange
mysteries about this place."
"Wrapped up in the smoke of night."
"Bright, glittering
evenings set the mood here,."
"And your eyes love to take in the sights."
"The friendly sights."
"Sa re ga ma pa/do re mi fa so."
"Sa re sa re sa, sa re sa re sa."
"Sa re ga ma pa."
"You dont get lauded
here" "But theres freedom."
"Every puff gives you the" "Taste of life."
"Theres colour here"
"And a lot of attractions."
"You can relax because"
"The place just feels right."
"Dont focus too much,"
"Just let go of everything."
"Dont become a martyr about everything."
"Do you hear me now" "Praise
be to the Lord Shiva."
"Sa re ga ma pa."
"Dont focus too much,"
"Just let go of everything."
"Dont focus too much,"
"Just let go of everything."
"Dont focus too much,"
"Just let go of everything."
"Dont focus too much,"
"Just let go of everything."
"Sa re ga ma pa" "Paharganj."
CROWD: Tomar, Tomar, Tomar.
Jitender Tomar takes the ball.
Dodging towards the rails.
And he just nets the ball at a 45 angle.
And the tiger hunts down another prey.
What are you doing here?
Mark him, mark him.
Man to man marking His
left is side is free.
Try to block him from there.
- Tomar, Tomar, Tomar... COMMENTATOR:
Everybody is hoping Tomar keeps the ball.
Tomar is standing on the pivot.
And he baskets another one!
Alfred - 36, Model 27.
Tomar is no match for the opponents.
What were you doing out there?
He is winning the match for his team
The game is completely one sided.
COMMENTATOR: Alfred College is the
winner of this match Ladies and Gentlemen.
Thank you all, boys and girls.
Now its time to hand over the trophy.
That they deserve for this
superb and extraordinary win.
By our chief guest Mr. Surinder Sehwag.
Tomar, Tomar, Tomar, Tomar.
Boys, congrats!
You wanted to lose.
And I wanted to win.
You won, I lost.
- But, Sir - Please! No!
- Sir, next time well surely win.
- No!
What's up, coach!
I heard, you are retiring
from your position.
After losing todays match.
I mean, I must say, Great decision!
Oh, I forgot to ask. Whats up about Joy?
Is there any news?
You killed him, huh!
Ill not let you go!
Listen, Im in a great mood.
I won the match.
Why dont you go and see a psychiatrist?
And just...
Get yourself cured?
Got it?
Oh, Ill cure you!
Ive got nothing to lose.
After Joys death,
I dont have anything that you can take.
Listen, coach, my name is JeetenderTomar.
You dont know what I can do to you!
Ive heard you a wife
and a pretty daughter.
If you find raising her, difficult,
Do ask me for money!
Got it!
For now, get the fuck out of here!
- GAUTAM: My name is Gautam Menon.
After the death of my parents,
The only thing they left me.
Was my little brother Joy.
To make my dreams come true
I got Joy admitted to the Best
basketball training academy of India.
Joy had just become the star player of the.
Under 18 team and he was
making all my Dreams come true.
But, Jeetendra Tomar, the spoilt son of
the Home Minister Dharampal Tomar
targeted him.
The police said that Joy
Menon Died in a road accident,
But I dont believe that.
May I come in, Sir.
Please, come in.
Sorry, Sir, my resignation letter.
In fact, I was about to courier the
Letter that states the decision of the.
Management committee.
But anyway,
you have made things Easier for us.
Thank you.
Thank you for accepting
My resignation letter.
I couldnt do anything
great For the college.
However, I learnt a lot here.
Thank you, sir.
Youre welcome, Mr. Menon.
No, no, no.
Madam please.
I said leave, leave, please.
Maam come this way.
Maam please.
No, leave it.
Maam come this way.
Maam please.
Drop Maam off at Pahargunj.
Okay, drop her off!
- Who?
- SARFARAZ: Room service, Madam.
Good evening, Madam.
Im Sarfaraz, your snacks.
Yes, thanks.
Anything else, Madam?
No, its okay!
Um, sorry, madam.
If you need anything else.
Dial 66.
- Good day.
- Bye.
Hey, sir,
Listen to me,
Whats up, sir?
Are you looking for something?
Dont be scared of me?
Even the kids here, know about me, Munna.
And you dont even have
to be scared of the cops.
Because the entire police station
Of Pahargunj is here in my pocket.
Hey, sir, I have all kinds of things.
To sniff, to smoke, and to sleep with.
Hey, sir, listen to me!
- Yeah!
- You guys having fun, right!
Hey, brother, drive a little faster.
And the music should be louder.
This is the basketball betting venue,
Drugs, cocaine, good fun!
All foreigners visit there at midnight.
You should go there,
Im sure youll find some clue about him.
Ten on one, ten on one.
Ten on one, ten on one.
Ten on one, ten on one.
Come on guys,
Draw a bet.
Whoo, lets go.
Ten on one, ten on one,
Fast, fast. XXX.
Come on guys,
Draw one, draw one.
Its 11pm.
Do you want dinner?
Sorry, I
I didnt demand an apology.
I asked if you wanted dinner.
Do you want to eat here?
Or should I serve it outside?
Shh, the kid is sleeping.
Ive already had dinner.
Dont accept defeat so fast, Menon!
Dont lose the battle.
Prepare for the next tournament.
Joy was like a son to me too!
Tomar killed my son.
So what, if hes a rich mans son?
God has decided everybodys fate.
He will get punished.
He will definitely get punished.
Look at this, the opponents have run away!
The field is empty.
So, whos our new boss? Munnabhai!
This is just great!
Mr. Jovi, call the boys.
Boys, hes coach Menon.
As you all know,
The management has decided.
That from this year,
we will Get a new and better coach.
For our basketball team.
So, hes your new coach.
Remember, you all were Admitted
through the sports quota.
So, you have to play
better than last year,
Okay, sir.
So, your boys, Mr. Menon.
Thank you.
Pradhan sir, Pradhan sir, wake up!
Oh, man!
Hey, Pradhan sir, Pradhan sir.
Hurry up and wake up fast, man!
Hey, Mr. Pradhan,
it is 8 oclock In the morning.
Arent you going to unfurl
the flag at Lal Qila?
The people are waiting for you.
Wheres my shirt?
Heres your shirt, wear it fast.
Hurry up!
Brothers and sisters,
Pradhan sir has arrived.
Hey, clap for him!
Clap louder!
ANNOUNCER: And now Pradhan
sir will give a speech.
Brothers, and sisters,
my five-year term Is soon going to be over.
Before the other party comes to power.
- Brothers, we want the metro to be In our hands.
- Hey Rawat!
PRADHAN: We will keep fighting for that.
Robert, Robert?
Follow the bike, follow the bike.
PRADHAN: But then again
Faster, faster.
Hello Maam.
Robert, he just entered here.
He just entered here. Now, now!
Come with me.
Okay, thanks.
- Please.
- Thanks.
Youre from France?
Ah, Spain.
Spain. Um, basically from Barcelona.
But Im settled in Madrid.
You look beautiful.
So youre looking for Robert?
Robert, yes,
we are just made for Each other.
Made for each other, huh?
You want to get married to him?
Oh God, you understand Hindi?
Um yes, a little.
Good, very good!
Okay, come.
- Come with me.
- Okay.
Hi Simran.
Hi. Someone wants to see you.
Robert, Im Laura.
Hi Laura.
[WOMAN MOANS] Oh, oh yes. Oh!
Robert is such a great BDSM expert.
And you know what he never
Leaves a woman unsatisfied.
Any woman will fall in love with him.
Hes not my Robert. Thanks.
- Papa, Papa, Papa, Papa.
- Ah!
What are you doing?
May I ask you something?
I want your permission.
Pooja, come on, please!
What is so .
What is this?
So, tell me what should I think,
What should I do,
What should I make of it,
And what should I tell Palak?
Im sorry about that.
I apologize to her also.
I dont know why I slapped her.
I know why it happened.
You have changed.
Deep inside, we have changed.
You dont stay at home now,
Its like you are somewhere else.
Where Palak and I dont belong.
Pooja, you and Palak, youre my world.
- I...
- Are we? Because for some time now, I havent felt like that.
But you have no clue about that?
What is it thats bothering you?
Please, end it.
Otherwise this is going to
finish Palak and me pretty soon.
And youll be none the wiser.
"The world laughs out loud."
"Says the crazy Meera."
"The world laughs out loud."
"Says the crazy Meera."
"I keep looking for you, my love."
"The strings in my heart
play" "A sad tune,."
"What can I do?"
"And I look for you every
morning" "And afternoon."
"The tunes are strange and my heart."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"The tunes are strange and my heart."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"Who cares for you in this world?"
"My body moves but doesnt speak to me."
"Who cares for you in this world?"
"My body moves but doesnt speak to me."
"He is not a sage if he doesnt
know" "The value of love."
"One who doesnt lose himself,."
"Doesnt know what passion is."
"If I find my handsome lover,."
"Ill cover my face with a cloth,."
"The tunes are strange and my heart."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"The tunes are strange and my heart."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"All my nights are spent,"
"thinking about you."
"I wake up in your
shadows" "In the mornings."
"Every step of mine"
"Lights up in your memory."
"Flowers bloom at your words."
"Ive given my heart to you."
"Ive given my life to you."
"The tunes are strange and my heart."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"The tunes are strange and my heart."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
"Doesnt stay in one place."
WOMAN 1: Hey Robert!
Praise be to Bhole Baba/Shiva.
So, how was it?
- It was really nice.
- Yeah! Yeah!
She was there?
Nice, man.
She wasnt even there.
Hi, I am Laura.
Hello, Laura,
This is Pahargunj.
There is Ramakrishna Ashram Place.
So, many things, I want to show you.
Hello! Hello!
Hey, careful, careful.
Wow! This is very tasty.
Well, this is my room,
A little messy, but its okay.
Im alone.
I miss you every moment.
Whatever, Im doing,
Im only thinking of you.
Well, my love, miss you, Laura.
Miss you, miss you, miss
you, miss you, so much.
My love, I love you so much. Bye.
ROBERT: Im sorry for you Laura.
You need any help from us?
Let me do it alone.
Im not going to leave India,
Until I find him.
I love him.
Hey, Panwari, Im taking this.
Hey, whos going to pay?
Brother will pay.
Fuck your brother.
Go away from here.
- Give it back!
- No! well take more!
Where did you say about his brother?
What did you say, huh?
What did you say?
Ill cut this away.
Fuck your brother, huh!
Munna... XXX.
No matter how fat the chicken becomes.
He gets roasted at the
tandoor at Uncles Dhaba.
Stay within your limits,
Otherwise, today will be
your Last day on earth.
Paharganj belongs to Sonu BC.
Who does it belong to?
Sonu BC.
Remember this.
Paharganj doesnt belong to your father.
You dont have a document saying so.
Remember this too!
Is this fun for you? Is this fun for you?
Is this fun?
The Lords name is true.
- Greetings, Madam.
- Greetings.
This wallet belongs to sir.
He lost it in Paharganj.
Do you know, Menon?
Sir saved my life, twice.
I know him, but not well enough.
Hes a really strange man.
So anxious, all the time.
I dont have a father,
But he feels like a father.
Come, come in.
Sit down. Water.
- Sit.
- Thank you, madam.
Where do you live?
Madam, I dont have a voter
ID Or a social security card.
But the entire area of Paharganj
And New Delhi are mine.
If you ask anyone out there.
Theyll tell you.
And what about your parents?
I dont know about them.
Whoever touches my heart,
Belongs to me.
Thank you, madam,
For thinking that Im good enough.
To come into your home.
So, my name is Munna,
And do let me know If you need anything.
Okay, Munna.
[indistinct news reading and song]
Brother, Im in a hurry.
Wait, wait, there are people inside.
Okay go!
Close it from outside.
[indistinct shouting]
Hey, Gehlot sir, greetings.
Munna, speaking,
How are you?
I needed Roberts number.
Yes, the one who works with Tomar.
Okay send it to me!
[background music overlaps dialogue]
Friends, please come forward,
Please join us for the
cake cutting ceremony!
Please come!
Today, Im not here as Dharmapala
Tomar, the home minister,
Im here as a father of my
son, And I welcome you here.
I want to announce something,
From today, my son is.
Actively joining politics.
Whoo, whoo!
Very good.
Great news.
Lets wish him,
Happy Birthday.
[People Screaming]
son what happened to you?
- JEETU'S FATHER: Call an ambulance.
- JEETU'S MOTHER: Jeetu, open your eyes!
- JEETU'S MOTHER: My son, open your eyes.
- JEETU'S FATHER: Nothing will happen to him.
Hell be alright.
Open your eyes.
Jeetu, Jeetu open your eyes, my son!
[screams fading out]
NEWS REPORTE 1: Sir, sir,
tell us something about it!
- NEWS REPORTER 2: Sir, we want to know?
- Xxx.
So, even the Home Minister is not safe?
[Dog barking in distance]
NEWS: We are going back to
the biggest news of the hour,
Home Minister DharampalTomars Son,
Jeetendra Tomarhas been shot dead.
You killed him, huh?
Ill not let you go!
The biggest news of the hour,
Home Minister DharampalTomars Son,
Jeetendra Tomar has been shot
dead, On his birthday.
The crime is serious And
the case is high profile.
If the minister is not
safe, Then none of us are.
The entire city has been
cordoned Off by the police.
The media is amazed,
The police is frazzled.
So, who is the killer?
What is this crime connected to?
REPORTER: Sir! Sir! Sir!
Sir, whose failure is this,
The police, the home
ministry Or the intelligence?
Sir, had you prepared Jeetendra
Tomar For the next general elections?
Sir, please, answer us.
The nation wants to know!
Sir, please!
Forgive me, please,
Im grieving for my son.
One of you have said
this, And youre right.
If the home ministers son
Is not safe then, Nobody is.
minister is Not happy
with the law and order situation in Delhi.
He wants a thorough investigation.
His only son Jeetendra Tomar is dead.
And Im under so much pressure.
Not just because the home
ministers Son was killed,
If we dont solve this case quickly,
The media, the judiciary, the opposition,
Theyll all try to say we are worthless.
And till now we have gone
nowhere With the case.
So, please,
take this as a do or die situation.
Are you in a situation to crack this case?
Yes or no?
Sir, Vinayak and I have made
a blueprint for This case.
Yes, sir. The suspects in this case.
Are part of an international
hippie conspiracy.
All sorts of drugs and
foreigners are involved.
But no character assasinations,
We are directly under the
ministry of home affairs.
There order from home affairs.
Okay, you can leave!
Baba Guru Ghantal,
The Bengali Baba.
Very famous with foreigners.
CID: Ill tell you how to reach.
Hey. See.
Its fresh.
Do you know Robert?
LAURA: Robert?
Come here, Madam.
I had spoken to Robert.
Where is Robert?
Hes on the way. You please come.
- Do you know Robert?
- Ya, ya, Robert!
Madam, Ive spoken to Robert.
He is on his way. Hell come soon.
Come in, welcome. This way!
Come in, Madam. Sit down.
Baba will be here in five minutes.
Where is Robert?
Robert is on his way.
And now that Baba has called him,
He has to come. Okay. Greetings.
Can you help me?
I want to lodge a complaint.
Didnt you see the CCTV camera?
Ill fake blindness,
But the camera is not your
mothers lover Thatll save you!
Why are you talking about my mother, Sir?
Are you my father?
Ill take your pants off and thrash
you here, If you keep talking rubbish.
The stray dogs dont let go,
But there are cameras here.
Yes, remember that,
And listen, ask Sarfaraz
to meet me In the evening.
Now get lost.
- He is a pretty attractive guy.
- Get lost!
Uncle, you came in this early!
Yes madam, come, come!
Pahargunj police station
is happy to see you!
What is the Problem?
What is the problem?
Ive been raped.
- And...
- I want to lodge a complaint.
How many times have you been raped?
Twice, thrice?
I mean what should I
write in the complaint.
I have to record your statement.
Do you remember the rapists face?
Face, face?
Oh, Madam, I forgot,
You mustve closed your eyes in pain.
Baba Ghantal.
Baba Ghantal?
But women willingly go to
Baba, To offer themselves.
No, no, this is not true!
That is what has happened to me!
That is what has happened.
Listen Miss Laura,
I understand Your feeling.
Baba cant love so many girls
At the same time, equally.
So your anger is natural.
You go, take a bath, eat and drink.
And take something special and sleep.
CID: I need a copy of the forensic report.
Sir, Tomars call
records, WhatsApp messages.
And text messages show that.
He threatened to kill a guy named Robert.
Listen, youre messing with
Tomar, alright!
Listen, you try to fuck
me, double cross me,
Ill fuck you and Ill fuck your life.
Did you getthat?
You fucking call me right now!
Anything more?
Sir, this Robert had called
Tomar A day before the party,
But we couldnt locate
the call generation point.
Sir Ive checked three to
four days of CCTV footage.
There were no new people in it.
And sir, there are no CC cameras.
In the outhouse, behind the farmhouse.
And Ive called the watchman
of the outhouse To the office.
There must be some footage from today
too, Check that out, please.
Okay sir.
SHORAT: Can I ask you something?
- Promise me you wont be angry.
- Xxx.
Weve been doing this for a long time,
Why havent you ever said, you love me?
Listen, you know,
I was born by the gutter,
And grew up by the railway.
Ive lived my entire life like a dog.
And have you ever seen a dog.
Say, I love you to a bitch?
Youre right, dogs are dogs,
They dont settle at one place.
They bark at whoever
comes in front of them.
That is the problem,
I was born of a human.
But a dog gene got mixed into it somehow.
So, my body is like a dog,
and my heart Is still human.
I love you!
First thing, three fingers on the line,
It gives you a little more spin.
There should be a gap between
your palm And the ball.
Use the left hand only for support.
Dont generate any force with it.
Elbow straight, perpendicular,
Bend your knees, go down,
And in one smooth action,
90 degrees elbow, smooth,
Up and release.
Are you done?
Yes, sir!
So how long have you been
Working for Mr. Tomar?
It has been ten years, Sir.
Sir trusts me a lot.
I dont know how,
and Why it happened that day?
Did you see this guy at the party?
Sir, all foreigners look the same to me!
But, sir, this guy used
to come with Young sir.
He had come to the party,
But after some time, he disappeared.
Sir, I had already suspected him.
Okay, let him go!
Okay, you can go as of now.
If we need you, well call you.
Okay sir.
According to Roberts Facebook activities,
He had posted for the last time, About
six months ago, from a hotel In paharganj.
Finally hit the target. Tu Mar.
Its not Tu Mar, he meant Tomar.
There are no posts after this.
I think well all the clues
about this At Pahargunj.
Yes, sir!
"What is this desire,"
"that keeps burning in me."
"I cant think of anything until"
"this desire Gets fulfilled."
"What is this desire,"
"that keeps burning in me."
"I cant think of anything until"
"this desire Gets fulfilled."
"What are you searching for here?"
"Theres the scent of a"
"heart filled with desire."
"Theres no sadness, no pride."
"The world is filled"
"with colourful dreams."
"Just be a part of this moment."
"A heart filled with desire."
"The night is alive,."
"It has amazed me,."
"There are hidden" "shadows everywhere."
"Some words are left unsaid,."
"Some have already been said."
"Forget all your troubles"
"while youre here."
"Live your dreams in this moment."
"Embrace the time you have today."
"Cross your limits,
and" "see where you go."
"Theres the scent of a"
"heart filled with desire."
"Theres no sadness, no pride."
"The world is filled"
"with colourful dreams."
"Just be a part of this moment."
"A heart filled with desire."
"A heart filled with desire."
"A heart filled with desire."
So, Sir what do you think?
Why was Jeetendra Tomar murdered?
Jeetendra Tomar was the only son Of
the home minister Dharampal Tomar.
In fact Jeetender had started
managing The Home Ministry.
Dharmapala Tomar Was just a signatory.
To impress the girls at his college.
He became the basketball champion.
He wanted to start a
basketball league in India.
Because there is a lot of
scope in that area, And
the dealings are pretty sophisticated.
He could launder the money,
Drug, money, arms,
he even wanted a Piece of the jungles.
He wanted everything,
He mustve made a lot of enemies.
[Song playing in the background]
Sir, there is one guy in Paharganj,
Who may be able to give us a clue!
Yusuf Khan?
God is great!
What is this?
Make it stronger.
Otherwise, Ill just Grate you
and mix you into the powder.
Brother, trust me,
Anybody who uses this,
Will never use anything else.
Dude, dont make it so strong That when
someone tries it, He goes, straight up!
Listen, brother,
Life and death is in the hand of God,
We just do our work, hurry up!
Hey, oracle, keep working,
I have a delivery today.
The business has gone down.
When the business was in The
hands of Robert and Tomar,
We were making such great profits.
Ever since Triloki Pradhan took
over, Weve nearly run aground.
Theres no work. Finished.
Youve just started working with Pradhan.
Give him some time.
Do you want me to hit you? Keep working.
- [the Azaan continues in the background]
- Thats what we are doing?
Hey, Billu, hurry up!
Is everything in there? I hope theres
nothing less Than what I wanted?
Everything is set, brother, Dont stress.
Okay, Ill leave.
Listen Munna, Im Triloki Pradhan,
I giving over the responsibilities
for Paharganj to you.
If someone comes in your way,
Kill him.
Tell me, my love,
What do you want this time?
- A watch or bangles?
- Bangles.
Oh ho, bangles?
Sub inspector Rawat?
- Intelligence department.
- Get out.
Sit down.
His name is Robert.
Sir, what is the crime?
Do we have to tell you?
Sir, I was just asking you,
So that I can file it properly.
We dont make files of Petty
burglary, drugs and Molestation cases.
If you ask me, I can make it.
Tell me where can we find him?
POLICE: Only Munna can
tell us about Robert.
He works for Triloki Pradhan.
Triloki Pradhan manages the biggest
Waste collection business here.
The basketball betting that
goes on In Charas Galli.
Charas Galli?
But I hear some or the
cultural and religious.
Programmes is keeps
happening out there everyday?
Sir, youll have to walk beyond this.
Why, will it hurt you to walk?
No, Sir, I just wanted to let you know.
Dont talk so much, get off!
What happened? where is he?
Sir, just a minute.
- Sir!
- Where is Munna?
Hey Billu, come here.
Where is Munna?
Do you know where Munna is?
Hey bastard, dont slap me!
Hey, where is Munna?
Sir, Munna went to meet Mr. Pradhan.
Sir, come, come with me.
Hello, Dial 100 for that.
Im not in office.
Tell me what it is about?
Get off, Ill deal with the rest.
Youre so hot! You look like a heroine.
Is this the right angle,
or is this the right one!
Im making a film,
where you are the heroine,
And these guys will rape you.
Then the hero will come to save you.
The hero has come. Get out.
The hero has come.
What happened? Shes always angry.
What have I done?
Youve become so pretty.
Lets go for a vacation. Lets go to Goa!
Lets go to Bangkok.
Brother, well come too!
Lets all go together,
Well go on a ship.
Well all go together like a family trip.
Do you want me to show you the Taj Mahal?
Let Taj Mahal be,
show her your Qutub Minar.
Listen to me, Munna will kill you!
Do you Ill just let you go?
Hey, Munnabhai, the people From the
opposition gang Have taken Shohrat away.
Tell everyone, Ill meet them there.
Tears are streaming down,
This means something
big is going to happen.
We have to get out of here
before he opens his eyes.
Sir he knows a lot of people high up!
Lets go, prepare a report against him,
Well see what we can do.
Is this is a marriage bureau or.
A set for a soap opera?
So, Rawat, I had sent what you wanted,
Do send me the receipt for that.
This Guru Ghantals antics Have
now landed me in hot water.
Im just standing back and.
Watching the whole show.
You too can enjoy this journey.
POLICE: You are very funny,
I like your sense of humour.
I wrote that in my profile.
WOMAN: In your profile,
where you wrote about your sweetshop?
No, not about that,
I meant your sense of humour.
Sir, even though they
are saying that it is.
A marriage bureau where they match couples.
But I think they run a
BDSM activity centre here.
How do you know?
Have you come here before?
Sir, everybody knows.
But by the time we come
here, Everything changes.
Youre right,...
...even in our ancient
mythology Sage Vatsayana...
...had mentioned such
activities In the Kamasutra.
Yes, sir.
Lets go and see the fuss
about the Basketball betting.
Sir, but this place has a
lot of kinky stuff going on.
Your beauty fills my heart,
And the shining tilak on your forehead
Hey, Babu, you look good in those glares.
- Oh, I fell for you.
- See, Munnas girl is showering.
Just look at her!
"Oh, look at me, I have come of age!"
"Oh, look at me, I have come of age!"
He must be arrested only if there is.
This is the Indian Legal
System, You better know.
Take Laura Costas support.
Medical, forensic, eye-witness, etc.
You follow Laura, softly.
Robert, the guy she is looking
for Is our suspect too!
If we let people like Baba Ghantal Scot
free, then it sends a wrong message.
Dont worry, Sir, Ill handle it.
Where is Robert?
Robert is not here.
Sorry guys.
Hey, Laura?
How are you? Beer?
- Where have you been?
- Did you go to Rajasthan?
- Where are you staying?
- Do you want me to call someone for you?
Where are you coming from Laura?
Hey, Laura?
Hey, what happened?
Are you okay?
Hey last time you spoke about
Robert, Did you find him?
Hey Laura? Are you okay, what happened?
I got raped.
"The colours of the evening have faded."
"The colours of the evening have faded."
I see they faded.
I see they faded.
Everything seems colourless,
Feels like my happiness.
Everything seems colourless,
Feels like my happiness.
Has been struck by a sharp arrow.
"Has been struck by a sharp arrow."
"This is like a trial by fire,."
"The shadows of the
empty times follow me."
"This is like a trial by fire,."
"The shadows of the
empty times follow me."
"My nights are wide awake,."
"Sleep eludes my eyes."
"My nights are wide awake,."
"Sleep eludes my eyes."
"This loneliness screams out."
"The colours of the evening have faded."
"I see they faded."
"The colours of the evening have faded"
"I see they faded."
"I see they faded"
"'I see they faded."
"I see they faded"
"I see they faded"
Triloki Pradhan, a drug mafia,
But the front is that
of a waste collector.
Welcome, welcome, welcome.
Please, sit down.
Listen, I do my business by my heart.
Kidney, liver, etc. are.
Served as complimentary to my clients.
You look like a man with a good heart.
Not a good heart, but a rich heart.
Not only here,
From America to Israel,
From Turkey to Japan to Columbia,
All my clients are in my heart.
All the best doctors and
hospitals Work for us.
So you dont deal in scraps and waste?
I do!
But if anyone interferes with our work,
We kill that person!
- Dont you think you should shut up now!
- What?
Do you want to find him or kill him?
He has probably been found, and killed.
And also probably dumped.
We just want you to confirm.
Team, we are going to play
The tournament in this court.
Thats why we have managed to
get Us permissions to play here.
Make the most of this okay?
Wheres Nishant?
Hey Nishant!
Lets go, lets practice guys.
Come on, come on, move!
Ambulance, call an ambulance, quick!
Nishant, hold on, son, hold on!
Your patient is critical,
And we have to keep him under
Observation for at least 24 hours.
We think this is a reaction
From some kind of a compound.
Come with me for a minute.
This looks like an overdose
Of a stimulant drug.
He is pretty critical.
Did he ever do drugs before this?
Sir, this is where Yusuf Khan lives.
And sir this area is a little risky,
You go up to his place,
Ill stay here and watch the place.
Greetings to you.
Yusuf Khan.
Greetings to you, too!
Everybody knows you.
Gyanesh Pratap, intelligence,
This is Laura Costa from Europe!
Serve them soft drinks,
He is a big guy!
She works with you too?
She is with us for her case.
You mustve heard about the
home ministers sons murder?
Which country is he the Home minister for?
We just work for our country.
You are not bothered about the world?
Bothered about the world?
Thats why we are taking
care Of a guest from Spain.
Yeah, so what do you Want me to do
about the home ministers sons murder?
Where is he from?
Facebook and other details
say That he is German,
And is from Berlin.
Laura, you stay here, okay?
Come down.
Where is Robert?
Munna killed him. Hes dead.
And where is Munna?
Let whoever say what they want
to, You brother is the real Don.
- And the rest of the ground...
- Is empty.
There is only one problem.
To reach Baba Balaknath,
You have to take a boat.
Take this, Munnabhai.
- Run! Run!
Who did you pick your fight with!
Brother said, hes going to come
Out of the water and shoot you.
Like they do in films.
- Are you okay, Menon?
Im leaving tomorrow.
Im leaving this home forever, Tomorrow.
And as your wife,
Im demanding this,
Can we do it, one last time?
I finished him.
Munna, me and...
God is the only one we answer to...
Not Triloki.
Talk to the Russians and Israelis.
Sir, a guy called Shabaz Khan came,
from Pahargunj Yusuf Khan sent him.
- Did he say anything?
- No, he wants to talk to you.
Okay, lets go and see.
Greetings, sir.
Tell me.
Sir, Robert and Jeetendra Tomar.
Were in the drug business together
Till a few days before the murder.
Robert used to manage the Entire
Pahargunj area, for Tomar.
- Ah, thats the real thing.
- Yeah, yeah!
You do one thing, go to Pushkar in Jaipur,
- My guy will be waiting for you.
- Okay, boss.
About three months back
They had an argument.
Paharganj was getting
out Of Roberts hands.
He wasnt even seen in
Paharganj for some time.
But about a week before the murder,
He was seen in Paharganj once again.
This time he was with Munna.
Munna didnt work for Tomar.
Robert probably thought
of getting back into.
The business with new
and different people.
Father sent me to tell you this much.
Hmm, okay, sit.
I threw him down there.
I mean Roberts dead body.
Why did you kill Robert?
What was the problem with him?
Yes, Mr. Gehlot, I need Roberts number.
Yes, the one that works with Tomar.
I had to take Roberts
help to Reach Tomar.
If you want to do something big,
You need Tomars help!
Robert, my boy.
I got Munna.
Munna from Pahargunj?
So why dont you bring him to
my Birthday party tomorrow.
Tomorrow is Tomars birthday.
Bring the stuff.
- Uncle, my friend.
- Greetings.
Where is Tomar?
Just relax, hes coming.
Robert, do you want the real thing?
Give me!
Robert, my friend!
Come with me.
Nishant helped me.
And so that people
couldnt find any proof,
I had to kill Robert.
Have you removed his bike from the scene?
Yes, I did.
How did you meet Munna?
Is he your partner in the drug business?
I didnt go into the drug business,
But I couldnt live without the drugs.
My brother made a small mistake,
And Tomar got him killed for that.
Tomar had to die.
The Michael Jordan of Paharganj,
Good job, huh!
You found a good way of
fulfilling his dreams.
Double murder!
Gautam Menon sir, saved my life twice.
Sir, even if you show
love to a street dog,
It owes its life to you.
And Im only human.
I had promised that when
needed Id help him,
And do the duties of a son.
I did my duty.
Who do I have to kill?
The son of the home minister.
Munna Wil shoot him.
You just have to support him.
You are using your wife as a shield?
- For how long were you planning it?
- Did you think you were safe?
Tell us coach,
or else we will beat it out of you.
What is this,
thats tearing you up from within?
Please, end it.
Otherwise, Palak and me, We will die soon.
And you wouldnt be any wiser.
I love my husband a lot.
I didnt want to lose him at any cost.
My husband had forgotten himself.
After Joy had passed away,
He was with us only physically.
His soul had been killed by Joys death.
I dont know
whether what I did was wrong or right.
But I have the right to
save my husbands life.
I am a criminal.
Ive done a crime.
There are so many dead bodies in its wake.
My society disowned me because
I wanted To get my husband back.
And now,
Im not even a woman.