Pal Pal Dil Ke Paas (2019) Movie Script

This is looking so pretty...
Son, what have you drawn?
It's a house, mother.
Beautiful! Son, I love you.
even I want to come with you...
even I want to come...
Yeah! Even I'm coming along...
Please pack my bag too, mother.
Not today, son.
You have to go to school today
Good boy.
But you had promised me...
I won't talk with you, mother.
I don't want to come now, go away!
It's said that Emperor Akbar
had an ailing daughter.
Then a Sage told him
that bathing in this
lake cures every disease.
And the Princess was completely
cured after bathing in this lake.
Oh! She cured...
did you find the Snow Leopard?
Please help, mom.
How are you?
- Great.
- See you...
"The sky's my roof, so what."
"The breeze comes
directly to my home."
"The moist sugar..."
- Uncle, one cup of tea, please.
"...adds to the taste of my tea."
"The magic of this spiritual land"
"makes you forget
what you lost or gained."
"Even little is more here."
"Life is anything
but simple out here."
"It's easy to be happy here."
"Even little is more here."
Hello, uncle.
Can I take this?
- Of course.
Thank you.
"The rest of the world
is an illusion."
"The only truth is out here"
"All hail the Mighty Lord."
"Pockets are empty"
"but no one's unhappy."
"It's the dwelling place of Gods."
"No worries"
"Along here flows River Beas"
Listen to me..."
"Mountain people
are your true friends."
"Let these mountains enchant you."
"Mesmerizing music in the air."
"All hail the Mighty Lord."
"Hail The Lord."
Karan, brother...
How are you, Meenakshi.
- I am fine.
The shawls are ready.
I'll go get them.
- Okay.
How are you, aunt?
- Okay.
All you do is make shawls all day.
And never offer me any food.
Come, I'll feed you.
What will you feed me?
- Chicken.
I'll come back some other day, okay.
I won't forget.
Thank you, Meenakshi.
Bye, aunt.
"Even little is more here."
"Life is anything
but simple out here."
"It's easy to be happy here."
"Even little is more here."
Hello, everyone.
- Hello, sir.
Welcome to Camp Ujhi Dhar.
- Thank you, sir.
Today is your first day in camp
and I assure you that the next couple
of days is going to be very exciting.
Are you out of your mind?
I am going to beat you...
- No, no...
You always do this.
It was just a joke.
- You call this a joke?
You've had a long journey to get here.
- What if I had fallen?
Have some breakfast and relax.
We'll meet back here in the evening
and go on a light
forest and meadow trek.
I hope everything is clear.
Yes, sir.
Thank you.
You may leave now.
Here you go.
Hello, uncle.
Hello, son.
- Yes...
Group C is heading to Deo
Tibba Glacier for ice-climbing.
And you know it has many
challenging and technical sections.
I know...
I want you to brief
the group on safety.
I will, uncle. Don't worry.
- Okay, fine.
Aditi, what's taking you so long.
- Here you go.
I want to know what
Saher Sethi thinks of herself!
Mr Kukreja,
Saher Sethi is our best Vlogger.
She is a big fraud.
She came to our resort
as a guest.
And we welcomed her with open arMs
Where is Saher Sethi, madam?
She is on leave today.
Aunt Nimmo.
when are you getting married?
There is a right time for everything,
you know.
Okay, aunt. I will soon.
Uncle Gogi.
look at you all grown up.
Remember, I used to bring
chocolates when you were a kid.
Come give your uncle a hug.
Come on.
Aunt Sukho.
Saher, you know Shanaya's
been selected for Ms Canada.
Shanaya's even doing a PhD.
She can walk on water, stick her hand
in boiling oil, usher world peace.
Hey Saher.
And guess who Shanaya's
going to share the room with?
- Never!
You have ruined my business!
- Vaishali, I need your help.
But you said she is on a leave.
You guys are frauds.
Look, Mr Kukreja,
I was very honest with my review.
You guys serve cottage
cheese for dinner
and serve the leftovers for breakfast
and even charge the guests for it.
That's business.
That's cheating.
Now I get the story.
How much is Happy Homes Resort paying
you guys to defame our business?
Excuse me, Mr Kukreja,
take your words back.
You don't know me.
You don't know me.
I will drag you to the court.
I swear.
Mr Kukreja,
please finish your glass of juice.
We serve them fresh here.
Vaishali, I need an assignment ASAP.
What's wrong?
The Annual Sethi Family
get together is this weekend.
I can't stand my relatives.
They chew my brains out.
And your grandma couldn't
bail you out this time?
I am really sorry.
We had only one
outstation assignment
and Rohan's already
leaving tomorrow.
I am taking your assignment.
But I've been preparing
since two weeks for it.
You like my best friend Natasha,
don't you?
Camp Ujhi Dhar.
What a name.
This camp promises the best
trekking experience in the country.
Although there are normal
tourist packages available
but they also offer an
exclusive solo trip package.
And many celebrities and
businessmen are talking about it.
Have a look.
Yeah, sure.
"Thank you for the most
amazing trip of my life."
"Thanks for making me
believe in me."
This just goes on and on. Wow...
And do you know the charges?
What the...
So expensive.
- Imagine.
This is definitely a scam.
I am telling you.
Hey Saher.
- Hi, Saher.
Hey Saher.
I'll join you guys.
- Yeah.
Saher, we haven't even
been apart for 15 days
and you've already started
following me everywhere.
What to do, Viren?
You are so irresistible.
- Ouch...
What's wrong, baby?
- Nothing.
You know,
you vented your anger
in your last review.
I loved it.
Yeah, I am coming.
You guys want to join us
for a drink?
No. We have work.
the bill is on me.
Enjoy, guys.
Saher, wasn't that your boyfriend?
What happened?
- They are on a break.
Don't worry, baby.
We'll never take such breaks.
Okay, Natasha.
Manali shopping...
- Yes, dad...
And tomorrow.
Yes, uncle.
All our relatives
will be coming, dear.
And it's been several
years since you met anyone.
This isn't right.
Saher, this time it's our turn
to organize the get-together.
And without you,
it won't be any fun.
This time I was genuinely
helping out with the planning.
Isn't that right, grandma?
I saw her list.
Pinni was working
really hard this time.
I have to fill in for
one of my sick colleague.
And If I don't fill in for him
the company will
be losing a lot of money.
When are you coming back?
At least a week.
Pinni told me.
We all know Grandma and her Pinni.
Ready for Manali.
everything was pre-planned.
How can I go without your permission?
Since we were short on time...
I sent Natasha for shopping.
- Yes, uncle.
I mean I won't go
if you don't want me to.
Fine, you can go.
I can...
Thank you, dad.
Next year, promise. Bye.
But how can you..
- Anuradha.
We're living in an age
where children feel that the consent
of their parents is not important.
At least she asked.
Was she asking?
Yes, of sorts.
Yeah, Aditi.
- Yes...
We'll have to rework
the entire itinerary again.
What's wrong?
The vlogger Ms Saher Sethi is
joining us instead of Rohan Verma.
I see...
I'll tell you the entire
story when I return.
So how many tourists
do you get every year?
Depends on the season.
Any number between 20-100.
Welcome to Camp Ujhi Dhar.
- Thank you.
Saher, meet my father.
Hello, uncle.
- Come, dear.
Please make yourself comfortable.
Have a drink and feel at home.
And excuse us.
Aditi will join you back
in two minutes. - Okay.
Aditi, the new group that has
joined us... - Yes,
their outings need to be planned.
And you will have to go there.
Hi, are you on a solo-trip?
I am always tripping solo, bro.
I just love...
Excuse me.
How is the accommodation here?
We're here on Honeymoon.
Yesterday was our first night,
and today is our second.
What are you saying?
Are you with that group?
Are you here on a solo trip?
This trip is a scam, isn't it?
And you are?
Saher Sethi.
I Vlog for
Oh yeah,
really sorry.
I couldn't recognize
you with your glasses on.
Please sit.
Can I get a few bites,
if you don't mind?
Sure. Go for it.
Are you ready?
- Yup...
So how terrible was your
experience with camp Ujhi Dhar?
What to tell you.
It's a complete scam.
So basically it's not
worth the money at all, right?
Complete waste of money.
What do they charge
so exorbitantly for?
These mountains have existed
for thousands of years.
Camp Ujhi Dhar didn't create them.
I completely agree with you.
Actually, you know what?
Say it on the camera.
"Camp Ujhi Dhar,
I want my money back."
Okay cool, "Camp Ujhi Dhar
I want my money back."
That was great. Thanks.
Please expose them.
Of course. I'll run a hashtag
and it will go viral.
That will be great.
"What to tell you."
Best of Luck.
"Complete waste of money."
"What do they charge
so exorbitantly for?"
I see you've met Karan.
Oh, that tourist.
Yeah, sweet guy.
He's not a tourist.
That's Karan Sehgal.
Owner of Camp Ujhi Dhar.
You will be going on
the trek with him.
Good evening, Ms Sethi.
Good evening.
Please, have a seat.
Let me explain the trek to you.
The trek will last 5 days.
But before that, you'll have
to undergo some basic training.
And Aditi will help you with it.
Before we start your training,
you must sign some documents.
Just go through it.
What is this?
It's just a basic formality.
During this trip, if you meet with an
accident and break your leg or you die,
then we will not be responsible.
Chill. That won't happen.
As he said, it's just a formality.
But still, I mean...
- Relax.
You're completely safe.
Your training begins tomorrow at 5 am.
In the Morning?
I am so sorry.
Before we begin your training,
a few questions.
Do you smoke?
- No.
Any heart problem?
I am on a break from my boyfriend.
I see...
Well, let's check your stamina.
You'll jog from here to the cottage.
That's easy.
I run 3 kilometers on the treadmill.
Go for it.
- Watch me.
Saher, we're at a high altitude.
The level of oxygen up here is low.
So go slow.
I am so sorry.
Hi, Guys,
This looks like the Kitchen area.
Fritters. So not hygienic.
White bread.
So unhealthy.
It's a little baby!
Oh, God.
You have a cowshed
in place of a living room.
Welcome to Manali.
Oh, God.
God, I am going to kill them.
Good morning, Ms Sethi.
Get dressed in 15 minutes.
Your trip begins now.
I said 15 minutes.
The exorbitant fee has
to be justified somewhere.
Had to justify it.
Here, GoPro.
But why?
I have my phone camera.
It's basically to record your trip.
One second, push it in.
Oh, fancy.
Wear this helmet as well.
There's a GoPro attached on
this as well.
All done?
- Yeah, let's go.
Let's go.
Look at the view, Ms Sethi.
Isn't it worth it?
Those are the snowcap
mountains over there.
They start from that end
and they go on to end over there.
Look at the sun rising
over the mountain peaks.
It's amazing, isn't it?
So Ms Sethi, did you enjoy it?
Listen, dude.
I won't be impressed
by this fancy chopper ride.
This is not my first chopper ride.
Every year I visit the Holy Temple with
my grandmother and we ride the chopper.
To and fro. Got it?
But I guess grandma's
prayers are not being heard.
What do you mean?
I mean...
When both grandma and Goddess
have failed in reforming you.
I have a very tough journey ahead.
Mr Karan Sehgal.
This is war!
Here, take my hand.
I don't need your hand.
Ms Sethi, you're almost out of breath.
You can relax if you want to.
Ms Sethi, one easily
runs out of breath
here because we're
at a higher altitude.
Don't push yourself too hard.
Or you can get altitude sickness.
Thank God.
It was really heavy.
So beautiful.
What the...
Are you nuts?
Didn't anyone ever tell you
not to open any female's bag.
How dare you?
Ms Sethi, relax. I am only
getting rid of unwanted stuff.
Unwanted? What do you
think is unwanted in here?
This is my jacket. That's my glove!
How dare you?
- Ms Sethi, calm down.
These are my slippers.
Try to understand...
- My brush...
Ms Sethi...
- Oh, God.
How do you want me to calm down?
This one's my favourite...
- Ms Sethi!
If you want to continue the trek,
then you must follow my rules.
I am the boss here.
Or I'll call the chopper
back and the trips over.
You decide.
I want my makeup bag.
Why do you need makeup?
I would have shown
you if we were in Delhi.
He gave me a headache.
Who does this mountain
man think he is?
I am Saher Sethi.
You realize that.
I am Saher Sethi.
Oh, God. My head.
Why am I even talking to you?
He's driving me nuts.
Aditi, there is some unwanted
luggage at checkpoint 1.
Just get it picked up.
Here you go. Your bag.
It's much lighter now.
Thank you so much, boss.
Can I answer nature's call, boss?
Thank you, boss.
I must make my Vlog now.
So please stay out of my frame.
Hi, guys.
It's the first day of my trek.
And as you can all see
this place is amazing.
But guess what...
There is already a war going on
between Karan Sehgal and Saher Sethi.
And the score is...
Saher 1, Karan 0.
He thought I'll leave
behind my stuff so easily.
He thought it's all unwanted stuff.
But I wasn't going to leave
my makeup behind so easily.
How can any boy
know its importance?
Eye-liner is like oxygen.
Eye-liner is like going blind.
Guys, I'll talk to you later.
Ms Sethi, are you okay?
Yes, I just get these
migraines occasionally.
I'll be fine.
This isn't a migraine, Ms Sethi.
This is altitude sickness.
I don't have altitude sickness.
Ms Sethi, you are showing
clear signs of altitude sickness.
I've been having
them since I was a kid.
I'll be fine.
Ms Sethi,
once your lungs are filled with water
there is nothing I can do.
Stop lecturing me.
I'll be fine.
Oh, God!
Ms Sethi drink some water and relax.
Ms Sethi,
your condition is getting worse.
We cannot continue
the trek in this condition.
I'm calling for the chopper.
No way!
We won't leave without
finishing the trek.
Ms Sethi,
I appreciate your determination.
But we must go back.
Your trek is a life-changing
experience, isn't it?
Then give me that experience.
Try to understand, Ms, Sethi.
I cannot take this risk with you.
Mr Karan Sehgal,
this is your job, isn't it?
Then do it.
Because Saher Sethi never quits.
Aditi. Send a rescue team
if I don't call
you back in four hours
What are you doing?
- I am sorry, Ms Sethi.
Oh, God.
Ouch! My head...
- Sorry.
Oh, God.
My head is bursting!
Oh my God!
As we go down
you will start feeling better.
How much?
How much time more?
My head...
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
Oh, God.
What happened?
The rope's stuck.
I must go back up and untangle it.
What are you doing?
Stop, please stop...
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
My head is bursting...
Oh, God!
Oh, God!
Where are you going?
I'm leaving you here for a while.
But why?
Don't worry. You'll be fine.
Please, don't!
What are you doing?
Oh my God!
Oh my God!
I'm gonna die...
Calm down, Ms Sethi nothing will
happen to you. - I will die.
Calm down.
- My head.
Give the orange rope on your right.
I will die.
- Ms Sethi.
I'll die...
You'll be fine at this altitude
Ms Sethi.
Ms Sethi.
You've been asleep for four hours.
Are you feeling any better?
I said I'll be fine
after taking my medicines.
No coffee?
So what's the score.
Saher 1, Karan 0.
How do you know?
- GoPro.
So you think we're running a scam.
Not exactly.
But I have my doubts.
There are many other camps out here.
But none of them charge
as much as you do.
You could have gone to one of them.
I would have never come here,
if it was up to me.
But since my office wants a good story,
they are paying for it.
And I will definitely
give them a good story.
I can already see the
headlines of your review.
Camp Ujhi Dhar or Scam Ujhi Dhar.
Its nothing like that.
I will give you a fair chance.
Ms Sethi, one second get up.
We're moving.
- Yes.
Honestly, Ms Sethi.
I really don't care.
But I can promise you one thing.
If you don't enjoy the trip,
then I'll give you a full refund.
Okay, Mr Sehgal.
Look here.
Keep the refund ready.
So people, Saher Sethi
now has a bet with Karan Sehgal.
Karan Sehgal!
Karan! What are you doing?
Are you out of your mind?
Ms Sethi, there is no other way.
We have to go this way.
Karan, I am not going through this.
We had to change route
due to your altitude sickness.
You know I bloody paid a bomb for this.
You cannot force me to do this.
Ms Sethi, we have no other choice.
You know what, your website
will be hacked by my followers.
You wait and watch.
Who do you think you are?
Oh, God, Karan,
what are you doing?
What are you doing?
Are you okay?
Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Ms Sethi!
What are you thinking?
Come on, get up.
I cannot do it.
I cannot do this, Karan.
So you give up?
Shall I call for the chopper?
Call for the chopper, will you?
- What did you say?
I can't hear you.
I am going to come there
and kill you.
Good. You've to come here first.
The water is freezing.
Get used to it.
Ms Sethi, make sure you
attach the pink sling first.
And then walk slowly
holding on the rope.
There is no need to rush.
Once I cross this, I'll teach
him a lesson he won't forget.
Slowly-slowly. Step-by-step.
- I can't do this.
Ms Sethi, you will be fine.
Once you make it to that
carabiner then you're halfway.
Come on, Ms Sethi, you can do it.
Don't worry, Ms Sethi,
you're doing a great job.
I am going to die.
Ms Sethi, don't be scared.
Don't panic.
You will be absolutely fine.
Nothing will happen to you.
You're attached to the rope.
Save me.
Calm down, Ms Sethi. Calm down.
Calm down.
- I am going to die.
It's okay.
It's all okay now Ms Sethi.
I'm alive.
- It's okay.
I'm alive. Oh my, God!
I'm alive.
Ms Sethi, the tent's ready.
You can now go and change.
What are you doing?
Catching dinner, Ms Sethi.
I love fish.
I've got a catch. I've got a catch.
One second.
Here. Catch.
What the hell, Ms Sethi.
That was our dinner.
I can't bare it.
Okay, fine.
No fish for you.
So, guys, I am really
sorry for the way I am looking.
Mr Karan Sehgal grabbed my makeup.
And whatever I snuck past
him was damaged in the water.
So I'll tell you all about Day 1.
My trip finally began today.
My day started at 5 in the morning,
that too without any prior notice.
Unprofessional attitude.
They hired a chopper to
justify the exorbitant fee.
And just to brag about his knowledge
I was taken to a high altitude
so that I intentionally get a headache.
I said I'll be fine after
taking my medicines. But no...
He carried me on his back
and made me do a dangerous rappel.
I mean, guys, I could have died.
That's not all, I was made
to cross a freezing cold river.
Yes, guys. I crossed a river today.
And I was too good.
I mean you must have
seen my fitness videos.
And every time
"Should I call for the chopper?"!
Is it like hailing a taxi?
So if I were to review Day 1,
I would give it 1 star out of 5.
This is Saher Sethi, signing out.
Audio log Day 1, Client no. 84.
Ms Saher Sethi.
Extremely indiscipline
We had to use multiple
alarm clocks to wake her up.
She has a lot of attitude.
I mean there's a cure for altitude
sickness, but not for her attitude.
In fact, her ego is taller
than the mountains here.
I mean one can jump from
her ego and commit suicide.
Sure death.
So even I give her 1 star.
But I seriously believe she
has potential, and a fighting spirit.
she would have gone back by now
in the chopper.
I think by the end of this
trip she will be a changed person.
Let's hope for a better tomorrow.
Karan Sehgal, signing out.
Mr Karan Sehgal.
Hear me out.
Don't wake me up at 5 am tomorrow.
Oh, God.
Darn it!
What are you doing?
Wake up, Ms Sethi.
Wake up.
What did I get myself into?
The family get-together would have
been much more better than this.
If I wasn't so tired, I would've
killed him and buried him here.
And no one would have found out.
You're a fraud. A fraud.
- Come, Ms Sethi. This way.
He's screwed my life.
Oh, God.
You saved me.
This is the most expensive
torture in the world.
Just wait for my review.
I'll send your career on a trek...
I have never seen so many
stars even in a planetarium.
Shooting star!
Looks like you watch
too many Hindi films
That's a satellite
and not a shooting star.
What are you doing?
- Telescope.
Your star sign's Virgo, isn't it?
Virgo, Ms Sethi.
Have a look.
Don't you know what
a Virgo looks like?
Then look for the arc.
Yeah, I can see it.
I can see it.
It's so beautiful.
The Virgo girl.
They are full of guts.
It's not easy to impress them.
They look for perfection in everything.
But there is just one problem.
They never admit their mistake.
What did I do?
You were wrong in judging me.
I did no such thing.
you just proved me right.
Stop it!
You're talking nonsense now.
The Virgo temper.
I said stop.
Why? Can't handle the truth.
You're just making stuff up.
No, I am not.
- Yes, you are.
No, I am not.
- Yes, you are.
No, I am not.
I need to ask you a
few questions for my Vlog.
So you and your girlfriend
Aditi run this camp together?
Yes, we run it together.
And no, Aditi is not my girlfriend.
She is just a good friend.
anyone in your life, tolerating you?
Actually, no.
It's pretty complicated.
So you're missing your
complicated boyfriend.
You know what. I am done.
This was my Vlog which you hijacked it.
Even Granny asks less
questions compared to you.
You're your grandma's favorite.
Grandma and I are the same.
In fact, she has all my mannerisms
Your grandma has
all your mannerisms.
This is checkpoint 3.
- I see.
This is the favorite
canoeing spot of our clients.
Are you scared?
Should I call for the chopper?
Do you want to head back?
Are you feeling scared?
I hail from Delhi,
not even the abyss can scare me.
Let's see, are you ready?
Okay, here we go!
Oh, God! Oh, God!
What the...
It's very scary
We will hurt our head.
- Relax, Ms Sethi.
There's water below.
There's water below.
Oh my, God.
- You will be fine.
You will be fine.
Are you fine?
- Yeah.
The water's freezing.
I think I am going to hurt my head.
Oh my God.
So much fun.
Here. Hot soup, Ms Sethi.
- Thanks.
I loved today. It was so much fun.
I enjoyed every bit of it.
But you were scared at first.
Only at the beginning,
but then I was fine.
I have a question.
If it was a guy instead of me
would you have treated
him the same way?
Or is this move strictly for girls?
I am sure if you have a girlfriend,
she must be so worried
that you went on a solo trek
with a beautiful client like me.
I don't have a girlfriend.
That's not why I was asking.
It was a general question.
But why don't you have a girlfriend?
I am scared of attachment.
Every guy has
a problem with commitment.
Commitment is not the issue,
attachment is.
Bad relationships?
Let me guess. Psycho girlfriends.
You get so many tourists.
I am sure you must
have some good memories.
Yes, I do have some good memories.
I always thought this is it.
It didn't matter to them.
Once the trip is over they go back.
No one stays.
Maybe you didn't ask anyone to stay.
Listen, this friendly conversation doesn't
mean I'll give you a good review.
I am hungry now. Where is food?
Now I have a question.
Was this your life's dream?
Making vlogs.
Defaming people...
Becoming a social media celeb.
There is nothing wrong with that.
Don't get me wrong.
This wasn't my dream.
I actually love singing.
You and...
Go ahead...
Sorry. Sorry.
But I'm a pretty decent singer.
Then what happened?
Someone like you laughed at me.
"Every moment..."
Your boyfriend laughed at you
and you quit your dreams.
Come on, Ms Sethi. Cheer up!
You know what...
I have an idea.
We have an open space right here.
All we need is a mic.
Mic. Mic. Mic. Mic.
Here is your mic.
Here, Ms Sethi,
sing something.
There's no one out here
to laugh at you.
And you.
- I won't laugh either.
"Every moment...
you stay close to my heart."
"Every moment...
you stay close to my heart."
"Life is a sweet desire...
as you say."
"Every moment...
you stay close to my heart."
"Every evening...
I can feel your veil on my face."
"Every night...
brings back your memories."
"Every time I breathe..."
You actually sing really well.
You're just saying
for the sake of it.
No, I am being very honest.
From where did you learn?
My grandma loved singing.
She trained me.
Your grandma is very special.
Grandma is super special.
Who else is in your family?
We have one big family.
Mom, dad, my younger sister Sanchi,
My cousins Krish and Kavish.
It's a Full House.
That's nice.
Your turn, what about your family?
Just me.
Just you and your mom-dad.
That's all.
No, Ms Sethi. Just me.
My mom and dad are no more.
I am so sorry.
My mom was a photographer.
Every photographer
has a special dream.
And my mom had one too.
To capture the Himalayan
Snow Leopard in her lens.
It's believed that only the lucky ones
get to see the Himalayan Snow Leopard.
one day the Monastery
sent a message
claiming that a snow
leopard has been sighted.
I don't want to come now, go away.
They never returned.
They died in the avalanche.
Even their bodies were never found.
Did you enjoy the adventure trip?
- Yeah.
Now you know what altitude sickness is.
- Shut up!
"My breath feels heavy."
"And I can hear my heart skip a beat."
"This moment feels alive."
"And the sky's filled with stars."
"The winds are trying to convey..."
"Break free and soar away."
"Like the tide that keeps flowing"
"and they all try to convey"
"Be carefree today."
"Let's snatch those moments away."
"And take a deep long breath."
"Be carefree today."
"Like the tide that keeps flowing"
"and they all try to convey"
"Be carefree today."
"Let's snatch those moments away."
"And take a deep long breath."
"Be carefree today."
"The inviting path among the trees."
"And the jungle that
awaits with open arms"
"I feel like a spark
running through my veins."
"Like the swings tied
from tree branches."
"Let's swing high
enough to touch the sky."
"And leap across the clouds."
"Let the light shine so bright"
"that it scares the darkness away."
"Like the tide that keeps flowing"
"and they all try to convey"
"Be carefree today."
"Let's snatch those moments away."
"And take a deep long breath."
"Be carefree today."
"My hair blows with the winds"
"Turning it into a storm"
"Be carefree today."
"Water as clear as a mirror."
"Let the tide sweep you away."
"Be carefree today."
"Like the tide that keeps flowing"
"and they all try to convey"
"Be carefree today."
"Let's snatch those moments away."
"And take a deep long breath."
"Be carefree today."
What a nice surprise.
Nice surprise, right?
This place is heavenly.
This is the spot I used
to come often with my mom and dad.
This was our special place.
And this peak is so beautiful.
This place is very spiritual.
And it's so peaceful here.
I feel really good coming here.
Ms Sethi.
Mom was sure that someday
she will spot a snow
leopard among these mountains.
Mom, did you see a snow leopard yet?
No, baby.
Please help, mom.
Look, mom,
a baby snow leopard.
You were cute as a kid.
Only as a kid.
You know, whenever I come here,
I feel like my mom-dad
are still with me.
And this is the first time
I brought someone here with me.
So where is your room in this?
Right here, next to you.
He is very emotional.
Are you sure he is fine?
Just give him some time.
Your completion
certificate for the trek.
You were really good.
Hey, Saher.
Souvenirs for you from Camp Ujhi Dhar.
How sweet.
Thank you, Aditi.
You're most welcome.
I think we're getting late.
We should move.
Come, let's go.
Mr Sehgal.
Thank you for the most
amazing week of my life.
So you're not going
to ask for a refund?
We'll see.
The new schedule is already given.
Paperwork is important.
Please excuse me,
I'll see you later.
Karan, Saher left this for you.
Ms Sethi, this is the first
time ever someone has given
back something. The photograph
is beautiful. Thank you
"What is this spark in this deluge?"
"My heart skips a beat,
what is this mystery."
"Why does the moon seem so sweet."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"What are these desires, this void."
"These days why can't I sleep?"
"Why are the stars
missing from the sky."
"Every moment feels incomplete."
"Everything around
me seems dull and boring"
"without her company."
"Without her company."
"Why do I feel incomplete."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"This city's Saher
is very beautiful"
"In thoughts I spend
the whole night."
"There's a glow on my face always."
"Never answer my friends,
no matter what they say."
"I have fallen in
love for the first time."
"I keep thinking
about him all the time."
"When someone asks how I am doing"
"I'll say my beloved's handsome."
"But where is my beloved"
"In my colorful dream."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
"My heart's soaring like a kite."
I came on this trip
believing it to be a scam.
But I was proved wrong
in every possible way.
The best thing about Manali is
the more you love this place,
it loves you back even more.
And the same philosophy
holds true for Camp Ujhi Dhar.
Go to Camp Ujhi Dhar.
Have a life-changing experience.
So you can change others too.
This is Saher Sethi, signing off.
I meant every word of it.
I am not the Vlogger
of the year for nothing.
Got to go now. Meeting Viren.
We won.
- Out...
That was in.
- Out!
You think I am lying?
- Yes, you are lying.
I am not lying.
Why are you pushing me?
Don't touch me.
What's wrong with you, Karan?
Relax, Karan.
Hey Saher.
- One cappuccino for me.
And the usual for madam.
Actually Keshav, I'll have tea.
In two week you switched to tea,
and even been giving good reviews.
It's been 26 days, Viren.
Time flies.
Actually, I didn't like the idea
of us taking a break from each other.
I had a great time.
The break was good.
Even you went to Manali.
We should keep taking these breaks.
No, Viren.
We should break up.
You want to break up with me?
Viren, you were right.
The break was good.
We're completely
different people, Viren.
And there is no right or wrong here.
You're right in your opinion,
as I am in mine.
You're right.
No hard feelings, Saher.
No hard feelings.
And we'll always be friends. Yeah.
Chill. Relax.
You here?
Here's your coffee.
Karan, we need to talk.
I've been noticing for
the past couple of days...
Morning, Ms Sethi.
I've got some news.
I broke up with Viren.
And I am feeling so much lighter.
Well done, Ms Sethi.
But since I returned from Manali
I've been dreaming about that mike.
What Mike?
Oh, God.
I meant mic...
- Open mic.
That Mic.
So what are you
going to do about it?
Perform, of course.
And where is this open mic?
Same place.
Sidewalk cafe.
Actually, I am seventh on the list.
My turn will come
up by 9:30 or 9:45,
but I've asked everyone
to be there by 9.
In case anyone's late,
they won't miss my performance.
I mean...
I need moral support.
And since that area
is traffic prone
and I hope they avoid
Outer Ring Road to get here.
And then...
Ms Sethi, calm down.
Why are you scared?
I don't know. I don't know.
Saher, how can you be scared?
Imagine the things
you did out here in Manali.
And now you're scared
of an open mic.
But out there,
I had you.
Ms Sethi,
should I call for the chopper?
Why? Are you coming to Delhi?
I'll go and practice.
You just pray for me.
Why did you stop?
She is calling you.
Go on.
She isn't calling me.
She is scared
of singing at the open mic.
You look scared, Karan.
Not her.
Since the day she left, you've
been in a conflict with yourself.
Why are you troubling yourself?
Saher likes you too.
Don't be scared.
I am not scared.
You're scared, Karan.
I am not scared.
You're scared, Karan.
Yes, I am scared.
Don't be scared.
It will be fine.
Just go.
What an audience tonight.
What an audience.
Round of applause...
This is brilliant.
Wow! Amazing.
Wonderful faces, wonderful people.
Fantastic! My name is
Aritro Rudraneel Banerjee.
I know you'll have heard.
That wasn't the joke.
Guys, a huge round of applause
for Aritro Rudraneel Banerjee.
Thank you so much.
Well, next up is somebody
who we all love.
Ladies and Gentlemen, put your
hands together, give it up
and welcome India's
favourite Vlogger Saher Sethi.
Why are you scared?
How can you be scared
being my granddaughter?
we're all with you. Team Saher.
Come on, Saher.
Come on.
Go... go...
Go on, hurry up.
Saher. Saher!
Welcome, Saher.
The stage is all yours.
Please take over.
Ms Sethi.
- Karan.
You were right.
I never stopped anyone from leaving.
But that wasn't my mistake.
My mistake was I didn't
stop you from leaving.
I was scared.
Before I met you,
I lived without any fear.
If anything ever happened to me,
I would have united
with my parents again.
But nothing ever happened.
I didn't know why I was still alive.
But now I know why.
So I could meet you.
From this very moment,
I want to spend every
moment of my life with you.
I love you.
"Stay close to my heart"
"because every breath
I take is to be with you."
"I never had faith in me..."
"But everything seems easy,
with you by my side."
"Something I want to say"
"whenever you are around."
"I want to rest my
head on your chest"
"and keep hearing my name."
"I want to rest my
head on your chest"
"and keep hearing my name."
"My life's all for you."
"I am going to be
with you all the way."
"Stay close to my heart"
"every breath I take is for you."
"I want to rest my
head on your chest"
"and keep hearing my name."
"And keep hearing my name."
"I dream of a home with you"
"where the moon's
visible from the window."
"We spend the night staring
in each other's eye."
"Till the dawn arrives."
"Love will be all we'll need."
"May no one except
love come between us."
"Far away from this world"
"all the dreams
I see will be with you."
"I want to rest my
head on your chest"
"and keep hearing my name."
"Using your fingers
to draw a line in the sky."
"One for you, and one for me."
"We'll be the richest
in the world."
"I can't see anyone else"
"you've alleviated
from this world."
"I am gonna stare at you all day."
"That's all I want to do."
"I can't see anyone else"
"you've alleviated
from this world."
"I am gonna stare at you all day."
"That's all I want to do."
"I cannot tolerate even
a moment apart from you."
"Let's run away and
be carefree together."
"I want to rest my
head on your chest"
"and keep hearing my name."
"And keep hearing my name."
"And keep hearing my name."
"Stay close to my heart"
"every breath I take is for you."
That wasn't me.
I am hungry.
What are you doing
here at this hour?
Mom, I was doing yoga.
Dressed like this?
Mom, casual yoga.
I see...
And stuffed bread is
essential for this yoga...
Is my breakfast ready?
Come on,
let's go eat them in the garden.
Hello, mother.
- Hello.
You should practice yoga as well.
You're putting on weight.
So mean.
I was at the cafe last night.
I saw and heard everything.
Before saying I love you to Pinni,
you should have taken
her grandma's permission.
Oh, Pinni.
Stop repeating.
Answer my question.
Well, grandma...
You will be punished for this.
Today is my birthday.
And you must come to the party.
What yes?
Come here, come give me a hug.
He reminded me of your grandpa.
What is mother doing up so early?
Where are you two coming from?
Did you two have breakfast?
We're already late.
We'll have breakfast when we return.
We have a meeting
with the Temple's Saint.
You can't go on an empty stomach.
Here you go.
Wow! Stuffed bread.
A mother's heart knows all.
But where are you two coming from?
Aren't you getting late now?
Oh yes, let's go.
So welcome back after the break.
Coming to the point...
We are with Sushant Narang,
the upcoming politician.
So, Sushant...
Are you here to listen
to your brother's interview
or are you going to
stay engrossed in your phone?
Sorry, mom.
Switch it off.
So coming to the point...
you did your MBA from one of the top Ivy
League business school in the world
and then worked for four years in
one of the top IT companies in America.
So why suddenly join politics now?
Mr Gupta, this wasn't sudden.
I think you're skipping the part
where I was involved
in our party's youth wing
as a normal party worker
since the last three years.
But no other normal worker from
your party got the election ticket.
You are the only one who
got the ticket, Sushant.
Mr Kapil, other news channels wanted
to cover Sushant's first interview.
And yet you got this opportunity.
The opposition is going to say you're
here because we are school friends.
I am not doubting your skills.
All I want to say is that everyone
should get a fair chance.
To prove themselves.
Don't you agree?
It's hard to say whether
we're talking to Ratna Narang,
the successful Supreme Court Lawyer
or Ratna Narang, the three
times sitting Member of Parliament.
Well, right now you're
talking to Sushant's mother.
Well, on that note let's take
a short break and come back soon.
Kapil Gupta, you will never learn.
Old habits die hard.
I told you not to ask this question.
Ratna, we have to keep it
believable. I told you.
Uncle, you took my case.
I'll fix it in the edit.
- Yes, mom.
On the occasion of my birthday,
I've some good news for you.
Pinni and Viren broke up.
I've invited the Narangs
to the party tonight.
So what?
They will come over,
wish me and then leave.
They won't devour us.
I've another good news for you.
What now?
Pinni is in love with someone else.
But, mom, that's...
- Focus on the sermon.
It's a sin to divert
your attention at this time.
Lord, forgive her.
Sethi family!
One more. One more.
You're the guest of honour.
Thank you. Thank you.
Happy birthday, grandma.
- Thank you.
God bless you.
You're looking handsome.
- Thank you.
Come here.
Vandana, come here.
Hello, aunt...
It's okay, son.
That's Karan.
You're the one who
runs that camp in Manali...
You two can talk all you want when
he comes home day after tomorrow.
There's a party. Enjoy yourselves.
- Okay...
Natasha, Karan.
Hello, Karan.
Hi, Natasha
- Hi, nice to meet you.
Happy birthday, grandma.
- Thank you. God bless you.
Hello, aunt.
- Hello, son.
This is for you.
Where is Saher?
She must be somewhere around.
I'll just go get her.
Hi, Bonny, nice to meet you.
- Hi, nice to meet you.
Hi, Karan.
Hi, nice to meet you.
- Thank you so much for coming.
Hey Saher.
- Hi, Viren.
That's Karan.
Manali boy?
Yeah, Manali boy.
Viren Narang.
- Karan.
Nice to meet you.
- Nice to meet you too.
Come, let's get you a drink.
Come on.
- Let's go. Yeah.
You know,
Karan, I saw your camp's review.
Saher Sethi has never
praised anyone so much.
You must be very good.
I am just okay.
By the way, mom wanted to see you.
Shall we?
I'll be back.
Thank you.
Be honest with me.
Do you like this guy?
Come on, Saher. I said we're cool.
Viren, when I broke up with you...
I didn't know that Karan and I...
- Saher.
You are not answering my question.
Do you like him?
Yes, I do.
I am so happy for you.
And as I said,
we'll still be friends.
Thanks for understanding, Viren.
Come, let's meet mom.
Ms Ratna,
there has been no progress in the
flyover tender coming up in West Delhi.
Mr Sabarwal, you have brought
this up before and I still remember.
I'll look into it.
- Hello, aunt. Hello, uncle.
You're looking beautiful in a sari.
Thank you, aunt.
And where have you been all
this time? You didn't come over.
Aren't you going to join us?
Yes, in a bit.
What's so funny, guys?
There's a party
at my racetrack tomorrow
and I've told Saher everything.
Everyone is coming.
Karan, I want to see you there.
I'll see you there, man.
- Yeah...
See you there.
- See you.
I never thought Viren could change.
But I was wrong.
Virgo girl admitting her mistake.
Shut up.
That's a Jag F-type.
Nice car.
Hey, Saher.
- So good to see you guys.
Nice car.
Come on, get inside the car.
My company 'BBT' buys any car
that I like.
You know I love to
own the things that I like.
I guess you love sports cars too.
Let's race.
Race is one thing,
but this is going to be fun.
Yeah, it will be fun.
Best of luck!
Come on! Hurry up.
Yeah, so excited.
Come on.
What he is doing? This is not fair.
Come on!
Come on, Viren.
Come on, Come on, let's go.
- It's fine, let's go.
I love you the way you are.
I love you too.
Stop it.
"Myriad colors of
the deceptive world"
"Lovers are lost unto themselves"
"Myriad colors of
the deceptive world"
"Lovers are lost unto themselves"
"As love goes in a swirl,"
"The entire world sways with it"
"High on the lows of pain!"
"It lights up, burns out,
It falls and rises, soaring high"
"Sweet scents of love waft
their way up"
"Rising higher &
higher every moment"
"Oh thou mirage of love!"
"It lights up, burns out,
It falls and rises, soaring high"
"Sweet scents of love waft
their way up"
"Rising higher &
higher every moment"
"Oh thou mirage of love!"
"With this wave of intoxication"
"It's as if one's reaching
for the moon"
"What's love got to do
with the glittering gold"
"When there's no precious jewel
than love"
"The highs of a victory"
"Can't compare to the bonds of love"
"Riches aglow, yet
the world's nothing"
"Without my beautiful lover!"
"It lights up, burns out,
It falls and rises, soaring high"
"Sweet scents of love waft
their way up"
"Rising higher &
higher every moment"
"Oh thou mirage of love!"
"It lights up, burns out,
It falls and rises, soaring high"
"Sweet scents of love waft
their way up"
"Rising higher &
higher every moment"
"Oh thou mirage of love!"
"While the world runs
after the riches"
"I've found my treasure in you"
"On the crossroads of life,
I found my destination in you"
"I possess you beyond
any possessions in this world"
"I seek you, I yearn for you
And that's all I've ever earned"
"Because trust and vows Can never
be measured as losses or gains"
"To never fight, to never part
Be together, as we depart"
"In a blink, it blossoms
Every moment it soars"
"O thou mirage of love!"
"I vow to take you with me,
Color your world"
"As we go far from the crowds
To find ourselves"
"Through the soaring
heights of love"
"O thou mirage of love!"
"Oh beautiful! I care the world
for you"
"You'd be my precious all my life"
"Oh beautiful! I care the world
for you"
"You'd be my precious all my life"
"When I'm yours, as
we take the vows"
"Color me in your love!"
"It lights up, burns out
It falls and rises, soaring high"
"Sweet scents of love waft
their way up"
"Rising higher and
higher every moment"
"Oh thou mirage of love!"
"It lights up, burns out
It falls and rises, soaring high"
"Sweet scents of love waft
their way up"
"Rising higher and
higher every moment"
"Oh thou mirage of love!"
Won the race but lost someone else.
Mom always says that one
defeat puts us in the opposition.
No one cares for
us for the next 5 years.
So get used to winning.
Only winning.
Karan. That's me in the picture
with sister Saher.
What are you doing here? Come in.
Enough. Come in.
Her face turned pale while
she was crossing the river.
Grandma, he's lying.
You know I am never scared.
You were scared.
- Trust me, he's lying.
No, I am not.
- Yes, you are.
I can see the truth in his eyes.
Me too.
Me too.
Me too.
Me too.
You're all taking his side.
Look, son,
I don't have a way with words.
It's difficult to
understand your generation.
First dating,
then break, then break up...
I know you two like each other.
But right now I will treat
you as one of Saher's friend.
But you must understand one thing.
I am constantly worried about her.
I am her mother after all.
I understand, aunt.
When I saw your family
photos outside
I realized that I lost such
memories at the age of 10.
But meeting all of you made
me realize who Saher really is.
And where all that
goodness comes from.
And I was giving her all the credit.
I know that you only want
the best for your daughter.
And you reminded me of my mom.
I need to talk to you.
Yes, grandma.
Do you have six-pack abs?
What are you saying?
- Wait.
No, grandma. I don't.
I don't trust guys with six-pack.
I like you this way. Manly.
Okay, grandma.
Hello, uncle.
- Yes.
Get out.
What's wrong, dad?
- Quiet.
It's okay, Saher.
Dad, how could you?
How could you ask Karan to leave?
Anuradha, take the kids outside.
Viren came down to the office today.
Uncle, Saher's been behaving strangely
since she returned from Manali.
First, she stopped returning
my phone calls and messages.
And then suddenly
she just broke up with me.
I found out through
common friends that
she's been hanging out
with some guy from Manali.
What guy?
The guy who was at
grandma's birthday party.
Anyway, uncle.
I still care about her.
And I thought you should
know what's going on.
Some of Saher's stuff
was lying with me.
So I thought I should return it.
Okay, uncle.
Dad, this is my gym bag.
We used to go to the gym together.
I left it in his car.
Open it.
All this stuff isn't mine.
Isn't this your watch?
Isn't this your headphone?
And this...
Dad, this...
Dad, this isn't mine.
Please understand.
What do I understand?
There's a limit to lying.
We gave you complete freedom.
Your education, your job,
going on a trip for an assignment.
We never stopped you.
But what did we get in return?
A guy walks in my
office and hands me this.
And tells me
my daughter is hanging
out with someone else.
Did you ever think
how your actions might affect
your younger sister?
And me.
Viren said all this
and you believed him.
Is that all your trust
you have got for your daughter?
What happened, Saher?
- Sorry, Karan.
But what's wrong.
I never imagined
that Viren could stoop so low.
It's unbelievable.
Saher, baby...
You called.
Viren you bas!
how can you stoop so low?
You're lucky that I just
had a conversation with your dad.
Otherwise, I could have
shown him our picture from Goa.
What pictures?
In fact, I'll post it on
the internet for everyone to watch.
Friends. Family. Followers...
What photos, Viren?
We went to Goa last year.
You don't remember.
There was a camera in your room.
I will fix everything.
Just come back to me.
I am waiting for you at Sheeshah.
Love you.
Why are you scared?
He should be scared.
He made a mistake, not you.
He should be embarrassed.
Not you.
Wow! Perfect!
Thank you.
Viren, I so want that GUCCI bag.
Anything for you.
- I know that.
Who invited you here?
Did anyone?
I guess you took a wrong
turn somewhere.
What are you doing, Viren?
- What?
You're educated.
You belong to a nice family, Viren.
Saher is your old friend.
Did you come to give me free advice?
Look Viren,
nothing has turned out bad.
And even if something happens,
it really doesn't matter.
Because we love each other.
You think you can date my girl!
Saher is not someone's property.
- She is...
She is my property.
Now get lost
and send her right now!
Saher won't come here.
That witch will have to come here.
What are you staring at, as!
Come on...
Come on...
Viren, you'll be fine.
You'll be fine, Viren.
- Pooja...
Give me the first aid...
Where are we?
We're in the car.
Don't touch it, you are bleeding.
- Where are we going?
Let me just dab it.
Don't touch that.
- What?
Where are we?
We're in the car, Viren.
Where the f are we going in the car?
Where is that bas?
He's not here.
I am going to kill him.
Viren bro, look at this video.
"I am going to say
something that will
affect my friends,
family and my followers."
"But this needs to be done."
"Few days ago I broke
up with my boyfriend.
He seemed to be fine with it."
"Then I realized that he
was playing mind games with me."
"I wouldn't have cared
if this stayed till me."
"He dragged my family into it."
"He told a lie to my family
and turned them against me."
"And now he's threatening me"
"if I don't patch-up with him,
then he has some pictures
of me which he took secretly."
"And now he will leak them."
"I was scared."
"But then someone made me realize that
he should be embarrassed, not me."
"He should be scared, not me."
"He should lose his peace, not me."
"So now I will name
him and shame him."
He is Viren Narang!
- B! B!
I know where she is.
Drive straight.
- I am up here you bas!
You bloody wit!
Karan, Viren's here.
Where are you?
Delete that bloody video.
Why? Not enjoying your game?
This is not a bloody game,
you involved my family.
Family, huh...
You should have thought that
before involving my family, Viren.
Stop it, Viren.
- Give me the phone.
I won't...
- Give me the phone?
Why? Are you scared now?
That your mom will find out.
- You'll be scared of me now.
Please, Bonny, stop him.
- You'll be scared of me now.
This is their personal problem.
Let them handle it.
Give it to me.
How dare you?
Keep your filthy hands off me.
What are you doing? - You
think you can ruin the Narangs.
- You're going to pay for this.
And how.
- Viren, just give it back.
What can I do?
I'll show you.
You stay out this.
I will finish your family, Viren.
- You will finish my family.
Viren, please.
Get lost...
Viren, let's go from here.
Let's go!
Was Saher telling the truth?
- Is it all true?
How many more nude pictures
do you have of girls?
His cheap and audacious act has
ruined my 21-years of reputation.
Do you know the meaning
of this video going viral?
The Media and Opposition
will be out haunting me.
Elections are around
the corner and you...
Mom, Viren...
Think twice before
supporting your brother.
Viren and Saher had an argument.
Saher is in the hospital
and her condition is critical.
It's all my fault.
I shouldn't have shouted at her.
Mr Sethi.
How is she?
Mr Sethi, when Saher was brought
in she was already in a coma.
- Coma.
She had suffered a head
injury with epidural hematoma.
Meaning there was a severe
clot between her brain and skull
which could have been lethal.
We conducted an emergency
operation to get rid of that clot.
And I am happy to tell you
that the operation was successful.
So will Saher be fine now?
Currently, she is in the
ICU, under observation.
And the next 48 hours are
very critical.
We'll keep you posted.
Thank you.
In a sensational social media post
celebrity vlogger Saher Sethi has
alleged harassment by Viren Narang son
of 3 time sitting MP Ratna Narang.
Unconfirmed reports are coming
in that Saher Sethi has been
hospitalized reasons for her
hospitalization remain unknown.
It is now been confirmed that Saher
Sethi is in a state of coma....
No need to worry, Ms Ratna.
Our Department has
weakened the case.
We took that video off
from maximum websites.
But we cannot stop it from going viral
on WhatsApp and personal messengers.
Viren is her son.
But try controlling
it as much as you can.
I'll stay with her for some time.
And they are calling you outside.
- Yes.
Look, let me talk to him first.
Karan, a case has been
registered for the
fight that broke out
at the Hookah bar.
They are here to arrest you.
How is it my fault?
This is all your fault.
You went to save Saher.
And now they are here to arrest you.
What are you waiting for?
Take him away.
We're just doing our job.
You can file a complaint as well.
Let's go, boy...
Mind it. He's not a criminal.
Son... Don't worry.
- Yes.
Let's go.
We'll have to create a bigger controversy
to divert everyone's attention.
You mentioned about match-fixing.
That's not concrete.
the investigation is still on.
That will take some more time.
And Sherawat's sting.
What if we leak it now?
That's quite an idea.
But he's again an opposition leader.
So you'll need the party
high-command's permission.
Sushant has picked up that boy.
- What?
Hit him harder.
Yes, mom.
Wasn't Viren's stupidity enough that
now you're following his footsteps?
What will you get
by beating up that boy?
Mom, I was just showing him our power.
Let that boy go.
- Yes.
If it wasn't for the elections,
I would've buried you alive.
And I'll burry your family alive,
if anything happens to Saher.
Take him back.
Ms Sethi, you look beautiful
even without the eyeliner.
We want justice.
What's shocking is that Ratna Narang
hasn't issued a single statement.
The voice of the people...
As you can see,
the crowd is beginning to gather.
People are coming out
for justice for Ms Saher...
Delhi is not your private property!
Delhi is not your private property!
We want justice.
We want justice.
Ratna, are you doing something
about the Saher Sethi case?
Everyone in the Party
High Command is worried.
And the Opposition is
turning it into a big issue.
Tripathi, the opposition
waits for opportunities like this.
What if we leak Sherawat's
sting operation?
No, the party is saving
that for the election week.
And you cannot use it
for your personal agenda.
And it won't be right.
Tripathi, for 21 years this
party has been my only family.
If only I had focused
on my real family, then...
But now I am beginning to feel that
my 21-years of service wasn't enough.
Look, all the senior leaders of the
party believe that you should resign.
Until this matter doesn't subside.
And even I feel that
will be the right thing to do.
Sushant's ticket can
get cancelled too.
You don't have to
worry about Sushant.
His mother is still alive.
And as for me,
this matter will subside in a week.
And I have a message for all those
in the party wanting me to resign.
Ratna Narang refuses to give up.
Taking the discussion
on Saher Sethi's case forward
we've brought an exclusive interview
with Natasha Sabarwal for our viewers.
Natasha, welcome to our show.
Can you tell us how long
you've known Saher Sethi?
Since childhood.
And Viren Narang?
The past two years.
Can you tell us what exactly
happened between the two?
Saher and Viren were
dating for the past two years.
And then Viren broke up with her
because he found out
that Saher was cheating on him.
She is lying.
With whom?
Karan Sehgal.
The guy who's adventure
camp she reviewed...
Please carry on.
After that Saher
began harassing Viren.
To patch up with her.
Actually, Saher realized that it wasn't
easy for her to quit this lifestyle.
She loved it.
The parties, the fast cars.
The expensive gifts.
Then what?
Viren tried to explain her,
that he doesn't want
any sort of relation with her
And she should move on.
And that's when Saher threatened him.
If he doesn't patch up with her
then she will ruin him
and his family's reputation.
And that's why Saher
made that video.
You mean whatever
Saher said in that video...
Was a lie.
She was drunk,
she had lost her temper
and her ego was hurt.
And that's why she did all that.
And the accusations on Viren Narang
that Saher is in
a coma because of him.
What is your opinion on that?
It's not Viren's fault actually.
He was just requesting
Saher to delete that video.
But Saher was drunk
and completely out of control.
She started abusing him
and hurling things at him.
And when Viren tried to
stop her she accidentally fell.
Natasha, we even heard that Saher
blackmailed someone else in
the same manner much before Viren.
And he even tried to commit suicide.
What is Natasha saying?
She was like our daughter.
Natasha, thank you very
much for coming to our studio.
Good luck.
Thank you.
Got it!
Good job, Neetu.
Well done, Natasha.
It's all okay.
- Thank you.
Here you go.
- Thank you.
That tender is worth 20 billion.
This calls for a party tonight.
- Sure.
- Thank you.
Congratulations all.
Guys, stop working.
We just got a legal notice.
Sir, what is your say on Saher Sethi's
case that has taken a surprising turn?
It Shows that its
her old trick to bring
down a reputed families name,
thats it, thank you.
What is your say on
Saher sethi's vlog?
Its a new fashion trend to
defame people on the internet.
And Saher's best friend only
betrayed her, such a spoilt sport.
Look, I dont believe in naming
and shaming on the internet,
its juvenile behavior, there is
a justice system for all this,
she could have pursued it legally.
This is Saher Sethi's oldest trick.
Mr Sethi!
Mr Sethi. We heard that your daughter
gave bad reviews to people for money.
We also heard that your
daughter would blackmail people.
It is said that Saher used
to take money from her boyfriends
Continue the same lines
to fit in till here.
We also heard that Saher
used the Narang family to get your
pharmaceutical company some license?
Sir... Your daughter was being used
by the opposition against the Narangs.
We heard she faked her pregnancy
to extort money from them.
Is it true?
Saher's pictures have
been leaked on the internet.
Can you verify whether
this is your daughter or not?
Sir, please...
The media wants to know...
Please, sir...
I don't care what anyone says
but Saher isn't like that.
Have faith in God.
Mom. Mom.
Mom. Mom.
I don't want to go to school?
What happened? Who did this?
They all say bad things about Saher
in school and even the senior boys.
They just...
Be quiet. Don't cry.
Please wake up!
Please tell the truth!
Please wake up! Wake up.
Karan. Karan is here.
Leave him!
I will kill him.
He will have to apologize to Saher.
Look at them.
Look at what you did to Saher.
Apologize to her.
Apologize to her.
I won't...
You are going to apologize soon.
After my mom's through
with all of you...
Stop, Karan.
- Karan.
- Stop!
No, son.
No, no...
I apologize.
Please. I apologize to all of you.
Forgive me.
"Hear me, God"
"you took everyone I had."
"I never complained"
"and endured all the pain."
"If anything happens to Saher"
"this will be
the last time I pray."
"I'll never raise my hands to pray"
"this will be the end of us."
"I'll never raise my hands to
pray..." - Saher...
"This will be the end of us."
Wake up, Ms Sethi.
Call for the chopper, Boss.
Should I call for the chopper?