Palio (2015) Movie Script

There's Siena.
That's where it all happens..
the good and the bad.
# The whole city knows by now #
# Goose.. remove your crown #
# I told you, Tower #
# The Goose
can't be dominated #
At the height of summer.. the
Sienese sharpen their weapons
to gain supremacy
in Piazza del Campo.
During the Palio, it's like
going back to the 1400s
when the city was divided into
separately governed districts.
Some districts are enemies
because of boundary disputes
and other districts are enemies
because of historical insults.
The Palio is life,
it's the essence of this city.
Every Sienese is born..
raised and buried
in the church of his district.
The Sienese have a love/hate
relationship with the jockeys.
The victorious jockey
is an idol..
but the losing jockey
is a traitor.
The jockey holds the district's
destiny in his hands.
The shenanigans begin
when the starting line up
is called out.
That's when the jockeys
start negotiating
to gain advantage or to
disadvantage their enemies.
It's much more
than a horse race.
You need to use your brain.
Cunning is more important
than strength.
I rode 28 Palios
and won five times.
I started in 1978
and ended in 1996.
In that Palio.. Aceto and I
were declining,
on our way out.
Every 20 years,
somebody new comes in.
In these 90 seconds
you burn or realize
a year's work.
They are furiously
whipping each other.
They're on the third lap.
a Sienese jockey...
Wins the Palio
for the first time.
Having been born in Siena,
the Palio is in my blood.
I was born to be a Palio jockey.
Gigi's first victory for Goose
was my last Palio.
And from then on
he's kept on winning.
Gigi Bruschelli,
known as Trecciolino,
is victorious.
Trecciolino has shown once more
to be the greatest.
If you believe you can achieve
big things, you will.
The horse
wasn't considered strong.
Now you see the difference
a good jockey makes.
The King of the Square
has won again.
Trecciolino has managed
the impossible yet again!
This jockey seems invincible.
The favorite jockey
with the favorite horse.
Gigi Bruschelli has won
his 11th victory.
Trecciolino has achieved
13 victories.
I've won 13 Palios.. so far!
Gigi Bruschelli
has monopolized the square.
To win 13 times in 16 years
proves he's better off the horse
than on the horse.
Understanding the Sienese
and the Palio
gave me an advantage
over outsider jockeys.
My name is Giovanni Atzeni,
nicknamed Tittia.
I'm 28 years old.
I've ridden 18 Palios,
quite a lot.
Only two victories for Goose.
I've ridden a few good Palios
but many terrible ones
but people have always forgiven
me and encouraged me to go on.
I was born in Germany.. my mom's
German and my dad's Sardinian.
Since I was five,
my dad kept horses as a hobby.
After nursery
he'd teach me how to ride.
When I was little, I rode
in the local races in Sardinia.
I didn't speak
a word of Italian.
It was difficult for me.
I watched the Palio on TV.
I hoped for it, it was a dream,
it seemed impossible.
I was lucky to meet
Gigi Bruschelli in Sardinia.
He spotted me
at a local horse race
and suggested I come to Siena
and give it a go.
I arrived at 17
and was with Gigi for two years.
I worked every day
from dawn till dusk.
I worked hard so as not
to think of my family.
I missed them.
Gigi Bruschelli taught me a lot.
He perfected my bareback skills.
He taught me
how to live in this city.
It is said you
are against Bruschelli.
I'm against nobody.
I work for myself
and the districts I race for.
They all become competitors
when they leave my stable.
My problem with
the younger jockeys is
that they don't have the balls
to overthrow the regime
of Gigi Bruschelli.
If my boy doesn't go up
that hill properly
when he gets off his horse,
I'll break his neck.
Now I train Federico, I hope
he'll be a good Palio jockey
and that he'll debut
in the Piazza next year,
but it will be difficult.
You did very well, Federico.
The horse did very well, too.
We're doing well.
You need to concentrate
on the start.
Let's take the bridle off.
I'm in town.
You will find me at Sergio's.
Do you remember this?
Amazing! 1978.
This is your first Palio.
- I'm moved.. I swear.
- Poor darling.
- How old were you?
I was 24.
"Bastiano riding Urbino
an exciting victory for Forest.
Forecasts overturned. "
All the experts thought that
I would fall at the first bend.
- You did almost fall.
- Don't talk bullshit.. where?
At the Casato bend.
What the hell
are you talking about?
- Are you drunk?
- No.. I'm not.
When I reached that bend,
I stooped down.
Let me show you the photos.
I had to avoid the flag.
I did this.
That's funny.
Here it is!
Who's this?
It's me,
but I'm not close to falling.
- It's the horse that stumbled.
- Yes.. the horse.
The horse is close to stumbling.
Don't speak badly about
the horse that made you famous.
You should recognize him.
This is Aceto..
look how ugly he was.
I can't believe
we're friends now.
Look at his face.
Aceto holds the record
for winning the most Palios.
14 Palios is a very difficult
record to break.
Aceto was my biggest enemy.
He gave money to his allies
who would attack me
between the ropes
or while I was riding.
The world turns
because of love and hate.
I didn't love him, I hated him
and this made me feel good.
Even when I lost, if I managed
to make him lose too..
it gave me great pleasure.
It was a real turn-on.
We're entering the kingdom
of Andrea Degortes..
nicknamed Aceto.
Nothing better to do
on a rainy day?
The Palio is not about riding
skills, it's about the game.
If it were just about
riding skills,
I'd have won 30 Palios and
Bruschelli would've won three.
Aceto makes history..
the most expert jockey.
He's done it again..
a dramatic race.
His 14th Palio,
he's broken all records!
I duped the whole world.
Like Attila, where my horse
trod, no grass would grow.
I'm number one..
I can face anyone.
I'm used to sitting
at the head of the table.
When Pavarotti came here..
I sat at the head of the table,
not him.
If you're a number-one bandit..
then you're like me,
but if you're a shitty bandit,
you can get lost.
If you're like Maradona,
then we can talk.
But Bruschelli is a nobody!
No doubt Gigi
wants to beat Aceto's record.
To equal Aceto's record..
he needs one more win.
So July and August are vital
for him to beat the record.
It took me five years
to understand the Palio.
First you have to get
into the mindset of the Sienese.
The Palio is a game.. not a race.
At first I thought it was just
a race.. but there's more to it.
The Sienese work 365 days a year
on the Palio.
The district wins
a painted cloth banner.
The glory.
The district doesn't win money,
it's the jockey who wins money.
But if you want to win
you have to pay off
other districts.
As captain..
you have a responsibility
to your district.
You think about the Palio
every single day.
During the winter,
the captain and his lieutenants
must plan the Palio,
but only fate
will decide if it all goes well.
A captain
could do everything right,
but if the jockey gets it wrong..
or sells himself
he'll mess up the plan.
The jockeys are not trusted.
A victorious jockey is loved
but a losing jockey
might be considered corrupt.
This year I really have to win
or people will want someone new.
His name is Guess,
he's 11 years old.
He's very healthy.
He's run a few Palios
but always been unlucky.
In his first Palio,
he finished third.
He lacked experience.
Then last year,
he was second at the start.
Reaching the San Martino bend.
His angle was wrong..
so he fell and caused a pile up.
I've trained this horse
for years.
I hope he'll be selected.
Go, big bum.
Siena is the only place
where a horse can win
without a jockey.
What counts is the horse.
Gigi Bruschelli has fallen.
His riderless horse has won!
The horse has won
without Bruschelli.
13 Palios?
He's won 12 Palios, not 13.
Don't count the riderless win.
Look at my pictures.
Who's on the horse
in all my victories?
If you'd seen a photo
without a jockey.
you would've asked..
"Who was riding that horse?"
I bet Bruschelli says that
he wants to win 14 Palios.
Tell him to forget it.
He's won because of one reason.
He's been riding alone.
Many of the jockeys
are his allies.
Once we stopped
he really took power.
he took the keys to the city
and began his reign.
Have you cleaned her?
He embedded himself
alongside boys
from his own stable.
Do we have Naike?
Naike, Osama,
Polonsky.. Mocambo.
Gigi Bruschelli
is like an old lion
who has a harem of districts
at his disposal.
No doubt the captains
prefer certain jockeys.
There are many strategies
and deals.
I can't really talk about this.
Aceto and Bastiano
can talk more about it.
The retired jockeys.
When I'll retire
I'll be more open about it.
Fede.. keep your hands low
and your knees high.
Let her run.
You have good posture..
but to be a great Palio jockey,
not a mediocre jockey,
you need balls.
Not small balls, big balls!
So, less Facebook, less texting.
Possibly more screwing..
but mostly concentrate.
I want you to be the best
because my reputation
is at stake.
So less chatting and more balls.
This morning
there are the first trials
for inexperienced jockeys
and horses
to try out the Piazza.
This happens only twice a year.
You must be like
a gladiator in the Colosseum.
Be ready to take on
a mortal challenge.
I want you
to be very determined,
not like a granny
shopping for cucumbers.
I started skipping days
at school
so I thought
I might as well go for it.
My dream is to be
a Palio jockey.
I caught
this beautiful sickness.
Everybody out!
A jockey mustn't fear injury.
He must be ready to win or die.
You mustn't get
the trajectory wrong.
Horses must pass through
a 1.5-meter space.
If you don't get it right,
you'll hit the columns.
Federico knows this.
What can I do?
I told him not to take it
too tight.
It's not up to us
to worry about the boy.
I never worried about myself..
how can I worry about him?
To do this job..
he can't be delicate.
There are many ways to fall.
You fell like a gentleman.
- Did you hurt yourself?
No, nothing.
- Maybe your arm hurts a bit?
- I was better off before.
This earth burns you.
# Owl's whip is high up #
# We hate Unicorn #
# We are Unicorn #
# When we arrive
in the square #
# Roll out the red carpet
for us #
The horse is allocated
to the district
four days before the race.
The top jockeys wait
to see where the horses end up.
The best jockey
is called by the district
that gets the best horse.
Once you know
how good your horse is..
then you decide what to aim for.
Either to block your enemy
or to go for the win.
For the past three
years, I've ridden for Goose.
My horse was allocated
to the district I know.
We have an excellent
A stroke of luck.
I am riding for this district.
I have to try and win but also
to stop our rival.. Tower.
We have connected on a personal
level with Giovanni.
I really consider him a friend.
He's like a member of Goose.
This is the "Nerbo"
that the jockeys
hit each other with.
On the face and the hands
or on the head.
But on the face
or on the hands.. it hurts.
You're an expert on this whip.
What's it made of?
The technical term.. Bernardino
In your own words.
This Nerbo is made of.
- Of...
- Of...
The phallus of the...
Which animal is it?
- The ox.
- The ox.
It's stretched
with a weight and dried.
it's short and stubby.
- Yours would be like that.
- You have a mini-Nerbo.
For the four days of the Palio..
we live in Siena
in the district
that we ride for.
We give them our mobile phone.
We are watched
by three bodyguards.
You're always with them..
even when you sleep.
We are sort of kidnapped.
Because jockeys might take
bribes from other districts.
Jockeys in Siena
are considered assassins.
because they're paid.
They're not always loyal
to the district they ride for.
Son of a bitch!
That zombie pisses me off.
Gigi pisses me off..
he'll screw us up next time.
Cool it.. ladies..
don't get excited.
When was the last time
Tortoise won?
In August 2010..
we won with the Emperor.
- Who's the Emperor?
- Gigi Bruschelli.
He manages to control Palios.
He can control any situation.
To win a Palio
is very expensive.
Each district pays
with donations from its people.
# By force and for love #
The strongest love we have
is for our district.
It's unconditional love.
Gigi sees a chance
to win his 14th Palio.
We want to see him
with his whip high.
We can't fail.
It will be so.
His neck hurts but I think
the problem is his posture.
My impression is that
he gets defensive.
The problem is not the shoulder..
rather his neck extension.
There is a thickening
on the left side
of the nuchal ligament.
- Maybe 'cause you...
- No.. I didn't force him.
That's the way he is.
I haven't given him anything
this morning.
Let's have a look
before you ride him.
A good horse or a bad horse
is all relative.
What matters is a horse
that fits your strategy.
Porto Alabe..
go and return victorious!
To the Tortoise!
Eeny.. meeny, miny.. moe..
catch a tiger by the toe.
- Panther will win.
- Goose will.
Damn, I'm drunk.
Squeeze. We can all fit in!
One, two.. three!
In Siena we're all crazy!
It's a muffled chaos to us.
From the outside..
it may look crazy.
but to horse and jockey..
it feels like
a different dimension.
It doesn't seem
like chaos to us.
I retreat into myself
and focus on what's to come.
I could be riding a donkey..
and yet I feel
I'm the strongest.
It's life or death.
The inner courtyard
is beautiful
because you're in a bubble
away from the Piazza del Campo.
Outside, people are waiting
to cheer or judge you.
It's like a bullfight.
We're like bulls
entering the arena.
Everybody has expectations
of me...
me and my colleagues.. I mean.
The line-up
is determined by luck.
This mechanism was invented
to ensure absolute secrecy.
Once the horses come out..
the tube is opened
and the line-up is written down.
If you have a bad position
between the ropes,
if you end up
in the last positions,
your chances of victory
greatly diminish.
Slowly.. Owl, slowly.
No kicking.
Panther go in.
Slowly.. slowly.
whenever you want.
The start of the race
is determined
by the last horse entering
known as the run-in-horse.
He decides who'll have
a good start or a bad start.
The run-in-jockey
will probably have
his enemy between the ropes.
His aim will be to catch
his enemy unprepared.
Between the ropes,
I kept my eye on my enemy..
He had a better position
in the line-up.
Run-in-jockey stay still!
Turn around, Goose.
Guys.. calm down.
Get in.. Unicorn.
Everybody out!
When it gets chaotic
the starter
will send them all back out.
They'll all go to
the run-in-jockey
to bid money
in return for favors.
The Palio is a game
of legitimate corruption.
Without corruption,
there's no Palio.
All jockeys are corruptible.
We give our jockey
money to spend.
The richest district
spends the most.
The jockey who bids the highest
should get the best start.
Owl.. don't push.
Don't push.
Easy, easy.
Unicorn.. you are fifth.
Find your position.
Unicorn.. go back
to your position.
Run-in-jockey stay still.
Come on, get in there, idiot!
Who's the run-in-jockey,
Murtas is the run-in-jockey.
He's in cahoots with Bruschelli.
Bruschelli does what no
other has done.. not even Aceto.
He's created a network
of absolute power.
Go big.. Murtas.
He comes from
that stable, just as I did.
It's only his second Palio,
and he's the run-in-jockey.
Perhaps too much responsibility
for him to handle.
So he looked for guidance
from his master.
It's a false start.
The run-in-horse
was still far from the ropes.
Unicorn started
before the run-in.
Unicorn called the start.
Clearly it was Gigi's strategy.
Ram. She-Wolf.
The Palio is a battle.
Between the ropes,
that's who I truly am.
All your aggression
and courage comes out.
We are Goose.
We are different.
We are the strongest.
No, no, no.
We won with our heart.
Giovanni, you're great.
It's hard
to explain the feeling.
You work all year long
for those 90 seconds.
If you are in front,
it seems never-ending.
But if you are at the back,
it's over in a second.
I got the Casato bend wrong.
That's when I went for it.
My enemy was on the inside.
If I don't get this right,
even though we've been
friends for years..
the Goose people
will chop me up.
An incredible Palio.
A beautiful race.
Gigi Bruschelli
was nowhere to be seen.
Giovanni was really on fire.
He wasn't there
just to take part.
He was there to be the champion.
He was a gladiator..
unlike the other jockeys.
He wasn't there for the money.
He was there to be number one.
# Thank you.. Mother of Mercy #
# Protect us from the enemy #
# And at the hour of death..
let us rise #
it's all or nothing.
I'm not interested
in mediocrity.
It's all or nothing.
I must win both Palios now.
July was an important step.
But August could make my career.
You don't
get used to losing
and you don't
get used to winning.
You don't always get
the horse you want..
but if you are a professional..
you have to deal with it.
Good morning.. Silvano.
Giovanni, take Federico
for a ride with you.
Federico.. come here
so you can learn something.
Watch closely and learn.
Stay with him, Federico.
Keep together.
Go.. Giovanni!
Giovanni.. he was trying
to push you in the ditch.
Fede, why were you
pushing him to the side?
No.. I wasn't.
Now he's claiming
he couldn't see you.
He wanted to kill me
before the August Palio.
Someone paid him to do that.
Giovanni, have a slice of tart.
No.. thanks.. just the coffee.
Just a slice of tart.
- No, thank you.
You were like a gladiator
in this great Palio.
- Something never seen before.
Never seen before?
Not like that.. never.
Someone who parries
with the whip,
with the horse.. with the hand,
you fought, you overtook your
enemy on the inside
you blocked the riderless horse
and She-Wolf's horse
with your hand.
It was an amazing Palio,
but I have to say
it was different from the Palios
of the '70s and '80s
when I was a jockey.
These days you have to deal with
a jockey like Bruschelli who is
almost at the end of his career,
so I believe it was
quite simple for you.
While I had Aceto,
Canapino.. Cianchino.. Pesse.
The only one you had to
beat was him. Am I wrong?
If you say so,
but I wouldn't dare say it.
Who should I watch out
for in August?
Gigi, he is a man
with a mission.
Good afternoon.. how are you?
Gigi Bruschelli
trains some of my horses.
And that's what's sort
of happens in this area.
Trainers tend to be jockeys.
This is Osama.
This is Montego.
And that's Mocambo.
He's the shyest one.
Despite the fact
that I've had wonderful horses
for 25 years.. I've never won.
The Palio, it's a game
played by people
where the horse
is the unknown element.
Everything else is something
that humans can trade.
They can trade positions,
they can trade favors.
But they can't get inside
the horse's mind.
It's a desperate attempt
to control fate.
I've known Gigi forever.
He understands horses better
than any jockey before,
let alone the strange game
that the Palio is.
jockeys make a horse wish list
and this list
goes to the captains,
but they only consider
Gigi's list.
He decides which horses
should be selected
and where certain jockeys
should ride.
Then there's the issue
of the horses.
Lo Specialista.. Morosita.
There'll be yet another
Bruschelli-trained horse.
You already know
which you'd like to mount
and you don't have to tell me.
Which horse would you go for
in August?
Among these ones?
As you saw in the July Palio..
Morosita is a strong horse.
Remember.. she was
the run-in-horse.
At the San Martino bend..
she was third.
She's a good horse.
Now you've got the bit between
your teeth, don't let go.
As soon as you relax..
the others are ready to...
- Do you know what I mean?
Work hard and keep
on doing what you did in July
'cause this job
doesn't last long..
but as long as it lasts,
keep hammering.
Gigi's very, very focused.
He has won 13 Palios
in 16 years.
I hope that he wins again
and matches Aceto..
but it's not easy.
My second and third victories
were with horses I trained.
There are too many photos
to get them all in frame.
Too many? Not at all.
There aren't enough.
I need to get on with it
to get more photos.
You need
a couple more photos?
"A couple"?
I need more than "a couple".
I don't think "a couple"
are enough.
Because I feel I can go on.
To beat the record?
- Just because I feel like it.
Gigi will want revenge
in August.
No doubt.. goddamn it.
It's going to be a battle.
No doubt. No doubt.
Are you scared?
- No, I'm not scared.
Age is on my side. The others
should be afraid of me.
That's what I honestly think.
But cut that.
He's at the end of his
career.. you're at the beginning.
At 28, I'm in my prime.
- Don't you think?
Come on, we have to go.
Let's go and get ready.
He was cheeky after the Palio.
He was so happy,
he jumped off the sofa.
He cut his forehead
and they had to stitch him.
- Where's dad taking you?
- To the seaside.
- The seaside!
- Listen.
What do you want to be
- when you grow up?
- A jockey.
A jockey? You're crazy!
No, please.. little one.
Do you ever put
him on a horse?
Always.. his horse is Guess.
- Who's your horse?
- Guess.
Let's go to the seaside.
Gimme the keys.
Where will you put them?
Let's hitch up your T-shirt.
To the seaside!
Come here.. Gina.
My friends are in love with you.
You have beautiful daughters.
He said something different.
You're all in love.
All in love?
- With Gina.
- This better not be true.
- No.. no.. no.
No.. no.. no.. no.. no.
Keep your distance!
Here are photos of him as a boy.
This is Giovanni.
when he'd just started out.
When I was little,
we were not well off at home,
so we'd go to the local races..
desperate to put food
on the table.
Is Giovanni
a hero for you?
A hero?
I would've preferred him
to get two degrees.
We'll see if he's a hero
in 20 years.
What do you mean?
It's just a job..
I was a builder, he's a jockey.
A hero is when you save someone.
He's just saving himself.
Trying to survive.
He was lucky
to have the best teacher.
That's right,
we owe a lot to Bruschelli.
The Palio doesn't work
the way you think.
So we have to thank him
and all the people
who've helped him.
Do you think
he'll become like Bruschelli?
I don't think so,
they have different characters.
Giovanni's an introvert but he's
tough when he needs to be.
Oh, yes.
What will you do this afternoon?
I don't know.
They don't understand
the risk they're taking.
I told them.. you need
a minimum of 70,000 Euros
to control the run-in-jockey
or else they'll screw you over.
Gigi rides for a high price
and uses some of that money
to pay other jockeys.
We're in favor of change
and against the power.
Against the power, but...
Don't tell me you're in favor
of Gigi's power?
I'm not a fan of Gigi himself,
but I like the way he wins.
Everything's unfolding
according to his strategy.
You can see it by which
horses are selected
and which horses are rejected.
How about the horses?
Well.. there's 32 to choose
from and we only need ten.
Are there good ones?
The level is not very high
mainly due to inexperience.
If he wins on Friday..
it's the umpteenth proof
he's controlling everything.
As long as you're criticized..
as long as you're
the talk of the town,
it's good.. it means they care..
so I welcome it.
Bruschelli is going to win,
big time!
He must think Shell
has the best horse,
even though
it's Oppio's first Palio.
This is Oppio,
a six-year-old grey,
born in my garden in Siena.
He is destined to run the Palio.
I created him especially
for this little game.
The Palio.
I'd like him to do well,
but not to win
because he won't get to run
the Palio again
if he wins straight away.
In Siena..
the fastest horses are rejected.
That's the way it is.
It's all absurd in Siena.
It's dysfunctional.
If your horse is too fast..
it's rejected.
If your horse is too slow,
it's rejected.
So they're going for mediocrity.
Captains prefer mediocre horses
if all the horses are equal,
then the money deals prevail.
Gigi has benefited from deals
rather than from good horses.
- What's your horse like?
- What's my horse like?
- He's a horse.
- Holy Mary.
But what's he like?
- He's a horse.
- I know he's a horse.
A good horse.. but a beginner.
He's never run the Palio.
The best Palio jockey could've
chosen any horse he liked.
He chose this one,
there must be a reason.
The district also happens to
have a lot of money to spend.
Whoever has the money will win.
That's why he's gone to Shell!
Why didn't he ride
for Shell in July?
Why didn't he?
'Cause they had Morosita..
and he doesn't like her.
There are
two schools of thought.
Either you go for strategies,
like Gigi does
or you choose to ride
a good horse.
This horse
could make all the difference.
When I saw she was allotted to
Wave, I called them immediately
to go and ride for them.
People have been saying..
"He's good..
but he only wins for Goose. "
This really bothers me.
So this August,
I'm going to go for it.
They'll all help Gigi
and leave us alone.
I'm not happy
that we've got Murtas.
Murtas is a footstool.
He's there to block people
for Bruschelli.
The jockeys are both good
and bad protagonists.
The horse is loved
and the jockey is hated
and sometimes hate
is not just verbal.
There are infamous events
from the past.
Jockeys were meat
to be butchered.
If you lose and your enemy wins..
you're considered corrupt.
When Bruschelli won
his first Palio for Goose..
I was riding for Tower
so my enemy had won.
I was quickly smuggled
into a building..
but the people saw where I went.
I grabbed
two big kitchen knives.
It's the truth.
Come on, you were paid off.
Your sister was paid off.
The police came to rescue me
at 10pm.
Even though I was protected..
there were 100 people against us
who assaulted me
as soon as I got out.
It's part of the game.
When we rode people spat on us.
It means that you scare them.
If nobody spits at you..
you're worthless.
The jockey is just a mercenary.
A person with no patriotism..
no boundaries... nothing.
The Palio is my passion..
but for them, it's just work.
They're like prostitutes.
Once the jockey wins the Palio,
you throw him away.
The horse is the core element
of the Palio.
Everyone thought Bruschelli
was going to ride for Eagle.
The thing about Bruschelli is
that I didn't quite trust him..
even though he always said
he'd ride for Eagle
and I gave him a bit of money.
When I went to speak to him..
he said.. "If you get a good
horse I'll ride for you. "
- What happened?
- He knew our horse, Naike,
hadn't trained for 20 days.
He knew 'cause
he trains that horse.
Yes, Naike's from his stable.
And your jockey.. Gingillo,
how did he behave?
The first time he tried her..
he said she was unfit.
He confirmed that the horse
hadn't been ridden
for a long time.
Not since the last Palio.
Relationships don't count.
Why would a jockey
enter an untrained horse?
Palio strategies.
If I bring a horse
knowing he's untrained,
I know his condition,
but others don't.
There's an underworld.
A hidden layer of secrecy.
Gigi is obviously the favorite.
Nicchio are spending
a lot of money.
Gigi is very clever and I'm sure
has organized himself very well.
One the face of it, that's who's
going to win.. but, you know...
It's all those attempts
to control fate.
But Gigi has not got
the best horse.
No. He's got to do
everything else.
So if he wins
without the best horse..
from a bad position..
it's pretty suspect.
If he does all of that, it's not
suspect, it's brilliant.
It's the opposite.
It's exactly what they pay for.
I've never set foot
inside the cathedral.
I've often gone past it
with my wife,
but I will only go in
if I win an August Palio.
It's said that
the August Palio
is the most important
because the jockey
is taken to the cathedral.
Statistically speaking,
the jockey who wins in July
is unlikely
to win again in August.
# We're the ruler of the sky
In the Piazza we'll be first #
# We're the most beautiful #
# And have no equal #
# Our cock is the biggest
in the world #
I don't think Gigi
took me for a ride.
It was predictable behavior.
Naike, go and return victorious.
We're going to win tonight.
I just have that feeling.
You took drugs last night!
I heard She-Wolf has two
million to spend on the race.
But I don't think they'll win.
Stay calm.
Run-in-jockey, stay still.
Move further down.. Eagle.
Go in.. Snail.
Gigi got 200,000
just for riding.
Screw your money, you rat!
Come on!
Out.. out.. out.. slowly.
Go out slowly.
is trying to do a deal
with the run-in-jockey.
But it will be difficult
to buy favors
because Wave spent
all its money last year
paying Gigi to win.
Stay calm.
whenever you want.
Keep quiet.
Keep quiet.
Get ready.
Come on.
Run-in-jockey.. first warning.
Be quiet. Be quiet.
Be quiet.
Gigi is spending a lot
of money between the ropes.
Look at the space he has
on either side.
These favors
cost a lot of money.
Run-in-jockey, come on!
Second warning!
Wave is going to win.
Giovanni Atzeni is winning
his second Palio this year.
This never happens!
The Wave has won.
Giovanni Atzeni has won again.
Both Palios this year!
I saw from above
that I'd realized my dream.
I dreamed
of winning both Palios at 28.
I did it.
Am I dreaming?
Am I going to wake up?
It was incredible.
Then the cathedral.
It was my first time.
I vowed to only go in
when I won in August.
It took me ten years.
It's upsetting when you lose
the Palios you should have won.
The ones you'd won on paper.
If you don't succeed in those,
it hurts.
What about Giovanni?
He thanks you
for bringing him here.
That's true,
he was just 17
when I saw him riding
on the neck of a horse.
I was impressed
by something he had.
I thought he could prove his
worth and become somebody.
It must have been
a dream for Giovanni
and for the Sienese too
to see a young man pursue glory
rather than money.
The young must go forward.
They can't be satisfied with
a few crumbs from the oldies.
A new King of the Square
is born.
Giovanni Atzeni is the heir
to Gigi Bruschelli.
Let's hope for the districts
it won't be a dictatorship
but a revolution.
Now starts my real job.
Were you known
as The Farmer?
I still am.
It's my job.. I'm a farmer.
They are true
professional jockeys.
Unlike me.. I worked the land.
It's what I did
and still love doing.
Few jockeys have ever won
two Palios in one year.
I'm the youngest
to achieve that.
Many more victories
lie ahead of me.