Paloma (2022) Movie Script

Inspired by a true story.
Come here.
What is it?
Where are you, baby?
Tell me.
Come on, Paloma, I gotta fix my bike
if I want to get to work tomorrow.
I love being with you, Z...
Like this...
Just doing nothing... home.
It takes my breath away.
I wish this could last forever.
- You know what I remembered?
- What?
When we used to wear
white sheets on our heads.
- My God, I remember that too...
- We wanted to get married so bad.
What are you doing?
They say if you write your name
on the veil of a wedding gown,
you get married too.
Then write down mine too.
What are you talking about, Paloma?
You, getting married? In church?
I don't think so.
My God...
The Church welcomes you
with an open heart
and shares your great joy.
And, before God, celebrates this love
that will now last forever.
What God has joined together,
let no one separate.
What did you do today
at mommy Maria's, sweetheart?
We played a lot and mommy Maria
also made couscous for me.
- Gosh...
- Why didn't you say so, sweetheart?
If I knew that, I would have
made something else to eat.
No way... I like couscous.
I saw a scooter on the street today,
almost new.
I bet we can get it for two thousand.
Jenifer, come here, sweetheart.
- And bring a pillow, okay?
- Okay.
Hurry, baby!
Guess how mommy's
gonna do your hair?
Like a princess.
Ah... you know it!
Lord have mercy!
Reginaldo, you son of a bitch!
We ain't cattle, you asshole!
My lunchbox!
It ain't yours, that's mine.
Makes my tits hurt,
all this bumping around.
This asshole drives like a madman.
I ain't riding with you no more!
Never in my life! Never again!
- I'm gonna find me another driver.
- Me too!
And the dress?
My aunt made it.
With that lace from Cear, you know?
It was short,
I never liked long gowns.
I can still remember the priest's name:
Stupid jerk.
He'd ask the questions
and then answer them himself.
Do you? You do.
It was such a lovely wedding.
So fancy.
Paloma, dear!
Can I see it?
The exact same hairdo I gave the bride.
It's beautiful!
Rich people's hairdos
on poor people's heads!
Look, Bastiana,
I brought some scissors to cut your hair.
- Let's do it?
- Forget it.
With my flappy ears, God forbid!
Come on honey, cut that hair of yours.
Short hair and faith in God. That's how
you survive this scorching sun.
Speaking of faith, have you decided
to go on the pilgrimage or not?
Girl, my heart's all for it,
but I gotta save some money.
That's one expensive bike
you want to buy.
All this time saving money.
If you knew
how good it makes you feel inside,
you'd both go, for sure.
Now, Paloma I can understand,
she's saving money to buy her bike.
But you, Bastiana, what you need
is faith, cause it sure ain't money.
Don't you have anything else
to talk about?
You go on and on
about this pilgrimage of yours.
Hey, a mango dropped.
- This girl's crazy for mangos.
- It's real good.
For tomorrow's mango juice.
Now the priest will talk.
Now the priest returns.
And here's Jenifer's bed.
How can she go to church
with pink hair?
- So lovely.
- She fell!
She's alright.
Such a beautiful bride.
So beautiful, but so beautiful,
she didn't even look real.
And so many people
came to see the wedding!
Some were all dressed up,
others looked sharp.
Some were messy,
others stood out.
And the fairy godmother,
with her glimmering wings,
blessed their marriage.
There was cake,
couscous with eggs...
And then, after the party,
the two went on their honeymoon,
right here.
And then, suddenly...
two chairs appeared
and they sat on the beach.
A beach with the moon shining
down on the sea.
And they lived happily ever after.
Between being your friend
And nothing
I choose to be.
Where will I keep all this love I have?
Tell me.
How will I hold your hand.
And not be able to take you home?
Stand so close to your mouth.
And not be able to kiss it?
What if one day you call me.
To talk with you under a tree.
And tell me you fell in love
With someone else?
One, two, three!
- Is it good?
- Everyone looks good.
I don't like it.
Take another one.
I'm the mermaid now,
and you're the dinosaur.
- I don't like her playing with strangers.
- Sure thing. You're absolutely right.
And who's that girl
she's playing with?
She's with that couple over there.
Well, I don't want Ana Jlia
playing with her.
- So, call her.
- Ana Jlia, come here right now!
Come here.
Such a weird couple.
Who are they anyway?
I don't know. Never seen them before.
I don't want you playing with that girl.
You stay right here.
You wanna eat something?
We should talk to the owner
not to allow people like that in here.
- You're right.
- Absolutely.
Baby, you can't go there.
Just stay here.
Wanna play?
What if we got married?
What's that?
I mean...
I wanna get married in church.
In a white gown,
with a veil,
and a garland.
I want God to bless our home, Z.
What the hell are you talking about,
The priest kept looking me in the eye.
He said such nice things.
When he looked at me,
it seemed like he was saying:
You have to get married in church, girl.
I was so touched.
And then, when they exchanged vows,
he looked at me and said:
What God has joined together,
let no one separate.
Are you out of your mind, Paloma?
Not me.
Then go to sleep and you'll have
forgotten about it all in the morning.
Excuse me, Father.
Hi there, Paloma.
What's up?
Have a seat.
What can I do for you?
Tell me.
I've seen how nice you are to everyone
who comes to your church.
Everyone thinks the world of you,
you know?
And I wanted to ask if you could
celebrate a wedding for free.
This is the house of God,
not a business.
Father, I'm the bride.
I'd like to get married in your church
and be blessed by God through you.
By God's natural law,
we are created men and women,
we complement each other
and engender our descendants.
The Church decreed this law
over a thousand years ago.
Today, many things have changed.
The world has changed a lot.
But the Church hasn't.
Your request is sincere,
but I'm afraid
I can't change the law.
I'm not the Pope.
Only the Pope can change the law.
Are you looking for a driver?
- Yeah. How much you charge?
- Three reais.
Oh come on... the other guy said two.
Ok. I'll do it for two.
- You coming, Bastiana?
- Yeah.
- What about you, Paloma?
- Yeah, Z isn't picking me up today.
Who needs a ride?
I got a Chevy D20.
Hey, you wanna ride in a D20?
I'll take you for two reais!
Look, Mr. Ivanildo,
a lot of other guys are charging
fifty reais for this pilgrimage
with cars better than yours.
Forty and we got a deal.
I ain't running no
charity here, Mrs. Isabel.
Well, you should.
Listen, if I were you, I'd take her offer.
This woman's tough to bargain,
she'll find someone else in no time.
Forty reals and that's it.
What are you gonna ask the saint for?
A better salary, son.
Life ain't easy, Mr. Ivanildo.
It's not easy for anyone.
Life's tough.
I don't have the slightest idea
of how to begin.
Come on, think of something.
Okay, write this down:
Dear Pope,
my name is Paloma.
I live and work here in Salo
as a hired hand on a plantation,
and sometimes
I also work as a hairdresser.
Easy, girl, slow down!
I'm no typewriter.
I live with my husband Z.
Together, we raise
my daughter Jenifer,
the best present God
could ever have given me.
I was born a man, but I am a woman.
Everyone here in town knows that.
I've made a lot of mistakes in my life,
dear Pope.
But ever since I met Z,
I've been living a respectable
and decent life, as any other woman.
I consider myself one of God's
children too, like everybody else.
I was baptized,
received First Communion,
Now all I want is to make
my biggest dream come true.
To get married in church.
And I know that only you
can authorize this.
And that's why
I'm writing this letter to you.
To ask you to give
Father Joo Manuel permission
to celebrate my wedding ceremony.
And make me
the happiest woman in town.
I never thought
I'd be writing a letter to the Pope.
Even I got emotional.
And you're getting married,
no matter what,
to show these people here
that you're a married woman.
No Pope can refuse that.
Shame on him if he says no, right?
What's wrong, sweetheart?
It's my mama. She had a stroke.
They took her to the hospital.
What're you gonna do?
I'm going to Ouricuri,
to look after my mother.
I already told the clinic
I won't be working for a while.
I can't take Jenifer with me, Paloma.
Don't worry, sweetheart.
I'll figure something out.
And say a prayer for my mother,
will you?
I will.
There she goes. That's her.
What is this mess, Rikely?
Yesterday was the pensioners' payday.
Listen, as soon as I get off work
I'll come pick her up, okay?
Sure, don't worry,
we open later on Friday. Kisses!
- All right.
- Bye.
If she gets hungry,
there's food in her backpack!
- Okay! Gaivota!
- Coming...
Auntie's gonna play princess with you in
a minute, okay honey? Go with Gaivota.
Where's my kiss?
- Give her some juice.
- Okay, let's go play with dolls.
- Where have you been?
- Help me out here, Isabel.
Hey Ridson, Ridson!
Tell Paloma to come here!
You know, you're real low on production.
You know that, right?
Because, we've never hired...
...people like you before.
And still, Paloma, you come in late.
This is a warning. Keep on your toes.
I had a problem with my daughter.
Your daughter... right.
- It won't happen again.
- Get back to work then, go on.
Thank you, Mr. Ivanildo.
I'm gonna talk to the others
and then get back to you, okay?
Forty a piece, right?
Right. But don't take too long, okay?
I might change my mind.
Heaven forbid...
- Bye Paloma!
- Bye.
Come sit in the front,
it's better up here.
Well, thank God you're here,
in a minute this place'll be on fire.
Go get the girl's things.
This place is more
rundown than ever, huh...?
I don't even know how Paloma has the
nerve to leave the girl in this shithole.
Fuck you...
Hey, Gaivota,
go get Jenifer, please.
Jenifer, honey, your daddy's here.
Baby, close your eyes
and open them only when Z says.
You'd better pay. Now!
You know I know where you live.
And I know you're married, okay?
I know your wife.
Fuck you!
Let's go.
- Bye, Jenifer.
- Bye!
Is this gonna take long?
Just till the engine cools down.
It overheated.
Just my luck, when I'm already late.
Hey, sweetheart.
You left your daughter
in a whorehouse, Paloma.
Come on, baby...
Rikely is the only friend
I can count on.
But tomorrow I'm going to see if Maria
can take her in Ouricuri.
I can't go on like this.
How'd you feel about spending some
time with mommy Maria in Ouricuri?
Can I take a doll?
Not just one...
Take as many as you want.
you can take your whole room, okay?
And another thing.
Tomorrow is mommy's day off
and I'm gonna take you
to your favorite place in Salo.
Oh my God!
And you, handsome...
Why don't the three of us
spend the day at the pool tomorrow?
I can't.
I have to work.
I was just waiting for you to come home.
I gotta take my mom to the temple.
All right.
Don't take too long, okay?
Where's Z?
How did mommy say
you should call Z?
- He'll be home later.
- Okay.
Can I sleep with you?
Of course, sweetheart.
Shall we say our prayers first?
Angel of God,
my guardian dear,
to whom God's love commits me here.
Ever this day be at my side,
to light and guard,
to rule and guide.
In the name of the Father, the Son,
and the Holy Spirit.
My love came back...
You know how late it is?
My love came back...
Keep it down, the girl's asleep.
My love came back...
Where have you been?
At the temple.
Any beer left?
I'll go get it.
Dance with me.
Come on.
Here, have some.
Wanna dance?
I have suffered Sad and lonely.
Out in street bars...
Drink some more.
Everywhere unhappiness
Pain and longing.
Like the sun without the moon.
I roamed and I searched...
Everyone kept asking
Where my love had gone.
Nobody knew.
But one day.
She called me.
And my life changed.
My love came back...
My love came back...
God knows What I've been through.
The tears I've shed.
The weariness Sorrow and pain.
That dwelled within...
What's the matter with you?
I got a lot on my mind.
I miss Jenifer.
I left her with Maria,
but it still breaks my heart, you know?
Children are nothing but trouble.
Are you going on the pilgrimage or not?
Isn't there anything
you wanna to ask the saint for, Paloma?
There is one thing I would like to ask.
- Oh yeah? Let's go then.
- Alright.
Hey Ivanildo...
Is there still room in your van
for Juazeiro?
There'll always be room for you, honey.
I'll pretend I didn't hear that.
Hey pilgrim, let's go?
- Let's go. Ivanildo, this is my Z.
- What's up, man?
- All right?
- All good.
- Cool.
- Come and kiss me goodbye.
- Come here.
- Get up, man!
Hey, I have something
to ask the saint for, okay?
But I'm not gonna tell you what it is.
You behave!
I visited Juazeiro.
And our Lady of Candeias.
My Father Cio Romo.
Protect me every day.
Aren't you going inside
the church, Paloma?
Well, I came all this way,
I'm going in for sure.
Hi, dear. How much is it?
- Fifteen reais.
- Fifteen?
Won't you give me a discount?
This here's the exact
same thing, look.
- Ah... you're right.
- It's just new.
What about you?
I used to live around here.
I still know some girls.
I'd like to visit them later.
Is that gift for your daughter?
- How old is she?
- She's six.
And you?
Do you have any kids, Ivanildo?
A girl.
What's her name?
How old is she?
She's seven now.
Booty, evil booty
She is a good girl
But has an evil booty
Booty, evil booty
Booty, evil booty
So, what brings you here?
I came to make a promise.
To me?
Not to you, you're no saint.
I'm the holiest of the holy!
- Tell me, how are things around here?
- Wonderful!
Why don't you move down here, huh?
I can get you a job at the hair salon.
- Are you serious, Samantha?
- Sure!
- You really mean it?
- I do!
Girl, it's my dream.
But my heart is in Salo, darling.
Your heart, Paloma?
Yes, my heart!
Paloma, I know you from our wild days
and you talk about your heart?
You can't fool me.
Come on, people change.
And you've changed?
There's a hot guy over there staring
at me.
A hot guy?
I don't need no hot guy.
What I want is applause!
Can I bum a cigarette?
Calm down!
Take it easy.
You're so... beautiful.
Let's get out of here.
I admire those who have faith,
those who fight for what they believe in.
But, unfortunately...
the Pope didn't authorize your wedding.
There's nothing I can do.
The Pope is responsible
for all God's work here on Earth.
I am God's work too, Father.
What's wrong?
I miss Jenifer, that's all.
Who is it?
Message for Paloma.
From who?
From the priest.
Come on in.
Father Joo asked me
to bring you this note.
Will you read it to me?
"Father Luiz Gonzaga..."
"... will make your dream come true."
"You can find him
at the Estrela ranch."
At the Estrela ranch.
Can you read it again?
Will I get a tip?
I'll get you something.
Read it.
"Father Luiz Gonzaga
will make your dream come true."
"You can find him
at the Estrela ranch."
You coming with me?
Come on, baby.
No, it's your thing, you go.
And what're you gonna do?
I'm gonna wait for you over there.
God, you were really thirsty,
weren't you?
Did you have trouble
finding the place?
It's a bit out of the way, isn't it?
And you want to talk to him in person,
What's it about?
Yeah, marriage is his department.
Doesn't your friend wanna come in?
The sun's burning hot.
He's not my friend.
He's my husband.
- Is he?
- Yes.
- You want some?
- No. Thanks.
How about your husband?
Is he gonna be long?
He'll be here soon.
Are you a real priest?
The vows I made,
no one can take away.
Could you get me some water please,
My bond is with Christ.
We've created
the New Church of the People.
- Want some?
- No.
Where everyone is welcome.
Everyone is equal.
But tell me...
How can I help?
I want you to marry us, my Z and I.
Well, bring him in then.
And bring the rings for me to bless,
this wedding's gonna happen right now.
Yes, please.
But, Father...
I don't wanna get married out
in the middle of nowhere!
I wanna get married in my Salo.
No parish is going to welcome us there.
Do you understand?
What if I find a place?
It's still pretty far.
How will we carry the whole altar,
the saints...?
It will be expensive.
Where're we gonna get that money?
I don't wanna hear about it, okay?
All I care for is my new bike.
Who doesn't need a dream, Z?
Tell me, who?
- I don't wanna get married.
- Well, you are going to, baby.
Our love is worth more than a scooter.
You'll lose me if you don't marry me.
- I don't want to.
- You are!
Let's go.
- You on?
- I'm on.
- I won't get married.
- Yes, you will!
We are getting married!
I will I love you again
Out of revenge.
And everything I did to you
I'll double.
You're gonna pay your tenderness
With interest.
So we can work this out ourselves.
And today I will love you
Once again.
Today I will bring our love
Back to life.
And today I will love you
Once again.
Today I will bring our love
Back to life.
This is how it'll be.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare.
Don't you dare
Not falling in love with me...
- How much for this one?
- Four hundred and fifty.
She just wants to rent the dress,
not buy it, for Christ's sake.
This gown is very chic.
To give you an idea,
the mayor's daughter here
from Garanhuns got married in it.
Now, for you,
I have a couple of cheaper ones.
This coffee-colored lace gown.
A rose-colored one embroidered
with bobbin lace.
And this nude-colored
embroidered with pearl.
These are all a hundred and fifty.
I'm her maid of honor, you know?
And this store's got nothing but rags,
none of them suit me.
Rikely, you think I'll be able
to afford the gown?
Don't worry, it'll be fine.
Z's gonna kill me
when he finds out how much it cost.
Isn't it your money, girl?
For God's sake...
I've got it all planned, Rikely.
The cake, the pastries,
the goodies, the beer...
The honeymoon's on me.
I've got this friend who owns a wonderful
place on the Island of Itamarac.
- Leave it to me.
- You're the best, you know?
Hey, get a load of these two!
What the fuck? Look at that.
- I've got a surprise for you, look.
- I can't believe it, Rikely...
You lifted it from the store,
didn't you?
I didn't steal, I borrowed.
We'll give it back after the wedding.
Hey man, look at that!
I'm the bride tonight.
Your day will come...
But it's my turn now.
Hey Miltinho! What's that over there?
Do something about those two, man!
Do something!
Let's get outta here, Rikely.
Let's go back to Salo.
What the fuck are you looking at?
I need to pee.
Don't be long,
so we can head on back.
What are you doing?
What are you doing?
Let me go!
Let me go!
- Are you the family?
- Yes.
Hallowed be thy name.
Thy kingdom come.
Thy will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
I pray for Father Cio,
my Yemanj, and Saint George,
and all the saints,
to protect Rikely's soul,
wherever she is. Amen.
And then we began fighting
for the earring.
And I slapped her on the face,
and she slapped back.
Almost broke my tooth...
She was wearing this dress
the first time we met.
She looked so pretty!
On the day she died...
...she was wearing this veil.
Little bugger stole it just for fun.
And she'll be at my wedding too.
You still wanna get married, Paloma?
Now more than ever.
And Rikely is going to be standing
right by my side.
Paloma, stop it!
No more hairdos.
The wedding's soon, Isabel,
I gotta practice.
I don't like it. Everybody made fun of me
when I was walking down the street.
What did you expect?
Are you gonna invite your friends
to the wedding?
The guys from the construction site
are on the road, far from here.
There ain't no one to invite.
Let's just invite our
closest friends. Huh?
You think this is gonna work, Maria?
Jesus Christ! It already has.
And let me tell you, all of Salo
is on fire because of this wedding.
- Ain't that right, Gaivota?
- Darned right! Even our Bar's closing!
Z's mother
must be freaking out by now.
That's her problem, sweetie!
- Speak of the devil, must be her.
- Knock on wood.
- Hi.
- Is Paloma there?
- Paloma, it's for you.
- Me?
Hi, Ivanildo!
- Can I come in?
- Come on in.
You're not going to my wedding?
No, I got work to do.
I just stopped by
to give you your present.
Put it over there, my nails are wet.
Fix this lock, will you, Gaivota?
I wish you all the happiness in the world,
Thank you!
Go get dressed!
In the name of the Father,
the Son, and the Holy Spirit.
We are gathered here today
to unite Jos and Paloma in marriage.
What brought you here?
What brought me here?
You're famous. Everyone in town
is talking about your wedding.
- What's your name?
- My name is Paloma.
- Paloma who?
- Paloma Lima da Silva.
Would you tell me your story?
Where do you want me to start?
What's the matter with you?
Are you sad or something?
I don't know, Z.
I think I wanna cry.
Because I'm happy.
Well, start crying then.
Come cry in this hole here.
Come... Get in.
Ice creams, ice creams!
There's coconut, strawberry,
chocolate, soursop,
green corn, tapioca, aa,
peanut and mangaba.
I'm gonna get an ice cream, want one?
- Here you go.
- Thanks.
I asked for tapioca, not coconut!
They all look the same.
Sorry, I got confused.
I'm gonna make a video,
to send to Jenifer.
Hey, Jenifer!
Look what I've found here,
stranded on the island of Itamarac!
A mermaid! A volcanic mermaid!
Just look at the size of the tail!
Say hi to Jenifer, Paloma!
Hey, Jenifer!
And now for the latest local news.
The citizens of the small town of Salo,
in the countryside of Pernambuco,
were all shocked by the news that has
spread like wildfire around the world:
the wedding of the transvestite Paloma
Lima to the bricklayer Z Ccero.
The two got married
in a Catholic ceremony,
in which the bride was wearing
a white wedding gown, veil and garland.
The city is outraged that Salo
is being called a transvestite city.
It's the end of the world.
How can something like this happen?
All you hear around here's
about this transvestite Paloma.
This has destroyed
our town's reputation.
We were able to get an exclusive
interview with the mother of the groom,
Mrs. Juvelina dos Santos.
He never gave me any trouble.
I remember one time
I took him to the street market.
I let go of his hand
for just a second, and he got lost.
And now I've lost him again,
this time forever.
As far as I'm concerned, he's dead.
My son is dead to me.
He's dead.
Let's go to the beach, Z.
See the mess you've made?
Forget about it.
Let's go to the beach.
It's my mother, dammit!
Look at Z, getting married.
Hey Z, I'm waiting for you...
Breakfast coming...
Look at this.
Hey, Z! Look at me.
Look at Z, getting married.
Hey Z, I'm waiting for you...
Look at my prick, Z!
This is my little wedding surprise, huh?
- What is this, Z?
- You see what you've done?
We'll get through this together.
Get through what, Paloma?
You think I'm gonna be
a laughing stock?
What did you say?
Laughing stock?!
You think I'm a laughing stock,
is that it?
Is that what you're saying?
That your wife is a joke?
That you'd rather stick with your
friends, a bunch of closeted fags,
than stick with your wife, Z?
Wake up, Paloma!
What planet do you live in?
What God has joined together,
let no one separate, remember?
But if you'd rather
listen to everybody else,
listen to what other people think,
instead of siding with your wife,
who loves you,
you can just leave, you hear me?
Beat it, you chickenshit!
- You're right, I am a chickenshit!
- Coward!
- I am a coward, so what?
- Yeah, a coward!
- I am a coward, so what?
- Fuck you!
Go fuck yourself!
Go fuck yourself! You, your mother,
your friends, all of you!
You can all go to hell!
Because that's where you belong,
with people who can't accept others
the way they are.
You happy now?
You ruined everything.
Screw you, you closeted faggot,
go fuck yourself!
Salo Station.
Please exit
through the left side of the station.
FILTHY FAGGOHave some coffee,
it'll cheer you up.
You looked so pretty at the wedding.
Like a soap opera star.
You looked pretty too.
Nah... I'm ugly, old.
I looked like a scarecrow.
I was embarrassed.
Has the little princess
returned from her honeymoon?
I'm still there... Can't you see it?
I've got my eyes on you, you hear me?
Knock yourself out then,
'cause I woke up
in a marvelously mood today.
Hmmm, what?
Be careful, 'cause your day is coming.
It isn't coming.
It's already here.
You hear me?
It's already here!
And you can keep walking!
Are you quitting?
You're leaving?
Look, look...
You see that person?
That's the transvestite
who got married.
Didn't you see it on TV?
Shaming the name of our town.
God have mercy!
I won't fuss with it anymore.
Did you go to the police?
What for, Maria?
It's useless.
Hey Jenifer...
Come here.
Come here, gimme a kiss.
Mommy's gonna go away
for a while, okay?
But I'll come back to see you
as soon as I can, I promise.
- Really?
- Yes.
We're gonna have so much fun.
We'll go to the beach,
the zoo, the circus...
Not the zoo...
Beach and circus!
Go play outside, go.
Did I tell you that yesterday
I told her how she was conceived?
What do you mean, Maria?
I told her "Look, Jenifer..."
"Mommy Paloma planted the seed"
"and mommy Maria
carried you around in her belly."
And what did she say?
That she's a very lucky girl,
'cause she has eighteen dolls,
three pairs of princess shoes,
and two mothers.
You and Jenifer are my family.
We'll be here waiting for you, okay?
My Father Cio.
Went on a trip.
And left Juazeiro.
Good morning.
Where's this car going, ma'am?
- Juazeiro.
- Okay.
- And where are you going?
- To Juazeiro as well.
- How much is it?
- Fifty reais.
But the driver's nice,
he only charged me forty.
I see. Can you help me here?
- Yes, ma'am.
- My father Cio Romo Went on a trip.
And left Juazeiro.
My dear father.
Father Cio.
Went to heaven.
To ask for the poor.
My dear father.
Father Cio.
Went to seek protection.
For the Pilgrims