Paltan (2018) Movie Script

Forward charge!
Let's go. Let's go. Let's go.
Hukum Singh!
Hukum Singh!
Hukum Singh!
Who is it?
Telegram for you.
Dear...our son has attained martyrdom!
- My son!
- My son has left us.
Our son has left us.
Our son has left us.
Hanuman Singh.
Hanuman Singh.
Telegram for you.
Mother! Father!
This letter is about brother Sumer.
He has attained martyrdom.
- Brother!
- My son.
Brother Sumer has attained martyrdom.
Vishal Parmar!
Vishal Parmar!
Telegram for you.
Father! Father.
Uncle is no more.
Uncle is no more, father!
Uncle is no more.
Hanuman Chand!
Hanuman Chand!
Telegram for you.
Chutki, father is no more.
Father is no more, Chutki.
Father is no more, Chutki.
Jai Hind, sir!
Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
- Lt. Col. Rai Singh reporting, sir.
- At ease.
- Thank you, sir.
- Welcome to Sikkim, Col. Rai.
- Thank you, sir.
You will reach Nathu La post
and relieve the 18 Rajputs
Col. Rai, you know
Nathu La Pass is sensitive.
In 1965, Pakistan war,
China threatened to open another front...
...if we did not withdraw
from Jelep La and Nathu La.
High Command ordered us...
...and advised us... withdraw from both the posts.
We lost Jelep La, unfortunately.
But Nathu La...
I refused to vacate.
Because it's the key to Sikkim.
Have I made myself clear?
Absolutely clear, sir.
I have studied the features and... clearly shows that
we do have an advantage in this area.
Yeah. Good, we're on the same page.
- All the best.
- Sir.
- Good luck.
- Thank you, sir.
- And Col. Rai.
- Sir.
I know everything about you.
You like Field Marshall Mont Gomery.
Great strategist.
Hero of the Second World War,
Mont Gomery.
Well sir, after the stand you've taken,
I think I've another hero.
I am no hero.
- Jai Hind, sir!
- Jai Hind.
- Come on!
- Come on!
Come on... Come on.
Pull harder, boys.
Come on!
Pull. Pull.
Bravo. Bravo.
Pull harder.
Come on, push.
Come on!
Come on!
Bravo, boys.
I think the 2 Grenadiers are here
to take charge of Nathu La post.
Bravo, boys.
- Ever...
- Powerful!
- Ever...
- Powerful!
Bravo, Attar Singh.
I think you will defeat
the Chinese all alone.
Daggar sir, I've been serving
in the army for only three months.
But you also fought the 1965 war,
That's true.
Under the guidance of experienced
and brave officers like you...
...we won't just stop those Chinese,
but also push them beyond Tibet.
That's more like it.
My experience teamed up
with your young blood.
Now we'll together push those Chinese
back all the way to Beijing.
Jai Hind, Colonel.
Lt. Col. Rai Singh, 2 Grenadiers.
Col. Zail Singh, 18 Rajputs.
- CO.
- Please to meet you, sir.
Same here.
It's very impressive, Colonel.
I've never seen any CO push
the gun along with his platoon.
- Good.
- Thank you, Colonel.
Actually, I wanted my platoon
to know that even I am one of them.
Come, let me brief you.
You must be tired, Colonel.
Let's sit here and talk.
- Come.
- Sure, sir.
So Colonel, tell me about
your instinct of Canterbury, England.
Discipline, sir. Discipline.
They impressed me with their motto.
"Do or Die, Don't ask why."
Maybe their motto is the reason
why the sun never set over the British Empire.
And of course, I had the honor of meeting
the General Spartan himself.
Field Marshal Mont Gomery.
Such a great thing.
Field Marshal Mont Gomery.
He's the real hero of World War 2.
Yes, sir.
He's my hero,
he fought both the World Wars.
Do you know that during World War 1...
...a snipe's bullet
punctured his right lung.
But he survived.
- He survived.
- Thank God.
To see another day,
which was the Second World War...
...which he won.
Of course, that was destiny.
This officer has returned from Britain.
I guess he's going to be strict.
How can he be strict?
He was pulling the gun
with his platoon.
COs don't do that.
I think he's one of us.
You're right.
Major Bishen Singh
has arrived as well.
And brother is carrying
the platoon's entire platoons arsenal alone.
Brother. Brother.
Daggar, did you finish
pushing up the guns?
The road is pretty bad
and also full of stones.
But we've made up our minds,
that we'll bring all the guns up hill.
You will never change, Jaat.
Come, brother, let's share the load.
No bro, don't you see that
my hands are tied to the RL?
And weapons are a part of a soldier.
And the parts of your body
are never a burden.
You must be alert in this area.
In 1965, two soldiers
of the 17 Rajputs were killed... deceit by these rascals.
Maybe we were sent
to avenge their death.
They used deceit, but we will
challenge them and kill those bas
Once war is declared.
There will be war.
And you will get your opportunity too.
But you know, Daggar,
a soldier never wants war.
Because he knows about
the loss it causes.
And another thing...
Soldiers, move ahead!
A soldier doesn't fight because
he hates the other soldier.
He fights because he loves
the ones he left behind.
Brother, what you said
does make sense.
India-China brothers!
India-China brothers!
India-China brothers!
"My, brothers, this is not your land."
"So why are you risking your lives."
"Your senior officers are enjoying comforts
and leisure at your government's expense."
"But, what did you get?"
"Did you get compensated?
Did you get a raise?"
"What does your family get?"
- "Nothing."
- Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
So these Chinese finally
disrupted your sleep.
Let's join hands.
Their propaganda actually
disrupted my sleep.
Sir, this has been going on
for three years.
They have even increased
the number of speakers.
- How many speakers do they have?
- 30, sir.
- And us?
- None.
"You're facing such difficult
conditions in this cold."
- Send a word to the Command.
- "But what did you get?"
- Tell them to send speakers for us as well.
- "Sikkim...
- Yes, sir.
- not your land, my brothers."
"Go back."
"Enjoy the comforts of your own home."
"Listen to me.
We will take care of your comforts."
Colonel, that mountain in front
is the North Shoulder.
And the one on the left
is the South Shoulder.
- Get out. Go back.
- And there's a pass in the middle.
And exactly in front of you
is the Centre Bump.
- What is all this commotion?
- Let's go take a look.
Get out. Go back.
- I will show you, you bloody...
- What the hell is that?
Oh my, God.
- Get out. Go back.
- That must be Harbhajan Singh.
- Come on. Come on.
- How dare you?
- Stay back. Stay back.
- Go back.
I am telling you to stay back.
Major Harbhajan Singh.
Major Harbhajan Singh.
Major Harbhajan Singh, get back.
It's an order.
Go back. Go back.
I said get back,
Major Harbhajjan Singh.
What's going on?
Your officer set foot on Chairman Mao's
auspicious land and has broken International law.
He will never change.
I apologize for my officer's actions.
Thank you.
- Major Harbhajan Singh.
- Sir.
What was this?
Do you realize that your actions
could've led to a war?
I wasn't expecting anything less, sir.
But why?
Do you remember 1962, sir?
How they dreadfully and slyly killed
our soldiers of the Rajput Battalions.
We were posted here for so long.
And now we're also leaving.
But what did we do, sir?
Nothing, sir! Nothing!
If I leave without taking revenge,
then I will never be able to forgive myself.
And I swear,
my conscience will prick me, sir.
Major, behave yourself.
Colonel. Colonel, please.
Major's sentiments
have made our blood boil.
I have a request.
The Rajput battalion you'll be
leaving behind for our aide...
...will be lead by Major Harbhajjan.
That's if it's okay with you,
of course.
Sure, Colonel.
If that's how you think,
I am okay with it.
Thank you, sir.
- Major Harbhajan Singh.
- Sir.
You're not coming with us.
You will stay here and help up.
At least look happy now, idiot.
Come here, my boy.
Go get them.
Sorry for the un-officer
like behavior, sir.
But not for the Chinese actions, sir.
You will never change.
Good luck, son. Good luck.
- Buddy...
- Officer.
It's not good to be so short-tempered.
Don't lose your head.
Come, officer,
let me show you the other features.
Sir, this blast.
These people keep making
new bunkers all the time.
And these blasts
are for making new bunkers.
I don't think their Intentions are good.
That's why they are strengthening their post.
- Major.
- Sir.
Keep your platoon on high alert.
Yes, sir.
Jai Hind, sir.
At ease.
After studying the features
of Nathu La, I've taken some decisions.
South Shoulder will be
Platoon A's responsibility.
Second Lt. Attar Singh,
you will be in command.
- Captain Daggar.
- Sir.
You'll be on Centre Bump
with Platoon B.
And North Shoulder
will be under the Rajputs...
...which will be under
Harbhajan Singh's command.
And all the platoon commanders
will report to Major Bishen Singh...
...who is Tiger Nathu La from today...
...which means Nathu La post
is your responsibility, Major.
Thank you, sir.
You've given me
a big responsibility, sir.
I hope I don't fail the platoon.
Bishen, no guts no glory.
No legends, no story.
And we're here to make stories, Major.
This Tiger has guts, sir.
We will achieve glory.
I promise you one thing, sir.
Our Platoon will create history.
- Always...
- Strong!
- Let's take over Nathu La.
- Sir.
Constable Parashar.
- Brother, congratulations.
- Thanks, buddy.
You were always a tiger.
- Congratulations, Major.
- Thank you.
- Sir. Congratulations.
- Thank you.
Congratulations, sir.
My first order. a day of joy. a day to enjoy.
15th August,
the day of our Independence.
The entire battalion
will celebrate tomorrow.
And then...
...every platoon will build
bunkers on their post.
- Any doubt?
- No, sir.
- None, sir.
- Good.
What are you up to, brother?
I am having doubts now.
- What?
- Yes, brother.
You could've let us
enjoy our day off first.
But you spoiled our fun
by giving us a task.
Not right.
Buddy, there's a saying in our army.
"The more you sweat in peace,
the less you bleed in war."
The more you sweat in peace,
the less you bleed in war.
Brother, a true Rajput says.
Understood, sir!
"One said, and the other believes."
"Nanak says, both are wise."
Get ready, guys.
We'll celebrate 15th August, come on.
At ease.
Happy Independence Day to all of you.
India is an idea...
...worth dying for.
On this day,
it wasn't just a country...
...but a thought,
an idea, an ideal attained freedom.
And many of our brave warriors happily...
...laid down their lives for this idea.
The culture of our country is greater
than any culture in the world.
Because our culture...
...has seen the true image of God.
Every Indian sees the image of God in
every element, every animal, and creature...
...which we don't see in any religion.
So troops, on this 15th August,
we take an oath...
...that we'll be ready
to give any kind of sacrifice...
...required in order
to protect this thought.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
- Long live...
- Mother India.
"When our platoon marches ahead,
even mountains shy away."
"Oceans give way,
and hills shatter to pieces."
"When our platoon marches ahead,
even mountains shy away."
"Oceans give way,
and hills shatter to pieces."
"One comrade on the left."
"One comrade on the right."
"One comrade on the left."
"One comrade on the right."
"We never desert our post."
"O Platoon."
"O Platoon."
"O Platoon."
"O Platoon."
"We surrender our body
and spirit to you."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
"Sharp eyes, fast heartbeats,
and faster steps."
"Even the skies sway
when we march ahead."
"Our paths come to us."
"Every destination waits
for us to arrive."
"O Platoon."
"O Platoon."
"O Platoon."
"O Platoon."
"We surrender our body
and spirit to you."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
"Vande Mataram."
What are they doing?
Tell them that today
is our Independence Day.
So they should also have sweets.
Today is our Independence Day.
You also have sweets.
That's more like it.
Prashar, give him too.
Eat. Eat. Eat. Eat.
Jelep La.
We have already captured.
Now... we want to capture Sikkim.
...right now Sikkim
does not belong to India.
If we want to capture Sikkim.
We... have to capture Nathu La first.
But... Indian Army General
Sagat Singh is over there.
If we want to capture Nathu La...
...we have to chase away
the Army General from there.
Yes, sir. Understood.
It's really fun when you break stones
or someone's head!
- Pandey.
- Yes.
I went home a couple of months ago.
I see.
And I saw that a few guys
were eve-teasing women.
They were from our own village.
I was really disappointed to see.
We stand guard here
to protect our kin...
...but they are unsafe
amongst their own people.
You're absolutely right.
I called out to them.
I said, "Be responsible, be a man".
But they didn't understand.
And then I...
taught them all a good lesson.
Sir, looking at your biceps...
...I can imagine you gave them
a sound thrashing.
They must have learned their lesson.
What's the matter, Major?
You're doing this job yourself.
- Sir.
- You are a Major.
Before an officer,
I am a farmer's son.
I spent my childhood playing
in the fields. These are my toys.
You made Lal Bahadur Shastri's
slogan come true.
"Jai Jawaan, Jai Kisaan."
What's the word in English, Major?
That's the common thing
between soldiers and farmers.
They are both willing
to die for their motherland.
Whenever school would leave early...
...I would run straight to the fields,
to help my father.
And now, even though I am a Major...
...whenever I get a leave,
I head straight to my village.
Throw my luggage on the ground,
and head straight to the fields.
To help my father. I love doing that.
You see, Bishen sir,
I love the smell of soil.
I must have donated
pearls in my past life...
...that I was blessed
with a son like him.
He's a Major in the army.
And, he's on leave.
But instead of resting,
he's plowing the fields.
He always helped you
in your work since he was a kid.
May God bless him with a long life.
And bless him with His grace.
- Son!
- Yes, mother.
How much longer are you going to work?
It's time to eat.
My dear mother, just a little longer.
It's been a while since
I got this chance.
Come on. Come on.
Look, here comes our neighbor.
Come, Harjot.
- Greetings.
- Greetings.
- You came at the right time.
- Really?
What are you two
looking at so keenly?
Dear, even you take
a good look at her picture.
She is from a rich family.
They sent a marriage
proposal for Harbhajan.
I really like her.
What is your opinion of her?
She looks really arrogant to me.
The arrogance can be seen on her face.
She has an attitude.
And she must be as tall as me.
No, dear. No one in our village
is as tall as you.
What does Harbhajan say?
Does he like her? Did he say yes?
He will.
He says he wants time to think.
I see...
Where is Major sir?
On the banks of the stream.
I see...
I will convince him.
She will make things easier for us.
Even I think so.
"I accepted life as it came."
Why are you so worked up?
Where is the fire?
You're dead, Major.
I heard that Major received
a marriage proposal from a rich girl.
Mom will get me killed.
But I haven't said yes yet.
Your parents say
that you are thinking.
I said that because otherwise,
my mother would stop feeding me.
I said, "I will think about it".
Remember Major, if you say yes...
...then I will push you into the river
and then jump in myself.
- End of story.
- Listen.
Don't talk about committing suicide,
you have a very long life.
But not me...
Who knows which enemy
bullet has my name on it...
God Forbid if that ever happens...
...then he'll have to go through
me to get to you.
Oh my, Mrs. Harbhajan Singh.
I know that you know
what kind of girl I like.
That's why you're being so arrogant.
But I don't like you at all, Major.
You don't
- No.
- Not at all?
- No.
- Okay.
I am crazy about you. Crazy...
You are my life.
My heart beats only for you.
- I see...
- I will do as you say.
But you must do one thing for me.
Keep a picture of me in your purse.
Okay, I will.
I will keep a picture
of you near my heart.
At least give me a hug now.
God save me.
Bishen Sir, she threw the girl's picture
in the stream.
But I have treasured Harjot's memories
and kept them in my heart.
- What is this commotion?
- Chinese movement.
The Chinese are back again.
Come on...
Attar, what's wrong with them?
We offered them, sweets, yesterday.
How did their mood get so bitter?
Those sweets became stale
and bitter back in 1962.
Feels like just yesterday, when...
...they shouted slogans of
"India-China brothers"...
...and stabbed our comrades in the back.
This is not 1962, this is 1967.
And with God's grace, this time
we will take revenge for our martyrs.
- Ever...
- Powerful!
- Jai Hind, sir!
- What's wrong with them?
Tell our soldiers
to be ready for action.
Troops, be ready for action.
What's going on here?
Tiger Nathu La.
My fears came through.
This is exactly what I feared.
They have started their movement.
It's nothing, sir.
They are just trying to scare us.
They used the same tactics with
my battalion in the past three years.
Constable Parashar.
Ask them what they want?
What do you want?
We want to welcome all of you.
Sir, he says that he wants
to welcome our new platoon.
I see.
With guns!
You want to welcome us
with guns and cannons!
Guns down!
India-China brothers
India-China brothers
India-China brothers
Let's go.
- Tiger.
- Sir.
All platoon commanders to report.
All platoon commanders will report
to CO sir in the roundhouse.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
Company dismissed.
I understand the tactics
of these Chinese.
Listen carefully.
Their Mao wrote a book.
The book is called "Little Red Book".
I read this book in England.
The book contains tactics
that can be used against your enemy.
And today these Chinese
are using the same tactics on us.
For example, mental pressure.
This is a psychological warfare.
They want to scare us.
They think that we're still scared
over the 1962 war.
But that's not true, right?
Yes, sir!
So now we must do something
so that these Chinese are scared of us.
Are you ready?
Yes, sir.
- All okay, brother?
- Yes, all okay.
I think Major sir has got a letter.
There you are, brother. I guess
sister-in-law sent a letter for you.
Soldiers eagerly await
only two things.
The enemy's bullet,
and a letter from home.
And I completely forgot to thank you.
The wedding was very grand.
Even your sister-in-law is saying...
"Tell my loving brother-in-law whether
he's ever going to get married..."
"...or spend the rest of his life
in the bunker?"
That doesn't sound like
sister-in-law's words.
Sounds more like
it's coming from a soldier.
- Your sister-in-law has written this, read it yourself.
- No!
I got engaged.
And you didn't tell me?
And soon I'll get married as well.
But, not without you two.
You two must attend my wedding.
Who else is going
to make the arrangements?
- Tell me something.
- Yes.
Did you meet the bride to be or not?
We did meet, and I even took her out
after our engagement.
Just a minute.
This way.
What is this place, Captain sir?
You see, our families congratulated
each other, but forgot all about us.
This isn't right.
Tell me, is this right?
So I thought why don't we congratulate
each other instead.
I mean what can be better than
jaggery to congratulate each other.
Uncle, give me some jaggery.
- Give them some jaggery.
- And hurry up.
Do you want some water?
- No!
- I'll have the jaggery.
- Okay.
- Here you go, sir.
Here's the jaggery.
Here you go.
Please. This is a nice spot.
Thank you.
You're seriously engrossed
in eating jaggery.
This was just an excuse
to know you better.
I knew it...
- ...that this was just an excuse.
- Did you?
But how?
When you adorned
this ring on my finger...
Oh God!
And pressed my hand.
I knew...
Well, ...tell me something about yourself.
There is no me anymore.
From now on it's just us.
Now your choice is my choice.
Do you watch films?
In our family,
girls are not allowed to see films.
You're not.
I see...
But I love watching films.
Let's go watch a film.
We're not allowed to watch films
before the wedding.
Just say yes.
I'll talk to my brother
and get permission from your family.
And you know,
a new film released this Friday.
"Usne Kaha Tha."
It's about the army.
Let's go watch it.
No. Never.
If it's in the army,
then they will show war.
And I will feel like
you are being attacked.
No. I won't be able to watch it.
Then you must definitely watch it.
Because you will know
the lives of soldiers.
How we fight the war.
Can I ask you a question, Captain sir?
Yes, sir.
Do you love your country more or me?
Look, madam're comparing
yourself with Mother.
This land is my mother.
As long mother exist,
we exist, you exist.
And I will protect you
till my last breath.
Don't talk about dying.
Just be with me for the rest
of my life and protect me.
I see.
So tell me...
what are you going to do?
I will shower my love on you
which is sweeter than this jaggery.
Then do it now, in the fields.
You are so shameless, Captain sir.
You must be patient.
Because you can get this love
only after the wedding.
Imagine we're already married.
So how about some love...
I mean it will be really nice, if...
In the fields.
She was embarrassed.
And brother, I have a small request.
When we have children,...
...we'll get them married
and become relatives...
Put on the brakes, Jatt.
Slow down.
Let's have kids first,
let them grow up together.
- Yes.
- Then we'll give it a thought.
Before that,
we must take care of the Chinese.
- Yes, brother.
- Get up.
So, I had a meeting with the GOC.
It was a good meeting.
Because he gave me full powers... I can treat these
Chinese the way I want.
So I have decided, in exchange for the tactics
these Chinese keep using on us...
...why don't we explain
to them in our style...
...what the Grenadiers can do.
You see, you have to pay
the enemies back, in the same coin.
Wonderful, sir.
Even Major Harbhajan was saying that
whenever a new platoon arrives here...
...the Chinese use the same tactics
to scare them.
- So why provoke them, sir?
- Why?
Really, Major.
Just a few miles
from here is Jelep La...
...which the Chinese
took from us in 1965.
- And why?
- To aide Pakistan.
To open a new front.
So we need to do this, Major.
Tiger! We must explain to them...
...that this is Nathu La,
and not Jelep La.
They already took Tibet.
And now they have
set eyes on Arunachal.
Yes, I know that.
So enough tea, boys.
- Why don't you go show them...
- Yes...
- What the Grenadiers are made of.
- Great, sir.
Go have some fun, boys, come on.
Our CO sir is a little over-ambitious...
...since he's received training
from the British.
But you must be careful.
our actions might lead to war.
- Right, sir.
- Sir.
We will give you cover from here.
- Yes.
- All the best.
Come on.
Let's go. Let's go.
Why have you come here?
Sir, they want to know
what we're doing here?
Parashar, tell them that
we're here to hug them.
We've come to hug you.
With guns and weapons.
Sir, he's saying
with grenades and guns.
Parashar, tell them that
this is how we Indians hug.
Okay. Okay.
Go back.
This is not right.
This land belongs to Chairman Mao.
You have no right to be here.
Get out.
Or the consequences will be bad.
Bro, what is he blabbering?
Sir, he's telling us to move back.
And says if we don't do as he says,
then the consequences will be bad.
Fine...then we're breaking
international rules...
...and I'm putting one foot
inside your border.
What is your problem?
Yes, uncle.
You are crossing your limits.
Apologise. And leave.
Apology for what?
You must apologize to us.
For brutally killing
our soldiers in 1962.
And you must apologize
for the rest of your lives.
Understand, Chinese.
And we won't forgive you.
We will definitely avenge
the death of our Rajput brothers.
Why you...
Leave it.
About turn.
Sir, we just gave those Chinese
a small warning...
...and they were at a loss for words.
You should have seen their faces, sir.
It was fun.
Parashar, if you want
your enemy to fear you...
...then you must get rid of
your own fear.
And once we got rid of our own fear...
...they couldn't believe their eyes.
Let them come now.
Absolutely right, Daggar.
And this is what makes my blood boil.
Because these bloody Chinese
were always cowards.
They have just created a hype.
Right, sir.
But one thing is proved.
They used deceit to do
what they did with us.
They weren't brave.
You're right, Attar Singh.
But now we've
assessed and weighed them.
We will crush them whenever we want.
The Chinese are building
bunkers in our territory.
Inform sir right now.
Mahender to Tiger!
The Chinese are building
bunkers in our territory, sir.
Hey you... you, what the hell is this?
This bunker is on a no-man's land.
- Remove it.
- This is our land.
Sir, he's saying that
he built this bunker in his territory.
- Remove this bunker on no man's land.
- This is our land.
This is our land.
- Remove this bunker.
- This is our land.
- Boys.
- Stop. Stop them.
- Stop them.
- Break it down.
Our land.
This is our land.
Our land.
Hands down.
Stop them.
This is our land.
Our land.
Our land.
These bloody Chinese
are always up to no good.
Take it down.
Take it down.
Go away.
How dare you set foot on Chairman
Mao's holy land and obstruct our work?
Because this is not your land!
This is no-man's land.
And why are you
building bunkers on it?
Who says this is no-man's land?
This is our land.
And who is going to prove
this is no-man's land?
Prove it.
- Tiger Nathu La.
- Sir.
Please show Commissar...
...where is the no-man's land
and the International Line of Control.
Come with me.
Come on.
This is our line.
This is our line.
- This is our land.
- This is our land.
You've trespassed on no-man's land.
You're on our land.
- You are cheats.
- Please go on that side.
You are a bunch of frauds.
You want to slowly take over our land.
- Commissar, this was the borderline.
- This is ours.
But you shifted the line.
This is Chairman Mao's land.
Move back.
Move back you Chinese.
Move back.
Move back.
- This is our land.
- This is our land.
You bloody Chinese will never change.
Go back...
CO sir, stay back.
Stay back, CO sir.
Take CO sir away.
Stay back.
Daggar, cover sir.
Daggar, cover sir.
Don't let them go.
Sir, the Chinese built a bunker
on no-man's-land yesterday.
As a result, we had a fight
with them and stones pelting as well.
Just them, or did you reply as well.
We replied by throwing stones as well.
two of our soldiers were injured,...
...but the casualty
on their side was bigger.
That's what I expected from you.
Good job.
Sir, my observation is that the Chinese
are not as brave as they try to show.
It's just a hype.
Don't underestimate your enemy.
Their philosophy is that...
When they are weak,
they pretend to be strong.
And when they are strong,
they pretend to be weak.
I've been enduring them for three years.
Back in 1965,
they would threaten me over speakers.
To quit Nathu La.
Or else we'll face the same consequences
as in the 1962 war.
I trust you totally, Col. Rai.
Your decision will be final.
You have my full support.
- Jai Hind.
- Thank you, sir.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
- Any movement from the Chinese?
- No, sir.
- Keep a watch. Bravo.
- Yes, sir.
Sit, sit, sit.
Why are the Chinese so quiet?
No movement from their side yet.
Very strange.
So? All okay at home, Attar Singh?
- Yes, sir. All okay.
- Good.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
Jai Hind.
What is it?
Sir, something is wrong.
The Chinese built a bunker
overnight on the North.
Okay, let's go.
- Yes, sir.
- Call the officers.
- Yes, sir.
- Come.
Look, sir.
This is the section
of the North Shoulder...
...which the 2 Maratha
Light Infantry had deserted.
Since then, the Chinese have occupied
one part, and we occupy the other.
Sir, the problem arose
when we couldn't find the watershed...
...and demarcation of the International Line
couldn't be done properly.
So we accepted this line
as the International Boundary.
And now that we've accepted
this line as the boundary...
...they built this bunker
so close to the line.
These guys are trying
to infiltrate on our land.
Your guess is right.
Ask them, why did they come
so close to the line.
Why are you building bunkers
so close to the Line of Control?
We're building this bunker
on Chairman Mao's land.
Sir, he's saying that they built
the bunker on Chairman Mao's land.
Fine, but why build
it so close to the line?
Why so close to the LOC?
We are building it on our land.
We've had enough of you.
Break their bunkers.
Stop them.
Stop them.
Stop them.
- Stop them.
- Move back.
Bloody Chinese
Hold it. Hold it.
Everyone move back.
Everybody get back.
Fall back.
Fall back, it's an order.
Guns down.
Lower your weapons.
Okay, build our bunkers
right in front of theirs.
Okay, sir.
Fall back.
We'll build bigger bunkers.
And stronger too.
Throw those bags here like
you're throwing the Chinese.
Come on, boys, show more power.
We'll eat together. Come on.
Build the bunker faster.
Build the bunker faster.
- Solider, cover the bunker from right..
- Sir.
The Chinese are coming back again.
Stop. Stop.
They are back to trouble us again.
You know what, brother, tell them
that if they try to stop our work...
...then we'll break their bones
and make Chinese soup out of it.
If you try to stop our work...
...then we'll break their bones
and make Chinese soup out of it.
What do you want to do?
You want to hit us.
- Stop them.
- Sir.
Stop them.
- Stop them.
- Stop.
Stop. Stop.
Stop them.
You bloody...
- Stop them.
- I'll wring their neck.
Stop them.
Stop them.
- Don't let go, sir.
- Stop. Stop them.
Don't let him go.
I'll show them.
Come on. Take that.
Come back.
Come back.
Come back.
Attar Singh.
You finish your work,
I'll deal with them.
Come on, Soldiers.
Come on, Soldiers.
Stop them.
Surround them.
Gyaani played a tactical move.
In fact,
he stopped the entire army alone.
Go back.
Surrender now.
- Then we'll make them run.
- Take them with us.
Gyaani is in trouble now.
Now he will be interrogated.
No, He's Gyaani.
I am sure he knows
how to get out of this maze.
Take them with us.
Come on.
We got time to build our bunker.
- Get to work.
- Come on. Come on.
Keep that sack here.
Laxman, Surender, get to work.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
Where is CO sir?
CO sir and the others are waiting
for you at the bunker.
Sir, Attar Singh sir.
Bravo Attar Singh,
you made it out of the maze.
Bravo, my boy.
You all right?
I am all right, sir.
Well done, Attar Singh.
A soldier that goes beyond doing his duty,
is worthy of praise.
That was a good tactical move.
Now tell me what happened there.
Sir, your guess was right.
They are preparing for Nathu La.
How can you be so sure?
Sir, there were plenty of
trucks loaded with arsenal.
And a lot of arms activities as well,
which we can't see from our OP Post.
What did they ask you
during interrogation?
Sir, I thought they will ask us
many questions.
But they did no such thing.
They just kept telling us how their
country is stronger than ours.
And how their cities
are bigger than ours.
And sir, they also said that
they didn't seize Tibet from us.
It was always theirs.
And sir, they told me
that if we don't believe them...
...then, we can look
at the history of China.
Yes, we already have.
Their maps always keep changing.
They keep adding Ladakh
or Arunachal on their map.
Boys, we've to counter
their readiness.
We will be ready when they come.
- Sir.
- Sir.
You were amazing, Attar Singh.
- Suraj Bhan.
- Sir.
The Chinese built
a trench on our side.
Yes, sir.
How dare these bas
We must inform Tiger Nathu La.
Yes, sir.
Panther to Tiger.
Panther to Tiger. Over.
Tiger to Panther.
Tiger to Panther. Over.
Inform Tiger Nathu La...
...that the Chinese built a trench
on the North Shoulder on our side.
We will send Tiger
Nathu La on the spot.
Over and out!
Jai Hind.
What is going on here?
I controlled my platoon from any
such action that might lead to war.
But you will never learn.
But you people have dared
to dig a hole in our land.
You don't know
the International Border Laws.
Your intentions and geography are bad.
You're doing this only to start a war.
Sir just give us the orders,
we'll start the war.
And we'll end it too, Major.
Forward Policy.
That's what they are trying to use.
How dare you dig a trench on our land?
Just like we dared in 1962.
Bloody Chinese,
this trench is just his size.
Should we bury him here?
Call your Commissar.
I want to talk to him.
Call your Commissar.
I said call your Commissar.
- I want to talk to him.
- Stop.
Call your Commissar.
Here comes the fatso.
you seem like a reasonable man.
But we didn't expect you will come
to our land and dig a trench.
Now tell me...
...whether these were your orders,
or were they acting on their own.
What are you doing?
This is not done.
This is wrong.
You cannot do this.
I apologize for my soldier's actions.
We'll fill this trench.
India-China Brothers.
India-China Brothers.
India-China Brothers.
Sir, let's proceed to the trenches.
According to the water-share principle...
...they came inside our territory
and dug this trench.
I've been waiting for this opportunity
for three years.
I don't understand one thing, sir.
Why haven't the demarcation of international
borders been done with fencing yet?
We will do it now.
We'll do it now.
Because the Chinese made a mistake.
Now we will put up the wire.
One thing is for sure, sir...
...that God sent our Paltan here for this job.
- Sir.
- Sir.
I hope we won't get killed,
like in 1962.
Get killed?
We will kill them!
And, Attar Singh,
you belong to a brave community.
So don't sound like a coward!
Sir, I always prepare for the worst.
Worst, that's the way it should be,
If you want the enemy to fear you,...
...then get rid of your fears
and make them fear you!
Now we will do what we should do.
We will put the barbed wires!
- Yes, sir!
- Yes, sir!
Sir, you called us?
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Tiger, I have big news for you.
Is everything all right, sir?
In fact, things are too all right.
What's the news?
Not like this.
First, you deserve a hug.
Congratulations, Tiger.
You're going to be a father.
- Thank you, sir.
- God bless you.
Major! Major! Major!
Congratulations, brother.
Thank you.
Congratulations, sir.
Congratulations, Major.
Congratulations is not enough,
This calls for a feast. Isn't it?
- Daggar sir is absolutely right.
- Of course, sir.
- With your permission, sir?
- Of course.
There's a tiger cub on the way.
This is great news, sir.
- God bless, Tiger.
- Thank you, sir.
Get back to your post.
- Sir.
- Right, sir.
Come, Major.
This is great news, Major.
Thank you, Karan.
I am sure your training with the British
must have inspired you a lot...
...but don't forget that
they fought two World Wars.
Don't get too gutsy and do something
that will put you in harm's way.
You know, darling, the last thing
an army man wants is war.
No soldier wants to fight,...
...because he knows he's the one
who has the most to lose.
Because he leaves his family behind.
Thank God,
at least you care for your son.
And the country too.
What's wrong, Karan?
Why are you standing away from me?
Are you leaving?
Only for a few days, son.
You said mom went to visit God.
And she didn't return.
Will you come back?
I promise you I will come back.
And don't ever say that again.
I love you, son.
Major Chima...
Engineers of 70 Field Company
are being given the responsibility... set up catwires
at the Nathu La Pass.
You report to Lt. Col. Rai.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Major Shiva reporting, sir.
70 Field Engineers.
This is Capt. Rahul Sharma. My 2IC.
Good! We've been waiting for you.
Thank you, sir.
That's Major Bishen
- Tiger Nathu La.
- Pleasure.
Major Harbhajan Singh.
18 Rajputs.
Captain PS Daggar, sir.
Good to see you, sir.
Second Lt. Attar Singh, sir.
Good to see you too.
And he is Constable Parashar.
Intelligence and our Chinese Interpreter.
Welcome, sir. Welcome.
As you all know, that GOC sir
has given you the responsibility...
...of setting up cattle-fencing
on the international border of Nathu La post.
Yes, sir.
During that time,
Captain Harbhajan Singh...
- Sir...
- ...who is in-charge of North Shoulder.
Captain Daggar, who is in charge
of the Central Bump...
- And second Lt. Attar Singh...
- Sir!
...who is in-charge of South Shoulder.
All these officers along with their platoon
will protect your team.
Got it, sir.
And also help you put up the wires.
- Is that clear, gentlemen?
- Yes, sir.
- An important piece of advice, Major.
- Yes.
As Tiger Nathu La,
it's my duty to warn you...
...that the Chinese pose
a big threat to us.
And, always remember that you're not
just engineers, but soldiers as well.
And when the time comes,
you can give a fitting reply to the enemy.
Of course.
We will, sir.
Sir, with your permission
may I brief them, sir.
Go ahead, Bishen.
At east.
Brave men...
CO sir has given our company the task of
putting up fencing on the Nathu La pass.
And our company will
fulfill this task.
The fencing will start
at 05:00 in the morning.
In order to carry out this job...
...engineers from Platoon no.
1&2 will carry the source material.
No. 3 Platoon engineers...
...will carry out the task of putting up the
fencing under Major Chima's supervision.
During this task...
Captain PS Daggar's team
will give us protection.
And the brave men of Major Harbhajan's
platoon will help us put up the fence.
Our party will leave for
Nathu La pass at 04:00 hours.
Guys, always remember.
The strongest walls
are not made of stones...
...they are made of brave men.
The strongest walls
are not made of stones...
...they are made of brave men.
- Any doubt?
- No, sir.
Sir, I've given my briefing.
Would you like to add something, sir?
At ease.
Brave men...
GOC sir has given this task to our platoon
because of our bravery and courage.
During this task, the Chinese army
will try to provoke us.
So we must complete
our task with patience.
- Is that clear?
- Yes, sir.
- Ever
- Powerful...
- Ever
- Powerful...
- Ever
- Powerful...
Come on. Come on.
Come on.
Hurry up, troopers.
Come on, boys.
Hurry up.
Come on, boys. Keep working.
Properly. Put up the wires properly.
Harder. Harder.
Here come the bloody Chinese to die.
Get ready, boys.
- Ever
- Powerful...
Why are you putting up fencing here?
The fence is on our side.
Even you can put up
a fence on your side.
We won't.
Why? Because your intentions are not good.
We won't put up any fence
nor will we let you put up a fence.
No one will stop working.
Those are our orders.
Stop them.
Stop them.
Stop them.
Stop. Stop them.
- Stop them.
- Hold the line.
Stop them.
Stop him.
Come on.
Stop them.
Major, put up the wire.
Stop him.
Stop them.
Stop them.
Come back.
Stop immediately.
Come back to our side of LOC. Immediately.
Right now. This is my order.
Come back immediately.
Come back immediately.
What is this?
You're putting up a fence.
But you didn't put up
a fence for all these years?
What is the need for this now?
But we do, Commissar.
You see our daily fallouts,... building bunkers at any spot,
digging trenches on our land...
...or quarreling over the LOC.
So our High Command has issued orders
to put up a fence to stop this for good.
And you...
You are a smart man.
I am sure you will agree
with our High Command's orders.
And you can put up
a fence on your side as well.
Even I will talk to my High Command.
And whatever the orders,
or the consequences... should be ready to face it.
Okay. We will be ready.
- Keep working.
- Sir.
Come on, boys. Keep working.
And speed up.
Hurry up, boys.
Indian people in Nathu La
have built a fence.
Waiting for your orders.
Please let me know.
Okay-okay. Okay-okay.
What are you doing?
Why are you cutting our fence?
Call your CO.
Tiger, this is Alpha. Over!
Sir, the Chinese have cut our fence.
Please come immediately.
Commissar, what are you doing?
As we said
that we'll talk to our High Command.
And he said that you're making
a big mistake by putting up this fence.
We've made no mistake.
This fence is in our area.
According to the treaty signed
between us and the British in 1890...
...and the line of Sikkim was declared
as the international border.
And you're breaking that law.
You're toying with it.
We are not toying with it.
Sikkim is a protectorate.
And the king of Sikkim willingly gave
the task of its protection to India.
We're simply doing our duty.
So please get out of here.
We have ordered that
you will take this fence down.
- Otherwise...
- Otherwise what?
- Otherwise, we will take it down.
- We won't take it down.
We won't take this fence down.
- Take the fence down.
- We won't take this fence down.
You cannot take this fence down.
Are you okay, sir?
Are you okay?
I'm okay.
- Ever
- Powerful...
Don't let them go.
Hit them.
Let's show them.
Hit them.
Move back, rascal.
Stop fighting!
Look what your soldiers did?
They beat up my soldiers.
And what did you do with our CO sir?
Before this leads to anymore
bloodshed, better leave.
We will talk to our High Command.
India-China Brothers.
Let's go.
Fall back!
India wants to capture Sikkim.
We will not let them capture.
They have built a fence.
We will give them a proper reply.
How do you feel, Colonel?
I am okay, sir. It's just a scratch.
But these Chinese
- ...they have crossed all limits.
- Yeah, I can see that.
Sir, my opinion is that
we should put up cat wires.
I am going on leave for a few days.
And, I want this job
to be done before I go.
It will be done, sir.
- Good.
- But there's one thing, sir.
Putting up cat wires
now can prove to be dangerous.
All hell will break loose.
As you rightly said, sir.
Nothing is impossible.
That's the spirit, Tiger.
that's the way.
Let's show them.
I'll brief you all,
how to prepare for the task.
- Yes, sir.
- Yes, sir.
The time has come... stop the games that
the Chinese have been playing with us.
Let me brief you.
The task of laying cat wire fencing...
...will be held on the 11th of September,
at 05:00 hours.
The work will be divided
between two parties.
The South Shoulder will be protected
by Commando Platoon lead by Captain PS Daggar.
Yes, sir.
And the North Shoulder will be protected
by the 18 Rajputs, and the in-charge...
- ...will be Major Harbhajan Singh.
- Yes, sir!
And Second Lt. Attar Singh, you will look
after OP Post with the MMG Section.
To organize and coordinate the work of both
the parties is given to Major Bishen Singh.
Yes, sir.
Colonel Rai, you will stay in your bunker
and keep an eye on the entire process.
- And do not expose yourself.
- Yes, sir.
- Have I made myself clear?
- Yes, sir.
heroes do not choose their destiny.
Destiny chooses them.
Maybe the time has come
for all of you to become heroes.
Yes, sir!
The families,
friends, and patriots we lost... the war of 1947...
'62 and '65...
...will continue to live
in the depths of our hearts.
Those warriors, who never expected
anything from his country...
...but lay down their life instead,
can never be forgotten.
Our enemies motives
were never to annihilate us.
They wanted to disrupt our traditions,
beliefs, and life.
They didn't succeed, but they definitely
gave us a lesson, an opportunity.
An opportunity to be born again
for our country, our people.
We've been burnt,
but not reduced to ashes.
We've been broken, but not shattered.
We shall rise again, together.
Because the future belongs to us.
We will become what we were.
Universal Leader.
With the ashes of our ancestors
and cries from our temples...
...we'll shape our country
into what we were.
Boys, remember.
We'll turn those blood soaked
pages of History again...
...and salute our brave martyrs
for their sacrifice, bravery and valor.
We must create History
for our future generations...
...which will contain legends of our victory,
sacrifice and bravery.
And the inspiration to lay down
their life for their country.
God bless you, my men.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind.
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Long live...
- Mother India!
- Hello, Gupta.
- Hello, sir.
You must have heard CO sir's briefing.
Yes, sir.
We'll be putting up cat wire tomorrow.
And you are pretty wise yourself.
Yes, sir.
So make a call to my home.
What to do, Harbhajan sir?
If the headquarters find out,
I might lose my job.
That won't happen.
Fine, I'll make the call.
That's the least I can do for you,
Harbhajan sir.
Hello, father. Harbhajan, speaking.
Harbhajan. How are you, son?
You called so suddenly.
Are you alright?
So fine, father,
that we're breaking stones out here.
Why son? Why are you breaking stones?
Only inmates break stones.
No, no, father, just to build bunkers.
While working I was
really missing our fields.
I will come back soon
and help you in the fields.
Son, you always worry about me.
Worry about yourself.
I am absolutely fit, father.
I'm always worried about the family.
Especially my younger brother Arvail.
He keeps staring at
my scooter all the time.
I've hidden the scooter keys.
He keeps looking for them.
Father, tell him to stop searching.
The scooter is now his.
I've hidden the scooter keys
behind the Lord's picture.
He can take it from there.
And yes, father.
Also tell him that whenever he rides
the scooter, don't think he's alone.
I am sitting behind him.
Son, I know.
You have a big heart.
I am proud of you.
May God bless you with a long life.
I don't know about long life, father.
But pray that I can be of service
to my country and my motherland.
Okay, father. I am hanging up now.
Other guys are standing
in line to call home.
Goodbye, father.
Bless you, son.
Thank you.
Welcome, sir.
Daggar sir,
the line's connected to your home.
Thank you very much, Gupta.
Hello, brother.
Prithvi, are you in Delhi?
No, I am not in Delhi, brother.
I am still in Nathu La.
Is everything alright?
Yes, brother.
Everything is fine.
I was missing all of you.
And I thought I must speak
to all of you one last time.
Last time?
No-no, it was just a slip of tongue.
Are you all right?
And what about sister-in-law?
Everyone is alright.
Your sister-in-law
has fixed your wedding date.
And she's preparing
for your wedding.
What to give your bride.
Your dress.
Everyone is very happy.
Just come home soon.
Tell sister-in-law that
I am happy being a bachelor.
She is in a hurry to see
her brother-in-law married.
Because I trouble her and tease her.
This time when I return home,
I won't trouble or tease her.
And then she will ask herself
what happened to my brother-in-law?
But she will never find him.
I will give your message
to your sister-in-law.
But do you have a message for her?
Whom are you talking about?
You know whom I am talking about.
I promised her we'll go
see a movie together.
But I couldn't keep my promise.
She must be waiting for me.
Tell her that I will fulfill my promise
when I come back.
Okay, brother. I'm hanging up now.
Give my love to everyone.
And Laxmichand wants to talk to you.
Come, Laxmichand.
Greetings, brother.
Greetings. How are you?
I am great, brother.
How is everyone else?
Everyone is fine.
And everyone's fine in your home too.
You're the pride of our area.
You've won so many boxing
competitions for us.
Brother, we have a big boxing
competition tomorrow.
We need your blessings so that we win.
Of course.
Brother, tell my family
that I am absolutely fine.
Goodbye, brother.
I'm hanging up now.
Do something, Physician.
- Attar...Attar.
- Attar my son.
Wake up, son. son...
Attar, my son.
- Doctor.
- What is wrong with him?
- This is not possible, Doctor.
- Oh, God.
No, my son...
- Open your eyes, son.
- Attar..Attar.
- Get up, son. Get up.
- Attar my son, open your eyes.
Attar... Attar.
Look at him.
What's wrong with him?
- Someone stop them.
- Attar.
Attar. Attar, my son.
Mother, I am alive.
Mother, I am alive.
Attar Singh, are you all right?
And why are you missing your mother?
- Did you see a nightmare?
- What's wrong, Attar Singh?
Sir, years ago I met
with a terrible incident.
And it keeps haunting me
in my dreams as well.
What incident, Attar Singh? Tell us.
Sir, one day I came down
with high fever.
The physician arrived
and declared me dead.
My family took me off the bed
and laid me on the ground.
And started preparing
for my final rites.
With God's grace,
I suddenly woke up...
...and my mother screamed,
"My son is alive".
Call it a miracle or God's grace,
This means you've got God's blessings.
- Isn't that right, Harbhajan?
- Yes.
Attar Singh, we're going
to put up fencing tomorrow.
And if we went to war with the Chinese,
then you will survive.
But maybe we won't.
Attar Singh,
there's a saying in the army that...
...if one soldier dies,
then the other soldier takes him home.
Attar Singh...
...tomorrow if anything happens
while putting up the fencing...
...then I swear I don't know
what I will do.
So my...
What is that word in English, Daggar?
- Chance.
- Chances.
So I have more chances
of attaining martyrdom.
And if that happens,
will you do something for me?
Yes, sir.
You will go to my village,
meet my father and tell him.
That he must scatter
my ashes in our field.
Sir, you two are my seniors.
I apologize and say that you two
should stop talking this nonsense.
- Nonsense.
- We will all be safe.
And we'll stay together
for a long time.
Of course.
Sir, there's a saying in the platoon.
Brother to my left, brother to my right.
Together we stand, together we fight.
Nice saying, Attar Singh.
But why is it in English,
and not in Hindi.
He's a wise man after all...
- Smile.
- Sir.
- Smile.
- Sir.
Bragging your English
in the middle of the night.
Missing your mother.
- Lt. Col. Alexander.
- Sir.
The fencing work
begins tomorrow at 5 am.
We might need artillery support
to counter the Chinese Army.
Be prepared for any eventuality.
Okay, sir.
Brothers, the intelligence
reports that the Chinese...
...can get violent
while we lay the fencing.
And a war might break out as well.
So we must take care of each other.
And even though we're not family,
but we're brothers.
Any doubt?
What are you doing?
Just take a look
at my family's picture.
What are you doing?
They are tense about tomorrow morning
and seeing the pictures of their families.
Then let's all watch the pictures
of our families as well.
Don't be shy, Harbhajan. Go on.
Yes, sir.
"The night's telling us stories..."
"A stream of memories...running wild"
"The night's telling us stories..."
"A stream of memories...running wild"
"Those moments that passed away..."
"...have come back to haunt us."
"So many familiar faces..."
"...flashing before my eyes
in this loneliness."
"But there's no one here..."
"My memories have brought
everyone here."
"The night's telling us stories..."
Until then have these sweets...
...and think of us.
"A stream of memories...
running wild"
Look, don't forget me.
Keep writing to me.
And, don't try to be
a hero at the border.
"The bindi shimmering
on the face..."
"...and the veil waiving in the air."
"The beautiful decoration
on the threshold of my home."
"Some festival is coming again."
"Someone walking on his lil' feet."
"And someone praying with the beads."
"A platter, a wrist,
and a rakhi."
"A temple, a lamp,
and the light."
"The night's telling us stories..."
"A stream of memories...
running wild"
Platoon, Attention!
Don't move!
Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
- 25 JCOs, 275 other ranks are present.
Jai Hind, sir.
Jai Hind.
Platoon, don't move!
Sir, 25 JCOs and 275
other ranks are present.
Lt. Attar,
tell the platoon to march forward.
Platoon, forward march.
Boys, speed up.
Sir, our boys are working pretty fast.
Don't stop.
- Good job Major Chima, keep it going.
- Sir.
Look at the Chinese.
The Chinese have built
new bunkers, sir.
It's okay, Tiger.
Let them do what they want
on their territory, Tiger.
We'll strengthen our post.
Yes, sir.
By putting up cat wires,
you're making this fencing permanent.
You think we're stupid?
Are we idiots?
Stop it.
We won't stop.
Or else you'll have to face
the consequences.
We won't stop.
We're ready to face any consequences.
- Stop them.
- No one will stop working.
Stay back... Captain Daggar.
What the hell are you doing,
Captain Daggar?
- Captain Daggar, why did you hit the Commissar?
- Sir, are you okay?
Sir, you can punish me
in any way you like.
But I've taken revenge for you.
Even they did the same thing to you.
I apologize for my soldier's actions.
India-China Brothers.
India-China Brothers.
India-China Brothers.
Come on. Let's go back.
Great. Buddy...
This silence,
and the Chinese leaving so quietly.
Something doesn't fit.
Fire everything we have. Fire!
Our platoon's out there too.
I don't care.
Just fire.
You go.
Once we finish putting up these wires,
we can sleep peacefully.
My sister is so stubborn.
Do you know what she says?
If I don't attend her wedding,
she won't get married.
Sharma! Sharma!
Fire. Fire.
Come fast. Come fast.
Get me the wireless.
Tiger to Mike. Tiger to Mike.
Yeah, this is Mike.
Tell me, Tiger.
Mike, open fire. Over and out!
Bring the RL.
Brother, I will handle this post.
Come on, you bloody...
Sir, the Chinese
have started arti-fire.
But they are off target.
Their shells are falling
on the mountain behind us.
Sir, I request arti-fire.
We can finish them, sir.
Hold your position, Col.
I will speak to the high command
and get back to you.
Over and out!
Sir, the Chinese have opened
Arti-fire and mortar.
We need Arti support immediately, sir.
Let me talk to high command
and get back to you.
Sir, we lose time, we lose men.
I hope you understand.
Sagat, give me some time.
Waiting for your call, sir.
Over and out.
Over and out!
Mortar Fire.
You bloody..
- Are you okay, Laxmichand?
- Sir.
- Don't let those bas get away.
- Get up.
They just keep coming.
Now we must charge ahead.
- March forward.
- Boys, get in.
- Ever
- Powerful...
Daggar, move ahead.
We need the bloody artillery!
Come on!
the Chinese have built a tunnel.
These bas are coming from there.
I am going ahead.
Daggar, not you.
Listen to your brother, Daggar.
Fire. Fire.
Faster. Faster.
No. Stop, Daggar.
- Fire. He's coming.
- Stop.
- Fire.
- Stop.
Stop, please.
Stop, please.
- Sir. Sir.
- Sir. Wake up, sir.
Khalsa belongs to God.
Victory belongs to God!
Khalsa belongs to God.
Victory belongs to God!
Khalsa belongs to God.
Victory belongs to God!
Khalsa belongs to God.
Victory belongs to God!
You bloody...
Wait, you bas
Gurcharan, give me grenades.
Hurry up.
Quickly. Quickly.
I am going ahead,
give me cover fire. Okay.
Yes, sir.
- Wait, sir. Don't go ahead.
- Cover me.
Okay, sir.
- Attar Singh.
- Sir.
I must go ahead in order
to encourage the platoon.
Give me cover fire.
Be careful, sir.
Troops, charge!
Bishen, are you all right?
CO sir, you shouldn't have
come up here.
Please go back.
Sir. Sir.
You killed my Rajput brothers,
didn't you?
Take that...and that...and that...
Why are you not firing?
They were all killed with a knife.
There is someone here.
They were all killed using a knife.
There is someone here.
Go and search for him.
Everyone go.
Khalsa belongs God.
Victory belongs to God!
Khalsa belongs God.
Victory belongs to God!
India-China brothers!
Sir, we've ordered for arti-firing.
We must call our platoon back.
our men will die from the shelling.
CO sir, Daggar sir, and Tiger
Nathu La are on the Chinese territory.
- I will go and inform him.
- Okay, sir.
Come on.
Sir. Sir, are you okay?
We're good.
Sir, we've orders for arti-firing.
We have to go back.
That's good.
Tell the men to fall back.
- Ask them to fall back.
- Platoon, go back to our territory.
There's going to be arti-firing.
Come on, Bishen.
- Fall back!
- Help CO sir.
Lt. Col. Alexander.
Give them all hell!
Over and out!
Come back, guys. Come back quickly.
And here's our arti-shells.
We won't miss these fireworks, sir.
What about Constable Laxmichand?
Laxmichand is no more, sir.
Along with Raghavchand Pandey as well.
What about Sepoy Ramchandra
and Hariharan? And Nagendra?
They all attained martyrdom, sir.
And the most number of casualties
were our engineers, sir.
Major General Sagat,
China wants ceasefire.
We've agreed.
Tell troops to ceasefire.
And pass this message to the platoon.
Over and out.
- Parashar.
- Yes, sir.
They are surrendering.
- Always...
- Strong!
We must inform CO sir.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
- Jai Hind, sir.
- Jai Hind.
Chinese are waving the white flag.
They want to surrender.
Sir, with your permission.
I will take their surrender.
We'll both take the surrender, Tiger.
Are you sure, sir?
You've lost a lot of blood, sir.
I am not going to miss
this Historic moment for anything, Tiger.
Come, sir.
Let's go.
- Parashar.
- Sir.
Tell them that we're ready
for a cease-fire.
But this fence will remain
here permanently.
Yes, sir.
We are also ready for a cease-fire.
But the fencing will remain
here permanently.
But we want the bodies
of our soldiers.
Sir, they are agreeing.
But he's saying that he first wants
the bodies of their soldiers.
Tell them that they can collect
the bodies of their soldiers.
Then we'll take the bodies of our soldiers.
Yes, sir.
First, you take the bodies of your soldiers...
...then, we'll take the bodies of our soldiers.
You can take the bodies
of your soldiers now.
But, sign this letter for me first.
- Parashar.
- Sir.
Sir, this letter states
that we started the war.
As a result, the bodies of our officers
and soldiers are in their territory.
And if we don't sign this letter,
then they won't give us the bodies.
How low can these people stoop?
We handed over the bodies
of their officers without any condition.
This is international politics.
But I have my orders.
We must bring back the bodies
of our officers and soldiers at any cost.
Yes, sir.
Stretcher party, come forward.
"My friends..."
"Hear me one last time..."
"Hear me..."
"I've written a message with
my blood on the cold surface of time."
"And the one this message is for..."
"And the one this message is for..."
And if that happens,
will you do something for me?
Yes, sir.
You will go to my village,
meet my father and tell him.
That he must scatter
my ashes in our field.
" must deliver it to them."
"You must convey my feelings to them."
"I've written a message with
my blood on the cold surface of time."
"And the one this message is for..."
"And the one this message is for..."
"I've written a message with
my blood on the cold surface of time."
"And the one this message is for..."
"And the one this message is for..."
" must deliver it to them."
"You must convey my feelings to them."
"I've written a message with
my blood on the cold surface of time."
"And the one this message is for..."
"And the one this message is for..."
Daggar sir.
Anyone at home?
Yes. Who is it?
We've brought Captain
Prithvi Singh Daggar.
Father, they have brought Prithvi.
My Prithvi.
- What are you saying?
- My Prithvi.
My son.
My son. My Prithvi.
What has happened?
- My Prithvi.
- "Tell my mother..."
- "That she told me when I was young..."
- Prithvi. What has happened?
- "...that this land is also my mother."
- Oh, God!
Captain Prithvi Singh Daggar laid down
his life while fighting against the Chinese.
Uncle, your son fought bravely.
What have you done, God?
We are ruined.
- "I have protected the honor of my motherland."
- What has happened?
My Prithvi.
My Prithvi.
"Don't cry O mother..."
"Don't cry..."
"Don't cry..."
- My child, it'll be dark soon.
- Dear.
He won't come back.
You've been sitting
in the fields since morning.
- Let's go home.
- No.
- Let's go home.
- No.
Let's go, dear.
He is no more, dear.
He will never come back.
That's not true.
I won't go anywhere.
He will come and meet me.
- Major Harbhajan Singh.
- Yes.
We've brought Major Harbhajan.
Father, brother Harbhajan is back.
Dear, Harbhajan is back home.
"Tell my father..."
- "That he told me when I was young..."
- My son.
- "...don't do anything to embarrass me."
- My son. My son.
My son.
- "...don't do anything to embarrass me."
- What has happened?
- "...the brave continues to live even after he's dead."
- My son.
- "I believed what you said..."
- My son.
- "...I laid down my life for my nation."
- My son.
"Look, father, I am still alive
even after I am dead."
We are ruined.
"I am alive in a billion hearts."
"I am alive in the faith of my country."
My son.
"I dwell in these young faces."
"I am guarding the borders."
"Don't be sad for me."
- "I dwell in these young faces."
- My son!
- "Feel proud of me."
- My son!
"Feel proud of me."
"I am alive..."
"I am alive..."
"I am alive..."
"I am alive..."
"I am alive..."
"I am alive..."
"I am alive..."