Pamali (2022) Movie Script

"Based on Indonesian
Horror Game Pamali"
"There are customary
prohibitions in society...
...that when violated
can bring disaster.
This prohibition was taught
from generation to generation...
...and is still firmly rooted
to this day."
You tattletale!
"Three Days Before"
From Jakarta?
-Yes, we're from Jakarta.
There is a riot over there.
My friends who work there
have all returned here.
That's terrible.
Are you from that village?
-Yes, I am.
But I haven't been back
in 20 years.
Are you okay?
-I am okay.
Not you but our baby.
The baby is strong.
Excuse me.
Excuse me.
-Be careful.
Is your house still far away?
We go to Cecep's house first.
He manages the house
since my mother died.
Be careful.
Peace be upon you.
You're here
with your wife, I see.
Yes, because you said someone
is interested in buying the house.
-I came early on purpose.
I want to clean the house first.
A long-abandoned house
must be in disarray.
Yes, I'm here to help.
It's not possible that my grandma
manages the house alone.
She has to take care of me too.
Let me take it.
Jaka is here with his wife.
Don't bother about us.
Grandma, this is Abang Jaka.
Son of the late Mr. Dadang.
Husband of the late Mrs. Lilis.
Pregnant women
should always be careful.
Never break the taboo.
They are here
to clean the house...
...before the new owner moved in.
I hope this time
the house will be sold.
Be careful, miss.
Alright, Grandma.
Thank you.
Can you pick it up?
Let me handle it.
Is it heavy?
I'm used to picking up a hoe.
Jaka, come on in.
Okay, Cep.
Do not clip your nails at night.
That's taboo.
A soldier's wife
needs a lot of patience.
Your husband
is doing national duty.
You don't have to wait
with that kind of outfit.
He should have
come home a week ago.
Be patient, he will come home.
Peace be upon you.
There is also a lot to clean up.
Yes. Cep, does this house
have electricity?
Let me check.
I'm not an electrician
but I can do something.
Hopefully, I won't get
an electric shock.
We have a lot to do.
So how?
Should we call an electrician?
You can't do something about it?
So, what should we do?
Don't worry.
There is kerosene in my car.
For oil lamps that
are hanging on the wall.
We are in the village, right?
You can put it there, Cecep.
Thank you, Cecep.
If possible, bring
an electrician tomorrow.
No problem, I'll be here
with the electrician tomorrow.
One more thing,
all the keys are there.
All right.
Except the key to the answer.
I'm just kidding.
I'll be going.
Peace be upon you.
Peace be upon you too.
Be careful, Cep.
What did you find?
The door can't be opened.
I think we are going
to sleep here.
Why are clipping your nails
at night? You shouldn't do that.
-If you clip your nails at night...
...someone will die.
How can a journalist
believe such a thing?
I'm unemployed now.
I'm a former journalist.
You will get a better job.
Give me a smile now.
I'm not done yet.
You're going to be a mother.
And you're going to be a father.
Wake up and pray.
It's not dawn yet.
Sorry, sir.
I have to share this sad news.
We are also deeply saddened.
Let's talk about it outside.
Sure, please.
You can't use that, honey.
Find the key.
It must be here somewhere.
Cecep has told us,...
...all the keys to this
house's doors are here.
I tried every key, but none
of them could unlock this door.
Try to find it in the room.
But I cleaned the room yesterday.
Be patient.
Let's wait for Cecep.
We can ask him.
I'm not dreaming.
I heard someone clipping nails...
...and there was
a weird sound on the wall.
Don't bother about it.
Jaka, where are you going?
Didn't you tell me
to find the key?
So you just going
to leave this.....
Gosh, Jaka.
Who is that?
Nenden, my sister.
She's beautiful.
But why are those things here?
I don't know.
I don't remember anything.
But it feels like something
happened to my sister.
But I can't recall it.
You will remember.
Peace be upon you.
-Peace be upon you too.
Cecep, can it be delayed a day?
I'm afraid I need more time
to clean up the house.
That's not a problem.
I will inform them.
Can you do that?
How is it?
Sit down.
-All right.
People still
burn incense nowadays.
I thought only
older people did that.
Not just older people,...
...people in this village
still believe in such things.
-Usually to protect themselves...
...from malice.
Do you know Jaka's family?
I don't know them but
my grandmother knows them.
All I know is that
Jaka's father... a well-respected member
of the community.
How about.....
-It's okay.
What about Nenden?
I just know that she...
...was a famous
sinden singer here.
But that was long time ago.
-What else?
That's all I know.
The light is on!
You will no longer be in the dark.
Finally, there is electricity.
Thank you.
-It was nothing.
Cep, do you know
any locksmith here?
Yes, despite living in a village,
we have everything we need here.
Okay, bring him here tomorrow.
I will bring him tomorrow.
Hey, Ri.
Ri, don't overwork yourself.
Remember, you are pregnant.
What if something
happens to our child?
Let me take care of the rest.
You should take a rest.
Okay, Rika?
What's wrong with you?
I'm okay.
The sarongs and sheets
are all white.
Yes, I know.
When everything is white,...
...the bolster pillow
looks like a pocong.
Why do you say that?
Since when are
you scared of ghosts?
My hair has split ends.
Perhaps I should trim it.
What about the next room?
I told Cecep earlier.
He will bring
a locksmith tomorrow.
Do you feel strange?
You tell me, there
is something strange...
...happened to your sister.
And now,
only her room cannot be opened.
There's nothing strange about it.
Open the door.
Open the door.
Yes, just a moment, mother.
Open, Nenden.
What took you so long?
Open the door, Nenden.
Hurry up.
What are you doing?
Am I beautiful, mom?
I promised Hendra... surprise him
when he comes home.
Hendra is gone.
Do not say that.
Hendra is still alive.
He will come home.
Let's go into the room.
Your father will be mad at you.
Mom, I'm not afraid of dad.
I'm going to wait for Hendra.
Come on, let's go in.
Come on.
Tell dad.....
-Go in!
Mom! Mom, please!
-Come, Nenden! Go into your room!
Dad, I'm hurt!
-Go into your room!
-Go in.
-I am a well-respected man... this village.
What will happen if they find out
that my daughter is crazy?
And she must maintain
her status as a sinden singer.
Nobody else can know.
I want to wait for Hendra, dad.
You will be locked up until... stop thinking
about your husband.
Dad! Mom!
Mom, please open this door.
Mom, dad, please open the door.
Nenden, stop it.
Open the door!
Open the door!
I did not expect your father's
attitude to be so vile.
But I know, he did that
because he loves you.
I hope you understand.
I do not know what it feels like
to lose a husband.
But we know what
it feels like to love you.
My daughter.
I had a nightmare.
I think there is something
wrong with this house.
Stop thinking about it.
Be patient.
Soon, we will leave this house.
You really don't remember
anything about your family?
As I recall,... that time
I was 5 years old,...
...grandma picked me up.
I'm begging mom and dad... continue living here.
But they didn't allow it.
I wept the entire journey.
Hey, Jaka.
You are almost dead, Jaka.
Cep, watch your mouth.
Jaka, this is the locksmith.
Hello, sir.
Hey, what's wrong with you?
Did you cut your hair?
Maybe you saw something else.
No, I saw a woman in the bathroom.
I'm sure, I can't be wrong.
We can just pay Cecep and
let him take care of everything.
There is something wrong here.
Hang in there,
only one more day left.
Once we receive
the money tomorrow...
...we will go far away from here.
You didn't see it, but I did!
I want us out of here right now.
Sir, sorry.
We have no other choice.
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
Let me go!
I want to go.
Where do you want to go?
Someone is waiting for me.
Who is waiting for you?
Help me.
Mom, please.
It's all right.
I'm sorry, mom.
I'm sorry, mom.
What else might it be for?
They found coffee and incense.
I warn you,
don't say anything about it.
Looks like you're having
a serious conversation.
I heard you mentioned
about incense and coffee.
I just want to know,
do you know that...
...I just found those things
yesterday in this house?
Yes, I know.
What is it usually used for?
The villagers still believe
in such things.
It's known as an offering
to calm an angry spirit.
An evil spirit.
What does that mean?
It's like a ritual.
If the spirit is not appeased,
it will continue to cause trouble.
Am I right, Cep?
Let's have a drink.
I'm just curious.
Since we came to this house,...
...something strange happened.
Cep, are you sure you don't know
anything about Jaka's family?
Yes, I wonder too.
It's true,
I don't know anything.
What about Nenden?
-Don't say anything.
Is there anything else
I should know about this house?
Nenden? Nenden?
Nende, come down.
Get down! Get down, my love!
Nenden, I'm sorry.
Nenden, please forgive me.
Come down!
I'm sorry!
Please forgive me.
Get down!
Please forgive me.
Oh my God.
Oh my God.
I'm sorry.
Jaka, ma'am,
I'll be going now.
What's the rush?
Why haven't
you finished your coffee?
It's okay, thank you.
Why are they
behaving strangely, Ri?
Ri, what's wrong with you?
Hey, Rika, what's up with you?
What's wrong with you?
You really don't remember
anything about your family?
What do you mean by that?
Do you understand my question?
Do you understand that
I have no memory of my family?
You don't remember
or you don't want to tell me?
Why should I keep it
a secret from you?
So it's true...
...that you don't know anything.
-I don't remember anything.
You don't even remember Nenden
committed suicide at this house?
There is something wrong
with this house.
I told you, Jaka.
We must go now.
Where should we go?
Who is going to help us?
I don't want to trouble him.
This house is our only hope.
This is not our only hope.
You know it.
-What else?
My parents are willing
to lend us some money.
We still want to talk about that?
Before we even married,
I've told you,...
...we will both be independent.
-I know we want to be independent.
I know!
But you.....
-Let's just borrow the money.
You know what would happen...
...if I borrowed money
from your parents, don't you?
I would lose my dignity.
That's all you think!
What about me and our child?
I care for you and our baby,...
...that's why we're here!
Does that still not satisfy you?
Jaka. Come here, Jaka.
Rika, you're right.
We are leaving tomorrow morning.
You have to accept it.
That's why I decided to...
...lock her in the room.
I'm terrified
that this will happen.
This is not your fault.
We have tried.
We must leave this house.
Let's start a new life...
...with Jaka.
Coffee, incense,
coconut shells, puppet.
A complete wedding dress.
Gather all of these items.
Gather all of these items...
...and incense should
be burned before sunrise.
Read the prayer to chase away
the spirit of your wrathful child.
You want more?
This is already high.
I want it to be higher.
Rika! Rika!
Rika, calm down.
This is me.
Hey, are you okay?
Calm down.
We must get it done.
Nenden's spirit has to be calmed.
Ri, please listen.
Hey, Rika.
Calm down.
I have found the way.
This is mom's note.
We must gather all the things...
...which is written here
and recite the spell.
Nenden's spirit has to be calmed.
Coffee, coconut shell?
Be careful, dear.
Wedding dress.
Wedding dress.
One more item.
You won't hurt me, right?
Help me, mom.
I'm in pain.
The wedding dress is missing.
One more item.
One more item.
-Please forgive me.
It hurts, mom.
One more item, Nenden.
Help me, mom.
Please forgive me.
One more item.
-Help me, mom.
One more item.
Mom, I'm in pain.
It hurts.
One more item!
The wedding dress
is nowhere to be found.
Nobody has ever
performed this ritual?
Apparently so.
Rika, what's wrong?
Rika, Rika.
Rika, look at me!
Stay away from my family!
Rika, are you okay?
Rika, what's wrong?
Everything is fine, Rika.
Why are you here?
You tattletale!
Let me go, dad.
I'm not crazy, dad.
Let me go.
Dad, I'm not crazy.
Where do you want to go?
Dad, I'm not crazy!
I'm not crazy!
Come here.
Help me.
Jaka! Let me go!
Go away!
I know where to go.
Follow me.
Rika, I know where to go.
You tattletale!
Come here, Jaka.
Rika? Rika!
Please forgive me.
Rika, Rika.
Hey, it's all over.
You're okay, right?
Don't, Rika.
Rika, don't!
Rika, don't.
Rika, stop! Rika!
Everything is over.
Are you hurt?
No, I'm not.
A lot of people are interested
in purchasing this house.
Good morning.
-Good morning.
I fell and got hurt.
Jaka, this is the buyer.
I'm Inai.
-I'm Jaka.
This is the document.
-Please have a look.
Everything is complete, ma'am.
Everything is here.
-All right then,...
...we need to go now.
-All right.
See you again.
-Thank you.
Be careful.
Thankfully, the buyer is pretty.
She seems to like me.
She was beaming at me
the entire time.
the house has been sold.
Thank you.
-You're welcome, ma'am.
My son, Jaka, please forgive me.
I only have a brief period of time
to spend with you.
But trust me,...
...with every stride you take,
my love and prayers are with you.
We are powerless to avoid...
...the bad luck
that has befallen our family.
I had to take care of your sister.
Her condition deteriorated
following the death of her husband.
Things became much worse...
...with your stillborn nephew.
-Please stop it, dear.
Mom, dad!
Get in!
Denden, my daughter.
All of your misfortune...
...stems from
you breaking the taboos...
...which has become
the tradition of our forefathers.
This is your stop.