Pancharangi (2010) Movie Script

"Five colors, give
meaning to life."
"Five colors."
"Same melody, same tune,
but a different song."
"The rhythm is different."
"Same cloud, same sand,
but a different rain."
"The smell of rain is different."
"Five colors."
"Five colors."
"Look, the butterfly is
flying away sucking the honey."
"Five colors."
"The same funfair, the same market,
but the flower is different."
"The weight of the
flower is different."
"The same evening, the same rock,
but the waterfall is different."
"The same waterfall."
"Five colors."
I've been telling you.
I've two daughters.
I want you to look for two
grooms for these two girls.
Mister, I request you to spit
out the betel leaf first..
...and then talk to me.
Okay. - I don't understand
when you talk to me normally.. can I understand when
you're chewing and talking to me?
Listen, I'll tell you now.
- Go ahead.
She's Lata. She's my daughter.
- Lata.
Even she's my daughter. Ambu.
- Hi. - Ambu?
You've named her after a cattle.
- Ambika is my cousin's daughter.
- She's my uncle's son's daughter.
She's my uncle's daughter.
Brother's daughter.
She lost her parents in childhood.
So, you adopted her.
Tell me, who do you
want me to look for a guy?
The one who's
sitting on the table ..
...or the one who's
sleeping on the sofa?
The one who's
sitting on the table. Lata.
Panchakshiri, last time you
wrote down everything and..
...even took her photograph along.
I always get confused with
the faces and the names.
I deal with the alliance of
about 150 guys and girls daily.., it is obvious that
I'll forget everything.
The other day, I got thrashed
as I questioned a married girl..
About looking for a guy for her.
It is good sign to get thrashed.
You'll earn a lot of money.
Then why don't you
start this profession..
Stay quiet. Talk to
him about the alliance.
No problem. From a
small village to America..
...whichever guy is born I've his
details and horoscopes with me.
Girl, did you like any guy
in the photos that I gave you?
No. - You both are
answering me at the same time.
You could've told me one by one.
- No. Let's go.
We are toiling so much
to find a guy for her..
But if she refuse to get married
to any guy, what will we do?
I've a doubt whether
God exists or not.
There's a problem if He exists and
a problem if He doesn't exist too.
God really exists.
All the male Gods
call me and ask if..
...l've any alliance of
any Goddess with me.
Panchakshiri, you
say you look for ..
...alliance even for
God and goddesses
can't you find one
suitable guy for my daughter?
There's a guy. Well educated. He's
a software engineer from America..
...when I showed his
photo to Indians
...everyone wanted a groom like him.
He's the one. Like Bill Clinton.
His father had posted his profile..
...on my
have a look at him.
Leta, come here.
- Yes?
Look at him.
- He's from America.
He's nice.
- He's already booked.
He's already sold out.
I think she liked him.
- But he's already booked.
Sir, give a try. Convince
that guy and get him home.
Let's see what happens next.
So, you want me to
cancel that booking?
- Panchakshiri, please try.
Okay. It is God's game plan. Who
knows who is in whose destiny?
Let's give this
contract to God to cancel..
...that alliance and fix another.
Please, do that.
"Move your body."
"Move your body."
'His name is Bharat Kumar.'
'His grandmother had taught
him to tie a sari to dolls
...of Dussera (Hindu
Festival) when he was young.'
'He is doing masters
in Kannada culture
with the money he
earns by doing this.
'He doesn't ask money from
his father for his education.'
'Because his father doesn't
want him to study Kannada.'
'Forgive him as he
always communicates ..
with everyone in Kannada only.'
'His only aim in life is to have
a sound sleep no matter what
...happens around him or even if
the world is getting destroyed.'
The staff rooms
that are always full..
...and the
classrooms are always empty.
So, it becomes
bedroom for the students.
'He's the son of sleep. Once he
sleeps no one can wake him up.'
Are you Bharat Kumar? - Might be.
I'll tell when I remember.
JK sir is calling you.
The programs list is very big.
It will take three hours to read.
Are you going to light the lamp?
- Yes. I'll be with him.
My name has been printed on
this list, didn't you see? - No.
Will there be a matchbox
kept on the stage? - Yes.
Last time you had brought a
guy who helped the girls
...wear sari on the college day.
He didn't tie it properly.
Who are you getting this time?
- One of my best students.
He'll help them wear sari. You
don't try to help the girls.
The girls will be in bad
shape then. - Are you joking?
Give me the five colored parrot.
- Here, sir.
Thank God it didn't fly away.
Its feathers are a bit weak.
You said, it is a cultural program,
but there's no culture in it.
Whatever I've written in English,
you just say it clearly in Kannada.
That would be enough but
everything should be in Kannada.
That is culture.
- You're a cultural coordinator.
You just can't nod your head.
Work hard a little.
Your shirt is nice.
Where did you buy it from?
If I wear the same shirt tomorrow,
people will thrash me.
Joking? - Sir, it is late.
Shall I turn off the chamber door?
What, turn it off? - Wow, this is
the Kannada language of these days.
Ruin it more. I'm
enjoying listening to it.
You leave. Mr.
Shekhar, you do one thing.
To save the honor of this college hard on the
Panchrangi concept.
We don't have so much of time.
Come on, let's go. - Yes, sir.
The parrot and the story
about it which principal said
...and the illusion that
life has five colors..
...was beautiful and meaningful.
But Bharat and J.K
ruined the story.
You've become the opposite
avatar of Dushasan today.
You've to help 20 girls in
wearing sari. Do you remember?
Look sir, our college
girls dress up like guys.
Making them wear sari will be
difficult. This is too much, sir.
You can't understand
their kannada language and..'re talking about
making them wear a sari.
You're a fool.
- Sir, what's this? Wicket keeping.
Panchrangi has five colors in it,
but this has only two colors in it.
Take a closer look at it.
This is a male parrot.
So, it's color is dim,
but is very powerful.
This is a female parrot
...keep looking at it,
you'll find many more colors.
No sir, it may bite me.
- This is my story.
I've to take them on the
stage and they want me to talk
about the colors of life.
Then our colorful girls will
perform break dance by..
Wearing sari on the music of
Goddess Sarswati chants.
They, these parrots will fly away
and our principal will catch them.
You tell me, does it make sense?
Sir, you've been
summoned immediately as..
...our sir is about
to turn on the lamps.
Listen, tell them that our
JK sir is very angry. - Okay.
Sir, what next? - Forget
everything. See the colors.
Life is very colorful. You
can find colors everywhere.
They have to just
see colors and enjoy..
But they want to comment on it.
Sir, I think they've lit the lamp.
- I think the lamp will extinguish
...because of the
language they speak.
Sir, it sounds as though even
fire has a future in our college.
No. There's a fire, but there's
a fire in you too. - ls it so?
I might sound like an old
man to you now. - No, sir.
Not fire, but you
have a spark in you.
You have to make the
fire from that spark.
Then your life will totally change.
Don't start looking
for a matchbox now.
Because, you have a spark
without a matchbox with you.
Sir, keep watching. I'll
surely torch a major fire here.
You just hear the story.
- I need not hear a story.
You can'tjust
hear stories for long.
Do something by
which I lose my job here.
Do it.
- Okay, sir.
I shall leave. Don't forget to
call me when you finish this job.
The next program is played
by a group 'Pancharangif
Five colors of life. I request Mr.
JK to come on the stage.
Hello. Check. Check.
Goodnight to everyone.
"Songs about five colors."
"The punctured tyres of the garage."
"Forget about the songs
of seven and eight tunes."
"Water tanks on your terrace."
"Butter, biscuit, and snack."
"Mother, father, and children."
"Thanks to all if they
are hearing this song."
"Flowers of five colors.
We all are like flowers."
"Why fear about anything?
Forget everything and enjoy."
"Life is like a
twenty-twenty match."
"Everyone are good,
but we are insane.
"We are like the robots."
SSLC, PUC, can.
engineering, medical
...teeth, ears, nose,
mouth and doctors."
"Syllabus which
torture you mentally."
"Courses which you
don't feel like passing."
"Seats, donation
parents are worried
because of children like them."
"Big colleges,
attendance and classroom."
"Writing on the desk, I love
you Smitha, Malini, Priya."
"Chemistry and algebra
on the black board."
"Singing songs for new girlfriend."
"Sir, this is enough for today."
"Continue tomorrow."
"Pencils, rubbers."
"Ribbons. Beautiful plaits"
"Bikes and helmets."
"Rainy season, umbrellas."
"Marriage bureaus
and wedding halls."
"Delivery of the baby
and baby shower ceremony."
"Flowers of five colors."
"We all are like flowers."
"Principal's cartoon the last page of the notebook."
"Old books, new syllabus."
"Tuition, exam, getting
debarred or dismissed."
"Marks card, parents' signature,
subjects pending."
"College days, falling in love,
putting end to love."
"Going to interviews,
jobs, salaries."
"Old dreams which are
left behind in the college."
"New job."
At this time, we are
studying and you're lecturing."
"I'm getting bored."
"I will go to sleep."
"BOYS, girls."
"Electrocuted crows. - I see."
"Relationships. - Next?"
"Families. Red millet cakes."
"Shops where peace is sold.
God's phone number."
"Appetizers and snacks samples."
"Everything is so boring."
"Broken tennis balls."
"Okay- "
"Good and bad deeds."
"People are
forgetting how to even smile."
"For one good smile
and a meaningful life..
...there will no place for these."
"Flowers of five colors."
Good morning.
The bus is passing
by the seashore for..
...the only reason
that there's a girl.
That's means, something
unfortunate is about to happen.
God, shower your blessings on all.
- Hello?
Sir, this is Panchakshiri speaking.
Yes? Are you awake?
- Yes.
It is 4 in the morning and
the entire family is asleep.
We've crossed Mangalore.
- Okay.
We will reach in sometime.
- Okay.
- Yes.
The driver doesn't
know how to drive.
If it was I, we would've met the
girl's family and returned by now.
No, even the consummation
night would be over. Sleep.
Sir's is snoring so loudly.
Turn the other side.
Give me tea.
I will feel it easier.
Hurry. They had called.
Is it?
- They are reaching.
Oh, my God. Move aside.
Lathe! Lathe!
They already called and
you two are still asleep?
Get up. Get ready.
For how long you want to sleep?
- Mother.
They will be here in 45 minutes.
Get ready soon.
She will be sleeping here.
Tell them to meet her here itself.
Oh, no.
- Do that, mother.
Alright. Get up. Get ready.
Traveling. Tiredness.
Snoring. Swinging dreams.
Lucky. Get up.
We've reached. The
bride is waiting for you.
Stay quiet. Still long way to go.
Lucky, go back to sleep.
- Idiot. Why did you wake him up?
Feel bored to urinate alone.
We are family. Whatever we
do we must do it together.
Driver! Stop the bus.
Everybody, you have five minutes,
do anything you want.
Life is short.
Mailari. Get up. Let's finish this.
Tell me in how many places
should I urinate with you?
You lost your
eyesight due to diabetes.
Wonder what else you will lose
if you don't urinate. Come on.
You're the owner of the bus.
And we have to take
care of you. Come.
There's no water.
Where are you? Come.
Brother. Madam is calling you. Go.
Dad, I want mineral water.
- Yes.
Give him mineral water.
It is impossible to get
mineral water here.
Let's go to the bride's
house and boiled water.
No. - He doesn't drink
boiled water. - Yes.
He wants mineral water.
Alright. When you're ready .. pay for it, I
will surely get you.
Shall I get pedicure done?
- Will you see your les?
Shall I pinup my
hair or leave it open?
Leave it open.
If that is so, I will
pinup my hair. - Okay.
Alright. Don't care.
Did you have bath, Lathe?
It's been a year.
Ambu, what about you?
- Next year.
Look. My mother will
ward off his evil eye.
Now, my uncle will
ask his day of birth.
Sister, on which day was he born.
- Exactly at 11:31 p.m.
Had it delayed by half-an-hour
it would've been Sunday.
It would've been a perfect
day to celebrate birthday.
Yellow is a suitable color
for Saturday. I did tell you.
I didn't bring it.
- You didn't bring.
Never mind. Blue color will do.
You see that?
Your uncle is so orthodox.
I was worried if he
would take away my underwear.
It is unpredictable. The
match is getting interesting.
20 runs from 2 balls. Let's watch.
Father is in silly point,
mother in short leg.
The batsman is ready. But
the bowler has not come.
What's going on in the bus?
You're fortunate that you're blind.
Yes. God took away my
eyesight even before..
...l could see him grow up
and watch him drive the bus.
Panchakshiri, tell
him to stay quiet.
Else, I will throw on
the roof of the bus.
What's your problem?
- Shut up.
The groom will drink
water and get ready.
He's got so much to do.
Peg no.1.
Peg no.2.
Choose one, sir.
It should be ripened.
Cut this.
He will choose the
groom by sniffing him.
You're right.
I hear some noise.
Check if there air in the tyres.
Sir, my brother is
spraying scent on his body.
- Yes.
Tell him to spray
some on the dog as well.
If a female dog sniffs
it and develops interest
...l will get them married too.
Don't ruin the dog's life.
Here it is. Coconut trees,
boats, the beach.
33 degree Celsius.
Get up. Get up.
Get up.
Go straight and take a left turn.
Okay. - One left turn more,
we will get to the beach.
Come here.
- Coming.
Come here. Bring them home.
I have guests coming.
- Okay.
Pick them. - That's enough. Come
down. You have other work to do.
Sir! I hear the bus coming.
Come soon. - Alright.
- Okay.
Was the bus big or small?
- I don't know. Hurry.
Sir, the bus is arriving.
I'm coming.
Stop the bus. We've reached.
- Go. - Alright.
Get down. Everybody, get down.
Lucky, will you get down
or you need a palanquin?
Get down.
- Come on.
Everybody, get
freshen up and be ready.
Meanwhile, I will
meet the bride's father.
Mr. Narayan Ra, are you in there?
Uncle, what is incredible?
Tell us briefly.
Everything in the house is perfect.
Seeing her photo didn't I tell you
she and her family are very good?
Very nice house. You
like it, Lucky? - Yes.
There's no need to cough.
A perfect house.
You came here from Bangalore
just to say this house is perfect?
Sister, tell him to keep quiet.
Behave yourself. We've come
to meet a dignified family.
Behave yourself.
- Okay.
Uncle, your old relative is here.
Lucky, he's would-be father-in-law.
Let's touch his feet.
- Touch his feet.
Come on.
Being and elderly
person please bless us.
Myself Srinivas Ra.
How was your journey?
- Good.
Bingra, where is your master?
Master is in the field.
There he is.
Mr. Narayan Ra, please come.
- Mr. Narayan Ra? Then who is he?
Can't you differentiate
a master and servant?
But we paid respects to him?
- That's alright.
Please come in.
Bring their luggage.
Please come in. Please come in.
How many times will
you say 'please come in'?
Wonder what's going
to happen further.
Humans and Gods.
Stall steamed cakes.
New painkillers pills.
- Okay.
What did he say?
- That's Karavali language.
Just keep nodding your head.
It is very nice.
- Don't worry about the language.
Please come. Just
keep nodding your head.
Kings used to live in this
house during the 18th century
but now the generation
came to an end. Am I right?
Let's being the military operation.
- Come in.
Here I come.
Such a big house.
Hello, Mr. Panchakshiri.
- Hello.
I'm hearing the word
'hello' for the 60th time.
Appetizers, snacks,
betel leafs nuts, red chilies
Basil plant, plants and
black bear with me. - Oh, God.
Red oxide flouring,
strong pillars.
When it is difficult
to understand Kannada.. speak German language.
Shut up. You need to be quiet.
This is a quiet place.
Have bath.
Any problem?
- He didn't bathe.
Bingra, take him. Please come.
Please come.
I don't bathe in
ordinary bathroom.
In people's bathroom, there
will be many things hanging.
I feel disgusted.
Show me a well,
I will jump into it.
There's well.
- I see.
We've come a long way.
The house is so big.
One needs rickshaw to
move around the house.
Will I have bath today?
There's the well.
Wonder what's going
to happen further.
Coconut tress all around.
And people living here who
fall unconscious even for a cough.
Sound of waves from
far away and the well.
We've come to bathe in
such a beautiful environment.
Soaps, shampoos and sacred water.
Mister, your name.
- Bingra.
Nice name.
Is everything alright?
- I will not say a word now.
He's Mr. Narayan Ra.
Wanting to become a lawyer
he became an agriculturist.
Wonder what the reason is.
Well, they are my
ancestor's properties.
So, it is my duty
to safeguard them.
She's Mrs. Vaishali.
He met in Bangalore bus station.
I don't know who
proposed whom first
but they got
married and had a daughter.
And you've come to see her.
And talking about him.
He's come from America
just to get married.
He wants to get married very soon.
Why are you staring at me?
I guess I've seen him somewhere..
But I don't know where?
He's my younger brother.
Don't you know him?
I know, but I don't know him.
Horoscope, astrology, rebirth.
The one on the television?
- Yes.
Keshavananda Swamy.
Can I take a look at your house?
- Sure.
Please come. This
house is 500 years old.
Please come. Please come.
Here they come.
Girls are fortunate that
her would-be in-laws..
Don't look modern.
Take a look at your would-be
mother-in-law's dot on forehead.
It is as big as 1 rupee coin.
Turmeric power on her cheeks.
And nose ring.
A trident in her hand
and crown on her head..
...she will look just
like Goddess of destruction.
Never insult would-be
Take a look at your
would-be father-in-law.
He looks like a jackfruit.
I'm unable to see the groom.
He's behind father.
Bend down and you'll
be able to see him.
I did, but I'm only
able to see his ears.
How do his ears look? - They
look like ears. Stop kidding.
I asked you because
he's from America.
You're jealous.
You've mistaken. It is
said that life will be ..
...wonderful if ears are perfect.
If have complaints
against your mother-in-law
...he must have perfect ears
to listen to your complaints.
Oh, no.
- Turn around.
Turn around.
Look at him drinking water
turning to the other side.
He's like a child. He must
fix a nipple to the bottle.
Guys have a problem.
They don't show their face
when we want to have a look.
Yell at him for once,
he will turn around.
Turn. He turned. He turned.
He turned. How does he look?
His face looks like a
portable computer. Oh, my God.
But, he looks decent. He'll
return home everyday on time.
He also looks a little naive.
That's good. He will
listen to you all the time.
I kind of feel dull.
I will deal with him when I get
a chance to talk to him later.
Bite him for once.
- Of course.
Oh, no. His mother covered him.
Now, I will whistle and
everyone will turn behind.
- Do you know who to whistle?
I practiced or one month.
I will whistle now.
Why did you hit me?
- I didn't.
It's hurting.
- That's why I hit you.
I told you both to get ready,
but you're mocking them.
Idiots. Go and get ready.
She will not leave
us alone. I will go.
What's your problem? How many
times do I tell you to bathe?
You wear shorts and
wander everywhere. Idiot.
Are you doing a fashion show?
Aunt. Aunt.
It is hot in here. That's why I'm
wearing short dress. So, just chill.
Mother, I will not wear this sari.
- But why?
The tailor has stitched the
blouse in an old fashion style.
I'm not going to wear it. I know
it is you who got it stitched.
Now, wear it yourself.
You don't deserve to get married.
Get a blouse stitched
with a handkerchief.
And you, get a skirt
stitched with a ribbon.
I will break all your teeth.
Ambu, please make
her wear a decent sari.
I don't know how to
wear a sari myself.
Go and play hop skip
game in front of them.
- That's a good idea.
Oh, my God. I'm
tired of these girls.
They make me cry.
Alright. I will wear it.
Okay? Stop crying.
Console her.
Aunt, find a guy for me too?
You said you want to work
when I asked you to get married.
Why did you change your mind?
I thought life will be
fun if there's a scapegoat.
I request you. We've guests
at home, please go and bathe.
Aunt.. I don't have towel.
It has been put of dry.
Ask Lakshmi, she will give you.
- There's no soap.
The soap is in the cupboard.
Take it.
I didn't apply oil to my hair.
What else you don't have.
I will beat you.
- You're being naughty. - Idiot.
Come! Come!
Stop! Stop!
Oh, my God. Get up.
- He ran into me.
He ran into me.
- Careful.
Here's your stick.
What happened?
- I got married.
The bus ran into
him and he fell down.
Why did you get down?
- I did tell you I'm getting down.
I told you to sit
stay inside, didn't I?
Don't I how to park the bus?
Will you teach me?
Being a blind man, when I know
the bus is parked under hot sun..
...why don't you?
You're such a shame.
Alright. Tell me anything
you want. Now, go inside.
First, clean the bus.
There's so much dust on the bus.
Don't teach me.
- Okay.
Had I known my son
would such a useless guy
...l would never get married.
I need a mug.
- The washroom is there.
No, to clean the bus.
Hold this.
Bucket please.
- Sure.
Here you're.
- Thank you.
No mention not.
So, you speak English?
I manage to speak when
people from Bangalore come here.
I see.
- ls there anything else you want?
- Okay. - Okay.
What's going on?
He said he's going to molest me.
- But I told him, I have no time.
And he left. Caught and bowled.
Back to pavilion.
You girls get
suspicious though a woman..
Gives bucket and mug to a man.
Alright. Where is my towel?
- There it is.
The towel which has
less scent odor is yours..
...and which has more odor
is sister Latha's. Take it.
"L turned pale after having bath."
"I totally changed."
"I turned sober
growing beard." - I see.
"Now what do I do?"
- Good.
And that's the matter of fact.
The same legs, the same hands.
The same back, the same fingers.
MY eyes.
Oh, no.
MY eyes.
Cold breeze.
"L want a guy who is
like a scapegoat."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy."
"I want a guy who is naive."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy who should
love me though I torture him."
"His jeans must be torn a little."
"He must wear one slipper."
"I'm like the guy you desire."
"He must be a little insane."
"Please move aside. We are ready."
"I want a guy who is
like a scapegoat."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy who will be with
me like the rope around the neck."
"He should know cooking."
"He should be rich."
"That's not possible."
"He should be a good Vagabond."
"We are one. We are ready."
"We girls predict
anything just by a look."
You hear me, idiots?
- Your eyes are beautiful."
"We will look for a good guy."
"Come in a line and
sacrifice your lives."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy who laughs
though I yell at him."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy who
should hate my friend."
"He should be very decent."
"He should be a brat."
"Choose us."
"He should know music."
"We are ready."
"We are ever ready."
"He should be dark and handsome."
"But you guys are so ugly."
"Insult us more. Never mind."
"You guys look like apes."
"There's a lot of problem.
- Look at us as well."
"I want a guy who should
never obey his mother."
"My mother is very good."
"I want a guy."
"I want a guy who
should always listen to me."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy who should
pamper me after a quarrel."
"He should think
about me all the time."
"That's very easy."
"He should love me
even after marriage."
"That's too much. But
still we are ready."
"I want a guy who has big desires."
"We are ready."
"I want a guy who
should always praise me."
"He should be a great lover."
"He should be childish."
"But we are grown up boys."
"He should admire me all the time."
"We are ready. Now, you be ready."
Hello, sir.
The third son. - Did you
come to the well in the morning?
- Did you take away the mug?
Everyone carries mug
during morning times.
Do you wear short pants?
That's our custom.
Do you look like
a girl from behind?
Why are you trying to hit on me?
- Oh God.
What are you both talking?
Early in the morning,
Bandli Bangarappa and we..
...had a major misunderstanding.
Mailari, don't mess with him,
he'll make your life miserable.
Oh, this is the case.
- You're blind.
If you had eyes and
you would've seen him.. would've lost your eyesight.
He's so dangerous.
If we don't get him married
immediately, girls will molest him.
These days girls are
very dangerous.
Get me two steamed cakes. - Okay.
Come, dear. Your father and..
The girl's father
are discussing something.
Let's go inside and see.
These elders. People with
eyes cannot see the world..
...and the one who are blind
Get me one steam cake.
- Be quick.
I heard you took a voluntary
retirement. ls it? - Yes.
What happened? After
Lucky went to US..
...he was adamant
that I leave my job.
So, I left the job. - I heard
you faced problems for two months
after you went to US?
- Nothing like that actually
I heard, you had to
difficulties preparing food, etc.
It is obvious, he
would've faced problems.
US people can't make good chutney.
Actually, when I left for US,.. mother had packed
all the necessary items.
My mother had even packed religious
books of Ganesha and Saraswati.
So that he performs
the prayers daily.
Dad, shut him up please.
Then she had thought of
sending him a courier weekly..
...of marigold flower
and jasmine flower.
We couldn't bear the expenses.
So, you mean to say, Gods were
not happy with foreign flowers.
Actually, you don't find the same
quality in the marigold flower.
- Just keep quiet.
Uncle, please come.
We were missing you.
Please, come. Have breakfast.
- I'll have it later.
- I had been around your house.
Very nice.
- Thank you.
But the two washrooms that've built on the
east side of your house.. might face
problems because of that.
Is it so? - Never built a
washroom facing the east side.
We are having breakfast and
you're talking about washroom.
Why do we need to built the
washroom according to the feng-shui?
This is wrong. I'll tell you
story about an ex-minister.
The same way, he didn't listen
to me and built the washroom..
Facing the east side.
He lost his position.
He came to my
hermitage and apologized.
He then did as per my instructions.
Even a washroom in the wrong
place leads to disaster. - Yes.
According to us, we
first check whether
there's water in
the washroom or not.
That is feng-shui for us.
She's come.
- Finally she had bath.
You're saying as though
having bath is a big deal.
What could I do? The
situation was such.
Lakshmi, do it slowly.
You pierced it into me.
Hello, what will you do
if your husband bites you?
Don't tell me, okay?
- She talks too much.
Lata, the pleats are not proper and
your sari is not till your toes.
You're talking as though
you know how to wear a sari.
Wear this skirt. Madam
got it stitched for you.
Aunt's special.
- She loves you too much.
Lakshmi, come and
straighten the pleats. - Hold on.
Aunt said, it will be nice if
the guy straightens the pleats.
Guys are known for pulling the
sari and not straightening it.
What do we do? - I'll get
the guy who's come to see you.
Tell him to make you
wear sari. It will be good.
Go and get him. Let's see.
I'm taking the dog out.
All this is nonsense.
He's here.
- What is it?
Just two minutes.
- Slowly.
Fool, where are you going?
You be busy with the sari,
I've some work.
Whom did she go to meet?
- I don't know.
Excuse me. - Lakshmi, go
and check where Ambu went.
You always doubt on her.
Get ready first.
I need to pee.
Will somebody take me?
I'm coming. Come.
Where's my idiotic son?
Who are you?
- Bingra.
- Yes.
God bless you.
My husband would've eaten
150 steamed cakes today.
It was very tasty. How
did you make the chutney?
Tender coconut, green chillies..
- You put coconut in it?
Tamarind and gram - You don't
make any dish without tamarind.
There's a special way
to temper the chutney.
It is said that my husband's..
Ancestor used to
temper it in a gold wok.
The gold you get here is
very pure, isn't it? - Yes.
I could analyze by
seeing your bangles.
It hasn't turned
black even a little.
The one that I bought
in Bangalore
must be given to
polish every three months.
Next time you decide
to buy gold, come here.
You're from Karawali, but
still you talk so good Kannada.
I was married to this place.
Actually I belong to Hasan.
So, I and my children know
Bangalore Kannada very well.
I guessed it right.
She's so cute. Who's this girl?
- She's Ambika.
Oh, your brother's daughter who
lost her parents in childhood..
Yes. She's more lovable to
me than my own daughter.
I can see that. You've
brought her up like that.
She would know and follow all
the cultures and tradition
...l can guess that by
seeing her in the ethnic dress.
Aunt, I always wear a sari.
Aunt forced me to wear this skirt.
Girls always look
beautiful in ethnic dress.
The girls in our city
are very fashionable.
Not only girls, but women of
our age wear short dresses.
Aunt, don't tell me
about such women. I swear.
I'll get the vermillion that I
got as oblation after performing
veneration of Goddess Lakshmi.
Apply it on the
forehead of both the girls.
Light a lamp in pure ghee.
- Okay.
Silly girl, you were
fooling around with her.
Aunt, I'll talk to you later.
I have to rush.
Ambu! - Bye aunt. - I'll
teach you a lesson later.
"Come on baby, feel the body."
"Let me take you on a ride."
"Come on baby.."
Greetings to you.
When I was young, I had
seen in the religious movies.
The same ethnic dress,
vermillion, and bangles.
Indian girls have
changed a lot from those times.
What's your good name?
I think you got angry.
Okay, don't tell me your name.
You're dressed traditionally,
so according to the custom..
...can I call you as sister-in-law?
"Come on baby, feel the body."
I addressed my mother and
mother and father as father.
But you've become my sister-in-law.
"Come on baby.."
My brother, who's here to see you..
...he looks like my
younger brother,
then how can I
address him as brother?
It is good to ill-talk
about your family. Right?
You seem to be a very good girl.
You have to respect your parents.
They gave birth to us, isn't it?
- "Come on baby.."
Your name is Sharda,
Meena, Ratna or Soumya?
No, my name is Leta.
It belongs to the same category.
Why do you have such good names?
Lata, Rekha, Bhagya (luck)..
We get good luck to husbands,
isn't it? That's the reason.
Do you live in
America with your brother?
No. I'm a pure Indian.
My name is Bharat Kumar.
I am son of Karnataka.
I'm born in Karnataka and
have decided to die here.
So, you're a local. No problem.
Why are you making faces?
No, I imagined you and my brother,
he's wearing shorts
...and you're wearing ethnic
dress on an American beach.
I'll go to America
in the same clothes.
I cook nice food. I make
tamarind curry very delicious.
I heard you don't get
tamarind in America. ls it?
Why are you quiet?
- It's futile to talk now.
I feel like falling on
your feet right away. Shall I?
Shut up. You're very jovial.
If my younger sister hears you,
she'll laugh out loud.
Do you have a sister?
- Yes, she's likes you very much.
Her name is Ambika.
You can call her as Ambu.
Shall I call her?
- No. I am not good with girls.
No problem. You can
meet her once. Please.
Hello, she's calling you.
- I'm coming.
It is urgent.
I shall leave now.
- Okay.
India, America. Silk
skirts worn by everyone.
They eat pizza and burger, but
they eat steamed cake and curry.
I and my dog are alone.
Ambu was doing something there.
- What?
Ask her.
- What is it?
I went looking for him
and made him go crazy.
What did you do?
- I said my name was Lata.
That fool believed it and was
addressing me as sister-in-law.
In fact, he wanted
to fall on my feet.
Why did you tell my name?
- Just like that.
You didn't say it just
like that. You're jealous.
So, you didn't want me to marry.
That's the reason you did this.
Don't you feel ashamed? You
don't want me to be happy.
You're a fool.
Lata, I didn't do anything bad.
Please, don't say that.
Don't pretend. Last time when
you were here on your vacation flirted with the
guy who came to see me.
He refused to marry me
and wanted to marry you.
Didn't you create that problem?
Did I marry him? He learnt
that you failed in your exams.. he left. What could I do?
You're very educated
and I'm a fool.
You were the one who told
the guy about this. I know.
You want to snatch
everything I have.
Now you've planned to
entice that guy from US.
You're born to
snatch everything from me.
You're witch.
I'll complaint about you to aunt.
- Go and tell her.
Even she knows everything
about you.
Mother brought you up.
You're not her daughter.
She doesn't love you
even a bit. Go and ask her.
Are you done with
your fight? Happy now?
Shall I tuck the flowers in your
hair? - Okay. No other option left.
I'm tired of seeing you
both fight since childhood.
It is good that I didn't
go with them to the college.
Ambu, you're too much.
I heard you don't love me.
ls it true? - Yes.
Who told you? Did Lata tell you?
- Yes. She did.
You know her nature. She
keeps changing her statements.
I've told you many times
not to take her seriously.
You're educated, aren't you?
I know, you'll say
the same to Lata too.
You tell her not to take
Ambu seriously as she's insane.
No, dear. I don't. Look,
people have come home to see Lata.
Don't fight amongst
yourselves and defame me.
Okay? Go and wash your face.
My darling daughter is wearing
skirt today.
You're looking beautiful.
Stop your melodrama.
- Get lost, you fool.
Yes, I'm a fool.
You've just brought me up.
You don't love me even a bit.
- Talk softly.
People outside may hear you.
I'm telling you not to shout,
but you don't listen to me.
Look, the milk boiled and spilt.
"Come on baby, feel the body."
I don't want you,
your love, your house.
I'm going.
- Where are you going?
I'll go anywhere I feel like.
I'm planning to go
to the ladies hostel.
Ladies? Why don't
you join boys hostel?
I'll go and join anywhere I like.
- Wear this.
What's going on here?
- You tell her.
What's wrong with this skirt?
This looks okay to me.
If you feel so, then tell aunt
to wear this and you both dance.
I'm going.
Don't try to look for me.
I'll not come back.
- Hey Ambu!
I'll not come back.
- Hey Ambu!
I'll not come back.
- Listen to me. Please!
Aunt, I'm not your daughter.
- Ambu!
I'll not return!
- Oh God.
What's the matter?
- As usual.
She'll come back.
She's a haughty girl.
Do you think your
daughter is normal?
Tell her to accept the proposal
of the guy who's come here.
Guy is very handsome.
She will not refuse.
You don't know the demands
of the girls these days.
Men beget children and go away.
Women have to bring them
up with great difficulty.
If Lata refuses this alliance,..
...l'll jump in the
well and commit suicide.
I'm warning you.
- Why waste the water of the well?
Go and commit suicide in the ocean.
Everyone get together and kill me.
Okay, we will, when the
time comes. Give me tea first.
Do your work. You always keep
eating betel leaf and drinking tea.
Bad habit. I won't give you.
"A rainbow in the blue sky."
"A rainbow in the blue sky."
Lucky, you're very fortunate.
You got a girl like mother.
You'll be in a state where you'll..
...have to name 10 Gods to
get kissed by her. - Shut up.
Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law
will call you from India America like an alarm for
you to get and perform veneration.
This girl will be
inauspicious to you.
Your mother will send
her with you.
tradition, cultured, shy girl.
Lucky, this girl
has all these values.
You wanted a modern girl.
Who are you both
brothers talking about?
About the girl we are here to see.
matching daughter-in-law.
Daughter-in-law matching
And the groom who is
getting married.
- Hey.
Father, the girl who was
wearing skirt like parachute
get one for mother. Let
she wear and roam about.
It is our culture.
- Shut up.
If somebody hears you.. you idiot.
I told you not to get him along.
Hey, this is somebody else's house.
Don't defame us here.
Go away from here.
Thank you. With your permission,
I'm going out.
Ramu, let's go. We are free now.
Where are you taking him?
You're spoilt, don't spoil him now.
Go out. Go. Get out!
Ramu. Comb here. Here.
Ramu, your brother
is getting married.
Wish him all the best and leave.
- Get out!
Get out.
- I can't hear you!
Want something?
- Nothing.
Okay. - You wash vessels
and clothes very nicely.
Thanks. Even you wash your
vehicle nicely. - Thanks.
- Nothing much.
Okay. - Do you always hear
the waves in this village?
It is an ocean. You can
always hear the waves.
Correct. Do you wear
chudidar (ethnic dress)?
- ls your brother a haughty man?
Nothing like that. Shall I go?
- Okay.
What is it?
- Shall I leave?
Men always give flowers to
women to fall in love with them.
What do you mean?
- I don't know.
Is she the third one?
- Third? How do you know?
You don't get roses here, so
you both manage with these.
I'll meet you when this
underwear tears completely.
Underwear, flowers, and pain.
The cuckoo singing on the trees.
There! That side!
Children, will I reach
Bangalore if I go straight?
No. You'll reach the ocean.
Is it?
- Yes.
'Children are showing
way to us these days.'
Coconut trees all around.
- Yes.
The environment is so cool
like an air conditioner. - Yes.
The ocean is crying loudly.
- Let it.
It is time for the sky
to turn white. - Okay.
Flowers blooming all around.
- Wow.
Snakes and frogs are
roaming freely. - Oh my God.
I've come to the ocean, but
here I see a girl wearing
shorts and sitting
on a coconut tree.
Wearing shorts. Are you
the one who snatched my mug?
"Come on baby, feel the body."
Yes. Sorry.
- "I want to take for a ride."
How can I forgive you so easily?
If you would've rubbed my back,
I wouldn't have refused you.
You were to see my brother.
What are you doing here?
If you climb the coconut tree,
what will my brother do?
Your brother is here not to see me.
That means you're not
my sister-in-law. - No.
The respect that I
gave you was futile.
My family members threw me out
as I commented on your skirt.
They threw me out of the house.
Thank you, Ms. Lata.
My name is Ambika. She's Lata.
Is she only Lata or Latamani?
- Go and ask her.
She got angry with me and
locked herself inside the room..
Reading Rapidex English book.
Lakshmi learnt to
speak English by that book.
Lata doesn't know to speak English.
Do you know that?
Who knows?
How would anyone know what
a girl is going through?
Very funny.
- How many affairs did you have?
One or two guys would've
proposed you in the first year.. would've kept them in waiting.
In the second year, you would
fall in love with somebody..
...who's already dating 25 girls.
In the final year, you
would've proposed someone and..
...he would've betrayed you.
Females like you become drunkards.
So, according to you, have
25 guys run away from you?
- Wow.
You're very close to century.
My score in the first
year of electronics was 40.
I'm in the final year now.
I'm here for my vacation.
When I go back to Bangalore,
I'll surely complete a century.
May your parents soul rest in peace.
How do you know that
my parents are no more?
What? I thought they were alive,
I was just joking.
Good. May your parents be happy.
They'll always be happy.
They don't have any tension.
They are torturing God.
Just because they gave
birth to you. - Thank you.
How many subjects do you
have to clear in first year?
B.Com or B.Sc.
- B.A pass.
I was falling asleep when I
was standing in CET queue line.
But still, my father
dragged me into the exam hall.
But, still fell asleep there.
Didn't you do your exam?
Had I done the exam, my
father would've forced me.. do engineering or medicine.
I didn't fall in trouble.
I'm very smart.
Very good. Next?
Next, I completed B.A and
then joined M.A philosophy..
...and now I'm in peace.
Whether or not I go to
college I yelled at.. is such a wonderful course.
If I somehow manage to go to
college for six months more..
...and appear for the exams
taking my exam hall ticket
...l will become a M.A philosopher.
To hell with me.
What about history subject?
Of course, I did
have history subject.
History is a suitable
subject for guys like me.
My history is great.
But future is ruined.
Why should I talk so much with you?
I don't know. I was going
to pluck tender coconuts.
But, you'd blocked my way.
Whatever I told you about
Latha don't tell anyone.
There is so much
difference between you and me.
During childhood, Latha
and I used to sit on..
...this tree and watch the sea.
That's Latha's
tree and this is mine.
There were two more trees,
but they've cut down.
One was father's and
the other was mother's.
Your family has
brought down all the trees,
don't you think it is unfair?
One feels so happy
watching the sea sitting on..
The corner of the tree.
Point to be noted.
There's happiness at the
corner of the coconut tree.
There's an island right there.
When I was young, my parents
went there for a funfair..
But never returned.
Feel like they will return someday.
Time for some emotions.
Move aside. Please.
So, you're alive?
I came running
thinking you were dead.
You should feel happy
when someone is dying.
Not go running and save them.
Move aside.
Watch what you want.
What happened? Who is he?
Seems like he wants
to commit suicide.
But why? He looks so handsome.
It's gone. It's reduced.
Something got reduced.
- I don't know.
Sir, should we help come
out or drop more mud on you?
Come here. - Okay.
Tell me.
- Touch my head.
What if I get electrocuted?
- Touch it.
Not there, on the top.
Towards the right.
Yes, right there.
I've been suffering from
headache for the six years.
Should I massage? - I'd been to
Himalayas in search of medication.
I met a sage who advised me.. bury myself inside at the
seashore and watch the waves..
But which the pain will subside.
Whenever I come to the beach,
I bury myself inside the sand.
Next time, bury
yourself upside down..
The pain in the leg will subside.
As no one is around
- No one is around?
I stripped my clothes and
buried myself inside the sand.
But you interrupted.
I want to come out.
You two can stay
here if you want to.
Come on.
Do we deserve this? Insane?
There was a king in a village.
I'm waiting or a reply.
- Tell me.
I didn't look at him.
There was a king in a village.
- And the king is no more.
I too lived during his times.
I too was infamous.
But now, I lost everything.
I lost everything.
Why did you meet me?
- We didn't meet you.
Alright. Why did I meet you?
- To blabber.
Who are you two? I mean,
friends, lover?
How are you two
related to each other?
We met recently. We
are friends right now.
And will turn into
enemies in sometime.
When a guy and girl
meet for the first time..
They will have
hatred for each other.
But people call that
hatred as love. - You're right.
You said you're not
lovers and that's good.
Remain enemies forever,
life will be good.
I will never fall in love.
My useless brother has come to
meet the bride to her house.
Tell him this story,
it will help him.
Aunt had told me to
prepare pudding. But I'm here.
Why pudding?
People offer sweets and snacks..
...when the groom
comes to see the bride.
Snacks served in paper
plates with white plastic spoon.
We don't serve snacks.
We serve semolina.
Will it be white or
yellow in color?
Yellow. So what?
Disgusting. They add mustard in it.
You have tea cup and
saucer in your house, don't you?
The cups and saucers which
are kept in the showcase..
...beside grandma's and
grandpa's portrait, right?
You're right.
The family doesn't use it
for themselves, but for guests.
My family doesn't do that.
You don't lie much.
Either the bride's
father or the groom's father..
...will be suffering from gastritis.
He must be suffering
during the rituals.
And my uncle will be waiting
for the inauspicious period.
Inauspicious period is really bad.
- You're right.
Go ahead.
My mother must be distributing
oblation to all. - You're right.
Put your hand forward.
You forget something.
You forgot the vermillion.
Ladies apply vermillion
to every living species..
Other than human beings.
That's a rule.
Your aunt must be
yelling at Latha for..
Not wearing the sari perfectly.
Am I right?
She's been fighting to wear
salwarflndian outfit) and not sari.
Please complete the ritual somehow.
I'm tired now.
Here they are.
Tell them to hurry up.
...Ms. Latha is coming
...with the coffee
cups through the smoke.
And she's accompanied by oldsters.
A housefly has committed in the
coffee which the bride serves.
And a while ago, her
aunt would've found..
...two ants dead in the same coffee.
The groom takes a looks at the
housefly instead of the bride.
And the bride looks at her
mother instead of the groom.
Your brother will drink
water instead of coffee.
That's his birth right.
Meanwhile, our dog Rama Ra
takes a look at the bride..
...with the slipper in it's mouth.
My father's back starts itching,
but he'll not be able to scratch.
- The bride walks inside.
The so called
groom holds the mobile.
Your parents' second
round of problems begins.
Semi finals, right?
What does it mean?
It is a language
which means no sense.
The language of our parents.
- It can be anyone's.
No one will understand it.
No one understands the
language which elders speak.
Add even this too, it
will suit my father.
- You both are insane.
You think you're perfect?
Sir, tell me. Whom do we
yell at? People or them?
Yell at everyone. Don't be partial.
There should be equality.
It is a beautiful chain. I want it.
What else do you have in your bag?
You're great. Chains,
bangles and anklets.
Neck, hands and legs.
Dots and foreheads.
Clips and hair.
Nose rings and noses.
Beauty parlors.
Beauty parlors. 24 years of age.
Marriage, delivery, motherhood.
Beating the child.
Applying lipstick
even at the age of 70.
Silk saris.
- Designs.
Matching blouses.
- TV shows.
Cookery shows.
- Aunt in the neighborhood.
Dinning table.
- Spoon stand.
Fixed deposits.
- Cooperative banks.
Onion Rs. 25 a kilo.
- Tomato Rs. 55 a kilo.
Sankranthi festival.
- Diwali festival.
- Venerations.
Auspicious days.
- Lucky days.
Door of heaven.
- Washrooms in hell.
Blood pressure pills.
- Sugarless tea.
Phone calls.
- Hello. How are you?
How are you?
- I'm fine.
School students.
- School bags and lunch boxes.
My husband is a good man.
- Thigh pain at the age of 40.
Hip pain at the age of 30.
- Morning walks.
Evening parks.
- Sites.
Vitrified tiles.
- Expensive cars.
Small gates.
- Current bill.
Empty milk packets.
- Broken switches in the bathroom.
Washing clothes.
- Beautiful maid.
Suspicion of a woman.
- Relatives' marriages.
- Wedding anniversary.
Many many happy returns of the day.
- Marriage albums.
Oh, God.
You're the winner.
You're the winner.
Had you told a word,
you would be the winner.
That's alright. You put up a
tough competition. Come on.
The sage from Himalayas had
given me this artificial beard.
It suits you better.
I'm blessed, guru.
This is life.
Bless me, guru.
Bless me.
Oh, my God.
- Come.
Stop. Don't get upset.
"This is life."
"This is what is called life."
"Being born and being named."
"And grow up somehow."
"This is life."
"Scoring good marks and doing
the course which father says."
"Having bath and go to find a job."
"This is life."
"Find a job with good salary."
"Get married and have children."
"And prepare pumpkin sweet."
"This is life."
"This is how common
in our country are."
"Close your eyes and see,
life is like this."
"Father, stop getting tensed."
"Apply dye to your hair."
"Walking is good for diabetes."
"This is life."
"Mother prays to God all the time."
"That's the only thing you do."
"This is life."
"Both husband and wife toil hard."
"Build house by taking loan."
"And start looking for
the children one day."
"This is life."
"Don't run away from the stage,
it is your role now."
"Once you get coloured,
this is how life is."
"Quarrel with your girlfriend."
"Message her all night long."
"Pass your time in the canteen."
"This is life."
"What is there in Nokia and
what is not there in Airtel..
...know more than your syllabus."
"This is life."
"Because your
parents will yell at you."
"Go to the college daily."
"And say goodbye to your
teacher during the exams."
"This is life."
"In school named romance,
everyday is Sunday."
"Spread your wings and
fly away, this is life."
"Live according to your horoscope."
"Build just four walls
and sleep in the washroom."
"This is life."
"Get to know the secrets
of your previous birth."
"Get to know your future."
"And ruin the present.
This is life."
"You're very good and
we are spoilt brats."
"Don't listen to our song.
This is life."
"You're the biggest
fool I've ever seen."
"Just sing and dance.
This is life."
Children, I shall leave now.
Do you know why I met you both?
Be careful with your beard.
He's so yum.
Did you understand what he said?
You'd said that I won't
understand what he says.
So, I was just watching his face.
Oh God, this means even men
are not secure in this world.
Enough, I didn't stare
at him to flirt with him.
You were dancing with some teacher.
That girl had worn
a beautiful sari.
So, I respected her
and danced with her.
You'll respect
anyone who wears a sari?
It is man's duty to respect a
woman who's worn a good sari.
Wearing sari is a girl's duty.
I couldn't know if you're a
man or a woman. Do you know?
Even I know to wear sari.
Do you know when I
wore a sari first?
I was in my first year. I didn't
know that we have to put on..
...our slippers and then
wear a sari.
The sari was overflowing.
The sari got spoilt.
Lata had challenged me
that I would surely fall.
I didn't fall even once.
Aunt bought me a green
sari with white border.
My mother liked green color
very much. That's the reason..
Uncle helps aunt wear a sari.
Even my mother, father
used to pleat her sari.
After they died now..
Hey, don't pretend.
I was telling my story, but
you're sleeping. You idiot.
Wake up, you fool. Wake up.
Oh God.
I'll teach you a lesson now.
'May you prosper
being lost in thoughts.'
'May your thoughts flourish.'
How did I come in the water?
I pulled you till here. I tried
to wake you up, but you didn't.
So, I had no other option.
I'm suffering from soporific.
I sleep anywhere.
I won't know even if you
keep a bomb next to me.
It is said that, a man
who doesn't have worries..
...can sleep even in
a graveyard. Go.
And sleep in the
middle of the ocean. Go.
I thought him a good lesson.
I've never had bath twice in a day.
The ocean is insane
and so are we. Oh God.
Tell us your final decision.
We have no objections. They
said girl knows to do everything.
What else? We just have to
teach her our house veneration
...and our culture. That's it.
I'm here. I'll teach
her everything.
Okay, let's go ahead
with this alliance. - Okay.
Do you want us to give anything?
Panchakshiri, are they
talking about dowry?
Very bad. We are
not asking for dowry.
You're mistaken. I'm sorry.
We are asking just for
their daughter's happiness.
Tell them.
- Okay.
He's got a call from America.
Dad.. - Lucky, you
wont understand all this.
Panchkshiri, you just talk to them.
Mummy, what I'm trying to say is..
- A big car.
What? - There's somebody
waiting for you in the car.
Mummy, l..
- Somebody from your office..
Would've come looking for you.
- Dad. - Go, Lucky.
You don't worry.
Work is worship. You go.
I'll manage. You go.
Your relatives are here. I
don't have any work now.
Then? - Nothing from our side.
You should tell us.
What do you say?
What did he say?
- I don't understand what he says..
...why are you getting confused?
There's the car.
Okay. Thank you.
Hello? - I called you so many
times and even messaged you.
Why didn't answer my calls?
I was in the temple, dear.
Are you done with the veneration?
- Not yet.
When will you be back?
- There.
Tomorrow or day after.
Are you sure you're in Tirupati?
Why? Do you have a doubt?
Turn around.
'Their love is so unique.'
'They are unbelievable.'
You' re Tirupati, fight?
- What was the need to lie to me?
I wanted to tell you, but
as you wouldn't understand
We've been in love
for so many years..
And you say I won't be
able to understand you?
Sorry. My parents
forcefully brought me here.
As I didn't want to hurt them
But you don't care
if I'm hurt, isn't it?
Soumya, please.
Why didn't you tell me about it?
Thinking you would
get tensed, I didn't
Are you getting
married to someone else?
All the best.
- No way. - Then?
I will refuse this proposal
and introduce you to my parents
and convince them for our
marriage. Now, please leave.
You're lying again.
- I swear. Trust me. Okay?
Why should I go?
The coconuts are falling.
You cannot.
I don't trust you. I will stay in
a hotel is this very same place.
Okay. Now, go from here. Come on.
Don't touch me.
- Soumya.
I still love you.
- Go to hell.
Wandering around
with a handsome guy
and finally reaching home.
Thank God. You didn't
fall in love with me.
Infatuation, I love you,
I miss you and break ups.
Why do you always talk in riddles?
- I don't know.
But will let you
know once I realise?
Does your brother talk like you?
He doesn't have a tongue.
My mother cut his tongue.
In that case, Latha will surely
like him. Marriage has been fixed.
They are
responsible for their death.
But your brother is
a good man, isn't it?
He is epitome of truth.
By the way, why are you enquiring
so much about my brother?
Just to get
familiar with your family.
Your house is still erect.
I thought it would be turned
into ruin when we are back.
I want to meet Latha. You go
and get your brother ready.
I've never done such a
good deep in my life.
If you show me a place to sleep,
I will grateful to you.
There are people at home.
Go to the temple.
All the lazy men in our
village go there and sleep.
My beard from
Himalayas and I. Let's go.
Bell sound, mantras.
The notice boa rd.
My deep sleep with God's blessings.
God, protect me.
- Okay.
Sister Ambu, when did you come?
- Tomorrow.
Idiot. Are you blind?
Tomorrow at 12:30 p.m.
there's an auspicious period.
If the couple get engaged
in this auspicious period..
They will live happily forever.
As you say, Keshva. - Oh, yes.
We will do the engagement.
What do you say?
Dear, come with me.
What is it?
- Why engagement all of a sudden?
We need to invite our relatives.
If my mother learns
about it she will be upset.
By the time your mother
prepare snacks and carry them..
...Latha would've
delivered children.
Just keep quiet.
- What is it?
Tell even us.
- It's nothing.
We will do the engagement tomorrow.
- Okay.
You're finally
getting your commission.
Come, son. Seek his blessings.
Come on. Lathe, you too.
Touch his feet.
Bless you both.
- He made it.
Dad.. - Feed sugar to
the bride and the groom.
- Thank you.
You're still upset?
Calm down.
I've no choice.
At times, girls feel
happy for no reason.
"Any place you meet me.. the string of life."
- I'm coming.
"L don't want to
have dream without you."
"To my eyes."
"No matter what happens,
no matter where I go with me all the time."
u-rest [fie-- your world of love."
"I want you to be my music."
"That's good."
"Love me."
Oh, my God.
- Oh, no.
Oh, my God.
Leave me.
"L will make you wear
the sari of brightness."
"Please cooperate."
"No matter howl look,
you would admire me."
"Please imagine."
"I will make you wear
the sari of brightness."
"Please cooperate."
"No matter howl look,
you would admire me."
"Please imagine."
"Explain the beauty your eyes."
"The inner feeling in you..
...isn't visible. Tolerate me."
"Share my pain and sorrow..
...come closer for once..
And feel them."
"A letter which was about me..
...has come..
And settled in my heart."
"There's a thirst in me."
"What is it about?"
"Keep me as a secret your heart."
"I will make you wear
the sari of brightness."
"Please cooperate."
"No matter howl look,
you would admire me."
"Please imagine."
"Please imagine."
- Coming.
It is hot.
What is it?
Shall I help you?
- No, sit down.
Mailari, don't eat Swamy's food.
You will be thrashed.
Wonderful. Give me her photograph.
I might need it.
Had I known she looks
so beautiful on sari..
...l would've brought a
bachelor and got her married.
Thank you.
Population has increased
because of agents like you.
If we don't get the
modern youths married soon..
...they will choose
their own partners.
What is it?
- Water.
Can I get some gripe water?
How many girls did you
help in wearing sari?
Till now or today?
- Till now?
I feel too shy to say.
I permitted you to do
so having pity on you.
If it some other girl,
she would've slapped you.
Thank you. Serve me some curry.
It is my sari and
you're showing off.
Thank you very much. I'm busy.
It was I who prepared the curry.
Have it.
There's lot different
between tent and sari.
Wearing sari is not big deal,
but you must keep it clean.
But what happened?
Everybody complimented me.
It is like first show
when you sit..
...second show when
you're standing
and matinee show when you walk.
It is Latha's blouse not mine.
I will wear mine, wait and watch.
Please don't. I just have two eyes.
They might catch fire.
Very funny.
Shall I serve you?
- She already served me.
Thank you.
- No. - Thank you.
I'm having food; else I
would ward the evil eye off.
You look so beautiful. - I learnt
it with great difficulty.
Marvelous. You look superb.
- Thank you.
Serve some?
- No. - A little? - No, thanks.
- Get away. - Shut up.
There should be
something to serve. It's empty.
Stop showing off. Who helped
you wear the sari? - Nobody.
Stop showing off.
- Thank you.
Aunt, give it to me.
The sari got stuck again.
Please run faster.
All of us will be happy if you
fall down and break your teeth.
I will fall. So what?
If you have sari with jeans
material, I'll make you wear it.
You will feel comfortable.
I will get if I find it. Now what?
Folds and wrinkles.
Monkeys wear chiffon saris.
Mysore silk,
kanjeevaram, dharmavaram
everything is waste of money.
I was looking for washbasin.
The tap is outside.
There's drum here. - Okay.
Well.. in your village everything
What is it?
- There's darkness everywhere.
Is it? I don't know.
Will you marry me?
- What?
I'm sorry.
- I will talk to my father.
I don't want dowry.
- What about your brother?
I don't know.
- Okay.
- All the best.
There is no network. Okay.
I haven't talked with her yet.
The house has been decked up.
I will call you back later.
- Hi.
Well.. - Sorry. I didn't
get your name. - Latha.
Will I become Latha Lakshman
or Latha Ra after marriage?
Well.. - You don't look
good with this hair style.
You go to men's parlor, don't you?
Mother was saying that
you need to put on weight.
You will, because it is I who will
cook food after going to America.
Do you wear spectacles
all the time?
What's the power?
- I need to talk to you.
For honeymoon, we will go to a
place where there's snowfall.
Let's not go to beaches.
People will be seminude.
Do you have a camera?
- Lathe.
I haven't seen couple sitting
far away even after being engaged.
Go closer.
- Stop it.
- Hello. I'm Ambu. - Hi.
I'm lucky. I want to
talk about this marriage.
You can talk in English.
I know English.
I've also learnt how to send mails.
I know table manners too.
Yea h, right.
Actually, I have a problem.
And I want to talk about it.
If you talk a lot before marriage
...your child will
become a spoilt brat.
It is you who will give
birth to a spoilt brat. Get away.
How dare you push me?
- Water?
Good night.
- Bye.
He's gone.
- Offer him more water.
Stop mocking me. Why
did you come here?
I want to tell you something.
What is it?
- I guess I'm in love.
Who's the SUV?
Water bottle
- Dare you fall in love with him.
I will complain to mother. Mother!
Not water bottle, but his brother.
I must say.
You're really smart.
Did you propose him?
Not yet.
Do that as soon as possible.
Let's start living in the
same house. - You're sure?
- Done.
- Coming.
Go and propose him. Hurry.
Great pleasure, Mailari.
We finally
supplied water to the sea.
This was always my desire.
You fulfilled your desire. Never
mind though you die. Let's go.
Your son is here.
I think he wants to drink the water
in the sea. You want to drink?
- What is it?
Tell him what is it?
I want to get married.
Will you get me married?
You're useless guy. It'll be
such a shame to go with a proposal.
But I drive the bus? - The bus
is mine. Do your job properly.
Look, don't mess with me.
Try and understand my feelings.
To hell with your feelings.
- Calm down.
Why are you stopping him?
Give him your
consent to get married.
No marriage, I will murder him.
You must earn money, build a house.
Mainly, you must
stay with your wife.
And if you stay with your wife,
you will die very soon.
You should be a slave to
your wife. Can you do it?
You talk like an experienced man.
What do you know about marriage?
I watch my father everyday.
They gave birth to a
useless son like me.
What more should I experience?
There's lot more to marriage.
You're so young
and you talk so much?
Mailari, the
youths don't respect us.
Talking to them I got sobered.
There's more liquor left.
Let's o and drink.
Father, tell me..
- I will talk to him. Get away.
Don't care about him.
He's a useless guy.
If you force others to drink,
your life will be ruined.
The sound of the waves..
Sweet dreams.
The eyes which doesn't sleep.
The saris which don't
let you sleep.
Save me. Save me.
Don't get up. Don't get up.
Seeing you bathe, I went crazy.
And I went crazier when
you made me wear sari.
I don't know..
...why I'm here and
what's happening to me.
I think I like you.
Do I have to tell you the reason?
I was looking for someone.
But why did I start liking you?
Your ears are pink like a puppy's.
Chubby cheeks,
dimple chin, teeth within.
You boast yourself a lot.
But you're a dimwit.
Why do we get attracted
to opposite character?
Hello? No girl will fall in
love with a useless guy like you..
Except me. Remember that.
He's fast asleep.
Ever since my childhood I desired
to be with naughty guys like you.
He should laugh when I laugh.
And cry when I cry.
I will upset in the morning, but
will pamper you in the evening.
I'm a shrew. Will you tolerate me?
It is my aunt and uncle who've
been tolerating a fool.. me for all these years.
You consider elders as fools..
But I consider them as children.
Why do you let them down?
According, we must love
one another. That's life.
How dare you sing 'that's
life' during my presence?
I was quiet because I was
not in love at that time.
Sing now, let me see.
I must say. I fell
in love in one day.
I'm a stupid girl.
Why did it happen to me?
What do you know about me?
You will constantly
watch me the entire day
...else, I will kill you.
Get up and see.
Don't get up.
It'll be great fun
to snatch the phone..
...while you're talking
and throwing it away.
It'll be great fun not to
talk to you while you'll be..
...home after a hard day.
When I will call out to
you for towel after bathing will be so melodious.
There'll be so much love
when I hit you on your head..
...when you're gazing
at girls on the TV.
I feel like taking
good care of you.
Protect you all the time.
You too must be
feeling the same, right?
Oh, no.
That's enough for today.
I'm sparing you.
I'm sure I will get you one day.
Then, I will teach you.
"Never felt like this before."
"Until I get you."
"The story which I
read now is different."
"The page which tells about you."
"Like the waves..
...flow into my heart."
"Come to me."
"Take me into your..
World of illusion."
"Always keep smiling."
"Love me."
I told you everything, Soumya.
Say something.
What do l...?
Never check lovers' mobile.
And never go closer to
them when they're quarrelling.
But still he went.
They decided without
taking my opinion.
You say you getting
married fearing your parents.
What about your future?
You're not aware of my parents.
Stay quiet.
Will you die if your
parents ask you to?
Lucky, at least tell
me what the problem is.
They've grown old.
They are not keeping well.
If I don't do as they say, wonder
what they will do to themselves.
I'm scared.
Bharat will not take care of them.
I'm the only one they
count on. What do I do?
They want someone to obey them,
so they've trapped you.
They've made your life miserable.
Aren't you concerned
about your future?
Yes, I'm an idiot. I don't
know how to lead my life.
I'm a loser. I'm a useless guy.
This is how my life is.
This is how I will lead my life.
You can walk away if you want to.
Sorry. I guess you hurt very much.
I don't know whether or
not we will get married.
But I can't see you living in pain.
I will go away
leaving everything behind.
I can't live this
stupid life anymore.
On one side, I cannot
go against my parents.
And if I don't go against them, I
will not be able to stay with you.
Just go and die.
Panchakshiri, will the
groom's family be late?
They will never be late.
They will arrive on time.
They'll never change their mind
as Swamy has fixed the engagement.
But why?
- Today's the cricket match.
I want to watch at least five overs.
Why watch? Bring a bat and a ball.
We will play ourselves.
We will postpone the
engagement tomorrow.
That's a good idea.
Time up. Bring the bride.
- What?
Madam will murder you if you
watch cricket. - Get away.
Madam has summoned you.
- Go and bring tea.
I will complain to madam.
I will complain.
The bride's family is ready.
What about your family?
Did Swamy ask you to
observe vow of silence?
Swarm; is missing.
Did you happen to see him?
He must be looking for a washroom.
As he was in anger, he was
awake all night. He was meditating.
When we were drinking last night
...he was standing beside my
bus and talking over the phone.
We didn't get to see him later.
Wonder where he is.
Did he light the ghee lamp?
I don't get the smell.
He would've torched fire
and notjust ghee lamp.
I guess he's bitten by some dog.
The twenty, twenty cricket match.
- What's about it?
I turned on the TV to know who won.
- Who won?
Not cricket.
- Then what's on the TV?
It would be better if
you take a look yourselves.
Let's go and take a look.
When the news
about fake sage broke..
...who was making
money teaching yoga..
Opening a
hermitage called Keshavnanda.
The police have arrested the sage.
Following the
complaint of two foreigners
...the police were
looking for the fake sage.
When the sage was about to
fly to Dubai to hide himself..
Mangalore police arrested
him in Mangalore airport
and brought him to Vijayanagar
police station, Bangalore.
Several women associations are
protesting against sage Keshavnanda.
Down to the fake sage!
Down to the fake sage!
Turn off the TV. Do it right away.
Someone call the media.
Who is giving wrong
information to the media?
Must be some of his enemies.
My brother has 10 lake
devotees in this world.
La khs together.
Give me the phone. I
will call the media myself.
He did tell me yesterday
that there's something
wrong in this house.
I know it. People living in
this house are hypocrites.
No one is decent like us.
- Dear.
We don't want this proposal.
My brother got arrested
only after coming here.
Bha rat.
- It is all because of you.
- It is you who started it.
You always insulted him, now,
look what happened.
It is all because of you.
- Let's go from here.
That's impossible.
- Mothen.
Don't call me 'mother'.
I'm not your mother.
Do you remember
what Keshav had told?
If brats like him are born, parents'
life will become miserable.
Then why did you?
- Bharat!
Why did you give birth to me?
You get married because
someone matched your horoscope.
Give birth to children
and nurture them like dogs.
Then, ruin their desires,
but offer prayers to God.
People like you're
sinners and not children.
Mother, father
- Don't stop me.
Shut up.
- They're leading a life like you..
...because you kept your
mouth shut for all these years.
Ask Lucky if he went to
America for your sake or his sake.
Bharat, please.
- Tell them.
Tell them you went to
America because you couldn't
...bear their humiliation.
Bha rat.
Come here.
- Bharat.
Come here.
He's in love with her
for the last three years.
She's the only one he desired for.
He didn't say because
he feared you.
- You want to kill him? Kill him.
It is true?
Yes .
You betrayed us.
We will be put to shame
because of sons like you.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Oh, my God.
Had you told me I
would've have objected.
Don't cry.
Mailari, your son a perfect man.
He got married.
Married? To whom?
Bingra's sister.
Seeing his face I think he finished
the consummation night as well.
I will accept this.
- Why?
Their horoscopes were not matched.
He didn't seek my permission.
I don't accept this marriage.
Stop yelling.
Look what happened to them now.
To hell with horoscope and caste.
We have both Indian
and foreign culture.
The country is ruined.
Son doesn't obey his parents.
Parents are adamant.
Above all, our fate is ruined.
In that case, trying to
match the horoscopes..
...our culture has been ruined.
The youths trying to
build a new India.
They will die a miserable death.
Whereas your son got married
without creating any issues.
You must be proud of him.
In one year his children
will come to the beach to play.
Children should take birth
for the earth to revolve.
Global warming. Keep that in mind.
This is what I call
a perfect wedding.
Okay. Bingra is now my relative.
Should I shower my blessings?
- Don't delay.
Come here.
Madam, the proposal
has been called off.
I would suggest you one thing.
It is your children who
should get married and not you.
Stop it. Let's go back.
Look, there are so
many people behind me.
Now, only marriage has taken place.
The bride's brother half the bus.
- So?
There's an air
condition bus at 1:30 p.m.
It is 1:10 now.
Let's go and have food.
A mere wedding turned
out to be a grand one.
Let's go. Let's have food.
Thank God. We got saved.
Terrible family.
Ambu, ask him to leave.
Look at him watching. Darn it.
Yesterday, you asked me..
...why am I so talkative.
Shall I tell you?
Everything on this
earth is lifeless.
For me, world is like a junkyard.
Everything here is just
mere things. You and me.
Why did I come here?
Why did you fall in love with
me and now why are you crying?
Why do waves come
towards sand models?
Why isn't anything immortal?
Why a single thing
has no life in it?
We have no idea.
Last night you came to
me and talked about love.
After you left, I
was thinking all night.
I cannot live the
way you want me to.
I don't posses the
qualities of a responsible husband.
I cannot be a
hypocrite like my parents.
There will be no
wedding albums in my life.
Why do you ruin your life
getting married to a fool like me?
You fell in love
with in just one day.
Why do you want to spend
the rest of your life..
With a useless guy like me?
The sea will clear this sand model.
Tomorrow, there will be another
person who'll cleanse your heart.
This is what life is.
Did he leave? He's gone.
When I met you two, I
suggested you to remain as enemies.
But you didn't heed my advice.
What are you doing?
- Even I want to bury myself here.
Sorrows, headache, emotions
Did you yell at him or did
he yell at you? - It was him.
I guess he hates me. He left.
You've mistaken.
Guys yell at those
whom they love very much.
It is the opposite.
Because they are useless.
That's why they yell at everyone.
But you too were yelling
at everyone yesterday?
I too love everyone.
That's why I yell at them.
Even I'm a useless person.
My wedding album.
My wife parted from me.
She loved me very much.
Apart from her love I
could feel everything else.
I left the house due
to a mere quarrel.
I was wandering in the
Himalayas wanting to become a sage.
The one whom I wanted to forget
...became more closer to my heart.
When I was leaving, my
little kid waved me goodbye.
I still remember her little hand.
She was just one year old.
She still anklet in her legs.
Currently, where are they?
When I realized love is
life and returned back.. wife and child were
happy with another man.
Then, I became lonely.
I have nobody.
I'm neither a
husband nor a bachelor.
I'm no where.
It's been 20 years since the doctor
told me I would die in two years.
Even death hates me.
And life, always hated me.
A husband desires to
become a bachelor.
A bachelor desires
to become a husband.
But wonder which is better.
That's life.
I hope your boyfriends
doesn't become like me.
That's how life is.
Can I know why you're crying?
Because you're
parting from me, right?
Wonder how much you will
cry after I'm gone. Oh, God.
- Oh. So, you know my name.
I did tell you about me, didn't I?
No one would ever
understand what you said.
After you left, that old
man started talking to me.
I felt so irritated.
- Well, Ambika..
Enough. Don't say a word.
You're a hypocrite.
- No..
Why don't you tell me you love me?
You've mistaken.
- I'm not.
That means you
were flirting with me.
You helped me wear
sari for no reason?
I kissed you last night
thinking you were asleep.
But you didn't even embrace me.
Don't you have feelings for me?
Tell me the truth.
- I do.
Then what's your problem?
I don't know.
I will slap you, you
will know everything.
Or shall I embrace you?
Look, I've fallen in love.
You better accept my proposal.
I cannot fall in love with
another guy all over again.
All you men are the same.
You can fall in love
with any woman you want.
A woman makes sure is that
her man prospers in life.
I'm famished. Hurry up. Tell
me whether or not you love me?
Alright. You may go.
But when you come back looking
for me, you'll never find me.
This is your last chance.
I will teach you how to live life.
Come home and talk to family.
Else, kill yourself.
Girls make their point very clear.
I hope no guy suffers like him.
- Stop!
Marriage is a pain..
But at the same time you
would never want to miss your girl.
But, the situation is such that
the guy has to choose marriage.
L'm ready!
Now, his story comes to an end.
Accept the girl
though you're confused.
Endure everything
though you regret.
No one wants to know
about love. That's life.
"Five colors."
"Hold a torch in the daylight."
"Look for a well in the night."
"Get a membership of the well."
"That's life."
"Five colors."
"Mosquito on the water."
"The wall has numerous colors."
"But the color of
your life is white."
"That's life."
"That's life."
"Youths' mischief."
"Elders get fed up."
"Elder son and younger son."