Panchavarnathatha (2018) Movie Script

'Five-coloured Parrot'
can you bring me a parrot like that?
Are you ready?
Ask him to stop it!
I can't hear you!
Are you ready for the rhythm of Punjab?
Come on, bride's uncle...
Us relatives meet each other
only once in 3-4 years.
Huh? - Us relatives meet each other
only once in 3-4 years.
But they are not able to talk
to each other or catch up.
I didn't invite that
long-haired fellow.
He is the bride's brother's friend.
PJ Joseph.
Not PJ Joseph.
DJ Joseph!
If it was PJ Joseph, he would've
sung a couple of songs. That's all!
But is that what's happening here?
Not left..
To the right! Right!
Put your hands together for
the rhythm of Chennai"!
He was adamant that he
wanted this Christian girl.
Both the families weren't
really interested in this..
But if we say something,
that's enough for them!
Stop drinking, man!
You can't play properly
if the shiver goes away.
A procession of 50 Enfield bikes
from the house to the wedding venue!
All those on the way would
have remembered me!
I am his father, right?
From there till this
auditorium, in a horse-cart!
Are they reaching only now?
Since when did this
DJ become so big?
That Joseph is just playing
music and acting with it.
He sells Sweet Paan
at the boat jetty.
Put your hands together for
Diana and Unnikrishnan!
Not this one.
Not this one either.
Have you joint it?
No! This is not a joint!
Do you have stuff with you?
Don't worry! Not to scold you.
We can all have a round.
There's some booze in the van.
Don't give them what we have.
The nearest liquor
shop is 30 kms away.
Oh no!
Come here.
What is it?
What's the matter?
- Hey!
Come here.
- What is it?
They are almost here.
Come here, I say!
What is it?
Tell me!
They won't reach!
Come here!
The vehicle that was bringing Biriyanis
for 400 people, broke its axle.
They will be late to reach here.
- Oh God!
Are you coming here or not?
- Crap!
I mean... Yes!
You also come!
Oh! The goof is here!
Not goof... Groom!
Both are the same!
Shouldn't we serve the food
as soon as they get on stage?
Food! Food!
His bloody Sweet Paan business!
How can you say that?
Can I ask the guests to wait for some time,
and that they'll be served Biriyani later?
Some time will pass with presenting
gifts, and clicking photos.
What will we do after that?
They'll reach here in 10
minutes, if there's no block!
Will they say that there's no block?
- Well.. That...
What happened?
Did the bride elope with someone?
That's a fashion now.
It's the groom's dad!
- So did the dad elope?
What do you want?
I had asked to arrange for
some grass to feed the horse.
There's no Biriyani to feed
the bride's father here.
And you want grass for
your bloody horse?
Five more minutes?
What do I tell the guests here?
A strong driver has reached
there with another vehicle.
We have to entertain the
guests for 5 minutes, somehow.
Don't smile so much.
I just need attitude on your face.
You shouldn't smile when
they click the photo.
I just need one still of both
of them sitting atop the horse.
That's not enough.
Hey horse-man! Get them on
top of it, and make it walk.
In the wedding CD,
I'll turn it into 1000 horses flying
through the clouds spreading their wings.
I'll do it in graphics.
- Stop bragging and help me with this.
- Hop on, buddy.
Are you scared?
- Not at all!
Unni, keep quiet.
- Hold me tight.
I'll fall!
- Unni, keep quiet.
I'll fall! Mom! Dad!
- Unni, keep quiet!
Keep quiet!
You saved my honour.
Even though the song was bad,
people sat there listening to it.
Hey! Are you coming or not?
There's much more than
what I promised.
Gone, Praveen Chetta!
Our Babu uncle..
- What happened?
Are you ready?
Shakthi Mum Gymnasium'.!
Shakthi Mum Gymnasium'.!
A trusted institution, by Mr. India Shibu,
will be inaugurated by MLA Kalesh.
Shakthi Mum Gymnasium'.!
Just consider it as a
close friend's advice.
You're a driver, right?
No one can predict what will
happen to you and when!
So, it's better that
you take a policy.
I'll have to pay 50,000 thrice, right?
- Yes.
The function has just started here.
Election is coming soon, right?
He won't displease anyone.
The runner-up of Mr. India competition, Mr.
Shiju, who came here upon our invite.
He is the one who's starting
such a gymnasium here.
I heartily welcome him
to this function.
Along with that,
the pride of our town...
as soon as we went and invited,
the one who admitted that he has no
other job and that he would come..
Our dearest MLA Mr. Kalesh,
we welcome him to this function.
Now I'm going to welcome...
a lady, who fulfils all needs of ours
without any hesitation, at any time!
Which year did you become Mr. India?
- 2002.
You've been like this, since then?
Have you thought about wearing a 'Mundu'?
- No way!
Our 9th ward member,
the public asset of this town,
Maya Baby"
To welcome her,
I invite Aluva Jinto.
Jinto, who's known as
the Arnold ofAluva.
He's also an artist who scored A grade
in the tribal dance competition,
organized by 'Smiles' Arts & Sports Club.
Bless you!
I invite our dear MLA
to speak a few words.
My dear friends,
brothers and sisters...
First of all I want to
express my gratitude
for the love that you're
all showering upon me.
One of man's greatest assets is power..
or health!
He's wasting time
with this speech.
Look at that guy's body!
What body?
There's only a small
difference between him and me.
He's wearing an underwear,
but no 'Mundu'.
I'm wearing a 'Mundu',
but no underwear.
I humbly request you to vote for
me in the symbol of elephant,
which is a synonym for power.
With your permission, I shall inaugurate...
It's upstairs.
Where's the east here?
- Where's the east?
Ask someone!
Someone go down and check.
Don't you know where east is?
- I'm not from this town!
Why did you ask where's east?
To light the wick of the lam p..
You needn't light a lamp
to inaugurate here..
Did you see that?
Just pull it close to your chest,
and inaugurate it.
Just pull it to your chest.
Yes. Like that!
Pull it close to your chest!
You can do it this time.
To your chest!
A small gift from us to you, MLA sir.
Take it.
Take it.
- Come on.
I've not at all particular
that you should buy this.
If you're buying it, you should
pay the price I'm asking for.
Chechi, in a business..
Don't teach me about business.
What about 1.5?
- This sale won't happen for 1.5...
Many people came and
quoted prices..
Everything has a
deserving price, right?
Final price - 1.60
If that's okay, tell me..
Chechi, think about
it once more...
I just thought, let this sale
happen if it's going to happen.
You're going to sell it again
for a higher profit, right?
I can't pay more than 1.5 Rupees
for a broken beer bottle!
The Tamilian who used to come regularly,
used to pay Rs.1.80
One day, he argued with me for
just 25 paise, pointlessly!
You should pay attention now.
That poor thing just crossed the
road with the sack on his head...
Atipper lorry...
It's because of his greed!
Now you quote a price!
1.5 Only!
Then keep that bottle aside.
Tell me how much you can pay for
the newspaper. - Let me see.
Is it a fake weighing machine?
- Can't get anything by selling newspapers!
Have you heard about a Mam men
Mappillai from Kottayam?
He created such a huge empire,
by selling newspapers!
It's been 3 weeks since I gave
them 2 churidars to shape.
Even when I went today,
she hadn't touched it.
I stayed there and
got it stitched.
However fitting the clothes are, you'll
be happy only if your shape it again!
That's true!
You should shape it.
Only then it will look good.
You don't know all this, aunty!
What's your name, Chechi?
Ch itra.
Do you sing?
For slim and tall women like you,
body fit churidars match very well!
If it's a saree, it
will be awesome!
If so, shall I buy all
this for 30 Rupees?
- Give it, mom!
What is this?
You cannot bring all this in here.
Move away.
Move away!
Come in, sir.
Come in, sirs.
Get in.
- Good afternoon.
Keep the AC high.
- It's on maximum.
This is Eappachan Sir.
He has a family
business of wood.
And he also does some real
estate and car sales.
You have a school with you, right?
So how's the deal?
90 cent land and school
at Edathalakkadu.
The school building is
almost 60 years old.
It's old?
- Don't bother about that.
You'll get at least Rs.
1 Lakh per cent.
Sir, ticket.
- 3 tickets to Karikkode.
Since it's an old school, the townsmen
might create a problem if we sell it.
Is it? Let's discuss then.
What's the doubt about?
Well, it's a school, right?
Even if we get it for a low price,
it will be trouble.
Sir is saying that it will be
very difficult to sell it.
Did you have tea, sir?
Reached Karikkode!
- 3 tickets to Peruva!
To buy a school for 90 Lakhs,
Sir cannot take a decision alone..
He has to discuss
with his partners.
If it was a plantation, I'd have bought
it with closed eyes for this price.
Do you something like that?
I'm not a broker.
I have another business.
Well.. They don't need brokers.
That's why I didn't come into the picture.
- Vengaloor.
Excuse me.
Even if it's a foreigner, it hurts
when they stamp on our foot.
Tolerate some pain, sir.
The company that runs this school
has other colleges as well.
Engineering college, Dental
college and many more..
They told this to me when I went to sell
2 Labradors at their Ladies Hostel...
To see if there are any buyers"
- La bra...?
I have a business of selling dogs"
Peru va!
Those who've to get
down at Peruva, please.
3 tickets to Vellur.
I didn't come here to do real estate
business with half-crazy dog-sellers!
Got it?
- Sir..
Within the next 3 years, 4 teachers
are going to retire from that school.
For every newly
appointed teacher,
the management can ask
for 35 Lakhs per person.
If the school is in your hand,
per person 35 Lakhs..
Won't you get 1 crore and 40 Lakhs?
Now you're going to spend 90 Lakhs.
It's a huge profit, right?
They said that they will buy one
more dog if this sale happens.
Aren't you getting down?
3 tickets to Vellur.
This is Vellur.
Get down fast.
Shall we go for another round
via Karikkode and Peruva?
There's a chance for
this sale to happen.
We won't allow your sales in this bus.
Go and get a room in some hotel.
Troubling us unnecessarily"
- Why are you getting so angry?
This is usual!
The next bus will come soon.
This will cost extra money.
Don't bother about money, brother.
This is called Atkins diet.
We should use proteins alone,
and burn all the fat.
Do you remember Shibu?
I know!
He was caught by police for letting the
septic tank open to the river, right?
Oh! The Shibu, who studied
with you in school.
The guy who had rashes till
his knees and kept itching!
With all those rashes, that boy passed
his Hindi exams in first class, right?
That's 'Mucous' Shibu!
He is in America now..
- Can you please stop it?
I want to eat dinner.
Have it.
That can be seen on
your body as well.
I am slim only!
Even today someone told me that.
- A scrap seller.
You tell me..
Who is this Shibu?
Mr. India.
He eats 30 egg whites, daily.
So aren't you eating rice tonight?
- No!
Hey! No need to protect your
health by avoiding food.
Once the election is announced
& the campaign starts,
you won't be able to
eat anything on time.
Back then, during the election season...
his father used to
have 6 meals a day.
House full of workers,
and food for all of them!
I don't let the workers
come here, on purpose.
If they keep coming here and
spoil this house & garden,
what explanation will
I give to Naseel'?
Your father has helped
Naseer and his father a lot, son.
We're not staying here because we longed
to stay in such a huge house, are we?
Who can be trusted to look after
such a huge house othenlvise?
In this case, it's a matter of pride for
Naseer that the MLA stays here, right?
Last time, there was a sympathy
wave because of his fathefs death.
This time..
At least by a majority
of 7000 votes,
he will lose!
7000 votes?
Wanna bet?
- Yes! How much?
I'll give you 7000 Rupees.
Place the bet!
I'm placing a bet for 7000 Rupees!
In this election, my dear Kaleshettan
will lose for at least 10,000 votes!
- 10,000!
- 10,000!
Can you stop it?
Won't even let me eat!
You just keep yapping!
What about the eggs?
- He'll get them after the elections!
Who's sharing the matters that we
discuss in the group, outside?
Nafeesa got both my voice
note and its screenshot.
The one who did it, will
be struck by lightning!
Whoever it is, she
will be damned!
Haven't I asked you not to
talk while it's charging?
It's just that it shouldn't
be held to the ear, right?
Your ear...
Who is it?
It's Kaleshettan.
Where did we stop?
- Ya! Getting struck by lightning!
I even thought about leaving
this group called 'Cute Ladies'.
Don't do that.
And ya, that Soumya's husband
will divorce her mostly.
She deserves that!
But still..
Who would have taken the
screenshot of me cribbing...
Leave it..
The one who did it.. I want to see
her dying without a drop of water to drink!
Shall we start another group?
Well.. What do we name our new group?
Positive Thinkers!
That's nice.
Bye then.
See you later.
How many times have I told you
to keep this filled with water?
Is it normal water?
There was cumin water
in the kitchen!
Let it be there.
You lie down here.
Do you know something?
We are humans, right?
Daily, we should be drinking
at least 8 litres of water.
Water will burn fat!
You've been talking about this fat
burning ever since you came today.
I'm always been 56 kgs..
Be it earlier, or now!
That will all change
with just one delivery.
But that will never happen
in our lives, right?
Are you crying?
What is this, dear?
We talk about it
like this, right?
Did it hurt you?
A child will come into our lives,
as both of us wished.
Why are you crying?
Why are you giggling?
I was just looking at the one who's
going to jog from tomorrow morning.
I'll go! I'll go jogging every
morning hereafter! Why?
I heard this during your last
birthday and the new year as well.
Go to sleep!
I must burn fat from tomorrow!
Come on, Kalesh!
- Runner Kuttappan!
Have the muscles decreased?
It's the first day, right?
Chitra! Hey!
Come. Get up.
Let's go jogging!
Fresh air, birds chirping"
We can enjoy all that!
I'm not coming!
Don't you want to hear the chirping?
Shall we stay on the bed,
for some more time?
Don't think that I'll fall
for your temptations.
You sleep, my dear"
I'll go exercise and come!
She thinks she's actress
Bhanupriya from 'Rajashilpi' movie.
Oh my God!
You would've slit my throat now.
Good morning sir.
- Good morning!
Good morning, Chetta.
- Good morning.
Good morning sir..
- Morning"
Are you alone?
Well.. I haven't see you
around on this route earlier"
I take a different
route usually"
20 kilom etres.
20 kilometres?
Ijog for half an hour.
I go by time.
Chin nam ma Chech I!
Get lost you scoundrel.
Call your mom that, you dog!
No need breakfast now, right?
- Follow her. You'll also get it.
Don't worry, Colonel Uncle.
- I've seen much more at the border.
Culture less fellows.
Sorry sir.
Sir, we should repair these roads.
Seems like you're really shy.
You're not saying anything.
We shouldn't talk while running"
- Sir...
Our body is our asset.
You're really lucky..
Your abdomen is really small"
I'm going this way!
Sir, I'll also come.
No problem if I take a
different route for a day.
- I'll go home then.
Sir, running together, huh?
Notjust running, we even sleep together.
Why do you care? Loser!
Even though his son has his colour, he has
the same cat eyes like his neighbour Jayan.
Why are you laughing?
Long back, there was a
Madan sir in Bombay.
He also ran away like this once.
- When?
When there was a
raid in the hotel.
Oh no!
Sir! Sir!
There's no one who is courageous
in the current ministry.
I will be there with you to annihilate even
the last street dog of this constituency!
It's not in front of me,
or behind me!
It's walking along with me.
A terrible situation!
Nothing else to do!
Just run fast, like how
you would write '8'.
Get lost, you dog!
Don't tell your father that I
bought this ice candy for you.
I won't.
Didn't you go to school today?
No. I had a stomach ache.
Excuse me..
He really wants to grow a pet"
Don't buy these for time pass
like you buy toys for kids.
If it's an animal we can grow"
- It's not like that.
We should see whether we
are suitable for them!
Did you see her'?
- The cat?
A dentist in the locality, John sir..
bought her once..
Keeping her food for
3-4 days on a plate,
locked her inside their house,
John sir and family went
on atourto Munnar.
What breed is this?
- I'll say it!
Persian cat!
With the wind, the door of the room
where the food was kept, got closed.
Until they came back
after the tour,
this one didn't get
any food or water.
He dropped her back here, as
she was almost about to die.
He told me to sell it
if a good buyer comes.
Did you see that
she's all smart now?
Kiddo, are you fine with this one?
- Take it.
What are you going to name her, kiddo?
- Dora.
Uncle, come here.
The chick 'gust poked
its head out.
Is this the father or the
mother of the chick?
That's the father.
How do you know that?
Among these love birds,
the males will have a blue
colour on top of their noses.
Females won't have that.
Look carefully.
Isn't daddy at home?
- No.
That's what!
Tea is on the table.
Have it.
Take bath & go for tuition!
Come back here!
You keep going there
all the time,
whenever we don't pay attention.
Come and do your home work.
Can't you get some Bengali
to work for you there?
You shouldn't be making
my son work for you!
Bengalis are also humans!
That's true!
I don't call him.
He comes here on his own to see
all these animals and birds.
Rama Chechi, you know right?
With all this smell & dust,
the kids are constantly sick!
Is there a smell?
- You shut up!
Can't even talk or what?
- Hey!
Why do you keep going there?
To see if the egg has hatched.
- Go inside.
Hey! The association members
have complained against you.
Pack all your stuff and
be ready to leave!
What happened?
Has this one been vaccinated?
If I had seen the dog that bit you, I
could have bought some Iimejuice for it.
To see if it has rabies.
It's safe to take an injection.
Now you can take
it on your hand.
If it was earlier, they would have made
a graffiti around your bellybutton.
In spite of having such
a big set up and a car,
how did you get
bitten by a dog, sir?
He went to hear the chirping of birds.
And look now!
He burned fat as well.
What's your name?
Ch itra.
DO you sing',
' No! '?
I'm scared of injections!
She doesn't sing.
But sir..
He failed in a music degree"
He wanted to be a singer.
But he had to come into
politics suddenly.
You didn't believe me
when I told you, right?
Are you happy now that
you've fallen sick?
That's the benefit
of taking a policy.
Maximum one more time here..
- Ne'.!
Everything is okay, right?
Such a protest march hasn't happened
at the junction before this.
What is it? -We'll burn the
effigy of the dog in the evening.
Effigy of the dog?
We can't do anything else.
Dogs have connections
up in Delhi as well.
Sir, what about our
nurses' problem?
All that we'll talk
in the MLA office.
There's no particular
scheme or fund for this.
Let me try talking to
the Chief Minister.
And we're not supposed to donate to private
parties from the MLA fund as well.
Let's see.
You know that the condition of the
orphanage is really bad, right?
You don't worry at all!
I'll try my best!
Thank you.
- Okay.
Walk carefully.
Are you busy, sir?
How come you're here?
- I'm bound to come here, right?
Oh! The full family is here?
I came because I need
to get something done.
And.. A function is coming up.
I'll tell you about it later.
Why are you angry, St. George?
Not St. George.
Did you lose weight, Kalesh?
I've been running around, right?
If you're busy, I'm not
troubling you further. Here.
What is this?
There's a pet-shop owner
next to my house.
Someone who sells birds, parrots and dogs.
He's a nuisance.
The residents' association has
filed a complaint via the police.
To shift him from there.
A case is going on,
but it will take a long time, right?
Everyone there knows
that we are friends.
It's a petition signed by all the
neighbours to chase him away from there.
Why is he angry?
We can't say what kind of
people these guys are!
They won't even hesitate to kidnap
our children. - That's true.
Anyway, let me enquire once.
Okay then.
- Okay.
And ya..
Election is coming up.
- I know!
Don't forget me.
The symbol is elephant!
If a decision is made about this, all
the people there would vote for you.
- Okay then.
Is this yours?
Not the banana.
This set-up!
Go and bring the license,
registration & other documents.
What is this?
Mashed potatoes?
Where is the title deed?
This is an original
deed document, sir.
I came here for a
circus long back.
Back then, all this used
to belong to one family.
Later, all the other neighbours got
title deeds registered in their names.
They are the ones who have complained
to evacuate you from here.
I cam to know about that.
It's a case, right?
The case will take its course.
But now I got a call
from the MLA's office.
This is an enquiry for that.
Sir, when I came here back then,
there was no one here.
Not even this road...
And, when this place
changed so much...
I became really happy!
Now they will be happy only
if I move out from here.
Are you alone here?
There were 4-5 regular workers.
Now I call them only
when they're needed.
You have a pet business?
- Yes.
He acted with Mammootty
in 'Pulimurugan'.
- Is it?
These guys went to
Hyderabad for 'Baahubali'.
What else do you have?
Nothing much, sir.
Just one elephant.
- Uncle!
Where's your camel?
I have just one.
It's an original deed before '76, right?
The judgment will
take a long time.
You might not have to shift,
but you'll have to get rid of all of them.
Here's your mashed potato!
Hey! Come here!
What is it, sir?
- Does the Indian Cuckoo talk?
Indian Cuckoo!
Does it talk?
- Is it?
You know what? I got a cuckoo
while I was studying in school.
I raised it for a long time.
I fed it herbs as well.
But it never talked"
If it was now, he would've
punched it to make it talk.
Jimmy sir, our leader!
Lead us with valour!
- Kalesh, our leader!
There are Lakhs behind you!
Lead us with valour!
Kalesh, our leader!
Lead us with valour!
All the three times my
father filed his nomination,
you were with him, Udayettan!
My father is no more now.
You should take his
position and bless me.
Give it.
30,000 Rupees, wedding
ring and a BSA cycle?
Those are your only assets?
There are talks that the house
you're staying in now, is yours
or that you're a benami
There 3-4 covers of ribbons and scissors
as well. Should we add that too?
No need!
What's your wife's name?
Ch itra.
Do you sing?
- No.
Kalesh sir, our leader!
Lead us with valour!
The coconut tree doesn't cheat.
The coconut doesn't cheat.
No one has died
due to a coconut.
All the best!
- All the best!
Chetta, our symbol is elephant!
I don't vote!
What is it?
- Here's the fees.
It's the first time someone
is paying fees to me.
Even if it's through the film,
if you look at the sun for long,
it will damage your eyes.
Let this be here.
If it's here, the birds
won't feel the heat.
A foreigner who came for an
exhibition in Ernakulam told me,
there's a zoo in a place called
San Diego, somewhere in America.
It's been 100 years
since they started it.
When you grow up, you
should go there.
Now go home, boy!
- I won't go!
If your Mummy or Daddy comes
back, they will scold me.
They won't scold you..
- Why?
They have gone to the Church
to book the parish hall.
What is it?
- Come here.
Drink this milk and go.
- Bring it here.
Can I jump over this
wall and come there?
Come here, dear"
- No.
When your daddy comes, I'll
tell him what you were doing.
Don't get beaten up for my sake.
Give it to me.
I'll give him.
Return the cup soon.
Breathe out!
Get lost!
Have you boozed?
You have!
Haven't you had a
couple of drinks?
Send the cup with him.
Hey! Come here!
Come here...
Shall I tell Abraham sir
that you keep boozing?
I deserve this!
I'm the only one who hasn't signed on the
complaint to chase you away from here.
I'm not even getting
time to clean the floor.
The Independent Candidate"
Badusha, who escaped adventurously from the
molestation allegations that he faced.
Vote for him,
with the mobile phone symbol.
So she stores your Daddy's liquor in
a shampoo bottle behind the stove?
Does your Mummy know this?
- Yes, but she won't say anything.
- If she's drunk,
that aunty cleans the
floor thrice a day!
How much does a parrot cost?
Don't hesitate to quote a price.
You work at this shop, right?
Then tell me, how much
does a parrot cost?
If it's a local parrot, we're not supposed
to raise it or put it in a cage now.
How much does this cost?
That's a cockatiel.
Do you want it alone, or as a pair?
How much does this one cost?
That's a Lorie.
Someone has already booked her.
This one..
How much do these cost?
This is an Australian.
If you buy a single one...
What about this one?
If you keep asking for
prices, what can I do?
Decide which one you want.
- Oh no! They are back!
Is that your son?
- No!
But I came here to fulfil
a desire of my son.
He wants a parrot.
This is a Macaw.
I don't know all that.
I think it's this one.
This is my son.
Are you buying a parrot to
fulfil this son's desire?
How much does it cost?
Around 1.5 Lakhs.
Let me think about it.
What are you thinking, sir?
How many flexes did you print?
What about posters?
- 3000.
And they have stuck around 2000
black & white posters outside.
Since I thought the photo
in it wasn't so good,
I went right away to Shivakashi
and got all this done.
How is it, sir?
They asked me if you
were a movie star!
When I said that you're an
advocate, they were shocked!
'Asv': Jimmy'
What is this Asv and two dots?
When did this change?
Shall we change it?
- Huh? What?
What if we print 'D'
instead of 'SV'?
Then we'll place that 'D' below
your photo, or along with that 'A'.
Just tell us where to put it.
- Put it somewhere!
And strengthen the campaign!
The photo is okay!
Or else, glamour would
have been a problem.
Is this a beauty contest?
Sir, don't say that.
There are many neutral women here.
They don't have any parties or politics.
Towards the candidates, women
should feel a kind of love!
Yes. With a helmet & sun glass,
you'll look dapper.
Sir, it's not just that.
The photo is not enough.
What can we do to
capture these women?
Let the cases of you capturing
women get done first.
Moral police, it seems.
The trend is in our favour,
but we should be active on social media.
Shall I tell you an innovative campaign
method, that no one has used yet?
Yes. Tell me.
What if we make a parody song
with your name and the symbol?
- Thank you.
What a fresh idea!
Who was the one who gave
computers to UP Schools?
Who was the one who laid
tiles for the waiting shed?
Who was the one who held an
eye treatment camp here?
Shall we go for a take?
- That would be great!
Sir, just be careful about
the rhythm a little.
It's okay"
But still...
I've been out of touch
for a long time now..
That's why!
- Let's see!
- Come on.
Sir, you have a call.
- Who is it?
Day PA!
Oh! Udayan PA!
I'm coming.
Both are the same.
Hello Udayetta" - Kalesh, an
elephant has gone berserk here.
Come here quickly.
Look how he's running!
Hey! We should make use of
this opportunity. - How?
We should spread the news that this
mad elephant came for his campaign.
Don't keep running around
& tame this elephant!
This one has 2 GB RAM
and a 64-bit processor.
And 16 GB internal memory..
- 10 megapixel front cam...
And a selfie stick
comes free with it.
Where have you reached?
That Jimmy is trying to blame
us for the elephant going mad.
How's that possible?
It's your symbol that
has gone berserk here.
Get here quickly.
Sir, why don't we just
call the fire force?
Should we go there?
- I must go there.
Drive fast, man!
In Andhra Pradesh,
an election was postponed because a
candidate was killed by an elephant.
Decrease the speed a bit, then.
Oh no!
Get up, you!
What nonsense are you doing?
Get out'.
- Dam send me away, Check.
Please, Chechi..
- Leave him.
Let him stay there.
Elephants don't care about six packs!
No! No one has been injured yet.
Two people are stuck
atop the elephant.
Can you run fast with these weights?
Drop it & run!
Throw those weights on
to that jockey fellow!
Sir, got the number of
the elephants owner.
Does he know to give
a sedation shot?
I don't know.
Try calling him.
The number you're trying to reach,
is currently switched off.
The call is not going through?
It's switched off.
'Don't come from behind, and kiss me'
There's a policy where the family gets 10
Lakhs if you're killed by an elephant.
Shall I explain?
It's better to get killed by that
elephant than to listen to this".
Oh Lord!
Save us!
The number you're trying to reach,
is currently switched off.
The elephant ran
into the temple.
We're searching for someone
to give a sedation shot.
We're safely staying away, sir.
I hope I get a good call first.
It's engaged.
Was he killed by the elephant?
Dear voters,
To enjoy the sight of giving a
sedation shot to the mad elephant...
that's out to destroy our town,
Kalesh, who uses his own
symbol to trample the townsmen...
Condemn his sweet talks!
Understand the love and affection
Advocate Jim my has towards this town.
Coconut tree is our symbol.
Jimmy is our coconut tree!
Superb arrival!
The people are all frightened.
We have to start action immediately.
Kalesh, the guy who
came is a Christian.
Let's play a game with that!
Now you drive fast!
It doesn't matter that I'm
the elephanfs owner.
If something happens to the
elephant, I won't even get bail.
I'll take care of all that.
He is a licensed
veterinarian doctor.
Only because his hand is broken,
we're asking you to do this.
Is it?
I can't give permission for
chemical restraint just like that.
We need a doctor who has
an insurance of 10 Lakhs,
or a policeman who has
undergone firing practice.
Here he is!
- No way!
If someone complaints that I did something
I don't know, it will be severe case.
These voter fools don't know all that!
Just do as I say"
- Not possible. I can't do it.
What happened to your hand?
- I went to pluck a mango.
Hold this.
Come on!
Don't be scared, Chetta.
They are coming!
Where are you going?
Madam (Elephanfs madness)
Matham (Religion)
That's the problem here.
Jimmy sir, why did you provoke that
poor elephant that was staying silent?
After creating all this ruckus,
you're trying to frame me for that?
In our constituency where 60%
of the voters are Hindus,
you chased an elephant
into the temple!
The devotees here won't allow someone from
another religion to enter the temple!
We're in trouble!
Kalesh, our leader!
What about me?
Don: be scared, Chem.
Lead us with valour.
Kalesh, don't complicate things
by making false allegations.
What the hell are you looking at?
Get inside & shoot!
We won't let you
enter the temple.
Jimmy sir, our leader!
I want to pee!
Lead us with valour!
- Enough!
Stop it! Come on, stop it!
There's no point in shouting!
If a person from another
religion enters this temple,
Kalesh sir will get the votes of all
the Hindus of this constituency.
Kalesh, our leader!
Stop arguing over there and
come and save us, you leaders!
Stop it!
You want to know which
religion he belongs to, right?
For that, just remove his shirt.
We'll know then.
Sir, no!
- Remove it.
Take it off!
- Kalesh, leave him.
Remove your shirt & show him.
- I won't!
Don't humiliate me in front of people!
Remove it!
- No!
Kalesh, move.
I'll show you how it's done.
Don't do it!
- Don't take the law in your hands.
Don't remove it.
This is not a headphone string!
It's a Brahminical sacred thread!
He's the only son of Charthula Vikraman
Namboothiri of Planthula house.
His brother is in the air force.
It's a sacred thread!
Now, may I enter?
Jimmy sir, our leader!
Lakhs are behind you!
Send him in.
Jimmy sir, our leader!
Lakhs are behind you!
Move away.
Jimmy is our real leader!
- Move!
Shoot where it can't pluck
it off with its trunk.
I know!
I'm scared of injections!
Don: be scared, Chem'.!
It's like 'A mole on
top of a hunchback'.
The old saying 'Fell sick during bad
times' is more suitable, right? - Yes.
Shut up!
Didn't you say that communalism has
a huge market? And to tap into it?
You haven't forgotten
about the bet, right mom?
What a question!
Will any mother forget
something about her son?
Both of them have placed bets
that I'll lose in the election.
you know very well that we didn't
place bets for you to lose.
Your father was the MLA
here for 14 years.
And everyone here used
to like him a lot.
Didn't everyone say that you won because of
the sympathy wave of your father's death?
But it's not like that.
It's because of their
love for your father.
There's something I realized
while living with him;
the people of Kerala don't vote
based on religion or caste.
Is he inside?
- Yes. - Come.
Are you all doing good?
- Yes. Come in.
All are here?
- Come in.
Don't you know them all?
This is Kalesh's wife, Chitra.
Do you sing?
- No.
You've grown fatter than how
you were during your wedding.
No. That's because
of this Churidar.
What do you want to think?
Tea er Mae'!?
Anything is fine.
This house, how many
square feet is it?
Only Naseer knows that.
Does he call from Dubai?
- Once in a while.
He stays at a sharing apartment
in Karama with some Sri Lankan.
This Sri Lankan has built a much
bigger house in his home town.
I was invited for this house-warming,
but I couldn't come.
Is the elephant problem solved?
That's solved.
It belongs to that pet-house
owner I told you about.
Oh! You're here?
Shall I bring the tea here?
- No. We'll come there.
The house used to stay in;
is it locked?
No. I have rented it out.
In today's times, houses
shouldn't be rented out at all.
They won't pay the rent on time,
and ruin the house as well..
And they won't vacate
when we ask them to!
But the one staying in
Kalesh sir's house,
well mannered, cultured
and a puritan!
Who is he?
- Me!
They don't anything made at home.
But if it's from outside, they'll eat.
Kids these days are like that.
It's not because of the Churidar.
You've grown fat.
Why don't you try Zumba dance?
True. I also felt so.
- Ya right!
Now don't say that I
didn't invite you.
On the coming Sunday, it's her first
Holy Communion at the Church.
That's awesome.
All of you should come.
There's a small party in the evening.
You don't need a special card,
right Udayan? You'll come, right?
24th, right?
I will never forget!
You should come.
Uncle, whom are you
painting this for'?
Your sister will get a lot
of gifts today, right?
Like that, this cage is a
gift I have to give someone.
The new phone is nice.
Don't play around with
it & reduce its charge.
This phone's charge
lasts really long.
It has a 3000 mAh battery.
Pull it!
- Okay.
Why are you here?
A tea party is happening
at your house, right?
No one takes me along for
anything because I'm a child.
Children can do many things
that adults can't do!
You're able to stay
happy always, right? - Yes.
Do you know which bird
can fly backwards?
Shall I tell you?
The cuckoo that drinks honey.
It goes forward and drinks
honey & then comes backward.
Again it goes forward,
and then comes backward.
And it keeps going and"
Give me that mobile.
Now get going.
One minute, please.
Come here.
A friend of mine,
has that 'one'!
Will be able to sell it for us?
I'll get you a good commission.
The item is in Wayanad now.
Barn Owl
(Silver owl)
Take it only if you
like the colour.
It looks like it's
painted with silver.
We haven't met, okay?
Well" Just one..
Variety colour...
I told him to buy it only if he likes
the colour; still he doesn't want?
Respected Vaikkom Municipal Court
OS No. 11312017...
Judgement on the complaint
filed by petitioner Abraham.
According to the 444th section
of the Municipality act of 1994,
the farm that has hindered the
peaceful habitat of the neighbours,
should be shifted to a different
place within 15 days,
according to the 33rd judgment and 1st
rule of the civil procedure code of 1908.
How old is the girl whose Holy
Communion happened yesterday?
I don't know, sir.
How many workers were there?
- Four, sir..
Five or foul'? Say the truth..
- 5.
How many from other states?
- One, sir.
How many?
- One.
Bring all your ID proofs.
- Okay.
The police will ask a lot of
crooked questions, back and forth.
You should only say that you're
not friendly with our neighbour,
and you don't go there.
Whoever it is,
this was a bit too much!
Must be someone with a
grudge against him.
What's gone is gone!
What the hell?
My parrot worth 1.5
Lakhs was stolen!
1.5 Lakhs for a parrot?
It's not an ordinary parrot.
It's a Macaw.
- Do you know something?
Last evening, to paint this cage, I
shifted the parrot that was in it,
to this cage here.
It was stolen from here.
Sir, I was going to sell it to someone.
You should find it
for me somehow.
Do you suspect anyone?
Here's the full amount.
- Bye.
Some gentlemen are hell bent on
chasing me away from here, right?
I suspect all of them!
Get me wheat gruel!
Sir, I need it back!
I had kept it apart to
sell it to someone.
Calm down.
We'll figure out something.
Sir, there's information that a
parrot was found in a house nearby.
Come on!
Mission Macaw is on!
Sir, follow me!
Let's find the parrot!
Are you the cop here, or me?
Follow me!
The parrot is inside.
Who took you into the police, sir'?
What is this, sir?
Who else is here?
My husband.
He is taking bath.
At this time?
We need to search this house.
There's a Macaw missing case.
I don't have anything to do
with Mecartin, sir. - Sir...
Sir, come..
Don't interrupt his bath, sir.
What is it?
- Look!
How did this Macaw reach here?
Isn't that a parrot?
I asked you how it reached here!
Yesterday was our
wedding anniversary.
So my husband gave this
parrot as a gift to me!
To gift you a parrot, who's your husband?
Saudi Sultan?
Then who is he?
24th, right?
I will never forget it!
- This is MLA Kalesh's house.
MLA, right?
I was transferred here for cussing at
a minister who threw stones at dogs!
Sir, I'm the MLA's PA.
- Understood.
Parrot Abd ucto r, rig ht?
Get into the car!
Mission Macaw is completed!
It's just a parrot, rig ht?
And he got it back as well.
Since an FIR hasn't been made,
don't charge a case.
The case should be charged!
Friend, it came in on its own.
I didn't steal it.
Is that true?
I saw him taking
something from the car.
I thought he was packing a
bottle and taking it with him.
If you give in writing that you have no
complaint, the problem will be solved now.
What say?
I've received a letter from the court to
vacate the place where I'm staying now.
If all of you find a solution to it,
I will think about
withdrawing the complaint.
Do you know whom you
are talking to?
I also know a little
about the law.
Even though you're staying
in a different house,
aren't you the owner of the house
where the stolen item was found?
The culprit is your manager, right?
Election is coming soon.
If people know this, it
will be a disgrace for you!
Hey! Don't think you
can threaten me!
The house has a rent receipt.
And if you're planning to send
Udayan Chettan to jail in this case,
I care a damn!
He is just a worker of mine!
You should take the position of
my deceased father, and bless me.
What's the noise here?
All are here, huh?
Is it some conspiracy
against Jimmy sir'?
Sir, please change the
date of this mic sanction.
I was shocked when I saw this.
No one else needs to
know that Chitra did it.
I sent it to the
neighbour uncle.
Which uncle?
Are you staying at the
police station now?
I'm not staying there"
I go there just to feed them.
The funeral is at 3 PM, right?
Imagine the condition of that little girl..
- Poor thing.
Will that girl's mother come back?
No. She married someone
else and went abroad.
My son had a romantic relationship which
lasted only until they got married.
After the marriage, the
romance was all gone!
Though she loved him, she wasn't
able to adjust to his surroundings"
There are no attached bathrooms at home.
No signal for mobile...
So such small problems
became really big gradually.
And when they had a child, the
facilities weren't enough for her.
If so..
- Hey!
Where is Abraham sir's house?
That one.
- Okay.
Don't you have
wife and children?
That's good in a way.
You just need to live
for your own wishes.
I need a lot of money
to renovate the house.
When he got a job at a chemical
company in Jaipur, he went there.
This is a photo he took
at some exhibition there.
Ever since she saw this photo,
my granddaughter was adamant...
...that she wants a parrot like this.
I'll pay the rest later.
There's 30,000 Rupees in this.
Accept this,
and give me that parrot.
It's the last wish of
my son who's no more!
She is waiting at home, waiting for
her father to bring her the parrot.
It's for his daughter"
You should give me this parrot.
My son is gone!
How do I bear this!
He went there because I didn't
have money to renovate the house.
Uncle, whom are you
painting this for'?
Your sister will get a lot
of gifts today, right?
Like that, this cage
is a gift for someone.
Such a nice dog!
What is it, deal'?
Are you running a police
station there, or a zoo?
Sorry madam..
- What sorry?
I'll shift all the animals
from here as soon as possible.
Stop it!
Didn't he submit all the documents
and the license for them?
Yes! Yes!
Those animal protection authority
people left them and went away!
The court order is to shift them
from the place he's staying in.
I told him to take them away
from there, madam.
- Then what?
- But..
Don't bit there..
Don't bite my ear, darling"
I'm on duty! Don't fool around"
- Nonsense!
I was talking to her, madam.
Ask the guardian to take
them all away from there.
He doesn't have any other place
to go, madam. That's why!
And ya..
Did you present the guy who tried to
sell the star tortoise, to the court?
No madam.
That case will be cancelled.
It was an ordinary tortoise.
He painted it, made it into a star
tortoise & tried to sell it to an Arab.
That's why I caught him.
All the cases you get, are like this!
Don't kiss there.
Don't kiss!
Stop tickling me, you devil!
Gaadha, is the wheat over?
- It's there, sir.
I heard that he has many
more animals with him.
Sir, buy some carrot for this!
I woke up at 5.30
in the morning!
To wake up at 5.30, who are you?
The head priest of Guruvayur?
I'll throw this lathi on you!
He's not lying, sir. Around 5.30-6, all
these roosters started crowing,
& no one could sleep.
Can you see 2 horses standing in front?
- No. - Then stop!
I can't see anything because
of the palm leaves.
Hey! Move!
Come on!
Come on in..
Come on.
- Turn right, man!
The CI shouldn't know that we cut
the palm leaves from his house!
We'll be jailed.
Please give me a hand"
Go and help him!
- Okay sir.
'People-friendly' became
'Animal-friendly' police now.
Eat it..
Can you me a hair from
the elephanfs tail?
To get rid of my fear"
Let me see..
- No need.
Already no one's
afraid of the police..
Well... What's your plan?
I need to find a suitable place.
- Can't you get rid of many of them?
It's not like buying
a buffalo for meat.
It's to raise them, right?
Interested people should come for that.
They won't live even if you fly them away?
- No way!
Do you have any other
business apart from this?
Nothing particular".
He has animals worth Lakhs, right?
Isn't it?
How much should Yesudas
be paid to sing a song?
I don't know..
- Just make a guess...
It's Yesudas, right? How much ever
you pay him, it won't be enough.
If so...
if Yesudas sings this song sitting at
home, just like that, will he be paid?
This is also like that.
Those who need it, should come
with a desire to buy them.
Or else, as long as they are with me, they
are not income; they are expenditure!
You don't worry about Yesudas.
You know KG Marcose?
He's a friend of mine.
There's something that people clad in
white should be really careful about.
Geevarghese is not
an ordinary boy!
He's a Saint!
St. Geevarghese who
proved my innocence.
If you get a parrot under my car's
seat, shouldn't you tell that to me?
Well, I thought it got
in there to lay eggs,
when it couldn't find a
branch to build a nest.
24th is an unlucky date for me!
If that video wasn't there, you could've
escaped by framing him for the case.
Swindle some 200 crores,
and then frame me for that!
That has a weight to it!
This is for stealing a parrot.
One kick I'll give you...
Are you happy now?
Why are you silent?
He wants us to give a space
for him to stay in this house!
Tell him that we'll
give him some money.
Money and threats work
for humans like us!
He lives with animals
247, why would he care?
He needs a place to stay with them.
That's why he's asking for this house.
Even with a grass snake bite,
the supper may get cancelled.
But he doesn't have a grass
snake with him, right?
Don't get me talking"
For the time being, we need to
save ourselves from this problem.
Can't you arrange a
house for him on rent?
It's not as easy as you think,
and he knows that very well.
Shall we give your house?
Already there are 100 complaints
because Udayettan is staying there.
You and your...
Why are you blaming her alone?
You also played a part in stranding him
on the road, listening to Abraham right?
When people request something to me,
what should I...
The same people blamed you and ran
away when the elephant went berserk.
You would've been trapped
if he wasn't there then.
Gautham who got hit by the sedation
shot, is still not in his senses.
You're in your senses, right?
Then listen!
There's a great trap that will make Kalesh
lose the election, with that fellow.
So you shouldn't displease him.
As the wife of someone who was an MLA
for 14 years... - There she goes again!
I'll give you an idea!
There's no problem even if he brings a
couple of cats & dogs and stays here.
If you come here after
losing the election...
Idiot, who doesn't know
anything about politics!
You crook!
Tell me the truth.
Didn't you do it on purpose to win the bet?
Tell me!
Say it, dear"
You won't understand
if I say it, Udayetta.
Is it in Chinese?
I'd asked you to stop it when you'd stolen
that scrap seller's weighing balance!
Say m
It's been 6 years
since ourwedding...
You always had your schedules
to keep you busy, Kaleshetta.
I'm sad that I don't have an own
child to raise and pamper"
Jumping walls to get rid of the sorrow
of not having kids, is not a solution.
Shall we leave?
- Thanks for coming. Good night!
What's happening?
He took all the animals away!
Did Jumbo Circus start
a home delivery?
No one has a problem if 2 or 3 small animals
stay at a corner of the house, right?
Suffer now!
She thinks she knows
everything in politics!
One kick I'll give you!
- Tell me, sir..
This is house we're going
to stay in, hereafter.
Is it good?
- Very good.
Is he a Tamilian?
Didn't you understand when he gave so many
troubles to us, that he's a Malayali?
So many people came to your house & you
didn't even offer a glass of water"
What's your intention?
Do you remember the one sitting
in that vehicle behind?
Where is my phone?
Udayetta, where's my phone?
I'm going away somewhere.
My Phone!
MLA sir is really angry, huh?
When we give you a space to stay,
how can you bring so many animals?
Don't worry..
They are all very innocent"
They won't cause any trouble.
If I could get some water,
I could wash it off.
Not just these;
boss has many more animals with him.
With his hand?
Hey helper..
- What is it, sir'?
The guy who's collecting dung is your boss?
- Yes sir.
He's a great man!
Down to earth!
Horse dung is good manure.
- Take it away!
The plants will grow very well!
Oh no! My Italian Henna plant!
Hey! Hold this!
Udayettan said that the elephant
would be taken away tomorrow.
You can click a photo with the
elephant only if you come before noon.
If I'm coming, I could update on FB
- Rocking with Elephantl!
But come when Kaleshettan
is not around.
Then positive thinkers
will come there tomorrow.
Or else.. Kaleshettan is going
to Delhi this week. Come then!
To Delhi?
- Ya. He thinks he's the Prime Minister!
Is your Kaleshettan
still angry at you?
He's not angry and all..
It's just a show off.
He keeps saying that he'll kick me;
but he won't kick me!
Oh my God!
You & your bloody chatting!
I'll put chilli in your eyes!
Kapish was there?
Smart one.
He got in.
Do you know something?
The only animal in the world which can
bend it's back leg towards the back,
is the elephant!
I'm able to do it!
Are you four-legged?
- Let me see.
- That's what!
Tell me the truth..
Does this elephant
have any problem?
No.. Why?
- Well...
I asked because you told
me to take it for free.
A few days after the circus company shut
down, your father called me and told me,
'Didn't you toil a lot for
this circus company?'
'But still I haven't
done anything for you'
And your father gave me this
elephant, with both his eyes moist.
Your father had a large heart.
- Crap!
You don't know my father very well!
Who else will buy the elephant
which didn't do anything,
except playing football
at the circus?
Not just football"
It climbs on a stool..
And sits like this!
I'm not fooling you like
my father fooled you.
You quote a price.
You want to present this elephant
to the Guruvayur temple, right?
That itself costs a lot!
From now on,
you can live happily with
Lord Guruvayurappan!
How did boss arrange
such a huge house?
There are nutrition
drinks for donkeys, now?
Eat it!
Eat it!
Put on your zip.
Put on your zip..
- Okay.
What business do you
do with donkeys?
Exporting and importing
to and from Sabarimala.
But since there are tractors
now, business is dull.
Then what will you do?
We can sell its milk, right?
- Shall I tell you something?
1 litre donkey milk
costs 6000 Rupees.
What's your name?
I don't sing.
But I didn't ask you that...
Didn't you know that it was
alcohol when you drank it?
I've never had it earlier, right?
You don't need a lot of
intelligence to know that.
This is something that has no
intelligence at all, right?
The donkeys!
Try keeping one glass of water and one
glass of alcohol in front of it..
Do you know which one
the donkey will drink?
It will drink only water.
That's why it's called a donkey!
Do you have any clue that you're doing
all this drama in an MLA's house?
You became an MLA because
people are stupid, right?
I thought it's your livelihood,
let you live somehow..
But you think you can do any nonsense here?
When I gave space for a needle...
This is a house where
humans are living.
What are you looking at?
It's not because I'm scared that
you have her video with you..
My courtesy...
I thought you needn't wander around
with all these animals. Got it?
Move away!
Don't be scared, sir.
They are the ones who voted for you.
They will be with you..
- Move!
That guy brought this holy sweet
from the temple. Want it?
I can't find peace
here, Oh Lord Ayyappa!
Then go!
I'm asking you if Geevarghese can
send a video from this to someone.
Kids these days
have shrewd brains.
We can't say anything!
Well.. What video is it?
Well.. Someone left the tap
open behind the house.
We lost all the water in the tank.
We want to know who that is.
Did you drink, Chechi?
- I swear on God, no!
What's that?
Don't talk to me about
your busy schedules...
So bad that you didn't come
for the Holy Communion.
I had started out to come here.
That's when I got a call saying
that there's a system failure
at Omega group of companies.
How can I not go?
Brother-in-law, say this"
Can this be copied to a phone?
But it's not so easy.
The video format has to be
changed and compressed.
That can also be done!
Have you put on weight?
- Go inside, I say!
But I wasn't the one who stole it!
Stole it?
The one who left the tap open, took the
bucket & mug which were kept there.
Tell this to me, bro.
Technically, no chance!
Tell me the truth!
Who taught you to lie like this?
I did this so that that
uncle doesn't go from here.
You & your uncle!
Udayetta, take care
of everything here.
St. Geevarghese hasn't
sent such a video.
I will finish him today.
Hey! Let's go home!
Why is there a crowd here?
- Don't worry, sir.
I'm not afraid.
I've heard that the crowd beat up a
candidate to death in Uttarakhand.
Come. Let's see. - I'll get out
only after I know what's happening.
What's the matter?
Put me down!
Hail... Kalesh!
I didn't know that MLA made him stay in
his own house, for such a great deed!
Come on!
Our town got a liquor shop because
of our Kalesh sir's sacrifice.
Foreign Liquor Shop
'Congrats to Kalesh who allowed
a liquor shop in town'
Every vote for Kalesh!
Every vote for Kalesh!
That dog-seller is quite sharp-brained.
Not in black!
Full white!
That's why I said that
he's intelligent.
He made me transfer it to
an orphanage's account.
We know, right?
This is to get tax exemption!
Every vote for Kalesh!
How many times have you cleaned
the floor today? - I don't know!
This is such a nuisance!
Don't say that, Chechi...
I don't want a policy, man!
Are you the one who bought this?
- Yes.
That's my house.
- Are you selling it?
One slap...
Get lost!
Tell me and go, man!
Horse dung and dog-shit
were better than this.
Can you give me some cold water, Chetta?
- Ya. I'll give you right away!
Oh my God!
- You bloody...
Things have gone from bad to worse!
It's a government institution.
Whom can we complain
to, against it?
Shall we gather all the women
& start a procession saying
that it's a residential area?
If it was a bar, we could have tried"
But this?
Just calm down thinking
that it's a grocery store!
You can say all that!
Once an election is declared,
can a liquor shop be opened?
An outsider called Eappachan
bought that building.
Day before the election was
declared, before 5 PM,
he finished all the paperwork.
Shouldn't the MLA know that?
Kalesh is not the ruling
party's MLA, right?
Just because he became the MLA
somehow, due to his father's death"
What about my request?
- Abraham sir..
Last year, within the nine days of
'Atham' to 'Uthradam' (Onam season),
Kerala is a state which drank
alcohol worth Rs. 470 Crores.
We ourselves have given liquor
for several processions.
Till date, no party that has earned the
curse of the alcoholic by banning alcohol,
has won in the next election!
Did you understand
everything I said clearly?
I'll explain in simple words.
Sir, you are this empty glass.
Under you, three of them!
B... C... D...
Only if these three work,
you will get its benefit.
Would there be any trouble for you
if you get 1 Lakh Rupees per month?
Vikraman, how deep will
our Panchayat well be?
Around 14 feet"
- I'm saying it's 18 feet...
Don't argue!
14 feet!
Balan Chetta, how deep
is our Panchayat well?
Around 15-16-17 feet...
Two cups of tea!
- Right away!
Chathutti will know.
Chathutti hasn't
even seen the well.
An argument.
Chathutti, how many feet
deep is our Panchayat well?
Around 19-20 feet"
- That much?
Get us two Dosas as well.
- Okay.
The Chechi of that house, right?
I heard that you have some video of hers.
Can you show it to me?
Hey! It's not the kind of
video you're expecting!
Hello Uncle!
It's me, Geevarghese..
Tell me..
How are you doing?
When are you coming
here again, uncle?
You come here once to see uncle.
Daddy won't allow me.
Next time you ask,
Daddy will allow you..
What is this?
Jumping walls?
- Can't he get up?
Is tea shop a place to sleep?
He is Elam akkara
Tham bi Chettan's son"
He was a smart young man..
Now he's sleeping 24 hours a day!
I'm scared of injections!
The toilet is over there.
Chetta, how high is
that aeroplane flying?
That's 30,000 feet.
35,000 feet.
Come.. Let's go..
- Let them make a decision..
If you wait for them to make a decision,
we would be in trouble!
Don't look back!
They have started!
- They will finish it as well..
This Delhi trip wasn't part
of the plan earlier, right?
Delhi was there...
Just that I didn't tell you..
The strike is from 6 AM to 6 PM.
That's why I asked
you to come early.
We could have informed the police.
No! The police needn't
know about this trip..
Not for you, sir...
It's for our protection while coming back.
- Yes.
If anyone asks, just
tell them my name!
Who's going to stop the MLA's car?
- That's right!
We will make this town come to a
standstill! - There... They've stopped us!
We will protest!
We will fight!
It's his car. Don't let
him go whatever he says!
We will protest until death!
Our dear Vikraman...
was stabbed by a rogue"
The car can't go this way.
- It's the MLA's car.
MLA or Minister"
Turn the car around!
You have no respect at all!
Our dear Vikraman...
was stabbed by a rogue"
We won't spare him, for sure!
Friend, let me talk"
This murder happened because of the
personal grudge between 2 people.
Don't trouble the public for that.
Don't give classes
wearing a coat, sir.
Your party also holds a lot of strikes,
right? - What if we come with a car then?
For that, do you have a car?
I have no time to argue"
I need to reach the airport"
if it was anywhere else, we would have let
you go. But airport, that we won't allow!
Why? - OurVikraman Chettan became a
martyr in the name of an aeroplane!
'Brother killed brother in an argument
about the height of an aeroplane!'
What happened?
- Anyway, that was a great idea!
Who idea was it?
- His..
Tell boss not to
make this a habit.
Or else, I'll lose my job!
Go back! I won't even see that you were
my teacher. I'll squeeze your eyes out!
He wants to go to the
hospital with his mother!
Are you scared of being
on top of the horse?
If I was scared, would I
let you into my house?
The Strike organizers
are embarrassed!
Me coming with the horse, became
a huge favour for you, right?
Yes. In all ways!
This shop is owned by a very
rich man called Asif Ali.
Is it?
- Shop, it seems!
Stop! Stop!
Should I tell the horse or them?
- Who are you?
Where are you going,
Achilles & Hector'?
A sword fight happened
in our home-town.
So it's a strike there..
Regional strike"
Horses can't be parked in here..
Buddy, don't waste time.
I'll miss the flight.
I can't let any vehicle without
a number plate inside.
Sir, shall we go to Delhi on this?
- No!
Why are you paying money?
He should raise it, right?
- No need.
The horse will jump over it. Wanna
see that? - Don't do all that!
Chetta, keep this and open it..
You could've given this earlier.
- You want to break my leg?
See! It's going UP!
Isn't it wrong to pay bribes?
- Only receiving bribes is wrong.
This is my first
time at an airport.
This is my first time at
an airport on horseback!
The piles who drive the planes
have a great time, right?
Not piles.
That's to stop him.
Shall I get down?
- Yes.
Thank you.
So see you day after tomorrow.
'If Allah wills it'
Sacred cord, rosary"
You have everything"
Actually, who are you?
Everything is the
same for us, sir!
Another shuttlecock?
Where did it come from?
Hey! We are love-two, now!
Love too?
- No. We're losing!
Is it? Then move!
Let me hit a sixer!
Then shall I say something?
Horses have the biggest
eyes on land"
Well.. I know all that!
Stand there...
- Give it to me..
Let me take a selfie
with the camel now..
Last week, my husband sent
me a selfie with a lion!
I want to shock him!
The one who took a photo with the lion;
did he call after that?
He is adventurous!
Well... He...
Oh no! Let me try calling him..
Chechi, get me that shuttlecock..
Do you want water?
- No.
Got it?
You don't trust me well
enough yet, right?
Thinking that a grasshopper
would bring him luck,
Boss put a grasshopper
into his pocket.
And then?
Then that grasshopper ate the
only 100 Rupees note he had.
Put your leg down!
Sir, is it a crime
to steal mobiles?
Of course!
Have some water.
Payasam? Is there
something special today?
It's my birthday today.
That's awesome!
Shouldn't we celebrate this?
Let's celebrate when
his birthday comes.
I just remember my birthday,
and go to the temple once.
That's all!
It's always like that.
Mothers would remem ber their
children's birthdays.
And many children don't remember
their mothers' birthdays...
You have a long tongue!
Then tell me..
When is your mothefs birthday?
Then shall I say something?
I don't even know who my mother is!
That's it!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday dear Am ma!
Happy Birthday to You!
Happy Birthday to You!
H .
aPPV Birthday to You!
- Enough!
That's the only English
song he knows.
What happened?
Then shall I tell you a truth?
Wherever I go, I
bring luck there..
This is double the
happiness, right?
What happened?
Mom & her have gone to the
hospital, to confirm it.
Didn't you go?
This was over once for mom!
It's not like that for me..
So I'm slightly tensed about that..
What happened?
It's definitely chicken pox!
Now she can't anything
that's sour...
Didn't I tell you?
Mom had it once, so it's okay for her.
Great! Now she won't be
clicking so many selfies.
Then move away...
If it spreads, you can't even give
hand shakes during the campaign"
Wow! Chicken pox!
In Tamil Nad u, it's called Am ma Vilayattu"
Once you have this, it brings
loads of good fortune.
James Thomas, from enforcement.
We need to search your house.
Both the good fortune
people, move away...
Sir, please.
There's an important thing"
Disconnect the land phone here.
What sir?
Disconnect the land phone here.
Yes sir..
Sir, one is beside the
table in the bedroom.
One is behind the
fridge in the kitchen.
I'll be under the bed.
Pillai, we're not playing
hide & seek here!
It's a raid!
He's fooling around!
Even though he's a VIP,
he wears Jockey, huh?
Search over there"
Dear" If you're not
well, go and lie down..
No mom.
Look over there.
Search it fully!
Why are you tensed?
Some stuff that belongs
to me, is inside.
Will these policemen
take all of them away?
Will they?
Biting my ear sitting
on my shoulder?
Isn't there anyone
here to take it off?
Oh! You were sitting here?
He is an innocent chap, sir.
Want to kiss him?
You grow Anoles at home, sir?
- Sir, a colourful chicken!
It's a pheasant, sir.
Take it away.
Sorry sir.. It was a wrong information,
that were was black money here.
What happened?
Sir, I checked the whole house.
There's no land phone
in this house!
You're too much, man! This is why
you're not getting any promotion!
What is it?
What's the matter'? I've been
noticing for a longtime.
What is it, son?
I said that I'm going to Delhi,
but went to Dubai instead.
To meet Naseer.
There was Rs. 10 Lakhs which he
donated to the election fund, over here.
The bag that had it..
- Where's that money now?
Hey! Kaleshetta!
Don't burst crackers!
Don't go!
Jimmy is busted!
Hey! Don't burst
crackers like this.
Those birds will die
if they get scared.
Hey! Can you please listen to me?
Hello!! Someone?
My dear friend, listen to me.
- Get lost, man!
Those birds will die
if they get scared.
Let me tell you..
Hey! Don't light it!
Thank you Madam.
We'll be getting only this juice?
- No.
Leave only after eating
Tiger biscuits as well.
Even in Jimmy's own ward,
we got a majority!
One minute"
Oh! I'm getting a call from Delhi.
It's there in my horoscope
that I'll drive a State car.
How are you?
We won!
There are rumours that you may become
a minister this time. Is it true?
Say it..
Many great leaders of the party
were my father's contemporaries.
Let the party tell me..
And the let the one
up above decide!
Kalesh is saying that the party and the
High Command above them would decide,
whether he would be a minister.
A high command meeting
will happen soon.
Earlier, you were an MLA's wife.
Now you're an MLA's mother.
We heard that the political advisor
of both father & son, is the mother.
Is it true?
Tell us!
If you ask me if it's true, no!
But if you ask me if
it's not true, yes.
His mother is saying
yes and no...
Now you may ask"
Madam, can you give a kiss to sir'?
No need of that!
No.. If both the wife and
mother kiss him on both cheeks,
we can give a caption as 'Victory Kiss'.
It will be amazing.
Well... That"
- It will be great"
Mom, come on..
- Get lost, man!
Madam, come closer.
Ask them to stop
bursting crackers.
Friend, please move away.
Sir, the birds will die!
Okay. Bye.
Thank you!
Kalesh is our darling!
We were also watching TV.
Of course!
- Hey!
We have a majority in
Kaduthuruthy as well.
Watch me on live news
tomorrow morning"
Come here..
Don't worry..
Stop it!
Stop! Where the hell are you barging in?
Can't you see that people are here?
Who are you?
Tell me!
Blocking my way?
Who do you think you are?
Move away!
- Thank you.
Amazing, right?
- What was it there?
I just scared them a bit.
Even though it's Naseer
(hero) who came,
for him he's MN
Nambiar (Villain).
Such a huge defeat!
Why aren't you saying anything, sir'?
Is that question you should be asking
someone who has lost everything?
Shall we appeal saying that the
voting machine was damaged,
so that whoever we vote for,
only Kalesh would get the vote.
To appeal, Sir didn't compete for the light
music com petition in the youth festival!
Abraham Lincoln became the American
President after failing in 11 elections.
But it wasn't such a disgraceful loss.
These are firecrackers we
bought for the election.
To burst them if we won!
What do we do with it now?
Shall we sell it to Kalesh's
party at half-price?
No! Burst it on my chest!
Burst it!
Burst it!
Let's close the door
& burst it inside.
He is almost 10 years old now.
He belongs to the race of
horses brought by the British.
The price is a problem!
I was just saying"
You give me whatever you can...
I have a resort at Cherai beach.
Recently, a naive
boy at the beach"
During the evenings,
he comes with a horse.
Then he takes people on top
of the horse, for rounds.
50 Rupees for one round.
By dusk, he makes around
1000-1500 Rupees.
If we have a horse that we own,
that money will also
come to us, right?
There are children who sell
peanuts at the beach. - So?
If you learn that
peanut sales as well,
that money will also
come to you, right?
So what about the horse?
I'm not selling it..
- Think about it once more.
I'm not selling it!
What happened?
The price wasn't okay?
This alone is not enough.
Sol bathed him in vain..
- No..
He is looking really handsome now.
Someone will come, who will
take care of him really well.
Who bathes the horses
in the forests?
Shall I tell you something then?
In the forests of our
state, there are no horses.
Is it?
- Yes.
I didn't know that.
And ya..
- What?
No need.. Nothing.
Tell me whatever it is..
You shouldn't have sold the
house you were staying in,
to Eappachan for such a low price.
If that Dubai guy throws
us out, where will we go?
Kalesh sir is not like earlier now.
After he won, there's a difference
in his behaviourtowards us.
Let it be.
I haven't planned to stay
in his house forever.
We need to leave some
day or the other.
Still, how can he do that to us?
Who's this 'us'?
It's wrong to expect how
another person should behave to us..
Stop it!
You've been advising
me for so long!
Who do you think you are?
When I gave you freedom,
you're over-utilizing it?
Look for someone else to clean the
dog-shit and elephant dung...
It's wrong to expect how
another person should behave to us..
Eat how much ever you want.
Once you go to the Gulf,
when are you going to get this rice
& Pulisshery, with mother's love?
People in Kerala think that we
don't get rice in the Gulf.
Mom, we get much better
rice in the Gulf!
Compared to that, this
is not tasty enough.
What about the thing I asked you?
Didn't I tell you when I called?
Let them stay here..
This love, we can't
find in the Gulf!
Dude, you should take this seriously.
He won't do well,
if he stays here.
Arrange some job for
him in the Gulf.
Let him live happily over there.
I couldn't find both
of them anywhere.
Usually, both of them land up
here when it's time to have food.
Mom, give me some Thoran..
Just a little..
Now you eat all this when
you go back to Gulf.
The donkeys here would
eat this Thoran dish...
Well, what's happening with his job?
No one has to come to the
Middle East for normal jobs.
That's the situation there.
But his job has a scope..
There's an Emirates
Zoo in Abu Dhabi..
Naseema's brother is
an HR head there.
I'll ask him.
As an animal trainer
or zoo-keeper..
Let's see..
Oh no!
You're taking him
for a job in a zoo?
Let's make that wimp the manager
of the National bank then!
Whatever it is, tell him only after
confirming that he would get a job.
Why should we give him false hopes?
Is Kalesh sir at home?
- No.
He has gone for some party meeting.
Along with this, take 6-7
Cotton Ponnadas as well..
What's it for?
Next week, there's a function
where the MLA honours,
everyone in the constituency who
has crossed 85 years.
World Old Age Day"
- End of Word day?
Is the date fixed?
World Old Age Day"
- Phew!
How is this?
- This will be superb for you, sir.
And this one? - This is the one
that will be superb for you, sir.
Don't want?
- Come here.
Which one is best among these two?
- Super!
Get lost!
You tell me.
How much does it cost?
I'm paying for it, right?
Which one is best?
This is worn on top, right?
If so...
wear this"
and if you wear the other one
on top of it, it will be great.
Get lost!
You're standing here?
Come with me.
Wear it & wear the other
one on top of it!
Tell me which one you liked
the most among all these?
I'm not good at giving opinions!
Then shall we select it?
Finally don't say that
you didn't like it.
It's for you!
Where will I go,
wearing all these?
All that's there!
Give them a 20% discount,
and our special gift!
It's still the same old glass
tumbler, right? No need!
He will say all that.
You give it to me, dear"
I'll sell it to the scrap seller.
Venu, close the door fast,
or else, the AC will leak.
He doesn't listen to me.
I'm coming there to
meet Kalesh sir.
About laying the
foundation for the shop..
So this shop doesn't have a foundation yet?
- Not this shop!
It's for the new showroom.
It's highly profitable.
Just pay 50,000 Rupees thrice.
- Hey!
Is that enough?
- See you next week!
Since you haven't
updated your KYC,
there's a delay in transferring
to your NRI account.
Indian Economy has hit rock bottom.
Don't you know?
What is it, son?
He made me pay 2 Lakhs as investment
benefit and all that jazz,
when I came on leave last time.
Now there's only 1500 left, after the
Tsunami in Japan & global warming, etc..
Why are you throwing away
your money randomly, Naseer?
If you trust me..
Only if you trust me..
You can be the partner of my next shop.
I don't trust you.
That's why!
I'm not in for any
deals with Malayalis.
Then you stay in the Gulf & suffer!
(Chanting prayers)
Bless me to get many more trips!
What is this?
It's like a temple!
This is my first trip, sir.
You should bless me.
It's been a few
days since I came.
I will go!
They start as soon as I land"
When are you leaving?
It's my first trip.
Please pray"
I'll pray even if you
don't get trips.
Bring the next suitcase!
It's so heavy!
No.. Make it vertical!
Usually the suitcases are heavy
when people come here from Dubai..
But this is the reverse!
It had tyres?
Don't forget about his
job once you get there.
We'll sort it out.
Make arrangements to
get him a passport.
Hey! If you keep talking,
you'll miss the flight!
Yes. Coming!
We were talking about you..
The time to get rid of
all these animals.
After that, you should get going!
Will I be arrested for
sandalwood smuggling?
It's my first trip, sir.
Shall I go?
- Okay.
Okay then.
Oh Goddess! There shouldn't
be any obstacles on the way!
Don't go!
It's your first trip, right?
I've kept 2 lemons for good luck!
You'll be blessed.
- Start now.
We're going to the
airport, not Sabarimala"
It's my first trip, sir..
Pom elo fruit?
I couldn't find small lemons..
Oh my God!
His bloody damned trip!
Poovaparambil Madhavi,
Chirayath Lonappan,
Modappadam Uhhannan Yakob...
Bhavaniyam ma Vadakkeveedu...
Eliamma Varghese...
To receive the final honour, I invite
Manthramadathil Ranjith NamboothirL.
to wish us all and
speak a few words...
I invite the ex-headmistress of
this school, Sreelatha Teacher.
I was a teacher in this
school for 33 years.
One day government called and told
me, you should leave from here.
It's age for you to retire!
Don't laugh!
You will also have to leave!
Once you complete your eduction,
you must leave from here.
But still...
it doesn't matter how
long you were here...
what matters is what you
did, while you were here!
We are honouring all the grandfathers
and grandmothers present here,
not just because they are old;
We are honouring them because of the ideal
qualities they have shown in life..
Did you see the faces
of the children?
- From top to bottom...
I'm getting really bored!
It goes up as hot vapour...
Then it becomes rain again..
Like that...
Hello! What is it?
Dude, I am at a function.
Can you hear me?
About his job..
- Yes?
He will get a job here.
Okay dude..
I'll call you..
Every great thing that we do,
might not be good things..
But, every good thing we do,
will definitely be great things!
Go slowly, dude!
Are you busy?
You're being called inside..
What's special for lunch?
Kaleshettan will tell you that.
He wants to talk about
something serious.
Must be fish curry..
- They are coming.
Where are you going?
- To have lunch!
Stand there!
Naseer had called me.
What's your decision?
I'll leave"
- When?
Some more days...
But it has been so
many days now..
I've found a place where I
can shift permanently.
I'll leave soon..
Come in..
Are you planning to stay
here like this lifelong?
Why did you sell the land
you had in your name?
Didn't you ask?
Even if I ask, I don't have the
money to buy so much land.
When we're staying
here as a family,
have you thought about the
problems we would face,
when you come here
with so many animals?
I know!
it's not a problem for us!
I haven't such a reaction
on both your faces so far.
Look at your faces!
I didn't get scared.
I knew it earlier itself, that
they will let us stay here..
All of us really like the fact that
you both are staying here..
We'd wish that people we like,
should do well in life, right?
Now don't keep it as a surprise..
Tell him the matter!
Through Naseer, you're going
to get a job in the Gulf!
If everything's okay, you
might have to go there soon.
You could have asked me.
It's a job you know and like!
At the Emirates Zoo..
That's great, right?
Are you the one
who decides that?
What if I'm not in a situation
to go on such a journey?
Before you decide something about
me, shouldn't you ask me as well?
We got you this job by calling many
people & going through a lot of trouble.
Thinking that if you can do
well somewhere, let it happen.
By doing well, you mean
making money, right?
I don't need so much
money to live now.
You're sick in your head!
Yes.. lam sick!
Stop it!
We should've asked you first.
I only told him not to.
Leave now..
Mom, to leave..
- Get going now!
If he doesn't like
it, don't force him.
He's arrogant that he's an orphan.
Don't bother.
Call me when lunch is ready.
Where did you go?
Don't skip your sleep
thinking about it.
He must have some reason
for not leaving from here.
He had a reason for
coming here as well..
When you ask next time,
your Daddy will allow you.
Got it?
You don't trust me well
enough yet, right?
That girl who was
standing there...
I don't have many
great desires, sir..
I'm like these animals.
Once my stomach is full,
all my problems are solved.
People here start creating problems,
when their stomach is full!
Like you said"
the reason for sorrow
are not desires..
If there were no desires,
would Naseer build this house?
Would you become an MLA?
The reason for sorrow
is not all that.
It's desires that
are not fulfilled.
The pain of the unfulfilled
desires of so many hearts"
is there on this earth.
It's because we desire that people
we love should live happily...
Without even asking me,
you made a decision about me?
Such a decision,
shall I also take it?
To see the happiness
of someone I like,
would you help me, sir?
We cannot fulfil every
desire of everyone, right?
You desired that you wanted
this parrot, right dear'?
Now all this belongs
to you, dear!
Take it, dear"
We cannot fulfil every
desire of everyone, right?
But if you're able to fulfil
certain desires of certain people,
can't you do it?
What I placed on her hand, was
not just a five-coloured parrot.
It's the colourful
dreams of five people.
It's the last wish of
my son who's no more...
To buy a parrot for her..
To see the happiness of someone I like,
would you help me, sir?
A child will come into our lives,
as both of us desired...
Will you bring a parrot
like that for me?