Pandora (2016) Movie Script

-=All characters, places,
companies, groups, etc. that are
mentioned or described are
fictitious. Any similarity to any
actual incident is purely coincidental.=-
You guys,
do you know what's inside that
power plant?
What? What?
A robot.
A really big robot.
That's crazy, you idiot.
It's not a robot. It's a rice cooker.
Who said so?
My brother said so.
There's a really big rice cooker.
They use the cooking water to
make electricity.
Hey, why would they have
such a big rice cooker?
Where is it?
That's right!
My brother said,
because of that rice cooker,
we can enjoy life.
Thanks to it, our country will
be rich soon.
It's a wonderful rice cooker.
That's not right.
Our teacher said,
what was it again?
She said it was like a box.
If it were ever opened, evil
would come out.
What evil? There's no way.
It's a good thing.
You'll see.
Uncle! Uncle!
Get up!
Grandma says she'll kill you if
you don't get up quickly.
Let her kill me. Let her kill me.
Grandma, Uncle won't get up!
- Be quiet.
- Let me go!
Get out here before I beat you!
I'm up. I'm up.
If you have eyes, then look!
It's been packed since early
this morning.
Are you an important official,
sleeping until now?
-Some bowls of rice over here!
- Okay.
Be careful or I'll smash it.
Get out here and eat.
You're not a son.
You're an enemy.
Hurry and eat. Eat.
Aren't you off today?
I am off.
seeing me so excited wakes
you up, doesn't it?
Go out and get a job. What
are you doing staying home?
You're all so pitiful.
Just to earn a little money,
your eyes are so red.
Brother-in-law, please eat.
Your stomach will feel better.
Sister-in-law, you're unbelievable.
Why didn't you give us any?
I'm sorry.
There's only enough food to
feed my brother-in-law.
=Moving quickly,=
=his 5-day visit to four Middle
East nations is over. This morning...=
That man is always traveling.
Isn't it to energize the national
He's a hard-working young man.
Are you crazy?
Last night you went to a club
to pick up girls, didn't you?
Then you went out drinking at
a street stall.
I just drank a bit.
I went straight home afterward.
It's true!
You are dead today.
Auntie, I'm going.
I thought you were going to
break his legs.
Wait until after work.
- Eonni, work hard.
- Take care.
The road ahead is looking
pretty dark.
I'm in a bad mood today.
I'm not feeling great, either.
Can I just take a day off?
Today, should you and I...
have it out?
Should we have it out?
Should we end it?
I understand!
Min Jae, come quickly! Your
uncle's going to hit someone.
We want to live in a world free
of a nuclear threat!
Stop nuclear power plant
Stop operation! Close the
nuclear power plant!
Oh, these guys! Seriously.
Seriously. This has gone on for
several days.
This really sucks. When can
we get in?
Get out of the way!
Don't tell me none of you
need electricity?
You all live comfortably thanks
to whom? Still you cause trouble.
Hurry and get out of the way!
All of you need to wake up!
Is it okay to earn your money
this way?
If you don't close it very soon,
we're all going to die!
You've been saying that for
years now!
Stop all the nonsense and get
out of the way!
Just drive through!
What did you say?
You're going in?
You'll have to step on all of us
to go inside!
Everybody, lie down!
Lie down! Lie down!
Why are you all doing this?
The bus is here. The bus is here.
Aigoo, seriously.
What happened this time?
Don't mention it. Those bastards.
Today, they were lying right
on the street in front of us.
We should have squashed them.
They deserve to be flattened.
You've all worked hard.
- Hyeongnim, you can go home.
- Okay, okay.
Hey kid,
you don't even say hello to
your father?
You've worked hard.
See. See. Aigoo.
All of you have been drinking
Just a little.
What do you mean by just
a little?
How can you come to work
like this?
Work, yeah right.
I just do odd jobs.
You brat.
Don't eat well!
After you eat, change your
Wash up and take a nap.
Aigoo, why didn't Heaven take
him away,
instead of taking away my wife?
Aigoo, such is my fate.
You might as well hurry and die.
You're always talking like that.
You shouldn't say that.
How can you tell him to die,
you disloyal son.
You must still be drunk.
- How can he go on like this?
- Right.
Atomic power generation
relies on nuclear fission creating
heat, which produces steam.
That steam turns a turbine,
which produces electricity.
To put it simply,
an atom is like firewood
in a stove.
The steam-maker is like the
water in a rice cooker.
This is one way to explain it.
Atomic power generation,
compared to fuels which will be
exhausted in the near future,
such as petroleum, coal, or
other combustible fuel,
the only alternative energy.
Moreover, it can prevent the
use of flammable fuel,
global warming, acid rain, and
other environmental damage.
It's an environmentally friendly
power source.
Also, it is a highly efficient
energy industry that uses only
a small amount of raw materials.
In addition,
with a seismic resistance
rating of level 7,
sturdy, earthquake-resistant
layers of security measures to
prevent accidents,
coupled with a thorough
security and monitoring system,
the risk of accidents is zero.
Everyone's daily life is very
Behind this comfortable life,
is a nuclear power station where
the lights will never go out.
Please remember this.
It's funny, isn't it?
A sign of the apocalypse.
Just look.
Is this a place where people
should live?
This place, before that thing came,
was poor, but still a decent
place to live.
But look at it now.
There's no fishing. You can't fish.
Tourists have also disappeared
and there is no development.
The village people are divided
and argue every day.
All because of that thing!
But still, thanks to it, we have
a life now.
My mom is also grateful to
that thing.
Without it,
would we die of hunger?
Not really, but still...
This is the problem. This.
Are you all happy living like this?
Who has to be happy?
You only need to live, right?
Foolish bastards.
That's why we have no future!
All of you should just live like this.
As for me, I can't do that.
I don't think now is the time to
worry about your future.
Just say you haven't seen me.
Yeon Ju! Yeon Ju!
Yeon Ju!
Geez, that girl.
Damn it.
I've told you so many times to
buy a new one.
With what money? I don't even
have stockings to wear.
Why throw it out if it's
perfectly good?
What's perfectly good?
Just like people, machines also
have a life span.
If you're not careful, you might
have to walk.
Be quiet.
I'll just drive slowly.
Are you afraid people won't
know you work at the power plant?
That's how you act.
How many times do you have
to fall before you wake up?
Does your mouth fix things?
You really don't have many
skills to brag about.
Come over here and look.
See if you can fix it.
Why should I?
You should learn how!
How long should I fix things
for you?
Now you even get tired
making repairs?
It's not that I'm tired.
I'm afraid that if I'm not around...
Oppa, why wouldn't you be
What's the matter?
You're planning something
again, aren't you? Aren't you?
Move out of the way.
What are you doing?
I am going away for 2 years.
I am going away for 2 years.
Where are you going?
For 6 months to South America
to fish for octopus.
The other 6 months to Alaska
to fish for saury.
Two cycles like that.
I can earn at least $200,000.
I have skills. If I get into the
engine room, I can even earn more.
Damn it!
Oppa, are you even human?
What does that mean?
Do I have parents?
Brothers? Sisters? Relatives?
You know I don't have any
Don't you know whom I've
relied on all this time?
I know. I know.
But I'm doing this to make you
Please understand my feelings.
Forget it.
I won't be deceived anymore.
If you want to go, then our
relationship is over.
Yeon Ju!
That damn girl.
This is for you.
What is this?
It's from Secretary Kim.
He said to be sure you read it.
What report would the
Secretary's Office send to you?
He said according to normal
procedures, he couldn't send it
directly to you.
So he sent it directly to me.
Is there a problem lately?
What do you mean?
Take a look.
I think it's important.
-=Practical Status of the
Hanbyul Unit #1=-
I told you not to worry.
This nuclear reactor thing,
as long as you keep pouring
cool water on it,
it can keep running 365 days
a year.
For 10 years, 20 years,
it can keep turning without any
Isn't that why atomic energy is
so great?
It's the fire that never burns out.
It is science's greatest gift to
The greatest gift?
Managed well and used
properly, it can be great.
But if it's like this,
it's not a gift, but a cause for
What the heck are you talking
A guy who doesn't know the
ABC's of atomic energy is
running that department.
Okay, thank you!
Nuclear reactors that aren't
fully prepared are being started.
Worst of all, a special law with
many problems was passed.
At such a time,
where is that bastard going
to stop?
No matter what,
they must keep turning properly.
Only by doing that will we all
Well... nothing is going to
Our employee...
is a specialist who has worked
in a nuclear power plant for over
20 years.
Don't worry. Let's not go
looking for trouble, okay?
Shut your mouth!
Don't get angry and just
listen to me.
Just going for 2 years, I can
make up all the money I lost!
Enough! Don't mention
it again!
That's right, Brother-in-law.
Don't go.
Do you want to live here
What about Min Jae?
Are you going to insist he
work at the power plant?
Then move to Seoul.
Let him study.
Send him to a good university.
That's what you should do!
Should Min Jae have to waste
his life in a place like this?
Before my brother passed away,
he entrusted Min Jae to me.
For the sake of Min Jae's future...
Who are you trying to fool?
Why use Min Jae as an excuse?
I'm not trying to fool anyone!
He's my one and only nephew.
Mom, you should also think
about your only grandson's future.
Let go!
Don't expect to go anywhere.
Don't even think about going
one step from my sight!
I want to go. I have to go.
That rotten jerk.
You refuse to get married and
just want to run away.
Don't you feel sorry for Yeon Ju?
Min Jae.
You hate it here too, right?
I really like it.
Why are you lying on your
stomach in here?
Go see your mother.
This room is crowded.
I like sleeping with you, Uncle.
Get off me, you brat.
Uncle, you can't go anywhere.
I don't want you to go away.
I'm surrounded by shackles!
Turn off the light.
=Emergency condition.=
=All Wolchon residents.=
If brother-in-law wants to go,
shouldn't you let him go?
Were you touched by what
he said?
No. It's not like that.
He really hates working at the
power plant.
I don't feel it's right to force
him to work there.
That place...
took away my husband and
my son.
I didn't want my remaining
son to work there, either.
I didn't want that for him.
So when he took his father's
and opened a business in the
I never said a word against it.
I was praying in my heart
that his business went well and
he would never come back here.
Stop goofing off and get back
to work!
But look at him.
He went bankrupt and came
back penniless.
That pathetic jerk,
if he had to work in hell instead
of the power plant, he shouldn't
That's because the government
granted supply contracts to
What are you talking about?
It was his own fault! Why make
excuses for him?
Oh right. We're out of soy sauce.
Mother-in-law, I'll go and buy
some soy sauce.
What about money?
That money was for his father's
life! His father's life!
How do you do things here?
I was told to be here early
this morning.
I'm sorry.
Didn't I tell you to get rid of
that report quickly?
Why is it still causing problems?
We have sent people to find
the person who wrote it.
Appropriate action has been
taken with relevant personnel.
Take action faster.
Are you looking for me?
Have you seen this report?
I'm not sure.
After I read this, it occurred to
me, Prime Minister, that a few
days ago in parliament,
After I read this, it occurred to
me, Prime Minister, that a few
days ago in parliament,
you were pushing a special law
for power generating facilities.
Construction of power plants is
not an unusual thing.
Mr. President, I heard you had
already seen and approved it.
I've never done anything like
I'm sorry, but the bill has
already been passed by
If there is a problem after
the audit,
then the right of refusal must
be corrected.
Isn't this what the
Administration and I should do?
What the Blue House should do,
is not waste energy on small
matters like this,
but focus their efforts to
invigorate the economy.
Talent Development Institute?
Headquarters contacted me
about this transfer.
You have to go to headquarters
and see.
What is the reason?
You've been working on the
front line here for a long time.
It's time to take a step back.
Isn't working to cultivate talent
also another way of caring?
So it is. So it is. Caring.
Thanks to you, several secretaries
also lost their jobs.
Why would you give up a good
job to go sit in a boat?
Plus, you're wasting 2 years.
Should I...
for the sake of this damn power
devote all of my abilities?
I was dragged here by force,
you know.
I was dragged here by force,
you know.
You're like this because of what
happened to your father and
- If you just...
- That's enough.
Okay. I'll shut up.
But what are you going to do?
We don't want you to go!
Are you going to run away in
the middle of the night?
everyone will understand.
You're nuts!
What are you going to do?
A man who wants to do great
must go through some wind
and rain.
That's why you've been so
quiet lately, right?
A storm is coming.
The storm will hit...
It's an earthquake!
Run outside!
Min Jae!
Don't panic!
Why doesn't she answer?
=It's me.=
Hurry and check out the
My mom and sister-in-law
aren't answering the phone.
=I'm on my way over there.=
Good, go take a look.
Call me immediately.
=Just wait a bit.=
Is our house okay?
Min Jae! Min Jae!
Omo, Min Jae! Min Jae!
I'm fine.
What happened?
The ceiling suddenly collapsed.
It fell down on top of us.
It's all right.
It's okay. It's okay.
Mother-in-law, are you okay?
I'm okay. I'm fine.
An earthquake has occurred in
the southeastern region.
It was a 6.1.
If it's the southeastern region,
then it's Ulsan, where the
Munsan Industrial Park is.
Yes, that's right.
Should we tell the president?
It's not the right time now.
Please reconsider.
If the Blue House and the
administration oppose each
other, no one benefits.
Is there any problem with the
way I run the country?
Mr. President, when you were
in parliament, there were many
Therefore, every decision took
a long time.
This is not a suitable operation
of national politics.
at a time when the national
economy is in near paralysis.
At such a time, rather than
the courage of youth,
age and experience play a
greater role.
Quickly confirm it.
Confirm the amount of radiation.
What's going on?
The earthquake caused the
cooling system
of reactor #1 at valve 57
to develop a crack.
Have you started the
emergency contingency plan?
We have already mobilized the
emergency plan.
We used the joystick to
stabilize the reactor.
How serious is it?
No problem if we can find the
crack and replace the part.
We will soon be able to recover.
Look, is this a small accident
in your eyes?
It's not the first time, so you
should relax.
We've done the proper protocols.
Why are you so worried?
Reactor No. 1 is 40 years old.
Water pipes in a house that are
40 years old will corrode and
Water pipes in a house that are
40 years old will corrode and
Haven't you replaced any parts
up until now?
We've spent billions and
replaced parts countless times.
But this huge equipment has
30,000 valves.
The pipeline is 170 km long.
We have 1700 km of cable.
In which corner is the crack,
and where is the defective part?
Doing a detailed inspection will
take several years.
But we're given 2 months to
complete the work and then
start the machine again?
It's simply impossible to do
a detailed inspection!
Then what should we do now?
Issue a white alert.
Notify the nearby residents.
Superintendent, please don't
You're not qualified to
give orders here!
Everyone should calm down.
Just do your usual work,
your usual work.
First report to headquarters.
I was just recently promoted.
The Hanbyul nuclear power
The cooling water leaked a
little bit.
A white alert should be issued.
What should we do?
If there's no problem with the
power supply, why make one?
Don't you know we can't afford
any incidents when there are
problems with that bill?
That may be the case,
but we've had big problems
Because it wasn't handled properly!
I will handle it quietly.
Why at this time?
I guess this person and Min
Jae's father were watching
over us.
We were lucky in a bad
That's for sure.
Yeah, it's me.
=How is it?=
Not too bad.
Your mom, sister-in-law, and
Min Jae are fine.
Should I put your mom on?
=It's not necessary if there's
no problem.=
=Also, tell them to answer
the phone.=
I guess Oppa is worried about
all of you.
That brat.
He should worry about himself.
I need to leave now.
My office is also in chaos.
Is the power plant okay?
What do you mean?
There was an earthquake.
What are you talking about?
No matter if it's an earthquake,
nothing will happen to that
power plant.
Isn't that right?
That's right.
It would be dangerous in
earthquakes, otherwise.
Besides, if there was a problem,
everyone would get a text
alert immediately.
Nobody would die like last time.
Did you hear that?
Then, that's a relief.
I was a bit worried.
If you're so worried, then go in
You're all the technical staff!
What is going on here?
Come over here.
What happened?
There's a crack in the cooling
water supply valve,
and the cooling water is leaking.
Then, why haven't you taken
any action?
Go inside and fix it quickly.
That's not the issue.
It's too dangerous. Nobody is
willing to go in.
Just give them protective
clothing and proper equipment!
Equipment is to be used.
The level of coolant in the
reactor has dropped dramatically!
If the temperature rises rapidly,
we will have LOCA!
[loss-of-coolant accident.]
What should we do?
Should we continue to delay?
Should we continue to delay?
Go inside immediately!
Radiation levels are too high.
How high is the level?
Stop being nosy and just do
your work!
If you block it there first,
the pipeline stress will increase
and it will be very dangerous!
Doing this will let us finish
Do you think I want to be
down here?
If you're not satisfied, then
you should do it yourself!
You're so annoying!
Hurry! Let's just hurry and finish!
Hurry! Let's just hurry and finish!
This is such a headache.
What's going on here?
What did they weld?
Where was it?
Yes, please speak.
That was because the staff
member said it would save time.
Just a moment.
What's happening?
There must have been an
Move! Move!
Wasn't that the team leader?
Team leader.
What's going on?
Vital signs are dropping!
We need more medicine!
Nobody move!
This patient is vomiting blood.
He's been exposed to radiation.
Hurry, stop the bleeding.
No. Don't come in.
Get out of here quickly!
Get out quickly!
Jae Hyeok.
What are you doing?
Can't you tell? I'm leaving.
Otherwise, we're all going to die.
Then what should I do?
How should I know?
I don't know what the
problem is.
If they can't fix it quickly,
people will die.
You just can't leave like this.
What do you mean?
Go back inside and help.
Hurry and fix it!
All of those men are inside.
You madman. You must have
a death wish, huh?
Stop talking nonsense and
change your clothes.
You go ahead.
I have to go back.
I'm going back too.
Come on.
Then, I'm going too.
Hey. Hey!
That bunch of idiots.
They must be crazy.
What's wrong with all of you?
How could you hide this news?
Does that make any sense?
We didn't want to make
you worry.
I'm sorry.
Does an apology solve this
This is a nuclear power plant
accident! An accident!
Please calm down and let's
discuss countermeasures.
If cooling water is leaking, then
radiation is also leaking.
That's correct.
But it is currently limited to the
power plant itself.
We will first issue a blue alert
and evacuate the residents.
Then handle that quickly.
Just a moment.
You should reconsider
evacuating the residents.
The citizens are concerned
about radiation.
They already know too well
about nuclear power plant
In this case, if we broadcast
news of an accident,
and an emergency evacuation
of residents,
regardless of the size of the
accident and evacuation,
there will be a national panic.
So you want to conceal those
facts, also?
After the event, it may be
But it is better than a hasty
decision that creates confusion.
The company's safety team will
soon be on site to handle the
Furthermore, our power station's
security control system was
constructed in stages.
The situation is not as serious
as you believe.
The water pressure is too high!
Right now it's at 350 kPa!
Why is the hydrogen furnace
not working?
It's working, but is useless with
the pressure rising so fast.
When can the reserve pipeline
be connected?
We need to quickly transport
cooling water!
It's not as easy as it sounds!
The pressure is already at 420.
If it continues, it will explode!
Get here immediately, damn it!
We're the safety team from
You got here quickly.
Who is the person in charge here?
I'm the one in charge.
What is the present situation?
Cooling water leak and nuclear
reactor pressure is rising,
and there is no way to stop it.
How high is the pressure?
It is currently at 350 kPa.
It's too high. We must vent
it quickly!
That's true, but...
Venting is not something we
can decide.
Please wait.
Hey.. What does vent mean?
It means reactor gas emission
to the outside.
You said we only needed to
replace the pipeline.
Didn't you say it could be
It appears the situation is
more serious than I was told.
I estimate it has reached a
core meltdown.
A meltdown?
If the fuel rod is exposed to air,
the fuel rod temperature will
rise and the fuel will melt.
That is a reactor core meltdown.
This will produce hydrogen.
The hydrogen gas increases
pressure inside the furnace.
The pressure that can be
contained by the reactor is limited.
It has now exceeded that limit.
If it continues,
it will certainly explode.
Then radiation will be emitted
into the air?
Yes, that's correct.
Then we must quickly evacuate
the residents.
Issue an evacuation order
Mr. President,
There are 946,000 residents
within 20 km from the power
There are 946,000 residents
within 20 km from the power
Within 30 km are Busan, Ulsan,
and Yangsan.
Within 30 km are Busan, Ulsan,
and Yangsan.
Altogether, there are about
3.4 million residents.
Evacuation is impossible.
Isn't there an evacuation plan
to deal with this situation?
There is... no plan like that.
There is... no plan like that.
That's because there was no
practical way to carry it out.
we should at least evacuate
residents near the power station.
During ventilation, they would
be the first to suffer fatal injuries.
There are 17,000 people in the
villages within 5 km.
To evacuate so many people
will take at least 3 hours.
If the reactor exploded in the
middle of that process,
the situation will worsen.
Worst case scenario, 50 million
people will be in danger.
It must be vented immediately.
Mr. President.
Mr. President.
Yes. I understand.
Yes. I understand.
Prepare to vent.
Emergency evacuation of
nearby residents.
What are you saying?
Get on the bus according to
your village.
I understand.
That. That is the bus we take.
Aigoo. Isn't that Yeon Ju?
Yeon Ju!
What is this all about?
I don't know exactly, either.
Hurry and get on the bus.
It's probably nothing.
It's probably nothing serious,
That's right, Auntie.
Get on the bus.
Let's go.
Have you talked to brother-in-
law on the phone?
He's not answering.
I'll try calling him again.
Hurry, get Min Jae on the bus.
Stop working!
Get out quickly!
There's a big problem!
Put everything down and
get out!
What's wrong?
What are you talking about?
Stop the nonsense.
The nuclear furnace is filled with
hydrogen and is about to explode!
An emergency evacuation is
being conducted of the nearby
so we can't ventilate yet.
If there's an explosion, we're
all dead!
I said this would happen!
Hurry, get out!
the workers are leaving their
posts and running away!
Then there is no way to
reduce the pressure!
All of you!
Why are you standing there?
Get out!
Jae Hyeok!
Get up quickly!
Jae Hyeok!
What should we do?
Those damn bastards.
What's going on?
Why is the front exit blocked?
The door closes automatically,
blocking the exit!
We're supposed to die in here?
It seems that way.
Gil Seop, come and help.
Lift it up!
Find something to wedge this!
What are you all doing?
Hurry and get back to work!
Until it's confirmed to be safe,
no one can leave!
Isn't this place about to explode?
Do you think if you run now
you'll be able to live?
Whether you're 10 or 100 km
away, you're still going to die!
If we die, we should all die
with our families.
Let us out.
Do you still not understand me?
Get back to work quickly.
That's the only way to save
your families and yourselves.
Cut the bullshit and open
this door!
I said the door won't open
until it's confirmed to be safe.
You bastards.
Let me go in. I have to go in.
Get out of here!
Why won't you let me in? Why?
Get out of the way!
There's an emergency
situation and you can't go in!
Go back!
My son is in there, you idiots!
Go back. Get out of here!
- Gil Seop!
- Don't go in there!
It's more than 400 kPa!
Pressure values are rising rapidly!
Make the call!
It's really annoying.
I'm sure something must have
What do you mean?
Just be quiet back there!
How is the evacuation going?
Wolchon, Eunhang, Gangnae,
Juhwa, Ingye, and others.
More than 17,000 people
surrounding the power plant.
They're being evacuated to a
designated shelter 10 km away
from the power plant.
But Highway 36 is the only
evacuation route,
so there's a very serious
traffic jam.
How much longer until the
evacuation is completed?
With the current conditions,
at least 2 more hours.
How is the situation at the
power plant?
The pressure value is 3 times
the normal limit.
We can't delay any further.
It must be vented immediately.
We must wait until all residents
are evacuated.
For the sake of just 17,000
do you want to sink an entire
country of 50 million into crisis?
Those 17,000 people are also
our citizens.
No one has the right to sacrifice
them for the sake of 50 million
Manager, it's past 500!
Can we open the vent?
They said we need to wait.
It has already exceeded the
peak explosion value!
Open the vent.
Manager, what are you doing?
We have not received the
order yet.
If we keep waiting, everyone
will die!
Carry out the order and open
the vent!
Open the ventilation system
emergency valve!
Ventilation system emergency
valve, open the vent!
Open the vent!
Manager, it won't open.
Manager, the vent can be
opened manually!
- Go get the plans.
- Yes.
Bring them quickly!
Here it is.
It's here. The pressure
suppression chamber.
It's right here. Right here.
You must open it quickly!
I understand.
All of you!
Get back to work!
- Come help!
- Okay.
What are you doing? Hurry up!
I can't do it.
We're going to die!
- Everyone run!
- Calm down.
Jae Hyeok, we have to run.
Wait a minute. I've almost
got it.
We have to find another way out!
The other way is the same.
Just wait!
Then you take care.
I'm leaving first.
Get it open! Hurry!
That's it. That's it.
It will open!
Gil Seop, come back! I got it
Go back, quickly!
Got it!
What was that sound?
It came from the power plant
over there.
Don't tell me...
Gil Seop.
Jin Taek. Kong Su hyeong.
Where are you guys?
Yong Su! Yong Su!
Yong Su. Wake up, Yong Su.
Yong Su, get up! You can't die!
Get up, Yong Su. Get up!
Yong Su.
Yong Su, you can't die!
Yong Su!
Jin Taek. Jin Taek.
Jin Taek.
Jin Taek, wake up! Come on!
You can't die, kid!
It can't be!
Jae Hyeok.
Gil Seop. Gil Seop!
How are you?
Just hold on. I'll get you
out of here.
Just hold on. Hold on.
Jae Hyeok.
Help me. Help me.
Jae Hyeok, help me.
Get up and confirm the status.
What should we do?
I will report to you as soon
as possible.
Clear your heads.
If you can move, go help the
Department Head!
What are you all doing?
Be strong. Get it together!
Starting now, we must contain
the danger area.
Residents within a 20 km radius
must undergo emergency
evacuation training.
Issue a city evacuation order.
Cordon off an area in a radius
of 10 km or less,
with strict control of access.
We cannot allow information
to leak out.
What do you think you're
doing right now?
Do you have any better ideas?
If we release the news of a
nuclear power plant explosion
from here,
and declare a national state of
then how far should we expand
the danger region?
To 20 km? 30 km?
Even at 20 km, there are
nearly 940,000 people.
Where are those 940,000
people going to go?
If they have nowhere to go,
they will roam the streets.
At 30 km are another
3.4 million people,
who will also start to panic.
Then Daegu, Daejeon, all the
way to Seoul.
There will be a chain reaction
and instant collapse!
In addition, all nuclear power
plants must stop,
so there will be a large-scale
power outage.
In the dark, all will be difficult
to control.
Like zombies, there will be no
regard for law and order.
Hundreds of millions of people.
Do you really want to see
that kind of hell?
If the explosion could have
been prevented,
we would not be dealing with
this situation now.
There is news of an explosion
at Hanbyul nuclear power plant.
That is currently being confirmed.
According to what we know,
this afternoon around 2 p.m.,
Hanbyul reactor #1 suffered
a small cooling water leak.
We have issued an evacuation
order for residents within a
5 km radius.
Repair work is currently under way.
The government issued a red alert.
Is a radioactive substance
leaking from the power station?
The government has indeed
issued a red alert.
But it is only a precautionary
Then why the National Crisis
Management Office move?
Is this an emergency situation?
This is only a precautionary
The news conference is over.
Question! Please wait!
Wait a moment!
Gil Seop!
Gil Seop!
Aigoo kid, what happened?
What are you doing? Hurry!
You blockheads should have
come out!
Why did you stay here? Why?
Hyeongnim, help me!
I told you that someday there
would be a disaster.
What is going on?
If you didn't see it, then what
are you talking about?
Department chief! Department
Department chief.
What exactly is going on?
I don't know the details, either.
If you don't know, who does?
We're currently trying to
understand the situation.
For now, we need everyone to
go into the shelter.
All of you please go inside.
Mother-in-law, we can't stay here.
We need to go further away.
Keep your mouth shut.
Everyone, please calm down.
In a time like this, order must
be maintained.
Don't be too worried and just
stay inside.
That is the best thing to do.
You jackass!
Go inside.
Min Jae, let's go inside.
How is the situation?
The main building exploded.
Damage to internal facilities.
The situation is extremely bad.
Inside it's simply hell! Hell.
Why is everyone still outside?
We wanted to go inside, but
radiation value is over 300.
Inside, the values must be
even higher.
Even wearing all the safety
equipment won't block it.
Oppa, where are you?
Bring people out quickly and
leave quickly!
You can't go in there!
I have to go in! My husband
is in there!
It's extremely dangerous in there!
Let go of me! Let go!
Husband! Husband!
- Leave quickly!
- What?
Has rescue work begun yet?
Currently, 11 fire brigades and
12 rescue teams throughout the
Busan region are mobilized.
We are rapidly expanding relief work.
=We will report to you as soon
as the casualties and injured
are calculated.=
Continue rescue efforts.
What about repair work?
The only method now is to
use holes from the explosion to
pour water in from the outside.
After radiation levels drop,
we can enter the power plant
and ensure that cooling water
is flowing.
Did you hear that?
Please try every means to cool
down the reactor.
We're almost there. Keep
Just keep going!
Where did you all come from?
Near the north exit.
Is anyone else hurt?
See for yourself. It's absolute
Please go help them.
Let's go.
Rescue team!
Stop! Stop!
Rescue team, please help us!
Quickly. Quickly.
Come over here, hurry!
Please help us!
Why are you all still outside?
People are dying in there!
We can't go in. Radiation level
is too high.
Come on, quickly!
I can't.
Why are you standing there?
Gil Seop!
Spray water on everything in there.
That's the only way to reduce
radiation levels.
The road must be kept open,
so we can go in to help people.
What's going on? Why are you
all just standing here?
You're all just watching people
die in there!
We're doing all we can.
Go inside and help them!
Let go!
A lot of people are still inside!
- Hurry!
- Sir, let go!
- Oppa!
- Yeon Ju!
What happened?
Why are you here?
Are you okay? You're not hurt?
I'm okay.
What about you?
I'm fine.
Mother, sister-in-law, and Min Jae?
They're in the shelter. Let's go.
Please help us! Help us!
There are many injured people
= Attention, team members.=
=Until radiation levels decrease,
please stand by on site.=
=Wait for further orders from
=I repeat. Until radiation levels
decrease, please stand by on site.=
=Wait for further orders from
What's wrong with you?
Yeon Ju, you leave first.
Take our whole family far away.
Run very far, understand?
What are you talking about?
Take Gil Seob and Kang Suk,
and leave now!
You must leave, too.
Oppa, where are you going?
Are you crazy?
Why do you want to go back?
Jae Hyeok!
I can't leave them alone in
there! I have to go back inside.
Why would you want to go
back in there?
The rescue team is here!
Come back here, you idiot!
When are they going inside?
Ajussi, you leave now.
You go, too.
Oppa, don't go in there!
You'll die if you do.
Get out of here, brat!
Take her away.
Come back, Jae Hyeok!
- Oppa! Oppa!
- Jae Hyeok! Jae Hyeok!
Why are you all standing here?
Go in and save those people!
Hurry and go!
Listen carefully! This is not
something that will burn itself
If it's left unchecked,
everyone will die!
The radiation levels keep rising.
Damn it.
Team 1, keep the road open.
Team 2, prepare to spray water.
Captain, the levels...
Didn't you hear? That thing is
not going to burn itself out.
If we go in, we die. If we keep
standing out here, we will die.
I understand.
You all heard, right?
Everything goes in!
Everyone to your places!
Let us go in, too.
Rescue team will go in when
the radiation levels drop.
Be careful. Be careful.
You can't go in.
I was also in the power plant!
Get out of the way!
Gil Seop.
Gil Seop.
Gil Seop.
Get ready.
It's ready!
Get out of the way!
Hold him down!
Gil Seop.
It exploded! It already exploded!
What are you talking about?
I was there! The power plant
exploded and everything is in
What's this ridiculous story?
There is dust on my clothes.
Go measure the radiation
on them!
We can't stay here!
Attention all citizens.
We are currently confirming the
situation with headquarters.
We will distribute food and
other necessary items.
Please ask the staff members
and they will bring it to you.
Child, where have you been?
Mom, the power plant really
did explode.
- What?
- What did you say?
Are you sure?
How is that possible?
I saw it with my own eyes!
What should we do? What should we do?
What do we do?
We can't stay here.
We have to leave quickly.
Go where?
The farther the better.
That's what I said, you jerk.
I said a long time ago it
would explode.
Everyone, listen up.
The power plant has exploded.
Everyone needs to leave quickly!
Really? Are you certain?
I just came from there.
The whole top has blown off!
Radiation is leaking out from
If we stay here, we're all
going to die!
Jae Hyeok? What about Jae Hyeok?
Yeon Ju, what about Jae Hyeok?
How is Jae Hyeok?
Don't worry. Oppa is fine.
Thank goodness.
Then why didn't he come
here with you?
There's a crazy traffic jam.
How could such a thing happen?
Go! Everyone go, quickly!
What? What?
These assholes.
You bastards, why have you
locked the door?
Do you want us to die?
Rotten bastards! How can you
treat us like this?
You damn bastards, open the
Open this door!
Are we prisoners? Why are we
locked in here?
Open this door!
Open the door. The radiation
will spread here soon!
Go in there! Tell them to shut up!
Why isn't my phone working?
I can't get the internet
or anything.
What's going on here?
Hold on a while longer.
We're almost done.
We will get you out.
Help me.
Please help us!
Please help us!
Jin Taek! Jin Taek!
Jin Taek, are you okay?
I can't move my legs.
Wait, I'll get you out.
This is coolant water. You have
to get him out quickly.
He's all wet!
First block it, then lift it from
the bottom.
Hold him.
Lift it up. Use some strength!
Use some strength!
- It moved a little.
- Okay.
No time to lose. Hurry, hurry.
No time to lose. Hurry, hurry.
We have to get out of here.
Don't worry, we'll help you.
What happened? The level
keeps rising.
Rescue team!
Captain, some victims are
coming out!
Ambulance. Ambulance! Hurry!
Be careful. Be careful.
Be careful.
Check radiation levels first.
Take him out. I'll come later.
Transfer him quickly!
You go with them.
What are you talking about?
Our people are in there.
I'm fine.
It's too dangerous in there.
The radiation is too high!
Hey. Wake up! Wake up!
Rescue team!
Transfer him quickly!
We must go in!
Prepare the equipment and
follow me!
Quickly! Quickly! Quickly!
Where are they going?
Hey, you haven't sprayed the
water. Where are they going?
Are they leaving?
We're empty. We have to go
refill the water.
What the hell are you doing?
Send a helicopter quickly!
- This isn't the time to worry
about responsibility...
- What are you doing?
The sea has an endless water
supply. Where are they going?
If that reactor doesn't get water,
there will be a disaster!
They said seawater couldn't
be used.
Who said that?
We have no other choice.
Who are you? That guy says
they can't use seawater.
Those were the instructions
from headquarters.
Spray seawater and the reactor
will be ruined. You know, right?
You stupid bunch of bastards.
Meltdown, a meltdown. There
has been a huge explosion.
That reactor is already trash!
Does it make any sense to
save it?
No one knows the conditions inside.
Don't you know how much
that reactor cost?
If there's a mistake, will you
take responsibility?
That's right! I'll be responsible!
I'll take responsibility. Fill up
with seawater immediately!
My superiors also issued
instructions not to use seawater.
I'm sorry.
Crazy bastards.
What's wrong?
What's wrong with you?
What's wrong?
Are you okay?
What's wrong with me?
It's radiation exposure.
How will I be? Am I going to die?
What are you talking about,
you blockhead!
How can you die?
Isn't that Jae Hyeok and
Jin Taek?
Jae Hyeok! Jae Hyeok!
Patient, wake up!
Quickly remove his clothes.
Confirm vital signs.
Jae Hyeok!
Jin Taek.
I told you to go out, but you
wouldn't listen.
Jae Hyeok. Hang on, Jae Hyeok!
Don't watch.
Atomic Energy Research Inst.
has written "AtomCARE."
They launched a radiation
detection system.
Detailed information will be
provided within 1 hour.
Presently, the wind direction
is blowing inland.
Pretty soon, radiation outside
the blockade area will be detected.
I understand.
Let's make sure the President
doesn't see this.
I understand.
Prime Minister!
The media is asking us to give
accurate information about the
nuclear power plant.
They say they are getting
reports from many people.
Rumors or gossip.
Whoever publishes that will be
punished severely.
Give them that warning.
- Get out of the way!
- Let us go!
Aigoo. What do we do?
What should we do?
Was this your plan?
Radiation is spreading, but
we're locked up here.
It's all because of you.
If you hadn't been so stubborn,
we could have run farther.
You should know. You know
how horrific radiation is.
You saw it when Father passed
His skin burned and bones
You saw how terrible it was.
If we're not lucky, Min Jae will
die of the same thing that
killed his father!
Eonni, that's enough.
I'm not finished!
For small children like Min Jae,
the effect is even more deadly.
I'm sorry. I'm sorry to all of you.
I really never expected it would
come to this.
Mommy, why are you mad at
Don't talk. Keep your mouth
Min Jae, be quiet.
Put on the mask, the mask.
Everyone, put on your masks!
Cover your mouth! Your mouth!
Jae Hyeok, wake up.
Wake up, Kid.
Over here! Over here! Nurse!
Jae Hyeok! Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok, how are you?
Wake up, kid!
Come down lower!
Not there! Come down lower!
If we continue, our brothers
will also die.
Until we die, we have to keep
Rescue team! Rescue team!
Rescue team, quickly!
Manager, why are you still here?
Transfer him quickly.
What is the radiation level?
That monster is still burning
in there.
Why hasn't this monster
died yet?
This method isn't working to
reduce the radiation!
Manager! Manager!
Are you alright?
I'm fine.
I'm fine.
A catastrophe!
IAEA is aware of this accident.
[International Atomic Energy Agency]
What are you talking about?
[International Atomic Energy Agency]
Next to the reactor building,
there is a heatsink.
There is a heatsink.
Above that is a CCTV monitor
that sends video to the IAEA in
real time.
All nuclear power plants in the
world are equipped this way.
So what?
Through this video,
they found out that the fluid
level in the cooling water tank
for Hanbyul #1 is decreased.
Just a moment. The level of
cooling water in the tank has
What does that mean?
I'm afraid there is a leak
somewhere from the explosion.
The tank and the reactor that
exploded are separated by a
concrete wall.
It cannot draw water from
the water tank...
What if the tank water level
continues to drop?
400 tons of spent nuclear fuel
rods are immersed in the No. 1
tank cooling water.
If the cooling water level decreases,
and the spent nuclear fuel rods
touch the air,
there will be a massive explosion
of them and the reactor.
The spent fuel rods will melt
and the reactor core will go
into meltdown.
There is only a concrete wall.
If it explodes, a huge amount
of radiation will be released into
the air.
We must face the facts.
Hundreds of tons of dangerous
spent nuclear fuel rods,
surrounded by only a concrete
wall, how is that possible?
We have no facilities to dispose
of spent nuclear fuel rods
So temporarily...
Why are you looking for excuses?
I'm sorry.
One reactor has put us into
such a predicament.
There is still a more important
What is it?
China, Japan and other
countries will follow the lead of
and notify their citizens to
immediately return home.
Everything will then become
public knowledge.
Withdraw! Everyone withdraw!
Leave quickly!
Mother-in-law, get up quickly.
Eonni, get up!
The police outside are running
I don't know.
I don't know what happened,
but it must be very bad.
We have to hurry and go!
Everyone, get up quickly!
The people outside have run away.
We have to hurry and go.
Everybody leave together.
Eonni, look after the children.
Get up quickly.
Hurry and go!
Please help us open the door!
Where are you going?
We have to get out of here!
Everybody come together!
Everyone get on the bus!
Take care of Min Jae.
Go quickly!
Mom, Eonni, don't fall behind.
Ajussi, get up. I'll drive it.
Hurry, hurry.
You're getting on?
Why? You're driving?
Just get on.
Everyone hold on tightly!
=Although we don't know the
exact reason,=
=it is confirmed that yesterday
afternoon, nuclear reactor #1
exploded at the Hanbyul plant.=
=Presently, nuclear power
plant staff and firemen=
=are attempting to cool the
reactor in order to begin repair
work and avoid a meltdown.=
=But it is certain that there is
already a very large amount of
radiation leakage.=
Right now, that bunch of
damn guys
locked us up because they were
afraid it would be found out!
Those rotten bastards.
Obviously they didn't care if
we lived or died.
Yeah, when do they ever think
about us?
How can they be like this?
Are we not even human?
Aigoo, Yeon Ju. Slow down a bit.
We don't have much time.
People will start filling the
When that happens, we won't
even be able to walk.
This corresponds to the
government initiatives.
The Army has cordoned off an
area within 20 km of the explosion.
Access is restricted for all vehicles.
During this time, it is possible a
large amount of radiation will
spread to the residential areas.
So, hundreds of thousands of
people will be exposed to radiation.
Mi Suk!
We have to leave!
If we stay, we're going to die!
In this political society,
we would like to ask,
what exactly did the government do?
What's wrong? Come quickly!
Everyone has run away.
How can people be like this?
How can they just leave people
Hurry and get the medicine.
It's all gone!
What are you doing?
Citizens of the United States,
China, Japan, and other countries,
as well as our own citizens are
in total confusion.
In other words, the present
condition is very desperate.
In the area located 20 km from
the Hanbyul nuclear reactors,
the measured radiation value
was 100 mSv.
This is a thousand times the
normal value!
1000 times!
Even though our country is small,
there are a relatively large
number of nuclear power plants.
Due to the number of nuclear
power plants across the country,
the damage from an accident
would be unimaginable.
In the Hanbyul nuclear power
plant leak accident,
there will be at least 1.5 million
or more injured by radiation.
11.6% of this country will soon
become a land of death.
This is a fact.
I told you to control the media!
Right now, every cat and dog
are out barking!
It's impossible to control them.
The police and Army have also
lost control.
We have no control of the
The operating system of this
country cannot be executed.
this country... this country only
has the ability to stay here?
Unfortunately, there is no
solution to nuclear radiation.
The current situation is getting worse.
The only way out of this situation,
is to leave this country immediately.
Please wait!
- Nurse!
- Please just hold on.
This is a painkiller, right?
Yes, that's right.
Jae Hyeok.
I'll be right there.
Jae Hyeok, you woke up.
Are you alright? How are you
What are you doing?
- Why are you like this?
- Where's my phone?
- What are you doing?
- Looking for my phone!
My work clothes. Where are
my work clothes?
Where are his work clothes?
His work clothes are in the
waste disposal room.
Jae Hyeok!
What's wrong with him?
Look, what did I say?
I told you, the sooner the better.
Shut up! What's the point in
talking about it now?
- What did you say?
- I said I can't. Stop talking.
How are you?
What are you doing?
Where are you now?
I'm on the highway.
But there's too much traffic,
so we're going slowly.
What about our family?
We're together.
Some of the other ladies and
men are here, too.
You can't stay there.
No matter how, you have to
get away.
As far as possible, understand?
As far as possible, understand?
What about you?
Where are you?
Did something happen to you?
Please don't worry about me!
I'll catch up with you.
Child, was that Jae Hyeok?
What did he say? Where is he now?
He said he'll catch up to us.
That kid should be rushing
out of there!
What is he still doing there?
Have you been able to contact
So Jin's father?
Not yet.
What are they doing?
Our Min Jae must be tired.
Please put your mask back on.
If this continues, we'll be
here forever.
Look how fast the cars are
going on the other side.
Are you crazy? Do you want to
drive back again?
Aigoo, that's enough.
I'm not allowed to talk?
Everyone hold on tightly!
Yeon Ju, what are you doing?
Just hold on!
Actions are being taken to cool
off Hanbyul reactor No. 1.
But the surrounding radiation
level is too high.
Firefighters and rescuers working
in the area were affected.
A lot of people are being
carried out.
Of course, repair work hasn't
been able to start yet.
More serious is the condition of
the reservoir, which cannot yet
be confirmed.
From the start of the incident
until now,
the government's responsibility
and countermeasures,
have been totally inadequate.
That bastard.
While the government remains silent,
the entire country is sinking into
Traffic in the major cities is now
seriously paralyzed.
Not only is traffic tying up the
streets, basic supplies are
running low.
Law and order are breaking down.
Train stations, bus terminals,
are full of foreigners and
citizens trying to go abroad.
Airports and shipping ports are
The location of Hanbyul nuclear
power plant, including Wonsan
production of automobiles, oil
and chemicals has been interupted.
There will be huge economic losses.
Stock market prices are falling
like a rock.
If this continues, the country
may not be able to recover.
We must declare a state of
and impose martial law.
The fate of the country is at stake.
Should we just stand back
and watch?
Jae Hyeok, what's wrong with you?
I want to go and look for my family.
Kid, you can't go anywhere
right now!
The roads are blocked! Where
can you go?
I have to go anyway.
I'm responsible for my family!
Yeon Ju will take good care of them.
You need to take care of yourself!
I'm fine now. Get out of the way.
I said move!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Nurse! Nurse!
The secretary told me to pack
my luggage.
Is the situation really that bad?
What are you doing now?
How can you be like this?
There's absolutely nothing
I can do.
There's no way to stop it.
What do you want me to do?
Take Mi Suk and leave quickly.
Just follow Secretary Kim's
Where is Secretary Kim now?
After he gave you the secretary's
Line report,
he was replaced.
Didn't you even know?
Do you have any idea what's
going on right now?
Are you giving up before even
understanding the situation?
Mi Suk and I aren't going
We will wait for you.
Think about it carefully and
figure out what you're going to do.
You need to take this call.
Who is it?
The President.
I thought you would be the
best person.
This is nuclear power plant
manager, Pak Pyeong Seop.
This is Gang Seok Ho.
Please... go ahead.
Are you able to tell me the
truth about this situation?
Now... do you finally want to
Where were you all this time?
Where were you and what did
you do?
Now, we must announce...
From now on, I'm in control here.
Declare a state of emergency.
Because of the complexity of
implementing an emergency order,
the scope of effectiveness will
be determined by this room.
Are we all agreed?
I agree.
- I agree.
- I agree.
- I agree.
Prime Minister.
It must go through Parliament...
Of course, I already asked the
chairman for assistance.
Right now, this policy is being
implemented in parliament.
I agree.
From now on, all information
that comes from the site
will be reported to me without
even one word missing.
Yes, I understand.
please immediately allow the
firefighters on site to use seawater.
Disable Hanbyul reactor No. 1.
Mr. President!
All nuclear power plants in
every region of South Korea
must cease all operations
for now.
No. They cannot stop operating.
There are many other electricity-
generating facilities.
They aren't being used now.
If it's not enough, we can
If there is even one more
problem with a nuclear power
plant right now,
the entire country will lose hope.
It's fine! It's fine! It's fine!
We can use seawater now.
We can?
Shut down reactor No. 1.
What did you say?
Who said this?
Anyone who opposes me
will go to jail.
This is a direct order from the
If you don't believe me, then
confirm it with your bullshit
You heard, right?
Hurry and connect to seawater.
Let's go! Let's go!
At once! At once!
What? Damn it!
First entry personnel have
arrived and are on standby.
First entry personnel have
arrived and are on standby.
Go in as soon as they're ready.
I understand.
Captain, external hoses have
been connected to the internal
Very good.
Let's flood it inside.
I understand.
Radiation values are rapidly
They should be able to start
emergency repairs soon.
They should be able to start
emergency repairs soon.
At present, the safety of nuclear
reactors can be maintained.
Carry on as we are now.
Now we must patch the
storage tank.
First, we must understand the
conditions on site.
Please help connect me to
the site operations.
=Manager, we need to know
the status of the storage tank.=
Is something wrong with the
water storage tank?
=I guess you don't know.=
=The storage tank has
developed a crack.=
=Because the cooling water is
being lost, the cooling rate is
This is more serious than the
situation with the nuclear reactor.
If the tank explodes, everything
is over.
=If you want to quickly resolve
this, we need a current status.=
I understand.
I can check it quickly.
The bottom of the water tank
has a crack 10 cm wide and 3
meters long.
Cooling water is being lost
through that crack.
The crack must be patched in
order to be watertight.
The issue is that the cooling
water in the tank is knee deep.
But people can't tolerate a high
concentration of radiation for
more than a few minutes.
Then how are you going to do it?
We need people to come in who
can work desperately hard.
We need people to come in who
can work to the end.
The more, the better.
Please, get going!
What's holding us up?
How can they abandon their
car like that?
If they abandon their cars,
the road will be completely
blocked and we can't move!
No, it will come down here.
Then that car doesn't matter?
If this keeps up, we'll be in
radiation. Do you want to die?
Just look. The wind is blowing
this way.
=The radiation 100 km from
the Hanbyul power plant is now
several times over normal.=
=Radiation has spread
throughout the Daegu area.=
Everyone get off the bus!
Let's go. If we stay here,
we'll all suffer harm!
Everyone get off. Cover your
body tightly. Let's go.
Min Jae, let's go.
Move over. We can go alone.
Get off quickly. If you're tired,
you'll have to endure it.
Min Jae, hold your mom's hand.
Mom, where are we going?
Hurry. Hurry. Go this way.
Walk along that side.
Don't get separated. Everyone
stay together!
Catch up with them.
Hurry! Go quickly!
Everybody stay together.
=Where are all of you?=
What are you doing?
Why do you always call?
Where are all of you?
We didn't get very far.
Right now, everyone is walking.
You can't walk far. Why did
you get off the bus?
What should we do? There's
too much traffic to move.
Everyone is abandoning their
cars and running away.
I understand.
Just get away.
Even if you're tired, don't rest
and keep going.
Get as far away as possible.
Oppa, you're okay, aren't you?
You'll catch up to us, right?
You just hurry and go.
Don't worry about me and leave.
I'll call you later.
Urgent breaking news.
In order to repair a crack in the
water tank for Hanbyul No. 1
nuclear reactor,
putting together a repair team
has become a problem.
The mission was discussed with
the Air Force earlier.
Forcing a serviceman to perform
a certain-death mission is an
infringement of human rights.
President Gang Seok Ho issued
this order.
A team of experts is now
looking for other ways.
President Gang Seok Ho will
soon make a national address.
Kong Su hyeong!
The President is about to make
an urgent address.
What is he going to say now?
What is he saying?
I have been an incompetent
I feel very sorry and ashamed
to stand in front of all of you.
The reason I am standing here,
is because I need to ask
something very difficult.
Hanbyul reactor No. 1 has now
reached an irreversible point.
The situation that has developed,
truthfully, the government is
not able to take any steps.
Also, it cannot be mandatory for
experts or the military to solve
the problem,
because no one wants to enter
a land of certain death.
This would be like committing
I am also unable to issue
that kind of order,
because that would be like murder.
That is why I am making this
request of our citizens.
We now need people to enter
into that place of death.
We now need people to enter
into that place of death.
For their families, for their
Volunteers to carry out repair
work for the sake of this country's future.
In place of an incompetent
for this country and this nation.
We are waiting for those who
can save their families and
- I ask this of you.
- What is this bullshit?
A bunch of garbage!
Where will they find people
without any brains?
They obviously know it means
This accident was because of
but the people have to fix it.
Those sons of bitches.
Get out of the way.
Kong Su hyeong.
Should we go in there?
What are you saying?
Aren't we the only ones who can?
Wasn't I a technician working
Shut up and listen to me.
Going in means you'll die, kid.
Since you and I have already
been exposed to radiation,
will we live that much longer
You'd better shut your mouth
before I tear off your lips!
Excuse me.
We... aren't going to live
very long,
isn't that right?
let's go in there!
Do you have a mental problem?
Why would we go in there?
You must be crazy!
That's exactly right.
This kid isn't feeling well.
Come on.
If nobody goes in, then
everyone is going to die!
Then who else will go in?
We're the best ones for it!
There's no one else but us!
You idiot.
Actually, we had imagined this.
We warned them that it was
very dangerous,
but they ignored us.
Now, something has happened.
From the beginning, they acted
as if nothing had happened and
tried to deceive everyone.
Now people are dead.
Does it make any sense that
the people have to clean it up?
I agree with you.
Why should we have to die for
this bullshit country?
You're crazy. You've lost
your mind.
Come here, come here.
But, but...
our families are enough of
a reason.
They're trying to get far away
to escape the radiation,
but the roads are jammed.
The cars aren't even moving.
They're all now walking on
their feet.
If we... If we don't stand up,
our families will also die.
Even if it's unfair and it's sad,
there's no other way.
We have to go.
No one but us will go inside.
Okay guys,
let's go inside.
If none of you will go,
I will go in alone.
Fine. Let's go.
Let's go inside.
Whether it's fast or slow,
we're all going to die anyway.
If you can still walk, you need
to get up.
Let's go!
I'm going, too!
Let's go.
I'll go.
Let's go.
Let's go! Let's do it!
What did you say?
We have some volunteers.
The volunteers... who are they?
What did you say?
What did you say just now?
We're going inside.
=Are you crazy?=
Why do you have to go in?
You'll die if you go in!
=Yeon Ju.=
I was already exposed to
radiation in the power station.
I won't live very long anyway.
Didn't you say you would come?
Didn't you say you'd catch up
to us?
I wanted to come,
but now it's like this.
Then what am I supposed to do?
What about your mother?
And also Min Jae?
That's why I'm going in there.
To save you...
Mom, sister-in-law, Min Jae,
to save your lives.
What good will it be for me to
live without you?
I can't.
I won't let you.
Don't go in there!
Don't be like this.
=You absolutely can't!=
If you go in there, I'll break up
with you.
=Yeon Ju.=
Yeon Ju.
Did Jae Hyeok call you?
What did he say? What was it?
He said he's behind us.
That child, he even ignores his
own family. What is he doing?
Min Jae, keep your mask on.
Our Min Jae must be tired.
Should Grandma carry you?
It's fine. He can walk.
He must be tired.
Let me carry him.
There's no need.
Come on.
Let's go.
Get out of the way.
Get out of the way!
Hurry! The radiation is coming!
Keep running!
Min Jae, hold Mom's hand and
don't let go!
Min Jae! Min Jae!
Min Jae!
- Min Jae!
- Mother-in-law!
Min Jae!
Min Jae! Min Jae! Min Jae!
Oh, Min Jae!
What can I do?
Min Jae!
Min Jae! Min Jae!
Our Min Jae, where are you?
Mother-in-law! Mother-in-law!
Min Jae!
Min Jae!
Mother, are you alright?
Min Jae!
Min Jae!
Take care of Min Jae.
Take care of the child.
We have no time.
We have to hurry.
Min Jae, I'm sorry.
I couldn't hold onto you.
Let me see. Let me see.
Are you okay?
Let me see.
Grandma, are you okay?
I'm fine. I'm fine.
Mother. Mother.
Mother, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry. It was my fault.
I'm sorry.
Yeah, it's me.
Is that really... the only way?
Must it be you and the other
men who go in?
Who else will go in besides us?
Then make a promise to me.
Like what?
No matter what, you'll come
back alive.
Whether it's for a few days
or a few months.
After that, I will be able to live
well in a world without you.
Do you understand?
I understand.
I promise I will definitely
do that.
Is everyone ready?
We painstakingly saved all of you.
You're sure you want to do this?
You all know where this is?
We wouldn't go if we did.
I'm sorry, but you must hurry.
There is no more time.
I'll explain everything on the way.
Let's get going. What are you
waiting for?
Let's go. Let's go.
Hurry, let's go.
What are you doing?
I'm going, too.
Don't say anything else.
Rather than having to send
you ahead of me,
we might as well die together.
Along with your mother over
there, our family can be together again.
You can't!
Do you know how high the
radiation level was?
I didn't want you to know,
but I'm also showing signs.
Get out of the way.
Get some rest. We'll be back
The place we all need to go,
is the waste storage room
below the tank.
Very polluted cooling water
with high radiation
will be as deep as your knees.
Even wearing protective clothing,
you can't avoid contamination.
You can stay inside for about
5 to 10 minutes.
What is this?
A painkiller.
Take it when you need it.
Hopefully it will help.
Manager, your condition
seems better than ours.
I've already taken a bottle.
Are you going in with us?
How could the host miss the party?
It's our neighborhood.
What is the situation now?
It's not very good.
The storage tank is rapidly
losing cooling water.
Because the radiation level is
so high,
we can't get very close.
We're waiting for the repair
team. The situation is critical.
We must move quickly.
Let's all get ready.
Be strong.
Jae Hyeok,
it looks like we really are
going to die.
It's not going to die.
Let's just say we're going in
so that life can continue.
Keep walking further away,
further away.
Wait, wait. Put on your masks.
The masks.
Let me go! Let me go!
Let go! Just let me go!
How did this happen?
How did this happen?
What's wrong?
Our neighbors,
are carrying out the repair
work in the power station.
But they said they won't come
out alive.
Who is it?
Who is going in?
So Jin's father and...
The ones from the power plant
who were in the hospital...
All of them have gone inside!
What about Jae Hyeok?
What about our Jae Hyeok?
I'm not sure, but he probably did.
Jae Hyeok wouldn't go in, right?
Hurry and tell me! Did Jae
Hyeok go in or not?
I'm sorry.
What are you telling me?
You're saying Jae Hyeok has
gone in there?
[young lady,sister]
I just couldn't tell you.
I'm sorry.
How can this be?
He will come back.
He made me a promise.
He promised that he would
come back alive.
They said it's not possible to
come out alive!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
- I have to go find Jae Hyeok!
- Mother! Mother!
I have to go and find Jae Hyeok!
- Jae Hyeok!
- Mother.
It's this way.
Right here.
Inside that door is where we
have to work...
I think you're about to faint
before you even start work.
Team #1,
go in immediately and confirm
the job path.
We have to prepare quickly.
Get ready.
Assemble the workbench quickly.
Hurry, hurry!
Don't waste any time. Get the
equipment installed!
We can't waste time. Get ready.
Team 1, move!
Team 1 has entered into the
job area.
I know it's very difficult, but
go as fast as possible.
According to reports, repairs
have just started on the crack
in the water tank.
Due to the high concentration
of radiation,
it will be difficult to survive.
The outsourced employees of
the power station,
as well as a firefighting rescue
have formed a group of 25
people who are in a life and
death struggle.
I made it.
I'm out.
Go and give them some help.
Hurry, help them quickly.
Are you okay? Hang in there.
Come here, come here.
All of you have worked hard.
Let's get out. Let's get out.
You've all worked hard.
Hurry, grab the equipment.
Team 2, start the waterproofing
Yes. Everyone be careful.
That radiation is really high.
They've already started the
waterproofing job.
Just hold on a little longer.
It's almost time.
Are you okay?
Time is up. Team 2, come out.
Team 3, go in.
Don't waste any time.
There's not much time.
Are you okay?
You've worked hard.
You've all worked hard.
Team 3, begin the waterproofing
What is the condition of the
repair teams that came out?
Not very good.
There's nothing for them except
going to the hospital for pain medication.
If it will help their pain, that's good.
how is the repair progressing?
So far, it's going smoothly.
I'm not sure if the progress
deserves to be called smooth,
but in any case, it's presently
going according to plan.
What happened?
Hurry, help them!
How are you?
Are you okay?
Bring them out quickly!
Let's go out.
Get out quickly!
The situation is very bad.
The crack has gotten bigger.
A great amount of cooling water
is flowing out.
I'm sorry.
The repair work will be
impossible to continue.
It's too late.
It's too late.
=We just received the grim
news that the repair operation
has failed.=
=Because the internal crack
has suddenly increased,=
=the repair work cannot
presently be continued.=
=The repair work has been
=It is confirmed that they are
preparing to withdraw.=
=The fantasy of hope they had
given us all has also vanished.=
=The fantasy of hope they had
given us all has also vanished.=
Everyone leave.
Leave and go back to your
Why are you still here?
Let's go.
Didn't he say there's nothing
we can do?
Get up quickly.
Get up. Let's go.
We've done all that we could.
Let's go.
Let's go.
Come on, let's go.
Let's go, okay?
Just a second!
Can't we just seal that entrance?
What do you mean?
We just need to think of a way
to seal that entrance.
Then if we collapse the ceiling,
that room... won't it be full of
That's right!
What Jae Hyeok said is right.
What did you just say?
The entrance to the room will
be sealed, forming a reservoir.
If the ceiling...
that is directly below the
storage tank collapses,
won't the spent nuclear fuel
rods be immersed in a pool of water?
That's right.
We will blow up the ceiling
below the tank.
Is this feasible?
We will have to try.
But, what?
The crack is widening quickly.
I don't think we can wait to
set the explosives until the
doorway is sealed.
We will have to do it at the
same time.
Doesn't that mean someone
won't be able to come out?
That's right.
Who will go in?
The person who can set the
there is only one.
Jae Hyeok.
I'll do it.
We're talking about explosives.
I've seen you too scared to
even touch a firecracker.
Forget it, kid.
I shouldn't have been so lazy
when I was in the Army,
and should have studied more.
I'm sorry.
The explosives have arrived!
Get ready quickly.
What are they doing?
Didn't they say there's not
much time?
Come on. We can't waste
any time.
Focus and don't dawdle.
Come quickly.
Come on.
Come on, be strong.
Hurry. Hurry.
The workbench is ready.
Good job.
Everyone has suffered.
Thank you.
Jae Hyeok.
We'll all meet in Heaven, right?
I'm just going first.
The rest of you, take your time.
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok.
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok.
The door...
must be closed.
Jae Hyeok!
We will start our work.
Jae Hyeok.
I'm sorry, Jae Hyeok.
Father, let me.
I said I'll do it!
I'll do it.
Pay close attention to time!
Are you okay?
I've used all the explosives.
I don't think... I can hold on
much longer.
Can I just detonate them now?
Wait a little longer.
We're almost done. Hold on.
But my body won't listen to
They won't let me see Jae Hyeok,
or hear his voice!
This is just so outrageous!
Jae Hyeok!
Oppa will come soon!
He said he'd come back fine,
Jae Hyeok!
Go ahead.
=Please do something for me.=
What did you say?
Oppa is on television!
- Jae Hyeok!
- Mother!
- Jae Hyeok!
- Don't be like this.
I heard Oppa will be on TV.
What did you say?
I said Oppa will be on TV!
Mother, follow me.
Mother, follow me.
You too, Eonni.
- Jae Hyeok!
- Mother!
Jae Hyeok!
Hurry this way!
Our Jae Hyeok will be on TV.
Get on.
everything is ready here.
We're ready.
My family...
are they watching me?
=Yes, they're watching.=
Thank you.
It's me.
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok.
Even if I can't see you, you can
see me clearly, right?
I can see you.
I can see you clearly.
I'm sorry, Mom.
I'm sorry I didn't tell you sooner.
I'm sorry, but I have to leave first.
I'm sorry I have to say goodbye
this way.
I'm sorry for everything.
Don't be sad.
I'm going first,
but I'll take good care of
Father and my brother.
Jae Hyeok.
You should live a long, long life.
Let Min Jae get married,
and hold your great-grandchild.
You have to keep living for a
very long time.
Do you understand?
I can't.
I can't, Jae Hyeok.
Then there's my sister-in-law.
My brother isn't around.
If you will take good care of my
mother, I would be grateful.
These are the words that had
been in my heart to tell you,
but I felt too awkward to be
able to say it.
Thank you.
I'm very grateful.
Bring up Min Jae well.
I will.
Where is my uncle going?
Where is my uncle going?
Yeon Ju.
You must be angry.
You must hate me for not
keeping my promise.
Don't be like that.
I also...
wanted to live with you more
than one day,
eating the food that you made
with your own hands.
Someday, I wanted to fall
asleep inside your arms.
But it's not something I can
have because I want it.
I won't be able to keep my
promise to make you happy.
I can't keep my promise to
stay with you forever.
I sincerely... wanted to treat
you well.
I sincerely...
wanted to have a happy life
with you.
Why can't it be?
I'm not asking for much.
Why do I have to die like this?
What did I do wrong?
Just what have I done wrong?
I didn't want to die like this.
I'm really...
I'm really afraid.
Mom, I'm scared.
What can I do?
What can I do?
My Jae Hyeok is so pitiful.
What can I do?
What can I do?
What can I do?
I never wanted it to be like this.
I'm such a loser. What's wrong
with me?
Just don't forget me.
Remember me.
That way, at least I won't
regret dying like this.
Kang Jae Hyeok was not a coward.
All of you remember that.
Be sure you do.
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Aigoo, my child!
My poor child! What can I do?
Jae Hyeok.
Jae Hyeok.
- Jae Hyeok.
- Mother.
How much longer?
It's okay. We're finished here.
Everyone can go out.
Hurry and get out.
I'm sorry.
Get out!
Leave quickly!
Get going!
Hurry, go out!
Hurry, go! Quickly!
Go out!
Get out!
Hurry, go out!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok!
Jae Hyeok,
life can really suck.
=The spent nuclear fuel rods
are submerged in the reservoir.=
=I repeat.=
=The spent nuclear fuel rods
are submerged in the reservoir.=
=As long as the reservoir
remains full of cooling water,=
=the nuclear power plant has
been sealed very safely.=
What happened to that person?
=He couldn't come out.=
Mr. President.
He wasn't called "that person."
He was Kang Jae Hyeok.
Kang Jae Hyeok.
I will remember.
I will certainly remember.
Oppa, why do you hate the
power station?
I don't hate it.
I'm afraid of it.
What are you so afraid of?
There was a leak at the nuclear
power plant,
but nobody was worried,
and they didn't seem to care.
The attitude of indifference
was really scary.
We can't be like that.
Not only just us,
but even children like Min Jae.
They can't be like that, either.
Do you want to pass down to
our children
a world with good food
and a good life,
do you want to leave them a
safe and comfortable world?
Don't close your eyes because
of fear.
Don't cover your ears because
of fear.
We have opened Pandora's Box.
Although disaster and evil
were inside,
wasn't there also Hope?
Among all that, we must find Hope,
for the sake of our children.