Pandora (2023) Movie Script

(runner panting)
(thunder rumbles)
(branch snaps)
(runner thuds)
(ominous music)
(liquid squelching)
(distorted music)
(upbeat dance music)
Fires ignite
I am a neon light
Won't you bring on the night
Galaxy real and bright
Your love is my
diamond light delight
Let it burn like
a neon light
I am a neon light
I can glow in the
darkness at night
Galaxy real and bright
Let it burn
like a neon light
(music stops)
(Ray glugging)
(record player hums)
(heavy industrial music)
(Ray glugging)
(body thuds)
(disorienting music)
(ominous music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(suspenseful music)
(ambient synth music)
(distant siren wailing)
- [Ray] What's this?
- Seriously?
(Ray chuckles)
- It happens once a year,
you get a little older.
Crap cards, people
sing that song.
- (chuckles) I'd forget my
head if it wasn't screwed on.
Sorry, I've just been so busy.
Oh, thank you.
- Well, I'm really glad
you're working again.
It's good to have a focus.
How's it coming along?
- Um, brilliant.
It's getting there.
The producer is a bit of a
nightmare, but yeah, doing it.
Oh, look what I found.
(laughs) You were
so funny back then.
Oh, and your mum.
(somber music)
You should keep them.
I've got hundreds.
- No, they're yours.
- So.
How's? Oh god.
- Chris.
- Chris.
- He's fine, we're fine.
- I'd like to meet him someday.
- Any day you want.
- Ah, he works
nights, doesn't he?
Yeah, I remember now.
So this place hasn't changing
years, has it? (chuckles)
Do you remember coming
here when you were little?
- I remember the milkshakes.
- And the bubble.
- Volcanoes, yeah.
(bottle cap clangs)
(beer bubbling)
Still drinking then?
- No, it's, it's under control.
It's not a problem.
- [Joanna] Are you sleeping?
- Don't worry
about me, I'm fine.
I'm just busy with
work and stuff. (sighs)
(cellphone dings)
- I have to go.
Maybe next time we could
do earlier, you know?
The sun doesn't kill
people, you know?
Happy birthday, Dad.
(door clicks shut)
(distant car alarm wailing)
- [Ray] Come on, Ida.
Help me out.
(gentle piano music)
(Ray sighs)
(gentle piano music)
(gentle piano music)
(Ray thumps piano)
(Connor knocking on door)
- I know you're in there, Ray!
(Connor knocking on door)
Evening, Raymundo.
(Connor inhales deeply)
Oh, it's time to break and bake.
(dramatic piano music)
(Connor laughs)
Ray, I've been
thinking, you know,
this film score
thing you're doing.
It's wrong.
- You're my neighbor
Connor, not my manager.
- Hmm, hey, that really hurts.
Well, let me tell you.
We're cut from the same cloth.
I understand you.
You know, we're
people of the night.
We're not like the others.
We dance to our own beat.
(Connor laughs)
(metal creaks)
What's this?
- [Ray] It's my birthday.
- What? No shit.
(Connor laughs)
(Connor chuckling)
Oh, Ray.
Ooh, nice.
Gravedigger tour '98, right?
(chuckles) You should
be on the stage, Ray.
We both should be.
(Connor strums guitar)
- Those days are gone.
- Oh, fuck that.
It's all about
the comebacks now.
Everyone's doing it.
Like, I know you were a duo,
but I reckon you
were the real talent.
Just think about it, yeah?
You and me, we bring
back the Electric Circus.
Yeah, it's a new image.
It's a new vibe.
I've got so much to give.
You just need to hear my music.
(Ray sighs)
- The circus is over.
I'm retired.
- You're denying
who you really are.
You are a legend.
- [Ray] It's ancient history.
(lighter flicks)
- Raymundo, happy
birthday. (chuckles)
(wind howling)
(distant siren wailing)
- All right, babe, I'm back.
(Del chuckles)
(suspenseful music)
Bloody hell, Marth.
- There he is. (laughs)
The Thought Police.
(Martha sighs)
- What are you
doing, you silly cow?
You'll catch bleeding pneumonia.
- I only had a couple,
but it might have been a
little too much. (sobbing)
- You're okay.
You're all right now.
We're gonna get you some help.
(Martha sobs quietly)
- My name's Jordan.
I'm an addict.
I pretty much need
a line of coke
just to get through the day.
And I drink (laughs) like
a fish my ex used to say.
We used to joke about it.
It's like an evil
cycle, you know?
A snake that's eating itself.
I can't break it.
I can't escape it.
I admit what I am.
I acknowledge it.
I've done some terrible things.
I've hurt people.
Lost the love of my life.
I took anything just
to block it all out.
(sighs) I managed to get my
hands on this new sleeping pill.
It was supposed help me relax.
Who would've thought
one tiny little pill
could fuck someone's
life up so much.
But now my eyes are open and
I'm scared of what I see.
I just wanna pretend what
scares me isn't there.
I come here once a week and I
have the strength to say that
I'd do anything to change,
to break this cycle.
I just wish what harms
me would heal me. (sobs)
- Thank you for sharing.
- [Group] Thank you for sharing.
(group clapping)
- [Counselor] Well, we finished
here a little early tonight.
Would anybody else
like to share anything?
- Um...
(Ray sighs)
I'm Ray
and I am an addict.
I don't know, um, what I was.
(door creaks)
Who I was in the past.
- Bloody hell.
- Martha?
- Ray?
- Hey.
- Hey.
I couldn't believe
what I was seeing.
Ray fucking Gatti
alive and well.
- So what are you
doing nowadays?
Still a roadie?
- Nah, a bit of voluntary work
down at the youth club, like.
Give something back
to the youngsters.
Still self-employed, you know?
Top up the benefits.
How long have you been out?
- Awhile.
- Meant to get in touch
after you went away.
Don't know why I didn't.
It's good to see you.
- Mm.
- You still playing, Ray?
- I'm writing.
I'm doing a score for a movie.
- Dearest me, old boy.
I heard you'd become some
sort of self-loathing recluse.
(chuckles) Glad to
hear you're all right.
- Still sort of finding my feet.
- Well done, Ray.
- Look, I've got things
to do, so I'm gonna,
I'm gonna head off.
It was good to see you.
- Huh, well, if there's
anything you need, man,
anything at all, I'm
here for you, all right?
Don't be a stranger!
- [Ray] See you.
(Del chuckles)
(somber music)
- [News Announcer]
Tonight's top story.
Police have issued a warning
on a dangerous new drug
after yet another raid
on known street dealers
in the city center.
The drug is being described
as more dangerous than heroin.
We warn our viewers
that the following footage
contains disturbing images.
- [Man on TV] It's an
early night anyway, so.
She's been waiting a long time-
(heart beating)
(disorienting music)
(distant siren wailing)
(mysterious music)
(light piano music)
- [Ray] Fuck!
(Ray thumps piano)
(glass shatters)
(door slams shut)
(ominous music)
(water lapping)
(dramatic music)
(bus rumbles)
(doorbell buzzes)
- Ray!
Come on in, pal.
Belgium, '94.
You were off on some
artist hissy fit.
The Circus is due on
stage in 30 minutes
and then a bloody amp
gets nuked, remember that?
- That wasn't '94.
Hang on, we toured Belgium?
(Del chuckles)
- Christ, good times.
And Ida, she was
calm as anything.
Bloody saint she was.
What's going on, Ray?
Don't tell me nothing.
I've known you long enough.
- (sighs) I just need
to find it again.
- Find what?
- It was always easier with
Ida, the music just flowed.
I can't write, Del.
I need your old services.
I need inspiration.
- Bad idea after what happened.
- That was me.
I gave her the
needle, Del, not you.
Just help us out.
You owe me, you
said it yourself.
- Not like this, I'm sorry.
- Del.
- [Del] Alright babe,
look who's come round.
- Hi Ray. (chuckles)
What's going on?
- I just popped round
for some advice.
I thought my old mates
might be there for me.
(cellphone buzzing)
- I won't be a minute.
Del speaking.
What about?
Yeah, what you looking for?
- I think about her
from time to time.
You need to stop
blaming yourself, Ray.
Don't tell him I
gave 'em to you.
- [Ray] What are they?
- They'll get you back on track.
They're brand new,
deep relaxation.
Del's found a couple
here, bless him.
You know what he's like.
I took to it like
candy he says. (laughs)
Not a traditional
retirement plan, I know,
but it worked though.
Knocked me right out.
Been sleeping like
a baby ever since.
- I don't wanna sleep, Martha.
I wanna work.
- Bollocks.
You need a rest.
- Gotta pop out for a bit.
You want a lift, Ray?
- No, I'll walk.
I fancy the fresh air.
- Yeah, probably help you sleep.
Come on.
(women chattering)
- Hang on, I recognize you.
You're from that band.
- Who's she talking to?
- Yeah, yeah, you are.
- What's that?
- Don't you fib.
Don't you fib.
He's from that band.
I had some of his albums.
I swear I had some
of his albums.
- No idea what.
- The Cord, the Cord.
- Oh yeah, I remember the
Cord Electric something.
- Ah, electric.
Electric Circus.
I knew it! I had
such a crush on you.
- Oh, Mum!
- It's not me, I'm sorry.
- Can we have a selfie?
- No.
- Can we at least have a selfie?
Oh, can we please have a selfie?
- Oh my God.
What is she like?
- That's his loss.
(all laughing)
- Didn't he kill his wife?
- He killed his wife?
- Yeah.
- Really? He's single then.
- Mom, come here.
(crowds chattering)
(distant music thumping)
(ominous music)
(alcohol splashes)
(ominous music)
(bottles clanging)
(Ray groaning)
(disorienting music)
(bottles clang)
(Ray sighs)
(Ray yawns)
(dramatic music)
(light piano music)
(ominous music)
(soulful piano music)
(Ray sniffs)
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(Ray retching)
(disorienting music)
(door slams shut)
(cellphone buzzing)
- Del speaking.
Ray, you all right, pal?
Say that again.
(Del sighs)
Motherfuck, man.
What did you do?
- I don't know.
I passed out when I got
in and I woke up to this.
- Who were they?
- I dunno.
I came, I came back and
they were on the side.
But I totally ignored 'em, man.
I went upstairs. I don't know.
I don't know what happened.
But I, I didn't do it though.
I, I didn't kill 'em though.
I didn't touch them.
I went nowhere near them!
I'm not a killer, man!
- I know you're not, Ray.
Keep calm.
There's no blood on you.
You call the police?
- [Ray] What do you think?
- Good.
(blood squelches)
(Ray breathing heavily)
- What am I gonna do, Del?
I can't go back.
I'm not going back to prison.
I just can't.
I didn't do this, I swear!
- Ray.
- I, I didn't.
- We're gonna get
this cleared up.
I'm here for you,
mate, all right?
Oh, Jesus.
Look at that.
Ah, you kept it.
- Christ, Del.
- We're going to need
plenty of towels.
This place needs cleaning
from top to bottom.
What's this?
- She was trying to help me out.
- Martha gave them to you?
- She meant well.
- Get rid of 'em.
Keep your phone on.
Don't let anybody in the door.
- What are you gonna do?
- What I've always done.
Clean up the mess.
(Del crunches sandwich)
(mysterious music)
(Connor knocking on door)
Who's that?
Get rid of them.
(Connor knocking on door)
- Ray!
You all right?
Ray, you there?
There he is, pretty wild in
here last night, Ray. (laughs)
I almost came round to
tell you to keep it down.
- I was just working
on some new material.
- Mm, don't give me that.
I know you had ladies
in here. (chuckles)
Raymundo still
knows how to party.
- Ah, okay, you got me.
I had a few friends over last
night, sort of a reunion.
I've gotta go, the
place is a tip.
- Well, let me help you.
I've got time.
- No, it's fine.
I, I can manage.
- [Connor] Come on, Ray.
What are friends for?
- No, cheers, but I'm okay.
- Listen, Ray, listen.
I've, I've been working
on some new material
and I've got some
really sweet melodies.
You know, I've been fucking
channeling it, mate.
Do you wanna hear some, mate?
- Connor, my head's
banging, okay?
I've gotta go.
- Right, okay.
Well, you can't avoid
me forever, Ray.
- Okay!
(ominous synth music)
(Del and Ray grunting)
(doors slam shut)
(car engine revs)
(suspenseful music)
Where are we going?
- You'll see.
(ominous synth music)
(suspenseful music)
(van rumbles)
(metal clangs)
- What is this place?
- You don't remember?
We shot your first video here.
Is your memory dead or what?
You wait here, I'll go
and get the barrels.
(ominous synth music)
(liquid splashing)
Now for the magic solution.
Let will turn 'em to
mush in a day or two.
Pass us another bottle.
- [Ray] Ah, bastard!
(knife clangs)
- [Del] You all right?
- [Ray] Fuck! (groans)
This is gonna need stitches.
- [Del] Wrap it up.
I need to finish this.
(Ray breathing heavily)
(container thuds)
Now you see 'em, now you don't.
- [Ray] Oh, this is
gonna get infected.
Are you sure this is
gonna fucking work?
- Of course I am.
I saw it on a TV show
about a drug manufacturer
just like me.
You should watch it.
Very educational.
Oh, Jesus.
I think they're
already separated.
We'll come back tomorrow.
Once these break down,
we'll tip 'em out
and let it drain off.
This was an accident.
The only way to put an end to
it is to wipe out every trace.
I don't want you
telling Martha anything.
She's too fragile as it is.
Never talk about this again.
Come on!
(ominous music)
(door creaks)
- How do you know it'll work?
- It'll work, I've
done the research.
We head back tomorrow.
Pour gloop out,
Bob's your uncle.
Ray, we need to look
to the future now.
- (chuckles) What future?
- You can't let the
past define you.
Look at me and Martha.
We don't have much,
but we have a dream and
we'll make it happen.
- What? By dealing weed to kids?
- I'm just saying you've
closed yourself off.
You need to let people in.
Ida was a nice girl,
but she's gone now.
It's time to move on.
(door creaks)
(keys jingle)
(upbeat dance music)
I whisper you my secrets
and tell you my lies
There are no tears or fears
We are reachers of the night
So don't you
fight to breathe
Just to know you're alive
To know you're alive
All we have, all we share
(Ray groans)
(Ray winces)
Time moves slow
And we only know
what we know
You turn me on
like a neon light
I can glow in the
darkness of night
Chemical fire tonight
I am a neon
(music stops)
(bottle clangs)
(ominous music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(telephone ringing)
(Ray groans)
(telephone continues ringing)
- [Del] Took you long enough.
I'm outside, come on.
- What's wrong?
- [Del] Don't say
you're not bloody ready.
- What? What are
you talking about?
You said you were
coming back tomorrow.
- [Del] Ray, it is tomorrow.
Are you drunk?
What the fuck is wrong with you?
- Yeah, I'm okay.
I just, I just hit my head.
I'm, I'm fine.
- [Del] Well, hurry up.
We don't need any
unwanted attention here.
- Okay, I'm all right.
I'll see you downstairs.
(Ray sighs)
(Ray groans)
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(liquid splashing)
- [Del] It's blocked.
Need a hand? (chuckles)
(blood squelching)
(Ray retches)
- [Ray] Oh, that's disgusting.
- [Del] See, I
told you it'd work.
We need to pour it in.
Now be careful.
If you get this on you,
it's gonna burn you.
Three, two, one.
(both groaning)
(liquid splashing)
Oh, maybe they could
have used another day.
(Ray coughing)
Now the drain's blocked.
(Ray coughing)
- [Ray] Oh God, it's disgusting.
- [Del] We'll deal with it.
Most of it's done.
We'll cremate these bits and
smash the bones and teeth.
- [Ray] Oh God, leave me out.
I can't do it.
I can't do it.
- Wait, I can walk
out too, you know?
Don't you forget that.
This is your mess.
Get back here!
(blood squelches)
(arm thwacks)
(Ray retching)
(water bubbling)
(Ray chuckling)
- [Ray] Keep going.
(water bubbling)
(children chattering)
(children laughing)
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday dear Joanna
Happy birthday to you
- Yum!
(guests laughing)
- Yay! (clapping)
(guests laughing)
- [Ida] Time to blow
your candle out.
(Ray breathing heavily)
- [Ray] Look at the camera.
(Ray sobbing quietly)
(ominous music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(knocking on door)
- Who is it?
(knocking on door)
Who's there?
- [Martha] It, it's me.
It's Martha.
(Ray sighs)
(children chattering)
- It is not good
for you, you know?
Living like this.
I'm not saying you should
forget the past or,
or stop caring.
It's just...
(light piano music)
(children laughing)
the here
and now.
- There is no here
and now, Martha.
Look around you.
- Of course there is.
- [Ray] Does Del
know you're here?
- That's sort of why I came by.
What's going on with you two?
- I've been having some,
some personal issues and
Del's been helping me out
being there for me.
You know, he's,
he's good like that.
- You sure it's you
with the problems?
- Believe me, I'm sure.
- It's just that he's,
he's been acting really strange
lately and distant. (sighs)
He's hiding something
from me, Ray.
I know it, I can tell.
- Listen, he's lucky to have you
and he bloody well knows it.
He's never even looked
at another woman.
(Martha chuckles)
- It's hard to remember
a time before him.
We are all so young,
apart from Del.
Bless him.
(both laugh)
I sometimes wonder how
life might have been
with different choices.
(light piano music)
Just, um, tell me if he
says anything, will you?
- He's a straight up guy
for all his faults.
- Be kind to yourself, Ray.
Sleep well.
(ominous music)
(dramatic music)
(suspenseful music)
(footsteps thumping)
- [Leroy] We're shut!
- I'm looking for Jordan.
Is she here?
- I said you're not coming in.
- Oh, well, well, well,
if it isn't Rockstar Ray.
- Jordan, I need to talk to you.
It's important.
Please, I have to
talk to somebody.
- I could do with a drink.
Leroy, be a good boy, will you?
And make us a couple of drinks.
You better make 'em large ones.
- Something's happening to me.
- I thought we'd agreed
never to meet like this.
- I'm not looking for
gear, I'm in trouble.
I need help.
- Shh.
You can leave the bottle.
Looks like I'm
here for the night.
Are you waiting
for a fucking tip?
Now listen, Ray.
I didn't mind you coming here
for a fix every now and again.
I'll always help out
you out if I can.
But this?
Turning up at my door
for emotional support.
Go back to the meetings, Ray.
See a counselor, get
yourself a girlfriend.
Fuck me, get yourself
a boyfriend, whatever.
Your problems are exactly that.
Your problems.
- I'm a mess!
Everything is falling apart!
- What are you talking about?
Hmm, I can't help you, Ray.
In fact, I think it
was time you were going
and take your medicine with you.
- You know what
this is, don't you?
You know what Pandora is.
You fucking tell me!
- A lot of shit goes on in here.
I've seen it all.
I've done it all.
But that shit ain't allowed
in here and I want you out!
- It's done something to me.
It's changed me.
It's turned me into
something terrible.
- [Jordan] Get out Ray.
- Get off me!
You know what this does!
- Leroy, take this
sorry sack of shit
out of here now.
- Come here!
- Fuck you!
Get your fucking hands
off me, you fucking-
- Oh, and Ray, don't come back.
You stay the fuck away from me
and the meetings if you
know what's good for you.
Do you hear me?
- Fuck you!
Get the fuck off me!
(ominous synth music)
(suspenseful music)
- [Hood] Are you looking?
- I need something.
- What'd you say?
- Something in
particular, something new.
- Get the fuck out of here!
- Just take it easy.
I've got money.
(suspenseful music)
- [Hood] Over there.
(video game beeping)
- Okay, come on.
Who the fuck is this?
What do you want?
- Pandora.
(both laughing)
- Everybody wants Pandora.
- I don't wanna buy it.
I want to find out what it is.
- Do I look like a
fucking laboratory to you?
- I'm happy to pay.
Just tell me what it does.
I need to know.
- Oh, I know you'll pay.
(suspenseful music)
(punch thuds)
(Ray coughing)
- [Ray] Take the money.
Just tell me what Pandora does.
Please. (coughing)
- First it closes your eyes.
And then it opens them.
(wallet thuds)
- Can I fuck him?
(Ray gasps)
- No, get him the
fuck out of here.
- [Thug] Come here! Get up!
(ominous music)
- What are you looking at?
- What do you have?
- Fuck off.
- I just, I just need
to, to switch off.
- Fuck off.
- Look, I've got money.
I'll give you whatever you want.
- Not for sale.
- Fuck!
(kicks thudding)
(disorienting music)
(fists thumping)
- Ray?
- Yeah, you busted!
What the fuck is Pandora?
- I don't know.
- What am I taking?
- This wasn't
supposed to happen.
I didn't give it to you.
- What's it doing to me?
What have you done to us?
- I'm trying to fix it.
But Pandora, it's...
(Martha gasps)
- They're here.
They're here.
They're here for you.
(ominous music)
Ray, it's you.
It's you.
It's you.
(Martha sighs)
- This stuff is everywhere, Ray.
This stuff is global
but I didn't invent it.
- No, you just wanna
manufacture it.
- I'm not trying to make it,
I'm trying to neutralize it.
This isn't the first
time this has happened.
She's been having these
fits, these night terrors.
Ever since she took
Pandora, sees things,
beings that aren't there.
I'm trying to reverse it.
But there's something in
Pandora that don't make sense.
You were never meant
to take it, Ray.
You've gotta believe me.
- Yeah, but none of
this would've happened
if you didn't fucking exist!
- I'm just trying
to put things right.
- [Ray] I've seen
some monsters, Del.
But you, you're top
the fucking lot!
- Don't you judge me.
You have no right.
You sit up there in
your fucking ivory tower
looking down on us.
Well, we're all
right, you prick.
We've got each other.
And I'd do anything
for that girl.
I'd die for her.
- Don't fucking tell me.
- [Man] No! No!
(woman screams)
(gunshots blasting)
(ominous synth music)
- [Voice on TV] The police
have picked up a big one.
- We understand that two
bodies have been discovered,
murdered in a flat some
seven floors above us.
Derek Matthews, a
known drug dealer,
and his partner,
Martha Connolly,
were found in what
police say are suspicious
and deeply concerning
Could these murders be linked
to the recent disappearance
of three other women
who vanished from this
area only days ago?
These were all questions
that the members of the local
community will want answering.
I'm Lori Campbell, back
to you in the studio.
(telephone ringing)
- [Newscaster] And in
local news, a planned 200-
(telephone continues ringing)
- Hello?
- [Joanna] Dad?
- Jo, how are you doing?
- [Joanna] I want to meet
you tomorrow for lunch.
I've got something really
important to tell you.
- Okay.
- [Joanna] Just
be there, please.
This is really important news.
- I'll be there.
- [Joanna] Okay, one
o'clock at the cafe.
I'll talk to you later, bye.
(ominous music)
(fly buzzing)
(ominous music)
(Ray glugging)
(fly buzzing)
(Ray glugging)
(Ray coughing)
(Ray retching)
(Ray groans)
(ominous music)
(Ray shouts)
(glass shatters)
- Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
(disorienting music)
(Ray breathing heavily)
Get away from me!
Leave me alone!
Leave me alone!
Fucking come on!
(glass clatters)
(Ray sobbing quietly)
(light piano music)
(ominous piano music)
(dramatic piano music)
(discordant piano music)
(upbeat dance music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(disorienting music)
(wood thwacks)
Fuck off!
(discordant piano music)
(furniture thumping)
(disorienting music)
(Ray sobbing)
(glass shattering)
(Ray sobbing)
You turn me on
like a neon light
I can glow in the
darkness at night
Chemical fire tonight
I am a neon light
(Ray sobbing)
(telephone ringing)
(ominous music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(Ray winces)
(glass clatters)
(Ray hyperventilating)
- [Answering Machine]
You have one new message.
- [Joanna] Dad?
Help me.
I'm in a building.
The one from your
video. (screams)
(answering machine beeps)
(suspenseful music)
- Hey!
(tires screech)
(dramatic synth music)
(suspenseful music)
(thunder rumbles)
(echoing voices whispering)
(echoing voices whispering)
(ominous music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(water dripping)
(echoing voices whispering)
(ominous music)
(tape clicks)
(dramatic music)
(heavy industrial music)
(echoing voices whispering)
(music stops)
(punch thuds)
(Ray grunts)
(Ray groans)
(Ray grunting)
(Ray grunting)
Who's there?
- [Connor] Calm down, Raymundo.
You'll hurt yourself.
- Connor?
I don't understand.
Where's Joanna?
- [Connor] Shh, shh, shh.
Calm down.
Joanna's here.
She's fine.
- Where is she?
- [Connor] I need
you to say it, Ray.
Say you'll be calm.
- I'm calm, calm, calm.
- Good.
And don't you
worry about Joanna.
(chuckles) I've been
taking good care of her.
This is awkward.
It's me.
But I'm also Chris.
- Chris? No you're not.
- (chuckles) You know I'm not.
But to Joanna I am.
You have to understand,
this has been really
difficult for me, Ray.
You have to understand that.
- Where's my daughter?
- Forget about her
for one second!
I'm trying to talk to you, Ray.
I'm your son.
- What?
(scoffs) No, you're not.
What you are is a sick fuck!
- No, Ray.
23 years ago you met my mother.
You had sex.
And nine months later I
popped out, making you my dad.
- Bullshit!
- Jesus, Ray, even
pigeons learn faster.
You were 16 when
you met my mother.
You're 16 years older than me.
Mm, it's not rocket science.
- You've done this.
- [Connor] Yeah, yeah.
- You killed those
girls, didn't you?
You did this!
- They were a mistake.
I invited them up for a party.
But then you, you were
passed out, drooling.
And they started
laughing at you.
And I told them to shut up.
- You killed Del and Martha!
You're a fucking murderer!
- [Connor] No.
I was defending you.
- You sick freak!
- Who is your son. (chuckles)
Oh, Ray, what's this?
It's a little secret stash.
And after all the
weed I've given you,
you were hiding this from me.
Oh, Ray, tut-tut.
What is this?
- It's my muse, my inspiration.
If you take that and
it works for you,
you could be in my band.
- Really?
- Yeah.
- (laughs) I'm
not an idiot, Ray.
- Just think.
You, me, in Electric
Circus on tour.
But if you can't handle it.
- I can handle
anything you can, Dad.
- Prove it.
Good boy.
Where's Joanna?
- I don't think you're
gonna like this, Ray,
but I need to be honest.
Okay, no more secrets.
I knew you wouldn't
approve of me and Jo.
I tried to explain to her.
She, she just wouldn't listen.
- What'd you do with
her you sick bastard?
- She was devastated when she
found out who I really was.
And anyway, I just wasn't
ready to have kids.
(ominous music)
- What have you done?
- Oh, Ray, I'm just trying
to open up to you, okay?
- Where is she?
- All right, all right.
I'll just go and get her.
- [Ray] Where the
fuck is my daughter?
- [Connor] Come on, Jo.
- Where's my daughter,
you sick fuck?
What have you?
What have you done?
(Ray sobs)
What have you done?
You sick motherfucker!
- Well, (chuckles)
sisterfucker actually.
(Ray screaming)
Ray, this is better now.
It's just us.
Like it was always meant to be.
It'll take time for
you to understand.
All this,
it happened for a reason.
(ominous music)
Oh, wow.
All right, oh,
everything's fucked.
- (screams) No!
- Oh, fuck.
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there?
Wait, what have you given me?
- You sick bastard!
- Sit still.
(disorienting music)
(echoing voices whispering)
Who's there?
Who's there?
Who's there? Who?
Who's there?
(Connor groaning)
(disorienting music)
(Connor shouting)
Get off! Get off!
(Connor coughing)
(Connor screaming)
(blood squelches)
(echoing voices whispering)
(blood squelching)
(Ray sobbing)
(gunshot blasts)
(ominous music)
If this is an illusion
Don't bring me
crashing down to earth
Allow me my delusion
Please don't let
this bubble burst
I need your shelter
Need your protection
from the storm
Need your affection
To keep me warm
'Cause you're dying to me
Rather die than you're dead
I need to speak
with my heart
'Cause it's telling me lies
I need to speak
with my heart
To penetrate your disguise
I need to speak
with my heart
It must be telling me lies
Speak with my heart
Speak with my heart
(ominous music)