Pandora and the Flying Dutchman (1951) Movie Script

Pandora and the Flying Dutchman
according to legend, the Flying Dutchman, roaming the seas forever cursed.
enough to die for him...
...until you find a woman who loves.
located on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, Esperanza Harbor.
about 20 years ago... 1930.
translation: listening to Raho's I hope you all enjoy.
- what about the network? A whale?
- both a pod of whales.
Come here and give me a hand Pre. We caught the whale.
Ah lads, you should see me your age.
We know, from the sea instead of fish, were taking pictures of the wine skins.
So yesterday I got it up close to the barn that my wife and...
...I sent him to take the pig out.
uncle Geoffrey!
- tell Janet.
What, Janet?
- Fishermen...
You'll urperece what you find. I'm afraid they haven't been able.
The car was off, Janet.
I'm Stephen, my dear. Please don't look.
- Omar Khayyam -
"the fate who determines the hand writes and continues to write:
What piety is comprehension what aldirtama not half back line,
to tear down all the tears shed nor care what a word."
Go with him, Janet.
"The greatness of love is measured by what is willing to make sacrifices for his sake."
Who said these words?
The human soul can understand... like trying to empty the sea with a cup.
The first time I met with Hendrik van der Zee...
I've never had my mind that this was one of his extraordinary.
Even now, I can't imagine what I've learned about him.
In this case, get together events one by one if I can--
I'm a guy who spent my life putting the pieces together of the mystery old.
Let's clarify this and maybe make a new one this mystery.
the story started on a spring night.
Incidentally, 17. I found it interesting writing handwritten century with the Dutch.
apparently it was a confession of the Flying Dutchman.
Translation issue I was having.
it wasn't a night yormalik head. The sea that took place on the full moon... was disturbing and erotic. On top of that, the singer's Gypsy...
"two turtle named" I could hear coming from the tavern.
I knew I could find out there Pandora,...
...who, along with Reggie demarest parcalarca drink to yourself.
according to what people say, Pandora, because of drink.
and Stephen, who lives with Cameron for two things;
Pandora and a race car that hopes to break world speed rekoru lives for it.
I was his slave as much as they are.
- Hello Geoffrey.
- Geoffrey, Hello.
Did you get the news, Geoffrey? "The Yearbook Of Elders"...
...continued without my name in it.
- Congratulations. - You owe me Reggie.
I don't owe him you just. It's the celebration of the anniversary.
Exactly 1 year ago I met with Pandora.
- particular-psyched up a poem or two I guess? - That stuff isn't worth reading.
She was singing at the club in Hanover London, and tonight...
...promised to sing the same song.
- my voice without a microphone but I'm not very good.
I'll tell you instead Stop Jenny: his mic is not good.
Come to the piano, Reggie. This is just between us.
- can't say never good. For the self he's a poser. I'm so sorry.
How am I supposed to know
if this is real love
you've found your way here, I love this
How am I supposed to know
whether zevalsiz
one day, you wouldn't let me leave
venture to guess that I can't
This is weird
do this because
How am I supposed to know
whether she love It
whether it is Permanent
# Ava Gardner - how am I to know #
- so to speak caniyurekten said.
- Yes.
- but not for me?
- No Reggie, it's not for you.
- for Stephen could be?
- No, Not for Stephen.
In this case, for who?
I don't know.
So you've met that guy yet?
Will you marry me?
No, Reggie.
I thought you'd say no.
Please don't drink any more tonight.
What I won't drink tonight or any other night.
"I know, Reaper is tens of thousands of different mankind to the output of gate
Strange geometrical hinges and opens and closes with
You can open them both ways"
I'm recovering from the whisper of water one way or the other.
Again passed out.
Is dead.
- walking from the hotel I'll be back, Stephen.
- you don't want me to go with you?
Won't hurt me.
The doctor himself is vain, even though I will get one. More appropriate that it falls.
Us what Reggie did was to detect that you think?
Reggie has nothing to do with us what he did, Stephen.
It's just me.
I am coming.
Pandora investigation it seemed for a short while, but for a few days...
...did not see any of us. We thought you were impersonating a morbid person.
come on in and make yourself a marshmallow heat.
Marshmallows? Where do you find such beautiful marshmallows in Esperanza?
I have an ancient admirer in Indianapolis. This deprestirmes homesick hopes.
- How is making? - A little bit. I was in Indiana I once girl scouts.
Over heats and harmony in our campfire marshmallow Juanita said.
Reggie, how can you forget so easily?
there is what is called you feeling?
- of course there is. I feel relaxed.
- why didn't you stop him?
- It was her life.
- he was in love with you.
- what is love?
- you're old enough to know what it is.
- as it turns out I don't know.
When you leave from London together with Reggie orgy sentence you knew.
So... do you deny it -s-- I don't regret a thing.
I showed Reggie hurt and intimacy.
- Pandora troubled young man, how many times...
would have discouraged suicide? Why don't go bad against you shown?
No, I'll leave that to others. Reggie was a story about a suicide at two.
I talked to him for a night out of this idea. Ultimately, alcoholism, self-pity,...
I get so tired of yourself ...or threats of harm. I was overwhelmed.
Now recently I found it and I don't regret it. And life is not so important.
Not sure if it's that someone else's life.
If Reggie is dead or Alive is of no importance to you...
candidly ...can you tell?
Open-hearted, you're not. It's not you Reggie, you're worried about yourself.
What do you mean?
Stephen is not now I can't deal with Reggie because you're afraid.
I wish to take an interest.
You look and I'll take care of you. Do you take me big take your car with you, Stephen?
- now?
- Yes, right now.
I say to you.
- Take Me Home uncle Geoffrey.
- Take uncle Geoffrey.
They leave me my beautiful home and take his nephew and partly moral marshmallows.
- I love you dear.
- Thank you, Geoffrey.
But in life is important. Varacaks realize it one day.
This car was designed for two people to ride!
Never mind, I don't Angus!
Think again, ma'am! This car was designed so it would go to the mountains!
To be clear, Angus! The heights will be rattling!
You'll find yourself in second gear or use it in the ocean!
Just remember that you have a handbrake!
Stephen Was Marvelous.
There is a mysterious yacht in the Gulf.
It doesn't matter what the idea you are working hard at length.
I guess fate or Nelson on that ship of the Flying Dutchman...'re imagining it.
- the Flying Dutchman who is Stephen?
I have no idea. Geoffrey can explain to you.
Many girls know how to drive a race car and a man...
the romantic sees clearly.
For Example, Janet. Why don't you marry Janet, Stephen?
She's a beautiful girl and she adores you.
- but I adore you.
In this world there is a reason not to marry me right now?
Pandora why don't your feet touch the ground? Happiness is in simple things are hidden.
I love you Pandora. To convince you how much I love you...
thinking about what I could do ... ... my eyes at night I don't sleep.
You done to me, Stephen?
Literally unbelievable for me what would it be? - I'd do anything.
What though.
- This car how long do you do, Stephen? - 2 years. Why do you ask?
This car is worth more than anything in this world for you?
There is one thing.
If you throw it in the sea a cliff if I wanted this car pulling on me Stephen?
I'd throw.
The horse then Stephen.
When do you want to marry me, Stephen?
- what today Stephen?
- 9 March.
The ninth day of the third month.
Today was an extraordinary day and I'll always remember this moment.
On the third day of the ninth month I'm cutting you promise to marry Stephen.
Of course, in spite of this if you want me to. Or do you hate me now?
I want you to.
I'm afraid we have a long way to kick all the way home dear.
I couldn't believe my eyes and I was peeking through the telescope.
You guys are you completely crazy?
- a glorious madness.
For the sake of the car and threw it into the sea, Stephen, and September 3...
...I agreed to marry her. We were engaged. You can kiss me, Geoffrey.
He's trying to make a life for the rich a bit more if you act with common sense.
Stephen also we are working. Both tight than other people.
He didn't want to see it as a competitor to race my car. I don't blame him.
"The greatness of love is measured by what is willing to make sacrifices for his sake."
What a beautiful word.
Stephen also as a measure of the greatness of his love sacrificed for the sake of the car.
Who says it Geoffrey? I have the impression that mention quote. - Greek was the word.
But I can't remember who. We should put the stones back in water skip.
It might sound crazy when you think about what you did tonight, but it was also a magnificent, Stephen.
Legendary will be something to see. Though the lining was the author of you in the past.
Ready speaking of the legend, Geoffrey, who is the Flying Dutchman?
It's funny you should ask that.
Just by chance I found an exceptional type of the story.
Stephen thinks he might be on his ship in the Gulf.
- but like you I blamed it with hope, but now I take that back. - Unlikely.
According to legend, the Flying Dutchman for seven years now, has set foot in the British Isles and...
the woman who was to save her ...can call.
- will save her from what? - Curse.
As the captain of the ghost ship roaming the seas until judgement day is cursed.
Until you find a woman who loves you enough to die for him.
The criteria of the Almighty than this is your love Stephen. You were willing to give you your car back, but look...
...woman's life when she should lay down.
- But I have you, he's looking for he still.
Stephen, let's go and visit the guy on that boat with a Powerboat.
Welcome to blah blah we call Esperanza.
- to make myself worthy of you tonight...
I've done many things ...too. Don't go to sleep with a stranger uninvited.
It is pretty embarrassing. - Two sailing yachts if he's rich enough to...
...cut the fat and bustle. So to see her get up.
If you're interested in legends, I have something to show you.
First of all the legends that brought me Esperanza.
The legendary treasure lies at the bottom of the sea.
the nose of this statue found in deep water in all the water deficit.
Everyone has spent some time in the history of this port city.
The crossroads of the world during more than twenty century's time.
The Greeks, the Romans, the Celts and even mysterious.
When you take your car out of the abyss we got these stones down, Stephen.
This is a Phoenician remains. That statue a thousand years of ancient.
Ancient people have made a journey away more than is generally supposed.
of the Phoenicians was found on the beach that we all knew that already.
because of this inscription But is a rare remnant.
the Bible the text of this inscription: the passage in the Book of Kings confirms.
therefore, we see it as a sheer myth.
Never underestimate legends Pandora.
Where is that girl?
The conversation is always the Flying Dutchman and former legends. Now that swims to the yacht and ...
Will you take me a ride to the pier?
I--sometimes I get so angry to Pandora
Aboard greetings!
Is there no one?
Marines in the seizure of the deck? Where Are you?
Is there anybody out there?
The locker room immediately on the right. You'll find towels in there.
There's a robe in the closet or hung.
I heard screaming?
Where's your crew?
Land-you gave permission I guess.
you could have at least a sailor on duty.
in fact, I know that the law requires it.
Yours Truly, Pandora Reynolds.
Pleased to meet you.
Lutfedili for a good name a beautiful name.
My name is Hendrik van der Zee.
In this case, you are Dutch. Honestly, it was a coincidence that big.
I seem to see them come pose for this painting.
Speaking of coincidences, look here.
What a coincidence?
I don't believe in coincidences.
So now you of a woman you've never seen before to the table exactly what your...
you're telling isn't the most glamorous that can be imagined ...a fantastic coincidence?
The table that I made to make it more attractive the woman's name is Pandora.
The gods of Canada.
Made it illegal for him to open the precious box they give you.
Li Indianapolis Pandora Reynolds. I'm not interested in mythology.
But my face and my name in this table, I want to learn how to manifest.
Live models on occasion I'll make a few more adjustments.
You still haven't told me how you know my name.
What your face nor your name I didn't know.
Such a defective bores me to be found guilty of a coincidence.
I'm not impressed. I'm sure there's a natural explanation for this is your table.
I'm sure it was.
It's very simple. You've seen me sing in a night club or something.
In New York or London.
- very possible. Maybe a picture from a magazine kesmissi.
Look around him I'll find out for sure.
- Your Head a bit more in this direction can you translate?
Thank you.
- thus the name, likeness, and everything is lighted. - Lighted isn't it?
Because you have planned everything in detail, thought that would interest me.
- Well, did I get your attention?
- didn't jot down.
In this case, all this effort was pisine Kitty.
Now you can look at your portrait if you wish. I did my best.
This I'm not...
...I want to be.
Why am I not like that?
Maybe you're not satisfied, maybe you want to be the one you weren't in.
Maybe you don't know what you want, maybe your discontent is there.
Discontent and anger with the destruction itself.
"Anger and destruction!" Is that your idea?
Maybe I can find something here that will destroy. - I have no doubt you will find.
For example, in my picture you made in the table. Do you want to destroy your table?
This will help to relax your soul, of course.
- how long do you work on?
- what does it matter?
Do you have a reason to prevent my face if I wished to delete from your table?
I don't have the slightest reason.
- shall I off in this case?
- of course.
Are you not angry?
I threw my anger a long time ago. Never I wouldn't be mad.
You've embarrassed me. This is a new sensation, and I liked it I don't think.
You didn't ruin my painting, you've made your contribution. I'll show you what I mean immediately.
No work of art does not, unless an element of luck is involved into it then.
This work is indispensable for elements of the unexpected and the astonishing.
Pandora was the first woman; eve of Greek legend...
curiosity has cost us heaven on earth ...and US.
I made a mistake by making such a portrait of a woman that is referred to...
no matter how beautiful, though.
Pandora, always a woman should look like...
Bride and mother; as the original egghead and general...
it also emerged from the eggs of all mankind that we can imagine.
Contributions made by chance by the needs of the table with unexpected elements.
Genuine Pandora now.
the original egg-head improvement do you mean?
This Pandora may be, but certainly not me.
Of course, if I can get to know you better, then your analogy symbolism without losing...
...can restore. I am not much of a painter,...
the advantage of having an extraordinary model that I'm having I'm saying.
This is me Pandora Reynolds ' face and figure it might inspire me to paint;
The mysterious goddess of the heart's desire of all men.
Pandora are you okay? Of course I'm fine. This is Mr. Hendrik van der Zee.
These gentlemen are my friends Cameron, Stephen and Geoffrey Fielding.
- I'm glad. - Pleased to meet you.
- Geoffrey archaeologist.
Stephen also holds the world speed rekoru in a race car.
He would try to move him, but tonight, I abandoned this idea.
I have not given up hope of him for the sake of a good idea more you've forgotten.
Promise to marry is suggesting we cut.
You're partially right, Stephen. Mr. van der Zee was Dutch.
but it's not the Flying Dutchman. You're not the Flying Dutchman, isn't that right, Mr. van der Zee?
anyway, haven't flown for a while from these waters, and tomorrow for dinner...
...has agreed to join us, isn't it?
- I'm happy.
- Isabela the hotel at 8 o'clock. Good night.
Good night.
# all the damn shame there isn't #
Pandora, by Stephen seemed to regret the sacrifice as a condition...
...and decided to allow the race to take the car back to Stephen.
there was migration in the sea when they are removed from the car, but the engine was solid.
night and day to be ready to also attempt to break the record Stephen...
...his car worked on.
# It's the same the whole World Over #
It's time for lunch!
- so what's on the menu?
- ham on bread. - Beautiful.
Yay! Thanks.
The lady girl.
Pandora's new friend Hendrik van der Zee...
...settled in a cottage in Isabella's Garden Hotel.
to take place, including in an environment where Pandora had granted.
he was a cultured man, which is vast beyond me level of knowledge about Antiques.
an obscure coin to him often...
...or I'm consulting on a vague inscriptions.
# Chopin - Etude Op. 25 No. 1 #
play something in the style of Pandora's listening to the piano caught my attention.
ecstatic, seemed to have passed into another world.
I Hear an almost desperate enthusiasm, I got the impression he lived in delight.
I don't know the exact reason even though I was impressed.
Suddenly got a really bad feeling.
I didn't ask him questions about the state's mines and my money.
now, how do I know they're in love, but they didn't mention it thought.
the apprehensions I was booked from day to day. Until I witness it with my own eyes I'm not...
I believe in life until an incident that.
I'm glad you stopped by.
Writing in the archives I found exactly what I was having trouble with a local.
I think that might help me. -S - Writing - Spanish? - Dutch.
17. I'm guessing that is from the beginning of the century.
- a Dutch Esperanza write?
- It's no wonder.
Ultimately, the Netherlands belonged to Spain.
- Of Course. - My main curiosity is awakened.
he wrote the story of the cursed Flying Dutchman in the person of the Dutch is likely to be.
I can read Dutch very well, but I'm having trouble in some archaic expressions.
Because it is your mother tongue I thought it might make them understand better.
It is obvious that the story is a fabrication. It is a trick of the literary period.
The legend of the ghost ship all the way to the ancient Egyptians dates.
Of course, it won't give you too much trouble. I hope I didn't an inconvenience to you.
You're Dutch but you, you seemed very concerned about me and my antiques.
you're looking in a very strange way to me now.
Excuse me, I'm sorry. There's nothing. There is no hurt.
With antiques with great interest of course I'm interested in.
You write this I'll gladly translate.
The language of writing for me gives no trouble. At all.
"the Flying Dutchman" Preface:
"The way she could hope for merciful forgiveness and the grace of God is the story told by himself.
Rebellion to God, to be angry has refrained from the punishment and begged for mercy."
"Was his face was his face... Still...
how white and ice cold even though.
Formerly me she smiles at me with her beauty wasn't smiling anymore.
But his face was standing still. In my mind I saw the face...
...days, weeks, months in my long journey through, in my heart I carried it.
now I had my own ship and I was proud of two things:
I'm the captain and my beautiful young wife.
innocent until chichewa face...
...and a cocugunmusca that are clear to my wife and me.
I could have sworn this innocence... the way swear to the innocence of a servant of the Virgin.
in front of the face the ending Was this...
...the ship's crew, I left my booze.
this was the face... the Watches of the endless night my eyes smouldering.
the face was finally returned to him.
my hands and my pockets, earrings, necklaces...
...and her slender arms were filled with Bracelets for.
happy and attracted to him in the name of making the mementos I brought back from a foreign land.
How's my pleasure to present while wearing hyped.
until we know, until infidelity.
it was an incredible thing.
and yet I could hear the doubt.
Gadfly had a bucket of almost boiling my head. Biting, relentless my thoughts.
visions of dishonesty; crazy, vile, bestial thoughts.
Now of the way that this one was going through.
with the stroke of a bloody dagger that killed the woman I loved more than life itself.
Team, stop! Open the door!
- still, was his face.
- open the door immediately!
so it was spotless. How such could have been spotless?
dungeons and dragged to court in handcuffs...
...It's not human, he was walking into the void.
...and the verdict majiek
...whether it is something I want to tell the magistrate asked.
most proud to say, the most extreme, wildest,...
...the most crucial words that I chose.
Evil was done, and cannot be taken back no longer!
Blame this fucking post again until tomorrow if I could get ten thousand times I would!
the priest in case he removes my sins do not send mahip! No mercy from you...
nor will I beg you for justice! Eternal punishment that will cheer me up!
Hooray for the positive in this troubled world fools!
Faith is a lie, in itself, a chaos God!
-S - -! - Faith is a lie! Heaven is a lie!
- I told you to shut up! Hush!
- a servant of the immortal life...
if you have the chance to navigate throughout all the oceans and all the human generations...
ash cursed until the day of judgment let him be roaming the ship!
Can't never find a woman loyal and honest!
If you give me this madness. Refusing God...
my immortal soul desires to pass as fun!
Tomorrow I'm shaking in the name of the spirit, which is separated from the body.
But the railing, counting the words of God's to judge what you said.
It's just that it's my fault like I'm judging. You took a life, and this crime beacuse...
you're going to die tomorrow. But the part that will never die, what happens to the negative part?
That he knows our thoughts. Buy supplies, don't we?
The provisions that I gave you, and not from the provisions of God's will because I feel sorry for.
in the middle of the night I woke from a deep sleep.
indifference felt like there was a Supernatural sleep.
the door of my cell was open.
buyulenmislerce to my guards were sleeping soundly.
I pity the misfortune of an unknown friend I thought he was drugging them.
the sun in the morning so that I could escape my death would bring me.
my ship anchor in the bay still was a waste.
- the whole crew duty!
- my loyal crew was able to meet me.
pull anchor!
hoist the mainsail!
starboard rudder come!
a light wind softly dragged her to a safe area of the engine.
the darkness before the dawn in the last moments of...
...while I slept in quarters familiar...
...I had a dream.
my ears are Burning...been persecuted to take over my brain
...a voice that spoke to me the last words like the flames.
I knew without doubt that what the voice said to me was true.
the real scary.
my wife is unfaithful to me she wasn't.
when I think of Dishonesty, not only out of kindness.
Bland sincerity of soul, gracious friendship and joy...
...every living thing was claiming. I killed the spotless innocence...
...the world and the hope of heaven.
I wanted to die.
at the dagger stabbed into his heart as I have I wanted to stab my own heart.
but my arm held in a higher power than mine.
that voice spoke again.
my madness to myself I had majiek their own judgment in the courtroom.
Negative, I have a life; and throughout all the human generations...
...wander the oceans all over the world,...
...the ship until the day of judgement to be able to lanetleneb going with what I wished for.
did I wish to die...
...but death refused me.
however, I can get rid of this curse me.
seven years later, only seven years later...
I can live as a positive person...positive people among.
faithful and honest woman I can call for half a year.
the woman who gives the grace and peace of God's grace to me.
however, that woman needs to be willing to die for me.
those words echoed in my head:
"be willing to die?"
then the answer came:
So was I supposed to know the meaning of love.
then the sound has languished.
this was my dream.
really was just a dream?
I could hear the sound of the sea and the ship's timbers creaked from the stress.
this was a dream. More than a dream, it wasn't creepy.
but a human who sees the dream, in that dream took a dagger to kill yourself...
...and then it fell to the ground from the hands of that dagger when you wake up...
...see where that dagger falls...
...what happens then?
but this was absurd. Not the dagger to the ground in a dream, but in another way can be dropped.
sleepwalking maybe get up and took the dagger from my bed when it's in a state...
...I must have dropped it on the floor.
the last days I exhaust my imagination in the idea of the live events depleted.
I'm going to rest my head. In the morning when I woke up, this dream...
the Rising Sun will get lost in the mist.
but in the morning... a level of disturbing memories was living my dream.
there was not a soul in sight.
there was a lookout on the deck.
there was the helmsman at the wheel.
there was nobody at the top of Hang.
I'm talking to the crew!
no Screaming sailor answered.
it was very strange. In just a few hours ago I saw them.
have they abandoned the ship while you sleep?
sango But she was tied in place.
my crew I saw last night.
that I saw was my crew? You brought me to the game or the devil?
this wasn't a dream.
I was alone.
I was alone in a way you can't describe it with words.
was I really alone?
turns at the helm, the ship was cruising on course.
too much sail cloth is not to say that we are open; I command I looked up.
the perception of unseen hands was my obedience.
I was the captain of a ghost crew.
in this case I imagined that the curse was real?
the words of this dream in my head like a funeral bell a bell a bell was ringing.
You mean I get the ship all alone cruising until the day of judgment?
did I wish to die...
...but death refused me.
I saw a white Gull circling the main mast.
there was blood on the wings."
"seven years, seven years seven times at sea I took the cruise.
A ship without an anchor, my heart it was hopeless.
mountains of ice, that protects the South Pole thud in front of me disintegrated.
The walls rising higher until it disappears into the fog...
I was cruising through the ice Canyon. I passed harmless ziyansiz;...
on the pieces of ice bumping into each other ...cluttering...
she moans from the ice the soul in the fire of hell.
I've never sailed tropical waters after crossing glaciers.
But the ship's timbers tree with the root at the bottom of the sea again of he became.
Sun, sea produces a lesmisce the maggots... ship with a terrible current and vermin army was spreading.
Did I wish to die, but death refused me.
once the main mast of the ship struck by lightning during the storm...
...fell on me. I was dying at that moment, a bell currently, I am about to give... filled me an immense pleasure.
curse I was finally getting rid of my burden.
but the blood that gives life to re-reluctant has permeated my brain.
seven years later, and seven years later...
...I came to Harbour I desire to see again.
Those who die of old age before...
I saw the lives of those who suffered and those who died ...and died.
Prayed in the morning and evening.
My prayers are futile in the sky from star to star jump...
...distant yittil that cuts ice in the dark.
The depth of the sea fell beneath the waters that covers a bottomless black depth.
My words in vain, called to God's ear.
People Life, you are the Giver of love and grace.
The flying dutchmen have mercy on his servant and the penalty.
I beg you to talk about the greatest of grace of the grace of God in him...
...the grace of a merciful death."
"Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us.
Deliver us from evil the kingdom, the power and the glory is yours."
Unnatural, illogical. What does this mean?
These words bring to mind, Why was I chosen? - Hello Geoffrey!
You brought to my mind didn't just write that.
are you there, Geoffrey?
- can you come up Pandora? - Hendrik next?
Yes, we're waiting for you!
So "that" do you think Pandora?
I don't know. Must be willing to die.
What's the Philosopher's planted in the dark do you keep the two of you?
You don't need very bright lighting, your talk he is a tool?
Hendrik, you are going to take me to dinner. Stephen would come out to join us later.
Geoffrey tells me you go the strange legends of the past and changing clothes.
With Stephen when will you get married?
We agreed on 3 September.
In this case, I'm missing your wedding. I will sail on 3 September.
Can you postpone his departure?
Unfortunately I can't reschedule.
What happened with Hendrik?
As did his mood, it was strange.
- nothing happened. You're a worrier.
- Here is an interesting ancient writing. Which language is this? - Dutch. 17. century.
- can you read?
- may not be flowing.
No one can't read properly in Dutch, of course, who is not a Dutchman if...
...Like Hendrik.
Pandora why are you waiting? Why don't you get married with Stephen a moment ago?
There's just a month of September. Both Stephen and his car is pretty busy.
On September 3, so many things.
Esperanza bathed in the joy of the feast. Heroes was back.
Juan Montalvo; the greatest bullfighter in all of Spain.
Esperanza was born in Gypsy, his mother still lives here.
there were rumors that she was willing to a bullfight in the local Arena.
Vicente give you something to heat.
two Tortoise
me, me, me!
here it is!
It's one of Spain! So you are most welcome. How are you feeling?
I'll bring you my best wine. Go ahead and sit down. Montalvo Sit.
I just remembered, a few years ago...
...people of the chin Montalvo and an American girl he stole.
- Juanito.
- Senorita.
- Signor van der Zee, Juan Montalvo.
- Signor.
- Geoffrey Fielding knows I am sure.
- Welcome Home, Signor.
I assume you haven't forgotten me?
Ecija, Valencia, Seville, San Sebastian, I went to Granada...
not to kill the bull now but remember those days.
I accompanied in their struggle to Montalvo during a season.
But you shouldn't make me relive those days or are you still in love with you I mean.
This is spoken because it is immoral to be married anymore I am a woman.
Not to me, Signore. More bahtli someone.
Himself is not here tonight. Engage with his race car.
Name Is Stephen Cameron. You've heard of him.
New world speed rekoru try to break it before our wedding day.
I'll introduce him to you if you want.
- I Don't Want To.
Juanito himself a brave man. The same like you.
What brings you back to the Esperanza Montalvo?
Meanwhile, his mother comes to visit. Esperanza, after Belmonte...
Ripper is the best ...Spain is proud to.
- Belmonte after?
- in terms of time, of course.
My mother is a gypsy Signor. A magnificent woman.
Not to want to come to Madrid where you can live like a queen.
Hates bullfighting. So I came to see him.
It should be adap. That is the Mother of Montalvo.
Do you want to meet my mother, senorita?
Are you sure I'm worthy of such an honor?
I'm not sure.
- saldirtman I want to go to the Arena and a bull for me. - Now?
- now, immediately. Are you crazy, Sir?
- response. Find a way.
- how? - Tomorrow there is a bull that will make wrestling? - There is.
In this case, the bribe to the officer. Come on, move!
I'm not sure whether this is worthy to meet my mom, seorita...
...because you forgot what is like a brave man.
But Montalvo will show you.
Juanito Yay! Yay!
Gypsy's mother, Juan's father has abandoned his people to marry Montalvo.
his son didn't approve of the profession...
on a hunch...and that is the fate of the dark were found.
foreign friends son and he didn't like seeing the cards.
of what he saw but refused to down.
What was on the card? What did you see?
Answer me, mother, I beg of you.
did you see how the dark fates on the card?!
Yes, in my opinion, anyway I know. You're an obsessive excess of the deceased,...
the profession look down on his son see!
Montalvo immediately return to Madrid and...
these strangers who survive a terrible disaster that fate wanted him to cut him loose.
However, Juan's love had flare to Pandora.
would have to give up this passion.
- will you answer me now?
- does not need to be a celebrity.
A human being is enough.
My profession is revered as my father to fight bulls.
- But you're not like him.
- Enough!
Enough to compare.! I'm not going to like him!
However, a half-assed guy you turned to God! - Don't talk like that.
Do you deny your progeny?
- descendants, damn it!
violent and unconscious jealousy toward my late father... the spirit of fierce Juan Montalvo permanent, incurable condition was existent.
- forgive me, mother.
- How Can I not forgive you, boy.
Montalvo's hoping you had an idea of, let alone...
Stephen's big day, he wanted to also be his last.
a terrible mishap that was left and have the potential to cause a fatal accident.
Hi Janet.
if anything happens to Stephen, more than one life would change.
officials of the Automobile Club International...
...they did confirm the arrangements of the track race with the route marked.
speed 1.5 km of electro-measuring the strip before entering...
...had 8 miles to pick up the pace.
the return type himself before a 30-minute repair and maintenance were given the right to.
The average of the two species would determine the official record.
to break the record of 345 miles per hour and was supposed to rise above the average.
Speed-measuring strip 402 km/h. And he was gaining speed with each passing second.
a snapshot of the part and sand to fine sandy came.
round in return but a lot of it was on the record, the wind would be against him.
there wasn't time to fix a leaky radiator. He had no way to return type.
20 August 1930 Esperanza
the return type of a speed of 1.5 km-measuring when the strip enters...
...because of the smoke and the flames, we could barely see him.
reached an average of 397 km per hour. This meant a new record.
would celebrate this victory. On the victory...
...Isabella's Garden Hotel is located in the suburb Stephen turned out to be a party.
a flurry of falling into a kind of Bad omen to me vague and I couldn't get out of me.
For you Janet. What Are you doing...?
- you will listen to me whether you want it or not! - Janet, you're talking-
Why Stephen you're not leaving? You don't love her! Never liked him!
It's an entertainment this is for you!
- what you talking about Are you? I him-
There's no trace of honest emotion. You are emotional, it's not...'re just a curious sensation. When will you stop?
When Are you going to leave him alone? You really don't like it.
Just karasevdali. He's an idiot! Bland, blind, deceived fool!
You're not worthy of him! Someday you'll understand that!
- Janet: shut up! - You are stupid! That blind fool!
Very wrong, very open-hearted you are! You don't understand it!
You're going to be unhappy with him! That is not worthy of you! Light-hearted it's not!
He's a snake and brings you the game!
- what the hell is wrong with him?
- be gentle, Stephen.
Let's go with him. Missed dose of champagne girl.
You are a beautiful girl Pandora.
You're a very beautiful girl.
I'm so sorry. A little to drink--
here, as so often, his eyes and the hero of the party...
...the landlord was seeking. Party, flocked to the beach with a music group.
# You're driving me crazy #
What do you see on the horizon? The future of the past?
or map non-mythical land?
I'm interested in the night already. In the here and now.
"Once it was full, The Sea of faith
World Looks
Spread out in front of our eyes like a utopia
No on-site what fun, what love, what a bright
Neither the truth, nor tranquility, neither izdirapa ointment
But here is a stop in the dark
Surrounded, we fought the rush of confused and kacisanl
That place is so illiterate armies collide in the night"
I know that poem. British poetry.
An amazing thing to be able to quote an English poem of a Dutch.
However, still to be amazed me before you're dead anyway.
This poem of the sea. I know many things about the sea.
Do you like the sea?
I do like the sea?
What I want to do that Oh, if only you knew.
But to me it was so cold, you seemed so distant.
Like there was an ocean between us.
There is something beyond my comprehension.
Feelings a mystical thing.
I feel like I'm in love with you like always, just not in this life.
However, I don't remember the life I lived before.
Like whatever happened before I met you...
it's like living with someone else ...or never existed.
In a sense, that's true.
I've changed a lot after getting to know you. I'm not the same cruel and hateful.
I was very unhappy because I was hurting people.
Now I know what caused this destruction.
For a lack of love.
It's that simple.
Come on, come sit next to me.
Sometimes you're looking in his eyes with a questioning look to me.
This is my love it's a question of if you know the answer.
There is no one else for me. Never will be.
From the mouth of a sound to be heard.
However, the big words for the emotions are not easy to find.
But I seem to find those words. I kept my feelings all the time...
...and I have had to talk or burst.
You have no idea of the things I imagined you having to spell it out.
Geoffrey once said:
"the greatness of love is measured by what is willing to make sacrifices for his sake."
Stephen was a wonderful gesture to the sea for the sake of the car, but then I took him back.
Stephen are not aware of it, but...
...when you get back, freeing me his car I felt.
What about you... what would you give up?
I asked myself the same question.
For example, your life. Would you sacrifice your life?
Yes, I would. I would die for you without hesitation.
Over the ear-I know it sounds exaggerated. But I thought about it and I really mean that.
I will sacrifice my life for you. A measure of the magnitude of this love.
You'd give what you get?
More this life is a valuable thing.
But he said it in a mysterious manner. Suddenly built a wall between us.
For whatever reason, it sounds like you left me behind.
I'm afraid get me wrong, she commented.
I made the mistake of answering you, even for a moment for this shocking confession.
We had a beautiful friendship, but you might be a little more than that...
encouraging ...I don't recall. But now you made that impossible.
That kind of thinking disgusts me.
You seem to forget the cut of Stephen Cameron.
What makes you think I might want to turn on him?
Turn the spread of infection is it? Bagisikliyi against such a disease.
I'm no longer destructive, he said. But you're encouraging me to destroy the life of man.
This is a suggestion that puts people off, and I hate you for saying it.
You'll get married on September 3. Likewise, the history of my sailing.
And during this time I'd prefer not to see your face again. So don't--
People of Pandora as he poured for me just like it did for a reason.
I was relieved but I was aware of the greatness of the sacrifice of the Dutchman.
I'd like to see Pandora with Stephen safely married.
The door aralayiver Maria.
phone in my name, can you answer me, Stephen?
OK. They called the front desk. Juan Montalvo was bildirtiyo future.
- Montalvo?
- what does this guy want?
- I don't know. Normally this bildirtmez the future. - I don't trust the man that stunt.
would you offer him a drink, Stephen?
In the Welcome.
Pandora will be in a few minutes. Can I offer you a drink while you wait? - .
wonderful British Athlete
won't let me sit to the ground if you toss it.
- Senorita I'm here does anyone know? - Soon will be.
Dress rehearsal. We're getting married exactly one week.
Do you think so?
- I reckon there's not a doubt about that.
- there is no doubt.
What exactly do you mean?
A week. What a week, you could be pregnant who knows?
- you are nice, I appreciate it.
- don't mention it.
We're eager to watch the performance in the arena. In a few days, isn't it?
I'll isirttiraca everyone lip!
Do you think so?
I'd like to speak with you in private.
Perhaps Signor makes a nezaketlik.
- is a very important topic, I'm sure.
I'll see you at dinner.
Good-bye, Darling.
Solid in a bottle is a weapon.
But he has a very thick head because you have to over-steer him without mercy.
- Signor.
You'll be amazed senorita. This extraordinary the things you have said.
there will be excitement in Madrid. Great excitement.
You know, many Spanish lady will be very unhappy.
Why should the ladies be sad good? Ultimately to them today and tomorrow, are you coming?
But I'm not going in there alone.
It is an honor to be written to you, senorita.
- be written?
- Montalvo, you'll be the Signora.
Matador Juan Montalvo Madrid you'll come with. In the Cathedral we are getting married.
the king and Queen at court will welcome you. Has anyone had the pleasure.
I can do mahal are you going to?
- But I just met with Stephen Cameron.
I'm getting married to him next week don't you know that?
- do you want to marry her?
It don't think I did it against my will.
- I don't believe it. - I know he's a wonderful man, Juanito.
believe me, I understand the honor of talking about me. I'm flattered, Thank you.
but that's not possible. Especially the mother...the Oracle
...because of the things that can be seen in the cards.
You haven't changed Juanito.
Do you still think you can solve all problems with violence.
How could you be so stupid? Remember what happened in Granada?
what you remember when you threw a knife at him, jealous of a guy?
Save the bull of your manhood. After all, laws against killing.
Laws, against those who tear up other people's magazines, I think.
Laws, to Montalvo doesn't work.
I'm afraid the police disagree with you.
Both killing Stephen Cameron gives you nothing.
So is there someone else?
I've been on the belief that someone else is.
- I don't understand what you're talking about.
It's a wedding dress. What would that wedding dress? You won't go to church when it's time.
You have no intention of marrying Stephen! -S - If you're getting this...
...means you don't have to resort to violence.
- I need to apply but not against her.
I wanted to make sure. Now I'm sure.
You know for sure what is it?
Is the other. That is for you.
Sorry for him but you're not.
Adios senorita.
it was the evening of the day that would be brought to the arena of Montalvo.
van der Zee was returning to the cottage in the hotel after midnight, Isabella.
Strike the fatal blow Matador. Take the shot that would end my pain.
forgive me for I have sinned, forgive me.
I wish I wish I could die. If I have to live again to God, I beg for mercy.
very young, very beautiful girl. Him for saving me don't get killed.
I know this is my punishment. Please forgive me. Let me forget her.
grace me so that I love to death. I wish I could die I wish I could.
What a weird dream, come show up in here at this hour of the night?
It's a horrible dream. Because of me, someone he was coming here to kill you.
He was killing it.
- that's weird.
I came here pretty late and there's someone here I saw that he had killed my dog.
You gave me the little Terrier.
- a good person, why did you do that?
The bizarre justification of the killers some time. Or never happens.
A hotel employee I would have grab him and send him back in now.
This issue really kicked my ass. I loved that dog.
the condition of the room very odd. I think...
It wasn't a dog issue. The dog cannot.
If you want to look at here.
But then you don't want to see.
- good luck. - good luck Montalvo.
Montalvo arbitrary freak he was. His mother was a prophecy of a disaster.
prepared a powerful potion to protect his son.
so that all who drink a potion that is intended to protect from damage during 24 hours.
he drank a great deal from him Montalvo him and his stomach was a little clouded.
he was looking with pleasure to the empty chair next to Pandora's.
was wondering whether the body is present.
hoopla was sure the noise was very soon on this issue.
however, this event is no one he would forget to tie him up. Nobody except Pandora.
Pandora stared at the chair that van der Zee is allocated to repeatedly.
I dedicate this bull to the death of Pandora.
Love big as your face I want to offer a great challenge.
a bullfight in your eyes I knew I would be unique because I want to.
For this Pandora.
Go, Go, Go!
This is for you.
He's still alive! Yes! That's why, here!
I killed her, but he is still alive! Let go of me!
I killed him! Yes! I killed him! Let go of me!
is still alive! That's why, here!
Here... let go of me!
- This is God's punishment.
- why? - I killed him.
Last night.
I killed for you. But I saw him today.
I didn't actually see him, you know?
But I thought I saw him. Surprised I froze.
Then the bull...
My mother told me how this would happen.
This is God's punishment.
God is good. Me to know when my confession.
He thinks that he's a priest...
My mind...
but I have my mind. I made the sin in me.
I freed myself.
It's too bad that is experienced. I'm sorry.
Signora Montalvo you won't be.
- but that it was the dog that killed you.
- that dog, Yes.
Keep that puppy I killed. He was making too much noise.
It had been necessary to kill.
- OK, Jenny, I'll be down in a minute.
- Geoffrey there?
Yes, he wears a white bow tie for Stephen's bachelor party.
- can I speak with him?
- Yes, of course. Come up.
Pandora is coming here. Wants to talk to you.
- everything is under control?
- Yes.
- what a nice girl.
I'll come in a moment, Pandora. All my glory.
If I'm going with Jenny to the bachelor party right?
After you finish your conversation, Geoffrey leaves you.
- are you sure you don't mind?
- not at all.
I treated you so badly Pandora. Please forgive me.
Stephen and I would like canigonulden be your friend. - Janset clothing...
Good-bye, uncle Geoffrey. "Sweet Adeline" chapter, once you get up... keep rhythm with the music, let the others do the harmonies.
I haven't worn it for ages. Hopefully without tearing on me remains.
Is there a problem? Except it's classic Bridal jitters?
Hendrik The Problem, Geoffrey.
- Hendrik? - What do you know about him? Actually, who is that?
We know the same things as you about him.
- you're not hiding something from me?
- of course I don't keep.
I have a feeling that she is hiding something from me in a long time.
Since you are reading the two of you writing it.
I remember that night, but nothing happened. You're freaking out over nothing about this.
There are many things that I couldn't make heads or tails of. I'm thinking it again and again relentlessly.
- This will blow your mind that way.
- I'm Swimming to his boat that first night...
...there was no staff on the deck. Them land-I thought you might have given permission.
- why is that weird?
- didn't have a spotter on the deck.
I haven't seen around both the waist and a sailor, have you?
I see them, I wouldn't have known too. Anyway, to me, are strangers.
I could see that there was nobody on deck except the Dutch.
he seemed to be preparing to sail the ship itself.
I've envisioned in his mind what might be the thoughts of flying.
was behind the decision.
Pandora was safe. The Dutchman never see him again, he wouldn't.
There's something else I haven't told anyone because nobody would have believed it.
Even though I'm not sure I believe it. - What is the subject?
He was killed but then came back to life.
What does your mouth say?
From bullfighting Montalvo killed him on the previous night.
At the hotel, stabbed to death in her suburb.
- Montalvo told you this?
- deathbed.
- she must have been Delirious.
- did not believe that I would marry Stephen.
He was jealous of Hendrik. If you can't get Hendrik thought, I will marry her.
Was happening. People can separate reality from dreams in that condition of mental.
But he told me before that he would do it. I didn't take it seriously.
Then one night I awoke from my sleep when I was absolutely sure that killed Hendrik.
- you're scared of nightmares.
- I went there. The room was completely trashed.
I gave him, but he just said killed the Terrier.
- Hendrik is still alive, because the dead Dog. - But the airport the next day... see him freak out when he couldn't move even in a bullfight. Therefore, he killed it!
- if he did that means scratched his head.
- Geoffrey, What Are you hiding from me?
Help me, Geoffrey! I beg you, help me!
If I'm going to see him again, I'll die.
You'll live.
Maybe that won't care, but I think you might like to know that you are in love, how you.
- "love"?
- his decision you can give yourself.
I did write that the old Dutch translation. Now you can read.
Is his story. Your story in a way.
You might want to stay alone. Make an excuse for you to girls.
Thank you, Geoffrey.
I could see that the Dutchman's ship was still in Port.
the sails were open, but the wind could not be opened because it is not.
the feeling of death suddenly fell.
my fears were absurd, it looked fantastic.
It stays on the right side as you can remember the locker room.
You will find a bathrobe in the closet.
My way you seem to expect.
Maybe in a way I've been waiting for. Listen to this:
"Fate determines who hand writes and continues to write:
What piety is comprehension what aldirtama not half back line,
All the tears shed nor care what a word to tear down."
if you know that should it end like this, why tried to run away from me.
This book of Geoffrey's, but I don't know how to return the book to him.
You will learn things about me. You, Geoffrey?
Just seeing their sails open, thought it might be already gone too far.
I could have gone, but there wasn't a breath of wind in the air.
I can command the sails, but the wind I can't.
I thought I'd see you again when it is like this.
I was so afraid that I will see you again.
You've restored the table.
Based on the fact that I made this time. I must have drawn you a draft of hundreds.
- It's brilliant.
- you seemed to me.
Do you know who it is?
the woman in that story?
It's very strange.
Manifested in this way it means my face in the table.
In this case, for the first time when I came here, we were not strangers.
We were husband and wife;
For centuries mold separate from each other reunited.
The moment I saw you I knew you'd come back to me.
I guess you knew that. In my heart I knew it.
I saw stippling in the way of fate. It would have ended my curse, if ...
- If I loved you enough to sacrifice my life. - Yes.
But then I realized I loved you too much to accept it.
So that's why he tried to get me to hate you. I've been less is more.
- you come to me tonight, when you knew that you would die for. - Yes.
- in spite of this, Are you happy?
- I'm very happy.
- aren't you afraid of dying?
- I'm Not Afraid.
He once expressing my ideas you said you wanted him to hear me.
From the moment I saw you I wanted to say.
I love you.
Think how much time do we have? Until something ... until there's nothing
Thought I'm not afraid of you said.
Inevitably I'm so happy I want to stay a little more.
With you 1 year, 1 month, 1 I wish I could spend more weeks.
- Pandora? - you name it.
since you came here, how much time has passed?
I don't know. Not long after that.
is not affected by the time it sounds like.
- Yes, The time is not affected.
we look like afsunlanmi.
- Yes.
My loneliness that lasted for centuries...
no longer floundering in despair I prayed for death.
What to say, but it was futile.
- My Love...
Before long, erased the memories of all those years, all those brutal years.
This happiness is too deep. Almost forgot what happened before.
Yes, that's right. I can hardly remember history, even yesterday.
Because yesterday, and that everything that happened before...
...unfinished, undone, was unreal.
But our love is real and he is not conscious of time.
I think I get the point to say to me, Darling.
1 week, 1 month, 1 year, and I don't have to beg.
We need the moisture.
Magic under...
...we have an eternal life outside of time.
Is endless.
My love...
which is unique to this dangerous coast, was experiencing one of sudden summer storms.
the truth was grateful to him for exposing me Pandora.
to remember him, Stephen hoped, painless.
the ship was presumed to have sunk. It was a shocking accident, general kanica.
on the eve of the wedding exactly. Poor Stephen.
in this strange or is a mysterious thing, no one thought.
This absolutely no one will find anything suspicious in My Book...
...which returned me And now I borrowed it from the Dutchman's is in this book.
when it is like this I can't without asking...
...This Book of the time, I wonder if it came as a message to me on the other side?
as a message of life not death?
Farewell, whether it's Dutch.
Take as much time as the greatness of the punishment that deserve your love.
There are two copies of the manuscript in my hand if I were to say...
especially three centuries ago, the original version of the manuscript. Everybody says:
"Poor old Geoffrey his fascination with legends, going out of his mind."
Because we are living in a time that believed legends.
We are living in a time without faith.
"the fate who determines the hand writes and continues to write."
This is the last song. The story ended here.
"the fate who determines the hand writes and continues to write:
What piety is comprehension what aldirtama not half back line,
to tear down all the tears shed nor care what a word."
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