Pane e tulipani (2000) Movie Script

- Bread and Tulips -
In the year 273 B.C.
when the Romans came here
and encountered the Greeks
for the first time,
history took a huge leap forward.
What do I mean by that?
Greek idealism, a civilization
of music and philosophy,
and roman pragmatism,
a civilization of law
and rationality,
blended perfectly to
create a new culture,
that forms the basis
of Western civilization,
of which we Italians, the
greatest people on earth,
should be the proud heirs.
Our blood contains the genes
of Greeks and Romans, the greatest
civilizations of all time.
These genes are what urge you
to leave the train of rationality
in the main station of your town:
Verona, Turin, Milan...
- Pescara.
- Why not? Pescara too...
for the ship of fantasy to sail
the routes of ancient peoples
and drink to their enthusiasm.
We're now in the temple of Ceres.
Although scholars claim that
it is dedicated to Athena.
Athena in Greek, Minerva in Latin.
Do you know, who Minerva was,
apart of a brand of matches?
Minerva, china bathroom fittings
with porcellain and chrome piping.
- The same old bullshit!
- You know Dad's humor...
- Can you put this in your bag?
- Does anybody know, who Aphrodite was?
- The goddess of beauty
- And love too.
Because love is more important
then beauty.
Grandma, can you lend me
10.000 lire?
- Samy, you already had your allowance.
- So did her cousins.
- Mom...
- Salvo, film us...
Come on, Alba. Get us here,
right here, by the column,
with the temple behind us. Closer.
Eight steel pans with a double bottom.
Take a look at the new microfiber
line. It's a perfect fit.
I'm sorry, but I've had mine for
40 years and they're fine.
This is the "young" line
Anyhow I was talking to Rosa.
Samy, stop it. Ask your father better,
if we need the pan with the drainer.
I even got slips from "Positano".
It's lithium. It lasts 96 hours.
They say you don't have to change it.
It lasts a lifetime.
I recharged it last night and it's
still going. The other batteries are useless.
- Still got the same number?
- It's a GSM.
- Dad, can I call Cinzia?
- One minute then! It's a peak time.
Nic? Call your friends in Rome,
those with the house in Francavilla.
You coud see your friends in Rome,
while we're at St Peter's.
- What friends?
- Those with the beach house.
Be careful!
Lello, where are the restrooms?
Hello? I'd like a sandwich
and some water!
Oh my gosh...
How can I get it?
My tweezers...
God, what an idiot.
Maybe with that...
Where are they?
There they are.
Oh! What are they doing?
They're just leaving...
He's changed his number!
For God's sake, what now...
They haven't even noticed I'm gone
Would Mrs. Rosalba Barletta
please come to the phone.
That's me.
I don't believe it! Always you!
You all left without me!
I was in the restroom, Mimmo!
- You fell asleep in the can?
- Of course not!
- What do we do now?
- I don't know.
- We're two hours behind the schedule
- You should have checked before leaving.
- So it's our fault?
- You're the one who's missing!
- I noticed.
- Do me a favor: Wait there and don't move.
- Okay?
- Yes, okay.
Sorry, I'm hopeless.
- Join the club.
- Believe me, I'm unequalled.
Now he controls it all.
He makes 10.000 kinds of bread:
With seaweed, truffles...
He's raking the money in.
Before I never even realized,
he had such a head for business.
He was stoned around the clock,
but we screwed like crazy.
When I came back, I forgot about him.
I had problems with my bar and
then, one fine day he turned up!
Him, the asshole! There I was,
holding Brussels sprouts and
he says: "Hi, kitten." No one
had called me "kitten" before.
Now, when he whistles, I come running.
I'm boring you to death with
all my talk, aren't I?
So, they forgot you and
you're standing them up.
Not exactly. I want to get
back to Pescara.
I never get to spend time
at home alone.
I've got loads of things to do.
Until recently, I thought
"housewife" was an insult.
Nowadays, I envy you. Oh holy
Christ, have I offended you?
- I used to work too.
- What did you do?
For a while, I worked in my uncle's
hardware store, then I helped to
keep my husband's accounts. He's in
bathroom fittings with his brother.
- Then the boys were born.
- How old are they?
One's almost 18, the other's 16.
- Wow! You married young.
- I was 21.
At 21, I was in Copenhagen
for my second abortion.
My life could have been different.
I'd surely made a terrible mother!
Why do you say that?
- Are you from Udine?
- No.
I thought, you lived there.
- Are you going there for work?
- Not exactly.
Before he moved to Germany, my
brother spent 2 years in Udine.
He kept inviting me to go to Venice.
I've never been there.
You've never seen Venice?.
I can take you, have to go there.
Do you drive?
"New parents wanted"
Thank you and good night.
Pension Mirandolina
Watch your head.
Here, please.
It's clean, you know.
We've let it go a bit,
because we're closing down. You
may well be our last guest.
- It's perfect, thank you.
- The bathroom is down the hall
- if you'll need it.
- Where can I get something to eat?
There's a Chinese around
the corner or...
the "Marco Polo", to the left
outside, second on the right.
Left and second on the right...
I'll leave you now.
The Key! Excuse me.
- Motel Elma, what can I do for you?
Can I speak to Mr. Barletta?
- Hold the line.
- Thanks.
- Hello?
- Mimmo, it's me.
Alba, where are you? What happened?
- I'm fine, don't worry.
- Where the fuck are you?
- Calm down. I'll see you at home tomorrow.
- What d'you mean? Are you nuts?
Cut that out!
I waited 2 hours in that service area.
I even called the cops!
And you tell me to "calm down"?
Good evening.
I must advise you, the cook
has come down with the appendicitis.
- Poor thing!
- Therefore, I regret to inform you,
that we can only serve cold dishes.
That's fine. Something cold
would although do it.
- Please be seated.
- Thank you.
I hope it is to your liking.
It's better then to go to Chinese.
Forgive me, but the Chinese
are the best restauranteurs.
I can mend it.
How does this thing work?
Nancy, what's up?
My balcony's packed with these.
I don't know where to put them.
Try one, they taste good!
Here, they cook in no time.
Nancy, tell Nic not to dye his hair.
He wants to go blond.
He said red to me.
- To be honest, I agree with him.
- What?
This wallpaper's so depressing!
Why don't you change it?
- I'm just passing through.
- Who isn't?
Guess where
I am.
Oh my gosh!
Hi, it's me.
I'm calling to say,
that I missed the train.
And... I'm in Venice.
There is some lasagna in the
oven... in the refrigerator:
10 minutes in the microwave
and it's done.
I'm really sorry.
I'll be back tomorrow at 3:30.
No, wait. The train arrives...
At 3:28 p.m. to be precise.
Lots of love.
May I ask you something?
I missed my train and need to
spend another night here,
but the pension where I slept
last night has closed
and I don't have much left.
I don't wish to pry but how
much is at your disposal?
About 38.700 lire.
I'm afraid it's an inadequate sum
for any kind of befitting accomodation.
This is it.
I've slept here on occasion
a couple of times
and its appearance does rather
go against it.
I'll retrieve you a pillow
and some sheets.
I'll do it.
I don' know how to thank you.
The bathroom is located a few
steps from here in the entryway.
You're not Italian.
No. I come from Iceland.
As a girl, I'd recite all
European capitals
- and my grandad'd give me 100 lire.
- I'm delighted.
Feel free to lock the door,
if that will make your night
more serene.
"I hope you spent a happy night.
I'd ask you to lock the door
before you leave and
deposit the keys in the letterbox.
I wish you all the best.
Fernando Girasole."
He writes his "T"s like Napoleon.
Oh my gosh.
"I won't
and the
wonderful breakfast."
"Help needed"
- Good morning.
- Come back later for the wreath,
- I had an accident.
- What happened?
- I fell. Come back later!
- Actually, I'm here because of the sign.
- What sign?
- The one in the window.
You? You won't do. I need
a strong young man!
I think you're wrong.
What you need is a woman.
Anybody ever told you, that
you look like Vera Zasulic?
- No, who's she?
- A libertarian.
She pulled out a gun one day
and shot Trepov,
Governor of St Petersburg!
- When was that?
- January 24th, 1874
Why should I hire you?
I have a green thumb.
My father was Gardner.
- A gardner...
- Yes, at the palace in Caserta.
They're still here.
May I?
Who's that?
- Fernando's not here?
- No..
- Where is he?
- I don't know.
Help me, my bathroom is flooded!
Please, quickly! This way!
Oh my gosh!
Turn off the main faucet!
- Where is it?
- You don't know?
What a nightmare!
I didn't even introduced myself.
Grazia Reginella, holistic
- beautician and masseuse.
- Rosalba Maresanto, housewife.
I don't know what I'd do
without you. Thanks a million!
No problem.
- Are you a friend of Fernando's?
- No, a guest
- Here on vacation?
- On vacation? Yes...
My god, you're all wet.
I'm so sorry. What can I do?
Want a vodka?
Ohh, got me frightened! I went
to the restaurant, but it
was closed. I wanted to ask,
if I could stay another night?
Tomorrow I'll find a room to rent.
- What led you to change your plans?
- I found a job.
But please, don't bother with my room.
I've already done it.
Drat, I've put my foot on it.
"I wish to apologize for my
unreasonable behaviour last night.
Unless it appears unsuitable
to you, given the...
What a way to write!
"of the accomodation, please
take the room at the end of
the corridor in your possession."
I can tidy it up a bit...
Why is this bathrobe here?
Is it a right place for it?
- What's this letter?
- It's from mom.
- What are you waiting for then?
- I'd have told you.
- What does she write?
- She says she's fine.
She hasn't called to avoid a fight.
She is still in Venice.
"... so I thought I'd take
a short vacation.
After all everyone gets a time off.
I've found a job."
Is she on vacation or working?
I mean, we go away every year.
"P.S.: Please can you care for the
plants on the kitchen's balcony
every 2. day? Especially the
mint dries up quickly."
Which one is the mint?
- Is this mint?
- Yes.
Hold it.
- Papa, what are you doing...
- It sure won't dry up now!
Cut it out.
Hey honey, just a second.
- Where are you going?
- To Cinzia's.
- Having dinner there?
- Yes. Ciao.
- When will you be back?
- I don't know. Later.
- You're not eating?
- I'm not hungry.
Did you read your mom's letter?
- Do you think it's normal?
- How should I know?
Hi Mama! I was on my way over.
Alba wrote again.
- What mouthwash do you use?
- I don't.
- What does she say?
- She's on vacation.
She'll be back soon. She said
she'd lend me her travel drier.
- It's in the bathroom I guess?
- Where are you going?
That cruise I won, to the Fjords.
Here it is. Cute!
- When do you go?
- In 2 days.
Honey, try to drop by, if you can.
The washing machine door is stuck.
- Have you eaten?
- No, I'm dieting. Nothing fits.
Can we meet a bit later on Thursday?
- I have to take Samy to the dentist.
- Ketty, I'm desperate.
The coffeemachine blew up yesterday.
- And what should I tell the neighbors?
- Say she's on vacation.
Could you iron a few shirts for me?
Mimmo, are you crazy?
I'm your mistress, not your wife!
- Okay, but after 5 years...
- I hope Rosy's back soon.
Come on, move it!
You think it's normal,
somebody just goes like that?
Can't we do anything from the
legal point of view?
The last thing I need is a private
eye bleeding me dry!
Good idea, great!
We need more counselors like you.
Thanks a lot. Ciao. Ciao!
Mimmo? I go to that kindergarten
to Civitella.
The plumber, Di Matteo sent is here.
Can you deal with him?
Ah, any news?
When I get any news, you'll be
the first who knows, all right?
All right.
"Costantino Caponangeli...."
Nice name.
"Plumber and shutter fitter.
Intern with the MGCF..." What's that?
The Municipal Gas Company of Foggia.
A sportsman, I see...
"Third place in the
regional darts tournament."
You've put your hobbies too.
"Reading detective stories."
How come?
- I... I love them.
- How many have you read?
- I'd have to check...
- Off the top of your head.
285... and a half.
Holy shit!
- Are you married?
- No.
- Engaged?
- No.
- Willing to relocate?
- Yes, where?
Venice. Ever been there?
My wife.
I'm out of saran wrap,
but look what I did:
O for omelet, C for cheese, M for
mortadella. If you want one with
- Milan Salami I'll put an MS..
- Mama, I'm going to Venice,
- not for camping in Alps.
- How long will this last?
10 days or so, I already told you.
Anyways, I've got the mobile.
I can only call Mr. Barletta,
but you can call me anytime.
This is a steady job!
1.700.000 lire plus benefits.
But why Venice?
It's a city with enormous problems.
They even called a Dutch engineer.
- I'll miss my train...
- Have you got your asthma spray?
- Yes.
- Is your money in your socks?
You want me to miss the train?
At least say good bye to Silvia.
- We're not engaged...
- Go on Tino!
- Ciao, Mama.
- Have a good trip, son.
Take care!
Hello? Good evening, Mr. Barletta.
No, I don't have a room yet.
I just got here. Yes!
On the train, I drew up an action
plan. It won't take me long.
Yes. Good bye. Good-bye Mr. Barletta.
Excuse me, I wouldn't be so
sure, if I were you.
- What did you say?
- First time in Venice?
- Yes, why?
- Nothing to get until September.
- How do you know?
- I'm in that business. For years.
Look, you see this queue?
- So?
- So?
What do you think these people
are lined up for?
They want a room too.
- They're hard to find?
- You don't believe me?
Here, make a call!
How much can you pay?
Not more then 50.000 a day.
- 50.000 lire a day? In Venice?
- That's all I can pay, 50.000.
Maybe I have what you need.
Welcome, Sir!
I take your suitcase.
You find the way easy?
Boss explained it good?
Map of the city,
room-key, minibar
and TV.
If you getting problems...
This is my phone number!
Bring with you who you like,
all inclusive.
One week advance,
- 350.000 cash in hand.
- But this isn't a hotel.
You change mind? No problemo.
You look for other hotel!
Is breakfast included?
- I got everything, even ginger.
- Ginger?
- Don't you use it?
- Got a client?
- A tax accountant.
He had a special one and
sleeps now like a baby.
- What's that in there?
- I got an advance.
- Knock when you're done.
- Okay, ciao.
Hallo? Pension Canaletto? I'd like
to speak to Mrs. Rosalba Barletta.
She is not staying with you?
Strange, she left me this number.
Maybe she checked in as Maresanto?
Okay, thank you...
Wait! Do you have any rooms?
Nothing before September...
Thank you. Good bye.
Hi, mom. Yes.
I just got back to the hotel.
- Good night.
- Good night to you.
- Rosalba, you must help me.
- Me?
I want to adopt a boy.
Give me a quick mothership lesson.
Mothership lesson?
I never understood a thing
about motherhood.
Help me, please..
- How old is the boy?
- Want to see him?
Come on.
Hi, mom. Have you seen my camera?
- I put it in the drawer.
- Do you like it?
She's on a 3 Days Trial.
I hope it works out this time.
- Have you tried others?
- Loads.
Even one called Vera Zasulic,
but she was useless
The water's boiling.
I don't have time now,
have to finish by 6.
- They can come back later.
- No, I promised it would be ready.
Beautyful things take time..
Come and have your tea.
Fermo, I'm sorry, but I hate
to make people wait..
You're wrong. The people have
to learn to wait.
What were you saying about
the tulips before?
Concerning tulips, contrary to
what people think, they aren't
from Holland, but from Persia. The
"Arabian Nights" are full of tulips.
Even the "Trio Lescana" knew that.
What did they sing again...
See, you know it too.
I'll go. No, pour the tea.
Sit down.
- Hello, have you made your choice?
- Yes, I'd like some Irises.
Are you a monarchist by any chance?
They were Loui's VII's emblem.
- Are they a gift?
- Yes, for a wedding anniversary.
Take some narcissuses or lilies then.
Yes, but you've got irises over there.
You take me for a mere merchant?
Are flowers here are just to suit us?
What have irises got to do with
"Iridacea", to call them by
their true name.
- Can you explain?
- I was wrong.
Everyone's is going crazy.
Ah, my dear, there is no more
humility in the world.
My grandpa ate garlic too.
- Was he an anarchist too ?
- I don't think so.
In my family are all anarchists
and everyone has heart problems.
- Shall we drink our tea?
- All right.
I found him once doubled up
on the doormat.
- What had happened to him?
- Nothing.
A sciatic attack. I fixed him up.
Any idea, where he goes every
morning at 7.30?
I don't know. Fernando is a
mystery to me.
When he writes all his "P"s
and "T"s are really long.
He must be a very passionate man.
The woman who cleans the stairs
says he has a son.
- A son?
- I don't know. She talks rubbish.
Relax now...
I was forgetting my doubts and
scruples. Only she counted for me.
I remember you being taller
and gentler.
- You missed me?
- Like a blind misses his eyes...
Oh gosh... Do you think
they really used to talk like that?
Now they say, they want to
do it under the table
or hanging in chains on some pipes.
- Sit down.
- No, Roger...
- Careful, my earrings...
- Want to be dried, yes or no??
Good evening.
Good evening.
"Good night" is more appropriate.
I was at Grazia's.
We fell asleep on the couch.
I'd be lying, if I said, I
hadn't noticed your absence.
You're not feeling well?
Without her appendix, I fear that
our cook isn't the same woman.
Luckily, I've never had stomach
I'm delighted.
Are you a musician?
I saw the accordion in the closet.
I was looking for a mirror.
I'm sorry.
It was a payment for a gambling
debt, I just never sold it.
Should I infer that you're
capable of playing it?
When I was 12 my granddad taught
me as little. Then he
fell off an unfinished bridge.
Your grandfather devoted himself
to building bridges?
No, one night he was cycling home
and thought the bridge was finished.
Sometimes, distraction can be fatal.
You're telling me.
"In amongst all of my bits and pieces
I found these old records.
I think, they might help you,
to reacquire the familiarity
with the instrument."
I'm sorry. I don't know her.
Yes? Good evening, Mr. Barletta.
No. No great news today either.
7 hardwarestores, 3 hairdressers...
I got enough of your lists,
I wanted hard facts from you!
You know what that means?
- So what's the delay?
- I went to the VGS...
- Venice Graphology Society.
- What for?
You told me she did a
graphology course.
And a clerk at the haberdasher's
says, that his mother saw your
wife yesterday by a hairdresser
in Chioggia.
This leads me to conclude, that
your wife is no longer in Venice.
This would explain why I haven't
found her.
This explains that you're a
total idiot!
I got a postcard from her sent
3 days ago from Venice!
Yes! Despite the Italian Post!
Not of your business what it says!
The postmark?
It says...
"Venice 5, Campo San Teodoro."
It's the same one.
If you approve I'll launch plan B!
There are 13 Boxes.
We'd need to watch them all.
For a week at least. I could cover
one but for the others I'd need
help. A small investment.
About 50.000 lire 12 times...
- That makes for a week...
- 4.200.000.
I've got just one thing to say:
If nothing comes up in 3 days, you
are finished with Barletta Saniplus
and every other bathroom suppliers
on the Adriatic coast!
You jerk!
FOr 30.000 you can find too.
That makes...
And, how it goes? Hotel is good?
Week is finished.
350.000 cash in hand, please.
"Looking for a ran away dog."
- Play something else.
- I only know a short piece.
A short piece is fine.
- And I pay.
- That's Mr. Fernando's glass.
Who is Mr. Fernando?
What's with your beard?
I gave your coral necklace
to Cinzia.
That's okay.
I win!
- Three can't play this!
- That's what I said,
- but they made me play it.
- Where is he going?
To have a Thai massage, like
every night.
Keep the deck, if you want to
play solitaire.
The flowers go here?
I had noodles, rice...
- He has a son!
- Who told you?
I followed him. He takes him to
school and he has a boat!
- Not the son, Mr. Fernando.
- I got a client.
- I'll come by once I'm done.
- Hurry.
She's done already.
Is Fernando in?
No, he's at work.
- He's free today.
- What?
Today's his day off. Who are you?
I'm his guest, Rosalba Maresanto.
I've lost the house keys. You
know where the spares are?
- We can look.
- Okay, let's look.
We'll wait for him.
- What's your name?
- Eliso Sonblom
- What?
- Eliso Sonblom
It means sunflower.
He looks just like you.
Fortunately, he didn't take after
his father, the bastard.
That's the door.
Come here.
Pst, they're here!
The mother with the son!.
They've lost the keys and
wait for Mr. Fernando.
She's a friend of grandpa's.
When is he coming back?
Hello, I'm the neighbour.
Grazia Reginella,
holistic beautycian and masseuse.
Adele, skilled worker.
- He's Eliseo.
- Hey!
Mama, I'm hungry.
Then my father died too.
He worked in a refinery.
- Then he got cancer.
- How old were you?
- Fifteen.
- How did you managed it alone?
They put me to an aunt in Pordenone.
It was the shittiest time of my life.
Her breath reeked of carbolic acid.
I ran away six times!
When I met him, I thought,
the bad times were over.
He told me, that he loved me.
As for me...
I was crazy about him.
Then I got pregnant.
What did he do?
Listen, before I gave birth,
he was screwing another woman.
- I don't belive it!
- Nothing shocks me anymore.
After you gave birth he
surely has changed?
Like hell! He gambled away the
money for the stroller!
That's terrible!
- Mrs. Rosalba, can you explain?
- What could I do, throw them out?
They've lost their keys,
the boy was tired and
I let them sleep in your bed.
I didn't comprehend your resentment,
nor the reason why you followed me.
One thing above all has
surprised and upset me...
This unpleasant discovery.
They forgot me at a diner.
I'd be obliged, if you could provide
a more concrete explanation.
I'm married, with two sons.
We were on a trip to Paestum.
When they saw I wasn't on the bus,
they called and told me to wait.
But I didn't. I wanted to go home, so
I hitchhiked and the last car
was going to Venice.
I'd never been here.
Why not return to your
family nucleus now?
My family nucleus? You're a
fine one to talk like that.
Did you ever examine your own
family situation?
Don't think I do not feel the
weight of my misdeeds.
Especially regarding my son.
Unfortunately Alan is making the
same mistakes with Eliseo
- which I did with him.
- Alan?
Yes. In those days my wife was
a big admirer of Alan Sorrenti.
Now when you'll excuse me.
Oh my gosh, I've put my foot
in it again.
Fernando, please forgive me.
Sometimes I speak without thinking.
I must admit, my trust in
you did waver.
There again, I kept silent
about the blemish in my past.
- Which one?
- I appreciate your tact, but
- years in jail leave a mark.
- Jail?
I infer, that Adele omitted that Detail.
Yes, she omitted it. What had you done?
I plunged a blade into a man's belly.
He was a good friend, but I
caught him in bed with my wife.
I understand your unease, but back
then I was young and uncapable,
to control my emotions. Yes.
If you find it opportune
to seek other lodgings,
I wouldn't blame you.
- I have to confess that...
- Where the hell are the keys?
- In the meter box.
- Give them to me so we can go.
That's not a suitable idea.
So? Let's hear yours then.
Go back to bed. I'll wake you
up in time tomorrow morning.
Her appearance goes against her,
but she's quite a sensitive girl.
- Where is Alan now?
- In Oslo.
Yes, please? Who is this?
Mrs. Barletta! Yes.
Good evening...morning.
Why are you looking for me?
Is there a problem at home?
- Yes and no.
- What do you mean?
- Should I be worried?
- The time's come for us to meet.
- Tell me when and where.
- Why do we have to meet?
I have information that concerns you.
Okay, meet me tomorrow morning
at 8 on Campo da Pozzi.
Campo da Pozzi, I'll be there at 8.
Perfekt. Good n... morning
Good night.
I found her!
I found her...
- Is it you?
- How do you do?
Angelo Costantin of the TTD,
private detektive.
- What has happened?
- I should be asking you the same.
- What do you mean?
- You vanished without a word.
- Your husband is in the bad way.
- Did he send you?
- Of course!
- Then nothing is wrong.
No? Mrs. you don't realize:
Your husband can't sleep or eat.
- Aren't you bothered?
- What do you care?
I care, believe me, I care!
You've no idea. Come back with me
or your husband could do
something drastic.
- Yes? Excuse me. please.
- Tino, guess what Sylvia is doing
- for Santina's wedding shower:
- Mama, this is no time for riddles.
- Little angels out of bread dough!
- Mama, can we talk later?
Mama, please, I can't talk now!
If you want to give me a heart
attack, carry on like that.
Can you see, if there's a man
outside in a trench coat and a hat?
Vera, remember: Freedom is
an invioable right.
No one can force you to
go against your will.
I have to do Mr. Battistini's
wreath now.
Wait, there's something I have to say.
I've been thinking about it all night.
How does that waltz go?
Or was it a russian melody?
Shall I play it again?
Mr. Barletta. I found her!
She plays accordion at a florist's
on the Campiello dei Miracoli.
Of course I'm sure. Listen!
Yes, and I have one of her shoes
Size 8 1/2?
See you tomorrow!
- Can I help you?
- Yes... no! They told me...
Oh, right... You're Diego's friend.
Then you're looking for me.
Glad to meet you! Grazia Reginella.
And you are... Vittorio, am I right?
Mmmh... Vittorio.
Yes, Vittorio Alfieri. Very glad.
Don't be surprised. I've got
good memory for names.
Get undressed. I'll be right with you.
- My pants too?
- Of course.
Glasses and watch as well.
Diego said, you have problems
in your lumbar region, right?
Ahh...yes. That's the place.
Lie down.
- You've been living here longer?
- Two years. Why?
Just a question. By the way...
How many people live here?
I've no idea.
You're very tense.
- What job do you do?
- I'm a plumber.
Oh! Fantastic!
Y'know many people on the building?
What is this, a market research?
Tell me, you know if anyone
has rented an appartment recently?
- What's that?
- My mobile phone.
Yes? Ah, Mr. Barletta.
I'll call you back. Things are
a little... delicate right now.
Good Bye.
It's not his son, it's his
grandson! His son is in Oslo.
And there is a detective,
sent to me... What's wrong?
Nothing... a new client. Sorry.
I'll be around once I'm done.
Oh my gosh!
Mrs. Rosalba, recent events
seem to have been tumultuous.
My face is looking from all walls.
There is a detective from the DDT.
My husband sent him.
I shook him off, but I'm scared
people will recognize me.
It would seem your husband is not
a deep connoisseur of your soul.
Here you have nothing to fear.
I suggest you try the work
of our new cook.
The venetian-style liver is
a genuine delight.
You could wash it down with
a vintage red.
I don't want to go home tonight.
I know a dance hall near from here.
If I interprete your desires right?
Interpretation correct.
Please, this way.
"About the forest roved the count,
and as the break of day was brought.
By unhappy fortune to the fount,
where his enscription
young Medoro wrote.
To see his wrongs inscribed upon
that mount, inflamed his fury so,
in him was naught. But turned
to hatred, frenzy, rage and spite.
He cleft throught the writing
and the solid block,
into the sky in tiny
fragmens sped.
Woe to each sappling and carvened rock
where Medor und Angelica were read.
So scathed, that they......"
I'm afraid, my memory is
starting to falter.
- Do you know it all by heart?
- Up to Orlando's recovery.
Once I was freed from jail,
I planned to finish,
but fate decided otherwise..
I'am a waiter now.
- But I used to be a singer before.
- A singer?
On cruise ships. And that man
was my rolemodel.
- Why did you stop?
- That's the way it went.
- "They toil on..."
- "They toiled on."
"They toliled on and torrents
ran." And?
"And, what may some
diversion interpose,
Sweet subjects of discourse scan
in conference which might
have appear.
The rugged road less
dismal and severe."
It's for you.
"Where have you been?
I have to talk to you.
Come anytime."
I'll go and see what's happened.
At last. Where were you?
I'm dying to tell you.
Tell me what?
Look, he even mended my pipe!
Do you believe in coincidence?
He's a plumber! That's fantastic
- Do you know his name?
- Vittorio! Isn't that fantastic?
He has magic hands. When he
touches me, I catch fire!
Where have you put him?
In my bed.
Look, he's so cute.
He's sleeping like a baby.
- That face seems familiar.
- I know what you mean.
I thought the same thing.
What an angel...
- Holy mother of god! It's him!
- Psst, you'll wake him up.
- It's him.
- Not so loud. Who?
The detective my husband sent!
Are you crazy? He's a friend
of Diego. Vittorio the plumber.
I met him today. He's following
me. Constantin! That's his name.
- Where are his clothes?
- What are you doing?
Look, he had them on this morning.
- What now?
- I'm looking for his papers.
- No, what if he wakes up?
- He won't, he's sleeping.
- Caponangeli, Costantino Maria.
- He told me, it was Costantin.
Via Vittorio Alfieri Nr. 7.
- Do you believe me now?
- Profession: plumber
Oh, no, I ditched the other one.
Mrs. Rosalba. With you on accordion,
I could perform once more.
- He's an impostor.
- Who?
In Grazia's bed there's a
detective, my man has engaged.
- But he's really a plumber.
- Oh my gosh...
It belonged to my wife's grandfather.
It was last fired at Caporetto,
but it has been perfectly preserved
from the perils of rust
and the wear of time.
If I were you, I'd avoid doing
anything to impel me
to demonstrate the efficiency
of its working.
- What did you say?
- I've always had lousy luck.
From the start. My first kiss
was in a cemetery!
I was fifteen. We used to go
there to smoke Joints.
His name was even Primo!
This must be a coincidence!
The first one always leaves the mark.
He dumped me overnight for a girl,
- who did the weather report on TV!
- He wasn't right for you.
And Ettore? He seemed so much
in love! We went to Greece.
First evening I found him on the
ferry kissin a sailor from Saloniki.
I wanted no more serious relationships.
But then I met Corrado!
Light it up for me, please.
Love on the first sight.
I'd have followed him to Alaska,
but he was from Chioggia,
so I went to Chioggia instead.
After a year I found out, that
he had 2 women - two kids with
one and three with the other...
- He wasn't even a Muslim!
- You were better off without him.
Grazia, I lied to you. I'm
Costantino Caponangeli, plumber
from Pescara. Mrs. Barletta's
husband hired me as detective.
He has a bathrom company
and I needed work!
It was my big chance.
Grazia, look at me.
I spent the best moments
of my live with you.
I knew, you had to be somewhere
and finally I've found you.
I know now what happiness is.
Believe me, I beseech you.
How can I, after what has happened?
Hand me over my mobile phone.
It's just there.
Thank you.
Hello, Mr.Barletta?
No, I don't know the time.
I was wrong, she wasn't your wife.
She doesn't work for a florist
or play accordion for him.
Yes, I'm crazy.
Hire someone else to do it.
Throw it away.
One has to admit, that the last
few hours were full of emotions.
- May I offer you a nightcap?
- No, everything's spinning.
The last time I danced was
nine years ago.
- On my brother's wedding.
- I'm most honored then.
I felt like flying.
Me too, I felt like a phoenix
rising from its ashes.
Good night.
Sunday is Eliseo's birthday.
I'd be glad, if you joined us.
I'd love to...
- Vera, have you brought my boots?
- I put them by the stove.
They're not there.
- Want me to come look?
- No, I've got them now.
Rosi, what are you doing?
Have you lost your mind?
- What are you doing here?
- Moving the camellias.
You're wrecking your family.
- Stop it...
- You're real?
- Whaddaya think? I'm plastic?
- The lady can't decide?
A special occasion or an
act of politeness?
An act of madness, more like that.
What would you call a woman, who
lives her family without a reason?
- That's not true!
- To appeal to atternal love
geraniums are ideal.
The're over there.
If they're not enough I have
more out in the back.
Your son Nic takes drugs.
"I'm an unworthy mother.
I'm going back to my family
and my obligations.
My warmest thanks for everything
you've done for me.
Good bye. Rosalba."
Nic! Hello!
Why is everything so neat?
- It was dad.
- On his own?
No, he called "Splendor".
It took them two days.
Your vacation is over?
Yes, it is.
Is it true, that you take drugs?
- Who told you?
- Aunt Ketty.
Mom, joints aren't drugs.
- So what are they?
- Joints.
Pour me a glass.
Now all the people who own Freon
ones have to ditch them.
The same goes for fluorocarbon.
They have to buy conditioners,
with that other new Gas...
- With HRC.
- Right!
The standartized ecological conditioner.
Fortunately heat doesn't bother me.
You're kidding! Last year on the
beach you haven't stopped the fan.
Very funny...
Did you show mom, what your
Italian teacher wrote?
- Go ahead.
- What's happened?
- I'm paying for private lessons...
- Need your car tonight?
- Where are you going?
- There's a new club opening.
Cinzia's cousin runs the bar.
We can drink for free.
Can't he pump gas instead?
You always empty the tank.
They siphon it out with a tube.
Stop hanging out with those misfits.
What's this about the tube?
Nothing, Papa. Forget it.
- Mimmo, I wanted to tell you...
- Alba, listen.
As far as I'm concerned,
nothing happened.
Grazia asks, if you'd like to eat
with us. We've ordered from Chinese.
Fernando, pull yourself together.
You can't spend the whole day moping.
It happens to be my day off.
- Yes, but not a day of fasting.
- Sorry, I'm not hungry at all.
How about a quick game of
darts then, Fernando?
- Grandpa, what's bothering you?
- Nothing, Eliseo.
"Your words sound obscure, but
one day I'll understand."
- You always say that.
- I'm bothered by my own folly.
Once again happiness knocked
on my door in vain.
Why didn't you answer?
I was deaf and now I languish.
It's a mistake! Andrea, please,
give me permission to see him!
- Try to forget him
- I can't and I won't.
Juan's my husband.
What if he weren't?
What do you mean?
He is my husband!
Don't ask me to help him.
I wanted to kill him...
Rosalba! Have you forgotten us?
- No.
- When will you be back?
My life is here.
Fernando, Rosalba is
waiting for you.
What engenders such certainty?
My female intuition.
You are Fermo.
And you're Narcissus.
Fernando Girasol.
I'm the owner of the accordion
Mrs. Rosalba played.
I realized that.
Have you brought me news?
I've brought the instrument
as a pledge. In return
I'd like to ask you for your van.
I know you possess an exemplar
for deliveries to a company
on the mainland.
Get to the point.
I intend to descend to the Abruzzi
and bring Rosalba back here.
Two companions are joining
me on this quest.
It hasn't seen a freeway in 20 years.
Change the oil, pump up the tires...
and respect its age.
But... why are you here?
I want to quit school.
What is this idea?
It's not an idea. Everything sucks.
So, everything sucks?
You know I stopped studying
and went to work for your uncle?
- And?
- I regret it now.
You all say that.
Come to the supermarket with me.
You know "Orlando Furioso"?
The guy who hoes nuts and his
brain blasts over the moon?
It's not quite like that.
- What would you like to do now?
- I don't know.
What? There must be something
you like.
- How many people do what they like?
- Your father does.
Can you see me selling toilets
and windows for the next 40 years?
Rosalba. Since you went
life is a pain.
The nights are torment,
the days are harsh.
If I've made this journey then
for one reason 'tis owed.
That you'll return to
light up my abode.
What a surprise. You take me unaware.
You're busy with your buys
and caught up in your cares.
This is my son Nicola.
And... this is Mr. Fernando.
I realize, that the situation
may seem bizarre for you.
Nevertheless I've come to
lay claim to your mother.
Abd why?
I love her.
Soul of my sorrowful life
beneath this colorless sky.
Let me live in peace
without bitterness or pain.
Far from my emotions
I wish only to sleep.
A nest of peaceful silence,
is my natural refuge.
The look in your eyes makes
me tremble,
the lost voice of your heart,
is a defeat of all my illusions.
The fresh dew on jasmine.
Your lips as sweet as honey.
Pink like roses, carminred
like carnation.
For you I return to my dreams,
I won't hide anymore.
May I have this dance, Mrs.?
I don't wish to seem impetuous
but can't we drop "Mr. and Mrs."?