Panggonan Wingit (2023) Movie Script

It was my first day at work.
Yes, ma'am?
Can you please clean the second floor?
- Yes, ma'am.
- And don't go to the third floor.
It is being renovated.
- You don't need to clean there.
- Yes, ma'am.
Remember, stay away from the third floor.
Yes, ma'am. Excuse me.
Which one is Room 19?
- Room 19, second floor, sir?
- Yes.
- Over there, sir.
- Over there?
- Thanks.
- You're welcome.
Excuse me.
I'm sorry,
but are you all right in there?
Three days, midnight.
I have never seen anyone
so white in my life.
Did you see her face?
I didn't.
But she stopped crying.
And then she said something.
What did she say?
"Three days,
I don't know why she said that.
I closed the door and left.
But the next day, weird things happened.
I found our cat dead.
And our neighbor, Mr. Yono,
stabbed himself in the foot.
And your Auntie Ayu...
I saw her
jump off the roof of the hospital.
I saw it with my own eyes!
This is the third day, dear.
I'm scared.
Mr. Yono is mentally ill.
Auntie Ayu had been
in the mental hospital for two years.
Our cat was really old, Mom.
So I don't think it has anything to do
with the woman you saw.
You're just in shock
because you saw Auntie Ayu commit suicide.
It's almost midnight, Mom.
You haven't prayed yet, have you?
You should go and pray to clear your mind.
God is Great.
In the name of God,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
God is Great.
In the name of God,
Most Gracious, Most Merciful.
God is Great.
God hears whoever praises Him.
God is Great.
God is Great.
God is Great.
God is Great.
God's peace and blessings be upon you.
God's peace and blessings be upon you.
I seek forgiveness from God.
I seek forgiveness from God.
I seek forgiveness from God.
I seek forgiveness from God.
I seek forgiveness from God.
Three days, midnight.
- Wake up.
- Okay.
I'm up.
Did you dream of Dad again?
It has been two months.
He's resting in peace.
Is it still far away?
We're entering the city in a moment.
If you want to go hiking in Semarang,
you can pick a mountain.
There's the Telomoyo,
the Merbabu, and the Ungaran.
You should also learn
a little Javanese, okay?
This hotel is not bad.
Why didn't Dad ever take us here?
- He said he inherited it from his parents?
- Yes.
It was built in the 1950s.
But when they finished building it,
they didn't open right away.
Why not?
I don't know.
Dad never told me.
- There they are.
- Hey, Fey!
- Raina, Fey.
- Raina!
How was your trip? Gosh.
You are finally here.
This is what it's like
during the holidays. It is full.
Once the holidays are over,
it is quiet like a graveyard.
It's Monday tomorrow,
so the kids are going back to school.
You're also going
to school tomorrow, right, Fey?
Yes, Grandma.
That's where we live.
- There?
- Yes, there.
We can see the hotel from here.
As well as the rooms and the windows.
You can use this car to pick up
and drop off Fey at school.
Come in now.
I didn't know that
your dad took a loan
from the bank for his business.
And that he couldn't pay it,
and now your house is confiscated.
But now,
you live here to run the hotel.
In your hands, the hotel will flourish.
You used to work as a manager.
I bet you can do it.
I'm going to save up
for Fey's college tuition.
- She wants to study medicine.
- Isn't that nice?
This is your bedroom.
Let's see the bedroom.
This is it. Come in.
Don't forget to take care
of the documents of the hotel
with your dad's lawyer. Okay, Raina?
So the hotel will belong to you and Fey.
Right now, this hotel is the only thing
your dad left for you.
You can't rely on your dad's royalties
from his novels anymore.
These belonged to your dad.
It was here
since the first time I came here.
Yes, Grandma?
Stay away from the third floor
of the hotel, okay?
But why, Grandma?
It's closed for renovation.
The construction workers are on leave.
Don't let the other staff
go up there either.
Whoever it is.
They might get hurt
if the ceiling suddenly collapses.
- Yes, Grandpa?
- Come here, sweetie.
All right, go get some rest.
- Thanks, Grandma.
- You're welcome.
- Good morning, ma'am.
- Good morning.
I'm Raina.
- I'm Fey's guardian.
- Yes?
- She just moved here from Jakarta.
- I see.
- Are you here to see the headmaster?
- Yes, we are.
He's talking to a guest right now.
Please wait here.
Okay, thank you.
- Is the headmaster done talking?
- Not yet.
We had the police yesterday,
now we have reporters.
Poor Karin.
Her mom died tragically.
Which newspaper
does the reporter represent?
Jakarta Daily.
Sir, thank you for your time.
Of course.
If you need anything else, just tell me.
- Will do.
- Let's work together.
- Thank you.
- Please excuse me.
- Ardo.
- Hi.
How are you?
Have you moved to Semarang now?
Where exactly?
It's okay if you don't want to tell me.
I saw a coffee shop nearby.
Can we talk for a bit?
It has been ages.
It's already six months since we...
broke up.
Sorry, I can't.
I've got work.
That's okay.
I should go.
Be careful, okay?
This city is not safe.
What do you mean?
- You don't know?
- No.
Four days ago,
a student's mom died. She was flayed.
They haven't found the killer yet.
The police are looking
and I am here to investigate.
I visited the victim's house.
Her daughter is a key witness.
She's still traumatized.
She's in great shock
and still refuses to talk.
I'm going to the victim's workplace now.
I hope I can get
valuable information there.
Do you know where Ambar Mangun Hotel is?
Yes, Ningrum did work here.
But only for a couple of days.
The police also visited
and asked about Ningrum.
But we don't know anything.
All right, Grandma, I get it.
But honestly,
both you and Grandpa
should have told us.
Especially that the victim
is a staff from our hotel.
We didn't want you and Fey to feel scared.
You just got here.
I've written down
new information from this hotel.
But I'm going to need
a lot more information
from the locals and the police.
Sir, I'd like to stay here.
Is there a room available?
God's peace and blessings be upon you.
Why don't you just tell the truth to Ardo?
Maybe you can get back together.
When you broke up with him back then,
you told him
that you can no longer stay together
because of your different views
on marriage.
You told him you didn't want any children.
But actually...
Ardo has been an orphan
since he was little, Fey.
His wife died
not long after they got married.
What he wishes for
is to have a life partner.
To have a family and raise children.
He would never be able to accept the fact
that I can't have any children.
Raina, I know this past year
has been hard for us.
It was hardship after hardship.
Each is worse than the other.
But please don't blame God.
Don't stray further from Him.
You should pray.
Three days, midnight.
Hey, Raina.
Are you taking Fey to school?
Have you seen her?
I think she's at the restaurant.
What is it?
Telung dina, tengah wengi.
Telung dina, tengah wengi.
Do you know what that means?
It means three days, midnight.
Why do you ask?
The woman on the third floor said that.
Last night, I saw a light in that bedroom.
I went to check.
She was crying, Grandma.
You told me that
the floor is being renovated,
but why is there a guest up there?
And the door to the hallway was locked,
and I couldn't find the keys.
So I forced it open.
I was just worried about her, Grandma.
By the way, why isn't the room numbered?
Did you open the room?
Did you see her?
I already told you.
Stay away from the third floor!
Why didn't you listen?
Raina, you're taking me to school, right?
Grandma, I'm off to school.
Peace be upon you.
- See you later, Grandma.
- And peace be upon you too.
The police want to see us again.
Ningrum's daughter can talk now.
I'm glad she didn't mention
the hotel room.
But the word is out.
People are scared.
Raina opened that room.
Dear God.
Did she really?
- Ratih.
- Yes, ma'am?
- What's going on?
- I'm not sure. Everyone is checking out.
Right. So was there one culprit or two?
That's what we found in our investigation.
- Hey, hurry.
- One minute, sir.
- Hello, this is the front desk.
- Room 13 needs new towels.
Yes, ma'am. We'll bring them up now.
Come in, place them on the bed.
Excuse me.
I've placed the towels on the bed.
Do you need anything else?
If not, please excuse me.
If you do need something,
please just call the front desk.
Are you okay?
If I'm not in the bathroom,
then where am I?
Let me play after being trapped
for so long!
Ratih, is there a guest
checked into Room 13?
That room is vacant, ma'am.
Feel my suffering!
Feel my pain, before you die!
Raina, hey, what happened?
Raina, calm down.
Please calm down, Raina.
It's me, Ardo. Hey.
What is it?
What's wrong with the door?
There's nothing here.
But there was...
What is it, Raina?
There's something
in this hotel, sir, ma'am.
No, there isn't.
We heard what happened to Ms. Raina.
Sir, ma'am, I'm sorry,
but we can no longer work here.
Just wait. Wait a second.
Grandpa, Grandma.
How are you feeling?
Do you feel better?
The police are gone.
But because Ningrum's daughter
kept mentioning
the mysterious woman in this hotel,
everyone is associating Ningrum's death
to that woman's presence.
Especially with what happened
to Raina earlier.
People are convinced.
A woman.
You might not want to talk
in front of the police.
But please, talk now.
Is there something that you all know?
That woman...
The woman in the room
with no number on the third floor...
She's not a guest.
She occupies that room.
She is...
not human.
Six years ago,
we were struggling financially.
Your dad said that he has a hotel
that we could run.
He said we can use the money we get.
We were also shocked.
We didn't know
that your dad had inherited a hotel.
We also didn't know
that our son-in-law's parents were rich.
When we first got here,
the hotel was in poor condition.
So we did some renovation.
And then when they were installing
the lights on the third-floor corridors,
a worker opened that room.
He said he saw a woman
with snow-white skin.
Her face, her hair, and her skin.
She had red eyes.
The woman said...
Three days, midnight.
Three days later, at midnight,
the worker died.
But before he died,
for three days,
strange things kept happening.
We often had a blackout
until that worker was acting weird.
Wait, who is that?
Excuse me, young man?
What are you doing? Hey!
Feel my pain.
We brought Ki Danang over.
He is a very respected shaman here.
He has the sixth sense.
Even he was not brave enough
to touch that room.
He said...
This is a haunted place.
This place is occupied.
You cannot get rid of her.
Never ever open this room.
- Done?
- Done. Let's go.
To make sure no one enters the room,
we closed the third floor.
Nothing has ever happened
until Ningrum opened the door.
After that,
we put extra locks on the door.
Nobody else knew
about the worker's death except us.
If the public found out,
the hotel would have never opened.
We didn't even tell your dad.
And now,
we don't want anyone else to know.
This hotel might be out of business.
But then what can we expect
to come out of this condition?
Our guests, our staff.
They're all gone.
When Fey comes home,
we have to remind her
never to open the door.
From what I have explained,
we will learn more using props.
Fey, can you please get
the Biology equipment from the storeroom?
Check inside the boxes.
We need it for our next lesson.
Yes, miss.
The rest of you, please turn to page 117,
about the organs of the human body.
- Yes, miss.
- Yes, miss.
Feel it before you die!
- What is it, Fey?
- In there.
In there.
What is it, Fey?
No, don't!
- What is it?
- What's wrong, Fey?
- Nothing is here, Fey.
- I swear, it was...
The statue was moving around.
How would a statue move?
See, there's nothing.
Fey. Fey?
Fey, are you okay?
You're okay, right?
Your teacher called me.
She told me what happened at school.
You didn't open the room with no number
on the third floor, did you?
I did. Why do you ask?
Gosh, no!
Why did you open it, Fey?
Last night I woke up.
I saw light coming from that room,
so I went there to check.
I heard someone crying.
And in that room
there was a woman.
Foolish me.
I was the one who broke the lock
to that room on the third floor.
What's wrong?
Maybe we can try to talk
to the person your grandparents mentioned.
Ki Danang.
Ki Danang?
So we really can't get rid of it?
Something is keeping her in this world,
whatever it is.
If we can't chase her out,
is there any other way?
So that there won't be any more victims.
I can try to find a way.
The thing is,
I can't communicate with her.
She has closed herself off.
I can't even find out her name.
Her name?
A name is important.
We need it to communicate
with those of the unseen.
Without a name, I cannot help you.
To keep you safe
and to keep your hotel from being haunted,
you need to figure out her name.
You have three days.
Until twelve o'clock midnight.
Until then, you should pray
and ask for protection.
So that nothing bad will happen to you.
There's something weird about this hotel.
We knew nothing about this hotel
until Grandpa and Grandma
were asked to run it.
Dad never even mentioned this hotel,
not even once.
He never took us here.
He never wanted to come here.
Let me answer it.
- Hello?
- Good evening. Is this Ms. Raina?
- Yes, I'm her.
- I am your late dad's lawyer.
I would like to inform you
that the documents of the hotel
are not under Mr. Djanuar.
It is under the name Baskara.
Yes, I understand.
Thank you.
Who was it?
Dad's lawyer.
The documents of the hotel stated
that it belongs to Baskara.
Who is Baskara?
He said it's Dad's name
before he changed his name to Djanuar.
I think there's something about this hotel
that your dad was keeping from you.
He did not want anyone
to find out about it.
I know what it's like
to keep a secret alone.
I've tried putting them
in my writing, but...
I still feel suffocated.
Do you have secrets?
From the past.
But it's in the past.
We need to read all of this.
Dad's novels?
Dad told me before he died,
he had secrets that he put into his work.
What does that mean?
I don't know,
but I bet he wrote something.
I don't know which book either.
But maybe there's a story
about this hotel.
Or maybe something
about who lives in that room.
What her name is or anything else.
What are you doing?
I'm going into the room.
Don't do that!
All this time,
no one has ever entered the room.
They only went to the door.
I bet there's something inside
that can give us clues about the woman.
Don't be reckless.
If I'm not reckless,
Fey and I are going to die.
Raina, I'm coming with you.
If the two of us start looking,
we can do it faster, right?
Okay, the three of us will go.
- I'm going too.
- No, you are not.
- Raina, I'm coming.
- No.
You wait here.
Light the candles.
Stop that!
Stop it!
Suffer until you die.
Suffer until you die!
Fey, no! Enough!
- Fey!
- Fey.
Are you okay?
Three days, midnight.
Let's get out of here.
- Get up.
- Come on, Fey.
There you go.
You need to rest.
If not, the rupture in your leg bones
might get worse.
- "...angel"?
- That's the only thing I got.
But that room is filled
with women's stuff.
All the shoes, clothes, everything.
That means she used to live in that room.
Does that also mean
that your dad knows her
and gave her permission to stay there?
I don't know.
What is her relationship with your dad?
- Grandpa.
- Ardo, come see this.
This too.
When we were cleaning Room 01,
I found this underneath the bed.
Yes, we also found those in Rooms 02, 03,
under a cracked tile underneath the bed.
Puzzle. This is a puzzle.
They all have the same handwriting.
- A letter.
- Maybe.
If we can find the rest of it.
I remember when we were
furnishing the rooms,
I saw a lot of cracked tiles.
We just threw a rug over them.
We never checked what was under it.
"Baskara, my angel,
after I left my home,
the white in the north,
my tired legs dragged along their seas.
Tall, beautiful, with needles for leaves."
"I will never forget,
the day we met there.
I hope we can be together forever.
Just like them. Strong, powerful,
and eternally in love.
Would you like that?
Your Jasmine."
This looks like a love letter.
Yes, for our Dad.
"Your Jasmine."
It's that woman, Raina.
Needles for leaves.
Strong. Powerful. Eternal.
Pine trees?
Is there a place here
that is filled with pine trees?
- Pine trees?
- Yes, pine trees.
Pine trees are beautiful and tall.
Its leaves are sharp like needles.
Strong, powerful, eternal.
Pine trees live for hundreds of years.
I bet that is where Dad met that woman.
There is a forest, but it's a bit far.
You need to drive for 4 km.
And then there is no road.
You need to walk for another 3 km,
then you'll reach the pine tree forest.
But what are you going to look for?
Raina, white flowers.
But it looks different.
The white in the north
must be near. Come on.
Let's go.
That way.
Now where?
Where are you going?
Where are you going?
We're looking for the origin
of that white flower.
Do you know?
It originates from my village.
The White Flower Village.
What brings you here?
This is related to the murder
that happened in Semarang.
Can we see the head of your village?
Come, I'll take you.
My name is Parjo.
The village chief's name is Mr. Soemardi.
He only speaks the local language.
This way, please.
How can I help you?
You may speak.
In Semarang,
someone was murdered
with their skin flayed.
- The killer is not human.
- Thank you.
But it is from the unseen.
We're here to look for clues
and we are certain
that back then,
when that ghost was still alive,
she used to live in this village.
In Semarang,
someone was murdered
with their skin flayed.
The killer is not human.
But they think it is from the unseen.
These two are here to look for clues,
and they are certain
that back then,
when that ghost was still alive,
she used to live in this village.
Do you have more details?
It's a woman.
Her hair is white.
Her skin is white
and her eyes are red.
Do you know anyone like that?
It's a woman.
Her skin is white.
Her hair is white
and her eyes are red.
Do you know anyone like that?
I know nothing about it.
I'm sorry.
It seems that Chief Soemardi
doesn't know anything about this.
- Ardo, let's just go back.
- Right.
Excuse me.
But it's late and the weather is bad.
I can't let you cross the river.
How about you both
stay at my place for tonight?
It is nearby.
I'll take you back tomorrow.
What do you think?
All right then.
I know.
I know that people die in different ways.
But who would have thought
that we'd die being flayed.
There is still time.
We can keep looking.
I honestly can't believe it.
Is this a joke from God?
I've tried to get close to God.
I used to never miss a prayer.
Then my mom got sick.
My dad got cancer.
I prayed even more.
Because I was really hopeful
that He would help me.
But my suffering got worse instead.
I even moved to Semarang
in hopes of starting a new life.
But here, I'm faced with my death.
Also my sister's and yours.
Everything that is happening to you now...
Can't you look at the bright side?
Maybe it's a way for God
to make you a better person.
So if something worse happens
in the future,
you'll be prepared to face it.
Back then,
when my wife passed away,
I was angry too.
I kept asking questions and even blaming.
But I believe
that this is a trial from God.
It's a test that humans have to face,
even near their deaths.
What for?
To free ourselves from our sins.
- No!
- Please.
Don't you dare tell them.
At any rate, don't reveal it.
Where are you going?
I think they know something.
I have to find out.
- I'm coming too.
- Okay.
What is it?
That was my daughter's room.
Do you want to know about her?
Is everything all right, ma'am?
I'm making sure he's not here.
- Come.
- All right.
Her name was Menoer.
She's Chief Soemardi's daughter.
They named her that
because she was as white
as the menur flower
that has been around our village for ages.
is a type of jasmine with stacked petals.
Three days after she was born,
her mom was in pain.
Menoer was born at midnight.
Dear God.
What creature is this?
What's wrong?
Menoer was born with a rare condition.
Look at her!
They called her the devil's child.
- The demon's child.
- You are all mean!
People kept mocking her.
- Come here.
- Dad!
- Come!
- Dad, please!
You are an embarrassment!
Menoer was often kept at home by her dad.
He used to beat her.
Please! She's in pain!
There was nothing she could do
except to get lost in her thoughts.
Let's play, let's dance.
She liked to play games
she made up in her head.
But after she turned 20...
Menoer left and never returned.
Since then,
there has been no news about her.
The people here...
couldn't even mention her
because they were afraid
the chief wouldn't like it.
- Grandpa, Grandma.
- Raina?
- Ardo?
- Menoer.
Her name was Menoer.
Menoer binti Soemardi.
Menoer binti Soemardi.
I am Danang.
I want to know about your life and death.
No one knows about the unseen,
except The Almighty.
With God's permission,
what is hidden from the human eyes
will be revealed.
Menoer entered the forest of pine trees.
Baskara helped her.
My parents died just after they were done
with this hotel's construction.
But I don't know how to run a hotel.
This room is the only one
that is furnished, with a bed.
You can stay here.
This was my mom's.
You can wear it.
Baskara then left for Jakarta
to do business.
Later when you come home,
you have to play my game.
But Baskara never came back.
Menoer went to Jakarta to look for him.
I look disgusting.
I have to change it.
What is it, Ki?
Menoer pulled off her own skin.
She flayed herself for three days.
Until she died.
Your dad...
made Menoer feel
that everyone was mean to her.
She hated herself.
What can we do to make this stop?
We have to heal her broken heart
and stop her wrath.
How do we do that?
We have to unite the two elements.
Of life
and death.
Find something that can make Menoer
forgive your dad.
And bring it to Menoer's physical body.
What do you mean?
On this sacred night,
merge into purity.
On this sacred night, merge into purity!
I want you to feel my pain
before you die!
We have to get out. Get out!
Get out! Close the door!
You should all die!
You should all die!
The only person that can help us is dead.
I knew it. Since the beginning,
I knew this hotel was doomed.
We should have stopped trying
after that worker died.
I know we don't have much time.
But we still have enough
to find a way to stop Menoer.
Is there a way?
Ki Danang said that...
but none of us understand
what Ki Danang meant.
Dad hid the truth behind Menoer's death.
He kept it to himself.
Now we're all paying the price.
What a burden.
I hate secrets.
We can't change the past.
And everything that happens
in this life is already written.
Do you mean, fate?
Do you think what happened to me is fate?
But for what?
Why? There's one thing I don't understand.
Why am I fated to not be able
to have children with you,
making it impossible for us
to have a future together?
What do you mean?
When you went to Medan for three weeks...
for work.
I had a hysterectomy.
I had cancer.
Fey was the only one who knew.
So now, what can you
possibly want from me?
Nothing, right?
At least by saying this,
you don't need to spend
the rest of your life questioning
about what my reason was,
or what my secret was.
So when I die,
it won't end up
as complicated as my dad's secret.
"Love as White as Jasmine.
By Baskara."
Look at this.
I found that in the box filled
with Dad's stuff.
Dad didn't go to Jakarta for work.
It's on page 31.
My Jasmine,
the love in my heart.
That day I left for Jakarta.
It wasn't to do business
like what I told you.
I was there to look for a ring
to tell you my feelings
and to propose to you.
Okay, I'll take this.
A beautiful ring in the shape of a flower.
A symbol for my love.
But I didn't know,
that the day full of hope
would actually destroy my plans
to ask you to be my wife.
Do you know who you are?
Your name?
These are the people who helped you.
You look just like our son.
His name was Djanuar.
But he has passed away.
The couple took care of me
like I was their own son.
They named me Djanuar.
They also married me to a woman.
- Hello!
- Garinto! Come here.
In the middle of spending my life
as Djanuar,
my memories came back.
I immediately go back
to Semarang to see you.
I wanted to curse myself.
I wish I didn't keep my plans to myself.
I wish I told you straightaway
that I love you
and that I wanted to marry you,
I wouldn't be burying your body
underneath my hotel
with a flower carved on the wall.
Forgive me.
Rest in peace at the place
that holds our memories.
I shall leave this hotel
because there are too many memories.
I'm burying Baskara too.
My name is Djanuar.
He lost his memories.
Menoer didn't know this.
She must know that Dad loved her
and never meant to leave her.
This can heal her broken heart
and stop her wrath.
We can use this ring.
This flower ring
is the ring that your dad wanted
to give to Menoer.
It's a symbol of his love for her.
And this ring
can also unite the two elements
of life and death.
We need to find Menoer's grave.
I bet her bones are still intact.
We should put the ring on Menoer's finger.
Her grave.
Her grave is in the tunnels underground
at the back of this hotel.
- Honey.
- I know.
It's already nine o'clock.
You must find Menoer's grave.
Dig it before midnight,
or everything will be too late.
What is this place?
It looks like a waterway.
Or maybe for soldiers to hide
during the war.
We have to split up.
Find the wall with a flower carving on it.
Over here!
Ardo? Ardo!
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
Ardo, I can't see anything.
Just keep digging.
It's a different flower.
Where are you?
Where are you?
Feel my pain before you die!
Where are you?
God is Great.
God is Great.
God's peace and blessings be upon you.
God's peace and blessings be upon you.
Dear God, forgive me.
Please protect me
and the ones that I love.
Please, give me Your guidance.
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
There is no power nor strength except
by God, The Exalted and The Supreme.
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
There is no power nor strength
except by God.
There is no power nor strength except
by God, The Exalted and The Supreme.
There is no power nor strength except
by God, The Exalted and The Supreme.
Ardo, wake up!
Stand up. Let's go.
We told them everything.
The police are going to check
the room, right?
- Menoer is gone.
- Yes.
But I bet no one else will come here.
- Are you going back to Jakarta tomorrow?
- Yes.
I need to file a report.
- Ardo.
- Raina.
- You go.
- You go first.
What did you want to say?
I just wanted to ask.
Why did you stay silent?
This is about us.
I'm also not sure if it's the right time.
But I think it's better now than later.
I still love you.
Can we get back together?
Ardo, you know about me.
I love you just the way you are.
I never mentioned anything
about having children
after we get married.
About children...
There are many out there
who don't have parents.
We can take care of them.
We can still have a family.
As husband and wife.
Dad and mom.
Even until we're grandparents
with grandchildren.
Only if you want to.
will you marry me?
I love you.
Ardo, once you're done in Jakarta,
will you come back here?
Yes. I'll take care of the documents
for our marriage too.
By the way, I told my friend
that you're looking for a job.
You have an interview next week.
Thank you, Ardo.
Tomorrow, at breakfast,
let's tell Fey and our grandparents
about our plans to get married.
Of course. Good night.
What now, Ra?
Hello, Ra?
Three days, midnight.
I called but you didn't pick up.
Let's have breakfast.
Everyone else is waiting.
Why did you and I survive,
but Ardo didn't?
Menoer's broken heart is healed
because she knows now
that Dad still loved her.
She won't touch us.
Because we're Dad's daughters.
But she is still in pain.
She still hurts
because of how other people treated her.
Including her own dad
and other villagers too.
Whoever enters that room,
except the two of us,
will face the same fate.
They will die in three days at midnight.
Being flayed.
Menoer will stop only after everyone
who treated her wrong dies.
But even after that,
Menoer will continue to stay in that room.
She will stay there.
Because she cannot leave this world.
People who commit suicide
don't have a place in the other world.
How do you know about all of this?
Don't worry.
I won't hurt you.
Thank you, Baskara's daughters.
- Fey!
- Raina?
Are you okay?
Are you sure we can force ourselves in?
Of course.
We have the permit.
Let's check the third floor.
They say it's the room with no number.
It doesn't make sense.
How can a room kill people?
- Let's go.
- Not too fast.
Like my name.
Three days,
Subtitle translation by:
Arina Nurul Azizah