Panic (2000) Movie Script

You ever get the
feeling you're dead?
Like some dog
lying in the street...
that's been hit by a car
and left there to rot?
Like I don't know why... why I
bother getting up in the morning.
we've been through this before, alex.
You suffer from mood swings.
You're depressive.
I met someone. Someone?
A girl.
You're married, alex.
The thing is,
when I see her, this girl,
I don't feel dead anymore.
- Who is she?
- Just some girl.
What's her name? I don't know.
When did you meet her?
Few weeks ago.
Where? Here.
Out in the waiting room, the
first time I came to see you.
First time? Excuse me?
This is your first time, right?
Uh, yeah.
I can tell.
You have to push the button.
Now what? Wait.
No smoking.
I think dr. Leavitt's got a potential
suicide on her hands or something.
Excuse me?
The shrink I'm waiting for...
dr. Leavitt...
she's 15 minutes late, came out here and
apologized that she had an emergency...
did I mind waiting?
I said, "no." I was still reading this
article on how to keep your marriage alive.
Listen to this. "I suggest a
candlelit dinner once a week...
"and maybe a good foot massage...
something gentle and intimate to
bring a couple back together again."
So sad, don't you think?
People fall in love, they can't
stop thinking about each other,
they can't keep their hands off of each
other, then who knows what happens?
They suddenly don't like each other anymore?
Maybe it's not so sudden.
Anyway, I finished the article, and now
I'm just sitting here, waiting, like you.
What's your problem?
I don't have a problem.
Then why are you here?
Alex? That's me.
Hi. I'm dr. Parks.
Come on in, alex. Sit down.
There's nothing wrong with me.
Excuse me?
I'm not sick or, you know, crazy.
I'm a therapist, alex.
Therapy is as common
as gasoline.
It's what we need
to keep us going.
It's not a mental ward. Please.
So, tell me, Sam Graylee
sent you my way? Yes.
Sam's a good doctor.
How old are you, alex?
- What are you doing?
- Making notes.
No notes.
Okay, no notes.
What do you do for a living?
I've got two jobs.
I run a small mail-order
business out of the house...
lawn ornaments, kitchen gewgaws,
sexual aids, things like that.
And the rest of the time?
I work for my father.
Doing what?
I kill people.
Who was he?
I don't know.
- You get paid for killing people?
- Mm-hmm.
You're joking.
You're testing me.
Is that why you're here?
What do you mean?
I mean, are you here seeking professional
help because you kill people?
No. I'm confused. Why
are you here then?
I-I don't...
I don't really know.
I've never been
to a shrink before.
I don't believe in shrinks.
We are who we are, right?
I should go. I'm gonna go.
Sorry. I'm wasting your time.
How much do I owe you?
Each session is $125.
Ouch. What are you
feeling right now?
Poor. I'm just kidding.
What are you really
feeling, alex?
Tired. I feel tired.
Deidre, why does our son
avoid me?
I'm not avoiding you.
We were supposed to have
lunch today, mr. No-show.
L-I had a doctor's appointment.
Doctor's appointment? Which doctor?
You could've told me.
You left me in a lurch.
I was sittin' there like a bride
at an altar, for Christ's sake.
Dad, I'm sorry, okay? I forgot.
Are you sick? No.
You okay? I mean, why didn't
you tell me? I'm fine.
What's wrong with you? Nothing's wrong with me.
I said I'm fine.
Well, if you're fine, how
come you went to the doctor?
My back's been hurting. L-i thought
I might have pulled something.
What'd dr. Graylee say?
He said I pulled something. That's it?
You pulled something?
He said, "take it easy. Don't lift
heavy objects, like your wife."
Very funny.
I'm thinking of quitting. Quitting?
Quitting what?
Oh! You're gonna be a bum.
Mom, I'm serious.
I can't do this anymore.
Just exactly what
can't you do anymore?
Mom, you know.
Oh! You suddenly got scruples.
- I've been seeing a shrink.
- A shrink?
And don't tell martha. I wanna keep this private.
That goes for dad too.
What are you seeing a shrink for?
You're not crazy.
I'm stuck. I'm in a rut.
I'm asleep on my damn feet.
Now you listen to me.
Your father worked hard all his
life to make this business.
He made it with his hands, on his own.
Nobody helped him.
And now you wanna break
his heart?
That's the thanks he gets? No.
I won't let it happen. No.
Give up that
mail-order nonsense, fine.
But the family business, no.
No, not that.
Are you getting enough from martha lately?
Is she holding up?
Mom, for god's sake.
Don't "for god's sake" me.
Men don't get their sex, they get
wacky, and you are talking wacky.
Dad, what does god look like?
Mm, no one really knows
for sure.
Do you know what I think he looks like?
Tell me.
I think he's in the sky
with his arms around the earth.
Does he have a beard? No.
Does he have glasses? No.
Does he have a hat? No, but
he sure has a noseguard.
All right. Go to sleep.
Dad, what's infinity?
is something that doesn't end.
That's impossible.
Everything ends.
Close your eyes. Close your eyes.
Dad, are you gonna die?
Not if I can help it. But you're
gonna die when you get old?
Well, sooner or later,
I guess, yeah.
And mom... and grandpa
and grandma?
Yeah, but not for a long time.
Nothin' you have to worry about.
And me one day too? Sammy.
It's late. It's a
school night, remember?
Good night, dad. Good night, sweetheart.
Close your eyes.
Sleep tight.
Don't let the... what?
Don't let the... robbers
come through the window?
Go to sleep.
He's seeing a shrink.
Our son. Who?
Alex is seeing a shrink? Mm-hmm.
What for? I can't imagine.
They talk, right?
Spills his guts?
It's his age. Maybe it'll pass.
On the other hand,
maybe you're losing him.
Like hell I am.
I thought you should know.
Please, don't say anything. I
promised him I wouldn't tell you.
It's so... sensitive.
I just thought you should know.
I'm late.
I hate having to compress a whole
week's tragedies into 50 minutes.
I mean, it's probably all they're
worth at most. I know that.
But the fact of the matter is,
they're my tragedies.
They're all I've got, and I don't
wanna have to just rush through them.
Not for 130 bucks an hour,
thank you very much.
- Hundred and thirty?
- Yeah. Why? How much do you pay?
Hundred and twenty-five.
I'll be damned.
That bitch is overcharging me.
Hi, sarah.
- Sorry I'm late.
- That-that's your name, huh? Sarah?
- Sarah cassidy.
- Alex.
Why'd you come back, alex?
I don't know.
Are you married? Mm-hmm.
- What's your wife's name?
- Martha.
Children? A boy...
sammy. He's six.
Does martha know what you do?
Would she approve if she did know?
Alex, if you're going
to continue seeing me,
it's important that I'm
clear about the rules.
What you say in here about the
past is completely protected...
by doctor-patient
but if I think a crime
is going to be committed,
I'm under obligation to
report it to the authorities.
You understand?
I like pussy. Is there
anything wrong with that? No.
Then why are you staring at me
like I kill people for a living?
I'm listening, sarah.
I'm just listening.
Seems more like
disapproving to me.
What if I were to tell you
I was gay?
You are? You'd take my point?
Might. So, anyway,
we had some wine.
At my place, on the couch.
And the next thing I know, I've got
this idea that I can seduce her.
I mean, why not, right? No big deal. Like
I said, I've slept with girls before.
So what did you do with tracy?
I just kind of leaned over
and kissed her.
She kinda liked it, because the next thing I
knew, she's got her tongue down my throat,
and she's moaning and stuff,
you know, making a lot of noise.
And we're off to the races.
Hey, dad. I got louie to bring
you the chicken a la king.
Love that chicken a la king.
You're lookin' good.
Thanks. You too.
My tits are saggin'
. You, you're young,
I envy you.
When I was your age,
I used to look
like a goddamn warrior.
Hey, louie. How's business?
Ah, business is good.
I'm a lucky man.
Don't he look good, louie?
Like a god. Enjoy. Yeah.
We got a new job.
Good one, big one.
Lots of moola.
Gonna buy a villa,
get your mother a lexus.
What about a bmw?
What the fuck is wrong
with a lexus?
Hmm? Is it because
the japanese make it?
Don't be prejudiced. Face it...
they make good cars.
All the particulars are in there, the
client wants the job done in about a month.
Three weeks to figure it out. What would you
say if I told you I didn't want to do it?
Eat your chicken a la king.
How's that sound, dad?
As good as beck? Absolutely.
Sammy, you better get dressed.
Mom, I'm composing.
He's composing.
He's gonna be late for school.
Sammy, breakfast. I thought
you wanted me to get dressed.
Well, now I want you to have breakfast.
You're making me nuts, mom.
Sammy! Eat your breakfast.
Does beck eat breakfast?
Every morning.
God, he's gonna be late.
Dad? Hmm?
I figured out my future.
You're ahead of me, kid.
First, I'm gonna join the army.
I'll probably get killed.
But if I don't get killed,
I'll be a rock-and-roll star.
Don't tell your mother about the army part.
It's just gonna upset her.
Okay. Mom, I'm gonna
join the army.
What? I'll probably get killed.
What is he talking about?
Plans. He's got plans.
I hate this shirt. What's
wrong with this shirt?
Blue. He doesn't like blue.
Oh, it's a brand-new shirt.
I like green. I'm going
through a green phase.
Wear it and like it, okay?
Ah, shit, his lunch.
Mom, you said the "s" word.
???? Sammy, please.
Dad? Yeah.
When can I get a guitar?
When you've mastered
the harmonica.
When can I get
an electric guitar?
When you've got your own house.
Gimme a kiss.
Lunch box. Backpack.
I love you. Bye.
Bye, dad.
What floor?
Excuse me?
You forgot to push the floor button.
Oh, I'm just riding.
"Just riding"? Yeah.
To pass the time.
It's less dangerous than the
freeway, and I like the music.
You just ride up and down? Up
and down, up and down, yeah.
Are you a hooker? Don't I wish.
Do I look like a hooker?
Yep. Really?
Yeah. Oh.
This is my floor. Good night.
Um, would you like
some company?
I hated that hairstyle.
I looked like a poodle.
You looked great.
Remember our first date? Oh, yeah.
We went to the movies.
Which movie? Something
with, um, billy crystal...
and gregory hines.
I love gregory hines. I know.
And then what?
Then we went to dinner.
Where? Uhh...
il forno. You had a caesar
salad, white bean soup.
You were watching your weight.
And then we had sammy.
And then we had sammy.
Ohh! I like this one.
Yeah, it's nice. These hydraulic
things are very cool.
What was the name of the movie?
The movie?
With gregory hines?
Oh, I don't know.
I can't remember either.
It's black. I love these.
Look at this.
In case you get thirsty.
The brakes...
you all right?
What's happening, alex?
Nothing's happening.
Everything's okay.
I saw him again. Who?
That guy I told you about.
From the shrink's?
He's so polite.
It's kinda distracting.
Is he cute? Cute? No.
Not really. He's beautiful.
Beautiful? Yeah. He has
beautiful, sad eyes.
Is he married? I don't know.
I think so.
Does he wear a ring? No.
Sure. That can mean
anything these days.
Hi. Hi.
How's therapy going, alex?
Fine, sarah, thank you.
I went to the theater last night. I saw the seagull.
Chekhov... you know it?
I don't know much
about theater.
It's about a young woman...
a girl, really...
who falls for an older man,
then has her heart crushed.
So you're married?
Children? Yes.
Yes, a boy, sammy. He's six.
Are you one of these middle-aged
guys who's tired of his marriage...
and thinks maybe a beautiful
young thing could help him out?
Excuse me? Just thinking aloud.
Are you a beautiful
young thing?
I don't know. Am I?
What's your favorite color?
Me too.
Every man has a destiny, alex.
Life is not random.
The trick is discovering
your destiny, knowing it.
Once you do that,
everything else comes easy.
Just flows.
You know what this is, alex?
Yes, sir, a gun.
That's right, a gun.
A waiter P.P.K.., to be exact.
And it's loaded.
aim a gun at anything...
unless you intend to kill it, all right?
Yes, sir.
Now, do you see that squirrel
over there? Yes, sir.
I want you to shoot it.
Shoot it?
Yeah, shoot it.
Go on. Aim the gun...
a little lower
than your target...
'cause it's gonna jump
when you fire.
Okay, that's good.
Now, ease back on the trigger.
Lesson number two:
The gun is always stronger
than you are.
Come on, try again.
You didn't hit shit.
Spread your feet.
Okay, get your perches. Ground
is your friend. Use it.
Try again.
There's another squirrel.
Okay, aim.
Good. Look, alex, look.
One dead squirrel.
Where are you going? I'm thirsty.
I'm gonna go get a beer.
At 3:00 in the morning?
?? Time??
?? All the long red lines??
?? That flow into your dreams??
?? That big blue open sea??
?? That can't be crossed??
?? That can't be climbed??
?? Just born between??
?? Oh, the two white lines??
?? Distant gods
and faded signs????
That bicycle is crap.
It's not crap.
It's just too small.
It's crap. It rattles.
He's getting a new one
for his birthday.
Good, because that one's
a piece of junk.
Dad, just who exactly
is our current client?
You know better than to ask me that.
I'm curious, that's all.
You don't know what I know,
I don't know what you know.
I can't hurt you,
you can't hurt me.
I'm just wondering what the
guy did that the client,
you know, wants him
taken care of?
Plausible deniability, alex.
That's the key.
Otherwise, what we'd have on our
hands is an insecure operation.
The point is, I know him. Who?
The guy.
You know him? Yes.
You don't know that?
How could I know that?
Jesus. Good friend?
Not really, but still.
Business is business, alex.
A job is a job.
Get started on this, you hear?
I hear you.
I used to dance out there.
Where? There, the pavilion.
Saturday nights,
I'd take your mother,
and we'd dance.
And I was a good dancer,
tappin' my toes,
twirl her around.
She'd laugh.
hey. Hey.
You're too old to be smoking.
I'm not that old.
Yes, you are.
How's therapy going?
I'm wasting my money, which is
moronic, since I don't have any.
Then why go? Weak.
How's your family?
Okay. They're good.
What about your family?
What about them? Are they okay?
Well, my sister eileen's
her husband's fucking
the baby-sitter,
my mom sits around watching soap
operas all day and eating pizza...
and my dad asked me the other day
if I knew the meaning of life.
What kind of question is that
for a 23-year-old daughter?
You're 23?
Why'd you ask me about my family?
You don't even know me.
You asked me about my family. I was
just being polite. Wanna have lunch?
Lunch? When? Yeah. Now.
What about therapy?
I think not.
Sorry. What for?
Didn't mean to freak you out. Look, alex,
there is no point in our having lunch.
Why not?
Because you're married.
I didn't ask you to go to bed,
for god's sake. Yes, you did.
I think you're jumping
to conclusions here.
Am I? Yeah, you are.
Did it ever occur to you
that I might have a boyfriend?
Do you? Yes.
Who? None of your business.
???? Sorry.
Why are we here?
We're having fun.
We are? This is fun? Yes.
This is fun.
If this is fun, shouldn't I be having some kind
of fun feeling that lets me know it's fun?
Shut up, sarah. Hey! Hey!
Oh! Damn, you guys look great.
Thank you. Hey,
candace, what's up?
Hey. Guys, this is sean.
Sarah, tracy. Hello.
Hey. How are you? Sean, do you
think tracy and I look great?
Yeah, I certainly do.
Would you like us, sean?
Excuse me! Would you like us?
Both of us? What do you say?
I say, of course, yeah.
What am I, stupid?
I say, so long,
it's been bad to meet you.
Hey, what's...
what's the deal here?
I think that's your exit line,
sean. Good-bye.
Who is he? I don't know. He
came with max and lilly.
He paints or something.
He's cute.
Odds or evens? Odds.
?? Like a flower bending
in the breeze??
?? Bend with me??
?? Sway with ease??
?? When we dance
you have a way with me??
?? Stay with me sway with me??
?? I can hear the sound
of violins??
?? Long before it begins??
?? Make me thrill
as only you know how??
?? Sway me smooth
sway me now????
?? Do you wanna go my way??
?? The future is clear
let's get into gear??
?? I'm willing to ask??
?? Do you wanna go my way??
?? You're out on your own??
?? You're never alone??
?? There's people around??
?? But do you wanna go my way??
?? They threw me out of town
said I'm a hooligan??
?? They never wanna see
my ugly face again??
?? I'm lookin' for a ride
I need to get someplace??
?? I'm feelin' disillusioned
with the human race??
?? Heat on the skyline
have you got the time????
Hey, it's sarah. Leave me a
message, and I'll call you back.
Hi, it's me, alex.
How'd you get my number?
Who was that? Business.
At 1:00 in the morning?
Ah, guy up in oxnard.
He's late with those
mother-of-pearl picture frames.
Had to get him at home.
Not in the house, alex.
I saw dr. Graylee today.
What's wrong? Nothing.
Just a checkup.
Everything's all right?
- Why did you tell me you had an appointment with him?
- Hmm?
You said you had an appointment with him.
You didn't.
Where were you?
Walking. I went walking.
Why did you lie?
I wasn't lying.
You weren't telling the truth.
I was seeing a shrink.
A shrink? Yeah.
As in psychiatrist?
Do we have to talk about this?
I was feeling weird.
Dr. Graylee said I should
go see this guy, so I did.
Weird. Yeah.
The truth is,
you've always been unhappy.
That's not true. Yes, it is.
When I first met you
in that elevator,
were you really there
just to pass the time,
or was that just a line?
It was a line.
It was also true.
Because you couldn't sleep?
Because I was unhappy.
Come to bed.
- He's having an affair.
- You're being paranoid.
I'm never paranoid,
except when I do coke.
And I haven't done that since I got pregnant.
So what do you think?
I'm having a paranoid
coke flashback?
I think that your life is
good these days, really good.
You don't trust
when life is good.
You think it's a trick and that
something terrible is going to happen.
Oh, it's not true. Oh, it is.
You giving alex enough sex?
Jesus, deidre. Well, are you?
He won't come to bed with me. He just
stays in the kitchen and drinks beer.
Well, at least he's at home.
Hey, kid. Hungry? No.
Well, you're getting skinny.
You look like one of those rwanda
people, for Christ's sakes.
- I already ate, thanks.
- Your mother would like it if you came by, paid a visit.
- I'll drop by tomorrow.
- Bring the kid. She likes the kid.
Got him a birthday present.
- So, how's it going?
- Okay, good.
- Ready to make your move?
- Mm, not yet.
Why not? Just not
ready, that's all.
What the fuck's taking so long?
- It's tricky.
- Tricky.
Well, get the lead out, for christ sakes.
Clients are starting to get antsy.
The clients? The clients.
Remember them?
Those who pay us?
- Last time you said "client."
- What?
Last time you said "client,"
It could be a whole fucking tribe.
It doesn't make any difference.
You get a gun yet? Not yet.
Jesus, son,
if I didn't know better,
I'd think you were dragging
your feet.
Alex? Perry, how's it going?
I'm trying to maintain
a philosophical attitude,
but the truth is, I'm kinda depressed.
Oh, what's going on?
It's patsy.
Her leg's acting up again.
She been to a doctor?
Doctor's been h.m.o.d.
All of a sudden, it's like his
office is this third-world airport.
You call him up, they put you on hold
for several days, you finally get 'em,
they tell you the next available
appointment's three months away.
Three fucking months. I mean, she's
either gonna be dead or better by then.
Am I right? You're right.
What are you doing, shopping?
I'm shopping.
Take your pick.
Hello? Uh, h... hi.
It's me, alex. Can I come up?
Can I see you?
How'd you get my... fuck it, come in.
Can I ask you something?
Why are you here? I don't know.
Sit down.
- Sorry.
- Stop apologizing.
- What do you want?
- You.
And then? Then?
After you have me, what then?
- I don't know.
- You don't know much, do ya?
No, I guess not.
So your plan is,
you have me, you ravish me,
your burr your pathetic middle-aged
pain in me, and then you say thanks...
or maybe you don't... and you
leave, and I never see you again?
Or, I see you again and again
because I make you feel better,
and you can't stand
not feeling better.
Either way, you finally get your shit
together, and you go back to your marriage...
your lovely life, lovely wife... and I'm
left alone in this fucking apartment,
wondering when my own life
is gonna begin.
Is that your plan?
Jesus. It must be. You're here.
I'm not middle-aged.
You want me to have an affair with you.
You want me to be your mistress.
You're kinda scary.
You know that?
You should go now.
I'll leave you alone. I don't
know what's the matter with me.
I'm really sorry. Stop apologizing.
You haven't done anything wrong.
So, dad, what am I getting for my birthday?
That's a secret.
Is it a bike? A bike? A what?
Whatever gave you that idea?
I heard you and mom talk about getting
me a bike in the living room.
Hey, it's not polite to spy on people.
I wasn't spying.
Yeah? So, am I getting a bike?
You're gonna have to wait
and see, aren't ya?
Dad, are you okay? Hmm?
Yeah. Why?
You've been acting strange.
No, I'm-i'm-i'm all right.
I'm tired is all.
Something's wrong. No, no.
I promise, nothing's wrong.
It's okay.
Something is wrong. No, it's not.
Go to sleep.
Nothing's wrong.
Close your eyes. How many hours
are there in a whole day...
morning, afternoon,
night and whole night?
There's 24, and you've used all
of these up, so close your eyes.
Good night. Good night.
You're not very good at expressing
your anger, are you, alex?
I don't get angry very often.
When's the last time
you got angry?
Mm, I don't remember.
Emotionally, that's
a very long time ago.
I'm not sure
I've ever gotten angry.
You've never gotten angry
at your father?
Seven bullets.
You got seven chances.
If you're good at what you do, if you've done
your homework and you prepared yourself,
it should only take one.
Never get complicated.
Keep things simple. You got it?
Yes, sir.
The gun is untraceable.
Shoot, drop the gun, walk away.
Never run.
Always wear gloves.
I mean, we're not talking
about brain surgery here.
The hardest part, alex,
is keeping your mouth shut.
You can never, under any circumstances,
tell anyone what you do.
I know, you know,
your mother knows...
because she helped me
get started in the business,
but nobody else must ever know.
Not your buddies, not your
girlfriends, not your wife,
if you're lucky enough to find
the right woman and get married.
People don't understand
this line of work.
They get agitated. You understand?
Yes, sir.
You ready for tomorrow?
Yes, sir, I'm ready.
Good boy.
Okay, let's go.
Now. You get over there
and do your job.
We've got a reputation
to protect.
Come on.
Remember what I told you:
Keep it fast and simple.
Don't meet his eyes.
Just walk up, do your job
and walk away.
I'll be right here waiting for you.
Go on, you can do it.
Walk, goddamn it, walk!
Walk. Drop the gun. Drop it.
Take off your gloves.
Take off your gloves.
You did it, kiddo.
You fuckin' did it.
I did it. I fuckin' did it
. I'm so goddamn proud of you.
Come on, max, pick it up! Max!
Hey, man, give us your money.
Give us your fucking money!
Let's take off.
Gimme your watch.
Get out of here!
Give it up! Where's the wallet?
I don't have it.
Go away, old man.
Gun. Hey, man, run. Gun,
he's got a gun. Go!
What were you doing
in the park?
I was coming back from the gym.
I saw you walking, I pulled over,
got out, just to say hello.
Why did you run away?
I'm not sure.
Well, again, thanks.
Dumb luck.
I'm glad you're okay.
How are you feeling these days?
Not so good.
What's going on with sarah?
I saw her again.
- I'm sorry. Can we go back to the park for a second?
- Sure.
I can't get over the coincidence
of you being there.
You just happened to be
in the neighborhood?
- I was driving by.
- Do you always carry a gun?
No, not always.
Can we talk about sarah?
Of course. Go on, I'm sorry.
I can't get stop thinkin'
about her.
Are you going
to kill someone again?
That's not the question you should ask me.
I'm asking.
You're not going to
kill anyone else? No.
- You've decided to stop?
- Yes.
Have you told your father?
Not yet.
When are you planning
on telling him? Soon.
Does it scare you? What?
The idea
of telling your father.
I don't know. It's-it's not
something he's gonna wanna hear.
I think it scares you.
Hey, sammy,
say hi to your grandma.
Here, come on, give me a kiss.
Hi. Come on. Grandpa's got a treat.
How about me?
I don't rate a hello?
Hi, michael.
Hi. Sammy. Hi.
Hi, grandpa. Can I watch you?
How about we look
at your special treat first?
- What special treat?
- It's your birthday special treat.
But my birthday was before.
I know, and that's why
this is a special treat.
Is it a hot wheels? No.
It's way better
than that, sammy.
Hang on.
It's a model airplane.
A flying fortress, to be exact. Just
like your father and I used to make.
You remember this, alex?
I remember.
Look at it, sammy. See, it's
got four propeller engines.
It's not like the jet planes
they have today.
This was a b-17. It was the
first bomber that we used...
in the second world war. Sammy.
What is that on the floor?
It's just the wrapping
from the gift, mom.
Oh, you don't have to answer
for him, alex.
He is perfectly capable
of speaking for himself.
Sammy, look at it.
Look at the floor.
What is this?
That's trash. We don't
throw trash on the floor.
Mm-mm. We are not slum
dwellers in this house.
Not yet. Mm-mm. Not yet.
So, pick it up. I'll get it.
No. Pick it up.
All right, I've got it.
I'll pick it up myself.
All right, sammy.
Now these are the instructions.
Always read
the instructions first.
Start at number one.
What's this?
I don't know. I haven't
read the instructions.
Have you? What did I just tell ya?
I don't know. You don't know?
I don't remember. Do you have a brain
inside that little head of yours?
He has a perfectly good brain, grandpa.
Don't be so nasty.
I'm not being nasty. I'm just
trying to help the boy. All right.
All right, sammy,
it says here...
first thing... here we go.
We open the glue...
very carefully. I wanna...
- oh, goddamn it! What is the matter with you?
- Oh, my god!
We've gotta get that up. It's
gonna eat through the finish.
I'll get it. What, sammy, what?
You tryin' to prove me right?
Is that it?
Are you trying to show me that
you really don't have a brain?
That you're stupid? That you're a moron?
You're such an asshole!
He's a child. He's just a little boy.
What is the matter with you?
What are you doing?
Come on, come on, sammy.
Have you seen sarah again?
Have you told your father yet
that you're quitting?
Well, yes,
as a matter of fact, I did.
You did? What did he say? I did.
He got angry, steamed around for
a bit, but then he calmed down.
That's it?
That's it.
Do you feel better?
Oh, yes, much better.
Big relief.
I don't believe you.
You don't believe me?
You're lying to your own therapist, alex.
Think about that.
There's nothing to think about.
- So, what's your next job?
- I can't discuss it.
I thought you quit. I did quit.
So there isn't going to be a next job?
No, of course not.
You're free. I'm free.
Liar, liar, tongue's on fire.
I think you're gonna do exactly
what your father wants you to do.
I gotta go. You'll
never be free, alex.
- Alex, stay, wait. Talk.
- I'm sick of talking!
Hey, hey, there you go.
Not bad.
Well... come to see
your old man kick ass?
Fuck you!
Fuck you
and your asshole mother!
Fuck you all!
Hey, come on, mike.
Don't be like that.
Come back.
It's not our fault.
Do you want something, alex?
No, thanks, eddie.
You shouldn't have done that with sammy, dad.
What are you talking about?
Making him feel bad like that,
about spilling the glue.
The kid's a retard.
He's very smart.
Right. He is!
Okay, I'm sorry.
I get aggravated.
Tell martha I'm sorry. Is
she pissed at me? Yes.
Did she make you come talk to me?
Are you the messenger boy?
No. You pussy-whipped, son?
I think you're pussy-whipped.
Don't feel bad about it. We're
all fuckin' pussy-whipped.
Women run the world. Don't let
anybody tell you different.
Women, not men. Fuck them.
Eddie, you work
for a living, or what?
Sneaky the
way they do it.
That's what they're good at,
being fucking sneaky.
Who decides what you're
gonna eat tonight?
Who decides how much
booze you should drink?
Who decides what movie
you're gonna go see?
Follow my drift, alex?
Women are vipers.
I mean, don't get me wrong.
I love your mother.
You get a gun yet? Yes.
About fuckin' time.
Dad, I wanna quit. Quit.
Yes, I can't do this anymore.
You wanna quit the business.
You wanna change your life. Yes.
Think I don't know where this comes from?
It comes from me.
It comes from that fuckin'
shrink, is where it comes from.
You know about my shrink?
What's the first thing
I taught you, alex?
You can't tell anyone what we
do, not even martha, remember?
Now you go blabbin'
to a complete stranger.
Mom told you. Jesus christ.
Your mother
never tells me anything.
Why are you doing this to me?
Trying to get me to kill my own
goddamn shrink! Quiet! Quiet!
Relax. Take a deep breath.
I'll tell you why
I'm doing this to you.
Because you're my son.
My only son.
And I love you too much to stand back
and watch you throw your life away.
Dad, I quit.
Oh, boy, do I quit.
You quit, I'm telling martha and
your little honey, sarah cassidy,
???? What you've
been doing for a living.
You wanna lose
both of your women, alex?
You wanna lose sammy?
Shoot the motherfucker.
I love this song.
Molly, you're so beautiful.
I wanna dance with you.
Come on, I do.
?? Behind closed doors??
?? When she lets her hair
hang down??
?? And she makes me glad
that I'm a man??
?? Oh, no one knows??
?? What goes on
behind closed doors????
- What are you doing?
- Nothing.
Looks to me
like you're stalking me.
Stalking you? No, I'm not...
why would I be stalking you?
I don't know,
'cause you're screwy.
You got nice feet.
Wanna come in?
Close the door.
What are these for?
You don't know me well enough
to ask that question.
How's it going
with your boyfriend?
I sent him packing. I didn't
want to break his heart.
Go ahead. Look.
I've got to get ready for work.
Have you figured out
what you're doing here yet?
I came to say I can't do this.
Do what?
I can't hurt her...
my wife, martha.
Fine. I understand.
That's commendable.
If you were her, you wouldn't want me
being here with somebody else, would you?
No, of course not.
So, good-bye. So long.
It's been great.
Close the door on your way out.
Who's the picture?
My dad.
So, the little girl, that's you?
That's me.
I'm sorry.
Stop saying that.
What happened?
What are you, crazy?
Now you know. I'm given to melodrama.
I'm hysterical.
Maybe I am unbalanced. Maybe I am crazy.
Does that scare you?
It should.
Do you love your wife? Yes.
Will you ever leave her?
No. I've got a kid.
I know you've got
a fucking kid.
Okay, here are the rules:
She never finds out,
and we never fall in love.
You are so beautiful.
Don't get sick. What?
I'm getting a cold.
I don't care.
He happen to mention the names
of any of his victims? No.
Of course not. And he says
he's gonna do it again.
He didn't actually say it, but he
implied he was going to do it again.
When? Soon.
Did he happen to mention who?
No, but I think
it's going to be me.
Why you?
He's been following me, watching the house.
God knows what else.
You must have really pissed off
one of your patients, doc.
No, I don't think that's it.
You don't think this alex
is maybe lying?
Unfortunately, no, I don't.
You don't think he's maybe confused...
a little confused in his head.
Delusional? Ah, no.
So, he's a completely normal joe
who kills people for a living.
This isn't easy for me, you know..
. coming in here, telling you these things.
This man is my patient, and I'm betraying him.
I feel like shit.
Fill out this form.
I don't have a choice, right?
What's your favorite group?
I don't have a favorite group.
Well, if you had a favorite
group, what would it be?
I don't know. The beatles.
What about the beach boys?
They're good too.
And beck? And beck.
So, which is
your favorite group?
I don't have a favorite
fucking group, sammy, okay?
Sorry. Long day.
Sammy, please, I'm sorry, okay?
Eat your Popsicle, sweetheart.
Did you have a nice time this
morning with grandpa? Yes.
Yeah. What did you do,
go to the mall?
- No.
- What did you do?
We flew a model airplane.
That sounds like fun.
Was it fun?
I guess so. Dad, are you and
mom gonna get a divorce?
No, we're not gonna
get a divorce.
Are we, dad? No, of course not.
Absolutely not.
He's asleep.
What's going on, alex?
Nothing's going on.
You yelled at your own son.
I didn't yell.
You scared him.
I'm a little stressed is all.
You sleep as far away from me as you
possibly can without falling out of bed.
When I touch you, you flinch.
I don't flinch.
You're exaggerating.
Who's sarah?
Excuse me?
You heard me.
We got the phone bill today.
Oh, come on. I call a lot
of people from the house.
I sit there all day ordering stuff
and selling stuff. You know that.
I called the number
and she answered.
She's young.
She sounds young, anyway.
You can't tell much
from a person's voice,
but usually you can get
a pretty good idea about age,
and she sounded awful
darn young, all right.
God, listen to me. I sound like some
jealous, middle-aged housewife,
which is, I suppose what I am.
Nothing happened.
Do you love her?
- Do you wanna leave me?
- No.
I want to keep
our family together.
I really do, but you don't
know who I am anymore.
I mean, you don't remember.
Gotta mow that lawn tomorrow.
Touch me.
Kiss me.
Fuck me.
Oh, why am I begging you?
Why am I spreading my legs for you?
Get out, alex. Get out!
This is my house now, not your house.
You don't live here anymore.
You live somewhere else.
You laugh with someone else.
You look at someone else
and get a hard-on, not at me.
Mom. Dad.
I did a really bad thing today.
What did you do, sweetheart?
I killed a squirrel.
What do you mean,
you killed a squirrel?
Grandpa told me not to tell you.
He said I would get in trouble.
You know what this is?
A g-gun. Is it real?
Very real. It's as
real as it gets.
That's the beauty of the thing.
Now pay attention.
It's loaded.
Now you see that squirrel over there?
Yes, sir.
Shoot it. Shoot it?
Yeah, shoot it. Aim the gun.
That's right. A little lower...
than your target...
'cause it's gonna jump
when you fire.
I don't want to
shoot the squirrel.
Sure you do.
Just aim a little low.
Pull back on the trigger.
It's easy.
But what if I hit the squirrel?
Jesus christ, that's the whole damn
point, to hit the damn squirrel.
Now aim the gun
and pull the trigger.
Please, grandpa, don't make
me shoot the squirrel.
Pull the trigger now.
Good boy, sammy.
You just got
your first squirrel.
Do you
know what destiny is, sammy?
It's who you really are,
who you're really meant to be.
Where's mom?
I love your mother
with all my heart.
But she talks so much
sometimes, I wanna scream.
That's when I say, "honey,
I know I'm boring you.
Why don't you go next door and have a nice
game of hearts with Mrs. Memmershef?"
You took sammy out.
Yeah, and put some hair
on his chest.
He could use it.
He's a natural, you know.
You shouldn't have taken
sammy out.
Who says?
Aah! Goddamn it!
Ah, shit! Aah!
What the hell?
Alex? Alex!
Oh... god!
Alex, what have you done?
What have you done?
Hi. Hi.
I haven't seen you here before.
Is this your first time?
I'm waiting for someone.
Yeah, well, I think I'm pretty much chained
to this place for the rest of my life.
You just do the best you can
every day.
Slowly. Slowly.
It takes time to get over
something like this.
Tell me about school, sammy.
School's okay.
You doing your homework? I don't
have homework. I'm too little.
You miss your dad?
I hate the news.
Excuse me?
I hate the news.
It's always bad.
Bombs going off, people
starving and planes crashing.
It's a regular disaster
out there.
It seems like we oughta
be able to lead safer lives.
Safe is hard to come by.
I lost someone very close to me recently.
It's kind of made me a wreck.
Somebody died?
- Yes.
- I'm sorry.
It's hard being a woman.
Don't you think? I mean,
compared to being a man.
We're done for the day.
He's all yours.
How's he doing?
Better. Much better.
Aren't you, sammy?
Yeah, that's my son.
Nice to meet you, sammy.
so, same time next week, right, dr.
Parks? Right.
Okay. Come on, honey.
And you know how I know there's
no such thing as infinity?
How? I can see it
when I close my eyes.
Well, if you can see it,
doesn't that mean it exists?
No, exactly the opposite. You
said infinity was endless.
How could I see it
if it was endless?
I think you got me, kiddo.
Yeah, I got you.
Dad? Hmm?
Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm okay.
But you seem to have
a lot on your mind lately.
No, I'm... i'm okay.
Shh, shh, shh. Good night, dad.
Good night. Close your eyes.
Close your eyes.
Sweet dreams. I love you.
Good night again.
Infinity, huh?
Sounds like you and your father had
some pretty serious conversations.
I didn't used to think
there's such thing as infinity.
I used to think everything
began and ended.
I don't think that anymore.
What do you think now?
Now I think
nothing really ends.
?? You're sailing away??
?? To another shore??
?? My heartache today??
?? I can't tell you anymore??
?? And I thought
I saw your shadow??
?? In the street today??
?? But that was yesterday??
?? Oh, that was yesterday??
?? And I thought
I saw your jacket??
?? In my room today??
?? But that was yesterday??
?? Oh, was that yesterday??
?? With a little courage??
?? In time??
?? You might forgive me??
?? With a little loving??
?? In time????