Panic Button (2011) Movie Script

Inspired by the events that occurred
on social networks.
from Indonesian to English / font
Thanks Google Translate / font / b
Tranlate by Ecp27 / font
Do not be so a. ..
I'll bring a gift.
You live with your grandmother, right?
- How you love
- How can you miss?
Only last weekend, my dear.
You know I promised
With this, write the message,
and I will answer back.
And we have fun.
Be fine with my grandmother.
- I love you.
- And I love you so much.
I will miss you.
Let the little monkey.
- Bye, Mom.
- Good-bye. See you soon.
So, gentlemen, and time will
we do to get some cookies.
- "Cake Bowl"?
- Whatever you want, honey.
Wash your hands.
Is not it?
- Yes.
- Max. Another winner.
- Ooo .. Nice to meet you.
- Hello.
No. .. Nothing else.
Only a selected ...
- We are the winners?
- Yes.
Cool ...
Need help?
Yes, thank you.
Hello all. We're a team.
This is Jo.
All right.
- Dave.
- Hello.
- I'm Gwen.
- Hello, Gwen.
- Nice to meet with you.
- And I.
The first thing ...
"Test before flight".
- This is amazing ...
- I know, how stupid ...
You are afraid.
It's time to enjoy
treatment "VIP".
- Gwen.
- Thank you.
- Jo ...
- No, thank you.
- Come on ...
- Only once.
Observe the very young, studying ...
Do you have children ...
Appear in your profile.
All have a profile, right?
On "Com all2gethr.".
Take a good, I saw the picture
marriage is crazy.
And i. .. beautiful
I'm sorry.
That was three years ago.
Naughty girl ... Naughty.
- Is it for your friends.
- Who cares?
It seems very friendly ...
Do not worry with it,
getting married next month.
Really, who benefits?
So, something about you,
Mr darkness ...
- About me?
- Yes.
You do not need to profile
even photos.
What can I say?
Hold them for me.
We waited in rare cases.
Well, for me,
is in order.
Damn. And say once again.
Hey ... empty. Let ...
Thank you.
That's all right. This from the host ...
Hey! We are ready to go.
Addons Welcome and Congratulations
the winner wins a trip to New York.
Addons Offered by: "all2gethr Com.".
All have been selected Addons
through social networks.
Addons We are planning entertainment
especially for you.
A nightclub.
Addons To take part ...
Addons you must turn off the phone,
for the entire flight.
Addons They can jam the equipment board
Addons and represents the elimination of the game.
Addons cooperation will be appreciated.
Addons now ... if you will switch to output,
Addons you will see a private jet,
especially for you.
- Toast.
- Toast.
Thank you.
Phone, please.
I can not, because they have
to communicate with my daughter.
It is mandatory
If you want to keep playing.
I can switch it off, right?
Contest rules say that
phone must be taken.
If not, you will not be competing.
But you will not get a signal there.
For several hours, I can not
change the rules, even if I wanted.
When you send a quick message.
Only a small one, right?
- Ready?
- Yes.
good luck, love!
Glass ...
Lamps burning ...
oh .. Check it out! Lord!
Remember how it looks ...
God ...
Gwen, Jo, Max and Dave.
Addons Welcome on board.
Addons We hope you will enjoy the flight.
Addons are
The airline "Air Deppart",
Addons flight
D665 to New York.
- It's incredible.
- So this is a life of luxury, huh?
- You will be able to get used to this.
- Bar and ... Yes.
No way!
Addons - For Sections of ". Com all2gethr" ...
- Pet ...
You are invited Addons
to participate,
arbitrarily all new games
in social networks.
There will Addons
win fantastic prizes.
Including diamonds from Tiffany ...
VIP tickets to the concert.
Addons And best of all:
New cars, 4 x 4. SUV
- Where do you buy?
- I do not remember.
Warning Addons for the
follow the instructions.
Addons Have you felt like at home.
Do not get lost!
- It's a little mysterious, right?
- Yes.
as representative.
Do you think we will be happy?
"Crew only"
I quit
talking with crocodiles.
all of them, guess ....
This is a TV antenna on the roof.
Addons Silahkanduduk and navigate your seat
facing forward.
Addons you install seat belts.
Addons and preparation
ride of your life.
To leave.
Addons Smoking is prohibited in the aircraft.
Addons We encourage you to continue to install,
seatbelt at the time of turbulence.
Addons I was preparing for a low turbulence.
Addons In the case of pressure loss
I and oxygen on the tiles.
How long before New York?
6 hours. Even if you fly
full speed.
Addons now make a brief pause,
Before the game started.
That is some of you in New York?
I do not.
This is the first time you fly.
You're doing very well.
What are you doing? It should
to sit in our seats.
Are you scared.
And champagne ... 1985 ...
For the women ... Could,
and less for men ...
Sorry. It was a joke.
- Of course you would, right?
- Yes.
- Yes.
- Immediately.
This is the second glass?
Addons We are ready for the game.
Addons Touch the screen to read
terms and conditions.
I accept the terms and conditions. Yes?
- Wait!
- Accept.
Do not read it all. It is the law.
Conditions ...
Nonsense ... No one read it.
Addons you have not read the terms and conditions,
want to continue?
- Yes!
- Why not?
Addons Please note,
that to win the prize,
Addons game should be played
until the end.
Disruptive Addons every player game,
will bear the consequences.
What are the consequences?
Addons By knowing that at all you like
confrontation online
Addons to answer a simple question,
profiles connected to each other.
- Dave?
- Yes.
Addons you started.
- Cheers.
- That's what I like.
Addons Question 1:
Addons how much you score a goal this season,
Week soccer league
This boy with a ball ...
In doubt ...
- Eight.
- Eight?
Do not ... New.
- One ...
This is the final answer.
Addons Question 2:
Addons you have any tattoos or pircing?
Yes. One ...
I have a tattoo on the back.
He writes: "sin" in Japanese.
Addons Question 3 and the last,
is identified.
Addons Have a look at
images on the monitor.
Addons Can you identify the girl in the photograph?
I think not.
The photo was taken Addons
a few weeks ago.
So ... who is he?
I do not know ... Out.
I do not know.
Addons All 3 of your answer,
not true.
Addons first question, the answer is:
one purpose
In fact, you are out of the game
to hit the opponent.
- Yes. Well ...
- Liar!
It is in vain ...
That's nice of you.
Addons For question 2.
In addition, compared with a tattoo on the back
Addons have pircing on the scrotum,
created three years ago.
How nice ...
You know that I love.
- This is not good.
- Looks good.
I'm not sure about that, Dave.
Addons For question 3.
Amy girl in the photo.
Addons A student from France,
study in the UK.
Addons you know that last week,
You slept with him.
Addons And you have to live with
until the next morning.
Addons you might have marked the night,
But today you print anything.
Addons In short:
Tri and EMS in life and in the race.
A large dirt.
Addons - Jo, you are taking.
- Cheers.
It will be interesting.
Addons Question 1:
Protocol innd account bar,
Addons How many units of alcohol a virtual
drink a week?
I do not know ...
20 ...
I do not know ...
I have not been calculated.
Addons Question 2:
View all of this profile.
Can you identify Addons
person described in there?
her face looks good.
- It really looks like an old man ...
- As a mother ...
A nice blonde.
Addons last question ...
Addons now four years old, your profile says,
Addons you fly somewhere
for 3 months.
Addons For what reason?
I for alcoholism.
I had a drinking problem ...
So I have to go there ...
I have a daughter, she has priority.
I'm glad I did.
Thank you Jo Addons.
Addons answer to the question:
2 of 3 are correct.
Addons How,
answer to question 1 ...
Addons Drinking alcohol 30 virtual units
within a week.
Addons And even more,
in real life.
Addons In short:
chose not to increase,
Addons do not affect
Your real problem.
Addons Max, then a question for you.
Addons you follow the classical violin classes like that.
At what level do you get?
Cantha violin?
Level 5.
Addons Question 2:
Addons Which of other people's profiles
often do you visit?
I do not know.
Others? I do not know.
Are all there ...
It is sad.
Addons last question ...
Addons What's the first,
purchased by you,
This site
us, and why?
How the hell do you know?
Buying goods online.
Addons Let me refresh your memory to tell you.
I've never bought anything like that.
What's this?
Addons you score "zero", Max.
I've never bought anything like that.
Addons The correct answer is ...
Addons 1: you are at level 1.
You fall for the exam 7 times.
Addons 2: Profile of the most frequently visited
is "Leeps Jennifer".
Addons And you've seen pictures of 234 times.
Now obviously.
Addons Question 3: Your order solution
Addons Once you come from Poland.
He was 17.
Addons short: dirty people like you,
interesting disease.
Well done.
I do not buy it.
Addons Gwen, your question starts now.
I do not think that there is a game.
Problems that are too personal.
Addons To remind you ...
To win the prize,
All you have to play through.
- Come on, you've heard us.
- Yes.
Yes. You're right.
Addons Question 1:
Addons always fascinated you
celebrity world.
Addons What famous figures, I have been compared,
Often, my friends?
I do not know ... Learn more ...
Addons Question 2:
Can you identify it Addons
young people in the photo?
No, I think.
No, seriously, do not know.
Addons Question 3:
- Who is the "Guardian Angel"?
- Yes, Gwen, who is a guardian angel?
I ...
Users is my alias.
Addons Score: 1 of 3 possible.
Addons you compare Celebrities
Kate Brooks is, hippos.
Addons Foods of disability,
When he was 15 years.
Addons For question 2.
Addons boy Neal Harris.
Addons you hold the pages together,
Addons with him to remember your dedication
when you were in school.
And I think you are a good girl.
That was a long time.
Addons Answer 3, is correct.
Addons Guardian Angel is your username,
in consultation forum.
Are you a consultant?
Addons In summary: You are hypocritical,
because it will,
Addons you start to consultation,
before you give advice to others.
Okay, now ...
Addons Here ends the first round.
Addons Remember that we have an amazing gift.
Addons Thank you for participating in the game.
- Toast.
- Toast.
Toast ....
Damn, it's just a game.
I know it will be a challenge.
Let's play another round,
maybe we dive.
Well as a good gift.
We've paid to play.
I wonder where they find it.
Photography is my profile.
I'm here to win the game.
Let us drink.
They found something to do, right?
What is it with ...
You know that you ... with pircing site.
That is ... it is good.
I think ...
- I'm infected with something ...
- Attack.
And I took ...
- Eggs?
- Pircing site.
- Gwen, you want to see?
- No, this is in order.
- Go!
- Stop asking.
This is something interesting.
Dave ...
What do you see?
It should be obvious.
The weather changed, right?
It should be clear ...
Maybe you're wrong ... in time.
Addons Please sit back ..
It is time for the second round.
Truth or lie.
I think that
get something to eat.
Addons Millions of our users,
is 24 hours online.
Addons They look and share interests,
desires, ambitions and dreams.
Addons For some, it is
place to disguise ...
Addons For others, it is a place where,
revealed himself to them i.
Addons In this round, we find
You like, behind closed doors.
God ...
What the heck ...?
Addons Jo.
Addons you recognize this video?
Addons Please answer clearly.
I do not know ...
Addons So true.
I do not remember.
Addons seems hard to believe.
Addons Have you seen this video
2 months ago. Is not it?
Addons Wednesday 15. At 22:17.
And you seem Addons
and the next morning.
At 11:53 Addons.
Addons and you send the link,
5 of your friends.
I do not know ...
Consider some of the dirt ...
Addons What say you add a message,
when you send a link to your friends?
Addons - Repeat the question ...
- I do not know. God!
Addons Well, let's see ...
"It was ugly,
watch through. "
Not me, I was sent.
Addons Then who did?
Addons Why did you send?
What were the results?
Addons I was nice to see a man killed
right before your eyes?
Of course not!
Addons But you watch again, right?
And again .. and again.
I just want to know.
I think it's fake.
No one who saw something like that.
Everything we do.
Who are we doing it?
This is fun ... friends.
We will not play.
Addons If you are in doubt,
Prizes will be lost.
Addons All gifts.
Addons The decision is yours.
If you want to keep a good boy.
I quit.
Addons - Gwen.
- Yes.
Addons you recognize this?
recently, you have completed
online tests, such as that. / b
Yes, and?
Addons This test is called:
"What kind of lover are you?"
Addons So ... What kind of lover you are?
Yes ... Let us know!
Addons - Repeat the question.
- No, that's good.
I say that the test
is the mistress, sadist.
I know.
That's why I was good.
But that stupid test.
I make time to go.
The test was wrong? Is not it?
Well ...
I'm not sadistic,
implies that if.
Your answer was given to Addons and results,
but lying a few questions, right?
I do not know ... I have not taken seriously,
to be honest.
Addons This is a question to the 4 ...
You remember the question 4?
No, of course not.
Addons to the fourth question is:
"With how many men you sleep"
That's not your job.
Addons That's not my job?
Then you add the Addons
test results in your public profile?
Are you happy and Addons
to believe that you Kinky,
Addons but fear
to tell the truth.
Addons - With how many people are sleeping?
- I say, it's none of your business.
I bet there are 10 in the record.
Addons Well, Gwen.
Addons Let me help you to explain this.
Addons you have access to a lot of forums ...
Addons But, you are active,
from 5 to 15 times a week.
Virtual reality.
Addons Your avatar shows a white rose ...
Addons And your screen name is "Terry Bomb".
Addons So Terry bomb ...
Addons How many people have you slept with?
- Nine
Not have to end like this
Addons you hide behind a user name
behind the avatar
Addons But wherever you go
Apapunyang you download, upload, is Online
locked and stored
Addons A trail of information available
for those who want it.
Addons downloads fact, every website visited
You've visited in the last 1 month
Addons And we made some discoveries.
They can not do that. It
Information is protected.
Addons Do we look at how you are protected?
Addons Dave, two days ago
You visit a site in Japan
Addons Video streaming content from a humiliating
Addons Some faforit you include the title,
Addons "Two girls and a horse."
Addons "It is very young to be running"
Addons can I continue?
Addons Please answer verbally.
Addons Will I continue?
- No!
I do not ...
Addons Do you consider the age
girl in the video, Dave?
Addons Do you think that? Or
who look for it?
Addons Can you tell us the title of the
4 times a night in watching it?
I do not remember.
Of course not, it may
then you have come to mind.
Is striking.
This is a global network.
And I have the right to see
which I like.
I was not obscene.
- Max, you look at porn, right?
- Do not put me in this regard.
God ...
- Sure you do.
- I do not even know.
Lie! We have all done
it should not be. All!
And who says no. He is a liar.
- Damn it.
- What are you doing?
I'll talk to the pilot shit!
Who's there? Who is
This fly ...?
Open the damn door!
Addons - Open the damn door!
- Please return to your seat.
Fuck you! I do not want to sit down!
Addons - Open the door!
- Go back to your seat ...
Addons This is your last warning.
Open the door! Let me in!
I said let me go. If you
there ... Let me go.
Why no answer?
Addons like breaking the rules, and
I ignored the instructions.
Addons I have no choice
to start a sentence.
A penalty? Afraid that ...
Does it look like I care?
I will never play again.
All my friends Addons
Dave, will be selected.
What are you doing?
Addons We will visit your friend Rory ...
Dale, go!
Well ...
No, it's not real.
It seems to me.
Rory had to pee with laughter.
How do you know? It looks real.
Come on, it's a reality. There are millions of
people watching us right now.
Addons Now that the penalty
completed. Back to the game.
- What are you doing?
- Shut up!
Max! You'd be annoyed.
Addons Are you having fun, Max?
Addons Max has violated the rules try to
contact with people outside the game.
How can break the rules?
Addons I was in the terms and conditions.
Addons I have to take a penalty again.
No, please. No more.
Addons Max, you have to lose a friend.
Addons Let us choose to Max.
Addons may not realize it.
Say you're sorry.
Addons Let's see.
They are your friends!
Do not stand so, do something!
Say something. Tell him
I feel ... Wait!
I have tried to
something. Call someone, right?
Why do not you write
in: 'complaints and suggestions. "
Silent, we are in trouble!
Problems? Crocodiles are good speakers!
Addons Max, you're breaking the rules. This
time to visit your friend, Allan.
What is ...
Addons I tell you what
just seen was real.
Addons Breaking the rules again, and I
assure you kill someone else.
Addons It's time to play.
You killed an innocent man.
in cold blood for no reason!
Addons I disagree. Involve
friends when you break the rules.
Addons And I will continue to kill more people
who have no sin, if it does not follow them.
Addons Thank you for your cooperation.
Do you think that it is false?
I do not know ...
God ... Lake Casino.
We in Ireland should not be
in here. We have in the Atlantic.
What does it mean?
That our destiny is not New York.
What are you doing?
Do not touch anything.
- He will be seen.
- Why does not this display?
Please do not touch anything. Stop it.
Please tell ...
Please leave.
I think this is
display the information.
It will take us where
is electricity.
We do not have to do this.
I have it.
What the heck?
We're not going to New York.
What? Where do we go? Norway?
We're going to Oslo. What is it?
Why are they doing this?
- I do not think that should be done.
- What did you say?
It can not be them.
What do you think of everything that is legal?
- Did you talk with co pilot?
- This is a competition!
Do you think that the network
Social killing people?
I have to go to pilot.
There are people dying
because we are breaking the rules.
We will follow the game
no one else was hurt.
They can not kill everyone. I have
more than 1000 people in my profile.
Shut up!
Addons Ladies and gentlemen ...
Please be seated.
Addons This is the time for round 3.
Why the hell
fly to Oslo?
Addons Relax Max. You are
bad boy.
Addons I will tell all of his time.
No! We will not follow your game!
Addons Okay. Option will not let me
to start another run.
Addons Let's see ...
Addons So ... sitting.
Do or die. / u
Addons Each was given the job.
Addons If they do, more people die.
gladly kill
friends, if necessary. / u
Addons or their families.
What if I want to play more?
Do not be absurd!
Addons Finally, Jo, take a good
decision. But better late than never.
Addons Jo, please, going into his daily
Addons A joke, go to the bathroom. Sendir.
Sitting .
Use Addons headphonenya.
Addons - Did you hear Jo?
- Yes.
Addons I'll give you a job.
Addons If you tell them,
or failure in duty.
Your daughter, Sophie will die.
God ... Is this life?
Tell me!
- Is he alive?
- Yes, you want me to wake him up?
no .. do not ..
What happened?
What did he say?
What did he say?
Addons Dave, please use the bathroom.
Addons Use the Headset.
Addons and sat down.
Addons I have something very special for you.
Addons - And I have to do it ...
- Because I said so.
Addons Do you want to break his arm?
Addons - Sarah.
- Sit down.
Addons - you can not hear, oh Romeo.
- Cursed.
It's crazy.
It's crazy.
Addons I know this is tough, but I want to
think about the consequences of their actions.
Addons For you to decide
if she would live.
Addons or die.
Gwen Addons you later
Addons - No
- Sit down.
Addons Now is the time
taking advice from others,
Addons ... So I suggest you listen well.
Addons They say that burning is a painful death.
Please stop.
Please stop.
Addons Let him live if
completing simple tasks.
Addons A coward in life, only if,
will cause an end to a simple task.
What will happen?
We must always be together.
We can not let us win.
Max, you are next.
Addons I have a very special mission
for you.
Addons If you do not,
causing the death of your brother, Mike.
Addons Do not kill me! Please!
Addons Now when each
have a personal duty ...
Addons you have 45 minutes
Take that to the end.
Addons As you inferred,
plane to Oslo.
Which Addons journey will end and i.
Addons When the plane will collapse and
headquarters of the "all2gethr. com".
Addons We will die all know ... together with
who was in the building.
This can not be true. It's a joke.
You must be a joke.
Listen to me, stupid.
The joke is over now.
Addons - Must ...
- Conversely, Dave
Addons I started a joke now!
Addons Are we having fun yet?.
- Max, please, listen ...
- Leave me alone ..
Do not harm my child.
Addons - What happened to him?
- No one can save you now.
Addons But you have the opportunity to let you rescue his daughter.
Discussions Addons failed ... Your daughter will die Sunday.
Failure Addons and then will die.
Addons Finalize your tasks and they will live.
Addons Every person has the necessary instructions.
Regardless of what he said ...
- We will do everything he said.
- Why me?
What have I done?
Thi told what to do?
know that I can not tell you.
I did not say anything.
No, we are not allowed to say.
He said not to talk assignment.
Thi What did he say?
No, no ...
Nonsense! I do not believe it.
- To think about how to get out of here ..
- Thi-thin mouth!
He told me to ...
I can not do what I asked.
You must stop this.
No, no, please!
- Room, microphone ...
- Are you sick!
If you do not see us or hear us ...
This will end the game.
Do not trust anyone but yourself.
Sitting or hit you, you fool!
Duties ... I can not do.
You know what to say to me?
To kill anyone
when you ask me.
Do not you understand? Do not want to kill us,
want to punish us
Do you think it will be a loved membiarakan
If you follow the rules?
- Are you an idiot Dave.
- Are you crazy? We can not do anything with it.
We must do what we were told.
Addons - No
- Yes, you Max.
Put the ax down Addons
and return to your seat.
Addons If someone will suffer
for your stupidity.
Addons brother, Mike.
Put the damn ax!
What have I done? Leave me alone!
No! No! No!
Addons If you and the other hand
will die within a few minutes.
Addons - Are you ready to say goodbye?
- No, Wait!
Not what you think.
No matter who I am,
do not do this.
Look, it's a mistake ...
I have no brothers.
I'll deal with you
from what you say.
- I hear?
- You want to destroy us?
I'm not Max.
- Damn.
- Why do think I can play?
I look like a violinist?
There I was supposed to be here.
Thi-I saw the name on the list.
And I checked the profile Thi.
Max students.
I've hacked the account ""
and we change the name, everything.
I thought I would stop at the airport,
but not verified.
I expect you to believe.
After all that happened?
Would you like Dave,
But I tell you the truth.
- Who are you?
- Do you think I'm going to say?
Try .. quiet!
Everyone to calm down.
Who are you?
If you say ...
My friends would be in danger.
And my family.
And we?
I had a sister.
Thi does not matter.
Crazy fool!
How many pro like you were there?
Do you think I get involved?
Max, if you want us to believe,
You have to prove who you are.
If you do not want to tell us
and then show us.
Empty your pockets! Now!
And passports.
Take out of pocket ...
Tell the truth.
Are you happy now?
Stupid stupid!
Enough for now.
- Where are you you?
- I wanted to urinate.
Addons I say, without confrontation, Dave.
Addons, however,
they talk all the time.
I did everything you asked me.
I have a passport.
The identity and details.
It's not Max, is another.
Addons A mysterious visitor,
Addons at stake now.
I got her passport ..
Do not touch.
Do not touch it.
They take a hell damn life.
Addons you have demonstrated your competence in action,
Addons but not surprising.
Strength and the description is your point.
All right. So ...
then .. and in peace, right?
Addons I'm sorry, Dave.
I'm afraid I can not do that.
Addons I have an additional task for you.
Addons I want you, to kill
one of the passengers.
Addons not have much time.
Addons I offer you three minutes.
tick .. tock Addons ...
Who would you kill?
- What happened?
- He spent more than 6 minutes.
Dave ...
- No, no.
- But you have to do it.
- Listen.
- You have to do this.
You promised. Do it!
Put the. Dave .. please help!
None of your business!
Please! Stop you!
Addons Thi time has expired, Dave.
- No, no.
- Stopping You.
What are you doing?
I do it just to stop it.
He wants to ...
I do it just to stop it.
Addons Thank you for participating in the game ...
Addons "Resist or Die".
Now you understand.
Addons Unfortunately, the failure of Dave, and failure is
You are so ... Sarah should be dead.
He died in vain,
He died in vain.
Use Headsetnya Addons
Addons Wear
I can not do what you ask.
I can not do what you ask.
He died.
Addons Yes I see, Gwen,
but do not worry.
Addons you will receive another assignment.
Addons you have to seduce Max.
You should store it somewhere.
We can not go from here ...
I can not see it.
You have seen.
You must be clean, Max.
I killed him anyway.
Be careful.
Sitting quietly.
That's all right.
Do you think this plane was going to die?
I do not know.
What are you doing?
Please help me.
If not, my brother would die.
I can not afford it.
- What do you do now? What?
- Luggage can be accessed here.
- Please.
- That's what I thought.
- Wait.
- In my bag, I have a laptop.
With him we have access to the Internet.
- Internet?
- We can help.
Find out what makes us hostage.
Must enter the cabin.
Addons Your job is not complete.
I tried ...
I tried!
Addons Do not let him reach the trunk.
Addons stopped him!
Addons you have 3 minutes or she would die.
Can see and hear everything you do.
You should not mix.
But, you have to do something, Gwen.
- I have to get out.
- No, no, no, please!
Addons three minutes.
Gwen Addons and you fail in your mission.
Addons View Hi, if you die,
Just like your friend ...
Addons not have to kill his brother.
Addons Come, Jo, you lose the show.
Addons I think you like these things.
Addons may prefer younger men.
What is your problem?
Addons I put a mirror in front of you.
Addons To see how good you are.
Addons Although ...
Addons All of us have blood now
in our hands.
No, please, do not do this.
It's the only way to save my child.
Please. No!
You should get the boot.
- You have to move. I can not see him and for a.
- Leave it alone.
Just help me.
Select it.
What's this?
What about the smell?
Max's sister.
What? You can not.
It is.
I saw some notes.
God, is dead.
They killed earlier.
I have found.
Come on, ride.
All right.
In the ... Access ...
Sophie ...
Are online.
My child.
He killed my mother.
What is the address?
That should be good.
It will be good.
Have to go.
I'm sure it works.
Give me a laptop.
Do not move asshole.
Stand still.
Who are you?
He asked me.
I'm just a pilot.
I swear to God ...
Why are you broken laptop?
- I just do what I say.
- Who? Who told you?
- Crocodile.
- Who?
I do not know.
I've never seen the face.
I do not know.
I do not know.
What do you know about the crocodile?
he got my family.
My wife.
My son.
I came home yesterday.
with ...
An error ..
Lord, you mistake.
I was in the bathroom.
There I got the message.
What message?
"Do not let your life."
He said that he killed
if it does not do what it says.
I can not afford it.
I can not let that happen.
I just what to do.
He killed my mother.
I killed them all.
All dead.
To Alice. Please!
If you fly,
many will die and more innocent people.
People die every day
but not my family.
Please, this is crazy.
God knows what we can do.
What about him?
I'm sorry.
Addons Ten minutes before impact,
Mr. Calahan.
Do not. Please.
Addons One listen to one of the
poisoning helping our friend?
Or go back to the cabin Addons
- I keep my wife and kids?
Do not listen.
Addons - Please.
- Who wants to die first?
Addons - wife or child.
- He had killed them both. Do not listen.
Addons - Do not think about and ...
- Back to the cabin now.
Addons - Or your lovely wife will die.
- No!
Addons Back in the cabin or I cut off your head.
Do not listen.
Addons I want to see again, this video.
Addons Before you die.
Addons I think that
at least once to feel ...
Addons That you are guilty.
Addons But it seems that I'm asking too much,
final quality of your account.
I remember him. He went by himself.
Addons Lucy Turner.
Addons Age: 15 years.
Addons You were there.
Addons you all.
Online Addons, see what happens.
Addons you must beat all the competitors,
and Gwen are the worst.
Addons A false holiness.
A hypocrite hiding behind religion.
Addons Dave really enjoys his suffering ...
Addons and ridiculed it.
And when it decided to publish it,
Addons friend Rory also commented.
Addons This kid has a big mouth.
Addons now calmer.
Addons Then came Max.
He has destroyed more than 30 sites.
Addons like to work hard with his hands.
You do not kill Max, is not it?
You do not kill Max.
You kill the wrong people, stupid.
Addons you kill the wrong people.
Addons But do not worry.
One to capture the real Max.
Addons soon.
Addons And he will suffer.
Addons Now, where are we?
Addons Alan was very funny.
Addons We all know this is nepolitico and,
but you, Jo ...
Addons you Inga what do you do?
Addons Enough ... You look.
Addons - really like to see ..
- I'm drunk.
Addons I hereby apologize for anything.
You become pregnant.
Addons A pathetic excuse
for your life miserable.
But even so self-centered,
to see my son die?
Addons - What have you done with my daughter?
- Merii not a girl.
Addons The only thing you should do it
the waters and the panic button.
You killed my mother.
Your family and pilot
and the innocent people you killed.
Addons All of the "" guilty.
- Some happy is a must.
Addons and "" guilty,
and just like you.
Addons you sweep the floor with my daughter Lucy.
Addons This is a service of destruction
for the people.
Ace knows not receive anything.
Addons - They divert attention.
- No one cares about it.
Nothing is kept in mind. Asshole.
No one will know of this incident.
Addons Eli and me again, Jo.
This has created Addons
The best video game.
Addons Of course, all about my identity,
will be removed.
Addons Before your death,
to be watched again and again ...
Addons Eye for eye, my dear.
Addons What have you done with my daughter?
It's okay?
Addons I'm afraid not.
Addons That's very nice and interesting.
I do not believe it. You're a liar.
He is calling your name.
Addons - I think it will stop ...
- Do not believe you.
Addons I and my family, Jo.
Addons like you.
Addons I am very busy.
Addons Busy, with wild animals.
Cursed be you.
He and an honor to be your daughter?
Have you ever thought
why her daughter was murdered?
With a father like you, it's no wonder.
Addons 6 minutes into the deadly crash.
Addons Goodbye, Jo.
The official report says
as a private jet has collapsed
Norwegian coast.
It seems that the plane flew very low
when it lost cabin pressure.
It seems that the accident
occurred off the coast.
More bodies
found in the trunk.
It remains to be confirmed
If a company on ...
2 million have seen the video,
on "" ...
Search is stopped.
Alleged killer crocodile
remains a mystery.
Addons Hi Lucy.
Addons - How are you?
- My name is Sophie.
Addons Your name Lucy.
Addons you have to introduce myself and I.
Addons My name is Robert Turner.
Addons Now, come here ...
Addons There are some people,
who wants to meet you.
Hi Lucy.
I'm Annie.
Ed has always come to tell your sister.
Now let's clean up your body.
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