Panic in Year Zero! (1962) Movie Script

- Thanks for the help.
- I'm sorry, Ann.
The kids were supposed to do the loading.
I haven't even convinced them
they're awake yet.
4:10 in the morning.
Well, that's half the battle.
All this fuss, and for what? Fish.
- And there's the other half.
- Now we can go.
- What time is it?
Any coffee left?
No, you drank the last of it
about 20 miles back.
See if you can get some music.
Probably all we'll get this early
is farm reports, maybe an exercise program.
Say, that exercise sounds interesting.
You want to park?
- Please, I'm a married woman.
- Come on.
Honestly, sometimes I think
you never got out of high school.
We go that-a-way, partner.
- Hope it doesn't rain.
-It came from behind us.
I'm going to check the windows
on that trailer.
That wasn't lightning.
- What's up, Dad?
-The only thing...
Maybe they're testing. Las Vegas isn't far.
No. Las Vegas is over there.
Los Angeles is in that direction.
- What do you think it is, Dad?
- The radio.
If anything's wrong,
they'll have it on the air.
Can't seem to get anything.
Wait a minute. I thought I heard something.
The time is 7:12. Now
for the weather report.
Forecast for Bakersfield vicinity,
clear and warm.
High expected today, 90...
- None of the LA stations are on, are they?
- Not even CONELRAD?
Not even CONELRAD.
I'll stop at the first phone.
We'll call home.
Yes, I want to talk to Mother.
Klondike 4-2-1-0-6, Los Angeles, please.
I'm sorry, sir, the lines to Los Angeles
are temporarily out of order.
- All of them? What happened?
- I do not have that information, sir.
No idea at all? How come there's no radio?
I'm sorry, sir, I do not
have that information.
Thank you.
I couldn't get through.
Harry, I'd like to go back home.
Yeah. I guess we'd better.
We've had it, Dad, haven't we?
I thought when it happened, we'd all be--
Get in the car. We're going back.
I read that those clouds go up 30 miles.
Think they're that high?
- I don't know, but they're still rising.
- Looks like they're flattening out on top.
Looks like. But they're still going up.
- Fools.
- They nearly creamed us.
This is the Emergency
Broadcasting Network.
All normal forms of communications
appear to have broken down.
Although there has been
no official statement...
the light flashes
and the resulting cloud formations...
would indicate that Los Angeles
and surrounding areas...
have been attacked by nuclear bombs
or missiles.
I repeat, this is not
an official statement.
In order to conserve power
on battery-operated radios...
bulletins will be broadcast
at two-hour intervals.
Next broadcast at 9:00.
Stay tuned to 640 or 1240...
Good morning.
You just up from Los Angeles?
Newhall. That's on the outskirts.
I saw it.
Took a back road through Saugus.
"Got to beat traffic," I said to myself.
Must have been doing 100.
How bad was it?
I heard LA being torn apart
and watched it being tossed into the air.
- You headed that way?
- Yeah.
You'll never make it.
The roads will be choked by now.
Hurry it up there, buddy.
Picture window in a bedroom blew in
and killed her.
15, maybe 20 miles from the blast.
Killed her, you hear me? Cut her to pieces.
- Step on it. I got to get out of here.
- That'll be $4.10.
- I got no money, I had no time to get any.
- That's too bad, fellow.
I hope I'm wrong...
but there may be a lot of business
transacted like this from now on.
My first customer. Some way to start a day.
Practically pulls me out of bed,
then he slugs me for $4.
Hell, you could have stopped it.
My mother didn't raise me to be a hero,
not for $4.
That guy must be crazy.
If business is getting that tough...
-the price of gas is going up.
- I wouldn't be surprised.
- Fill up my tank, will you?
- Give me some money first.
I don't believe we can get back.
- But my mother's there.
- I don't think we can help her.
We have to go back.
If the wind wasn't from the north,
we'd be hitting fallout.
Another thing, there'll be looting
and worse. Probably started already.
- The authorities--
- How do we know there is any authority?
We can start with one basic fact:
Us. We're still alive, and others like us.
What about Grandma?
Do we just forget her?
Cut it out, will you?
I didn't ask for this, did I?
- What's the matter with everybody?
- Panic. They're panicking.
We'll never make it back to Los Angeles.
We'd better get a bite to eat.
Do you have to eat?
Why can't we just keep going?
Because I've got to talk to somebody.
They'll have a phone here.
We can try calling again.
Rick, Karen, see if you can get
a container of coffee, will you?
- Where's my eggs?
- No more eggs.
- You're lucky you got your sausages.
- The menu says eggs.
- I know, but we're out.
- This joint stinks.
You're no bargain yourself.
Let's get out of here.
There's a phone over there.
Try and get your mother again.
- Got a match?
- Yeah.
- You from LA?
- Yeah, Chatsworth.
- How was it?
- You weren't there?
It's real bad.
Blast woke me up, I went outside.
First one hit Civic Center, I think.
San Pedro and Long Beach Harbor went up
about the same time.
I hear the others were San Diego
and 'Frisco.
I see. Yes, I see.
No, thank you. I'll try later.
-$2.50 for a stack and sausages?
- That's what it says.
- The menu says $1.10.
- That was yesterday's menu.
Report me to the Better Business Bureau.
Eighty-six on ham.
We're out of white bread, too.
- That's my cue.
- What cue?
Same thing happened to me down the road.
These little spots get
used up pretty quick.
People are pouring out of LA
like lava out of a volcano.
Yeah, the second Exodus.
Take my advice,
skip the next couple of towns...
just so you can keep away from these.
- You get through?
- No.
No use waiting around here.
We're going on the trip,
just as we planned.
- The trip? Is that all you can think of?
- I'm thinking of staying alive.
If you're trying to frighten me, you're
wasting time. I'm already frightened.
That's a safe way to be.
Unlock the car.
Look, sweetheart,
two and two doesn't make four anymore.
At the moment,
it adds up to exactly nothing.
For the next few weeks...
survival's going to have to be
on an individual basis.
At the moment, we have to have food...
a way to protect it,
and a way to get more when it's gone.
What do you want to do?
Write off the rest of the world?
When civilization gets civilized again,
I'll rejoin.
It's still here.
You said civilization was still here.
Well, keep your eye on it.
Watch it unwind to a small hard core.
Then someone is going to start
putting it back together.
I want that someone to be us.
Is that wrong? Is that immoral?
We better stock in some more food.
Our best plan is to find some small,
out of the way market...
where they're not sure what's happened.
The towns along the main road
will all know.
There's a turn-off ahead.
We'll try that one.
- What do you want?
- I'd like to buy some groceries.
Business starts at 9:00, stops at 5:00.
And it ain't 9:00 yet.
What do you gross between 9:00 and 5:00?
$200, maybe.
How would you like to make that
in half an hour?
Come in.
You name it, I'll tell
you why I ain't got it.
- You're pretty chipper today.
- I don't get customers like you every day.
- Are you ready to deal?
- Ready as a crouched cat.
Fine. Well, give us a bag of flour.
Make that two bags. Big ones.
- Couple of pounds of baking soda.
- Are you starting a bakery?
Yeah, a bakery.
You got any cartons to put this stuff in?
- Yeah, right over there.
- Kids, get those cartons, will you?
I think we'll need about
12 pounds of coffee.
- You can have what's left.
- We'll take them.
No, Karen, no liquids.
Get half a dozen jars of honey
and plenty of candy bars.
We need a big bag of dried beans.
Stop, Rick. No eggs, too hard to store.
Get some canned fruit.
We need some condensed milk,
and a big can of shortening.
- You'll find it on the far shelf.
- Thank you.
I think that about does it.
I need some matches
and two boxes of candles.
Karen, pick up a case of soap.
Why do you need all those candles?
We're thinking of opening
a candlelight restaurant.
And all that soap?
Are your customers going to have to shower
before they eat?
We're just going to the hills
to rough it for a while.
For a while?
For the rest of your lives, looks like.
Maybe. What's the tab?
Mister, I certainly appreciate this.
Along with that money,
let me give you some good advice.
As long as I ain't bound to take it.
Lock up the store, take all the merchandise
you can carry and hide it.
- Why? What for?
- You'll know soon enough.
This is my advice and it's free.
But you can't sell goods if you
got them hid. Now, that's crazy.
I gave you some advice, but like you said,
you ain't bound to take it.
- Anything else?
-ls the hardware store open?
Not yet, but I can hustle him down here.
- Will you call him for me?
- Got a dime?
That's it.
Ed, get down to your store right away.
A crazy fellow's been in here,
just bought $190 worth of goods.
Yeah, in cash.
Now he's looking for a hardware store.
I thought of you.
Figured it might be worth, say,
5% of what he buys.
No, I ain't heard no explosion.
Just got up. No, I ain't had the radio on.
Main roads must be clogged.
It's starting to fan out this way now.
I'm going home and pack some things,
we're getting out of here.
Honey, I told you before,
we're a long way from LA.
- We've got nothing to worry about.
- I'm scared.
The radio said it could
be a nuclear attack.
"Unconfirmed," it said.
Look, we're still alive, aren't we?
We'll talk about it tonight.
Now go on, honey.
You'd think they'd keep broadcasting.
This whole thing has got my wife
jumping out of her skin.
- Figure LA's had it?
- I don't know.
Where do you keep your handguns?
I don't carry many of these.
This .45's magnesium, light as a feather.
- How do you load it?
-It's real easy. Here.
- Slip it back in.
- All right, I'll buy it.
Take the rest of the stuff
and the ammunition out to the trailer...
while Mr. Johnson runs up the bill.
- Where you going?
- Up north.
I hear action's good around Claxton way.
Let's see now, that comes to $427.66.
Make it $420 even.
All right, I'll give you cash $220
and a check for the rest, all right?
All right. $220 will cover everything
but the guns...
which I'll hold for you
till day after tomorrow.
I don't take out-of-town checks.
- Day after tomorrow? We need them now.
- State law.
Hand guns have to clear records
with the police.
All hell may have broke loose in LA...
but the boys in Sacramento
will still be doing business.
Look, here's my driver's license,
my credit cards...
I've never been convicted of a felony,
I'm over 21.
This isn't enough.
Is this?
Well, just about.
- Give me a receipt for the cash.
- This isn't a holdup?
- No.
- Then what about the balance?
I'll owe it to you. Write the receipt.
Hold it!
We're in an awful hurry, sir.
I owe you $200. I'll pay you when I can.
In my book, you're just a thug.
If he makes one stupid move, shoot him.
Come on.
Get in the car.
I can't get over it.
After all these years, I thought I knew
you, but you turn out to be a stranger.
Robbing and mauling people
like some kind of a cheap hoodlum.
We're fighting for our lives, Ann.
The main highways are completely choked.
They're spreading out
on all the other roads.
Every footpath
will be crawling with men saying:
"No matter what, I'm going to live."
That's what I'm saying, too.
My family must survive.
Intelligent people don't just turn
their backs on the rest of the world.
Under these conditions, intelligent
people would be the first to try.
- Getting your son to hold a gun on a man.
- Drop it, Ann!
We're on our own, Ma.
No rules, no regulations, and no laws.
Don't write off the law.
The law will come back.
I just want us to be around when it does.
- Boy.
- Want me to drive, Dad?
No, not now, son.
Light me a cigarette, will you?
- Getting low on gas.
- I know.
Want to fill up those cans, too,
the next gas station we reach.
Here are the 11:00 bulletins.
Partial communication
has now been restored.
Among the targets
of this devastating attack...
were New York, Chicago, Philadelphia,
San Francisco, and Los Angeles.
Damages and casualties
are extremely heavy.
London, Paris, and Rome have suffered
almost total destruction, it was learned.
We have retaliated in kind.
Key targets of our counterattack
have not yet been announced.
Those of you who have shelters
are urged to stay in them.
There are reports of looting.
Proceed with caution.
The organization of military
and law enforcement is underway...
but will take time.
We will return with more bulletins
in two hours.
Dad, look, isn't that the car
that almost wrecked us?
Aren't you going to stop?
30 gallons. That will be $90.
- Right.
It says 34, right there.
34 a gallon comes to $10.
I didn't have time to change it yet.
It's $3 a gallon now.
- Why?
- Because people have been paying it.
People say LA's bombed out.
I haven't got $90.
Then you just start hauling out
them cans, Mac.
Of course, it don't have
to be money exactly.
I might settle for some jewelry.
Like a nice watch, maybe.
I'll tell you what,
I'll make you a deal on that trailer.
Not much use for it
if you ain't got gas for a car to pull it.
You don't leave me much choice.
Dad, that was quite a belt.
You get in that trailer
with your mother and Karen.
What for?
It's going to get rough from here on.
I may need some cover.
If I stop the car, grab a shotgun.
Don't get trigger-happy.
But don't be gun-shy, either.
If you have to use it, use it.
All right, hold it.
Just one of you come forward.
All right, hold it!
Don't worry, mister. I ain't coming
any closer to you than I have to.
What do you want?
We're not letting any of you people
from LA into our town.
We don't want any trouble.
Just turn around and go back.
We won't stop. We're going right through.
That's what some other men said.
Before they left,
they busted up our drugstore...
and damn near killed the owner.
You're gonna have to double back.
All right, we'll go.
Now get back with the others.
Sorry, mister,
we've got to protect ourselves.
We can't turn back.
Our only chance
is to get to Shibes Meadow.
- What are we waiting for, then?
- Get in the back seat.
When I get going,
fire a shot over their heads.
- Maybe it'll throw them off balance.
- Right.
- Boy, I bet the women are shook-up.
- We'll stop as soon as we can.
This road parallels the main highway
for about 40 miles.
And we have to cross it, don't we?
Yeah, the next intersection
is 30 miles from here.
I was hoping to make it before dark.
Inside the trailer, all of you.
- Daddy, you can't be--
-inside the trailer!
- Man, dig.
- We're in business.
- Take it and get out of here.
- What was that? What?
- You got any money?
- No.
- Extra gasoline, maybe?
- No.
- What you got in the trailer?
- Nothing.
- You got a girlfriend in there?
- No one.
There's one way we
could find out, I guess.
Stay away from that trailer!
What are you going to do? Call the cops?
They're busy.
We're the new highway patrol.
Somebody dropped a bomb, dad. Crazy kick.
- Mickey, take a look.
- Maybe we ought to settle him first.
Now, Rick!
Put the gun down, mister.
We were only kidding.
Yeah, some joke, buster.
I ought to kill the bunch of you.
He's not hurt badly,
just caught a little buckshot.
- You could have killed him.
- Shut up, Andy.
Pick him up and get him out of here!
Go on!
You almost missed him. What happened?
- Mother pushed the gun away.
- You pushed the gun when he fired?
He was going to kill that boy.
That boy, as you call him,
was going to kill me.
Then he was coming after you and Karen.
Would that have suited you better?
I just couldn't let Rick...
Would you rather see one of us
lying dead at your feet?
Make up your mind!
I could have blown that guy's head off.
Wait a minute. You liked it, didn't you?
- Well, you said that--
- Then you're as wrong as they are.
This is no deer hunt.
I want you to use that gun if you have to,
but I want you to hate it.
A big piece of civilization is gone,
and your mother wants to save what's left.
And so do I.
Don't you forget it.
Main road's up ahead.
Get that car off the road! Get it off!
- Looks bad, doesn't it?
- I thought I was going to get across here.
We'll never get across here.
They won't stop.
No, it'll take an earthquake
to slow these down.
- All right, get back in the car.
- Now what?
- What are we going to do?
- We're going to make a stop sign.
Do you mind telling me
what we're doing here?
- Waiting for it to get dark.
- I'm so tired, I could die.
Ann, you and Karen get into the trailer
and get some sleep.
- Now what?
- Please do as I say!
- And don't leave the trailer.
- Come on, dear.
Why don't you lie back, too?
Up and at them. Come on.
Go to the trailer, get a bucket, fill it
with gasoline, and bring it back here.
What will you do with it?
I told you, I'm going to make a stop sign.
Now go ahead.
Soup's on.
Look, get behind the wheel,
put it in low gear.
When I give you the signal,
start across the highway.
- Whatever you do, don't stop.
- Where will you be, Dad?
Don't worry about me.
If you get across, I will, too.
Nice teamwork, boy.
- What about the women?
- They'll be all right.
When we get to the road,
we'll stop and let them out.
This is no time
to be advertising Shibes Meadow.
Too many people
know about this spot already.
I'd like to find a place nobody knows.
There was that cave we found
the year before last.
- What cave?
- The one you wouldn't let me explore.
How big is it?
- You told me not to go in.
- Come on.
How big is it? Big enough to live in?
- And how!
- Move over.
I need some help.
Get the hatchet and the ax
and a coil of rope.
Bring it down to the bridge.
Take the hatchet, knock off that end
of this crossmember here.
- About there.
- You gonna knock it down?
Yeah, go ahead.
Take the end of that rope,
tie it on the back of the trailer.
Okay, get in the car, put it in low,
and start out when I tell you.
Go get the other end of the rope.
- That cuts off one avenue of attack.
- Attack?
Yes, dear, attack.
They can still reach Shibes Meadow
from Claxton.
I guess there's no such thing
as complete isolation.
That's quite an admission, coming from you.
- All right, where is it?
-It's up here.
- Here it is.
- Okay.
Not bad.
Not bad at all.
- Well, do we move in?
- Yep, we move in.
Harry, I don't understand. When we
have a perfectly good trailer, why--
If we get fallout in this area...
this trailer will be about as safe
as a silk nightgown.
This whole thing is a bore.
It's such a drag.
Will you stop yakking and help us unload?
Rick, get the stove.
I'll get the butane tanks later.
But, Daddy, what are you gonna do
with the trailer?
I'm gonna ditch it.
I think that ought to do it.
- Pick up that distributor rotor.
- Right.
That was pretty good.
Let's go.
Such as it is, come and get it.
O Lord, our heavenly Father...
almighty and everlasting God...
who has safely brought us
to the end of this day...
defend us with Thy almighty power.
Lighten our darkness...
and with Thy great mercy save us
from the perils and dangers of this night.
Now, before we start,
a little family discussion.
We don't know what lies ahead of us.
The unknown has always been
man's greatest demoralizer.
Maybe we can cope with this
by maintaining our sense of values.
By carrying out our daily routine,
the same as we always have.
Rick, for instance, and myself,
will shave every day.
Although, in his case,
maybe every other day.
These concessions of civilization
are important.
They are our links with reality.
And because of them,
we might be less afraid.
All right.
I'm sure we've got some nice Baked Alaska
for dessert.
Eat your baked beans.
If we have to live here,
we might as well decorate.
Somebody stumbles across this cave
10,000 years from now...
they'll really be confused.
I'll tell you what we're gonna do.
We'll take all the extra supplies
and make six parcels out of them.
Each one big enough to last us a week.
Then we're gonna bury it outside.
But someone might find them.
Someone might find this cave
and take everything away from us.
Don't you understand?
I didn't think of that.
Guess I haven't been much help.
Maybe because I've been numb with fright
not only about mother, but about you.
You're just not like yourself.
That's because I'm scared, too, honey.
You'll never know how much.
Anyway, for the next few days...
we're gonna have the kind of togetherness
you never dreamed of.
That's the sixth Baldwin storehouse.
You all know
where the rest of the stuff is hidden.
If any of you get caught away from camp,
or get into any sort of trouble...
you can buy your way free
with the promise of food.
But always...
show these in the exact reverse order
in which we buried them.
What for?
To give the rest of us a chance.
So we can see anyone approaching the cave
and set up an ambush.
It looks like a grave.
All I need now is a coolie hat.
Get rid of those.
We'll go take a look around.
All right.
- And bring a rifle.
- Right.
- Daddy?
- Hi, honey.
Can I go along?
No, not this time, sweetheart.
...states and Canada have been attacked.
Casualties are extremely heavy,
but no statistics are as yet available.
Successful counterattacks have been made
on European and Asian objectives.
At a reorganization meeting
of the United Nations...
a resolution was introduced...
whereby these darkest days
in the history of civilization...
will henceforth be designated
as The Year Zero.
Continued reports of looting are coming in.
Such acts are regarded as treason
against the United States...
and those guilty face the death penalty.
The President has called
upon every American...
to do his duty
in reestablishing law and order.
In his own words, "There are no civilians.
We are ail at war."
Next war bulletin at 11:00.
They're not kidding, Rick.
There are no civilians.
Get back to those rocks.
Drop it.
Turn around.
- Small world, isn't it?
- The hardware store.
Now you drop it.
Getting to be a habit,
you holding a gun on me.
How did you find this place?
I've been coming here
ever since I could carry a fishing rod.
We thought we had this area to ourselves.
- I could've done without you, too.
- Where are you camped?
Me and the wife
found an abandoned trailer downstream.
- Your trailer.
- Probably.
- Anybody else around?
- I guess so.
They're keeping to themselves.
Everyone's trigger-happy.
I saw some smoke coming over the hill
this morning. Over there.
Must be those fellows in the farmhouse
a couple of miles down.
Heard them last night,
raising hell, drinking it up.
Sound carries down here.
Maybe a good place to stay away from,
that farmhouse.
Like having a nest of rattlesnakes
in your pocket.
Take your gun, Johnson. Put it away.
- Where are you hiding out?
- Never mind.
Just thought me and the wife
might visit sometime.
Do you have any extra food I might buy?
No harm in asking.
Nothing like eating under an open sky,
even if it is radioactive.
Some joke.
Daddy, Rick says
you talked to Mr. Johnson today.
Yeah, we saw him.
He wanted to come see us,
but Dad sure froze him out good.
-Isn't there anybody we can trust?
- No, not yet.
Rick, you and Karen clean up.
Give your mother a break.
- Ann.
- I'm sorry, Harry.
I know I should be grateful we're
still alive, but somehow I...
I love you, Harry.
But not more than a future without hope...
because I've got to have hope to go on.
I've got to know there are other people
like us, like our children.
People who are better than just animals.
There must be some good people left.
There probably are.
I'll go look up the Johnsons
in a couple of days...
and I'll bring them back with me.
Thank you.
The mighty hunter returns.
Was that you shooting all over those hills?
I was a couple of miles away.
He jumped up in front of me.
I couldn't resist. I got him in one shot.
- I heard three shots.
- So did I. But I only shot once.
What were the other two?
Maybe the Johnsons
are doing some hunting.
I saw that smoke again.
You think we ought to check it out?
Not a bad idea.
We'll do it after lunch.
That's a pretty nice buck.
Let's take his suit off.
Dad, don't you think we ought to stop
and see the Johnsons?
You promised Mother.
All right. But be careful.
Come on. Watch it.
You all right?
What are we gonna do with them now?
I want to take another look at that farm.
Then we come back and bury them.
- I'll do it myself, if you like.
- I said I'm all right.
Of all the neighbors
we had to find next door to us.
- They killed the Johnsons, didn't they?
- Looks like it.
- What do we do now?
- Nothing.
- Don't you think--
- I don't think anything right now.
Let's get back to the Johnsons.
They're waiting for us.
I know where there's some food. Lots of it.
Come on, let's get out of here!
- Mother.
- Baby.
Don't talk. It's all right.
Baby, it's all right.
Sweetheart, don't cry. It's all right.
It's all right, darling.
What happened?
She wandered away from camp.
There were two men.
Did they hurt her?
I'm sorry, Daddy.
That's all right, baby.
Ann, come here.
All right. Tell me.
I saw them.
Who? You saw who?
The boys we had trouble with
down the road. The two younger ones.
I'm going with you, Dad.
Don't cry, baby. It's all right, darling.
Now, look, we follow these rocks on down.
We'll come up from the side.
There's enough stuff to give us
plenty of cover till we get up close.
All right, let's go.
Now, I'm gonna move in.
You keep me covered
and watch those windows.
When I give you the signal,
you come running.
When I get up on the porch,
you come after me.
I wouldn't say anything to Carl
about that chick.
If he found out we went out on our own,
he might flip out or something.
He likes to pull that trigger, don't he?
For kicks.
Like those people in the trailer.
Don't you think
we ought to take a walk on him?
Maybe someday.
- Bet we could do all right on our own.
- Maybe better.
That girl asking us if we wanted food.
What's the problem?
Put it down.
Easy. Now, no one did anything to you.
Why don't you just put down the gun?
Just relax.
Okay. Now, easy.
How many men live here?
Answer me! How many?
Sometimes more.
What's the name of the oldest one?
The others are Mickey and Andy.
Where is Carl now?
I don't know.
He comes and goes when he wants.
How did you get here?
I lived here.
They killed my mother and father.
What's your name?
Marilyn Hayes.
- Put on some clothes and get out.
- Dad.
All right, we'll take you with us.
Don't touch me.
Don't worry, we're not gonna hurt you.
If you come with us,
my mother and sister will take care of you.
Well, make up your mind,
or we'll have to leave you here.
I'll go with you.
All right. Get some clothes.
We'll meet you outside.
- We'll have to move them.
- Where to?
Out in the barn. That's
all we got time for.
I want the other one to think
that these two left with the girl. Here.
Harry, you can't go on torturing yourself.
I killed two men.
I tried to kill them, too, but I missed.
I just wasn't a good enough shot.
I looked for the worst in others
and I found it in myself.
You brought Marilyn here.
That was kind and good.
Even that was Rick's idea.
How's Karen?
I can't face her.
It will take time, but she'll be all right.
She's more worried about you
than she is about herself.
About me?
Go talk to her, darling.
I think it'll help you both.
Would you like to come along
and take a look at my rabbit traps?
Maybe this is the day we'll catch one.
Come on.
No rabbit stew tonight.
Sorry, Marilyn.
- I think I'll go back to camp now.
- I'll go with you.
Why don't you get a hammer
and knock them back in?
Hey, we're out of kerosene.
That will mean open fires.
And firewood. That will be your department.
Thanks a lot. An open fire
will be like a neon sign out here.
- You know what I'm thinking of, don't you?
- Carl.
That means we'll have to stand guard
24 hours a day.
Here are the 1:00 bulletins.
Operation Survival is
rapidly taking effect.
Authorities report that many areas
are responding to discipline.
But control has not yet been established
in many rural and mountain areas.
People in such areas are urged
to maintain strict caution and vigilance.
Established relocation
centers are operating
in the following
sections of this state:
For Los Angeles, Malibu.
For the San Fernando valley,
Thousand Oaks.
The southern portion
of the Sierra Nevada Range, Wheaten.
Wheaton. That's us.
- We can get out of here.
- How far is Wheaten?
135 miles from Claxton.
- People.
- Civilization.
- Some civilization.
- What's the matter, dear?
All our friends are probably dead.
Our house, my school.
Everything's gone. Everything's changed.
Including me.
Harry, she'll be all right
as soon as we get her home.
We're not leaving here.
- But they just said we could.
- If we had to, in an emergency.
What is this? Why can't we go?
There's a lot of country
between here and Wheaton.
So what?
Come on, Harry, tell me. So what?
A lot of the wrong people
heard that broadcast, too.
The roads will be crawling with them.
Do you think we're safer here?
After the Johnsons, Karen, and Marilyn?
I have some measure of control here.
Out there, none.
Now leave me alone, please.
I think Rick kind of likes her.
He could do worse.
She's pretty good with the rifle.
What's that got to do with it?
He can chop firewood,
and she can cover for him.
That's what it's got to do with it.
Guess that's as good a reason
as any nowadays.
Harry, everybody's turning in. You coming?
- What, dear?
- You coming to bed?
No, I'll sit out here for a while.
The gun. Quick. Throw it away.
I just had to find you, sweetheart.
Life at the old farmhouse
just wasn't the same without you.
- Who killed my two buddies?
- I did.
- I did.
- That's not true.
I took Mickey's gun and I shot them.
That's funny, because I took his gun
with me when I left the house.
Now, who dragged the bodies
out to the barn?
Lay off!
Hey, don't lose your cool, boy.
That's no way to talk to a man
with my kind of firepower.
This is a .45.
Rick, I'm sorry.
I'm so sorry.
I'll go get your father.
How bad is it?
It's pretty bad. He's lost a lot of blood.
This first aid kit is no use at all.
He needs a doctor.
Where's the nearest town?
Claxton. There used to be a doctor there.
Ann, go to the cave, get the distributor
part. We'll meet you at the car.
Marilyn, you stay with me.
Karen, go with your mother
and bring the guns and ammunition.
- You better loosen that tourniquet again.
- I just did.
Ladies and gentlemen,
the Secretary of State.
The enemy has requested
an immediate cessation of hostilities.
A meeting is now in progress
to discuss the terms and conditions...
under which peace, not war,
may be declared.
- Year Zero is drawing to a close...
- Does that mean the war is over?
For some people, yes. For us, not yet.
"Resumption of normal broadcasting
is anticipated within the next 12 hours.
Marilyn, where is it?
It's the next turn to the right.
It's about two blocks up.
Anybody here?
What do you want?
- Are you Dr. Strong?
- That's right.
My boy's badly hurt. We need help.
Take that gun out of your belt
and hand it here.
- All right, roll up your sleeves.
- What for?
Never mind what for. Roll up your sleeves.
You look all right. Dope addicts
have been running crazy around here.
- Please, Doctor, my boy.
- All right, bring him in.
Watching you work is like raising
your head up out of mud and slime...
and seeing civilization again.
I thought we'd lost it for good.
Scrape the scabs off
and apply enough strong disinfectant...
there's a chance
civilization might recover.
what are his chances?
The artery was partially severed.
He's lost a critical amount of blood.
An Army advance unit came through
this morning and left me some plasma.
That's all right for shock.
This boy needs whole blood. You have to
get him to Wheaton for transfusions.
Why didn't the Army
leave you whole blood, too?
Because it has to be kept
under refrigeration.
I haven't had electricity
for over two weeks.
Now, don't rough him around.
This patch job I did might not hold.
Can't you come with us?
No, my people are starting to come back.
They're gonna be needing me.
Somebody has to keep the shin bone
connected to the thigh bone.
And even if I went along,
there is not much more I can do for him.
It's only a matter of time now. And prayer.
I'm sorry, Doctor. I can't pay you.
I haven't got any money.
Money was one of the first symbols
that disappeared.
Tell you what I could use, though.
Some ammunition, if you can spare it.
I have a .45, too.
I only have a few.
- I can let you have four.
- Don't short yourself.
It's all right. The war is over. We won.
Well, ding-ding for us.
You have a twisted sense of humor.
Would you feel better if I told you...
that unless this boy has a transfusion
within three hours he's going to die?
Now, you stay on the back roads.
And you keep your gun handy.
Our country is still full of thieving,
murdering patriots.
- How's he doing?
- About the same.
Harry, he's so pale.
How's his pulse?
I can barely feel it.
How much further, Harry?
60 miles, maybe less.
Ann, look at his leg. Check the bandages.
See if he's bleeding again.
Daddy, look. That car's coming back!
Everybody, down. Stay down.
All right, come out of there.
You've got five seconds to come out,
or we start shooting.
Come out with your hands empty
and where we can see them.
All right.
Don't shoot.
My boy's in there.
We got to get him to a hospital.
He's dying!
Get your hands up.
What do you want?
Take anything we've got,
but let us get to the hospital, please!
Where is the boy?
He's in the back seat with me.
Throw it down or we'll cut you to pieces.
A machine gun? You got a machine gun?
You're the Army.
Harry, thank God.
Sorry to shake you up. We're the farthest
patrol out, had to be careful.
- What's wrong with the boy?
- He needs blood in a hurry.
There's an aid station about 10 miles ahead
at Patrol Headquarters.
Where did you come from?
We were up in the mountains
when the bombs went off.
They can take care of you. Can you make it?
Yeah, we can make it.
We can make it fine, thanks.
Okay. Let him through.
- That's five more.
- Five more what?
Five more that are okay.
They've come from the hills.
No radiation sickness.
Yep. Five good ones.