Panipat (2019) Movie Script

This land has given birth
to countless warriors.
But history classified them either as
the victorious or the defeated.
The Battle of Panipat was such that
even history could not classify it
as victory or defeat.
The Third Battle of Panipat
which I was witness to.
I did not shy away from taking
a bold step and braving the heat.
I too was accompanying the storm
that was set out to vanquish the enemy.
Sadashiv Rao Bhau, my husband and my Lord!
The state of affairs
before this battle were as such.
By 1758, the Maratha flag fluttered
high across all of Hindostan
right up to Attock Fort
at the Afghan border.
If there was anyone we could not defeat,
it was our neighboring
kingdom of the Nizam Sultanate
whose capital was Udgiri Fort
which the Marathas had surrounded.
Take the cannons back! Move back!
Tilt all 40 cannons, two inches up!
Yes, sir!
How much longer
will we have to wait, Shamsher?
Sadashiv said until we don't get the
signal, the cannons should keep firing.
I warned Sadashiv that guerrilla warfare
won't work here!
But he wouldn't listen.
He wants to have it his way!
Raghoba, I have faith in Sadashiv.
By the grace of Lord Jyotiba,
let all be well.
Hail Goddess Bhawani!
Go and get to the main courtyard.
I'll take this route.
Signal the cavalry.
We have to open the main gate at once.
Go, quickly.
There's no time to lose.
Let's go!
The torch is lit.
Cannons ready!
Shamsher! Let's go!
The Chief of Artillery,
Ibrahim Khan Gardi.
Ibrahim Khan, should we imprison you
or bury you?
None of that.
We should induct him into the Peshwa army.
Do you not know that he is a Gardi!
He cannot be trusted.
They are known for switching loyalties.
An individual can be good or bad, Raghoba.
But it's unfair to blame the entire
community. And by the way, Raghoba,
name one community in which
there hasn't been a traitor.
His cannons are now ours!
Then why do we need him?
Without him, his cannons are useless.
We may as well melt the cannons for iron.
When your decision is proven wrong
be ready to face the wrath of Nana Saheb!
Move aside. Let me pass.
-Parvati, what are you doing?
-I'm welcoming you.
Can a commoner not welcome an elite?
Yes of course, why not.
Look here.
Be still.
My Lord...
Don't call me that.
I'm not your Lord.
Not yet.
Oh, God! You're hurt!
It's nothing much.
When a brave warrior
returns from the battle,
he tries to hide his wounds
and his emotions.
But how can he hide it from the one
who can see through him!
Grandmother, how are you?
Sadashiv, I couldn't be there
at the main gate to receive you.
-My health...
-Don't worry, Grandma.
-Let me take your blessings.
-Bless you, my child.
Live long!
We won, Grandmother.
We were victorious!
The Nizam has been crushed.
I had faith in you.
You have never returned defeated!
-Yes, My Lady.
-Summon the doctor.
-All right.
Your father would always say,
"The greatest warriors are the ones
that fight no matter the condition.
They carry their heads high.
Their religion is bravery,
their duty is bravery.
Win or lose, they do not worry!"
Father was right!
Greetings, My Lady.
I'll take your leave.
Don't leave without nursing your wound!
Do you remember Parvati?
She has now become a royal doctor.
Making her father proud.
Congratulations on your victory,
Bhau sahib!
Thank you.
Where are you hurt?
Shall I begin?
You? A doctor?
Why? Can a girl not be a doctor?
Is there such a rule?
No, of course, you can.
But when we last met, you were not one.
The last time we met was two years,
three months and 18 days ago.
Do you even remember?
Now hurry up.
He has to be present in the Ganesh Court.
Yes, My Lady.
Bhau sahib!
You must visit me twice a day,
to have the wound dressed.
After capturing the Nizam's fort
in Udgiri, coming from the south
our brave warriors, unvanquished
the glory of the Marathas,
the honor of
the Peshwas, victors of the battlefield!
-All hail the Maratha Empire!
The Peshwa regime applauds
the war efforts of the Peshwa's brother
His Majesty Raghunath Rao!
And now the honor is for
the Peshwa's cousin,
son of His Majesty Bajirao and Mastani,
Shamsher Bahadur!
The Peshwa regime applauds
the war efforts of the Peshwa's cousin,
His Majesty Sadashiv Rao Bhau!
You are the jewel in my crown!
Uncle, this is for you!
Your Highness, may I present before you...
the Chief of Artillery of the Nizams'
Ibrahim Khan Gardi!
Who has now been inducted
into the service of the Peshwas.
Your Highness,
I served the Nizam for 30 years
and never did I leave their side.
But now that the Nizam is no more,
I, Ibrahim Khan Gardi,
swear my allegiance to the Peshwa regime!
They have achieved what
none of the Peshwas could do before.
Liberating the south
was the unrealized dream of our beloved
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj!
Today, 80 years after his passing,
Nizam has been brought to its knees!
Does this not call for a celebration?
We are now the rulers of all of Hindostan!
Of course, this calls for a celebration!
Invite all of our Commanders-in-chief
and Generals from outside of Pune.
From Bundelkhand,
Sardar Govind Pant Bundele!
Sardar Balwant Rao Mehendale!
From Gwalior, Sardar Jankoji Shinde!
And Sardar Dattaji Shinde!
From Indore, Sardar Malhar Rao Holkar!
The earth cheers gloriously
And the skies echo
As our beloved flag
Flutters sky high
We are warriors, the fearless ones
Any direction we stride
The paths sing our glory
And mountains make way for us
No one dares cross our path
Be it the rivers or the wind
We're brave hearts, who step
In the battlefield only to win
We're the sun that
Banishes darkness
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
The blood that courses
Through these veins
Keeps reminding us
Laying down your life for respect
And honor is a small price to pay
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
We sowed the seeds of bravery
And reaped the harvest
Our glory is spread far and wide
We perform the dance of death
In the battlefield
Echoed by the drums of victory
Our tales of courage
Will now be told by time
Telling all, about
How we spread happiness
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
Defender of truth, handsome traveler
Little do you know
When you aren't around
We too are lost in a world of our own
You were on my mind
In my heart, forever and ever
When arrows rained at you
I too was wounded
For you, I can lay down my life
Don't you know that?
When faced with a dilemma
Women rise, filled with courage
Sheds her bangles and bracelets
And draws a sword
I too have taken an oath today
To follow in the footsteps of the brave
When I'll make a resolution
I'll never waver from it
We are warriors, the fearless ones
Any direction we stride
The paths sing our glory
And mountains make way for us
No one dares cross our path
Be it the rivers or the wind
We're brave-hearts, who step
In the battlefield only to win
We're the sun that banishes darkness
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
The blood that courses
Through these veins
Keeps reminding us
Laying down your life for respect
And honor is a small price to pay
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with the sound
"Hail Brave Marathas!"
His Highness Nana Saheb Peshwa
will now be presented the Peshwa sword!
My Lord.
-Leave us.
-Yes, My Lady.
Lord, why did you present the Peshwa sword
to Sadashiv during the Weapons' Ceremony?
Why did you have to do that?
Why are you giving Sadashiv
so much importance?
Because he is the one
who has defeated the Nizam.
What is bothering you?
He's begun thinking of himself
as a Peshwa!
At Udgiri, he recruited that Muslim
General without Raghoba's approval.
That Muslim officer happens to be
the best artilleryman in all of Hindostan.
Even in Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj's army
there were Muslims.
My Lord, you're missing the point!
Today Sadashiv overruled Raghoba,
tomorrow it could be you!
You're missing the point here.
Sadashiv only acts in
the best interest of the Maratha Empire!
God forbid, if anything happens to you
and he decides to become a Peshwa "in
the best interest of the Maratha Empire",
where will that leave our son, Vishwas?
Raghoba has always
been my source of worry...
and now Sadashiv!
I have complete faith in his loyalty.
He dotes on your boy.
And Vishwas loves him just as much.
Vishwas is just a child,
but I am surprised at your naivety.
So, what do you wish?
What shall I do?
You want me to tell you that too?
Who's the Peshwa? You or me?
All these battles have thrown
our empire into a financial mess.
-Yes, that is true.
-You're intelligent,
trustworthy and a taskmaster.
Only you can do this.
What do I have to do, My Lord?
I appoint you as the Finance Minister.
Finance Minister?
And who will do my job?
It's a good idea, Your Majesty.
That way, Sadashiv will be stationed here
in Pune.
After all, a strong warrior is needed
to protect the capital.
-But Raghoba is here too.
-Two are better than one!
Gunoji will provide you
with the information.
Since the decision has already been taken,
I will obey you, Your Majesty.
This is great!
Now I can learn the art of war from you.
And I'll also learn how you do
1500 push-ups.
I'll be back.
Oh God, after climbing seven stories
I finally made it... to you!
I heard you're the Finance Minister now!
That's good!
Something tells me
you will excel even in this.
To tell you the truth... I'm really happy.
You're always away at battle!
Finally, you will spend more time here.
There's a saying.
"You cannot separate
a warrior from his sword."
Who knows that better than me?
I can see what you're trying to do.
Stop it.
Try as much as you want,
but come to terms with the fact
that I am not ready for marriage!
Why don't you understand?
What is there to understand?
It's not in your hands anymore.
I have gone through penance
and I have fasted for 108 days.
Do you even know?
Now I'm not going to let go.
Just you watch.
You will be mine.
That day is not far.
Let me see.
The wound is healing!
So, do you have to be injured
to see me again?
That's enough, Parvati! Now stop this!
-Isn't that...
With Sadashiv?
Looks like an ordinary doctor
is dreaming of becoming a Queen.
Oh, really?
I won't let that happen.
How much tax does
the Maratha Empire receive?
The kingdoms under us give us
one-fourth of their earnings.
But there are some in the north
that make excuses and do not pay up.
Write to them all a letter
as a final warning.
I'll sign it myself.
One of our debtors
is being extremely difficult, sir.
And he owes us the most tax.
-Who is that?
The Mughals' Head of Military.
Yes, but he stays in the Doab region
between the Ganga and the Yamuna,
in Rohillabad Fort.
After countless letters, he has
still not paid up. He keeps evading.
We've tried convincing him formally.
It's now time to use force.
You're here.
How are you going to use force?
We can send Dattaji Shinde.
He's our greatest General in the north.
Dattaji will surely teach Najib a lesson.
And prepare another decree
for the Mughals.
Yes, sir.
"According to this Ahmadiyya Treaty,
if the Mughal Empire wants to
continue receiving protection
from the Marathas against invaders,
then you will have to pay
one-fourth of your revenue
which you have not yet..."
The treaty will be honored.
Your Majesty...
do not get bullied by these Marathas.
Wait, Najib! Don't be impatient.
There is more in the decree.
"And on observing
Najib-ud-Daula's disobedience,
he is evicted from the Mughal court
and his post of Military Head.
Signed. Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshwa."
Your Majesty,
how dare the Marathas remove me!
What could I do?
After all, we need their solicitude.
But Your Majesty, that does not mean
they can order us around.
Because of their backing,
Imad-ul-Mulk is behaving out of line.
I'm shocked at the way he treats you
especially when he knows you have
royal blood running through your veins.
I am alive today
because of this "royal blood."
Your Majesty, Imad must be punished!
Who will punish him?
The Marathas are backing him.
And no one on this land will dare
go against the Marathas.
There is one, Your Majesty.
There is one person you can ask for help.
Is there any such person?
Ahmad Shah Abdali!
Yes, Your Majesty.
And then we'll teach these Marathas
a lesson.
What happened? Come on.
You have five more to go.
Uncle, the day is not far
when I will be a warrior like you.
What is the use?
Instead of drawing a sword
you will be writing accounts.
Bhau, you never know
when we will be summoned for battle.
If I had it my way, it would be never.
Yes, Sister-in-law.
Can I ask you something?
Anything besides marriage.
You can't dodge Mehram, Sadashiv.
Even I had to give in to her.
She's a good girl. Marry her.
Marry? Whom?
Oh, really?
Don't feign ignorance.
It's Parvati!
Sadashiv, Mehram is right.
You've just returned from battle.
You have some time here.
I don't have time for myself.
All my attention is on work.
Bhau sahib, whether you're working
with a pen or a sword, it is only work.
Whereas life begins when you go home.
Bhau sahib is entering the medical center.
Where's Parvati?
Now you remember her?
What do you mean?
-She's gone!
Gone where?
To her house in Pen, in Konkan!
What? Why?
Why don't you go and ask her yourself?
Shall I say something?
You are only brave in the battlefield,
but in the matters of the heart,
you lack courage.
She refused to meet you.
Give this to her.
Tell her I am wounded.
You warriors are impossible.
Never want to shoot an arrow straight.
Quickly, Bhanu!
Sir, you did this?
Sir? You never addressed me like that.
You must be really mad.
I did this, to see you.
This was the only way.
Now, are you not going to fulfill
your duties as a doctor?
Give me the bandage.
I should not have raised my voice
the other day.
Forgive me. But why did you
have to leave without informing?
I did not leave of my own accord.
I was told to.
By whom?
Gopika Bai.
Gopika Bai?
Do you know, when I was 11 years old
my father brought me
to Shaniwar Wada for the first time.
I saw you there.
I didn't know who you were,
what your background was.
But I just... fell in love with you.
Later I found out you're a Peshwa.
But you were always just Sadashiv for me.
But now I have realized
how important status is.
Peshween Gopika Bai is appalled at...
how a girl from a different class
can live in Shaniwar Wada.
Now I understand.
And that's the very reason
you've been shunning me. Isn't it?
You could just say it.
Parvati, you're wrong.
I love you just as much as you...
Then why?
A warrior's family always leads
a life of uncertainty.
Who knows that better than me?
I never got to spend time with my father.
He was always away at battle.
And when I was very little,
he passed away.
I too am a warrior.
And I do not want this repeated
with my wife, my child
and my family.
How can you live your life
fearing the future?
You are my present.
What is your present?
I get it.
-I should leave.
My today, my tomorrow,
and every day that follows...
is with you.
O Emperor of Afghanistan,
Leader of Leaders,
this decision of yours
was proven to be correct.
Now that the rebels have been crushed,
no one will dare go against us!
Nonetheless, it's important
that we always stay alert.
O Emperor of Afghanistan,
news from Hindostan!
The Sultan of the Doab,
Najib-ud-Daula's brother,
would like to meet you.
I can handle this!
We grew up together.
And you conspired to kill me?
For what?
For this?
Forgive him.
Ahmad, please!
After all, he is our brother!
Agreed, Sarfaraz! But before attacking me,
didn't Murtuza think about that?
-forgive me!
-Do you not know?
This Peacock Throne and the Koh-i-noor
are gained with great hardships.
It does not come easy!
Nadir Shah tried to steal it!
And paid for it with his life.
I have earned it from Nadir.
But I'll give it to you just like that.
What do you want?
I'll give you the Koh-i-noor.
No, Ahmad, no.
-Emperor of Afghanistan...
-Long live!
-Emperor of Afghanistan...
-Long live!
Bring him outside.
I need fresh air.
"Your Majesty, the Marathas
conquered Attock the last time.
What if Kandahar is their next conquest?
The Emperor of Delhi
and the Hindu kings plead you.
You cannot waste another day.
Come, free us
and become the Emperor of Hindostan
and take what is rightfully yours.
Your obedient servant, Najib-ud-Daula."
This is great news, Your Majesty!
There are rich benefits
in conquering Delhi.
Don't be too happy.
Najib wants us to fight his battle.
So that all the expenses of a war
will be on us.
While he just sits there
and reaps the benefits of our takeover.
And then he will want
to sit on the throne!
He's a scoundrel!
Your Majesty! I don't think
he will try that with you.
A few considerations, Your Majesty.
Persia is trying to take over our kingdom.
Your cousins and others are eyeing
the throne here. You just witnessed it.
If you become the Emperor of Hindostan,
your empire will stretch until Bengal.
Then the Persians will
not dare challenge you.
Our coffers are getting empty too.
Don't worry about things here, Ahmad.
I will take care of it.
Now is the time to conquer Delhi.
To Hindostan we go!
Is this a dream or reality?
Is it a miracle or something else?
A moment in time has come
To a standstill
I guess it was destiny
You were meant for me
And I was destined
To be yours
Not even a cat
can climb a ladder this quickly.
The lost hope has re-awakened
No one's around
Except for you and me
Our own little abode far-far away
Is the only thing I ever wished for
This heart of mine
Is now your throne
You are in my every breath
And every heartbeat
I guess it was destiny
You were meant for me
And I was destined
To be yours
Brother, what is the matter?
Dattaji Shinde is no more.
Dattaji? How?
He had gone to collect taxes from Najib.
That's when he betrayed and killed him.
So, you had announced
that you will take my head!
Now, come on.
Take it. Take my head!
You have already put your head...
at Abdali's feet.
What are you going to do now?
Continue fighting?
If I live... I will continue fighting!
How could Najib dare to kill
a Maratha Sardar?
Because he has allied with
Ahmad Shah Abdali.
Ahmad Shah Abdali?
Call all the Generals and courtiers
to the Ganesh Court immediately.
The assassination of Dattaji
is a direct attack on the Maratha Empire.
Abdali's invasion means an assault
on all of Hindostan!
He's invading with an army of 100,000.
The last time he caused so much bloodshed
the Yamuna river
flowed red for seven days.
This time we have to stop him.
My Lord, Abdali is coming to take
over Red Fort, not our Shaniwar Wada.
Why should we travel so far
up north to fight their battle?
Because Delhi is not powerful enough
to defend itself from Abdali.
And do not forget...
In exchange for taxes, we have promised
to protect them from invaders.
It is time to fulfill our duty.
-We cannot back out now.
-But Bhau sahib...
My Lord, I would like to remind You
that we have just fought a battle.
Our soldiers are so exhausted
that they can't lift their own armor.
-We can't burden them with another battle.
-You are right.
But there's no other option.
He's coming with an army of 100,000.
Lingoji, if someone attacks your home,
what will you do first?
Count their numbers? Or put all your
strength into stopping them? Tell me.
Tell me.
I agree with Sadashiv.
We should send our army.
All right.
In that case, Raghoba should go.
By all means, My Lord!
Our horses have traversed
the Sindhu and Kaveri rivers.
The Yamuna should not be a problem.
I'll need a crore in gold
and an army of 80,000.
But Raghoba, the Peshwa treasury is weak!
You will have to make do
with what we have.
In that case...
what was he doing as the Finance Minister?
Raghoba, you sure did take Attock Fort,
but you returned with a debt.
I have been wiping that out.
Our enemies should be bankrupt, and our
empire should be the richest in Hindostan.
It's just the opposite here.
He is right, Raghoba!
And Raghoba,
as far as the army is concerned,
we need it here too.
To protect Delhi, we cannot risk Pune.
So you will have to make do
with an army of 40,000.
Forty thousand?
That's it?
-Forty thousand isn't bad, Raghoba.
-What do you know?
What do you know about the north?
Just because you won Udgiri, you think
you know everything about warfare?
Delhi is no child's play, Sadashiv Bhau.
Your sword is rusted.
And you can't fight Abdali
with your quill.
Put a sword back in my hand and watch.
Is that so?
With no gold and an army of 40,000?
Can you do it?
My Lord...
give me the order.
I will lead the campaign
with the same resources.
And how are you going to do it with
negligible gold and a small army?
My Lord, it is a long journey.
I will ask for aid from all our
northern Generals such as Holkar,
Shinde, Bundele.
With their help, I will strike alliances
with the kingdoms we pass in the journey.
-Will you be able to convince them?
-Yes, absolutely.
They have always been our allies.
And when we come face to face with Abdali,
on seeing a large, united
Hindostani army, he will retreat.
And what if he stands his ground?
Then, we will break his legs.
It has been decided.
Sadashiv Rao Bhau
will lead the Peshwa campaign.
God willing,
may the Maratha flag fly high.
Attock Fort is once again
a part of the Durrani Sultanate!
-Emperor of Afghanistan...
-Long live!
-Emperor of Afghanistan...
-Long live!
-Emperor of Afghanistan...
-Long live!
-How many gauntlet swords do we have?
-Twenty thousand!
-And the spears?
-Five thousand!
That's less!
Get 10,000 more made.
-Yes, sir!
-Peshween Parvati Bai is here.
Parvati, you're here!
I mean, what are you doing here?
I wanted to see if your
weapons and armor were all right.
That surely is not the reason.
My Lord...
-Leave us.
-Yes, My Lady.
-Let me tie it.
-Yes, My Lady.
I would like to come with you
on the expedition.
As a doctor,
I will be useful on the expedition.
I will treat the sick
and heal the wounded.
Give me your hand.
You're right.
It is an expedition.
But with the dangers of battle.
We can't afford to take families along.
As a Finance Minister, don't you know
the difference between assets
and liability? I'll be of great use there.
Parvati, the expedition
will have hardships.
Then, take me as your shield.
In happy times, I'll be beside you
and in tough times, I'll protect you.
We will be living in tents!
A tent is more comfortable
than dealing with Gopika Bai's taunts.
My Lord, I want to be with you.
Whatever the problems,
I want us to face them together.
And nothing.
And what, Parvati?
I have heard when Peshwas
travel all alone,
they often return with another queen.
So, this is the real concern!
If that's the case
then you're most welcome.
But Parvati Bai, let me tell you...
You and only you will be in my life,
-My Lord, can I say something?
How long will Vishwas remain a child?
He has to learn
what it takes to be the Peshwa.
What shall we do?
Sadashiv will surely defeat Abdali.
Then he will stake claim on Delhi
and become the Emperor of Hindostan.
All I am saying is...
let's make our son the Supreme Commander
of the army Sadashiv is leading.
Then it will be him
who will sit on Delhi's throne!
Just imagine...
Emperor of Hindostan,
His Majesty Vishwas Rao Peshwa.
This is about Delhi and Abdali.
There can be serious consequences.
Yes, but it will be a good learning
opportunity for the future Peshwa.
Sister-in-law, I understand your concern!
Rest assured, I have
no ambition of being on the throne.
I will take Vishwas with me.
Assure me...
you will protect him.
With my life.
This time, teach Abdali such a lesson...
that he will not even dare
look in the direction of Hindostan.
Come back victorious.
May God bless you.
God bless you.
To Delhi!
The Afghans have arrived.
-Bring the loot.
-Yes, sir.
Welcome, Emperor of Afghanistan!
I am so happy to see you.
Not only me but this land, its people,
all have been eagerly waiting for you.
Hope you had a pleasant journey!
Crossing five rivers is no easy journey.
But it's worth it once I see
Hindostan's sweet fruits.
The loot we gathered
by defeating Dattaji Shinde.
Shinde and Holkar
for the last two generations have been
the two wheels of the Maratha chariot.
After killing Dattaji,
I've broken one wheel.
The chariot will not
survive for long, Emperor.
-And I have some bad news for you.
-What is it?
Mughal Emperor Alamgir II is no more.
How did that happen?
His wazir, Imad-ul-Mulk, intercepted
a letter written to you by His Majesty...
Come, Your Majesty.
The Pir is in prayer right now.
Please sit.
Forgive me, my Emperor.
Who is on the throne now?
Imad crowned another puppet.
Shah Jahan III.
But now, after the news of your arrival,
Imad has absconded.
Imad needs to be taught a lesson.
Yes. I have already deployed
my Generals to look for him.
Don't waste time.
Let's march towards Delhi.
I need to take the throne and the
treasures and return to Kandahar
before the monsoons.
I have a request.
The Marathas won't keep quiet.
Sadashiv is going to leave Pune
to take revenge for Dattaji's death.
To stop us.
Sadashiv? Who is that?
The Peshwa's cousin brother.
He will attack the Doab
and my Rohillabad Fort
which you so painstakingly
acquired the last time.
Only you can stop him.
Doab? Rohillabad?
You had said it is important
to stake a claim on Delhi right now.
Don't worry.
I have kept my General
in charge of Delhi.
We will take Delhi,
but first, we have to stop them.
Try and understand, Emperor.
The Marathas are the only ones who can
challenge your claim to the throne.
Once you defeat them...
not only Delhi,
all of Hindostan will be yours.
Najib, whatever is your plan,
if it goes wrong...
you will not live.
What are you saying, Emperor?
You are my Emperor.
My only wish is to serve you.
How large is the Maratha army?
Handle this.
Bhanu, keep all the medicines
in this tent.
Yes, Parvati Bai.
-Come on, quickly.
-What's all this?
You've brought
the whole of Shaniwar Wada along.
What do you mean?
Did you come to reduce my burden,
or increase them?
These are all necessities, My Lord.
Yes, but we are only
stopping here for a night.
It will take all day to unpack,
then to pack everything up again.
-You're unbelievable!
-It's a long journey...
I had already told you
that it is a long journey.
You won't be able to handle it.
You're too stubborn.
You've packed everything!
You're great!
-Where do I keep this?
-On my head.
-Keep it over there.
-Yes, My Lady.
What a beautiful set-up.
-Don't come close.
You kept questioning me out there,
Bhau sahib.
-Parvati, I was just--
-Stop right there!
Do not come closer.
Is that so?
Watch it!
I'm watching.
Can I tell you something?
Today I've understood
what a home truly is.
Forgive me, Parvati Bai!
I made a mistake.
It's just that I'm newlywed.
I forgive you.
Don't let it happen again!
As we set off towards the north
the Maratha trumpets
spread the news of our expedition.
The kings that had been notified
started joining
His Majesty Vishwas Rao Peshwa's army.
This is not just your dream, but ours too.
We are with you.
Thank you, King Karamveer.
We gladly accept.
We would like to join your expedition!
We are glad. Thank you.
After a month, having traversed
jungles, mountains,
and after crossing mighty rivers like the
Narmada and Chambal, we reached Dhaulpur.
Where our Maratha Generals awaited us.
Welcome... welcome...
Peshween Parvati Bai,
Peshween Radhika Bai and Mehram Bai.
I have fought with the fathers
of these men, shoulder to shoulder.
So, Bhau, what is the plan?
The greatest armies in the north belong to
Madho Singh, Bijay Singh,
with an army of 5,000 each.
King Suraj Mal, 10,000.
Araadhak Singh, 5,000.
and across the Ganga
Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula,
with an army of 20,000.
-We'll have to make alliances with them.
-As far as Shuja-ud-Daula is concerned
I will ask General Govind Pant
to immediately go and speak to him.
My Lord, I have an urgent message
from Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshwa.
I know what that is.
General Govind Pant, I do not want to
get crushed in between two mountains.
One more thing.
After defeating Abdali, Sadashiv Bhau
wants to make you the Wazir of Delhi.
But will Sadashiv give me
the assurance in writing?
His Majesty wants your support.
For your satisfaction,
you will get it in writing!
Then you have my allegiance!
Shuja will surely side with us.
But Suraj Mal?
Suraj Mal and you are on good terms.
I thought you'd bring him along with you.
I tried, but he wasn't convinced.
Should we send him a message as well
to come meet us immediately?
No. He's a king.
I will go meet him myself.
Forgive me, every two months
your letters arrive, asking for taxes.
King Suraj Mal, I am ready to forgo
your remaining taxes.
But this is not the time to muster
differences amongst us.
-It is time to join hands.
-That is true.
We believe in unity too.
We have always wanted
good relations with you Peshwas.
That is why we've given your wazir refuge.
Wazir? Imad-ul-Mulk is here?
Yes. Call the wazir.
It's surprising. He's joined you
and he's not informed us about it.
Come, Wazir.
how dare you assassinate the Emperor?
Your Grace, Alamgir was a threat
to the Maratha regime.
Regardless, who are you to kill him?
Who gave you the authority?
The Peshwas did not.
I did, but for whom?
-For the Peshwas--
At first sight of danger, you fled
from Delhi. Was this also for the Peshwas?
-Arrest him!
Bhau sahib, I have given him refuge.
Bhau sahib, keep in mind
that the political situation
up north is tricky.
When it comes to alliances, I got Najib's
letter to join forces with Abdali.
But now I know what answer to give him.
You have taken up such a great
responsibility, so I am with you.
Long live!
This is why you're great, King!
My army of 10,000
and the necessary resources
are all yours.
And this way,
slowly the Maratha army began to grow.
To assemble an army for battle
is a battle in itself.
Feeding a family of four
is a difficult job.
Now imagine if your family
is 50,000 strong.
But we were prepared.
Our army is ready for you.
On hearing King Araadhak Singh's
message, everyone was delighted.
My Lord's plan was working.
It felt as if everyone was with us.
Now we awaited King Madho Singh
and King Bijay Singh.
We hope you like our elephants.
They are from our Royal stables,
a small gift for you.
Incredible, Madho Singh.
But they're of no use to me or my army!
But anyway, tashaakor!
Thank you.
Thank you!
Tell me.
After defeating us
the Marathas bully us with taxes.
Not for much longer.
After capturing Delhi,
our next conquest is Pune.
To teach the Marathas a lesson,
consider our army and resources your own.
Once they are defeated,
we can serve you better.
Do not worry!
We will wipe the Marathas out.
-We shall take your leave then.
-We will await your order.
Excellent, Najib.
Now try to get as many kings as you can
to ally with us.
These Hindostanis are great enemies
of one another.
They fight amongst themselves.
Take advantage of their animosity.
I will try, Your Majesty.
Now, who is the next king?
Nawab Shuja-ud-Daula.
Chandrapur's King says that if
he faces a shortage of resources--
Our spies have told us that Abdali
is currently in Rohillabad.
Doab, on the banks of the Yamuna.
Now instead of Delhi,
we should go to Rohillabad.
We are here and Abdali's there.
The Yamuna is in between us,
approximately 200 kilometers away.
I'll inform General Govind Pant
to begin creating a bridge
across the Yamuna.
Bhau sahib, can I tell you something?
If we are going to fight in the Doab,
Shuja's allegiance is very important.
Govind Pant has already convinced him.
I've heard your Afghani
superior has arrived.
Nawab sahib,
he himself has sent me to meet you.
We have come to ask for your
support to fight the Marathas.
-But I have--
-Hear me out.
Once the Marathas are defeated,
he will make you the Wazir of Hindostan.
What's so great about this?
The Marathas have
already promised me that.
How are you so sure
that Sadashiv will honor his word?
Abdali sends a written commitment.
Look for yourself.
-Why should I trust him?
-Trust me.
He is here at my invitation.
And why should I trust you?
We have too many differences!
I want to bury the past, Nawab sahib.
Look, one thing is clear.
The side you are going to choose will
have an enormous advantage in this battle.
Just imagine,
you will be the wazir of Delhi...
And you the Emperor!
No, no. I will be a General
serving under you.
We can install a puppet Emperor
and exercise complete power.
Nawab sahib.
How can one Muslim brother ignore
the pleas of another Muslim brother?
-Greetings, General Govind Pant.
Greetings, General Govind Pant.
-It's a pleasure to see you again.
-Mine too, Your Majesty.
Please come.
General Govind Pant, what happened here?
The heavy rains did not allow us to make
the bridge. What we made was destroyed.
Our boats were washed away.
I tried my best, My Lord.
No one has ever won against nature.
We cannot start making the bridge
until the water recedes.
There's some activity on that bank.
That is Abdali's army.
Najib-ud-Daula's army is with him too.
Whose are those other flags?
Forgive me.
There is bad news.
Those other flags are of Shuja-ud-Daula.
After agreeing to me, it seems
he has switched loyalties.
Shuja-ud-Daula has betrayed us.
We have King Suraj Mal with us.
The Afghan army and us
were at a standstill
across the river, for over a month.
The expedition which had been pleasant
until now began to reveal its darker face.
My Lord, the bridge cannot be made.
It hasn't stopped raining.
So how will the water recede?
Our food and resources are also depleting.
For how long will we wait?
Your Majesty, may I make a suggestion?
Yes. Go ahead.
I think we should go back.
We can come back again next year
before the monsoons.
And let Abdali kill and plunder
innocent people?
Yes, General?
We cannot pull back.
Then, what should we do?
What if...
If we can't cross the river,
then neither can he.
Yes, so?
Instead, we'll move forward.
-I don't understand.
-What was our plan?
We would defeat Abdali and Najib
in Rohillabad and then move on to Delhi.
Since we can't cross the Yamuna,
we only have one option left.
We will march along the riverbank
towards Delhi
and capture Delhi!
Once we establish rule over Delhi then--
-Then we will cross the Yamuna.
-And attack Abdali.
-This is a good plan, Your Majesty.
-It's good, it's really good.
But Uncle, without food and resources,
how will we reach Delhi?
King Suraj Mal, General Malhar Rao...
is there anyone else
we can approach for help?
We have left no stone unturned.
We've approached all the kings
in this province already.
There is one possibility.
Sakina Begum.
After the death of her husband,
she has taken over the reins.
But she doesn't trust anyone
and keeps away from all alliances.
He's right.
I can go if you wish.
But My Lady, she does not meet anybody!
She might agree to meet a woman.
You should go!
Humility and righteousness are keys
that can open any lock.
After sending several requests,
Sakina Begum agreed to meet me.
Luster of our eyes,
Protector of the people
Beauty of the region, Sakina Begum
is blessing us with her presence.
His majesty Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshwa's
wife, Peshween Parvati Bai.
Please, have a seat.
-I thank you for giving me an audience.
-What do you want from me?
Just some resources
for my army for a few days.
So we can go to Delhi.
I've come to you hoping you will help me.
Once I let your army in, it won't be long
before they usurp my throne.
Begum, consider this.
If the Peshwa wanted to usurp your throne,
he would have sent his army.
Not his queen.
I've come here
to extend a hand of friendship.
Parvati Bai, I am wary of friends.
Why are you going to Delhi?
-To stop Ahmad Shah Abdali.
-Then it's even more difficult!
If I agreed to help you,
Abdali will destroy my kingdom too.
I lost my husband in a similar conflict.
Warfare is born from the male ego.
They themselves get killed and leave
behind weeping widows and crying orphans.
I can understand, My Lady.
Yet, this did not stop me.
I have travelled far with my husband.
Because I believe
in his honest intentions.
He's fighting for this country.
Your late husband died fighting
for this country too, did he not?
Yes, he sacrificed everything.
And now, you are governing
the kingdom, just like him.
-My Lady...
I know that just like me,
you are not from a royal household.
Neither are you the daughter of a Nawab.
We both understand
the pain of the common man. Don't we?
War affects them the most.
To protect them,
it is crucial for us to unite.
My late husband had the same beliefs.
And that is the very reason
he lost his life.
If he were alive today
and I was to meet him,
would he too have refused?
Just tell me what he would
have said and I'll leave.
He would have said...
"It is commendable, Parvati Bai.
You have travelled so far
just to stop Abdali.
How can my conscience allow me
to stay silent any longer?"
He would have said something like this.
Three thousand sacks of corn and rice
and five thousand soldiers.
I convinced Queen Sakina
to ally completely!
You're truly amazing, Parvati!
Let's not waste a single moment.
-General Govind Pant.
Your army of 10,000 is held up
across the Yamuna, right?
Once the water recedes,
return to them and await my message.
I will send a message
as soon as I need you.
-Yes, My Lord!
-Now get ready.
Let's capture Delhi
from under Abdali's nose.
Your Majesty.
I have good news!
The Marathas retreated
from the Yamuna bank.
There is no trace of their tents.
They ran away!
-The Marathas fled!
-What else could they have done?
They couldn't have crossed the Yamuna.
Yamuna saved them, or else
the infidels would have been destroyed.
I don't think they will retreat so easily.
Najib, find out exactly
where they have disappeared.
And what are their plans.
How much time will it take us?
Ten days to reach Delhi
and another four days to capture it.
Do not forget that Najib's army
is in Delhi now.
I'll give you Delhi in a day, not four.
I have seen the fortification there!
-Are you absolutely sure?
-Sir, I only speak when I am certain.
-Bhau sahib?
-Can I say something?
Do not trust Ibrahim Khan.
Because he can switch sides
at any moment, out of greed.
After all, he's a Gardi!
General Malhar Rao, don't worry about him.
I trust him entirely.
Your Majesty,
after searching all day,
our riders have returned.
Your Majesty.
They have gone north of the river.
-Are you sure?
-Yes, Your Majesty. No doubt about it!
So now they want to take Delhi.
Sadashiv turned out to be
smarter than I thought.
So then... what should we do now?
What does a hunter do to acquire his prey?
He waits for it?
A hunter chases his prey!
-Shah Wali, prepare the army!
-As you command, Your Majesty!
But how will we cross the river?
We won't cross the river!
This is Delhi and we are here.
We will leave for Delhi
from this side of the Yamuna!
We will track them like a shadow.
And once we reach Delhi,
we will cross the Yamuna!
A grand chase had begun.
We were speeding upwards
along the southern bank of the Yamuna.
Unknown to us, the Afghans
gave chase from the northern side.
We were a day ahead of them
when we made it to the Red Fort of Delhi.
Look carefully!
-You call two horse riders an army, Qasim?
-There is fog. Let it clear.
Did you see that?
Where have they come from?
Your Majesty, come quickly.
Tilt the cannons, two inches up!
-Load the cannons!
-Yes, sir!
All 20 cannons on this side,
two inches to the left.
The fort gate should be destroyed!
They've destroyed our bastions.
Is cavalry ready?
For the first time in centuries,
Delhi had changed hands.
However devastated and devoid of any
treasure, it now belonged to the Marathas.
The sultanate that repeatedly insulted
our Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj,
on that very Red Fort,
our flag was going to be hoisted.
This is a big lesson for Abdali.
Tell Bhau Sadashiv, all of us Sikhs
are with the Marathas.
But Your Highness, Abdali is already
upset with us since his last invasion.
Don't worry about it.
The Marathas had helped us then.
Now it's our duty to repay them.
To throw Abdali out of Hindostan,
we'll help the Marathas at any cost!
Luck has smiled on us
Our enemies flee
Glory to us!
We're soldiers
Who always, is a form of Shiva
Glory to us!
Darkness has finally cleared
Reduced and scattered
Enemies that challenged us
Have taken a step back
The earth, the skies
And the winds sing praises
Shiva in your heart
Shiva in my heart
Shiva in my breath
Shiva in my soul
Shiva in every moment
Shiva in every direction
The cry, the echoes
Is All hail Shiva!
Shiva in your heart
Shiva in my heart
Shiva in my breath
Shiva in my soul
Shiva in every moment
Shiva in every direction
The cry, the echoes
Is All hail Shiva!
Shiva in your heart
Hail Mahadev!
Son of the soil, a true Maratha
Great ruler of the Sahyadri
Remembering the great
Shivaji Maharaj today
Glory to you, O Shiv Raya
Bless us with your grace
Remembering the great
Shivaji Maharaj today
All the walls, and the swords
Of the enemies have been shattered
The winds that blocked our path
We turned them in
The same direction it came from
We knew we would go across
We knew we would do it
This was bound to happen
Hear us, brother
They had to leave
And we had to come far
This was bound to happen, brother
Now the country belongs to us
We rule here
The throne belongs to us
And so does the crown
The courage that burns in your heart
Can melt any metal, now we believe
Shiva in your heart
Shiva in my heart
Shiva in my breath
Shiva in every heartbeat
Shiva in every moment
Shiva in every direction
The cry
The echoes are All hail Shiva
Shiva in your heart
Shiva in my heart
Shiva in my breath
Shiva in every heartbeat
Shiva in every moment
Shiva in every direction
The cry
The echoes are All hail Shiva
Shiva in your heart
Hail Mahadev
Once the celebrations ended everyone
had the same question in their mind.
Who will be the new Emperor of Hindostan?
My Lord, Sadashiv Bhau,
was everyone's favorite, including mine.
The Queen of Hindostan!
What are you doing?
How do I look?
The Queen of Hindostan's crown.
-You look lovely.
-Is everything all right?
What happened, Emperor of Hindostan?
Parvati, don't call me that.
Why? Will you not sit on the throne?
You don't crown yourself.
Others must crown you.
I am made for war, not politics.
But is not politics also war?
In politics, daggers strike you
in the back. Not in war.
-So, who will sit on the throne now?
He is the commander of the army.
Great, at least a Peshwa
will sit on the Mughal throne.
Do you know?
This is the first time
the Mughal Dynasty will be broken.
None of us will sit on the throne.
What do you mean?
We will keep it under Maratha control.
But we will not appoint one of us
as Emperor.
We are the protectors.
We should have control.
And we will rule,
but we will not sit on the throne.
But Your Majesty, we can't
keep the throne empty either.
We will appoint Shah Jahan III
as Emperor.
My Lord! Come quickly. Looks like the
Afghan army is reaching the Yamuna bank.
How did they capture Delhi so quick!
Which is Abdali's nearest fort
on this side of the Yamuna?
Kunjpura, North of Delhi.
It is one of Abdali's main forts.
-You were not able to save it.
-I am shocked myself, Emperor!
-I had put my best General here.
-Your best was not good enough, Najib!
I should have come here earlier.
Sadashiv is proving to be dangerous!
Prepare for battle.
Before Abdali crosses the Yamuna,
we have to capture Kunjpura.
We took Kunjpura Fort just as easily
as we did the Red Fort.
It seemed like all our problems
had disappeared.
But we knew we had poked the beast.
I am losing one battle after another.
First Delhi!
And now Kunjpura!
All because of your incorrect advice.
-Emperor, I'll advise--
-I don't want your advice!
Forgive me... Forgive me, Your Majesty.
I'm stuck here and Sadashiv
is digging into my territory.
Next he will march towards Punjab
and ally with the Sikhs.
What should I do?
What should I do? We must stop him!
I want to cross the Yamuna!
That's not advisable right now, Emperor!
I don't want your advice.
I want to cross the Yamuna.
Right now! This instant!
I want to cross the Yamuna!
Abdali has crossed the river.
He is coming after us.
Just a 100 kilometers away.
Then we won't make it to the Sikhs.
What if we double our pace
and march at night too?
It was possible if we were just an army.
But with all the women, civilians
and pilgrims, it is impossible.
The fort of Panipat is nearby.
We can go there.
This is the moment we've been waiting for.
Draw your swords.
We will fight Abdali there.
In Panipat!
On hearing the word "Panipat,"
I was struck with fear.
It felt as if a battle was inevitable.
Panipat Fort!
This fort is too small.
It will not be able to accommodate us all.
We should set up a camp close by.
Let's go.
Mehendale, we must quickly dig trenches.
And so, the waiting game began.
But we were already facing hardships.
Our food and resources were almost over.
My Lord, it has been three days.
The soldiers have not eaten anything.
Nothing remains besides jaggery.
And our allies, the Sikhs, were unable
to send resources, or their army.
I don't know what to do.
How should we help Sadashiv Bhau?
What can I say, Bhau sahib?
We were stuck across the Yamuna,
that's why we got delayed.
No, King Araadhak Singh,
you have come at the right time.
We appreciate your help.
-How many soldiers have you brought?
-Five thousand.
King Araadhak Singh joining us
was a great relief.
But our joy was short-lived.
Now there is no river between us,
Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshwa!
Now only the battlefield of Panipat
lies between us.
After months of hiding and seek,
and redrawing routes on maps
the Marathas and the Afghans finally came
face to face on the ground of Panipat.
What was surprising was that
both blocked each other's paths.
Behind us was Kandahar,
and behind them was Pune.
Your Majesty, everything will be
prepared today before sunset.
Prince Taimur Shah Abdali
is arriving with his army!
Taimur, you have arrived sooner
than I expected.
I left Punjab the moment
I received your letter.
But Father, I bring bad news.
-What? Tell me quickly.
-News from Kandahar.
Uncle Sarfaraz has tried
to take over the throne.
A large revolt is underway.
I have to go back.
I have to go back to Kandahar!
-Right away.
How can you do this?
To win Hindostan, I will not put
Afghanistan on the line.
I understand, Emperor...
But the question is, how will you go?
The Marathas have blocked
your path, Emperor.
Look here, Your Majesty!
But if I get stuck in this battle,
I will lose Kandahar.
All right...
If I cannot go...
send a message that I want a truce!
Now... all that we have done here,
just to strike a truce?
I want a truce with Sadashiv!
Arrange for it!
Yes, Your Majesty.
Emperor of Afghanistan,
Leader of Leaders, Ahmad Shah Abdali!
His Highness Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshwa!
I have been told you want a truce.
I am with you. Because battles
always desolate an empire.
You've come a long way to learn this.
I had to come.
To stop an invader.
-A thousand kilometers away.
-I have travelled far as well.
Yes, you have, but to loot!
We have come to protect.
I don't want to waste time
arguing with you.
I do not want a battle.
If you don't either, then you'll have to
accept my terms.
What terms?
I will return to Kandahar if...
you Marathas remain
south of the Narmada river
and hand over Delhi to me.
No. You will stay north of Attock,
where you've come from,
and you will not step foot
on this land again.
I'll give you one more alternative.
Everything north of Delhi is mine,
and everything south, yours.
You will stay north of Attock...
and will not step foot
on Hindostan's soil ever again.
I will only accept these terms.
Everything north
of where I'm standing, is mine!
And the rest is yours.
Talk sense, kid.
Or else my expedition will be a waste.
My expedition will be a waste
if an invader stays on Hindostani soil.
And the ground you're standing on
right now is part of the Maratha Empire.
You're throwing your life away
for a small piece of land.
I am ready to die for even a single
grain of dust of my motherland!
All right then.
Let's fight it out right here.
Let's do it!
Emperor... Your Majesty...
This is the truce tent... for peace.
To fight, we have
the entire battlefield of Panipat!
Now, first Hindostan...
then Afghanistan!
You're right.
Hindostan will always come first.
The Marathas are getting ready
for battle tomorrow.
Their army is 150,000 and ours is 75,000.
If we want to win, we'll have to create
a square formation.
And move ahead like this.
Our primary goal is to break
the front wall of the Afghan army.
Ibrahim will be at the front
with his cannons.
He will need the Elephant Regiment.
Behind him, the Riflemen, then
the cavalry and then soldiers behind them.
We have one goal, to penetrate
the Afghan army and destroy them.
Yes, My Lord!
On my left Taimur, Najib, Suleiman
and Nawab sahib's armies
will be positioned.
On my left, Shamsher,
Vithal Vinchurkar and Damaji Gaekwad.
On the right, Shah Wali Khan,
and Wahab Khan.
On the right, Jankoji
and General Malhar Rao's armies.
Like always, I will command
the battle from behind.
I will keep a regiment with me
at all times.
Behind them, Nana Purandare,
Yashwant Pawar and Antaji Mankeshwar.
Araadhak Singh, your army
will always be ready for my command.
Yes, My Lord.
And I will be in the middle
with my Huzurat Cavalry.
All the women, pilgrims and civilians
will stay safe on this hill.
A small regiment will stay with them
for their protection.
-Ready your armies!
General Malhar Rao.
If something goes wrong...
taking the women to a safer place
will be your responsibility.
Uncle, you have told everyone
their positions.
Where will I be?
I am not going anywhere.
You're going back, Vishwas.
From the back route.
-No one will see you.
-No. I will fight alongside you.
-No. You are my responsibility.
-I am no one's responsibility!
In Pune, mother protects me
and here, Uncle Shamsher and you.
When will I get the chance
to protect my motherland?
We protect you because you are a Peshwa.
You're right.
But if you keep protecting me,
how will I ever become Peshwa?
I am the commander of this army.
And I will fight!
All right.
You will stay between Shamsher and me,
on an elephant. Near my elephant.
But I have a condition.
You will never get off your elephant.
Forgive me, My Lord.
But I only have this for you.
-Sugar water.
-Have you had some?
Parvati, if something happens to me...
If something happens to me, promise me...
you will not commit Sati.
Promise me.
You will not commit Sati.
Brothers, look all around you!
This is the face of our Hindostani army!
There are Hindus...
people of different castes and farmers!
All fighting for their country,
standing united as one.
You're fighting for your motherland,
for your homes, your families.
But first of all, you are fighting for
the men that are standing beside you
who have travelled miles with you
on this expedition
shoulder to shoulder, to fight!
And why is that?
To stop that invader!
-Yes, Your Majesty!
-Yes, Your Majesty!
Step onto the battlefield
and face him with all your might.
So Abdali learns that there
are still brave warriors on this land.
-Yes, Your Majesty!
-Yes, Your Majesty!
And as far as our starvation is concerned,
we will gratify it with
the blood of the enemy!
Let's go.
His Highness Vishwas Rao Peshwa,
command us!
Begin the Square Formation!
Move forward!
Move forward!
He thinks he's clever.
He's using a Square Formation tactic.
We must create the Crescent Formation.
Crescent Formation!
A Crescent Formation!
Elephant Regiment, move forward!
That's it! Halt!
Elephant Regiment, move forward!
Their cannons are moving forward.
Let's fire our cannons!
Artillerymen! Load cannons!
Annihilate the enemy!
Halt! Fire!
Ibrahim Gardi's cannons are moving
forward and we are unable to take aim.
Wahab, mount our Zamburak cannons
on the camels and then take aim.
Yes, Your Majesty!
Mount the Zamburaks on the camels!
Quickly, move the camels to a new place!
Confronting these moveable cannons
is difficult.
Tell Ibrahim to find their ammunition tent
and destroy it. Go!
Yes, Your Majesty.
Sir, His Highness's order is to find
their ammunition tent and destroy it.
All cannons, three inches to the left.
Two inches up!
All cannons, two inches to the right.
Sir, we are out of ammunition!
Get the flag!
Tell Ibrahim we have to leave the cannons
and elephants behind and move forward.
Ready the Riflemen and move forward!
Yes, Your Majesty.
Send the Riflemen forward!
Brace for impact!
Get ready to attack!
Huzurat! Move forward!
It looks like my God is with them too.
Our soldiers are fleeing!
Taimur, Wasi, split up into two regiments.
Unleash the fear of death
on the deserters and bring them back.
Yes, sir!
No one will flee the battlefield.
I'll hunt down every single one of you.
Return to battle.
Send them right into
the heat of the battle.
Set the rifle's aim on the Peshwa prince.
Yes, Your Majesty!
-Uncle, I...
-Vishwas, I told you...
Nothing will happen to you.
The arrow has only hit your shoulder.
But why did you get off the elephant?
To save Uncle Shamsher.
Now that you've been injured,
you've truly become a warrior.
No! Vishwas!
Forgive me, Vishwas.
Najib, you're the cause of this all!
The sand... Throw the sand!
King Araadhak Singh...
You need to send your army this way.
Araadhakpur's army!
Move back!
Let Araadhakpur's army retreat!
Let Araadhakpur's army leave!
Our army is ready for you!
-So, shall we send the army?
We have already paid our tax.
Now, why shall we send our army?
We must teach Sadashiv Bhau a lesson.
What news have you brought?
The Marathas are reaching the Yamuna bank.
They want to capture the Doab.
We were stuck across the Yamuna,
that is why we got delayed.
Araadhak Singh, your army of 5,000
will always be ready for my command.
Yes, My Lord.
I trusted you...
and you too betrayed us?
You are the biggest traitor!
Close in!
General Malhar Rao,
I can't understand anything from here.
-Is everything all right?
-All I know is
that this place isn't safe right now.
How is Bhau sahib?
I have come to complete the promise
I had given Bhau sahib.
What promise?
The promise to take you all
to a safe place.
Close in!
We don't have any time.
This place is not safe!
Let's go!
Lady Parvati, Let's go! Quickly!
Lady Parvati, come on!
Every single drop of blood...
fallen here... is screaming...
Hindostan will never be yours!
I am ready to die for even
a single grain of dust of my motherland.
So this was what I witnessed.
I never recovered from this calamity.
The world, bereft of my Lord,
meant nothing for me anymore.
Forgive me!
Because of me, we both lost our very own.
Forgive me!
Is this a dream or reality?
Is it a miracle or something else?
Only you are and you will be my love.
I guess it was destiny
You were meant for me
And I was destined to be yours
My tomorrow, and every day that follows...
My Lord...
"Dear Peshwa Nana sahib!
I was victorious in the Battle of Panipat.
However, I have returned
to Kandahar with a heavy heart..."
Sadashiv Rao's face
does not leave my mind.
When he was fighting bravely
with thousands.
It is difficult for me
to accept one thing.
Nonetheless, I will accept it.
This was the biggest battle of my life.
And I fought the bravest warriors,
the Marathas!
And I have fought countless battles
but by god...
I have never seen a warrior
as valiant as Sadashiv.
A salute to the Marathas'
bravery, strength and valor.
God willing, you will continue
ruling your lands.
"Ahmad Shah Abdali."
In history, Abdali was victorious.
But the future belonged to the Marathas.
Sardar Mahadji Shinde took revenge.
And over the next ten years,
re-strengthened the Maratha Empire.
Nana Khandvis.
To maintain the Peshwas monumental reign,
he continued to help them
in the same way
Sadashiv Rao Bhau Peshwa would.
We're the ones who broke
The millennial chains of bondage
The world resonated with
The sound, "Hail Brave Marathas"
The blood that courses
Through these veins
Laying down your life for respect
And honor is a small price to pay