Pannaiyarum Padminiyum (2014) Movie Script

'Landlord and his car (Padmini)'
'The life of a car doesn't start
as soon as it is manufactured'
'Only after it reaches
the hands of a good owner'
'There is no way to know
beforehand who gets which car'
'The car chooses us'
'If you want to know how
a car can find its owner...'
'...then I must tell you
the story of our village'
'Every village has a story'
'Story of the boogeyman,
guardian deity or some folklore'
'Whenever anyone
asks us for a story...'
'...unanimously narrated is
the story of our landlord'
'He's our landlord'
'He has a golden heart'
'He's done a lot of good'
'He's the one who brought all
the technology to our village'
'1st time our village people
heard songs on the radio'
'Watched movies on TV'
Watch, watch...enjoy
Sir! TV is such superior quality!
True to his name, when does
Peedai the pest not jinx anything?!
'Why go that far?
He is the one...'
'...who introduced a toilet to us'
- Aiyah is coming
- Move...move
Move, man
Ask them to go
- You carry on, sir
'If there is an object in his house
anyone can use it at any time'
'There's no time limit
for its usage, day or night!'
Hello, wait dear...1 minute
Here, talk
Don't cry
- Mother?
- What happened?
Mother, my father-in-law is no more
Aiyo! What will I do?
I didn't think he'd go
without even a farewell
(lament song)
Mad fellow!
Who died?
- No, I don't know
Stack those sacks up
without letting them slide
We have to do all the work
No one to even lend a hand
- That's right
- What to do?
When is the baby due for your
daughter, Shanmugam bro?
She's in her 2nd trimester
I need to travel but
work pins me down!
Throw it along
one side of the road
You attend to your work
I dropped by simply
- I can come later
- Oh no, it's okay
My father's car is in the shed
They intend closing it
Might as well bring the car
and we can drive it here, right?
He left long ago
And he's still not back
Where did he go?
Please wait. I'll be back
- Okay
'When he saw this Padmini car,
our landlord's life changed completely
'This story is about
when this car's life started'
Let's go for a drive
Need to harvest
within the next 10 days
When are you starting?
- Hello...?
- Huh...?!
When are you harvesting?
- I should, brother
Brother...if we leave the car
like this, won't it get dusty?
We must keep wiping it
I feel so tired
I'm aching from head to toe
Brother, car here standing outside
enhances your house even more!
Tell your wife
fish curry was delicious
Brother, tell our driver to park
the car in the shade a little bit
All day long standing
under the hot sun
- Must be-
- Look here
You say another word
about that car-
Don't you have
anything else to talk about?
Obsessed with that car
- Okay, bro, leave it
Looks so lovely, that's why
Bring your wife
next time you come
Bro, he's pouring water
all over the car, won't it rust?
It's made of iron, no?
He's liberal with water
without a care in the world!
- Why are you suddenly leaving, bro?
- I've been thinking about it for long
My daughter will
deliver any time now
It would be nice
to be with her, no?
She keeps yelling at me
over the telephone too
That's why
I thought I'll visit her
Would you like
to eat something? - No
- Brother, when did you come?
- Just now, hardly 10 minutes
I'll be back in a minute
Brother's going away
to see his daughter
- Come soon
- Let this be here
What is this, brother?
I've asked one of
our lawyers to come
Give this to him
if he comes
I want to will my assets
to my daughter
- Okay, let me take leave
- See you, brother
What's the hurry?
Why don't you eat here?
It's already late
I wanted to leave
my documents here
Come back soon, brother
Don't just stay there
Sure, I'll be back mid January,
soon after the harvesting festival
Where's the key?
Hey, give me the key
Let my car be here
till I come back
It'll just be idle over there
If it's here, at least
you can drive it. What?
Okay, brother
You are off to see
your daughter, right?
Stay there and spend
some time with your daughter
Don't come back too soon!
Save my son
What will I do?
What happened?
A snake bit my son
Come and tell us what to do
He isn't frothing at all
He might get serious
- Must be a harmless water snake
- Must be a non poisonous grass snake
Sir, start the car
- Someone...please
Sir, you'll have to start it
I-I don't know to drive 'doubles'
Someone start the car...quick
Who knows to drive it?
Sir, our Murugesan knows
Doesn't he only drive a tractor?
Sir, he can even fly a plane!
This will be child's play for him
Can we go?
- Go
Some more it seems
Go...go...go...keep going
Shall I go straight home?!
Ready. . .!
Do you need this?
You lost again
I told you right then
You should have
listened to me
1 last chance
I'll get you a sweet
Just one more chance
- Get lost
- Let me win once
A snake has bitten
Malaiyamma's son
Our landlord asked you
to come immediately
Get in
Let's go
He'll die by the time
you reach driving this!
My son
My dearest son!
Move...move...move aside
No froth from his mouth at all?
Where did it bite him?
- Can you drive?
- Yes, sir
Lift him
- Be careful
Move...give way
Stand aside
Where's his mother?
Get inside
Lower the glass
Let him get some air
Lower that side also
What are you searching for?
- Which is the gear?
- Oh son...?
What is he waiting for?
- What are you doing?
As soon as I find the gear
I can start the car, sir
Is it so important to
search for that right now?
You can come back and search
Start the car immediately
Sir! You can't start
a car without a gear
Sir! He hasn't started
and my son is dying
Now I found it!
My son is dying and
they are all clapping their hands
We're going, dear lady
Your son will be fine, don't worry
Move it
- Murugesa
- Aiyah?
You asked for a lever
"Apple of our eye, favorite indeed
Whizzing with lightning speed"
"Make way for our dear car
Our hot-shot evergreen star!"
"Through ups and downs swerving
As graceful as a chariot swaying"
"Make way for a jewel in the crown
Our car in this town well renowned"
"We aren't alone by no means
Whole town packed in like sardines"
"We'll pole vault and cross the sun
Do you want to join in the fun?"
"We've wished for a long time
to our guardian statue divine"
"Will you give us 4 tyres new
which won't wear out...will you?"
"Driving through folds and forest
Racing in our routes in right earnest"
"Just for larks we'll compete friskily
We'll try to over-take trains cheekily"
"School we bunked...full stop
We had a ball in granny's shop"
"In corners, streets, bushes, gaps
no one over took us, no mishaps"
"We get into trouble customary
We weren't pulled up solitary"
"Weddings, concerts, car we depended on
We sang and danced till break of dawn"
"Jiving through jungles and mounds
Diving and dipping in our many rounds"
"Pick of the litter, number one
Like lightning springs into action"
"Our dear Padmini premier
Make way for this cute 4 wheeler"
Wait, son
Stop the car a little
Bear with it
for a bit more, dear
"Like the decoy hay-man we'll wait
in the edge of our village for this Fiat"
"We'll roast in the sun, lingering forever
Seeing the car we'll take wing together"
"Rooster shaking his comb and head
we squabbled to catch single handed"
"In the streets where small kids run
to the joy of honking we succumb"
"Little car, you are like our mother
You are our family deity like no other"
"Through woods we'll steer our car
We'll zip zap zoom in our route far"
"Chitty Chitty Bang Bang of India
flashes like lightning in euphoria"
"Move aside for our Godsend
For our fine 4-fendered friend"
"High low joy-riding
Like a chariot gliding"
"Thanks to Walchand Doshi
leave way for our lovely Padmini"
He's been asking you to
buy oil cake all these days
And you haven't
got it even today, no?
Am I roaming around jobless?
Drink your porridge
Don't do any work
Just happily loaf around town
Only job for you and your husband
is to give me jobs to do
Lord Muruga!
You're right, we must
never ask sir to do any work
He goes to the market so often
He'll run errands for everyone else
- But he won't lift his finger for us
- I'll buy it this evening
Expect me to believe you?!
Have you ever done
anything I asked you to?
Why is he eating plain porridge?
Give him some dried-chilies
- Has brother left?
- Sir is eating
You're the 1st folks to
hire a cleaner for a car! it infra dig for 'sir'
to wash the car, huh?
Jinx-boy that you are, if you sit
in front will it be auspicious?
If you can't stand my face,
give me your photo
I'll hang it as mascot
in front of the car
No, I asked you to
mix your bran properly
You jolly well mind
your own business!
Move your butt!
Why chit chat with my father?
Peedai...wretched boy!
- Grab the cycle...let's scoot
If we get caught,
we'll be 'bran'ded!
She's here?! Wonder
what will be taken today
Suja has come
I don't know why
She has started talking
to him just now
Wait...he'll come
That's okay, dear, but unless
you tell me your problem... can I sort it out?
What can it be, father-
Ask your husband
to come and eat
We ate before we came here
I made rice pancakes
- Everything is a problem
- Tell me what you want, dear
Don't do this, father
I already have a gloriously
'good' name in this house
They say every time I come here
I take something or the other away
It's not like I'm stealing
from someone else's house
I don't have the right to
take stuff from my own father?
Who else has that right
but you, my child?
You are always
my top priority
First tell me what you want
Whenever I want to know
what's happening in your life...
...I have to come this far
How many ever times
I call you, you don't visit me
I'm not able to be
without seeing you
He's a workaholic to the core
For the past 2 months
our phone hasn't been working
No one has fixed it
That's all?
I'll get you a new phone
within 2 days and send it over
No, don't, then I'll get
pulled up by my mother for this
You have the old
phone here, no?
Just lying around here
He said that's enough
You get yourself a new phone
It's not old, dear
It's in perfect condition
Uh...huh, that's enough, father
That's what I was wondering
about the purpose of your visit
Look here, mother
I didn't ask for a new phone
Oh yes! You're a real good girl
Don't take a dig at her
You take it home, dear!
You heard how she spoke?!
- I told you-
- Ignore her
You called me?
Take this coffee and
give it to my son-in-law
Dai! You give it
- Okay, ma
Go and give it
I can't stand that chap's face, coffee
You seem to
have got a paunch?!
Yes...must reduce it
I didn't mean your tummy
I meant the flab on your face!
Don't shake it around too much
Just keep giving her
everything we have
One fine day,
we'll have nothing left
Leave it, whom else will we
give our possessions to?
What's remaining?
You've already given away
all that we possess
This whole place is bare
All that's left is this house
Give her that also
We'll just keep staring
at each other's faces
Get down...go
After I come back we can
all go for a ride together
- Let's go
- Move aside
You get in
Why do you lock
all the doors?
Where are you running off to
the moment you got back home?
He's been away so long
Wonder what's happened
Shall I go and check, brother?
He was sick
for quite some time
They want to take him to his son's house
I don't know what they'll do now
Lord Muruga, forgive me
for my wayward thoughts
Brother's on a sacred vow
He won't drink coffee
Don't let me get tempted
- Murugesa?
- Sir?
We have to take him
to his son's house
He was ailing for long, taking him
in a bullock cart isn't advisable
Let them take our car
Drop me at home
And bring the car back here
You've taken a sacred vow
So you can't drive them
I've asked for another driver
You got another driver?
- Who else can drive a car?
- There's someone in the next village
I've sent for him
There's no man in their family
to organize the funeral
No, you wait here
I'll be right back
Didn't you see him
the other day also? -I've told him
Where did you guys go?
- He broke his vow
- Where is he?
I've asked you not to do anything
without consulting me first
How can you take off the sacred thread
without fulfilling your vow?
What'll you do if you're cursed?
Nothing like that will happen
I'll finish this trip and put it back
Is it a chain you can
put on and off as you like?
You said no one else
is there to accompany them
What will that poor girl
do all by herself?
God won't do anything if I take off
the thread to do something good
They need a hand now
Let me drive you home
Be careful
- Move...move
Open the
Take care of the body
Hold his head
1st take the corpse in
Find out the relatives
of the dead man
Don't take my life out!
How are you related?
- Uncle
- Then get in
Go in front
- Get in the front
You are sitting on
the dead man's face
Get down now
He'll get squished
Hold the rope carefully
if he falls, don't blame us
Lord Muruga!
Don't make me look at her
"I speak love's language
Only my eyes flash the message"
"I converse in the language of love
Wordless through my eyes' alcove"
"Who is this village angel, kindly assign
How do I explain this pain of mine?"
"Mind is eager to take
as mine for my own sake"
"Lift to eternal heights above
Who can question your move?"
"God above is witness
Watching you with indulgence"
'Aiyo! Look how they have
tied you up there'
"In the language of love I interact
Quietly through eye-contact"
"I became a field with grains windblown
And a pond rippled by a stone"
"As your gaze settled on me alone"
"I'm caught in a whirlpool of senses
I see you everywhere, my princess"
"As love sprouted roots defenseless"
"I should become your half sari
to drape on your shoulder softly"
"Your waist, stride, braid duly blessed
My heart as your shadow fully possessed"
"I keep talking my love's language
Soundless only my eyes engage"
"Swaying to folk music, swinging to and fro
won't your anklets in rhythm echo?"
"Like water breaking many a barrier
chariot-like, won't my mind waver in favor?"
"I refer the almanac eagerly
I ask the priest earnestly"
"To fix our wedding date quickly
Rest I'll whisper on our wedding night only"
"I speak love's language
Only my eyes flash the message"
"Angel of this village, kindly define
How do I explain this pain of mine?"
"Mind is eager to take
as mine for my own sake"
"Carry to eternal heights above
Who can question your move?"
"God above is witness
Watching you with indulgence"
It's mid January and you've
still not put back your vow-thread
When do you intend
fulfilling your vow?
Some people are
asking me to put it
Some people are
asking me not to
Why should I care
about anyone's opinion?
I've made up my mind
to see Lord Muruga
Might as well go
to the temple
'May the envious eyes of family,
friends, foe, fauna, flora not flourish'
She spat on my shirt!
Should you give us
your produce every year?
It's the only way
we can repay your love
What will we old people do?
Give it to your children
Okay, go inside
Where is your new dress?
- It's inside my box, ma
- Why didn't you wear it today?
It'll get dirty, right?
I'll wear it next year
Aiyo...go, you jackass!
I've served dinner for you
and I've been looking for you
What're you doing here?
Nothing...just looking
I just came out
and you followed me
Come, let's eat
What happened?
What do you mean
what happened?
Do you think
I can't read your mind?
Pongal celebrations are over
and you don't know what to do...
...when our family friend
comes back for his car back, no?
That's why I kept telling you
not to revel in someone else's car
Did you listen?
Murugesan walks with
his head stuck in the clouds!
If it goes, so be it
- You and your pearls of wisdom!
I was preoccupied with something else
and you butted into my thoughts!
I had totally forgotten about that
You're only making me remember
If he comes and asks,
I'll return it to him
if I keep thinking about it
will the car become mine?
If it has to go, it will
Come, let's eat dinner
- Maaa?
- Come
How are you?
Oh! Back from the temple?
You won't shave even
after visiting the temple
- Where is sir?
- He's up, in his room
I'll give him this sacred ash
Come here for a second
He has been kind of dull
these past few days
What happened?
Shanmugam bro said he'd take
the car back, no? That's why
We took care of it
like our baby all these days
And he'll just come
and take it away, huh?
Who asked you to shower
baby-love on someone else's car?
Did you even listen when
I kept harping on this?
Okay, leave it
We'll try to talk him
out of taking it back
Otherwise, we'll buy
a new car like this
No need of a new car
Let's just keep this one
Can we buy them a new one?
If someone asks you
to take care of his car...'ll act as if you own it
And if he asks for it back,
you'll ask him to get another car?
Height of justice!
He'll buy a car it seems
Like he's rolling in money!
You got back just now?
Ask my wife to keep it
in the prayer room
I'll shower and then
take the sacred offerings
Why do you look so dull?
Aiyah, when Shanmugam sir comes,
we'll buy the car from him
Otherwise...I'll beg, plead, request
and retain the car here somehow
It has been with us for so long-
-it's not just you
Even your dear wife
can't be without it, you know?
Aiyah...the car won't leave us
Don't ask me howl know
I don't have an answer
But I know for sure it won't
- Welcome, bro
- Come inside
Sit here
Move a little
Bring a leaf, bro
Sit down
Serve some gravy
Malar, serve some gravy here
Look there
I'm scared to even look, bro
I'll kill you...look!
She's looking at us, bro
She'll definitely not look now
Stop...stop...stop, bro
Your girl is looking this way
Who are these chaps?
Following us around
They've come here also, see?
Why are you following me now?
Don't try all this with me
That's all
Bro, are you sad
she yelled at you?
That's why I warned you
Do we need all this?
We should just go about
our business quietly
Did I grumble and
grieve to you I'm sad?
Why don't you zip your lips
and attend to your work?
Will a girl voluntarily say,
'come, circle all around me all day'?
I know how to take care of this
Go and collect
all the cow dung
- Murugesa
- Aiyah...?
Get lost
- Shall we go?
- Yes, sir
If he showered at all,
we can take him with us too
No need, sir
Get into the car
- Where?
- To the cinema!
Obviously to the temple
To the temple only, right
Why are you calling me?
Did I go in this car to
the temple all these days?
I can't get into
someone else's car
Do you even know
how to drive a car?
You learn to drive
and then call me
if I don't come, then
you can question me
Until then, don't call me
I'll drive and show you
- Are you ready?
- Yes
- Shall we start?
- Let's drive
- Then get inside
- Okay, right
Sir, close the door properly
- Just 2 days
- Can learn by then?
You'll rip the door apart!
Shall we get to the issue?
Murugesa, why do you often look
at this mirror when you're driving?
To straighten out your
ruffled hair when it gets windy
To check the vehicles
behind us, sir
Shall we start
what we came for?
There are 3 levers
at the bottom, right?
That's how the car runs
Why look at my mouth?
Look at your feet!
Press your left foot
on the 1st one
That's the clutch
Put your right foot on
the 3rd one, that's the accel-
There's 1 more-
I'm jobless here
Shall I put my foot there?
Why are you yelling
at me, Murugesa?
I'm trying to teach you, no?
- Okay, Okay
- Listen carefully
1st lever is the clutch
3rd is the accelerator
- Middle one is...?
- Brake
1st one?
-3rd one...?
-3rd one...hmmm?
1st one...?
Middle one?
Don't look at my mouth
Look down
- 1st one?
- 1st lever-
- 3rd?
- Murugesa...!
1st lever
- Murugesa, 1st one?
- Clutch
- Murugesa, what's the 1st onel?
- Clutch!
Clutch, clutch, yes...okay
- Hello?
- Who is it?
Isn't Muthunayagam there?
- And you are...?
- Shanmugam speaking
- Sir...?
- Will you call him?
Right away
- Who's on the phone?
- Shanmugam bro!
- Where are you off to?
- Shanmugam sir is on the phone
What did he say?
I don't know, your wife
is talking to him now
She's talking...?
- What did he tell you?
- He didn't say anything
I wonder what he wants
What is she saying...?
Madam is coming
- Selvi...?
- Ma?
- Have you finished over there?
- Almost over, ma
- Murugesa, ask her
- Sir, you ask her
You ask
What did Shanmugam sir say?
He's not feeling well
He said he'll take
a while to come back
I'm upset he's unwell
and you're 'haiiiiya'ing!
You're so obsessed
with that car, huh?
What can I do?
After you spoke
I thought you'd call me
But you didn't
Is this how you wash a car?
Peedai, what is this?
How much ever I clean
flowers keep falling on it
I'll kill you if you give me
your 'pesty' retorts!
- Murugesa
- Aiyah...?
I am ready
Come...come, start
Let's drive
Sir, you asked me to bring
fodder from the rice mill
Is that important right now?
I've been ready and waiting
for you since morning
Let's go
Sir, how many days has it been
since you started learning to drive?
How many days?
When did we ever start?!
You taught me to drive just 1 day
and you reported sick-
That's not the point
How many days?
4 days. right?
When it comes to driving
what counts is the day we started
So what?
If you drive for 4 days,
you need 10 days rest
Don't bluff
Sir, driving is an art
It's not a simple issue
You think it's all about
pressing 3 levers and a gear?
Do you know what all
technical details are involved?
Sir, look here
For every move of yours,
multiple reactions happen
If something goes wrong
car's chapter closed!
So what is the solution?
We give it some rest
But how is it, you keep
driving the car daily?
That's after you learn to drive.
This is before you learn
Who is the best driver
in this village?
Me. right?
You bet! Even the buffalo heard you!!
Sir, what if you drive and
something happens to the car?
I won't let it go that far
But you need rest in order to drive
Do you want to learn fast or not?
- I want to drive
- That's all
Whatever you've taught me so far
I'll practice it for now
Murugesa, next month
is my wedding anniversary
if I learn to drive by then, I can
take my wife to the temple on my own
You'll drive superbly by then, sir!
Is that so?
Okay, go
You wanted to go somewhere
- Finish that job
- I'll bring the fodder
Thank God, I escaped, othwerwise
he'd have killed me today also
Why does he want to learn
driving when he is middle-aged?
Then why don't you teach me?
Sorry, words slipped out
Get out
Get water and come
'I am mincemeat'
Come near the Aiyanar Temple
I need to talk to you
My car's radiator got heated
I wasn't following yo-
How many times do I tell you?
Leave me alone
My father knows so many
people in this village
If someone finds out,
I'll be in a big soup
- I wish they would
- What did you say?
Let them tell him, so what?!
I like you...will you marry me?
I knew it would lead to this
Stop following me
If they find out...that's all
I'm not that kind of girl
To just say yes when
you ask me to marry you
Have I ever looked
at you twice?
Why are you looking
at me like that?
You kept following me
like Mary's lamb
That's why I looked back
I beg of you
Don't hound me
Car's radiator ran out of water
The other day you stood
outside the mill
Then you stopped the van
and started talking
- It was work related
- You ogled at me in the street
You follow me
to the temple also!
I can't go to a shop or my job
You follow me wherever I go
Everyone is wondering who you are
And I don't know how to reply
My father is a real short tempered man
Please don't follow me anymore
How many times do I say this?
You are-
Hey! Tell me in a single word
That you like me
"Has love blossomed by?
Has rain been blessed by the sky?"
"Over eyes tease
love's dove of peace"
"Has doubtful drizzle halted now?
Has the mind painted a rainbow?"
"Are you my ibis
from the hill of bliss?"
"Picturesque moon, she stood shyly
Slumber time, she sailed next to me"
"Oblivious to night and day redesigned
Eyes deaf to 'sound and light' by mind"
"Oblivious to obvious yo-yo of night and day
Eyes unmindful to mind's audio-video play"
"Has love blossomed by?
Has rain been blessed by the sky?"
"Dove on eyes nestle
as love's apostle"
"Has cloudy raindrops reduced now?
Has the heart sketched a rainbow?"
"Aren't you my ibis true
from yonder blue?"
"Letter to reach its destination
looks in every direction"
"To see her beau's face
mind sighs to touch base"
"Your letter to reach me is delayed
ls there a new way to be waylaid?"
"Bee searches for the orchid flower
Honey-filled, I eagerly wait to shower"
"For your doubts to flee
shall I touch you tenderly?"
"Your bangles, my precious
jingle in anticipation infectious"
"I slip away gracious"
"Has love blossomed by?
Has rain been blessed by the sky?"
"Eyes introduce
love's dove of truce"
"Has dazed sprinkle stopped now?
Has the soul bent into a rainbow?"
"My dear mountain ibis!
Are you my own miss?"
Not bad, they kept saying
they would ply buses and they did!
Now the villagers
won't need our car
The bus is terrific
Look at its terrific speed!
What bright colors
for sore eyes!
It doesn't look like
they are here yet, bro
Bro, I think they're here
Who is this fool?
Driving a car like a bullock cart!
Must be some local chap
Don't lose your cool, bro
Why are you honking on and on?
Can't you see the car in front of you?
Don't zip zap zoom
inside our village
Go slow
Tell your driver to go slow
and steady inside our village
He and his smirky-face!
Your shelling will make him
think twice to even look back
Why are you getting
so irritated with him?
As if he has a bus to boast!
- Oh no! Malar will be waiting
What are you looking
left and right for?
I'm talking to you
Van is here...what
are you busy looking for?
Can you kindly shut up?
I'm talking to you!
What are you doing?
Where are you going?
Let's get in
- When will the postman come?
- Around this time, bro
Get hold of him
- Come...hurry, bro
- Wait, boys
We'll talk later
Open the letter box
Wait, I'll open
- I'll do it...wait
- We'll discuss later
Okay, I won't say a word
- Open it
- Wait
Listen to me
Don't tear it
Everyone's letters are in here
- Listen-
- Here, hold this!
Mad fellow
Outrageous behavior!
'I am going to Kutralam tomorrow
That's why I called you'
'Even if I'm here
you won't be seeing me'
Pushed my cycle down too
Village bumpkins!
What is it, bro?
Is it all over?
Forever bullying
You'll never reform
The car has been missing
for quite some time...?
- Where is the car, dear?
- What does it matter to you?
You hate the sight of it
- Oh God! Sorry I even asked you
Why should I care?
Where could they be?
Why are you hiding
my shop with your car?
Folks from my village came here
A teenage girl accompanied them
Wondered if they came this way
I'll move the car
in about 5 minutes
In love, huh?
Give me a tea, bro
Only men are so shy
when it comes to love
Your girl might be looking
for you on the other side, son
Father, you keep going
I'll be back in a minute
Okay...sure, dear
There's a studio
near the bus stand
I'll stand there, you come
- Hey...?
Straighten out your clothes
1 minute
Come soon
Wait...races around the town
and then dictates my speed
3 levers..accelerator...
gear levers
What are you moving
your hands and legs for?
Intending to dance?
It's just for a few more days
All those who made fun of me
not knowing how to drive...
...will swallow their words!
If you learn to drive
before our anniversary...
...then can't you
drive us to the temple?
You're learning anyway
Just learn faster
Look at this old lady's wish list!
You didn't get in
when I called you
But now I need to do bow down to
your wishes, huh? I can't...get lost!
Don't lie to me
I know you're learning
for that reason only
Don't raise your expectations
only to have them flattened out
Why would I go flat?
It's not like
I just came of age
If you don't want to...don't
I said I won't
Why keep retorting then?
- I slept a long time ago
- Your arrogance is your 2nd skin!
You're still such a child
if I die tomorrow,
how will you manage?
You were talking
normally till now
Will you go
to sleep now or-
I'm sleepy
- Tell me
If something untoward
happens to me tomorrow...
...can you bear it?
You are
that kind of man!
No one can take care of you
the way I do, you know that?
"Look at me, old boy
needles in my joy"
He has slept, huh?
"Dampened lashes...dry up
forget your worries, dear, sleep"
"Sweetheart, lament and laugh
No more tears, my equal half!"
Don't make a noise
It took you so long
to buy fertilizers?
It wasn't me Peedai's fault
Okay, she's asking me to drive her
to the temple on our anniversary
How does she know?
Did you tell her?
I didn't whisper a word
- Don't scream
I don't know anything
I didn't whisper a word
Then how...?
Dai! She herself asked this of me
Can I learn by then?
That's all? Just see
how well I teach you!
You'll go as a happily married
couple to Kutralam!
I said I wanted to go to
the temple, not Kutralam
That's what, you can go to
the temple and then to Kutralam
- What are you all doing?
- What does it look like?
Tell her
Aiyah has asked us to write
your name on the car
Clear off...out of this place
Just because he is
being immature...
...why are you writing it
like a mad fellow?
What's the big deal?
So what if we write your name?
So what...?
Don't you have any sense?
Do we own this car?
If that man comes and asks why
where will we hide our faces?
You only asked me to
drive you to the temple
I asked you to drive me to the temple
Did I ask you to write my name?
That's why I shouldn't
ask anything to this man
1st rub that off
Maybe she didn't
like your handwriting!
Wipe it clean
Wipe it properly, bro
Looks like you chaps
are wiping the car
Be careful!
It is someone else's car
Make sure it doesn't get scratched
Hello, sir
What's his problem?
Even you are better!
My whole mood
has been spoilt
This car seems to be here
for so many weeks, father
Seems like all the boys from
the village are driving it around
Careful, father
It's not our car
If they come and ask for it and
it has to be repaired, that's it!
We'll take care of it
Do we have to give it back
if he asks for it...or is it for us?
Naturally we must return it
I don't want it
I just asked
What's the big deal
in giving it to you?
Do you even have to ask?
Just take it
What's the big deal?
You wanted to get fertilizers
Go and buy it now
Ma! I brought it
day before yesterday
Her eyes are fixed
on the car, leave now
Ma! I'll go and get
the fertilizers now
Just go
From phone to car now!
Good thing, madam asked us
to get out of the place now
The daughter would've
taken the car with her
Those race maniacs
are right behind us
Let them come
I can handle them
Chase them
What, father?
Car has gone
Looks like they are having
a right royal spin in it
But if I say anything,
it's start the bike
I'll see you, father
Bye, mother
Take care, dear
Are you trying to overtake us?
Conductor, dung mouth!
Don't hang out on the foot board
Your speed is snail's pace
Shall I get down and push your bus?
Challenging me?
- Take them off the road, bro
Smash them into the pond
Trying to race me?!
You're battling with us
with that trash can of a bus!
Catch him...overtake
Won't you listen?
Try pressing your brakes
Almost there
Sissy cowards
Don't zig zag
Drive your bus straight
May you never prosper!
Come, my dear
How are you?
I didn't even recognize you
Let me hold the baby
Come in
- Dear...?
- Whose baby is this?
Shanmugam's daughter is here
Send someone and ask
Murugesan to come here soon
Is her father also with her?
- No, I don't know the details
Come fast
She's waiting
- Looks just like you
- That's what they say
- How are you, dear?
- I'm fine
Did you offer her
something to drink?
- Oh no! I didn't even ask
- No, I don't want
Didn't give her anything?
Isn't your father here?
...passed away
Oh my God!
What are you saying?
He was complaining
of chest pain for a long time
The doctors said
it was nothing to worry
But then this happened
all of a sudden
I don't know anything
about my father's assets
Do you know what he has
left to whom by any chance?
Because I don't know
anyone else here
And if he'd given anything
to you before he left...
...if I get it, will be
very helpful to me
Because I can't stay here
for very long, I must leave today
Go, dear
'If you learn to drive
before our anniversary...'
'...then can't you
drive us to the temple?'
'Next month is our wedding anniversary'
'lf l learn by then, I can myself
drive Chellamal to the temple'
I know our phone
wasn't working
But at least you could have
sent someone to inform us
He was complaining of
frequent chest pain
He didn't want to get
admitted in the hospital
Who knew...this would happen?
Aiyah...come here
Is that Shanmugam sir's daughter
who has come home now?
- What are your plans?
- Don't know
Give me the car keys
Listen to me
Did she ask about the car?
Not as yet, but she wants to
take back her father's assets
That's why I came
to take the documents
Then what?
Just give that alone
- We'll see about the car later
- Anyhow she will get to know
Then she'd have asked for it, no?
Only if she sees the car!
I'll handle that
Give her just the documents
Just do as I told you
Hey! Buffalo
Push the car
9 documents are here
All that your father gave me
Why are you giving me
count and account?
I forgot to ask
How is Suja?
She is fine
Tell her I enquired about her
I'll take leave, ma
See you. Pa
1 minute wait, dear
Please step in
You haven't breathed a word
to her about the car?
Wrong, dear
She has just now
lost her father
She is also like
a daughter to us
Give her the car keys
- What, ma?
- Give the keys
Give me the car keys
Give it to her
How could yo-
Your father left his car
with me before he went
I clean forgot
Here are the keys
I know the car is with you
My father told me about it
Let it be here
What will I do with it?
That too, when he has left it here
it's not right for me to take it away
Let it be with you
in my father's memory
Oh sweetie,
we'll go home now
Give it to her
Don't give me money and
treat me like a stranger
You are also like our daughter
You've come to visit us for
the 1st time with your baby
We haven't bought
anything for the baby
Keep it as a token of our love
Not for the car, but for your baby
- Please accept
- It isn't for the car, dear
- Murugesa...!
- Aiyah?
Murugesa, drop her at home
In the next village
Shall I drop them and come?
- Yes
Shall I drop them and
come back with the car?!-Yes...go!
- Embarrassing!
- Okay, sir
You dumb-ass! You've piled up
so much hay over the car
I'll remove it now, aiyah
Quick, be quick
Take it all
- I'll sit in front today
- No, it is my turn
Clear show-offs!
Nuisance value!
Should I tell you specially?
Today is my turn
to sit in front, bro
They are not letting me sit
I'll give you 2 hard
knocks on your head
Run now
Please, bro, just once
I'll sit in front
Don't make me slap you
1st go from here
Come here
You want to sit in front?
- Yes, bro
Go home and get 5 bucks from
your mother, I'll make you sit in front
- FIVE bucks?
- How much can you get?, bro
I'll get Rs 5 now
You come back with the money
I'll even put you in the driver's seat
- Okay...okay, bro
- Now go with a smile
Will you do it surely, bro?
- I'll do it for sure, run now
What's happening here?
These kids wanted 10 paise to
buy some candies, I gave them
Did you take the keys?
It is with me
Someone said they won't
get into someone else's car
Ask her what
she will do now
1st ask him to show off
his driving skill, then talk
I will show you
- Sir...?
I'm depending on you only
- Let's go
Hey! Who wrote
my wife's name here?
How will I know?
I'm asking you
Do your work
I know who wrote
Don't think you can fool m-
It's getting late and we have
to get back before sun set
I know you are
hand in glove with her
I have no idea what
you are talking about! Let's go
You're also ganging up with her
I can't help it
if you think that of me
You seem to be cleaning
taking all the stuff apart?
We keep dusting it in a hurry
before we go I thought-
Hey! Stop dustin-
- Take it to the back yard
He yells at me even if I work!
That's why we are
giving her a clean wipe
Hey! Murugesa listen
I press with this foot to
pick up speed, it is accel-
The middle one is brake
What the hell is this one
you press with left foot called-
I keep forgetting
- Clutch
- That's the elusive word!
I'll get it right the next time
Dinner is ready
What are you doing?
- Let's eat, come
- I'll wait for him, you go in
You asked me to come in
and you are standing here?
You wash your hands
and feet, I'll be with you
Why don't you also
come and eat?
- Let Peedai come
- How is he driving?
Our aiyah?!
He bragged he'd drive me to
the temple on our wedding day?
Will he?
Your dream won't
come true in this birth!
If he's building castles in the air
you are waving the victory flag!
Aiyaiyo! I was so sure
he'd somehow learn
You don't think
it is possible?
Do you think deliberately
lam not teaching him?
He just doesn't get it!
Murugesa, don't feel bad
if I say this to you
Make him sit in front
You sit right next to him
Let him hold that...that-
- Steering wheel
Yes, let him simply hold it
You drive but make him think
he is driving and praise him sky high
We can visit the temple
and get back, that's all
Murugesa, he is like a kid
wishing for the moon
Somehow make it happen, da
- Okay, ma
Come in to eat
You'll usually talk nonstop
Today you are so quiet
Am I the chatter-box?
At least you'll reply
when l talk, right?
Fine, tell me
You might as well
have been silent!
Hey! What do you want?
- Nothing
I feel like-
You wanted to ask me something.
Blurt it out
How do you know I wanted
to ask you something?
I didn't want to ask anything
- No...?
- Huhum
Okay fine, let's go
I'm asking only
because you insist!
- Tell me
Tomorrow I'm not working
I'll leave home
as if I'm going to work
Will you take me out somewhere?
I want to go for a long drive
with you in this car
Will you take me?
Was this why you were
behaving so weirdly?
What time shall we meet?
"Bud blossomed abandoning her shyness
Chatting nonstop luck bloomed in excess"
Are you upset about me
sleeping here tonight?
I've told sir my mother is unwell
and I need the car at dawn
If he asks you, don't tear
my story to bits, okay?
Do you want to sleep up here?
You don't want to...?
It's okay, I know
you are very fond of me
You won't agree
even if I force you
Malar is taking off tomorrow
We are planning to spend
the whole day together
Where can we go?
Wherever we go, some snoopy chap
or the other sees us together
Do you know how awesome
I felt talking to her today?
All this will never happen
in your life, right?
You can only hear it
from someone 2nd hand
Why is he coming here
at this time of the night?
If he knows we are awake
that's it! Close your eyes
- Murugesa...?
- Aiyah?
I saw the light and
wondered if you were here
I just dozed off to sleep
- You were asleep, huh?
2 weeks more
for our wedding day
Make me drive
somehow, please
Or else she'll be terribly
disappointed...she wanted this, no?
She doesn't know where
the steering wheel is in a car
Doesn't matter. if I don't drive
You drive
I'll just hold the steering wheel
and pretend, she'll fall for it
You simply praise me sky high
We can visit the temple
letting her think I drove
She is like a kid
wishing for the moon!
I know I won't be able to
learn before our anniversary
You taught me...that...that ABC
How can I drive when even that
hasn't entered my thick skull?
Somehow make it happen, da
Okay sleep, you wanted to
go somewhere in the morning
Accel, brake, clutch
Now I got it right!
Aiyah, get up
I'll teach you to drive
I asked you to get up
so I can teach you to drive
1-2-3-4, you said
10 days rest is required
It's not yet 10 days
Sometimes rest for
9 days is enough
I'll wait outside for you
Don't dilly-dally
Come soon
Murugesa, accelerator, brake, clutch
How's that?
How long will you keep
saying the same 3 words?
You can't drive by just
memorizing these 3 words
Hardly 2 weeks left
for your anniversary
Do you want to
drive by then or not?
Then you should grasp what I teach
quickly, like camphor to fire, okay?
Press the clutch
If you press the clutch
and lift it up, its 1st gear
This is 2nd
This is neutral
Now, shift to 1st gear
Did it shift?
Did you hear the noise?
Release the clutch slowly
and press the accelerator
Who will look at the road?
Sir, relax
I'm here, no? Shall we go?
No problem. Start again
Sir, why are you wiping the car?
Let me do it
Shouldn't look at prestige for all this
My car and I pride myself in wiping it
Where has Peedai
disappeared to?
You could ask him
to wipe, no?
You know his slip shod
wiping ability!
Like how he cleans the cow-shed!
Look how it is
gleaming bright?
If he didn't do a good job tell him to
do it again...he and his thick skull!
If you teach him
he'll also learn, aiyah
Why keep harping on that?
Washed and wiped,
gleaming bright, right?
Let me do the rest
- Take your hands off!
I just now cleaned it there
and you are dirtying it
I'll get the car keys
You don't have to exert yourself!
Just start the car...enough
After I learn to drive...
...everyone will learn
a lesson or 2 from me
Sta rt
Won't aiyah always say 'our car'
and we should take good care of it?
Now he says 'my car'
so possessively, da
Bet you are reading more into it and
making a mountain out of a mole hill
Even if it was just in the course of
conversation, I can't digest it, Peedai
I'm worried once he starts
driving, I will be out of a job
Why are you obsessing
without any reason?
This is how it will start
Then it will add up to more
Dumbass, all because of you!
If only you had cleaned it
he wouldn't have started wiping it?
- Bro...?
- What 'bro'...go!
He wouldn't have meant it
from the bottom of his heart
My heart feeIs heavy
ever since he said it, da
He hasn't even started driving
If he learns fully, that's it
But I won't be without
teaching him, da
At least for his wife's sake
I'll teach him to drive
Don't fret and fume
it will all end on a happy note
He's such a big shot
He spoke out of turn, that's all
But he can't tell me not to wip-
- Hey! Don't be a broken record
Naturally it is his car
As if he will say 'your car'?!
Come here 1 minute
You don't deserve
any car, get lost
You pest of a mongrel!
I'll make mincemeat of you
I might as well become mincemeat
than listen to your nonstop lament!
What took you so long?
Come, I'll drop you
Sorry, aiyah suddenly gave me
an errand to run, that's why
I'll take you wherever you want now
I can't come to suit
your whims and fancy
Don't get hyper
I'm sorry, it was my mistake
I'm not going overboard
I wished for too much, my fault!
Is this your own car for you
to drive it any time you like?
You are working as a driv-
- Yes, I am only a driver
- What's wrong in what I said?
- Nothing, you leave now
- Bye
- Go
Murugesan, shouldn't you
be alert while driving?
What if something
happens to the car?
We are not the owner
Just the driver, no?
Who is the driver?
Aren't you the driver?
Are you the owner?
If I get out. I'll kill you
Just go
You have so much money
Then why aren't you
getting something to eat?
Peedai bro promised
he would make me sit... the car's front seat
if I give him 5 bucks
I can't save if I eat, no?
Instead of eating
he is saving up it seems!
What are you gaping at?
- I was simply standing and-
ls aiyah ready?
He has been ready for an hour
He just went in to get something
How is his driving?
Uh...he is driving
What is she quietly enquiring?
Is she asking you
how I drive?
Oh yes! I'm so jobless
I'll be enquiring
Don't try to hide
your eagerness
Shall we drive
a couple of rounds here?
Old woman is very keen
to see me drive
If you call me 'old woman'
I'll dash the car over you
With what?
1st gear or 2nd gear?
I kept the key somewhere
Where did I keep it?
Let him come out
I'm searching high and low
She isn't moving an inch!
Doesn't even remember
where he kept it...old man!
Her way of 'tit for tat'!
Is she turning
to look at us?
No, sir
- No...? She should look now
'She'll wait for me
to go and then look!'
"I was born for you
my beloved beau"
"Your adam's rib I'll be
day and night till eternity"
"I was born for you, my fair squire
Be with you 24x7 when you require"
"Wedded to you, so what if years fly
Your love for me will never bid goodbye"
"From my head to toe
my husband's reign has no veto"
"Guarding the southern end, Goddess
Muthalamma is our sole witness"
"You were born for me, my fair lady
In my mind I'll embed your name gladly"
'Fall at my feet
I'll bless you'
"if you don't caress me or collide in delight
mattress will give you a hard time at night"
"Will a cat let go of a pot
of dried fish, its soft spot?"
"Scent of sprats, lovely,
won't it wish to ravish slowly?"
"Favors don't try to curry
You get only my sari!"
"isn't the flower's scent
to the senses a present?"
"Won't the flower
grace to shower?"
"You are not old at all, my dear
My adorable aubergine tender"
"Do you think I 'came of age'
only day before, my man vintage?"
"I was born for you, my handsome landlord
Be with you night and day, no holds barred"
"Wedded to you, so what if years fly
Your love for me will never bid goodbye"
"From my head to toe
my husband rules with no embargo"
"Guarding the southern end, Goddess
Muthalamma is our soul's witness"
Murugesa, okay, I got
the hang of 1st and 2nd gear
What about 3rd, 4th
and reverse gears?
What am I there for then?
For driving to the temple
you can go at 20 km/hour
I won't teach you to reverse
Are you planning to
sack me after you learn?
How can you even think
something like this of me?
How will I sack you?
I just wanted to please my wife
Don't even know to drive and
you're so damn possessive
Once we get back from the temple
I won't touch the steering wheel!
- Promise?
- I swear
Shift the gear
That's all
Move to 2nd now
Don't be scared
Loosen your grip
on the steering
Don't hold it so tight
- Did I dash into something?
- I'll get down and see
- Murugesa...?
- Let me take a look
I'll be back
Don't get flustered
It will be alright
Don't push, I'll manage
Wheel is out now
You sit inside
and do as I tell you
Just sit inside
Don't worry
Call someone for help
No need. I can handle it
- Let's call someone
Sit...don't worry
I'm telling you. we'll be fine
I'll push
When I tell you
remove the clutch
Let go of the clutch
Move aside
We should leave early tomorrow
And return before sun set
Sir...this is normal
when you learn to drive
Don't get upset
Go inside
Get down
What happened?
- Didn't you go in?
Do you know how many times
I've hit huge boulders?
This is no big deal
There's no problem at all
Go in first
Look at the condition of your car
Loose connection everywhere
Where the hell
did you dash the car?
When I was driving at night
a stone was on the way
All this has been ripped apart
Did you think you could
repair it yourself?
Oil was leaking
That's why
Everyone can't tamper with
the parts trying to sort it out
If there's a big repair
then I won't come to check
Any problem
you should tell me
What are we there for?
- Okay
Take that 10-11 spanner
What happened?
- Nothing, aiyah
Oil leak, so I brought
the mechanic over to check
Don't worry
Our boss
- Hello!
Did you take the car
for any long drive?
Did it run long distance?
- No
They won't take it
too long a distance
They just go to buy fertilizers
from the neighboring village
Oil won't leak unless it has
covered a fairly long distance
Car should be
treated like a car
Not like a delivery van
carrying heavy loads!
You won't get spare parts
anywhere here for this car
You can drive it
If it stops midway anywhere, it will
be fit for waste shop or dump yard
I've kind of fixed it now
Make sure oil
doesn't leak again
Are you leaving, bro?
- Yes...what?
I just wanted to learn
a few things about our car
You and your lard face!
Take care, bro
He got away easy!
Ma, there's no problem at all
I could have done it myself
That mongrel scared us
just to line his pocket
Don't be upset
Tell her, aiyah
Do you know
what he said?
He said no problem at all
if we take good care of it
Please be extra careful, too many
envious eyes have cast a spell
Nothing will happen, no?
Gawd! Aiyah...we should ensure
oil doesn't leak again, that's all?
We'll manage
I won't touch
the car again, da
I can't be a broken record!
I'll de-spell the envious eyes
Take all the time you want and
keep worrying to your mind's content!
- Hey!
- Bro?
You didn't hear me honk?
I didn't hear
Did you?
Drama king!
Why have you parked your bus
in the middle of the road?
Break down, bro
I'm not surprised! If driven by
a retard like you...naturally!
Get your bus moving first
We can think of racing later, okay?
Fat heads! As if racing
is the need of the hour?!
I changed my mind
and decided to help
After all, our people
are stranded, no?
Ask those going to Pulipatti and
I'll drop them in their homes
- It is okay
- Do as I say
All the Pulipatti folks
get into the car
- Let's go
- Shut up
It will get dark
We'll be yelled at
We'll have no other go
but to walk all the way
All of you get inside
- Where are you going?
- To sit in front, bro
Get lost!
Walk home
Murugesa, no place at the back
- Then you have to walk
Bro, move aside
You move and let her get in
- Get inside
Don't make a fuss
Cow-dung face...move
"You were born for me, my lovely girlie
In my mind I'll embed your name willingly"
"You were born for me, my fair lassie
In my heart I'll tattoo your name lovingly"
Murugesa, sari is awesome, no?
How many times will you ask?
I swear it is awful!
It is awesome, sir
- Forget it
I should hide it somewhere and
gift it to her on our wedding day
- What happened?
- Let me check
Aiyah, get down please
Peedai, push the car
- don't
- It's okay, let me push
We can make it
Once more
- Let's push faster
Did it start, bro?
Shut up. Just push
He'll tell us when it starts
Murugesa, let me
catch my breath
- Aiyah! Some passers-by
- Why has the car stopped?
Greetings, sir
Why are you standing here
at this time of the night?
Can't find the key
Wondering what to do
Search for the keys
Why are you
hunting in the dark?
I can push the car
till your house?
I'll find the keys for you
in the morning
Let's go
Keep your bag in the car
Push, da
Where has he gone?
Shhhh! I don't want
my wife to wake up
Before the rains we should
stack the wet bricks inside
Come silently
Push to this side
We should somehow get it
repaired without her knowledge
She'll be distressed
if she finds out
You don't even
have to tell me
I'll get the mechanic
1st thing in the morning
- Go to bed
- Okay, da
Thanks a lot
Your keys
It fell down from your pocket
I kept it with me
so no one would know
I won't tell anyone
Your car will be fine
Don't worry
See you
Wait for me. I'm coming
We should have enough
food for everyone
Okay, madam
Doesn't matter about leftovers
No one should go hungry
- Bro...?
- What, da?
Mechanic is out of town it seems
It will take 2 days
for him to come back
No one is giving
proper information
What happened?
Mechanic is not in town it seems
He'll be back only after
2 days it seems
We'll still be
well within time
There's already oil leakage
If we don't attend to it immediately,
it might become worse
Won't our madam wonder why we are
not taking the car out for 2 days?
She's coming
Take him along and buy
all the provisions needed
Aren't we feeding everyone?
Otherwise on our wedding day
he'll come up with some lame excuses
Stay with him and ensure
you get everything, okay?
Go, da
- No petrol!
- Lost the keysl!
Why fret? He'll come within
the next 2 days and repair it
Then we'll all go to
the temple definitely
Why such long faces?
He said if it stops once more
then we are in big trouble
Nothing of that sort will happen
it will all be fine...go
Who gave you the idea
I shouldn't know about it?
I thought as much
Who else will get such ideas!
Take care of the house
I'll be back soon
- You promised me 10 paise
- I'll miss the bus
- I'll give you this evening
- I know you won't
Please, ma
Don't bug me
Go...get lost
Hello, bro
You came back earlier
than they said you would
Don't say another word to me
That 1 time experience was
hellish enough, don't talk to me
What is he doing here?
He is looking for the keys he lost
How are you?
They said you'll take
2 days to get back
That's not the point now
What are you up to?
Car had-
Nothing, bro
He was just like that-
Just like that...?
He's your mechanic
He'll do the needful
I was simply seeing underneath
Is this some bullock cart
for each of you to potter around?!
Bad enough I must repair
a run-down battered old car!
- Ours is not a run-down old car
- Oh! You'll get all het up, huh?
I can't repair it
Dump it in the waste shop
We know what to do
You can go!
Don't get angry
What's the problem?
Aiyah! He's calling our car
run-down and battered
Then what? I don't even know
if it is in running condition
And if each of them fiddle with it?!
- Why do you touch it?
- Aiyah! I didn't do anything
You go ahead
You don't know how to keep
your driver in his place!
Get don't teach me
how to treat my boys
Get out
Chase him out!
Let me see who else
can repair this old car
Don't hold anything aiyah said
in your heart or against him
Take care while you ride back, bro
Take care
You and your jinxed tongue!
Now you've made me
walk all the way back!
Hope you get paralyzed
someday soon
You think Murugesan is innocent
He has taken the car
up to Kutralam with a girl
My brother-in-law's friend,
who owns a studio...
...don't you remember
he took our wedding snaps?
They've gone to get their photo
clicked once and again to collect it
Another day, when the bus had a break down
he has carted the village folks in the car
Not only that, I myself saw him
being lovey-dovey with that girl
Ask him to deny it
Listen, dear
He went only after
asking my permission
What did he ask?
I need to canoodle that girl
Can I take your car?
But you are also a sly-one
You didn't even tell me
you've bought the car, no?
I've been thinking it is
Shanmugam uncle's car
You'll give it to Murugesan, entire village
and to carry a corpse, but not to me?!
Why are you talking
so rudely to your father?
What has he denied you?
Have you never taken
a single item from here?
Look how she is
pointing a finger at me!
Heard this, dear? We visit them
only to take away their stuff it seems
Let's leave, why are you
stomaching this insult?
Did you see how she cleverly
manipulates the situation?!
Sit down, son-in-law
What did I say for you
to walk off in a huff?
- Let's go, dear
- Why get so mad?
What did I say?
Come in and sit
Sit, dear
Small problem in the car
I'll set it right and
bring it over to your place
Why are you agreeing?
I'll whack you
with my slipper!
Interrupting me!
Go inside
Okay, dear?
The car doesn't run now?
- I'm telling you the truth
if the village folks know this
they'll feel really bad
I don't believe you
Where's the key?
Dai! Oh gawd!
Get lost
Start the car
Hey! Clear out
I did not lie, dear
Let's go
Our car is leaving us
Please tell her
Please tell her
to leave it behind
Ask them to come back, they are
taking away our car, aiyah
You are the sole reason
for us losing the car, da
How much I trusted you!
Would I ever say 'no' to you?
Did you breathe a word to me?
You made me hang my head in shame
in front of my daughter, right?
Will I ever say no if you
wanted to take the car?
I'm to be blamed for not
knowing where to place whom!
"Aaraaro aaraaro...!
Tears bob brimming to flow"
"People who don't realize your value
claim possession out of the blue"
"To this mother, 'Padmini' car
is like a daughter-avatar"
"I wilt and wither
without millet or water"
"Aaraaro aaraaro...!
Tears float waiting to flow"
"My dream green peacock,
you in my heart forever I locked"
"Distressed you left me bereft
Scars in my heart; of regret"
"Landed in our lives incidentally
Our family deity coincidentally"
"I pine to see you, dear 'Padmini'
Tell me how a.s.a.p"
Come in
Bro...why are you
standing out here?
- Did You get any call?
- From whom?
Hey! They took our car, no?
Any news about
the car's condition?
I don't think so, bro
What's aiyah doing?
Did he ask about me?
Madam has only been
worrying about you
How badly he humiliated you
in front of everyone, bro
I myself couldn't bear it
Don't enter this house
till aiyah himself calls you
I can't be that way
Are you trying to butt in and
make mischief between us?
I'll mash you to a pulp
Whatever it is, this is my house
I'll walk in right royally
even if he asks me not to
- Okay, bro
- But not now
Let him come and call me
Hey Murugesa!
Where did you disappear?
I've been looking
for you, come in
He won't come in
He is in 'angry mode'
'Angry man'
Come in
My dear boy, I spoke in a huff
Forgive me Enough? don't
need to apologize
Won't you eat a little?
I just now ate, ma
I swear Tell them
Old rice soaked
overnight in water
Murugesa, serve him 2 'idlis'
Aiyah, eat some more idli
If you are so bothered about
your dignity, why did you...
...pace up and down
in the morning over there?
Do you think I'm jobless?
Who was walking up and down?
- You didn't walk...?
- No, I didn't
Heard that, dear?
How many times we saw him
pace up and down from morning?
How partial can she be!
Why do you stuff yourself
like a bloody pig?
Why hasn't he returned as yet?
- He'll be back soon
Should we buy
anything on the way?
To eat?
Thank God you reminded me
Get some fruits
Where has he
vanished into thin air?
Don't keep staring at
my face, get it done fast
I knew when you landed here
as my 1st customer for the day
You broke the linchpin
Peedai, you wretch!
Don't call me by my nick name
Call me by my real name
What is your real name?
- Bandicoot...!
Bandicoot. . . pest!
Of all these
what is your nick name
People call me wretch and
Bandicoot christened name
You keep maligning me
I'm trying to be very tolerant
Look what I'll do to you
Oh God, help me lift this
I'll split open your skull
Stop...stop this fist-fight
Teacher...he's no better
than a slipper-thief in a temple
- And he's needling me
- You jinxed jackass!
Please din some sense
into his head
Stop it!
Don't keep calling him
a jinxed fellow
Don't you feel sorry for him?
All the village folks malign me like this
You are the only one
defending me, master
May you live long, sir!
The words just slipped out of
my mouth spontaneously, aiyah!
Why are you holding
your chest, master?
- What happened?
- Sir...aiyah...master?
Your bloody tongue
has killed our school master
Get up
It's nothing
Don't worry
Bullock cart man has killed
our Madasamy school master!
I thought we could go
before the sun gets too hot
He still hasn't-
Where is the cart?
He has messed up with
the cart's linchpin
Our program goes
flying out of the window
Come, let's catch this bus
Stop, man
Come quickly
- Greetings, sir
- Where do I sit?
- Sit here
- Greetings
Come quickly
Sit in front
What a surprise, Murugesan
How are you?
You raced our bus and look
how you've landed here now
My heart goes out to you!
What to do?
Sit down
Sit over there
Shut up
Murugesan, how are you?
You haven't seen
my driving skill 1st hand?
Watch now
Shall I ask him if he is fine?
- Go ahead
Driver bro?
Hope you are fine!
How is your wife?
You drive this bus like a prince!
You'll naturally live a royal life
No one can touch you
for the next 2000 years!
May you lead a life of
supreme comfort, enjoy!
I wished him well so often
and nothing untoward happened!
Numbskull! When it is really needed
your 'good words' won't come in handy
Forget it, bro
Let them go on their way
and have a jolly ride
He jinxed us
For Heaven's sake
don't ever wish me well, da
To be on the safe side
walk a few steps behind me
I usually finish cooking earlier
Today my routine got messed up
2 minutes, we can eat
- No rush, dear
- Aiyah, ask
- Wait, da
Welcome, when did you come?
Did you have lunch?
Just now
She's cooking
- Suja...?
- Yes, aunt
- Why is it taking so long?
- I'm just garnishing it
Sit down, don't fluster me
Are you going out
this Friday, dear?
Why, father?
If you and your husband bring the car
I thought we can visit Muthalamman temple
We could go as a family
I think he has to go out somewhere
in the morning and then visit his brother
Can't be certain
when he'll get back, no?
Suppose he gets delayed?
No problem, dear You carry on
Will my son-in-law come now?
I thought I could see him and then go
He'll be late
getting home, father
Okay, you attend
to your work, dear
I asked in a round-about way
She said the car is not free
If my son-in-law comes I thought
we could wait and at least see the car
Even that didn't happen
I'll be back in a jiffy
You walk ahead with him
- Did you forget anything?
We came to ask
if your parents could...
...go by car to the temple
on their wedding day
Your father felt bad
and so he didn't insist
I won't even drive
You both take them
Are you my father's mouth piece?
If he wants something he is quite
capable of asking me himself
You mind your own business
Cooking up contrived reasons to
take that girl for a drive and smooch!
Where did you
all disappear, huh?
Just because he called you,
what about your brains?
If you go and ask,
will she give it to you?
No, idea
It's not aiyah's fault
Did she give you the car?
However much you ask anything she takes
you must forget about it forever
He was giving away stuff without
a second thought or even asking me
It didn't seem
like a big deal then
But this car was like a baby
to us, right? That's why...!
Okay, let me
serve you dinner
Dai, look here! Just because the car
isn't here, don't stop dropping by
You must visit us often
- Okay, ma
Because...if I don't see
this silly face, I can't eat
O Kay?
Okay, ma
They didn't give it back
even when you asked?
Why didn't you ask again?
- That won't work
If it goes to her,
that's the end
There's no record of anything
being returned ever
What record? How many
times have you asked?
You'll only love me if I drive a car?
You won't look at me if I ride a cycle?
Forever cribbing
Get lost now
Leave me alone
Murugesa...l love you either way
Whether cycle or car,
absolutely no problem
But this face of yours is 'all smiles'
only when you're driving that car
You asked and
she still didn't give, no?
Don't ask her again
Just go and steal it
We must somehow
get our car back
If it doesn't work, we'll mess
with it and not make it run
Then it has to come back
We can use that as excuse
and take aiyah to the temple
I don't know how
the car started that day!
Whatever it is,
we're bringing it back
It's our car
I'm asking you just like that
Are you upset I didn't drive you
to the temple in the car?
Slept, huh?
"Dampened lashes...dry up
forget your anguish, please sleep"
"My heart sweet with a sob and smile
Don't ever bleed, not worth the while"
How can I make you 'not run'?!
Let me see
"Look at me with pride and joy
To your eyes' content, see, old boy!"
Look here, take all this
and go, we'll follow you
Leave now
Why are you playing
with your food?Eat quickly
I asked Murugesa
to bring the cart
We'll go in that
I should have
swallowed my pride...
...and asked our daughter
for the car today, no?
She would have given it
What is it?
Are you worried
I'm disappointed?
I only said that because
you should learn to drive, dear
Not end of the world at all!
As if we are teenagers
to gallivant in a car?!
Not like we've been going
in a car for these many years
I just want to go with you
That's all
Who cares if it's in
a car or a bullock cart?
And also...
I was petrified
to get into the car
I was wondering why
I even suggested it
Everything happens for the good
"Drenched lashes do a double-take
To blot out the pain they ache"
"Sweetheart, tears tinted with gladness
let's be happy, my Landlord-Highness"
The vehicle is on its way
- Let's leave
Murugesa...let's buy
a new car as soon as we can
You don't worry, okay?
What is this, ma?
I was concerned about you
And you're pacifying me
We have given it
only to our family member
We can borrow it anytime
Why feel bad?
If we go in a car,
we'll be there in no time
We won't get enough
time to talk to aiyah
But in a bullock cart,
you can sit next to aiyah
And spend more time together
Everything has a reason
Okay, I'll ask him
to get ready
What is it, dear?
What happened?
Why are you so flustered?
We'd have been dead
and gone...narrow escape
Oh my! What happened?
Your car stopped
in the middle of the road
In 1 minute, we'd have
been run over by a lorry!
Right from the day we took it
it's been such a struggle
You gave a broken car and
bragged to everyone?!
It's not broken
We can fix it, dear
Fix it and then what
do I do with that junk?
- You shouldn't say all that
- How else to describe this car?!
Nothing has gone right
since I took this damn car
- Stupid piece of scrap!
- Stop rattling your tongue
Can't you listen to him?
You keep quiet and go inside!
I'll say something nasty-
Your only daughter, I just
told you I almost died
And you're not even listening!
This car takes priority, no?
It's not like that, dear
I'm going, father
I won't come here anymore
I'm going long
will her anger last?Leave it
Move aside
Start the car
- Aiyah?
- Start it
Get down and see
I'll see
- See...please
Has it been fixed...huh?
I don't know
Let me test it
Leave it
Push the car in
and leave it there
We'll call a mechanic and
get it checked leisurely
There's no rush
Everyone at the temple
must be waiting
So let's come too!
- Okay, ma
I'm telling you-
- Oh my God!
- Care-ful!
Peedai! Sit on it...sit
Hey sit!, get down!
Sit on it when
I tell you to...okay?
Okay, bro
Sit now
All thanks to Your grace
Lord Muruga
- Bless you, dear!
- Murugesa!
- Sir...?
I'm feeling kind of strange
I'll tell her, you drive it yourself
Did I struggle so much
all these days for this?!
No way
- Listen to me
- Definitely not!
That's all?
That's not a problem
- I'll take care of it
- What is it?
He hasn't seen the car for so long
So Murugesa wants to drive
Did I-
She won't mind
Start...start the car
Oh! Really...?
I'll go ahead,
You join me later
What is it, dear?
I told you before, didn't I?
I'll only get in when you drive
Get in now, my dear
Why is he driving so rashly?
- He's spoiling for a race, aiyah
- Honk
- I did
Release the clutch
- Daiiii!
- Be brave and drive
Come quickly
Mother, the car is going
Let me get onto it once
before I leave this place
Mother, I can't do it after that
Mother...the car
'Even if I've bought myself
a new car today...'
'...I still feel sad I couldn't
go for a ride in that car'
'Today is my turn
to sit in front, bro'
'They're not letting me sit'
Son, come and eat!
'You have so much money'
'Then why aren't you
getting something to eat?'
'Peedai bro promised
he would make me sit...'
' the car's front seat
if I give him 5 bucks'
'I can't save if I eat, no?'
Okay...give the phone
to the shop keeper
I'll talk to him myself
- Okay, aiyah
Get down
Get down
Come soon, Murugesa
Oh! Suja has come!
- Let me sit in front, bro
Only I'll sit in front
Get lost!
Get lost, Peedai!
What, dear?
- Have you eaten?
- Ate with aiyah
I'll go to the town
and I'll be back
Pick up the children from
school on your way back
Sir! Are you going to town-
ls the car yours?
No, bro
It's not mine
Are you going to town?
Come, let's go in our car
- Okay, bro
- Yes, come!
Brother, can I sit
in the front seat?
Shall we go?