Pantham (2018) Movie Script

Why is so much security today?
All the state cabinet Ministers are coming
to the court today and that is the reason
This man is super, he made the
entire assembly to attend the court today
When it is time for office,
why are you sitting so leisure and watching TV?
Is there any Cricket match?
yes it is,not in the ground but in the court
This case is creating sensation nationwide,
tension built up among the public and media.
Today's assembly sessions are cancelled
as state cabinet Ministers are attending the court.
Party Workers has gathered and started Agitation.
The Minsters who are accused in
a corruption case are reaching to the court one by one.
Out side the court people are shouting
the slogans against the ministers
The accused ministers are entering into the court now.
People are very angry on the ministers
People are protesting and doing agitations outside the court.
People are angry by seeing the ministers whom
they elected are accused in the corruption case
Ruling party members are into agitations outside the court.
Situation seems very serious.
Across the country this case has created an interest
and created a sensation in the state politics and making
so many Ministers to attend the court.
One & only person made this possible.
Let's now get to know about that person.
Sir, Why did you stop your vehicle here.
Didn't you see that board?
Have you not seen this board dear?
Health Minister!
sir if you park here the traffic will be troubled
See how the traffic got blocked?
Don't you think there is difference between
Minister and a normal person?
Hello, wait for an hour.
I will inagurate the hospital and come.
Then we all leave at a time.
You and my PA make sure no one moves from there place.
I will return after the opening.
What can we do when a responsible Minister
himself speaks so?
What is this nonsense as its getting late to office?
we are getting late for school
Is there anyone to stop this?
There is a person who can not only control
them but also plays with them
Morning Sir
What Satti?
This vehicles stopped because of no fuel
or because of more fat
Because of Fat only sir
Then it has to be melted
Call him
Take it.
make it Loose,
make it some more loose,
Hey Idiot, who are you?
How dare you, to move the vehicles of a Minister?
do you have that much attitude
They say it craze in Telugu, attitude in English
but at my place they call it with my name
What are you waiting for? Pull
After so long time we are seeing
a courageous police officer
I am writing a single challan for all the vehicles
how you pay is your choice either you pay it directly
in the station or online. All facilities are available.
Sir, what should I say to the minister.
A leader should be like a ring road which is useful for public
but not like a manhole which blocks the main roads
Super quotation sir
Suggest all the tests and empty their pockets
You please be on that work, leave now
Hey Chari
Where are the vehicles Chari?
Traffic SI has taken all the vehicles to the station.
You should have said him whom they belong to?
After saying that only he gave this challan
Before I enter into his station,
his transfer orders should be in my hands
If not I replace this garland to your photo
I understand
shall I call an auto?
Either an auto or a car, it should be like a convoy
Hey SI, come out. How dare you
to get my vehicles to the station
Sir, here sir
By the time I reached your station,
your transfer orders are in my hand
Minister Sir, we dint brought your vehicles to the station
we are at the station itself
as we lost our towing vehicle two days back
Sir, he is not that SI
What are you saying?
I understand everything now sir.
He has stolen our vehicles with the stolen police vehicle
He has a great talent sir
Talent or my foot
Because of the IT raids i had
hidden all my black money in that Convoy.
He has a great luck
He has not only luck, but extra ordinary luck
My foot, go... I am gone
A nation is not the land but the humans,
thinking all those as mine is humanity
A nation is not the land but the humans,
shine as a smile on their face
Come on lets go and help the others
Come on lets wipe away all troubles
Come on lets do a war on the bad
Come on lets wipe out all boundaries
Lets take off the masks and hoist the hearts
Lets wash out the darkness and fill colors
Lets joins step in step and light up the lives
Lets say theres no bigger happiness than this
A nation is not the land but the humans,
thinking all those as mine is humanity
A nation is not the land but the humans,
thinking all those as mine is humanity
When a crow is in trouble,
herds come down and say its not alone
If even human has such a humanity world looks better
Wont the cloud come running to drench down,
when the land gets thirsty?
The breeze just knows to share happiness to the nature
They never know what selfishness is like
A nation is not the land but the humans,
shine as a smile on their face
A nation is not the land but the humans,
shine as a smile on their face
Dear... breakfast ready
-Yes, coming
Hey, stop
You are Subash on rent in the fourth
portion of our third house right?
Oh God, how did you identify sir?
Anyone would identify if rent is not paid from two months sir
That is...
Wait, you are saying day shift when I come in
the morning and night shift coming in the night,
what is the matter?
Nothing sir, I will pay it in this week
If not given, my whole family
will have celebrations in your house for a month
Oh no, do not do so and here is the rent
Do not try giving idiotic satires, go
What is taking bath in the house opposite?
You gave it for rent right?
It is of poor Anandarao, he is a good man.
He gave keys to watch the house going out
I used the geyser as it would get spoilt if not used
It is our policy to take that much of care when taking the rent
That is why they call you using Valeswar Rao,
you do not let go anything
If I start using even Jio shows a zero balance
You do not leave even Jio...
What son?
Hey, cycle is good. Is it a new one?
Who knows, we shall ask the guy who bought
That means?
This cycle belongs to those in third portion of our fourth house
Will the son have Soda when dad drinks liquor?
Breed is same to same
Yes, he will come up in life
Damn, he will become a politician
Oh no
Hello, it is me. Move aside
Yes, please go
Hey, you cannot lift.
Move on
Why did you come inside?
To use you
I mean we are using your pent house right?
We wanted to pay the rent
We did not get flowers in time
I have seen those taking salary on 1st
but seeing only you paying rent perfectly on the 1st
Say at least now, what is your profession?
In and out
What do you mean?
We keep inside things outside and outside things inside
Oh, Import and export business?
Wow, you got it
Using here...
Take breakfast brother
No sister
I want sister
Dear, at least today...
Oh no..
Has the hand slipped brother?
He handled sister, hot Upma.
See there is cashew here and there too.
It is gone waste bro
We are fasting today, did you forget?
Why are we fasting? Oh no...
To which God?
-That God
Corporator in sleeveless vest
We both have prayed for brother in law to become Corporator
You have touched my heart guys.
Have you ever lit a lamp praying for me to become the Corporator?
Look at them, they are directly doing circles
around the twmplw for for my sake.
You are my real supporters
Come on brother-in -law, it is already late
and they may close the temple
Why should I come when you have prayed for?
You are using all but not using God.
Use him correctly and you will become Corporator fast
Hail to the God
Why should i do the circles, when you prayed ?
We prayed to make you do
-I cannot, you do
Priest Sir,
will he get the result if we do the circles?
It is like offering to me and asking God for a boon.
One has to do their own circles
Heard right, sleep and roll over
What is rolling over?
We have prayed about whole body rolling over brother in law
What is it?
You know, it takes five days like a test match and I cannot
You are trying to play T20 match with God
and you will be ruined if you do not care
My seat will be swollen if I roll over
Do you not need the Corporator post?
Oh no, what will someone not able to go around the
temple move around the ward being a Corporator?
Hey stop, added is this blackmailing
Ok, I will roll over and you count
Hail to the Lord...
Hail to the Lord.
Hail to the Lord...
Hail to the Lord
Hail to the Lord...
Hail to the Lord.
Sir, why are all throwing coin into the pond and taking dips?
It is a belief that good comes offering
coins to this pond and taking three dips
Give a coin dude
Coin and me...
Yes, I got. Here, take
No idea what these traditions are but they are torturing
All are waiting there for you.
You need to change the dress urgently, move
Hey, where are you rushing?
You threw the coin and you get the good only by drowning right?
I already got the good and you drown
Hail to the Lord...
Oh no, looking at his speed he may become an MLA directly
Hail to the Lord, huh...
Who is this blocking the feet, rascal?
It is me, your usage
Is it you brother in law?
How many rounds did you finish?
What, have you not counted?
We counted, ten
You are saying 10 and he says 5
Add both
Hail to the Lord...
Hail to the Lord.
Where, not seen?
We missed her.
Yes, she is seen. Bro, babe...
She is coming brother in law..
-Come bride...come.
come here and sit dear
My daughter is a bit shy in nature
All these shy and build ups are only before us.
They are different when they go to the pub
Here, as per your tradition I kept the first
wedding card at the feet of Lord and worshipped
You can now exchange the wedding cards
No idea, I did not like exchanging the cards
without finalizing what we are offered
Oh no, I gave a word already to your dad
that I will not do anything less for you
You diseased idiot, will you spread it to my son? Move aside
Where did you bring this diseased idiot?
Sister, my work is only to bring and to use is your work
okay, Give my phone
Have you not brought madam?
You forgot and say I have not brought, you rascal
Hey, they say kids are equal to God.
I have been watching, you are not treating at least as a human
Why are you involving in my personal matter?
What is personal idiot?
It is wrong to get work done by kids and added is the harassment
I can put the whole family behind the
bars under child labor Act, rascal
Go on and say, I brought an orphan
and am feeding twice a day and added all say me in return
You are getting work done three times a day right?
If you really have the feeling of giving life to an orphan
take care of this girl similar to your son
Son, we will take care of that girl like our own kid.
You please leave now
Because of the pains it feels like all the
body parts have changed their placements
You should even do massage after giving the heat
How many services will you make me
do for delaying one month rent sir?
If further delayed, you may have to even do dirty jobs
No need, this is better.
Please come and be seated
Why did he come, why did he come?
We just have drink for 3 and why did he come?
He does not drink dude
-Did I say no?
Even if you have, we will not serve
Hey serve dude
Thank you bro
For us bro
Hey, you continue
He did not understand the punch
Still what is her marriage getting fixed
just after five minutes that I saw her dude?
Her marriage is not fixed after you saw,
but you saw a girl whose marriage is fixed
That means, you were looking at girls while making me
take circles rolling over around the temple?
Are these those pains?
Why did you take circles around the temple?
It's our prayer...
What are you blowing from so long, idiot?
The heat...
Heat is down long back, go and get it heated up. Go
Look, from now ask me in advance and then pray
Still what is that temple so big like a Cricket stadium?
If I become the Corporator,
I will build all the temples in my ward very small
Brother in law thinks to become
a Corporator as easy as to park a car
For the public of this ward to make you win as Corporator,
you should first clear their problems right?
I should have some post to clear their issues, right?
If done sitting in a post, they call as a greate worker
but when solved without post they call as great man
Quotation is good
but it costs heavy to implement.
Still all the dirt of the place is in this colony
Floods if it rains and drought if no rains,
these problems are not cleared even if I sell the 5 houses I have
I should ask the Superior nations for a loan
Brother-in-law, you leave about the money to us.
You first look into the problems here
Where do you have so much money?
I said right, we are into in and out business
We get it out when in and push in when out...
Understood, you invest and I get the name.
Will you see who is the next target?
Oh no, waiting for that itself
Show it my Lord...
What is the background of this wealthy boy
Amith Rajvi.
He has dozens of multi specality hospitals in the city
He is medicle mafia king who owns Pharma, chemical companies
There is a master mind behind this person that is Nayak bhai.
Nayak bhai is the king of thousands of crores of illegal money.
This Amith is a critical link in the illegal network runs by Nayak.
Nayak Bhai...
All the money in our Medical Godown...
Send it immediately to the liquor godown
Ok Nayak Bhai, but...
How will I send the money right now..?
Tell me Brother...
Is there any link between him sending money from Medical godown
to liquor godown and us counting the track measurements so bro?
Listen to me carefully
He send Medicines to the hospitals around
through this goods train every Thursday
Nayak Bhai just called to send all the money to Liquor godown.
Nayak to send money, the first idea he gets is this goods train
I am sending the money in the
goods train along with the medicines
That means Goddess Lakshmi is coming on these tracks
Train comes to Sadasivpet exactly by 1:30
Bring down the whole money from last bogie
and hide in the liquor godown
It is here that you stop the Goddess coming
Be careful
That money belons to Nayak.
In how much time will the goods train come here
It arrives in 15 minutes
Stop it....
stop it....
Tractor has got stopped on the track
stop it....
Hey, look some fellow is standing on the track.
Stop, please stop sir
Hey, Stop... Stop
Stop it..
Thank God, you stopped it great sir
Do you have sense idiot?
Why did you stop the tractor in the mid of the track?
You mean the halted vehicle run if I have sense sir?
Oh no, what to do now?
How means, I have no work anyways.
If we sit under the tree and play cards for
an hour, work will be done by then
Are you making fun?
If we do not go in time, department will play with us
Come on dude, we will go and see
Oh no, you go sir.
Hey, there are people along with money.
It would take some time and you manage a bit
Ok, I will somehow manage.
You make it fast bro, I am in tension
What idiot, you wish to take it if there are no men?
I will take even if there are men
Hey, start it now
No, it is not starting
It starts if stopped, how will it start when broken down?
Sir, please come sir. Joker cards sir, please
It will not be done so, come on we shall push.
Hey, you hold the clutch
Come on sir, we shall play cards
-Hey, you move man.
Come on push
Come on push.
Yes, I pushed
Looks like he is bashing up.
Come on hit
Come on Push
-come on Hit
-Come on hit my dear, hit
Hey, when I am saying to push why do you say hit?
I mean, I am asking to hit the self Sir
- come on... Hit
It does not look to move like this man
Come on sir, push it
Oh no..
Hey, why did you stop the vehicle blocking the way?
How do I go?
as there is no other way we have even stopped the train
Stop it man, come on. Tractor gets damage
Unless the tractor goes neither
my Lorry nor that train moves
Slowly, come on tractor gets damage
-Yes, come on drive..
Bro, they are pushing tractor away from the tracks.
Is the work done?
Bro, I am asking you
Thank God, problem is solved.
You now sit leisurely and play cards
You move dude, department people
would fine us if we are late
Bro, train has started. Bro, are you listening?
Forget about the money. You get down immediately.
Bro, are you listening?
Bro, the train is leaving
You said train would come in 15 minutes
and why did it not still come
How many ever swords you show,
it comes in its own course of time sir.
There, it comes
You detached the bogie from the goods means
you are not a simple person
You are Super Bro...
Yes, tell me.
Ajay bro, there is no money in this
What is it not there, look properly
After checking properly only I called you
Money is not there..
What will you say to Nayak Bhai now
What is this sir, how long would they make you wait here?
Do they not know that you are Home Minister of a state?
Do you know who he is?
Finance Minister of China
The lady beside him is the External affairs Minister of Uganda..
All here are in bigger posts than us.
All these have come before us and waiting to meet him
I have not come to London from India for any sightseeing or vacation
But to do some good for our state.
for that I can wait till any time.
Sir, he is Mr. Jayendra from India
Hello Sir,
I am very proud that being a Telugu person
you have secured a fine position in World business
Thank you..
If you establish the newly planned Cars Company
in our state than any other states,
you will facilitate livelihood for many people
Definitely, I will give it a thought
Our team will soon come to your state and do a survey
We will setup right there if all the conditions are favourable
Thank you Sir
You unlucky girl.
Hi baby
Hi sister
Hey, did they join you at school?
No sister
You know what happened that day?
Driver stop the car.
Get down..
Why are you asking her to get down here, sister?
For having this dirt on my head,
I am having to listen from all around
She is diseased already.
If she dies tomorrow it comes on to me again
No madam, do not make me get down
-Get down rascal
Then, who joined you in the school?
That uncle who has seen me at the temple that day,
saw me working at a place and made
me join in school, taking me from there
Do you know where he stays?
No idea sister
Uncle has not met me from that day
Baby, come fast. It's getting late.
Bye sister, see you
Good morning.
Good morning.
I thought he is a gentleman seeing that day at the temple itself
He joined that kid in school having
no relation means he is really great
There is great difference between him and that family
That is why I said no for that marriage
to my dad on that same day
Did a good thing
I somehow wish to meet him
What, are you impressed by Sir?
Still not knowing who he is and
where he stays, how will you meet him?
We would have searched in Facebook,
Twitter or Instagram, if we knew at least his name
I somehow feel he is doing white collar jobs like business or I We may definitely find him searching all those professions
Good idea
Hey, the six feet handsome is liked in the first look to me
I promise that man with no faults pinched my heart
Weve not spoken even for once
or had even one cup of coffee
We havent taken even one selfie,
where did the handsome go?
Right now...
- Where is the handsome?
Right now ...
- Whats my darling doing?
Right now...
- Whats he eating?
Right now...
- Whats he listening to?
Hey, the six feet handsome is liked in the first look to me
I promise that man with no faults pinched my heart
Hey, why did you come?
It seems you said no for marriage with me?
What sought of a family you people are...
- look at there your Girl..
What's my mistake in its...
Its all over
Get lost..
Bring the guy I liked..
Hand him over to me and go
If there were such app, Id catch and say thanks
Wearing butterfly wings and putting Goggles to Google
I will check the globe with magnifying glass and catch the guy
Right now...
- Where is the handsome?
Right now ...
- Whats my darling doing?
Right now...
- Whats he eating?
Right now...
- Whats he listening to?
No doubts baby, youll get him for sure
Whatll you do with him, when you find?
Will I say whatever I do if you ask?
Whys so much excitement for you more than I have?
Right now...
- Where is the handsome?
Right now...
- Whats my darling doing?
Right now
- Whats he eating?
Right now
- Whats he listening to?
Hey, the six feet handsome is liked in the first look to me
I promise that man with no faults pinched my heart
Weve not spoken even for once or had even one cup of coffee
We havent taken even one selfie,
where did the handsome go?
Right now
- Where is the handsome?
Right now
- Whats my darling doing?
Right now
- Whats he eating?
Right now
- Whats he listening to?
Right now
- Where is the handsome?
Right now
- Whats my darling doing?
Right now
- Whats he eating?
Right now
- Whats he listening to?
Hey... stop
Who are you..?
Hey... by wearing the police dress,
you are collecting money from people...
What Parvathamma, you came so late?
We got to pay money for her operation and
thus went to ask for some time from the Doctor
Have you gone and showed up?
Yes, but they are gone saying it is lunch time
No idea how long should
we move around and what to do?
We too will go and show up.
Keep watching my granddaughter
Come on Parvathamma, go on and we will take care
This is Lunch time, why do u call unnecessarily.
I will inform you bye...
Hello lady, lift is not working.
If you touch it you will get electric shock.
We displayed a board, can't you see it?
Go by the steps
By the time you reach their lunch time also gets over.
Come on go
Sir, I will take care of those coming here.
Ask Minister sir to take care of me
Come on sir, we are here for you.
(When the ground is dug for groundnut...)
Sir, arrange for our money fast.
I should get my granddaughter operated Sir
I have been listening from a few months.
It is the same nonsense
Change a bit and say something else, I am getting bored
Do not say so Sir,
If you arrange for the ex-gratia money fast,
we will get our granddaughter operated
How many times should I tell?
It takes time as all documents need to be verified
We have been roaming from a few months
and how long will it take Sir?
Lift does not work down and you do not work upstairs
Why are you talking too much?
What is the guarantee that your granddaughter was
there in the train when that train accident took place?
What is the proof that she is your granddaughter?
Sambasivarao Sir, old man is throwing satires
Look, it is not so easy to get
free money from Government.
It takes time
Still, what is this daily torture for me as
if that took place in front of my eyes?
Ok, will you give money if died in front of your eyes Sir?
Why not, what more enquiries if taking place before our eyes?
What Sir?
But it did not take place before our eyes right?
So, please go
Leave, come on go
Your granddaughter will be alive only
if you pay the money within one month.
I will be helpless after that.
Still, what is this daily torture for me as
if that took place in front of my eyes?
Ok, will you give money if died in front of your eyes Sir?
Why not, what more enquiries if taking place before our eyes?
She took her life roaming around for
the money to be given for her granddaughter
She died in front of your eyes and will you give the money now?
How will we know whether this is accident or suicide?
Enquiry... What sir?
Let the enquiry take place and we shall then see
Move on guys...
Sir, this is the spot.
Sir, this is the spot
Where is the spot Murthy Sir?
This is the spot sir
Did the tractor got stopped here?
-Yes, here sir
Then, where did the boggie got detached?
There... near that bridge Sir.
Under that bridge there is a road right?
Yes sir
Was it you on duty this month on the 2nd?
Sir, as today is 10th, so Obules on 9th
You were on the 2nd.
You calculated correctly, right sir?
I calculated correct and what happened that day?
Tell me
Exactly in the mid of the track the Tractor got stopped sir,
The goods train which is coming on the track also got stopped
as the tractor got stopped in the middle
But the surprising thing was that the last wagon was
there at the edge of that bridge it seems Sir
But it seems rest of the train has gone Sir
What do you mean by saying "it seems"
That means, you were not there at that time?
You are not saying what you saw but saying what you heard
As no train would come for an hour,
I went to bring the carrier Sir
He planned perfectly watching for
the time when none is out of here
Tractor did not stop here getting spoilt but stopped knowingly
Wagon did not detach there but was knowingly detached
They planned for the money wagon to
halt exactly at the edge of bridge,
and arranged a vehicle below the bridge and robbed the money
It is a well planned robbery.
Oh no, was that a robbery?
Mr. Murthy
I need the details of two vehicles he used that day..
-Yes sir
Hail to Vadakam Valeswar Rao!
I could not understand moving in the
colony with Khaddar dress
Will the response be in this range if the works are done?
You are going to get much more surprises ahead.
Let's go.
Hail to Vadakam Valeswar Rao!
Cut that red.....
Hail to Vadakam Valeswar Rao!
You idiots, I should be alive to become the Corporator right?
Hey..give that stick..
Brother, shot you hit was harder than the shock from this
I said to cut that red ribbon and not the red wire
I missed the clarity
Vadakam Sir, whole colony was drowned
for just a Centimeter of rain
you dint cared about money at all and
arranged the soak pits around the colony
Not even a drop water is stalling because of
that for any big rains. We are very happy Sir
Hail to Corporator Vadakam Valeswar Rao
Vadakam bro, after doing so much
if you now fulfill our small wishes in this note...
We will have your photo in every house and pray
Yes bro..
-Okay... Okay...
Is it serial script or small wishes
Hey, will that not stop?
Our small wishes
Oh no, should cement roads be laid all over the colony?
Should drainage holes be dug?
One TV per house, Dish for the house with TV
and including...
Mainly it is enough if the electricity
problem in that is cleared bro
You wish me to put up a power plant now?
Why power plant brother in law?
Let us put up Solar plant for every house and
then there will be no power bill and no power cut
Then, I will not have the houses
Hail to Vadakam Valeswar Rao
Hail to Vadakam Valeswar Rao
Hey, stop guys. Give some gap and I should think
Brother, even they understood my weakness
I should sell all the five house for the solar plants
You do not think about money brother in law,
we have (in and out)Import and export business right?
Understood, we will take out what is inside
and push in what is outside
Brother in law is caught it great
Hail to Vadakam Valeswar Rao...
What happened?
It is not possible with me.
You made me put a leave to school and
made me search day and night for a week days
And now you are making me go around these
parks on the name of jogging for him
Oh no, I cannot do this anymore
I somehow feel, he will be seen here
Hello... Hello...
Your girl bro..
I know bro, but she is anyways married right?
Not just marriage...
Hi Sir, did you recognize me?
That day in the temple...
We have been searching for you from so long time
Why are you searching for him,
what work do you have with him?
To say thanks
What for?
I mean, you took that kid and joined in the school right?
Oh that one,
I felt it is better for her to be outside than to be in that family
You said it correctly
why is she saying correct when
she also belongs to the same family
What dude, you searched till he was found
and now searching for words after finding.
Say something
Sir, we are organizing an event at our school tomorrow
You should come as chief guest for that
Me... Chief guest
To come as a guest do you think he is a celebrity?
All with good heart are celebrities
Thanks Madam..
-Thank you
Hey, she complimented him not you
-Wait dude
I will come, let me know the time tomorrow?
-Where, we have the work
Sir is busy and it is not possible
What does Sir do so busily?
Oh, we did not say right? We take out what is inside and...
Ok, will you give your phone number?
-What for, why do you need his phone number?
Hey, what is your nuisance in the
middle when she is asking him?
Oh no, the guy to marry her will be finished
Thank you
Thank you..
Enough, how many times more?
Naik's girl friend..!
She herself looks like a horse and
what is this craze about horses bro?
I will take down that craze and you continue as per our plan
Ok... Hello, is number nine favorite?
Welcome madam
What time will the race start?
It will start in the next 20 minutes madam.
Crowd is huge today
Great betting is on our nine number horse...
Very good, so our horse is hot favorite today
Paid Rs.10,000 to Paytm on Horse No. 9
Rs.3000 on Horse no.9
Rs.5000 on Horse no.9
-Rs.8000 on Horse no.9
Nine number horse will win today
Madam, our Jockey is missing
Race is going to start now and what is Jockey missing now?
Oh my God
Arrange for alternate Jockey immediately
Alternative jockey as of now is tough madam
Then withdraw our horse immediately from the race
If we withdraw now,
we will have to pay double the amount madam
Where is nine?
Where did number nine go?
We are finshed...
What to do?
There comes nine...
That's Nine..
Come on... Come on...
Come on... Come on...
Go, go...
Come on go, you can
He came on time and saved us
Come on..clap. we are going to mint money.
You have been riding the horse for
so long and have you ever won?
Look at my guy...
Okay... okay.
Thank you, thank you very much.
You know from what situation have you saved me?
I will never forget this help, thank you.
if we help a person when we know him then it is help
if we do by knowing them it is a like on that person
After seeing you in tension I thought to help you by winning
Though I gave entry at last in the race
But I gave the exit first
Is the entry only in the race?
Ok, have you seen me for the first time at the race course itself?
I have been following you from two months
Two months...?
Then why have you not approached me right then?
I waited for your turn
I mean, waited for the right time
Why he is still not come..?
Excuse me,
Good evening madam, The cash which we won in the race
Thank you
I will keep it in madam
No need, I can carry it
I dont want to strain you when i am here
I said no need right? I can manage
I Understood madam, say hello to Nayak bhai. See you
Just two minutes
Excuse me...
Just two minutes..
Nayak bhai,
Shut up
I kept that name not for people to call me
To hide my money in the name of Binami's like you
As It was a call from you
-Did you shiver ?
No need to check?
You were caught when few words I spoke at party meeting
and press meet are recorded, cut and made to listen
I did a mistake boss
Hey, I lost my money.
What about you..?
I had been to airport as I had relatives from my place
By the time i returned home, someone has opened
the safe and robbed everything, Nayak
Relatives from your Home town?
Blood relation or bed relation?
-That money which is lost was mine
When my money is lost why do i need them?
Understood Sir.
The time I reached from Abroad
some one looted all my money
Please forgive me Bhai..
The guy who recorded my voice and
opened the safe at home should be the same
He is targeting us means, we shouldthink about it
We should catch him before this repeats again
Here is your sugarless tea Sir.
Sir, Tea is for him
No problem, let him have. Prepare one more tea
Sir, your tea.
Sir, he is taking away your van.
No problem, let him take
He is angry as I took his tea
So much anger, van for tea?
Put the money in this van into our trust account
Ok sir
I will give you a list and you handover the
cheques personally at their residences.
Ok sir
Will he come?
Will he not come even after you called for so many times?
Madam, I beg you. Say the words from heart as
and when he is here
I will, I will tell. Let him come
Let's finalise this matter today
What hi, how many times will you call?
Can you not wait at least till we come?
Hey, when he is called what is your ringtone in the middle?
Put in silent mode...
Why did you asked me to come?
That is... I want to tell something with you
What would it be, you saved the kid once from the
sadist family and may be now you should save her
Hey, you be quiet..
What happened?
I mean, that is
That is..
That is..
Hey, shut up saying that is and that is...
She cannot say but she is in deep love with you
Look, this is very wrong.
You know what happens
if your family gets to know about this?
Our family is very cooperative
Maybe your family is cooperative but I am not
I will convince my family and you will not have any problem
Look, even if your family members are convinced
I cannot be convinced
If you talk to me like this..
I will loose the impression that i have on you
and your family going into depression, I do not like all this
Ok, see you...
Come on dude
Why she is talking like...
Oh no..! Have you not seen in the papers and
TVs about wife killing her husband for lover..?
this looks like we too will be in headlines oneday
Come on, move.
Come on, move.
What is this, why is he running away like that when I proposed?
Even I am not able to understand this
Double reinforced silencer, German technology!
Either tried to repeatedly open or tried to open by force,
all would get the information
We cannot break with gas cutters or any other equipment
Then how did he crack that password sir?
He may have threatened the girl and taken or
should have seen while typing the password
Hey, do not touch.
His finger prints would be on that definitely.
call for forensic team
Yes, Sir.
we tracked her call data as you said.
There are repeated calls from a number on the incident night
When said our team to enquire details
-All the details of that number are fake, right?
Exactly sir
That was well planned robbery and this is well trapped robbery
The thief we are searching for has a tactic and a goal,
let us see how far he would run
where does he stay
There sir, that house seen is his
Bro, Nayak came with his men.
May be he came to know that we robbed the money.
What to do now?
He is coming..
Hey, be quite..
Welcome to my colony Sir
He is Vadakam Valeswar rao and your hardcore fan
Yes, it is me Sir
Hello Sir
Say hello
Hello sir
He looks to be a greedy and waste idiot
and brought me saying he is that guy
Do not underestimate seeing the cutout sir, he has currency
Come on do fast..
Sir has many appointments, look into that opening first
Yes, nothing late. You please come Sir
Did you see that..?
Let us call even brothers
-Why those in the middle?
What dear, brothers are the reason
for all this to happen right?
What reason?
I just used them and that is it
It is wrong..
You shut your mouth and follow.
Minister Sir...
That is the matter dude
-So much of usage?
It is in his name itself
What is it?
Solar power system sir
Which house did you get it done?
What just a house sir? I have got it for the whole colony
The Whole colony?
Yes sir, that too with my own money
So much money, what will you do?
In and out business sir
Say like I understand..
Simple sir, we take out what is in and push in what is outside
The family was look like an Item family..
Yes sir, you should open even this item, please come
Hail to Home Minister Sir
Sir, I did all the development in
this colony with a belief on you sir
What belief on me?
What man, did you not say the matter to Sir?
Sir, I said about Corporator seat recently
Yes sir, for me
For him?
He already has given fund to party for Corporator ticket sir.
He is ready to pay the balance amount
That is why I brought you to this opening Sir
You look into all that
Ok, I will take care sir
Hey Vadakam, come here
Come to the bar with balance amount and your seat is confirmed .
See you sir
Oh God, you drove away the guy I do not like
and same way bring the guy I like close.
Please God
Thank you God
What is she coming even here?
What bro, you too came here? Has any leach caught you?
We can get rid of that too dude, look there
Oh no, stop madam, stop
Please stop
Hey stop,
Why you like jammer in between the two?
He said some leach caught up and...
Hello... Hello...
Why are you running away seeing me?
I have come to the temple just for you
Oh no, I came wishing for the good of a few.
please leave me
Still you should circle around God coming
to the temple and not around me
You are my God and I will circle around you till you agree
Oh no, what are these words in the sacred temple?
What is in wrong in loving?
Oh no, I loved you that day in this same
temple not knowing that you are married
How can I love now even after knowing you are married?
Marriage, for whom?
-For you
Priest sir,
You exchanged wedding cards of these over on
your hands that day right?
That marriage did not take place son
No match I fixed time has gone till the marriage.
All ruined in between
Then you do not fix the time for our marriage please
Very good
Our hearts have already come along
and we need no auspicious timings
What about our love then...
What are you saying ?
Yes sir, they looted the money hidden
in our liquor godown too Sir
How do he knows all the places we are hiding our money?
Where is that CBI fellow coming from Delhi?
I already called him sir
What have you done about the work said?
I already had breakfast sir
I need nothing now
Tell him to put the machine on.
he is already angry and will kill. Go
Put the hearing aid properly...
He is asking did you get
to know anything about that thief.
Don't shout, yes i got the information
Mr.Murthy..give that Yellow file
His total history is in this, have a look
Hey, when asked to show who looted
my money why do you show my benami's?
I know that, see the next picture
This fellow..
Did you investigate correctly?
100% Correct, shall I show you my track record?
Mr. Murthy, give me the blue file
Take this health into line
You doubt me listening to that guy?
How many scams did we both do together?
Where do I have so much courage to loot your money?
Looks like that CBI officer is weak
even in video and not just the audio
Hey, not that he said.
I have doubt on all.
I will not leave anyone till he is caught including you
Do not leave dude, do not leave
Why is this Home on me?
I checked our astrology sir, our planets are not good
You rascal
I beg you bro, we do not have so much courage
to loot your money. Leave us brother
Hey, hit him, come on hit
Brother no, leave us please
please leave me brother....
If I touch your money I will know the consequences
I don't know anything brother.
Hey, I am asking for the last time.
You need my money or your life?
I need Corporator seat.
It is so long that you took money
and that matter has to be finalized today
Hey, it will shoot... No...
Hey Vadakam, you come
You come here, I will say
What is that fellow, will he kill?
What does he think?
Hey leave! Is he any mad and why does he shoot so?
Does he think it is any toy gun?
I would have been dead if that had hit
at me some weak point by now
Look man, when he is in a tension that someone
looted his money what is seat nuisance in between?
Looted from home Minister?
He always roams around with Police and goons right?
How did someone loot from him?
Oh no, it is looted from his benamis. Look here
Look, you get that thief caught and then not just
Corporator seat but I will get you MLA seat
What to catch, is he any staying in
my pent house for rent to catch easily?
If I had done the same efforts at high command,
I would have easily been MLA by now
I am sending the photo of the guy you need, see
I don't know anything Bro.
Hey, this fellow should be in front of me in 24 hours
What is your relation with this kid?
Guardian madam, she is in our trust and is studying
Sign on this file
Operation is in a few hours.
We asked to make O negative group blood ready,
have you got it?
One from our team is of the same group.
I called and he is coming
Ask him to come fast,
it may again be a problem in the last minute
Ok madam, ok
Uncle, I will come right there
and you do not get any tensed
Come a bit faster son, I am tensed
I am coming uncle,
hey drive faster
Hey, when Hospital is that way...
why are you going this way..?
Why is he taking us to here..
Hey... Stop
Bother, I got the person here..
whose photo you have send to me.
Hey your WhatsApp idea is great dude.
Else we would have roamed around all streets for this fellow
Tell me..
Bhai, we found him
Bring him
Bring him, I want him
We will be in front of you in 10 minutes bro
Hey, brother is asking to bring you.. come with me.
Who is brother idiot?
What rascal, will you not come unless ID
and address proof of bro are shown?
Hey, if I come address proofs to show
and even ID proofs to show will not be left
I have an urgent work there and I got to go.
Hey, come and remove the vehicle
We have more urgent work with you
Can't you understand..?
I have an emergency and you will go to
emergency ward if you try to stop me
Which one you need from the options ?
If they have brains in their heads, they will go for the first option
What bro?
-Hey, get that fellow
Over, you have proved again that fat guys have no brains.
I just thought it is ash all over here
but ash is full even in your brains.
You are now into ash, come on
When I asked you to bring him alive,
Why are you trying to kill him..?
How will I know where our money is
if something happens to Sir?
We have so much work with Sir.
Shall we go Sir?
Hey.. Order a tea for Sir.
All would think I became the Minister when my dad passed away
I do not think so, I think you killed him and became
Correct, I killed my own father for post
and will I stay calm when you loot my money?
Will I stay calm? I will spill out every single pie
You should anyhow catch that fellow
- Yes, you
He is been looting my money from
three months and making me go mad
Who said you that I can catch that thief?
It is me dear
- You?
Shut up and listen to me.
What is the total bill.
Sir, he is the one who stolen our money.
Why are you still seeing? Call the DIG immediately.
I will get this rascal arrested and push him in
Will you get him arrested and push him in? Do you have a brain?
What are you saying, idiot?
Do we have an account for the money he looted from us?
Where do we have? That is black money
It is a problem for us, if we file a case
- So, should I let him go?
Rascal, you said a good thing after so long.
Come on call that man
Hello, hello I am calling you
Minister Sir is calling
We got caught..bro
-You do not get tensed I will manage
Sir! Did you recognize Sir?
- Who?
Hey, he is our Health Minister
- Sir, our Arogyasri card...
Hello, do not act. It looks very bad
I bought transfer order that day thinking that you were
a Police officer, but after knowing that you are a thief...
Oh no, we are caught now
I have become your fan
I have an important work with you, come with me
I have an important work with you, come with me
Oh come on, give at least your phone number
and I will be in touch
Phone number...
95333 80661
Hey dude, I will take a selfie with you.
Please come... Just one selfie
Oh no, you gave the number of those family
planning people and made me a fool again
Will you stop your nonsense and come to the main matter?
Look, our man is the Home Minister for this state
But a thief is into searching where all is
he hiding the money and is looting it
What prestige and post will he have if the public comes to
know that a thief is looting money of Home Minister?
For that, we thought only a clever thief like
you can catch that thief, I myself sent your photo
Dear, you should anyhow catch that thief.
If not he is saying to kill even me with a doubt
Get him caught anyhow and I will pay you as much needed
Not all that Sir, I urgently should go first to give blood
Oh no, it is O-negative blood right?
I have sent 10 people and a drum full of blood is ready
I am the health Minister and can I not do that much?
- Is it? Thanks Sir
Bro, kid is safe it seems
Your work is done right? Now do my work
What is the next transaction?
We have to do money hawala to Aravind Dubey for Bihar Election
You get the cash ready and
I will make the plan ready to catch him
Brother-in-law... Vadakam brother-in-law...
Your brother-in-law is not coming out of
that room from the past two days
Yes uncle, my dad had come to your room
2 days back for some printouts
Then he opened your system and saw some photos.
Whole system of my dad got hang from then
Has he seen?
From that day, he is not coming out from that room.
He is carrying out everything right there
He might know all our secrets now.
Brother-in -law...
What is this Vadakam Brother in law...
You are not coming out of the room it seems?
Bringing light to the whole colony,
how if you are into dark like this?
If you use everything coming for free, similar thing happens
Hey, what did I do wrong to you?
Saying to take out what is in and push in what is out repeatedly,
you have permanently pushed me inside
If that Home Minister comes to know that this colony
development was done by me with his money,
I beg you guys, please vacate the house and go
Come on, do not be tensed Vadakam brother in law
You will jump in joy listening to the news I am going to say now
I am already crying for what I did.
First tell me what the news is..
That Home Minister has appointed me to
catch the guy looting his money
Has he appointed a thief to catch a thief?
So, he is a VP looking like a VIP
What happened? Why are you like that?
My dad waited the whole day for you yesterday
I had called, put messages and you had not replied to anything
Dad asked whether the guy who did not come
to meet him come for a marriage with me
I lost my prestige
Not that Akshara, I had an urgent work and...
Huh, we are important for you till we are down
and after that everything other than us are important
What, are you trying for her?
Hey, you try for a girl and you know what
your condition is if the girl falls for you by mistake?
If you have a girlfriend, how many times a day should you meet,
how many times should you take for shopping in a month,
what to order going to a coffee shop,
will she like what we order or fight with us,
what is your situation forgetting the birthday
date and what is the gift if you remember,
should we let girls be in our Facebook
and Instagram, Can we hit likes or not...
If any girl in those friends is beautiful, can we see her now or not...
Leaving all that if our phone comes busy at sometime,
whom are you talking to, is it a girl or a boy...
Bearing up with their monthly mood swings and the enquiries
Going in time to the place they call and some day if cannot
go having some urgent work, not understanding even that...
Saying ok still for that and trying to pacify them...
When a lone guy like you is sighting over her,
should I go and fight with him or try to make him understand?
Please stop bro. So many troubles in life if a girl falls?
I will not look at any girl from today in life. Thanks bro, thank you
He sights at a girl it seems, idiot
I was saying him tricks in love when asked and nothing else
So many problems for you having a girlfriend?
-No, no
Go to hell
- Hey, not for me. Come on...
I love you, I love you my dear
Your anger looks like a Goddess
I love you, I love you my dear
Your anger looks like a Goddess
Dont jump so like you stepped on the fire...
Why not cool down a bit?
Hey baby, what shall I do for you to laugh?
Tell me, tell me, tell me...
Im sorry, Im sorry dear
Im sorry, forgive me for now
Im sorry, Im sorry dear
Im sorry, show mercy for now
We too will have a heart just like you...
Thered be so much love in that.
You dont recognize that and it is a torture
We thus keep drinking
We never understand your calculations at all
Im sorry, Im sorry dear
Im sorry, forgive me for now
Im sorry, Im sorry dear
Im sorry, show mercy for now
Is it your birth right to always blame?
Do you know how tough is to bear those?
Why does a lady like fights so much?
They come for a fight having a Red bull
Youre our destination either you insult,
beat up or do anything
I love you, I love you my dear
Your anger looks like a Goddess
Dont jump so like you stepped on the fire...
Why not cool down a bit?
Hey baby, what shall I do for you to laugh?
Tell me, tell me, tell me...
Im sorry, Im sorry dear
Im sorry, forgive me for now
What, is that your lover?
Is it required for you, rascal?
What is it, you said idiot?
You said lover and I said idiot
It is tough to talk with you..
You came to know right? Shut up and sit
Oh no, are my eyes rotating or the cars?
Your eyes as the cars are rotating
Then why to do so?
- That thief should not know in which car is the cash right?
Idea is great, slap
Why did you slap so?
- You said slap right?
I said to rotate the cars
- That is called swap
Hey, why did you stop here?
-we should have a lunch right...?
How will he steal if we are continuously passing so?
He will plan something when stopped unexpectedly
like this and he will be caught to us
Correct, we shall give a chance even to the thief.
I am very hungry, come on we shall eat
I will not come
- Why, motions?
No.....I will be right here and safeguard the cash
What have you done safeguarding all these days?
- Hey
Wait man, you scream just like a buffalo for everything
Hey, eat whatever you wish to without any hesitation.
Is this an amount compared to what is lost?
Move guys
What, girlfriend right? Carry on
Yes, tell me...
I am ready behind you with a vehicle having
same number just behind you as said
I stopped all these for food at the roadside dhaba.
You cross us
Listen carefully to me.
On NH9 after taking left at 149 Milestone,
Bihar batch will be waiting there at the
quarry to do the hawala
They are there bro
Once you go to them seeing your vehicle number
they will confirm that you are the men of Nayak
Yes, the same people
Now they will give you half of the
original Hawala note with them to you
What they need is money and thus will not
have concentration on the note with you
Take the half note they give,
show a buildup like you are matching...
...with the fake note you have
and handover the fake currency bags I gave to them
Ok! Get the currency dude
Move on guys..
Say hello to Nayak bro
- I will
Did they leave?
They left bro
- You change into their get ups
You change your vehicle number plates
wait for us there like Bihar team
They are not even as much as a beer bottle
and what are these the Bihar team?
They do not look like Bihar team at all
You do not look like a human at all and did anybody ask you?
Shall we do the transaction or leave from here?
- You stay quiet man
What is your nonsense?
- Brother said to pay the cash only after confirming everything
Your name?
You are Yadav, right?
Yes, how do you know?
Names in Bihar are so. I too was in Bihar for an year
and do I not know that much?
It is not the candidate to confirm but currency
Give me the hawala note what you have..
Hey, give the half note you have
-I will not give and I will match it
Oh no, I misunderstood but you are very strict
Number is matched, hey give the cash
Check it guys
Why do you see the cash so eagerly?
You look to faint seeing a 2000 note
Everything is correct, start now
Say hello to Nayak Sir
-Say hello even to Dubey Sir
Who is this Dubey?
- What?
No... Dubey is our boss
- Ok
Come on move... Come on start...
Thank you very much...
Meet you...
-Say see you...
Take care of the money
Tell me..
- We have safely exchanged the money Sir
very good
Hello Nayak bhai, got the money
Hey, why are you going on NH7?
- No bro, we are going on NH9
We have already crossed even the toll gate
What rubbish...
Hey, he is again looted the money
- What are you saying bro?
Someone from us is favoring him from us.
I am seeing here in GPRS tracker of the chip I kept in money bag
He is going on NH7 looting the money
You follow from there without leaking the matter there
I will come opposite from here
- Ok bro
Hey, turn the vehicle
- Hey, we have to go this way right?
I am saying, right? You turn the vehicle
Go on, go on
Those are the guys we need, go on
Where are you going... we need them.
Brother, I caught them.
Make them say who is behind them, I am coming
By changing your dressing
you thought you can steal Nayak's Money
You waste rascals, when you have so much brains
how much more clever should brother be?
That is why, brother has put GPRS tracker in the money bag
Say idiots, who is behind you? Who is behind you?
We have taken the money and there is nobody behind us
You do not have so much of scene,
say who is the master mind behind you
There is none behind us really bro
I know how to make you say...
Sir, there is none behind us..
Really there is none behind us sir.
Why do you see so guys?
I am behind them and I have looted the money
And it is me to kill you if one more shot falls on them
Why are you hitting so man?
Road will have speed limit, ATM will have money limit
and exam will have time limit
But my action has no limits
Atlast he left this GPRS tracker only for us.
To catch that guy we appointed him
Now whom should we appoint to catch this guy
He is looted our money so planned being by our side means
he is not an ordinary thief as said by that Health Minister
Hey go guys, do not leave him
and all those related to him. Go guys
Sir, do not run so. You will die with heart fail.
If I do not run now, I will die in the hands of that
Home minister
Look Compounder
- I am a Doctor
Something man, where is the ICU?
Where is the patient?
- Me
Do not let that Home Minster come in
- What happened Sir?
It all happened because of this rascal.
He ruined me saying talent and intelligent
What have I done Sir?
- You did it all
When I said to get him caught to Police that day,
you said we shall use talent
What happened now? He used us
Being the PA, I should give some advise, right sir?
That is not said as advise, but to ruin. You rascal...
Look Doctor, by the time he comes give me
some injection and send me into a trance
You get side effects by giving something like that sir
It will be a direct effect if he comes.
Inject somewhere immediately
Give me.
If that Home comes and asks what is wrong with me...
Some disease had recently spread in some country,
what is that? - Ebola
Yes, say that I got it and he will leave right from there
Sir, is he dead or slept?
If he gets up by tomorrow,
it is like he slept if not it is like he is dead
We take out what is in and push in what is out
Where is the house of Vaadakam Valeswarrao here?
That house where that fat guy is playing.
Serve some ghee
Dad, men of Home Minister came for you
Have they come?
I did not expect the cyclone to cross the shore
and fall on the colony so fast
Have you packed everything?
- I packed everything hubby
Your ration card, pan card, health card and
the scan you had for kidney stones recently
and also kept the reports of colonoscopy done
Having that thief on the house and an idiot like you in the house,
what else than stones and scopes be in my body?
All this is my bad time, I am going.
If anybody comes and asks about anything,
say you have no relation to me
If I say not to have any relation with you,
they think him as illegal income hubby
I beg you, feel him as a God given kid
Oh no
Now I lost all hopes on my Corporator seat
Hey, who are you..? why are you coming without permission.
Hey, who are you..?
He is a man related to Durgadevi Charitable trust.
Leave me please
I need him and also my money
Ok brother.
Search everywhere
She is his lover bro
Does he have time even to love?
Did you not get anybody else than that thief to love?
Say where is he? Say... Hey, say him to come
Call him and ask him to come here. Else, I will kill you
Bro, he is the in charge of this trust
He will tell where that guy is
Say, say where that fellow is
- He is not here
Still, this is a sacred temple built for the orphans.
A criminal like you has no right even to stand here
Get out
What are you blabbering you old idiot? Where is that thief rascal?
You get to laugh seeing me, rascal?
Then, King of Lakhs of crores and owner of thousands of families...
When you say such a man as thief, do I not get to smile?
What are you saying?
Exactly two months back, to meet for
5 minutes and to talk for a minute,
with 100 phone calls and recommendation of four states CMs,
you had been to London to met a person
waiting for 4 hours right?
Anand Surana
Son of that Anand Surana is this man
you are asking for... Vikranth Surana
The only heir of Surana industries across the world
I am so happy dear.
Suranas are today in world's top 10 richest
My son, if you are with me
we will be in the number one place in few years
Money, money!
Has the life not bored for you
Money will not get bored, son.
Life without that will bored.
Even your mother was the same.
She was never supportive in business to me
Dad, it is already too late.
Tomorrow is the death anniversary of mom
and we need to go early in the morning
I completely forgot
Vikrant, it is time for meeting.
Let's make a move
Dad, I want to spend some more time.
How long if you wait also your mother doesn't return.
Dad, you feel we should feel pain remembering about mom
I feel to keep mom alive remembering
the moments spent with mom
Please try to understand dad
Sir, hello Sir.
Who is this..?
Durgadevi Charitable trust incharge Tilak
Sir...sir..please don't cut the call sir
Please listen me sir.
On the eve of completing 25 years
since Durgadevi madam founded this trust,
all those who studied, passed out from here and well settled
now are planning for Silver Jubilee celebrations Sir
You have never visited the trust all these years.
They will feel very happy if you take time
and come at least now Sir
If I come, you give welcome, garland,
make me sit in the chair and make me write donations
Donations and donations!
Sir, not for money
Though she is gone leaving us, you are not leaving us.
Cut the phone and never call again
Mr. Tilak
who is it?
It is me, Vikranth speaking
Are you fine son? I saw you long back as a child
You do not feel bad for what Dad said
When is the 25th Anniversary?
You said you want to visit India to final the M&T deal
India's climate conditions will not suit you
What is motherland not suitable?
We are winning coming so far
and we shall win where we are born, right?
You are talking about the bussiness deal your doing in India
Welcome to India Sir
Thank you
Sir, my name is
I am here in your company...
- One of the employee
Whenever dad comes...
- You take care of all his programs
And now your programs...
- You will take care
We should introduce when the opposite does not know about us
We should look into the work when known
You are super Sir
Sir, what is it? You gave so much money to that boy?
When he asked for his note, I felt like giving Mr. Reddy
Hey.. careful.
Mr. Reddy, what is this for a small wound?
You be calm sir, your dad will take us out from jobs
if something goes wrong with you
You have no need to take any tension Sir,
it is just a small hairline fracture
It takes few weeks to set. After that,
I myself will come and remove the bandage
Till then enough if these medicines are used
Sir, it seems there was a bomb blast just now at Gurukul Chat
They are bringing all here as our hospital is just beside
They are bringing all injured people in to this hospital
let us ask the victims what actually had happened..?
How did this blast take place?
What were you doing there at that time?
Sir.. sir.
What are that questions when they are in pain Mr. Reddy?
Do they have no common sense?
More than the commercials coming before and after news,
there would be commerciality in news here Sir
Sir, he is the state Home Minister
and the one beside is the Health Minister
Sir, how do you respond to the blast that took place?
This is an act by the terrorists. I am condemning this
I am declaring an ex-gratia from the Government for
10 Lakhs for the dead and 5 Lakhs for the wounded in the blast
I am praying to God that all these should recover fast
Sir, what is your opinion about that blast?
Along with the ex-gratia, Government will bear
all the expenses of their families till they recover
Will you acceptt it as your failure
Move aside, I want to visit them all.
Sir please talk sir.
Give this amount to Minister Sir asking to spend for the Victims
Excuse me Sir... Minister Sir...
Our Sir asked to give this to you for these victims
One crore?
Call the kind hearted man giving this, let us take a photo
He stays close to help and far from showing up Sir
What Anand, you are shifting all businesses from here
to London without saying even a word with me it seems?
Not just the business, but we are also leaving India
What for?
Unable to take this public service
Why so much pain for you?
I am doing service with the money given by my dad
Do not talk foolish.
It is not about yours or mine.
If the same money is invested in business, it multiplies
God blessed us financially not just to raise our standards,
...but to raise our standards of giving
They are good on walls to read
We are leaving India tomorrow and that is it
I understood Anand. You may take me
away from the Ashram but not from my ambition
From the time I stepped in this trust,
I feel am closer to mom Tilak Sir
We are very happy for you to have come here.
Soul of your mother will be at peace
Our own children said us to leave saying they cannot bear us
We are living here with the mercy of that Goddess
Sir, we are all in good positions today into various professions.
Your mother is reason behind all this Sir
Mr. Reddy, give the cheque book - No sir
Mom is gone giving us money enough for generations
She was always feeling bad about just one thing
She used to say after leaving to London she was able
to send money but could not do service directly
Sir, dad wants to talk with you
Tomorrow you have to go to Delhi and If they sign
on MOU then the project will be ours
After that you can come back to London
Ok dad
I think our guys brought you till here and gave you the trouble
It is a trouble if fee is not given and what when it is given Sir?
By the way, how are the victims
who joined in your hospital that day?
No idea sir, it is been long since all those are discharged
Discharged, how can that be done? Seeing those,
I felt it may take minimum 6 months for them to recover
It will take Sir, but they should have
money to get the treatment, right Sir?
Ministers that day said Government will
bear all the expenses for treatment right?
It is common here sir, they make
announcement to give money but never the money
Why not your hospital take it up?
That is a corporate hospital Sir.
There will be value for money but not for a human Sir
Where would all those be now?
- No idea Sir
Mr. Reddy, I want to see all of them right now
If you do not go, dad will...
Mr. Reddy, it is my order
Sir, when I asked our staff to check the hospital records
I came to know that few from the victims are from this locality
Sir, what do we say if these ask who we are?
Say we came from Durgadevi Charitable Trust
How long will you cultivate in a barren land, father?
Saying so, he asked me to come down to city
so that he would take care, brought me here
And now...
he is in a position that I should take care of him
He's gone dumb and also deaf,
it's almost costing 10000 for medicines per month
We sold out all the lands we had.
All the Ministers came and said Government would take care
There's none who cared about us till date
He used to earn a thousand
everyday doing the painting work
Someone planting a bomb there
and he getting into this position, it's our bad time
Iron pieces pierced into the head during that blast Sir
He can't talk as the brain is damaged
He can't identify anybody.
They said Government would give 5 Lakhs,
they haven't at least padi the hospital bill Sir
Her name is Vaibhavi Sir,
state level running champion
After it happened, we've been roaming for Government help Sir
When gone to Minister, they ask for a paper.
When gone to Government office
they say verification should be completed
There are hundreds like me waiting for the help Sir
Look, bring 25000 and I'll get you the
compensation amount of 1,50000 you should get
What's it Sir, Minister sir said Five Lakhs
Oh no, Minister;s share itself in that is 3 Lakhs
and 25000 for his PA
That money is what fixed by Government to the
dead body of my husband broken into pieces.
Do you take shares even in that? Are you any humans?
You keep cursing so and 1,50,000 will become one Lakh
Agriculture anyways is not going good.
Thinking would at least get help from the Government,
my dad drank pesticide brother
Minister Sir said to give Ten Lakhs and it's been six months
All the money I had are spent over for bus fares only bro
Please give me fifty rupees bro,
I am very hungry
Please brother
Sir, for the ex-gratia amount of my sister
Hey, one must go to College, come home and study
It happens so going around park
and restaurant with boyfriend
Enjoy now
please Sir...
Hey, leave
Sir, do not let injustice happen to my sister Sir
Public are at loss and the compensation
is going to the politicians
Common man will not get the help unless the system of
ten people signing for one to get help changes
No problem even if one doesn't clear the problem,
but the thought to cash that problem...
We shall kill that Mr. Reddy
More than half from these would die not getting
a help by the time change you wish for come in the system,
How many would be the bomb blast victims in total?
Total three bomb blasts took place in row that day Sir.
Those dead, hurt and adding up
the victims in similar incidents before,
what tens and hundreds Sir?
They would be in thousands
Prepare that list.
I'll bear the amount required for their treatment
But it's not enough giving treatment to just these, Mr. Reddy.
We must give treatment to the total system
I'll give a shock treatment
Their lives are not cost about the cost of your wrist watch
Even your mom was the same.
She was on the same job round the clock
saying donations, service and charity
Same blood right, you started it again
Ok, let that be gone.
I'll reschedule appointment once your mood is set
How much more long will you think with mind dad?
Just think once with heart
So many thousands of Billions wouldn't be
with us today, if I listen to the heart.
Surana group of Industries wouldn't be in this position
Moreover being the MD of this company, you made a mistake
When a business man gives donation,
it should either be for some publicity stunt
or for a tax exumption
But, you gave it to a corrupt Politician
Hey, what are you writing here without
bothering when I'm talking here?
You said it right dad,
that I'm unfit as MD of this Company. I'm thus resigning
If I get them treated with my money, it's a help.
If I make them get back the looted money
from Ministers and MLAs, that is justice
I'll come back again after giving them justice along with the help
I did a lot to you as a son, dad.
Now, time has come to do for mother
Good Sir
flash back of him is great
Mr. Tilak...
when I am looting hundreds of crores here
Sir is looting thousands of crores from me
What is this account?
Looting the same money from you, formed a network
with the students studying in this same trust
and Vikranth Suarana has made it possible that any person
across the state being victimized is getting the ex gratia
The people who has to do service are doing scams
and Vikranth Surana to do business is doing service
Thanks Mr. Tilak
you said it with a great clarity
It took us two months to meet that Anand Surana
No idea how long would it take for us
to meet this thief Surana
Hey, see it might be him
Oh no...!
Not him sir, all TV news channels have come to see you
He is again started some game Sir
you have nothing to do now
Come on, say something to them and send those away
We have seen Ministers taking donations till date
but for the first time impressed by the services of this trust
Minister Sir has directly come forward to give a donation
That too without any publicity and
let us ask the Minister Sir and know the details
What is the reason behind appreciating this trust Sir?
It costs great expense to maintain such a trust
Coming to know that they are running without
any expectations, I have come to appreciate them
If you need any support from the Govt.
I will look into it.
Sir, will you continue to give donations in future also.
what sir
Why are you leaving Sir?
What more to do being here? Old man has said it all
Not that Sir, you forgot the work you have come here for
What did he forget?
You wait dude.
Hey, what did he forget?
you said to give five crores donation to this trust, right Sir?
You... - Media is here Sir
We just lost money till time and you will even lose
prestige sir something goes wrong now sir
sir you would at least get
a publicity giving the cheque... Yes
I gave one crore that day for a good work.
Today for that same good work,
I am taking five crores from you
Is the account settled?
You survived with the media in between
But you cannot go anywhere escaping from me
I will not go... and I won't leave you
We will meet soon through a very good platform
Will see.
Sorry, You got troubled because of me..
I like you my dear
I like you my dear
I like you my dear
I like you my dear
Seeing you for the first time I wished to have for life time
Im swinging in your thoughts seeing you for the first time
I built a shelter in my heart
I stepped in with love
Ive thus given a like to you
Hey my dear
Ill make your name as caller tune
Come on, Ill show you in pride
Seeing you for the first time I wished to have for life time
Im swinging in your thoughts seeing you for the first time
Youre the breeze coming from the jasmine flowers
Is it so, I dont know
You are the awesome lighting from hurricane lamp
I just came to know that
Is this the love?
- No doubt, this is so
Every paragraph in my heart book is yours
I wrote every word with love
Hey my dear
Ill make your name as caller tune
Come on, Ill show you in pride
Youre the latest color not existing even in rainbow
Dont praise me so much
Youre the morning sunlight coming from the window
Never leave me
Hey my cutie
- Do you like me so much?
I promise on my heartbeat and am saying
Its true that you are my life
Hey my dear
Ill make your name as caller tune
Come on, Ill show you in pride
Seeing you for the first time I wished to have for life time
Im swinging in your thoughts seeing you for the first time
Police department is alerted with information of bomb blast
to happen at the state high court
Bomb disposal squad is trying to detect the bomb
There is no clue on who gave this information
about that bomb blast to the police
Today about the ministers who are attending court...
Police are enquired are not...
Hello mike...stop the camera.
Attention everybody
I have planted the bomb
It is me the one who gave the
information about the bomb here
Where is the bomb man?
More dangerous explosive than the atom bomb
and RDX, the most destructive weapon in the world
What is this money?
This is stolen money
I am confessing my crimes and am surrendering
to court before the media along with this money
How would it be not known to anybody when so many
crores are robbed? Who exactly owns this money?
Honorable Home Minister Jayendra
Honorable health Minister Arogya Rao
Honorable... When asked from whom you robbed,
why do you say names of cabinet Ministers?
I robbed this money from them
He made the issue public sir...
There is a scam of thousands of crores behind
this and a dark angle of our leaders you are unaware of
What is this, so much cheating?
When they did scams and
looted public money, I planned and looted from them
Do you have proofs for the allegations you are making?
Yes, I have evidence
I will put out all the details in the court
If you have the guts, come to the court and answer
Let us meet in the court of the law.
Jai Hind
Father of our Vikranth Sir
Greetings Sir.
What is this crowd..
They came for vikranth sir
for Vikrant..
Sir, She is..
I know..
Akshara..She is the one who informed me
Vikranth whereabouts..
Sir, when God gave you a son
you gave us a God in the form of your son
It is human nature to weep when a trouble comes
But he is taking trouble to wipe our tears
and that is humanity
Dad, Why don't you speak anything
when you have come so far..
Now there are a hundred people.
But if salary of one month is not given, none would come
But I understood seeing the people outside for you, son.
What you earned is more than what I have earned
You proved that your mom was correct
You should not always think with your brain..
sometimes we have to think with heart too..
I can't see you like this, so I have hired...
the best lawyers for you
No dad, I will argue my case myself.
You are Very stubborn..
self determind
This Vikranth Surana is the only heir of that Anand Surana
Sir... Sir...
Damn, you idiot?
I died in tension thinking it is that Home minister
Still why is he on to us having so much money with him?
Call the Doctor urgently. I will go into
the trance if he gives an injection. I feel happy there
Shall I say something that takes
you into trance without injection?
What is it?
That Vikrant Surana has sent court notices even to you
Madam, please come out for once
A long gap has come
Oh no, do you not have a timing.
You are coming at odd timings, here have this
How dare you to touch my hands.
wait i will teach you.
Hey, wait
Hey, it is me.
What is this dear?
I am having to face for giving him house on rent
What are the latest updates?
It seems the guy for rent upstairs was a Billionaire
Will a guy looting crores be a beggar
instead of billionaire. You crazy lady!
Sister, has Vadakam brother in law come?
He is still not come brother
What sister, he said to put up TV in every house.
When will he come and when would TV be put?
He is gone to Japan for talking
with Toshiba Company on the same work
What Toshiba, we asked for Sony Bravia right?
You idiot, there should be an end to wishes
It would have been safe all had their money at them
All together said Nayak Bhai and
put the money under his seat and what happened now?
He put all our lives in the court
We will receive even summons soon. If it is so...
Why soon sir, they have already come
This is for our Revenue Minister and this for our dear
Finance Minister Sir. Please read
What are you looking like so....
Did you not have that when you did scams?
All what you need are in that and you pick it
Sir, CM Sir is in call..
What the hell all this is
Party got very bad name because of you
Prove that you are right or else resign from the post
What did CM say? Did he say to resign?
I know it. I know in advance that the situation will lead here
If you talk too much by-election will
come up in your constituency
Wait Nayak, forget about him
and look about those summons first
I know what to do very well. I will do...
A small adjustment
No barracks are vacant, so all the
prisoners tonight will stay in your cell
You anyways will not be there by morning right?
I mean, you got to go tomorrow
for the adjournment right?
Hey, we asked Sir for adjustment
Do not trouble him, ok?
Sir, they are well trained criminals...
by this time they might have finished him
Hey, put the phone at the ear
If I put my focus on him
even if the whole Police force
under him comes cannot stop his death
Ask him to stop all such crazy things
and to attend for court tomorrow
Raheem zoom the camera home minister has come
Is it a courage that you can escape being a politician in power Sir?
The confidence that court never does a mistake
Confidence shouldn't be on the court
but on the lawyer arguing our case
Is he strong enough?
Have you heard the name Sharat Khelkar?
That man who brought our
Central Minister out from the corruption case?
Yes him, but the fees are 20 Lakhs
For the case?
- No.. per hour
Start the proceedings
This is not any new story to say Sir
The story we have been saying from when the nation is born
Whichever party may be in power in the nation
the power is of corruption Sir
There was a serial bomb blast a
few months back in Hyderabad Sir
Taking the public in the bloodshed
and in the form of flesh lumps
these same Ministers have declared ex gratia, pricing
per dead body and the organs lost before this same media
Only the announcements were there
but compensation has never come
Not just the bomb blast Sir
when a flyover collapses, when there is a train or
bus accident taking place, floods or cyclones
come and even when farmers commit suicide with crop
failures, ex gratia is not reaching them properly Sir
Such delays take place due to administrative procedures
We all know that problem
How this relates to our case?
Ask him to come to the point first your honor
That is the whole point your honor
It is not an administrative delay
it is a blatant corruption
How did the cheque I gave as
donation in the hospitals where victims
were admitted on the day of bomb blast deposit
into a benami account in Mumbai Sir?
When I pulled out details
about that account, the total scam has fallen out
The master mind behind the thousands of crores scam
on the name ex gratia is our Home Minister Jayendra alias Nayak
These Minsters have formed a syndicate
with the help of a few Government officers
and the money they hid with Nayak was looted by me
and I made that reach the victims
through Durgadevi Charitable Trust Sir
I submitted all the cheques, bank vouchers,
hospital bills and everything related to that to the court Sir
You can also see the current position of the victims Sir
Happy journey Sir..
Thankyou sir..
Story of Robinhood is very good Sir
But if he had shown a proof that the money was of my client,
it would have been much better
I have the proof Sir
What is this
It is truth what Vikranth Sir said, Sir. we are benami of Nayak
When Nayak tried killing us in the anger to have lost the
money, Vikranth Sir saved us
Your honor, what they are saying is a lie
These two were once employees under me
Knowing that they were misusing funds
I had filed a Police case and
dismissed them both from their jobs
And now keeping that in mind
they are talking like that
That is all, your honor
witnesses have no character and credibility
To convict anyone in the court of law
you need flawless collaborative evidence
which excatly they do not have.
Sir, see the video evidence I submitted to the court once Sir
Nayak Bhai...
Shut up,
I have not put that name to be called
But to hide my money with benami fellows like you
My blood too is boiling by seeing the video your honor
I feel nothing wrong in giving
any punishment to such a person
You and the public watching this video before
coming to a decision, please watch this video for once
I got the reputation as a leader is to serve the public
and not to cover your corruption
I will dismiss you both.
That video is a fake sir
They are trying to cheat the
court by changing the audio from the original video
Exactly Sir, what we are saying too is the same
This is the latest technology today.
They have faked videos of even Obama
and Mark Zuckerbeg
What would be a big problem
in changing the voice of my client Sir?
If these two videos are sent to Govt. Forensic lab
It will be known which is real and which is fake
It is not any big difficulty for the state Home Minister
to manipulate a lab report Sir
They will manage it all in one night
What is this Mr Vikranth, You looks to
be tensed with a feeling that truth will fall out
Shall I say the real story?
Your honor, this story has started
25 years back
His mother is a good visionary
She has established this Durga Devi Trust 25 years back itself
He will loot the country in the name of business
In the name of charity she will transfer the money to overseas.
The whole process is Hawala sir...
Please show some respect to the people who are no more
Life is gone by dying
but where will the sin go
I will say why is he doing all this?
My client had been to meet my client in regards
with the investment of Surana industries in the state
He had shown the greed of
thousands of crores as a bribe
In return he asked to allot
10 thousand acres of SEZ land to his company
My client did not agree
Thus blackmail my client
and the government politically
and they did all this to get their work has to done
Look at my clinet once
Though he is accused with false alligations
with the trust he has on the judiciary system
He is sitting in the court innocently
I thought why when he said 20 Lakhs per hour,
but we can be given more.
Kindly dismiss this case
Seize Durgadevi Charitable trust.
Put CBI enquiry on its activities
That's all your honour
Thank you
Ordering the Police Department to send these two videos
to Government Forensic lab and Give a report on it
I am ordering to carry out a CBI
enquiry on the activities of Durgadevi Charitable Trust
Court is adjourned for next hearing
You'd have been happy if dead in the jail in the hands of my men
I'll make you feel to have done a mistake by being alive
Hey, bring that CBI officer enquiring about that trust to me
Let's shut down that trust permanently
so now you know the truth
Now call the CBI officer who enquired this case
Show that report to the people too...
Last time when we asked him to find who is behind this
he went off by showing a wrong report
will he give us a favourable report now
Sir has given a serious warning that such mistake
should not repeat. There will not be a difference this time
The enquiry report I carried out about the trust is before you Sir
I am testifying under oath Your Honour...
All the allegation that came up on that trust are...
Are mere lies Sir
Another meaning to selfless service is that trust your honor
You said no difference will come? It hit back somewhere
Sir What Vikrant said was true your honor,
that money belongs to these
Coincidentally, the man appointed by Nayak
to catch the guy looting that money was again me Sir
Sir, I object it
Please, let him continue
I have a hearing problem Sir
Thus I record every conversation Sir
I have every voice call record
of the conversation I and Nayak had
One copy related to that is before you Sir
Even the recording is there...
Home Minister agreeing that Vikranth looted his money
Sir,this is all by mimicry artistes.
100 of such recordings can be done
I know in advance that you would ask this question Sir.
Along with the report by voice expert
stating that the voice in that record is of Nayak
there is also the report given by
Government Forensic lab on the top Sir
Why did you called me here?
I had a doubt from very long time
To clarify that
Though you know that i had made all the robberies
may i know why did you give the wrong report to Nayak
10 years back when i was on duty
my ear got damaged in a landmine blast
I know the difficulty in living with a physical defect
I don't get connect with anything except
but i got connected for your cause
I may be corrupt but I am committed
I broke my commitment for the first time
by giving a wrong report on you
That day you got connected to
my cause and gave a wrong report
Now that cause itself is in danger sir
If a daily wager gets fever,
he buys a tablet worth of 2 rupees
In that government collects 2 paisa as tax.
the salary you are getting monthly
is paid from that tax only sir
You are so committed for a person who bribes you
then how much committed you should have
towards the people who are paying you monthly as a salary
Kurukshetra will occur only once in the history
To stand beside the Justice or beside the injustice
you have to decide that time itself sir.
When a person without any relation
is striving so hard to clean this system
I felt it is incorrect not to do our
duty taking salary and wearing the uniform Sir
That is why I came to the court
along with the evidence against to Nayak
That is all, your honor
I thought we will use him but he was used by him.
Say now Sir
Two years back he gave the affidavit to election commission
that Home Minister's whole property is 28 lakhs
Where did he got so many thousands of crores Sir?
Leave all of them for now, he himself has agreed
to have done robbery
First give him the punishment Sir
Hey, it is not a crime to be punished. I looted that
money to prove that corruption was going on
As per the whistle blowers act 2011,
I should be protected and not prosecuted by the law
Hey, what are you talking about all sections?
If you mess with our leader, we shall do protests
and bandhs and burn the whole city
Hey, you should not get angry and show anger on me
Seeing the ditch at every yard on the yard you walk,
you should get anger over the leader you have elected
When the street light does not glow,
when the garbage is full all over the street,
when humans are treated worst
than animals in Government hospitals
when a bribe is asked at every step in the
Government office, you should get the anger
Why does none get anger for all such things?
But when a leader doing corruption is arrested,
saying to do protests, bandhs and
burn busses every guy comes on to the roads
Hey, he is looting your food, life and your future
If you face some unexpected risk by chance,
they do a scam and loot even that exgratia
You said it correctly Sir. A common man like me is facing
so many problems here because of corruption
Common man in this country is not any clean brother,
he is most corrupted part of the system
There is more corruption
in the voter who votes than the politician in power
When said to give a house for free, free current,
loan waivers and to give 5000 per vote
he votes without thinking anything about good and bad
and if he asks for a society without corruption,
where would that come from?
For a country to change or the corruption to be gone,
common man should first change. You should change
Order, order!
We will change Sir
But if they are punished in this court,
they would go to the higher court
They manage everything and come out again
What will you say for that Sir?
If they escape punishment
at the upper court, you give the answer in the public court
Every politician should know he would not get a deposit
in election if his deposits grow in the Swiss Bank
Order, order!
To block corruption there are vigilance commission
Anti Corruption Bureau and many more as such,
What more to do for stopping corruption?
Amazon, Flipkart or E-Bay...
When we order an item anywhere online,
we get a message in half a second about
when it gets delivered Sir
Transaction happens in the next
second in PayTM when we press the send button
When there is such technology available
why an outdated system of files, affidavits, signatures
and certificates If not to trouble the common man...
For a victim to receive ex gratia why the involvement
of so many is required from a Minister to Collector
MRO, Revenue Inspector, Office clerk other
than to share their money and increase properties Sir
Can the Government asking to link Aadhar even to
talk on phone
why dont they ask to link the same for victims
and give the ex gratia amount directly?
When Durgadevi Charitable trust with
32 employees could do the job,
why is this Government having thousands of employees
not able to do that your honor?
losing their own and body parts Sir
None in this country should ever take a trouble again to move
around the Government offices for the ex-gratia money
People gave you power
not to enhance your wealth but to empower their lives
I am, retiring tomorrow had never expected
to get a chance to give such a historic judgment
I declare Nayak, other Ministers and the officers
involving into the scam as convicts and order the speaker
and the officers in relation to remove them from
their posts immediately
As said by Vikranth, I recommend the Government
to disperse the ex-gratia amount in the direct transfer method
You are being discharged in the evening.
Pay the bill at the counter and take the clearance letter
You should get money from Government, did you got it?
Sir, excuse me Sir
business call from UK
I am in a work
Ask him to call later
-Okay Sir.