Papadopoulos & Sons (2012) Movie Script

Often when he just a boy
Harry Papadopoulos
Came to this country with nothing.
Harry was a grofter,
entering the restaurant
trade as a young man.
Must've used Euphemismus,
for Greek waiter isn't he?
Only joking Harry.
He then started the now
famous Papadopoulos
& Sons, doing all things Greek.
From Taramasalata to olive oil
and Frozen-Moussaka.
Which I must admit my wife and I are
a partial to in occasion.
Not one to settle, Harry's made the move
in to comercial property.
Where he's about to embark on
one of the most audacious development yet.
Papadopoulos Plaza.
A 2 Million square
foot redevelopment
in the heart of our great city.
Ladies and gentelmen, I give you
European Entrepeneur of the year:
Harry Papadopoulos.
That's lovely. Now,
stood out a bit for me.
Yeah that's nice.
Just look at the camera.
- Little bit more, perfect.
Now, touch the vase for me
if you don't mind.
Touch it?
What about...
Oh, Katie... you're
a P-P-P-Perv.
And you're the F-F-F-Freak,
- Shush!
Come on guys,
big smile, big smile for me!
Did you really work in a restaurant daddy?
- Long time ago. Touch it.
Guys, this was supposed to be celebration!
What's the greek word? Is it Hopa, hopa?
Touch the vase.
Congratulation from the Prime Minister.
Sir Derek Otterly was there today
mrs. Perrington?
Hmm... I don't know.
Derek? you must remember him.
He's been in to the house.
It's because they're all so dull
- Wait...
Gold doing well, Tech stocks down.
Nice one, Mrs. P.
- Thanks, Dave. Do you wanna stay for supper?
Oh no, I best not.
Got somethig along
Who won tonight Vase ain't it.
You ever been on
Entrepenuer of the year?
It's impressive.
Dave, did you... get my cussing?
I think mates in the green house.
I got you a Caryopteris
and a Philadelphus.
Cheers man, thank you.
- See you later - See you tomorow.
Daddy, what did
Papadopoulos & sons
borrow for property development?
300 Million.
Never mind the trial
and tribulation at the stock market.
Finish your supper young man.
Nanny P!
Eat up, or there's no
pudding, I made you a sponge
Two, four, eight, sixteen...
- Alright.
32, 64, 128...
- That's enough.
Something is happening with
Interbank London daddy!
Alright we'll talk about it tomorow.
Gonna be a long summer.
Dating into a business award
ceremony is hardly
a family day out
My suggest was
a Cottage in Lime Regis.
Dave, I need to
talk to you about James.
It's a... look, you really should be
doing that out in the back!
Yeah, sorry.
Look, it's a..
He needs to
complete his degree. And this..
...gardening, the
hortyculture, the plants...
Yeah yeah.
It's a huge distraction.
I was just opening
my own show the older days
Yeah well, I need him to study,
and you're diverting his attention.
And frankly it's
not what I pay you for.
Please don't be so childish.
You know, if you work for my
company, you probably be fired
Is anything else?
- No, that's it.
Good night, Mr. Papadopoulos.
Calm down.
You need to learn how to...
You really need to learn how to
express your self more calm..
James, can I come in?
"It's not the strongest to survive
nor the most intelegent,
but those adaptable to change."
Facinating. Charles Darwin.
Aw, look at that!
And that's...
Did you know, that
the average garden
contains over 3,5
million species?
No, I didn't.
Dad, I'm not going back to...
But it's only a year,
and then you got a law degree.
I have no intention of running...
Papadopoulos & Sons.
I can't even pronounce it.
- Look..
Finish your studies.
The plants, it's a hobby sure.
Give your self options, you may
change your mind about the business.
You know there're lot of
creative borrow now in business.
Like what?
Like marketing.
Alright, differ the far new year.
Take a year off. Why not.
But don't quit.
Your mother would've said the same.
Will she?
Well your mother would
probably just said do what
you feel was right. But I
doubt if she was wrong.
And then we'd argue probably,
and she win.
That was your mother.
At least consider differing.
Ok. I'll consider differing.
Yeah? Great.
So there you are,
it's not a definitely not.
What's this one called?
- It's an Ivy.
Mrs. P?
Mrs. P.
Look, I'd better...
Well done for...
You know.
Close it?
Yes, please.
Evening boss, sorry to disturb.
I work for homeless charity.
Sorry, no thanks.
- I know how you people up right.
I've got a bagde.
- Not a mention of a charity.
Come on, boss. Give us a break.
Trying to earn a living here.
Look I got tea towels,
service cleaners,
scrubbers, brushes,
window sprays,
shammies for drawer in a car...
- Daddy, you need to see the news!
Hello there, Mini-Boss.
Who's that man?
He's a... he works for charity.
Is it a cake sale?
- Cakes?
Did you say cakes?
Did he say cakes?
How did you know, that's
what I wanna do. Open up a cake shop.
Cakes! Really?
Cup Cakes, individually
decorated ginger man,
bite size apple strudle,
gooey fudge ball, mini-muffins...
It's what they sell
at traditional fair.
Got business plan and everything.
It will be egalitarian,
but feel... exclusive.
So my mission statement really:
"Progressive people's cake shop",
for progressive pricein'.
Very good. I know about a thing or two
about food business as well.
Really? I'm looking for investors.
- Retail's not for me I'm affraid.
Staff, nightmare, they'll
nick your cake upside
your costumer and do you
for own food dissmisal.
Ah. Thanks for the encouragement.
Lets buy something!
The news, Daddy!
How much for a...
Its a shammy.
- What ever, how much?
It's a shammy.
I'm not gonna say that word.
- Why not?
Because its a silly word,
and don't know what it's for,
and I don't know if you're genuine.
And I probably never gonna use it.
Oh, a shammy!
Come look, Daddy.
FTSE hits 3 year low in banks
- Turn it up.
Panic, confusion and chaos.
They said, it couldn't
happen again,
but today it just did.
Sending shockwave...
What's screwed?
- Another bank collapse.
Yeah, I'm watching now.
It's insane.
A bank is put into liquidation.
It comes as a shock...
I don't know,
why'd you call 'em?
Allright, I'll see you
first thing tomorow.
At least have repercussion
on your loan?
That's a very
good word, Theo.
Isn't it?
It's a good word.
Yes, it's a very good word.
I've revalue the property
that calling in the guaranties.
You need to find 30 Mill now,
6 months to find the rest.
And if we don't?
What happens?
They'll put you and everything
you own into administration.
Harry you took our crazy loans.
Our business is making
feta cheese, for Godsake
You gambled it on a shopping....
Could really do without these comments.
Right now.
I'm the finance director of
this company, Harry.
You never listened.
It's always have to be bigger.
Like these offices.
We didn't need these offices.
Do you know how much we paid for
that "work of art" up there?
Do you?
200 Grand.
200 Grand for a fish.
What do you want me to do Nick?
- Our business was profitable Harry.
I was gonna retire in 2 years.
I'd like to bring that forward.
You're resigning now?
The accountants are coming in.
Sorry, Harry
Den boro. (I can not)
Den boro.
- That's enough.
It's enough.
- Nicholas!
Can you believe that.
- Hey, Fat Laki!
You know why they call
this guy Fat Laki?
Oh, wow.
Well, congratulation.
I stoped eating bread.
It's sad though.
I love bread.
But what can you do?
This is Sophie, just relocated
form my New York office.
Hallo, really pleased
to meet you.
Can I just say I'm a
huge fan of Greek food.
Specially the cakes.
I love the Baklava.
Ship's going down
and we got Baklava.
So I take it the bank
supporting the work.
What are the bosses proposing?
They've demmanded the
300 Million we borrowed.
30 by close of play.
Sweet mother of God, they
are sons of bitches.
They've taken a new position
on the value of the
property development it's
triggered the guaranties.
Can you sell it?
It's not even a
building, it's not yet.
So it's bankruptcy?
Put something offshore I said.
- He wanted to pay his taxes.
I bet I should've been
more Greek about it.
Hey it's bankruptcy
baby, not a disaster.
Accountants! When
it's good they get paid
when it's bad
they get paid.
I want my son to be a lawyer
for the same reason.
He doesn't get it.
So what are the options?
Well, the obvious is to buy
back your own business.
Took us finding
the investors to back you.
And the bank will sell
back to me because..?
Because no body make pinks lope
like you do Harry.
The banks just want
a quick sale,
they have no interest
running your business.
Just jump on it.
I'll talk to the
private equity firms,
VCs, angels,
the ussual suspects.
We'll find some one.
What doesn't break
you makes you...
Ah, Therapy!
Don't charge me for
that will you.
Rob, don't let her
charge me for that.
They're going through my
things, it's disgusting!
Hold it darling. rage temper,
you'll get it all back
- Oh, hi!
This is the kitchen.
- Fabulous furnaces.
How long is this gonna take?
Most of the day
I should think.
And what are we
allowed to keep?
According to the
asset sheet let's see.
Not very much.
Little rats,
with their little claws.
Quite unnecessary kid.
We may as well do this now.
Ah, it's a nice computer.
Oh, don't worry. We're not
gonna you know, take it
Anything interresting?
- Stocks!
Every one's selling, I'm buying.
two, four, eight...
Double your numbers quitely Theo.
And apologise.
Although I'll confiscate that
wretched computer for a week.
There's no easy way of doing this.
You have impeccable taste by the way
- Not mine.
We operate very
strict guide lines.
We have your arrange of Greek
dips at home. Don't we Ruppert?
As I was saying, we operate
very strict guide lines.
So, what is legally ours?
Well the bank will let you keep
25,000 pounds in cash.
And you're each allowed
1,000 Pounds in personal items.
My Westwood Goudleyboo
cost more than that!
It's such a beautiful dress.
I couldn't ressist looking.
I love it too.
I'll sort something out for you.
- Thank you.
You seem like such a lovely family,
We hate doing this.
Right so, 25 K cash...
And 1,000 in personal...
What else?
Ah well, one thing
that came up in
the meeting with the
HQ this morning
The fish & chips shop.
"The Three Brothers"?
- What fish & chips shop?
Well that went years ago.
Well the bank unable
to seize it as an asset,
because of its
co-ownership with a...
Spiros Papadopoulos.
- Right.
Guess that's his brother.
But they haven't spoken in years.
It was so strange.
Oh, James... more lemons, son.
This is so good, Mrs. P.
In all the year...
I've never stoped thinking
about you, or your food.
Ah, still so charming.
I'm sitting there watching the tv.
And suddenly I see Papadopoulos & Sons.
On the TV.
- Daddy ever leverage himself.
Look at this little English.
Hey! I'm your uncle Spiros, right!
I'm your uncle, Remangga!
I'm gonna eat you with so beaut.
Please don't eat me.
He just like his mother.
That litlle english man.
- That's because my mommy was english.
I know that.
So, I'm watching the news.
And I'm thinking, what's
my baby brother gonna undone now?
And just at that moment...
as I'm thinking that thought,
in the same split second,
the phone rings, and it's you.
I mean, it's gotta be some.
kind of quantum physics there.
It's sane. Insane.
You're so grown up.
I can't believe this.
You were like...
just a girl.
Dumpy and spoilled.
Look at you now.
- She's still a little spoilled.
Nanny P!
- And dumpy.
Not so dumpy.
Ah, James!
Sweet baby James.
When you were three...
How old was he?
Three or four?
We used to play fight.
You love to fight.
While you blow up my nose!
Yeah! Fuck, that hurts.
- Spiros!
Duck, I said duck.
Quak, quak.
I know what you said.
Alright, don't tell your father.
Harry, thank you for
phone-ning me.
Now, seriously.
I'm so greatful.
I know there's so much for you,
we need to sort out you and I.
But we should be celebrating.
I don't drink anymore.
Just so you know.
But you don't have to be
drunk to dance. That's what I say now!
You don't have to be drunk to dance!
Fantastic. So, look..
we're losing the house.
And everything.
- What?
It's only temporary. I'm in
negotiation with top corp.
finance team to buy back.
But in the mean time I need
to free up some capital.
I'll give you what ever I got.
But you know I don't have much money.
I don't want you money Spiro.
I wanna sell "Three brothers".
We split 50/50.
I get enough money to pay
the rent, pay few bills off
And it's great for you,
'cause you got some cash to do..
what ever it is you wanna.. do.
We can't sell the "Three Brothers".
- I knew it.
I knew it'd be difficult,
I knew it, I knew it. I knew it.
You haven't changed.
- It doesn't feel right.
You're loving this.
- Oh Harry! I want to help.
Can't you see we're in the shit!
- Gentlemen, please!
May I suggest we sleep on this?
Before it gets out of hand.
Yeah, this is good advice, Mrs. P.
- Ok, what ever.
I couldn't sleep last night
not awake.
Over and over in my mind,
I was trying to imagine
selling the shop.
Something here was saying: No.
I want to help you.
All of you.
So I pray for guidance.
I ask the universe:
Please help me.
Please help me
help these people.
And I must've fallen
asleep not long after.
A crazy sleep.
And then this dream.
There was this...
This music.
The most incredible music.
And you and me Harry.
Running the shop.
I woke up with tears in my eyes.
And I knew.
So, what are we
going on about?
We're going to
re-open the "Three Brothers".
Is he talking about us?
I think he is.
- There's nothing there.
Exactly! It's empty, useless.
We get nothing for it.
But if we made the "Three Brothers"
great again...
Hey! That is our destiny!
Ok, it needs work, sure.
But Destiny needs work.
You're still crazy.
We have....
You have a better chance
of getting through this if we
increase the value of the shop.
I'm not opening
a fish & chips shop.
I'm Papadopoulos & Sons,
I'm on supermarket sales.
Oh, God. What I would tell my friends?
- I don't know, maybe the truth?
"I don't know, maybe the truth?"
- God, fuck off.
F-F-F-fuck you.
- Enough!
People, hear me out.
If we get it up and running
again, we can sell it
as a going concern.
Instead of an empty shop.
This deal that you working on,
could take ages.
In the mean time, you're getting cash in.
And you're saving money.
Because it's got 2 bed rooms.
The "Three Brothers" is a gold mine.
Used to be.
Can be again.
- When did you become so practical?
I'll get it fixed.
I'm handy man now.
Oh, I thought you
were a waiter Spiro?
Around too much booze, Mrs. P.
I went travelling.
Belgium, America, Brooklyn.
I ended up managing a
block of apartments in LA.
I do painting, decorating,
plumbing, electrics, everything.
A man who can fix things.
- I've got a van.
Oh, it's alright everyone.
Don't panic, he's got a van.
Lets go look at the shop.
Let me go and sub working on it now.
You're out of your mind.
I know what you're up to.
You wanna make some
money for yourself.
That's fine, it's OK.
Atleast you thinking
smart these days.
But don't involve us in all this.
I want to help.
- Given the current situation...
I think it's worth consideration.
I'm not opening a Fish & Chips shop!
I'm not!
I'm not! I'm not! I'm not!
Not! Not!
May I have a private word??
You're behaving like a child.
- Mrs. Parrington, with all due respect..
Your're the father of this family.
- I'd rather boy of my own, he can back to chip shop.
What a terrible thing to say.
He's unreliable Mrs.P, he's iresponsible,
he's a talker.
He sings, he dance, he plays
the bongo drums. He's a waiter.
He'll drive us all mad
and leave us broke.
He seems a fond to me.
He doesn't drink anymore.
And he wants to help.
Moving back to a chip shop will
destroy my children's confidence.
Seeing you behave like a spoiled
little brat will do that perfect.
We're gonna smell like Fish & Chips!
The children need a home.
I dont' give a fink with your snot.
Look at you. Everything has
to be a drama with you Greeks.
Show some guts, young man!
So many memories!
Are we really going
to live in that?
I'm trying to find something good.
No, nothing.
Nonsense. You'll love it!
We're gonna have a crazy time.
We gonna fix this place up.
I'm gonna teach you
how to do some greek
dancing, some singing.
We'll fry some good fish,
we'll laugh.
Good times!
Good times!
I don't believe it! - What?
- The Greeks are back.
What Greeks?
- Those Greeks.
Hallo, my old friends.
Find out what they're up to.
See? It looks much worse
from the out side.
It's acctualy Fish & Chips shop.
Of course it is, you see the banner.
Daddy, really?
What's this?
This is Mr. Charles.
Our lucky fish.
He help us made the busiest
chip shop in london.
I can smell the past.
Your father and I young.
The women, young!
Making good money.
Wasting it.
Gambling it, losing it.
Happy days!
It's a crack den!
- Don't worry.
Let me show you the rest.
We'll make it homely,
furniture, beds, tv, come on.
Let me show you.
So here is the prep room.
Where we prepare the fish.
There's the living room.
Mortimer, Rolf and Jones.
Could I speak to Rob?
He's not at his desk.
Can I take a message?
It's Harry Papadopoulos.
Oh, hi. It's Sophie, we met
at your office the other day..
Oh, hi.
Any news?
- We're lining up interest.
Well. I um...
I just need to know when...
I need to know
if this is gonna work.
Rest asure we're
driving the herd to Abilene.
Oh, it's an old american
midwest expresion.
Are you okay, Mr. Papadopoulos?
Yeah, all good.
Just keep me inform please.
- Of course.
Harry Papadopoulos called.
You should call him back
Let's go out.
Let's celebrate, let's find a...
Salsa club or something.
- Daddy just put another pig in the bag!
New instruction, Wallinghams.
Big UK retail chain establish.
"Leave it,
leave it to Wallinghams"
Comfortably, elegantly,
reliably Wallinghams!
Croydon, Greenwich, Enfield,
Wimbledon, and ding,
going into
Come into a little moi
for services rendered.
Oh, thank you. Thank
you very much!
God, I love
economic downturn!
A joke aside though,
5,000 layoff.
Very, very sad.
But this sweet mother of God,
it was a shit business.
Happy days.
- Oh yeah. Halleluya!
Two, four, eigth, sixteen...
Two, four, eight...
Daddy, come look at this
giant mushroom on my fan.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Remember up here?
We used to bring out the tables
and the chairs with the other Greeks.
What ever happen to
Soula, Pani and Stavros.
Love that crowd.
Sometime it'd be poker games,
sometimes dancing, we had fun.
Did my Daddy dance?
- Yeah, I thaught him.
And your mother.
- My Mummy?
Hey, Mangga!
This is the place where
your mommy and your daddy met.
What, up here?
- Yeah.
They talked all night,
they dance.
Yeah, there was
a lot of dancing here.
You want me to show you?
How 'bout it?
Spiros, please. We're
not on holidays.
Just shoveling around.
I'll show you later.
You alright?
I like the view.
I might put up
some plants up here.
- Hi
Do you have a light?
- You came all this way for a light?
I'm from Kebab shop
across the road.
My dad, wants me
to spy on you.
I don't think he likes greeks.
You wanna go out sometime?
Yeah, alright.
I'm Mehmet
- It's Katie.
Shit around here ain't it?
Pretty much.
Catch you later.
- Yeah.
Mortimer, Rolf and Jones.
Oh, hi Dad!
Yeah, I got them.
They're beautiful. Thank you.
Alright, put her on.
He's here.
- Right, just a second.
Hi mom.
Thanks for the flower,
they're lovely.
There was nothing
wrong with New York.
Yes, you can stay
friends with Matt,
and Bill and Susan.
Mom, I've got a meeting.
I don't know just some meeting.
Yeah, I promise.
I will.
I love you.
Okay, bye.
Is Matt your...
- Ex.
A bit of a tosser, yeah?
I wouldn't say tosser exactly.
We just want a different things.
- Yada, yada, yada.
Just like me and my ex.
She was keen and everything, but...
I don't know, her forward thinking.
So I killed the romance.
It's good to have this
little chat, you know?
Shouldn't always be
about work.
Society so work obssesed.
Right, back to work.
Some big names.
- Pop & Sons is still in the cash count.
What's the detential deal structure?
- That's the pitcher.
You still be key running
the business, but...
- Money isn't cheap Harry.
These guys would want
the 95% of the company.
Leaving me with nothing.
I'll do the same thing.
I'd be CEO of Papadopoulos & Sons,
get a salary, get the house back.
My children's future.
- Beats Fish & Chips.
You'd be working for some one else.
- I'd be working for some one else.
By the way, I'm not actualy
running the Fish & Chips shop.
Just helping my brother relaunch.
- Sure.
Listen, there maybe another way.
Came up in conversation with
the Norske Velconan Bank.
It'll be a long line of a straight
loan to buy back the business.
Why would they loan to me?
Well, it's awesome.
Want me to look into it?
Sure, no choice.
- Okay, cool.
Gotta go, got an emergency.
Well, get this:
A high tech portable toilet company
that is litteraly gone down the tubes.
An internet ready, wireless
crapper, with waterproof
keyboards and screen.
For the love of God.
Because taking a dump
needed an overhaul.
So, some body's
gonna bury 'em.
In padre spiritus sanctus ect, ect.
Gotta love a down turn.
I think we ecurrently doing
with your brother, sounds liberating.
I'm liberating myself from my
last 25,000 in dissused chip shop.
But it's llike a start up.
Isn't that the most
exciting phase of any venture?
Taking a bit of risk, developing
your product, and your services.
Learning about your market.
Look, some of the largest companies
on the planet never make a profit.
Like a real profit, it's all
accounting tricks,
and leverage debt.
What I'm trying to say is..
Does it matter if
the business is a small one,
as long as it makes a profit,
and the people who work there happy?
What are you doing working
in a place like this?
This is only temporary.
I got divorce recently,
came to london for a fresh start.
I'm actualy looking into
setting up my own business.
Well, I'm sorry about that.
About the divorce I mean.
I've been meaning to ask,
can I come and visit your
shop sometime?
There isn't one.
- When it's up and running.
It's a chip shop.
It's hot, on your feet all hours,
verbal abuse from
costumers on a friday night,
I wasn't applying
for a job Harry,
I just want to stop by.
It's late.
What are you doing, little man?
I watch trends,
making trades based on patterns.
I dont' even look at the fundamentals.
- Fundamentals?
You know, capital employed,
gaining ratio, etc.
Not even profit or turn over.
Short term, but I can spot a trend.
I know what's gonna happen.
- So you can see the future?
- Same as the past.
But to shot order from chaos.
I'm done for today.
Ah, Theo, Theo, Theo.
Sweet dreams.
- Uncle Spiros?
You knew my mummy?
She was... beautiful.
And she was very kind to me.
I wish I had
my mummy sometimes.
It's very hard for you.
I'd make her laugh uncle Spiros.
You make me laugh.
I'll come out with some classics.
Real gems.
Wasted on this family.
You are something else.
We can hear everything.
Don't fall for him Spiros,
he's a little thinker.
Say the magic release poem.
- No.
Yeah, actualy say
the magic release poem.
Theo Papadopoulos
is Hippopotamus
He's always making such a fuzz
from his toe to lots of us.
Ah, your kids.
They're something.
Don't worry.
I'm not to religious.
I'm a lapsed budhist. I do
everything a good budhist does.
Except abstinence.
Ear plugs?
This is a fantastic things.
Did you ever imagine..
30 years to go back here?
Remember, how excited we felt
when we first got his place?
It feels like that again!
My gut says:
Poshalaskan polo covecod
What do you think?
- Should never taken out that line.
We'll talk fish
after we fix this place.
We'll talk fish
after we fix this place.
Katie's got some good thoughts.
Says we should keep the old look.
And she had some beautiful
idea about the uniforms.
Then you know the potential
yield at the plaza, Papadopoulos Plaza.
Fully developed
with 1,000 year lease
I'd have kept the free home.
I'm telling you Spiro...
It was good.
Not have been worth a fortune.
Worth, I don't know...
1,5 billion, 1,6 billion?
1,6 billion.
Big numbers, Spiro.
Big, big numbers.
Poor children when we came to the UK.
With nothing.
We start again.
Fat Laki, the weight
you lost is an inspiration.
Phil the Till, you
have many Greeks
with your tax friendly
till machines.
Ey, only two things are certain in life.
Death and taxes.
Unless you're Greek!
Then it's only death!
Nikos, Kyriaco, Androniki, Loula,
Uncle Panikos, Aphrodite, Maria
And of course fater Jimmy.
Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you. Thank you.
Father Jimmy get done just
selling ilegal kabooze "Rambo"?
He owns 3 liquor
stores in Palmers Green.
He must hated me.
People, hallo!
Sorry, hi.
Ah, just wanted you know this is
temporary situation for the family.
I'm curently negotiation with the
top corporate finance team
about requiring the assets
of Papadopoulos & Sons. That's it.
What did he say?
- He's had some sort of breakdown.
- James! Musik!
Thank you.
I officially anounce
the renovation
of the "Three Brothers".
That's for when we launch sometihng.
- To hell with convention.
Don't rush me. It's been a long time
since I had meat like this.
What's he doing?
He's assessing the competion.
There's a reason why
Hassan is still in business.
Texture: very good.
Way above average.
Meat content: hive.
Mechanically recovered
cheap rubish, you wish.
This is a quality donut.
Nicely cooked.
With all the right
combination of herbs.
It's beautiful.
It doesn't mean we
can't take them on.
No. I'm not saying we can't.
Sorry I...
What do you want?
That's a lot of Greeks.
What? We're going out.
- Not too late.
Well, she is eighteen.
We'll make a better product to
the cheaper price with larger protion.
We'll lose money on the
kebabs on the sort terms,
put the Turks out of the
business within the year,
make a margin on the
first and where the
rest of this crummy
street packed up.
We'll rise our prices
and cut our portion size.
The entrepeneur has spoken.
- Hey!
It's temporary, but as long as
we're here we do business.
You know, when he was a little boy
come home from school
and sit there, just like that.
Who was the third?
- Michael.
He died in the fire without parents,
your grand parents in Cyprus.
In a war between the Greeks and the Turks.
But you both escaped?
Spiros climb down
and Michael who was... six
Drop me down.
I was just a baby.
I caught him.
But Michael, he...
Told me highly to jump, but he...
He ran right back in to the house.
I never know why.
One night everything changes.
I thought probably wanted
to save his mom and dad.
You know what?
I never thought about that.
You could be right. yeah.
You're wise boy, James.
Your soul is old.
Tell me, this is always been
a big question for me
for many years.
Do you think I could've
done something else?
For Michael?
- No, you were holding a baby.
Yeah. - When how old were you?
- I was nine.
You're only a boy.
Like Theo.
What's wrong with him?
Don't worry, it's temporary.
Excuse me.
Did I said something wrong?
He was only nine.
I never thought about
how young he was.
I bet he has.
Come here.
Sit down.
I've let you and your brother
and your sister down.
I've made a promise to your mother,
that I'd take care of you.
And you're doing that.
This is humiliating for you.
- Dad, we'll get through this.
I don't know... King Lear.
I don't know the story.
- Well then...
King Lear loses everything.
Absolutely everything.
And he find himself
in the middle of his store room.
With nothing.
His kids, they... hate him.
They even think of him a prick.
What happens to him?
Well then he dies.
But it has to end like that.
Because it's a tragedy.
I'm sorry about your plants.
I can get a new ones.
Why you didn't bring more with you?
I don't wanna get in the way.
You such a sweet boy.
Get that from your mother.
Your stutter's getting better.
You know what?
I'm gonna go
and get you a plant.
From the house.
What, right now?
- Yeah.
I'm gonna go and get you a plant.
Like King Lear, yeah?
Ah.. yeah.
Sort of.
There you go.
Oh, no!
No, no.
That's perfect.
- Hallo.
What's going on?
- We're making...
- Uncle Spiros's special mix.
That's all I could find.
- Thank you.
It's prety late.
I said they could help.
- This is a holiday.
Uncle Spiros said I can make
beer and vodka batter.
It doesn't sound very good.
Hey, you need to stay up,
it's the holidays.
Tomorrow we'll look through
news paper and pick up some stocks.
How's that grab you?
- Natural resources is a good buy.
Hey, wait.
Show us your fine skills.
Yeah, I was telling them how you
were born with timer in your head.
How you fried to perfection.
Not tonight.
Come on, Dad.
Show us how to fillet a fish.
- Go on daddy.
Yeah, H. Come on.
Show us.
Show us.
Show us.
Show us, show us, show us...
You should really be
thinking about bed all of you.
Good night.
Alright, so where we going?
City. Get a loan,
get the business back, get
the house back. This suit alright?
Yeah. It's a suit.
Oh! Doesn't I don't know... fit.
I don't believe it, They're kissing.
Ah, kids. Come on.
- In the street?
They're smoking,
they're hanging out.
Did they...
- They're screwing?
No. They just kissing.
We gotta get out of this place.
Come on, he's a sweet guy.
Out! Family's in the gutter.
You're over reacting Harry.
- The thought of her pregnant.
In a kebab shop.
Harry, don't worry about Katie.
She can look after herself.
What are you doing?
I got something to say.
About Katie? Is she pregnant?
- No.
Oh God. Are you...
Have you got cancer?
No, just...
Just bear with me.
Here it goes.
"After years of abuse, on my behalf
and unexceptable behaviour.
I reached the moment of clarity".
Actualy this was two years ago.
"I'd like to apologise
for the hurt I've caused"
What now?
"There were aspects of my
behaviour which was unexceptable.
This includes and is not limited to... "
- Why now?
I've been carying this...
If you don't wanna hear
we can do it later.
No, now is fine.
Now is good.
I've just...
Skip that.
"I have abused your generousity."
I agree with that statement.
"When we were children
and got to London,
I look after you. Got you ready for school,
made you do your home work.
I taught you to cook,
ride a bike,
speak Greek, dance,
Why don't you speak Greek?
You were reading a list.
"I've fought with Steven Klein,
when he accused you of stealing
his ortopedic shoe."
Remember that?
- Yeah.
Did you take it?
- No.
You can tell me now.
- I didn't steal the shoe.
Are you gonna
read all of that?
I don't have to.
Why did it go wrong with us, Spiro?
We might as well get to it.
Why did you turn againts
me after I left the shop?
I never turn againts you.
- That's what it felt like.
I was jealous of you.
You were my brother.
Brothers get jealous.
You were more than a brother.
You were my life.
And then you left.
I set up the business.
I wasn't gonna stay in the shop.
You could've come with me.
Harry, you were so fast.
You were like a plane,
like a super sonic jet.
But I gave you
everything you wanted,
did I ever once turn you down
in all the years after
I left the business. Did I?
And after it went past.
But it was never enough.
Every week something new.
Writing cheque to...
I don't know you've got
some wierd friends.
Who was that bloke with a pin head
keep turning up at the house?
Not of my friend anymore.
And than drunk at Elisabeths funural?
And you big teared at his speach.
I heard about it.
Well that was it.
For me, for us.
You were right to cut me off.
She never had a bad
word for you, Elisabeth.
She always forgive you,
and she make me forgive you.
Yeah, she did.
I always have a way back,
when she was with us.
Elisabeth was so good to me.
She was our world.
She was our world.
I'm sorry, I can't...
It's okay, H.
- I gotta get to this meeting.
It's an important meeting.
It's okay to miss her.
Oh Man.
Just give me a minute.
With the help of Lars
and the Norske Velconan Bank
we aim to buy Pap & Sons
back from the recievent.
Also, Harry I have to say
that I believe there's an
intuitive bonds
between the Greek and the Nordic people.
As well maybe the
first Vikings were
decendants from the
ancient Greek, some where
in the deepest of time.
Until it's so... vagnerian.
We should point out the new approach.
To buy Papadopoulos & Sons,
but divest the food
manufacturing side of the business.
Divest the food manufacturing?
What else is there?
Set off the food, but keep the property.
Papadopoulos Plaza.
It's gonna be worth a fortune!
That's not what I had in mind.
- It's an asset break up.
Tuska, tuska, makes it
sound like Barbarian.
With the new loan you
buy back your old assets
and then sell off the brand
and the Pop & Sons table.
And you know how to
squeeze the value harry.
That's a break up.
- Please, I know what it is.
The pita bread, the cake,
they get sold to a bakery.
The Halloumi and Feta
to a dairy company.
I love your Halloumi!
Grilled, it's...
The sell off value of these
brands will exced the new loan.
So, my bank will get its money back
faster than you can say knife.
And what do you get?
Lars wants 50% of the Plaza development.
Which is what would remain
after the debt has been settled.
So you get 50% of the development for free?
- Sure, yeah.
Would you get 50% of the
same development, yeah.
Also for free.
What do you want, Harry?
- I want my food busines back.
Guys, guys, guys reality check.
Harry, it's not gonna happen.
Ok, the best you can hope for is to
work with Lars here and save something.
Can't say no.
Okay, so I need to take
this to the board.
Takes 2-3 months, but pischa.
It seems criminal to buy
the business back only to break it up.
Can I just point out
that you are skating,
figuratively speaking
on thin fucking ice.
I'll do what ever the bank wants.
- Ok.
Harry, we are gonna
take this to the hoop.
Three points!
Taking out a loan
to pay off a loan,
so you can remortgage
a property.
It's got nothing
to do with business.
It's got nothing to
do with making stuff.
I'd get my life back.
No, you get a
loan for some land.
My children get their lifes back.
I'm sorry.
This isn't very profesional.
Do you give your client
a hard time Sophie?
Just the interesting ones.
You've got 5 minutes.
- Yeah, of course.
I just want to
about the shop and..
make sure that my brother
got the right plan for a girl.
Okay, lets grab a cup of coffee.
So, it's 30% of material.
The fish, the potatoes, the packaging, etc.
Would you include energy?
Light, heat?
Yeah. But not rent, because
we already own the building.
Okay. And 30% on labour?
- Yeah.
So it's 30-30-30 classic
restaurant model.
That's right.
What are your weakneses?
Price of fish can vary dramatically.
Can you vary the menu?
You don't want it complicated.
Doesn't have to be
complicated, Harry.
What are your fears?
- My fears?
Just that it won't work out.
That Fish & Chips
maybe had its day.
No. Hang on a second..
Fish & Chips, it's a British classic.
Much more than just a quick
meaningless experience, it's...
something to be savored.
Just think of the soft
white cod flakes
gently falling away as
your fork pierces the
heart crunchy shell
of the golden batter.
The rich smell of the
friers delight, the
tangy smack of salt and
vinegar on your lips.
Hell yeah!
I'd pay for that.
And we should
talk about um...
We should talk about
a cunning packages. - Yeah.
Yeah, we should.
This time last year
I was in Malibu.
We'll go tonight.
It's not a night club.
It's America.
Look, the shop's where I'm from.
it's not where I'm gonna end up.
My dad, must've said
that to my mom once.
Maybe even on this bridge.
Silly, look where he ended up.
So what's your plan?
Property. Got an eye for it.
I'll probably be a Popstar one day.
- Cool.
Yo, yo, yo, it's time to die.
Yoyo blue buterfly.
He was fat, he was bloated.
He was fairly attracted
to my lapple.
That is wild sick!
I wrote something for you too.
It's a poem. It's called:
"Sometimes I want for nothing else."
Just you and me, in an
ever expanding universe,
shagging cup of tea.
I want for nothing else.
You're amazing.
Start from the side fin
on the top here.
And cut in one move
all along the fish.
Lovely come and try.
Fresh fish lovely of
chips, delicious fish.
Come and try.
Pickle boy!
Battered inside.
Special chips for you. And one for you.
Off you go.
Fish and Chips come and try.
We batter our own fish.
We make beautiful fresh fish inside.
Sir, have a chip. Have a fish.
No? None for you.
Sir, come and try. Come and try.
It's not just Fish and Chips.
There's room for all of us.
What do you want, Hassan?
Remember when we were children?
When we were friends?
We weren't Greeks, Turks.
Respectfuly I would like you
to take your kebabs off the menu.
This is Fish and Chips shop.
What do we get?
I want to fish.
You don't do fishes.
You're going to put us on the street.
It's business.
- It's not about business!
Perhaps you wouldn't be
like this, if we were Greeks.
I'd tell you what.
We'll take kebabs off the menu...
if you ask your son to
stay away from my daughter.
More tea?
- No, thank you.
This is very difficult.
- Come on, it's easy.
My son is his own man.
- Right, no deal.
Is this because he's Turkish?
Because he's a muslim?
Oh, no. I don't
have a problem.
Harry's not make bet.
Because he works in
a kebab shop, is that it?
Yeah, Harry's more like that.
I'd ask you, both of you. To respect
a mans aspiration for his daughter.
I have similar aspiration for my son.
Spiro? Perhaps you should remind
your brother where he is now.
Tell him to look around.
Perhaps he still sees a big mansion
with big garden and servants.
Well, I don't.
But more importantly,
neither did my son.
This is only temporary, we'll
be gone in a couple of months.
I hope so.
It's gonna be long couple of months.
- For both of us.
Say cheese!
So here we are.
Here we are.
I'm sure it'd be good news.
If it's good news, Spiro.
I want you to have the shop.
All of it.
Will we get to visit uncle Spiros again?
- Of course we will.
Who's gonna help run the store?
I'm gonna need you little man.
I'd expect uncle Spiros will
always find you a holiday job.
Lars, yeah.
Just, I'm just...
What is it?
- Did you get the loan?
Bad news i'm afraid.
- Realy? - Yeah.
We're going home, we got it!
We're going home.
- Congratulation.
What's wrong?
We're leaving. We're out of here.
We've got the loan.
We should be celebrating.
- Not here, he's right.
It's a good day.
You... you...
made it!
You're a survivor.
What is it with you Spiro?
Why can't you be happy for me?
When ever I've any kind of success,
you always have to stamp on it.
Where are you going?
- I am happy for you.
I am.
What is it?
What's wrong?
There's this...
He looks dead to me.
No, he's not dead.
He's sleeping. He's still sleeping
Sleeping beauty?
- Yeah.
It's a good way looking at him.
I hope I'm not...
- No, come in.
James? James!
And take the um...
Yeah, I heard the news, and
I realy wanted to bake something.
So I made a
Greek easter cake.
Don't ask.
- No, that's really...
lovely. Thank you very much.
We'll have some of that.
He's in a mild koma apparently,
and we have to talk to
him and play music and uh..
James, put the...
turn the music on.
Hey, wake up!
The accountant's here,
you better wake up.
- He's a coin!
- Sorry.
Don't just stand up, you..
Let me do it.
Wait, I felt something.
Katie, get the doctor.
I don't want them to ask.
Oh, for fuck sake. I'll do it.
- James!
Excuse me...
Doctor I felt something just
now, a gripping movement.
Anything else?
No, just a slight squeeze.
Is that a sign?
It could be, the court can't respon.
It's difficult to tell.
How long is he
gonna be like this?
He suffered a heart attack.
It's hard to predict.
You should all take a break.
I'm sorry about him.
Yeah, we'll leave him to you.
Say good bye to uncle Spiros.
Come on, it's ok.
Would you mind staying around, Sophie?
- Of course.
So he saved me twice. Once in
the fire, and once after the bank.
I was always embarrassed
by him you know.
By these things that he does.
You know his thing.
But the things that he does,
it's a good thing really.
These last few months...
This year actualy...
This whole year. The whole year.
What a year.
And yet...
I've never felt so alive,
I never felt so engaged.
Why is that?
I mean why?
I'm frying chips!
I love him.
I've always loved him.
And I love my children.
I love...
I love my live, I love it.
Why is that? Why do I love it now?
What's wrong with before?
It's okay.
It's a crazy, crazy world.
It's up, It's down.
You fight, you win, you lose..
Become exhausted,
then you leave.
It's not logic. It's not logic,
it's insane. It's insane.
The whole thing.
No, no, no Spiros.
- I'll get some one.
You have to let me go.
Michael is with us.
Michael was always there.
Always with us.
Three Brothers.
When I was a little boy.
You cooked for me,
everytime I came home.
They were good time, Spiro.
(Thank you)
kal zo
Good life.
Now you understand.
Did you do this?
It was for you and uncle Spiros.
And Mum.
Thank you, James.
It's the ivy you saved that night.
We meet again.
Did you know about this?
They can move back to
the house if you want.
The plants, they quite easy to move.
But they also very happy to...
grow here, as well.
If we choose to stay.
It's what ever
you want to do, Daddy.
We're really proud of you.
Thank you.
Theo. Good day at school?
- Very good day.
Impress the teacher with his
ability to solve quadratic equation.
That is fantastic.
Your friends are outside.
Because you won't come to me,
I thought I come to you.
I'm not changing my mind, Rob.
I just want to talk.
Tell me this is a joke.
I don't want to do the deal.
Harry, you have seriously
lost the plot on this one.
It just doesn't feel right.
We worked hard on this.
If he doesn't wanna do the deal.
He doesn't wanna do it.
Shut up!
- Hey!
No need for that.
- I don't understand.
I've got everything I want.
And I've got no debt.
And that feels good.
When I lock up my shop at night,
it feels good
I've got no...
debt, no loans. I own it.
Come on.
A percentage of
something that could be
worth millions, you
walk away from that?
For chips shop?
- Yeah. Right now yeah, I would.
And I'm with my children.
And that's...
Can't put a price on that, Rob.
And I'm having fun.
We're having fun.
Come back to the shop, let me
get you something to eat.
Come, we're doing
great business.
I'm actualy thinking
of expanding.
That's a...
That's good Harry, that's very good.
I'm happy for you.
If this is succsess.
What is succsessas, Rob?
What is it?
We both had it, what is it?
Is it the share price?
Is it the profit earning ratio?
Is it beautiful car?
You tell me Harry.
You had it all.
Yeah, I have.
And I can tell you.
the joy you feel.
That's it. That's all it is.
Succsess is the joy you feel.
Come on, lets go.
I don't think so.
Okay, I'm sorry I shouted at you.
I don't care about that.
I just don't wanna
work for you anymore.
Good luck people.
Best Fish and Chips in London!
- Call me when you wanna Go Public!
I just quit my job.
Yeah, I think you did.
I'm just trying to work out...
what I'm feeling.
Hag a chips?
Ladies and gentelmen,
meet our new book keeper.
You may have to take a few
shift around the counter.
Well gotta learn the business
from the inside.
Get the girl a "Three Brothers" coat.
- Yes boss.
We are gonna built
a great business.
From today.
I'm so excited.
- Good times, eh?
I think so.
Katie, tell Hassan
to meet me outside.
Laki, bring the kebab.
Thank you for coming.
Kebabs are off the menu.
You are a good man. Thank you.
We must celebrate.
The Greek way, yes?
Come on!
- Oh no.
Some one get some plates!
Get every one!
No, I can't. I actualy can't.
I realy don't know.
I just don't know how.
Just make it up.
- "Make it up." - Come on, Harry.
I wanna learn to.
Teach us all how to dance.
Oh Dad!
What are you doing?
- I think I'm gonna dance.
And I teach you all.
- Go on Daddy!
It's been a long time
since I did this.
Amazing how it's all
just comes back to you.
This is...
Theo, come!
Daddy is making the most
delightful full of himself.
Quick, quick.
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