Papanasam (2015) Movie Script

'Kalabhavan Mani, Ilavarasu
M. S. Bhaskar, Arul Dass'
'Anant Mahadevan, Asha Sarath
Niveda Thomas, Esther Anil'
'Today, if you answer
our question-'
- Who are you?
- Vishwanathan, sir
Oh! Is that you?
How is the station, sir?
It's okay now
But when it was first built... should have seen
the toilet flooded with water
They were using
newspaper then
They must have used pictures
of politicians they didn't like
'Now for the question
worth Rs 100,000'
"I close my eyes for a minute"
'This Malayalam song
is from which film?'
'And who is the director?'
Dead duck, Sekar
No one will get this!
No sir, I've seen this movie
Prem Nazir acted in it
Tip of my tongue
Can't get the name
It is from the Tamil film
'Thirumalai thenkumari'
'Azhagae Thamizhae, nee vaazhga'
has these Malayalam lines in between
Direction, production, screenplay,
dialog by A.P Nagarajan
It was released in 1970
Given a chance he'll peck away
the prize money like a crow
Who is this chap?
Murder case
Why should an accused
answer Cine quiz?
Can't you keep your mouth shut?
This is a police station
'There are many villages in
Tamil Nadu called Papanasam'
'They are all places
to lose your sins'
'On January 31st 1975...'
'...a film 'Cinema Paithiyam' was released'
'My mother had severe cramps
while she was watching it'
'She didn't even know
it was labor pains'
'Silly nitwit!'
'She gave birth to me
then and there'
'Her sins saw the light of day in
Papanasam, in Tirunelveli district'
'That sin is yours truly'
'My name is Suyambulingam'
'I am true to my name'
'I sprouted and bloomed
on my own in this land'
'My mother left me
when I was 4'
'I didn't study'
'I cleaned dirty dishes in a hotel'
'All that I studied...'
'...was cinema'
Super chase, brother!
What 'super'?
When it's a car chase...
...the hero's face
...should be shown
in a close up shot
Only then will the tension
be built into the viewer's mind
What will you achieve
sitting here in Papanasam?
You might as well go to Madras
You can become
a renowned director!
So you can grab
my shop in one shot?
Put today's collection
into my bag
Let me have a cup of tea
Bhai, 1 'egg dosa' and tea
Get me my usual items
- Quick...quick...quick
- Wait, brother
Fritters and black coffee
Wait, I'll bring it for you
'Indian politics raped'
My dear chap!
You'll ruin the paper's reputation
You are reading both
the headlines together
Karuppu, may you live long!
Just take the paper from him
This paper news is
all old fashioned, Bhai
Now it's the age of digital news
How will they broadcast
the same news?
First eat your 'vada'
Hey! Can't you see
we are talking?
You make me look
like I'm uneducated
Leave it, brother
The whole town
knows about you
What about me?
In the temple receipt you wrote
your name as Chumbulingam
Then what's news, Bhai?
Did your usual set of freebie
customers come by today?
4 or 5 came
The 'tiger' hasn't come
as yet for its kill!
Perumal the cop hasn't
come on his rounds?
He has got 2 new lambs
for the slaughter
They are waiting
for Perumal sir
The goats have come
in search of the tiger!
What's the matter?
What do you want me to say?
Shall I tell him?
They are farmers
who live at the foothills
They have one son
He borrowed money
from a moneylender
His chapter closed then
To grow plantain
Elephant ate up the plantains
If you put plantains
in the elephant's path...
...will it help you with farming?
Okay, what's done is done
Now the loan interest is sky high
I get it
Wait, there's more!
Now their son has been kidnapped
They say they will give him back
when the money is paid
Who took him?
Who else?
Our 'tiger'
Said he was taking him for
interrogation to the police station
But fact is he took
their son to Tenkasi
Tell the sub-inspector
He said if I do that,
I won't see my son again, sir
Why won't he say that?
It's like complaining to the left hand
about the right hand
They are all thick as thieves, brother
There is something
called court and law!
Which law or court applies
to a man with Satan in him?
The money lender
will plead ignorance
Perumal will say
he never arrested anyone
Quite capable
Who has proof otherwise?
If there were witnesses,
as if they'll pounce to his defence
Then there'll be 4 others sitting
just like this as witnesses
'Habeas corpus'
'Whichever part of the world Nila is...'
'...they have to bring her to court'
'Deiva thirumagal'
Know what Habeas corpus is?
Name sounds like a dweller
near the seashore area
Is he related to our Charuhasan?
- Aiyo! Bhai
- Eh Allah!
It's a court order
If a man is missing...
...and there is a doubt
someone has-
...killed him
Or kidnapped him
This writ can be used in court
The court will send
an order to the police
The concerned person
should be brought to court
And then-
Like parents report when
actresses go missing
- Like that?
- Correct!
Remove all evil eyes from him, Bhai
I'll chop and dump him
into the boiler
Good idea!
What you do is...
...go straight to Tenkasi
Meet a chap called
Sankarapandi there
Good fellow but a lawyer!
He does everything
If he gets a case,
he'll literally be in tears
Like them
What case?
You just heard my long story
and you ask me this!
About their missing son
Oh! You meant that!
Say your son is missing
We suspect he may
have been kidnapped
You should find him for us
Sankarapandi is handling this-
You don't even have
to engage him
Just call the police station and say
Sankarapandi is handling the case
They will freak out
This case will put
even the police in a tight spot
- Really?
- Oh Allah!
The poor can be helped
with such a writ, huh?
When policemen don't
pay for their tea... there any writ
to collect the dues?
They are writing it
in the Supreme Court
'Thanks be to God'
'Tiger' is coming here
Don't let him see you here
Go out through the back door
Here, take this money
Karuppu, show them the way
Did an elderly couple come in here?
Karuppu, what is today's special?
Special 'idly', special 'dosa'
special chutney, special stove
Special hot burning coal!
Everything is ready
Get me 8 'idlis' and chutney...go
Bhai, to please my taste buds...
...why don't you throw in some spicy
stuff like 'egg parotta' into your menu?
All that's left for me to do
is throw a stone on your head!
What are you muttering
under your breath?
What is the point in my muttering?
Your dues are as huge as a boulder
Tell me how much I owe you
What is the total outstanding?
Calculate and tell me now
I don't have to check
You owe me Rs 4850
Without your order of 'idlis' now
But including the biscuit packet
inside your cap that you flicked
I'll wipe the slate clean
Then we won't have any problem
Wipe it clean in one go
Even if you pay
little by little-
Why are you scared, Bhai?
Take it
Hey! This is between us
You shut your trap
Collect the entire amount today
Why Rs 4850?
Let's round it to Rs 5,000
What do you say?
Cancel it in my commission
What commission?
Election commission!
Which world are you in, Bhai?
Oye! We are talking, right?
Zamindar of Ilanji built
this police station 100 years ago
We are planning to demolish it
And build a new police station
in the empty ground next to it
Then for 6 months..., brick layers, masons
cement mixers, drivers, all the laborers...
...will come here to drink tea
I will get you
the entire business
Even if you make
Rs 1000 a day... 6 months it is Rs 1,75,000
2.5% is my commission
What do you say, Bhai?
This is 'Police' for you!
Rs 18 in brother's account
Okay, subtract it
from my commission
And give me the rest
so I can get back to work
What is your commission?
Then what?
The movie they played on my cable TV
yesterday afternoon was God-awful!
To save their sanity all of them
came rushing here to drink tea
10% of that is-
Are you playing the fool?
I'll bring the shutters down
in this shop
Do the same to
your pant zip first!
He and his affinity
to talcum powder!
I'll get my turn one day
('Pasamalar' film)
Why are you crying
watching a movie?
Go away
Even the hard hearted Hitler
has cried while watching films
Anyone who watches 'Pasamalar'
dry-eyed isn't a human being
Whaaat...Hitler watched 'Pasamalar'?
As soon as Chevalier Sivaji's
name flashes in the title...'ll start sobbing
Wipe your nose
Very funny!
You only like dances where actors
move like they're playing dodge ball
You aren't qualified
to talk about Siva-
Don't shoot off a sermon
Your mouth is an AK-47
Someone wants to complain
Can't you say something good?
Why else will they call?
Pick up the phone
Why won't you pick up?
Show off!
We'll take care of it
We'll look into it
We will-
What will we take care of?
Who was it?
Our Tahsildar Sankara Subbu
Cable amplifier opposite his house
has gone phut it seems
We said we will
change it tomorrow
We need to get
the spare part to replace
Brother, he's an old man
who can't get up
Only after watching
the adult films at night...
...his blood pressure and
sugar level stabilize
Poor guy is twitching
Won't his wife say anything?
Catch her asking!
She can't even see
Blissfully unaware of this...
...'my husband watches films
on yoga even at night'
She tells me this very proudly
How can you make fun
of such an elderly man!
Go now
Aren't you going home?
I'll go, you go now
Okay, brother
Where is your mother?
Must be in the backyard, dad
Suddenly studying so intently?
Exams, huh?
Yes, dad
Science test
Get your sums right
Science, dad!
Arithmetic isn't part of Science?
How can tha-
She is studying intently there
You are making 'idli' here
with the same intensity
Go and bathe
You are here with
the front door open?
What if a thief creeps in?
Yes, in broad daylight
a thief will walk in
What do you know
about modern thieves?
This is how in a Kannada film-
He would've been the husband
And not knowing the language
you would've got it wrong
Done watching Tamil films
Now you're watching other regional
languages you don't know, huh?
Cinema is a language by itself
Why does it need
another language?
Like sign language
Look into my eyes
Want to say something?
Think yourself to be
the 'king of love'?
I am your love-guru?
Who else?
Go and bathe instead of
blessing me with another baby!
Get into the shower
Will you go bathe now?
Selvi is burrowing
her nose into Science
I thought of summing up
our chemistry but all in vain!
Switch on the light
Why do you keep twirling
that lock of hair, dad?
So old fashioned
Like the hook of a crane!
I've been curling it for 30 years
This is 'Sivaji' style
Even he doesn't sport such a style
He's no longer with us
I meant when he was alive
It is each individual's principle
Can we change all that?
Why do you empty it
on you like a flour mill?
Yuck! Your neck is so sweaty
And has caked white lines now!
Sprinkling Cuticura powder all over you
Reading women's magazines
Writing accounts at the back
of a cigarette packet
Carrying cash in a worn out
yellow cloth bag
None of these can be changed
Listen, my dear
I roam all over the place
collecting dues
Won't I stink if I don't
powder myself?
Can't you spray scent instead?
You mean snuff a smell
with another smell!
Not funny, dad
Oh! I forgot to switch off the light
Where is my precious princess?
My little princess!
Madam's make-up session isn't over
She squeezes the entire
Fair and Lovely tube in one go
Then her eyes are glued to the mirror
to check if she has become fair
Looks like we must
find her a London groom!
This cheek?
Smelling awesome
Heard that?
Hair style is also soooper
My special sugar cube!
Finished hugging her?
Sit and eat now
Daily late for school
Do you know how many times
I tried calling you yesterday?
Didn't get through even once
Don't you know in this rain
phones won't work?
Why don't you
get a cell phone?
As if a cell phone will work
Even a big phone doesn't work!
How will a mobile
get any signal?
Even if there isn't any signal...
...we've selected
a cell phone for you
Second hand, right?
In this house, only the kids
and I are first hand!
We are 3 females
sitting here all alone
That goes above your head
Whole night watching
some crappy film-
My dear...dearest...darling
I drop all my weapons down
Unconditional surrender
We believe you!
Okay, my sweetheart
Why did you call me at night?
To go to Tenkasi
Don't giggle
What for?
I told you 6 months ago
when we went shopping
We should go for brands
Now all the dresses are in tatters
If you rub it-
In PSS theatre in Tenkasi... air-conditioned cool comfort
we should watch a film
Dad, ice cream, popcorn
You just made my purse
lighter by 5000 rupees!
In this alone you will
all be hand in glove
Ladies in the house
will have a long wish-list
Don't you gallivant
happily from morning?
If I didn't...
...then you won't be gobbling
'idli' by the dozen happily
Can you take us
to Tenkasi or not?
This is blackmai-
You dug my grave
ganging up together
Why dig this pit here now?
If all the waste is dumped here... can be used as
manure for the garden
I meant, why should you be digging it?
You'll get blisters on your hand
I like that!
For 100 bucks he will
do it for you gladly
Who will come
for 100 bucks?
No one will touch a shovel
for a rupee less than 300
Best is buy ready-made
fertilizers than dig like this
How can a true village belle
be a traitor to nature?
Come and see
What do you think
of these worms?
Yes! Only they feature
in my dreams every night
Making fun of me?
You know what these worms are?
Farmer's friend
When kids go fishing
they will look for earthworms
All you have to do is dig 1 foot
A clew of worms will
land up like an army
Where do you find them now?
When farmers have washed
their hands off agriculture...
...even our nation
is going to the dogs
If we don't go back to nature...
...we can't eat a morsel of rice
Then we have to settle
for cheese burger!
You don't even read
the newspaper properly
How did you learn all this?
If you're blessed with
natural intelligence... need to study anything
If we use our eyes and
notice things all around us-
I have also watched
the film 'Pandavar bhoomi'
When did you-
Oh! I showed it
in my cable TV, huh?
If the film maker and I think alike
can anyone file a case?
Must feel happy
You took up the shovel to
cut cost and not pay a laborer
And then this sermon
My dear lady!
I will preach
I'll climb on top of that hill
and preach to one and all
I've only studied up to 4th grade
No parents
No aunts, uncles or cousins
Whatever you see here
I stood on my own 2 feet
And saved every single paisa
This garden, my job, house,
jeep and the new battery in it
Self-made man I am!
I'm the only one licensed
to preach in this-
I'm talking to you and
you just walk away
What's new?
Has even 1 dialog
changed in all these years?
Oh! That's why
I have to wash the dishes
Wait, listen
I'll change the dialog
You continue with
your sermon to the pit
Holistic sermon!
Good morning, sir
Attend to your work
Yes, brother?
Is it an accident?
They are measuring the place
to build a new police station
We'll get a brand new
super police station
So we can be locked up
in a cool room and lie down
No other door has
so many holes, you see
Not meant to be funny!
I sent you to collect cash
I went to collect
Can you see that man
standing over there?
The chap in a cap
No, one with the tie
He's the engineer
Doesn't he look tip-top?
Instead of looking at him
with a dropped jaw...
...if you had also studied would be in his shoes now
At least I studied up to 10th grade
What did you study?
I hold the title 'Padikkadha medhai'
'Unread man of letters'
is a classic Sivaji film
Don't I know that!
Don't I have a stack of letters
unread on my office table?
Man of letters unread
Got it?
The goat to be slaughtered
is grinning at the butcher!
Go and attend to your work
"I 'google-d' away to glory extensively
He's Mr Eccentric, the one and only"
"I hunted in Yahoo on the internet
He's a find so unique in any planet"
Hello, sir
Order 2 cups tea, please
Karuppu, bring 2 cups of tea
His name is Mariappan
He's the new contractor
His name is Suyambu
Roaring business
in cable TV, chit fund
Land broker
Good fellow
That's good, brother
If one fails
there is a back up
You see that building there?
That belongs to him
Don't embarrass me
That small shop below
belongs to me, that's all
Then brother is a big shot too
You look like you're doing
well for yourself too!
In a crunch situation, every inch of you
can be pledged to a pawnbroker
It's all fancy stuff
Gold covering, brother
That's alright
A contractor has to
maintain his image
It is our disguise
I'm in charge of
only civil work
The main contractor
is someone else
You can keep this
Brother-in-law is a politician
Keep it
- Don't want?
- No, no...thanks
He gets the feast
We get the leftovers
Life goes on this way-
Hey! What's up?
Brother, your wife called
She asked if you are
coming for dinner
Or if she should pour
water in the cooked ric-
New way of family planning, huh?
Brother watches movies, right?
- Hey! Keep quiet
- What movies?
He's a big time movie buff
Watches 3 movies a night
He loves to exaggerate!
2 movies only
2 movies in 1 night?
Yes, he will go home
And I'll be left all alone
If the cable gets cut...
...everyone will bring the roof down
Then end of the month
I won't get my dues
What movies do you
play at night?
What a question!
Fashion channel in his
cable TV is famous
Everyone here knows
all those models in that channel
Bhai, you're having a dig at me
in front of an outsider!
We must say all this
Otherwise he'll think
we are country bumpkins
As if they will believe you!
Bhai has kind of realized now
I can read between the lines
This is sweet
And this is savory
Which would you like?
Nothing except tea in your shop
Sanmuga brother
Smart Alec!
I've seen this sweet
since I was a kid
Let's go
You're spoiling my business
See you later, Bhai
"I am your cloud, my blushing flower
Will you bloom if on you I shower?"
"Mother-of-pearl conch reclining
with my touch your pearls are a-shining"
"Waging a war on you
God of Love's statue"
- Sermadurai
- What, brother?
My head hurts
I'll go home, take rest for a while
But your wife would have
added water to the cooked rice
Old rice soaked in water
is good for a headache
Brother, is the love song over?
Born worldly wise, huh?!
Oh no! I poured
water in the rice
Do I come across
as a glutton?
What scene today?
Bathing scene or
bedroom scene?
Rape scene
What is this?
The children may wake up!
Smells good?
What's all this?
At this age?
If not now
when then?
That's what they say!
What do they say?
That I am forever 16?! are
the talk of the town!
I need to ask you something
I knew you would
come to the point
You want a son
That's all, no?
We've got 2 carbon copies of you
You would love to
have 1 like me now?
This one here is enough
No love for me?
Love is there in plenty
but that's not what I mean
We have that jeep, no?
It's too open there
Not even a door
What's wrong with this?
Cha! I didn't mean that
Let's sell the jeep
And buy a car with a door
Were you talking about
driving a car for so long?
Where are you going?
Do you study this for generations
how to annoy your husbands?
Is this what you pin down
your innocent husband and ask?
When have you
made time to talk to me?
So you ask this when a man
is in a mood to relax?
You think I'll agree
when I'm like this?
Find someone else for all this
No, no...not like that
I won't agree at a time like this
I know how to control myself
is all I'm saying
It is tough
But I know how to
I'll manage
My name is Suyambulingam
Remember that!
You want a car?
We'll get one
This car...
...second hand will do?
We'll buy a new car
Dad! When did you come?
Mom said you wouldn't come
I had no other go but to come
Last night-
I'll tell them
We intend buying a car
A Maruti car
- Car?
- Yes
We need to research
in order to book it
Super, dad
No need to buy a Maruti, dad
It looks like a soap box
Let's buy an Audi
Okay...let 'Aadi' come by
We can buy it with
the festival discount
I didn't mean Tamil month Aadi
Audi car, it's so silent
The chap walking in front
won't hear it and he'll be run over
That's what a horn is for
Okay, is it cheaper
than a Maruti?'s 50 lakhs
- Whaat?
- 5 million
Even God's chariot
won't be that costly
This is why you should read
the newspaper once in a while
And that'll help me know
the price of a 'jaadi'
Not 'jaadi' as in a jar
It is A-u-d-i
A Maruti is enough for us
When are we buying it?
We'll buy it
Soon enough
You think you can go
to school in that car?
Get ready for school...quick
Mom, I told you about
that Nature club
Why do we need all that?
You go to school only to study
Look at her, dad
What is it?
Dad...we have
a Nature club in school
They're taking us to
Agasthyamala on a trip
We'll go and note down
all the plants and animals
They've only selected me and
another girl from our school
As if you live in a city
First see the trees around here
You must understand this
Education is not
just confined to books
We have to know about
nature that surrounds us
How can we understand
our country otherwise? have a lot
of concern in stock
Pay her camp fees
- How much?
- Rs 1,800
- 1000...?
- 800
- What?
- Dad...!
There are 101 things
in life which are free
So how does this
benefit your studies?
- This is too much, dad
- You think so?
How long is this camp?
2 days
Is there a discount for 1 day?
'Aadi' festival offer?
I don't want a tour
I don't want any damn thing
- I won't go, happy?
- Dear...dear...dearest
- You ate 'dosa'?
- Yes, I did
Dad just doesn't want you
to waste anything
Is that wrong?
Your father has agreed to pay
Now go to school
When did I agree?
You said it!
That's all
Bye, pa
I'm going...bye, ma
Be careful from now on
So I need not pay up?
No! You hinted about last night
in front of the girls
They are just kids
That's what you think
They will grasp everything
in just one glance!
I didn't know
anything at their age
As if you know now
I don't?
"Hey! My crackpot dear
My handsome hulk forever"
"Like Kutralam waterfall's sprays
imp, you ruffle my head always"
"Dead or alive, for keeps truly
you are Mr Right for me"
"Hey! My madcap missy
My lovely hunter lassie"
"Like Kutralam waterfall's sprays
minx, you pat my head always"
"Dead or alive, I guarantee
you are my Mrs Right till eternity"
"Like money saved scrimpy
is love so stingy, tell me?"
"What you part with is pittance
Is being a Scrooge the hindrance?"
"Love, like money, lambkin
is not meant for spending"
"A million kisses only for you
From your benevolent beau"
"I am still a kid intact
Girl, isn't that a fact?"
"I have constantly
3 mothers supporting me"
"Waterfalls of Kutralam in Tirunelveli
unmatched by our love and care verily"
"I know will fail miserably
This is paradise on earth truly"
Why are you freaking us out, dad?
"Hey! My nutcase dear
My dashing heartbreaker"
"Like Kutralam waterfall's sprays
Mr Naughty, you ruffle my head always"
"Dead or alive, for keeps truly
you are Mr Right for me"
"Love, like money, darling
is not meant for spending"
"A billion kisses only for you
From your benevolent beau"
"Like the colors on the dragonfly
you heap hues on me so high"
"With your eyes, encore
you teach me something more"
"My thoughts and yours slip
by a fine thread goes amiss"
"Now we talk 24x7, will there be some day
when we have no wore words to say?"
"Like money saved cutting corners
is love so stingy, one wonders"
"What you part with is pittance"
"Is being a Scrooge an encumbrance?"
"Love, like money, dear bumpkin
is not meant for spending"
"A zillion kisses only for you
From your benevolent beau"
Why do we need this?
We have 4 or 5
strutting around at home
Let it be
I must send something
for my grandchildren
If you cover it with
a wet cloth, it will be quiet
Not a sound
I asked broker Sami to come
If you come on Thursday
we can finalize it
This house is old now
Why do we need
such a big house?
That's why we are selling it
We thought we'll give
half the share to Thangaraj
And deposit the rest
in Rani's name in a bank
Why all this now?
- Did Thangaraj ask for his share?
- I told him I'm doing this
Then why?
I didn't give you a proper dowry
when you got married to Rani
My situation was such
That debt is still not paid
I'm a businessman
Good products have to be
bought with money
How can I get the product
and take the money for it too?
I am an orphan
I've worked as a laborer for you
No, please...listen to me
Only after I married your daughter...
...I am walking with my head
held high in this society
What are you saying?
I'm the one who owes you
Listen to me please
I'm not your son-in-law
I'm your son, you know
Give me the hen
Take care of your health
Godspeed, go home
safe and sound
Call me when you reach, okay?
Get into the jeep
Here he comes
The future of Tamil Nadu
Hold this
When did you come, brother-in-law?
Just now
Looks like you've lost weight
Not at all, dad's paunch is
growing bigger by the day
She's an innocent kid
Feel this
How's the political work going on?
2016 will be our rule, brother-in-law
Who confirmed it?
Malayalam astrologer, Kochunni
What an odd name!
Malayalam names are strange
But that chap is a pro
He has predicted it, right?
That's why our leader
is so confident
- What's in your hand?
- Receipt book
Time we left!
- I didn't bring my wallet
- Don't worry, brother-in-law
My sister is just kidding
Would I ask you
for a donation?
Everyone knows about you
Knows what?
If you ask who donated
Re 5 to KTMK party...
...whole of Tenkasi
echoes your name!
Wasted wastrels!
Why won't their tongues wag?
So it isn't a receipt book's just a flyer
We will protest...we will protest
Protest till our last breath!
We'll protest with conviction
State Govt, Central govt
Stop the work at the quarry
We will protest, show our dissent
till you shut down the quarry
It is already printed here
Then why say it out loud
But the quarry fellow
belongs to your party
That was earlier
Now he has switched sides
So what?
Very soon we will
shut down the quarry
But he's a family man
Should have thought of that
before he switched sides
What will his wife and kids do?
There is a big pond in the quarry
You want them
to fall and die in it?
That's their choice
But you can cultivate fish there
Do you know the demand for fish?
In your dreams!
I'll see you, uncle
See you, ma
Bye grandma
Oh my!
My guru!
What happened to him?
Swami Varadananda
is coming to Tenkasi
How many times
I've asked you...
...if we could go and
see him in Tirunelveli?
Now he's coming here
Let's all get his blessing
He's holding a mass prayer it seems
If the whole family
meditates with him...
...sickness of every kind will vanish
Don't be a pain
So much work pending
Only you will have 101 excus-
- Come here, pops
- What, dad?
As if I wanted to sightsee
and waste money!
Tell me, dear
You took Rs 1,800 from me
What did you see?
Such a huge rat!
It ran into the woods
Priya and I screamed
I screamed out 'rat'
And she yelled out 'mouse'
She's studying computers, no?
Come this side
My neck hurts
When there are so many
rats playing leisurely...
...why must we pay
to go and see more?
It wasn't just that, dad
Nature watch in the morning
In the evening, we had
entertainment programs
I sang a song too, dad
Everyone clapped
So you were the star?
You know that music show on TV?
The girl who won 2nd priz-
Move and sit
2nd prize, Karthika
She sang so beautifully
Everyone wanted an encore
Okay, you-
Don't break this
- Stand, continue
- Okay...okay
Then...a judge's son
He did some magic tricks
that were too good
Then an Inspector General's son
- A thug
- What's a thug?
Thug means rowdy
He kept going behind girls
and taking their pictures
Did he take of you?
You...? I thought it was
a voice from Heaven
Keep quiet!
Did he take a photo
on his cell phone?
Come here
Chapter closed!
She'll nag her to death
A photo in a cell phone will
be shown without clothes
Don't be silly, ma
Blabbering away to glory!
Listen to m-
That's not possible, ma
Look at her, dad
Look at her
I keep looking at her!
Your mother's intelligence
is always half baked knowledge least I studied
up to 10th grade!
As if he is an IAS officer
Forever deriding me
in front of the children
Hey! 10th grader
You know what a thug is?
Thug means silly, right?
Be quiet, dad
Doesn't it mean silly, sugar?
- Then?
- Thug means you
You naughty minx!
- I'm a thug?
- Yes
The foundation is
not okay, brother?
That's why rain water
has seeped inside
Must raise it a bit
We are close to the mountains
That's why rain is heavy
I keep thinking
I should fix it
But I've got a mountain
load of work
Why pay a laborer for it?
I'll do it for you, brother
We'll do it with
the construction job
Wait for 10 days
Our police station flooring
starts on Monday
I'll get it done along with it
If you get it done then this can
serve as a go-down for you
A dry place to store cement
Yes, brother
There's a lorry anyway
coming from Tenkasi
We'll bring all the materials in it
Okay, let's see
- Let's close it with a tea and 'vada'
- Then close the shutters quick
Contractor sir
- Sir...?
- Yes, I meant you
You must forgive me
Some mistakes happened unintentionally
I'll compensate for it
For the amount I owe
I'll pay up with interest
Because what I eat
from you for free...
...I have to return that favor
If I die owing money to anyone
then I won't get salvation
- That's alright
- Alright...?
What the hell did you think?
If you snitch to the sub-inspector
you thought he will cut me off?
Whatever the problem is,
please discuss it calmly, sir
If you dance to the tune
of the outsider...
...I'll break your legs to pieces
There's no burrow the bandicoot
hasn't seen, you hear?
Okay, okay
Leave it
He has himself agreed
he's a bandicoot
That's quite a revelation!
Hey! We are talking, right?
- Why are you poking your nose?
- Go ahead, please talk
Offerings to Hanuman is for Rama only
Bribes should line only my pocket!
Why are you looking at him?
The sub-inspector won't pull me up
Watch your step
Yes, Suresh sir is a good man
- Who?
- Sub-inspector
He's a refined man
Not a man who grabs
at leftovers like this
Yes, I grab from people
Why is it making you itch?
Spoiling for a fight?
I'll relieve you of your itch?
- Listen to me
- Don't touch me
What did he say now?
He said he'll get
rid of the itch
If you pay him, he'll scratch
anywhere is a known fact
Look! The sub-inspector is here
You talk with such temerity
because of the money flow
I have what it takes
to teach you a lesson
Hang on carefully to
what you have, sonny
It might boil over
Hey! Move aside
He isn't even turning back
Maybe he didn't hear
Boiled into vapor!
I just couldn't keep
yielding to his demands
Not my money
What accounts can
I show my boss?
That's why I told the S.I
Ignore him
A rat-snake hisses
A water snake raises its hood
Let him be
Whatever it is
he's a policeman, sir
That wretched chap doesn't realize it
Are we criminals
to fear the police?
A man with integrity
should fear only God Almighty
We haven't made any mistakes
And we won't either
Give me a chocolate, sis
Go home and eat it
- Meena!
- Get lost
We met at the nature camp
I didn't recognize you
because of your glasses
What are you doing here?
To tell you the truth...
...I came to see you
I'm hungry, ma
Wait, dear
Don't be in a tearing hurry
Mom, faaast
Can't you wait 5 minutes?
Where's all the stuff?
Akka is bringing it
At least give me some snack, ma
Don't be a glutton
Wait, I have to take it out
Here you go
Where's your sister?
She isn't here as yet
You said she was
right behind you
We came together
till uncle CVR's house
Then I ran ahead
She said she'll hit me
As if she's so great!
Okay, eat fast and
do your homework
- Selvi
All the stuff we bought
is in her room
How will she hear you, ma?
With head phones plugged in
she'll be listening to music
- What, ma?
- What are you doing?
I'm coming
My heart stopped
for a moment
Listening to music and
giving me a heart attack
Don't be scared
No one will see this
I'll delete it in front of you
Is that okay?
But if I should do that... should do as I say
I must talk to you
Come to the garden behind
your house tonight at 11
Come without letting anyone know
No, Varun
I won't come
Why are you behaving like a kid?
I didn't come
to disturb you
If I had wanted, I could have
shown this to my friends
Uploaded it online
But I didn't
...I like you very much
I won't come
I won't come
What will happen to your life
if this goes online tomorrow?
Can your father walk
with his head held high?
Tell me
Then you must not blame me
Don't be scared
It will be fine
You will come
I'm sure of it
So we've fixed it, 11:00 p.m
Behind your house
In the garden
You've gone to bed
so early, dear
Not studying?
My head hurts
Of course it will
Wearing those damn
ear phones all the time
And listening to
that deafening music
Shall I rub some Vicks?
No, ma
Let me sleep
You shouldn't sleep
without eating, dear
Shall I feed you
just 4 spoons of rice?
It's 8:00 p.m, no?
Heavy rain!
Think a cable will be cut?
- Wash your mouth, jinxer!
- With rain water?
Always being negative
You got an umbrella?
- I have one
- Take it and go home
This is foolishness
What you did was so stupid
You don't know who I am
I'll show you
I'm asking you
like I would my son
We've built our family
like a bee and its honeycomb
Don't destroy that
Whether I destroy it or not... in your hands
Look at this
(shocked gasp)
If she had submitted quietly...
...this would've been over today
Because you butted in...
...this will never end
It's about to begin
The whole world will see this
Please don't, son
Don't do that
We will all die
Okay...I'll delete it
But I want
what I came for
Your daughter
Right here
Right now
I'll beat you
black and blue
So you want all other scumbags
in the world to see this?
Is that okay?
Give it to me
Give me the phone
Please don't ruin
my daughter's life
I'm begging you
I'm falling at your feet to
beg you to leave us alone
Don't do anything to us
Don't hurt us
Leave us alone
Okay...I'll let her go
In return...
...I want you
(startled gasp)
Moron! Who walked in
with such muddy feet?
What happened?
Tell me
I'm asking you
For heaven's sake, tell me
'In return...'
'...I want you'
Without anyone's knowledge...
...we can finish the job here
Shall I upload it or not?
Shall I?
Come here
I only aimed at his phone, ma
Aiyo...oh God!
What happened?
It isn't working, ma
This man won't come
home until morning
I'm scared, ma
What do we-
Be quiet
What do we do now?
- I'm scared, ma
- Keep quiet
Come with me
Get the shovel's over there
Don't just stand there
Help me cover it up
What do we do now?
Don't know
My hands and legs
are still trembling
I don't know from where I got
the courage when I buried him
It isn't wrong
what we did, is it?
What else could you have done?
If we had told the police...
...we'd be guilt-free now
The boy who died is
an Inspector General's son
If they find out the truth,
then our family...
...will be ripped apart
Our children's lives
are our priority
Oh God!
I can't stand this tension
It's killing me
Now is the time
we should be strong
We have never...
...harmed anyone
Nothing bad will
happen to us either
What, my dear?
I found this in the room, dad
- What is this?
- Car keys
A yellow Maruti, dad
His car is somewhere here
Where do I go search for it?
In that-
Did you search
the room properly?
To check-
Come with me
Call your mother
Come, ma
Where were you standing?
Where did that boy fall?
Re-enact it in your mind and tell me
You stood there?
- He fell over there?
- That boy
I stood here
What are you looking at?
You said he hurt his head
But there isn't even a drop of blood
Maybe it was an internal injury
What, dear?
It happened for the best
It's hard to hide blood stains
His clothes
Even a thread, a button, his hair
Nothing should be left behind as-
Hey, get that plastic bag
Take everything and put it in
Not 1 item of his
should be here
Clean everything, you hear?, pick this up
Dad, his sim-
Hey...hey, wait
(recollection of Tamil films watched)
'These days, police nab a criminal
only by using his cell phone'
'It's a problem hereafter
if our phone is switched on'
'With the help of
the signal strength...'
'...we can locate it within
a radius of half a mile'
'He's a hacker who helps us
crack cyber crime cases often'
Take a cloth and wipe
this whole place clean
Until I come back,
don't leave the house
I'll lock the door
from the outside
It should look like
no one is in the house
Where are you goin-
It is okay to ask
Only then will you know
We have to find out
where his car is parked
We must move it from there
- Come back soon
- I will
How will we be alone?
The very thought
makes me tremble
Apply the sacred ash from
Swayambu Lingam temple
I'll come back by tonight
I won't call you
If someone else calls,
don't pick up
Everything will get recorded
What else...?
Come here, my dear
Will the police put me in jail?
I'm scared, dad
What are you saying?
In jail?
Your dad is here for you
As long as I am here...
...I won't let anything
happen to you
I promise you
- What is this?
- Money
I see that
This isn't enough
What a racket!
The rate is Rs 1,000 only
That is if the man applying
for the passport is at home
The man isn't there
So the rate will be more
Fish out another 1,000
Rs 2,000 is too much, sir
The boy is going abroad
to earn, right?
Where will I go and earn?
That's our Suyambu, right?
Why did he come here?
Sir, his house is nearby
He usually goes this way
He eats chicken curry
and mutton curry
That's why I'm not
in touch with him
No, same time
Will begin at 12 sharp
Koreans are very punctual
You be there
Okay, thanks
'The number you have dialed
is currently switched off'
Where the hell
has your son gone?
How many times
do I call him?
His phone is
always switched off
It's because you call him
30 times in a row...
...he switches off his phone
How many times
have I told you?
Don't breathe down his neck
and torture him like this
He's a grown-up boy
We must give him his space
Otherwise he'll become a rebel
But there's a limit
to that freedom
Varun has crossed
those boundaries long ago
He has everything
that can spoil a young boy
Do you know how much
he spent last month?
Rs 58,000
He bought some clothes
He bought shoes
He even showed me the bill
Then what?
I also went to his room
and saw those bills
He bought 4 designer shirts
And 2 Nike shoes
But he has only his old clothes
and shoes in the room
Where are all the things he bought?
So you've started
checking his room too?
That's why he's never at home
Don't boys need some privacy?
He gets bugged by your
country bumpkin mindset
What bloody privacy?
Stuff his own parents should
be in the dark about him?
Only people who wish to
hide something need privacy
Why does he need privacy
if he is above board?
He's using your blind love
to his advantage
You don't realize that
'Swami Varadananda'
'Swami Varadananda is
coming to Tenkasi'
'He's holding a mass prayer it seems'
Yov! Move your car
What do you want, sir?
A cell phone
Second hand will do
Within Rs 1,000
How about this?
- How much?
- Rs 900
- Is it fully charged?
- Yes
Could you please fix this?
I'm going to Delhi this evening
For a meeting
Two days
How do you put this
on silent mode?
'There is a big pond
in the quarry'
Wait for a while?
I'll be right back
Brother! You haven't
been here since morning
You'll never skip your routine!
How is the collection today?
They are never prompt
even in the best of times
It's raining today
Should you ask?
The picture is wriggling
in their TV it seems
Nothing much
You are right
I won't come tomorrow
and day after to work
Take care of the shop
Where are you going, brother?
To a prayer
A prayer?
I'm being nagged at home
Badgering me-
What happened to you today?
You came that way,
you're going out this way
This is my shop
Don't I know how to go out?
I'll be back in 2 days
If you do any messing up
with the accounts...
...I'll kill you
Now you are back to form
- Brother
- What now?
It's raining outside
It's me
Ma, it's dad
Where did you go
for so long?
What is happening here?
We've been worried sick
Where were you?
Don't leave us alone
like this and go, dad
Okay, I won't
Don't cry
Dad, what did you
do to the car?
Which car?
Varun's car
That car-
I pledged it
One rule from now on
I'll tell you only what
you need to know
Enough if you know
only that much
Don't speak another word
Got it?
Go and get me a towel
I need to dry myself
You aren't tensed
even one bit?
Tensed about what?
That boy we-
Which boy?
A boy never came here
We didn't see anyone
We know nothing
But Varun-
Who is he?
Sit down
We don't know
any boy by that name
Neither did any boy come here
That's how our mindset should be
We must not be scared or tensed
Or else we'll get caught
I understood that today
I'm coming back
from my office
The minute I entered,
Sermadurai asked me
'Why have you changed
so much, brother?'
If that fool saw
a difference in me...
...then imagine the others
So what happened
has happened
Forget everything
And behave normally
with everyone
All of you get ready
We're going on
a trip tomorrow
- Where?
- Tenkasi
We shouldn't be here
for the next 2 days
If someone asks...
...we say we're going
for that meditation
Which meditation?
That flyer you showed me
- Swami Varadananda
- Yes, that holy man
It ended yesterday
Oh! It's over?
Yesterday, today or tomorrow?
Why are you confusing me?
Hello, brother
- Long time since I saw you
- Yes, very true
New bus, huh?
How can I afford a new bus?
This was running in Kerala
It was comfortable
So I bought it
Going far?, up to Tenkasi
For a community prayer
Swami Varadananda
Oh yes! Heard of him
My family wanted to go
How can you pay
for the tickets?
It's our bus, our money
Keep quiet
No, we are 4 of us
Just keep it
"A question, one only"
"Rising within repeatedly"
"Again and again the same dream pans"
"God's hand or man's plans"
"In the river that flows freely
yesterday's water can you see?"
"Yesterday has an illusive identity"
"Though the tempest tries to stampede
the reed by the river doesn't yield"
"That iron will needed in words and deed"
"Can't we hear the early morning raga?"
"Won't the sky be our savior-saga?"
"There is only one question"
"Rearing its head in repetition"
"Will the spider be imprisoned
in its own tangled web woven?"
"Mind is well and truly caught within
the net of deceit in the name of sin"
"The child protected by parents
will live a 100 years in blessedness"
"The good we've done in this life
will kill evil, protect us from strife"
"Love is our document indeed"
"Our good deeds will be our shield"
"A solitary question one and only"
"Emerging within endlessly"
"Still tormented by the same dream"
"God's will or man's scheme"
How many times
have I told you?
Don't keep staring out
We must forget everything
I want to forget
But I can't
What do you
want me to do?
We have to forget
If you're all this scared...
...we'll get caught for sure
Only if you listen to me
and cooperate...
...our family can
escape this mishap
From now on, we keep bills
for everything we buy
Fruits, vegetables, milk, whatever
Or intelligence?"
"Which will whip the other?
My dear mind, please whisper"
"The IQ called gray matter
is a weapon that wins world over"
"If a tadpole crawls on a boulder
it doesn't leave any imprint ever"
"Truth like the roots of a tree
if out in the open, it's catastrophe"
"An unshared mind locks the secret"
"Our bond is priority on our planet"
"One and only question
Raising its head in repetition"
"Continually same dream spans"
"God's hand or man's plans"
Madam, from the cell phone signal... can be traced from
Tenkasi to Tuticorin
Chennai, Visakhapatnam
Via Bhopal to Mumbai
The final signal was traced...
...from a tower in
an industrial area
The phone has been
switched off at that location
He has some friends in Mumbai
Why did he go
to Visakhapatnam?
Maybe he went on
a road trip with friends
"Just 1 question, exclusively"
"Simmering within agonizingly"
"In the river that flows freely
yesterday's water can you see?"
"Yesterday has an elusive quality"
"Though the hurricane blows with speed
the reed by the river doesn't yield"
"That will-power is needed indeed"
"Can't we hear the morning raga echo?"
"Won't the sky in gladness glow?"
"Is there a lining to
our cloud of sorrow?"
"Won't our sky burst into an orange halo?"
Varun's car?
How was the car found?
Some boys who were
fishing here saw it
Has it been here for many days?
At least 2 or 3 weeks
Did you find anything in the pond-
We searched thoroughly
with local swimmers
There's nothing
to be afraid of
- Mr Selvadurai
- Madam?
Make sure there is
no media publicity
Let it be a secret
We have traced Varun's
last call from his cell phone
On the night of August 2nd
at 7:18 p.m he has called
99400 76191
We checked the tower
It's a place called Sunga
near Papanasam
And then at 10:15 p.m... went out of coverage
Then the next day at 9:24 a.m... was traced again
to Tenkasi town range
Finally near Mumbai
it has got switched off
Even so...
...looking at the evidence
we have got so far
...I don't think this investigation
needs to go out of Tamil Nadu
We have to find the person
Varun spoke last with
Send him in
Madam, from the account number
you gave me, money last withdrawn
...was on the morning
of August 2nd at 10:00 a.m an ATM in the Tenkasi junction
- How much did he withdraw?
- Rs 20,000 sir
Why did he withdraw so much?
Madam, I have a doubt
The IMEI number of the phone
that went out of range on the 2nd...
...and the IMEI # that appeared
in range on the 3rd are different
Would he have taken the money
to buy a new phone?
No...he has a new phone
It hasn't even been a month
since he bought it
He wouldn't have
changed it so quickly
What is this?
The tax bill to
pay the Panchayat
When did you get it?
Why are you scratching?
Do you have lice on your head?
It's been 3 weeks
since I told you
Not that long-
I'll hit you!
This is Varun Prabhakar
Inspector General
Geetha Prabhakar's only son
He's missing
He came to this town
on the 2nd of August
There's a cell phone record
to confirm his arrival
This is the Maruti car he drove
TN 72E 6312
This car was found
in the pond of that quarry
See you, Bhai
You there!
Give me 100 bucks
I don't have that much, sir
Won't you have money
to drink in the evening?
Fish it out
I only have 20
Rs 20 is Rs 20!
No discrimination in denomination
when it is the Goddess of wealth!
Bhai, give me a cigarette packet
You're giving me Rs 20
What about the rest?
This is the rest
Perumal sir, you didn't drink
your usual tea this morning
Who has time
to drink tea?
We've got a wretched case
at the station now
I have to run around
holding it by the tail
What case?
A yellow Maruti car was found
in the pond at the quarry
Which pond?
I asked which pond?
Not any pond here, Bhai
On Tenkasi road
Near Ilanji
Near Arunthathiyar colony
Why are you investigating it here?
We have been asked to find out
if anyone knows anything about it
Orders from the office
of the Inspector General
The one above us is God, right?
We must zip our lips
and fold our hands
And nod 'yes, sir'
to whatever he says
Sanmugam sir and I
are in charge of this case
Okay, see you
Perumal, don't step into
dangerous grounds
This is not an issue
to play around with
Everyone here knows of
your antagonism to Suyam
If you're trying to dig a hole... will only end up
as your grave!
Why should I lie?
I saw Suyambu drive that car
with my very own eyes
Even now I saw how flustered
he was when I mentioned it
What is this new thing?
I felt like paying...take it
It'll be good if everyone
who owes me thought this way
Look, he's coming
His face looks troubled
He has some link
in this case for sure
Wait and see
If he's scared...
...he will definitely look back
Tell me, sir
How is Suyambulingam linked
with the Inspector General's son?
I don't understand
Sir, Suyambu doesn't like Perumal
Is he using his dislike
to get him caught?
Or did he see someone else
and thought it was Suyambu?
He may have been
drunk in the morning also
I know Suyambu too
Even so...Perumal is a policeman
He knows what will happen
if he lies about such a big case
Sir, look here
On the 3rd of August
on Sunday morning
Exactly at 7:00 a.m
I went to Irulappa Pillai's house...
...for verifying his son's passport
That was when I saw Suyambu
get into the car and drive away
Girls, come here
Listen carefully to me
This is important
Last Saturday
August 2nd
Where were we?
In Tenkasi
We attended a prayer session
When did we get back?
The next day
On Sunday
In the evening
Where was the prayer?
In Tenkasi
Where in Tenkasi?
Goddess Badrakali temple
Why are you asking all this?
So the police will come?
But we don't know when
The later they come, the better
They still don't know
what happened to the boy
No evidence
But they'll try to get
that evidence out of us
Like in the movies
They will try to scare you
They will pretend
to be very fair
They will confuse you
They might even hit
your mother and me
But if there is
no evidence at all...
...they will go away
But whatever we do...
...we must not change our story
Can I trust you?
Will the police hit you?
Is that what's worrying you?
Your mother beats you
when you do something wrong?
Like that
I'm scared, dad
No, tell me
I'm scared
I'm here for you, right?
So why be scared?
Okay...go to bed
Sleep well
If we say we weren't here on Saturday...
...can we really get away with it?
Our cable office knows
Sulaiman Bhai's hotel folks know
Everyone would have seen us
Definitely they would have
Then how can we lie?
Trusting a common human tendency
None of us will remember
details not important to us
We have a vague memory of it
That's all
Let's hope for the best
We have 2 ways out of this
One is to tell the truth
and surrender
What, hahn?
Do you know the repercussions?
Our child's face will be flashed
in every TV channel and newspaper
Our family's reputation
will be in ruins
We have no choice
I would never let you
or my daughter go to jail
Don't cry
Listen to me
Don't cry
You must not cry
Are you sure you saw
Suyambu that day?
If you ask me like that
I can't say for certain
When I asked you that day... said yes, you're sure
That day, you said
Suyambu was driving that car
I thought so too
So I said 'yes'
How will I know for sure
if that was Suyambu?
You saw him?
Can't say for certain
it was Suyambu brother
But it might have
been him, that's all
Do you know
if it was this car?
If you ask me like that...
...I can say for sure
it was a yellow car
Can't say for sure 'this car'
Are you sure about anything?
Did you see?
I didn't see the number
But it was a yellow Maruti Zen
Sir, retired professor Samikannu
has bought a new house here
He has a yellow car too
Hey! You are right
I'm sure the 3 of us saw
Samikannu's car that day
We will decide that!
What is that?
We got a fax, sir
You received it now?
Yes, from the office
of the Inspector General
Inspector General's son went
on a Nature club trip last month
One of the girls from our town
went on the same trip too
Her name is Selvi
Daughter of our cable TV
Suyambulingam, sir
Sir, I told you!
Now what do you say?
We don't need to
think twice, sir
If I bring him in and
beat him up black and blue...
...all pieces of the jigsaw
will fall into place
Perumal, let us keep
this under wraps
You understand?
Hold this
Only if we blabber,
will the truth come out
'If we say the same thing
over and over again...'
' will become true'
'Don't ask me why I insisted you should
be truthful from when you were young'
The truth I know
is my family
I'll do anything to protect it
'So what you do is...'
'...don't ever deny
knowing that boy'
Because they would
have found out already
What we are changing... that he never came here
'Hold on to that and
no matter what they ask...'
'...don't let go of it'
'Okay, my precious?'
Selvi, this is sub-inspector Suresh Babu
He has come here to
ask you some questions
Do you know this boy?
I do, sir
His name is Varun
How do you know him?
Last month from school
we went to a Nature club camp
He had come there, sir
Is he your friend?
No, not at all
We were on 'hi-bye' terms
Do you know
anything else about him?
They said he was
some IG's son
He told you?
No...they spoke about it
You said you are not friends
But you remember him by name
Sir, there were lots of problems
in the camp because of him
What kind of problems?
He was following girls and
taking pictures of them, sir
There was a famous lawyer's
daughter from Tirunelveli
He tried to click photos of her
And she complained about him
The teachers had to
come and sort it out
He's a bad boy, sir
Where did you
see him after that?
No, sir, after the camp
I didn't see him anywhere
He said you saw him
He's lying, sir
Did he come to your house
on the 2nd of this month?
- My house?
- Yes
No one came
No...what date did you say?
The 2nd of this month, Saturday
August 2nd, Saturday
You understood?
We weren't even
in town that day, sir
- Where did you go?
- Tenkasi
There was a prayer
in a temple there
Who all went?
Dad, mom, sister and I
All four of us, sir
When did you get back?
The next evening itself, sir
But when we came back,
it was raining heavily
Who asked you
about the rain now?
Was the prayer
performed for 2 days?
No, sir
The prayer was only for a day
Next day we stayed at a hotel
And we watched a movie, sir
- What movie?
- Anjaan
What is the problem now, sir?
This boy Varun is missing
He came to Papanasam
on the 2nd of this month
The only person
he knows in this town... this girl
That's why we wanted to
find out if he met up with her
Small enquiry
No, sir
After the camp,
I haven't seen him
- You are Suyambu's wife?
- Yes, sir
Your name?
Good day
Suyambu, you don't usually
come home at this time
After you questioned
my daughter in school...
...the Principal called home
and told my wife
She got all flustered
and was in tears
She called me
I called the police station
and they said you were here
I rushed here to meet you
Come, let's go inside
Have you seen
the boy in this photo?
Madam, you?
- This car?
- It's a Maruti
No, I haven't seen this car
No, sir
Can we talk openly?
Yes, sir, I feel
the same way too
The boy in this photo,
Varun Prabhakar... the only son of
IG Geetha Prabhakar
He has been missing for 25 days
Some time back when he went
for a Nature camp...
...he met your daughter, Selvi
He has come here in
the yellow car we showed you
We found that out
Our men dredged the car out
of a pond in a quarry near Ilanji
We have 2 reasons
for coming here
One...Varun knows your daughter
Two, our constable, Perumal
has seen you drive that car
When I went to Irulappan's house...
...for passport verification
...I saw you driving that car
with my own eyes
What does that mean?
The boy has come here
But we weren't here
on August 2nd
We went to Tenkasi
for a mass prayer
And returned only on 3rd evening
This will do
All okay now, sir?
You keep that smile
to yourself, you hear?
Neither sir nor I told you
the date the boy was here
I didn't tell you the date
you drove away in the car
But how does your wife
know that specific date?
Suyambu, why are you
smiling so flippantly?
What he's asking is justified
Answer that question
I'm not being flippant, sir
Why would I disrespect a policemen?
She still doesn't know
what has happened
That's why she is standing
dazed like this
I told you already
You went to school
School's reputation
will go for a toss, no?
That worried the Principal
who called up home and told her
She has asked her
the same questions you did
That's how we even
knew about the dates
Let's go
You didn't say anything about
Perumal seeing you in that car
Should I even answer
this question, sir?
The whole of Papanasam knows
how Perumal sir dislikes me
Whatever I say,
he won't believe me
I'm not asking this
on Perumal's behalf
It is for my own satisfaction
I'm not questioning that
If sir is 100% sure
he saw me...
...then it means
he's intentionally lying
Or he could have seen
someone else like me
Because on August 2nd...
...from 8:00 a.m until
5:00 p.m the next day
...we were all in Tenkasi
No, sir
I'm 100% sure
I know it was him
I saw him with my own eyes
On August 2nd, from when
you left until you came back...
...tell me what happened clearly
Right, I'll tell you
Early morning
at 5:30 a.m, right?
We took the first bus to Tenkasi
You have a jeep, right?
Don't ask
Last month our jeep stopped
half way through
She was so mad at me
So this time we took a bus
Did it rain when
you got back home?
Heavy rain
We were drenched to the skin
Both our children
fell sick the next day
We didn't even
send them to school
There's something strange
about saving all these bills
You're the first man
to save bus tickets
Sir, I came to this town empty-handed
If I now run this house,
business and office... a self-made man
it's because I'm thrifty
I round up my account
to the last paisa
I'll write the accounts after
looking at all the receipts
I know how people talk
behind my back
But if I minded all that,
I couldn't have built this house
- What do you say?
- Okay, see you
How many acres
is this place?
5 acres
Okay, I'll take leave
Did I blabber about the date?
Good thing you wriggled out of it
Otherwise they wouldn't
have believed it at all
Looking at their evidence... are lying
through your teeth
No, sir, I'm being true
to my conscience
It's foolproof
Something is fishy
about it being so perfect
If you rough him up a bit
he'll cough the truth, sir
He seems very casual
Can someone who is guilty
be so calm and composed?
That's very suspicious
Sir, why should we get
so muddled up?
We can write a report and
send it to the Inspector General
Let them deal with it
What you say is also true
Go fast
Did the police believe us?
I don't know
Will they come again, dad?
Definitely they will
What's his name?
Suyambulingam, madam
Named after the deity in Uvari
Swayambu Lingam
Can you say for sure
he drove my son's car?
Yes, madam
I didn't see the number
But it was a yellow Maruti
Was he the one driving?
Yes, sir
I saw him drive
with my own eyes
But they weren't
in town for 2 days
They say they were in
Tenkasi, all 4 of them
That's a lie, sir
They have evidence
to back up their version
He showed hotel receipts
Some bills
Even a bus ticket, sir
We have to check now
if all that is original, madam
If what he says is true-
- What's that chap's name?
- Suyambulingam, madam
Whatever he's saying is a lie
The evidence is fake
Half a day is enough
to find that out
After all he's a school drop-out
and a country bumpkin
Won't we know how far
his brain can stretch?
We'll see
But if what he says is wrong
So bring the family here now
I want all the evidence here
We don't need to
follow protocol
Just do your job
Whatever it is,
report to me directly
Sit here
Sit down
We left early morning
to catch the 5:30 bus
Why don't you
have that bus ticket?
The bus is owned
by his friend
He didn't let us pay
What time did you
attend the meditation?
Around 8:30 a.m
The morning session was over
and the shrine was closed
The meditation had begun
by the time we reached
Should have been
around 8:30 a.m
The prayer had started
when we reached
When did the prayer start
after you reached?
Must tell everything properly
But all of us shouldn't
say it exactly the same
You get it?
Time...when it comes
to stating the time
We shouldn't tell the exact
time to the nanosecond
You are both kids
Be vague about it
Must tell approximately only
Your mother and I
will tell the correct time
I don't know
the exact time
But it had started
by the time we landed there
How long after you reached
did the prayer start?
They will keep changing
the questions and hound you
Listen to it clearly,
think and then answer
They had started chanting
by the time we reached
But your mother told us
you waited for a long time
'Your mother said this
Your father said that'
The policeman will lie glibly
and get you muddled up
Don't believe it and
change what you said
No, they had started
even before we got there
Suleman Bhai,
what is happening here?
I am really puzzled
They won't let us in
Why won't he let us in?
Open the gate, hey you!
We can't let you in...go
- Listen to us
- We want to see them
You know who Suyambu is?
- What do we care?
- My son-in-law
My daughter's husband
I don't care who he is
Go now
No use being reasonable
Break it down
Why should we be scared?
- Move aside
- You better not make trouble
Handle it calmly
(overlap of angry voices)
Will we achieve anything
fighting with them?
Then we went
to a hotel and ate
Which hotel?
I don't remember
What did you eat?
What did your parents eat?
All of us ate 'biriyani'
But they said
they ate fried rice
You are saying 'biriyani'
Maybe they forgot
We all ate 'biriyani'
I remember very well
Who told you?
Nothing like that
They are lying
Mr Suresh, what do you thi-
No, you got it wrong
They are lying
Er...I...I'm in a meeting
News reporter
from a TV channel
They heard we are investigating
our son's disappearance
And we are beating up a family
It's not what we thought, madam
Their stories match
And they are very clear about it
They answer perfectly
without any confusion
Especially the little girl
I was shocked, madam
Even the kid is so clear and confident
Isn't there something wrong
with being so perfect?
The perfection is what has been
nagging me as well, madam
I have never seen it
to this extent, madam
But if they're telling the truth,
the perfection makes sense
He could have been wrong
I'm sure about this
But what they say sounds-
They've mastered it
to the last word cleverly
Madam, we know
they are lying
Why don't we use
a lie detector?
How did you even
become a policeman?
Can we just go
get a lie detector?
First we have to
arrest them properly
Charge them with a case
- Get a court order
- So why don't we?
How? What about
the prima facie evidence?
We have to prove in court
we have evidence to arrest them
We don't have even
a small bit of evidence
What we are doing right now
is illegal to begin with
But breaking their story
shouldn't be that hard
All the actors in their story
must be assembled here
I'll bring them
Another point
If the story about
attending the prayer is a lie...
...then they must
have been here
So Suyambulingam
would have gone to work
Yes, madam
Are there any other places
that he visits on a daily basis?
Yes, madam
A tea shop nearby
He visits everyday
Office staff
Tea shop owner
The theatre owner
Bring all of them here
Let them go
Make sure they leave this place
thinking we believe their story
Definitely, madam
To be honest,
I was trembling inside
Don't know how I got
the courage to reply?
Our family deity guided us
At least everything is over
It's not over
They will come again
Will they come again?
Why, brother-in-law?
What's the problem?
Tell me...I'll be with you
until the very end
I've told you
whatever has to be told
Don't ask anything more
But I need a favor from you
How long do I know him?
18 years ago, the man who helped
build the thatch roof of my tea shop
...was our Suyambu
He is a man with a golden heart
I'm not asking for
his conduct certificate
Just answer to the point
How many times did Suyambulingam
come to your shop on August 2nd?
He usually comes twice a day
In the morning for a bite
and a cup of tea
Sometimes in the evening,
he'll eat a 'parotta' or two
If he is spending
the night in his office-
I asked how many times he came
to your shop on August 2nd?
On August 2nd, he came twice
and ate 'vada' and tea-
I made a mistake
August is this month?
Suyambu wasn't in town
on the 2nd of this month
He went to Tenkasi
for a mass prayer
- What?
- A prayer, madam
Where you go as a family,
sit, close your eyes
The way Hindus pray
Bhai, you said something else first
I didn't remember, sir
Only now remembered the date
What did he say
about the prayer?
He said it was inspiring
He said a holy man there
preached very well
He sat at the shop and
told us many stories about it
Like narrating a film story
- What stories?
- All for the good
What happened
What is to happen
What will happen
It's all for the good, as in-
When did Suyambulingam
come back from the prayer?
The next day
What time?
I don't know for sure, sir
But he didn't come to the office
He told me before he left
Do you know these people?
Yes, madam
Did they travel in your bus
together as a family recently?
They even went 4-5 days ago
Even before that
Beginning of this month
Beginning of this month-
I think it was August 2nd
Where did they say
they were going?
He said something about
a holy man who preaches
The program was called-
'A good family'
Did they stay in
your lodge for a night?
Yes, sir
So they are your regular customers?
No, sir
In your lodge so many
people come and go
How can you remember
this family alone so well?
I remembered because-
- 1 double room
- Rs 650 + taxes
I came last month
There was another man here
He didn't add any tax
Must have been Arunachalam
I don't know all that
He didn't add tax
He wouldn't have given a bill
Who wants a bill?
(clears throat loudly)
This doesn't look like
a good place for women to stay
There seem to be bottles all around
What is this?
That's just mineral water
Our rooms are clean
Show her the room
Let her check
Come, madam
Go and see for yourself
Then I myself showed them
a clean room, sir
Do you know
when they stayed?
No, sir
Did they tell you
why they were in Tenkasi?
No, sir
Did you check their register?
Yes, madam
There are 2 registers
Suyambu's name is registered
in only one book
Checked in on August 2nd at 6:10 p.m
Checked out at 9:30
the next morning
Why are there 2 registers?
Has the cat got your tongue?
Answer now
I just follow
my owner's instructions
Those who ask for bills
And those who don't
Do you know this is
a punishable offence?
You remember them
really well after so long?
Sure, how can I forget
a good customer?
Is this your hotel?
Why do you ask?
Simply soooper!
Where do you get
tasty 'biriyani' nowadays?
Yes...our 'biriyani'
is the best in town
Others dump a lot of 'masala'
and get stingy with the meat
We do it like it's home cooked
- What's the lad's name?
- Arogyasamy
He serves, taking extra care
What do you do?
We live in Papanasam
I run a cable TV operation
- What's baby's name?
- S. Pullimeena
You seem to be a big-shot dot
I'm the S before the dot
Did Miss Pulli like the 'biriyani'?
Really super
We came for a prayer session
in the temple at Tenkasi
You must have heard
of Swami Varadananda?
- Yes...sure
- Program called 'A good family'
We decided because
we are already here...
...we can catch a movie
and generally have fun
Family responsibility, right?
Of course
See you, brother
Please come again
It's all fine that you actually
remembered the customer
But why get into details of
how and when they came?
Sir, I don't remember dates
Because most customers
who come to eat only complain
They hardly complimen-
Okay, you can go now
This is really baffling
If that fellow is lying to us...
...why should all these people lie?
So many people have seen him
on August 2nd at Tenkasi
That's what even I don't understand
Maybe they are
all telling the truth
Perumal must be wrong I think
Sir, I swear on my grandmother
who is on her deathbed
I'm not lying
I saw him driving the car
If you find out I'm lying
you can dismiss me
Did you contact the holy man?
After this event, he went
to Varanasi, madam
But I think he must
have come back yesterday
From what you say, looks like
they attended my prayer session
Otherwise, they can't know all this
I told that story only that day
I haven't said it anywhere else
Won't you register names
of your devotees who attended?
We do
But if they are late,
we just make them sit
It's not a big organization
Could he have heard
that story elsewhere?
If he knows the exact sentence,
then he must have come in person
Where are dad and Meena?
They went inside
Film is ancient now
This is a digital projector
You can show the most
amazing images in this
I'm planning on starting
a theater in my hometown
Then a digital projector is better
You think so?
Then what?
This is like a tape recorder
This is like a CD player
This gets tangled quite often
101 problems, brother
This shines like glass
- He is over there
- Come...come
- This is our family
- Please come in
When did they come?
I think it was on the 3rd
How are you so sure?
Who comes into
a projection room, sir?
They watched the movie
from inside the room
The day before that...
...there was some prayer session
called 'A good family'
Go...leave the room
Our son-
Geetha, what's this?
Nothing will happen to him
We will find him
Be strong
Can I ask you something?
Is our investigation
going the wrong way?
I don't think so
What we've suspected
so far is not supported... even a shred of evidence
But everything they've attested
so far has been endorsed
That's it
That's the problem
It seems like every step we take...
...has already been
preempted and set up
What I'm suspecting is
not based on any evidence
It's by looking at a person
You have a gut feeling
he is hiding something
That is proof
Policemen will acquire
that 6th sense in a few days
All the evidence here
is to his advantage
But he is lying
Maybe this is why it is said
a police officer and a judge...
...shouldn't handle personal cases
This could also be
a mother's troubled mind
...maybe I underestimated him
I assumed an uneducated man
is at a decided disadvantage
His brain is not that of
an illiterate country bumpkin
Suyambu is a good chap, madam
That's not what I asked
The Suyambulingam we know is
a village bumpkin, school drop out
But his brain works better
than any literate person
Have you felt that way?
An uneducated orphan
who was doing odd jobs... so well established now
...he isn't an ordinary man
Tried his hand
at various jobs
On his own he studied
cable TV techniques
Not taking a dowry he married
a girl from an affluent family
He has 5 acres of land, madam
The cable TV building
belongs to him as well
Has he got any
political connections?
Not politics, madam
But he's a big time movie buff
He'll speak Telugu and Malayalam
according to the person
He even speaks English
He learned all this from movies
Who else should we question?
Buy a ticket
if you haven't already
You see 100s of people a day
But you remember
one family so clearly
Let's just say
you remembered them
But if you remember
where and why they went...
...that is something
definitely to be looked into
They said they came back from
the prayer session on August 2nd
How did you say they came
on your bus on the 3rd?
Madam wants to know how you
remember clearly after 25 days
Tell me
I don't know if they said so
to me on that specific day
You just told us about
your conversation
Sir, he told me that later
when he spoke to me
Later means when?
Maybe 4 or 5 days ago
You don't remember me?
I came on your bus when
we went to Tenkasi on August 2nd
You spoke to my little girl
- Oh yes, I did
- August 3rd evening
August 3rd?
Oh yes...yes
- How are you?
- I am fine, sir
Swamiji has come
So we are here to see him
Good meeting you, sir
Okay, good day
See you, brother
- Hello...come in
- Brother, how are you?
I'm good
You're here alone?
Where is the family?
How can I bring them all the time?
Last month, we went to
Tenkasi for the meditation
You must have heard
of Swami Varadananda
He's world famous
Oh! Really?
A program called
'A good family'
The holy man has a family?
He is very genuine
He renounced everything
And you're saying you took
your family to see him
Are you an atheist?
No, don't get angry
I pray to God too
We came for the prayer
on August 2nd
Then we stayed here
The next day was August 3rd
How is shopping complete
without a hotel and a movie?
So we made a bee line
to your theater
Expenses that day alone
literally sky rocketed!
They bought safety pins
for Rs 40, imagine!
Can I fight with them about it?
Pinned me down for Rs 40!
You are too good, brother
- Good day
- Good day, brother
Are you good?
It's been a long time
Long time?
We attended the meditation
on August 2nd
And came here the day after
To be exact...August...3rd?
All of us came here on 3rd that so?
'Ghajini' memory I swear!
Please take money
from me this time
Be quiet, brother
As if you travel often in my bus
I travelled in your bus
this month on August 2nd only
To Tenkasi for that prayer
And we went for free
What's in your hand?
A ring
Show me
What is this, brother?
Go do your work...go
You conned me!
Attend to your work
I didn't see him
after that, madam
Didn't I tell you on August 2nd
I'm attending the prayer in Tenkasi?
And I'm back on the 3rd
Didn't I tell you?
August 4th...Monday
4th, Monday
What is today's date?
Son of a wretched fellow!
Go pay it and then talk to me
Essence of Bhagavad Gita
What happens around us
is not for us to comprehend
So there's no reason
in worrying unnecessarily
So leave all your worries to God
And if we just do our duty...
...peace of mind
This is the story
Interesting story
Which movie is it from?
I'm telling the story of
the prayer session in Tenkasi
When did you go?
Clean bowled!
I told you and went, no?
We went on Saturday
August 2nd for the mass prayer
Oh yes, you went to
Tenkasi on August 2nd
That's the story I'm sharing now
This is the sub-inspector's number
Not madam's number
Yes, I called you
Who is it?
Swami Varadananda
From Coimbatore 'ashram'
We sent CDs to people
who registered for a fee
When I enquired...
...Suyambulingam has not registered
Sir, he could have booked it
in someone else's name
Could be
But this doesn't refute the fact
they weren't in town on August 2nd
Or he was in Tenkasi
'The prayer had started
by the time we reached'
'I think August 2nd'
'We attended the meditation
on August 2nd'
'And came here
only the day after'
'But Suyambu was not
in town on August 2nd'
'I went this month, August 2nd only
to Temkasi for the meditation'
'Oh yes, you went to
Tenkasi on August 2nd'
'I think on the 3rd of this month'
'I came in your bus when
we went to Tenkasi on August 2nd'
He just recreated that day
You don't get it?
He fitted all the pieces together
and recreated the entire picture
They were all pawns in his game
He created it in detail
scene by scene like a movie
What is cinema's specialty?
A particular scene or shot will be
imprinted in our hearts and mind
Like nothing else
That's why we believe
whatever we see in movies
They didn't just make up
going to Tenkasi on the 2nd
If they had, they would've been
caught saying different things
They really went to Tenkasi
Travelling by that bus
Praying at the temple
Staying at the lodge
Eating at that hotel
Watching a film
All that is true
Even though repeatedly
we grilled them...
...their stories matched 100%
Because all that was true
There is one lie in their story
Only the date
They didn't go on
the 2nd or the 3rd
Maybe it was
a day after that
What do you mean, madam?
Monday, Tuesday
That is August 4th and 5th
According to the report both the girls
didn't attend school those 2 days
We asked already, madam
Suyambu said they had fever
because of getting wet in the rain
He even showed the bill
All his bills are fake
It's easy to get a medical bill
Even otherwise he is
playing around with bills
Their name is registered
in the lodge on the 2nd
He has movie and
bus tickets for the 3rd
Those can't be fake
Sir has an important point
Suyambulingam is
an uneducated fellow
We underestimated him
as an ordinary cable TV fellow
I can see clearly what he did
'Suyamulingam took Varun's car
and went to Tenkasi on the 3rd'
'He ordered a 'take away' dinner
at a vegetarian hotel'
'He has put Varun's sim card
in a new mobile phone'
'He has hidden it in a vehicle
with a national permit'
'After that he must have dumped
the car in the pond at the quarry'
'He got a bill when
no one was noticing...'
'...for 4 'biriyanis' in a restaurant'
'Then he bought 4 tickets for
a matinee show in the theater'
'He took 4 tickets on the bus
and came back to Papanasam'
'He made his assistant believe
he was going the next day'
'The next day, on August 4th...'
'...he boarded his friend's bus and
told him about attending the prayer'
'They must have stayed in
the temple from 9 a.m to 4 p.m'
'That's when he must have
found out about Swamiji's CD'
'He must have booked it
in someone else's name'
'And at the lodge, he must have
tricked the manager somehow'
'...and written his name
in the register for the 2nd'
'He must have booked the room
in another name on the 4th'
'He must have eaten
at some place that night'
'The next day...'
'...he must have ordered food
from the same vegetarian hotel'
'After checking out
from the lodge...'
'...he ate at the hotel
where he stole the bill'
'And chatted with the owner
amiably to make an impression'
'Then he went to the theatre
and befriended the operator'
'He must have boarded
the same Govt bus'
'And created a neat situation
to chat up the conductor'
'He must have seen the CD
of Swami Varadananda...'
'...with his family at home'
'He threw away all the bills
he got on the 5th'
'Instead he showed us the bills dated 3rd
which he collected when he went alone'
'Then recently he has
met the same 4 people'
'And imprinted in their minds
his whereabouts on August 2nd'
They don't even know
what they are doing
They are giving false evidence
and aiding him
Now we don't have
a tiny bit of evidence
Only this theory of mine
If all this is true,
where is Varun?
Why did he come to see them?
Only he can answer
His family should answer
He has driven
the police force crazy
No point talking to him
in a courteous manner
Hurry up
Get into the vehicle
Get in now
They haven't done
anything wrong, sir
Go inside
- Talk to him, father
- Start the car
Why are they taking our children?
I don't know
We have to somehow beg some
influential person and get them back
'Thangarasu, if the police
takes us into custody again...'
' must bring
the TV channel I specify'
- Where is he going?
- Oh God! Help us
Where is my son?
I swear I don't know
We've told you
so many times
Hey! What do you
think of yourself?
Whatever wild tales you spin... think the police are
dumb enough to swallow?
Claiming you were attending
a meditation session...
...I know all the secrets
about where you really went
I need to know only this
Why did my son
come to see you?
What is the relationship
between you and him?
After the camp
I haven't seen him, madam
Look here
That's it!
Everything is over
There's no point
in lying anymore
Telling the truth
is your only way out
Or else...
...the way I interrogate
will take an ugly turn
I swear, madam
I don't know
Where is my son?
I will kill you
if you don't tell me
I swear on our family deity...
...we don't know anything
Tell us
Tell me the truth
Let go of me
Confess now
Where is my son?
You know
I won't let you go
till you tell me
Aiyo! No, ma
I swear
We don't know anything
Please let us go
Where is Varun?
I'm asking you
Tell me
Where is Varun?
Will you open your mouth
and tell me or not?
Where is Varun?
Where is that boy?
Will you tell us or not?
Till you tell the truth
you'll be thrashed
Varun's friend Alex is here
I will-
IG madam asked you to stop
Step aside
Sir, he-
Get out!
Suyambu, what is this?
If you know something,
then just spill it out
I really don't know anything
What is the problem?
Why get thrashed like this?
If you know something,
just tell them
They won't let you go till you do
Do you know this girl?
I don't know, madam
We know you and Varun
were together in the camp
He has been missing
for the past 24 days
The police is looking for him
There's some connection between
this girl and Varun who is missing
If you are frank with us
it is good for you
I don't know anything, sir
You know
The last call to him
was from your phone
When we asked you earlier
about his whereabouts... denied vehemently
That's a lie
If you plan on lying again...
Aunty, I swear
I don't know anything
I called him that day
But he didn't tell me
where he was
Tell me about this girl
I don't know, aunty
Tell me the truth
Don't, Suresh
We have evidence
he was the last caller, right?
Yes, madam
Register a case against him
stating he is a criminal
Yes, madam
Come along
No, sir
I'll tell you
I'll tell you now
Dude, send this to me
No, bro
Don't ask for this alone
I can't give you this
I have to finish a job using this
After that, I'll give it to you
You can start
Madam, there's a huge crowd outside
I don't know how they know
But they've brought cameras
It's being telecast 'live' on TV
Ask them to clear out
They are from the Press
They insist on seeing you
I am not interested
in seeing anyone
No one must get
into this compound
Ask for extra force
if necessary
Come, I say
This has got out of hand
Everyone clear out
Perumal, you stay here
I know about the video
There's no need to
hide anything hereafter
Tell me
Where is my son?
We are not hiding anything
Only if we know
we can hide anything
I need to know the truth
Okay, madam
Get lost
It hurts
Does it hurt you
if I hit your dad?
Tell me!
Tell me
Tell us
Tell us what happened
This hand
This hand won't hurt
If I hit them anymore,
they will die
If you don't want that...
...tell me everything you know
...I'll beat them to death
Tell me
Do you want them to die?
Tell me
If you know something...
...please tell me
Dad, Meena
You can't go inside
My baby is in there
My little girl is inside
Clear out of this place
Why did he come
to your house?
I don't know
I don't know anything
Take me to my dad
Stop crying and
tell me the truth
Don't piss me off
I'll kill and bury you
No need, dad
Let's come clean
If I have to go to jai-
Did we get beaten up for this?
That man is a demon
He might harm our little Meena
None of you will go to jail
I give you my word
If something goes wrong
with my word...
...I won't be alive
If one of you confesses...'re signing my death warrant
You think our little Meena might blab-
She's a smart cookie
You think she will blabber?
How many times
we have rehearsed!
Tell me...tell me
I'll cut your head
and your father's too
Tell me
I don't know, uncle
I want to go to my dad
Enough of this
It's illegal
Even God won't tolerate this
What about our son?
Shouldn't we know
what has happened?
There are a 100 decent
ways to interrogate
This is all too-
You call this interrogation?
Who will pay for this sin?
We've tortured them barbarically
You got any evidence?
What if this chap is wrong?
Such a pipsqueak
and so tight lipped!
Don't kill me
I'll tell you
I'll tell
Let me go
Where are you taking
my daughter?
Your daughter is showing us
where you have buried that boy
Your game is up
The whole family
will go to jail now
Even God cannot save you
Drag him into the car
(raised angry voices)
Why can't we see-
Be quiet
Don't create a ruckus here
Don't scream all at once
I'm talking for all of us
They are not letting us
go inside and meet them
Sir, bless you
Please let us in
We want to see them
He's my son-in-law
We can't let anyone inside
There's an order
the criminals can't be seen
How dare you call them criminals?
What crime did they commit?
Let me tell you, sir
This is a policeman's conspiracy
He's taking revenge
What is the problem, sir?
Yesterday, the police took them
and interrogated them
An Inspector General's son
is missing it seems
I'll tell you...this whole town
knows this is a false case
I've known Suyambu
for 30 years
He never gets involved in
troubles of any kind
Very decent family
They haven't done anything wrong
He is an honest self made man
This policeman is taking
revenge on this family
Who is this policeman?
That man, standing next
to the sub-inspector
His name is Perumal
He's a scoundrel
The whole town knows this
Suyambu confronted him
He has held a grudge
and is now retaliating
What are you all looking at?
Can a policeman do
anything he wants?
Leave them
Let's go in
He nearly stepped on me
like he was about to kill me
That's why I told him
That man hit my precious baby?
Sorry, dad
I couldn't help myself, I told him
Are you angry with dad?
No, dad
Are you angry that I confes-
(gasps in pain)
-, honey
- Angry with me?
What you did was right
Everything will be fine
Look at your granddaughter
Look at how the policeman
Perumal has hit our Meena
Hey Allah!
They hit us for no fault of ours
You ask for justice
Yes, I hit you
And I'll hit you again here
Don't raise your hand
Don't spare him
How dare you!
Thrash him
Let's leave this place
Don't run
Did the police hit you?
Meena, don't be scared
No one can hurt us anymore
Tell them
Tell them what happened
Tell them, dear
Don't be scared
'Regarding the death of Varun, son of
Inspector General Geetha Prabhakar...'
'...Suyambulingam and
his family from Papanasam'
'...have been found not guilty'
'Following this, a police officer Perumal
has been suspended for police brutality'
'Other policemen involved in
this case including Suresh Babu...'
'...have been transferred'
'The Director General of Police
has asked Geetha Prabhakar...'
' take leave of absence'
'Suyambulingam and his family cannot
be interrogated without court permission'
' ordered by the High court
of Tirunelveli district'
You saw the paper?
Inspector General
Geetha Prabhakar has resigned
Poor lady!
How can she be blamed?
It's terrible losing a son
Even if she's a top police official
she's also a mother, right?
We've been very cruel to her
This just shows how
magnanimous you are
Think about it this way
If because of what
that boy did...
...our child's life
had been ruined?
You think this same lady
would have felt sad for us?
She would have wanted
to save her own son
Normal human tendency
to be self-centered
To each man his life is priority
I've been telling my kids
to speak the truth for so long
Now I have taught them to lie
That's what is killing me
We shouldn't think about it
We'll think about how
to erase it from our hearts
Tell me
When did you move that boy?
When I dumped his car
into the pond
Let the truth...
...die and burn with me
You're safe
only if you don't know
The police are here
What, sir?
We've come to see Suyambu
You want to go
bash him up again?
The court order is very clear
Your caps and heads will roll!
What, sir?
What, brother?
More problems?
Nothing of that sort
No problem, don't worry
I'll change my shirt
Okay, let's go
She isn't an Inspector General now
No authority or influence
An ordinary lady
A mother who cries thinking of
her son unable to sleep at night
Doctors gave up
on us ever having a baby
But then we had Varun
So we pampered him
a bit too much
We couldn't raise him right
That guilt is killing us
When we thought about it
without any prejudice...
...we understood something
Whatever might have
happened to our son...
...we are to blame completely
It's our fault, not doing
a good job of raising him
From the day we realized this...
...we wanted to meet you
We were able to only now
Knowingly or unknowingly...
...we tortured your family
We apologize for
everything we did
We are leaving this place
Her sisters are in America
We want to relocate
Before we go...
...we just wanted closure
We can't leave this land
without knowing the truth
What happened to Varun?
Is he alive?
Is he alive somewhere?
Is there even the tiniest hope
we can expect to see him?
If not-
Every time the door bell rings...
...both of us run to the door
Every time the mobile rings...
...our hearts miss a beat
Every boy's voice
sounds like his
The hope it brings
Preceded by the disappointment
Our life is a living hell
We can't bear it
We feel we may go mad
That's why we decided
to leave the country
Tell us
Only you can
Can we wait for him?'s okay
You don't trust us
Your lack of trust is justified
I understand
...we won't bother you
Forgive us
1 minute
You're really a-
You're really a great man
I'm not like that
I'm a very...
...small man
My whole life revolves
around my wife and my girls
They form my world
I don't know what happens
outside of that circle
Neither do I dream
of anything more
In that small world... unwanted guest entered
He tried to break our lives
we had painstakingly built
She begged him so much
She fell at his feet
I don't think he understood
After all he's young, you see
It wasn't on-
It wasn't on purpose
It was-
It was an accident
So many times, I wanted to find you,
fall at your feet and beg forgiveness
1000 times or so
But I couldn't muster up courage
Like I said...
...I'm a very small man
I didn't have the guts
I want my wife and
daughters to be happy
I wanted them to
lead good lives
And I just wanted to fulfill that
To even walk to the ends
of the earth to make that happen...
...seemed right to me
This river Papanasam
People come from
all over the world
They take a dip in this water to
absolve themselves of their sins
I belong here
Native to this town
We will slowly dip ourselves
and wash away our sins
Hey! Sir is calling you in
Sir, I'll go and keep
the bags in your quarters
Sir, this is Suyambulingam
I know...does anyone in
Tamil Nadu not know him?
He's a renowned TV star
Signature or fingerprint?
I can write
You think you got away
fooling the entire police force?
Only till that boy's body
is found, brother...'ll get good food
Keep this in mind
I'll be here for 3 years
I'll sniff like a scent hound
Sir, I don't think
less of policemen
Even now I believe our police force
is the guardian deity to the people
I think you and your
station will protect me
Don't get me wrong
I'll take leave
'The police station flooring
begins on Monday'
'I'll get it done along with it'
Assisted by sraiyanti