Paper Boy (2018) Movie Script

Grandpa, say a word about Megha
She isnt my granddaughter, but my mom.
Grandma, you...
I was to die long back, but am still here as she became a Doctor
Uncle, what do you say as a father?
Shes my luck dear, I developed after shes born
Aunt, you...
Shes our 20 year long emotion
-Shes a demon, a rowdy...
-She eats up all our chocolates
I will be with you for the rest of my life.
Megha, Dear Megha!
Why are you all dull like this?
She didnt eat anything because of the engagement pressure
I think she felt weak because of that.
No, she didnt become weak.
What? What are you saying?
Yes, she cant be with us for long
Whats this?
Its a rare genetical disorder.
Medically, this is called spingohybrosys
We even fixed the marriage soon.
And now all this happened.
How can I say this?
I don't understand how can I say this to her
Being a Doctor, she can understand this.
First you understand, that's enough.
You too will die.
This chitra will also die.
That Sarada will also die.
See... that smiling girl, she too will die.
These trees will die and I will die also
But... I will die a bit before. That's it.
Why havent you still lit up the lamp?
He gives 3 days lifetime to flowers with life and 1000 years to the lifeless stones.
What to light the lamp to him dear?
If everything had gone well, today you would've been married.
God has already made invitation card ready for me, uncle
But, we were foolish to plan my wedding.
But still Im very lucky comparing with many others, dad
So many girls are dying right in the womb.
Some are being killed after they are born.
And some more are dying even without knowing
why they are dying.
Comparing with all this, I lived for 22 years
Being a girl, all this is bonus for me dad.
You gave me the best of everything from childhood.
Best school, best college, best clothes and best family
For my death to be the best now,
You all should be smiling.
Live Long!
Dear, what did you pray God for?
Leave it Priest Sir.
God isnt caring even about those praying for 365 days long
I dont have so much belief on him.
What did you wish for?
Did you ask for 100 years like he blessed?
No dear,
taking me in half way right?
Why was I even born?
I asked him to give me one reason
I asked to say the meaning for my life
- They say after taking birth, a human should at least plant one tree.
It gives shades to a few after we leave.
I havent even done that at least.
My worry is not to be knowing the purpose of this birth
What are you saying purpose and all?
You know what happened at my uncles house last week, right?
Their kid died as and when was born
They are still into mourning.
Then whats the purpose of that kids life?
How were they before they had their kid?
They thought of separating
Now, they are together right?
Purpose of the kid was to bring them together.
Similarly, there should be a purpose for my life too.
- Yes
Here, take this bindi of Hanuman.
Everything will be fine.
What good?
- There's negativity in your looks.
Theres a difference right in the way he looks at all
Dont bother about her words. Thank you!
Be Happy!
Sri Anjaneyam, Prasananjaneyam
The first ever poetry I read are these alphabets.
What's this? Looks like a paper from some diary.
Excuse me!
Can you please give me those papers?
I saw her alphabets even before seeing her, I met her feelings even before meeting her, she was the moon for our Sainikpuri.
Lines look interesting.
- Yes!
Can I take this diary?
- Thank you
You think it is correct to read the diary?
He gave us the permission.
My name is Ravi.
I'm a Paper Boy!
Having wheels to the legs, holding the paper in hands, a paper boy comes to each and every street.
Tearing open the curtains of darkness, waking up the Sun, paper boy goes around all the houses.
Hes the first ray coming to your door during the fog
He brings the globe in umbrella in heavy rains
He comes as the blossoms in the summer
He hands over latest news as bouquet of fresh flowers
Boy..Boy.. Paper Boy..
Hey, how many times have I said you to stop distributing the paper?
You have come again and sat near this paper
-What happened bro?
At least you say him Yadagiri bro
As he's a paper boy, no one is ready to give him a girl.
At least by lying him to be working in some computer office, I'll get him married.
If you lie today for the marriage...
Marriage itself will be a lie tomorrow after the truth is out, uncle.
He paid the house rent and his exam fee by distributing these news papers, uncle!
He bought your drink by distributing the paper, and medicines too.
Uncle, we are far better than people who are roaming free like vagabonds, it is ok if you don't appreciate us, But please dont insult
Being information of jobs, being the wedding matches,
he covers up as a festival bonanza
Being along in happiness, becoming joyful Greeting card, he throws paper like a rocket
Showing todays release, he shows up the zooming prices
He brings in many wonders and specials from all the direction
Boy..Boy...Paper Boy...
Carries daily news, exercises by pedaling the bicycle everyday and hes the Hercules.
Showing so many addresses,
hes the street google map,
hes the bell ringing saying hello
Though he brings paper in time, he never comes into the news
In the ways with many turns,
Paper boy is the robot running life with the salary
Boy...Boy...Paper Boy...
How many times did I tell you not to carry water?
Give me that.
I thought tanker will leave soon, son.
- Can't you wait till I come back.
Income on my auto this month is Rs. 3000.
The count is dropping for papers after these e-papers have come.
My cooking job is better than you guys.
I earned Rs.2000 more than you.
Yes, correct
Laziness went up in all after these apps
and cabs have come and demand for cooks increased hugely.
Won't you let us even take water.
You idiots.
No idea what they keep playing, we're unable to walk on roads.
Hey Ravi, be ready.
- Ok ok!
You throw the ball.
Ok guys.
Be ready.
Easy, easy, easy
Go man.
Why are you standing when I asked you to run?
- Go
Who asked you to take a single run for the last ball?
Hey don't make me out, miss it.
Heyyy out!
You only play now Idiot.
- Yeah, I will play.
Why so much craze about batting?
Why to call us for the play, then?
Hey, where are you going?
Oh god,
If this lady is really pure, Ravi should be bowled for next bowl.
May your head break into pieces, Why are you involving me into your stupid game?
Hey Ravi, Dharani has come from Hostel it seems.
Hey old lady, you are really pure.
This is my old slipper, rascal.
Got introduced through books
And close through alphabets.
She has same thoughts like me.
Who would it be?
Dharani, daughter of Gadwal Reddy
After 4 years, I'm going to see her today.
Why did you come at this time?
To collect paper bill.
Should we pay the bill 2 times a month?
Madam had paid it recently
I should go to the next house, I cam here by mistake.
How come you are here madam?
I came for curd.
I too came for company.
Should you ring the bell to give us the paper?
I mean weeklies like Chatura, Vipula are being
given as complimentary for those taking paper regularly
Wanted to know if you need them
We don't need your chatura
People in our house are reading more and talking less.
Bloody life...
We could see all the ladies of that house except that girl.
Yes dude, what you said is correct
It's my Anitha, guys
Anitha, O Vanitha my beautiful Anitha.
I'll go see my Anitha before his Dharani.
Please hold this glass.
Now you guys see , poet in me will disturb her heart.
Be careful, see that she doesn't hit you first
Hey Anitha, this is for you, read it.
What's this idiot?
Public are frustrated with Whatsapp and Facebook
I felt going back to roots and Ive written down
all the feelings from my heart on it. Take it
You dirty idiot, you don't have any shame?
No, I dont have. Let me if its available in your shop and Ill buy a Kilo
If you come this side again,
Ill kill you and celebrate it with everyone.
Veg or Non-veg?
Rascal, get out.
Hey, Paper boy
What's this?
Are you giving us news paper or pamphlets?
What's this torture daily to us?
I'm talking to you
Sorry madam.
I'll see that you won't get the pamphlets again.
You won't come if they come again with the newspaper.
Ok madam.
Hello Sun, Good Morning!
Hey dude,
Looks like Ravi met Gadwal Reddy Sir's daughter.
What are you talking man?
See how happily he is coming.
- Hey catch it carefully.
Wow, see the charm on his face
Hey beauty with sweet talks, baby with sharp looks
Wah Wah
Beautiful baby with so much of cuteness
Our street boy is waiting for your call
Please understand our guy's heart and talk to him.
Will anyone listen when we say Dharanii
It took 2000 years for the fire born
in South Africa to reach India...
It took 200 years to understand the gravity of isaac newton
How many more years would it take for
that girl to understand the love of our guy?
Hey my dear, how would the eye and the legs be?
How would the color be and the physique be?
Will she stay in the slum and sleep or on the table?
Will she have the fat rice and say blind lamp?
Hey, he is bleeding.
Did my happiness trouble you?
Hey, go get a bun
Take it.
From today you're not going to stay here in the street, but with me in my house.
Elder brother, Hi How are you?
- All great dear.
How many days should we speak like this in Facetime?
When are you coming to India?
It's not me who's coming India.. You are coming here.
- Yes, Dharu.
I applied here in an university for your MS
You'll get the I-20 in few more days.
Wow, It's a great news.
By the way, where is younger brother?
You know that he's a party animal, that too it is a weekend.
What's dad doing? Give him the phone once.
What else will he do? He is busy with his books.
1 minute.
Dad, Elder brother.
Hi son, How are you?
- What dad,even on a Sunday?
I'm a Professor, Son.
I should read before teaching the students. Right?
I think it got disconnected dear.
Internet in our house is always like this, Dad.
Please change him immediately.
Ok, I'll get that changed.
Ok, tea is here.
Hey Buddi, Why don't you sit up and study.
Grandma asked me not to sit up.
- Make her sit on your head.
She is maid's daughter.
She's a kid, Grandma!
What mother-in-law, for every small thing.
Yes, I'll die soon, why should I care about all these things?
It's all a lie, Grandma is saying this since my childhood.
Hey, you stay calm.
Hi Ravi
- Hi sir.
Where did you get these old books from?
Some guy was selling these to the scrap buyer on road,
I saw and bought them.
If they are here all our colony people can read along with us
You did a very good job.
You know, in a way you are helping me.
What's in a help sir. Anybody who has hands can do it.
But to convert own house into library and do service, one should have a good heart like you.
You are so right.
- I'll see you in the evening, Sir.
- Ok, carry on.
Hi Dharani, How are you?
- Hi Uncle, I'm good.
- Hi Uncle, See I too have come.
Fine, books you wanted are out there.
Yay, food books .
- She is always into food craze
All these looks like old collection. Where did you get them from, Uncle?
Just now a boy donated and left.
Strange! Do boys these days have book reading habit too?
You know what? He's exactly like you.
He stops seeing an alphabet.
Then I must meet him once.
Uncle, I'll read Tilaks Amrutham Kurisina Ratri book once again
Sure, enter in this book and take it home dear.
- Ok Uncle.
Amrutham Kurisina Ratri.
Has he written anything like Varsham kurisina ratri?
Will you read it?
- No.
That's why he didn't write.
We would walk happily. What is the need of going on the bike in the same colony.
What can I do?
As per my horoscope, there is risk for me by walking.
Oh no.. Forgive me and move on.
Hey, see those Bananas! They are inviting me to eat them.
You shouldn't eat when your eyes get hungry, but you should eat when your stomach is hungry.
Oh good, let's send this as a whatsapp message to all the friends.
- Madam
Give me one dozen.
- Parcel madam?
To eat, parcel will be brought by my father
These are Rs.100, Madam.
My father is a food inspector.
Oh no, you eat madam.
Madam, bill.
Why should I give you the payment?
How many times should I tell you not to put the pamphlets in the news paper?
We save some money by putting those pamphlets
What do we get distributing just the papers?
So? You want my husband to slip and fall down in the washroom?
Take the paper if you like it or else I'll stop giving it.
Who asked him to read the newspaper in the bathroom.
Good morning Dad...
Good Morning Nani...
Good Morning
Why did you guys give her the paper early in the morning?
See how she's scribbling all over the paper.
Ok dear, I'm going.
- Yes
Hey Buddi, ask me if you need any paper for playing.
Don't spoil the paper which dad reads.
That's why, I say keep these maid's at a distance.
I did not play with that paper, Sister.
- Tell me the truth.
- Really sister, Promise on Grandma.
Why promising on me? Rascal
I'm already ready to die very soon.
Your ears need to be twisted.
Everybody get into the house.
I like this Dharani very much.
- Is it about me?
She's five and a half feet tradition,
Fifty kilos of
Tradition girl is her.
The Telugu word which 56 alphabets feel proud is Dharani.
A rainbow flourished 3.5 KM away from my house.
Thats why Im daily going to this house
at 5:30 and wish good morning
That beauty who returned from the hostel
has brought beauty to our total colony.
Who knows about me? Who would it be?
Hey, Paper boy.
What Madam?
I want to ask you the same question.
What is this?
I'm asking you!
- I'm sorry Madam.
Actually, its a habit for me to underline anything I like in the books.
I wanted to tell you that you're beautiful.
I felt my stature isnt enough and thus expressed it like this by underlining words.
Will the other person understand if you underline and express it like this?
Oh no..
- Still, Do I look like a girl who keeps newspaper in front of her as soon as she wakes up.
Oh no..
- What if my dad gets to know about this matter?
Really sorry mam.
I'll see that it won't repeat again.
And do you get money putting pamphlets?
Yes madam.
Ok then, give us the pamphlets from tomorrow.
I think it is uncomfortable for you.
- It's ok.
Ok Madam.
Hello, Paper boy, what's your name?
Ravi, madam.
Ravi, your hobby is very good, continue doing that.
Drizzled as a rain drop, dazzled as lightening
She blossomed as tenderness, did some magic
She hurt the heart, she made me drown.
Her looks have become the snow
Her smile is beautiful
Her steps have become a river that flowed and dipped me in.
Her talks became Telugu.
Her call became the light.
Her name became the poetry.
Her response became the future.
She became my world.
She drowned me drown
Dude, 4 special tea
No, Boost for me.
- Ok.
You sound as excited as one would be if whatsapp works without wi-fi
By any chance, did Dharani speak to you?
Not just talking dude, we get extra money by adding pamphlets to the newspapers, right?
She said continue giving us the pamphlets from tomorrow.
Oh no, she might have said that with pity on you and not love.
You foul mouthed rascal
Hey Pathanjali, she said something with some feel, right?
That's enough for me.
Your's is just a coffee party dude, I'll give a cocktail party tonight. Keep waiting
Cocktail party? But why?
I give newspaper to Anitha's family, right?
- Yes.
Instead of pamphlets in that, I kept a love letter.
Oh you blackie fellow
Today she'll read that letter and become my slave, and you all can be slaves to my drink.
What? for the quarter you give?
My darling is in fruit diet only for me
What's this?
All is well, all is well.
She smiled
I'll reply.
She's writing something
She's written something guys, catch!
Yes, nobody saw it.
Ill make my love success before all of you.
You call me blackie
I'll make tears roll out from your eyes.
Hey god
Enough of seeing the paper, open it now.
Do you have the guts to see it and stay strong?
You first open it
Be careful you might get a heart-attack.
Hold the hands and open it guys.
- Leave me guys, this is my personal.
Oh, she's in her fruit diet.
- Hahaha
Hey don't get shocked.
She showed you how waste is your love.
Here, keep smelling it.
Yeah dad, suddenly car is not working.
I'll go in a cab
I'll share the location, send the mechanic.
- Ok dear. Be careful
Oh shit, battery dead...
Dharani madam.
- Hey, paperboy
What's this?
Morning paper, auto in the afternoon and is it valet parking in the evening?
Nothing as such madam, My dad isn't feeling well today and so I'm riding his auto.
What happened to your car? Any repair?
I need to go to the Medchal Registar office urgently.
Come, I'll drop you
Is it ok to go so far in an auto?
For you anything is fine, madam.
Come and sit.
- Ok
- 1 second.
Dad, your fever is favoring me so much.
- Yes
Ravi, please stop at any flower bouquet shop on the way.
- Ok madam
But why are you going alone to the register office madam?
It's my friend's wedding.
- Ohh
Is it love marriage?
- Yes, they were my classmates at IIT Kharagpur
Girl is a Keralite and the boy is from Hyderabad.
That boy is so lucky, his love story became success.
Keep asking someone for 4 years,even your love will be success.
Ohh, the shop is closed.
What should we do now?
No problem, we'll go ahead and try.
What happened to this suddenly?
When luck got into the auto, whys bad luck coming over on me?
You... Please start.
What happened?
I think my bad time spread to your vehicle.
Ill go in another auto
No, wait madam 1 minute
Shall we go on a bike?
How can you get the bike as of now?
- 1 minute
Ganesh bro, Hello
Hello brother, are you fine?
I'm fine bro. I need a small help brother.
- Tell me Ravi
I need your bike for an hour
- Take it bro.
You deliver us the paper in sun and rain.
Why will I not give you my bike. Take it.
Thanks brother.
I asked you to take me to a bouquet shop, why did you bring me to a nursery, Ravi?
- 2 minutes
Hi sister.
- What Ravi, how come you are here?
Is your mom wishing to grow even
flower plants along with vegetables?
Nothing like that sister
Sister, she's my friend.
We need some flowers urgently.
Take whatever you want brother, the whole nursery is yours.
- Thanks akka.
What kiddo? What are you doing here with out going to the school.
Here's your bouquet
Wow Ravi, it's amazing, better than the original one.
Ravi, instead of different flowers growing to the different trees, it would be great if all the flowers grow to the same tree, right?
Then every plant becomes a beautiful bouquet.
Oh come on let's go.
We are getting late.
Bye aunty, Thank you so much!
Bye sister I'll see you.
- Ok Ravi
Dharani is here.
Come, come
Hi guys.
- Why so late Dharani?
That's a big story, I'll explain it to you later.
First meet Mr Ravi.
- Hi
- Hi Bro
Looks like none of our friends are here
All gave it a miss, including Sandeep who should sign as a witness.
Looks like you got him to sign as the witness.
Please come bro.
It's ok.
Come soon dear. I'm a sugar patient and getting late for lunch.
Sorry sir.
Exchange the garlands
Congrats guys.
- Thank you
Please sign the papers.
Sign it Ravi
What's wrong Ravi?
I'm sorry.
Marriage with no parents and I doing the witness sign without knowing them I somehow don't like this.
Don't take me wrong brother
Marriage isn't about garlands and signatures like this.
It's about families and memories.
Those memories should be remembered forever
Even we too feel the same, but what can we do when parents don't agree
I heard it took 4 years for you to make her accept your love
And how many years did you try to make your family accept your love?
4 month or 4 days?
Or atleast 4 hours?
You would've asked them 4 times, when they said no you got tensed and took this decision.
Parents always gave us everything that we like in our childhood, and they will give us the partner whom we like
But we need to patiently talk to them about our love.
Ok Sir, I think you have no patience.
Dharani madam gave respect to your decision and I give respect to Dharani mam.
No Ravi.
I want to give respect to your words than to our decision.
Yes bro,
Our marriage will happen with our families consent.
I have seen so many boys in my service, but did not meet anyone who has such good manners dear.
Dharani, How can you read the book while listening to music.
We need a background score while watching a movie, right?
For me this is like that.
Enough of reading this. You too read as if you're preparing for exams, just like your dad.
Hello, say Sambu!
Oh it's your daughter's wedding. Congratulations friend!
Who is the guy?
- Mom, did you like dad as soon as you saw him?
I didn't even know his face clearly till one year of our marriage.
That means, you married him without any feelings?
Actually, after your elder brother was born, I got real feelings for him.
And that increased with the age.
Maybe I had the feelings inside me, but it took time for me to realise. That's it.
Ok ok. Sleep now.
- Ok
Good night mom.
- Good night
There was no feeling when I saw you and met you and got to know you.
There was no feeling when I walked with you, spoke to you or answered when you called me.
When my heart didn't ask me who are you when I first met you, why is it asking me now.
Why do I have this feeling now, which never happened before.
I think I'm in love with you...
Hey Ravi, Hi.
- Dharani madam you
Hi madam,
- You give news paper here?
No madam,
- Then, did you come here to collect bill?
No madam.
I came here to attend the interview, but I lost it
What is your qualification exactly?
I did my B-tech mam.
- B-tech? Seriously?
You did B-tech but distributing papers?
Oh, that's for living.
This is for future.
You lit my heart everyday morning.
I've been waiting for this morning since last night.
My birth just started with you, I don't remember what all happened in my past.
What's there in these lines and fate?
Our thoughts will turn into relations.
Whats going to happen in this trance and magic?
Who would let us know all about this?
I think I'm in love with you.
Your thought grew in me like a plant.
My thoughts for you crossed all the directions.
I turn into a toy when I'm with you
Will you make me walk just like my mother?
A day should complete it's day and night
You and I should be together to complete one life
Our doubts should be cleared for us to come along.
But when will our doubts get cleared?
I think I'm in love with you...
Ok man, I'll leave, need to distribute the cards to many people.
Ok dude.
- Don't forget to get Dharani along with you for the wedding.
She's here, you only tell her directly.
Hi Sambu uncle.
- Hi Dharani
Hi Geetha.
- Hi
- Congrats for the marriage...Thank you
Dear Dharani, you should stay back at our office from Sangeet to the Wedding.
- Ok uncle.
Ok dude.
- Bye see you man. Bye dear.. Bye uncle.
Hey bibliophile
- You said you went out for my birthday shopping, what did you buy?
We don't have that much range to buy.
Dharani gifted me this dress.
What? Dharani gifted you this?
Let us see.
It is so good.
Hey dude, from our colony's tailor you grew up to Tommy Hilfiger range.
Hey, you admired by seeing the alphabets,
You waited for 5 years liking the ideology,
She gave you the phone, she gifted you this dress, when will you tell her your feelings?
What are you saying?
Are you in love with that paper boy?
Yes, he might be poor financially, but in character he is the richest among all the guys I know.
When did you connect with him so much?
This looks very close to my ideology.
- Say dear
This is a new book right?
Who took it who took it so fast?
Oh that book?
Paper boy Ravi took it.
Paper boy Ravi?
They say worlds of no two in this world are same.
But after seeing those alphabets, I felt our worlds are same.
After that one day in a journey, I understood what his value is and what his values are
That's it, I decided to share my life with him
Really? But when are you telling this to him?
Day after tomorrow it's her friend Poorna birthday.
I'm thinking of to express my love to her in that party.
All the arrangements are great. Right baby?
- Yeah
That buffet too.
Hey, that food inspector irritated us so much so many times
This is the right time to take our revenge.
Thats why I put huge bowls and small spoons.
I mixed whitewash in rice and colors in curries
If possible, mix a motion tablet in his soup.
Darling, shall we cut the cake?
2 minutes dad, one important friend should come.
- Who is that?
Where is he?
What Sarpam?
- Where is the party going on?
Oh god, even marriages at our house will not happen like this.
- By the way, did you talk to Dharani?
I feel bit tensed to say it to her.
It would've been great if you guys were here with me.
How can we come without that fat girl inviting us?
You first go talk to Dharani. Be strong.
Ok,hang the phone
There he is!
Come, come, come
Huh? this fellow?
When you said someone important is coming, I expected a president range. Is it our paper boy?
Oh no.. my foot.
Thanks for coming.
- Happy Birthday mam.
You look very handsome in this dress, Ravi.
You bought it right?
I know all of you are waiting for the cocktail
We can only catch you for birthday parties like this.
So, I want to tell you few words.
Attractions and love at this age is common.
As a food inspector, I would like to say one thing to all of you,
Either it is food or love, having quality control is very important.
Don't fall in love with anybody and everybody.
Check whats their sanitation, whats their adulteration
and whats their contamination?
Only then food will get digested, and love becomes a huge success.
Thank you....Thank you...
Come darling, let's cut the cake.
- Ok dad.
Happy birthday to you...
Happy Birthday Poorna
Happy Birthday Poorna.
What Poorna, did you fall in love?
Your dad was giving lectures on love?
I know nothing about love than just food
Aarav, what is love exactly?
- It means love to change.
That's for guys like you.
Ravi you tell us about love.
Love is like Oxygen.
It's invisible but gives life.
Wow, nice.
By the way, you didn't introduce him to us.
He's Ravi, my boy friend.
Hi, this is Ishani.
- Hi.
Hi, I'm Aarav.
- Hello
Hi, this is Teja.
- Hi Brother.
So, let's do a quality control test on your boy friend.
- What do you do?
He's a software engineer.
- Oh nice.
What's your CTC bro?
- 12... 12 per annum.
Which company are you in?
Wow, Congrats!
Dharani, you are very lucky!
That is...
1 minute, I'll be back
Why are you leaving in the middle, Ravi?
When we know that we can't walk till the end, It is better to leave in the middle.
Are you angry at me that I lied to them?
I felt sad for hiding the truth.
I didn't love you because you are some Gadwal Reddy's daughter, Dharani.
I loved your thoughts and feelings before even seeing you directly.
You are a very good girl, Dharani
I mean, I tried a lot to see you and talk to you in the starting Dharani, but I somehow couldn't.
But you, yourself made friends with me.
It costs around Rs.300 for me if I have Tea for one whole month, Dharani.
You took me somewhere, what was that place?
One cup is Rs.300. Is it madness or craze?
It costs Rs.50 to cut my hair in our street.
And Rs.1000 at the Cucoon you took me
Then, I thought only in prices.
Now, I see the difference even in persons.
Ravi, Let me explain why did I tell them all that
You'll have your own reasons, Dharani
You came close to me only after you got to know that I'm educated and did B-tech.
But I didn't notice it.
I felt so glad when you gifted me a phone.
I couldn't understand.
When you bought me this shirt and asked me to come by tucking in it, I felt it is true love, Dharani.
You prepared me for the presentation?
What nonsense, Ravi?
Are you mad?
The point to feel bad here is, like everybody you too thought that distributing paper is low but it is not wrong.
Your range is different, Dharani
Just look at your background.
See how bright and how great it is
And behind me, it's all darkness.
Dont leave that Brightness and come into this darkness Dharani
Ravi, do you understand what are you talking?
Yeah Dharani, I understand
I thought I am the Shahjahan to the Taj Mahal I built
Am I just the labor?
Come, Sit
Let's go home and read Megha.
Mom already called 3 times.
Let's go after reading.
Hey, can't you hear your phone is ringing
Hey leave it dude, might be some fans
Oh, you also have fans Blackie?
Not just to those who come in paper, but people who distribute papers also have fans.
It is not fan or AC.
Someone named Appu.
- You want me to lift?
Hey, No no
Appu is the guy who is lending me money, if you lift I'm gone.
Dude, why are you like that?
Nothing dude.
No man, something is wrong.
It seems he's not delivering the newspapers correctly.
I heard people taking at the paper shop that there are few complaints on him.
What happens if paper changes, news will remain the same in everything. Right?
Will they complain for this silly thing.
You shut up Idiot. We are not talking about them, we are worried about our friend.
My mood isn't good, leave me!
What's with mood dude, have few pegs in the evening, everything will be fine.
Not by drinking but I thought I'd get some clarity by talking. So I went to meet Poorna.
What? Did you come to collect your bill?
Wait I'll get it.
Poorna Madam...
I tried calling Dharani so many times, but she isn't picking it up. Can you please...
Huh! If it was me I would've blocked your number.
I did a mistake mam.
- You didn't understand that until you mad her cry?
She understood what you are just by travelling 1 day with you.
But you couldn't understand her after knowing her for so many days.
Sorry madam.
Very sorry!
I felt what happened was a incident, but couldn't understand her intention.
Later when I gave it a thought, I felt bad about what I said.
Ravi, she is the one who hypes your respect but not the one damaging it.
Not in the books, instead come out and see how girls these days are.
They are having multiple options in hand.
Remember one thing,
Girls like Dharani cannot be found all over the earth.
I want to meet Dharani immediately.
- She is not here, she's gone to Alleppey for her friend's wedding.
Story of you and me
I'm crazy for you
Let me have so many dreams with you and let them all come true.
Diwali started because of you... Diwali of heart.
Diwali started because of you... Diwali of heart.
Very very sorry, Dharani.
How many more times will you say.
You know why do we have gap between fingers?
Life partner we get will fill it.
Let's not leave these hands forever.
This gap should never come between us ever again.
What's this Ravi?
Kissing is not exchanging lips, but exchanging the breath.
That blue sky is our roof, river bank is our caf
Fruits of the tree are our buffet... Life is very new...
Cool breeze plays the band and sound from the hills is DJ.
The crops did the dance...The rivers gave the claps
In eyes gallery, we are hiding our dreams.
Lets forget future and mix up in nature...
Diwali started because of you...Diwali of heart.
Diwali started because of you... Diwali of heart.
The branches and twigs on the way is the green umbrella
Her beautiful life has no scars.
Moonlight in the rivers and the humidity in the
air and the love in heart cannot be separated
Rejoicing within, mixing up with us, time introduce itself to us
Diwali started because of you... Diwali of heart.
Diwali started because of you... Diwali of heart.
I'll finalise today.
What Sarpam? What do you need?
You have no slippers on your feet, right?
No dude, this is business time.
Let me know what do you want fast.
You foolish Anitha, either you throw the peels or the trash
I want to say one thing straight,
I love you.
We'll get married if you say yes. We'll be the best pair after Naga Chaitanya and Samantha.
What do you say?
Oh no, why is she folding?
I'm also saying it straight forward, I've no intention to marry
Even I have the same feeling.
Marriage my foot.
Let's not follow the trend, let's set it.
Lets take a room in old city
and live-in together.
Let's not give up even when we are tired.
If needed, after getting bored in 6 months, let's break up and go back to our own houses.
What say dear?
I said I don't want marriage with you Rascal.
If you repeat all this drama ever again, I'll chop you down and throw it in the stove.
He is not lifting my call, Mom.
Please try once again.
- Ok
Your dad never stay outside without informing.
- Don't worry mom
We're so tensed at home, can't you just call and inform
What happened dad?
Why are you like that dad?
What happened?
You know Sambasiva Rao uncle, right?
What happened to him?
He recently gave us his daughter's wedding invitation.
Nothing happened to him.
His daughter Geetha died by suicide.
Oh no...
Marriage is in a week, why did she do this dad?
Even today in office, he said his daughter is leaving to London in a week,
he said he'll also be going to London for the next summer holidays.
But all this happened by evening.
Why did that crazy girl take such a big step?
It seems she liked someone but did not tell this at home with fear.
Meanwhile marriage approached near, that's it.
But, why are all the kids in your generation like this baby?
You tell us every small thing at home,
Why do you hide such a big matter?
They might scold or beat but will not kill you people, right?
They will agree with the love they have on their kids if explained in a right way.
Then please agree, dad
Hey, what are you talking?
Yes mom, I'm in love with a boy
Who dear?
The one who delivers news paper to our home.
Paper boy?
I expected...
I expected something like this will happen when I always saw him around our house.
What are you thinking dad?
Geetha might have thought that even when kids have the freedom to say about their love,
Parents will not have the courage to agree dad.
It's 2 in the midnight, you and mom in your room and I alone in my room,
What's the difference between our house and Sambasiva Rao uncle's house dad?
Only thing is there Geetha is not there, I'm here! That's all.
You liked a paperboy...
When we used to visit Gadwal for festival,
you used to say all the lands visible were ours,
Can you at least identify those with your eye sight now?
How much ever we have, that is not important dad
But who's beside us is important
They say a girl should have father in front of her, brother behind her and husband beside her, dad.
Though he is a paperboy, he studied engineering, he is taking care of the house.
He knows the responsibilities dad
Future will be good.
Ok dear. Let's invite them to our house one day.
Thank you dad.
Thank you so much!
I'm afraid son.
- Nothing to worry mom, come
- Greetings
How are you?
- Fine sir.
Dear, send away that auto man and come.
He is my father sir.
When son is a paperboy, what else can a father be than auto driver?
Why should I even care?
- Mother in law
Oh I'm sorry.
Please don't take me wrong.
Please come in.
- It's ok sir.
- Please!
Please sit uncle.
Please sit.
Oh no, what is that?
Please sit up. Do you feel any dis comfort?
Think this as our house, and feel free.
It's ok Sir. Down...
Come on sit in the sofa. Please tell them dear.
Sit... Please.
Sir, I'm just a auto driver who can come till your gate and my son an ordinary paperboy who can come till your door.
My wife is a cook and can come till your kitchen.
But you called us to your home, made us sit with you and talking with us so respectfully...
What's there in that?
My house has just 2 rooms and 4 walls more than your house.
But when we got to know that our daughter loved a paper boy we got a bit upset.
But when my daughter spoke to us we understood...
Boys will only love when they like and girls will love only when they trust.
That's why we took this decision
No no, sit.
- Please have it..
Please take it son.
- Thanks madam
You gave them coffee in silver glass, see that they don't rob it.
We have 3 children. What I earned will be given to 3 of them equally.
You want to know anything else, you can ask me.
No sir, you are giving us your darling daughter whom you raised for 20 years. What else do we need?
Send her to our home, we'll take care of her preciously.
Both my sons stay in the USA.
We'll look for a good day, call them here and have the engagement.
Very happy sir.
Now we'll leave sir.
- See you
- Greetings.
If all the rich people think like you, it will be so good madam.
What's good?
Anybody riding a cycle will wish to ride a car, but these people are making a girl who goes by car sit on a cycle.
You go inside.
I might die anytime soon. Why should I care?
Let my grand sons come down, I'll talk.
What's this new dress?
Are you tensed that your son might fall for me, Aunty?
Don't worry! I won't fall so easily.
Why are you so tensed dear?
They will agree for sure.
Don't worry!
There they come.
- Hi brother.
- How are you?
- Hi brother.
Hi dad... How are you?
- Hi mom, how are you? I'm fine mom.
- Welcome
- Hi...
Looks like the marriage charm has already come.
Hey Poorna, looks like you lost weight.
- Yes.
See Aunty,
People coming from other countries are noticing but not the neighbours.
Where is your luggage Son, you did not bring anything for your sister?
How can you say that dad?
Look, Satti is getting them.
Who is he?
He looks like like a ice-cream seller at airport.
He is our chef in US.
- Chef?
- Yup.
Dad only sent him from Gadwal.
Hi sir.
Hi guys, hope all is well.
Why did you make him like this, guys?
- Let's go mom.
Shall we leave now Son?
- Let's go
Hi. I'm Poorna, Annapurna
I'm Satti, Annavaram Satti.
Hey, there's rice in your name itself.
That's why I became a chef.
I like food very much.
I like laddoo so much
I eat so much.
- I cook great
Pleasure meeting you.
- Pleasure is all mine.
The worlds of these two souls have found their mates.
The footsteps of this duo have found their pair.
They are different from the rest of the world...but identical with each other.
Being together, they are dreaming alike.
What's wrong, Son?
What's this dad? How did you accept that match?
No son...
- Mom you don't talk.
Tell them like that seriously.
Is that the house where Gadwal Reddy's daughter will go after marriage?
Why are you crying now after doing all this?
That is, I really...
- Loved him?
Tell me. Did you love him?
Then, marry him dear...
Hey, hey, hey...
You got frightened, right?
You thought only you can give us surprises?
See, we gave you shock.
Is it really ok for you brother?
100% cool dear.
Dharu, to which house you're going is not important.
To whose life you're going into is important.
What if he is a paperboy?
He did his, let's take him to US
Thanks brother.
Thanks ra.
I was so tensed that you guys won't like my decision.
Chill dad. You always take right decisions.
Come on, freshen up and eat something.
Hey come!
You wait madam, don't take the trouble. I'll say the dubbing for you.
I might die anytime soon.
Why should I care?
That's it, right madam?
What Dharani, Really?
Yeah, that's true! they're really impressed.
I'm so happy Ravi.
You gave me such a happy news. We shouldn't celebrate this any normal.
Yes! I'm coming.
Will you go to Bombay dear, will you go to Bombay
Will you go to Bombay and get some Bombay sweet?
Will you go to Dubai dear, will you go to Dubai
Will you go to Dubai dear, will you go to Dubai
Will you go to Dubai and bring Dubai scent
Will you go to Bombay dear or will you go to Dubai.
Why Bombay dude, let's keep the mess in the street.
Why Dubai dude, I've a got a great material.
Come on Eeranna...
Come on Eeranna, cold is on and you kick start the bike...
Come on Eeranna, cold is on and you kick start the bike...
Come on Eeranna, cold is on and you kick start the bike...
Seth sitting in the shop and
the place he goes on the street
Uncle giving Tea and the uncle giving water
DJ band is on for our Paper boy's marriage.
Hey naughty Sujatha, Hey Sunitha going on the street.
Basket full of marigold flowers
Baskets full of roses
Should bring and shower, should demand for a party.
The rich girl is coming to you, luck is yours, don't leave her hand.
DJ band is on for our Paper boy's marriage.
Come on DJ, increase the sound.
Come on freak out and drink full
If you get the kick, beat up this fellow and that one badly
Come on hit, scold, box, pull, snatch...
Come on give, throw dude...
Make it all a mess and enjoy...
Bombay hey Bombay...
Will you go to Bombay dear, will you go to Bombay
Will you go to Dubai dear, will you go to Dubai
What is this? Are you smoking or burning yourself?
You'll die.
- This is better than seeing all the nonsense in the house.
Why so much of frustration?
Control yourself.
- Control? Crap!
I cannot act like you.
We have no other way... All this is for Sister.
Let's do a mistake, for sister.
Do you even understand what you're saying?
Do you understand what you're doing?
What is this?
What the hell is this?
Why didn't you give the gifts to your brother in law you brought from US?
Will this watch match him?
Can he carry these shoes?
If you give him this Armani suit, he's gonna keep it inside his shelf till his death.
If you give him this I-Phone, hed feel it would be better if you've gifted him an auto
I'm getting frustrated just by listening to the word, Paperboy.
Though her name is Dharani, she's been brought up like a princess.
How can we give her to him?
I was born before you,
That pain, anger and that irritation, I have more than you.
You were thinking what to do and I was thinking how to do.
Let's do it.
Let's do something strongly.
Very strongly.
Hi Aunty... Hi Ravi.
What aunty, I think you love plants a lot.
You're growing vegetables at home itself.
Yes dear. They grow either we give them dirty water or fresh water.
We save little money by growing them at home.
Anyone is after your Aunty in saving money.
What's wrong uncle? They sell the same vegetables in the name of organic.
And they are healthy too.
Come in dear, please come.
No problem aunty.
Please sit dear.
I'll go get some tea.
You can give her daily after the wedding.
Let me talk to her.
I'm thinking of to stop distributing paper from tomorrow.
Your parents understood our love and agreed for our marriage.
And I can't insult them by distributing paper in your colony.
Good son, we did not even get this thought.
And one small request.
Only if you like.
Can we do the engagement simple with just few people and not calling too many.
Yes dear, none of your people should be insulted because of us.
Ok uncle, I'll talk to dad.
Heard that the boy is a paper boy?
Is he from our caste?
Huh, Can't you understand seeing that color? They are that.
Get that telecasted in TV... Paper boy it seems.
Did we invite you for all this?
Sit silently no murmuring.
Sir, everybody is here, should I start now?
- Can you please wait for 2 mins, my brother in law should come.
Hey, walk carefully guys.
You shouldn't walk beside me.
Look, he is here!
Sorry sorry. I'm late please forgive me.
Sit down man, Sit.
- Are you good?
Congrats dear.
- Thank you.
Brother in law,
Is he the son in law?
- Yes
He looks smart.
Please forgive me as I was late.
Priest, please start.
Elder have decided that Gadwal Reddy's daughter Dharani and only son of Madasi Narayana, Ravi
Will get married on the 4th of next month at 12.01 AM.
Both the families, please exchange your offerings.
Smile a bit guys.
Did you come here for an auspicious event or to a death house?
Brother in law. It's not their mistake but yours.
You said it is your daughter's engagement, but didn't say about the groom.
How many times you've asked me for matches and I've brought so many great matches.
But you said no to each and every match.
Have you brought any great match than that?
You're going to bring a Paperboy as your Son in law.
From tomorrow, your daughter and son in law will distribute papers to each house?
Will your daughter sell papers?
Dharani liked him.
Daddy, I like to jump into the well she says.
Will you push her?
What are you talking, brother in law?
Even if you keep the gold in the iron box, gold is gold and an iron box will be an iron box.
Will we put an iron chain to our neck saying it is strong?
We put that in dog's neck only.
But you're saying that you'd like to put it in your neck and you want me to stay calm seeing all this?
- Yeah, I'm saying all this because I'm your uncle.
This is a marriage in Gadwal Reddy's house and I'm asking you to give it a thought.
We thought about it and then decided about the wedding, Uncle.
Attend the wedding if you like it or skip it if you don't.
Many thanks...
Why are you crying dear?
All this is happening because of me.
Look Dharu, we have only one life and we should live it as we like.
We are confident that Ravi will take care of you like a queen.
Why are you still dull?
Call Ravi.
Let's all together select the wedding card and then go to Baahubali movie.
We missed it in US.
You're happy now?
- Yeah
Sir, let's take baby along with us.
- Baby?
She'll learn Kilikili language.
Come on Dharu, get up and go get ready.
I lost 1000 calories by the time we selected your wedding card.
Shall we eat anything?
Hey, we are going to the film right?
You will anyway eat in between.
Will the traffic police fine if we eat now?
Good punch baby!
Thanks baby.
Hey Maize...They taste great.
You want to eat, baby?
- Will you get them, baby?
Sir, talkies is nearby right?
I'll buy and come running, you go.
Maize for my love...
Uncle, how much is the maize?
Oh, you don't know english. right?
Film is a big hit, right?
Cool man.
Hey groundnuts...
Oh no, it is a sin if you just see it.
It is a sin if you don't eat it.
Dharu, it's getting late.
They both will come... Let's go
- Come on, come on
Look man, add equal salt and spice, squeeze lemon and give one packet.
She looks like a round vegetable.
Make it fast.
- She's very round like a Golconda tombs.
What the hell did you say?
Oh...English medium?
Who the hell are you man?
Hey... If her accent is so good, how great would that be?
Bloody idiots...
Hey catch her.
Hey, leave me...
I'll buy you groundnuts. Will you sleep with me?
Who was that idiot who made my Baby call Baby?
- Me dude
So... so what?
What will you do?
Baby, sit.
- Two
I know that you cant sit idle.
You keep licking these and Ill go on kicking them.
You sit relaxed and eat. By the time you finish those,
Ill finish them.
Come on.
What's your buildup man?
Excuse me!
Don't hit me bro, I'm sick and I just took medicines.
You said that you like my baby?
Say sorry to baby.
Sorry, sorry, sorry...
Super baby!
Came for a marriage and he fixed his own ...Come let's go.
Hey Ravi...I'm saying this before only,
I'll buy Dharani's wedding Saree with my one month income.
Why are you competing with me?
I said I'll take the Saree. Right?
Ok, leave it dad...We both will buy one for the reception.
- Oh sir it's you... Please come in.
Hi Uncle.
- Please come in.
Please come, sit.
Why did you come at this time, Sir?
We were busy with wedding shopping since morning.
Actually daddy asked us to give you this in the morning.
What is this sir?
- Money.
As per our tradition, girl family will give money for groom's family wedding clothes.
What's this son? Why are you giving us money? We will buy with whatever we have.
It's ok Aunty. Keep it!
Don't give us so much burden, we cannot carry it.
You're saying this for just 5 lakhs.
- Our wealth is going to come to your house in few days.
How will you carry her?
I'll take care of her like my daughter.
Hey we can talk later, first go get some tea.
It's almost 10 uncle, why tea at this time?
Aunty, serve food if it is available, we did not eat anything since morning because of this shopping.
We're very hungry.
Wait, I'll prepare dinner in 2 mins.
- Aunty, serve us what is available.
You won't make specials daily for our sister after marriage. Right?
Uncle, water..
What dude, why are you mixing it like that,
Aunty cooks in different houses, you think they'll have 4 different curries daily?
Come on, eat.
What happened?
Too spicy?
They'll add lot of spice so that they don't eat so much of curry.
What are you looking for?
You shouldn't expect ghee while eating raw spice.
Come on, eat.
Is the food not going in?
- No
For me too...
Because we are not used to eat such food.
But we should get used to it now.
After getting married, our sister should also eat the same.
Throat is paining when the food is going in through it.
Heart is burning.
But she has no other way bro.
She should eat this life long.
She should sleep right here.
What are you seeing brother?
That there's only one room?
For the first night they'll go out and sleep.
Are you thinking what after that?
They all will sleep together.
One couple will turn to one side and the other to onother side.
She was born in Apollo Hospitals.
- Her kids will be born in that Gandhi Hospital.
Our kids will go to Oakridge
Her kids will got to the Government school beside that bridge.
No problem.
Dad has promised her, and we should follow.
But Ravi, one thing...
You are just a paperboy,
If you had a sister and if she loved a guy who picks up papers on the road.
Will you think it is ok, they both will pickup papers on the road and get them married.
Look Aunty, love is a promise between two couple.
But marriage is a journey between two families.
In that journey if we come to your house for good or bad, we'll enter with our shoes
For now pain is only on one side, but in future it will be on two sides.
You work in 4 houses,
Invitation of Gadwal Reddy is now in your hands.
Why this silence between us?
Did you understand, Son?
We have no answer to any of their questions.
He asked us...
If he was a guy who picked up papers on road, would you give him?
We cannot compare our status with Gadwal Reddy.
We should understand their pain, right son?
When we had tea at their place,
It didn't go down the throat.
Today for them,
Food didn't go down their throat.
We felt very happy thinking you'll have a great life.
We never thought that a girl will be loosing her amazing life, Son.
If they really are against this wedding, gas may blast at our house,
Our Auto might meet with an accident
But they didn't do anything like that.
They just shed two tears and left.
Let us give value to those tears, Son.
I felt mom's words were true.
I felt there's no status difference between love these days is false.
I thought about it that whole night.
I wrote in the same alphabets, which made us come together,
That I should go away from her forever.
Huh, what happened after that.
Nothing is written here
What might have happened later?
Is he mad or what?
Why did he think of going away forever.
How did this diary which he wrote there, come here?
Oh my god!
Something has gone wrong.
We should know what happened actually
We should go to Hyderabad immediately.
Hello, Gadwal Reddy's house?
Go straight and take left.
- Who are you dear?
Iam Dharani's friend.
- Please come in
Who are you dear?
Dharani's friends itseems.
Come dear, sit.
I'll go get water.
Aunty, we don't need water.
Can you please call Dharani?
Dharani is not here dear.
What happened, Aunty?
Her brothers did unnecessary things with unconditional love on her.
Because of that she gave us unexpected punishment to us.
She left the house.
She's not staying with us.
Don't cry Aunty.
I came here and made you sad.
It's ok dear. Pain has become a part of our lives.
Where is Dharani now, Aunty?
You are...??
My name is Megha.
I came from Mumbai.
If you are here...Ravi?
You know Ravi?
I know everything about you too...
- How?
I got to know by reading these words written by Ravi.
This is Ravi's diary. Where did you find it?
Please come.
How did this diary reach Mumbai?
What happened to Ravi?
What happened that night after your brothers met Ravi at his house?
That day was Valentine's day and we decided to meet at 12 in the night.
But, Ravi didn't come.
I tried calling him, but it was out of reach.
I came to know from his friends that he decided to leave everything and everybody permanently.
I couldn't believe when I got to know that they died in a train accident.
Seeing the unidentified bodies, people of this colony believed it.
Name of the guy who distributed paper daily was in the papers the next day.
I came to know from Satya that my brothers are the reason for them to leave the city.
Why did you guys do this?
Did dad ask you to give them that money?
You tried to kill them by hitting them on their self respect.
You cut the throat by being nice to them, brother.
It is not like that dear.
You did this because you love me?
Love is you people liking the guy whom I loved
But not sending him away
You can only separate us but not our souls.
You both did a very big mistake.
I will only set that mistake right.
The place where I wanted to live with Ravi life long, I'm now living there without him.
No, your belief is correct.
Nothing would've happened to Ravi.
We found the diary means Ravi is alive
If something have happened to him, god would never sent me into your lives.
There is a meaning to my journey.
Trust me.
Before my life ends, I'll unite both of you.
- Megha, Megha
How come you are here?
- Get well soon, Megha!
I informed Karan.
Where did you get these flowers from?
Special flowers.
I ordered them online and they gave the delivery here.
Do you have the address?
Yeah, I have it.
That's really great! Love you Karan.
Hey Megha, No.
Did you deliver these flowers to Live Life hospital?
Yes mam.
Is his name Ravi?
No mam. His name is Afzal.
I only ordered the flowers, can you let us know from where did you get these from?
This order was placed in Mumbai and we got the flowers from Gurgaon.
We ordered for the flowers in Hyderabad but they came from Gurgaon
And you got this diary in Mumbai
I'm unable to crack the link that Ravi has with all this..
We might get some information if we go to Gurgaon office.
Bro, will these flowers get delivered to Hyderabad from this address only?
Yes mam, we specialize in these kind of flowers.
Do you make these right here?
No, we get them from Pune.
Do you have that address?
Yes, why not?
- Please give us.
I'll give you their card.
Thank you!
Will the sky show us the way to reach you?
My life is standing on the edge of the looks.
I got some confidence that all the dreams will come true.
What's the way to reach you to make all my words come true?
Hey sun ray, ray of hope, let me find my love...
Hey sun ray, ray of hope, let me find my love...
One step is never ending distance, but now it turned so far.
One second is the time of centuries.
Brother, Is this Ravi's house?
This is not Ravi's house.
They supply flowers, right?
Yeah, but there is no one with that name here.
It's you who can keep me alive,
and my foot doesn't stop after listening to that.
Hey sun ray, ray of hope, let me find my love...
Hey sun ray, ray of hope, let me find my love...
Stop the car.
Your purpose of bringing Sita and Rama together and my purpose of bringing them together is fulfilled.