Paper Hearts (2011) Movie Script

You all right?
It is okay.
He is my dad.
I'm sorry
I shouted at you earlier.
You wouldn't have
come down to my place
if you actually seen it.
it looks like you socks.
I left my bag behind, before.
Your mum is going kill me
if she finds out how we got lost.
Come on.
Where did you leave it?
This is where I last had it.
But we only in here
minutes ago, so where is it?
I'm sure this is
where I last had my bag.
You must have
left it back in the shop
we visited earlier.
Come on.
Come on!
Your mum
will be here soon!
I won't be able to see you
next week if we are late again.
All right, its okay!
Why can't you just be
like everyone elses dad?
Hey look!
We are not going to find
your bag, are we?
Why don't you show me
where I can buy one just like you.
Its okay.
You don't have to.
Just show me, will you?
Who taught you to punch like
that anyway, Ricky Hatton?
That one.
You don't
have to you know.
It's okay.
No, I want it!
I'm your dad.
I get some money
from the cashpoint.
It won't be a minute.
Well, I don't want to wait here.
You just wait there.
And hold the bag.
I go get the money.
Its the last one.
You make sure
no one buys it.
You sleep here?
You make it worse.
Go away!
Where does it hurts?
Can you wiggle your toes?
Show me
moving your ankle.
I don't think
you broken it.
It's probably
just a bad spraining.
Lucky your head
is not marked up.
Let see if
you can stand on it.
Why didn't you tell me?
I thought you disown me.
I didn't want you
to see me like that.
I meant to be
your dad.
You are my dad.
Come on peg leg.
Lets get you
back to your mum.
The End