Paper Mask (1990) Movie Script

What's the matter?
They rationed or something?
Thank you.
Real unit.
Who's doing rubbish?
I'll get it.
One more for the polo team.
How you doing there?
Hear you won the pools.
Yeah, 95 P. Split
between the 10 of us.
I didn't think he
was that keen on her.
288, please.
Nice ass though.
They're bastards.
Who, all of them or
just Dr. Hennessey?
When Alexander the
Great was my age,
he was invading Tunisia.
Have you any ambition?
Have you ever been to Tunisia?
It's a real dump.
Bye, Lawrence.
I'm going to talk to her.
You're all right.
Where does it hurt?
My back.
Can you move your toes?
Feeling in your neck?
Call an ambulance.
Where does it hurt?
My back.
- Can you move your toes?
- Yes.
Show me.
Look, get back.
How about your neck?
Simon, Simon,
are you all right?
Three, two, one.
Do you believe
in the afterbirth?
It's the life, Allan.
Life, yeah.
When's he coming back?
We can leave that there.
What now?
They want his
stuff in reception.
Oh, Jesus.
Somebody has to collect it.
I felt that was closest
to him, apart from you.
I left some things here.
It doesn't matter.
I'm sorry.
I didn't mean--
I'll let you get on.
I just don't see why.
I mean why him?
Why you and him?
- I'm on it too.
- Not that I blame you.
You know, the guy was a doctor.
I'm just this thing.
You know it wasn't that.
He made things happen.
Is there any pain?
Any pain?
Does it hurt?
Oh, no.
What color are your motions?
My what, love?
Your motions.
He's improving.
Last time he took fourth.
Can we have some shush?
I've never looked.
Why do they ask about?
About the motions.
Black for an ulcer,
white for a gallstone.
Did you learn
that at university?
I learned how to rewire a frog.
That's handy.
OK, take a break.
But don't they usually
get an ETG first?
I know what they usually get.
Inflate to 300 please.
This will just kill
the pain in the wrist.
The anesthetic can't get
further than the cuff.
Can you feel that?
- No.
- That?
Come and help us, will you?
Hold at the elbow.
At the wrist.
- Who is it?
It's me.
Hang on.
Hang on.
Come on, Matthew.
Hang on.
Someone with you?
I should be so lucky.
Not seen you down
at the pool for a bit.
Or the rec.
No, I was just worried
in case you were--
I'm fine.
Well if you ever fancy a swim.
I don't know what you see
in these skinny women.
They're waiting.
I know.
Deep breath.
Can I help you?
They've not started?
If they want you,
they'll keep you till last.
Left here.
Sorry, my fault.
You work here?
Well, obviously you do.
Do you always get this
nervous at interviews?
I haven't been to many.
You must be good at them.
Down here.
Look, I'm not right for this.
I'm wasting their time.
You'll be fine.
No, honestly.
Of course you will.
Dr. Sutherland.
Dr. Kasim.
I'm Dr. Kasim.
Excuse me, could I?
Thank you.
Dr. Hennessey.
Ah, how are you today.
Come and sit down.
Do you take uh-- yes.
I'm Dr. Munford.
This is Dr. Fawn, Mrs.
Griffiths of the administration.
We read your CV.
Most impressive really.
Ah, [inaudible].
That's my old school.
Who was your head master?
Let's see now.
Yes, good.
And before that?
Ah, the Hammersmith.
Professor Simpson still there?
Yes, I believe he is.
And Old Pierson?
Ah, good old Pierson.
Why is he retired?
No, I believe--
Pierson has been
dead three years.
Oh, you didn't know that?
No, I didn't.
Well, at least you're honest.
And there's nothing wrong
with this, of course.
Then any fool can
look good on paper.
Well, I'm sure.
What I want to know is,
why do you want this job.
It's valuable experience,
ideal change to-- there's no
doubt at all about that.
Sorry, Charles.
Thing is, we're not
looking for a high highflyer,
just someone who cares.
Well of course I do.
Dr. Hennessey.
Left hand under
the left flank.
Right hand beginning
at the navel,
moving towards
the costal margin.
Breathe in.
And out.
And in, and I can
feel the notch there.
Causes of an enlarged spleen.
- Glandular fever.
- And?
- Malaria.
- And?
What are you doing?
Trying to feel your kidneys.
Doing what?
Crewing on a yacht?
You're not serious.
Place called St. Lucia.
Oh, [inaudible] for
a lot of rich brats.
It's better than
this, isn't it?
Matthew, there
is no comparison.
This is real work.
You cannot just drop out and--
Alec, Alec, Alec, don't start.
What, working class
bullshit, honest toil.
You've been here two years.
What have you achieved?
Bought you a present.
I don't smoke.
Well, learn.
It's silver.
Alec, you're worth more
than this, you know?
Think about it.
OK, pal.
See you again sometime.
--blood gases.
I'll pop in and see
her night before,
all the standard
stuff, straight chest,
hemoglobin and white count.
Back pain, but--
Incredible tits.
Please examine this girl's chest
and let me know what you think.
So what did you say?
Five minutes could
turn into weeks.
Actually she had a
murmur, grade three.
Carotid radiation.
So who are you then?
Simon Hennessy.
I'm in casualty.
No, you're not.
You don't start till two.
Oh, I start now.
Know anything about Crohn's?
What kind of crone?
The disease, Crohn's disease.
It has been that
kind of morning.
Cubicle three going to
have a collar and cuff.
Gyn are taking the woman in six.
And four is just a strapping
and then ortho clinic tomorrow.
Ah, I'm Beverly.
So it's just
you and me, is it?
It's just you.
Christine will show
you where things are.
Busy, isn't it?
Up and down.
There's a tib and
fib just come in.
That's an FB, left eye
and that's a thumb.
You take the cards from
here, see the patient,
fill them in, put
the cards back here.
Have fun.
What's the problem?
Don't go away.
Getting things organized.
You've got to hold still.
Oh, Jesus!
You're better off
without it anyway.
Now, you'll just
feel a little jab.
If you've got a
moment, there's a guy
in major was like hanging off.
Back in a minute, OK?
What color are your motions?
How did you come of your bike?
Just give us an injection.
The nurse will give you that.
Someone please!
Sorry, you're busy.
Fractured tib and fib, good
distal pulses and sensation.
No, nil by mouth since
breakfast so we can
send him straight to theater.
Is that orthopedics?
Uh, huh.
Send him to theater.
So, what's wrong
with this little fella.
He's got something in his eye.
Get away.
I don't want you.
All right.
Just trust me.
No, I don't want you.
Please trust me.
Night, Christine.
Night, Mary.
[inaudible] Here we go,
here we go, here we go.
How's the new boy?
That bad, hey?
Hey, you left it nice
and quiet anyway.
[phone rings]
It's me.
Hey, Hogwash.
You're supposed to be afloat.
It's no good.
I can't do it.
Of course you can.
If at first you don't
succeed, in with the boot
and then the heave.
Where are you?
Listen, I'm coming back.
So what will you
tell the boat people?
I'm just going to clear off.
Don't be a Wally.
They'll only phone this place.
You'll have to face
the music somewhere.
[phone rings]
Hennessey, Dr. Mumford here.
Can you meet me
in the dining room?
I'll be over straight away.
Bye, bye.
OK, about yesterday.
We were really busy.
I didn't know
where anything was.
No, thank you.
I don't know what anybody
said to you about last night.
No one tells me anything.
Was there a problem?
No problem.
I'm sorry.
I thought you wanted to see me.
Well, my dear chap, just
checking you're all right.
Are you all right?
And to ask if you'd like to
come round to dinner some time.
Celia always likes to
meet the new fellows.
I'll let you settle in.
In a week?
Any time.
Next month?
12th, 13th?
Excuse me.
Do you want to be picked up?
You'll need the address.
Dr. Hennessey, Dr. Thorne
wanted to speak to you.
Remains unresponsive to
stimuli, observation continues.
You wanted to see me?
You don't know why?
I find that rather worrying.
Yes, I wrote it in a hurry.
I can read the writing.
It's the sense I can't make out.
Age 10.
Blow on head.
Slight bruise.
Do we know what kind of blow?
Or where on his head
or was he knocked out.
Well, I can't remember.
Oh, when he goes home
and dies in his sleep,
what are you going
to tell his mother?
You're going to tell
her you can't remember?
I don't think he
was knocked out.
Don't think?
Look, I didn't expect
to have so many--
I'll be blunt with
you, Hennessey. it
wasn't my choice to hire you.
I don't give a damn for
your brilliant career.
I want someone who can
take a history, someone who
can examine a patient
properly, someone
who can apply the basic
principles of medical care.
You must be capable of that.
Of course.
Feel his pulse.
It's irregular.
Atrial fibrillation.
- Listen to his chest.
- Please sit forward.
Breath in, please.
And out And in and out.
And in.
And out.
Basal crepitations
Feel his liver.
It's normal.
What do you mean, normal?
If you can feel it,
it isn't normal.
So what is it?
Smooth, enlarged, nonpulsatile.
Of, course.
Wasting, spider nevi,
jaundice, varices.
You've been drinking?
I'm a dead man anyway.
So tell me why I
shouldn't fire you.
No reason except it
reflects on us too.
You've got 24 hours to shape up.
OK, I'll try.
Damn right you will.
Don't you think
we should talk?
You can't do it, can you?
I had this kind
of one day flu.
Listen to me.
My job is hard enough
without having to cover.
You don't have to
cover for me, all right?
You're not the first.
They all come here straight
off the wall, read a book,
and think they
can walk on water.
You'll have to learn.
Just be straight with me.
All right.
Matthew, Simon, it's Simon.
What's your first case?
Nothing, sprained ankle.
You know about
sprained ankles?
Of course.
I was on a renal unit.
They don't have ankles.
Look at the ceiling.
What happens on a renal unit?
Lights flash, beepers
beep, a lot of flooding.
I know someone in
the West Halward.
What do they do?
He's got mitral stenosis.
That's a relief.
On examination,
past medical history.
Home, ward, general practice.
You'll be bored in a few weeks.
Most of the time it's the
same old stuff, head injuries,
sprains, necks of femur.
- Bye, Christine.
NBI, no bony injury.
You just have to
do your homework.
See you on Monday.
Hi, Simon.
Home for the weekend?
No, sentimental journey.
What does that mean?
Work hard, play hard,
no talking after lights
out, that sort of thing.
Which one's you?
Back row, eighth
from the right.
It's the eyes, isn't it?
What are you doing?
I used to be a pupil here.
I don't believe you.
I could report you, you know.
I could probably
break your neck.
Yes, I expect you could.
Why are you writing that down?
Old times sake.
The past in another country.
Who said that?
I said it.
I made it up actually.
What's funny?
Why did you think I
wasn't a pupil here?
Well, your clothes
are rather cheap.
Do you know what
your motto means?
It's Latin.
I do know.
I just can't be bothered.
Sell me your scarf.
Having problems?
I was a terrible Boy Scout.
You like plays?
Uh, huh.
I'm trying to be an actress.
How's your school?
Same as ever.
That's a lonely way
to spend a weekend.
Sorry, you don't like talking
about yourself much, do you?
So why did you give up acting?
Come to think of
it, neither do I.
Catholic guilt?
And what do you
know about that?
Well, I have this
friend from Scotland.
Actually it's got more
to do with my father.
What kind of friend?
Found her unconscious
in Park Street.
Pulse thready.
Blood pressure unrecordable.
He arrested twice
in the ambulance.
No pills.
medical history.
Mary, take this trolley.
Is she still with us?
She's gone again.
Ring three, three, three.
Seen this before?
- Heroin.
Uh, huh.
You do the drip.
I'll get the Narcan.
Come on, Lily.
Don't go now.
Come on.
Cardiac arrest, casualty.
Narcan, point four.
Too late.
You're in hospital.
This doctor just
saved your life.
Simon, you found it then.
Come in, come in.
Oh, here, here.
Happy days.
Then where in Cambridge?
He seems like a
fine old gentleman.
He was a monster.
I liked the frame.
Which one's Claire?
On the canal.
But which side of King's?
This wine is delicious.
Can I see the bottle?
You don't mean
the red brick one?
Next to the Anchor?
That's Queens.
Describe Claire College
Cambridge to me.
It's the granite one,
down the path behind the--
Simon said it was brick.
He must get confusing
it with somewhere else.
Of course he's not.
He went there.
Help yourselves to vegetables.
You said it was brick.
No, it's my fault. We were
coming from opposite sides.
I'm sorry.
We weren't
Eat up, dear
before it gets cold.
We weren't.
He gets things mixed up.
You probably know.
You're bound to hear this,
so I might as well tell you.
The fact is he made a few
little misjudgments at work.
Nothing serious, but
enough to raise questions.
They offered to retire Benny,
but he said he felt victimized.
Said other doctors
make mistakes,
which is heresy as you know.
So in the end Charles
Thorne, who is really-- no,
thank you --anesthetics,
agreed to oversee things.
Benny is still in charge,
hiring of staff, maintenance
of equipment, but it hurt.
Which is why we had
such a good time there.
Cambridge College, built in
dah, de, da, de, da of stone
between Kings and Trinity.
I'm sure that's what
Simon's saying dear.
It's not.
You said--
Benny, don't fuss.
We were just talking
about Africa.
Yes, I hear you
had quite a holiday.
We were stationed
in Kenya for how long?
Eight years in Khalifi Creek.
Happy days.
Weren't they, darling?
Yes, they were.
What is it?
It's just like old times.
Where was that?
You don't hang out with
the others much, do you?
No, they talk a
lot about medicine.
So what do you
like talking about?
In that order?
Look, I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
Is there a doctor here?
No, seriously, I'm serious.
Is there a doctor?
You want to go?
Go on.
Yeah, man, come on.
Jesus, what happened?
Release his tie.
Let's get him on the floor.
Rip the suit and
you're dead, mate.
It's a miracle.
A miracle.
My brother, aren't
you wonderful?
My hero.
The middle ager in three.
You know about her.
He's RIF pain.
Could be an appendix.
Kid with a bead up his nose.
Nothing serious.
- Great.
- See you tomorrow.
Hi, Chris.
She's not here I'm afraid.
When's she due back?
I don't know.
It's her father again.
What about him?
In London.
You know he's been ill.
No, I didn't.
Well, I've only
been here a few weeks.
She's probably told
you I'm hopeless.
She said you're the only doctor
she's ever met who didn't think
the sun shone out
of-- well, who wasn't
always bossing people around.
Christine said that?
A couple of people have.
Dada, what's happened to you?
Something happened.
She had to stay.
Did anyone ask Simon?
He's studying again.
Conscientious bastard.
(SINGING) Oh, yes,
I'm the great pretender,
pretending that I'm doing well.
My need is such I
pretend too much.
I'm lonely but no one can tell.
Whoa, yes, I'm the
great pretender.
Adrift in a world of my own.
I play the game but
to my real shame,
you've left me to
dream all alone.
I was just passing.
Keep the change.
Thank you.
Any risk of a coffee.
Look it is not a
good idea, is it?
What isn't?
My father died.
I stayed for the funeral.
Oh, God, I'm sorry.
Well, I'll just--
No, come up.
He must have known earlier.
He wouldn't let them call me.
This stupid thing about
how important my work is.
Didn't you ask me once
why I gave up acting?
Uh, huh.
Because of him.
It's nothing he said.
He never said much.
Just his um, he was just
such a good man, you know?
So solid.
There should be a
heaven, shouldn't there?
For people like him?
I mean, 36 years of doing
his duty and want nothing.
You get sick and you die.
That's why he didn't
want me there.
He finally bloody
realized, didn't he?
He knew in the end, it's
just all so much rubbish.
I'm so sorry.
I'm not normally like this.
Look, this is really bad.
You should never get involved
with people you work with.
I read that in a magazine.
It's my fault.
You just caught
me at a bad time.
I know, I know, I
know, it's wrong of me.
Actually I didn't
think it was.
Talk to me.
Say what?
I'm not a doctor.
My name's not Simon Hennessey.
What are you called?
Matthew Harris.
It sounds like
an estate agent.
I was a biology dropout.
I worked on a kibbutz.
I sold vacuum cleaners.
- More.
- Why?
Because lies turn me on.
I grew up in Warrington.
My father sold
scientific instruments.
My mother ran a gift shop.
- I love it when you talk.
- I can't think.
- Yes.
- No, no, no.
No more.
10 P on this one.
Left sided pneumothorax.
This is getting serious.
Open wide.
Oh, God.
This is a disaster.
Me too.
God I used to be
terrified to admit that.
Scared of stopping.
Desperate to get
on, change, change.
Funny, you're so
evasive a lot of the time.
Don't you still enjoy it?
I like emergencies.
I like the danger.
Isn't that terrible?
I like a bit of danger.
Listen, I wake up
feeling like that.
So where in Hampstead
are your mom and dad?
You don't want to go there.
I don't get on with
them, that's all.
Why not?
Well, I guess they're
disappointed in me.
No, the real reason is every
time I tell them something,
they ask me another question.
Oh, right, conversation
will never catch on.
They wanted me to be a
barrister like my father.
I thought you said
he was a stockbroker.
Well, he is.
Well, he was.
- When?
How deep do you think this is?
You're certifiable!
How do I get back?
To be rather than to seem.
So when did he change his job?
Your father.
Not still that.
Yeah, still that.
I don't see the point.
So that I can feel close to
you, is that good enough?
I mean what else is there?
Just how many times can
we screw in one day?
We are close.
I feel close to you.
It's just I can't.
I don't need any more
stupid questions.
Do you know what
our school motto is?
Love is honesty.
No questions.
That's fine by me.
I'm so glad it's you.
My god, what have you done?
Oh, nothing.
Well, I'm not sure it does
look a bit-- I was coming in
with the shopping,
and this bit carpet
that's come up over that silly--
do you think it's all right?
It's a silly flap under
the door and-- ow!
A fiver.
Too easy.
Is it serious?
It's been one of these days.
There was a man to fix
the washing machine.
He came in and hummed and
hawed and to be frank,
I really doubt if
some of these people
know where the powder goes.
It's the same at the garage.
There was a problem
with the Volvo.
I've always been such
a fool with machinery.
That's the worst bit.
Anyway, it was making
noise like a lion.
They have this
sort of cough like.
I get all that?
Heap strong medicine.
So Benny took it
in and-- I felt that.
No matter.
The Keatons have had it for a
week and said it was all fixed.
If you get up speed,
it's just as bad.
Anyway, from the look of the
mechanic, not just his age.
Well, he has no sort
of method, you know?
Seems anyone can put on a
yellow boiler's suit and--
You're still not numb?
No tingling or anything?
I do feel a little bit sick?
Actually, is there
a bowl or something?
One bowl.
How are you now?
Oh, Jesus fuck!
Come on, Celia.
Shit. come on, Celia.
Oh, no!
Three, three, three.
- What happened?
- She just came in.
- Who is it?
Let me do that.
I'll take it.
Cardiac arrest.
Yeah, sure. let
me speak to them.
[muttering prayer]
Get the mask.
One, two, three.
One, two, three.
How's that trace?
We've got VFs.
Where's Mumford?
They're still trying.
OK, stand back.
Give me 360 again.
Everyone clear.
Any change?
There's no pulse.
Her pupils are fixed, Tony.
End of story.
You reckon the cuff deflated?
Must have been leaking, hey?
Why did you start without me?
I couldn't find you.
You only had to call.
You weren't around, so
I started on my own.
I wasn't going to leave
her with a broken arm.
- Simon.
- I know what you're saying.
I'm not saying anything.
I shouldn't have run off.
It's me just as much as you.
Anyway, it doesn't
matter who's fault it is.
Let's drop it.
It's poor old Benny Mumford.
Yeah, yeah, yeah.
Poor old Benny.
Don't you feel sorry?
Right now, no.
I feel scared, scared for me.
OK, at least I recognize that.
I'm not going to try to disguise
it with some bogus sentiment.
Chris, I'm sorry.
No, you're right.
Sister wants to speak to you.
Thank you.
I'll go and talk to sister.
I will speak the truth.
- I will speak the truth.
- The whole truth.
- The whole truth.
- And nothing but the truth.
And nothing but the truth.
Your name is Simon
Garfield Hennessey.
Clinically, she
sustained the Colles'
fracture, which is a
common fracture of the arm,
near the wrist.
We performed an x-ray
which confirmed this.
Did you write
these findings down?
I was busy preparing things in
the treatment room at the time.
That's the nurse's
job, isn't it?
Well, we tend to
help each other out.
So where was she at the time?
Well, was she in the department?
But she didn't respond?
Why not?
Please speak for
yourself and Nurse Taylor
will speak for herself.
I didn't call her.
And the leak is where?
Just here.
It's very small.
I see.
Tell me, how often is
this equipment maintained?
Supposedly, every month.
And in practice?
Well this one, 12 weeks ago.
And whose
responsibility is that?
Mine, sir.
Me and Dr. Mumford.
I'd like to call
Christine Taylor.
In your normal experience,
this procedure is performed
by a doctor and a nurse.
One of the nurse's
being to check that a faulty
cuff does not deflate.
So, it is fair to say
that if Dr. Hennessey had
called you in the first
place, this accident
could have been avoided.
He did call me.
I was avoiding him.
I'm sorry.
I was under the
impression that--
He's been trying
to protect me.
He did call me.
It was my fault.
Is this true?
Any final submissions?
So the patient, Celia
Mumford died in the course
of an anesthetic,
which was performed
properly, but for the
absence of Nurse Taylor.
It's not the remit of this court
to discipline her, but-- yes.
But failure of equipment
seems the most significant
causal factor,
I've no hesitation
in returning a verdict
of death by misadventure.
Thank you.
Board rise.
Well done, Simon.
Dr. Thorne.
Can I ask you how
you feel about--
Quite happy.
So there's no
suggestion of mal--
Misadventure, I think
that's very clear.
Dr. Death!
Hail the conquering hero.
You were crazy to
try to take the blame.
I thought it
was very romantic.
We knew you were
guilty as hell.
You could tell her this,
I've been qualified for what,
five years now, and I know one,
maybe two people I've killed.
And that's a bloody
good batting average.
See you Simon.
There's no one in this room
who's never made a mistake.
If the punters don't
accept that, frankly,
who gives a shit?
Where were you?
What are you doing?
What does it look like?
Well where?
Excuse me.
Listen, I know what
you've done for me.
I just don't know why.
Well, one of us had to go.
That's not true.
They said you can get
off with a suspension.
Even if it had been your fault.
It was my fault.
I should have been there.
Some stupid lovers tiff.
It's got nothing to do with you.
What are you, on some
kind of guilt trip?
You're being like me.
You've been very straight.
Oxfam can have these.
Do you know what I thought
about most since this happened?
The fact that it
was split us up.
It's frightening, isn't
it, how selfish you get?
You're just about the
nicest, the kindest.
I am not.
I never was.
It was just a role I was
playing for my father.
This is bullshit.
Look, you do it
for long enough,
you almost convince
yourself it's true.
[phone rings]
Don't you?
- You know something?
- Know what?
That you don't love me?
Stop, will you.
You can't.
What about you stuff?
Sell it.
Give it away.
It is best this way.
But what about the flat?
Lease is in my desk.
come from Alabama,
with a banjo on my knee.
And I'm bound for Louisiana,
my true love for to see.
Rained all night the day I
left, the weather was bone dry.
Sun was hot, I froze myself.
Susanna, don't you cry.
Oh, Susanna, don't
you cry for me.
I come from Alabama.
Simon, you hear from
that Salsbury job?
Hang on.
When I leave
I'm going to start
a group practice with all
these doctors that get
reported in this Sun.
You know, Dr. Sexy
asked me to strip.
Dr. Evil ate my baby.
Which one would you be?
He could cover
for both of them.
Anyone for desert?
A toast.
- To my dear friends.
- Oh.
What kind of crappy
toast is that?
More wine, man.
More wine.
Where is the bottle opener?
It's his day off.
Want a go then?
Aortic aneurysm.
How was the interview?
Still waiting to hear.
How about you?
GP probably.
Will you miss it here?
Yes, it's been good.
You've been fun to work with.
Thought you did really
well putting all
that Mumford stuff behind you.
You can't carry your past
around on your back, can you?
It is you.
A body would think you're
trying to avoid me.
What are you doing here?
I got a job.
Well a traineeship.
Start tomorrow.
You live around here or what?
You all right?
- There's no one here, just us.
Does she know you?
- Training for what?
- Guess.
I decided that you were right.
Do something worthwhile.
Actually I fancied the
uniform, the wee white pennies.
Where are you based?
On rotation.
Tomorrow I started at the
Royal Clifton Hospital.
You look a bit peely-wally.
What happened to the sun tan?
- Sun tan?
What sun tan?
Off that yacht.
Where's your clothes?
Put your clothes on.
- OK.
Don't panic.
Great to see you.
Small world, hey?
Nice car.
Where we off to?
Stop at a pub?
There's one.
Hey, ho.
Too late, never mind.
So where's the booze at?
- There isn't one.
You're joking.
So why Bristol, Alec?
Not for the orienteering,
that's for sure.
How much are they paying you?
Not for the money either.
Come on.
It's gone five.
What are we doing here?
Supposing I paid
you to pull out.
Supposing what?
What's the problem?
I work here.
So, what are you saying?
You saying you don't
want me around?
What's your problem,
Matthew/ it's me, Alec.
Things are a bit complicated.
- I'm listening.
- I can't tell you.
You're going to
have to trust me.
To do what?
You don't expect me
to jack in the course?
Alec, this is important.
All right, this
is about my life.
Your life, so important.
What about my life?
Holy shit.
You remember Simon
Hennessey, hey?
Allison's bloke, the
one who got killed?
You're forcing me
to tell you this.
Forcing what?
I'm not forcing anything.
I am Dr. Hennessey.
I stole his papers.
I am working as Dr. Hennessey.
I'm on at half 7:00.
Yes, I did it.
I'm doing it.
Matthew, you know how
long these characters
have to train for.
It's five, six, seven years.
You know that's bullshit.
They wanker around in
university for five years.
They put them
straight on the wards.
They learn it by
trial and error.
You're off your head.
You're fucking lethal.
They all are.
I'm no worse than any them.
You're telling me
you killed someone.
I'm asking you to
keep your mouth shut.
All right?
Or to go somewhere else?
I've got to think about it.
Think about it now.
I've thought about it.
You're leaving me here, or what?
You forgot something
rather important.
Foreign body in right eye.
Mogadon overdose.
Probably magic mushrooms.
Nothing too frightening.
The on call room's made up.
Have a quiet night.
Oh, the jungle drums are saying
you got that Salisbury job.
Did I?
Luck of the devil.
There's someone for you.
Ambulance control.
What's the problem?
Some tourist fell off a cliff.
Sounds quite serious
Um, Dr. Hennessey,
we've got this fellow.
Yes, where?
Well, he's pretty bad.
How bad?
Is he conscious?
I can't tell you.
Well find out.
Well, can't you wait until--
I need to know now.
Well I can't.
Well, we've no way
of contacting him.
Dr. Thorne's on his way.
He's what?
Since Mrs. Mumford, he wanted
to be called for major trauma.
Stand back now.
Bring him through.
He's had [inaudible] but
it's still unrecordable.
Left femur's definitely broken.
Spleen could be dodgy.
Bad head and probably
a failed chest as well.
Did he speak?
Did he manage to talk?
Oh, sure, Doc.
We couldn't shut him up.
Come on, please, anybody
that's not working here,
please get out, thank you.
Chest, neck, skull,
left hip and femur,
pelvis, right tib and fib.
You have enough [inaudible]?
Well, please get some.
Get me two more Haemaccels.
Full blood count, in these, then
cross match then to the lab.
I'll do that.
You call blood bank,
four units of O
negative as soon as possible.
- Don't you have to request it?
- No, no, no.
I'll stay here with him.
No, the larger ones.
OK get in touch with
the anesthesiologist
on call pending major theater.
What are you doing?
The drip is blocked.
I was running
through some saline.
It seems all right.
Hello Hello.
What's his name?
Alec Moran.
How do we know this?
I'm sorry.
I thought somebody had said.
He's called Matthew Harris.
Have you got some
blood on the way?
Yes, I'll get it.
Leave them there, thanks.
How's the BP?
80 over 60.
All right.
Let's go.
Right, ready for theater.
You did a good job.
Busy night?
Just trying to
look after someone.
Hope so.
Where have you been hiding?
Doing what?
Some acting.
I met a friend of
yours called Allison.
- Doesn't ring a bell.
- She remembers you.
She went to your funeral.
No, no, you've lost me.
Simon Hennessey, remember,
Filburn School renal unit?
He died eight months ago.
And this Allison said that.
- I didn't tell her anything.
- What is there to tell?
Obviously she is--
Oh no, stop lying.
I phoned Claire College.
Simon Hennessey is dead.
And I didn't come
here for more lies.
So why did you come here?
Oh, some lunatic desire
to switch on the lights.
See who really was in bed.
So you're the
only one who knows,
Then it's true, Brave of
you to come here if it was.
So, who are you?
Move the light to the
left, please, Angela.
Just before the interview,
I tried to pull out.
In fact, you
persuaded me to stay.
One thing led to another.
Is it?
You know they're full of shit.
Not all of them.
Charles Thorne is a--
Charles Thorne knew that I
was flaky right from the start.
He knew that Celia was my
fault. So did didn't he fire me?
Why didn't he
speak out in court?
I'll tell you why.
His reputation.
The image of the hospital.
That's what he's about.
He's as phony as
the rest of them.
You were the only
one I ever respected.
The whole relationship
was based on a lie.
Christine, I had no choice.
I'm sorry.
And what were you
going to do now?
Actually I was
about to kill myself.
Sod you, Matthew.
Right, right, right, right.
I mean kill Matthew.
I've got it set up.
There's a dead on
arrival nobody's claimed.
I've told them it's me.
So what was Simon
Hennessey going to do?
He was going to
come and look for you.
What and carry on as a doctor?
Are you joking?
Are you joking?
Do you think I'm enjoying this?
I've aged 15 years.
I've got an ulcer.
I'm just about due to retire.
I shouldn't.
This is what I kept saying.
Anyway, it won't work.
You're a dead bloke.
Needs to be identified
by a relative.
Did I tell you I had a sister?
If I help you, I'm
as guilty as you are.
I hadn't thought of that.
[alarm sounds]
Pulse is gone.
He is NVF.
Lies still turn you on?
Yes, that's Matthew Harris.
This is your sister.
I'm in London.
Matthew Harris is dead.
Good, I never liked him.
When will you arrive?
I'll be with you this afternoon.
Can't wait.
Don't be long.
I just came to say goodbye.
Goodbye, Hennessey.
You've never
liked me, have you?
Well it doesn't
matter what I do.
Well I mean sure, the
Mumford stuff and everything.
But I'm not the first, am I.
It's just that since I arrived
I can't do one thing right.
Why is that, Charles?
Because you don't care.
I said it at the interview.
You don't have to be a
genius to be a decent doctor.
You just need a
bit of compassion.
And people like you,
Hennessey, well,
I just get the
impression you don't
give two hoots for anyone.
The patience, Benny
Mumford, Celia,
that nurse, Christine Taylor.
With me?
You don't know the
first thing about me.
You take care now.
[music - "the great pretender"]
So I'm afraid that
means a rather bleak
weekend weather
wise for the London area.
Fire, police, ambulance,
which service please?
So, here's your new doctor.