Paprika (2006) Movie Script

It's the greatest show time!
There's no doubt.
He's here. Who?
Be careful he's a traitor.
There's someone who keeps
looking at you. See?
It's okay, he's a friend.
Please turn your attention
to this gentleman!
Now, one, two, three!
There he is! Get him!
Grab my hand!
I let him get away again!
Aren't you the one who got away?
One more time!
Take that!
But what about the rest of it?
You were in my dream.
Everyone is startled at first.
The DC mini.
It's the scientific key that allows us
to open the door to our dreams.
It can even do all this?
It really is a dream machine.
To tell you the truth,
the DC mini is still incomplete.
Once complete, we'll be able to enter
your dream even while awake.
You said he was a friend.
We used to work together.
Why did he put you in a cage?
I don't know.
He's not the kind of person
who would trick me.
Why are they all me?
That was really disturbing.
This is Tarzan, right?
This is a scene from
a spy movie, perhaps?
The fighting was rather fun.
Rem sleep that occurs
later during the sleep cycle...
Is longer and easier to analyze.
If earlier cycles are, say,
artsy film shorts...
Later cycles are like feature-length
blockbuster movies.
Then that makes you
a dream movie star.
Do you not like movies?
It's not that.
What is this?
The victim in the homicide case
I'm working on right now.
I haven't been able to catch the perp,
so maybe that's why ll...
- Your anxiety neurosis.
- Do you think this is the source?
No need to rush.
The treatment's just getting started.
Take care, captain konakawa.
When can I see you again?
I'm in a bind.
- I can see that.
- No, it's not that.
I was on my way to see you.
It's not that! The DC mini!
It was stolen? The DC mini?
We found out this morning.
Three samples in Dr. tokita's
possession were stolen.
But why?
We'll worry about the reason later.
We need to find them now.
Do you think it's internal?
We'll talk about that later.
Foundation for
psychiatric research
meet me in my office.
We'll figure out a plan...
Before the chairman finds out.
Yes, we have to protect
the DC mini.
It's too bad it was stolen, but all
we have to do is make another one.
You should know better than anyone
what can happen if it's misused.
You invented it.
I make it, but how it's used
is your job, at-chan.
Don't call me at-chan.
There is one more problem.
Good grief.
I hadn't programmed the access
controls into the DC mini yet.
Translate that for me.
It means that the person
who stole the DC mini
can connect to a psychotherapy
machine at any time, from any place...
And use it to intrude into the minds
connected to that machine.
Chief's office
I see. We have to hurry.
It is man's responsibility
to control science and technology.
Sharing in another's dream.
It is quite literally
a technological dream...
But, in time,
it can lead to violence.
It was an invention that never
should have been created.
This discussion again?
The DC mini represents the hope...
That shines on the new horizons
of psychiatric treatment.
It is taking control over dreams.
Your overconfidence
will bring weakness.
It is not about control
we are simply pursuing
a deeper connection with our patients.
The terrorist who stole it
won't see it that way.
But it hasn't even been misused yet.
Thieves are not always wrong.
I hear there's a woman .
Wwho's been using the psychotherapy
machine for unapproved treatments.
Are you going to believe
such groundless rumors, chairman?
Discipline calls for a search of the
DC mini rather than paprika's bikini.
This is true happiness.
Even the five court ladies danced
in sync to the frog's flutes and drums.
The whirlwind of the recycled paper
was a sight to see.
It was like computer graphics!
The fact that I don't support technicolor
parfaits and snobby petit bourgeois...
Is common knowledge in oceania!
Now is the time to return home
to the blue sky!
The confetti will dance around
the shrine gates.
The mailbox and the refrigerator
will lead the way!
Anyone who cares
about expiration dates...
Will not get in the way
of the glory train!
They need to fully realize
the liver of the triangle rulers!
Now, this festival was decided
by the third-grade class...
With the telephoto camera!
Move forward! Come together!
I am the ultimate
Now! Right now!
Take me in!
How's the chief doing?
His breathing and pulse are stable.
I guess it could've been worse.
Dr. chiba, here are
the chief's medical records.
Thank you.
He was probably using the
therapy machine to treat a patient...
When someone used
a DC mini to intrude.
And the dream was projected
into his subconscious.
Without him knowing.
But for that to happen...
The culprit has to be watching
this nightmare too.
What a desperate terrorist.
All terrorists are desperate.
The sun during midday
will light up the dark night.
Night dreams of day.
Light dreams of darkness.
But the ignorant sun...
Will chase away the darkness
and burn the shadows.
Eventually burning itself!
The shade of the tree
with the flowers that bloom at night...
Is where the residents
of darkness rest
why is himuro in there?
The people of daytime
are not allowed!
Where is himuro?
He's been out for the past few days,
but I didn't think too much of it.
Himuro tends to abandon
everything else...
When he really gets
into something.
Like doctor, like assistant.
How could we have not
seen this coming?
I thought he was my friend.
A genius produces a lot more
than he realizes.
More clearly, please.
Himuro was jealous of Dr. tokita.
Even I feel bitter towards you
sometimes, Dr. chiba.
No matter how hard I try,
I'm not as good as you.
I feel powerless.
It's open.
- You mean you opened it.
- This is illegal, you know.
I'm not as bad as himuro, though.
Welcome home. Welcome back.
He can't be serious.
- This is dangerous.
- This isn't your cue.
Like an allergy?
I can't think of any other reason.
I got stung by a jellyfish
when I was a kid...
And even now, I have
allergic reactions at the sight of one.
It didn't occur to me until now.
Here you go.
Who had the udon set?
But the DC mini uses
3 transmission formula
within the natural width
of the body's energy level.
Who had the jumbo steak set?
Depending on the frequency of use,
the body might adapt to it.
And as a result, Dr. chiba,
who has had the most exposure...
Was more susceptible
to invasion.
Even when she wasn't connected
to the DC mini, nor was she asleep.
Who had the paella
I think you have a problem too.
Like overeating.
I can't fight on an empty stomach.
Implanting dreams into
other people's heads is terrorism.
At-chan, you said
that himuro and I were alike.
I think so too. All the more reason
this is unforgivable.
We'll be there immediately.
Chief! Please, come back!
Wake up! Chief!
The delicious left brain
is getting older...
And drifting to a faraway island.
I, who stand before you,
am the protector of your dreams.
I wonder what kind of punishment
will befall the ignorant commoner...
Who tries to enter
this sacred dream?
You're the feisty country girl
I saved some time ago.
How are you?
If he was not home
when I passed by around 7:30...
Then he probably disappeared
into the instant noodle soup.
Thank you for saving me.
I have come to show you
my appreciation.
Is it a square?
It's round, like this.
I can feel it
- paprika.
- Do you remember me now?
I'm going to be a little rough.
Paprika, what are you doing?
Now, now, stop that.
Welcome back, chief.
I wonder where
that parade was going?
A place of no return, most likely.
I felt like I was really close...
To controlling the entire world.
That was a dream
of a severely delusional patient.
While you were in there, your
brain waves and body deteriorated...
Almost to the point of death.
That's why paprika came.
Thank you.
You haven't changed...
Since the time you treated
my depression two years ago.
I'll let paprika know.
But to think that that honest himuro
was responsible.
What should I do now, Dr. chiba?
Please don't do anything. What?
The chairman will probably halt
the development of the DC mini...
As a result of this incident.
But with you, a board member,
in the hospital...
They can't have a meeting.
Hello? Oh, konakawa.
How was the? You know.
I would have asked sooner if I had
known that it would be this good.
Remember, you can't tell anyone.
I want to keep it a secret
all to myself.
Paprika's existence
cannot become public...
Until the psychotherapy machines
gain public approval.
She really is
a woman of your dreams.
Women of dreams
are busy these days.
You look tired.
Want me to look in on your dreams?
I haven't been seeing
any of my own lately.
Welcome. We were waiting for you.
Good evening.
What is this place?
A counseling room. A meeting place.
A date spot.
Don't you think dreams
and the Internet are similar?
They are both areas where
the repressed conscious mind vents.
Here you go.
Have you found anything?
In regards to my dreams?
You're so impatient.
Do you work
at the research foundation?
It was shima
who introduced me, after all.
Where do you know mr shima from?
He's a friend from college.
We got along pretty well,
so we always hung out.
Drinking and watching movies?
No, movies don't interest me.
I love them!
put it on my tab.
Hey, paprika!
Which one do you want to see?
I'm sorry,
but movies really aren't my thing.
Come on, hurry!
I don't like movies!
Hey, tsumura, stop...
Breaking news!
The widow who tells fortunes
in the shade of roof tiles!
The response is sunny!
The sign is good fortune!
The ceiling fan brings a message
releasing epithets!
The maiden who sleeps under
the veranda has a pulse!
This is the way out!
The secret of this view is deep
within the 10-year loan payment!
They are new victims.
I am stopping development.
But the board meeting...
The culprit won't wait
for a board meeting to happen.
I am forbidding all use of the DC mini
and the psychotherapy machines.
This is retribution.
Science is nothing...
But a piece of trash
before a profound dream.
Are you okay?
I heard the parts are non-recyclable.
But that's an important piece
of equipment.
I'll just have to make it again.
He's a genius.
He's a mysterious one, all right.
You're giving him too much credit.
He's just a kid inside.
it was a small theme park,
but I liked it as a kid.
I used to talk about it with himuro.
Do you really think himuro is here?
If I knew, I wouldn't be searching.
You're so cold, at-chan.
I have a feeling he's near.
Keep quiet, both of you.
Watch out!
That's... A DC mini.
The high pressure holds the grab bag
and looks a lot like milk.
The dense forest turns into
a shopping district.
The 24-bit eggplant will be analyzed.
So you're saying both of them were
attacked by way of the DC mini...
Which broke their psyches.
And the culprit, kei himuro, was
also disturbed by the nightmare...
And tried to commit suicide.
Is that right?
It's not because of the DC mini!
It's just a little incomplete.
Himuro knew that
I'm not refuting your invention.
She's the head of
the DC mini development team.
I'm chiba.
This is Mr. konakawa
from the police department.
Isn't it wonderful?
The ability to see a friend's dream
as if it were your own.
To share the same dream.
Yes, it probably would be
a wonderful experience.
You understand, right?
It came to me during
a brain scan I was doing...
Using a computer image processor.
And you can use it to treat illness.
That's exactly right!
The nonlinear waves created by
surges in the bioelectrical current...
Can be applied to create
new synapse connections...
By adjusting the btu output.
To use a person's body for energy
is a remarkable idea.
Exactly! And the reason
why I focused...
You are talking
with Dr. tokita, right?
That's her, isn't it?
So, what do you think
about this case?
Well, I think it's an accident.
It's hard to build a case
against a dream.
"Isn't it wonderful," eh?
The bulky one.
To think such a silly thought
would lead to such an invention.
He's a kid trapped inside
the body of a genius.
It's an adult's responsibility to steer
that genius in the right direction.
There is always conceit
and negligence behind misconduct.
You have it hard too, I guess.
Good grief.
Where did I go wrong
to end up here?
I want to go back
to our college days...
Back to when we used to
talk about our futures.
I want to go back
to our college days...
Back to when we used to
talk about our futures.
But what about the rest of it?
It's too dangerous!
Himuro went in
and he's not coming back.
If the same happens to you...
There are still two DC minis
out there.
Our only lead is inside himuro.
And besides
the chairman has already prohibited
the use of the therapy machines.
Desperate times call
for desperate measures.
Don't worry.
The genius boy is here for backup.
Dr. tokita again?
I know that you two
established this field.
So that's all the more reason for you
to place your trust in him...
But his immaturity is the cause
of all these mishaps!
That's why we'll make him
take responsibility.
Besides, is there anyone else?
This isn't the time for that.
There are people in the world
that understand.
That cop.
He has a mind for science.
He doesn't seem
very smart, though.
Now all I have to do is set the filtering
program for external access and...
What was that for?
Do you really think it was himuro?
He's your assistant, and he knew
the risks involved with the DC mini.
He knew what would happen
if he exposed himself for that long.
What did he have to gain from it all?
He was jealous of me.
Even osanai says so.
He might be a victim too.
That's like a line
from a mystery novel.
If so, then it's still dangerous.
We need to confirm...
No more talk
what I need to do is finish this.
You guys really are alike.
You and himuro.
You get preoccupied
with what you want to do...
And ignore what you have to do.
Don't you understand
that your irresponsibility cost lives?
Of course not.
Nothing can get through all that fat.
And now what? "Isn't it wonderful?
"A mind for science"?
Don't make me laugh.
How can a mad scientist
know what a human mind is?
If you want to be the king of geeks
with your bloated ego...
Then just keep up all this and
indulge in your freakish masturbation!
And where is Mr. konakawa now?
At a hotel it's all here.
I'm counting on you.
There's no doubt. He's here.
You've crossed the line of action.
Be careful he's a traitor.
You need to narrow the exposure.
This is panfocus.
Now, one, two, three!
There he is! Get him!
What floor?
The guy, I'm after him.
Of course. The 14th floor.
Fourteenth floor,
the adventure section.
Fifteenth floor,
the suspense section.
Sixteenth floor,
the romance section.
One more time!
Seventeenth floor,
the special section.
I don't need to go there.
I killed myself?
That's like a line
from a mystery novel.
It was a rush job,
but I put an access function on it.
Morals, responsibilities...
I don't really get that adults' stuff.
But let's talk it over again.
We're friends, right?
Oh, jeez.
Was making them not enough?
You had to become a doll yourself?
Why did you steal it?
Do you hate me that much?
Or was it not you who did it?
Fven with an access function.
It's not one person's
dream anymore.
That's right!
The DC mini was both our dreams!
The crossing of two dreams
creates many more dreams.
That's right! The entire development
team dreamt of its completion.
This is a foolish place to be...
To inquire about
the master of this dream.
The conceit of the daytime residents
is what the nighttime residents want.
To come in carelessly
is like a moth to a flame.
You're not himuro, are you?
What's the line of action
that clown was talking about?
It's an imaginary line...
That connects the subjects
on camera.
If the camera crosses that line.
The cut is awkward.
That's why it has to be like this.
I see. How about panfocus?
It's a camera technique...
Where you narrow the angle
to get the entire screen in focus.
So you did like them.
are your dreams
in panfocus now too?
Have you solved the mystery
of why you killed yourself?
I've never thought of suicide.
Maybe it's someone a lot like you.
I ike me?
Or another you.
Another me?
Paprika, is the inside of my head
this messed up?
The dreams are merging.
He got started without me!
- Walit! Tokita!
- Paprika!
Why are you here?
The ecstasy that blooms in synapse
is paprika-brand milk fat!
Five percent is the norm.
Tokita! No!
The safety net of the ocean...
Is nonlinear,
even with what crabs dream of!
Let's go!
Wake up!
So you're saying...
The dreams of tokita and himuro
merged into konakawa's dream?
The anaphylaxis of the DC mini
is expanding exponentially!
Just meet me at the lab.
They're not dreaming?
But they're in rem sleep.
It's as if their conscious itself
has been taken away.
I guess this calls for paprika.
I'll dive into himuro's dream.
That's the only way to save tokita.
Chief, can you hear me?
Yeah, I hear you loud and clear.
Any abnormalities?
This dream is very dangerous.
If anything happens to Atsuko,
use the awakening apparatus.
Of course. But is it really safe?
Tokita is gone because
he went into himuro's dream.
Who do you think I am?
- I'm sorry to have doubted you.
- There they are!
Himuro isn't there.
But it's his dream.
- Be careful.
- I eave it to me.
Wake her up!
Chief! Hurry!
That's not
himuro's dream anymore.
So he was a victim too.
He's an empty shell.
He was invaded
by a collective dream.
A collective dream?
With no access restrictions
the DC mini can be used to invade
any psychotherapy machine.
Every dream it came in contact with
was eaten up...
Into one huge delusion.
And that delusion belongs to...
This breath seethes
in the joy of life.
I will not allow
arrogant scientific technology...
To intrude in this holy ground.
Return Dr. tokita to us.
The dreams are horrified.
That their safe refuge is
destroyed by technology.
Are you going to punish him
like you did himuro?
In a world of inhumane reality...
It is the only
humane sanctuary left.
That is a dream.
That parade is full of refugees...
Who were unwillingly
chased out of reality.
You are collecting those
with stolen technology.
Do you plan to take over
the world of dreams?
I am protecting them.
I am the guardian of dreams.
My duty is to mete out justice
to terrorists like you, paprika.
Don't make me get rough with you.
Paprika, wake up! Paprika!
Awakening a subject
wake up, chiba!
Chiba! Paprika!
The sphinx look doesn't suit you.
An intelligent researcher by day...
The chairman's humble servant
by night, is that it?
Shut up! I have many faces.
That makes me human!
Oedipus is the perfect look for a man
completely controlled by the chairman!
Shut up!
That's right, keep running.
There are ho boundaries to dreams.
The spirit will be freed
from the constraints of the body...
And gain limitless freedom.
Including me!
[I will also be free!
The dream continues from here.
No! Paprika!
It's a trap!
Chief! Wake her up! Hurry!
What a lovely sight.
Osanai! What is this? Let me go!
But I finally caught you.
Where is tokita?
I have no interest
in such ugly things.
Of course, because you're not.
You were himuro's idol after all.
Shut up! Just shut up!
You sold your body
for the DC mini, didn't you?
Don't remind me!
- You coward!
- Stop it!
This is my sanctuary,
and you'll do as I say.
- I'm a special person.
- Yes, hand-chosen by the chairman.
Osanai, you used to be
smarter than that.
You don't know its true power!
The DC mini was,
in a way, complete.
No, better than complete.
We can now go back and forth
between dreams and reality...
Even without the DC mini,
while awake.
You were the one who set up Atsuko
at himuro's place.
It was just a friendly warning
to a terrorist threatening dreams.
You're just like an old baldy I know.
We are the chosen ones assigned
to protect the sanctuary...
Threatened by technology
that has lost its philosophy.
You're just twisted.
You should understand.
Dreams are so sacred
they cannot be controlled...
What would you know? You're just
a little man controlled by jealousy.
You really think
you can beat tokita?
I warned you,
don't make me get rough.
You should call it a night.
Don't worry, I'm drunk.
The fact that I know I'm drunk
is proof that I'm sober.
This isn't a real bar.
And this isn't real alcohol,
and you're not a real bartender.
I'm sober.
Even if odds and sods
go around in my head.
Paprika will come, right?
Do you not like the number 17?
The conspiratorial 17.
You're familiar with movies
as if you've made them before.
I did. Shot an independent
on an 8 mm.
It was child's play.
When you were in high school?
When I was 17...
It's a silly cop story.
Two men
who used to be best friends.
Are now fugitive and cop
engaged in a chase.
They just keep running...
And flashbacks of their past
play throughout.
Very experimental.
That guy...
How could I have forgotten
about him until now?
He was always one step
ahead of me.
He was smart and popular
with the girls.
I could never catch up with him.
I was frustrated at myself
for not being frustrated with him.
He really was a good guy.
We talked about
making movies together.
But I gave up.
I didn't have the confidence.
I left the unfinished movie
for him to deal with.
And that friend now?
He died.
He had just gotten accepted
to film school, but he was sick.
He didn't tell me.
I betrayed him.
I was his partner.
I was his counterpart.
He was the other...
The other me.
But what about the rest of it?!
- Why do you dress like a girl?
- Paprika!
The real you is
more befitting of me.
Stop, please...
You jealous, perverted prince!
You have a bad habit of trying
to manipulate people with your words.
And you think you can
manipulate people with power?
In here, yes.
I love you.
I love you as you are.
I will show no mercy
for those who defy me.
You cannot hide anything from me.
Chairman, not her. Not her!
Can you not control
even one sensual desire?
Please! Please spare her!
Why won't you obey me?
You are nothing without me!
But I love her.
Are you okay?
I knew you were paprika.
What are you doing? You will obey!
You fool.
Swayed by a mere woman.
I'm too anxious to dream!
Shima? Is that you?
- Why are you in chiba's dream?
- Why are you a monkey?
- What's going on?
- I'll explain later. Just go!
(So where?
To your dream!
Don't get in the way of my dream!
This is my dream. You get out!
I am justice!
How's that for traumatic?
What about the rest of it?!
It's coming up right now!
This time, I'll end it!
That hurts.
It's over.
is this really the real world?
I think so.
See? It hurt a lot.
But why was konakawa
in your dream?
That's right, paprika was saved
by Mr. konakawa.
The chairman and osanail
tokita! What about tokita?
Osanai! What's wrong?
no! No! Osanai! You can't go!
That body is mine!
I will not allow you to act on your own!
My noble spirit needs that body!
When the two become one,
I will be complete!
Something's wrong.
Not just tokita, but what
just happened with osanai.
Don't worry.
We just need to get the mastermind.
A happy ending
is right around the corner.
But that mastermind
is lost in his own delusion.
No problem.
We have backup.
Mr. konakawa
the number you called for
assisting young children...
Is not available because of
crowded tires in the pacific ocean.
Starting at 7:63 A.M.
The battle has ended.
Now it's showtime!
Today's weather is dreamy...
And will clear up after a sunny,
sunny, sunny, sunny, sunny day.
The dream I had yesterday
and today.
The happy and mundane world
will vent their anger.
The dreams will grow and grow.
Let's grow the tree that blooms money.
It's most valuable
while it's still a bud.
That's right, so we shall preserve
the memory forever.
If there is no flower,
there will be no fruit
if there's nothing,
then I won't do anything.
If you're unhappy,
please put a vote in this eyeball.
Who would give up this throne?
I am the emperor,
chosen by the lord himself!
- I didn't choose you!
- I didn't choose youl!
God and Buddha
will change religions.
The happy and mundane world
will vent their anger.
The happy and mundane world
will vent their anger.
Am I still dreaming?
Yes, the whole world is.
You forgot this.
Thank you.
Now, let's go. Where?
To clean up this mess.
Dreams and reality are merging?
Is this because of the DC mini too?
Chief! Hold on!
no time for questions. Hurry up!
Why are you here?
Desperate times call
for desperate measures.
Is this reality?
Hurry! We have to get
the mastermind!
[T's as if we're in a dream.
Don't get ahead
of yourself, paprika!
Don't think you're always right.
- Let's go, Atsuko.
- I have to help tokita.
Leave that irresponsible fatso.
Why don't you listen?
You're a part of me!
Have you ever thought
that maybe you are a part of me?
Do as I say!
You're just like an old baldy I know.
Let's go. We need to stop
that old baldy and his excursions.
- Now!
- No!
I can't just leave tokita because I...
Because what?
She's become true to herself,
hasn't she?
An overweight spirit needs no diet!
Go forward, superhero,
to anywhere you please!
Tokita, wake up! It's me!
The one I've been waiting for
since historic times!
Your flute's melody
is a sound for sore neurons!
Yes, try to remember.
Atsuko, the one you like!
It's me, at-chan!
A fragrant fat is a first-class lunch!
It needs a little more spice.
Maybe a little paprika?
What is this?
A big hole.
I can see that!
It's connected.
To the other world.
The other... you mean. 7?
What should we do?
Run? You think so too?
Well-rounded achievement
is missing a spice.
Paprika found!
Paprika! Shima!
Are you two okay?
Mr. konakawal - konakawa
I'm in a bind.
I can see that.
It's not that!
You're such a slob.
I know.
You're fat, slow and sloppy.
It's not the outside that counts,
but there's a limit to that too.
To think, a food disposal like you
is the genius of the century.
I swallow everything.
I know. You're so much fun.
Atsuko is dreaming.
What is that? Our chairman!
I feel great!
I am reborn!
Look! I am standing!
With my own legs!
I am perfect!
I can control the dreams,
and even death!
Now, to make
the cosmos complete...
I shall heal all deficiencies!
Way to go, lord of darkness!
Light and dark. Reality and dreams.
Life and death. Man and.?
Woman? Woman?
Then you add the missing spice.
- Paprika??
- Paprika?
The new cosmos begins with me!
Who is eating up my dream?
Is that paprika?
Well, it's a qirl.
Why won't you obey?
Have we awoken from the dream?
I just had the best dream.
I had a good dream too.
The first in a long time.
- I guess I've been dumped.
- You mean you were serious?
But paprika is a woman
in your dreams.
That's true. I'll see her
in my dreams again some day.
How are your dreams going?
I almost forgot about it.
Did you find out
what was causing it?
The cause
you didn't do anything wrong.
You just lived out our movie
in real life.
That's why you became a cop.
It's truth that came from fiction.
Always remember that.
Yeah, all the truths and the fiction.
I have a message for you
from miss paprika.
I heard you caught the perpetrator in
that homicide case. Congratulations.
I also have an announcement:
Atsuko's last name
will change to tokita.
The movie dreaming kids
was very good. I recommend it.
Dreaming kids
One adult, please.