Parachute (2023) Movie Script

Here's a picture of me
at 25 years old.
I have always been
pretty tiny,
but I just had belly fat
that I could not get rid of.
Here's a picture of me now,
with this program.
Here's what I eat in a day
as a gluten-free vegan.
I've been trying to learn
latte art,
but it's really hard
with my...
Is your mom coming?
I'm good!
I'm fine. Yeah.
Don't fucking call him.
There she is.
I missed you.
Ri Bread.
Oh! They let you out?
I can't be caged.
Well, hey, at least
you got your phone back.
Don't worry.
I'm never talking to him again,
and I blocked him.
On all your accounts?
I only have a Finsta now.
I fucking hate Instagram.
Dude, me too.
Ugh! Let's get the fuck
out of here.
- Bye! Fuck you!
- Fuck you!
Do you want to go to Cam's
going-away party with me?
The program said
I'm not allowed to date anyone.
We hate Cam.
Yeah, I know.
But there's an open bar,
so I hate her less.
Come on.
It'll be fun.
You can just look.
Come with me.
Are you kidding me?
Fuck it.
I don't want to go.
You are beauty.
You are grace.
Remember we watched
"Miss Congeniality" 18 times?
That's you! You're her!
What is love?
Baby, don't hurt me
Don't hurt me no more
I love this song!
Come on, We have to dance
to this song.
- You go ahead.
- Can I? Really?
Are you good?
You sure?
I'm good. I promise.
Will you be mad at me
if I leave you?
No, I won't be mad at you.
I'm gonna serenade you.
Serenade me! Yay.
What is love?
Can I sing with you?
Yeah, hey
Hey, you good?
I said are you doing good?
I'm good. You?
Yeah. Oh, yeah.
Are you gonna sing?
But you don't care
No. No. Are you gonna sing?
Oh, yeah. I already sang.
Oh, really?
Yeah. I went first.
Oh. Bold.
Well, I really like karaoke.
Uh, did you just get out
of a-- An institution?
Whoa. Oh, shit.
Like an asylum?
Oh, no.
I just got out
of the hospital.
Wow. Ethan.
I just got out of a jail.
Yeah. I swear to God.
Oh, you're lying.
No. Like a few hours ago.
This was, like,
the first place I went.
What did you do?
Okay. No one's listening,
so I'm gonna tell you.
Um, I was really drunk
on my friend's balcony,
and I had a bottle
of Fireball.
And, um, the--
The bottle of Fireball
was also on fire.
And then I threw that off
the balcony,
and it hit a car, which
belonged to a police officer.
But it was an accident.
On a cop car?
How is that an accident?
Oh, it's--
It's a long story.
Don't hurt me
Don't hurt me
That's my roommate, Justin.
This is my best friend,
Thank you. Thank you.
Um, I think I'm gonna
actually head out.
Um, I'm kind of hungry.
Are you hungry?
- Yeah.
- Yeah?
I was thinking about getting
out of here.
There's a Thai food place
down the block.
Do you like Thai food?
Do you want to come?
Okay. Great. Yeah.
C, I'm gonna go get food
with this stranger.
Okay. Well, so far,
I'm okay with it, I guess.
Are you good? Just text me.
Riley, seriously?
Okay. I'm good with it too.
You're a really good singer.
Thank you.
You can, like, sing.
Do you do this a lot?
What, eat curry?
Get curry with strangers
that you met 10 minutes ago.
I saw my ex-girlfriend
back there.
And we broke up today...
...and so I just--
I had to get out of there.
Jail and a breakup.
Mm. Okay.
I thought I was having
a rough day.
Well, I mean,
one sort of caused the other,
you know?
Okay, so, Ethan,
who just got out of jail,
what do you do for a living?
I'm an A&R
at an indie label in town.
I used to be
in this local band,
and we were--
We were kind of good...
...for a second.
And then we weren't so good.
And then we just became
And now I just listen
to other assholes
complain about not doing well
in their bands.
Wait. So, what band
were you an asshole in?
You're not gonna know it.
Try me. Maybe.
Neon Porches?
I loved Neon Porches.
Oh, my God.
You guys are, like,
2017 Brooklyn goals.
Very specific, but...
That's cool.
Do you still play?
Mm, not really.
What? Why?
It just stopped being fun
at a certain point.
I don't know.
How did you end up
at Cam's thing tonight?
Casey thought it was
a good idea to get out.
I've been inside a lot lately.
Mm. 'Cause of the asylum.
You don't have to tell me.
I don't know you.
I feel like
I kind of know you.
Mm. Well, you don't.
You're right.
I mean, you could be a
serial killer, for all I know.
Exactly. You don't know my
serial-killer trait.
Your what?
Like, if I killed
a bunch of people,
what would
my dead giveaway be?
If you killed
a bunch of people?
Well, okay.
I sleep in only socks.
Naked in socks.
Is that hot to you?
I hate musicals.
Wait. What? I love musicals.
Okay. No.
You are the serial killer.
No, you are--
You've killed.
No. You like musicals?
Musicals are beautiful.
You're-- That's messed up.
Okay. No.
If I did kill someone,
I would get away with it.
You know this?
I would.
That's terrifying.
I listen to
and watch a lot of true crime.
I'm basically
a 43-year-old white woman
from Minnesota.
I don't know.
Figuring out
other people's mysteries
distracts me from listening
to my own head.
That's a very self-aware
and insane answer.
Well, fuck-ton of therapy.
Everything okay?
Mm-hmm. Yeah. So good.
Um, yeah. It's really good.
I'm just gonna run
to the bathroom really quick.
I do love you.
So...see you in a little bit.
Uh, probably 15 minutes.
Love you.
We got super drunk, and this
cat came in in the mornings,
like, walking around
our kitchen.
It got in?
Yeah. Yeah.
He was, like, sort of limping
around, you know?
So we took him to the vet.
He hooked him up
with a little cast,
but then we were just like,
"We got to keep him."
So, you know,
now we have a cat.
I just have to make
something clear.
You don't like cats?
I can't have sex with you.
Oh. Okay.
So I just got out
of a hospital,
kind of like a rehab.
Not like rehab.
It was rehab.
And I wasn't gonna tell you,
but I don't want you to think
that I didn't want you
to come up,
'cause I do want you
to come up.
It's not because
I'm a sex addict.
Not that there's anything bad
being a sex addict.
I just can't date anyone
or be in a relationship.
And not that I'm assuming
that you want to be
in a relationship with me,
'cause it could just be sex,
which is...normal.
It's just research suggests
that relapses occur
after treatment
in the first year,
and it's a 12-step thing--
You know, like, one step,
two steps...
I don't have to come up.
I don't want to pressure you.
You're not pressuring me.
Whoa! Oh, my God.
This place is insane.
It's my mom's.
Wow. Your mom is very rich.
Okay, stop talking about my mom.
Uh, wait. Uh...
Uh, is everything okay? Um...
Fine. I'm sorry.
Oh, God. I'm sorry.
Don't even worry about it.
It's totally fine. Here--
Trust me.
It's been a day for me too.
Just go on and see
how these things work.
Um, ahem.
I'm sorry.
Uh, you want me to go?
No. Please. Uh...
Are you sure?
Do you want to g-go?
Which is weird,
'cause normally
when someone has that reaction
after seeing me naked,
I'm like,
"Ooh. Okay. I get it."
But, uh, I'm cool.
I-I'm sorry.
I'm just gonna put
my clothes back on, though.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.
Yeah. Sorry. Uh, of course.
I-- It would just be nice
not to be alone right now.
Yeah. No. Totally. I-I get that.
We'll just hang.
I'm gonna lounge.
Um, yeah.
Well, what do you want to do?
Actually, I have an idea.
The lights were a nice touch.
You really never made a fort
like this when you were a kid?
Oh, wow.
I guess I haven't lived.
It is very cozy.
Why have you kept that on?
Uh...I'll throw it away.
I just haven't yet.
Sometimes when I'm alone,
I forget things, and...
it's just a reminder
of how bad I fucked up
and to not fuck up again.
Yeah. I had an eating thing.
Had-- eating thing
as well as other stuff.
And I went to rehab
for body stuff.
And my head.
But also 'cause...
Well, I-I guess dying
is a bit dramatic.
But I just...
I guess I didn't really care
if I did or not.
But I guess there was also
a part of me
that didn't want to.
So I don't know, really.
I wasn't really thinking.
Kind of like now. Wow.
I'm telling you
a lot really quickly.
Thank you for telling me.
But's also
a good reminder, right?
That you're still here
and that you helped yourself.
You should celebrate that.
Wait. Oh, sorry.
I'm doing puff, puff, pass.
Is that wrong?
I like you.
How do you know?
Well, you've clearly never
been around yourself before.
I'm sorry. That was...
No, I'm sorry.
No. I thought it was wood.
I'm a mess.
No. I don't think
it was the wood.
That hurt.
I drank a lot.
It hurt?
No, no, no. No.
It wasn't you. I...
Never mind. I got in my head.
Are we friends?
Are we gonna be friends?
Yeah. Yeah.
I'm sorry
this is so complicated.
I... Maybe my body knew
that I wasn't supposed
to be doing this
and it just got closed up.
That makes sense. Yeah.
And I heard
what you were saying earlier.
I'm not trying
to fuck you up or anything.
No, no. No, I fucked up.
I fucked up.
And I did something that
I wasn't supposed to do, and...
it's been a weird
couple of months.
It's okay. Yeah.
It's been a weird
couple months for me too.
I like you too, by the way.
Uh, do you want to go watch
a movie downstairs?
Yeah, I do.
Okay. Cool.
Oh, sorry.
Thank-- Uh, yeah.
Today I'm gonna show you how
to pose your body for photos.
Yesterday, I felt cute,
went shopping--
And how are you?
Sorry. I...
You started midsentence.
I thought I missed something.
You didn't.
I'm fine.
So the last few weeks,
you canceled our appointments.
All okay?
Yeah, I just had stuff going on.
So, Riley, what do you hope
to get out of therapy?
I know that I need
to do something. therapists in rehab
helped me a little, I guess.
And then my mom sent me
to this guy who was weird,
and he smelled weird, and...
he fell asleep
in one of my sessions, so...
Well, I'm really glad
you're here.
It's nice to meet you, Riley.
Do you mind if I eat in here
while we do this?
Are you hungry?
I just-- I have a few rules
in my office.
No food, no coming in here
drunk, no dogs--
Which I really hate that one,
because I love dogs.
I just get distracted.
It's fine. I-I won't eat.
I'm always hungry,
especially when I don't
want to feel something.
So I get it.
Have you been going
to the 12-step meetings?
Yeah. I've been going.
Um, I've been trying to go.
I went to one, and it was
just people complaining
about office parties and pizza.
I just don't really get
how that's supposed to help me
and switch off what my brain
automatically does.
What does your brain do?
It races every time I see
another woman.
Am I bigger, smaller, the same?
And I can't help it.
It just-- It's automatic.
Like, even you.
I'm comparing myself.
No offense.
None taken.
I just feel like
that's being a woman
in today's society.
All women hate themselves.
I don't hate myself.
Yeah,'re beautiful,
And you're not?
Tell me what's been happening
since rehab.
Uh...I made a friend.
...for my H.P.
That being said, I'm really
here to pitch gratitude.
Thank you.
Thank you, Janis,
for your share.
You, sir.
Would you like to share?
Oh, uh, I'm actually
just here for moral support.
I'm friends with Riley.
Uh-- Oh, I'm sorry. Am I
not supposed to say your name?
No, you can say my name.
Yeah, right?
Oh, okay. Yeah.
I'm not part of the anonymous
program or anything,
but I'm not gonna tell anyone
I was here.
And I won't tell anyone
you guys are here either.
Stop talking.
This is a closed meeting.
Tell me how you made it
this far in your life
without ever changing
a light bulb.
I had Hunter do it,
and before that, I guess
my mom had the handyman.
Oh. Handyman.
I just feel like I'm gonna
screw it in too hard,
and then it's gonna smash
or I'm going
to electrocute myself.
Well, actually,
there's nothing less scary
than changing a light bulb.
I haven't done it before.
And because I haven't
done it before,
I don't know
what's gonna happen,
so I feel like shit.
You are the most self-aware
inexperienced person
I've ever met.
Well, you're lucky
that you're normal.
I just wish
I could feel differently.
I think the tools to fix that
are in, um, Aisle 3.
But you have to bring
your goggles.
This way.
This way. Bring your goggles.
There you are.
Sorry I'm late.
I couldn't find anything
to wear.
Oh. Wow.
Looks great. Wait, wait, wait.
Um, before we go,
I have a little surprise.
Just close your eyes
really quickly.
One, two, three. Open!
Now you can feel differently.
Do you get it?
No, I don't get it.
Okay. So, bugs feel
with their antennae.
This is how they feel things.
Okay. All right.
You're so stupid.
I know. I know. I know.
I'm an idiot. Okay.
It actually kind of works.
You two have done
a lot together.
It sounds pretty great.
And if you weren't gonna
hang out with Ethan tonight,
what would you want to do?
What do you mean?
I don't think you mentioned
what you do for work.
I didn't.
Um, I'm interviewing
at my friend Casey's work,
uh, today, after this.
Something you like doing?
Dinner theater?
Fun. That's...very cool.
Could you possibly hang out
with...those people?
You know, at your new job.
Maybe your friend Casey.
I have plans with Ethan.
Riley, there's a reason
why the 12-step program
discourages us
from being in a relationship
in our first year.
But it's not a relationship.
It's a friendship.
That's true.
Do you want to be
in a relationship with Ethan?
Actually, I'd like to go.
You have fun tonight, okay?
Next week?
Uh, I'll call.
Our last hostess, Paige.
She ran off to the U.K. again
with the Gorillaz.
The band.
Do you like the Gorillaz?
Okay. Great. Great.
That's great.
But no hosting experience.
No, but I host
a great dinner party.
I didn't think
that would count.
Um, I went to school
for journalism,
but obviously, I'm not doing
that right now, and I've j--
Oh, my God, Denise.
Can you just not today?
What? I'm practicing.
Uh, sorry.
Uh, what was the question?
I have no idea.
I have been directing
this thing for years,
and I swear,
every single time,
some asshole figures out
who the killer is
within the first 25 minutes.
I'm thinking about killing off
one of the staff members,
like, right in the middle
of the show.
Just throw people off
the scent.
Yeah. That could work.
Okay, have a past.
I can appreciate that.
You have sad eyes.
I can relate to that.
Can you do a British accent?
Um, like...
'Ello, guv'nor.
Mm. So that's not gonna work.
Yeah. I--
I can help her with that though.
Okay, whatever.
Just seat people
at the right tables.
You're hired.
Thank you.
It's a great shirt, Bryce.
Thank you.
I can't do an English accent.
I think you just got a job!
You didn't tell me.
Knock, knock.
I'm sorry.
Coming through.
Well, I've got a little
something for you.
Um, I just wanted to say
You know, you're employed.
Like, it's...
You know,
there's a lot to celebrate.
So I thought I'd get you
a little something.
It's a ladybug.
Thank you. It's so cute.
You know. Like the antennas.
I love it. Thank you.
You do?
Yeah, I love it.
Okay. Good.
Let me put it on you.
Oh. Here you go.
Thank you.
It's a reminder.
It's like your hospital band,
but, you know, a lot nicer.
Thank you.
I love it.
...where you're not gonna be
the sole individual
out here...
My therapist thinks
I'm using you to, like...
us, this-- To be...
Wait. What? I use you?
I mean... 'Cause think about it.
Like, think how many meals we
put on your mom's credit card.
I think it's probably the
cousin who used to be a cop.
Mm. I was thinking that too.
They always do these, like,
confession tactics
to try to get these guys
to say stuff
that they don't mean.
I'm getting on the bike.
Yeah. I'm gonna get changed.
But don't leave.
Yeah. I won't.
Riley, this is Denise,
Katie, and Devon.
Guys, this is Riley,
my best friend
that I was telling you about.
I have to go get ready.
Devon is gonna show you
your cubby, right, Devon?
And you're good?
Mm-hmm. Yeah.
You sure?
Yeah. Okay.
Okay. I'm so excited.
I'm Steve,
but you can call me Devon.
Let's get you
your first-day shot, right?
Drinking on the job.
Max, this is Riley,
our new hostess.
Would you be a doll and
pour her her first-day shot?
So the only thing you need
to know about working here
is that the show sucks.
And even when people guess it
right away,
you just kind of have
to power through
and pretend to be shocked.
It's Mrs. Ott, the maid, right?
The blond girl? Thanks.
Mm. How did you guess that?
I-I-I have to talk to Bryce.
Sorry. Max, walk with me.
We'll be right back. Sorry.
Oh, my God. Careful.
Did you see that ass?
I do love you.
So...see you in a little bit.
Uh, probably 15 minutes.
Love you.
...October 23rd,
at 4:44 p.m.
The prosecutors had
a different time
in the case file.
...alarming to me.
We finally get ahold
of Jeremy
and ask to go see him
in the jail.
He wanted to talk to Daniel
and clear his name
on that front.
He didn't want to talk about
the murders
on the side of the road,
let alone Miranda
and her statement
she made about him.
Ladies, this is your week's
weekly Wednesday wisdom.
Please shave the arm hair.
...give us some insight.
Jeremy had tried to change
his identity many times.
This was also redacted
from the case file,
and this was also left out of
the files given to the D.A.
We asked him
about the blond wig
that was left on the side
of the road that day.
He said that although
he changed his identity,
he never wore a wig,
and he seemed perplexed
by our questioning, almost...
...I think because
I do believe
the original statements
made by Miranda.
The fact she went against
her original statements
makes it seem that the police
were involved.
We did ask him
about the night of the 23rd.
He did have
a very tight alibi.
There was something
about his answers
that were slightly abrupt.
Yeah. I noticed that too.
All right, let's now get into
the rest of the week.
Um...what are you up to?
Um, well,
I'm actually staying
at my parents' place right now,
and they're sleeping, so...
Wait. Why?
You didn't...say anything.
Oh. Yeah. I don't know.
I just...
Yeah. What's up?
Nothing. I was just...
I can let you go.
I just needed to talk.
No. I can-- I can talk.
Also, you don't have to whisper,
'cause they can't hear you,
Fuck, I can't do it. If you
whisper, I want to whisper.
Okay. Well,
I'm gonna talk normally,
so you can talk normal too.
What'd you do today?
I met up with Vic for a bit.
She needed help
with her landlord,
so we caught up.
We missed each other.
I mean, I still care about her.
Nice. Um...
I mean, that's cool that you
guys can still be friends.
Are you still g--
Are you getting back together?
No. Oh, my God.
Of course not.
I mean... No.
Are you okay?
Yeah. I'm probably
just gonna go to bed.
All right. Okay.
Okay. Bye!
Love you.
Love you.
What are you doing?
Sorry. I...
That's disgusting.
Who is she?
Um...can you actually
come over?
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.
I can, uh--
I'll be there in an hour.
Um, can you get me, um,
frozen yogurt?
I haven't eaten anything
all day.
Mm. Yeah.
I'll see if I can find
something open.
I love you.
Mm-hmm. Bye.
You're so fucking pathetic.
You cannot fucking eat.
I need to...
Fucking piece of shit.
Fucking piece of shit.
You're fucking pathetic!
Ugh! Fuck!
I hate this.
I can't--
Help me to fucking figure
this shit out.
Please help me do this.
Why can't I do this?
I don't want to.
You okay?
I'm just gonna go
to the bathroom.
So J asked me
to move in with him.
You know, he can't live
with Ethan forever, so...
Big next steps.
Did you hear anything
that I said?
Oh, God.
You know,
since you've been dating Max,
he hasn't talked to you
at work once.
We're trying to keep it
a secret.
Maybe he is.
I mean, he's...
Jesus Christ.
I mean, dude,
he literally asked me
if John Lennon was still alive
last week.
Need I say anything else?
Sweetie, sex with Max is dumb.
That's why it's good.
He's not the person
that you're gonna end up with.
I'll be, um...
I'll be right back.
Oh, hi. Hi!
Oh. Sorry I'm late.
Oh, it's okay.
I got you a drink.
Thank you.
And I got the corner area.
You look nice.
Thank you.
I like your jacket.
Oh! Well, it's-- It's new.
I have something to tell you.
So now that I have more
than a year now of recovery,
it means I can be
in a relationship.
I can date people now,
and I think I'm ready.
Oh, hey. Max, over here.
Uh, Max, Ethan. Ethan, Max.
- Hi.
- Ethan is my best friend.
Nice to meet you.
Riley's mentioned you.
Um, how did you guys meet?
Riley and I work together.
Okay. At work.
I'm actually gonna grab
a drink.
Okay. Cool.
So Max and I
are hanging out now.
Yeah. I got that part.
I'm a little confused, though.
I know y-you can date now
because of the steps
and stuff,
but you feel ready enough
to date...that guy?
You're hanging out
with Vic again.
Well, I helped her
with her landlord once.
Not really the same.
My bad, Riley.
Did you want something?
Oh, no. I'm fine.
Ethan got me something.
Hey, Frank. What's up?
What? Hold on.
Your dad. He's messed up.
Oh, shit. Okay. Wait.
Hold on.
Oh! Hey!
Hey! Hey, Dad.
Hey! There he is.
Everything all right?
What are you doing here?
Frank called me.
Oh, that dick.
Yeah. We're just over here.
Were you coming
to the meeting?
No, no. I'm--
I'm taking you home.
Okay. Let's calm down.
Everybody calm down.
Okay. I'm calm. I'm calm.
Just calm down.
I got my car right here.
Right here.
Dad, what are you doing?
I know what you want.
All right.
Did I tell you
Marty's having an affair?
Did I tell you that?
Poor Heidi.
You're my best friend.
You know that?
I know you say that,
but I don't know if you know.
Oh. We're gonna stop
at the store.
I want you to turn up here.
What? No, Dad.
We're gonna go home.
Ethan, just stop at the store.
I got to sleep.
Hey, it's been forever.
Um, sorry for calling
so late. Uh...
Lately what's been happening
is I try to imagine...
...I know
what you're thinking,
but, you know, Max and I
have a lot in common.
And also I've been going
back to meetings,
and stuff is better.
Um, but, yeah.
I just wanted to make sure
you were okay,
and I was wondering if I'm
still invited to your place
for Thanksgiving.
Um, if not, it's fine.
Max is headed on vacation
with his family,
and my mom is, um...
Yeah. I'll figure it out.
Yeah. Okay. Let me know.
And I'm sorry
for not calling before.
Um...yeah. Okay.
Love you. Bye.
I got it!
Look who's here!
Hey, kiddo.
Hi! How are you guys?
Good to see you!
...and then the baroness dies,
and everyone comes
to the table,
and the investigator questions
the cast.
Is it Miss Ott, the nanny?
Is it? Oh, my God.
It's pretty obvious, huh?
No, it's not.
Honey, no.
No. It's okay.
I am impressed!
No, it's okay.
It is bad.
It's pretty bad.
Well, thanks.
You should rewrite it.
You'd do a good job with it too.
She knows everything
about murder mysteries.
It's actually kind of scary.
It's the owner's baby,
so I don't know
if he would let me.
You never know. You can try.
Says the guy who doesn't
try to play again.
Sorry. Uh, does anyone
want anything while I'm up?
I think...I think we're okay.
No, no. No.
Ethan, it's-- I'm okay.
Are you okay?
No, no. I'm good.
He's fine, honey.
No. Listen.
It's, um...
it's Thanksgiving.
And I, uh, want to say
how grateful I am
for this family.
And I-I...
We have our health--
We don't need a whole speech.
No. Etha-- Ethan.
Please let me finish.
Please, please,
please, please.
And even though...
Even though, uh, I had
some health things this year,
I am a lot better
because of the family.
Mm. Absolutely.
And so thank you for...
taking care of this old man
and for sticking there with me
and not giving up on me,
'cause I know it wasn't fun.
But you have to make
the best out of it,
'cause that's what life is.
And sometimes you have to look
at the positive
because you can't be
always so concerned
with what's wrong
all the time, Ethan.
Shit happens.
What are you even
talking about?
I-I am saying
that life happens, right?
I mean, did we-- Did we want
to have kids so young?
Oh, my God. No, we didn't.
Jesus Christ, man.
You know we didn't.
No. No, we didn't,
but then we went all in.
And it was the best thing
we ever did.
Of course it was.
No. Lisa-- Lisa...
Of course it was.
I'm j-- I'm just using--
I'm just using it
as an example.
I'm just using it example
because he's not happy,
and he doesn't need to be.
I'm just telling him to make
the most out of life.
And so whatever happened
or didn't happen...
Okay. You know what?
We don't need to discuss this
right now.
It's a holiday dinner,
we're having a lovely time--
Okay, okay. Listen, I just want
you to be happy, buddy.
You hate your job.
You're working
for other people!
Okay. Stop.
What happened to you?
What happened to the guy
with all the lyrics?
And she's got a boyfriend.
I mean, maybe it's time
to just let it go,
'cause it is weird.
I just want you to be happy.
Do you think
this makes me happy?
Are you fucking happy? Huh?
I mean, look at you.
Come on. Sit the fuck down.
You look fucking creepy.
Get your hands off me!
Oh, my God!
Are you okay?
Actually, I-I got brok--
I-I got broken up with today.
I...I don't have a boyfriend.
Sorry. Um...sorry.
Well, this has been
really lovely.
Oh, honey. Honey--
Um, I'm...I'm gonna g--
I should probably...
Thank you for, um...
This is where things
get complicated in the case.
Hey. Are you okay?
I'm sorry. I didn't know...
It's fine. It's okay. to help,
and I-I panicked.
What happened with Max?
She weighs like 90 pounds.
This Instagram model that Max
is with in Aruba or some shit.
I shouldn't have put it back
on my fucking phone.
Why do I do this?
Why do I pick people
that want fucking models
or girls who know
how to wear a swimsuit
without having a panic attack?
Like, I get it.
I'm a lot.
I'm the one that has to deal
with me all the time.
I'm this jiggly,
kind of fucking chubby,
average fuck-up...
Hey. Hey. Hey.
...that no one stays around for.
No one stays around.
My mom can't even
fucking handle me.
Everyone wants to cheat on me.
I'm that fucking pathetic.
Did you know
I can't even take a shower
because it means
I have to take my clothes off
and look at myself
in the mirror?
That's how fucking pathetic
I am.
I can't even take
a fucking shower!
You do this, you know?
It's like those voicemails
from Hunter.
You-- You refuse to delete
those messages
because you're some sort
of masochist.
I mean, you're so much better
than all this--
Than-- Than Max, than Hunter,
than some fucking influencer
in Aruba.
God. You know what?
I wish I could just give you
my eyeballs just for one day
so you could just see
what I'm seeing,
'cause I have no idea what
the hell are you looking at
when you look in the mirror.
I love you.
And I don't--
I don't mean that
in the way that we normally
say it to each other.
I love you.
Since, like,
the minute I met you, okay?
All of you.
I think you're beautiful and--
And flawed and irritating,
and I just can't see you
do this to yourself anymore.
Y-You're like the smartest,
most self-aware,
insane person I've ever met,
and you're not even fat!
Not even a little bit,
you fucking crazy person.
Just don't trust your brain,
If you want to know
what you look like,
just ask me,
and I'll tell you.
You're perfect.
I love you too.
Please don't leave.
Morning, Riley.
You scared the shit out of me.
Yeah. Sorry about that.
You want-- You want breakfast?
Mm-mm. No, no, no.
I'm good. Um, I'm leaving.
That's really embarrassing.
Well, don't worry.
I took first prize
for embarrassment last night.
He should be up soon.
It was fun last night, right?
Yeah, it was.
Thank you for having me.
I love your home,
and I...I love your family.
Me too.
Uh...I should probably go.
So, what's been happening?
Been really good lately.
Really good.
Eating clean, no bad foods.
Just trying
to take care of myself.
There's no bad or good.
It's just food.
Just you.
You're not bad or good, right?
So two years since
in treatment.
Yeah. Yeah, I guess.
You gonna hang out
with Ethan tonight?
Uh...I don't...
Yeah, I don't really know
if we're going to.
Tell me what's going on.
I'm here.
Tell me what happened.
You want to tell me
what's going on?
What's wrong with me?
There's nothing
wrong with you, B.
Just tell me what's up.
Can you not?
Why'd you leave?
Can you stop?
No, I want to have
this conversation.
What are you doing?
Fucking stop!
I've been lying to you.
I have not been doing good
for the past year.
I'm glad you're telling me.
In that moment
when I'm eating something
or starving myself,
I feel okay
and I can't hear my head.
But then it ends, and...
I'm alone and I can hear
my head again,
and I have to make it stop.
You know, it's the only thing
I can count on.
The only thing?
I used to not hear anything
when I was with Ethan.
Can I hug you?
Yeah. Okay.
Ah. Jeez, man.
What's good?
Oh, you know, just, um...
working and drinking.
But, dude, I mean...
you're getting married.
It's so crazy.
It's wild.
You fucking moved out on me.
You sad? I know.
I'm sad.
Yeah. I'm sorry, man.
I got to watch "Long Island
Medium" by myself.
I got to spread my wings.
I got to leave the nest.
I know, I know.
Don't let me hold you back.
I can take a hot shower,
I like hot showers,
But for three hours?
I have to pamper myself.
I don't need to know
all the-- The whole process.
Look at us,
being adults and shit.
I know. Adults and shit.
Yeah. Yeah.
Is she all right?
I don't know.
I mean, no, I don't think so.
I don't know when things got
so weird between us.
And she used to want my help,
but now it's like...
it's just not...
It's not the same.
It's all fucked up.
You know you're doing this
to yourself, right?
Yeah, but, uh...
I don't know
what I'm supposed to do.
Sorry to break it to you,
but this is not your job.
Never was.
They're not gonna
change for you.
Maybe they're not gonna
change at all.
Go do you.
It's not selfish.
It's necessary.
I'm gonna finish helping out.
Oh, yeah,
I'll come help soon.
My husband was
a real scoundrel.
I'm the investigator here,
and I'm gonna solve
the case of whodunit.
You did it.
No, no,
I've been here the whole eve.
Well, that was a joke.
That was the fucking matinee.
God, I'm gonna have to sell
this place.
It wasn't that bad.
It sucks.
So my dad was into
murder mysteries.
We loved watching
Dateline together.
It was kind of our thing.
And we'd always try
to guess the ending.
Has he come to the show?
Uh, no. He died when I was 19.
I'm sorry.
No, it's okay.
He liked things
that made you think.
And I guess his favorite part
about it
was solving the puzzle.
I guess that's
my favorite part too.
You know, I kind of get
a little high
when I figure it all out.
I think the show has
everything that it needs
to be a great puzzle.
I do.
And I don't want to step
on anyone's toes,
but I think
I could rewrite it.
I'm pretty good at this stuff.
Some have said
that it's terrifying.
I think I could do it.
Yeah, let's do it.
All right.
All right.
Proud of you.
Thank you.
I'm actually pretty proud
of myself.
So where's Ethan these days?
Is he...
How is he?
I haven't seen him much
since I moved out,
and he's been so busy
with Gwen--
I swear to God...
Sometimes, I swear to God...
Who's Gwen?
Do you guys hang out with her?
She's nice.
She's a lawyer.
We hung out with her once.
Who are you texting?
No one.
Don't text Ethan.
I'm not texting Ethan, Casey.
Oh. Max.
Really? Is this how little
you think of yourself?
He didn't hear the news
that I'm doing the rewrite.
No. No. No.
I can text whoever I want,
You're always doing whatever
you want, that's the problem!
I don't want to talk
about this right now.
You love Ethan,
you hate Ethan,
you have sex with Ethan,
you don't want
anything to do with Ethan.
So what?
And now that he might finally
be happy
with someone else,
you freak out
and text someone who wants--
I'm happy for him!
--literally nothing
to do with you?
I'm sorry, but it's true.
Max wants nothing
to do with you.
Riley, you--
You have to stop.
You have to stop
using things and people
instead of dealing
with your shit.
And we see, we have to watch
what you're doing to yourself,
and it sucks for us.
The people that love you
and care about you
and want you to stop being
such a huge asshole
all the time.
It's okay, babe. It's okay.
I'm pregnant.
And I have wanted to tell you
for so long.
But we've always been just
so wrapped up in your shit
that it never felt
like the right time.
Look, I-I know
that you are hurting,
and I know
that you have real shit,
but we all do.
So please, just get it
the fuck together.
I do love you.
See you in a little bit.
Uh, probably 15 minutes.
I do love you.
See you in a little bit.
Uh, probably 15 minutes.
All right? Love you.
I do love you.
Thanks for meeting me.
Yeah, no problem.
I feel like a shit friend.
Yeah? What did she say?
That we were too busy
dealing with my problems
to talk about her.
And that I'm selfish.
Oh, she should know that
about you by now.
That's part of your charm.
What are we getting here?
Oh, do you want to come over
and watch
that new crime doc tomorrow
about that girl in Ohio?
Uh, I would, but I have
a meeting tomorrow.
Did you figure out how
you're gonna rewrite the show?
Who's your meeting with?
You're gonna answer
a question with a question?
Isn't that just what you did?
Ah, touch.
Oh, my God.
What are you doing here?
Yeah, just, uh, shopping.
We-- We just got
an apartment together,
so we gotta get the apartment,
you know, things.
Um, yeah.
This is, uh,
my girlfriend, Danielle.
Nice to meet you.
Nice to meet you.
Hey, man.
I'm Hunter.
Hey. Ethan.
Nice to meet you.
Oh, sorry.
Yeah, this is my friend Ethan.
Wow, it's crazy
running into you here.
Yeah. How are you? You good?
I'm good. Yeah.
Um, how's your...
How's your brother?
Oh, yeah, he, uh...
He's working for my uncle
out of town now.
Yeah, I had to get that guy
out of my place.
Especially because
Dani here is a nurse,
and she works nights,
so I couldn't have Kev
fucking around, you know?
Graveyard shift.
Which is an odd thing to say
when you work in the hospital.
Where'd you get that jacket?
You from around here, man?
Um... Oh, sorry.
I actually grew up in Queens.
Excuse me. Sorry.
Um, L Train.
L Train, yeah.
Yeah. Cool.
It was really nice to meet you.
You too.
It was great running
into you, Ri.
You seem good.
All right.
Hey, um, yeah.
Nice to meet you both.
Take care.
Have a good one.
You okay?
Yeah, I'm okay. I'm okay.
You sure?
Yeah. Time in.
All right.
Let's, uh...
Let's find a vacuum.
Mm-hmm. Yep.
Oh, sh...
Um, excuse me.
How did you get in here?
This is my apartment,
and that is my stuff.
What are you doing?
Hi. You're here.
Mom. What...
What is happening?
It's good to see you too.
I like your hair.
Mom, what is happening?
Who's your friend?
Hi. I'm Ethan.
Oh, of course.
Ethan. I'm Olivia.
Riley's mother.
Nice to meet you.
You are not taking care
of yourself or this apartment.
How would you know?
You don't live here.
I pay the rent.
I'm trying to help you.
We need to move you.
Mind taking this downstairs...
...and giving us a few,
please? Yes, Riley.
I cannot continue to pay
for you and your friends
if you're gonna take
this place for granted.
Fine. Fine, I'll get
my own apartment.
Honey, you have no money.
How will you get an apartment?
I have a job!
I've had a job for a while!
Oh, my.
Well, where is that money going?
You can't just waltz in here
and clear out my shit.
Like, why now?
Why are you here now?
This is the first time I've
seen you in like three years.
I was worried about you,
and my intuition is never wrong.
Where was your intuition
when I was in rehab?
Oh, please.
Eating too much because
you can't control yourself
is not a disorder.
And you, honey,
are not starving.
You can't even admit
that there's a problem?
I don't feel bad for you, Riley.
Is that what this is?
I wanted you to pick me up!
All right. Let's just go.
I would have.
I didn't know
it was important to you.
We can just go.
Please, this is what she does.
She acts like a child.
No, Mom!
You're gonna save the world
and she's worried
about her jeans size.
She can't take care
of herself.
and whose fault is that?
Oh, please, I know your type.
She pays for all your meals,
sometimes even your rent.
She supports you,
so technically, I support you.
I mean, that must be the reason
you hang around her
all the time.
Honestly, Olivia,
go fuck yourself.
Come on.
Do you need to call Gwen?
No, it's fine.
I used to come to this place
all the time when I was a kid.
You play Mancala?
No. What is that?
It's this game.
It's really fun.
But, um...
Yeah. Um...
I like this place.
Feels like your family.
My aunt and uncle
said we can eat
whatever's in the kitchen,
but, I mean,
we could just order food too.
Yeah. Yeah, that sounds good.
We also have...
Yeah. Come on.
I deserve one after today.
Come on.
All right, I'll just have one.
Yeah. Me too.
What happened?
Why didn't we work?
Oh, well, I think
we worked just fine.
Just maybe not in the way
that people might expect.
Maybe it was timing.
You know, I think about it
all the time.
What if we worked?
I think something just didn't
really click all the way.
Yeah, but...
You told me you love me.
I wasn't lying.
Do you still?
Love me?
Ri, stop. Please.
I can't.
Because I don't want to.
This doesn't work right.
Oh, my God.
What, you love her?
That Gwen girl?
What? No.
Yeah, you love her.
Oh, my God. No.
This isn't about Gwen, okay?
This is... Shit.
Oh, my God.
Okay, I-I've been going
to these meetings.
These, like, Al-Anon meetings.
I mean, not...
It's for my dad and Vic
a-and you, but...
I know it's weird.
I don't even really fully
understand what it means,
but I had to do something.
Okay. So I'm...
Okay, so I'm just something
that you have to go
to a program to get rid of?
What? No. No.
Like I'm a project
that you just want
to fucking end?
No, of course not.
Okay. Fuck you.
No. Fuck you.
I pay for your sorry ass.
I listen to your shitty bands
that you sign
to your shitty fucking job.
Yeah. Okay.
I know, I know.
It's really shitty.
But at least I do something.
M-Maybe it's not exactly what
I want to be doing ultimately,
but at least I'm not
sitting around
hoping that someone else
carries me through my life.
I never asked you to carry me.
I never asked you
to do anything for me.
I help you, you help me.
I need you, you need me.
That's how it fucking goes.
I love you.
And you're trying
to get rid of me.
I fucking love you!
Riley, you don't love me.
I do!
You're not even
my fucking girlfriend.
You love this.
You love this.
This is your whole
fucking identity.
You take the fall
for other people.
You clean up
other people's shit.
Your personality is playing
the fucking victim.
You clean up
other people's shit because
you don't know how to fucking
do anything for yourself!
"Oh, my God, please!
Don't leave me alone!"
Well, I'm sorry, Riley,
but you are alone.
And you're gonna be
alone forever
if you don't figure out
how to do something
for yourself for once.
What about you?
Why is Neon Porches
a pathetic one-hit wonder?
Oh, my God, of course.
Here we go again.
Because you're too busy
being a fucking savior.
You leech onto other people
'cause you can't look
at yourself
and you can't deal with the fact
that you're a fucking failure.
You are the biggest
fucking narcissist
I have ever met in my life.
Hunter was right.
Casey was right.
You ever think about that?
Maybe it's not them.
Maybe it's not me.
Maybe it's you.
Maybe you're
the fucking problem.
You're just mad because
I don't want to fuck you.
You only like being fucked
by things that hate you
as much as you hate yourself.
Can't even screw in
a fucking light bulb.
Shut the fuck up! Stop!
Stop, stop, stop.
Stop, stop, stop, stop.
Stop. Stop!
Fuck. Ugh!
Hey, girl!
Ri Bread!
Where are you?
Come here, we miss you.
We miss you.
Hey, I know you had
a bad day,
but I got a drink here
with your name on it.
So...I love you.
I'll see you soon. Bye.
Riley? You hear me?
I'm coming in.
Hey, hey, hey. Stop.
Stop. Riley, come on.
Oh, shit. What did you take?
Come on, get it up.
Get it up.
Can you hear me? Oh, shit.
Fuck! Oh, my God.
It's okay.
It's okay. It's okay.
Hold on. Hold on, hold on.
I don't want...
I know. I know.
I know. I know. I know.
Hold on.
Hey, stay with me.
Stay with me.
You're awake.
Ethan called me.
I told him to go home.
He'd been here all night.
I didn't want to do it.
I don't want to do it.
I wasn't thinking.
I loved your father.
And I love you.
I tried to give you
what I didn't have.
And I thought it was enough.
Mom, I gotta learn
how to screw in a light bulb.
They didn't have anything
that said,
"I hate you for scaring me
and you're a stupid idiot
with really, really beautiful
brown eyes."
So I got you this.
And I'm glad that you're okay.
I'm sorry.
You can't ever do that again.
I love you. I love you.
I love you.
Do you guys want to see
the dessert menu?
I'll bring that over to you
in just a second.
I knew it was you.
You know where you're going?
Call my lawyer!
Tell my kids I love them!
Oh, come on.
You guys killed it!
It was perfect.
Oh, there she is!
Thank you so much.
It was so amazing.
Thank you!
Everyone loved it.
They loved it. Thank you.
Thank you. Gosh.
And you'd better
celebrate with us!
You're Auntie Ri-Ri!
Uh-oh! Yeah!
Hey! Uncle Ethan!
What's good? Yeah.
Totally, totally, totally...
Oh, my God.
Oh, that's good.
I like that.
I know, I know, I know.
Good luck...
Okay! We're gonna get started.
Everybody gather around.
Make a little circle here.
Uh, I love each
and every one of you.
Thanks for coming, guys.
Well, uh, this is a big deal.
I'm in love with this little
bundle of joy in her belly.
Girl, guy,
whatever they identify as,
we will be the most
loving and nurturing parents
there is.
Yeah, you will!
Everyone clap.
All right.
Let's get this started.
Let's get it going!
Thank you.
All right.
Well, careful where
you're pointing it.
All right. From five.
Five, four...
I love you.
And you deserve
to be so happy.
But I'm keeping you
from getting better.
I need you to just let me
let you go, okay?
Just let me let you go.
Oh, my God.
Oh, my God.
Is everyone okay?
I'm so sorry.
You can just leave it.
I'm sorry.
Can I just say something?
I hate therapy.
Some people do.
I know I'm...
emotional and sensitive
and dramatic.
And sometimes selfish, needy.
Ethan used to tell me that...
I was the most self-aware
person he'd ever met.
But I've hurt a lot of people
in the past few years.
People I care about.
Mostly myself.
And I don't want
to do that anymore.
I want to be okay...
with me.
And do you want
to get better?
Yeah, I do.