Parada (2011) Movie Script

God bless.
God bless.
Please hold on, brother!
Its nothing, Ive been shot heaps.
Wheres the doctor?
Go to reception first.
If he doesnt survive,
neither will you.
Hes alive.
And so are you.
Sugars a good boy.
like his owner.
Its your lucky day.
My wife left some cash in the robe.
What, its not enough?
- Youre one horrible brutal man!
- I dont have more...
I just saved your dogs life.
Look at him, hes crying...
If Id smacked you a few times,
Id get it.
But I havent even touched you.
We co-operated so well.
Is it because
I didnt go to reception?
Okay, okay, Im going now.
30 June 2001.
First attempt at Pride in Serbia.
We hope
these images belong in the past,
at least here in our city.
But our friend here, a guest
from the Montenegro LGBT Centre,
unfortunately saw that homophobia,
hatred and intolerance
still rule in this region.
But we hope
that 10 years after the shameful...
Are you ready to take responsibility for
violence on the streets next weekend?
What are your views
about the Orthodox Church
statement against the Pride parade?
That same head of the church...
Hello, sick people...
Please leave me alone!
Bloody faggots!
- Go defend human rights in Kosovo!
- Shut up, you fucking bitch!
Hey man, everythings okay.
Run, police!
Kill, slaughter, faggots dont exist!
No, I wasnt beaten up this time.
Someone just spat in my face.
A slimy one.
Yeah, I was lucky.
Sorry, but I dont think one parade
can change anything.
Thats my opinion.
Well, Im sorry too.
But at least I dont
stick my head in the sand.
I dont stick my head in the sand.
I just want to have a normal life.
This is why I love my patients.
They dont call me a faggot,
an ass-licker...
Easy for you to say.
While Im on the barricades, you...
I have to go... see you.
You should report this, son.
Its the third time in the last 2 months.
Its just the regular maintenance.
Your late mother used to like
navy blue and metallic grey colours.
It would look like a sports car.
But someone likes this colour.
Wolf, can you take this Mini?
Boss, give it to someone else.
Im too busy.
I can go some other place.
Dont be silly,
youll always get a discount here.
Hey, Boss,
when will the grandkids come?
Thanks for the discount, Dad.
Your son is really taking his time.
- Whose wedding is this?
- The Glembay wedding.
Somehow it looks old-fashioned.
Perhaps youve got something
more current, you know?
Excuse me, we dont...
- What did you study?
- Theatre directing.
- Hilarious.
- Yes.
Excuse me, your future husband,
has he got any ideas?
If you were asking him...
it would be... chaos.
- But hes not being asked, get it?
- I see.
See, Sugar, those were real movies.
Real mates, like me and you.
Wait, easy... easy.
Come on,
the plane is flying, flying...
What are you doing?
Look, an old fart playing the flute.
Shes quite manly, that one.
Whats this?
Sandwiches of some kind?
Live fish in a glass...
Whod eat that?
So what will it cost, besides my mates
taking the piss for the rest of my life.
If you ask me, your friends
dont have to come at all.
We can take a loan.
A loan?
I was taking loans with an AK47
in the nineties, without hostages.
Youre such a redneck.
A real redneck.
And the old woman
doesnt play a flute, its a harp!
But why? I dont think thats something
you should be proud of.
The action group Tolerance
has received mixed public response.
The stench has poisoned and polluted
our ancient city of Belgrade.
Rest assured, this is a prelude
to the destruction of our nation...
Ive had my daily dose of Fascism,
unlike you.
Youre like those cute peasants
in The Magnificent Seven.
You need protection.
Ill be your bodyguard on Sunday.
Feel that...
Id still prefer police protection.
Therell be one of the Seven...
Whos your favourite?
Yul Brynner?
What happened to the car?
The engine sounded strange.
Excuse me, since when
are you an engine expert?
Lets just sleep.
Steve McQueen.
Move it, Fatso.
You came to do judo?
Or do you need protection?
Theres table tennis but no yoga.
Come in, Fatso.
We do need a punching bag.
Excuse me, I came to enquire
about a beginners course...
Well done, now you just need
to learn how to ride a bike.
- Take over.
- Sure, Boss.
Look at him run...
We found out who shot the dog.
Hello, loser.
Sir is only joking.
Were playing cowboys.
Please, dont.
Where will your soul end up?
Tell him to stop, you idiot.
Radojsa, stop it, you little fucker!
- Who paid you?
- Pardon?
- Are you screwing with me?
- I cant hear, the kids are shouting.
Shell come now.
Get the kids.
Im trying to talk to this guy.
Forgive me.
Ill owe you big time
if you shoot him now like a dog.
Thats all I can tell you.
- Lemon, see who Im living with?
- Who paid you?
Please, I wont see the dawn.
If I tell you, theyll kill me.
You can do jail.
I have to take care of my family.
And I didnt shoot you.
Thats how you screwed yourself.
Oh, fuck...
Hey, what do you think?
Will he choose where to bite you,
or will you?
Please dont, Lemon, mate...
Hell go for my neck, right?
If I know him, yes.
Here... And fuck you both!
Lets go, Sugar.
An official request?
For that parade?
What do you call it?
- Pride.
- Yes, that.
I was the principal in a kids
correctional institution for years.
I know about institutional pederasty.
Kids there say its not sex
until they bang balls on balls.
- They deal with it.
- Deal?
But theyre not proud of it.
- Unlike you...
- Lets just go, please.
Youre free, and proud.
If we give rights
to you faggots, lesbians and so on,
everybody will ask for the same.
Excuse me, Chief Inspector,
an urgent call.
Im glad
Ive finally met some of you.
I would never say... never.
Maybe we should offer him
some money.
I could put you in jail for that, Miss.
Or try to re-educate you.
You cant say
we didnt try everything.
Good day. You must be Bogdan,
Radmilos father.
Listen, I dont want to know
who you are
or how you influence my son.
Hes always been
a nice, normal guy.
All right.
- Excuse me, these arent our keys.
- Theyre his.
Ive taken him to games
since he was a little boy.
Sorry. Goodbye.
- Hey...
- Suck a dick.
- Buzz off, you criminal.
- Sorry, Madam.
Come on, hurry up!
Ill catch you, Ill catch you!
Little motherfuckers!
Fuck me,
I preferred working with criminals.
Okay, Ill get your toy!
Hey, mate,
how many heads do we have?
During the war, at least we knew
what we fucking fought for.
You still know.
You work for a pay cheque.
How was work?
We abused some nice people
for money.
My sunshine!
So where were we?
Listen, didnt we say wed have
a wedding to remember?
It will be remembered!
I didnt want to ruin the surprise,
but Ill put the cards on the table.
Do you know that club
which opened two months ago?
- The Raft?
- Yes.
It can fit 500 people.
The disco balls so big that when it fell,
it killed a man and badly injured two.
- Oh, really?
- Yes.
Across the street theres a church,
a modern one, with floor heating.
The priest owes me money
so hell sing 3 encores, my dear.
Would you prefer a bishop?
Shut up!
Meatball knows the Pope,
but the Pope isnt Orthodox.
Its not fucking show business!
Its my fault.
I try to cultivate a redneck!
And he bullshits about some Raft
where police are afraid to go!
Move, moron!
Popes and disco balls!
Just an option.
We could have a normal tent.
Youve had one hick wedding.
You want another? Not with me!
Go marry some fucking trash!
And stay away from me!
And put your hands down
so I can smack you!
Wait a moment.
- Pigs.
- Youre just looking for excuses!
Its my first wedding.
And it will be how I want it,
even if we need a loan!
- Mister...
- Shut up!
Do I have to go with you?
And heres the ring.
Give it to one of them!
What are you looking at, you old bat?
Fuck off to your house.
- Can we discuss this later?
- No, we cant.
Heres your ring without the receipt!
Arrest him!
I hope he gets a life sentence.
Poor man...
Come on...
Sniff, Sugar, sniff...
Mr Raskovic,
you have to come with us.
Could we send your kid
to chase Ustashas and Balijas?
Those were the good times.
The Pumas, the famous unit...
- Come on, kid.
- Go home, Dad.
Come on, son, dont make me
clip your ear in front of your pals.
- Mate, your dad is Serb and patriotic.
- He hates faggots. Right, Mr Lemon?
Ustashas were in the past.
Theres no war on faggots.
Dad, give me a cigarette.
Did you reconsider?
What can you do with judo?
You dont even have a permit.
Ive an investor
who wants to build a mall.
You could earn a shitload.
Thanks for the favour.
I heard your dog was shot.
Thats not cool.
No, its not.
Think youre a big shot?
Times have changed.
Your gal earns more shaving pussies
than you with your muscles.
Its time for you to retire.
Why not fight someone normal?
Then Id be honoured
to get you out of jail.
Not proud enough, Dad?
How about armed robbery,
or racketeering?
- You did all that, right?
- I did, son, but in Sweden.
I shouldve left you in jail
and gone on my honeymoon like a man.
Fuck, we hardly see each other,
so you dont know...
But Biserka is okay, right?
I dont give a shit.
Heres some money.
You know Id die for you?
Well, you see, Id die for her too.
Fuck you, Dad.
Youre welcome... son.
There wont be the primitive attack
of trumpets on your eardrums
or an expression of that
generally arrogant rural primitivism.
- Whats wrong with trumpets?
- Nothing.
Nothing at all.
But if you want something
really special and unforgettable...
- Something really romantic...
- Romantic is fine.
- Or unique...
- Why not?
Great, then I have something new
no one has tried yet.
- So wed be the first?
- Yes.
Cool, but without
an old bag playing flute.
Yes, yes, no flute.
This is one very exotic location.
The secure wing of the central jail.
Imagine how hip a fine,
elegant cocktail would be there?
- In the dining area.
- The toxin room?
- Excuse me?
- The toxin, or poison room.
You know what we called solitary?
No idea.
- Or what we called death row?
- I dont know.
- Look, Versace!
- Where?
Can we get to choosing the ring?
Just a second.
Fine, but no beige.
Thats a gay colour!
I want white, white is for weddings.
Like this.
It even has pearls in it,
like your name.
Well change that crappy colour
into something straight, like navy...
Ill call the cops.
- As if theyd do anything.
- Bisa, look at the colour.
Whats up, Doctor?
Hes that cry-pussy doctor.
This client of yours
threatened me with a gun.
What gun?
- Which gun?
- A Beretta 9, that nice little one.
Sorry, but Ill have to ask you
to leave.
Excuse me, boy,
Im the one who throws people out.
Honey, dont.
- Mr Mirko, he wont...
- Ill deal with it.
- I think you heard my partner.
- Oh, Doctor...
- Business partner?
- Theres no business.
Hes my boyfriend, get it?
Were faggots!
Are you ashamed to have a fag
plan your wedding?
Youre insane, boy.
Dont mess my shirt!
You animal!
Sorry... Im so sorry.
I dont know what to do.
Hes not a bad man.
Please just go...
I dont know how...
I can spend my life with someone...
someone who fucking acts like this.
I applied for emigration papers
to Canada.
I got the reply yesterday.
- And when did you apply?
- A year ago.
I dont know exactly when,
maybe after I was beaten up
or when they banned
my show at the theatre.
Are you wondering
why I didnt tell you?
Because you arent
a pathetic middle-aged gay man
who does weddings
instead of theatre.
Radmilo, I cant bear it any more.
I hate my own country
because I cant, even for one day,
walk free and proud.
Fuck, Im sorry.
But I cant do it any more. Im tired.
Excuse me, Doctor,
I thought you were working on a dog.
- No, no, Im done.
- I wanted to clean.
Dont forget to remove your gloves.
Biserka! Baby doll...
No, its not him, its that other fag.
No, you cant talk to him, Miss.
I wont allow people like you
to hurt him again.
You should feel sorry.
I dont care about your wedding.
Especially his wedding.
What do you know about Pride?
The whole city knows
well be beaten up.
Youre no expert...
Why the fuck cant he force her
to come back?
Biserka is... emotional.
Shes run to her mum before
and youve got her back
one way or another.
- Youre a fucking shrink now?
- No, God forbid.
Hey Lemon...
we could put pressure on those fags.
Sightseeing in a car boot
usually produces a result.
Hell do a top wedding
and Bisa will be happy.
Well just
press his girlfriend a bit.
We havent worked with fags.
Maybe they like it hard.
What do you suggest? Sweet words?
Enough crap. Forget the girl.
Well go to the vets
to press the fat faggot.
I presume Im the fat faggot.
Look, a faggot.
Unless one of us is a faggot.
I want to talk to you alone.
- Get out.
- Boss, dont.
What, youre scared hell fuck me?
Get lost, out!
- You wont?
- I wont, if you behave.
Come in.
So you see,
you and your girlfriend
could walk in concrete sandals
down the river.
- I have a business proposition.
- Im listening.
- Come on, finish him.
- What if he gets AIDS?
- Protecting you sickos!
- Aggression is no good.
- Its worked before.
- I spoke to Biserka.
Id do anything for Mirko,
same as you would for Biserka.
When love is the issue,
a criminal and a fag are the same.
Say whats on your mind, faggot.
Your fiancs dream
for my partners dream.
I think thats fair.
My fiancs dream
for a dream of your...
- Whatever he is to you.
- Whatever he is to me.
Get lost, now.
You went to see that animal?
You really love me so much?
What did you promise him?
A wedding.
You need to organise it.
Two weeks after Pride.
Hell get his wedding.
Hell get a brilliant wedding,
as if it was ours.
Im not sure hed be happy
about that idea!
You were so right.
Pack our bags and run away,
thats exactly what they want us to do.
Next time, when you leave me,
please just take a handbag.
What youre doing is so humane,
Im really proud of you.
Whod think my Misko would be so good
with non-violent communication.
See how nice it is to be civilised?
I see.
Let the drops of holy water,
in the name of the Father,
Son and Holy Spirit,
bless this... gladiator...
and drive away every other evil.
Amen, fine, thank you, Father.
We have important business.
God bless.
Okay, lets hear the job analysis.
How many people do we need
to secure this solemn manifestation?
Whats going on?
- Boss, can I talk openly?
- If you have to.
You know
Id give my ass for you if I had to.
But protecting poofs, thats...
Theyre judo fighters,
but they own a security firm.
- But theyre criminals.
- Ex.
- Excuse me?
- Spare me... I mean theyve retired.
- Disability pension, I hope.
- Okay, George.
- Go on, I wont interrupt.
- Why thank you!
I bet it was one of those judo guys who
viciously bashed George last time.
The fascists called us criminals too
till we killed them all.
- Granny, it has nothing to do with us.
- It has!
This is the height of irony!
- What do you want?
- Not this!
In my 50s I told the whole world
who and what I am.
- Congratulations.
- Thanks.
But I dont want to die.
Its humiliating
unless the state protects me!
Being a fag is one thing,
a coward is something else.
Anyway, you know where we live.
No one should be mad
that the majority of us
dont want to work with those...
No, I knew it!
Its a classic ambush!
And an amateurish one.
Im going to burn you mothers now.
Well be at your parade, poofters!
You idiots!
Do you know who I am?
Do you know who my husband is?
Kill the poofs!
When we commies
get back into power...
everybody will be equal.
- Ill take you home.
- Fine.
- I dont want you involved.
- Come here, sister.
- God, shes even worse than him.
- Definitely.
If anyone finds out
what were doing...
our asses are gone.
Say the word ass one more time,
youll lose it.
What kind of people are you?
It wasnt a problem when
we protected those showbiz whores.
No, get in with your hip,
then throw him down.
You werent ashamed
when we beat up students for cash.
They didnt study.
Now, when we need to contribute
to the advancement of human rights
and all that crap...
non-violent communication...
now youre acting like pussies.
Lemon, about whether
Im a pussy or not,
the Balijas and Ustashas can testify.
Well, those who survived
after they met us.
Your poofters can protect
whoever they want,
and whoever needs it.
What is it? Money?
- Youll get double pay, okay?
- It will be okay, Boss...
if my ass isnt touched
for the rest of my life.
I wish you luck.
Uncle Lemon,
can we be of any help?
Im not calling because of the debt.
Youll return it when you have it.
Theres a small job.
Nice, legal.
What did you hear?
Pay my money tomorrow
or Ill fuck your fag mother.
What AIDS? Are you nuts?
Youd more likely get it from the blood
on your hands when you bash them.
Not much chance
if you dont bash them.
Whats a shame?
1000 per person for 3 hours?
Just pour it, honey.
I couldnt stand
anything happening to her.
Shes all Ive got
after my parents left me.
Have some more.
- You suffered very bad things.
- What bad things?
These poor peoples lives
are in danger.
Call a few of your guys
to guard the house 24 hours.
Ill make their beds.
Lenka can sleep with me.
- Im not comfortable with that.
- Honey, you dont have to worry.
Do you know how big our bed is?
Three men can get into it.
Oh, thats great, then.
- He recovered well.
- Come here!
Whos this dog?
This is our famous designer, George.
Ive heard
a lot of nice things about you.
Lemon, will you call
those ape friends of yours?
Look how scared shitless they are.
Excuse me, another...
Never mind, this is too much.
Ive no one to call.
No one wants to deal with them.
Theres no person in the city
who wont work for you.
Biserka, this is a very specific job.
Kiza has already made a deal
to beat up fags and must stick to that.
Plajuz told me if fags...
- If you loved me, youd...
- What? Stand alone on the line?
- Im leaving.
- No.
Do you know how hard it was
to vote for someone like you
to defend our rights?
Im touched by the problems
of your ass-licking parliament.
Know how I get a majority
in my parliament?
Youve already done enough shit!
These nice people will stay here
till you keep your promise!
Now stop with the drama
and act like a responsible adult.
A real criminal.
Youll keep watch
in front of the house, go on.
- At least my ass will be safe.
- What did you say?
Eat shit.
Thats how you deal with men.
- What are you doing?
- Ive nothing to do with this.
I know this is your stuff.
Its far from ideal
but look how it opens the space
instead of those dusty ugly things.
My Misko went to war. To him
theyre like stupid football flags.
Except Misko
bled in his pants for those flags.
- Why?
- What?
- These are holy objects!
- Fuck me stupid...
- Okay, okay...
- Did you have to kill in the war?
Im not a stranger to murder,
trust me.
Biserka, listen carefully.
Hey sorry,
is this like U for Ustashas?
Ustashas, Balijas...
Of course...
You speak like theyre friends
but you fought a war against them.
You cant understand.
Were you at war?
Of course not.
But you served in the fucking army.
Leave him alone.
See how nice he is?
Nice... These nice people
have only got one chance.
You, boy, give me that cap.
I cant promise anything, but...
Ill try to get a team
from outside Belgrade.
Just a moment, you said yourself
these individuals are criminals.
We need to be sure
they dont pose a danger to us.
Im a danger to you
if you dont stop bullshitting!
- You neednt yell. I can hear.
- Dont, hes a guest.
Someone has to go with you
to assess.
- I think Radmilo is the best choice.
- No way!
Are you punishing me for something?
I dont want you to go.
Im the one who punishes here.
- No hands!
- Dont, theyre guests.
Hell go. And hell tell you
how this is real bread with 7 crusts,
not the jobs you poofters do.
Since well have to drink
on this trip...
you have to learn how men drink.
Then we wont get screwed...
to your pleasure
and my extreme displeasure.
Can I get one?
- Later.
- Okay, fine.
- Come here.
- Nonsense.
No one can get that Im gay
if I dont want them to.
You think so?
Two old mates meet after a long break
and want to celebrate their meeting.
- Before going to bed.
- I heard that.
Take him upstairs
before he starts to cry again.
Slug it in a manly way,
energetically, not like a girl.
Not that finger!
They see that, they shoot the fag.
Hold it tightly, well.
- Hold it more...
- Casually.
Not casually, you are casual.
Hold it normally,
like normal people, fuck it.
Go on, strong, firm,
so the boom can be heard.
- What did you say?
- Boom.
What did I tell you?
Were screwed.
Come on, get up.
Stand like a man, stomach in.
Pull your belly in, fuck it!
My car doesnt have roaming.
We need to take yours.
Give me the keys.
You like weapons too?
Its just decor...
Thats a Magnum 357.
Good one.
Whats that?
- Whats this?
- Hydrating facial creme.
- For my tan.
- I know what that is.
Your luggage.
Bye, bye, you ape.
Pleasure or business?
- Pleasure.
- Business.
So a bit of both.
- Welcome to Croatia.
- Thank you.
Drive... Drive!
So tell me,
have you had it from birth?
You mean the illness?
I mean,
does it hurt when you... do that.
It hurts.
Why put up with that?
Id fuck their mums!
- What the fuck?
- Little sheep!
Fuck the sheep.
Where are you going?
Hello, are you crazy?
Leave them.
Whos my little sheep?
What an idiot!
Hey, maestro! Please, stop!
Little sheep...
Hes carrying sheep!
Ill stick this...
No, that would make you happy.
Youre sleeping in the car.
Come on, idiot.
Weve a basketball team here
so theres only one room left.
But the bed is king size,
as we call it in Australia.
If I catch you perving,
Ill kill you.
Its the most primitive stereotype
straight people have about gays.
I told you once.
Just be careful.
You wont be checking out my ass.
Thats it.
Id do much worse things for you.
Yes... hes just my type.
Come on, Buljan, shoot!
Any cute ones?
Youre a gargantuan
living example of an alpha male.
If thats something bad,
youre screwed.
Do you have any interests,
like animals or books? Music?
- Do you watch movies?
- Only the old ones are worth it.
Old, like Van Dammes stuff?
No. Old, like Ben Hur.
Well, Ben Hur is a totally gay movie.
- What did you say?
- Ben Hur and Messala are lovers.
When they meet after 15 years,
their passion is so strong its incredible.
You know what?
Youre a really sick boy.
Sweet granny...
Like sugar.
- Should I wait in the car?
- No.
- Which one is ours?
- Scarf.
- What will you have?
- Two beers.
Local dialect, how diplomatic.
Bring any,
as long as its Serbian.
- Please, lets go.
- Why?
Im thirsty, Ill have a beer.
I fuck your Sunday,
fucking Chetnik pig.
Where have you been,
Ustasha pussy?
Look at you... Youre great.
What is this? Youre a bit fuller.
You play?
Ben Hur...
Come on!
Lets drink the first round
for 1991!
- Cheers.
- Cheers.
The second one for 1992.
I know you from somewhere.
- West Slavonia?
- This is my brother.
Zuko. Hes a sniper.
He remembers the ones he missed.
How will I find them later
if I dont have a good memory?
How did you two meet?
It was summer 1992...
- 1993.
- No, it was 1992.
And we were shooting.
But shooting like men should.
We shoot and shoot.
Bullets fly everywhere.
Like in hell.
None of us moves forward.
Not one step. Its a stalemate.
And then I saw him.
I had some kind of diarrhoea.
Fuck it, they shit everywhere,
those Chetnik shit scum.
For three days it leaked out of me.
Cheers! Take that glass.
Jumping like a bunny.
He was so cute
that I felt sorry to shoot him.
U-yo, U-yo!
Be a man, Chetnik dickhead,
and let me finish shitting
then Ill improve your statistics.
Deal, but come out front
where I can see you.
- Is it Candy?
- Candy.
People, Ive never seen
such joy on a mans face.
- The man loved his ass.
- So the point of this story is...
Roko, I came here
because of ass, in a way.
Can we talk alone?
- Its a job.
- Bank problems?
Where were you during the war?
I was at school then.
There will be other opportunities.
- Ill fuck your Chetnik mother!
- Ill fuck your Ustasha mother!
Come on, poofter! Come on!
Roko! Zlaticas in labour.
And youre screwing here
with Serbs?
Fuck, Dad, call a vet!
- Its too late.
- Holy mother!
- Her mouths foaming.
- Oh, dear.
Breech position, where is she?
A Serb can help me,
but I got you two fags.
You should be ashamed of yourselves!
You fucking bastards!
- Here you go, Doctor.
- I need a helper.
- I cant stand blood.
- Zlatica is like a child to me.
Shame on you.
Dont just stand there. Come here.
- What should I do?
- Tie up the legs.
- Pet her.
- Do what?
Her hind legs are stuck.
Dont faint.
Cut the crap.
- Its okay.
- Here we are.
Im going to make
a profile for him on Facebook.
Congratulations, its a boy.
Last time we took a title was 2005
when Zlatica was born.
And now hell fuck up
the Zagreb Purgers again.
- A son, congratulations.
- Thanks.
So youre that... poofter.
Im Radmilo.
I owe you one, Radmilo.
The kid is good.
But I was suspicious.
The way he drinks.
See? What did I tell you?
If you hadnt been with him,
wed have bashed him at once.
I killed people, and Serbs...
I did robberies
in Germany and Sweden.
In wartime I made deals with everyone,
but I never protected fags before.
Its good to try everything in life.
It will be great for your CV!
And Edo, the Slovenian?
The Montenegrins killed him
in fucking... Stockholm.
- Hudo Djukanovic?
- I was at his funeral last summer.
- And what about Nettle?
- The Hague... 20 years.
Poor guy.
What are you looking at?
- The Macedonian, Anastasov?
- He went into politics.
Phew, fucking asshole.
- What about the Bosnian, Zubovich?
- The Balija? Hes alive and free.
March into the woods, Chetniks
Straight, that way.
- No rifle!
- Shut up or you die like a dog!
I asked for normal movies...
Hunter Protects Sarajevo,
Blondes On a Business Trip,
Shove It Like a Man 3...
Check it out.
The kid mixed up the discs.
What does he know, hes only 7?
- Id never do it, I swear by Allah.
- Watch it!
Watch it! Dont close your eyes.
Watch it. Watch it!
Anal Pals, Rectal Wars,
Milk Your Daddy...
The City Cocks, The Bridge Over...
Fuck you, man!
- Do you hear?
- I wont watch that.
Watch it,
or I fuck your fag-loving ass.
Youre watching it, pussy?
- People, do you have a remote?
- Fuck off...
- Lemon!
- Ibro!
- Hi, Chetnik... You, dont move!
- Whats this?
Ever heard
of non-violent communication?
- Whats that?
- What?
Thats when I let you be
so my people didnt shoot you.
- Would be better if they had.
- Heres the Ustasha!
- Where have you been?
- The complete team.
Look, a Chetnik, an Ustasha,
all thats missing is a faggot.
You motherfucker...
Fucking bastard!
At least now
that faggot graffiti is covered.
No one can do anything to us,
were stronger than destiny.
They can only hate us...
Fucking American asses!
You fucked up the Indians
and Vietnamese, but not us. No!
You faggot fuck!
No one can do anything to us,
were stronger than destiny.
They can only hate us.
All those who dont like us...
What a nice soprano.
Pines and firs, maples and...
And birches,
one bending to the other...
What the fuck are they staring at?
That ones recording.
- Azem...
- Waiting for NATO again?
Lemon, you Serbian pig!
How are you, you Shiptar pussy?
Hey, no kissing.
- Come on, 3 times.
- For luck.
Is there anyone
Lemon didnt fight?
What we are looking at?
My flying soul... Look.
Nice, nice.
A real Serbian hawk.
Fuck... look at it.
Not completely Serbian,
hes got a little bit of Albanian.
A Serbian one
lands empty-handed, I mean legged.
This one brings presents.
Fuck your Albanian mother...
It cures AIDS, thats how strong it is.
Hes tank-phobic.
Give me the goods.
These are my regular customers.
Free Kosovo!
Hey, democracy, brotherhood!
Thank you!
Cash machine.
See how well we live off donations?
The whole village.
Here, my share.
- You should be up for a Nobel Prize.
- For peace.
This is a real criminal, not us.
This is Shefket.
He only carries heroin. Dads beauty.
This one here
specialises in white stuff.
This is an owl,
shes the third night shift.
And this one here... Ibro.
He doesnt do much.
Tastes the goods.
Got addicted to heroin.
Come on, son.
See? A fucking tragedy.
Got a canary for Ecstasy?
- Animal abuse!
- Shut up.
- What did he say?
- Nothing, hes tired from travelling.
Azem, Ive got a nice job for you.
- Something to do with hawks?
- Not hawks... Ill explain.
Tell me, Azem, do you know
what a sexual minority is?
I do. Its you Serbs...
At least that Balija stuff is covered.
And this is like a hawk... in a crest
its like the Serbian coat-of-arms.
I had such a nice time in Belgrade.
Me too. It was so exotic, man.
Just avoid the zoo.
Youll get arrested again.
What do you mean?
20 years ago at that zoo
a zebra got clap.
They investigated and found
cheap cigarette butts near the zebra.
Not cheap, Filter Yugoslavia.
They figured out that the workers
who were fixing the wall...
What a cretin!
- And how was it?
- To be honest, nice...
- How could you do that?
- I was a kid, 22, 23, knew nothing.
Oh, fuck your mother...
- Was it at least a female zebra?
- Of course it was, hes not a faggot.
To be honest,
I dont bloody remember.
In Bosnia, we keep garden gnomes
in front of the house.
Biserka! Honey!
Theyre alive!
Youre back!
Fuck, I thought they were stuffed.
Bisa, my brother.
- Oh God, theyll kiss now.
- They wont.
Youre back!
Feel free to greet,
but no touchy-feely.
- What, are you jealous?
- No, but I will be.
This is Halil, Azem, Roko.
And these are our fag... clients.
- My God, what rednecks!
- What?
Im George.
Can I touch your muscles?
Touch it, if you like.
Hell end up like that zebra.
I dont get it... Radmilo?
Excuse me...
This was a birthday present!
Mirko, wait!
- What did you fuck up now?
- Nothing, faggot issues.
Mirko. Open the door, please.
Leave me alone.
This is the design.
Do you like it?
- Oh, fuck it...
- Fuck it, Misko?
Oh, you really are a boss, mate.
You already live in heaven.
- Nice.
- You got a house from a magazine.
- Its a bit faggy... but nice.
- A bit...
Out of my way!
Tell me what happened
between you two.
What the fuck is wrong with you?
Wait... I mean,
you cheated on me with that?
Mr Mirko,
my Misko is not a faggot.
Whats that uh-huh
supposed to mean?
Fuck off! All of you!
Ill do this job as a professional
and get married as a man.
- Move it.
- Misko! Misko, wait!
Now Lemon will cry in the toilet.
We start from Point X.
Theyll walk a couple of hundred metres
to the horse statue.
Behind the horse, theres a big building
where they keep old stuff.
- The flea market?
- Fuck it.
- The National Museum.
- Could be.
Theyll stop there, wave that
colourful crap, blow balloons. Done.
Too much wine.
Half an hour of work and thats it.
- Wheres the rest of the team?
- Im working on that.
- An obvious provocation...
- Theyre talking about us.
- What shit did you get us into?
- Turn it up.
... calling for lynching, with graffiti
saying Were waiting for you.
He repeated in front of our camera
what the neo-fascist group
plans to do on September 20th.
For each fag, well send out
seven Serbian patriots.
Well see who ends up hurt.
We will.
Theres no one else.
- How many Serbos will come?
- A few hundred.
Oh, my Lemon...
Of all places,
Ill leave my bones in Belgrade.
No, youll leave them
in that shit-hole of yours.
Come on,
see how big a man you are.
Therell be at least as many faggots
as those regular dickheads.
At least seven times more straights
will come to stop them.
Theyre just crazy kids.
Dont be afraid, Miss Lenka.
Im here.
When you see the flags of St George,
youll know its your end.
Phew, fuck your bearded father!
Dont worry, itll be a fair fight,
like Lemon and I had once, one-on-one.
- What did you train in?
- Rhythmic gymnastics. As a boy.
Mirko, the deal wasnt
that we take part in violence.
We dont fight.
Thats why we hired you.
You dont fight, but you scratch,
pull, cry and throw tantrums.
Now were going to change that.
Tomorrow were getting up at 6.
So go to bed.
In a one-on-one fight,
initiative is most important.
Ill show you a grip
called Hizagatame
which made a lot of Ustashas
really suffer.
And Ill demonstrate
how we won the war
by learning the techniques
of immortals like Bruce Lee,
Mate Parlov and Cro Cop...
- Is this judo?
- Theyre hugging like aunties.
- Because of this Ustasha...
- 10 euros on Lemon!
- I wont bet on him.
- I will.
Im betting on you.
Get him, Misko!
Get him now!
Judo, eh?
You fucking Serbian son of a bitch.
Come on, Misko.
Im telling you, honey,
a dick is an overvalued commodity.
Now, girls, lets see how you go.
I heard what you said.
Pay up.
Split into pairs.
Where are Lolek and Bolek?
Get out.
- Well split into pairs.
- Id like to go with... You decide.
Want me to take Azem?
- Are you fags?
- No.
- I said one straight with one fag.
- Gay.
- Okay, one gay and one what?
- Straight.
Youre so jealous of your partner,
youll poke his eyes out.
So youll go with this nice guy.
Whats your name, Lenka?
I cant go with her.
Im terrified of lesbians.
Come here.
Ill go with this designer.
Stand there, hold your fists up.
Azem can teach you a few tricks.
Come on, defend yourself.
Wait, whos with me?
Why are you hitting me, girl?
Fuck, shes hitting like a man.
Lemon, wheres my faggot?
Arms up like this.
Be scary, be scary.
Mouth half open.
You must look at your opponent.
Directly here.
Whats wrong?
What, what?
- Are you mad?
- Horrific...
He scratched my face!
Lemon, are we going to fight
or cuddle?
Some fighters...
Its obvious theyre Serbs.
Look what youve done!
Dont be afraid, George.
You made them cry!
Look, Lemon, Im a top professional
but this is fucking amateurism.
Mate, you know I dont mind
getting beat up, but us 4 against 400...
Lemon, these nice people
dont have any bedding.
Youre going to buy linen right now.
And since youre such a savage,
Mirko and Radmilo are going with you.
Make sure you buy something nice.
- You like it?
- Yes, I like it very much.
Very nice.
Id put babies into this.
Where can I buy a lot of it?
Well done, great taste, fuck.
Well done, Misko.
And easy with that drink.
Better keep it
for your funeral in 2 days.
- I cant believe youre straight.
- You really think that?
I like you too.
Misko likes porn with two girls...
My godfather Simeon, who went
to America, always seemed suspicious.
- And he had four kids, four.
- I have two.
Were advised to marry
so we dont attract attention.
- Thats good advice.
- Shut up, leave the man alone.
For 20 years
Id been lying to her, every day.
And when she died...
then I confessed.
To myself and everyone else.
- This movie is a classic.
- My Misko loves this movie.
Misko, Ben Hur.
Ben Hur?
Heres your Ben Hur.
Charlton Heston
is unbelievably handsome.
Steven Boyd is like a balm.
Who do you like more?
Ben Hur or Messala?
Decide that yourself, mate.
Both. There arent
such suave guys these days.
Thats love.
Misko, why dont you
watch the movie with us?
You should be a more tidy dog.
I know its for the wedding.
But I have to. Its tough.
Ill return it.
Good evening, Uncle Lemon.
- Come for a beer.
- Youre visiting our territory.
What do you want?
You can send the wedding invitation
by mail.
Hows work?
As if you want to know
how to weld an exhaust pipe.
Parental love is a miracle.
How many times have I asked you
to work for me?
To move in with me.
- Fuck it, Ive nothing else.
- What else...
Put 100 euros on the table
while Im not watching and go.
Easier for you, easier for me.
I know youve got a team
to beat up fags.
I wouldve done the same...
in the past.
I understand that.
But I mean, who gives a shit,
let them live.
To be brief...
I had to take this job.
Im protecting the parade.
Youll protect the faggots?
Those sickos?
Ive protected politicians, singers
and all kinds of bastards.
For your mates,
to leave us alone on Sunday.
Fuck you, Dad.
Fuck you and their money.
Listen, son,
you and your mother never
ask where the money comes from.
I work like a fucking horse
and you all screw me.
I guess its a blow job
with these new clients.
Leave my son alone.
Take that money.
We dont need anything from you.
I bought that gun for your birthday.
You used to aim it lower
when you were angry.
I was a kid.
Tamara, did you like our wedding?
The trumpets, the fun and all that.
It was okay, right?
Im just asking.
The wedding was great,
but the next 15 years...
really sucked.
- Does it hurt?
- A little.
- Let me see.
- Its nothing.
Just a minor family argument.
- My son...
- Hell be there?
Tomorrow, father and son will fight
each other over mere stupidity.
No offence, thats how I see it.
Me too.
Im also scared to death.
So why do all this?
I think you know already.
In the end, it seems you and me
are very similar.
You guys are okay.
Youre not at all...
Infectious, eh?
No, not that...
I mean youre normal like us.
When youre ready to join a line
to support something or someone,
thats the only thing that counts.
- It doesnt matter if youre gay or...
- Well get beaten up.
Have some whiskey.
Youre cured.
See, now no one will identify you.
Come on, get him!
Commandant, be careful.
Im betting on you.
Lajos is our colleague.
A retired police dog.
Now he works for money.
Hes dangerous
in an oral confrontation.
Like some women, who I respect.
Put 1000 on Lajos
and remind them dog fights are illegal.
Lets get out of here.
Come on... I hear youve grown
quite sensitive.
- Are you pulling my leg?
- No.
I swear Ive never heard
anything funnier in my life.
After singers and war profiteers
our Serbian hero, Lemon,
is protecting faggots.
Please, excuse me...
100 cops for 2 hours
so everything goes okay.
First of all, you need at least 400.
The Croats had almost 1000.
What do you want?
The car business?
Its yours.
And I want your dogs
not to touch my dog.
- Anything else?
- What?
I hear your woman is like Lajos.
Dangerous in an oral contest.
We can really fuck you now.
Youre in a high-risk group.
Okay, thank you.
You cant help.
When you could have, you fucked up.
Know what? I feel sorry for you.
And for me. My soul hurts.
Ill find him. You know me.
No one can escape from me.
Bye. Greetings to your folks.
Hello, Polenta.
You asked around... and?
Nothing. Bye.
Mate, if Lemon is missing,
I wont blow hard in Belgrade.
You guys, come on, time to go.
- Ill be waiting outside.
- Oh, shut up.
Fuck it.
Let me know
if you find out anything.
Take this, to remember us.
- Ive no one else to call.
- I knew this wouldnt work.
- Lemon wouldnt run away. Never.
- Youre right, fag Radmilo.
He saved my family in the war.
He couldve lost his head for that.
A man like that never runs.
Hes not a faggot like us.
What is it now? Are we going?
They found him...
my colleagues in E.R.
Hes there, hes not good.
Lets go.
- You have to go to reception first.
- Get lost.
- How are you?
- Fine, fine.
Like someone fucked me a little.
But not guys like you.
You dont use the same technique.
Dont exert yourself.
You have three broken ribs.
Only three?
Even cops
arent what they used to be.
Hey, I want to say
for myself and Radmilo,
in fact, for all of us,
fuck it, we apologise.
Cut the crap.
Tomorrow youll walk
like a proud man.
Like a proud faggot.
- What will he do?
- Thats my promise.
- Enough of babysitting.
- Dont!
Those faggots wont do it,
I mean the straight and gay ones...
the gay ones are double faggots.
But theres one condition.
Ill sleep in my own bed tonight
with my own wife.
And now, a little bit of rock.
Swear to me,
my lucky superstar,
that no one can...
Yeah, mate...
... break us apart.
Come on, even if youre faggots
youre people too, cheers!
No one can do anything to us,
were stronger than destiny...
Thank God Im not straight.
But theyre still cute, in a way.
Come for Pride.
Later well play our own stuff
and well really dance.
Ill dance with Roko.
Come on, were going too.
- Did I fuck up too much?
- No.
- Does it hurt?
- No.
Why do you lie?
It hurts, but just a bit.
Go and park the car somewhere.
It could get damaged.
- Misko, will it be dangerous?
- No.
So much fuss
about these 20 ballerinas.
Here. See you at lunch.
I love you, Misko.
I love you too.
Azim, take out the equipment.
Lemon, Muslim, Ustasha,
faggot Radmilo...
We made it.
Seems this criminal investment
paid off.
Kill the fags, kill the fags!
Kill, kill the faggots!
Only you could have
made this possible for me.
To fuck up Serbs
in the middle of Belgrade.
Remember and re-live.
Your dad is there.
Ill kill you, you disgusting bastards.
Fuck Pride.
Move it.
Faggots stay faggots.
God bless you, heroes, can I leave?
Here, sister, youre
a loyal Serbian faggot and patriot.
Well be fucked.
Ive had enough.
Stop, stop... Wait, people.
Please, before you decide to go
look at these people.
This is no longer
a straight or gay issue.
There are two Serbias.
That Serbia forces you every day
to be something youre not.
It forces you
to have six different acts,
one each for parents, friends,
colleagues, the street...
It forces you
to be something youre not.
It drains your energy.
I know well be beaten up today
like we never have been
but thats better than the humiliation
we suffer all our fucking lives.
Come on now, you fools.
Make way, you screaming morons.
Do you ever shower?
Give me that.
Crazy woman...
If I survive this, well have the wedding
you want. And Ill survive that too.
Oh, and I parked in Zone 1,
so hurry up.
Now remember everything I taught you.
And remember it well.
- Exactly seven of us.
- Like in The Magnificent Seven.
You bald moron.
Are you sure?
Move it!
Not on the face, you moron.
Go away, boy!
- Watch out, Dad.
- Take this, son.
What the fuck are you doing?
Come here.
No way!
You like faggots, Ustasha?
You wont get the flag!
Cops! Run, run!
Woman, cops!
- You fight well for a kid.
- And you for a redneck.
- Let me see...
- Its from yesterday.
- Where are you, mate?
- Why interfere now, motherfucker?
Human rights are my area.
I studied that.
My partner had a dream.
He believed till the end...
He believed till the end...
He believed till the end
that one should walk through the city
with head held up as a free man
without fear of being abused
and humiliated
just because he was different.
And in the end he proved it.
He went out into the street
and no one humiliated him.
one year later
So you made it.
What a triumph.
A few hundred of us
protected by 5000 police.
Fuck it, youre a problem.
And tomorrow theyll bash us
in the streets.
You can always come to me
and learn judo.
And your colleagues.
When I train you,
you wont need cops.
Im here because of him.
Same as youre here because of me.
Because of you two,
things will never be the same.
- Let me show you how to fuck, faggot.
- Shut up, cunt!
- What, youve grown more gentle?
- Cut the crap.
5600 police guarded
the first successful gay parade.
6000 hooligans and neo-Nazis didnt
manage to reach the participants.
207 people were injured.
In the 4-hour-long conflict,
the city centre was trashed.
On the streets of Belgrade
people are still beaten up
just for being different.
Amidst rifles and bayonets,
Guards are all around us.
Our troops are moving quietly...