Paradies: Hoffnung (2013) Movie Script

The third film
in Ulrich Seidl's trilogy "Paradise"
Can you do it?
- What?
Go check.
Melli, come on!
- Hello.
I'm the dietician, Lilly.
- Hello.
What's your name?
- Melanie Seitz.
I need your insurance card.
- Do you have it?
Good, I'll show you your room.
Bye now, Melli.
You be good now.
If you need anything, just call.
In case you're hungry.
- What?
I have something too.
- Really?
What is it?
- It's not exactly candy, but...
It might come in handy.
Where are you?
- Here.
- What is it?
You don't need it? Then give it back.
I don't think so, no.
Taste good?
- Yeah.
So, boys and girls.
Rule number one:
If I blow my whistle
I want complete silence.
As quiet as a little mouse
running across a room. Got it?
Count off!
1, 2, 3, 4...
Shows potential.
Call out your names.
- Arabel.
Arabel is number 1.
- Alexia, no gum.
-3. Use your right hand.
Did you hear that about gum, ladies?
What's your name?
- Verena.
- Cornelia is number 9.
10, Samantha.
- You're number 10.
- Pardon?
- Number 11. Say it louder.
- What?
- Number 12.
- Number 13.
- Julia is number 14.
- That was better. You?
- Right!
Hands on your pant seams.
Here we work with discipline, pals.
is the cornerstone of success.
In life, in sport,
and in everything else, too.
Anyone who lacks discipline
is gonna have problems with me.
And I don't think
you want to have problems with me.
Stand up straight!
We're gonna have loads of fun,
and exercise till you drop
and the pounds melt away, ladies.
Same for the guys.
But you have to do your bit.
I can't make you lose weight.
I can't lose weight for you.
Only you can do that.
And what's first and foremost?
- You said it. Everybody now.
All together.
Well, that was very undisciplined.
So, let's hear it.
Better. You're making progress.
Turn to me and lift your arms.
44. Any medication?
- No.
Put on your shoes and wait over there.
Take off your shoes.
Stand here.
Straight. Lean back.
5' 4". Step on the scale.
I know my weight.
- Get on.
- On the scale.
165, right?
Think you lost that much weight?
Raise your arms.
- No.
Put on your shoes
and take your fitness test.
Come on, kid! Move it!
Somersaults! Not side rolls!
Go back and do it again.
On the double!
34, 35, 36...
-43, 44, 45...
23... 24...
"If you don't like it,
you can move in with your father. "
I hear that every day.
Me too.
- Are your parents divorced?
- Yes.
We wanted to send Dad a Christmas card,
but he never answers.
I see my dad every other weekend.
I see mine once a month
and that's too often.
My mom's annoying too.
My mother thinks
my friends are her friends.
It sucks,
'cause she's always going, like,
"When's my best friend Patty
coming over again?"
- I swear.
Come on.
God, they're all a bit...
Delayed adolescence.
- Delayed adolescence.
Does she dress like a teenager too?
She'd like to.
- But?
No, but she asks me,
"Do you mind
if I buy these pants at Gap?"
"Do you mind if I buy this or that?"
She asks me if she can buy clothes!
Line up.
In the corridor.
Group 1.
Group 2. Line up!
Faster, please.
C'mon, move it.
Okay, people.
I don't care how tired you are.
Into my torture chamber. Come on!
Move it! Move!
Giddy up! Giddy up!
Like a pony.
Stay in position.
Lift your legs, like Lipizzaners!
And... gallop!
Go on, move it!
Go on, move it! Go, go, go!
Show some spunk!
Or I'll get out my whip.
What's wrong, Verena? Come on.
When was your first time?
- I was 13.
13? That's how old I am.
So how was it?
It hurt.
- It hurt?
I don't want to scare you.
But it hurt, a lot.
Did he want to or did you?
You know: you're 13, everybody's going,
"I'm not a virgin anymore
and bla bla bla. "
So I thought,
"Fine, I won't be either. "
How long were you together?
Four weeks. A month, just over a month.
And who ended it?
- Me.
Nobody dumps me.
You get their hopes up
and then you dump 'em?
- Heartbreaker.
It's their own fault.
You know what men are like. Idiots.
- Why is there a song, "Men Are Pigs"?
Because they are.
- Some, but not all.
Come on.
Some have awesome personalities.
- Yeah, but admit it...
An awesome body is better.
Not for me.
- It is for me.
Does your guy make you shave?
Or do you make him shave?
- Obviously.
But doesn't he make you?
- No.
Where do you make him do it?
Down there.
- And why don't you like it?
Get real.
If I'm, like, down, doing it...
I get all raw.
- Ugh.
Come on.
- I wouldn't care.
It's like kissing if he hasn't shaved
and he has a beard.
Do you suck off your boyfriend?
- Sure!
It's gross. I could never do it.
Have you ever had sex?
- No.
You'll like blow jobs.
- I don't think so.
For sure.
I think it's gross.
- No way.
It's so gross when...
- Same as when he's going down on you.
Yeah, but...
I mean, I'm fine with normal sex.
But that...
What's "normal"?
- Well...
Well, you know.
- Him on top, me below.
It's so weird.
- What?
Sucking and stuff.
Would it be weird if he licked you?
"Stop. I don't like it. "
- Exactly.
You think it's awkward?
- It's gross.
Your turn.
Will you wait?
- Yeah.
Stomach ache. Since when?
Last night.
- Last night.
Before or after supper?
- After.
After supper.
So should I examine you?
Melanie, Melanie...
Why are you called Melanie?
Because. Don't you like it?
Sure. It's pretty.
Take your T-shirt off, please.
Back toward me.
Now breathe in.
Deep breath.
Good. Now breathe out.
Breathe in.
And out.
Very good. Turn toward me.
That was for your lungs.
And that was your heart.
Know what you hear?
You can get dressed now.
Know what you hear?
With your heart?
- Beating?
Yeah, of course.
We'd be in trouble if it didn't beat.
Want to listen?
Mine or yours?
Now you come and dance here.
- What?
Want some deodorant?
So you don't stink so much.
Are you nuts?
In the corridor, ladies.
On the double.
Get out here!
Make it quick, ladies.
If you don't mind.
You too.
Fall in, out in the hall. Move it.
You coming?
Something wrong with your ears?
Or am I speaking too softly?
Fall in!
Ladies, get out of bed!
There are rules, people.
- Really?
Rules are there to be obeyed.
Quiet after 9:30 p.m.
Move it.
Move back.
Feet together.
Move back.
Feet together.
Quick, quick. Get up!
Don't lean against the wall.
Stand up.
A chain, ladies,
is as strong as its weakest link.
Unity through discipline.
Discipline through unity.
Arms out.
stretch them out sideways.
Don't lean.
- Course not.
Let's get comfortable.
Arms out.
I don't have to do gym or sport.
I have to go, but don't have to join in.
- Cool, huh? I'm gonna go.
See you.
- Bye.
So, Miss, what'll we do today?
Check your throat?
We could check my blood pressure.
- Blood pressure!
Blood pressure!
We'll check your blood pressure.
See what it says.
I need your arm.
What do you do when you're not a doctor?
- Just a second.
All right.
So what do you do?
- I'm always a doctor.
In your private life.
- In my private life?
Why do you ask?
- I'm just interested.
What interests you?
What you do, that's all.
Lots of things.
Don't you have a wife?
Why do you ask?
- Like I said, I'm interested.
Many people are.
Cell phone time.
Grab yours.
Enjoy, ladies. You have an hour.
- Thanks.
So, gentlemen, grab your cell phones.
Yeah, hi, Mom.
Yeah, it's totally cool here. I'm fine.
I'm in a room with three other girls.
They're really nice.
We're outside in the fresh air
most of the day, playing games,
or in class
learning about how to eat healthily.
About healthy snacks and stuff.
Okay, Mom. I'll stop now.
See you. Bye.
Yeah, hi, Dad.
It's really shitty here.
It's so dumb. I don't know
why Mom made me come here.
Yeah, I know.
I want to lose weight,
but there must be another way
than this idiotic diet camp.
Okay, I'll call you tomorrow.
Who did you meet up with?
Why are you meeting Manu?
'Cause she's the biggest cunt I know.
Is too.
Don't give me lame excuses!
Why did you meet up with her?
That's no explanation.
I'm not jealous.
I'm just pissed that you're seeing her.
Hi, Mom, it's me.
Just wanted to say hi and that I'm fine.
The food's crap here.
Everybody says so.
I hope I'll catch you, but I can only
phone an hour a day at this time.
Okay, see you. Bye.
1, 2, 3...
If you're happy and you know it,
clap your fat!
Keep it in your mouth.
Eyes closed, head back. Savor it.
Let's count.
You still have the chocolate
in your mouth. Very good.
That's pleasure.
This guy started Frenching me.
At first I thought,
"Super, he's a great kisser. "
And then he started to slobber.
I thought, "Get a bib!"
It was so bad.
I thought, "What's his problem?"
He kissed okay, but all that slobber!
Lots of guys kiss well, but...
They start to foam.
- Gross!
Like they have rabies. Seriously!
Rabid boys.
Read about it in Seventeen.
There was an article about how to kiss,
with your tongue and all that crap.
Oh my God!
My first kiss was the pits.
I imagined it'd be perfect,
like in a fairy tale.
But he crushed me with his face...
Like that.
My first kiss
was the best kiss of my life.
Been kissed a lot?
I dunno. It was...
It was a few years ago at camp,
diet camp.
I was seeing this guy, Andr.
And we went into the forest.
The whole group.
They said we could do what we wanted,
and be back in half an hour or so.
So we went off and found this cave
with our flashlights.
Totally romantic.
- How sweet!
- Hello.
How's it going?
It's okay.
I have that weird stomach ache again.
Sit down.
Put it on.
First the heart.
Higher. Here.
You always start here.
Lower down. Very good.
The third spot is here.
Other side.
Left upper lung.
Breathe in.
Say, "Breathe in".
- Breathe in.
Deep breath.
- Deep breath.
Other side.
Have you kissed him?
Are you nuts?
- No, why?
- Why not?
He doesn't even know.
He's not dumb.
You think that
just because I often go to his office...
Often? Like every day.
Stop it, don't tease me.
- I'm not teasing you.
You are.
- Am not.
So you haven't kissed him yet?
- No.
Do you plan to?
- God!
Can we change the subject?
- To what, your doctor?
God, you're so cute.
I am not. Stop it.
- What's he like?
I don't know him.
You do know him.
- Only in passing.
What do you mean?
Anyway, he's really nice.
Go on.
- He's nice. He's funny.
Think so? He is.
Yeah, no... He's not ugly.
- Right.
He has a nice body.
Yeah, I know.
Wanna tell me?
Stop it.
You're so dumb.
- Why?
I said he has a nice body and you...
What? I see it too, right?
What do you think?
What's in there?
Whatever, I'm taking it.
I got something.
Well, ladies...
Having a little party?
We can usually tell if we'll like a food
from its appearance.
Its color suggests its taste category.
Red means sweet, black means bitter.
Red foods
are generally accepted and popular.
Cherries, strawberries,
or red meat.
Black foods
suggest rot or death,
and have negative connotations.
So color psychology
plays an important role
when we judge and buy our food.
We did experiments at the university
where we dyed foods.
We dyed potatoes black,
cauliflower green
and asparagus red.
People wouldn't eat them,
although we made sure
the taste was the same.
They wouldn't eat them
because of the taste associations.
They associated them
with completely different tastes.
I'm quite sure that the food industry
applies psychology
to show their products
in their best light.
Products that are presented well
also sell well.
Since companies
want the best results,
meaning our money,
they have
to offer something in exchange.
What happened?
- Nothing.
You sure?
What's wrong?
- Nothing.
You're nearly crying.
Look at me.
Is it the doctor?
What happened?
It's just dead.
From his side or yours?
- His.
I don't think so.
I mean...
Why do you think that?
- Well...
He's always so distant with me.
We don't do anything, you know.
What would you like to do?
I dunno.
I wanted to hug him,
but I wussed out.
Why do you think
he doesn't like you?
I dunno,
maybe he doesn't find me pretty.
You're totally pretty.
I'm sure he finds me too fat.
You're crazy.
- No way.
It's just, I think you should
pay more attention to your looks.
Like, do your hair,
wear other clothes.
I can lend you a skirt if you want.
Good, thanks.
I'm sure he likes you.
Think so?
Of course.
The way he looks at me sometimes...
I love his eyes.
It's crazy, they're so beautiful.
What color are they?
Blue, sky blue. They're beautiful.
You're so sweet when you're in love.
I swear,
I was never in love like this.
Your first real love, huh?
Renee hasn't had any.
- You're so dumb.
I haven't either.
Can I? Then we'll go in order again.
- Right...
In order!
How many times were you drunk?
- Me? Once.
Once? Crazy.
Look, it's just 'cause of the damn beer.
Hand it over.
Lexi, don't give him the beer.
- Pass the beer here!
That rhymes!
Who wants beer?
- The drinking age for beer is 14. Sorry.
None for him.
Your girlfriend.
- She's only 13.
Come get it. Come on.
Gimme the beer.
- Hands off the beer!
You're so dumb!
- Hands off!
Lexi, you drunk.
- Gimme it, you bum!
Screw you, man!
- My beer! My poor beer!
It was so young.
Enough! Enough!
Give it here.
- Christoph, up here.
Good boy.
Give it. Gimme it!
Man, I hardly had any.
Me too.
Come up.
- Melli!
Let's play Spin the Bottle.
It's not...
- Then empty it.
No worries, there are two more bottles.
- She's had a glass too many.
You mean a bottle!
- I'll start.
- The door.
Come here, darling.
- Slobber, slobber.
How do I taste?
- Like beer.
Your turn.
- Lexi, give it here. It's your turn.
Slobber, slobber.
With Tobias!
Hey, make room down there!
Go on!
It's guys night.
- Guess so.
Strip! Strip!
Which dance?
- Striptease.
On the pole!
- Or take off your pants.
Here it comes!
Take it off! Take it off! Take it off!
Belly up!
- You're not even looking.
What do I have to do?
Dance in your undies.
It's jiggling.
That was mean!
Gimme a break.
Great ashtray.
It's still half full!
It's not empty, you idiot!
Gimme a puff.
Now it's your turn. Here we go!
- No!
I'll hold it for you.
Help me.
You look like you're studying
your cigarette.
Dance, dance, dance!
Take it off! Take it off!
Have you gone crazy?
Are you out of your minds?
The party's over.
Get out, go to your rooms.
One, two, three...
By three I want you out. Get out!
Into your beds.
And quiet!
- Can I have my bra?
Quiet, I said. Quiet!
I'm in bed.
Lights out now.
And not another sound, got it?
- What?
- Of course.
Don't be pissed, Melli.
- Well, I am!
- Because I am.
Come on, Melli!
- She thinks she'll be chucked out!
I said quiet now!
Didn't you understand me?
What does "quiet" mean?
- Correct!
And what's that?
Not a sound!
Lights out now.
What kind of snails are those?
- Giant ones.
If you want, you can go swimming.
We'll rest here a bit.
Whatever. I'm still going in.
- It's so hot.
Verena, can you hold this?
- Not now, I need help too.
This thing won't stay up.
It's twisted?
- My trunks are too tight.
I can hold it now.
- Too late.
I'm not going in with all that muck.
My socks.
- Your socks.
Do you have suntan lotion?
- No.
I do.
We won't get sunburn here.
- I hope not.
Let me in.
Go away.
Nice try, very funny.
Why? Let me come.
I have to leave. Go to your room.
So, Melanie. You've had your fun.
Now go.
Let me come.
- Go to your room.
Get up.
- Yes.
What time is it?
-11:30, I think.
Got it.
Let's drink.
- Shit...
It's high up!
I'll hold it for you.
- Hold me.
- Here goes.
I'll give you my stuff.
- Yeah.
Shine the light.
- Where?
Into the bag.
Prost, buddy.
Dammit, I have a stone in my shoe.
Let's hitchhike!
Want a swig?
- Course!
What do you want?
- What's left?
Hold it!
- Screw you!
So what?
Chug it.
Know what it means?
Empty it.
- Right.
Come on.
Move over!
- Stop it or we can swap places.
- Cool, huh?
- U2. Check it out?
That's the place.
Must be closed, in this hole.
How can I help you pretty ladies?
Can we come in, please?
- Well... Okay, come in then.
I could go for her.
Which one?
- The blonde.
She's the best one tonight.
There was nobody here tonight.
You like 'em chubby, huh?
It's something different, right?
I guess.
- Totally.
Although I gotta say,
the blonde has something...
Yeah, she's not bad at all.
- And the other?
Looks like a blimp. I mean...
Know what? I just had a vision.
I'll go over there, grab her,
bite her pale ass and drive her wild.
Then do it.
- Really, I will.
Go on.
- I will.
Look at her.
Look how she moves.
- You're inspired.
What are they? Rolling waves?
A total turn-on.
Big waves. So go for it.
- Yeah, big waves. Really.
So go for it.
Think I'm chicken?
- Yeah.
I'm not.
- Go then.
I'm not going anywhere.
What do you want?
Yeah, give it to her.
Guys, what is this?
Are you crazy?
- Take it easy.
All right, beat it.
You can't do that in my club.
A young girl like that.
Come on, get out.
Piss off.
- Yeah, we're going.
Why should I go?
- C'mon, Willi.
If I say you go, you go.
Unless you want trouble.
Don't go apeshit.
Then go. G'night.
She your friend?
- Yeah.
You're from the camp, right?
She's out cold. I'd better call someone.
- No, don't!
Lower the front seat.
I'll get in.
- Hi.
Melanie, you can't come see me anymore.
You can't wait for me.
You can't follow me.
You can't look at me.
You can't talk to me. Is that clear?
That's how it is.
Hi, Mom. It's me.
Why don't you ever answer when I call?
I wish I could talk to you.
Y'know, ask how you are.
Hope you're having fun in Kenya.
I miss you.
Call me please, okay?
I love you.
Enjoy your meal.