Paradise Highway (2022) Movie Script

[radio tuning]
[male newscaster on radio] Vehicle in
the left lane causing congestion, so...
- [static buzzes]
- avoid this route.
[male newscaster 2] Thank you
for the morning traffic update, John.
[female newscaster]
You know, Fred, I always
get this strange feeling
when I'm stuck in traffic.
There I am, mere feet
away from other people
packed together
on a strip of asphalt.
Yet we find ourselves
passing by each other
from the loneliness of
our respective tin cans.
[radio tuning]
[man on radio] You got
the supply chain, right?
Transportation of
goods being... [fades out]
Your goal is to meet
your high-value objectives,
ensure the supplier
feels good about the deal.
[radio tuning]
[female DJ] Let's round off the
hour and welcome the rising sun
with a song that I'm
sure you'll remember.
["Money, And All Your
Love" by Freda Allyne playing]
I got my looks from
my mama and dad
[lyrics continue indistinct]
[car engine starts]
[woman 1 on radio] How
is your morning, drivers?
[woman 2 on radio] All good
in Albany, ladies, headin' south.
[woman 1] Well, I pulled
an all-nighter out here,
unloading in Sacramento.
[woman 2] Mornin'
over there yet?
[woman 1] No,
it's all dark here.
Can't wait to head back East
as soon as I get her emptied
out and loaded back up.
[woman 3] Well, I got a
great view up in the Rockies,
but the truth is I'm just
scared shitless of the trip down.
[women laughing]
[woman 1] Break on
the engine, sweetie.
[woman 2] Jake break, driver.
[woman 1] How about you,
Sally? Hey, chiquita, you still there?
Yeah, still here. I got
a beautiful day here.
Heading east to 61.
[woman 1] Good to
have you back, chica.
[woman 2] Oh, shut up, Pattie.
She's Canadian, not Mexican.
[Pattie] She talks
weird. That's all I know.
[Sally] Okay, you're giving
me shit, you motherfuckers.
- [all laughing] - [Dolly]
Oh, yeah. You got it.
You pickin' up
your brother today?
[woman 2] No,
Thursday. Come on, Dolly.
She ain't been talking about
anything else for weeks.
[Dolly] Do he talk
weird like you, Sally?
Well, Dolly, fuck you very much.
[woman 2] Shut it. You know he
came down here when he was real little.
Sally came later.
[Pattie] Yeah, right.
That's what fucked her up.
[woman 2] No, that's
what fucked him up.
Fuck you, too. Okay,
drivers. Gotta go.
[woman 2] Bye
now. Be safe. Safe.
- [Dolly] Safe.
- [Sally] Safe.
[exhales deeply]
- [man on intercom] Yeah?
- I'm here to visit.
[door buzzes]
Thank you.
[people chattering]
[sighs] I missed you so much.
[guard] Take your seats, please.
I have not been this
excited to see you
since you came down
from Quebec with Mom.
[sighs] Pick you up Thursday?
- You better.
- [soft chuckle]
You got the "dress-out"
in the mail, right?
It's just so weird
because, uh...
you know, you cope
while you're in here
and... and when
it's almost over,
then you just can't
take it anymore.
It's kinda like when you
have to go to the bathroom...
- [chuckles] - You're almost
there, and the door is locked.
[guard] Sit back, please.
It's her.
[chuckles] Well, I
know what I want.
I want you to make
me that... tart tartu.
- [laughs] - I want you
to make a tart tartu.
[chuckles] What
was it? What was it?
What's that stuff Mom made?
- Tarte Tatin.
- Tarte Tatin.
- Apple tart.
- I love it.
- [guard] Two minutes.
- [buzzer sounds]
What? Please, you said
that was the last time.
- [sighs] - They
asked for one more.
I know, I know, I know. I
gotta get on the outside.
You gotta get me
on the outside. Okay?
- Just one more time.
- [sighs]
- So, last package, I promise.
- Okay.
All right? We ain't
bad. We ain't bad.
Listen, listen, listen.
All visitors must exit now.
They're gonna fucking kill
me. Sis, you gotta get me
- out of here, okay?
- Okay, yeah, yeah.
[Sally] Where's the package?
What the fuck?
You'll take her there.
Across the state line.
Paul's the guy who's
gonna meet you.
Come on, sweetie. [whistles]
No way. No fucking way.
- [woman] Excuse me?
- You don't understand. I don't take people.
Hey! I was told
I could trust you.
No way I can promise
what'll happen to your brother
if you don't take the girl
where she fucking needs to go!
[tense music playing]
[indistinct chatter]
What's your name?
We're not gonna talk.
Come on, lady. It's paid fo...
- [gunshot]
- [screams]
- [gunshots]
- [groaning]
[girl panting]
No! Get off of me!
- [screams]
- [grunts]
- [screams]
- [gunshot]
- Fuck! Fuck! Get down!
- [gunshot]
[girl crying]
- [crying]
- Shut up!
Northbound... can
I get a radio check?
Any bears at the weigh station?
Any bears at the weigh...
[stutters] The fucking fuse!
- Get down! Get down!
- No!
They can search the
entire truck. Get down!
No! Stop!
Police! Police!
Is that what you want?
[breathing deeply]
[dramatic music playing]
[muffled music playing on radio]
[hip hop music playing]
[woman] All right, kids,
run to the bathroom.
We gotta get you in the back.
Come on. Come on.
- [screams]
- Come on.
[hip hop music blaring]
- No! No!
- Come on!
- Shh.
- [screams]
- [horn honks] - [woman] Let's
go, guys. Come on. Hurry...
- [shushes] -
[muffled screaming]
[woman] You're gonna
miss Nia's birthday.
- [shushes] -
[muffled screaming]
- [woman] Mornin'.
- Mornin'.
- [girl grunts] - [woman]
In, in, in, in. Quick, quick.
[engine starts]
[phone ringing]
- Dennis?
- [Dennis on phone] I'm sorry.
Took some time to get a
burner phone. You okay?
- It was a girl, Dennis.
- What do you mean?
Young. Ten, 12 maybe.
Wait, what, what? What
are you talking about?
The fucking package was a girl.
What? Oh, fuck. What did you do?
She shot the guy.
With your shotgun.
Oh, my God.
[stutters] Is he dead?
I don't know. I think so. I...
Oh, we're so fucked.
What are we gonna do?
- What-what are you hauling?
- Unloading in Oxford.
Got another taking
me to Jackson. That's it.
Okay, all right,
you just listen.
Just seem... Just
seem regular, you know.
Just finish whatever
bookings you got.
Are you gonna be okay?
You're in danger, sis.
These guys have eyes
all over the fucking state.
And the girl... where
do I drop the girl?
I don't know, I don't know. You just
gotta take her... take her with you.
- What?
- I-I don't know.
No! No way she
can stay in my truck.
She's the only
thing keepin' us safe.
- [man in costume] Hey, beautiful.
- Fuck off! Motherfucker!
[thunder rumbles]
[music playing over radio]
[indistinct chatter]
[music playing over radio]
[mutters indistinct]
He just...
He exploded.
[dramatic music playing]
This is your guy, right?
Fuck. Yeah, I took him
down a half year ago
when we busted the
MacDougal traffic ring.
Low level sergeant,
oversaw one of the routes.
- He's out already?
- [man] Out on bond.
Pictures of those
girls still haunt the web.
[indistinct police
radio chatter]
Shell casings? Prints?
Fingerprints only
from the victim.
[sighs] They ended
him with a slug.
- Nasty choice for a hit job.
- Hmm.
Other slug's in
that tree over there.
And you're retired
for how long now?
Consultant Gerick
at your service.
[chuckles] So, who's
your new assistant?
Ah, desk rat from legal.
Wants field experience.
Went to Yale.
I heard they have a very
good English department.
[Gerick] Mm.
Paul came here
to pick up a girl
who'd been transported
across the state line.
His normal routine. But then...
It's what we're
trying to figure out.
We got wider and deeper
tracks from the second vehicle.
It's probably a truck.
Yeah. Refrigerated
trailer or dry van.
No tarp.
All right, well, start by alerting
the weigh stations, Finley.
Excuse me, Gerick. Just,
please, call me by my last name.
- All right, Yale.
- Sterling.
You gonna make those calls or
you gonna write a poem about it?
I'll make the calls. Just,
please, call me Sterling.
[dramatic music playing]
[seat clattering]
Never seen you
so lazy, Ms. Sally.
Sorry, Frank, got a bad knee.
[girl coughs]
You got a lover in there, huh?
Uh-huh. Well, you ready to roll.
[dramatic music playing]
[man indistinct]
Take these out to the car.
- [mutters]
- Whoa.
- Come on, come on.
- Fine.
All right.
Hey, so, State Police
are doing us a favor
on the weigh stations,
and we got a match
on the muddy tire tracks
headed onto the
south highway entrance.
So Mississippi, not Tennessee.
- And...
- Here.
Yeah, Gerick, I'm
not your assistant.
This is my case, and I appreciate
having you on as a consultant,
but right now, we just need
you to sign this, and then...
We start with
files from last year.
I'll bet he was whacked
by one of his little buddies.
We take a look at
all known associates.
Find out which one
might've had a beef with Paul.
And we're looking
for a girl. One.
He always bought
'em one at a time.
Yeah, so we just need you to
sign this report for headquarters.
- No time for bureaucracy, Yale.
- [chuckles]
I think you're taking this
a bit too personally, sir.
- Excuse me?
- I think you heard me.
All right. We're taking my car.
And let me know where
we're at with that cell phone.
[horns honking]
Okay, so we did
crack Paul's phone.
It wasn't easy. With recent
numbers already being dead,
we couldn't trace it, and
no registered address.
But he did pay for the
phone bill with a credit card
that also paid the
utilities at an address.
Good lung capacity there, Yale.
What is that, Ivy
League swim team?
I put in a request
for a warrant.
- Ah, we're not waiting for that.
- Gerick.
[man] Something's not right.
Paul should've called by now.
[man on TV indistinct]
[woman breathing deeply]
Go back to your room!
Be smart. Stay in the back.
Don't let anybody see you, okay?
[door closes]
[tense music playing]
Hey! Hey, you! Hey!
[people chattering]
- [man] Who's that girl?
- [bang on door]
- [man] What the fuck are you doing?
- [woman] Goddamnit!
Does anyone care that
I am working next door?
[footsteps approaching]
[door opens]
[door closes]
All right.
Okay. Let's get goin'.
[engine starts]
I always move the truck
after being seen
outside of this truck stop.
Worst reputation on the road.
Hmm. My brother. He's good.
Champ. He'll help.
You got a brother?
Guess you don't have no
mom or dad either, huh?
What are you? Baby Jesus?
What's your name?
[man on TV] And that was
the farmer who found the body
- on a muddy back road off 25.
- Mm-hm. I see it.
- Less than a mile north of the state border.
- Yeah.
A brutal killing that's
hard to grapple with.
- How did it happen and why?
- That little girl's gonna tell on us.
No one's gonna tell on nobody.
[man on TV] The once quiet community
is coming to terms with what's happened
as the motive remains
unclear in the Mud Murder.
What would warrant such a
violent end to a person's life?
[man on radio] Law
enforcement is questioning
- the use of slugs...
- Fuck me. Who leaked?
- a particularly damaging bullet.
- Not me.
It's a most unusual
find at the crime scene.
Some lonesome cowboy
wanting his 15 minutes of fame.
Police are looking
into the manner.
And this, for now,
is all we know
about the innocent victim.
Innocent, my ass.
[man on radio] As the
investigation proceeds,
no stone will be left unturned.
You can go to the police,
tell 'em what he
would've done to you.
That it was self-defense.
[man on radio]
where the crime took place,
spreading fear on what...
Just don't bite and
kick 'em, all right?
Still hiding in the woods.
It's not yet confirmed...
I don't like the police.
But it is confirmed that the
manhunt covers both states.
[radio shuts off]
You crying 'cause you're scared, or you
crying 'cause that piece of shit is dead?
You know, Leila, you
might have shot him,
but I left him there to die.
- [breathes deeply] -
We're in this together.
Oh, we can't cross state lines.
It's too risky with
the weigh stations.
I'll get us to a place
where we can't be found.
We'll wait there till
my brother has a plan.
[blues music playing]
Yes, Patterson,
yes. I know, I know.
You have to see the girl in
order for me to get the warrant,
even if I need the warrant
to get the fucking girl!
You know, we might
still be able to get it.
I'm afraid the idiots at legal
disagree with you, Yale.
[chuckles] All right, well,
I used to work there, so...
I know that. You're the idiot
who refused to issue the warrant
that would've kept Paul
from getting out on bond!
[tense music playing]
[engine starts]
Okay. My buddy caught
a glimpse of a young girl
poking her head out of a
blue Peterbilt yesterday.
Said the truck was
headed south on 49.
Called some of our friends
down there to be on the lookout.
[engine starts]
[suspenseful music playing]
[Dolly on radio]
Can't hate 'em much.
Give me extra time off
when I got my daughter.
'Cause we all know
34 hours ain't much.
[Pattie on radio] Yeah, I just
sleep and fuck through 'em.
- [all laughing] -
[Rose] Hey, Sally.
Headin' to Louisville
anytime soon?
[Sally] Nope, not any time soon.
[Pattie] Yeah, can't
go far from Utica.
- [Sally] That's right.
- [Dolly] No shame in that.
I only ran local 'round New York
when my beau was at Sing Sing.
- [Rose] It's her brother, Dolly.
- [Pattie] Beau, brother.
Only difference is one's gonna
cheat on ya and not the other.
- Very funny.
- [Pattie] Come on, Sal.
What's going on with the
two-syllable responses?
Uh, sorry, Pattie, been
having a rough time.
[Rose] Wanna tell us about it?
[Dolly] I got 500 miles
of windshield time
and nothin' to do.
[Pattie] It's okay to
ask for help, Sally,
we're just a phone call away.
Maybe later. All right,
ladies, drive safe.
- [Pattie] Safe.
- [Rose] Safe.
[Dolly] Safe.
[dramatic music playing]
Florida is a dump.
I don't care if it's a dump when
you can go wherever you want.
Where do you wanna go? Walmart?
No. The ocean.
'Cause the ocean
goes everywhere.
Hey, stop that! Stop that!
- That's dangerous. It's dangerous.
- [laughing]
Who the fuck
cares? It feels good.
[blues music playing]
The neighbor said she saw girls
walking in and out of the house.
"Maybe should've called someone,"
she says, but doesn't wanna get involved.
- Hm.
- I can't believe people are like this.
Well, write a poem about it.
Isn't that what you do at Yale?
No. Sometimes we write essays.
[chuckles] Well,
get her statement.
On it.
One second.
All right, Patterson.
We got what you need.
[Dennis on phone] I'm
worried about you, sis.
You should find a place to hide.
One of the... One of
those big truck stops.
- I know a place we can hide.
- Okay, good.
You don't think you've
been spotted yet, right?
- No. - Good. Good.
- No.
- All right. All right.
So-so, you'll hide overnight
and then you make your
way to Arkansas tomorrow.
- Arkansas?
- You'll be safer there.
But I'm pickin' you
up in Utica tomorrow.
No, you can't do that. Not
with the load you're carrying.
But I wanna be there
when you get out.
I know, I know.
That was the plan,
but it's not safe, sis.
These guys aren't
fucking around.
Okay. Okay, so what do I do?
Get across the
border and meet you?
[grunts] Where?
At home.
- Home? - Mm-hmm.
I'm not going back home, Dennis.
I haven't been there
since I was 15, I...
I can't go back.
Dad's dead.
I know, I paid for
his fucking casket.
- I'm not going.
- It's the only safe place I know, I'm sorry.
Shit, someone...
Someone's coming.
- I-I gotta go.
- [line hangs up]
[dog barking]
We found a dog in the basement.
We need a few
minutes to tranquilize it.
Neighbors say they saw the girls
walking around the neighborhood.
I don't understand.
Why didn't they...
call the police?
Ask for help? Something.
These kids have been fucked over by
the system since the day they were born.
They don't call the police.
Nobody gives a
shit and they know it.
They also know that if they
step out of line what happens.
That's what the basement is for.
- A kid had been in this cage.
- What?
A kid had been in this
cage. Bolted to the wall.
Dog was running loose.
From the looks of the dog,
it had been trained
to be aggressive.
Traces of blood on the bolts.
Looks like someone
tried to claw their way out.
Fresh. Couple of days.
We just missed them.
Clothes in the cage.
Pant size, dress size.
She's probably
about five feet. Young.
And she found a
pencil to doodle with.
[dramatic music playing]
You know this place?
This truck stop's so big...
even the pimps don't
know their way around.
We can hide here till tomorrow.
Let's go over the ground rules.
Hair spray, AKA pepper spray.
Man's coat stays
on the driver's seat.
Makes them think
a guy lives here.
At night, curtains
closed, lights off.
Lights on is an
invitation. Right?
Someone knocks, we don't open.
Doors locked. Windows up.
Seatbelt wrapped
through the door handle
and fastened
when we're sleepin'.
You sleep up top. I'm
on the bottom. Got it?
- Got it.
- I do the shoppin'.
But you do the
dishes. You stay here.
Don't let nobody see you, okay?
- All right.
- That's it.
But I need to go to the store.
Uh, didn't you hear what I said?
Your underwear is huge on me.
Would you prefer me to walk
around with 'em gathered in my ass?
This it?
It's for my niece.
Well, how do you like that?
I see you more than
I see my own family,
and I didn't even
know you had a niece.
Oh, come on, Patterson, don't give me
this shit about priority of resources, man.
This is a fucking
priority. Fuck!
- Yeah.
- Fuck!
You've been at this,
what, 30, 40 years?
Still gets you riled up, huh?
How the hell can it not?
Why don't they run?
You know? Because I would.
Anything to get away
from that hellhole.
[chuckles] Fuck no. You...
you'd be locked in a basement.
No, you wouldn't
run. You'd stay.
Try to play the game. Survive.
What the fuck would
you live on out there?
Grass? Clover?
Best case scenario,
you're found and brought
right back into the system.
Then you'd run again.
Most of these kids
are held captive
just a few miles from
where they grew up.
In their minds they
got nowhere to go.
And for a lot of
'em, that's true.
[footsteps approaching]
[female agent] Same
hair as in the basement.
Thank you.
Shouldn't we get...
Shouldn't we get rid of that?
Not an option. My mom gave
it to my brother before she died.
They find this... [chuckles]
they've found us anyway.
You fire it, you clean it.
I see his eyes all the time.
You kill someone
'cause you wanna be free,
but then he still gets you.
How'd you learn to shoot?
This guy Cooper.
My mom left me with him
when she went to work.
He was buildin' an armory.
He always said if the world
went to shit... he'd be ready.
[music playing on radio]
Do you ever feel lonely?
[indistinct chatter]
[Sally yelling indistinct]
[woman] Just a
few gallons of gas.
- Oh, you want gas?
- Please, lady.
Well, bring your car!
I'll give you some gas.
I just want a few dollars.
It'd be better so I can buy...
Oh, now you want money! Ask
for money! We're all struggling here!
[woman] I just wanna
take my kids to the...
[Sally] You got kids?
Go take care of them.
- See?
- Yeah, I see.
God... And what do
you want me to do?
- Well...
- Resources are so fucking scarce,
they're telling us to prioritize
only infants and toddlers.
Patterson, we can
catch these fucking guys.
It's you and Sterling,
Gerick. That is it.
If we don't bring 'em down now, they
just set up some place else and then what?
Ten more girls? Fifteen?
Trafficking will not go away
until people stop
buying, Gerick.
We know that. All right?
We get these guys
and someone else
is just gonna
satisfy the demand.
It could be your
daughter, Patterson.
[music playing on radio]
[boy] Hi. I saw
you earlier today.
Uh, I was just wondering
if you wanted to come over.
Uh, my mom's making
pancakes, so I just thought...
Thanks, but I don't have time.
M-maybe later? We're in
the pink RV over by the store.
Okay, well, maybe later.
Bye then. See ya.
[dramatic music playing]
[door closes]
Who knew she could still shine.
You said he would help.
You don't read
other people's letters.
He's in fucking jail, so
how's he gonna help us?
[inhales sharply]
What do you mean? "Us"?
You and me are not "us".
The only "us" I know
is me and my brother.
Why didn't you tell
me he was in jail?
He's getting out
of jail tomorrow.
'Cause of you, I can't be there.
You could've just told me.
None of your fucking business.
Like looking for a
needle in a haystack.
A semi is no needle though.
It stands out pretty
much anywhere.
If I was them...
I'd duck into someplace
familiar and just lay low.
And a young girl with a trucker
might stand out just enough
for someone to
have taken notice.
- Yeah.
- Wait.
You're not suggesting
we go analog
and go to every truck stop ever?
- 'Cause there's... there's many.
- There aren't that many.
And a guy like this won't
stray far from his comfort zone.
You're driving. Let's go.
[music playing over headphones]
[tense music playing]
[shuddering breath]
[police siren chirps]
[cell phone ringing]
- Hello.
- [Dennis over phone] Oh, shit.
I was worried about
you. I worked it out.
We gotta get the
girl back to them,
and they'll let us off the hook.
- Where you at?
- Sherrigan's.
Heading to Arkansas
tomorrow like you told me.
Okay. Okay.
Everything good there?
- Yeah. All's good.
- Great. Okay.
- I love you.
- I love you, too.
Just keep the girl close.
She's our lifeline, sis.
- Yeah.
- Okay, I'll see you tomorrow.
- Yeah.
- I think we're gonna be okay.
[exhales sharply]
[dramatic music playing]
[cell phone ringing]
All right, we're on our way.
We got 'em. Take a left.
[groans] [exhales]
All right, all right,
all right, let's see.
Okay. Rock, okay.
It starts with rock.
And then scissors cuts paper.
Rock, paper, scissors, shoot.
Rock, pa...
Rock, paper,
scissors, gun, shoot.
[chuckles] Rock,
paper, scissors, shoot.
- What the heck?
- [chuckles]
Okay, rock, shoot.
[music playing on radio]
What you got there,
Yale? Toothbrush?
Yeah, I drink a lot of coffee.
Okay. All right.
It's our fourth stop today.
What's gonna be
different about this one?
You wanted field work.
This is the field.
Sorry, it's not as sexy as
you thought it would be.
[grunts] Let's see what we find.
- [people chattering] -
[band playing blues music]
Shot of whiskey.
[tense music playing]
[woman, outside RV] My youngest is sick
and we just need a few dollars for the bus.
You have kids, right? You
know what I'm goin' through.
Excuse me, sir. I have... I have a sick
mother at home and my car broke down.
I really... I just
need a few bucks.
You got kids? You got
kids? You got kids, don't you?
- Hi, Mom.
- Hey, baby.
[sighs] Thank you.
Thank you, ma'am.
- Okay, now.
- Thank you.
- Thank you.
[cries] - All right.
[woman] Thank you.
Do you ever feel lonely?
Mm, no, not really.
Mm, how about, like,
when you're with people?
That maybe you'll
always be lonely
because no one knows the
world the same as you do?
I haven't seen any little girl.
I am so sure I
would've noticed that,
but I only work certain shifts.
Well, what about personnel?
Is there anyone
here consistently
who might've noticed
something suspicious?
Well, I think your best bet
might be to go over there
to the bar and talk
to the bartender.
He knows most everybody
coming in and outta here.
And the regulars,
they're always around.
Yeah, yeah
[muffled chatter over music]
[moans softly]
Excuse me, ma'am.
- Yeah.
- Excuse me, ma'am.
What can I do for you...
Officer Finley Sterling?
Is that a real name?
Some of my friends call me Yale,
if that makes
things easier for you.
We're just looking
for a truck driver
with a little girl with him.
Uh, about five foot tall.
Uh, dark brown hair.
You seen anybody like that?
[pants softly]
Okay, thank you.
Have a good night.
And you.
[suspenseful music playing]
[whispers] Sally.
- Hey.
- I'm okay.
- You okay?
- Good.
[chuckles] Okay. Do
you live around here?
- [mutters]
- [woman] No?
What's your name?
Okay. Let's get you
back to your truck, okay?
- Yeah.
- You think you can show us the way?
[Sally groans]
Oh. Watch your
step, hon. [chuckles]
Had a little too much
to drink tonight, huh?
- Happens to the best of us, right?
- [women chuckle]
Which one's your truck, huh?
Is it this one?
All right, let's get your keys.
Where's your keys, huh?
- Watch her, Tesz.
- Got her.
[door opens]
- There's no one in here.
- What?
I'm sayin' there's no
fucking girl in here.
Oh, fuck. Where is she?
- [groans]
- [Tesz] Huh?
I said, where the
fuck is the girl?
[woman] What a dump.
There's nothing
in here but crap.
What? You sure?
What is all this shit?
- What the hell is this, huh?
- [Tesz] Where's the girl, huh?
[both muttering]
Where the fuck is the girl?
- I don't... I don't know.
- Wake up, wake up.
Wake up, get up.
Show me where... [muttering]
[woman groans]
Oh, shit!
- What the fuck?
- She's shot a guy before.
Hey, Deborah. Get out here.
What the fuck, Tesz?
[pants] Shit.
[man] Hey, what's
going on out there?
- [engine starts]
- [horn honks]
[man 2] Shut the fuck
up! I'm tryin' to sleep!
Come on, Sally.
- [horn honking]
- Get in the truck.
[horn honks]
- Come on! Get in the truck!
- [man] She's got a gun.
[man 2] Hey, careful.
[horn honking]
[man 3] I'm tired of this
shit. Tryin' to sleep over here.
[men indistinct]
Get the fuck outta here!
[Deborah] You fucked
up my eye, bitch.
- Fuck you!
- [man] Shut the fuck...
- [horn honking]
- [woman] Hey!
Get the car, get the car.
[engine starts]
- Straight out.
- Yeah.
[horn honks]
What the fuck?
Is that her truck?
[overlapping yelling]
- What the fuck?
- Is she gonna fucking hit us?
[indistinct chattering]
Keep her there. Hold her.
- We need to talk to her.
- Her?
It's a blue cab
truck. Keep it in sight.
[both muttering]
- [Finley] You get the plates?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- No!
- Wait. What the fuck are you doing?
- She's getting away!
We don't wanna get into a
fucking car chase with the police!
[siren blaring]
[Finley] Calm down, all right?
I don't want you
to hurt yourself.
[suspenseful music playing]
[Finley indistinct]
Pull right.
[tires screeching]
[Sally] Straighten out!
[tense music playing]
[siren blaring]
[winces softly]
[gentle music playing]
[birds chirping]
[woman on radio] In
other news, the police
are still on the lookout
for a light blue Peterbilt truck
after the incident at
Sherrigan's truck stop last night.
License plate F-three-one...
- We should get going.
- Oh, no.
Right. [sighs]
Can we go to this place?
It's not far from here.
I just wanna pick up my jacket.
There ain't nobody there.
So... no one's gonna see us.
How the hell can
they be lost, man?
They're in a blue rig.
Kinda hard to miss.
All the roads around here
aren't even on the map, sir.
Well, get a chopper in the
air, man, for fuck's sake.
You think we got a
chopper around here?
Get a news
chopper, I don't care!
- Weather chopper!
- [knocking]
- What?
- She's ready to talk.
You know, sometimes people help
you more if you're not an asshole.
- I'm only an asshole to you.
- You're an asshole to everyone.
And you.
[Tesz] I don't work
for nobody, sir.
Some woman asked if
we wanted some cash.
I don't know the bitch.
Don't know the trucker lady.
And don't know the girl
who took a swing at me.
The girl took a swing at you?
Yeah. She was the
one holding the gun, too.
You'll like our trailer.
It's nice.
Our trailer is bright blue,
so you'll know it
when you see it.
My mom painted it.
Your friend Cooper's place?
[children playing]
Yeah. That was his place.
Our trailer... our trailer's
right behind the pink flamingo,
so you'll see it
in just a second.
It was just
prescriptions at first.
She only took what the
fucking doctor told her to take.
I didn't wanna stay at
another group home.
So I ran.
[breathes deeply]
My mom loved me.
But that stuff made
her happy every time.
You know, I've never actually
been to the ocean before.
[breathes deeply]
Well, you're lucky to
know where you wanna go.
I only know what
I'm running from.
[cell phone ringing]
You out?
[Dennis over phone] Yeah.
You're at the house?
Yeah. Yeah, I'm home.
I thought you'd be here already.
I'm so nervous, Sal,
about the girl, you know.
We gotta get her
to them tonight.
They're gonna let
me know what time.
You promise me
you'll get her home.
Oh, shit... They're-they're
calling me again.
- Sal, I...
- [line cuts out]
Dad used to beat us, and
Dennis took the brunt of it
for as long as he
could to protect me.
And it... it hurt him. It
carved a piece out of him.
It's my turn to take
care of him this time.
[engine starts]
- [beeping] - [automated
voice] Joining conference now.
[Rose] Welcome, Sally.
Didn't think you'd
make it on here today.
How was it pickin'
up your brother?
Hey, ladies. I got
a favor to ask you.
[Dolly] No way! Did
he fuck up already?
It's not for my
brother. It's for me.
[tense music playing]
The truck's been sighted!
Positive match on the plates!
[engine starts]
[tense music playing]
[siren blaring]
Step out of the vehicle, ma'am.
This a vehicle inspection, sir?
Please step out, ma'am.
All right.
CDL, please.
Follow me.
Give me a moment, will ya?
All right if I call you Sally?
We're looking for a young girl.
Dark hair.
Thought you might've seen her.
You and your partner asked around
the bar at Sherrigan's last night.
I haven't seen her, sir.
What happened to your face?
Didn't I tell you I was
at the bar last night?
Oh. [chuckles]
And it looks like your
truck took a beating for ya.
Was she there, too?
You know it, sir. She
and me, we're one.
Where are you from?
Nowhere, and everywhere.
That's America for you.
But you've been
here a long time.
Where do you live?
Right here, sir, in my truck.
[smacks lips] I hear ya. My
car often becomes my bed.
I don't mind.
Solitude is nice.
Well, sorry to bother
you. Have a nice ride.
Oh, um...
Where you headed?
Across the river.
- Arkansas?
- Arkansas.
I figured.
Look, Sally...
there are some bad people
out, wantin' to hurt that girl.
The police are
looking for a killer.
That's not what I'm after.
I just want to help her
and whoever's trying
to be good to her.
You understand?
Here. This is my number.
I don't trust the system
any more than you do,
but some of us are not all bad.
All right. Well,
have a nice ride.
[door opens]
[grunts] Yeah.
You wanna tell me what
you're not telling them?
She's with the girl all right.
But that lady trucker's
not who we're looking for.
I think the girl was
safe here with her.
Last thing we need is a bunch of
cops running after them with guns drawn.
Oh, we'll keep an eye on her.
Let her guide us to whoever
she's running away from.
See, people are more
helpful if you're not an asshole.
Yeah, all right.
I have a call in at Utica.
- Utica?
- Her brother.
Petty crimes mostly,
worse up through the years.
He was transporting
duffels and got caught.
Five years
incarcerated at Utica.
Same place Paul
McKinney did time.
That's too much
of a coincidence.
Her brother incarcerated
in the same place as...
What do they call him?
Oh, the Mud Victim.
- Ah. See, that's poetry, Yale.
- [chuckles]
[engine starts]
[tense music playing]
This will do.
We won't get far with
her if she feels threatened.
- Oh, hi.
- Hey. How you doin'?
Here you go, ma'am.
All right.
Let's get going.
Thanks, Rose.
You okay, Sally?
[sighs] You sold your trailer?
I'm gonna stay in the area,
Sal. Dolly's passin' by, too.
Just so you know in
case you need anythin'.
He's out already?
I'll call you back.
[engine starts]
["One Way or Another"
by Blondie playing]
One way, or another
I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna get ya
get ya, get ya, get ya
One way, or another
I'm gonna win ya
I'm gonna get ya
get ya, get ya, get ya
One way, or another
I'm gonna see ya
I'm gonna meet ya
meet ya, meet ya, meet ya
One day, maybe next week
I'm gonna meet ya
I'm gonna meet
ya I'll meet ya
I will drive past your house
And if the lights
are all down
- I'll see who's
around - [both laughing]
One way, or another
I'm gonna find ya
I'm gonna get ya
get ya, get ya, get ya
One way, or another
I'm gonna win ya
I'll get ya, I'll get ya
One way, or another
I'm gonna see ya
I'm gonna meet ya
meet ya, meet ya, meet ya
One day, maybe next week
Yeah, besides processing.
Then check bank accounts,
insurance, I don't know.
No, I'm not yelling
at you, David, I just...
All right, just get back to
me, all right? Keep a record.
Guy gave her cash for the
trailer. Doesn't know shit about her.
He got out of the sick ward a
week ago. Taking a beating.
[sighs] Fuck. Fucking prisons.
We lock 'em up, and we're
just creating a breeding ground.
[gentle music playing]
It's a long straight
ball to center field!
Home run!
Oh, come here.
Hey. What'd they do to you?
Hey. Can't you smile anymore?
[both laughing]
Oh. Oh, wow.
She is... she is really young.
[Sally] When do we go meet 'em?
Well, they told me bring her out
to the airfield about eleven o'clock.
Here, here.
Why don't you have
a seat right there?
[Dennis] Remember that?
I'm sorry I can't
get you anything.
You know, nobody's been
here for the past couple of years
since... since our dad died.
That's fine.
[Sally chuckles]
That. Don't you touch that.
- Get your paws off my trophy.
- [laughing]
[Dennis and Sally laughing]
You know, I was... I was...
I was happy when you got away.
- I was.
- I know.
I didn't have to... I didn't
have to think about...
listening to something
happen to you every night.
It's not as bad as I thought.
I mean, the mess is as
bad as I thought it'd be, but...
It doesn't scare me anymore.
Well, that's good to hear.
[music playing over radio]
Should we, uh...
should we get going?
Sure. Where?
You're right about me, you know.
I know nothing about this.
Grew up with a silver spoon.
Completely disconnected.
And the strongest
memory I have of my mom
was her picture hanging
above my crib. [chuckles]
And I joined the bureau so I
could mean something to someone.
Can't say that's working out.
Why'd you join?
[clicks tongue]
Doesn't matter why I joined.
Only matters what I do with it.
[cell phone ringing]
Yeah, okay. Yeah.
Hospital has Sally on
file. Over 30 years ago.
Numerous ER visits,
various, um... accidents.
She was brought
in by her brother.
There's a home address.
Uh... I don't wanna
give her back.
I wanna buy her out.
The girl?
Leila, yeah.
Well, what are you
gonna do with her?
Where are you
gonna get the money?
I have some money.
How much?
How'd you get it?
Enough. I should have
some left over, too.
- Mm-hmm.
- How did you get it?
[Sally clicks tongue]
How'd you get the money, Sal?
Sold my trailer.
She needs us.
The way we needed each other.
You mean like a... Like
a family or something?
Well... [chuckles]
Well, that would take me
just a little bit of
time to get used to.
You know?
All right.
We do this, you gotta let
me take care of it, all right?
I'm gonna bring 'em the cash.
Pay. Done.
All right. Okay.
Where's the bathroom?
We're-we're gonna
take a little ride. Uh...
No. No. Leila stays with me.
No, that's not how it
works, sis. I gotta bring her.
You-you could've taken her
to the police for all they know.
All right. I'll go then.
No, Sal. Sal. [chuckles]
If she's going, I'm
going. Uh, Leila, let's go.
- Sal.
- I still have to pee.
It's-it's just right here.
- [sighs] Useless...
- I'll turn the truck around.
It's just a bad idea.
Get out of your pajamas.
It's time to go.
[engine starts]
- [beeping] - [automated
voice] Joining conference now.
Sally's here.
Hi, Sally.
[over radio]
Dolly's here with us.
That's right, Rose.
Pattie's here, too.
She's slow as a little
turtle, just like you, Sally.
Come on, baby doll, get with it.
- [Dolly] I'm just sayin'.
- [Rose] Shut up, Dolly.
Sally's got some serious
business to take care of.
Where are you headed?
Remember that old
airport? Southeast?
Hell yeah, I
remember that place.
Yeah, me too, I was gonna be a
flight attendant before I broke my teeth.
[women laughing]
Just wanna tell ya, it's good to
know you ladies are out there.
We're always out here. [grunts]
Come rain or come shine.
Dennis? Leila?
Let's go!
You look fucked up.
Huh? Oh, yeah?
Oh, yeah. Freezing out there.
Well, Leila found something.
I think you're gonna like it.
[grunts] Sal, what
are you doin'?
What are you doin'?
It's-it's-it's-it's the dress
that dad bought you
for your 13th birthday.
I thought you'd like it.
- I thought you'd like it, Sal.
- Take it off. Take it off, Leila.
[Dennis] Sal... I-I thought
you'd think it was cute.
I thought you'd like it. I...
- I don't!
- All right, all right,
- I fucked up. I'm sorry!
- Take it off!
[tense music playing]
[Finley] It's clear.
They were here.
We missed 'em.
Shit, shit, shit, shit. Shit!
[vehicle approaching]
I'll go.
Where's the girl?
I wanna buy her out.
That wasn't the deal.
I'll pay more than
the going rate.
Let me see her.
- [Dennis] Come on.
- [Sally] Dennis!
I have the cash.
But I need to know
we're cut clean.
My brother, me, the girl.
And we don't see you anymore.
Sure. You bought it, you own it.
Really? You think I'm just
gonna let you take the girl?
How do I know you won't talk?
'Cause I'm just as
guilty as everybody else.
- That's it, just get the girl and let's get out of here!
- [woman yells indistinct]
Don't hurt my sister! I
said, don't hurt my sister!
- [man] Back here!
- [Dennis] Hey.
Get the girl and let's go!
- Hey!
- [grunts]
[man come here]
- Hey!
- Fuck!
- [Sally grunting] -
[Dennis] Hey! Easy.
- Den...
- Hey! Get off her!
- Get off her! Hey!
- Fuck you!
- Hey, go easy!
- Get him!
[body thuds]
[woman gasps] Dennis, what?
I said... I told him
not to hurt my sister.
You said to make it look real!
Not that real! I said
don't hurt my sister!
[woman] You didn't
have to kill him! [crying]
[Dennis] Why couldn't you just
get the fucking kid, Claire? Huh?
I told you exactly
where she was!
- Now get in the van!
- [Leila] Let go!
- Dennis?
- Let go of me!
You-you weren't
supposed to see this.
- No, Sal. Sal, listen, Sal...
- Let go of me!
- Dennis...
- Let go of me!
Stop it! Sal, you weren't
supposed to see this.
Sal. Sal, no! Let her go!
Let her go! Let her go.
I was just gonna do it for
a bit till we got on our feet.
Sal, you were not
supposed to see this.
Get in the fucking van, Claire!
Claire, get in the van.
- Please.
- Let me get rid of her, okay?
Just let me get rid of her,
and-and we get back
to us, Sal, I promise.
You'll see, it's gonna be fine.
No, Sally!
Sal, it's gonna be okay.
Sally! Please!
- [shushing] -
[muffled screaming]
Dennis, stop! Stop! Don't!
[horn honking]
[tires screeching]
[Sally] Leila!
[horn honking]
[horn honking]
Leila. Leila.
[Dennis] Come on, Sal!
Come on, Sal!
Fly away with me.
Come fly away with me.
We'll go to Mars...
Saturn, and we'll go
to Jupiter and China.
Anywhere but here. We
get the hell outta here.
[tense music playing]
We're just a couple of kids.
- [grunts]
- Kids... Sal?
No, Dennis.
They are kids.
Not us.
How much you sell 'em for?
- No.
- How much a job?
- No.
- How many times a day?
[groans] No, you-you
got it all wrong.
Sal, I do it for
you. I do it for you!
- No!
- I... Everything I do...
I want you to tell me...
what-what that girl does
for you that I don't do.
What do you owe her?
[Leila] She doesn't
owe me anything.
[dramatic music playing]
[Dennis] Sal...
Hey, Sal.
Let's get you in the car.
Watch your head, all right?
[door closes]
Worried about him?
Never gonna stop.
Well, if we can
get him to help us...
maybe we can catch the big guy.
Promise you'll take
care of those kids.
Oh, don't worry.
I'll see to them.
That's what gets
me up in the morning.
Well, you... probably
better get going.
Local police are on their way.
We have your statement, so...
Have a nice ride.
[engine starts]
You know, we're gonna
get in trouble for this.
I'm gonna get
in trouble for this.
You didn't know shit about it.
It's not your fault
if I went rogue.
You're still an asshole.
To you.
[gentle music playing]
["One Way or Another" by
Anne Kulonen & Philip Kay playing]
[song ends]
[instrumental music playing]