Paradise Hills (2019) Movie Script

[ballroom music]
[guest coughs]
- [guests laughing]
- [chatter]
[tapping spoon on glass]
[man over speakers] May I
have your attention, please?
[man clears throat]
Uh, ladies and gentlemen,
thank you all, for making this
such a memorable celebration.
Now, to top off our night,
Mr. Hingston's exquisite bride
will serenade him with
a very special love song.
[romantic music playing]
[woman impersonating Uma] I'm
yours to keep, your servant
I'll cater to you,
all your needs
Counting all your sins
One by one
As you hold my stolen heart
Our lights ignite the fire
But flames are
growing higher
My ashes at your feet
What is this incantation?
You were my salvation
Everything I need,
everything I need
- [applause] -[man] Sing it
again, sweetheart!
[Eloise] Yes, darling! Good girl!
Brava! Sing it again!
Sing it again!
Thank you. I'm honored
by each and every one of you.
Thank you, so very much.
[dance music playing]
What a stunning bride.
[man 2]
And what a stupendous wedding.
Oh, there she is.
Over here.
[man 3]
All, back to him now.
If you'll excuse me,
a moment.
Mr. Hingston is
expecting you upstairs.
A husband shouldn't be
kept waiting any longer.
[man] Your daughter is the
epitome of Upper perfection.
[woman] She's earned
the life ahead of her.
[woman 2]
You must be so very proud.
[Son shuddering breaths]
[door squeaks open]
[door squeaks closed]
That place works miracles.
[chuckles softly]
[Son] You could be so
difficult, before.
But now,
It's as if that girl
never existed.
[grunts and breathes deeply]
[gasps and breathes heavily]
[softly] What?
[yells] Hello?
- [Duchess over speakers] Good morning, Uma.
- [gasps]
[Duchess] I didn't mean to startle you.
Breakfast is on its way.
Wait, where am I?
You're in paradise, of course.
[door unlocked and opened]
- [panting]
- [assistant 1] Mademoiselle!
[assistant 2]
[assistant 1]
[assistant 2]
[seagulls squawking]
[assistant 2]
Uma! Uma!
[breathing heavily]
- [match strikes]
- [gasps]
New in town?
Look, I-I need help, OK?
They're chasing me
and I need
somewhere to hide.
I don't even know
how I got here.
Come with me.
[assistants echoing]
Uma! Mademoiselle!
Just come with me.
Wh-what is this place?
You lost something?
What are you doing?
No, no, no, no!
[gasps and grunts]
Why won't you answer me?
[sighs and whispers]
What is this place?
[children] She asked her
mother for fifty cents
To see an elephant
jump over the fence
She asked her mother
for fifty cents
To see an elephant
jump over the fence
They jumped so high,
they reached the sky
They never came back
till the Fourth of July
They jumped so high,
they reached the sky
They never came back
till the Fourth of July
Higher, higher
Higher and higher...
[door opens and closes]
[Uma] Excuse me,
but, who are you?
[Duchess chuckles] Some people
complain that rose bushes have thorns.
I rejoice that...
thorn bushes have roses.
What am I doing here?
[Duchess] Honey,
you have no reason to be afraid.
This is a center
for emotional healing.
Holistic and sustained healing.
Now, most of our girls aren't
quite so feisty when they arrive,
but I do understand how
difficult this must be for you.
Why can't I leave?
[sighs] Addressing your anger
issues, is gonna take a while.
Sweetheart, they told me you
lost control again, last night.
You can tell my mother,
that she is wasting her time.
This is an opportunity, Uma.
Thank you.
Observe your life
from a new perspective.
And whose perspective
is that? Yours?
And what about mine?
You'll be with us
for two months.
All I ask in that time,
is you keep an open mind,
and, reconsider
your marriage proposal,
after your stay.
[birds chirping]
Luggage was arranged
by your mother, mademoiselle.
Do you all talk like that?
- Well, it's about time, darling.
- Uh...
Hi. [chuckles]
Rough trip?
Actually, I don't
remember any of it.
Oh, well, lucky you,
because that seaplane
was sketchier
than a broke-ass
roller coaster.
- Sea plane?
- Yeah.
I'm Chloe.
That's Yu.
I don't reckon she's
too keen on being here.
What, and you are?
Well, if it'll get my parents
off my back.
What's their problem?
They think two months here
is gonna turn me into
some skinny pageant queen,
like my sisters.
It won't, because I'm fine
just the way I am.
But, hey, I'll take
a free vacation.
- Yu!
- What?
Meet Uma.
- Hi.
- They told me no roommates.
Well, hey, that's not
our fault, girl.
[Yu] And don't touch
my stuff.
- [Chloe sighs]
- [bells chime]
[Duchess over speakers]
Let's dress for dinner, ladies.
[sighs] OK.
[girls giggling]
[happy chatter and laughter]
Where's the rest of it?
Our diet is
individually calibrated
for your optimum physical health
and your mental equilibrium.
Eh, uh, I can't because, um,
I'm, uh, uh,
la-lactose intolerant?
Allergies and intolerances have
been dutifully accounted for,
- and, mademoiselle, dairy is not one of yours.
- OK, fine, whatever.
We kindly ask you
to finish all of your dinner,
to have sufficient nourishment
for tomorrow's activities.
Bon apptit, mademoiselles.
[girls giggling]
[whispers] You know her?
She screwed me over,
as soon as I got here.
- [scoffs]
- What?
Who is she?
If you had my heart
I wouldn't want it back
I'd let you keep it
till the...
[Chloe and Yu]
...end of time
Wait, that's her?
Amarna Vicario.
Yeah, her new sound
is real neat.
- She's also...
- [Yu whispers] A drunk.
- [whispering] That's not nice.
- It's true.
[Chloe] Look, I hear her
parents are super conservative,
and they've got her in detox,
before they drag her back home.
You know, it really
must not be easy
- being famous.
- [Yu] Yeah, it's so not easy being famous.
Think about the pressure.
No wonder she drinks.
- [Yu] She's kind of tragic.
- [Chloe] Don't judge her.
[water running]
[faucet squeaks]
[door squeaks open and shut]
- What do you want?
- [chuckles]
Still mad about this morning?
Ya think?
Well, they were gonna
catch you, either way,
and I couldn't let them
find our cave.
"Our cave?"
Course. Where else
are you gonna
light up my cigarettes
for me, hmm?
- [chuckles]
- [chuckles]
Please don't believe
everything you hear about me.
I don't even drink, anymore.
Then, why are you here?
I wanted to do music
in my own voice.
My team freaked out.
You see, they look at me
like a product.
They planted all those
partying stories about me,
and sent me here,
to rehab for it, I guess.
Why haven't you
tried to escape?
- Escape from what?
- I don't know, exactly, but,
I'm not trying
to get brainwashed here.
Well, the only thing we've done
till now is a lot of yoga
- and feeling our feelings.
- I don't care.
I'm getting out of here.
Well, I don't know how
you think you're gonna do that,
because we're on an island
in the middle of the ocean.
OK. I'll help you.
Meet me outside my room.
- How do you get cigarettes?
- [chuckles]
An attendant gives them to me.
His daughter's a fan.
I video chat with her.
[chain tinkling]
You know, Uma,
There's always a way
to get what you want.
[door squeaks]
[Chloe snoring]
[music playing over speakers]
[gasps, breathes heavily] the Pacific
And everything about it
is terrific...
[Duchess over speakers]
My Dears,
the sun is rising,
and in the fresh light
of this new day,
let us welcome
Chloe, Yu, and Uma.
to our family. island,
it's very lazy
If I should ever leave it
I'd be crazy!
[Amarna] Hey.
Can you...
Sorry, I fell asleep.
How long did you wait for me?
I, actually, fell asleep, too.
Please confirm
your chosen look.
Hell, yes.
Oh, no. No, no.
I've got to...
Please, mademoiselle.
Can't do it.
The look might grow on you.
It looks good.
It isn't me.
Mommy's perfect little Upper.
You don't have to change
who you are, Uma.
[assistant] Relax, Uma.
This'll only take a minute.
- [electric zap]
- Ow!
[breathing heavily]
- [electric zap]
- Ow.
[assistant] Please sit
still, mademoiselle.
- [electric zap]
- Ow!
[electric buzzing]
It's like looking
at somebody else.
[Yu] Yeah.
Someone I don't like.
How are you
adjusting, honey?
Great. I've always wanted to go
to a fascist boarding school,
so, this is kind of
a dream come true.
Well, I certainly hope
we can change that for you.
Please sit,
and face the mirror.
Please, sit down.
Uma, I know you think
this isn't the place for you,
and you may be right,
But I'm asking you to be
the tiniest bit receptive...
To your propaganda?
[Duchess pats seat]
[Duchess] We are at our best,
when we are truly ourselves.
Can we agree on that?
Mirror Therapy is about
owning your story.
It's about remembering
what makes you, you.
Only the things
that you would know.
Tell yourself the story
of who you truly are.
[scoffs] You want me
to talk to myself?
Well, you don't seem
to enjoy talking to me.
How about this?
I'll ask you a question.
Answer only if
you want to, OK?
What was the one thing
your mother never gave you?
Try and look in the mirror.
Does she look after you?
She looks after herself.
- You're very tough on her.
- She deserves it.
- Do you love her?
- What are you trying to do here?
OK, I am not gonna
marry that prick.
- [sighs]
- [sighs]
It's hard to find a good man
in this world, Uma.
I would know.
[gym assistant]
Keep it up, mademoiselles.
Control of the body,
clarity of the mind.
All right. And work
in pairs now, please.
- Come on.
- No.
I need a partner.
[gym assistant]
- And forward.
- [Uma] Come on.
I can't do this on my own.
Come on. [chuckles]
[gym assistant]
And back.
And forward.
And back.
[girls chatter]
[girls laughing]
[gym assistant]
And back.
[girls laughing]
[gym assistant]
And back.
Uma? Uma.
Are you still with us?
Yeah, sorry.
[gym assistant]
And forward.
And back.
[footsteps echoing]
[buckles clicking]
Your gloves, please.
It's a little tight.
[technician] It's for your safety.
[footsteps echoing]
[door opens and closes]
[machine gears buzzing]
[gears latch]
- [machine screeching]
- [gasps]
Sorry about that. We're, uh,
we're attempting to resolve
some technical issues.
Please, hang tight.
[jazzy music playing]
[Son over speakers]
Lowers like to
say all kinds of things
about me,
but the truth is,
I'm a simple man.
I work hard,
and I give back.
I may be a sensitive guy,
but don't let
anyone tell you,
I don't know how
to have a good time.
Maybe my idea of fun
can be a bit extreme,
but, in both
business and life,
what's the point
of dreaming small?
[music stops]
[music restarts]
Lowers like to say
all kinds of
things about me,
- OK, I get it.
- [Son over speakers] but the truth is,
I'm a simple man.
- I get it!
- [Son] I work hard,
- and I give back.
- Hello?
- [Son] But the truth is...
- Turn it off?
...simple man...
I work hard...
But the truth is...
[recording continues,
...simple man...
Maybe my idea of fun
can be a bit extreme.
I may be a sensitive guy.
I may be a sensitive guy.
...sensitive guy.
[machine gears buzzing]
[gears latch]
[technician] We're so
sorry, the system failed.
We couldn't stop
the projection remotely.
The infirmary
will patch those up.
We're so sorry.
[Duchess humming]
You really think that stupid video
is gonna get me to change my mind?
Oh, honey. Let me
take a look at those hands.
Come here.
Perhaps he is
a bit heavy-handed.
But he means well.
"Means well?"
He's a sociopath.
- [Duchess sighs]
- Besides, it doesn't matter.
I'm in love
with somebody else.
Your mother never told me
about anyone else.
Of course not.
He's a Lower,
so, he basically
doesn't exist to her.
Your father was not
a good influence, Uma.
Look at me.
I have dedicated my whole life
to taking care of
Mother's little garden.
But you, if you could
learn your place,
you have your
best years ahead of you.
Don't end up like me.
So sad! [chuckles]
Would you like to help me
clip some thorns?
So, your ma just likes him
because he's rich?
She's an Upper,
but we're broke.
She thinks the marriage
will save our family.
[Yu] That sucks.
I'm sorry, dude.
Am I the only one
getting married off, here?
I wish all I had to do
was marry some rich guy.
You don't mean that.
Well, my video was people
just jogging and eating,
like, celery.
I mean, if it was that easy,
everyone would look like Amarna.
Why, thank you, Chloe.
Screw this.
No, hey.
Here, let me help.
[Yu] I can't do this.
I-I just can't.
What'd they show you
in there?
It was a documentary
about my thing.
I get anxious.
Like, panic-attack anxious.
I feel like I'm dying,
when I have one.
My parents are Lowers.
They sent me to Beijing
to live with my aunt and uncle.
Big shot Uppers, but...
I just don't know
how to act around them.
I don't know how to be.
I embarrass them.
So, they sent me here,
told me not to come back
until I got better.
Hey, you're not like
the other Lowers.
You got a choice now.
Yeah, well, maybe
my idea of success,
isn't stepping on
everyone below me.
[as Duchess] There, there,
my little tapioca pudding.
You're in our
brave new world now.
[as Duchess] We know you've
suffered, my peanut,
but don't you worry.
You most surely will be redeemed,
by an excellent hairstyle and
a truly mediocre personality.
I hate you guys.
[all chuckling]
Come on.
[Amarna] So when you
go back to Beijing,
you're gonna form what?
Uh, Sammy.
Sammy and the
Decapitated Head Horses.
- Charming.
- Wait, who's Sammy?
I'm Sammy.
I formed the band, so...
Wait, you're singing?
Uh, Amarna sings.
I do this...
That ain't music!
Yeah, Chloe doesn't like it
Thinks it's too crass
She don't know shit
Got her head up her ass
- Real funny.
- [Yu] Give me my headphones.
[all chuckling]
[birds singing]
[Duchess over speakers] My dearests...
the sun is rising.
She visited me the first
time the album went platinum.
We went swimming.
Just the two of us.
It was a beautiful,
clear day, but...
the current was
just too strong.
I told her I was not
gonna leave with her.
I was gonna stay.
She said, "Whatever you want,
I want for you."
She started getting
pulled under the waves.
I, uh...
I, uh, managed
to get her back to shore.
And I just wrapped my arms
around her.
I wish she meant it.
I wish she meant it,
with every part of my life.
I was terrified of losing her.
Terrified of just being...
completely alone.
But at that time...
those words were just...
That was the last time
I told her I loved her.
...I told her I loved her.
Very good, Uma.
I'm proud of you.
[Chloe] Nice. Now you twist
the ends together, like this.
When I leave this place...
I'm gonna go
somewhere far,
far away from here.
I just want to be somewhere,
where I can...
start all over again.
where nobody really knows
who I am.
What about you?
I told you,
I'm in love with someone.
We just want to be together...
and have a simple life.
[chain tinkling]
[Chloe] Uma,
isn't that a memory locket?
It's the prototype
for all the rest. [sighs]
[chain tinkling]
[Young Uma giggling
through hologram]
They still make them?
Not the way my dad used to.
How did you...?
I promised I'd find you.
[Uma giggling]
How did you even find me?
[Markus] Showed up at
your mother's place.
She was not happy to see me.
What did she say?
That you were getting ready
to marry Son.
But I'm not marrying him.
I told her that...
I know, I know. Shh, shh.
I applied for the job,
as soon as I could.
Listen, Uma,
I'm gonna get you
off this island.
No. Not here.
[door latching]
Swiped this
from the tech guys.
The feed will just show
an empty room,
same as before.
I'm gonna
join the cargo crew.
When I do,
I'll sneak you into the hold.
We'll fly to the mainland and
I'll get you off that plane.
An-and go where?
We'll figure it out.
As long as we're together.
[breathing deeply]
[shuddering breaths]
Is that what you want, too?
[exhales shuddering breaths]
[resident girl] And I saw
everything you give me...
What? That is so romantic.
I mean, he came
all this way for you?
Just in time to save you from that
shit you're supposed to marry.
Uma doesn't need saving.
[applause and cheering]
He's gonna help me escape.
You just have to be nice to the
staff, fake the treatments.
You don't need to escape.
I finally have a partner
in all of this.
And what am I?
You shouldn't
trust that guy, Uma.
Wh... [chuckles]
I've known him, my entire life.
- Well, I don't think he deserves you.
- How would you know?
[assistant over speakers]
Amarna! You're up, girl.
[cheering and applause]
[Chloe] Whoo!
[Chloe and Yu]
Go, Amarna!
[resident girls]
Stop the music, please.
I'm yours to keep,
your servant
I'll cater to you,
all your needs
Counting all your sins
One by one
As you hold
my stolen heart
Our lights ignite the fire
Our flames are
burning higher
What is this incantation?
You were my salvation
Everything I need
Everything I need
- What is this incantation?
- All right. That's enough, now.
- You were my salvation
- [assistant] Armana?
- Everything I need
- [assistant] Armana!
- I said that's enough!
- Everything I need
Bedtime, mademoiselles.
[audience groaning]
Off stage. Go.
Listen, I don't want to
repeat it. Just, go.
[young Uma giggling
through hologram]
[birds squawking]
[French music playing
over speakers]
[Uma grunts and sighs]
Just once,
can she play some shit that
isn't, like, a hundred years old?
- Have you seen my necklace? My locket?
- [groaning] No.
[alarm sounding]
[man over PA] Security perimeter breach.
Security perimeter breach...
- Interfering boat type zero-zero-one-two...
- [Chloe] Look at these clowns.
[man over PA] Male subject.
All safety personnel to Beach A-Three...
Interns are to initiate
regular morning activities...
- Security instructions will...
- Girls! The showers. Now!
Come on, mademoiselles.
Move it!
[man over PA] Please,
resume standard procedures.
[man over PA] We repeat.
Please, resume stan... Beach A-Three...
We repeat, perimeter breach...
- What's that boat doing here?
- No clue.
We repeat,
perimeter breach...
It's unacceptable.
Who is this intruder?
Fetch him.
Fetch him at once!
Why are you still here?
Go wash yourselves!
- Whose boat is that?
- Are you deaf?
Well, I was just asking
whose boat...
- OK, get out of here. Go, go!
- Hey, hey!
Hey! Back off!
- What did you say?
- I said, back off.
- [Uma] Yu!
- [Favorite] Mademoiselle!
Don't you ever touch me again.
[struggling breaths]
I will send you home
to your family, a failure,
a disgrace.
Is that what you want?
[yelling] Is it?
[glass cracking]
I said stop!
If she leaves, we all leave.
[Yu whimpering]
You hear me?
Yeah. We'll tell
everybody about this.
[Yu hitching breaths]
I am so sorry.
I lost my composure.
We are dealing with
a situation this morning.
Thank you so much, for helping me.
Um, find him.
And turn off this...
[chuckling] ridiculous alarm.
It's OK. Just breathe,
just breathe, just breathe.
It's OK.
- [girl 1] Look, there he is.
- [girl 2] The mystery man.
[girl 1] He ran into the
rocks, like he wanted to crash.
She interrogated him, herself.
I can't even imagine.
I heard he came to see Amarna.
He demanded an audience.
- [girl 2] Superfan.
- [girl 1] Super creep.
[girls laughing]
[Amarna] So the attendant
that gets me cigs
lets me use his station in exchange
for passes to my comeback show.
[Uma] That guy sailed all
the way here to see you?
Not exactly.
Holy shit.
That's what he really
came to do.
- [scoffs]
- [strikes match]
- How?
- [Amarna] Uma,
there's no stalker.
It was all a front.
My admirer
stashed the rowboat here,
and sailed around
the island all night,
but nobody
spotted him till dawn.
They're not guarding
the coast at night.
That's our way out of here.
We come here after dinner,
we get on the rowboat,
and we go to shore.
It's only ten miles.
We can do it. Uma.
I thought you didn't
want to leave at all.
What's changed?
Last night, I was
able to stay awake,
for the first time
since we've been here.
You know why?
I didn't drink the milk.
They've been drugging us,
every night.
They make us sleep
like we're dead.
But, the Residence
isn't sleeping.
Where did you find this?
It was in the patio,
by the mermaid.
There was staff
that I didn't recognize,
passed-out girls around.
Listen, we have to go.
We don't drink our milk,
and we meet here,
after curfew.
I have to tell Markus.
No, Uma, you can't.
I can't disappear
on him, again.
[Amarna] Just...
don't give him any details.
They're gonna transfer me
to the cargo crew tomorrow.
We'll be out of here in
a couple of weeks, maybe less.
Wow, don't get too excited.
Uh, I am. It's just...
I have to
tell you something.
- [classical music playing]
- [girls chatting]
[spoon clinking on glass]
your attention, please.
Once, in a blue moon,
a resident is so receptive
to what we offer,
that she's ready to
rejoin her loved ones,
sooner than expected.
And, so it is, with our own...
[sighs] Amarna.
We shouldn't be sad to
see her leave us this evening.
We should instead,
let our hearts swell with joy,
at the strong young woman,
Amarna has become,
during her time here.
To Amarna.
[coughing and spitting]
- [sniffling]
- Uma. Uma.
Listen to me, OK?
You take that boat
with Markus. It's yours.
But, how will I find you?
[inhales sharply]
You promise, right?
I promise.
[Amarna sighs]
I'll see you there, OK?
Amarna? Time to go.
I, uh, I'm coming.
- [inhales sharply]
- [shuddering exhales]
Be safe.
- [door opens]
- [muffled dialogue]
[indistinct dialogue]
Yeah, it is ugly.
[metallic noise]
[metallic noise]
[young nurse]
What the hell?
How did she get
all the way over here?
[old nurse]
The sedative's slow sometimes.
Hits them on the way
to the bathroom.
- [young nurse] Are we taking her to the OR?
- [old nurse] No.
It's not her turn tonight.
[classical music playing]
What's up with you?
I'm fine.
Yeah? 'Cause you're
scaring the mirror.
I just had weird dreams
last night.
Really? I ain't never
had a dream here.
[male singer]
Sad was the time
I lived my whole life
I lived my whole life
When you came
with all your devils
Came with all your devils
I cried into the water
Cried into the water
The waters of my life
[female anchor] The beloved artisan
apparently took his own life last night.
Financially ruined by the hostile
takeover of his family-owned business.
[male anchor]
...orchestrated the purchase...
Stop! Turn it off!
[male anchor]
...costly legal battle...
- Turn it off!
- [female anchor] Mr. Hingston fired the staff
and automated the factory.
[continues indistinct]
Let me down!
Of course. I've made
the necessary arrangements.
Let me out of here!
Let me down!
Turn it off!
This place is a fucking lie!
What are you doing to us?
What are you doing to us?
Mademoiselle, stop!
No, stop it!
You're lying to us!
- Why are you lying to us?
- Mademoiselle, be still!
Where are you taking her?
- Yu!
- We don't wish to hurt you mademoiselle.
Markus! [grunts]
Help me!
[door closes]
[Favorite 1]
Easy, Uma.
Finish it.
[door closes]
[Duchess as milk]
Why don't you drink me?
[door opens]
[Favorite 1]
Good morning, Uma.
What's going on?
Ow. No, no, no!
Let me go!
[door closes]
[indistinct dialogue]
[excited crowd]
[yelling and cameras clicking]
[reporters all
speaking at once]
Over here, over here!
How about a kiss?
[breathes heavily]
isn't that a pickle?
You think this place is a lie.
Look at your friend.
[clears throat]
Her treatment seems rather effective
in the end, don't you think?
I think both her label and her family will
be very, very pleased with the result.
Oh, you gotta see this.
This is what Son paid
to have you...
skip our waiting list.
Do you think
he would spend
so much money on
something that doesn't work?
Understand this.
The therapy is real.
You're just
a prickly little pear.
And now you're done.
What are you talking about?
Oh, we're nearly finished
with you, Uma.
By tomorrow you'll be able
to leave here forever.
Frankly, I thought
you'd be happier.
I was under the impression
you couldn't wait to go.
How long have I been asleep?
[whispering] How long
have you been asleep...
Two weeks.
[Duchess humming]
Run along now, little bug.
Your friends miss you.
- [Chloe] Sure you're OK?
- [Uma] Yes.
They told us you went nuts,
that you broke that damn horse.
- Is that true?
- OK, forget about all that.
The Amarna we said goodbye to
is not the Amarna I saw on TV.
They did something to her.
And I'm not waiting around
for them to do it to me.
I'm leaving.
And I want you two
to come with me.
- How?
- [Uma] Tonight.
We throw up our milk,
we sneak out of the Residence,
and we row this frickin' boat
to the mainland.
And then what? I can't
go home until I'm cured.
My aunt and uncle
will throw me out.
So don't go home.
What do you mean?
I know somewhere else.
Somewhere safe.
Look, our families
sent us here
to shape us
in their image.
Not ours.
I'm not doing it.
[Uma exhales]
Are you with me?
Screw 'em.
Come with us.
I can't.
It's OK.
But we'll be waiting
for you tonight
if you change your mind.
[both sigh]
It's my fault.
I should have tried to
join the crew sooner...
It's only three more days.
Listen. I will be on
the next plane out next week.
I'll meet you on the mainland.
And I swear I... I will never
let anything tear us apart again.
- OK.
- Yeah?
I'll wait for you.
[French music playing]
[waiter assistant] Mademoiselle,
finish your dinner, please.
[coughing and retching]
I-I gotta take a leak.
I'm not the one
that needs to change.
- [door opens]
- [gasps]
[breathing heavily]
[nurse 1] These girls are
supposed to be completed.
She's done.
She's done.
Wait, this one's still got
one session left.
[nurse 2 sighs]
OK, let's get to it.
- [heavy breathing]
- What do we do?
We can't leave her behind.
Come on.
- That way.
- OK.
[metallic squeal]
[nurse 1]
Head right, huh?
[muffled dialogue]
Let's go.
[nurse 1] First off,
your boat's a piece of shit.
[nurse 2]
Damn, it's not fair.
[nurse 1] Secondly,
you got zero patience.
[nurse 2]
We gotta update the log.
[nurse 1]
Ah, jeez.
Can we wait till
after dinner? I'm starving.
[nurse 2] Let's just
get it over with, huh?
[nurse 1]
[nurse 2]
You say I've got no patience.
You're the one who
always gotta eat so bad.
[door closes]
[indistinct dialogue]
[senior surgeon] We'll do a full
modeling of her vocal chords
as well as a scan
of the pupil and the iris.
[junior surgeon] Yo, isn't she
roommates with that fat Southern girl?
[sr. surgeon]
I think so. Why?
[Jr. surgeon] Don't know.
I kinda like that one.
I feel sorry for her, though.
[sr. surgeon]
What about ones you don't like?
You don't feel sorry for them?
[jr. surgeon] Yo,
if I felt sorry for all of them
this job would be
[heavy breathing]
- Chloe!
- Let her go, douche-canoes!
Christ, man, call her!
[Duchess over speakers]
What is it?
[sr. surgeon] Two girls are awake.
They're here in the OR.
- [Duchess] Who?
- Mademoiselle Yu's roommates. She's also awake.
Do I need to hold your hand?
They're completed.
Finish them off!
- [grunts]
- No!
[Uma grunts]
We might need
some help here. Ow!
Yu! Yu, breathe!
[jr. surgeon]
Easy, sweethear...
Yu. Yu.
Yu, Yu, Yu, Yu.
It's OK, it's OK.
Here, I got you.
Here. Here.
Come on.
[indistinct singing]
What is that?
I don't know.
[singing gets louder]
Put her over here.
[singing and laughing]
[Yu over speakers] I don't know how to be.
I embarrass them.
[Uma over speakers] And whose
perspective is that, yours?
[Duchess over speakers] Observe
your life from a new perspective.
[Uma over speakers] And whose
perspective is that, yours?
[Yu over speaker] I don't know how to be.
I embarrass them.
I embarrass them.
[Uma's voice] OK,
I am not gonna marry that prick.
[Uma over speakers]
Turn it off!
They're not treating us.
They've been observing us.
[recorded dialogue
continues in background]
Measuring every single thing
about who we are.
But why?
I mean, what's all this for?
- [Yu choking and gasping]
- Yu!
We need to find
a way out of here.
This way!
That lying piece of shit.
Uma! We've gotta go!
We gotta go now!
- [male guard] Get them! Get them!
- [Chloe] Uma, now!
Uma, now!
- Uma!
- [alarm wailing]
Open up, you punks!
Open the door!
Break it down!
[Yu choking]
Help us.
Help us!
Please, help us.
Our friend needs help!
Girls, get the staff.
Looks like three little
rich girls
just wandered
into our pool.
Who are you?
We're your substitutes.
[Yu gasping]
You don't understand
how hard we've worked
to get here.
While you...
eat cake
and pick flowers,
we work.
We've practiced
until we fainted.
We've endured
dozens of surgeries.
to be like you.
To be better than you.
[choking and gasping]
you think you're
gonna replace me?
You bet I will, darlin'.
You don't understand
where we come from,
what we've done to get here.
For every single one of us,
this is our only chance
at a decent life.
We were born out of your wars.
We've had to grovel for food.
You should at least enjoy
the life you've already had.
- Yu.
- Yu.
Yu, no. Yu!
Yu! Yu!
Yu. Yu. Yu.
No, no, no, no, no. No!
[Chloe sobbing]
Well, you got what you wanted.
So I guess one of you is
gonna replace me, aren't you?
Are you listening to me?
Are you here?
Did they give you
hair like mine?
Eyes like mine?
My mouth?
My skin?
The scar on my leg?
Well, there's one thing
they haven't given you.
[young Uma laughing]
This is my father.
Well, take a good look at him,
'cause he's dead.
And the man who's paying
for you is to blame.
You wanna be me?
You have to carry that
around with you.
[Yu substitute] Do you
believe you're the only one
with a story like that?
You know,
we have families, too.
Uma, run!
Go, just go!
- Hey!
- Get them!
Get 'em!
Get them!
[guard] Open the door! Open it!
Break it down!
- OK.
- OK.
Come on.
What is this?
[panting and grunting]
It's OK.
Keep going.
[thump and rustle]
[Chloe muffled]
- Chloe!
- [yelps]
- Chloe, where are you?
- [muffled] Uma!
[Chloe muffled]
[hissing and rustling]
[muffled] Uma!
[Uma screams]
What are you?
I'm just like you.
A nasty little thorn
in mother's side.
Five little bugs
Came out to play
On a spider's web one day
They got caught
All in a bunch
And along I came
In time for lunch
At Mother's age,
I can't exactly
stop now, can I?
Who'd want me then?
me then?
Leave her alone!
I said leave her alone.
Isn't this cute?
A family reunion!
That's my substitute,
you idiot.
I'm the one you want.
No, I'm the one you want.
[Uma substitute] Don't
listen, she's lying to you!
- [Uma] That's my substitute.
- [substitute] I'm the one you're looking for.
How can you not recognize me?
Don't listen to her.
- It's me.
- Liar!
- Liar!
- I'm the one you want!
which one are you?
I am me.
- [waves]
- [indistinct radio chatter]
[man over radio] We're still
missing one substitute.
Keep searching.
She lied to me.
She told me that you chose him.
She told me that you
chose Son over me.
How much did she pay you?
I won't take it.
[man over radio]
All clear over there, partner?
Yes, sir.
All clear.
This belongs to you.
Thank you.
What are you gonna do now?
There's nothing left
where I came from.
Your parents?
I tried to take care of
my two little brothers,
but sixteen hours a day
working in a factory,
it wasn't enough.
This man came
to our town and...
offered me this job.
If you can call it a job.
He promised me my brothers
would never go hungry again.
I had to become somebody else
so I could survive.
I had to become you.
I'm sorry.
What's your name?
It's nice to meet you, Anna.
Sing it again, sweetheart!
[guest 1]
What a stunning bride.
[guest 2]
And what a stupendous wedding.
[man] Your daughter is the
epitome of Upper perfection.
[woman 1] She's earned
the life ahead of her.
[woman 2]
You must be so very proud.
[male guest]
And here she is.
He was heartbroken when you were
the only one who went missing
after that disaster.
Only a man in love
can suffer like that.
You should feel fortunate.
I do.
Very much so.
I just... can't imagine
how difficult it must
have been for him.
I mean, he's invested
so much in me.
[male guest]
Smile, kid.
You're giving it all
back to him now.
[Son's assistant] Mr. Hingston
is expecting you upstairs.
A husband shouldn't be
kept waiting any longer.
That place works miracles.
You could be
so difficult before.
But now...
it's as if that girl
never existed.
Please, don't worry.
I'll go.
Oh, baby, what happened?