Paradise Is Burning (2023) Movie Script

- Steffi.
- What?
- Get the detergent.
- It smells like piss.
Steffi, where are you going?
Where's the detergent?
But Steffi
We're out.
Hose down Steffi.
Let's go, little pee-pee rat.
- Sit down.
- No!
- I need to shower you. Be still.
- I don't want to.
Steffi! What the fuck?
We need detergent.
It's 8 a.m.!
Tilt your head back like this.
Like a baby seal.
- Like a little tiny baby seal.
- That's right.
Laura! Get your hands off my detergent!
- It's mine. I brought it.
- You think I'm blind or something?
Don't accuse me just because
you've bought the same fucking brand.
I saw you taking my detergent. Laura!
Hand me Mom's driver's license first.
- Not for too long, or you'll burn my hair.
- I know.
That's a good one!
Steffi, I smell burning.
I know. How good do I look
on a scale from kiwi to banana?
- Those are my shoes.
- Which I got handed down.
Don't touch the dogs,
they've probably got scabies.
- Stop wiggling it.
- I'm not.
It'll fall out when it's ready.
- Stop wiggling it.
- Guess who I am!
Haha, very funny.
I'm a homeless dog with scabies!
You go ahead. I'll be right there.
Mira, get her!
- You cunt!
- Mira, come on!
Get her!
You cunt!
Get her, Mira!
Let me go!
- Go!
- Get her!
- You call that a fair fight?
- You touch my sister again I'll kill you.
- You're crazy.
- You fucking cunt!
get into a fight without a strategy
at school.
You're bleeding.
- Tilt your head back.
- Like a little tiny baby seal.
Where's the opener?
- Don't move.
- I'm not.
Hang on.
- Hello.
- I thought they'd locked you up.
What have you done?
Some boobs you got on you.
Did you get surgery?
It's all natural.
- You didn't know?
- Wanna feel?
I do.
I meant my boobs.
Have a go
Are you extra soft as well?
Things got bad with me and Mom.
We fought all the time.
Then Social Services
sent us to a child psychiatrist.
Mom was supposed to come with us.
But then in the waiting room,
she just up and left us there.
It was so embarrassing
having to explain that.
It's going to get better now
We can't get inside?
- What are you gonna do?
- Put on some music.
Me and my brother can't stay together.
He's going to a place in Hrjedalen.
But we get to visit each other, I hope.
I wanted to be with you guys
for the last day of school.
- Hello?
- Hello?
That's what you get.
- What are you doing here?
- What are you doing here?
- Get out.
- Can you rewind?
I said, go and watch Steffi.
Hey! Is that where you found the remote?
Put it back where you found it.
Are you trying to be funny?
Go and watch Steffi, I said.
You didn't say that.
Stop staring.
Hurry, hurry!
For fuck's sake!
Get down here.
Stay right there.
Come back here!
Excuse me?
Excuse me? Could you help me
Do you need a hand?
- Guilty conscience?
- Exactly.
- You okay?
- I'm fine.
I recognize you.
I don't recognize you.
Why is she so fat?
- She's not fat.
- She is.
Fat is in relation to surroundings.
- This artist portrays everything big
- Yeah, the cat is fat too.
I just have to get that.
Help yourself.
How's your hand?
- It's fine.
- Can I have a look?
Jump up.
- Can I have a feel?
- Okay.
- Does that hurt? At all?
- No.
I'm pressing towards you.
Does it hurt?
- Doesn't hurt? Not at all?
- No.
Go like this. Does that hurt?
- Nothing's broken then.
- What are you, a doctor?
Can you go like this?
Now do this. One up one down.
Not everyone can do this.
It's like rolling your tongue.
Not everyone can do this.
Push them together slowly.
Put them together.
- Then hold it there.
- Like that?
- Does that hurt?
- No.
What are you doing? Stop it!
What are you doing? You psycho!
Look what I can do!
You won!
You look like shit.
Go wash that off.
I'm calling from Social Services.
Is your mother there?
No, she's not here at the moment.
Can I take a message?
Is that Chirin?
- What is this regarding?
- Is this Laura?
We've had a report of school absence
that hasn't been approved by a guardian.
Because of your history,
we need to make a house call.
Just make sure everything is all right
and have a little talk.
- When would that be?
- Monday next week.
Okay, I'll let her know.
Let who know?
I knew you'd get away.
Who was it?
- It was somebody.
- It was nobody.
Don't yell at me!
It wasn't me.
- What wasn't you?
- Whatever happened here.
- It wasn't me.
- You spoke to someone.
- Was it Chirin?
- Wrong number.
- So it's a party!
- That dog needs to go!
- Stop taking in fucking stray dogs!
- Is Becka coming?
- Why were you on the phone for so long?
- Is Gaby coming?
It was the city officials that called.
They wanted to know about your tits.
Have they started growing yet?
How big are they,
how many bras have you worn out?
Your tits are the government's
top priority right now.
So we're definitely having a party!
Gin-ger-bread cake.
- Hold it properly.
- I'll do it my own way.
Give it to me!
You've had enough.
Mira, come on.
Where did you get this?
From Sandra.
What is it?
A friendship bracelet.
I just need a piss.
- Where are you going?
- For a piss.
- What about us?
- Go on a ride or something.
Have you seen Vera?
Have you seen Vera?
Is Vera still here, or did she leave?
May flowers?
Nice to see you too, Vera. Long time.
I'm really busy. What do you want?
Can't a girl visit her aunt
without wanting something?
I'm just here to check out the fair,
same as everyone.
Pet the animals.
Unless you're scared I'll kill them.
Got milk and sugar?
Never mind, this is fine.
I'm sorry.
We haven't been selling very well.
And it's going to rain.
And Ronny's ordered too many shirts,
and we're leaving next week.
I saw Ronny out front. He looks well.
Well, he's not.
But thanks for pretending.
Are you gonna run out on him?
Screw around with the Fortune Wheel guy?
- Wouldn't that be something?
- I'm not that far gone, Laura.
How about you?
Have you talked to Mom lately?
How long has she been gone this time?
Since Christmas.
Social Services called.
I was wondering if you could call them
and push the meeting somehow.
What about Steffi and Mira?
They're better off with me.
Jesus Christ, Laura.
They'll take them from me.
Give it a rest, Laura.
Can't you just try to talk to them?
I'm sorry for bothering you.
Thanks for the tea.
I'm sorry. Wait. Here you are.
Do you want to hold it?
Imagine these claws going into your nose.
Your eye.
Do you want to pet it?
Where did you go?
Where's Steffi? We need to go.
Steffi is there.
Can we please stay a little longer?
- Come on.
- Just a little longer? Laura?
Steffi, turn it down.
What's the matter with you.
Come on.
You're too young to get your period.
- What?
- Let me check if I've got something.
- Did you check in the bathroom?
- There aren't any.
- What?
- There aren't any.
You'll have to go over to Zara's!
- What?
- I'm out. You have to go to Zara's.
Steffi, if you touch my toast,
I'll kill you!
- What did you say?
- Go to Zara.
- What's that?
- Steffi, wash your hands.
- What's that?
- I got them from Vera.
You said she wasn't there.
What were you doing at Vera's?
Do you want it or not?
- What is it?
- A wolf.
- What did you get?
- An eagle.
I want the eagle.
I want the wolves.
A pack of cigarettes.
Laura, we have customers here.
You'll have to wait.
- Let's have an ice cream.
- No, candy.
Well, I'm going to have an ice cream.
- Have that one.
- Which one? What's that one?
- Take that one.
- Okay, put it there.
Hold on, I'm coming.
Hold on, I'm coming.
There you are! That one's sour.
- I want this one.
- You want it?
I barely recognized you.
Yes, you did.
At least I'm not bald.
That was quick.
Yeah, sure. Now I recognize you.
How are things?
Mira and Steffi?
- These.
- What's all this?
- Ice cream.
- Oh no. One ice cream.
Or candy. You have to choose.
You can't have everything.
- How's the Social Service gig going?
- The Social Service gig is fine.
But I'm on paternity leave now
with Awa's little brother.
- I want all of them.
- One ice cream.
I see.
Is someone else covering for you?
Or How long have you been off?
Is everything okay?
I thought you were on vacation.
Everything is fine.
- Everything is fine.
- Sure.
Come on!
It was good to see you.
I won't stand here
and embarrass you. Take care.
Are you bleeding a lot?
This is a real soaker.
But this is probably more your size.
I'll take the soaker. It's more my style.
You can trim the edges a bit.
Let me get you a box.
Nice outfit.
Right back at you!
Wanna come to karaoke?
We're going to sing karaoke.
Sasha: Go outside if you want to smoke.
I thought you kicked him out.
Congrats on becoming a woman.
Or my condolences, I guess.
Let me see.
These are okay.
- She gave you that?
- Yeah.
Sorry I woke you up the other day.
We have Mira's ceremony tonight,
so we need a bottle of wine.
- She got some from me.
- Yes, thanks a lot, but we need more.
Don't you remember your ceremony?
It's no fun if it doesn't get rowdy.
Thank you.
Hey, I wanted to
ask you if you could do me a favor.
Could you pretend to be our mom
at a meeting with Social Services?
- Not a chance.
- It won't take long.
It's some summer temp worker,
they don't even know what Mom looks like.
Don't be scared.
What the fuck?
You're bleeding. Sit down.
Tilt your head back.
Chin up...
Hold this.
I just came to apologize.
But maybe you should apologize to me.
You hit me every time I come here.
Can I have a taste?
Just one, okay?
You like it?
Do you?
Not really.
- Do you like it?
- Yes, I do.
I love it.
It tastes a bit better now.
- You think so?
- Yeah.
I think so.
I don't know.
I suppose It tastes a bit sweeter.
The second time.
It's time for you to go, I think.
Thanks for dinner.
You're welcome.
- Just tell me one thing.
- Okay.
Why were you hiding from that car?
Because he was a psycho.
- But why was he chasing you?
- He had the wrong person.
He had the wrong person?
Why was he chasing you?
- He
- He what?
We We had
broken into his house.
- You stole things?
- No. He's got a pool.
And we don't.
How did you get in?
There's a number of ways. It could be
It could be an open bathroom window.
There can be some latches
that you just have to push.
Then you can open up
- Clever. What about apartments?
- You ask a neighbor for the key.
- And they give it to you?
- Yes.
Can you show me?
I could come over tomorrow.
No, nothing around here.
Let's meet in town.
Where have you been?
It's about to start.
How do you feel about tonight?
- Are you excited?
- Yeah.
Have you practiced this?
Can you go like this?
Not everyone can go like this.
It's pretty unusual.
Can you do this?
Turn them around.
Like that. No, like that.
Like this.
Closer and closer, then put them together.
Closer and closer
Now try to break free.
You think that's funny?
Steffi, where's Laura?
She said for you to watch me
until she gets back.
I didn't think you were gonna show.
- You're wearing makeup.
- Yes.
We'll wait until someone goes out,
then we can
Hi, our phone is out of battery so
You don't strike me as the type
who would break into somebody's house,
or con someone.
It's quite risky, you know.
These people aren't home.
- Hi, I'm here to pick up the key.
- Pardon?
I'm sorry. My name is Sara. I'm here
to pick up your neighbor's key.
- I'm looking after their cat.
- I didn't know they got a cat.
My dad spoke to them, and
They asked me to look after the cat.
I don't care if it lives or well.
Last time I help them out.
Did you take your shoes off?
- No need to make a mess.
- Okay.
- What do you usually do? Move stuff?
- No.
I just hang out.
Maybe read someone's diary or something.
Sneaky bastard.
What's that?
Let me see.
- No.
- Yes.
Did you find it here?
- People can see you.
- It's free.
- I took these.
- Those are free too.
- Stay here.
- Why?
Just sit here and wait.
- Have you seen Laura?
- No, sorry.
- Aren't you a little young to be smoking?
- They're not mine.
Tell me, what did you think?
If you want to win
you should pick a different song.
Oh. You want to be my manager?
- Zara!
- Yes.
- I got myself a manager.
- Good luck.
Don't touch my sister!
Who do you think you are?
Fucking cunt.
You got that?
Don't touch my sister!
Fucking cunt.
- What's your name?
- Steffi, what's yours?
What did the sofa do?
It was being a jerk.
What do you want to do?
Can I sleep in your bed?
Can I sleep in your bed?
There's not enough room.
Where were you today?
"I think it's time to replant the garden."
"There's time."
"I've let Fredrik down."
"Today was the worst day of my life.
The worst moment" Wow.
Hey, I need your help.
My God, they're getting a divorce.
Sorry, what were you saying?
No, nothing.
Next time,
let's pick some place that's more fun.
Wanna do something tonight?
I don't know if I can. I'll text you.
You have one new message.
Hi, I'm calling from Social Services
to confirm our visit on Monday.
We haven't met before
but I'm sure it will go fine.
Hi, this is Hannah.
I can't talk right now.
Hi. It's Laura.
I've found a new place, so if you want
we could meet today and go there.
I think you're gonna like it.
Call me. Bye.
Aren't you going swimming, Steffi?
No. I'm on my period.
Are you on your period?
Stop it.
- You're just paranoid.
- No, I'm not.
And even if I was
- Should I do a cannonball?
- Do a back flip.
- It's too shallow!
- Mira.
- I fell.
- Dive in!
- Dive? It's too shallow!
- Do a flip!
Hello, Laura? Where are you going?
- Watch Steffi.
- What?
Dear God. What happened?
Come in.
Sit down.
Let me see.
Are you okay?
Should we call someone to pick you up?
I don't want to be any trouble.
I can walk home.
Let me see
- Does it hurt?
- No.
It will tomorrow.
You don't need stitches.
You should see the other girl.
- Are you going to make it home?
- Yeah, I live pretty close so I can walk.
- I could call someone.
- No, I'll just walk.
Take this.
I suppose I'll get her.
- Should I walk with you a bit?
- Sure.
What are you laughing at? What's so funny?
What did you do?
I grabbed a rock and just
- I fucked up, I was trying to think fast.
- Yeah, that was fast.
I know a new place.
That would've been fun, but I can't.
Tell him you have to drive me
to the emergency room.
Mira, here's your towel.
- Why did you take my bike?
- I was just borrowing it.
- You could have asked.
- Where the hell have you been?
None of your business.
What are you doing?
Cut it out. Okay.
How does that feel?
Come on!
Tell me when you start trying.
Try to get free.
The little baby can't get free.
- Let go! Let me go!
- What?
- Get off me.
- Stay still.
Where are you going?
Like you care!
- What are you doing?
- Just checking if you're breathing.
- I'm sleeping.
- I'm sorry.
You'll never beat him.
Lay off the goddamn smokes.
I thought it was never gonna take.
I thought it was never gonna take.
- What is it?
- Huh?
What's going on?
You're totally lost in thought.
What are you thinking about?
I can see
that you're thinking about something.
They're temp workers?
- Do they ask for ID?
- No, why would they?
I could do it.
I can fool them.
Who do you think you are,
coming here, telling me
how to take care of my family?
- What is it this time?
- The attendance ladder.
What the hell is that?
Never mind. What's this bullshit?
What's this bullshit? You're coming here
Attendance ladder,
are you coming here for that?
Could be assault too, not sure.
Assault? Some girls had a fight.
Have you never been in a fight?
I'm so fucking sick of you.
Get the fuck out of here!
You were great.
Where are your parents?
Mom's dead. Died of a heart attack.
My God.
We buried her in the backyard.
- My dad's a pirate
- That's so funny.
This is so not funny.
Okay, I won't.
You're so stupid.
What do you take me for?
What the fuck? Give it back. I found it.
I found it.
You suck at this.
You're terrible.
- Three points.
- Put your hands in.
Come on. We're going home. Steffi!
Steffi, sit down.
Steffi, sit down.
Mira, come on. We're going home.
Steffi, sit down.
Don't tell her to go home!
You go home. Don't tell her what to do!
You can go home.
Mira, listen to me. Let's go home.
We're going home.
What the hell are you doing? Answer me!
- Just leave!
- I do everything for you!
You do everything for us?
- I would die for you two.
- You would never die for me!
- Yes, I would die for you!
- So why don't you?
- You're so ungrateful.
- Do it then!
Get out of here!
You too! Get out.
They're not my kids, you know.
These fish sticks taste funny.
Go on, eat.
They actually do taste funny.
I'm feeling really sick.
Mira My manager!
I picked a new song, like you said.
I've only practiced a little bit.
In the competition,
I'll sing my heart out.
Don't do that, just sing.
Hi, this is Hannah.
I can't talk right now.
Hi, this is Hannah.
I can't talk right now.
Hi. What are you up to?
We're swimming.
- Can we join you?
- No.
Well done.
How old are you?
- Six.
- Six?
Can you say "cunt"?
Can you spell it?
- C-A-N-T.
- Almost.
It's a U in the middle.
- C-U-N-T.
- That's right.
Can you do this?
- All of you, you too.
- I can't see you.
- The middle finger, like this.
- Put your middle finger up.
You have to say it too. "Fuck you."
- Fuck you.
- Yeah.
- A bit louder.
- Fuck you.
- Shout louder.
- Fuck you!
That's right!
Can I see your teeth? Give me a smile.
You look like a stupid old lady.
- She might not have her real teeth yet.
- Were you five?
No, she's seven.
- Cunt.
- Excuse me?
Come on. Concentrate.
No fooling around. Stay focused!
That was magnificent, Valeria!
Now give it up for Sasha.
Let's keep the streets empty!
You think I'm scared of you?
Who the hell are you to sit here, judging?
Turn off the music.
That's enough now. That's enough.
Stop it!
Stop it.
- Jessica.
- Stop it.
- Jessica, that's enough.
- Stop it. Stop!
Stop it!
- Eat it.
- Stop!
No. Seriously? Stop.
I had to wait until he left.
They're coming tomorrow.
Get out of here.
- We need to rehearse.
- Leave!
I didn't mean to upset you.
Can't you hear me?
We have to rehearse for tomorrow.
- Hello.
- Hi. Is your mother there?
- Who's this?
- Is your mom there, or are you home alone?
- Who the hell is this?
- I'm sorry. My name is Helene.
I'm calling from Social Services.
We'd like to talk to your mom.
We've booked a house call
with your mother tomorrow.
We asked her to call us back.
I spoke to your sister,
but she didn't get back to us.
You talked to Laura?
Is this your mom's only number?
Is there another number we can call?
We just want to check in
Why are you dirty?
Where's Laura?
Can you go like this?
Come here.
Can you do this?
Do this.
Do this.
Stop it.
- Stop it.
- You're all red there now. And there.
Why didn't you tell me?
They're coming tomorrow.
Answer me!
Why didn't you say something?
Because I'm a bad person.
No, I'm the bad person.
You're my favorite person.
What are you doing?
- Take them off.
- No!
Stop it!
Here, eat this.
No, no!
What's wrong?
I don't know.
- Who just swallowed her tooth?
- Steffi!
- Who just swallowed her tooth?
- Steffi!