Paradise: Love (2012) Movie Script

Not so wild!
Tony, be careful.
You have to turn the steering wheel.
Turn it!
Turn the steering wheel!
Turn the wheel!
Turn it!
Be careful!
Okay, that's it.
Everybody out. It's over.
Please take your shoes off the bed.
Now! I don't get it. How can you put
dirty shoes on your bed?
What have you done so far?
What did we agree on? Our deal?
First: Clean your room.
Second: Pack.
Get out the things you want to take.
Put your cell away.
Look at me when I'm talking to you.
Why haven't you done it?
- I'll do it in a minute.
I don't get it.
Throwing clean clothes on the floor.
So, make one pile
with clean clothes, okay?
Then put everything you'll take here.
And what you're not taking there.
And your dirty clothes in the middle.
All right? And put your shoes away.
Dirty shoes! It's awful.
How many times do I have to tell you?
No candy in your room!
Did you buy the collar?
The tick collar for Rolli?
- No, you forgot. Okay. Thanks.
These go here.
And these go in here.
Close the gate.
- Hey there.
You've grown again!
What have you got with you there?
The litter box for the cat.
- You brought the cat?
- We'll leave the litter box out here.
Just leave it there. I don't want
the cat in the living room.
How about the garden?
- She'll run away.
Yeah, you're right.
- The flowers.
There's lots of room downstairs.
Let's have a look.
- Thank you.
I'll put them in water.
- Okay. Let's look for a spot.
- Did you see it?
Okay, Melli, bye bye.
- Bye bye.
Now you be good, okay?
If you don't talk back too much,
it'll be great, you'll see.
The next word you have to learn
is "hakuna matata".
"Hakuna matata" means "no problem".
Please say, "hakuna matata."
Hard to open.
It's beautiful.
- Yes.
It's so beautiful.
Climb up there.
You'll get something if you behave.
Do you like it?
- Incredible.
It smells so different.
The air seems different. It's so...
You feel different.
Don't you feel different?
I always feel that way here.
I'm dripping.
You have to smell their skin.
It's unforgettable.
Whose skin?
- The Negroes'.
It smells of coconut.
I could lick and bite them forever.
It's amazing. You'll see.
- You're impossible!
It's amazing.
- I wouldn't dare.
You'll get addicted. Addicted!
- It's that good?
They are nice. I met two,
but the problem is, they look alike.
I thought they were the same person.
They look the same.
- It's like that at first.
- You can tell by their size.
Their size.
- How tall they are?
If they're big or small.
- I see.
Mine's really big.
- He's big?
Yesterday he danced for me.
- Really?
Like a pro. A pro!
- He danced? Where?
To music. But it was so sexy.
Naked, you mean?
- Yeah, naked.
I taught him how to say "horny beast"
in German.
He repeated it. "Horny beast."
- You're unbelievable.
I can't take it. Are you crazy?
Just imagine him saying
"horny beast." - I can't do that.
What can't you do? It'll do you!
It'll do me?
You mean it just happens by itself?
It happens by itself.
- Really?
- It just happens.
It's all so foreign.
It's so foreign. The skin and...
- That's the thrill.
It's exotic.
Do you think I should shave
down below?
- No?
No way, not there. Please!
- Why not?
They like that we look different
from the women here.
They have tiny curls.
It's all frizzy,
while we have a bush.
My last guy wanted me to shave.
But I don't like doing it.
Don't do it.
You look like a naked baby.
I don't shave.
My hair's falling out anyway.
But the few hairs
I do have, they love it.
- They love it.
I like the frizzy hair
they have on their head, you know?
My last boyfriend always told me
it looked gross.
But I don't mind it.
- Because he'd swallow it?
No, just the way it looks
under the armpits.
It doesn't bother me.
Why? It's natural.
It's natural and they like that here.
They like everything that's wild.
That's part of it. I wouldn't shave.
So I don't have to worry?
- No. The differences are interesting.
They accept you the way you are?
- That's what's so great, babe.
I don't worry about anything now.
I don't give a shit.
It feels so great. I can't tell you
the things I've given up for men.
This for that one, that for the next.
All so they'd find me attractive.
And now I please myself.
And they take me just as I am.
- Finally. Finally!
Here they come. There he is. Look!
- Where?
In the white vest.
This is my bed-time treat. Well?
- Super.
"Bed-time treat"?
- He doesn't speak German.
He has nice ears.
You'll have your own soon.
- I love his hands. They're so strong.
I bought him the motorbike.
- His muscles. His thighs!
He has great thighs.
He's a hunk, my baby is!
My baby.
- You bought him the motorbike?
I bought it. As an investment.
- Your own taxi.
I invested in him. It pays off.
We're gonna take off.
Have fun.
- See you later.
"Caribou!" Come here.
Here is Africa.
There Europe,
here Africa. Don't be afraid.
This is Africa.
Look, key rings and letter openers.
- Thank you. Thanks.
Chains. Souvenirs.
You buy for good price.
This is elephant.
A rhinoceros.
- Thanks, but no thanks.
Looking is free.
How long holiday? Many colors, see?
- Yes, very nice.
Made from pearls.
Flowers and stuff.
Ebony. When you come?
- Thanks, but I don't have any money.
Half-plant, half-fish.
It protects little fish...
It hides little fish
when big fish want to eat it.
See, sea anemone.
- Thank you, but not now. I want to...
I don't have the time now. Thanks.
Here, lady. just a little present.
Know how much?
- Not now, thanks.
I've no money on me.
- Only 300 schillings.
I have no idea
if I'm paying too much.
Okay. Here you go.
- Thanks, Mama. My name is Gabriel.
My name is Gabriel.
If you come back, you find me here.
We use our shoes, okay?
Use our shoes...
This is the goal. Kick your shoes
here. Then you are the winner.
Great. You.
That one's mine, sorry.
- Oh, sorry.
You speak German? From Vienna?
- Yes.
Where's mine?
- Here.
Are you Austrian too?
- Yes.
How funny.
The other side.
You start. What's your name?
- Inge.
Inge, you start.
Great. You.
What's he cleaning?
It's as shiny as bacon rind.
Why's he cleaning it?
An excuse to be close to you.
- To me? Maybe.
Who knows?
- He's as shiny as bacon rind too.
You there... Hello.
Like the Uncle Ben's man.
But he's as shiny as bacon rind.
Do you know what "Speckschwarte" is?
- Bacon rind?
Do you know what is "bacon rind"?
- No.
Do you know what is "blood sausage"?
Try it: "Blunzen..."
He's a bit slow, I think.
But he's sweet.
- Do you like him?
Super cool.
Say, I look super cool.
Go away, please. This is insane!
How are you?
Did you sleep well?
Shall we take tuk-tuk?
Yes, we go in tuk-tuk.
Thank you.
Can you give me a condom?
That's fine.
First the key, then the condom.
Do you have change?
I'll get it later.
That's all right. Keep it.
That's okay.
Wait, do you have a condom?
Cool, fine.
Which way?
- Room number 7, here.
I feel my feelings. Come on, Mommy.
It doesn't matter.
Everything okay?
- Yeah.
I'm the carving man.
- No, thank you.
I'm a specialist for carving.
- No, thank you.
How long you stay for?
- A long time. I'll come tomorrow.
The day after tomorrow.
- Good morning.
Hey there. Everything okay?
Even if you speak German,
I still won't buy from you.
- I'm not buying.
I don't have any money.
- No problem.
Tomorrow, or the day after.
- Our boat, our boat!
Want to go for a boat ride?
- What?
I really want to be by myself.
Please. Please!
- Here, Africa. Everybody friends.
Alone? Don't be afraid.
- I'm not afraid.
Tomorrow we can do everything.
The day after, pole-pole.
I'm not afraid.
You want me to get mad?
You understand "mad"?
Do you know what mad is?
Mad is...
Excuse me.
The reef is out there.
Today only look.
- Only looky-looky.
Back off, guys. Quit hassling her.
We were only showing her stuff.
We'll see, Munga.
- Okay.
Something sharp.
- Are you hurt?
A sea urchin.
It's exhausting
when everyone wants to go with you.
I don't like...
Disturb, no disturbance.
No disturb.
It's not good.
- Do you speak a little German?
- Good.
I speak....
I speak a little German.
Hello, sweetheart. It's Mommy.
I'm so sorry.
I forgot to call yesterday.
Please don't be mad.
But the sun knocked me out.
I was so beat, I fell asleep at six.
Love you. You should be happy.
It's probably cool where you are.
And here it's sweltering. Bye bye!
I wish someone
would gaze into my eyes.
You know?
I know exactly what you mean.
Same here.
They're simply not able to.
- Nope.
I don't like it
because they see my crow's feet.
Who cares?
- If he looks too close.
I don't like them doing that
I mean,
really looking at you as a person.
Not just the surface. Deep into
your pupils, into your soul.
Seeing what's inside,
past your crow's feet and fat bum.
Into your eyes.
Right into your eyes.
You're right.
My problem is
if they look too close,
they see how ugly I am.
Come on, you're young and fresh!
- No way! I'm not young.
What can I say?
- I wish I looked like you.
I'd get a divorce. But with my looks?
- I was totally frustrated, you know?
I couldn't imagine having an affair.
My husband was always
criticizing my looks.
My hair... I would've done anything.
- Your hair looks great.
He was critical of everything.
I didn't dare undress
in front of another man.
- Yes.
Have you ever thought
of having any work done?
Liposuction looks terrific.
- No way.
Liposuction's the best.
I'd need a full-body liposuction.
The works.
A total renovation!
No, but looking into your eyes...
It's dumb, but...
It means being seen as a person
and not just as a body.
Looking past your saggy breasts,
wrinkles, fat ass...
That they see all of you,
that they look with their heart.
You were born in a house like that?
And your village?
Do you do these tours often?
Not so often.
Do you come here with all the women?
- No, only you!
Do you bring all the women?
- No!
What? Tell me!
Tell me the truth.
How many women have you brought here?
This way, darling.
- "Darling"?
Love is everlasting.
Do you think that?
I think
that love isn't always forever.
It's different in Africa?
In Africa love is forever?
That'd be nice.
This is my house.
In Africa, when guests come,
the men must go and buy palm wine.
I'll come back.
- You're going now?
But you're coming back?
- Yes, right back.
Is that a joint?
No, I never smoked one.
- Hold on.
Isn't it dangerous?
Give me.
Yes, slowly.
Everything no problem?
Everything no problem?
For you?
- For you?
If we walk like this...
- Yes?
Everyone will think we're together.
I can't believe it.
I can't believe it... Careful!
People think that...
My smile?
Don't tweak me, okay?
Don't tweak me.
- What? What is tweak?
Don't always tweak me.
Understand? I don't tweak you there.
You have to be gentle.
- Gentle. Like this?
Look into my heart.
Say it: "Look into my heart."
- "Look into my..."
Into your heart...
Look into my heart.
Look into my...
so much more beautiful than me.
Beautiful woman.
How can I believe you?
How can I believe you?
Should I show you?
- Yes.
Should I show you?
- Yes!
No, it's...
Do you really think it's good?
How I do?
Two things at once?
- No, kiss and stroke my breast.
But don't tweak me, okay?
- Okay. Slowly.
We'll bargain later.
Take off my shoes?
This is my sister.
And this is her daughter.
Other one sick, in hospital.
What's wrong?
Sister... her husband went away.
Husband is gone.
She's his daughter.
And me, every month
must give her money...
In hospital?
Money. Money.
- Yes, well...
It's expensive? There's no Medicare?
- 20,000.
Well, I...
20,000 is a bit much, isn't it?
Wait, I'll give you...
Let me see how much I have.
Wait, I have...
Fifty... Yes, fifty. Okay?
It's not enough, not enough.
Yes, but that's a lot.
I'll have to change some more money.
Or else I won't have any.
- Okay.
Was I wrong not to give more?
Was it dumb?
Okay, I'll give some more.
Give her another 5,000.
Give her another...
Hold on.
Give her another 2,000, okay?
Here's 1,000.
And that should be okay, right?
Another one. More.
- Yes, but 7,000 is...
Seven? Okay, eight, but...
Then I won't have any money.
Give her that.
And wish her all the best, okay?
I have many things in my head.
What exactly?
I tell you.
Dad sick a long time.
Your dad's sick?
- Yes, heart problems.
And you give me no money.
What do you want?
What do you want?
I don't know. I don't know.
No Munga.
Get lost! Get lost!
You idiot!
I don't love you.
- I love you a lot.
You do?
Then leave me alone.
If you love me, leave me alone,
and don't tell me lies about Munga.
I know, you desire much love.
And I can really give you love.
Munga now having fun
with Kenyan woman.
Why you no come with me?
I don't want to!
I want to finish my beer and go.
- Just once.
I give you real love. just once.
Try how it is.
We tried once already, thanks.
- Now. Today.
No, thanks.
- I give you...
What? I don't understand.
I can tell you.
- Yes?
I care you.
What? I don't understand.
- I care you.
You care me Munga?
What do you mean?
Speak properly!
You're just jealous.
- I'm not jealous.
You are, I see your game.
- I have love.
Please. Please.
Go with me to my apartment, my house.
- No.
I give everything.
- No why. It's over. Finished.
I don't like you. I don't like you!
Don't be so arrogant.
What's this, "I know I love you"?
- I know you love me.
No, you're wrong.
- My feelings tell me.
How can you know what I want?
Nobody knows what I want.
- One question. Where is Munga now?
Where is Munga now?
- He'll come. So?
It's none of your business!
It's none of your business.
- I told you, please.
What did you tell me?
He has two children now.
He has no love left.
Again! One, two, three...
Jambo bwana!
How's it going?
Very well.
Welcome to Kenya.
You bastard! You bastard!
You bastard!
She's your sister? Your sister?
She's your sister?
She's your wife, isn't she?
She's your wife, you bastard!
I'll show you! I'll show you.
Look at me! Look at me!
Look at me, you coward!
Look at me!
Look at me!
Stand up! Look at me!
Look at me!
Look at me!
One! Two! Three!
Four! Five! Six!
And now, beat it!
Beat it!
Beat it!
Do you have a cigarette?
- Yes.
Thanks. How much does it cost?
- What, a pack?
No, if you give me one?
No, it's okay. No problem.
- How much?
It's free? 100 schillings?
- No.
No problem.
Number 5.
How many women
have slept in this bed?
You look pretty.
An accident?
Your brother had an accident? When?
Today, now.
- Today?
Sweetheart? It's Mom.
Did you forget my birthday?
I texted you twice.
But you haven't answered.
I'm fine. It's beautiful here.
Love you. Bye bye.
There are camels on the beach.
Love you.
Hi, it's Mommy.
Sweety, you probably haven't called
because you're out of minutes.
I know it's late, but I wanted to try
again because it's my birthday.
I hope you're okay.
Things are great here.
The monkeys
come right up to my balcony!
I love you, sweetheart.
I miss you a lot. Bye bye.
Love you. Call or text me. Bye bye.
He's yours now.
- Thank you.
Careful, now you have to blow!
Go on.
Blow away.
- The cake's for me?
He's yours, all yours.
From head to cock.
All the best.
Here it comes.
All the best.
- Cheers.
Nastrovia and so on.
- Smile!
Cheers! All the best!
- Have a look at your present.
So, cheers!
Here's to you, and to love!
Sit down and get ready!
What's he going to do?
- Just wait!
That's Africa. That's wild for you.
Look at that foreplay!
There go the pants!
Be glad you don't have to do it.
Get a load of that ass!
Like a teenager's.
And the ribbon.
Take a picture!
- No, not so close.
Look at that ribbon!
He can't understand.
He's not very big.
An African dance.
Untie it with your teeth!
With your teeth!
I'll take a picture.
- She can't get it off.
Don't strangle it!
New desires!
I can't do it!
Mombasa Express.
Let's put the beast into action.
Whoever gets him hard is the winner!
You'll give him a hard-on like that!
Get up!
Get up!
Nothing's happening. Okay, I pass.
I pass.
I pass. I'm too old and ugly.
Don't be so dumb!
What did we always say?
Look, it's drooping lower and lower.
I'm done. Next! Your turn.
Take your top off.
Nothing, dead. I'm telling you.
He must be gay.
Nothing's happening.
- Nothing. He should be hard by now.
Are you used to big cocks?
You dance better than him.
- Look at her!
What did we do
with the bubbles that time?
I'm gonna win.
- Looks like it.
How big is he now?
Look at that!
- One guy did that with me, too.
Is that all the paper?
- Look, the oppressed white woman.
Looks pretty good.
Are you jealous or something?
No, I can do it.
Like a predator. Hear him?
Like a gorilla. No, a tiger.
Should I put him in me?
It costs more.
Are you nuts? In you?
- I said 10,000 if he does it himself.
He's hard. I win.
- You're holding it up.
He's hard. Or at least half-hard.
- Lemme see!
I didn't see.
- He's half-hard.
Teresa, sit on him.
It's your birthday. - Just like Kurt.
You can bounce around.
Even Kurt could get that hard.
- How's he supposed to get hard?
How's he supposed to get hard
with my droopy tits?
I've stripped too. Flop!
We'll be old before he's hard.
We take another man
with guarantee for a hard-on.
We need hard-ons.
We need 1, 2, 3, 4, 5... 4 hard-ons.
We worked hard enough.
Can you kiss my toes, please?