Paradise Trips (2015) Movie Script

Mariette next door is depressed.
She's moving, you know?
To a flat in the city.
I hope she finds something affordable.
It won't be easy. Oh well.
You know what it is:
Her children no longer live at home
and she can't cope with that.
It's not easy being on your own
again when you get older.
But she has no choice.
He is in his bus again.
I don't know what to do with him
now that he is so-called retired.
When will I see you again?
I miss you.
I have to hang up, honey.
Speak to you soon. Bye-bye.
Who was that?
- A friend.
Are we going to look at
that motor home later?
Then we could drive to the Ardennes
this weekend.
Or to the coast.
Yes, just a moment, Gino.
It's Gino.
Long time no hear. Gino.
How's business?
The good life.
Too much time on my hands.
No, it's not sold yet.
I don't know, Gino. I promised Linda
that I would stop.
OK, tell me.
I'll take care of it, Gino.
You can count on Mario.
I am going to Croatia tomorrow.
For a week.
What on earth
are you going to do in Yugoslavia?
Linda, please don't start. I can't just
let the bus rust away, can I?
Come on. Smile.
What is it now?
- You know very well.
Linda, it's only for one week.
This is the last one. Honestly.
- Yes, yes.
Well, go on then. Or you'll be late.
All right.
It's over here, man.
He looks difficult.
Come on.
Good morning.
You are a colleague of...
- Gino.
Gino, that's right. I'm Miranda.
I'm organising the trip.
Mario Dockers.
- Pleased to meet you.
And thank you for helping us out.
- My pleasure.
Here is an advance
and directions to our festival.
It's sort of in the middle of nowhere,
but you are going to love it.
Look, I don't care what your intentions
are. And I don't want to know.
But I don't want any trouble, OK?
Don't worry. We stand for peace.
I'm sure you do.
This looks OK. Go on, get on.
No thank you. We're following you.
I have a little boy. He's still asleep.
Have a safe trip.
Good morning, everybody. Paradise Trips
welcomes you aboard the bus.
My name is Mario Dockers.
That's Dockers without an 'n'
and friends call me Mario.
Since we will be spending the week
together and we want to avoid trouble,
there is one golden rule:
Everyone does his or her thing,
but on this bus, Mario is boss.
If you have a problem of any kind,
come and talk with Mario.
He will find a solution for you.
Have a pleasant journey.
Hello, Mr Mario.
What is it?
I didn't bring any money. Can I borrow
some? I'll pay you back.
Do I have a long white beard?
Do I look like Santa?
Can I have a bite?
You're married.
Yes, I'm married.
Any kids?
- No, I don't have kids.
Married, but no kids.
What are you? Gay?
Watch it. Show some respect.
It's possible nowadays.
Gays can get married.
Miss, do you mind if I finish my meal
in peace?
Hey, I'm sorry, OK?
Oh shit. Your nose. Hold on.
Get away from me.
Mr Dockers. Nice weather, isn't it?
It's raining.
How is the trip? Everything OK?
Is there any reason why it wouldn't be?
If you're happy, I'm happy.
See you later.
- Undoubtedly.
If you think that you can
mess around with Mario,
you are dead wrong, OK?
Pull one more of these stupid pranks
and the bus drives back home.
Show me what you have in that handbag.
Don't be so uptight.
It'll give you cancer.
No pushing. There is enough for
everybody. I'm no ice-cream cart.
Look at her.
The toilet flooded
and I really have to go.
The next stop is our destination.
So go back to your seat, it's safer.
- But...
Hi, Belgians.
Welcome to paradise.
Oh, it's so wonderful
that you are all here.
Hello, young man.
I'm Esmeralda. And you are?
Mario Dockers.
- Mario?
A very handsome name for a handsome man.
I love your bus.
We'll be neighbours, how cool is that.
Was it a long drive?
Now he's soaking wet.
Come, sit over there.
You must be starving, right?
Make this gentleman some food,
will you, love?
She's amazing in the kitchen.
Vegetarian and delicious. Healthy too.
Here you go, enjoy your meal.
Dates, kale, peas and carrots,
green pepper. Good for the circulation.
These are real wild mushrooms.
They won't make you hallucinate.
Is there a restroom around here?
Yes, over there, love.
Hey, Mario.
Don't throw paper in it, OK?
In the drum.
It is an ecosystem.
Hey, rascal.
Is your mum in?
When will she be back?
Then I'll just wait.
Say, do you mind if I sit with you?
In the shade.
So, do you like it here?
It's a horrible vacation.
You are the first normal person
I've seen here.
You're funny.
What's your name?
- Sunny.
Pleased to meet you, Sunny.
I'm Mario.
- Yes.
My game is also called Mario.
Wow, that looks like a fun game.
He has a moustache too, just like you.
- I can see that.
This is how you go forward, you do this
to jump and this is how you kill.
Your turn.
I still have a lot to learn.
- No kidding.
Those are fancy shoes.
My dad bullies me about them.
That's not very nice.
So where is your dad?
Didn't he come along?
He is a bastard.
Come on, it can't be all that bad, eh?
He was in prison too.
He is a drug addict.
Oh dear.
Sunny, lad,
I'll be going back to my bus.
And tell your mum to come
and talk with Mario. It's urgent.
- Keep it. You need lots of practice.
But I do want it back.
I promise.
Sunny, listen to me.
From now on I want you to stay away
from that bus driver.
Did you hear me?
Jimmy Dockers.
I should have known.
Foxy, care for a sausage?
Don't look so glum, man.
I'll bring it in a little while, OK?
Love of my life. Is there... a nice...
piece of meat... for me too?
I thought you were a vegetarian.
- I think I may convert.
A sausage.
Did you put your bike inside yet?
We're off early
and we won't wait for you.
Don't wait for me.
I'll just stay in Belgium.
Sunny, can I see your new shoes?
Made by poor kids in Bangladesh,
you know?
Fuck you.
That's no way to talk to your dad, OK?
Stop teasing him.
You shouldn't have bought those shoes.
- He did well in school.
Nikes, a Nintendo. One day
he'll be working at a bank.
As long as he's happy.
Say it isn't so.
Good morning!
This will get us through the summer.
And this is for the bus.
What's the matter?
I think I'm tripping.
Hey, what's wrong?
What does it say on that bus?
- Paradise...
Holy shit.
But didn't he retire?
- Apparently not. How could you?
I did not call him, I swear.
Wait a bit, love. You don't really
have to run into each other?
The biggest fascist in Antwerp
and you want to bring him to...
Thirty people paid for this trip.
Our holiday money.
Go without me. I don't want to hide.
- Love. Hey.
Don't worry about it.
Watch this.
Well? What did he say?
The necessary business details.
He seems like a nice guy.
Perhaps it's not a coincidence.
It's your karma to get back in touch
with your father.
Karma, my arse.
Have we left already or what?
Which one of you idiots left
without asking me first?
Watch your mouth, mate.
I'm not listening to you because
you smell of that stupid grass again.
Drugs are illegal,
you know that, right?
And even more illegal around minors.
Let's go home or I'll call the police.
As if those idiots will help you.
Boys, please. There are enough bad vibes
on the planet.
I am sure you will meet
other children on the trip.
No, they're all stupid hippies.
- You're hungry, little man.
We'll stop at McDonald's later.
Whoa, Sunny.
Your shoes are really shiny, man.
Move over. I'm driving.
Little man?
One large Coca-Cola.
A hamburger.
And chips.
Hands off. Those are mine.
You're a tiny capitalist, you are.
Don't drive so close to that bus.
Hey, love. Never stop laughing, OK?
Never stop laughing.
Why don't you watch the road.
I know how to cheer you up.
What are you doing?
Why are you acting crazy?
- For fun.
Yes. Yes.
I'm the winner. Yeah.
Fuck you, you stupid losers.
Fuck you, losers.
Stupid, stupid losers.
How much longer?
We're almost there.
- That doesn't answer my question.
How much longer, how many kilometres?
You don't know, do you? Admit it.
Sunny, I'm watching the road.
Now you know how it feels when someone
blows smoke in your face all the time.
No, you bastard. Stop.
You were asking for it, Sunny.
Everyone in my class thinks
you're a loser. L-O-E-Z-E-R. Loser.
You little shit.
From now on I'll never speak
to you again. Stupid loser. Fuck you.
I shouldn't have done it, right?
See? It wasn't too bad.
Maybe we can stay a bit longer,
so I can enjoy my vacation too.
We can't. Sunny has school.
- So they can brainwash him even more.
Thanks, Sunny.
No fizz.
We'll buy more later.
Forget it. If he won't talk to me,
we're not getting Coca-Cola.
Here we go again. You know what?
You fix the world,
while I check
how our bus driver is doing.
Hey, rascal.
Is your mum in?
When will she be back?
What's your name?
- Sunny.
Pleased to meet you.
I'm Mario.
Really? My game is also called Mario.
You have fancy shoes.
- My dad bullies me about them.
That's not very nice.
So where is your dad?
Didn't he come along?
He is a bastard.
Come on, it can't be all that bad, eh?
He was in prison too.
He is a drug addict.
Sunny, lad,
I'll be going back to my bus.
And tell your mum to come
and talk with Mario. It's urgent.
Sunny, listen to me.
From now on I want you to stay away
from that bus driver.
Did you hear me?
Jimmy Dockers.
I should have known.
Mr Dockers, what happened?
Hypocritical bitch.
We'll see who has the last word, OK?
Out. All this stinking stuff
out of my bus. There.
God, damn it.
If there's a problem, just say so.
Yes, there is a problem. The problem
with your kind is that you think
that everything in the world is free.
Find another bus to get your gang back.
Mario is going home.
And say hello to Jimmy.
Hey, love.
Why are you so angry, man?
Can we talk about it?
Mind your own business.
You and that hippy sect of yours?
You can all kiss my arse.
What will you call the baby?
- I thought maybe Pyotr?
- Yes.
Funny name.
- Yeah.
Can I feel it?
- Yeah, yeah. Touch it.
I think I feel it.
- Yeah? Possible.
If we have to get a new bus,
that's shit.
I told you it was better
to call the whole thing off.
Don't pretend it's my fault.
After all, he is your father.
Perhaps I should call Linda.
She has suffered enough.
Hey, Pyotr.
Oh, hello, it's you.
I haven't heard a word from you.
Yes, I was just going to call you.
- Is everything OK over there?
I was thinking that
perhaps the war broke out again.
I'm all right.
- Are you sure?
I just told you. Same as usual.
Nothing special.
You sound a little tired.
- No, everything is fine.
So it's nice down there?
- Yes, don't you worry.
Things are fine here too. Mariette...
- Dear, I'm losing you. I'm in a tunnel.
Leave me alone.
What's your problem?
Sorry about before.
I didn't mean to...
Well... I didn't quite know...
No, it's OK. Don't worry. Come.
You want some?
- Yes, thank you.
Your daughter?
- No. But she's such a sweet girl.
I'm not really used to this.
To be here...
Just relax, man. You don't have to talk,
if you don't feel like it.
I can also enjoy the silence, OK?
I haven't laughed this much in ages.
And you, do you have children?
I have a son.
But we don't get along.
Oh? Why not?
Because he is a drug dealer.
I reported him to the police.
Anyhow, that was a long time ago.
That's really heavy.
Why did you do that?
Drugs are illegal and against the law.
- Jesus, give me a break, Mario.
This is the perfect example as to
why life cannot be ruled by laws.
That may well be,
but what kind of world would it be
if people did what they pleased?
There are limits.
Yes. Limits can be stretched.
Yes. And rules can be broken.
Then we are one. Right?
I have to talk to my wife.
I have to go to sleep.
Sleep well.
Can't you manage?
I'll help you.
This one. Give me.
In that little hole?
No, not there. That's my seat.
Out. Go.
- Come on, please.
Let go of me.
- Fuck.
Say, Mario.
I know that everyone is against you.
But I really think you are sweet.
Cindy, I'm married.
What are you doing?
Whoa. Somebody is waking up.
Stop that. Go away.
Get out of my bus.
Don't start crying. I can't take that.
Mario, cool it.
Don't do that.
Stop it.
Hey, bastard.
Show your ugly mug if you dare.
You disgusting vermin.
That is going to cost them a pretty
It might be a good idea if we talked.
Then start by explaining
what is going on here.
What am I really doing here?
A misunderstanding.
Don't make me laugh.
You have been plotting with Gino.
I'm on to you.
You needed an idiot
to get that dole scum here.
And I fell for it, like an arse.
Calm down and listen for once.
Mario, I'm going to my tent.
It's too cold in here.
It's not what you think.
- Were you fucking her?
It's not what you think.
She is younger than me, you know?
Sunny... Is that your boy?
No, let's get back to you fucking her.
I was not fucking,
so mind your own business.
Sunny. Is that your boy?
It's a very simple question.
Stay away from him,
or you will sorely regret it.
Come here.
Out, out, you dirty dog.
Let the sun shine in your heart
It's shining for everybody.
Enjoy your life.
Go away, you filthy animal.
Don't let me see that slingshot again,
Damn it, can't you see I'm meditating?
Why do you think the boy doesn't speak?
- You spoil him with material shit.
Oh, so it's my fault. Solve your own
problems that don't involve me.
Or do you want to pull the plug now?
- Are you blackmailing me? Fuck it.
Your game.
First show me what you've learned.
Sunny. Come here right away.
don't make me come over there.
You'd better go.
Your dad will get angry.
Dad is already angry.
Go on, keep playing.
Sunny is with the old man.
- Is that why you're freaking out?
Go and get him.
Give me one good reason why.
- Because I am going to hit him.
Fuck. I think I broke my hand.
- Oh, my poor man.
Shall I kiss it for you?
What are you doing?
- Chill. We're on vacation.
Bull's eye.
Here comes my mum.
And she has her sleepy face.
That's not a good sign.
Sunny, go home.
The adults have something to discuss.
Bye, Mario.
- Sunny.
There goes my grandson.
You're not part of his life,
so I'd appreciate it
if you would leave him alone.
What is it? Is Jimmy too chicken
to come for him himself?
I'd rather not get involved
in your personal problems.
Do you think this is a healthy place
for your child?
What sort of parents are you?
Since when are you an expert
on raising children?
You're not rid of me yet.
You want to live in the here and now,
but you're stuck in the past.
Why do you think I fell for you?
Hey. Are you enjoying yourself?
Are you having fun?
You are just like your father.
- Yeah?
Yes, only you don't realise it yet.
- Well, then fuck it.
Go, this is not a good time.
Don't provoke me.
- I only have one question.
What do you tell Sunny
when he asks about his granddad?
He was born while I was in prison.
You don't know
the shit I go through with him.
I didn't know they'd put you away
that long. I wanted to help you.
Help me?
Get away from me.
- No, damn it.
I worked for you my whole life
and look what's become of you.
Really? Look what became of you.
Worked all your life.
Always gone in that stupid bus.
As far as I'm concerned, granddad died
long ago. Get used to it.
Can't you see I'm busy?
What do you want?
- May I use your mobile? It's urgent.
Reaching my wife is urgent.
There is no coverage anyway.
God, damn it.
Can I call my wife first?
This is the answering machine
of Dockers Paradise Trips.
Keep it short.
Hello. This is Cindy.
Kyra's mum.
But I'm not even ten minutes late.
No. I want to speak with her now.
Don't you understand Flemish?
Tell you what...
You shitty, stupid cow.
Hey, are you mental or something?
Are you going to cry again?
I miss my baby.
All right, come here.
Go away.
Old fart.
Damn it.
You're looking glum.
I think you have a sunstroke.
It's too complicated to explain.
Then don't bother.
Is that you?
I can't hear you. My mobile is broken.
Mario, why don't you let yourself go
a bit on the dance floor?
Let it all hang out, man.
And you'll see everything
from a different perspective.
That's the ignition. Turn it on.
Right, now the bus works.
OK, hold the steering wheel.
Like that. A bit higher.
And that hand over there. Ten after ten.
- Yes.
OK, turn the key.
Turn it. That's right.
Eat more spinach, boy.
OK, forward.
- No, no, silly.
That is the accelerator. That is
the brake and that is the clutch.
Come in.
Don't look. Turn around.
OK, you can look now.
For me?
Thanks, kid.
Tell me a story.
I don't know any stories.
But if you like I can play you
a song on the guitar.
Crawl into bed then.
Stop it. Stop it.
Come on, man.
Stop doing that.
Stop doing that. Stop it, Mario.
Are you on drugs or something?
Jimmy, you must tell Sunny
the truth about Mario.
It's the only solution
to all our problems.
Why would I do that?
Because you have suddenly
seen the light?
I really like that little boy.
I would be a good granddad.
Super Mario Granddad.
Oh please. Get some sleep.
Can I join you there for a bit?
Do you remember
when I returned from Benidorm
that I brought you that guitar?
You were so happy.
It seems like it's the last good memory
we have.
Our problem began with the law,
which made a criminal out of me.
Fine. Find someone else to laugh with.
Jimmy, wait a bit.
We haven't finished talking.
Our entire situation here was set up
by those women, don't you see?
- It's a plot.
Your mother and Miranda.
Or do you think it's an accident we're
here sitting on a rock like two idiots?
Shut up.
And stop following me.
You will remain right here.
I fucked it all up.
Look, I don't hate you. It's just
that... You cannot be trusted.
Not yesterday, not today,
or tomorrow.
Come on...
I have my life now, and you have yours.
I'm not blind, OK?
I can see you're OK, that you're happy.
All right, son...
It's because I love you very much,
that I won't bother you anymore.
Sorry about your nose.
I can live with that.
So, what level have you reached now?
I almost finished the game.
Got you. You spoke to me.
Oh man, you tricked me.
So are we friends again?
On one condition.
Take a sip of that Coca-Cola.
All right, fine. I'll do it.
This is the answering machine
of Dockers Paradise Trips.
Please leave a message after the beep
and we will return your call.
Linda, it's me.
Please pick up.
We need to talk.
I miss you.
You're not going to leave me, are you?
I'm a huge idiot.
And I know I never say it, but...