Paradox (2016) Movie Script

Mr. Landau,
please, please.
Come on, come on, come on,
come on, come on, come on.
This is Mr. Landau.
Please leave a message.
Mr. Landau, sir,
don't come to the lab.
If you come to the lab,
we're all gonna die.
Project 880 must be canceled. If
you come, we're all gonna die.
We all die!
Call me.
Mom! Phone!
Mom! Mom, it's Randy.
Hey, please...
No, no, no, Mom!
No, no, no, I'm, I'm not
upstairs. I'm right here.
Who was it?
No. I'm not up in the...
I'm not upstairs.
I'm right here.
Mom, Mom, it's me, Randy.
No, no, no, it's me.
No. I'm not in the... I'm not upstairs.
I'm right here.
Come on.
I knew this wouldn't work.
Please, please.
Just tell me who you are.
Hey, wake up, you're gonna sleep right
through your first night on the job?
Show time.
Party's just getting started.
William Wishman.
This little prick.
The only kid to ever get
expelled three times from MIT.
How'd he keep getting back in?
Two words. Daddy endowments.
Hey, don't bump that thing
into my fucking car.
It's coming out of
your paycheck, pal.
Lewis Aberricki.
Three years ago,
he ran a red light,
got hit by a semi, t-boned.
He had a blood alcohol level of .09.
Thus, the chair. And a record.
Got a squeaky wheel.
How 'bout we observe
the speed limit just for once?
-For fun, okay?
-All right, Grandma.
There he is.
This one, this is Randy Fraker.
Even at his age, he's a renowned
expert on astrophysics.
What the fuck are they
building in there, a spaceship?
It was his voice
on the phone call.
Phone call? What phone call?
The phone call's the reason we're out
here freezing our asses off tonight.
Are you gonna
tell me about it?
Yeah, but here comes
our undercover agent.
None of this changes the fact that today
is our anniversary. And you forgot.
I think it's a huge day and you're gonna
ruin it because of some girly bullshit.
It is a huge day. I know.
Can't win here.
Literally cannot win.
You don't look nervous?
One small step for me. One giant
leap, et cetera, et cetera.
Trouble in Paradise?
Yeah, fuck you, Bill.
Shit. He's looking right at us.
Turn away. Come on.
Come on. Mr. Landau's coming.
-Sure about this, guys?
Let's do it.
After you, sweetheart.
Wanna hold my hand, Pumpkin?
Thank you.
Hey, how's it going down there?
Way above your pay grade,
-God, Bill, you're such a dick.
He's not gonna be the one to spend
hours a mile underground with him.
That's a good point.
What are you, five?
Don't fuck with me. I'm on edge.
Welcome to Project 880.
Somebody stop it
from saying that.
That's how Mr. Landau likes it.
He writes the checks.
Locker right next to mine.
Get over it.
What's that smell?
50 million dollar facility
and it still smells like ass.
Not just any ass,
but Randy's rotten ass.
Here he comes.
Mr. Landau.
The boss. Mystery man.
We got nothing on him
before 2007. I mean nothing.
Since then,
he's created six corporations
and been investigated
by the SEC nine times.
Sir, I'm gonna send one of the
boys down with you. Van Lang.
Why me?
'Cause I don't wanna have to
shove those
fucking bubbles up your ass.
I just quit smoking,
and I hate chewing gum.
I didn't ask.
All right. This phone call's
the reason why we're here.
-Let's hear it.
Mr. Landau, sir,
don't come to the lab.
If you come to the lab,
we're all gonna die.
Project 880 must be canceled.
If you come,
we're all gonna die...
What the hell is Project 880?
The only thing our undercover's
given us so far
is it's some kind of
particle accelerator.
How, how's that it?
It's not possible.
Sometimes they send a young
rookie deep undercover.
And, you know,
they drink the cherry Kool-Aid.
Let me get this straight. Not even the NSA
know what these geniuses are building there?
I still say we
should be using Hicksfield.
Somebody up his dosage, please.
Isn't this whole thing gonna be
kinda shot from a low angle?
I guess so.
Fuck you, Bill.
Hey, just try to hold it up a little bit
like a, like you were a normal person.
That'd be great.
Jim, you in here getting one of
those secret phone calls of yours?
Do you think we're ready
for a human test subject?
Define human.
That's not nice.
It's funny, but it's not nice.
Listen, about this whole
anniversary thing...
that wasn't there last night.
-Think somebody was in here?
Elevator descending.
Come on.
Can't keep the boss waiting.
Welcome to Project 880.
Sir, we're jacked into the grid.
Just waiting on your go ahead.
Time waits for no man.
It's a little joke.
Sir, once we do this...
It's the point of no return.
The blackout will be city wide.
-What blackout?
-Wait, are you blowing bubbles?
What blackout?
We should fix
the alarming system.
-Leave it, it's aligned, Jesus.
-Time to look busy.
What the fuck is that?
Hey, get back.
No, no, the other one.
This is the night
we've been working towards
for the last two years.
As we know, our experiment will
require massive amounts of power.
Getting that power will attract unwanted
attention from our friends at the NSA.
Amongst others. What I'm
saying is do your best work.
We will succeed.
Power's 89 percent.
What in the fuck happened?
-Did you unplug something?
-It actually worked.
-What did you expect?
Fires, explosions,
chaos... death.
The clock is ticking.
Make your time count.
I'm ready.
You don't look ready.
It's that one of those like
it's my last night parties.
Or by your standards, a Friday.
Change of plan.
Wait, what? Me?
What, him? Come on.
No. Landau, come on.
Yes, sir.
The power's out for 40 blocks.
Call your guys. I need
a tactical team here ASAP.
I'm on it.
Jim, are you in here?
Where are you?
Jim, are you in here?
Yeah, over here.
What are you doing in here?
The same as the computers.
I'm sorry about this morning.
I was making way too big
a deal out of it.
Yeah, best to clear the air before
I get sucked up into a black hole.
Or turned up fossilized
in dinosaur shit.
Okay, then.
The others are having a meeting.
Bill's upset. We agreed
that he would go first.
Yeah, so did I.
I had no idea
Landau was gonna pull this shit.
You can't just throw this in
at the last minute.
Yeah, I mean seriously, he's been
training... for a long time.
Mr. Landau, with all due
respect, just listen to the guy.
He deserves
to at least go first.
-Why Jim?
It's fucking bullshit. You can't
just take this away from me.
I have made my decision.
He's glorified tech support.
No, what he is, is the most
talented computer engineer at MIT.
No, he's a fucking
scholarship kid.
He's just here
to fill some kinda quota.
You know, this was my dad's?
No. This little thing?
Guy never had more than
a couple of fives in it.
Just kept it to remind myself
never to be like him.
-This is you?
-Only place he ever took me.
The track.
Next horse and the next race
was always the sure thing.
Last time I saw him...
before he died...
I told him that
I was gonna get into MIT.
I said you could bet on it.
Hey, you know
what he said to me?
He looked me straight in
the eyes and he goes...
"Nobody would give me the odds."
Jim's not one of us.
He never was.
-It's true.
-And he's a bit of a dick.
Well, clearly he's not the most liked
or valuable member of this team.
So therefore, he's expendable.
That's why I pounded keyboards
every night 'til my fingers bled.
Got a scholarship to MIT.
Got to the top of my class.
Got in front of Landau.
Got here on Project 880.
I, I can't pass up an opportunity to
be the world's first time traveler.
I know.
Okay. Calibrating for one hour.
Any, last words?
About to start. Let's go.
All right,
initializing ion generator.
-Did we expect that?
No, the vortex is collapsing.
It'll tear us apart.
No, no, it's stabilizing.
I got it.
What the hell is that?
-You asked.
You ready?
Where's he going?
Not to where... when.
Sorry. I always
wanted to say that.
We're sending you one hour forward.
It'll be midnight exactly.
Remember, keep your arms
and legs inside the vortex.
Anything outside the field,
it ain't going anywhere.
When you get there, just wait.
All right, by definition,
we'll catch up to you.
All right?
I'll see you in one hour, okay?
Hey, Jim,
remember it's a black hole.
If anything goes wrong, you will
literally disappear up your own ass.
Good luck, Jim.
Gale, now.
What the fuck?
Self destruct in four minutes.
This whole place is gonna blow!
Welcome to Project 880.
Gale, Gale.
Welcome to Project 880.
-Jim! Jim! Jim!
-Gale! Gale! No!
Self destruct in two minutes.
-Lewis. Lewis, what happened?
Who did this?
I don't know.
We kept filming like you said.
-I did?
-You will.
Stop him. Stop him.
Self destruct in one minute.
What's happening?
-What's happening?
-Something's coming back.
Why though? Why? Why?
Why would he be coming back?
We did it!
We did it!
Why did you come back?
We said don't come back.
What the fuck is going on?
-Jim, what happened?
-Is that my camera?
Bad news.
-The tactical team's here.
All right.
Let's go, boys.
-Go, go, go, everybody down.
-Everybody down!
-Get down, get down!
-Get down.
-What is this?
-Get down!
Get off me.
-Clear, clear, clear.
-Clear, clear.
Where are they?
Try and take it easy. Easy.
-Lay down right here.
-On the couch.
Have a seat. Have a seat.
Relax, relax. Easy...
Okay, Jim, baby, start at the
beginning, okay, what happened?
The lab,
it was, it was a mess.
It was empty.
I, I couldn't find any of you.
God, it's like somebody's pounding
on my head with a hammer.
Your nose is bleeding. I'm gonna
get something for that.
I've seen enough
blood for one night.
tell us what happened.
I saw a body.
-It was missing its head.
-Who? Who was it?
Did I mention
the missing head part?
-Okay. So what happened next?
-I heard a scream.
It was you.
I ran as fast as I could, but you
were being pulled into an elevator.
-By who?
-I, I just saw black gloves.
I could...
I couldn't see who it was.
-That's all I saw.
And then I...
I tripped over Lewis.
Wait. What?
You were on the floor, dying
and you gave me this camera.
Dying? How?
Look, you just said
that we kept filming.
So I guess
we kept filming, okay?
Great. So we can just check
all this out on the camera.
It just got taken
to a rift in space and time.
I'm pretty sure we voided the damn
warranty. And it's got blood on it.
That's your blood.
Fuck. That's just great.
I'll do my best.
Good. But until then,
no footage, no proof.
Look, I'm not making this up,
you dick.
Okay. So then tell me this. Why didn't you just
stick around and find out what was going on,
before you came back
and started scaring everybody?
Because the lab
was about to explode.
Somebody set the lab
to self destruct.
We don't have a self destruct.
No, actually we do.
Why do we have a self destruct?
The machine belongs to all
of us. That was the deal.
Now we all know that what we've
built is far too powerful
to fall into the hands
of the wrong persons.
Especially the government.
I don't believe this crap.
What the fuck!
I need to talk to you outside.
And you can't
repeat this to anyone.
But I think that we might have
been infiltrated by the NSA.
It's Jim, right?
That's why you sent him instead.
That's why he's so expendable.
But he also
could be telling the truth.
Why don't you let me
go forward and find out?
Look, we are all dead
at midnight.
That is the worst
spoiler alert ever.
Look, that means we just have less than
an hour to get the hell outta here.
-Yeah, OK.
-Time displacement commencing.
Let's do this, Landau.
Speed it up, Landau.
-Mr. Landau, stop. What are you doing?
-All right, easy, easy, easy.
I'm going forward
to check it out.
-I'm telling you the truth.
I'm not gonna sit around here
for an hour to find out.
By the time you get there,
it'll all be over.
No, I'm gonna arrive at 11:50,
ten minutes before you did.
All right, smart ass.
I hope you're bringing a gun
because there's gonna be somebody
there fucking killing us.
-All right, bring a gun. You.
-You smug bastard.
I picked the wrong week
to quit smoking.
-You're making a mistake.
-Kiss for luck?
Bite me, Bill.
Hit it.
Don't do this.
Ready. Ready. Ready
Okay, back to plan A.
Let's get the fuck outta here.
Well, wait, what if William's
plan actually works?
We won't know what he manages
to do for another 40 minutes.
By then, it might be too late.
Wait. Wait.
He's coming back.
What is that?
What is... What the...
What is that? What is that?
My God!
That's it. Time to get
the fuck outta here.
Elevator not responding.
Fuck. The elevator runs on
the power from the warehouse.
No, no, no.
Game over, man. Game over.
What, what's wrong?
The warehouse in the city
that right now has no power.
But you geniuses did that!
No, we know that it gets fixed,
okay. I saw it.
But too late.
By then, we're dead.
The security office.
They have a phone.
Bill's head
was some kind of trophy.
-The killer is taunting us.
-The phones are dead.
Shit. The internet's out, too.
It was all working before.
Who are we gonna call anyway?
Hello, 911,
we're in a top secret lab
under the city
doing experimental time travel.
And by the way, there's
gonna be a bunch of murders.
That's him. That's him.
That's him on the CCTV.
So the killer cut the lines.
When was this?
Eleven minutes ago.
No, no, we were,
we were all in the lab.
No, we weren't.
Mr. Landau left right before.
Are you trying to accuse me?
Him. He wasn't there either.
Hey, fuck you, man. You wanna
lose both your arms, too?
Hey, hey, hey,
relax, relax, relax,
he's not accusing you, okay.
No, actually, I kinda was.
Guys, guys, nobody but us
is down here.
So whoever the killer is...
it has to be one of us.
Well, it isn't me.
I hardly know
you fucking people.
Yeah, but you know
what we've built down here.
You know what it might be worth.
The only reason I'm down here is
because I was blowing bubbles.
Okay, so who's Mr. Bubbles?
And who put him in charge?
You wanna a fucking piece of me?
-Hey, hey, hey, stop it.
-We have a time machine.
-Stop it.
-We have a time machine.
None of this
has to happen, okay?
Somebody goes back.
And they warn us not to come.
So whoever the killer is...
he doesn't get
to kill anybody. Not today.
Yeah, that's good. I like that.
We can't do that.
We'll cause a paradox.
Remember when Lewis said
all he wanted to do
was go back and stop himself
drunk driving that night?
Only reason I joined this
project in the first place.
-Remember what we told him?
-That he'd cause a temporal paradox.
Okay. Now try,
you know, fucking English.
He'd go back to stop the
accident from happening.
And so, the accident
would've never have happened
and he would've
never have gone back.
And then, well, then he's
Schrdinger's cat.
Crippled and not crippled at the
same time. Except not that.
Is that the best you can do?
Look, this stuff is really
fucking hard. Okay.
So what happens
if we make a para-thingy?
You're not listening.
-We can't.
-Why not?
Let me put this into words
you'll understand.
Fuck you, man.
But yeah, okay, do that.
It's fate.
You can't fight fate.
We don't have a choice.
If we don't...
we're all dead.
So I say screw fate.
Let's not die.
Yeah. That sounds like a plan.
I'm getting something.
I think I'm getting something
from SM card from the camera.
It's just ridiculous.
Yeah, he's a fucking asshole
and I can't believe he's just...
throwing him in like that.
Yeah, sorry,
it's kinda in and out.
Can we fast forward
or something?
You know, we don't need to see
stuff that already happened.
-Let's get to the future part.
-Dude, I'm trying.
The camera is fucked up.
No, what he is, is the most
talented computer engineer at MIT.
Jim's not one of us.
He never was.
It's, it's true.
And he's a bit of dick.
-Sorry, it was just peer pressure really.
What's down there?
They say the kids
are underground.
-We gotta get down there.
-There's no power to the elevator.
So find someone to fix it. Now.
He's not the most liked member
or valuable member of this team.
So therefore, he's expendable.
-Okay. That's nice.
-I was exaggerating.
Hey, go forward
to the next part.
I'm doing my best, okay.
What he is, is a fucking
scholarship kid.
He's there to fill a quota.
I fucking hate that guy.
Dude, he just got
his head chopped off.
No. Technically, he didn't.
Not yet.
Fuck. Now my head hurts.
Tell me about it.
I think
you're bleeding again.
I haven't felt right
since I got back.
Something's wrong.
Look, do you
have to film everything?
According to
the future me, yeah.
We never even talked about
what we were gonna
do with the machine.
All we cared about
was can we build it.
We all fixated on the could
and never considered the should.
And less than an hour from now,
we're dead.
Look, it hasn't happened yet.
Which means it doesn't
have to happen, okay?
We can't change anything.
-We can't.
-Enough. This is not helping.
According to Jim, the elevator
comes back online, right?
Yeah. From what I saw.
All right. Well, I'm gonna go
check to see if it already has.
Shit. Double shit.
Now he's actually out there
and he started killing people.
-Shit. That sounds bad.
-Yeah, that sounds bad.
-What sounds bad?
-Something I said.
Or will say.
Will you stop watching it?
We're just
torturing ourselves, man.
Hey, can we just shut up
about paradoxes and fate
and can we just send someone
back to save us, please?
Guys, you should see this.
What are we doing?
Shit. Shit, that's me.
-You're dead.
Or you will be.
So now what do you think about
all the unchangeable fate stuff?
Send me back. Fuck that.
Send me back.
Okay... Remember the phone
and the security office
will still be connected.
It's not gonna work, you know.
If it did, we wouldn't be here.
You have to try.
You got this.
Randy, I never thought
I would say this.
Call me.
Damn it!
-I'm gonna go ahead.
Freeze! You're under arrest!
Let him go!
-Let me see...
-Are you a fucking cop?
-Are you?
-What's going on?
The killer was just here.
-You're sure?
-I'm pretty fucking sure.
I hear you guys
have a power problem.
Let me take a look-see.
Shit cakes.
Bunch of circuits got fried up.
-It's gonna take a while.
-That's not gonna work for me.
We've got one of ours
down there.
We've gotta get down there now.
I'm gonna have to dress that.
-So what happened?
-You know, meet my girlfriend, the super cop.
I'm not a cop.
I'm an NSA agent.
And I'm sorry, okay?
-Wait. What?
-She's a fucking spy.
Don't say it like that.
How do you want me to say it?
-Are we gonna get arrested?
-Ask her.
Are we gonna get arrested?
You know,
we got bigger problems.
Yeah. Shit.
Double shit.
He's actually out there. And he
started killing people now.
I'm guessing you woulda mentioned it by now,
but you didn't happen to see who it was?
No one else has come down here.
So it has to be one of us.
Where's Landau?
I can't believe it's Mr. Landau.
I guess you can't
trust anybody these days.
Really, Jim?
You know, do you have to
film everything?
According to
the future me, yeah.
I can't believe
I actually end up saying that.
Noth... nothing.
He said he'd be here.
Fuck it.
Let's go check his locker.
-This thing?
Boys smell terrible.
What is that smell?
I don't know.
Randy noticed it this morning.
-I got his briefcase.
I think it's coming from there.
Whoo... Yes, it is.
It's like
he's staring at us.
God, I can't, I can't look.
Poor Randy.
So that means when he was smelling
that bad smell this morning...
he was smelling himself.
What's taking this guy so long?
How's it going?
That answer your question?
He's gonna keep
working on it.
You okay?
I know you liked him.
Look, you can stop with the whole
girlfriend act. Okay, your cover's blown.
We should see what's on that.
I still can't believe it. The NSA
paying you to have sex with me.
It's not like that, all right?
You don't...
What about that crazy night
we had in Catalina?
Hey, you guys.
You know,
that whole safe word thing.
Guys, guys, I'm in the room.
Okay, none of that
was part of the job.
Look, it was
my first assignment. I...
Okay, so you just jump in bed
with one of the suspects.
This was my whole life
to two years.
What was I supposed
to do about sex?
Still in the room. FYI.
I feel so special.
This seems like company names.
Stock prices?
Wait, dates.
What are the first dates?
June 13th, 2007.
2007. Okay,
what are the last dates?
August 20th... 2029.
Explains all the breakthroughs
he brought to the project.
Yeah, and I thought
he was just smart.
Now the only way a time machine
could be built...
is if someone from the future
in which one had been built,
uses it to come back
and build one.
What are you guys talking about?
He's from the fucking future.
It's like having a winning lottery
ticket every day for the next 15 years.
So, Landau went back to 2007
and started generating all
the cash to fund this.
All of this.
Then he had us build the precursor
to the machine that he uses in 2029.
Because otherwise, time travel
wouldn't exist in the future.
Therefore, he couldn't be here.
But why does he wanna kill us?
Well, he can't have anybody know
that time travel exists now.
He has to kill us.
You gotta admit,
it's pretty brilliant.
But now we gotta find him.
And kill him.
Before he kills us.
I think we'll find him.
This is like
time traveling via television.
Yep. Server farm.
This is so fucking weird.
Yeah, we found him
'cause we saw we found him.
let's go get him.
-All right.
-I'II, sit this one out.
A little wheelchair humor.
Was it true?
What you said before?
Was it just about sex for you?
Seriously, Jim, you wanna have
this conversation now?
Hey, you need to tell me.
Hey, just tell me, okay.
You at least owe me that.
No. With you,
everything changed.
I lost sight of what I was
supposed to be doing.
This is my first assignment,
and I got lost in it with you.
Okay? That's the truth.
Now I know why I never
met your family.
Why your mom would call all
the time, but never come over.
That wasn't my mom.
That was my NSA contact,
my mentor.
She recruited me
out of my first year at MIT.
Trained me. Taught me everything I know.
And I lied to her, too.
-To the NSA.
-That's okay, then.
My mentor always said when you go undercover,
don't drink the cherry Kool-Aid.
And with you, I did.
I love your cherry Kool-Aid.
You know, all those phone calls you
were getting so paranoid about?
That was me just trying to plan
an anniversary party for us.
Now, I kinda wish
you were cheating on me.
Actually, it was more like a...
anniversary-slash-holy crap,
we're just invented
time travel party.
It's... not him.
Listen, it's not him.
Hey, I just
thought of something.
Is Gale even your real name?
Man. I don't even
know your real name?
-You tried to murder us.
-It's not me. I am not the killer.
Don't keep on doing that.
He's not the killer!
-He tried to kills us all Lewis.
-No, he didn't.
Look, look around, okay.
I know I'm not the killer.
It's not you. It's not Gale.
So that leaves him.
-Hey, hey, you okay?
-No. I'm not feeling so great.
Your nose is bleeding again.
I haven't felt right
since I got back.
Who are you?
I know what you're thinking.
I found the knife.
The killer is in here.
It wasn't me.
Where are you going?
Fuck no.
-Yep. Server farm.
-This is so fucking weird.
Yeah, we found him
'cause we saw we found him.
I knew you were gonna say that.
That's exactly what's on the tape.
You know, we should find
something to tie him up.
-I'm on it.
-We can't change anything.
-It's not me.
-Shut up.
No, Gale, please.
It wasn't me.
It's... it's not him.
-Listen, it's not him.
-He killed Randy.
And the security guard.
He was gonna kill us all.
No, it's not me.
I followed the killer.
I found the knife
because he must've dropped it.
Stop lying!
Jim, kicking him
is not gonna help us.
This is not one
of your NSA deals, Gale.
-You're NSA?
-Yeah. Turns out.
All this time,
I thought it was you.
You're already my least favorite
person. Don't fucking push it.
-Jim, just let me talk to him.
-He's not under arrest.
This is the asshole that wanted
to fucking kill us, Gale.
No, I'm not the killer.
Stop doing that!
He's not the killer.
He tried to kill us all, Lewis!
-No, he didn't!
-Yes, he did! Look around, okay.
I know that I'm not the killer.
It's not you. It's not Gale.
So it must be him.
You're so sure we're
the only ones down here.
-What if you're wrong?
-No, I am not wrong.
There is nobody else in here.
-I think there must be.
-There can't be.
He has a point.
If it's not one of us, what if
there's someone else down here?
The killer has gotta be Landau.
I keep on trying to tell you.
He's not the killer!
It's not me.
-Shut up! I saw him on the tape!
You know, the tape that's full of
everything that haven't happened yet?
-I saw Mr. Landau running.
-He's not the killer!
-Thank you.
-How do you know?
-Because... I saw the killer, too.
So, who is it, Lewis?
I don't know.
-I couldn't see his face.
But it's not him.
I'll show you.
Gale, please go see
what he's talking about.
I'm gonna stay here
and watch this asshole.
-Don't hurt him anymore.
-Don't do this, you mean?
No kicking. Got it.
You can keep kicking me.
But it's not gonna
make you right.
Yeah. But it makes me
feel better, so...
And by the way...
We found this.
-Okay, you're not gonna like seeing this.
Wait. Who's filming this?
Depressingly, me.
I... I think.
-I was the one who gave Jim the camera.
See, the next part's a doozy.
So, there... that's Landau.
-Now tell me about 2029.
-The world is a fucked up place.
What happened to your accent?
There is no accent.
I was born here.
In fact, this morning, I watched
my mother take me to school.
Fuck all that shit.
Where did you get this disk?
The only thing I really know...
is the name Max Devlin.
Max Devlin, okay.
Who the hell is Max Devlin?
No one knows who he is.
All we know
is that he's like a ghost...
that haunts the
stock exchange.
And he's got more money
than you could ever imagine.
I can imagine a hell of a lot
right now. So, please.
He works through a network
of Wall Street traders.
No one knows
who they're working for.
All they know is that they make
trades and they win big every time.
-They never lose.
-Because of the disk.
That was his secret.
And I found it.
-I don't know.
All these clues, you know, they were
left for me like, like breadcrumbs.
Almost like
he wanted me to find him.
Don't get upset.
See, that's you
and that's the killer.
Come on.
Damn it. I can't see his face.
It's almost like he knows
the camera is there.
Those clues led me to a small
town in Arizona called Destiny.
I guess that was
Devlin's idea of a joke.
Okay. So what's the joke?
I discovered a top secret
facility underground.
-And there was a time machine.
-Like ours?
-No. This one actually worked.
-Ours works.
No, he perfected it.
His machine was advanced.
And it didn't
cause any brain damage.
Wait. What?
I'm sorry...
The nose bleeds.
The dizziness.
Thought you would've
figured that out.
Why didn't you fucking warn me?
I couldn't. I couldn't because the
machine that we're building now
is the basis of the one
that Devlin builds in 2029.
Except he perfects it.
So we had to build it.
If it wasn't built...
I couldn't be here right now.
Well, if Landau's
not the killer...
He's still out there.
-Yeah, but...
-Right now.
Doing what?
So I went to Destiny.
I broke into Max Devlin's facility.
I had the disk.
And that's when I thought
I knew who Devlin really was.
-And it was me.
-Wait, what?
I realized I could go back in time.
I could amass a fortune.
I could build a time machine just
like he did except it would be me.
I could take over his life.
And then I thought maybe...
maybe it was me all along.
These paradoxes
make my fucking head hurt.
That's not the reason
why your head hurts.
Thanks for reminding me.
Once the killing started,
I knew I was wrong.
So if we find out who the real killer
is, we're gonna find Max Devlin.
No, you're lying.
You're the only one
who knew about that disk.
-Only you had a motive.
-Jim, it's not him.
I just watched the tape.
He's not the killer.
Self destruct
sequence activated.
I told you. There is
somebody else in the building!
Jim, you're gonna
have to go to the lab.
You're gonna have to
try and override it.
-How much time do I have?
-Twenty-five minutes.
Okay, I'm gonna get Lewis...
-Be safe.
Guys, you can't leave me here!
Come on, come on, come on.
Fuck. I should know this.
Okay, Lewis, come on.
It's time to go. Come on.
There's no point running.
Don't you get it?
-We're trapped.
-In a colossal loop.
-Okay, we don't know that, Lewis.
Okay, so we have to try, all right.
We have to go. Come on.
It's all on the tape.
The tape is like
a fucking prophecy.
We don't... we don't know that.
All right.
So we have to fight.
We have to try.
-Lewis, come on.
-There's nothing we can do.
We can't change our fate.
Damn it.
Come on, come on,
come on, come on.
No, no, no, please.
Please, we can work together.
No, listen to me.
Listen to me, man.
We can work.
No, no. No! I got a plan.
No, please, please, please!
When the time comes,
press the red button.
Elevator not responding.
All I wanted to do
was to go back to that night.
Stop myself from getting into
that fucking car.
Give this to Jim.
It's your only chance.
-The killer let me go.
-Why would he do that?
I don't know. All... all I know
is that he told me to come
-and press the red button so...
-That's what I'm gonna do.
-What are you talking about?
He told me to press the red button,
so that's what I'm gonna do.
-Back up. Back up.
Please don't shoot.
I'm just doing what he...
What's hap... what's happening?
Bill, Bill, Bill, Bill.
Bill, shoot him.
You said there was
bodies everywhere.
-Shoot him, Bill.
-No. No, look.
-You're lying.
-Bill, Randy is dead.
Okay. The new
security guard is dead.
This asshole killed them all.
No, no, no,
he killed, he killed them.
He's the one.
He killed them, Bill.
-Bill, shoot him.
-We have no idea what happens to you.
Your head comes back.
Just your head.
-You're dead.
Bill, shoot him!
I'm gonna drop my gun, okay?
-I'm gonna drop my gun.
-No, no, no, no, Bill, shoot him.
He's trying to confuse you.
Look, I know your mind feels
like it went through a blender.
But it's because of the machine.
Okay. You've got brain damage.
This motherfucker,
he lied to us.
-No, no, Bill.
-He has no accent.
No, what're you talking about?
Don't listen to him.
Look, I'm not the killer.
I'm gonna drop the gun, okay.
-Bill, please.
-I'm not the killer, man. He is.
Right before you came,
he was trying to kill me. Bill?
It's him. Shoot him.
But you, you said that
there was... everyone was dead.
There was bodies.
You're a liar.
There's gonna be.
Yours included.
You're a liar!
No, no, Bill, Bill,
you heard that, right?
He's trying,
he's trying to threaten you.
-He's trying to threaten you.
-Shut the fuck up!
Shoot him, Bill. Shoot...
You son of a bitch!
Fucking kill you.
I did what you said.
I pressed the red button.
What the fuck
are you talking about?
You're him. You're Max Devlin.
You're gonna kill us all.
And you're gonna take the disk.
You're going
to become Max Devlin.
I never wanted to hurt you.
God, I love you.
Do... don't you understand?
I have it all figured out, okay?
I did this for our future.
Don't you understand?
You're insane. I'm not a killer.
No, you are going to
kill us all.
-I'm not a killer.
-Not quite.
But give it time.
What... what the hell
is going on?
We can work this out.
We can, we can work this out.
I've been working for you the whole time.
I just didn't know it.
There's no way that I could've known
about the project in, in Destiny, right?
Okay... there's no way
I could've gotten that disk.
Did exactly
what you needed me to do.
Okay. You knew that.
Okay? You, you're going to remember this.
Okay. Listen to me.
In 2029,
you're gonna remember this.
Don't you see that?
Okay? I've been your partner.
Whatever you needed me
to do, I'll do it.
Good. Then I guess
I'll see you later.
Jim. Jim, please. You don't have to do...
you don't have to do this.
Do what?
I haven't done anything.
You just beheaded Bill.
Holy shit.
My head.
Make ourselves feel better.
Blame the brain damage.
Who knows?
Maybe it really is to blame.
And here goes nothing.
It's working. We've got power.
I think it's gonna hold.
No. What did you do? Why?
I went back
and did what I had to do.
First, I killed Randy before he
could warn any of us not to come.
Then, I killed that new security
guard, whatever his name was.
Van Lang.
Nice of you to remember,
but we know you're gonna forget.
Keep up. Okay,
don't make me feel stupid.
Don't listen to him, Jim.
You're a good person.
Thank you, but shut up.
Why would I... we... I...
why would I kill anybody?
You know why.
You saw the tape.
All those rich assholes saying
all those things about us.
You got mad.
No, not,
not enough to kill people.
And then we found out that
the woman that we love
has been
lying to us this whole time.
Tricking us,
trying to trap us.
I know we love her.
But we don't even know
her real name.
You know me, Jim, okay. I know you.
You are not a killer.
Then you saw what was on Landau's disk.
What dear old dad woulda killed for.
A real sure thing.
But, but I, I never...
Yes, you did.
You can't lie to me.
You can't lie to yourself.
Okay, you started to think
about all that money and power
and all you had to do was go
back and kill a few people.
I can't kill people.
I can't.
But this is your chance.
Okay, this is why
you pounded keyboards every
night until your fingers bled.
Why you got
a scholarship to MIT.
Got to the top of your class.
Got in front of Landau.
Got on Project 880.
Tell him you won't do it, Jim.
You're a good person. You can't.
Shut the fuck up!
Whoever you are.
You know what you have to do.
Okay, killing Randy will be
the hardest, but it gets easier.
Killing Landau,
you'll almost enjoy.
Please listen to me.
He doesn't have a choice.
I didn't have a choice.
You have a choice.
Just don't do what he says.
He doesn't have a choice and he sure as
fuck doesn't have the time for this!
Another one of us is coming in
a minute, okay. He can't see us.
Jim, I'm begging you.
Him or me?
You're a murdering asshole.
And so is he, keep up.
No, not ever. He loves me.
He's a good person.
He's still a good person.
-Gale, I don't know.
-They're our friends, Jim.
They're your friends.
Nope. They hated you.
Just saying.
Gale, please,
I just need to think. Please.
-Please don't do this.
-They all hated you.
I can't let you do this.
Here we go.
You knew that would happen!
So why didn't you stop it?
Sorry, can't cause a paradox,
blah, blah, blah.
-You're such an asshole.
-Well, I'm you, so...
-I'm not doing it.
-But we both know that you will.
-I'm not going back.
-I know that you do
because I've already been
in this conversation as you.
No, this can't be happening.
Don't you see?
You have no choice.
Why do I have to kill people?
Because I already did!
I'm sorry.
But we can't change it.
Now, quick, give me the disk.
I really wanted to hold onto it.
You are holding onto it.
I hid this stuff in here...
just for you.
Get dressed.
Gotta look the part.
She's gotta come with me.
Don't hurt her.
The elevator's coming down soon.
I know.
I remember.
Good. Good.
Now you're getting it.
Hide. They can't see you.
Get up. Get up!
Everything that happened
has gotta happen again.
I'll go.
Drake, Vasquez, with me.
No, I put her down there.
It's my job to get her back.
Move. Move.
No, no, not yet.
What the fuck?
Self destruct in four minutes.
This whole place is gonna blow!
Got a live one here.
Elevator descending.
We need a miracle, gal.
I give you the NSA.
Welcome to Project 880.
Welcome to Project 880.
-No! No!
-I don't wanna hurt you.
-You won't get away with this.
Jim, Jim. Jim...
Lewis. Lewis, what happened?
Who did this?
I don't know.
You killed our friends.
I did it for this. For us.
-You killed our friends.
-Don't you see, I had no choice.
It was my destiny.
Self destruct in one minute.
Don't fight me. You can't!
Watch me.
Self destruct
in three, two, one...
-Was that an earthquake?
-I don't think so.
-I think you forgot something.
Give it to me!
Give it to me.
Give me the fucking disk.
If I fall, this falls.
Come on.
Give me the...
Give me that disk,
you bitch.
Come and get it.
We can still make this work,
can't we?
-Help, please.
-You can't escape fate, Jim.
A little help here, guys.
I'm with the NSA.
You're the undercover agent,
Special Agent Maxine Devlin.
Everything down there's a mess.
The blast took out everything.
No one else made it.
That's for sure.
I still don't know what the hell
happened down there.
She's the only one
that can tell us.
We'll just have to give it time.