Parallel Chords (2018) Movie Script

(film projector rattling)
(train running)
(violin music)
(train braking)
(violin music)
(thunder sounds)
- Damon, we don't have
time for this nonsense,
we are late.
- [Damon] I have to do
my homework, though.
- Look at your sister.
She's all ready.
- I have seen Dad
play a million times.
- Jaqueline, say
goodbye to your brother.
He doesn't want to
see his father play.
- All right, fine, fine.
- There once was
a King of Siam...
whose balls were as big as I am.
[Damon] Oh, jeez!
Whenever it rained...
- Mom!
...the balls always banged...
- Why'd you teach her that?
And made a big
sound in the rain.
- She's only eight.
- Splish, splash. The balls
always crashed. And one day
when it rained, they
almost got mashed.
- Okay, shhh! Stop it. Stop it.
So now when it rains,
the king still remains,
But seated and quiet at last.
(piano music)
(Humming) And you
two move together,
and you follow,
and wheee! You fly in,
and try to take over
this note's place.
And you battle and
battle! Ya! Ya!
Seven notes, seven
days in a week.
Oooh, I am... tired.
- Hey guess what?
- What?
- I know something about
your sister you don't.
- What are you talkin' about?
- You know, sometimes
when I need a smoke,
you know, late at night,
I open my window so
my parents can't tell.
- And?
- And there's your sister, man,
at midnight, looking
up at the moon,
and talking to your neighbor.
I mean, your
neighbor's in college,
what could they
be talkin' about?
They're out there for hours.
- You are demented
man, you know that?
You are so demented.
- Hi Peter.
Dinner's ready.
- Okay, buddy.
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Bye bye, Peter.
- Bye Peter.
- [Mother] Come
on in for dinner.
That piano is off-limits.
Your father sent you
a little something.
- [Jaqueline] How neat.
It's New York.
He'll be home soon, right?
- Yes, yes he will.
Shall we say grace?
Father, bless us these gifts
that we are about to receive.
- Feel!
Damn it.
- Dad?
- Yeah, this is it.
- Can I help you, Dad?
- Jaqueline?
You should knock first.
don't you have work to be doing?
- I just wanted to ask,
Mom said you're
going away again.
Can't I go?
It might be your last concert?
How many do you need?
One, two?
- The early threat
to the primary tonic,
causes unrest.
- [Damon] Hey Jackie, buddy,
where's my little trainer?
- Mister Muscles is calling.
Go ahead.
Less important than a football.
- There she is.
(rock music on boombox)
- Ready for this?
- Yeah, I'm ready.
- Three, two, one, now!
Want to add some more?
- More? Yeah. Let's do it.
- Another.
- Another?
We'll do both at the same time.
Here we go, all right.
Hit it.
- Yep.
(rock music)
(lyrics muffled)
Come on faster.
Faster! Faster, faster!
- I'm going as fast as I can.
Yeah, help me out with that.
Oooh! You gotta be
faster than that!
All right. Here we go.
- Will you ever turn off
this ridiculous noise.
This is so insulting.
No shape, no progression.
- Keep counting.
What are you doing?
Where, what is this?
Mechanical static, garbage.
Pumping and pumping.
You don't have to insult me,
you choose to do so.
- Hey, put it back.
- It doesn't even stop
when you want it to stop.
- Hey, hey that's mine.
Hey, I paid a lot of
money for that, you jerk!
Give me that back.
Give me that back.
I paid my own money for that.
- [Dad] Hey, take
your hands off me.
I dare you to touch
me, you little punk.
I dare you.
- [Damon] Don't do it.
Don't you do it.
That was so expensive.
Don't do it.
(boombox crashes)
(confused yelling)
(gentle instrumental music)
(piano music)
- That's it, see?
It's as gentle as that.
We can create this. Try again.
(horn honking)
(city traffic noise)
(classical music)
- Isn't it great?
Some old record,
left out on the street.
That's what you
find in the village.
Valuable leftovers.
Do you know this piece?
- I am... familiar with it.
(solo violin)
- You have to play for me.
You've tolerated my
playing plenty of times.
- You play well.
- No, no, I'm just
looking for compliments.
- You play with soul.
That's the thing.
I like your playing.
- Anyway, you wouldn't
have to be great to...
- Could we actually
change the music?
- Oh. Sure.
- Something I've never heard.
(acoustic guitar)
I grow gardenias for Rita.
In my one room
apartment downtown.
In the window
overlooking fifth street.
- Violin really has always
been my favorite instrument.
- Shh, sh sh sh.
(soft orchestral music)
- Stop.
You must be in complete
control before you start.
Don't start before you're ready.
The second note, the B flat,
must draw us into
the opening phrase.
Okay, let's move on.
The slower part of this movement
dee da da da.
That has been somewhat too slow,
so you want to take
that up a notch, yes?
Well, it'll get better,
don't you worry.
- Where is Mom?
- Around here somewhere.
Anyway, don't worry too much
about the parts
that need fixing.
The Saturday competition
gives us enough time.
- Larry?
It's such a pleasure to see you.
I wanted to speak to you about
an upcoming concert with...
Oh, I'm sorry dear
Jaqueline, hello.
Your father didn't tell me that
he had a daughter that was
almost as genius as he is.
So Larry, Lawrence,
Mister Archer.
- Stuart, Doctor Katz,
we'll have to talk later.
- Oh, yes. Of course.
- As I was saying, the
Saturday competition,
I think we can at least
use the second movement
for the concerto category.
Perhaps the Beethoven Spring
Sonata for the Romantic.
Hello Aaron, and how did you
like my lovely daughter, hmm?
- Went element successions
move in parallel...
they can move at different
rates of ascent and descent.
- Darling.
Well, I just have to say that,
that dress made
you look so pretty.
And I like those earrings.
And from the stage, your makeup
makes your skin look fine.
Don't you think so?
- Lovely, absolutely lovely.
- Excuse me a moment.
- Well, that's moving along
in the right direction.
Now you've been a bit, here,
just two before nine,
you've been a bit sharp here.
Careful of that, yes?
And let's really come
down to piano here,
so we can lean into that
crescendo up to nine.
Yes, try that?
One, two.
Let's try it again.
One, two.
Now that's not bad.
Not bad, now if you practice
hard before Saturday,
don't let schoolwork,
or anything else,
take away your concentration,
including those drama classes,
that have you under their spell.
We might,
we might win.
Excuse me a moment.
One slip makes a difference.
Work on it.
And remember, no one can
take my rightful place.
One piont less, Jaqueline.
(avant garde instrumental music)
(violin music)
- Jaqueline?
Do you have an answer for me?
- Yes sir, of course sir. Um...
By the way sir, you
look great today,
the swoop of your hair.
I believe the answer
you're looking for is,
321.3 repeating sir.
- Okay, who's next?
- (Quoting) You are so refined.
You have such a soft voice.
Why then, do you want
to be like ordinary
people who drink.
- Hey Arch.
- Hi.
- But I like to drink.
Speaking of, why don't you
come to the Blackwood party
Friday night after the game?
- I don't think Friday night's
really going to work for me.
- Really gonna work for you?
What's that supposed to mean?
- My Dad and I.
- Dad, huh?
Well, I ain't gonna
try and convince you.
Blythewood party!
- [Astrov] No direct, genuine,
free attitude to people
and the nature left among them.
None. None!
- No, I beg you, please
don't drink any more.
- Why not?
- You are so refined. You
have such a soft voice.
- Mister Thigland?
- I see you're not in class.
- Well, yeah I'm supposed to
be in practice, right now.
But I wanted to talk to you
about the play we're doing,
and the play we're
bringing to competition.
- Whoa.
- And Governor's
School for the Arts,
and some of the plays
you mentioned in class,
I, I wanted to check out.
- Slow down.
What's the rush? Whoa.
- [Jaqueline]
Sorry, I'm excited.
- Take a deep breath.
- Right.
- His voice trembles
and caresses one...
I can still feel it
vibrating in the air.
- Would you mind
giving us a moment?
- You think I can do this,
don't you?
I mean, I'm okay aren't I?
I know you're worried about
time commitments and all,
but I just,
I just feel like,
it's fun!
- Let's talk for a second.
Why don't you put that down?
You're like a hit
man with that thing.
I have faith in you,
but I do think you're spreading
yourself a little too thin.
- After tomorrow,
I'm free and clear.
I'll make it up to
them, I promise.
I know I can do this.
- My chips are on you, kid.
But I did have to consider
someone as a backup.
Hey, look at it this way,
you're the only one
with an understudy.
- I'm going to do this play.
The closing monologue is mine.
- What is she doing in there?
What does she think
she's playing out there?
- [Mother] Larry!
- Don't--
- There's a competition
coming up and
she's noodling on the piano!
So, let me know when you want
to run through the program
for tomorrow's competition.
- Okay.
(piano music)
- Ready?
- So, I think we
might want to use that
for the romantic category.
I should probably
go back up to bed.
(surreal instrumental music)
- Archer,
you came.
Hey guys, look who's here.
- [Woman] Did she
bring her violin too?
(romantic pop music)
- You made it.
That's so great.
- Holy...
- Cut it.
Oh. Whoa.
Wait. Wait.
- I'm gonna want to
remember this tree.
- Wait.
Wait. Wait. Wait. Wait.
No. Stop. Wait.
No, no. (slightly sobbing)
(painful moaning)
- Sleep well?
- Mm-hmm.
- Shall we?
- Yes, go through the
program before we leave.
- Got it.
Now let me see.
Hold on, just let me
get this blackhead.
- Mom, stop!
- There's more coffee.
(metronome ticking)
- Done.
- What was that about?
- I'm so glad it's over.
- Over?
It's not over.
This is just the beginning.
- Don't say that.
- Many of my best shows,
I was about your age.
- We shall live through a
long, long chain of days,
and weary evenings.
We shall work for others,
both now and in our old
age and have no rest.
- You cannot do this play.
- Dad?
- It'll split your focus.
All it takes,
is one point less
to change your life.
- It's unlikely I'll ever
be at that level, Dad.
- You have to concentrate.
You never know.
I have some plans.
(piano music)
- There they are!
The famous musicians
of the house.
Why don't you play us something?
- I don't think so.
- So, how did it go?
- Okay.
- Just okay, huh?
Well, I had to try
several places,
since milk and cereal
were not on sale,
and that left me very
little time to wash my hair,
but I made it just in
the nick of time, too.
(clearing his throat)
Is Jaqueline all right?
I mean is anything wrong?
She certainly acted
saucy a minute ago.
- Selfish, that's what she is.
What do you expect?
I told her about the
wonderful opportunity
I set up for her this
week, with Doctor Portman,
and she is just completely
disregarding it.
- Any reasons?
- Well, yes but, come on,
a school play.
- That does mean people
are depending on her honey.
- I'm depending on her.
- I know, and I depend
on her too but--
- She's going to
split her focus.
- Well.
- Who does she think she is?
I have provided for
her for 17 years and,
this is what I get in return.
- We.
(dissonant violin)
(rock music)
Where were you when
I was bargaining?
Where were you when
I was bargaining?
(lyrics muffled)
Where were you when
I was bargaining?
(lyrics muffled)
(soft piano music)
- Right on the dot.
You are like clockwork.
You know, I'll bet you're
one of those people
who is always just
a little bit early.
- Ben?
What is this?
- Let me think.
Just a special dish I
think you might like.
You haven't eaten yet, have you?
- It's...
- So... nice.
- Why don't you put
your things down?
Take your coat
off, stay a while.
What is this?
- Just a valuable leftover.
I found it on the street.
I just need to clean it off.
- I hope the music is okay.
There's no violin.
- It almost fits.
- Wow.
- Handsome guy.
- Yeah, he is.
Ben, this is just,
thank you.
- I wouldn't have taken
you for the military type.
- Hmm?
That's my brother.
- Oh.
Let's eat.
- Well?
Come on, Ben.
Where did you learn
to cook like this?
- It's nothing special really.
(in Polish) Jedzcie pijcie
i popus zczajcie pasa!
- What the hell?
- This is a magical Polish dish.
If it works, I find out
all of your secrets.
(in Polish) Smacznego!
Now I know you have
an older brother,
and I always thought
you were an only child.
(light piano music)
- Mmm.
- Mmm, hmm.
Try it with this.
(violin music)
- We shall live through a
long, long chain of days,
and weary evenings.
We shall patiently bear the
trials which fate sends us.
(classical music)
(pills rattle)
(musicians practicing)
(intense piano music)
(breathes deeply)
We shall hear the angels.
We shall see all heaven
lit with radiance.
We shall see Earthly evil,
all our sufferings,
drowned in the mercy which
will fill the whole world,
and our life will be peaceful,
gentle, and sweet as a caress.
(piano music)
We shall rest.
(knocking on door)
(knocking harder)
(musicians practice)
- What are you doin'?
Your poor Dad's
worried sick about you,
and you're in here what,
playin' with yourself?
(jazzy piano)
- Wheee! (laughs)
- Cool.
- I thought you'd like that.
Okay, go put your clothes on,
and get with it, will ya?
Your Dad looked like he was
gonna have a heart attack.
- Right? Thanks.
- You know, he's kinda
cute when he's anxious.
Sorry, sorry, sorry.
- I don't know
what I'm gonna do.
I gotta--
- Look, you have one year left.
- Yeah, then what?
- Any word from your brother?
- No.
Look, I may need your help.
- Are you gonna tell Pops?
- No. It's just I thought,
I might.
- Go meet with him.
We'll talk later,
this sounds serious.
Go, go.
And, we'll improvise soon,
whether you like it or not.
Now go.
(intense piano music)
(metronome ticking)
- Where were you?
I was looking for you.
- Downstairs bathroom, we
had no toilet paper up here.
Feminine hygiene, you know.
- If you were living at home
I don't think we'd be
having these problems.
- Sorry.
- It affects our performance
when you're late for rehearsal.
The slightest mis--
Let's get started.
- Actually Dad, I
need to cancel today.
- Hmm?
- I'm in some pain, I thought
I'd go to the medical center,
see if everything's all right.
- We're behind schedule
for the next performance.
I'll go with you.
- I can go alone.
- If you're not feeling well,
and it's serious enough
to seek medical attention,
I'm coming with you.
- You should stay and work.
I'm sure it's nothing.
- Let's get going.
- It's a private thing,
I don't want you there.
Damon, wish me luck.
- [Director] Okay, next?
- Jaqueline, surprised
to see you here.
Good luck.
- Okay.
You may go now.
Number 32, Jaqueline Archer.
- Hello.
- Whenever you're ready.
- There is nothing for it.
We must go on living.
We shall live through a
long, long chain of days
and weary evenings.
- Jaqueline?
Allow your own
feelings to surface.
- I'm sorry.
I shouldn't be here.
- Might as well try.
Keep going.
Make it your thoughts, and
not someone else's thoughts.
- We shall patiently bear the
trials which fate sends us.
We shall work for others,
both now and in our old
age and have no rest.
And when our time comes,
we shall die without a murmur.
And there, beyond the grave,
we shall see a life
that is beautiful,
peaceful, and sweet as a caress.
We shall rest,
we shall rest.
- Okay, let's stop.
Jaqueline, I see you're
not a theater major.
Have you worked on
this piece before?
Well here are the
rehearsal dates.
I want you to take
a look at this
and make sure you don't
have any conflicts.
Be sure and take a look
at that closing monologue.
- I love the closing monologue.
- Really?
Okay, we're gonna
be calling people
in a couple of days.
Thank you.
- Great, great!
Thank you.
Thank you very much.
- Good luck.
(tires squealing)
(engine knocking)
- Shit.
You okay?
- I'm fine.
- I'm so sorry.
Let me just, could I?
- Really.
- Can I take you somewhere?
- I'm fine.
Are you from New York?
- You can tell?
- I love New York.
- Have you ever lived there?
- No, I've been
there a lot as a kid.
My Dad performed there a bunch.
- My Mom lives upstate.
I gotta drive back soon.
Got a taste for the grit, huh?
- The grit?
- Don't worry about it.
- Oh shit.
- What?
- What time is it?
- Half past, I think.
- Shit.
I gotta go to the music
school and get my violin.
I'm, I'm late. I'm late!
Oh, God!
- Okay okay okay,
just calm down and.
- Rehearsal's at the
performing arts center
near the stadium.
Do you know where that is?
- Yep.
Hop in.
What would happen
if you were late?
Hold on.
(car starting)
(tires squealing)
(rock music)
(engine knocking)
It sticks sometimes.
Don't worry.
Don't forget this.
- Oh!
Gonna be in a play, huh?
- No, no.
I won't get the
part. Even if I um...
I don't think I can.
- Stage fright?
- It's not that. (sighs)
Even if I wanted to,
I don't see how.
It was neat to audition though.
It would make a lot of
people upset I think.
- I don't follow.
- I don't think my
Dad would like it.
- So?
- It would make him very upset.
- So?
- My life is set.
Wear black, and play
the music of dead men.
I gotta go.
Thank you.
(car starting)
(chamber music)
Excuse me. Excuse me.
(clears throat)
- Do you see what your
colleagues are doing?
- Um...
We are waiting for you.
- Right.
- Do you see what I'm doing?
- You're... not playing?
- Okay, let's go.
(sexual moaning)
- Well, they can't
keep this up all night.
(sexual screaming)
(acoustic guitar)
And goodnight
That would be
The thing I like
But every time...
I stop and try
to rest the dark
creeps in on me
And goodnight
Remember when you
liked to sleep
But my body hurts
From all this work
And now my dreams
Aren't soft and sweet
Will you play
A pretty song
One you made,
we'll sing along
Remember when
You used to be a happy girl
A wishing queen
Is interrupt
by kill the clock
and go to work
What was I
Before the world
Tore the head off
this dollish girl
Gets replaced
With painful bones
and shitty breaks
But I still love the muse
The hungry dream
That begs for me
oh that begs for me
Oh bye by
Oh bye by my lullabye
See me stretch
The meat of me
My intellect...
is wrecked and beat
- You know if you stayed at home
I wouldn't have to
drive all the way
in here just to
rehearse with you.
Your mother would
be much happier.
She really misses you.
If you lived at home,
she could be fixing your
breakfast right now.
So is everything okay?
What did they say
about the pain?
If you lived at home we
could take care of you,
and you wouldn't be
having these problems.
- I can't.
- What?
Don't you dare go away from me.
We are having a talk right now.
Just tell me one good reason
why you can't pay us
rent, and live at home.
You obviously can't
take care of yourself.
What is wrong with you?
- Nothing's wrong with me,
let me go to the bathroom.
- No no no, no no, no more!
No, you,
you are not going to avoid me.
You are going to behave like
a normal, obedient daughter,
as hard as that
might be for you.
Now, tell me,
what did the doctor
say yesterday?
- He said I can't play
music with you anymore,
it causes too much stress.
- You are so selfish.
What do you hear?
- Dad, Dad.
- I just want to
know you're okay.
- Everything's all right, Dad.
- You sure?
- I didn't,
everything's okay.
I promise.
- So that was a pretty good
rehearsal after all, right?
- Mm-hmm.
- And what time are we tomorrow?
- One o'clock.
- Right.
Oh, um, you want
to get some lunch?
- I'd like to but,
I really can't.
- Maybe tomorrow.
- I'm not sure.
- Okay.
- Bye.
- A boo ba do ba doo.
(singing) A shoo ma noo ma noo.
A shu be do bap bap bah!
- No.
- A bap bap bah.
- You only have to play
one, maybe two notes.
I'll bet your Dad
and Gould improvised.
- Always with the
Gould thing with you.
I'm not gonna tell it again.
- One point less. I mean...
A life can change based
on the split-second whim
of a judge who's
probably deaf anyway.
One point less.
- I should never have
told you that, you nut.
- My dear, you might
not even be here,
sitting with me,
if your Dad had the extra point.
Sorry, I'll zip it.
But I would like you
to try it with me.
Music isn't made of stone.
Unlike me, it's not always hard.
- Okay already.
(car screetches)
(car backfires)
- Oh, jeez! What the hell
is this guy's problem?
- I was going to tell you.
- What?
- He's from New York.
Don't let his muscles,
intimidate you.
- What the hell?
(sexual moaning)
- Jesus.
(sexual screaming)
- Uhh,
oh that feels so good, baby.
But you know what
sweetie really wants?
Some fucking rest.
Some fucking rest!
Note: Director called,
You got the part!
(piano music)
I can do both.
You can do it.
It's no big deal.
Just tell him.
Tell him.
- Associated but with
a distinctive yet
contrasting theme.
So usually the
two tonal areas...
- Hello, I was
coming to find you.
I have a tremendous
surprise for you.
- Hi, I-- I do too...
- [Lawrence] We are
unbelievably lucky.
- I-- I have a um--
- Well, you have to
wait to hear this first.
It'll be more work, sure,
a lot more work, actually,
but we can handle it.
- Actually Dad I'm working
pretty hard already and...
- Yes yes yes, but wait
until you hear this.
Though you have a year left,
Columbia Artists has decided
to book the world tour with us.
Our dreams come true.
These are our contracts.
We are going to tour together.
I love you, isn't this amazing?
This is only the beginning.
- Dad.
- Aren't you happy, hmm?
- No.
Let go.
Let go.
No, no.
Let go, Dad.
- Jaqueline?
- Yes, since this morning.
- [Woman On Phone]
You called before?
- Yes, I called before.
- [Woman On Phone] All right.
Ma'am, let's just try
and take a deep breath.
- When he's upset, he leaves.
He just drives and drives.
- [Woman On Phone]
Well, we are going to do
everything we can.
- Oh my, I've gotta go.
- He's gonna be okay ma'am.
We found him in a ditch.
He had this.
- She's not here?
- No, dear.
(audience applauding)
(audience chuckles)
- I don't see where she is,
but my daughter always
loved this piece,
and it is for her that
I begin my program
with Liszt's Funerailles.
It's date of composition
is the same of that
of Chopin's death.
There's suspicion that it
is an homage to Chopin.
(Lawrence muffled)
May have affected Liszt
to write one of his
most majestic pieces
for the piano.
I hope you enjoy it as much
as my daughter, and my family.
Thank you.
(dark piano music)
(high pitched ringing)
(heartbeat pounding)
(audience applauding)
- Pick up, pick up.
- [Jed/New Yorker] Hello?
- Hello?
I'm sorry to call
you out of the blue.
I'm sure your busy, I just.
- [Jed] Jaqueline?
- Yes, it's me.
- [Jed] Are you okay?
- I think I,
I think I'd like to ride
with you to New York.
- [Jed] Oh.
- Is the offer still good?
- [Jed] I think the
offer's still good.
I was gonna leave in a
couple of hours, though.
Could you manage that?
- Yeah.
(soft piano music)
It can change.
(soft rock music)
how about this?
So, some go everywhere together.
They push and pull,
yet they never touch.
They can't.
Or they lose their identity,
the become one note,
not two or more.
I don't...
You follow?
- No. No.
No, that's your thing.
- [Jaqueline] All
right. You can drive.
- [Jaqueline Voiceover]
Dearest Matthew,
you are such a great friend.
I'm sorry I didn't get
to say goodbye in person,
but I cannot stay in this world.
I got a chance to
go to New York.
I'll never forget you.
I think it's time to...
Love, Jaqueline.
- Well, I'll be damned.
- Just where I put
my pain, that's all.
- Gotcha.
- You might need this.
- Thanks.
- How's that hand doing?
- Much better.
Thank you.
- Piggyback?
- Sure.
(piano music)
(flute music)
- Hey, hey Mister Archer.
Sorry, I can't chat now.
- I think it's pretty lucky
that you got the
time to get away.
- Yeah, thank you for
letting me come with you
on such short notice.
- I enjoyed your company.
You've got friends that know
you're coming into
the city, right?
You didn't ask me
when I'm driving back.
You're not coming
back with me, are you?
- No.
- It's just this
collection of plays.
You may already have them, but.
- Thank you.
(train whistle blowing)
(light piano music)
- Oh!
I'm sorry, I'm such
a mess. (laughing)
I, um,
I should have found
another table.
- No, it's fine really.
- Oh, here.
Have one of these.
It's an amateur night.
Well, it's a bar really but,
sometimes, sometimes
good people play there.
- You play there?
- No.
No, not me but,
maybe some day.
- Okay.
- I'm sorry, do I know you?
- No, I don't think so.
- But you play violin?
- Well.
- Oh, I nearly forgot.
My name is Ben.
- Jaqueline.
- Pleasure to meet you.
- Nice to meet you.
What you can do without
And don't think
you'll ever learn how
You turn yourself inside out
Turn everything else down
For what you can do without
Ghosts are in
the walls and all
The voices call
across an empty room
One is loud above the rest
Telling you there's
nothing you can do
But carry on
Carry on
Don't give up
For how long
How long
How long
Angels have fallen on
the doorways of New York
- Ben?
In the doorways of New York
- Ben.
Do you remember me?
We met today.
- Hello.
You came to rescue me?
Play for me.
That's what you...
- Hey, where is
your hospitality?
Can I have some too?
(Quoting) It's so out
of keeping with you.
You are so refined, you
have such a soft voice.
- I am on my way home.
It'll be daylight by the
time they put the horses in.
- What did you say?
- You see, I am quite sober now.
Will be, to the end of my days.
- Where do you live, Ben?
I have nowhere to go.
Could I, could we go home?
(acoustic guitar)
- Just down the street.
- Yes?
(violin music)
Okay, yeah, uh huh.
(Music continues)
Cause we were listening
To the wind.
And it sounded
Like a story
No beginning
And no end.
(upbeat jazz music)
If I was a lion
If I was king
If I was an eagle
With the wind in my wings
Here in the dark
I can be anything
Night's lover is who I am
- I'm stuffed.
This was wonderful.
- Dance my hut,
and dance my stove.
The master has no
bed to sleep on.
- I just cannot believe
that was your favorite play.
- My child, how my heart aches.
Oh, if only you knew
how my heart aches.
All right, it's your
turn to pick the music.
Now, for dessert.
- Oh my God Ben, no.
I'm stuffed.
- [Ben] Well, you'd better
find some room somewhere,
because dessert is on its way.
What are you gonna play?
- I think I'm
going to improvise.
Well, I think that's all
I can play right now.
This is my father.
(classical music)
What do you think?
We shall rest.
We shall rest.
We shall hear the angels.
We shall see all heaven
lit with radiance.
We shall see all Earthly
evil, all our sufferings,
drowned in the mercy which
will fill the whole world.
And our life will be peaceful,
gentle, and sweet as a caress.
(piano music)
We shall rest.
We shall rest.
We shall rest.
(music begins)
The old light in
me, tells me that
Time loves to breathe.
Water and all
La da da da
The old light in me
Gets up through dust
And dawn to be
Movin' wind
Swayin' trees
La da da da
You are the dancer
You're the owner of wings
I don't know the answers
But I came here to sing
Of old light
Old light
Old light
Old light
Old light
Old light
Old light
Old light
Old light old light
Oh! Oh!
Light Light Light
Old light