Parallel World Love Story (2019) Movie Script

The train bound for
Shibuya will arrive shortly.
Please stand behind the yellow line.
The next station is Shimbashi.
Doors will open on your left.
Every day, I see the same view from the window,
but it's not imprinted in my memory.
If that building,
that billboard were gone tomorrow,
it would make no difference to me.
But you were different.
So every Tuesday,
I'd stand in the same spot
in the same car at the same time.
The same spot in the same car
at the same time just to see you.
And I don't even know your name.
"Commencement Speech"
- What's up?
- Morning.
It's nothing important.
Checking just in case you overslept.
Overslept? Not when I'm
graduating with top honors!
Do you have the speech?
Almost forgot it! Thanks.
On the last day I'd ride that train,
I took a chance to see
if I could change anything.
Doors are closing on track 4.
The next station is Shimbashi.
It's her...
Doors are closing on track 4.
Excuse me.
You were nowhere to be found.
Maybe you live in a parallel world,
and our paths are never meant to cross.
That's how I justified it
as my love came to an end.
Or so I thought.
Parallel world?
You've heard of virtual reality.
Where you wear goggles and stuff?
Right. But our research is far more advanced.
Reality isn't experienced by the senses,
but by the brain itself.
For instance, give me your hand.
You feel me holding your hand, right?
But it's not your hand that validates it.
It's the sensors in your brain that
receive the signal from your hand.
So if I sent that signal directly
to your brain, I could make you
think I'm holding your hand even if I'm not.
In other words...
OK, that's enough.
Where's your friend?
You're so...
Here he is.
Over here, Tomohiko.
Sorry I'm late.
- You're alone?
- She's running late.
They're announcing the research groups today.
This is Tomohiko Miwa.
I'm Takashi's friend.
- This is Natsue.
- Natsue.
- Hello.
- Hi.
- Natsue, sit over here.
- OK.
- Have a seat.
- Excuse me.
You guys are so different.
But we really get along.
I've known him since middle school.
Yeah, right.
Is she coming? Your "first love"?
Cut it out. It's embarrassing.
I can't wait to meet her.
She's adorable!
This is Mayuko Tsuno.
I'm sorry I'm late. I'm Mayuko.
Nice to meet you.
Sit down.
She's really cute.
- Morning.
- Morning.
I just had a weird dream.
Weird dream? Like what?
I can't remember any of it,
but I think you were in it.
Why do you always look sad when I kiss you?
Why do you always say that?
- Morning.
- Good morning.
Good morning, Keiko.
What is it?
I went to the College. You left it there.
Thanks. I thought I sent everything over.
Osanai said you should come by.
He misses your cheeky face.
No thanks. He drones on and on.
Like there's no concept of time there.
- Good morning.
- Good morning.
Morning, Woopy.
Shall we get started?
You're zoning, Tsuruga.
Dr. Osanai.
How about some lunch?
It's not even pork cutlet.
Well, ham is pork.
I guess.
It tastes good without sauce.
I guess I could do with less salt.
It's not good for you.
Aren't you eating in the cafeteria?
I have some work to finish.
Is it urgent?
Do you want coffee, Tomohiko?
That sounds good.
For Takashi, too.
- I'll pay.
- I got it.
- What's wrong?
- Nothing.
What? Say it.
- She's nice, huh?
- Yeah.
Too good for me, I'd say.
What do you think of Mayuko?
Where did that come from?
I feel like you're avoiding her.
You never eat in the cafeteria anymore.
We're just crossing paths.
We're in different groups after all.
I want you two to get along.
I'm an amateur at this kind of thing.
We run out of stuff to talk about.
And we can't play sports or anything.
It would help if you were around.
- Thank you.
- Yes.
That's if you don't mind, of course.
Why would I mind?
We'll get started on the data analysis.
An interesting thing happened today.
With that guy.
- Shinozaki?
- Yeah.
I was compiling images of
his brain activity with the MRI.
I tried a little irradiation experiment.
Don't you need approval
from the ethics committee?
Are you free tonight?
Excuse me.
I'm home.
Hi. You're late.
I have to decide on my research thesis soon.
Already? So soon.
Looks good.
I'll go change.
What's Tomohiko doing?
Mr. Miwa? Why?
He transferred to L.A. last month.
What was that about?
He just popped into my head.
It's like he was deleted from my memory.
That's creepy.
Isn't it strange he went to L.A.
without telling me?
Maybe it was unexpected
and he didn't have time.
You were busy in April, too.
Are you overworked?
Let's go somewhere this weekend.
You need a break.
That sounds good.
I'll help you.
Faulty memory?
When I stimulated the two groups
of nerve cells simultaneously
he claimed his school teacher
was a tall, young woman.
And in reality?
A fat middle-aged man.
He said so before the experiment.
That's interesting.
If that's true, then his memory
must have been rewritten somehow.
Right? I knew you'd understand!
But is he all right?
It was just a little irradiation.
I'll report it to Dr. Sudo later.
I'll have these if you're done.
I never liked oysters.
But they're delicious.
So how did you two meet?
she was really interested in a
thesis I wrote in graduate school.
I looked him up and persuaded him
to come lecture at my seminar.
Before that, tell me how you two met.
I guess I never told you.
We met in our middle school gym.
Takashi is my hero.
You're drunk. Stop digging up the past.
- Tell me.
- Sure.
My leg was always lame.
So I never had any friends
and I always ditched P.E.
Until that day. What was it again?
Right, basketball. One class against another.
I was sitting in a corner reading
a book on quantum theory.
A few of the guys started teasing me
about my leg. I was used to it.
But Takashi told them to cut it out.
He stopped them.
Then he asked me a question.
"Think monopoles actually exist?"
I was shocked! Another middle schooler
was interested in quantum theory.
That's how I became friends with
the most popular guy in the grade.
I see. That sounds really nice.
- Right?
- Really?
Yes. Really nice.
You have this unspoken bond of trust.
I don't know about that.
What? Is this a one-way love?
Thank you for coming today.
How about a group photo?
That would be great! The three of us!
Someone's in a good mood.
All right. Get in closer.
More towards the middle.
OK, ready?
Look at the time.
Let's take a break before we sort the data.
I haven't been sleeping well.
I see.
I heard you're living with a College student.
Where do you hear these things?
From Osanai. I told you
I visited the College last week.
Well, we have nothing to hide.
How long were you dating?
About a year.
We rented a place when I
moved to this research lab.
So you had your eye on her
since she entered the College.
Sort of.
A friend introduced us right
before she started at the College...
Tomohiko Miwa.
Miwa? The guy who went to L.A.?
They attended the same seminar.
She was interested in a thesis that
I wrote in graduate school.
She wanted to know more about it.
Takashi! Over here!
Let me introduce you. She's from my seminar.
How do you do. I'm Mayuko Tsuno.
Miwa brought you two together?
That's not like him.
I suppose.
Did I just say "Miwa"?
What's wrong?
Tomohiko introduced us, right?
You were his junior.
That's right.
I know. Strange question.
Yeah. Strange question.
Where should we go tomorrow?
The weather should be nice.
Yeah. Shopping in Shibuya?
How about a group photo?
That would be great!
- Get in closer.
- OK.
OK, ready?
Is something wrong?
No, nothing.
You're tired. Let's go to sleep.
It's OK.
Tomohiko is in bed with a cold.
He wants us to go visit him.
You have the key?
Tomohiko gave it to me a while ago.
In case he gets sick.
But I should return it, now that he has you.
How are you?
Don't get up.
I feel like I make porridge for you
at least once a year.
I'll help him.
Let Takashi do it.
I can't.
His lazy style of cooking
is strangely addicting.
Then I'll learn from him. You get some rest.
Did you read this thesis?
It was published last month
by NYU's Kukushkin Group.
It's really interesting.
It says that "Memory..."
"is the neural system itself,
formed by the brain's network of neurons."
Plus, it claims that the brain
doesn't store memories anywhere...
by presenting a unique argument
that "memory has a concept of time".
Take the mollusk aplysia...
What do you see in Tomohiko?
You must see something since you're dating him.
He's sweet.
Is that all?
Maybe you feel obligated
because he's so fragile.
Maybe it's just sympathy.
What a terrible thing to say.
It changed again.
This window display changes weekly.
I love the beautiful designs.
They're cute.
So this is your taste.
Can I ask you something?
The light's going to change. Let's cross.
See you tomorrow.
I hope Tomohiko feels better soon.
Doors closing on platform 1.
Thank you for calling.
This is BITECH L.A. Central Research Centre.
How may I help you?
This is Tsuruga from Japan Regional Office,
Tokyo Research Laboratory
I would like to speak with Mr. Tomohiko Miwa
who was assigned from this year.
May I have your ID?
Thank you. Hold a moment please.
Thank you for holding.
Tomohiko Miwa is part of
Central Research Center B7, but he's not here.
What does that mean?
He's involved in a top-secret project.
I can't divulge his location.
I can pass on a message, though.
So I can't speak to him directly?
That's correct.
If you want to reach him, please e-mail B7.
It will be forwarded to him.
May I have that e-mail address?
I will give it to you now.
You have the key?
Here it is.
It's a new discovery that will
change neuroscience as we know it.
Don't worry.
You mean Tomohiko Miwa?
That's what you came here to ask me?
He's at the L.A. headquarters.
I thought so.
Aren't you in touch with him?
I thought you two were close.
I guess.
I see.
By the way, I heard you're
living with Mayuko Tsuno.
How's that going?
That's good.
I was under the impression
that Miwa was dating Tsuno.
I guess I was mistaken.
The news took me by surprise.
I guess my observation skills
aren't that great.
We didn't want people to know at the time.
By the way, which group is he on?
Shinozaki, the guy who worked under Miwa.
He quit about a year ago.
What are you talking about? You were there.
He didn't show up for a while.
In the end, he just quit.
We never even saw him leave.
Typical of young people nowadays.
Hey, Shinozaki.
Listen. This is big.
Mr. Miwa did it!
It's a new discovery that
will change neuroscience as we know it.
It's insane.
What? Like what is it?
I can't go into it yet,
but if it's proven,
Mr. Miwa may become
the youngest Japanese Nobel Prize winner!
And they're considering him
for a transfer to L.A. headquarters.
Seriously? That's an elite career path!
They were considered our top two geniuses,
but Mr. Tsuruga might be left in the dust.
Don't be a tease. Tell me!
What's going on?
I happened to overhear you.
Is this about Tomohiko's research?
Are there new developments?
Sorry, I can't disclose details, even to you.
You're being so secretive.
It's not confirmed yet, that's all.
I'll find out soon enough at the presentation.
I'm looking forward to your presentation, too.
No need to act.
My group doesn't have
anything exciting to present.
Don't be bitter, Takashi.
Bitter? Me?
Sorry, I take that back.
Oh yeah. I need some advice.
Mayuko's birthday is on the 10th.
What should I get her as a present?
I have no idea.
That's up to you.
You're right. Sorry. I depend on you too much.
Oh, you still have the key to my place.
Can I have it back?
Are you moving in together?
No way. But I may give it to her.
Just in case.
Maybe this will help
move our relationship forward.
Sure. I'll bring the key next time.
I'm going back.
Is this OK?
Is what OK?
We're presenting in two days.
It's fine. They say
the best ideas come when you're relaxed.
Oh, no!
You're daydreaming.
No way!
Stay focused!
Our test from now is matching the visual
and auditory information processes.
we have analyzed the integration mechanism
from the visual and
auditory areas of the cerebral cortex.
- That was good.
- Thanks.
Now for the Memory Mechanism Group.
I can't wait to hear about
Mr. Miwa's discovery.
Next is Takaaki Sudo, Senior Researcher
of the Memory Mechanism Group.
The next report will be by
the Senior Researcher
of the Memory Mechanism Group,
Dr. Sudo. Please step onto the stage.
Today, I would like to talk to you,
about the treatment of PTSD by
using next generation virtual reality.
What the hell? That's old news.
We've focused on the function
of the prefrontal region X
of the brain to suppress memories of fear.
- What was that about?
- What do you mean?
What about your new research?
We're not ready yet.
We need more samples.
Is it so groundbreaking...
Hey, Takashi.
Do I have to report everything I do to you?
Sorry, I need to go.
- Iced coffee.
- Me, too.
Right away.
I know you can't talk about it,
so I don't need details.
Just answer "Yes" or "No".
Tomohiko made some sort of discovery.
Yes, I think so.
I see.
he's become obsessed with it.
He argues with Dr. Sudo sometimes.
It scares me.
If you could talk to him...
That's the nature of cutting-edge research.
It's a little early, but happy birthday.
I'm not giving this to you as a friend.
Here you go.
I can't.
I know.
But please take it.
If you keep doing this,
I won't be able to talk to you anymore.
We passed that point a long time ago.
I can't take this.
Spending your birthday with Tomohiko?
Is this what you wanted to say?
Of course you are. He's your boyfriend.
I'm going.
Do you have feelings for me at all?
I'm serious.
You're saying that
because I'm Tomohiko's girlfriend.
I fell in love with you before he did.
Two years ago, you were
riding the Keihin-Tohoku Line.
I was on the Yamanote Line.
We met on passing trains. I know you remember.
I don't remember that.
You knew it since we met at that cafe.
You just pretended not to know.
I tried to pretend, too.
For him.
I don't remember.
That's a lie.
It's not!
Thanks for contacting me, Takashi.
I'm with B7 at the
L.A. Central Research Center.
My research involves functional connectomics.
It all happened so fast.
I'm sorry I didn't say good-bye.
I'm not at the Center,
but at a lab of an affiliate company.
I can't tell you where that is.
It's not groundbreaking research,
but Americans are cautious.
The workplace is all right but
I haven't been able to
adapt to the American lifestyle.
Especially the home parties.
At least the food is good.
I ate raw oysters yesterday.
They were delicious.
Anyways, I'm doing fine. Don't worry.
I'll call you when I return to Japan.
Tomohiko Miwa.
Any discrepancies to report?
By this afternoon.
Tsuruga, I feel like
you're out of focus lately.
No, I'm not.
All right, then.
If you're not happy
about the research, come talk to me.
OK. But I'm fine.
Excuse me, Dr. Sudo.
What would you think if you received an e-mail
saying that oysters are delicious
from a guy who hated them?
An intended joke,
or someone else is writing that e-mail.
Is this a quiz?
I guess not...
"Tomohiko Miwa"
I'm home.
Sorry, I was daydreaming.
No, sorry I didn't call.
I lost track of time...
I'll go to the market.
Let's just eat out.
What shall we eat?
No appetite?
What a coincidence.
Hey, Natsue.
Long time, no see.
What's it been, two years?
What are you talking about?
We saw each other last year in Meguro.
Last year?
Yeah. With your friend with the glasses.
He introduced us to
his girlfriend at the cafe, remember?
Sit down.
She's really cute.
She was really beautiful.
What's wrong?
No, nothing.
I'm Tsuruga.
Takashi, right? Tomohiko told me all about you.
So which group are you on?
The same group as you.
Wait. Wait a second.
How do you do. I'm Mayuko Tsuno.
What's wrong? Are you OK?
Get me a taxi...
I'm Tsuruga.
I heard from Tomohiko that you're very smart.
Not at all.
How about a group photo?
That would be great!
Get in closer.
OK, ready?
To Meguro, please.
We open at 6 pm. Please wait outside.
Excuse me, sir.
"Mayuko Tomohiko Takashi"
This... the real world.
You're home.
Whose girlfriend are you?
Or Tomohiko's?
Answer me.
What are you saying? You're acting weird.
No! You are!
What about this?
We took this together!
Don't play dumb.
This is...
This is what?
What the hell is this?
Explain it so I'll understand!
Where is Tomohiko?
Why are you with me?
I love you.
I love you, that's why.
Wait! Don't go!
Get away from me.
I don't want to hurt you.
- Are you OK?
- Leave me alone!
"I need you to come to"
"the Experiment Lab."
Research Center B1. Experiment Lab...
Research Center B1. Experiment Lab...
Mayuko is my girlfriend.
Mayuko is my girlfriend.
Mayuko is...
Did I...
I'll get some coffee.
Did you sleep with him yet?
What are you saying?
You haven't. Is it because of me?
It has nothing to do with you.
I'm telling Tomohiko how I feel.
Don't. Your friendship will be...
I don't need him. I need you.
Why does it have to be a choice?
What's wrong, Shinozaki?
I'm from Tokyo!
Can you hear me, Shinozaki?
I'm from Tokyo!
What happened to him?
I don't know.
He insisted he was from Tokyo,
so I said, "You're from Hiroshima."
But he really is from Hiroshima.
Calm down, Shinozaki.
Tomohiko. Is he all right?
Don't worry.
Help me, Yanase.
Can you stand?
I'm from Tokyo.
Something's going on with Mr. Miwa's group.
They lock the door
and experiment on animals all day.
They won't let anyone in.
That's nothing new.
But I never see Shinozaki anymore.
He used to call me all the time.
From the day he freaked out?
And Mr. Miwa is acting creepy.
He just sits there.
Not eating or anything.
Just staring out the window.
When I said "Hi"
he looked at me like I was a murderer.
I think something really weird
is going on with that group.
The person you have called
is unavailable right now.
He's not answering.
I see.
How much does Tsuruga remember?
Nothing about the data yet.
What's with the look?
Don't let your feelings
interfere right now. Understand?
This is a top-secret Bitech project.
L.A. has signed off on it.
That makes wiretapping OK?
Yes, it does.
That's unethical.
Don't be nave.
You may have wanted this
situation to last forever, but it can't.
Where are you going?
To find him.
He's acting just like Shinozaki.
I'm worried about him.
Stay here.
I only asked you to monitor him
and investigate the data.
You can't do whatever you want.
What are you doing here?
Sorry to bother you.
What's wrong?
Come in.
No, it's OK.
What's OK?
You're acting weird.
Just come in.
Mayuko's in love with you, right?
And you're in love with her.
What is it?
Wait! Stop!
What's gotten into you?
I said stop!
What's wrong with you?
I love you.
Ever since the day I met you.
Wait! Stop!
Thank you for your work.
Send all this to the lab.
Got it.
You and Mr. Miwa
are both leaving me. I'll miss you.
Especially since Shinozaki quit.
A year will go by in no time.
We'll work together again.
Well, OK.
Are you almost done?
Let's go to the farewell party.
You're dragging.
No, I'm not.
"Tomohiko Miwa"
Sorry, I'll meet you later.
"I need you to come to"
"the Experiment Lab."
I'm outside the room.
Hi. Thanks for coming.
Come in. This is my lab.
The company's letting me use it.
With this device, any memory can be rewritten.
Are you sure?
Isn't it confidential?
Of course it's top-secret.
But in the end,
I wanted you to know what I had achieved.
Remember when Shinozaki's memory
was accidentally rewritten?
The "young teacher" incident?
His desires were a key factor.
We do this all the time.
We have a tendency to "spin" things,
bend the facts in our favor.
Eventually, we start
believing that's the truth.
It's driven by our subconscious desire.
The brain processes memories
in line with those desires
then shapes them into the "true version".
I was researching that mechanism
and succeeded in artificially
recreating that phenomenon.
The subject first visualizes
his actual memory.
In Shinozaki's case,
"the middle-aged, fat teacher".
I identify the group of
activated brain cells. Call it A.
Now his strong wish
to see a
"tall, young female teacher."
I identify that group of
activated brain cells. Call it B.
I genetically manipulate A and B,
then activate them using photic stimulation.
The "memory" and the "wish"
which would normally be
on two different circuits merge
and become indistinguishable.
It forms a new, artificial memory C.
In short, the memory is rewritten.
What about the gap between memory and reality?
because the new memory C merges
with the subject's subconscious desire
the surrounding memories
are triggered to sync with reality as well.
The brain continues doing this until
the memory and reality become one.
This change in memory happens
one after another, like dominoes.
So I named it the "Domino Effect".
You're a genius all right.
I want you to use this to rewrite my memory.
I want to erase memories
with Mayuko from my memory.
Don't worry. The domino effect
and this device have been perfected.
By the time I awake,
I'll have forgotten everything.
Then I can be sincerely happy for both of you.
That's wrong.
You have no right to refuse.
I'll visualize my wish
which will be the trigger point. Record that.
The image is from a year ago
when we met at the caf.
Mayuko isn't my girlfriend.
I want to bring you and Mayuko together.
So? Is the prefrontal area flashing?
I see.
The image isn't strong enough.
I need to focus more.
Let me try again.
A year ago,
the three of us met at a caf.
I want you to bear the burden with me.
Hold onto this.
Change the photo to whatever you like.
Love Mayuko enough for both of us.
OK. Let's start.
Click "Record".
Click "LED".
The password is "0710".
Now press enter. The irradiation will begin.
I can't.
Do it.
Do it for me.
Thank you.
Tomohiko, something's wrong.
Tomohiko, what is this?
What's going on, Tomohiko!
Tomohiko! Wake up!
Tomohiko! Wake up! Wake up, Tomohiko!
Dr. Sudo.
Tsuruga, what's going on?
This wasn't supposed to happen!
He's in a "deep sleep".
Tell me step by step what happened.
Please help him.
Help Tomohiko!
This was set to induce a
"deep sleep" in the first place.
What do you mean?
It's like suicide.
I rewrote Tsuruga's memory.
What do you mean?
He was tormented.
He asked me to erase the past that
drove Miwa to take such an action.
He knew too much.
His decision suited the company as well.
There's a reason I called you here
and told you the truth.
The revision of surrounding memory
induced by the domino effect
made Tsuruga believe that
you were his girlfriend.
I want you to live with Tsuruga.
Monitor him 24 hours a day.
The domino effect was validated,
but there's always the unexpected.
If anything happens,
Tsuruga's life could be in danger.
And it's very possible that
something could prompt him
to recall the location of the data.
You remembered everything.
Give me the data that Miwa gave you.
Don't you remember?
Before the experiment,
Miwa gave you some vital data.
I want you to bear the burden with me.
Change the photo to whatever you like.
Remember it now?
Miwa used himself to experiment
on the reversal of "deep sleep"
and to prove the procedure was valid.
He experimented on himself?
Miwa's sleep wasn't suicide.
He put his own body into
a "deep sleep" in order to save Shinozaki.
To validate the reversal mechanism.
He gave that data to you.
Such vital data. Why me?
The company would never
approve of such a risky experiment.
I wouldn't either.
But maybe he thought his best friend would.
That's my guess.
Do it.
Do it for me.
You remember, right?
Where's the data?
I promise to bring it.
But before I do,
I need time to speak to Mayuko Tsuno alone.
All right.
I'm home.
I'm sorry.
Don't apologize. It wasn't all your fault.
No, it was all my fault.
I was worried you'd say that.
Blame yourself for everything
once your memory came back.
Tomohiko entrusted me
with the means to awaken Shinozaki,
and with you...
But what have I done?
I'm such a weak person.
I am, too.
I was living with you, pretending that
I forgot everything about Tomohiko.
Let's start over.
Let's forget everything.
You mean erase our memories?
Let's move forward.
I see you on that train.
You're far away at first,
but gradually, you come closer.
Then you're there in front of me,
just the windows between us.
I was happy...
Just knowing
you would always be there,
at the same time and place.
I felt that I existed in this world.
I didn't even know your name.
But I already loved you.
That's the only truth there was between us.
I'm not scared.
Find me again.
- Morning.
- Good morning.
You stayed all night again?
There's no one waiting for me at home.
It's fine. I wanted to
verify this data by today.
Well, take a break.
I'll go rest for a while.
Tsuruga, look!
I'll call Dr. Sudo.
"U.S. Bitech Co. partially suspends"
"operations in Japan"
What's up?
What are you talking about, Tomohiko?
Yeah, OK.
Come over for a drink tonight.
Call me when you're done.
Yeah, sure. OK.
Yuta Tamamori
Riho Yoshioka
Shota Sometani
Based on the novel by Keigo Higashino
("Parallel World Love Story" Kodansha Ltd.)
Directed by Yoshitaka Mori
2019 "Parallel World Love Story"
Film Partners
Keigo Higashino/Kodansha