Paramporul (2023) Movie Script

Hey, your dad and uncle were
supposed to show up for work!
They've gone to the city for a
painting job, will be back tomorrow.
You said the same yesterday too!
Dad asked me to give the same
reason to anyone asking for him!
Dodge away you sweaty head!
I've farmed larger lands with no help!
Tell this to your dad and uncle!
People judge my grey hair as my weakness!
Brother, meet Velappan.
- Greetings sir.
- Greetings.
Keezhvelur (Nagai district)
Like I've already mentioned
this is Mr.Sargunapandian.
He owns many big shops in Chennai.
If whatever you told me is true... means the best part of
your life has just begun, go in.
Yes Bava, how are you?
We've got hold of a piece,
Nagapattinam variety!
Couldn't identify which God this idol
depicts, it is around one and half feet.
Fine, the rest we'll
discuss in person.
[The Almighty]
After few months...(Chennai)
'How long can this
guy be irresponsible?'
'Aadhi, you better start acting your age!'
'Justice? you have to understand
it is never delivered on time.'
'There's nothing here for
you to do, just mind your life!'
'I know what to do, let me be!'
You should come home more
often, eating out will spoil your health!
You choose to stay in a hostel as
if this house can't accommodate you!
It's nothing.
You keep puking half of what you eat?!
Why didn't you finish eating?
- When are you planning to go back?
- As soon as dad returns.
Are you looking for a job?
Planning to start a business,
I'm heading out regarding that.
Hey, you and your
ideas! Leave then.
Listen, I'm honest.
I'm trying my hands on share
trading, do you know what that is?
My plan is to earn
five lakhs per month.
What? Five lakhs per month?!
Can we discuss reality?!
Sakthi, for something to work
out we have to put the effort...
Get lost!
Fine, I'll get going then.
- I was just kidding, stay.
- Hey, I'll punch you!
Let dad get home.
That's exactly why I got to go now!
Why are you being like this?
Why can't you adjust to his ways!?
- Aadhi, wait!
- I've already left!
Name? What's the vehicle
number? Hand over your license.
Hey, you better stop!
Sir, you don't have to pounce
on us like nabbing a culprit!
That's arrogant! Hand
me the vehicle documents!
Here, show it to him.
Sir, why are you
taking the keys?
- Why are you provoking him?
- What did I do?
Sir, one more bike key.
Sir, documents are intact,
we are heading in urgency.
- Wait until the officer calls you.
- OK sir.
Sir, what's the need for you
to do the job of a traffic police?
Law and order police have no right
to do this, we are aware of the rules!
- Sir, what's the issue?
- This idiot is taking law class!
- Sir, why are you hitting him?
- What's with your attitude? Come here now!
Start a live stream on your
phone, Police and their atrocities!
Why are you hitting us in spite
of producing the documents?
Officer is looking,
put the phone away.
- No, I won't.
- Listen to me, turn it off!
How can you hit us sir?
You have no right to do so!
How can we stay calm
when our rights are violated?
You better switch off your phone!
What's happening?
We just asked for the
documents, they're yelling sir.
- Are they drunk?
- Sir, there's no mistake on our part.
He hit us for no reason!
It's not too late sir, ask them to
apologise, we'll stop this right away.
Constable, check their
bike and let them go.
OK sir.
Ganesan, why don't you
start recording too!
They look like innocent boys!
Sir, look at these packets hidden away!
All talks were a cover up then!
Sir, I don't understand
what this means!
- What is it?
- 'Ganja' sir!
Ganesan, seize the vehicle take
them to the Police Station and investigate.
- Sir, we don't know anything!
- Get into the jeep!
- Sir please.
- Take them!
You were heading somewhere
urgently, let's go then!
Sir please we don't know how it
ended up in our vehicle, believe us!
I know!
Lectured us on how Law and
Order Police should behave, right?
I would like to see how you
take the bike back from us!
We can continue the
remaining lecture at the station!
"Living in a ruthless jungle"
"Swimming over the
time that never pauses."
"Running around searching for an illusion."
"Killing yourself slowly in the process."
"Changing philosophies to
match your mood."
"Changing colours to match the situation."
"Were you looking for
the meaning of truth."
"Gibberish means nothing,
that's what you've become."
Where's Aadhi? He
said he'll come here.
These days his
activities look a bit shady.
I'm worried.
How are you feeling now?
Stay strong no matter what, your
dad will fight the world to save you!
Don't worry, we
won't let you down.
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
Maithreyan, how come my lorry
gets confiscated by you every time?
You are lucky that way!
I joined the police force out of
passion, but this is very stressful!
Eventually I would like to buy some
land in Ooty and do organic farming.
May be build a small resort alongside
and with a reasonable amount in the bank... life would be peaceful!
You are a good talker Maithreyan,
I might even believe you!
"Does the rainbow resemble
the sky itself?"
"Or has the rainbow become the
rain cloud and started the rain?"
Sister, around ten books are missing.
A customer bought all the ten books, here.
Ten books are two hundred rupees,
why are you giving me five hundred?
It's OK, take it.
"Can I touch a piece of the
sky in the bud that's closer?"
"Can I touch the night sky
and get my hands tinted black?"
Even we are trying to get some
NGO's involved to help you...
...let's hope for the best!
"Watch your hand, is
that the bleeding flower?"
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
Have we met before?
If I ever see you stalking me again...
...are you aware of '1091 Pink Patrol'?
I'll file a complaint!
Excuse me
I've been following you for few
days and you seem to be aware of it...
...for my effort, would
you have a coffee with me?
I will not have coffee with
some random stranger!
I'm not a random stranger!
It's like two artists meeting,
over for a coffee! Just one cup!
I didn't think you would agree, thank you.
I was going to speak the second time I
saw you at the park, but you left soon.
It's just that, I don't
have any hidden agenda!
Coffee is done, that's it then!
No, I got it.
That was for my coffee.
Whatever your intentions
might be, don't stalk anyone.
It's disgusting!
Badri you should also cooperate with us.
The political pressure
these days is unbearable!
Are these idols really
worth over hundred crores?
That's bogus!
They use a noteworthy
amount for a catchy news...
...believing it, these people score
unattended idols from all over.
Once they realise it's not
valuable, they chuck it off!
No one understands when
we explain art and history!
Everything is judged based on
money, that's where the problem is!
We believe in God to save us...
...look at the irony, where our
department ends up saving the Gods too!
It seems a mysterious man is playing
a very important role in this idol racket.
The Intelligence department
informed us.
An Indian based out of UK.
That's all we know so far, let's see
where this investigation leads us.
Keep me in the loop,
It'll be really useful for us.
Now the priority is your daughter's
wedding, we'll follow up after that.
- Please do come.
- Yes, I'll come with my family!
Go ahead if you're running
late, I'll meet you later.
- Greetings sir.
- Hello.
What are you doing here?
Spying work even at
Commissioner's office?
Sir, don't put me in trouble!
Fine, what are you here for?
Did you see the idol wing
Inspector General leaving?
He's been a nightmare from the time
he took charge, very straightforward!
So, this guy named Sargunapandian
who used to run an art gallery in Adyar...
...he was an important link in
this idol racket, IG sir's next target.
Brother, I'm suffocating!
Raju, what happened? Stop the car!
He died in an accident.
These guys have been
fixing deals worth crores!
That guy had left many idols taken
from various places with random people.
Every idol is worth crores.
As Sargunapandian is dead now, the
ones with the idols are settled for life!
We never get such opportunities.
If that happens it would be enough
to settle our entire generation!
Fine, how is all this related?
Looks like in our
department few officers...
What was that?
Why is everyone watching, help him!
Sir, get up.
Careful, what happened sir?
I'm OK.
- Someone give him some water.
- Pass the water.
Here, drink some.
Did you come on a bike
or should I get you an auto?
- Careful, drink some.
- I'm OK.
- Sir you are Sankaralingam, right?
- Yes.
Take the bottle.
- You know him?
- A case I dealt at Chengalpattu station.
- He's a fool.
- What do you mean?
He brought a complaint saying
a group has grabbed his land.
When I inquired them, they
produced a patta document.
He also produced
an original document.
Resolving a double document case
through court would take decades.
I tried to finish it outside the court
but both the parties demanded the land.
So,I let them take the long way out!
Ask him, the case would still be on.
No one listens to when a
police officer gives a solution!
OK sir, I'm getting late bye!
Newspapers distributed
at 3.30 am these days!
Hey, stop.
You better stop.
Did you see anyone running,
wearing a checked shirt?
No idea sir.
How long were you
working at this art gallery?
Seven years sir.
What happened after that?
After Sargunapandian's death
the situation there wasn't favourable.
They sold the shop
so, I had to leave.
Now I'm jobless sir.
Too much pressure at home, so.
Stealing is a crime, that too
from a police officer's house!?
Making me run after you,
That's the biggest mistake of your life!
There are fifteen cases waiting for you!
The details given in the FIR
looks tailor made just for you!
If I decide to lock and beat you
up, you'll leave handicapped!
But I still give you
one final opportunity.
Who were the people
Sargunapandian was dealing with...
...who has those idols he had
smuggled and their whereabouts.
I want all the information in detail.
Sir, I don't know anything.
If you reveal even a part
of truth in your information... can save yourself
and have a future.
I was just writing bills at his
shop, I'm not of any value to you sir.
I got to know about his involvement in
the idol racket only through media reports.
I'm in no way involved in this,
please trust me sir, I'm innocent.
After being associated with him for seven
years, you tell me that you are innocent?
Do you expect me to believe it?
Hey, take him inside and lock him up.
Break his bones with the baton...
...and close all the pending cases
by naming him as the accused.
- Get up now!
- Sir, please listen to me.
Sir, hit me if you have to
but please forgive me.
I'll do anything you ask
me to do sir, anything!
Please don't file
case against me sir.
- So, you'll do anything?
- I will sir.
- Bro, how are you?
- Who is it?
- Bro this is Aadhi.
- I'm busy, speak later.
Bro, I used to work with
Sargunam do you remember me?
Oh yes, how have you been?
A guy from Bengaluru is planning
to open an art gallery in Chennai.
- Is it? Good for him.
- He told me something.
I feel it'll be a good deal
for all of us, shall I explain?
- Who is he, what was he doing?
- Just like our boss.
Looks like he already owns
an art gallery over there.
He's eager to buy
antique idols from temples.
Called immediately as
I was reminded of you.
- You cut the call right now!
- This is a genuine deal.
As far as I know,
we can trust him.
Aadhi, don't naively start such
conversations with the other guys.
- The issue is out of hands.
- I called thinking it'll benefit you.
- I can also get some money out of it.
- You think I'm an idiot?
If you have a ready buyer,
why not get the deal for yourself?
Shall I plan the operation
for you? Get lost!
None of them are willing
to breathe a word sir.
If you want to get out of here in
one piece, only God can save you!
Put the call on speaker.
Hello, am I speaking to Aadhi?
- This is Balu, how are you?
- Sorry, which Balu?
I used to visit Sargunam boss's
shop, don't you remember?
Oh yes, Balu bro what's up?
I came to our boss's shop,
there's no trace of its existence.
They've destroyed the place, What
happened and what are you up to?
After boss's death things
haven't been the same.
I'm now working with
a guy from Bengaluru.
Bengaluru? How come
I don't know about him?
Can you come in person, I
need to discuss something.
Bro, you can tell me now over this call.
Can't discuss
everything over a call.
Let's meet and discuss.
There's a lot of pressure, if you can
explain I'll tell you the possibilities.
Oh OK, I have something
on hand right now.
...will your Bengaluru contact
be interested in buying it.?
What do you mean by a thing?
Dear, don't pull
your stunts on me!
Don't act innocent after contacting
every other person you know.
Fix this deal for a handsome rate,
I'll agree to your demands, what say?
OK bro.
Most of the people my boss
moved around with are crooks, sir.
- If anything goes wrong then...
- I'm on your side, you needn't worry.
Law, the police, court is there for our
advantage, do what needs to be done.
Which way sir?
Call them and ask.
- Ganesan.
- Sir.
There's a tamarind
grove near the camp gate...
...I'll give the details, follow the
car once it gets out and update me.
- In civilian clothes, right?
- Yes sir.
- How do we go in?
- Into what?
Did you see any vehicle go in?
- Where are you going?
- I'll be back.
Give me a
cigarette, I'll tell you.
One vehicle went
this way, go now.
Useless idiots came all the
way carrying one cigarette!
- What?
- Just a minute.
Mumbling after bumming
a cigarette?! How dare you!
Is that him, one standing over there.
I don't know sir.
- Balu bro.
- Aadhi, how have you been?
Guess you weren't sure over
the call, recognise me now?
It's been a while, right?!
I now work for him.
- The Bengaluru art dealer?
- Yes.
Nice meeting you sir, I'm Balu.
This guy was like a right
hand for Sargunam boss.
- Did he mention?
- Yes, I did.
Sir, let's have a
look at the idol now.
Sir this is the idol Sargunam
boss had left with me.
While I was finding ways to do
something, I got to know about you.
Sir, it's very dark here...
-...can we have a look at it in the light?
- Yeah OK.
- Satish?
- Brother.
- Bring this to the shed.
- OK brother.
He'll bring it, we can go sir.
Sir, do you have the
required papers for the idol?
This idol is not some
graduate to have certificates!
Aadhi, what is this?
If we could know the age of the idol...
...and where it was evacuated from,
we might find a good deal.
I heard someone got hold of it near
Nagapattinam, while digging a field.
That's all I know.
What's the matter sir?
He forgot to feed the dog.
So, he wants to leave.
Satish, carry the idol inside.
Ask our guys to assemble, we
can have a word and get going.
Sir, hope you've had a good look. Leave
now, we can discuss money over a call.
What, wait! We haven't had a good look
at it...Why are you asking us to leave?
Leave now, it's better for all of us.
What's the issue, explain directly.
What's that thing you are
hiding in your belt? Leave it here now.
When I go out alone I always
carry a weapon for safety.
I forgot to leave it at home,
sorry don't mistake me.
Even I have a couple of guns.
It's not ethical to carry that
thing while we discuss business.
Leave it out here, sir.
Trying to play smart? Get him.
- Brother, what is all this? Let go!
- Sir, don't be hasty.
- We came for business.
- Why carry this if you wanted a deal?
Brother, it's a misunderstanding.
Idiot, why did you bring
him here? Finish him.
Brother don't hit him, listen
to me he's a police officer!!!
He's police officer!
Why did you lead police to this place?
Are you here to sniff around, you dog!
Brother, calm
down. It's nothing.
Balu, police is like a snake
one should never mess with them.
Once messed with, never leave
it half way...finish him off!
Brother no, please let go.
Don't make things worse, put the gun down.
Balu, this area is
surrounded by the police... think you can
walk free after killing us?
Get the idol!
Jackie, Ramesh...let's go.
You dumb fool!
Can't you shoot with the eyes
open? What if you had shot me?
I was too anxious
to think straight, sir.
Fine, let's leave this place.
- Sir, why did you carry a gun?
- We are alive because of this gun.
- Yeah, tell me.
- We are at the spot you mentioned sir.
If you share the vehicle details,
we'll keep you updated sir.
Black coloured 'Mortuary Van'.
Follow the van once it comes
out, and be where it stops.
Sure sir.
Wondering why we are here
instead of going to the police station?
Today might've been my last day!
If you had taken the first hit, the
next bullet would have caught me.
Such mishap would've
ruined my entire family, sir!
- My family is fully dependent on me sir.
- Why?
If I'm gone, there's no one to
organise money for my sister's surgery... sister would've died.
My dad, he's
already depressed...
...he would eventually
die losing both of us.
What's wrong with your sister?
She almost has no appetite,
can't eat even a morsel of food.
They said, some infection has
led to intestinal decay.
Transplantation would cost
around forty to fifty lakhs.
We managed to
get only ten lakhs sir.
She needs hospitalisation
every now and then.
...her body's nutrient needs
are given intravenously.
This is like a temporary
solution to extend her life.
Sir, you asked for an
idol and now you have it...
...would you let me go now?
You wouldn't be here, if
I was going to let you go.
As you are in trouble...
...listen to me.
Find and bring one of
Sargunapandian's dealers...
...if we fix a good deal
for the idol, I'll pay you well.
No sir, it'll not workout.
Why so?
Such dealings take time... the situation
is comparatively riskier.
If she doesn't make it, I'll be
responsible for my sister's death!
I'll leave sir.
- Hey!
- Sir.
I swear I won't utter a
word about this to anyone.
Please let me go sir.
My plan to slaughter the goat...
...hasn't worked in my favour!
I'm here ranting...
...and you stand there motionless!
Thirty years!
Half my life spent by
the time I got promoted.
All the budging and bowing
has made my life bitter.
Had to bribe for a posting,
promotion...even for a holiday!
We take bribe not just for the
family, but also to run the station.
Added to this, my
marriage also got delayed.
Wife and my daughter have left me now...
...when I asked them to
come back, they refused!
My pleading gives
them more pride!
Only thing that matters... my daughter should have a great life.
After saving enough to settle
her life, I can quit this job... to all places I want
and live my life without a worry!
For all that to happen, I've decided
to crack a great deal through you!
All I need is one scapegoat!
A scapegoat to point at
and escape if things go south!
Will you help me or not,
answer me dear Almighty?
- Aadu! (ah...the goat)
- Sir?
I mean Aadhi, what happened?
Sir, I thought about it...
...I feel this can be devised.
Only if you agree
to this condition...
...we can go ahead
or, I'll leave right away!
Go ahead, what is that condition?
No matter how much we fix the
deal for, we share it equally, fifty-fifty!
If you agree to this,
we can give it a shot.
What do you think the
final amount would be?
It depends on the
age of the antique.
Older the idol better the value.
Then considering the idol's
uniqueness, base metal and size...
...the value keeps changing.
We have to know the age
of the idol to tentatively fix a rate.
How to determine the age then?
People like sculptors,
...sculpture research
authors can help us with it.
I know few people like that.
- Let me check with them.
- Fine.
Be here tomorrow morning,
we'll go and meet them.
- We've to take few pictures of the idol.
- What for?
It's not smart to carry
the idol everywhere.
Take a full shot, come this
side and cover this angle.
- Where are we?
- Let's not risk by trusting outsiders.
It's better if we move
among known circles.
Bring the idol inside.
- Come in.
- Sorry about the delay.
- Who was that?
- Your husband.
What is that guy doing there?
- You better be respectful.
- Whatever!
- Where is the idol?
- It's on the way.
Leave it here.
We seized this idol
during a case search.
The guy who got caught
said it's a decorative statue.
I don't trust him, thought you
might be able to give more details.
He is a police informer,
working alongside me.
'We got an information that few antique
idols were being illegally exchanged'
- Is he speaking about this idol?
- No, that's a different team.
- Do you need a hand?
- No, I'll do it.
Would you be able
to identify this statue?
It feels like 'Nagapattinam Bronze'.
Buddhist idols found in
and around Nagapattinam.
No way, must be some
god or king's sculpture.
You're wrong, it is another
form given to Buddha.
He's known as 'Avalokiteshvara'.
Why do you look perplexed?
Times when Buddhism was
getting a strong hold in India...
...people from other beliefs
also started following Buddhism...
The debate about whether
Buddha was a God...
or if he was a teacher
and a reformer...
...led to the division of Buddhism
into Mahayana and Hinayana.
You might've read about it.
Yes, we have.
People who worshipped Buddha
as God, gave him various forms.
One of such forms is
this 'Avalokiteshvara'.
This form is a representation
of Buddha as Prince Siddhartha.
The inscriptions look like fonts
used during the Chola empire.
Get that wooden
box, behind the sofa.
This is the earlier form of
Tamil fonts currently in use.
'Trying to read old Tamil scriptures'
What does it mean?
This idol could've been an offering
by some king to some temple.
- Sure, this is an antique?
- No doubt.
It should roughly be
a thousand years old.
What do you mean, a
thousand-year-old idol?
It's worth would be
around fifty to sixty, sir.
- Crores sir!
- Crores!?
"Does this earth come with a price tag?
Would love to buy it someday!"
"There's no scale for desire
Ask loudly for everything you wish!"
"Does this earth come with a price tag?
Would love to buy it someday!"
"There's no scale for desire
Ask loudly for everything you wish!"
"Sippara rippara raa raa rae"
When one is addicted to money?
"Sippara rippara raa raa rae"
How much would ever be enough?
"I've got a faster swifter
Way to elevate my life!"
" I'm the lead from the new breed
In a day I've become the hero."
"Does this earth come with a price tag?
Would love to buy it someday!"
"There's no scale for desire
Ask loudly for everything you wish!"
"I live in a place with
the devils of desire"
"The ones watching from the
side lines can only be a witness"
"I was born into a crowd
running to fulfil the needs"
"I found my genie and
now I'll live my life king size"
"The dream I had about winning a
jackpot came true when I woke up"
"The time worked it's
miracle and I'm awestruck"
"Does this earth come with a price tag?
Would love to buy it someday!"
"There's no scale for desire
Ask loudly for everything you wish!"
Who is that person we just met?
She's my wife's younger sister.
I didn't take her interest in art
seriously. Not bad it turned useful for us.
So that little girl's photo
at home is your daughter?
- Have they gone somewhere?
- Yeah, they've gone.
Leaving me alone.
Couldn't handle all those
sentiments, emotions and ethics!
I don't mind
sharing it with you.
Ever heard of a wife fighting with a
police husband for not being honest?
My wife will
fight like an idiot.
When I joined the force, I was
also driven by honesty, discipline etc...
The already existing system
was rigid and so I had to change.
I ended up like the rest, planning how
to earn more, and invest for the future.
Home was like a battle
field, I had tolerated enough... day she
decided to leave...
...I said 'fine whatever'.
She left...
...along with my daughter.
I thought she'll
eventually come back.
- She never came.
- Sir.
Don't mistake
me for asking this.
Your family has left you, for
whose sake you need this money?
You have a life-or-death issue,
only money can save your sister.
Will anyone lend you
money out of trust?
That's the exact reason, I
don't want to end up like you.
Money is all that matters.
"People with money do
not possess the virtue..."
"...people with virtue
never own the money!"
I got a lead through one
of Sargunam's contacts.
I heard he is in Chennai, I'll
try and meet him tomorrow.
You said finding a
dealer would take months?
I reached out to you only after
knowing that this dealer is in Chennai.
- I wouldn't have come otherwise.
- Let's meet him then.
Do you have to come?
OK sir.
Be on lookout for
a black car, 7097.
No idea who this guy is
nor the time of his arrival.
What do we do
knowing just his name?
One has to be patient; I
told you I'll take care of this.
Sure, it is them?
We shouldn't get into trouble
discussing with the wrong person.
Given the situation it's not smart to
ask anyone directly to buy an idol.
Let's give it a shot or
we find another way!
- Are you an art dealer?
- Go ahead inspector.
I need some help from
your side regarding a case.
I would be glad if
you could help us.
Could step out for few
minutes, we can discuss.
I came to India to
attend this exhibition.
If you wait at the restaurant,
we could catch up after I finish.
Tell me.
How can I help you Inspector?
Last week during
an investigation...
...we recovered an
idol from the accused.
During the investigation we found that
the idol was found in Nagapattinam area.
It must at least be a
thousand years old.
If we hand it over to the government
the idol will lie in some museum.
I believe in the idea that an artifact
should belong to people who cherish it.
That's when he
mentioned about you.
He is Aadhi.
Close associate of Sargunapandian.
I hope you know Sargunapandian.
We came here to see
you and discuss the same.
You have been
misinformed about me.
I understand what's
bothering you...
...if I had come here
with some other notion...
...I needn't have revealed
my identity.
I hope you get that point.
You can inquire about me
with any art gallery in Tamil Nadu.
Given my credibility, involving in
such activities make no sense.
If I had been in
your position...
...I would think twice before trusting
a police officer in this situation.
Let me be direct with you.
You can inquire in KK Nagar area, with
the ones involved in illegal activities...
...they'll give you more
reasons to trust him.
You have no idea
who you are talking to.
Let me call your senior officer,
you can ask him about me.
Sir, you are Sekar Shukla, right?
You're not? Sorry!
We were following an information
about a cheating group in art dealings.
I came here to
investigate regarding that.
I disturbed you by mistake.
Let's go.
In our research, this is the oldest
Nagapattinam bronze ever recovered.
If you change your mind, call
the number behind the photo.
Why are you showing photo from the
museum to him? Don't mistake me sir.
Sir, can I get the photo back?
Bring the idol, we can discuss
the rest after I take a look at it.
We'll meet at this address
tomorrow, third floor 3B.
We are leaving to Mumbai the
same evening, so don't delay.
You are?
Come tomorrow, we
can discuss in detail.
We're dicing with death here and
trying to wrap things up quickly...
...should we do this now, even
after knowing he's a police officer?
As if we he's the first police
officer we are dealing with!
Sargunam had mentioned
about this idol earlier...
...the thought of not knowing whom
he had left it with kept nagging me...
...finally, it's ended
up where it belongs!
- Is sir asleep or awake?
- Awake.
Why have you tied me up here?
I've done nothing sir.
Which is your primary hand?
I mean, which hand do
you write with, right or left?
Right hand sir.
Sir, please let me go.
Please sir.
- Tie his mouth.
- Sir, what are you doing?
Let me go, please.
- Is that an 'Aimpon' (five metal) idol?
- Yes.
Do you have any details about
the idol's age, time and origin?
This an 'Avalokiteshvara' idol.
Must be at least a thousand years
old, belongs to the Chola period.
Precisely during
Rajendra Chola's reign.
You seem to know a lot of details.
Not just that.
We also know about the
inscriptions on the idol.
What's written?
'Trying to read old Tamil scriptures'
This form has been in use
even before five hundred years.
We cannot decide the age
of the idol depending on that.
But the king of Srivijaya
mentioned in the inscription...
...visited Tamil Nadu
during the eleventh century.
- Srivijaya?
- Yes.
Present Indonesia, Sumatra
was all a part of Srivijaya.
You mean Indonesians came here?
Not just a visit.
He escaped while his country
was taken over by enemies and...
...came to Rajendra Cholan
for help.
To help him the
Cholas sent their Navy...
...that's how they became the 'Conqueror
of Kedah' which we still remember.
In present days, there is this Malaysian
king named 'Raja Izuddin Chulan'.
It's possible they might be
descendants of the Cholas.
This idol must have been the
beginning of such a vast history.
Some fancy story you've
woven, quite interesting.
Sir, I've learned
history all this is true.
This is Varun Rao speaking.
Sure, we can do that.
What is your quote?
All of us are aware
about its market value.
So, you quote a fair price.
We cannot use history
without proof in trade.
All these are just hypothetical
statements, let's fix five lakhs?
That's funny!
Given the current trend a single
idol sells for around 100 to 150 crores.
This is a thousand-year-old idol.
Considering all this,
quote a fair price.
For that kind of price
you should carry the idol...
...for years from one country to another.
For promotions crores are spent on books,
articles and international art exhibitions.
After all this if the auction goes well,
then we might get that kind of money.
Provided some private art
collector gets interested in the idol.
That's just a probability, it is almost
impossible for you to reach such people.
This particular idol
is rare of the rarest.
It also carries an important
historical fact with it.
Fine, what price do you expect?
- Fifty crores?
- What!?!
Are you aware of the risk we take
to get this idol out of this place?
Or about the expenditure involved?
We are not professional
antique smugglers.
Instead of foolishly giving away a
valuable object for a cheap price...
...If I surrender it to the government
I'll be celebrated as an honest officer...
...along with the appreciation
I'll also get media publicity.
Do not undervalue my honesty.
Fine, one crore.
At The Rockefeller Foundation
there's a Nagapattinam Buddha idol...
...In Indian money value it cost them
around seventy-five crores, let's be fair.
Three crores, final offer.
Four crores, ok?
Where's the rest room?
Over there.
Looks like a tooth, what is it?
That must be from that
dog tied over there earlier.
Idiots must've left it while clearing up.
Here people are so
senseless and careless.
Knowing that a guy had a beautiful
Natraja idol, we had gone to have a look.
That dumb fellow thought there
must be hidden gold inside the idol...
...and he cut it into half.
Chopping such people into pieces...
...wouldn't do
justice to my anger.
At least to save all these
treasures from such idiots...
...we somehow have to send
them abroad and keep them safe.
This is something constantly
running in my mind.
Sir, twenty crores
that's our final quote.
Me offering this price would be a
shock to many people in the market.
I'm buying this not knowing
if this is even a sale worthy bid.
Twenty crores, that's our price.
- Let's freeze it at seven crores!
- Ten crores, done?
Saet, call up and find if that
old man is showing up nor not.
See if you can add this
to Thursday's shipment.
It is not done yet.
- Our final quote is twenty crores.
- What's with this confusion?
Decide, and one of you
communicate properly.
I make the decisions
here, twenty crores it is.
- Twenty is not possible.
- Then we are sorry too.
I'll wait for twenty-four hours, if
I do not receive a better offer...
...that's the end of this story.
Come along.
Professor informed that
he can come only tomorrow.
Ten crores is not enough?
While I'm negotiating twenty crores, who
do you think you are to quote lesser?
I'll inform as soon as the
target arrives, be ready.
We are ready, all good.
Check if you can find another
dealer, let's keep them hanging.
It's smart to fix a deal
while it's available.
You carry this around;
we'll be under risk.
I'm clearly asking again, do
you know any other dealers?
We got this by chance, finding
another dealer is not easy.
Looks like, you are of
no use to me anymore.
Is the target arriving or not?
They're taking a
different route, what to do?
Are you trying to get rid of me?
I didn't think of it till now, smart
boy that's actually a good idea.
Sir, don't try any of
your games with me.
Where did you get this attitude from?
I'll beat the pulp out of you.
Don't miss the target.
Give access to your live
location, we'll catch up.
Sir don't mistake me.
I feel it's better to
be safe than sorry.
Check the photos I've
sent to your WhatsApp.
These are the photos
of you with the idol.
If I'm not safe
during this process...
...I've asked my friend to send
these photos to the concerned person.
If we don't finish this deal before
tomorrow, I'll send these myself.
What's up with all this build-up?
You guys forgot to
take the idol other day.
He's going out of
town, let him go.
The idol is at home,
you can come and take it.
You leave.
Ask that idiot to drop
the bag and leave.
Take the bag, we can leave.
Get him first.
Take it and run!
Bag is on road!
Hey look behind!
Hey stop!!
Let's go.
All gone waste, let them
glue it together and enjoy it!
Why is he calling now?
This is Saet speaking, let's close
the deal at twelve crores nothing more.
Then find a way to convince him.
So, I can get on with the
procedures and close the deal.
The idol that had survived
for a thousand years.
Could've survived
this one night.
There is still hope.
Tell me if you know any such idol
elsewhere, we can steal it overnight.
You can be hopeful but
I'm the one under pressure.
I had to push the limits to
find the guy who had the idol.
It's impossible to find the
ones they've kept hidden.
Aadhi,if not for me, think
about your sister's situation.
I don't know any sir.
We have to steal the
idols from some temple then!
Let's do it then!
Stop fooling around sir.
I'll take care of everything,
nothing will happen.
Varun Rao is completely
ready to buy that idol.
- I'm sure of that.
- OK.?
Until we get the money, they
have to believe that the idol is intact.
- I don't understand.
- What if we recreate the same idol?
- Fake one?
- Real one sir.
Come in.
Why are you here empty handed?
- Money is on the way.
- You could've come along with it.
I'm in no hurry.
Show us the idol,
we can finish the deal.
- Let the money arrive.
- This is your place...
...we are the ones
who should be worried.
- Where are you?
- Rice mill?
- Yes, same place.
- We have arrived.
- Brother!
- Hey, Marudhu.
When you mess with wrong
people, you cannot go home alive.
Drop your weapon.
Look how unclean this place is.
Get rid of both the bodies,
clean up the place and come.
Do one thing.
Pay me twenty-five lakhs,
we can finish the job.
- Bro!
- Trying to mess with the police?
I will not dare to do
something like that sir!
Anyone would guess
what you are asking this for.
If things go wrong I'll have to abscond,
it should be worth the risk, right?
That'll be my only assurance
to take up this work.
Bro, this is urgent.
We are here because no
one else can match your skills.
- Yeah fine.
- You quote your amount.
We'll settle the amount within a
week after you deliver the finished work.
I swear, we do not have money now.
This will not work dear, also sir
being a police officer, I can't risk.
I mean...
...this hand of mine
got fractured last week.
First let me fix my hand and
after I recover, I'll start sculpting.
After that I'll get back to you.
Until then don't involve
me in your business, bye!
- Bro please.
- No dear, I can't help.
Police sir I'll leave now
Bye, dear.
Where are we going sir?
Saet is in touch with
almost all the local sculptors.
If he catches an air about this,
we'll be in trouble
- So?
- After thinking over and over.
Yamini can also
sculpt, let's ask her once.
You had mentioned that you are
not in good terms with your wife.
If there's any mess-up,
the entire plan will be a flop show.
The entire family believes that
my wife will eventually be with me.
Nothing will go wrong, trust me.
This idol is older
than a thousand years.
- How can one be this negligent?
- It was not done on purpose.
Idol has to be produced at
the court in the seized condition.
Or I'll be in trouble,
next week is the hearing process.
Only you can help.
What can I do? I don't get it.
Can you make a replica of this
same idol in a week?
Sorry I can't.
My career will be jeopardized if
something goes wrong.
Don't ask me to do this, please.
Leave me out of this.
Don't you trust me?
Give me one reason
why I have to do this for you?
If you help me out with this...
...I promise to be that person
your sister expects me to be.
My sister has decided to
demand divorce from you.
She's worried you might
separate her from her daughter.
So, the entire family is on a
mission to test my wit's end.
Go on, what else?
My sister might be moving to Singapore.
She wants to be done
with this before leaving.
All you have to do is sign the mutual
consent divorce papers for her sake.
She doesn't need even
a single penny from you.
It's not just your sister, the entire
family is not ready to accept the reality!
Try asking your sister...
...if I had ever been violent with her.
Inquire your neighbours about how
their husbands treat them at home.
You guys are in
denial of my integrity.
Hand me the already
prepared documents, I'll sign it.
You just have a week,
now will you help?
How much would it cost?
To make a one and half feet idol
including the materials and labour...
...would cost around two lakhs.
You have to do it discreetly
to avoid attracting trouble.
- Would it cost two lakhs?
- Yes sir.
Fine let's share the expense.
How can I afford that sir?
Take it from your
sister's treatment money.
If I lose that money, I'll not be able to
face my family, please understand sir.
If I endure the liability,
don't discuss profit share with me.
Fine, I'll share the expenses.
I feel it's better
if we call them.
Before they assume
something wrong.
Sir, Maithreyan speaking.
Yes sir.
Sir, I'm leaving to Sathyamangalam
on an important duty.
We can finish the deal
once I'm back in ten days.
No sir, I'm already on my way.
I'm travelling inside
the forest area.
Yes sir, there aren't
any cell towers there.
I called up to inform you
to avoid misunderstanding.
No sir, we can't trust that guy.
Okay, sir
Ok sir, fine.
Are they postponing the deal
to next week?
Something doesn't feel right.
Ask one of our men to
follow their whereabouts.
We'll sort this after
the Mumbai meeting.
Get all the
materials she lists...
...and help her out
until she finishes.
- I've some work, you get off here.
- OK sir.
Bye sir.
Inspector Maithreyan
speaking from R7 police station.
I'll share a number, find it's frequently
contacted list and share it with me.
Keep it unofficial
"Me nailed in front of you
yearning for an answer."
"What should I feel when you
Look at me without a glint in your eye?"
"One is said to have no desire
over anything, but..."
"...wishing to be something is
also a desire, What next then?"
"Give me a streak of
light from your halo!"
"Share a piece of the
wisdom you've earned!"
"Don't create ripples in the sea
By throwing the moon at it."
"Stop that game where you
look at me when I look away!"
"Letting go of the past and future I
live in the moment when you are around"
"I tried to find myself in me But
here I am looking at me in you!"
Yamini don't get involved in
things that do not concern you.
I know how to take care of my life.
You have no idea
what he's capable of.
Our dad has helped him with
money every time he was in crisis.
If dad had saved up that money,
we could've used it for his treatment.
If he faces the gunpoint, he wouldn't
mind throwing anyone under the bus.
Bear this in mind.
Your wife and your daughter
were here this morning.
- Are they inside?
- They just left.
Mutual consent divorce papers are
ready, Madhavi has already signed it.
Once you sign it the legal
procedures can be initiated.
"My heart misses a beat
at this piece of art."
"Love feels like a hot knife
cutting through wax."
"Like heat opening
the idol's eye..."
"...My yearning, frozen heart
finds solace in the warmth."
"Who is sculpting who,
Isn't that a right doubt to have?"
"Since I'm the one yearning in fervour
As if I'm the sculpture myself!"
"The world burns me like a furnace
While my soul melts in its heat..."
"...Here I am like a raw iron
Fresh and new!"
Maithreyan is in Chennai.
But he's avoiding our calls.
He said one week right, let's wait.
Quote extra three crores...
...that idol should belong to us
no matter what!
"Me nailed in front of you
yearning for an answer."
"What should I feel when you
Look at me without a glint in your eye?"
"Give me a streak of
light from your halo!"
"Share a piece of the
wisdom you've earned!"
"Don't create ripples in the sea
By throwing the moon at it."
"Stop that game where you
look at me When I look away!"
"Letting go of the past and future I
live in the moment when you are around!"
Only seventy percent
of the work is over...
...I have to work on the
details, don't panic.
This is my finest work till date
Everything is ruined!
What a waste!
- What happened?
- What have you done?
What's wrong, this is exactly
what was in the picture!
Look at the photo and look
at the idol you've made!
How could you cruelly
say they look the same?
Look at the measurements
the height, base...
...look at this lotus, at every
little ornament on the waist...
...I've worked meticulously on every
fine detail, what's your problem now?
Look at this colour...
...look at that thing you've
made, are they similar?
- Don't you dare talk to me like that.
- I'll break your face!
How can a thousand-year-old idol
and a freshly made one look the same?
That's the result of
hundreds of years of oxidation.
I'm not here for
your fancy stories.
Can you make this idol look
like the one in picture or not?
Sir, what do we do now?
Didn't you know a new
idol would look like this?
Yeah, if you had known you
wouldn't have given your share.
What now?
You want this idol to match
the color in the picture?
Will this work?
Do I look like a fool?
Just because I signed you think
everything is over? I know what to do.
I know only to sculpt...
...I wasn't trained
to commit forgery.
Yeah, very important now.
Shall I try talking
to Dharani again?
Good work.
Bro, we need it
done in two days.
Why that long? Go have tea
and come back it'll be done!!
Why taunt us now!?
Aadhi, it's easy when one asks to
make something look like an antique.
You want it to look exactly
like the one in this picture.
Did you notice these
algae like thing here?
All this happened over
hundreds of years... a reaction caused by
metal exposed to the air.
For me to recreate it
I've to work on this part by part... is very draining.
I've to use the right combination
of chemicals in each part...
...even a small mistake
will spoil the entire idol.
We have only two days,
please accept and do it.
Usually, it takes at least a
week to complete such work.
I would expect at least
ten lakhs for that.
To finish this in two days...
...means I need to put more
work and it is more stressful.
So, double the payment too, pay
me twenty lakhs I'll finish it on time.
How dare you!?
Please sit down sir.
This is unreasonable!
We spent only two lakhs
to make this idol.
You please reconsider.
Give me fifteen lakhs,
I'll finish it.
You can get it as soon
as the deal is done.
If you pay me a five lakh advance
I'll start work.
After I finish the work, you can
pay the rest and take the idol.
Agree or we can keep
discussing, work can wait.
- Fine.
- OK
Go get the advance money.
Can we trust him? Will he do it?
He's skilled but idiot is not
ready to reduce the amount.
Now we don't have enough
time to find another person.
What about the fifteen lakhs?
Sir, I swear I don't
have so much money!
Comeback in a couple of
days, the idol will be ready.
- We trust you, do it properly.
- Fine sir.
Sir, can I go home and come?
You think everything
will work in our favour?
Let's hope for the best.
Sir, you being worried
is putting me into fear.
- Sir, are you available now?
- Yes,Mr.Pandian.
Last week there was a
double murder near Thiruvallur.
We suspect involvement
of a smuggling gang.
- Is it?
- Yes sir.
In your area check if any suspicious
gangs have rented any place to stay.
Smuggling gang!? Like what?
It is rumoured that the victim had
an antique idol in his possession.
We are investigating
on those lines.
- When did it happen?
- Last Saturday, sir.
OK, I'll inquire.
Who are you guys?
Where is that idol?
Have you hidden it around
or managed to sell it?
Go get the door.
Hey, stop!
Let's move.
Sir, are you alright?
You were right here, you could've
called to inform about them entering.
Idiot, I tried calling several times...
...not a single call went through,
with so many cell towers around.
Fortunately, you turned up!
When you dropped me earlier,
I noticed someone spying.
I came back to check
on you, I'm glad I did.
What if these men were sent by Saet?
How has it turned out?
- Does the idol match your expectations?
- Great work man.
- Work is done, we'll take the idol then.
- Yes, you can.
Bro, thanks a lot.
If everything works in our favour, we'll
always remember what you've done for us.
The balance payment?
Why are you in a hurry? Trust us,
we'll settle it in a couple of days.
Listen Aadhi, that's not what you
promised, I don't trust the police.
- Take the idol after settling the money.
- Hey, why are you behind the money?
You worked only after we paid you
five, right? Can't wait for two days?
I'll come in person and settle it.
Take it.
Bye bro.
We can settle his payment right
after we get the money, right?
Subramani, yeah tell me.
Sir, I traced the call history
of the number you had shared.
Very good
It has been active only
for the past six months...
...prior to that there's
not much call history.
Four or five contacts have
been frequently contacted sir.
One of it is your number and
the rest are random calls sir.
Other than that?
A contact name called
Dharani is another frequent call.
Would you like to note
down the number sir?
Just a minute.
Please repeat.
- Yeah thanks.
- OK sir.
Welcome back!
What's the confusion?
Were you looking for
an even better deal?
Nothing of that sort sir.
Had to leave regarding
an important work.
As you raised the deal
to fifteen crores...
We thought we shouldn't
miss it, so came immediately.
Why are you laughing?
fifteen is the final number, right?
Take the idol out.
Let's discuss the rest after I look
at it, it is etched in my mind.
What would you like
to have, coffee or tea?
It's OK sir.
- What about you?
- One coffee sir.
I'll also have a coffee sir.
Sir, what are you
looking at so intently?
Looks a bit more distinct
than what I saw the other day.
Did you polish it or something?
No sir.
After you saw it's been locked away
at home, we took it out only today.
The settlement will
be fully cash, right?
I mean, what if
they pay as gold.
- Any problem sir?
- My usual advisor has left the country.
I asked him to refer
a sensible person before leaving.
He left me with one guy's contact
and he's been a pain since then.
If he doesn't show up today
also, find someone else.
Why do you need an advisor?
I can guess the metal
by looking at an idol.
But that alone is not enough.
To determine the
value of anything... must know the history
and traditions associated with it.
In our nomadic life we cannot
afford time for such research.
So, I prefer to keep someone with
me who is specialised in such things.
Hello, professor
I wasn't expecting you
Thought you weren't going
to turn up this time too.
Thank God!
This deal was supposed
to have been done by last week.
We postponed it as you weren't
available, come in, let's discuss.
Please have a seat.
We are planning to
settle this deal today.
Before that it would be great to
have your assessment about the idol.
We can all proceed without any doubts
It is the same idol
you sent a photo of?
Someone has brought
it from Nagapattinam...
...they say this belongs to
the eleventh century, surprising.
Seems that Rajendra Chola
helped some Indonesian king...
...they are telling more
such stories alongside.
Are you aware of any
associated research materials?
Above all, you were asked to come
to authenticate the age of this idol.
References about such an idol...
...I've not come across any.
Could be that none of the
researchers were aware of its existence.
I understand.
Have you checked if this
is 'Aimpon' (five metals)?
Why are you skeptical?
In general, it's rare to find
an 'Aimpon' Buddha idol.
Also, an 'Aimpon' idol's
oxidation looks different.
I don't have any doubts about the metal,
your work is to authenticate its age.
Let's confirm it
through a lab test.
Lab test? Even a normal jewellery maker
would know that this is an 'Aimpon' idol.
Don't you know it
or isn't he sure of it?
We are the ones
investing fifteen crores on it.
Isn't it better to check
it when in doubt?
Fine sir, we'll give it
for testing by evening.
What about now?
We are worried something might
happen to this idol because of the test.
We'll have a word with our
associates and then take it to him.
This idol should've made
it to the earlier shipment...'s delayed because
of your indecisiveness.
If that happens again, I'll
pack you guys and ship you out.
- Keep this in mind.
- Shut it.
What if we kill that old man?
- Could you be reasonable?
- To me it won't matter if the deal is off.
I've spent around six lakhs
and I can get over it easily.
Don't you want to
save your sister's life?
- So?
- Come up with a better plan then!
Why not offer a share to that
professor and join hands with him?
- That's an unnecessary deal.
- How much would an old man need?
If he's on our side,
the deal is sealed.
- What if he refuses?
- What if he agrees?
You get down here.
I've something to take care of,
I'll finish it and join you.
OK sir.
- It's Yamini here.
- Yes, tell me.
Sorry, I didn't
do it intentionally.
Just didn't work out well.
It's OK we managed, your
uncle just overreacted.
My uncle is not a person
you can easily deal with.
Greetings sir.
I just thought you
should be warned, so.
- That's all.
- OK.
- Nothing else.
- OK.
- Call me if you need anything, bye.
- OK bye.
Sir, it was a mistake to
ask fifteen lakhs from you.
I swear I'll not do
anything like that again sir.
Please let go of me sir.
I know Aadhi has
given you something.
What and where is it?
Think calmly, take
your time and tell me.
I'm not sure if you are
allergic to this smoke.
So, I'll smoke outside,
you take your time.
Sir, please leave me.
Take the five lakhs back
I'll give more if you let me go, sir.
So, you remember everything now?
If you haven't remembered
think for some more time.
Yes, that parcel is with me.
I have no clue what's in it.
I'll hand it over to you,
please let go of me sir.
Please, sir
I can't breathe sir, let me go.
I beg you sir, please.
Come along and give it to me.
I'll give it sir.
Commissioner of police
In a couple of days Aadhi's
news will be on paper.
If you wish to live to see that,
better stay away from him.
If you try to tip him off, I'll melt
and make an idol out of you.
We don't have his contact?
I'll call Saet.
Come in.
- How have you been?
- Still around sir.
I still can't believe
it's been fifteen years.
It's all so fresh as if I was
at your station yesterday.
What happened to
that case sir? Over?
Oh, you didn't know? We've
gone for another appeal.
It's still going on.
I knew your case will be
delayed if taken to the court...
...that's why I tried for
an out-of-court settlement.
You didn't get the
point and refused it.
That was the first ever property
bought with my earning...
...I didn't have the
heart to let go of it.
The party you were in dispute
with, now have nothing left.
If you hadn't filed a case against
them, that land might have gone wasted.
I heard about it.
To be cheated weighs heavier on
the chest than the act of betraying sir.
The worst part is living with the guilt of
not even knowing how one got cheated.
True sir.
They claim he registered the land
before the date given on my document.
How is that even possible?
He claims my documents are fake.
My entire existence
has become useless.
When will we get the
reports after the idol testing?
It'll take just a night,
not a complicated process.
We've spent a lot of money believing
this deal will work in our favour.
Everything depends on
your reports sir, so please!
Tell us your price, we'll do
what we can from our side.
Why are you hesitating?
I don't need anything.
Sir, convince him.
Sir the truth is, this
is not an antique idol.
On the day when
the deal was fixed...
...the idol broke into
pieces in an accident.
We couldn't let go of
a deal worth fifteen crores.
So, we recreated
a similar looking idol.
But this is also am 'Aimpon' idol,
nothing less. Please do us this favour sir.
Sir, my family's fate
depends on your decision.
You are asking me to act
against the very purpose of my job.
This will put my life in danger,
sorry, I will not do it.
Sir, you needn't
worry about that.
Until the next testing no
one will know about this...
...another test will not
happen, we assure you that.
Yes sir.
Did you think Varun is buying
this to decorate his home?
We are aware it'll be
smuggled out of country...
...the idol will disappear after the
security check before the shipment.
Varun cannot file missing
complaint for a smuggled idol.
The issue will end there.
No, I can't, you may leave.
You get paid around fifty thousand
for the testing, right?
I'll give you five lakhs,
do this for us.
This money might help
me out of my poverty...
...but it will steal my peace, off late
I'm trying to get over my past...
Please, leave me out of this.
There is always a cost to
compensate any loss.
Sir nothing will go wrong,
we'll take care.
I had a peaceful life which I
lost running behind this land case.
If I had been smarter
when all this started, now...
...I wouldn't be in this position
depending on others for my livelihood.
Sir, try and get over the past.
Seven lakhs, works?
I paid and signed the document at the
registrar's office, how can that be fake?
Sir fine, eight lakhs?
They don't even know the
property's document number...'s logically impossible to
have registered it before me.
Sir, please let go,
ten...fine twelve lakhs!
Ex-owner of property is no more or
he would've appeared in my favour.
You quote an amount
sir fifteen? Twenty?
At one point even my family
began doubting my claim.
Even my worst enemy shouldn't
go through that kind of distress.
Sir, do you have to go on and on
about it now? Twenty-five lakhs?
What if they did this by bribing
someone at the registrar's office?
Sir, thirty...
thirty-five lakhs?
Whatever the play might've been,
the document I had was original!
That is my only proof,
they claimed it as fake...
...where and how do I prove my
authenticity? How will truth come to light?
Final offer.
Fifty lakhs!?
After the land was registered,
not once I took the document out.
Only time I brought it was
to produce it at your station.
How can you narrate every detail of
something that happened fifteen years ago?
I don't remember any of it.
This deal will not happen until you
remember it, you may leave now.
Yes sir, I did that!
At that point I needed
twenty thousand immediately..., I shredded the original
document and gave you a fake one.
I was left with no other option.
Don't use this against
me at this moment sir.
The questions that costed me years
of pain has now been answered.
I was left in the dark without
knowing how I got betrayed...
...even though I'm still in crisis
I can sleep in peace, thank you.
Fine, like you promised if
none of us would get into trouble...
...I'll agree to do this, but
under what assurance?
Trust is the epicentre
of life, trust me sir.
You want me to trust you?
Fine, I'll trust...
this is my deal!
No negotiations
Before 9.00 am tomorrow you should
give me one and half crores in cash.
Only then the report
will be favourable to you.
I'll neither wait for a call nor
wait a second past than 9.00 am.
If you do not show up on time,
Varun will receive the original report.
That's a lot of money
to be arranged in a night.
We'll receive the money
only if this deal is done.
That's your problem, I'm not
ready to get cheated this time.
You take the idol
and go to the car.
What are you looking at? Go on.
Sir, there's nothing
more to discuss, leave.
I've held on to my patience
for a long while with you.
- You better do as I say!
- Sir, let go, we'll be in trouble.
- I'll kill him so we need not pay.
- Sir, let go of him.
- What's gotten into you?
- Let go of me idiot.
Varun Rao will look for him,
we'll be caught.
Everything will
end badly for us.
I will not wait even a minute
past nine tomorrow morning.
It's all come to an end now.
- It's over.
- Should we let go then?
- I don't know what else we can do.
- One and half crores!
You have saved up for your
sister's treatment, right? Go bring that.
- What for?
- Let's gather whatever we have left.
Rest we can try asking for loan.
Why not take the
entire amount as a loan?
- Your rich dad will pay the interest?
- It's just a night's interest.
Whatever left is a
good profit for us.
Do you know anyone who'll lend money
for your face value? Just do what I say.
"Oh dear, don't try to set traps."
"Don't try to judge a book by its cover."
"Don't live in an
illusion made of desires."
"Don't try to be in the good
books, we are all part of this mess."
"Oh dear, don't try to set traps."
"Don't try to judge a book by its cover."
"Don't live in an
illusion made of desires."
"Don't try to be in the good books,
we are all part of this mess."
"Hunger, a primal human urge
is a sign of your good health."
"Life is a blessing if
sleep is not a struggle."
"You own the show until you perform."
"Remove your masks to
face the naked truth of life."
"Many lose their life while asleep."
"Few chase the life losing their sleep."
"I'm not able to sleep
even with my eyes closed."
"I don't get the meaning
behind this calculative life."
"The darkness narrates a million tales."
"Look around you, life is
waiting with its arms open."
"Money laughs at our face
after causing all the evil."
"Money makes a fool out
the ones running behind it."
"Life is a well-kept secret!"
"Getting to that secret is a miracle!"
I will not wait even a minute
past nine tomorrow morning.
This guy named Sargunapandian,
he's been fixing deals worth crores!
Sir this the idol Sargunam
boss had left with me.
It should roughly be
a thousand years old.
Let's close the deal at
twelve crores nothing more.
To me it won't matter
if the deal is off.
I've spent around six lakhs
and I can get over it easily.
Don't you want to
save your sister's life?
Sir, how was this possible?
Savings from years of extortion.
How much do we have here?
Ninety-three lakhs.
Here's my share sir.
Twelve lakhs.
Should we borrow
the balance money?
No one is ready to lend.
They are worried that a police
officer will never return his debts.
The day my sister was diagnosed,
I realised how worthless I was.
That was my turn, today is yours.
Now we have a crore and five lakhs.
I already told you, deal is
off even if a rupee is less.
You may leave!
Sir, please
Twelve lakhs out of this money
was kept for my sister's treatment sir.
Please help sir.
This is my only hope to
serve my family responsibly.
My sister's life depends
on your answer.
I've never begged to anyone,
please agree to do this for my sake sir.
Leave now.
After I finish counting the money,
I'll send the report.
Thanks a lot sir.
I'll never forget this favour of yours,
meanwhile please let go of the past sir.
Instead of today, you
could've begged him yesterday.
We could've saved the ninety-three lakhs.
It would've been fair
for you to beg to him.
Listen, as soon as
we receive the cash...
...I'll take it somewhere nearby and
check if they have mixed up fake notes...
...until I call you be with them.
If anything goes wrong, we lose both
money and the idol, we have to be careful.
Why so? Let me go and check,
you can be with them until I call.
Just follow my orders.
- Go on.
- Where are you?
Sakthi hasn't eaten
for past two days...
...this morning she vomited blood.
Please call and
have a word with her.
- Hey, enough of the call come now.
- Yeah OK.
The idol is made of authentic
'Aimpon' (five metals), I've checked it.
I've confirmed the age of the idol,
it sure belongs to the 11th century.
It should have a great
historical importance
There are inscriptions confirming
the historical connection you had mentioned.
To avoid suspicion, we don't keep
the money here, they are bringing it.
It'll take another fifteen to
twenty minutes, please wait.
Not an issue sir, the auspicious
time is also a while away.
What's bothering you?
I got a call from hospital.
My sister has been
vomiting blood.
I'm feeling helpless.
Confused if you
should go now or not?
We endured all the
hardships for this day.
Once we get the money,
it's an end to all the problems.
Money is controlling us!
Sir, just a minute.
- How are you feeling now?
- I'm better.
- Where have you been?
- Was out and about the money.
- Don't worry, I've organised it.
- That's what I'm worried about, Aadhi.
What will you do if I don't
make it even after the surgery?
All money will also turn to
ash along with me.
Shut up with all
your negativity.
No one is ready to listen to me.
I should've disappeared without
a trace, I didn't think it through.
I'll surely do it, bye.
The number you are dialing
is currently not reachable
- What was that call about?
- From hospital sir.
Can you call me after the settlement?
I'll quickly visit my sister and get back.
Call me after you are done with your
work, I'll tell you where to meet me.
You can be here if you don't trust
me, no one asked you to leave.
Fine sir, I'll leave now.
The money has arrived, does
it mean there's no action today?
Sir said risking a deal with
police is not a good idea.
Fifteen crores for one idol?
The idol is worth more
than hundred and fifty crores!
Take that left and go
to the rear entrance.
- What is it?
- Some issue down here sir.
Police are here.
Sir, where are you?
Open the door.
Hello, sir
I asked you to open the door.
What do you mean?
So, this was your plan.
I told you not to
trust a police officer.
- I'll finish you now.
- If so, I would've come along with them.
Am I an idiot to get
caught along with you?
Gather all the documents,
certificates, catalogues regarding idols...
...burn everything, nothing
should end up with the police.
What to do with the
idol and the money?
Throw it on the next terrace.
If we escape, we'll take it.
If we are caught, we
refuse our connections.
Are you going to open or
shall we break the door?
Hands up!
The building is
surrounded by police.
I'll shoot if you try to
escape, face the wall.
Get in, hand over the phones.
Give the phone.
Come this side.
R7 inspector Maithreyan sir.
Came here on your own as
soon as you got the information?
Yes, sir!
They tried to get rid of the evidence,
I had to struggle to stop them sir.
Bag recovered from
the next terrace... had bundles of
money along with this idol.
We searched the area,sir,
nothing else was found.
Take everyone to the
vehicle, Sir you come with me.
Let's go sir.
How did you receive
the information sir?
I got an anonymous call and came
here following the leads, here you are.
Go, get into the vehicle.
Call someone from
our police contact.
Ask them to help us out.
My phone was also taken
the same way they took yours.
We should've left to
UK when we could.
Look where we have ended up.
- Sir, let's leave then.
- I've a car, I'll come on my own.
- Inspector, what is your station limit?
- KK Nagar sir.
That's quite a distance to
get here to Maraimalainagar...
...all alone you have managed
to get this important case.
- Sir?
- Come along, let's get you chatting.
I should've disappeared
without a trace.
I'll surely do it.
Are you alright? What happened?
- Why are you alone?
- Chitra aunt was here.
She's gone to see the doctor.
Were you worried I might've run away?
I met a guy through a friend.
They're looking for someone
knowledgeable in antiques.
The business is
illegal but pays well.
We have enough going on,
can't invite more trouble.
This will not work, Muthu...
- Don't tell him anything about this.
- Fine.
We are in distress, not
knowing if she'll make it alive!
This is not the time for us to
discuss about being just and fair!
I don't care, just help me sell
this idol I'll manage my dad.
You know your dad, he might
end up doing something stupid.
I can't help you beyond your
father's wish, this will not work.
It's bound to happen, if both the
parties refuse to compromise...
...the court will order the
government to take over the property.
- Who is it?
- The answer to your usual question.
That's him, the police officer
who ruined your family.
Agree or nothing else is
possible in this case sir.
The police officer my dad keeps
mentioning about, is that him?
Yes, it's him.
Maithreyan is caught red handed.
I was worried about
you being inside.
I was confused if I
should alert my team or not.
If I hadn't gone there, he might've
gotten suspicious, paralyzing our plan.
If the police had entered earlier
I might've gotten arrested too.
I went in aware of
all the possibilities.
Fine, Sakthi needn't
know all this right now.
Let everything simmer down.
Aunty will be here soon, I need to
go somewhere, can I take your car?
Here, stay safe.
Uncle, I've decided not to sell this idol.
Tell dad he can hand it over to
the concerned officials on his own.
But before that let's settle
that old unfinished business.
Somehow convince dad
to play along with my plan.
Fine, I'll talk to him.
Karthi, if I'm right Maithreyan just has to
know that I was working with Sargnapandian.
That guy had left many idols taken
from various places with random people.
His brain will start thinking to whom
Sargunam might've left the idols with.
I put so much effort to
recreate this, it is 'Aimpon'.
Are you sure we have to break this?
This is the bait to
slaughter the scapegoat!
Where were you? You
weren't at the hospital too.
Was at the court,
just getting back.
You stay home,
my wife has called...
...I need to take
food to your sister.
- Where is dad?
- He's inside, go see him.
Why did you leave
the bag at the hospital?
I don't want that
This money has not
come from any sinful means.
It's our fair share.
You got that money to save
your sister, I don't need it.
Fine, what happened
at the court?
The case is still on, they
asked for Vaida again.
I know, dad.
The system doesn't
work in our favour.
This is the original idol I took
from Sargunapandian's house.
Surrender this yourself to
the concerned department.
This one idol you managed to
save will bring goodness into your life.
I didn't believe you until I saw
the news about Sargunapandian.
But after that I realised
what was actually going on.
Your labour should go to the right
people, be thoughtful while you decide.
Be it respect or disgrace,
whatever they get...'ll receive a share of it.
I need your help.
I'm not agreeing to help for the money,
or as a revenge against my uncle...
...If I don't help, I'm worried you
might actually end up selling that idol!
I never expected that you would agree.
I just thought of calling
and you are already here.
All done?
- Here.
- What is it?
I had something that belongs to you,
thought I should return it.
The broken idol?!
That's great, but how?
It kept reminding me of you.
Felt it should be
where it belongs.
So, you decided not to
think of me after this?
That's not what I meant.
It's late, I got to go now.
Just a minute.
I told you there is no need for this.
Your family is also a
victim of his actions...
...take this at
least for their sake.
My sister has stubbornly
refused to take this.
Your sister might not need it...
...but a share of your dad's
money belongs to you too, right?
So, please take it.
If you are in...
...can we start an
art gallery together?
I hope you won't get
back to the fraudulent acts.
I swear!
This idol was my first and
will be my last theft ever.
I've even asked to surrender
the idol to the government.
Inherently I'm a good human.
An antique idol found near
Kancheepuram during an excavation.
"Living in a ruthless jungle"
"Swimming over the
time that never pauses."
"Running around searching for an illusion."
"Killing yourself slowly in the process."
"Changing philosophies to match your mood."
"Changing colours to match the situation."
"Were you looking for
the meaning of truth?"
"Gibberish means nothing,
that's what you've become."
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
"Does the rainbow resemble the sky itself?"
"Or has the rainbow become the
rain cloud and started the rain?"
"Is it shedding seven coloured rain drops?"
"And do those white buds
sucking in the colours?"
"Can one touch a piece of the
sky in the bud that's closer?"
"Can one touch the night sky
and get my hands tinted black?"
"Will those flowery petals pierce
you with the sharpness of a sword?"
"Watch your hand, is
that the bleeding flower?"
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"
"Oh! hopeless humans,
what is it you are looking for?"