Paranoia Tapes (2017) Movie Script

What's even
creepier than knowing
about something tragic that happened
is seeing it happen before your very eyes.
Whether it is something we
find buried in our backyard
or even something we can find
in a crime investigation,
found footage can be very
important for giving us
a creepy first hand look at
what was exactly happening
in the event being filmed.
In particular, a student named Chad
at the University of
New York found a small
reel of film that he called
the Bitterroot Footage.
Chad had just moved into an apartment
and was in desperate
need of some furniture.
Luckily, he had met a guy on Craigslist
who was willing to get
rid of lots of furniture
for very cheap prices and
he had accepted his offer.
His purchase came with a
bunch of other random things
including a small wooden box.
The box had really intrigued him.
But since it was locked and
he didn't have a key for it
he had to pop it open with a screw driver.
Inside contained three
photos with the word
Bitterroot written on
the backs of all of them,
and a small reel of film.
Chad's friend was a
film student at the same
university and was able to recognize it as
eight millimeter film.
With that being said,
they were able to obtain
an eight millimeter projector
that they'd got online
and were finally able to watch it.
What they found was disturbing.
The authenticity of the
film can be disputed
but the purpose of the film
or what exact message it's trying
to get across is unknown.
You want a video of people
trying to get a message across,
then that certainly goes
to the Columbine Tapes.
On April 20th, 1999, two
high school seniors named
Dylan Klebold and Eric Harris
shot up Columbine High School
in Littleton Colorado, killing 15 people,
including themselves.
After the shooting, the FBI
had found lots of evidence
including journals, emails
and of course found footage
that brought them to
the conclusion as to why
they committed this crime.
Some of these videos consisted
of them carrying guns
around and plotting the massacre.
However, Dylan and Eric didn't really try
to keep it a secret.
They had carried a camera
around at school sometimes
and even did projects with people,
hinting at the event.
Surprisingly, it seems
that it wasn't until after
that people began to realize
that they were warning
everybody about this premonition.
Now's your
No you god damn piece of punk ass shit,
do not mess with that frigging kid.
Gonna pull out a god damn shot gun
and blow your damn head
off, do you understand,
you little worthless piece of crap?
While some
of the footage has been
confiscated by the FBI, there
is still a lot of footage
out there that clearly
foreshadows one of the most
tragic school shootings in history.
This group of 1500 people meet every July
for 17 days in the sacred
forest Monte Rio, California
called Bohemian Grove.
These group of people are
known as a club called
the Bohemian club and are
believed to be members
of the Illuminati.
All of the members are males,
particularly in the music
business and politics.
There are many notable
past members of the club
such as Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan.
But modern memberships are now classified.
The club is known to
do very strange rituals
such as the Cremation of
Care which is the ceremony
performed in front of a
giant concrete owl statue.
There was so much conspiracy
regarding the club
on how it is a secret
society that somebody
was able to get footage of the ceremony
and many people believe that it is video
of a human sacrifice.
Show me the sign.
This summer sets us free.
You'll burn me once again?
This summer sets us free.
This footage
goes to show what wealth
and power can do when put together.
Two people named Leonard
Lake and Charles Ng
were American serial
killers who were believed
to have raped and killed around 25 people
in the early 1980's.
The authorities have been
alerted about their crimes
after a suicide note left
by Lake had been found.
After searching around Lake's cabin,
they have discovered video
tapes that reveal lots
of evidence that they murdered
a number of different people.
Lake had killed his brother
and friends to obtain
their money and had used
the money to build a dungeon
where him and Ng would keep their victims.
The following footage is
of a woman who is seen
being harassed by the killers.
Why are you doing this?
Because we hate you.
Your baby is going to be taken away.
What do you mean taken away?
There's a family
in Fresno that doesn't have
a baby.
You're not
taking my baby from me.
It is better than
the baby's dead, right?
What do you
mean they've got one now?
The police
had also found a number
of burned body parts
buried in Lake's ranch,
right by the dungeon.
Video of the kind of
actions that serial killers
do to their victims can
be very hard to watch.
This big, all
right, if it's a male
you might have lines like
that from the baldness.
Grave Robbing for Morons is
a very strange video.
It is footage of a boy carrying a skull
and describing how to
properly take care of a body
after digging it up.
Just about everything
in this video is creepy
including how the boy talks.
It's a bit, it's very,
it's hard to find, okay?
And it's very, you could
lose it real fast all right?
Okay so you,
to make sure that,
you take the dentures and
make sure they're with 'em
so that way the person knows
who this person is, all right?
Keep doing it for the fun soon.
And our next big hit is Houdini.
If you're watching this video,
then you'll know who he was.
Bye bye.
The story behind this footage
has very little detail
and the people involved
with the video or the videos exact origins
are completely unknown.
This one is a bonus,
because I thought it was
just as interesting as the other stories.
This story is very short.
A man bought a whole bunch
of VHS tapes at a boot sale.
Most of the tapes were
movies, but he found one tape
that was very obscure and
different from the rest.
Hey everyone.
My name's Henry and I
can't explain what I found.
My brother Ronald and my dad went missing.
And ya know, people told me
that there's stuff going on.
People told me that there's stuff
that I wouldn't understand.
He called me before it happened,
or should I say before he went missing.
And what I found, throughout
however many tapes I find,
I'm gonna show you, I'm
gonna show you what I found.
I'm gonna throw in the tapes
wherever I see fit for you guys.
Now I don't know who's gonna watch this.
Ya know, I was told by
the police investigators
I shouldn't even document
anything about this
due to the nature of their
disappearance, right?
I gotta let someone know.
I'm probably gonna upload this to YouTube
or a social media site or something.
Everything you're about to see
has not been tampered with.
There's no actors,
there's no fake scripts.
There's nothing scripted
about this footage.
My brother, I love him so much,
and now I'm outside
in a barn because I found more tapes.
You can hear our dog's going crazy,
they haven't really fed it for like,
I don't know how long.
Somehow they're being kept up, ya know?
They're standing.
I just flew in and I had to document it.
Here ya go.
I knew I should have given her up.
I hate myself for letting
them talk me out of it.
And I can't get a good night's sleep.
These dreams I'm having are so fucked up.
Shut up!
Shut up, shut up.
The other day, I swerved off the road
and I hit a guard rail.
I just hoped that here
and I both would fly off
the freeway into the traffic below.
Instead I got stranded with
a flat tire in a hot car.
And I just wanted to walk
away and leave her there.
Maybe she would have died,
maybe some pathetic couple
would have found her.
Coulda started all over again.
Last night, I picked her up
and threw her across the room,
just to get a fucking moment of silence.
Shut the fuck up!
Shut the fuck up!
Whatever, it's mine.
It's Kelly, please call me back.
I really need you to call me back.
Beware, Freddie's here.
Hey everybody, it's the twisted freak.
Freddie Decay.
I'm here with a little
nursery rhyme for you.
One, two, Freddie's coming for you.
Three, four, better lock your door.
Five, six, grab your crucifix.
Seven, eight, better stay up late.
Nine, 10, never sleep again.
I'm coming for you.
Each and every one of you.
How do I look?
All right.
I'm gonna let you go,
just for a little bit.
The neighbor wants to borrow you.
That's okay, I'll get you back.
Ooo, battery's dying.
Well, hello Ronald.
It's Ronny baby.
It's Ronny.
All right?
Oh yeah, wow.
Something wrong with your voice.
Nah, nah, nah, we can uh,
you wanna come on in?
We could shoot some stuff, ya know?
Well yeah, I wanna
show you how to work it.
Do you know how to work that thing?
Yeah only if
you bring your sister over.
My sister can't come,
she's with her boyfriend,
or slave of the week or whatever.
Oh she's gonna come over.
She's gonna come all right baby, oh yeah.
I'm sorry what did
you say about my sister.
I said she's gonna, she's
gonna come and you can
call me Ronny.
Yeah, if you wanna take
off some of those clothes
that's cool, do too.
What the fuck did you just say to me?
I said you can
take off those clothes
if you want.
Come on now.
It's PoV babe.
Do you wanna borrow my
fucking camera or not.
Yeah, yeah, yeah,
just want those though,
you know what I'm saying.
All right, I'm getting
the fuck out of here.
Looks like we have
the place to ourselves.
Yep, all to ourselves.
You know what that means, right?
No, what?
It's time for
my going away present.
Not here.
What? Why not?
You got some other Joe to take
care of you when I'm gone?
You know that's not true.
Come on baby.
I don't know how long
I'll be gone on tour.
Just put the camera down,
we can take care of that later.
All right.
Hold that thought.
I've got something else for you.
One sec.
Okay, close your eyes.
No, no, no, cover them.
But make sure they're closed.
All right.
What the fuck?
Hey Dwayne.
Are you busy?
What's with the camera?
Thought you were supposed
to be with your man
Nole tonight.
Did you do it?
Did you tell him?
Actually, I
did something better.
Here, hold this.
Fuck is that?
Come here and look.
The fuck Tessie!
So you guys
think you can play me.
- Fuck you!
- No!
All right bitches, it's working.
Thank god my daddy got me this new phone.
It's not even out on the market yet.
Gotta love those Japanese fuckers.
Good Blanca, way to make
the rest of us feel like shit.
Bite me bitch.
You'd like it too much.
You're probably right.
Okay so ladies, we have
something important to discuss.
Yeah, and tonight, we're
all gonna get twisted.
Well, somewhat twisted.
This is really important guys.
They're only going to hire
one of us from the internship
and they decide in two weeks.
Yeah and the funny thing
is, I'm gonna be the one
that gets hired.
Whether you guys like it or not.
Yeah right, bitch, I got this.
Woah, nails down, nails down.
Okay, okay, okay, why
are we gonna talk about it?
Let's just let it happen,
that's the best thing we can do right now.
I mean, as long as it's one
of use that gets the job
and not one of those
other skanks or losers.
I totally agree.
But are we all gonna
be like mad at each other
if one of us gets it.
We all know I'm gonna get the job.
I sucked off Mr. Jenkins.
The internship supervisor?
Ew, gross.
Yeah, well, who's the
only intern with an office?
Okay, I have a better idea.
How 'bout we go to a club
and rub up on some hot guys?
I like the sound of that.
Let's hit the nest.
All right bitches get in this.
Yeah, get in it.
All right say hello to your fans.
No, don't record that.
Hey come on.
I have to pee.
Come on let's go.
Are you serious?
I'm getting tired of
your shit Blanca, let's go.
Can't wait to get wasted tonight.
I'm not gonna
hold your hair when you puke.
Tess, hurry the fuck up.
Keep your panties on, I'm coming.
What were you, taking a shit?
Leave it to my sister to call me out.
Remember to flush?
Fuck off.
I'm horny and I'm not looking to get laid
by one of you bitches
tonight so, get it moving.
Panties been on just a little too long?
I'll make
sure to throw my overflow
your way tonight.
Hey, record this.
Come on already, just get in.
Fuck you.
Hurry up!
What the fuck is happening?
As soon as the van stops,
make a break for it.
Will you let me go?
Shut up.
Why are you doing this?
Shut the fuck up or I'm
gonna shut you up permanently.
Okay, okay, I'm sorry.
Shit, what is Blanca's
password on her phone?
Try 1195.
It didn't work.
Shit, why does she have a
fucking password on the phone.
We can't make calls but the camera works.
What are we gonna do?
Where the fuck are we even?
When they took us in the
van it was like 15 minutes.
What direction?
Why are they doing this?
Go bring another one, we're
almost to the full aspect.
Do you want one of the marked ones?
I don't care.
Just bring one to the fire.
Where do you think you're going?
The time is upon us!
Throw the last body in.
He's here.
He's here.
The time is upon us.
Round two?
Uh yeah.
Nice camera dick face.
So, remember what we
talked about on the phone?
Yep, I do.
Wow, look at this.
I'll sit here, okay.
So, um, I need
to apologize for something.
Oh wait.
Come here little buddy, lemme take that.
Hold on.
It's not
that hard to say sorry.
You're right, you're right,
it's not hard to say sorry.
Okay look, I'm, I was somewhat
of a pervert yesterday
and uh,
Go on.
I'm just sorry.
I don't know who I was.
I said some bad things and
I shouldn't have said it.
There, that's your apology.
I'm sorry,
all right.
You like that camera on me don't you?
Well, since we have it on you,
why don't you explain to the
world why your hair's blue?
Sorry, it looks great Marge,
I'm sure Homer's gonna
jump in the sack with you
and tear your blue hair all over.
It matches my eyes, okay?
And your car apparently.
Your smurfmobile.
Was that your car in the driveway?
So what's your
favorite color Ronny boy?
Fucking blue, all
right, anyways.
Look there's another reason
why I did bring you guys
over here.
Oh, oh, I know,
you wanted to tell us
about your creep ways, huh?
I know you're that peeping
Tom staring at your
next door neighbors through the windows,
filming 'em?
No, I just have a fat
neighbor with glasses
who thinks he's the god of
film and everything else.
Dude, you have
something against fucking
fat people with fucking
glasses, huh, fucker?
No, no, I don't.
But I'm just saying, I mean, I.
Not to break
up your guys's stimulating
conversation, but one
you're actual neighbor,
the fat guy with long hair and glasses,
actually pretty cool.
And we're technically two doors down, so,
don't be a fucking creep
and getting us in the shower
or anything else.
Look, just 'cause I
almost tried one time
doesn't mean you guys have
to bring it up every time.
Fucking knew it.
He's gonna put that
bullshit on the internet.
Fucking, I'll tell my dad.
We're gonna tell our mom.
That's worse, right?
Mom will fucking have your ass.
Anyways, um, no, my dad's been missing
for a couple days.
- Aliens?
- Aliens yeah.
What makes
you think he's missing?
Well, he was on a,
he's been working on
this case at work, okay?
And he's been consumed
with it and one night,
he didn't come in.
Nothing, nothing, he just didn't come in.
And I went to the strip clubs
in case you're wondering,
okay, and I went,
I woulda seen him.
You would have, wouldn't you?
Probably gave your dad a
little lap dance there buddy.
I'm just kidding.
- Did he at least tip or?
- Creepster.
Look, I have some
stuff I found in his room
and I need your guys's help, so yeah.
Just stay right here, I'm gonna go get it.
All right, is that fine?
Am I gonna have any more
attitude with you two?
Just go and get it.
You're so uptight.
Say hi to the camera.
We're waiting right now for Ronny boy,
he's going to get his fucking porn stash.
It's gay porn, I know it.
All right.
Hey Skaggs, I
made mac, come on in and eat.
Hey whatcha working on?
Huh? Whatcha working on?
Pipe bomb.
I made mac, come on in and eat.
Why you filming all this?
Well, I figure like
this, we record what we do
during the day, and once
there's a full tape,
we send it to Mom so she can watch it.
It's almost like Mom was hear with us.
It's almost like the camera
is Mamma, sitting there
having mac with us.
Mamma's dead Buster.
It's just us now.
I understand.
Ain't nobody else.
Just me and you.
And it's up to us, listen to me Buster,
it's up to us to make
things right, ya understand?
I understand.
And there ain't no tape in that camera,
so don't go digging around
in there with a screw driver
trying to find one, you'll break it.
I don't get
why we're doing all this.
Seems like a lot of trouble.
I told you, we've been wronged.
Hey, I remember that backpack.
It's the one I used to
use after we got back
from Iraq.
Remember that Skaggs?
Yep, I remember.
Man, it seems like forever ago.
I remember we were in the
unemployment office all the time
and I carried all the paperwork
and stuff in that bag.
Used to keep your books in there.
Remember that cookbook you
used to sit and read?
That was funny.
The Anarchist cook book?
Yeah, I remember.
That's a funny title.
You know what, keep filming bro.
We're gonna put this up on the internet
when we get to Bogota.
You got a stand for that thing?
You mean a tripod?
Yeah, yeah.
Is that thing on?
Okay, here's the thing.
Here's why we did it.
The government, our
government, sent us over seas
to kill strangers.
But we volunteered Skaggs.
That don't matter.
Killing people is not
what we signed up for.
Getting half the meat on
my leg burned off by an IED
is not what I signed up for.
And then we come home.
They don't wanna help
with the medical bills.
Or finding a job.
That ain't right.
They owe me.
That's right bro.
You're goddamn right that's right.
What about Mamma?
When Mamma got sick,
they pulled her Medicare.
And she died.
She died in a filthy
bed, in horrible pain,
with me holding her hand.
And it's the government's fault.
They owe me, they owe us.
And they're gonna pay.
They're gonna pay today.
Preach on, brother.
Get the camera.
You be careful with that bag.
I'm no bomb expert, but I
don't think it would take
a whole hell of a lot
to set that thing off.
Do you know where this place is?
Yeah, Federal
building right up the street.
We'll put that at the entrance,
call the cell phone detonator
from a few blocks away,
watch the fireworks and we'll be long gone
by the time they figure out it was us.
You know, you're pretty smart Skaggs.
I bet it's 'cause you read a lot.
You know, you should be a scientist.
I bet you'd be a number one
scientist in the whole world.
And you'd by my
number two scientist, bro.
Look at these kids.
They don't have a clue what
the real world's all about.
Living in a cess pool run
by evil little cockroaches.
All they wanna do is run the streets
and laugh like there ain't no problems.
Yeah, idiots.
Yes sir, yes sir.
Knock out game.
This our game, mother fucker.
Get your ass down.
Mother fucker.
Fuck you!
Skaggs, you okay?
Knock out?
Knockout game, are you kidding me?
You hurt my brother!
You owe me!
You owe us!
- Knock out game!
- Buster no!
What's up boys and girls.
It's the twisted freak.
It was such a rainy, beautiful day.
I decided to come out in my shop
and have a little fun.
Let the madness take
me for a little while.
There was so much blood.
Hey psychopath, we get
bad names like we're crazy
or we're insane.
I don't think so.
We are what makes the world go round.
'Cause without us, life would be boring.
So, think we'd come out and kill a few.
Reduce the population
of idiots in the world.
I'm sorry Vixen ain't here today.
She had something to do,
but she told me what I needed to do before
she left for the day.
She said, "Twisted, this
face doesn't suit you.
"This does not suit the
twisted freak." She said.
We must show the world how
sick and twisted you can look.
So I did what she said this morning.
No more damaged.
I'm just a twisted freak.
Here to show you the way.
And now I have a smile on my face.
Yeah, my dad always
said if you wanna get rid
of a Beta max, either you tape over it,
or you smash it with a hammer.
So do you like have a
VCR to play all these?
Yeah, I have a Betamax
player upstairs actually.
Okay Mr. Betamaster.
What the hell is this piece of shit?
Well, no.
- That's
- Pretty old.
My camera, and that's
why I had to use yours.
Yeah, it's a little
bit more unprofessional
if I want to document something,
I have to get a better camera.
Mine's smaller and grainy,
yours is bigger and slimmer.
sorry, what are we talking
about here?
The camera.
The camera?
You guys are both ridiculous.
Well, I have to say, Margie,
that your blue hair looks fabulous.
Okay, so, let's talk
about what's gonna happen.
So you're gonna pop these
little tapes in the VCR
and the grudge is gonna come out
and she's gonna get you.
Yeah, that's great Blair.
That's great.
Good, okay.
Well, um, I have one favor.
- You're using my camera.
- Yeah?
- That's a favor.
- Great.
- This is my condition back.
- Okay.
You need to take this camera
and you need to put it up
when you are watching these VCR tapes
and the grudge comes out to get you,
'cause I wanna see that shit.
But it was
the ring, not the grudge.
And I think it's more like
he's hoping to find some clues,
to help understand what
happened to his dad
and who did what to 'im.
Pretty much, yeah.
Well, I'm still going with uh
the aliens.
Yeah, you're so smart
Blair, you blow my mind.
Yeah, you wish.
All right, I'm out.
Okay, I think I've got it.
Is it on?
So, I'm James Clinton
and I'm wanting to get to the bottom
of the Cottonwood Murders.
I'm 22, I'm a college student
and I'm studying mass communications.
And I've been assigned to do a documentary
on any given topic.
Well, the Cottonwood murders
have never been solved.
So I figured I would
find out more information
on this topic and present my theory
on who may have committed these murders.
Cameras this early?
Yeah, I figured
why not document everything
you do.
'Cause that's honestly a little creepy.
Don't worry I
have the bathrooms rigged
with security cameras also.
Tell everyone a little bit about yourself.
James no.
Okay, so Denise, tell
everyone who you are
and what you're doing
with this documentary.
Okay, so I'm Denise.
I'm a fellow filmmaker with James here.
And I'm assisting him on
his journey to discover
what really happened with
the Cottonwood murders
and why they never got the killer.
Isn't it funny that
after all these years,
they still haven't caught the killer?
Actually it's pretty common for police
to just overlook certain
clues and never determine
what actually happened.
Overlook clues, what do you mean?
Not necessarily overlook,
just they get excited
about something, they
miss something obvious
and not it's our job to
help them figure it out.
But we're gonna have problems with that.
What do you mean?
I mean we're not cops.
We can't just go interrogating
the police for information.
Why is that funny?
Because I already have
Officer Lamry on call to do
a video chat and discuss the murders.
Officer Lamry, who the hell's that?
He's the head detective
for the Cottonwood case.
We'll talk to him later.
But first we should do some research.
Let's go to the library.
So I just
press this red button?
Yep, but don't press it now,
you're already recording.
Okay, so we're on our way to
the library to do some research
on the Cottonwood murders.
Hang on, do you think they'll let us
bring the camera inside?
They fucking better,
this is my final grade.
I've got to get this in.
Seriously slit a throat
if I don't finish this.
That's good.
That doesn't scare me in
any way, shape or form,
doing documentary on
serial killers, murders
and you talking about slitting throats,
that's not scary at all.
Dude, seriously?
Go ahead.
How's this gonna work?
I got this girl.
We gotta find a computer.
There we go, look, here's a computer.
Let's start.
Look, it says here that there's footage
of the killings happening.
It says that each of the victims became
paranoid in some way and
set up cameras in their room
because they were afraid
of someone coming in.
Yeah, tell me about it.
It also says here that
right after the killing,
the killer cut off the tape
before they revealed themselves.
That's pretty genius,
horrific at the same time.
This person knows what they're doing.
They're becoming famous
without any recognition.
Okay so we have the detective
coming up on video chat
right now and we are
gonna get some answers.
Okay, I've almost got it.
It says he's online.
And we're good to go.
Okay, connect with him.
Already on.
Dude, grab this
and film me talking to him.
I'm not a dude and
why can't I talk to him?
Just do it.
Hey Detective.
I'm James and this is Denise.
Thank you for doing an interview with us.
It's my pleasure James.
But just so you know, I can't
give you a lot of information.
It's an ongoing investigation
and I don't wanna lose my job.
Completely understandable Detective.
Why don't you start by
just introducing yourself
and your role in the investigation?
Well, I'm Detective Mike Lamry... PD.
I've been on the force for 22 years,
and I've been on the Cottonwood case
for the past three years.
We have yet to find out any motive
or any persons of interest.
How is it that you haven't had a POI,
or person of interest in this case at all?
We honestly have no leads
other than the video tapes
that you heard about on the news.
Aside from showing how
the murders happened,
the tapes themselves
reveal almost nothing.
But they do reveal something?
Over the years, the killer
or killers are growing,
becoming more skillful.
It's as if they are learning
more with each kill.
Now, while this isn't entirely uncommon,
I find it disturbing and
smart at the same time.
Then there's the grow factor.
Grow factor?
Whoever's doing this, they're growing.
Not just in skill and proficiency,
but literally, physically growing.
In the early murders, forensic estimated
the killer's height to be 5'2",
but the last murder
put the killer at 5'6".
Are you saying that a young
teenager has been committing
these murders?
It would seem unlikely,
but the evidence points
in that direction.
But we have no real leads.
We can't question every high
school student in the county,
that just wouldn't be feasible.
Is there anything else you
can tell us about the murders?
Honestly James, I just
want you to be careful.
This is a touchy subject
and if somebody finds out
about your project it might piss some off.
Serial killers don't
think like normal people.
They kill without any regret.
Just be careful.
Okay, we will.
Thank you so much for your time.
My pleasure James.
Well, that was a little intense.
I have no clue.
Could be our age.
Okay, yes, this is a little
weird for a documentary,
but I figure why not put
myself in the victim's shoes?
Is it creepy?
Yes, but it's getting into
the moment, so whatever.
What are you doing?
Oh god.
I'm your friend.
Don't we look cute?
How was that for your fucking documentary?
Time to do some deleting.
What is this about?
Heather's leaving and she
wanted me to record some stuff
while she's in Europe so
she can feel more at home.
That's so cheesy.
Maybe, but she's our friend.
You're friend you mean.
So that's high
praise coming from you.
Remember that time
that we went to the lake
and she was all like, you're
so brave to wear a bikini.
She knows how I feel, I doubt
it'll come as a surprise.
Speaking of surprises, did
you hear about Pauline Fleming?
The one from high school?
Yeah, that from sophomore
year, homecoming queen,
the nice hair.
Last week she killed
herself, she hung herself.
Get the fuck out of here.
Yeah, it's pretty crazy.
Hmm, what's crazy?
Pauline Fleming from high school,
she hung herself last week.
Oh, the one with the hair?
Yeah, that's her.
Hmm, well, that's a tragedy.
Let's just talk happy stuff.
I mean I do leave for Europe in a week,
and then Paris and Prague
and who freaking else cares?
Thank you Ronnie so much for
doing this video thing for me.
I mean, it means so much.
I love you so much.
Oh and uh, you too Betty.
I'm so happy to do it Heather.
It's like I'm going too that way.
Enough of that shit, you
guys aren't gonna believe this.
Brenda Walsh, that beauty
queen who went to West Brook,
she was found dead from
an apparent suicide.
It says she posted to
social media that she was
gonna do it, then she was
found dead in the bathtub
with her wrists slashed.
What is up with these people?
It's like killing
yourself is going trendy.
Yeah, everyone just, I
mean, anything to be popular,
but whatever.
I gotta go kids.
Busy, busy, so much to do before...
go to Europe, we know.
Hey, just video taping a
little bit of home sweet home
before you leave.
Little memories like that
time you got fucked up on
Jaeger bombs and I had to hold
your hair in the bathroom.
That was disgusting.
Or the time we made
s'mores, not so disgusting.
I can still smell the chocolate.
Oh my god that was super good.
Or the time at the barbecue.
That was so much fun and
the food was really good.
What's going on?
What are you talking about?
What are you doing here?
Veronica, shhh.
What the fuck?
Remember Veronica, that
guy in high school, J.D.?
He used to have like sexual fantasies
every time he would try
to choke me out while
we had sex.
Huh, do you remember him?
He kinda taught me a thing or two.
Nighty night princess.
I want you both to dance on my grave
I'll strip to the
I thought we were friends?
I know, I know.
You know, it's just so
hard being this pretty.
Like you don't understand
all the stress I go through.
Ronnie, you really were a good friend.
And I'm gonna miss you, Besty.
Fuck you.
I thought you would understand all this.
But, you know, I never really
noticed how perfect I am,
and I have to be the
only one that is perfect.
You can't have better
lips than me, and you do.
And you can't have better
hair than me, or teeth
or anything about that nature, so,
What are you doing?
So tonight, you're gonna OD on heroine.
Fuck off you crazy bitch.
Guess you must have been
hiding it from everyone.
So, let's see.
So then tonight, I mean, you
just couldn't take it anymore
since you were, you just
couldn't take it anymore, life.
So you're just gonna
show that you were ODing
Get the fuck away from me.
Get the fuck away from me!
Fuck off!
That was the first one, five milligrams.
You're gonna be feeling pretty
fine right about now, Ronnie.
Fucking crazy bitch.
And this.
You were my friend!
Bye bye birdie.
All right, so this, you're
gonna be making history, Ronnie.
Almost there.
Is this stuff real?
Man your dad had a found
footage fetish or something.
No, he had this stuff,
but I don't know why.
But the answers here, it's somewhere.
By the way you really
smell and you look terrible.
Were you up all night watching this stuff?
It wasn't my intentions.
I put these movies in, and I keep,
I've been captivated.
I tried to go to sleep, it just,
it just kept bringing me back.
Okay, well, I should go so
you can clean up and sleep.
No, no, look, I like the company.
Makes me,
Makes me happy that I have
two sets of eyes watching.
All right, well, if you
fall asleep I'm bailing.
But energy drinks is what does it.
And um,
that's what,
Whose camera is that?
Uh, that's my dads.
Does it still work?
I honestly have no clue.
Oh look, it lights up.
Huh, okay.
Cool, well, I'm gonna go shower
and you can sit here
and click these links.
Have you watched them already?
Nah, when I was uploading the
VHS tapes and the beta tapes
I got the links and I put it together.
So all ya gotta do is just give it a click
and you're good to go.
All right, just sit
here and I'll go and shower.
What if I see something
I don't want to see?
I don't know.
I had to cut in quick,
'cause as I'm reviewing it,
I'm putting it in the pieces
and I have to explain it.
I'm still smoking.
I know, it's gonna kill me, right?
Long pauses.
Seems fitting.
Seems fitting for what I'm documenting.
I don't know
where this is going.
I haven't even seen the rest
of what my brother found.
I do know about those
girls 'cause he called me
and he told me.
He said, "Hey there's two hot
chicks that live next door."
So if you have kids or
whoever's watching, don't,
just don't let 'em watch the rest.
'Cause ya know, I don't
know what to expect.
Shut up.
So, tell me
Brian, what do we plan
on seeing here?
In fact, why don't you
tell all of our viewers
where we're going?
Well, as you guys know,
I have this speculation
and theory of the death clock.
We're on our way to the
one place that several
incidences have happened.
This one place is the factor
in all of my research.
All videos posted so far
has lead up to this one.
Way to plug your own videos buddy.
All I'm saying is, you're
making it sound a lot
cooler than it is.
The time is now, right?
Listen, you guys knew
what tonight was about.
If you didn't wanna come,
you coulda just stayed home
and played Xbox or something.
The fact that what we're
saying is getting you mad,
is the reason why we keep giving you hell.
You do realize that, right?
Yeah, I know, but
it's fun to see the look
in your faces when I do act upset.
That is the key, is to always act upset.
Hunter, why you so shy right now?
No input from you?
What is this, your gay
fantasy of men arguing?
Oh hah hah, Brian.
Real funny.
I almost creamed my pants.
This is the place?
Yep, owners contacted me
about something going on here.
But this is a new development isn't it?
When has that ever mattered?
The things going on here
matches several places
we've checked out already.
Hey Hunter, get the
light real quick please?
You ready Hunter?
All right, let's do this.
It's now time.
It's just a rat, come
on, let's do this thing.
Hey everyone, tonight we're
here at the Silhouette Home
housing development.
Four months into it,
two workers disappeared
and yet still others
reported strange noises.
A disembodied voice and the
feeling of being watched.
But tonight, we're gonna
see what the deal is.
How would you feel if
it's your time to go.
Join me here on my channel
and we'll get to the bottom
of my theory, the death clock.
All right, cut.
Are you sure you
don't wanna do that again?
No, I'm good, Goodbye.
All right.
Very spokesperson of you.
You had me going there
for a minute, really,
with the missing people.
Ashton, four people really
did go missing in here.
Shut the hell up, really?
Yeah man.
My friend's sister was the
one who covered the case.
Hey, can you guys
come help me out real quick?
Okay, so this first one
is supposed to be the main
ingredient on what went on here.
Let's see here, there it is.
Okay, let's see what we got here.
Oh fuck.
I thought you packed the infrared gear.
I did it.
I mean, I checked it like
right before we walked in.
Like literally right before we walked in.
Dude, look, there's
fucking nothing here!
Umm, okay, that's weird.
I mean,
All right, hang on, follow me.
Hey, have you guys seen...
What the hell?
Hey you guys all right? guys doing?
Blane are you getting this?
Yeah, I'm not
sure what's going on though.
Count down has begun.
- Found.
- What the fuck?
- Brian what the...
- He's dead!
He's fucking dead!
What the fuck
did you bring us to man?
The fucking door's jammed!
What are you doing Blane?
Oh god, what the fuck?
- Parker?
- Three.
What the, what the fuck?
What the...
What the fff,
Who are, who are you?
I am death.
The time is now.
What's up everybody?
It's your twisted freak.
I wanna speak today
about sanity in the insane.
They say people like me are insane
because we wear masks,
because we like being twisted and dark.
'Cause we let the voices tell
us what they want us to do.
But let me tell you,
we aren't insane.
We have more sanity than most of y'all.
I bet you're wondering why do I think
that there's a bit of sanity inside of me.
It's because I know the truth.
I know the truth of this world.
A truth that y'all are scared to see.
So I'm gonna go to y'all's every day life,
live a perfect normal life.
But there's no such thing as normal.
There's no such thing as sanity.
Everybody is a little insane.
It's just people like me,
we embrace the insanity.
We put on the mask
to release it.
We put on the face paint
to show our true selves.
Under this is nothing.
Just a normal person.
But this,
when I put this on
I release the true me.
I release the twisted inside of me.
You can call us insane,
but the reason why we do this
is because we know how the world works.
We know that it's not all
rainbows and sunshine though.
We see the true darkness in this world.
We see the true darkness
that's in our government.
We see the true darkness
that's everywhere.
That you don't wanna see.
'Cause you're scared.
You're scared that you might be like me.
I say embrace it.
Embrace the insane.
We know the true colors.
We look around and we see
the evil and the corruption.
The chaos and the anarchy
that comes everywhere
around you.
And we embrace it and we make it our own.
Get with the program people.
Join the chaos.
Trying to.
Uh, all right.
Dad, Dad!
What the fuck are you doing?
Dude, seriously?
Get the fuck out of here!
Oh my god, oh my god.
Ron, I think I just,
What the fuck?
Where are you?
Ron, what the fuck?
Ron, what are you doing?
Is that your dad?
Ron, Ron, put the ha...
What are you doing here?
What the fuck are you doing?
Oh, oh, got it working!
Got it working!
Finally, only took
you what, three hours?
Well, uh, let's see, I got it working so
shut your face.
Have focus and everything,
oh yeah, yeah, got it, got it.
All right, ready?
For what?
We're gonna go record.
So why we going to the pit?
Well, it's the cool looking
place we got around here
and I kinda wanna get like
some really good stuff
on this camera 'cause, it looks
all HD and clear and crap.
Your mom's gay.
What's wrong Justin?
You cold out here?
Yes, I'm freezing my nips off.
Oh hey Tyler.
Oh it's Tyler.
Fuck you guys.
What was that?
Lets keep walking.
You think he's still mad at us?
I think so.
It's just one
dump in his mailbox.
Hold a grudge much?
Come on dude!
Hey hold up.
Hold my hat.
It's just barbed wire.
I don't wanna cut myself.
Oh my god.
You need some help?
Help me up.
I can't believe I got that!
Are you all right?
You're a douche bag.
You're a fucking dick.
That was priceless.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry.
No, no, I swear to god,
you touch me one more time,
I'm gonna beat you in
your sleep with a pillow
with my soul in it!
Hey Aaron, need a hand?
Oh, hell no.
Yeah, real funny.
Dude, I actually
really like this camera.
You better,
paid $500 for that thing.
Why'd you pay $500?
'Cause I bought it at bithbae
why'd you get it there?
That's the only place I
could find a good camera.
Why didn't you go to Walmart,
they have good Canons there?
Yeah, maybe used.
Hey Aaron.
Can you please not get
me while I'm pissing?
Why not?
Dude! Justin!
Come look at this.
I was talking.
This is weird.
What kind of artist drew this?
Probably somebody just trying to scare us.
No, no, no.
No dude, I've seen this.
I read about this the other night.
It's this whole crazy thing dude.
There's this whole website
right here explaining
everything to do with this.
It explains eight pages
including one just like this.
And we so happen to live by
that forest for some reason.
Uh, okay.
Apparently all these
people who drew these pages
saw him right before they drew it.
Saw who?
He's called the Slenderman.
So apparently there's more than
one of these pages?
Not too sure...
I think we should go.
We should find 'em, maybe
we can find the other ones.
Ya know, thing is,
let's do it, I'm bored,
got nothing to do.
It's dark out here, I can't see crap.
Freaking dark, oh my god.
Okay, okay, I'm
gonna adjust the flashlight.
Yep, it works.
Ready for this?
Yeah, I'm ready.
All right.
All right,
um, I think we should
go and look where we found the first page.
Pfft, if we can
even find our way out here.
It's so dark.
I can only see the trees
that are like up close to me.
Hey man, I wanna record.
Okay, here.
Hey, watch out.
- Oh god.
- Dude, hey.
- Dude, I tripped
- Right over here.
Oh my god,
it, come here, Aaron!
Look at this.
Leave me alone.
Dude, we found another page!
You need to come look at this.
Found the tree.
That's the same tree
we found the page on, heh!
I'm a celebrity.
Oh yeah.
All right, ah.
Oh shit!
Fuck you talking about?
I swear to
god it was right here.
What dude, what is?
Slender? Bullcrap!
- I swear to...
- You're full of crap!
I swear to god dude.
Where's my camera?
It's right there.
Get it!
Leave my camera on the ground!
I'm sorry, I swear I saw him.
Dude, it's the woods.
You're seriously hallucinating.
I swear to god.
Just calm down.
You know how many animals
there are in this forest?
A lot?
Gimme the camera.
You're too scared right now.
Oh my god dude.
Look, look down, right there.
Oh dude, it's another page.
What does it say?
Always watches no eyes.
What? Slenderman?
I guess so.
It's confusing.
Found the third page, yeah!
Ow, oh dude,
that light is bright.
Hey, you done scoping out the area?
It's a page.
Another one?
What does this one say?
No, no, no, no, no...
What the crap!
What was that?
- Oh god!
- Run dude!
Oh crap, no, no, no, no.
I don't know where to go.
Dude, come on!
Please be okay, dude.
What the hell?
No, no, no, no, no, no.
Screw you!
He's okay.
He's just fine.
He can find his way home.
He's gonna be okay.
Oh my god.
I'm so sick of this game!
What's up everybody?
It's the twisted freak.
Now, this ain't a long video.
I just want to let each
and every one of my freaks
out there know
that we got a lot of new stuff
fixin' to happen
on the page.
A lot of changes
that you're gonna like.
The first new change is the name.
It's fixin' to be changed
to Southern Madness.
Well, I'm southern born and bred,
and I'm out of my mind.
And another thing.
I'm gonna love this.
You're fixin' to have a
new friend on the page.
The only good thing is, his
ass don't talk too much.
So I'll still be the one that talks a lot.
But get ready.
'Cause we're fixin' to have
more and more twisted fun.
Coming soon.
Ron, just calm down all right?
Just put the hammer down
and we can talk about this.
Just, Ron, listen to me.
I'm not Ron!
Shut up!
Shut up!
Smash the tape!
You had to?
I, wha...
So I have to clean up your
mess every fucking time.
I'm not him.
I'm not him.
I didn't...
I didn't kill my dad.
Yes you did.
Yes you did.
No, I didn't.
Get out of my head.
Didn't kill my dad.
I didn't kill my...
You see what happens here?
There's a time when we come together
and we just gather around the...
But no we don't, no we don't, no we don't.
Yes, we do.
We see what they don't know about you
is that you can't be controlled.
No one would...
Stop it!
Stop it!
Why is this,
Why is this happening?
Why is this happening to me?
I didn't, don't remember killing.
I've been in England for
the past fucking two years.
No, no, you've been out...
I've been in England, studying
at the missionary place
because that's what Dad wanted.
No, you weren't, you were...
Yes I was.
No you weren't.
Yes I was.
No you
I guess we all go a
little crazy sometimes.
Sometimes we just have to accept it.
What do you expect?
And will you accept who you are?
Okay listen, Uncle Saul,
I hope this makes it to you
in time, okay?
I've just come across
a collection of videos
of Henry that I'm
uploading to you right now.
Listen, there are more
Betamaxes out there.
I couldn't get to all of them in time,
but each one has this strange footage.
You'll understand more when
I send this to you, okay?
Someone from the government just tried
to get in contact with me.
And I have a great feeling that they're
on their way right now.
Their interest, their
interest concerns me.
They're really determined
to stop the world
from seeing these tapes or
even having them released.
With all the powers that
be, I hope these files
can make it to you...
They're here.
Good luck Uncle, good luck.