Paranoiac (1963) Movie Script

This service which
we are holding today...
is in memory
of our dear friends...
John and Mary Ashby...
and their son, Antony.
John and Mary Ashby were known
and loved by you all.
We members of
this little community...
remember them
for their many kindnesses...
they showed
to each and every one of us.
And although it is
11 years since their...
Since we lost them
in such tragic circumstances...
we still remember them
with respect and affection.
How much more poignant...
must be the memories
of the Ashby family...
of Harriet Ashby,
John's sister...
who so gallantly assumed
the responsibility...
of bringing up the children.
Of the children themselves.
Little Eleanor.
What can ever replace
the gap left in her life...
by the death
of her dear mother and father?
And Simon Ashby...
who still plays the organ
in this church occasionally...
as he has done
since he was 15 years old.
How full of sorrow
must his heart be?
For not only did
he suffer the shock...
of losing both his parents...
but, and in circumstances
no less tragic...
the loss of his only brother.
And today...
we must also
remember Antony Ashby...
who, blinded by grief
at the death of his parents...
took his own life.
He was young,
little more than a child.
You've all seen
him sitting here...
a member of this choir.
What he did was sinful
in the eyes of God.
But God is merciful,
and in his mercy...
he would have taken this
little boy into his kingdom...
there to join
the mother and father...
that he had loved
and missed so much.
We will now sing
hymn number 256...
2, 5, 6...
omitting verses
three and four.
Under the circumstances, don't
you think it'd be better...
Yes, of course.
Do you feel better?
What is it?
Did you hear
something that upset you?
No, I'm all right now.
I'm sorry.
We'll go to the fresh air.
You saw what happened?
Vividly, Aunty.
Well, why don't
you go and help her?
Help her? Why should I?
What do we pay
that expensive nurse for?
Do you want a lift, Aunty?
You saw something,
didn't you?
You saw something
at the church.
It frightened you.
No, it didn't frighten me.
What did you see?
Tony, your brother?
He's come to fetch me.
But, Eleanor, he's dead.
Tell me about him.
They were happy times
when Tony was alive.
At least they
were for me, anyway.
Tony made them that way.
Then suddenly the happy times
were finished.
He wasn't there anymore.
He committed suicide.
That's what they said.
But he did,
he drowned himself.
He left a note.
Yes, he did.
Then how could
you have seen him today?
Unless I'd imagined it?
People who are as close as
Tony and I were in life...
they can't just
be separated by death.
It can't be.
It is, Eleanor.
The living have to face it.
Not if they have faith
in the dead.
And I have faith.
I have faith in Tony.
It's been such a long time,
nearly eight years.
But I knew he'd come for me.
I knew it.
Look, Eleanor,
how could Tony come for you?
I don't know.
Think about it.
Your brother has been dead now
for eight years.
He drowned himself.
He jumped over the cliff.
He must have been smashed
on the rocks.
No, please.
Please, stop it.
All right.
But you cannot
possibly have seen Tony.
He's dead.
Where have you been?
I have been drinking.
Now I am going to drink
some more.
I would have thought
on the day of the service...
What would you
have thought, Aunty?
That I would have on
my sackcloth and ashes?
They've been dead 11 years.
It's your idea to resurrect
them once a year...
and parade them
in front of the villagers.
I suppose respect
for the dead...
would be expecting
a little too much from you.
Come, Aunt Harriet...
this is Simon
you're speaking to now.
Your only concern is to
keep alive the Ashby legend.
The good name of the family.
Now if you'd behave like
a normal human being...
I wouldn't have to.
Before you start
apportioning the blame...
how do you suppose it looked letting
little Eleanor behave like that in public?
Must've given the villagers
a marvelous tidbit.
Your sister is sick.
She's very upset, disturbed.
Aunty dear,
my sister's insane.
If you're so concerned about the
good name of the Ashby family...
I think the best thing
you could do...
is to have her certified
as a lunatic...
and locked up.
You'd really like that,
wouldn't you, Simon?
Look who's here, Aunty.
It's little
Miss Florence Nightingale.
What is it, Francoise?
Miss Eleanor asked
to be excused dinner.
Make her come down.
Tell the kitchen...
to send a tray up
to her room.
how is my little sister?
She's upset.
You're a master of
the understatement...
aren't you?
Why don't you admit
she's out of her mind?
I'm a nurse.
Only a doctor could say that.
No, Tony, wait for me.
Just because you're coming
into some money...
doesn't mean to say you
can behave just as you like.
Yes, Aunt Harriet.
There are certain standards,
you know...
even for the rich.
As an Ashby,
you'll be expected to comply.
Yes, Aunty.
And not make your own rules.
Yes, Aunty.
You realize that,
don't you?
You don't even try, Simon.
You go around upsetting the neighbors,
antagonizing the local people...
drinking too much.
It's only
because your name's Ashby...
that you haven't landed up
in prison...
on two occasions.
The magistrates were...
Just a minute.
What is it?
What on earth is she doing?
she's out in the garden.
I've just seen her.
But I just left her
five minutes ago.
Where are you?
Eleanor, where are you?
Tony? No, don't go!
What are you doing, child?
He's gone.
You've frightened him away.
You've frightened him away!
Who's gone?
I was going to go with him.
He was here
and you frightened him away!
Go away, leave me alone.
Please, leave me alone!
Take her to her room
and lock the door.
Come on. Come with me.
He was there, I saw him.
He was going to take me
with him.
Here, take this.
What is it?
Just sleeping pills.
Are you all right now?
Good night.
Little Eleanor
safely tucked up?
I gave her a sedative.
You're getting
better and better.
That fainting bit
in church today.
Very remarkable.
What did you do to her?
Nothing. Nothing at all?
She told me
she saw something.
Perhaps she is going mad.
Unless she did see something.
The congregation weren't a
particularly inspiring little group.
Hardly enough
to make her faint.
She saw it again
in the garden just now.
I'm worried about her, Simon.
If she is going mad, she needs
a doctor, proper attention.
You're a nurse.
I'm not a nurse.
You knew that
when you brought me here.
You're not a nurse.
You've got
other qualifications.
You free for the evening?
The rest of
the night's your own?
Sleep tight, my darling.
Sleep tight.
Where have you been?
I'm sorry, sir.
I thought
all the family had retired.
Well, they haven't.
I want
another bottle of brandy.
Don't just stand there, man!
Get it!
I'm sorry, sir,
there is no more brandy.
Why not?
The wine merchant.
Something about
an unpaid account, sir.
And there is also the garage.
Kent tried to get
some petrol today.
I'm afraid that they won't allow
you any further credit, sir.
If I may say so...
You may not, Williams!
You may not say anything.
And if you'll be so good,
tomorrow you'll get me...
another dozen bottles
of brandy.
Without settling
your account, sir, I...
Don't argue with me,
man, get it!
And what is more,
I consider 20 pounds a week...
to be quite adequate
for the family wine allowance.
I have instructed the
wine merchants accordingly.
Now I'll settle your account
with the garage...
but apart from that,
there'll be no more money.
By what right do you
sit and pontificate...
on what money
I can or cannot have?
By my right as executor
of your parents' estate.
Whose money is it, anyway?
It most certainly
isn't yours.
It will be soon.
In three weeks.
Then stretch a point.
Let me have some now.
Look at these
motor cars, alcohol...
trips to America,
holidays on the Continent...
and that yacht.
You paid them all,
didn't you?
Yes, I did, but only
after the suppliers...
to take you to court.
It seems your family name...
means more to me
than it does to you.
You're beginning to sound
like Aunt Harriet.
You consistently overspent
your allowance...
and you've run up debts...
that you had no possible hope
of meeting.
Whereas your sister,
Eleanor, has...
Don't bring her into it.
She's out of her mind.
No doubt you would wish...
to have her
certified as such.
We're not
completely stupid, Simon...
even if you like to think so.
And just exactly
what's that supposed to mean?
I suppose
it had entered your mind...
that with Eleanor
out of the way...
you'd come into her share of
the money as well as your own?
Yes, Mr. Kossett,
it has entered my mind.
Yes, I thought as much.
So what?
Nothing. But for as long as
I have control of the money...
you're not getting
a penny more.
Even if
you're dragged through...
every court
in the British Isles.
In three weeks' time, you
come into the full estate.
Then you can do
what you like...
but not till then.
All right, Kossett,
three weeks.
And then do you know
what I'm gonna do?
Drink yourself to death,
I shouldn't wonder.
I'm going to find myself...
the best firm of
accountants I can...
and get them to look into
the affairs of the trust.
With what in mind?
To find out how much money you've
embezzled in the last 10 years.
Show Mr. Ashby out, Keith.
I'll talk to him, Father.
Do what you like
but keep him away from me.
Pompous old windbag.
Come into my office.
Care for a drink?
You didn't mean that about
the accountants, did you?
Yes. Worried?
You should be, Keith.
You father's so honest,
he'd rather cut his throat...
than take anything
that didn't belong to him.
But you...
You're like me, Keith.
You like expensive things.
I'm not saying you've dug
too deeply into the trust.
But I've a feeling there'll be
a few thousand unaccounted for.
How about being
a good fellow and let me...
have 100 quid
for a couple of weeks?
We'll forget all about it.
Dear God...
please forgive me.
Miss Eleanor?
I'll take her to her room.
It's still the same one?
At the end of the corridor.
Up here.
Quick, bring her in here.
What happened?
Where did you find her?
Is she all right?
I think so.
Well, where's the young man?
I don't know, he left.
It was him,
Miss Ashby, I'm sure of it.
Stop being a fool, Williams.
let's go and find him.
Yes, miss?
Who was he?
It was Mr. Tony, miss.
Why the hell don't you look
where you're going?
Hey, you, come here!
Did you hear what I said?
Come inside, both of you.
I want to speak to you.
Come in, please.
I want to talk to you.
Williams, take him up
to Mr. Simon's room...
and get him some
dry clothes, will you please?
Yes, Miss Ashby.
Will you come
with me, please, sir?
Tony, is it really you?
How do you feel?
I feel wonderful.
Come closer.
Sit down.
I was beginning to
think Simon was right.
What about?
He thinks I'm mad.
That isn't true, Eleanor.
Simon only worries about you.
You will tell me everything,
won't you, Tony?
help me to understand.
I think your aunt is waiting
to speak to Mr. Ashby.
Then later. Promise?
I promise.
Tony, I'm so happy.
I'll see you later.
I'm going to get up
for dinner.
I don't think you should.
Of course I should.
Tony's come back.
Come in here, please.
Sit down.
Who are you
and what do you want?
You know who I am,
Aunt Harriet.
I know who you'd like
us to think you are.
And please call me Miss Ashby.
Miss Ashby.
You'd like us to think
you're Tony Ashby...
wouldn't you?
I don't know
what your game is...
but in case
you are unaware of the fact...
Tony Ashby committed suicide
eight years ago.
And he left a note saying,
"I can't stand it any longer.
Please forgive me. "
You read about
that in the papers, of course.
He left a note
on the cliff top...
to make it look
as though it was suicide.
But it wasn't.
They didn't find a body,
did they, Miss Ashby?
They didn't, did they?
The tide is
very strong there.
There wasn't a body.
I just ran away.
You just ran away. Why?
Because I couldn't stand
being with you...
for a moment longer,
Aunt Harriet.
Then why have you come back?
To see the house.
To see Eleanor.
It seems I was just in time.
So you think you can just
march in here out of the blue.
I didn't come
marching in here.
If Eleanor hadn't
tried to kill herself...
I'd have left
without showing myself.
Then why don't
you do just that, now?
I shall...
when I find out what
you've been doing to her.
When I left, she was a normal,
healthy girl.
She was upset when Mother
and Father were killed...
but quite sane.
Now look at her.
How dare you?
How dare he what,
Aunt Harriet?
Return to his own home?
I'm sorry
I ran off like that.
You gave me a bit of a shock.
I'm afraid
we're a bit short of brandy...
but we can manage
anything else.
Not for me, thank you.
Come on,
this is an occasion.
I still don't drink.
No, of course not.
I'm afraid I do.
You'll have to excuse me.
You'll appreciate the
fact that your arrival...
was a bit
of a surprise for us.
You'll have
to give us a little time...
to adapt ourselves,
won't he, Aunt Harriet?
Of course, I understand.
You're very generous.
Tell me, as a matter of curiosity,
what were you doing on the cliffs...
when our sister
decided to take the plunge?
I was making up my mind
whether to come here or not.
You hadn't decided?
Not even with half
a million pounds at stake?
Half a million?
600,000, to be exact.
Surely you knew.
If you are who
you claim to be...
where have you been?
Does it matter?
Yes, we'll check on it.
On every move you say you've
made for the past eight years.
That shouldn't be difficult,
I've nothing to hide.
You always were very honest,
weren't you, brother?
Simon, we don't know...
No, Aunty,
we don't know, do we?
Still, let's be democratic
about the whole thing.
Innocent until proven guilty.
our little sister has returned
from a watery grave.
So has our brother, Simon.
Well said,
little sister.
Are you sure you ought
to be up so soon, Eleanor?
Yes, I've never felt better
in my life.
Isn't it wonderful
to have him back with us?
Yes, indeed.
We're all thrilled.
Dinner is served, Miss Ashby.
Well, shall we?
Although I'm not dressed
for the occasion.
That doesn't matter.
I left my clothes
at the hotel.
We'll send
the car for them later.
Williams has gone to bed.
I said I'd stay up for you.
Thank you.
Is that all?
Yes, I've been traveling
for eight years.
I find it easier
to travel light.
Always on the move.
Until now.
You must tell
us all about it.
It sounds fascinating.
We've put you
in Tony's old room.
I probably
won't recognize it.
It's been so long.
No, probably not.
you remember where it is?
Yes, thank you. After you.
I think I'll stay
down here for a bit.
After you.
Goodnight, brother.
Tony, there you are.
I've been looking
for you everywhere.
Well, now you've found me.
Come and sit down.
You've got to get back
to the house.
Mr. Kossett
is here to see you.
Yes, you remember.
Old Mr. Kossett, the lawyer.
Old Mr. Kossett.
I thought you meant Keith.
Tony, Simon,
and Harriet are with him.
They'll try to trick you.
Be careful.
How do you do, young man?
You certainly look the part,
I must say.
How are you, Mr. Kossett?
So, you know me?
Yes, of course I do.
Then you'll know what I gave
you for your tenth birthday.
I'm sorry.
Your tenth birthday,
what did I give you?
Don't you remember?
I do.
Then you have
a better memory than I do.
I haven't the faintest idea.
Of course he hasn't.
He's an imposter.
Wait a minute.
On my ninth birthday
you gave me a fountain pen.
My eleventh...
a bicycle I think it was...
and for my twelfth, a train.
But my tenth,
I really can't remember.
I see.
All right, young man, suppose
we get down to brass tacks.
Who are you
and what do you want?
I'm Tony Ashby.
You're not going to take
his word for it?
No, Harriet, I'm not.
I have a number of questions
I want to ask.
Have you any objection
to my asking them here?
Sit down.
Thank you.
Your full name?
Antony James Ashby.
Mother and father's names?
John and Mary.
They are dead.
They were killed in an
airplane crash 11 years ago.
Where were they going
at that time?
New York.
Both of them?
I'm asking the questions,
Then ask him sensible ones.
Any newspaper
could tell him these.
Please allow me
to do this my way.
I know what that means.
You want him
to be Tony, don't you?
It's true, Aunt Harriet.
Our Mr. Kossett doesn't particularly
like me, do you, Kossett?
Whether I like you or not has
no bearing on what I have to do.
Doesn't it?
You'll excuse me
if I don't stay...
to watch the farce,
won't you?
Simon, where are you going?
If you want to stay here
and watch...
these people rob me,
you're welcome.
Simon, please.
I'm going for a drive.
I shall probably get drunk.
Coming, Aunt Harriet?
See what you're doing to him?
I see him behaving abominably,
which is nothing new, is it?
Perhaps if you'll leave
us alone, we can get on.
No, I'm staying.
Please yourself, Harriet.
Yes, now your brother
had a pony, what was its name?
No, he didn't.
Yes he did, he did, John.
No, Aunt Harriet.
I had the pony.
But he made such a fuss,
we had to pretend...
it was his. You remember?
It was your idea.
What was its name?
Lts name was Clinker.
What was the name of your
best friend at school?
Arkwright, Robert Arkwright.
Had he
any brothers or sisters?
Yes, he had a brother.
He was a class ahead of me.
What was his nickname?
I can hardly tell you
in front of Aunt Harriet.
Tony Ashby doesn't drink.
Tony Ashby doesn't. I do.
Large brandy, please.
Your father seemed convinced.
That seems to be that then,
he's a difficult man to convince.
Yes, he is.
You're sure
he wasn't just pretending...
waiting to catch you out
when your guard's down.
No, I'm not sure, and I
don't care much anymore.
Come and sit down.
What's the matter?
Has the thought of money
grown suddenly distasteful?
No, it hasn't.
It's just what
I've been doing has.
Look, you knew what you were
in for right from the beginning.
I didn't know
the people involved then.
Don't tell me you like them.
Unless, of course, Eleanor?
Well, well, well.
I take it she has accepted you
as her brother.
Makes things a bit awkward
for you, doesn't it?
Still, mustn't grumble.
I mean, that was
the object of the exercise.
You go on drawing 100 quid a
week and living the life of Riley.
And everybody's happy.
Well, you must admit
I briefed you pretty well.
I say, did Father ask
you about that pony?
Yes, I knew he would.
I suggested it to him,
it's excellent.
It should be
plain sailing from now on.
You've just about thought
of everything, haven't you?
Just about.
What would you have done
if you hadn't found me?
I had one or two
other chaps lined up.
The resemblance
to Tony Ashby was...
purely superficial
in their cases...
but I might've
got away with it.
With you, the resemblance
was phenomenal.
You're perfect,
old boy, quite perfect.
Listen, I want...
You can get
five to ten years for fraud.
What can you get for stealing
half a million pounds?
Five to ten years.
You don't give me
much choice, do you?
None at all.
I think you'd better go now.
And watch it with Eleanor.
After all, she is
supposed to be your sister.
You took your time,
didn't you?
Real grape champagne.
You keep this up,
you'll never get rid of me.
Put more in mine, dear.
I love it.
I love champagne, too.
It does things for me.
Pity you don't use it
more often then, isn't it?
Why don't you go
and fry your face?
Watch it, mate, you're
spilling half of it overboard.
There's plenty more
where this come from.
I think you're right,
my beauty.
Anyway, here's yours, and
one for me, and one for you.
A toast.
What, another one?
A toast. Any objections?
No, go ahead.
I love dementia.
To my brother,
my long-lost brother...
who returned
from a watery grave.
God bless him.
To his brother.
Be careful, dear.
To Tony,
who we thought was dead.
But all
he was really doing...
was sleeping
40 fathoms below.
To Tony!
To half a million pounds.
I'll drink to that.
A bit balmy, ain't he?
Tony, you're not drinking.
Can't have that.
Can't even walk straight.
Come on, Tony.
Nobody is going to leave
you all by yourself.
Come on,
Tony, have one drink with me.
I cannot...
And then we'll go home.
Ease it off, hey?
Don't you mind,
this is between brothers.
Come on.
Leave the poor thing.
You've just been rude
to my brother.
I don't like your stupid face
or your pop eyes.
I'm going to do something
about it right now with these.
Come on, Tony, let's go home.
You're not Tony.
If this other gentleman
insisted on pressing charges...
your brother
would be inside by now.
I'd like you to give him a
message from me when he sobers up.
If ever I catch him around my place
again, I'll call the police myself.
All right. He's only drunk.
Only drunk?
I've seen drunks before.
You watch him.
Now take my word
for it, you watch him.
That's right,
Tony, you watch me.
I'll watch you.
Where'd you come
from this time, brother?
The landlord phoned.
He said
you weren't fit to drive.
He's right, wasn't he?
What's it feel like
being a millionaire?
I'm not.
Just formalities.
What sort of an allowance
are you going to make me?
I'll leave that to Kossett.
He knows more
about it than I do.
Very generous. Eleanor, too?
I don't know
who found you, or where...
but you're Tony to a tee,
I'll give you that.
Pompous, self-opinionated,
holier-than-thou, and dull. So dull.
Still don't believe
I'm Tony, do you?
Why not?
Just call it a hunch.
I'm afraid
you'll have to accept it.
I'll never
accept it, brother.
I'm drunk, Aunty.
But then
that's nothing new, is it?
Happy dreams, everyone.
Don't you touch him.
I think
you've done enough already.
Come on, Simon, put your
arm around me, that's it.
come into the house quickly.
But, Tony, how did it happen?
I hardly know myself.
I pushed open the door, and before
I could see anything properly...
before I knew
what's happening...
this thing appeared.
Someone was wearing a mask.
The next thing I knew,
I was on the ground.
If it wasn't for this arm, I'd
think I'd dreamt the whole thing.
I'm sorry.
You're doing fine.
Shouldn't we tell somebody?
The police.
You might have been killed.
I don't think so.
Not yet, anyway.
I'd rather wait to see
what happens next.
Tony, what does it all mean?
I don't know.
Has this sort of thing
ever happened to you before?
I've heard the organ playing
before and the boy singing.
No one ever seemed
to hear it but me.
I'd begun to think
it was all in my mind.
Did you ever go down
to see what was happening?
I was frightened.
Then why tonight?
I went to your room
to tell you about it...
but you weren't there, so I
guessed you'd gone downstairs.
I wanted to make sure
you were all right.
Look, I want you to go to your room...
take one
of your sleeping pills...
and sleep straight through
until the morning.
And no dreaming.
That's an order.
I'll try.
Eleanor, that singing,
whose voice was it?
I don't know...
but it sounded just like you,
before you went away.
There's one.
Another one.
You are happy,
aren't you, Tony?
Of course I am.
And you won't leave us again?
Does it mean so much to you?
It means everything.
Maybe I've changed.
Perhaps I'm not
the brother you remember.
Don't say that,
not even as a joke.
If something
were to happen to you now...
I don't know what I'd do.
Anyway, you are Tony, and
you the brother I remember.
It makes me feel safe
just having you near.
That's how it always
used to be, remember?
Do you remember when I used
to be frightened of anything...
you only had to speak
and I'd be all right again?
And when I had nightmares, you
used to come into my room...
and stay there
till I was asleep.
I always used
to feel contented...
at peace.
I feel that way now.
Thank you for
coming back, Tony.
I think we should go.
But it's not late, is it?
No, but I think we should.
All right.
I'll do that.
I'll turn the car around.
Tony! Help me!
Don't move!
Switch off the engine
and keep still!
Get out, over the windscreen!
I nearly left yesterday,
you know.
Why don't we both leave?
There's nothing
here for you anymore.
You'd come away with me?
Of course.
Isn't that why I came here in
the first place, to be with you?
I haven't got any money.
Money doesn't matter...
as long
as we have each other.
You're more stupid
than I gave you credit for.
What is it about you that
makes you want to hurt people?
I don't hurt people.
Yes, you do, all the time.
Your aunt, Eleanor, me.
Do I hurt you?
You're cruel.
Then you like me
hurting you, don't you?
Simon, let's go away.
There's no point.
With your brother back?
He won't be staying for long.
Why do you say that?
He won't.
What is it?
Who's there?
Tony, who is it?
Come up here.
I suppose it was inevitable that
you should find out eventually.
God knows,
I did my best to prevent it.
You should have taken warning
the first time.
But you might
have killed Tony.
I only wanted to keep him away
from the old chapel while...
Simon was there.
I didn't want anyone to know.
To know what?
Haven't you guessed?
Your brother's mad.
He's insane.
And it's his fault!
All of it.
For some reason...
he felt
responsible for Tony's death.
For weeks, even months,
he would be normal...
then he'd get one of these
terrible fits of depression again.
This ghastly
impersonation I have to do.
Only by pretending that his
brother is alive can he find peace.
It's hideous...
the whole thing hideous.
But what can I do?
What can I do?
For the past few years...
he seems to have
been all right.
I began to think that...
whatever it was that had been
troubling him had gone forever.
Then you chose to return, and
it has started all over again.
I had hoped that...
your return would rid him
of this feeling of guilt...
and to be finished with this
business once and for all.
But this hasn't happened.
Your arrival has started
the whole thing over again.
I know the reason.
Whatever anyone
else may think...
Simon doesn't believe
that you're his brother.
He doesn't believe that you're
his brother and neither do I!
She knew about Simon
all that time.
What are we going to do?
We don't have
to do anything, I mean...
he isn't hurting anyone.
It's not as simple as that.
The brakes in your car didn't
just fail by themselves.
Who was it?
She's in love with Simon.
That's a problem she'll
have to work out for herself.
You'd better
get back to sleep.
Good night, Tony.
Go away! Don't come near me!
I'm like Simon! I'm mad!
I'm insane, I'm dirty!
I'm mad.
Go away, please go away.
I'm in love with you.
I'm in love with you, Tony.
Do you understand
what that means?
He was right about me!
I'm mad! I'm insane!
Stop it! Eleanor,
stop it, listen to me.
Simon was right about me.
I'm mad.
Listen to me.
I never saw you
before I met you last week.
I'm an imposter, Eleanor.
I'm not your brother.
Where are you going?
I'm leaving.
You tried to kill your brother
and Eleanor, didn't you?
You're talking nonsense.
Up in my room this afternoon...
you said they wouldn't be here
for long.
You were shocked
when they came back.
Why were you so shocked?
Will you stop talking
like a fool?
Come here.
No, Simon, it's finished.
What makes you think
I'd let you go?
You don't have
any alternative, Simon.
If you try to stop me
or come after me...
I'll start telling people
what I know.
You don't know anything.
Enough for what?
You've always known that I
wasn't exactly the blue-eyed boy.
It's never seemed
to worry you before.
No, Simon, please.
I never
pretended to be anything...
that I wasn't.
Not to you, anyway.
Please, Simon.
I don't want you to go,
I need you.
I've waited so long
for you to say that.
It's true, I need you now
more than I ever did before.
I won't leave you,
my darling, I promise.
I know you won't.
I know you won't, my pretty.
Nobody ever leaves me.
Looking for someone?
If you're looking
for Francoise, she left.
Gone, last night.
That was a bit sudden,
wasn't it?
Very sudden.
Did she leave any message?
No message.
I'm sorry.
Are you? Why?
You didn't like her,
did you?
No, I didn't.
if it's your dear brother...
you're looking for,
he left, too.
It's all right. I have
a feeling he'll be back.
Did he say
where he was going?
My dear child,
does he ever confide in me?
My father isn't here today.
You should've made
an appointment.
I know. I've come to see you.
If Tony Ashby, the real
Tony Ashby, turned up...
what then?
That couldn't happen.
But if it did?
We'd both be found out,
wouldn't we?
That's why
I've come to warn you.
I assume you've been dipping
into the family estate.
That's none of your business.
I know it's not.
But you've got about
12 hours to cover up.
Wait a minute,
what have you found out?
I don't think Tony Ashby
jumped off that cliff.
I believe I know where he is.
Good evening, Williams.
Good evening, sir.
Where is everybody?
Never mind,
Williams, thank you.
Tony, where have you been?
I've been worried
about you all day.
I'm all right.
Where are the others?
Aunt Harriet is up
in her room, and Simon's out.
Darling, do you trust me?
Of course.
Well, pack your things.
We're leaving.
I don't know, does it matter?
Go to your room,
I'll pick you up later.
Get out. Get out of here.
How dare you touch that!
Get out!
No, Miss Ashby,
I'm looking for something.
Won't you leave him anything?
This is Simon's place,
it always has been.
You've no right to interfere.
has he got something to hide?
It's private.
I'm sorry.
What are you looking for?
Don't you know, Miss Ashby?
No, you can't have,
I won't let you.
Everything here
at High Tor is yours.
It all belongs to you now.
Do you have to end
by destroying everything?
I'm afraid so.
You had to be clever,
didn't you?
I had to find out.
So now you've found out, what
are you going to do about it?
I'll tell you, shall I?
Because Tony
isn't dead, is he?
I'm talking to him now.
How did you fake
that suicide note, Simon?
I didn't.
I got him to write it in a game
some time before. I kept it.
How long before?
A year, maybe two.
You made up your mind to
murder him when you were 13?
About then.
And you did
your best to murder me.
Not my best.
It made no difference to you
that Eleanor was with me.
Two birds with one stone.
That's what I thought.
Where are you going?
Where do you think?
Not to tell. You certainly
can't tell anybody.
Not unless you want to
say goodbye to the money.
I don't want the money.
You expect me
to believe that?
Believe what you like.
I don't want the money.
Why did you come
here in the beginning?
It's a long story.
It's not that important
He tried to fool us, Tony.
He tried to pretend
that he was you.
But he couldn't do it.
And we knew it, didn't we?
He had everyone else fooled.
It's too late.
Tony and I have had a talk.
We've decided
what's going
to happen to you.
You see, Tony's been alone
for a long time.
But he's going
to have company.
Because you're going
to join him, isn't it?
I told you
you'd destroy everything.
Yourself as well.
Hello, Aunt Harriet.
Come away from here, Simon.
I've got to kill him.
You see,
he knows what I did to Tony.
Come away from here.
Leave it to me.
Go back to the house, Simon.
I won't be a moment.
Simon belongs to me.
No one shall hurt him.
You're not going back to the
house, you're coming back with me.