Paranormal Activity: Next of Kin (2021) Movie Script

[microphone thumping]
- [people chattering]
- [dishes clattering]
Can you see it?
[Chris] Uh, yeah, a little,
but it looks good.
- All right, can you slate for me?
- Mm-hmm.
All right,
whenever you're ready.
Mmm, okay.
Uh, we are here in the beautiful
Denny's in Scottsdale, Arizona,
and I am about to meet my first
biological relative, Samuel.
- Samuel.
- Samuel.
You gonna tell them about all the
drunken nights here at this booth?
- You do not... You keep your mouth shut.
- Grand Slam.
I think that's him.
- [Chris] You think that's him?
- Mm-hmm.
[Chris] Yeah, he's trying to pay the
Uber with cash. That's definitely him.
- Samuel?
- Yeah, it's me.
- Cool. [chuckles]
- [laughs]
- Wow.
- Wow.
- Oh, this is crazy. Sorry.
- No, no, I'm...
uh, at a loss for words
- Are you hungry?
- Yeah, yeah.
Is that...
- Yeah, it's Chris.
- [Chris] Hey. How you doing?
[Samuel] So, you said that
this is gonna be a documentary?
Yeah. It's weird. I never thought I
would ever do anything about myself.
Feels kind of
but Chris
pushed me to do it.
Her story's too good.
- Some waters for you.
- Thank you.
Thank you.
I've actually, uh,
never, uh, been...
in front of a camera before.
Any camera?
- Yeah.
- What?
Yeah, we're typically not supposed to
be, um... photographed,
'cause, you know,
uh, vanity is a sin.
Ah. Right, right.
But there are exceptions,
if our elders condone it.
Yeah, you had said on the phone
that you left the community.
- Right?
- Yeah.
And how long ago
has it been?
seven months, I think.
Is this weird
for your adopted parents?
It is, but could I have gone
on living the rest of my life
not finding out
who my real family was?
Yeah, it'd be fine,
but I think for a lot of us people who
have been given up by their parents,
there's always
something missing.
Anyway, to find out where I come
from would be really special for me.
Hopefully I can help.
How do you even meet
an Amish dude on 23andMe?
- Isn't that against the rules?
- He's on his Rumspringa.
- What's that?
- It's basically like a year
where they get to see the
outside world for themselves.
So he was floating around,
you know, taking odd jobs.
Then he meets this woman
and builds her a pen...
Chicken coop.
Thank you. Chicken coop.
- Basically, she becomes obsessed with him.
- More of a cat-lady type, yeah.
Do you wanna
tell the story?
- [Chris] My bad, my bad. I'm sorry.
- 'Cause you can if you want.
Anyway, so basically
she's bragging to him
about how she's 25% Cherokee
or whatever
and tells him about
the online DNA test you can do.
So he gets one,
gets a match... it's me.
- She's Amish.
- [giggles]
- I am not Amish.
- You are Amish.
Not how that works.
You got this from the hospital?
I can't believe anyone would just
abandon their baby like that.
This must have been
so intense for you.
Yeah, I've probably watched
that video over a hundred times,
and I get a new question
every time I watch it.
Like, why did she do it?
Why did she drive so far
away just to abandon me?
Is she even still alive?
You know.
[people chattering, faint]
What I think is weird about it
is the way that she's holding me.
Like, looking around
like she's scared.
Maybe she was just worried
she was gonna get caught.
- Guilt, yeah?
- [Chris] Yeah, I mean, that's what I think.
I don't know.
[Chris chuckles]
[announcer on PA] Attention,
all passengers in the baggage claim area.
Delta would like to welcome you
to Buffalo, New York.
[PA announcement
- My signature shot.
- [Margot] Spaz.
Here, I got it.
Damn. Kid is strong.
You know, farm labor.
You get used to moving heavy stuff.
- [Margot] Thanks.
- What is this stuff?
Magic, baby.
Lipstick cam,
drone, LEDs.
- We're not fucking around over here.
- Yeah, clearly not. Okay.
Uh, our sound guy said
he'd be in a green van.
Oh. Right there.
[engine off]
- Hey.
- Hey... Oh.
Airport. Sorry, mask.
I got it. Sick.
- Hey.
- Are you Dale?
- Yeah.
- Hey, I'm Margot.
- This is Chris, our DP.
- Hey.
- This is Sam.
- Hey. Dale, Sam.
- Thank you so much for picking up the van.
- Of course.
Let's get you guys
loaded up.
It was his first flight ever,
- First flight ever?
- Yeah.
- Yeah.
- No shit!
That's a great camera.
- Make yourselves comfortable.
- Yeah, thank you.
- We all got tested. Are you okay if we...
- Oh, yeah, yeah.
I got COVID,
like, five times.
- All good, baby.
- [engine starts]
- Really?
- Yeah.
I mean, it was diagnosed once,
but I think I kept getting it after that.
Yeah, I don't know.
My body is weird, but I'm alive.
Seriously, thank you so much
for getting us there.
Yeah, of course. I had nothing going
on, so this is great for me.
[Chris] There's so
much more snow up here.
Oh, yeah.
Weather changes every day.
One day you got snow,
next it's slush.
That's why you gotta do
these zip off...
I do all my pants
with zip offs, so it's...
You got pants.
Oh, it's too hot out?
Now you got shorts, baby.
I'll show you when we get in.
I'll throw the legs on, dude. It rules.
And I gotta say, easy access for
the ladies, if you know what I mean.
- [Chris] Okay.
- [Samuel] Hey, look at that.
[pop song playing]
[Chris] What's going
through your head?
I'm nervous, but excited.
[pop song continues playing]
Or are we looking
for an answer?
When the question's
Way too hard to understand
[song ends]
[Samuel] Okay,
so just past the barn here.
The turnoff here.
- You have any service here?
- [Chris] Uh, nope.
Yeah, me either.
Slow, slow, slow.
and you can stop here.
- Okay.
- Wow, it's so cute.
- [Dale sighs]
- Oh, um...
You guys, actually,
just give me a second here.
I'll be back
in one second.
[dog barking]
[van door closes]
[Margot gasps]
[Margot chuckles]
[no audible dialogue]
[Margot chuckles]
Eli, go back
in the house.
Oh, God.
That doesn't look great.
All right, guys, uh...
[door closes]
bad news.
So you didn't think to call ahead
and let them know we were coming?
[Chris] They're fucking Amish, dude.
They don't have a phone.
- Right.
- Yeah.
- [groans]
- Two beds.
Okay, we're gonna
have to figure that out.
You gotta teach me how you do this.
Do you have a system?
Yeah, just make a list, account for it,
make sure you put it in the right spot.
That blue one actually goes
right there in that corner.
- There you go.
- Awesome.
Yeah, you know,
it's pretty easy.
Man! GoPro.
These rule.
Love these.
You can get them filthy, you can toss
them around, you can get them wet.
Yeah. Yeah.
Yeah, you can do...
Yeah, you can do a lot with the GoPros.
Yeah, you're right.
[man talking on TV, faint]
You missed it.
I mean, like, maybe this is
gonna be a process. You know?
Maybe Sam can go back tomorrow
and try again.
I mean, he left 'em.
- They probably don't even want him back.
- Shh.
- Stop.
- I'm just saying.
- Keep your voice down.
- We might have to adopt him.
He's right there.
Can you chill?
We'll figure it out.
[loud creak]
[creaking continues]
- What was that?
- [loud scraping, thud]
- Mm-mmm.
- Oh. Oh.
Gentlemen first, okay?
[wind whistling]
- [Chris] Did you leave that open?
- No.
[Margot gasping,
You're such a scaredy-cat.
It's adorable.
Oh, gosh.
Eli, what are you
doing here?
- [door closes]
- [Samuel] Here. I got it.
- Uh, may I?
- Oh, no, it's okay. Thank you.
Oh, hi, puppy.
- [snarling, barking]
- [Jacob shouts]
This way.
All right, I'm this way.
So you guys sleep tight.
I'll be, uh, in there.
- See you in the morning.
- Good night.
- [Jacob] Your room is over here.
- [Chris mutters] What the fuck?
Oh, it's beautiful.
[Jacob] There's more wood
by the stove.
- If you need anything, let me know.
- Okay.
- Good night.
- It's perfect. Thank you so much.
Hey, Jacob, actually, um...
- Thank you. That means so much.
- Good night.
[Chris] Okay.
So, what'd he say?
He said, "Thank you so much
for bringing Eli home,"
and he's really grateful,
so we can stay for a couple of days.
- With our cameras?
- He said, "Okay."
- Hey! Yes!
- [chuckles]
It's so weird,
like, I was so...
I mean, it was the first people I've
ever seen who are related to me.
- Yeah, that's your family.
- I was wondering if we'd look alike.
[Margot] Dale,
you don't fit on the bed. [laughs]
Oh, yeah.
I'm used to it.
I sleep on a full at home.
Why do you sleep on a full?
You're, like, 6'7".
I share a room with my mom,
and she takes the queen.
- You sleep with your mom?
- Yeah, yeah.
She lives with me, so...
I don't... Yeah.
[Margot, Dale laugh]
- What?
- That's sweet.
[Margot whispers]
- Chris?
- What?
What's up?
[Chris] What the hell?
It's, like, 2:00 in the morning.
Are those people?
[dog barking, faint]
Yeah, I hope so.
I mean,
what else could it be?
It's like they're going
into the forest.
[dog continues barking]
What the fuck?
That was weird.
[wind whistling]
[sheep bleats]
[Chris] I got some cool
B-roll this morning.
- [Chris chuckles]
- Froot Loops.
[Dale] Did you know that
they could eat Froot Loops?
[Chris] It's cereal,
dude, not a computer.
- [Dale] Hey.
- [Chris] You don't have to do this.
I love your dress. It's so pretty.
Did you make that?
No. It's from Walmart.
Do you have TikTok?
- Uh, no, not on my phone.
- I do. I gotta show you this video I made.
Mary, stop ruching around.
[running footsteps]
Sorry, Levina.
Sorry, sorry.
- Good morning.
- [Margot] Good morning.
[foreign language]
Sorry. Just trying to
give you some local flair.
It means, "How are you?"
- Hi!
- Hi, Eli.
What's up, dude?
Hey, Eli. Eli.
So do you all have any plans
for the day, or...
Um, we would love to see
the rest of your home.
Yeah, yeah, for sure.
I know the elders like Jacob
can feel kind of intense,
but as long as you stick with
me, you'll be fine.
Don't approach anybody in the community
without asking their permission.
Everybody's really nice,
but they can be a little shy.
Um... Oh, the woods, I would avoid those.
We get bears.
And I'll be with you, but they get
kind of violent during the winter.
[Chris] Actually, we saw some people going
into the woods last night, super late.
Yeah, that was
probably a hunting party.
Somebody's cow
got attacked, so...
- Oh. Okay.
- Yeah.
I feel like everyone
seems relatively young.
So how long
has the family been here?
A long time.
About 200 years, I think.
- 200 years?
- Yeah.
- Watch the fire here.
- [metal clanking]
So this is the workshop.
- Fix horseshoes, equipment, wheels.
- Wow.
[Margot] Work 'em young.
[Samuel] Yeah,
everyone has a purpose.
He's not used to strangers.
Come on.
Where did my mom live
when she was here?
I think she was in the room above yours,
but we just use it as storage now.
- You wanna see the barn?
- Yeah.
- [cows mooing]
- [gasps] Oh, my gosh, there's so many cows.
- What's all the bags?
- Uh, it's salt.
You know, for the animals
and ice.
[pigs oinking]
- Are those pigs? Stop.
- Also got some pigs.
Come on.
- There's pigs.
- Okay, come on over.
Guys, get in.
- They really like...
- Dale, get in.
No, you don't have to
get the shot.
Just, you have to
experience the pigs, okay?
You could put your boom mic...
Yeah, g-get his dialogue.
- Stop.
- Hey, what's the scoop?
- Sir, what's the scoop?
- I gotta get a shot of these guys too.
- It's too cute.
- Do they all have...
How do I say this?
Like, nice butts like that?
- You guys wanna see the loft?
- [Margot] Yes.
- Oh, hey.
- Oh, my God, Sam.
- It's pretty cool, right?
- It's huge.
Well, we got a lot of animals to
feed, especially during the winter.
- It's beautiful.
- [Chris] You're gonna do my job too?
- You're in the center of my frame.
- That's what we're doing?
- [Chris] Shit, man.
- [Samuel] Okay.
Sorry. You okay?
- Yeah.
- I'm so sorry. There's a bale drop there.
- You gotta be careful.
- [Chris] That wouldn't have been too good.
Shish kebab, you know?
- I wasn't paying any attention.
- It's okay.
There's lots of holes
around here.
- Let's get you away from that.
- I'm a klutz. Thank you.
- You good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Let's get down from this height.
- Is there a restroom?
- I kind of peed a little when she...
- [Margot laughs]
- Hey. Hi.
- Hi.
I'm Margot.
I don't think I've met you guys
yet, but, yeah, we've met.
- That's Clara.
- Clara, hi.
- And Grace.
- A dog!
He's so cute.
How old are you guys?
- I'm 16.
- Sixteen?
Are you...
You're all 16?
Yeah, so you guys are way too
young to have known my mom.
But your parents,
do they ever talk about her?
My mom said Sarah hooked up
with an Englishman.
- Clara.
- Everyone knows it.
An Englishman?
Just means someone
outside the community.
Oh, so, like...
like, a local?
Um, does anybody know who he was?
So she got pregnant
with an outsider?
So I imagine that didn't
go over very well.
We have a lot of work to do.
We'll get in trouble if we don't get to it.
Right, Clara?
- Yes, I'm sorry.
- Excuse us.
[people chattering]
[chattering, laughing]
- [tapping on glass]
- [chattering quiets]
[speaks German]
[German continues]
- Amen.
- [all] Amen.
We have a saying.
"The storm may scatter a thousand
leaves, but the tree grows anew."
We are humbled and grateful to have
our sister, Margot, returned to us.
The Lord's will unfolds,
and we accept the obligations and
the sacrifices that he expects of us.
Uh, thank you so much for
allowing us into your home.
I am so grateful.
Seriously. Um...
I've always hoped
that I could meet you all,
so this is a really
special moment for me.
So thank you.
- [clapping]
- [Chris whispers] Dude.
I thought it was
a clap moment.
- [chattering]
- [Dale] I'd have some, but...
Oh, right.
Right, right, right.
They tend to the chickens.
- Hamburger.
- [Dale] Hamburger.
[chattering continues]
[chattering quiets]
[child singing
in German]
- [singing in German continues]
- [loud slam]
[singing in German
[Chris] Jacob definitely
has a thing for you.
- What?
- He's always staring at you.
- Don't be gross.
- What's wrong with this thing?
Nothing's charging.
- It's old. Just wiggle it.
- That's what she said.
I actually thought it was really
sweet the way everyone was so present.
What, you wanna join 'em?
No, but I mean,
when is the last time
that you went to dinner
and didn't look at your phone?
Dude, close it.
It's freezing.
I don't hear the genny.
And it's snowing again.
I'd fix it,
but I'm already in my cammies.
It's dark dark.
It's coming down.
[loud slam, creak]
[owl hoots]
[Chris] Oh, shit!
- Bitch-ass scarecrow.
- [blow lands]
Ain't even no crows out here.
[starter whirs]
Come on, baby,
don't do this to me now.
[motor revving, sputtering]
[idling steadily]
Oh, Jesus.
Kid, you scared me.
He does it from time to time.
Lucky you were out here.
[Chris] Yeah.
Our generator died.
Come back inside.
The cold will bite you.
[Margot groans]
My head is killing me.
- [Chris] What's up with that?
- Barometric pressure.
It's like altitude sickness, only
your body's reacting to the clean air.
Dale, you are an encyclopedia
of random information.
Thank you.
Did you hear that sound again last
night, like someone walking in the attic?
- [Chris] No, I was knocked out.
- Same.
[chattering, laughing]
Dale, you're completely insane.
Come on.
The makeover maketh the man.
- That's what she said, right?
- Yeah.
[banging stops]
[Margot laughs]
- Yes, Dale!
- [clapping]
- Hee-hee! Oh?
- [child chattering]
What do we think?
You guys know that dance?
A little moonwalk.
Yeah, do the dance.
Come on, everybody!
Everybody, dance with me.
Hello, hello.
Suits you.
Yesterday birds away
Winter's come
Time to pray
- [Chris] Let's go talk to 'em.
- Yeah.
Sour milk
And boiling whey
[voices slowing]
Down, down, down, down
See, that's slow motion. It's getting
a whole bunch of frames for one second.
A thousand pictures,
one second.
So it gets, like, the little
details, intricacies of you.
The water splashing up right there.
Stuff the human eye can't see.
I like your doll.
- What's her name?
- Sarah.
- That's a pretty name.
- Thanks.
You know,
that was my mom's name.
She used to live here
a long time ago.
She's still here.
- What did you say?
- She doesn't like you.
Who doesn't like me?
Wait, y...
[Chris] She just left
her doll like that?
[loud thumping]
[banging, creaking]
[thumping continues]
[Margot whispers]
What is that?
[wind whistling]
It's 3:00 in the morning,
and somebody's up there again.
- [thumping continues]
- Third night in a row.
Oh, fuck.
Door's open.
Oh, fuck.
[creaking continues]
- [loud slam]
- [Margot gasps]
What the fuck?
[drawer sliding]
[cabinet sliding]
No fucking way.
[hinge creaking]
What is that?
- [thumping]
- [creaking]
- [thumping]
- [creaking]
[murmurs in German]
descending stairs]
- [door closes]
- [lock clicks]
[creaking continues]
You gotta be kidding me.
How do I get out of here?
[sighs] God.
[wind whistling]
This is gonna be interesting.
- What was it?
- [Margot] I don't know.
I mean, it looks
like a face, right?
It's gotta be something else.
I mean, a lens distortion.
- [Margot] A lens distortion?
- [Dale] Mmm.
See, this is... No.
This is why I don't like creepy old farms.
They're always haunted.
Dale, keep your voice down.
I'm serious. Look at this place.
Tell me it's not fucking haunted.
- [Chris laughing]
- Really.
My cousin Greg saw a ghost in the
walk-in freezer at a Cracker Barrel.
What was he going in
the walk-in freezer for?
- He worked there.
- [laughing] Okay.
Are you really
buying this shit?
I mean, I felt
something up there with me.
So, we're ghost hunters now.
Is that it?
'Cause I thought I signed up
for a prestige documentary,
not a fringy
ghost-farm cable show.
It's not funny, Chris.
It's not.
I mean, like, the letter,
the creepy drawing.
- [sighs]
- And then the little girl saying, "She's still here."
I mean,
something is going on,
and it feels like it has
something to do with my mom.
[Dale] Yeah, right over there.
That'd be great.
You're set. Sorry, just making sure that...
Doesn't matter if you can see it, right?
two steps back.
Looks good.
Do I just start?
- [Chris] Yeah, when you're ready.
- Mmm.
[clears throat, sighs]
Sarah was, um...
Sarah was our wildflower.
A nonconformist
growing up in a community
whose bedrock is homogeneity.
And, uh...
Uh... [clears throat]
But the, uh...
I mean, what...
What we all saw as spunky
and free-spirited
when she was
a little girl, um...
i-it evolved into
something much darker.
There were several attempts
to take her own life.
When that didn't work,
she got pregnant.
It was... It was a boy from town.
She wouldn't tell us who.
I... [sighs, clears throat]
I suspect she did it
purely out of spite,
as a way to...
to rail against our ways
and our rules.
And, uh, that worked.
She was shunned.
What, like, sent away?
No, no.
Shunning is being separated
from the flock.
You eat alone, you work alone,
you sleep alone.
And that's...
And that is painful, trust me.
I suppose it could be
what drove her away in the end.
I found this letter
in my mom's room.
You were in the attic
last night.
What did she mean
when she said,
"You can't have me
or my baby"?
We don't allow children
out of wedlock.
Sarah was required to give her baby to
another wedded couple in the community.
- She was forced to give me away?
- That's right.
That's horrible.
More horrible than leaving
a newborn on the ground,
on the sidewalk
like a piece of trash?
I loved Sarah.
She was my only daughter,
but she cared for nobody but herself.
That was her sickness.
I get it.
It's shitty
what they did to her.
But I mean, she did the
right thing though, right?
'Cause otherwise I would
have been stuck here forever.
For sure.
I ke... [sighs]
I keep thinking
about that little girl.
What she said the other day.
I have this...
weird feeling
she's still here,
in the pit of my stomach,
ever since I got here.
I can't put my finger on it.
[drone whirring]
All right, not much further.
The drone made it seem
like it was right over here.
[Dale] I think I would do, like,
a spaghetti with meatballs right now.
Are you that hungry?
[Dale] Would you guys eat human?
- [Chris] No, I would never eat a human.
- [Dale chuckles]
I would eat a person faster than
I'd like to admit, to be honest.
Well, that's noted.
[Margot] Look up though.
Look at that.
[Dale vocalizes]
How far away
are we supposed to go?
[Chris] Right?
That's what I've been telling you about.
[Dale] So it's a church.
[Margot] Yeah, but why would they
build a church all the way back here?
It's like a mile away.
[Chris] Gotta be where they
were going the other night.
Bears, my ass.
[Dale] That means a lot of
people walking through here.
- [Margot] Be careful.
- Watch your step.
"So weit nicht weiter."
Anyone speak German?
Yeah, it says, um,
"Sweet, nice wiener."
[Margot, Chris chuckle]
- Can you pick a lock?
- Of course. I'm Black.
Move aside,
No way.
Yeah, cousin Greg used to
boost stuff all the time.
- You know, TVs, cars, whatever.
- Sorry.
Cousin Greg's busy.
Cousin Greg
is in prison.
No, no, stop!
This is a house of worship.
It's off limits to you. No cameras!
Sorry. Yeah.
- Can we go inside without the cameras?
- No, I'm sorry.
It's not permitted.
Lunch is ready back at the house.
Come with me.
Yes. Thanks.
[Dale] What are we doing?
Like a schnitzel thing, or a sausage?
Is that offensive?
I don't know if that's stereotyping.
Not for me, not for me.
Thank you so much.
There seems to be
a little more.
Dale, save some
for everyone else.
Oh, yeah, sorry.
[people chattering, laughing]
[Chris] Hey,
mind if I film you for a moment?
[humming softly]
[Chris groans]
- Hey. Hey.
- [Margot] Oh, my gosh.
Fetch me the first-aid kit.
[animal shrieking]
What is that?
- [Dale snoring]
- [animal shirking, lowing]
[Chris scoffs] No way.
[snoring continues]
[animal groaning,
[moans softly]
- [moans]
- Shh-shh-shh.
- What's wrong?
- Shh. Listen.
[animal groans]
What is that?
I don't know.
[high-pitched shriek]
What is that?
Turn the light off.
- They're gonna see it. Turn it off.
- Okay, right.
[animal groaning]
[Chris exhales]
[animal continues groaning]
Hey, let's just go back.
[sighs] Or get closer.
[shrieking continues]
[Chris whispers]
I can't see shit.
Go upstairs.
[animal groaning]
- [Jacob] Hold her down.
- [groaning continues]
What are they doing?
[loud shriek]
[Margot whispers]
What? No.
[bleating continues]
[Chris whispering]
Oh, shit. Oh, shit.
It's starting
to spread.
I know, sister.
First the children,
and then the old.
We have to do it now.
[Margot whispering]
What is she talking about?
We should follow them.
What are they doing?
Something fucked up.
- Why would they put it in a church?
- Definitely not to bless it.
We hear this insane screaming,
dying noise in the middle of the night,
and then we go and there's,
like, a goat sacrifice.
Look, animals
get sick, right?
Some have birth defects.
We can't feed them, take care of them.
We do what we have to.
Okay, then why did they bring
the goats into your church?
I told you
not to go in the church.
- We didn't go in the church, we saw them...
- Hey, what's going on here?
What do you mean?
Thought this was supposed to be a
documentary about where you're from.
And now you're
sneaking out at night,
and you're filming all kinds of stuff
that's not really your business.
I'm trying to help you.
Don't make me regret it.
[Margot] I don't know
what happened to my mom,
but I feel like the answers
are in that church.
[Chris] Well, they obviously
left Sam behind to babysit us.
So we'll have to find a way
to distract him.
All right, who's first?
You got it.
Let's go, Dale.
So you're gonna take both of these
reins in your left hand. Good.
Right hand's gonna
go around that pommel.
Your left foot's
gonna go in the stirrup.
And then...
Hold that tight.
- You're okay.
- Hey! Look at you.
- I told you he likes you.
- Both hands on the reins.
Good, good.
Both hands, both hands.
You're okay, you're okay.
- Have fun.
- [horse whinnying]
- No, no, no.
- Hey!
- Hey, stop!
- [Chris] You wrong for that.
- [Samuel] Just pull back on the reins!
- Go, Dale.
I'm squeezing!
Stop! Tell him to stop!
All right.
[door closes]
[Margot] Where are the pews?
I thought this
was supposed to be a church.
There's paintings
on the ground.
Oh, yeah.
Kind of looks like a drawing
that I saw in the attic.
What the fuck, man?
"The young and the weak
will suffer first"?
"Lest sacrifices be made."
What is that?
Is that some, like,
Cirque du Soleil stuff?
Saw those in the barn.
That's a big bell.
Yo, Margot.
- Margot?
- Here.
- What is that?
- I think it's blood.
Okay, hold on one second.
Just one second.
- This thing slides.
- Don't break it.
- Help me push it over.
- Why?
- One, two...
- [both grunting]
That's it.
No way.
Holy fuck.
Holy fuck.
- [Chris] Whoa.
- Okay, so what?
They just...
threw the dead goats
down there?
But why?
I don't know,
some sort of...
religious custom?
Hey, hey, be careful.
[rock clacking]
- [rock hits bottom]
- [Chris] Whoa, dude, that's...
that's fucking far, yo.
- Fuck it.
- Fuck what?
Fuck what?
What? Mm-mmm!
Hard no this time.
We don't even know if this thing is safe.
It's here. I mean,
they're using it for a reason.
Okay, Margot, I can't just stand here
and let you do this. Come on, now.
Chris, we get one shot, one chance.
I'm not messing it up.
It's too important.
Just give me the camera.
Man the pulley. We got this.
The fuck we got this.
You sure about this?
It's good.
Do I look cool?
No, you look crazy.
Don't move.
Thank you.
[clears throat, sighs]
Okay, just...
let it out real slow.
[Margot] Okay.
[Margot gasping]
- Are you okay?
- Yeah.
Yeah, I'm good. Keep going.
[pulley ratcheting]
[Chris] You good?
What am I doing?
[Margot gasps]
Jesus, what is that?
There's a smell.
It's pretty bad.
You okay?
I-I'm good.
What the fuck? What?
There's crosses everywhere.
There's crosses everywhere.
Do you wanna keep going?
Yeah, keep going.
[pulley ratcheting]
I can see the bottom!
[pulley stops ratcheting]
Chr... Chris?
Hey, what's wrong?
[Chris] It's stuck.
Hold on. Hold on.
Something's stuck.
So fucking close.
I think I can reach it
if I lean.
H... Hey, there's something
down here!
A room!
[Margot grunts]
[water trickling]
- [chain rattling, faint]
- [gasps]
- [faint groaning]
- Okay. Who was that?
Wait, go back.
Go back.
Who is it? Who...
Hey, Chris, I'm done.
Pull me up.
Hey, please. I'm serious.
Pull me up.
Hey, pull me up!
[Margot] Look, if you just listen to
it, then you'll understand.
[Chris] You could've hurt yourself.
You scared the shit out of me.
That's all I'm saying.
It's gotta be known,
like, acknowledged at least.
- I'll listen to it, but it's like...
- [Margot] Okay.
Come on.
I'm listening to it.
[pulley ratcheting]
Dale, is that booze?
Whiskey, man.
I just fell off a fucking horse.
- Chris!
- Okay.
- [faint growling]
- Pull me up!
Chris, pull me up!
- Pull me up!
- Go back.
[faint growling]
You hear that?
There's something
down there.
An animal?
Shit, they're throwing goats
down a mine shaft
to feed an animal...
in a cave a hundred
feet underground?
Fuck those guys.
[Dale, Chris chattering,
[Margot] Um, Jacob?
[Margot gasps]
[person talking,
muffled, faint]
[knock on door]
Whoa, whoa.
Battery? Totally fucking dead.
- [Margot] They've been watching me.
- What?
Sam didn't leave the community to
find himself. He left to find me.
- This whole thing's like a fucking setup.
- Okay, just slow down. Slow down.
Is everything all right?
Yeah, I'm good.
I was feeling a little under the weather
earlier, but I'm much better now.
- Thank you.
- It's good to hear.
[Chris] Okay, wait.
I thought they couldn't have computers.
Chris, the emails went back
for over a year.
Way before Sam contacted me.
I mean, they knew where I live.
They have my address.
They fucking
have pictures of me.
- They had my class schedule.
- What the fuck?
They were watching me.
They clearly brought us here for a reason.
- Why would they do that?
- I don't fucking know.
I don't fucking know,
but it's freaking me out.
I wanna go home.
- I wanna go.
- Okay. Okay, okay. But how?
We have no car,
we have no phone,
and there's no one around
for 30 miles.
This is so fucked.
Okay? It's all good.
First thing in the morning, we'll head
into town and get a battery for the van.
[loud thumping]
[gasping, panting]
[hinge creaking]
[gasping, panting]
Dale, wake up.
Wake up.
Wake up.
- [thump]
- [hinge creaks]
[Margot] Fuck.
[loud thump]
Wake up.
[chattering, faint]
[whimpering continues]
Chris, wake up.
Please, wake up!
- [thump]
- [footsteps running]
[Margot shouts]
Who the fuck is that?
[screaming, whimpering]
[low growling]
[roaring quiets]
[person whispering, faint]
[Chris] Margot?
[Dale] Chris.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Hey, Margot. Margot?
Are you okay?
She's resting again.
What was wrong with her?
I'd say it's exhaustion coupled with
an unusually severe menstrual cycle.
She lost a fair amount of blood,
but she's going to be fine.
[Dale] Well, shouldn't we
take her to a hospital?
No, she doesn't need a hospital.
She needs rest.
[Chris] Okay, no offense,
but are you even a real doctor?
let her get some rest.
If her condition worsens,
we'll get her to a hospital.
[Dale] Unusually
strong menstrual cycle?
Do you believe that?
[Chris] Man, this is so stupid.
Nobody's coming.
You got a better idea?
I don't see any Amish auto
part stores around here.
- Oh!
- Ah!
- Thank God.
- Oh, fuck, man. Yes.
Oh, thank God.
I think it's a mail truck.
- Hey, man.
- Hey there.
Will you give us a ride into town?
Our battery died.
- Yeah. That's all right.
- Hop in?
- Come on in.
- Thank you.
Thank you so much.
That's a nice camera
you got.
Yeah, we're shooting a
documentary up at the Beiler farm.
Oh, yeah?
What's y'alls documentary about?
Amish people.
- Amish people?
- Yeah.
You guys staying
at the Beiler farm?
[Chris] Yeah. Actually, we've been
there for about a week now filming.
[chuckles] Yeah, all right.
Well, you know the Beilers ain't Amish.
Uh, what?
Of course they are.
Think they are? Right.
Hey, I've been working this
route for over 40 years
and I know every family
within a 50-square-mile area,
and most of them are Amish.
Now, they all will tell you...
the Beilers ain't Amish.
- Can I help you?
- Car battery?
- Size?
- 31C.
Let me go check for you.
Be right back.
Fuck, man.
Maybe we shouldn't have left Margot, man.
Why would they pretend to be Amish?
I don't know. Maybe hiding
in plain sight, right?
It's like... I don't know.
They look like them, they blend
in, they're off the grid.
It's kind of a genius idea.
Why would they need to be Amish?
What's the point in that?
- What size battery was it again?
- Thirty-one C.
Yeah, I'm not seeing it here.
I'm gonna go check in the back for you.
[Chris] Hey, you mind if we
use your Internet for a second?
- Not at all. Have at it.
- Cool.
Just don't look up
anything weird.
Fuck, Dale.
What do you want me to look up?
"Fake Amish people"?
No, search "Asmodeus."
- Asmodeus?
- Yeah.
That's the name
we found at the church.
"The demonic prince of lust,
suffering and wrath.
Asmodeus, or Asmodaios,
is the overlord of the Nine Hells.
He is the prince of demons..."
I fucking knew it, man.
These people are devil worshippers.
Click that right there
at the top.
"The Norwegian village of Beskytter
was beset by a pestilence.
Crops and livestock perished,
neighbor turned against neighbor
in abhorrent acts
of violence."
The same stuff
you saw in the church.
"It was believed to be
the work of the demon, Asmodeus.
In their desperation, the village
turned to the White Witch for help.
It is said the witch trapped the
demon inside a chosen woman of God,
her body a holy vessel
to ensnare the powerful entity.
Through her bloodline,
from daughter to daughter,
the demon, Asmodeus, be passed,
lest it be unleashed upon the world."
Fuck, man.
They trapped them
inside these women's bodies?
Okay, come on.
Like, witches, demons?
Like, th-that's not real.
Even if it's not real,
they could still...
If they believe it,
then think about it.
Margot's mom runs off,
And she hides her baby to keep her
away from these cultish motherfuckers,
but they still
find her somehow
and they lure her back to do
whatever this shit is to her.
All right, you guys.
Got the last 31C
right here.
[Chris] Shit, dude.
You're a lifesaver, man.
All right.
[wind howling]
All right. I'm gonna go deal with
this battery. Meet me at the house.
- You sure you don't need help?
- No, man. Just get Margot and our shit.
- Let's get the fuck out of here.
- Yeah. Fuck this place.
[Chris] Hello?
Fuck. Mary.
Hey, hey. Mary.
Wait, wait, wait. No.
Where's your dad?
Mary, open up.
Margot, it is time to go.
What the fuck? Our shit.
Where the fuck is our shit?
- Sam?
- [murmuring]
What the fuck
is going on, Sam?
Where's Margot?
Where the fuck
is Margot, man?
Women are the most powerful
creatures on Earth.
Givers of life.
That is why our sisters
bear this burden.
They're the only ones strong
enough to hold him back.
- [bell tolling]
- What are you talking about, man?
- It's time.
- [bell continues tolling]
Stay behind locked doors.
Don't come out until
the bell stops ringing.
What? Sam.
Dude, where are you going?
[bell continues tolling]
[bell continues tolling,
- [Margot screaming]
- Margot?
- [shotgun cocks]
- [Margot continues screaming]
Okay. Easy, man.
- Don't try to stop this.
- Just put the gun down.
Her body is the only thing
that can hold the demon.
If you set him free,
he'll be able to possess anyone,
jumping from body to body.
- What are you doing to her?
- He'll kill us all.
- He'll kill every last one of us.
- Wait.
- [Jacob murmuring]
- Just put the gun down, man.
Please, man.
You don't want to do this.
[chanting in German]
[shotgun blast]
- [groans]
- [grunts]
[Jacob screams]
[gasps] Fuck. Oh, fuck.
- [pulley ratcheting]
- [gasping, panting]
[Margot screaming]
Hold on, Margot. I'm coming.
Oh... Oh, God.
Margot? Fuck.
Fuck. Okay, okay. Fuck.
- Okay.
- [water trickling]
Oh, God.
[faint hissing]
- Margot?
- [whispering]
- Margot!
- [groaning]
- Margot.
- [chanting quietly]
The fuck?
- What are you doing? Shit. What are you doing to her?
- [chanting, moaning]
Margot, get the fuck up!
Fuck. Margot!
Just stop it, all right.
- I said stop it.
- [screams]
Margot? Margot. Margot.
- Fuck.
- The salt. The salt.
Please. Wake up, Margot.
Come on. It's time to go.
- Margot, get up.
- The salt. The salt.
Margot, come on.
Get up! Please wake up.
- [gasps]
- Yeah. Come on. Yeah. Yeah.
- [coughing]
- No! No!
- Back up!
- No!
Back up
or I'll fuckin'...
You don't know
what you're doing!
[creature growling]
The fuck is that?
Goddamn. Margot, run!
- Run, Margot! Run!
- [screaming]
[creature shrieking,
- Run! Fucking run!
- [screams]
[roaring continues]
Run, Margot!
Run! Fuck!
- What the fuck was that?
- [Margot gasping, whimpering]
Oh, shit. No, no, no.
Fuck! How are we gonna get out of here?
There's gotta be a way out.
There's gotta be
a fucking way out.
- Come on, Chris. Fucking think.
- [Dale] Hello?
Holy shit. Dale?
Dale! It's us! We need you
to pull us back up, man!
- What's going on, man?
- We're stuck! Just pull up the pulley!
- We need you to pull the pulley!
- Okay!
Fuck. Come on.
Holy fuck. What the fuck
was that thing, man?
Jesus. Okay.
Hold this. Come on.
All right.
Pull up now, Dale!
Now, now, now, now!
Okay. [whimpering]
You're almost there. You're almost there.
You're almost there.
Faster, Dale!
Fuck me.
[pulley ratcheting]
Fuck me.
Come on, man.
Come on, man.
Come on. Fuck.
- [banging]
- All right. Okay.
Oh, shit.
[banging continues]
[pulley stops ratcheting]
Come on, man!
Pull the fucking rope now, man! Now!
Thank God.
[banging continues]
All right, Dale. Pull me up.
Pull me up, man.
- Faster, man.
- [creature roaring]
Oh, fuck! Pull me up, Dale!
Pull me up!
- Pull me up!
- [roaring continues]
Come on, Dale!
[Chris gasping]
Good job. Yeah.
We gotta get the fuck out of here.
Did you fix the battery?
- Yeah, it's ready.
- Shit. Let's go.
- [Dale] Margot, you good?
- [Chris] Margot. Now, Margot.
- [Dale] Margot.
- [gasping]
- What the fuck? Dale, just go.
- [pulley ratcheting]
No, no, no, no. Fuck.
- Fuck.
- [creature shrieking]
- [roaring]
- [Dale shouting]
Run! Fuck! Run!
[Margot screaming]
- It's coming.
- Come on! Come on!
- What is that thing, man?
- [gasps]
- Which way?
- Come on, man. I can't see shit.
- Chris!
- Dale, which way?
Margot, where are you?
- [grunts]
- [Chris] What the fuck was that?
- [thudding]
- [screams]
[cattle lowing]
Oh, my God.
[cattle continue lowing]
- [creature roars]
- [thudding]
Oh, God!
Come on. Let's start moving.
Come on.
[cattle continue lowing,
- [creature shrieking]
- [thudding]
This way. This way.
[lowing continues]
[creature roars]
[panicked lowing]
Margot? Where'd you go?
- [thud]
- [Chris groans]
Oh, shit. Margot, you okay?
Margot, Margot, Margot.
Oh, my God.
Okay. I'm gonna get us
out of here.
Oh, shit.
Margot, run. Run!
[screaming, gasping]
[Chris] Go!
[Chris] Shit.
We're on the wrong side.
We need to get up and over
to get to the van.
The van's right there.
- Okay?
- Okay.
It's right there.
- [wings fluttering]
- [gasps]
- [thudding]
- [Chris groaning]
[creature growling]
Stop! Get off of him! Sarah!
Look at me.
Look at me.
Look at my face.
Can you see?
Do you remember me?
It's me.
Your daughter.
I'm here now...
I'm here now.
[screaming continues]
[roaring, shrieking]
- [screaming, gasping]
- [thud]
Fuck. Are you okay?
[groans] Yeah.
We gotta go.
[creature shrieking, faint]
Let's go.
Okay. Lock it.
Keys. Keys.
Where the fuck
you put the keys?
[shouts] Fuck!
We should go get it.
[gasping, whimpering]
Oh, my God. No.
- All right. Here. Here. I'll do it.
- [bell resumes tolling]
Here's the little camera.
Just shine that light over here.
Okay. Keys, keys, keys.
[bell tolling rapidly]
- Margot, let's go. Margot, now. Come on. Now.
- [tolling accelerates]
Margot, now. Let's go.
Let's go.
[people screaming,
[screaming, wailing]
[screaming, wailing continue]
We're almost there.
We're almost there.
- [gasping, panting]
- Come on.
Come on. Come on.
Fuck me.
- [engine cranking]
- No, no, no.
- Come on. Come on. Fuck.
- [engine continues cranking]
Come on, baby.
[Margot screaming]
Holy shit!
[engine cranking]
[engine starts, revs]
[people shouting, screaming]
Oh, shit!
[hysterical scream]
[windshield wiper blades
[dispatcher] All available units, please
respond. We have a possible 187 at 4277 Golen.
[police radio chatter]
[officer] Dispatch, this is 921.
I'm at 4277 Golen.
The Beiler farm.
Sheriff's department!
Dispatch, I have multiple fatalities.
Need assistance immediately.
[police radio chatter]
Jesus Christ.
[baby crying]
[crying continues]
Sheriff's department.
Holy shit.
What the fuck?
Get your hands up.
- [crying continues]
- Let me see your hands! Now!
Hands up!
[crying continues]
What the fuck?
- [wheezing growl]
- [crying stops]
[officer gasping]
Dispatch, this is unit 12.
Backup arriving on scene.
- [police radio chatter]
- Holy shit.
Whoa, whoa, whoa.
Easy, buddy.
Easy, buddy.
[police radio chatter
[police radio chatter
773 East 12th Street.
Someone is throwing bricks
from the roof of the building.
[officer] Can you try
to reach the corner?
[police radio chatter
[dispatcher] Do you affirm a 10-61?
Can you copy?
- [officer] 10-4. What's the address?
- [radio static]
[Loretta Lynn on radio]
Hello, darlin'
Nice to see you
It's been a long time
You're just as handsome
As you used to be
How's your new love?
Are you happy?
Hope you're doing fine
Just to know it
Means so much to me
What's that, darlin'?
How am I doin'?
I'm doin' all right
Except I can't sleep
And I cry all night
Till dawn
What I'm trying to say
Is I love you
And miss you
And I'm so sorry
That I did you wrong
Look up, darlin'
Let me kiss you
Just for old times' sake
Let me hold you
In my arms
One more time
Thank you, darlin'
May God bless you
And may each step
You take
Bring you closer
To the things
You seek to find
Goodbye, darlin'
Gotta go now
Gotta try to find a way
To lose these memories
Of a love
So warm and true
And if you should ever
Find it in your heart
To forgive me
Come back, darlin'
I'll be waiting for you
[song ends]