Paranormal Demons (2018) Movie Script

MICHAEL: Come on, fuck it!
Get her out.
Dave, look out!
Hey, come on, does
the camera still work?
Has it got enough battery?
JOSH: Yeah, hold
on, I think so.
I'm just trying to figure out
where is the ISO
setting on this thing?
Press the button on the
top and turn the dial.
JOSH: Ah, okay,
got it, it's working.
Okay, can you zoom
into my face first
and then we do the laptop?
JOSH: Zoom in
into, okay. (laughing)
All right, Miss
Spielberg, I got you.
Okay, is everything running?
JOSH: Yeah, like I
said, it's still running.
My name is Mary Sheffield,
and I study media science
at the Humboldt
University in Berlin.
JOSH: Oh man, ah,
this is too funny.
Josh, don't be an idiot!
JOSH: Okay, my bad,
all right, start again.
My name is Mary Sheffield,
and I study media science
at the Humboldt
University in Berlin.
I'm currently analyzing various
viral-gone YouTube videos
for their realness,
and I'm not talking
about funny cat videos
or kids doing cute things.
It's more about the dark side.
Unexplained murders, accidents,
apparitions, cryptozoology,
all those things
that one voluntarily like to
spend their free time with.
And some people call
these videos snuff,
but I call them fake.
And the majority of these
videos can be exposed
with the help of some
few simple methods.
Because no matter if
it's a magic trick
or an optical illusion,
Photoshop and After Effects.
99% of these videos that
are viewed by millions
on platforms such as Facebook
and YouTube are sober fakes,
and I'm here to expose them.
But in order to do so,
I also had to spend some time
on the dark side
of the internet.
The side where
pages can be viewed
on the so-called dark web,
where one can pursue
any and all desires.
Child pornography,
animal pornography,
sadism, fantasies of terror,
propaganda or violence.
The misery of humanity limited
to disgusting thumbnails
and even worse videos.
And it's here that
you can also find
so-called ghost videos,
paranormal phenomena
only there to shock
and disturb the viewer.
But there are no such
things as ghosts,
creatures, demons,
or Santa Claus.
It is all fake.
Although, they are
done pretty well.
JOSH: Okay, cut the
shit, Mary, seriously.
You have to edit it, anyway.
JOSH: All right, well,
talk about that video
that I sent you.
Oh yeah, okay.
So I'm here today because
there's been a new video
which has taken the
internet by a storm.
But unfortunately, there's
only a censored version
of it available on YouTube.
But thanks to a
couple hundred euros,
an anonymous user has put
the video into my hands,
and I'm going to watch
it for the first time.
Are you ready, Josh?
JOSH: Yeah, well, lemme
just reposition this camera
- and adjust the lighting.
- Okay, but hurry up.
I'm really excited.
Josh, can you edit
it so that the viewer
can watch my reaction
and the recording
at the same time?
JOSH: Yeah, no
problem, I can,
I could edit that, that's easy.
Okay, everything
running, sound okay?
JOSH: Sound is on, recording,
yep, you're good to go.
So keep in mind
that the recording may
have some graphic images,
and the recordings
are also uncut,
so I can't guarantee anything.
Then we're ready.
Oh my gosh.
Oh my gosh, Josh, you
have to edit that out.
JOSH: Oh no, that's
definitely staying in.
Wow, that was
really well made.
What do you think, Josh?
JOSH: What do you
mean, what do I think?
I haven't even, I haven't
seen the video yet,
but looking at your reaction,
I got some, I got goosebumps.
Come over here and watch it.
JOSH: All right, hold on.
Oh my, I can't even, this is,
how can you, oh my
god, I can't even look,
I can't even look at this.
So what do you think?
What do you mean,
what do I think?
There's people, people dying
and getting cut up and shit.
What do you mean?
This is so recognizably fake.
- Are you...
- This was definitely made
with a second unit, I
mean look at the division
between the pictures
and the enactments.
These special effects
must have cost
a couple thousand euros.
You are trippin'.
I'm out to get me a beer.
I need to watch this again.
Do you even know how
good that video was?
I mean, I've never
seen anything like it.
(LAUGHING) The video of
an actual murder, you mean?
Why murder?
That was so unrecognizably fake,
I mean those special effects
were insane, also the acting.
I mean those actors
were insanely good.
Do you think it'll be hard to
get ahold of their identities?
Mary, are you actually
like sick in the head?
Are you crazy, like
there's people dying,
like all these people
getting killed,
and you think it's so dope,
like what is wrong with you?
Okay, then let's
suppose it is real.
It is real.
Okay, so if it was real,
then how come we've never
heard anything about it?
There would've been news
reports, articles, or something.
We haven't even looked it up.
Hold on, let me show you.
Where are you going?
I'm gonna show you.
Bingo, see, there it is.
What have you found?
This is a, what I
was telling you about.
I've heard of this before,
I just didn't really
think much of it.
Here, read this.
The article's about our video.
According to the author,
the video was recorded
50 kilometers away from
Berlin, two years ago.
After all the dead
bodies disappeared,
and the cameraman, who
also died in hospital,
the investigations were stopped.
According to the source,
a huge amount of money was paid
to the families of the victims.
And then it fell quiet.
Then a few months later, the
video was anonymously uploaded
to the internet, and it spread.
Josh, do you know
what this means?
That I'm fucking
scared? (LAUGHING)
This is perfect
for my final paper.
Are you serious?
I hate when you act like this.
Ooh, it's your boy, though.
It's your boy, though.
It's a dope-ass
little camera, man.
But can it handle me?
That's the question,
can it handle your boy?
With dem glasses.
Glasses off, glasses on.
Glasses off, I think
I like 'em better on.
Let me get my hair
lookin' cool, though.
Yep, I think we straight,
I think we straizy dope.
Fucking cat.
Yeah, I'm happy
to hold the line.
JOSH: Ooh, a wild nympho
in her natural habitat.
Yes, yes, so I'm recording
a documentary and report
on the history of the building
and I would love to interview
you if that's possible.
It's for a university,
I'm studying Historical
Studies in Berlin.
Why would I like an interview?
Well I think you're a very
interesting person, and,
okay, how much would you like?
500 euros?
That is a little bit
too expensive right now,
so maybe you could
lower the price?
Yep, okay, that'll be fine.
Okay great, in which case
we'll be dropping by
sometime this week
and I'll send you an
email with all the details
and yeah, thank you so much.
JOSH: Did you arrange a
hot lesbian date? (laughing)
Josh! Do you...
So I spoke to her on
the phone the other day,
and we've got an interview,
which is really good.
And then, so we're
gonna go to the location
for two days
straight to film it,
and I was wondering if maybe
you and Michael could help us?
Ah, amazing, thank you so much.
We'll see you then.
- Good news, or?
- Really good news.
Julia and Michael said
they'll help us on the shoot.
Oh, Michael, yeah, that
means beer and joints!
Josh, could you please take
it a little bit seriously?
Oh, sorry, um, is there
any other good news?
Yeah, the medium has
agreed to our interview.
It's going to cost
us 400 euros, which,
- 400?
- Yes, it is a lot.
But it will be good
for documentation.
This way we can reveal
the hocus-pocus,
and have the
audience on our side.
Do you think she'll
be okay with that?
Doesn't matter, as long as
we are revealing the truth.
All right, so,
you got everything?
You got everything?
I think so, I've still
got to get the equipment
and make the film schedule,
but it looks like on Wednesday
we're gonna meet the team
- to discuss the shoot.
- Okay.
Thursday, drive to
Madam Hocus-Pocus' house,
film the whole entire thing,
and then Friday we'll
go to the location
for two days straight, shoot
the whole entire thing.
- Perfect, yeah.
- I think it's gonna work.
Yeah, cool.
- Awesome.
- Oh, and I've also
contacted a cinematographer.
A cinematographer,
yeah, exactly.
He's gonna have really great
shots, great recordings,
it's gonna be really beautiful.
- But I thought I was gonna...
- No, yeah.
- Do the...
- Sorry, um.
No disrespect, you're kind
of gonna be maybe producer?
All right, I get it.
Well your producer's gonna
go turn off the camera,
and drink a beer,
eff this water.
Aw, the poor boy's insulted.
JOSH: (mimicking
crying) Leave me alone.
MARY: Okay, let me
show you the equipment.
JOSH: Show me what you got.
Ooh (LAUGHING), what'd
you do to my room?
MARY: Good, isn't it?
JOSH: You got like
5000 euros worth of stuff,
you got a drone thing.
MARY: Even got
night-time vision cameras.
JOSH: Night
cameras, you, this,
this must be really,
really important to you.
It's just gonna, I dunno,
change all those minds
of those disbelievers.
It's gonna be perfect.
You know you sound
like a cult member
or something like
that. (LAUGHING)
Well, I am in the snuff cult.
Whatever that is.
Oh, dope, you even
got one of these
spy cameras that
you hang up on the,
is that what this is?
Josh, it's a USB.
DAVE: Hello.
- Hi.
- Hi.
Hi, Mary, nice to
finally meet you.
DAVE: Right, well, hello.
MARY: Thank you for coming.
JOSH: That's him?
MARY: Did you get here okay?
DAVE: Yes.
JOSH: He better not
try to hit on Mary.
I'm gonna be pissed.
We'll turn on the
coffee when we get inside.
Yeah, yeah.
Well this is my flatmate
and my assistant, Josh.
(LAUGHING) I thought
I was a producer.
Please don't be a dickhead.
He can be a bit
sensitive sometimes.
Hi, I'm Dave.
Play nice.
Dave, I'll come show
you the equipment.
JOSH: I already
don't like this dude.
So, what do you think?
See, I told you, at
least someone has an idea.
Blah, blah, blah, blah.
Both of y'all are crazy.
Sorry Dave, he can
be like that sometimes.
Oh, there are the other two!
Okay, so Dave, just
as we discussed,
record absolutely everything.
We're gonna need all
of this for making of.
- Oh, okay.
- Okay?
Thank you.
Hi guys!
- How've you been?
- Good, good, how are you?
Good thank you!
- Hey Michael.
- Hey Mary,
it's been nice catching
up, where's Josh?
- (LAUGHING) That way.
- Ah, thank you.
- Oh my god.
- Make yourself at home.
Oh, who's that?
This is Dave, our
camera operator.
Oh, hey Dave, what's up?
MICHAEL: Hey man.
what's up, bro?
Long time no see.
How you been, man?
- Good?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
How are you?
Good, you want a beer?
Thought you'd never ask.
Dude, out of the way.
JOSH: Got a couple in here.
So, question is, who exactly
are you supposed to be?
Your worst nightmare.
Yeah, well that
settles that, then.
- There you go, bro.
- Thanks.
BOTH: Cheers.
So, what's the
flight plan here?
Bro, I have no idea, man.
You gotta ask little
miss sunshine Mary,
but I just think it's a
bad idea, whatever we do.
Did you guys not
straighten things out
after, you know, what
happened a couple weeks ago?
Dude, I have no idea, man.
She's, she's so hard to read.
MARY: And that's exactly
why you're just my assistant.
Thought I was a producer.
MARY: Yeah whatever, Josh.
Why don't you guys
make out already, huh?
Ooh I know, we could
play a fun party game.
It's called tell Michael
what the fuck's going on.
Mary, you go first.
Okay, fine, okay, so.
- Ha ha ha.
- Go.
Thank you, thank you, okay.
Okay, so basically
there's a video, okay?
And we want to expose
this video as fake, okay?
So we're going to drive
to a particular location
and find as much
evidence as possible
to prove that everything
has been staged.
And we're also gonna record it,
so I can use it
for my final paper.
Ooh right, even if I
might regret this question
in just a second, what kind of
videos are we talking about?
I knew that was
gonna be asked.
Josh, can you get
the video up please?
Yes, your honor.
Thank you, you guys
are gonna love it.
I dunno, somehow I
feel weird about this.
MARY: No, no, no, trust me.
I told you.
I dunno, I don't have a
good feeling about this.
Oh come on, the video effects
are looking pretty sweet, right?
I mean, how much you
reckon they paid for this?
Seriously, shut up Michael.
- Are you serious?
- Oh, yeah.
Come on, it's obviously
visual effects, right?
It's probably a viral trailer
for a found footage film.
If you ask me, the genre's
been done to death, but.
But I don't think
it's a fake, man.
Thank you.
Oh come on, just
look at the video.
Like really look
at it for a second.
At least we got
another believer.
Oh yeah, well if you say
so, but you know, yeah,
if Michael says it's
fake, I think it's fake.
- Not!
- Are you fucking kidding me?
Dude, relax, all right?
You have something to smoke?
Yeah, I think I
got some in my room.
All right, ladies,
if you'll excuse me.
But I've got places to be.
Jeez you are an idiot.
Hey, hey, don't
smoke all my shit.
Mary, do you really
think it's all fake?
Julia, trust me, okay?
I've got such a good
feeling about this.
- Really?
- Yeah, really.
All right, and I got
such a good quick-dry
top coat nail polish
for you, look.
- Oh great.
- One minute!
- Awesome, right?
- Yeah.
Want me to show you?
- I brought it.
- Why not, okay.
Awesome, I'll go get it.
- Yeah, okay.
- Just stay right there.
Thanks, man.
MARY: So, this is how the
plan looks, my little subjects.
(LAUGHING) You wish, Mary.
MARY: Okay, I'm only joking.
- Funny!
- Okay, so,
the plan is like this.
You've both seen
the video, yeah?
And you're both saying that
we're all sharing the opinion
that we're talking about a fake.
- No.
- Not me.
MARY: Okay, well, we
are talking about a fake.
And because of this, we
have nothing to worry about
in terms of anything
with evil spirits,
murderers, you name it,
nothing to worry about.
What about crazy
serial killers?
That too, so anyway,
now we've clarified that,
next plan of action is I want
to go to Frau Weiss' house,
and at best do an
interview with her,
maybe also a behind-the-scenes
sort of tour,
so we can really wind out
that paranormal chatter
and just show that nobody
was actually murdered.
However I have to tell you now
that she's got no idea
that we believe this,
and thinks that we actually
believe her utter bullshit.
Okay, and in danger of
me sounding like Mary,
do we actually have permission
to film at this location?
Very funny, and yes
of course we do, Julia.
We're talking about an
abandoned sanitarium here.
That doesn't
answer my question.
But it's abandoned,
no-one's gonna be
living there, are they?
It's in like an hour's
drive away in Oranienburg
in a place called
Grabows, Grabow-something.
And for the last 20 years
it's been totally decayed.
But because of its
landmark status,
the authorities have kept it up,
which is really good for us.
But it's old and
the roof, like,
it's probably just gonna cave
in on us while we're in there.
- Yeah.
- No, Josh.
We're obviously gonna
shoot really carefully.
Okay, doesn't matter
how careful we shoot,
that doesn't help
the roof, gravity.
- The old buildings...
- Yeah.
We'll be safe, okay?
And how long do we
have to shoot there?
We're only gonna be
there for one night.
Josh and Dave are always already
gonna wire up the whole house,
put cameras in all the rooms,
and also sound recorders.
That way in the morning
we can already go home.
And Josh and I will do
all the editing, easy.
And what are Michael
and I gonna do?
You guys, you're going
to be on the filming,
you're gonna be
filming the shoot,
and also gonna be on the
building conversions.
And one more thing, I also
want you to play the ghosts.
play the ghosts?
Well yes, we need to show how
easy it is to produce fakes.
That's why we need
real live bodies,
to show how those
recordings probably emerged
as easy as that as well.
Sounds kind of sick, but
also kind of funny. (LAUGHING)
No, it's not funny,
it's just sick.
Come on guys, this is
really important to me.
And it is my final paper,
and together we can
deliver really good work.
All right sweetie,
we're gonna help you.
Thank you, and you Josh?
Only if we never do
anything like this ever again.
Okay, yeah, yeah,
sure, whatever.
Well, then we're ready,
let's go chase some ghosts.
I guess so.
MARY: Michael.
MICHAEL: I tried counting
the stripes on your shirt.
There's so many stripes,
you look like a toothpaste.
so high right now.
- Bro, bro.
- It's not doing...
Josh, can you show me where
we are on the map, please?
I think we might
have gotten lost.
Yeah, yeah, we're just,
we came from over there, so.
I think we are,
- around here?
- Ugh, useless.
- Wait, what?
- Hi, excuse me please.
I'm looking for the
Sanitarium at Grabowsee?
Um, sorry?
Nice ass, bitch.
Have we got everything?
Yeah, yeah, got everything,
except I just realized I left
the extra batteries at home.
I was charging
batteries last night,
I must've left
them on the table.
I thought they were in my
backpack, but they're not there.
Josh, are you serious?
- Yeah, I mean.
- Josh, if you
left the batteries at home,
you've ruined this
whole entire project!
Look, pancakes.
No, seriously, you said
I could 100% rely on you.
Are you serious?
I was just kidding, like
I have the batteries.
I didn't think you'd freak out.
I have the batteries, I
didn't think you'd freak out,
I wouldn't have said...
You're such a liability.
Are you serious?
Hey, slick move, bro.
Whatever man.
Woohoo, let's get the
party started! (LAUGHING)
You all right, where's Mary?
Can I not leave you alone
for just one second?
I didn't do
anything, honeysuckle.
Yeah, good chance
you didn't do anything.
DAVE: Here little lady,
let's get the party started!
And where'd Mary
find you again?
DAVE: YouTube.
Yeah, it explains a lot.
So it should be anywhere
in this direction now.
Very sweet part of town.
Looks like the
woman's got some cash.
Yeah, she's been doing
this for seven years.
She writes ghost stories
and has an online channel
called, um, Ghost Pictures.
What a shitty name.
I know, and on this channel
she does paranormal happenings,
she visits supposedly
haunted houses,
and fools all of her audiences.
Which is quite a shame, really.
She's got so many followers.
Where did you find
out about her again?
On the internet when I was
searching for apparitions,
I came across so many demons,
and of course Mrs. White,
'cause she says that
she communicates
with the kingdom of the
dead, or something like that,
but I don't fall for
any of that crap.
Well I wouldn't
say that, I mean,
something like that
happened to my uncle.
JULIA: What?
What happened?
Well when my uncle
was six years old,
his grandfather had passed away.
And you know, back in the day
it was still common practice
to keep the deceased
relative in the house,
so, you know, the spirit
could find its way out
and to a new home,
and all the relatives
could say their farewells.
Oh, that's gross.
Well, and the thing about
my great-grandfather was,
he was a fiend and a madman.
You know, he was old
schools, old school,
"Do your duty, be a man."
And you know, when
things didn't go his way,
there'd be hell to pay.
JULIA: Oh no.
Well, um, so his body's
barred up in the house,
and my uncle, he sleeps in
the room right upstairs.
And, the night
before the funeral,
things started getting weird.
What do you mean?
Like how?
Well, at first, there
was this quiet knocking
at the walls.
A knocking?
Yeah, and the next morning,
my uncle asked his mother
if she had heard
anything, but you know,
she'd been fast asleep,
all things considered.
And so the funeral came up,
and things went super
smoothly, you know,
nothing out of the
ordinary happened.
But the night after,
the knocking got louder.
And it started moving
within the walls.
Stop it, Michael, please.
No seriously, and so my
uncle walks into the hallway
to see what's going on,
and there he sees
this shadowy figure.
He'd always say, it's
like painting a face
into thin air with your
breath on a cold morning.
And so he walks
up to that figure,
and he says,
grandpa, is that you?
And then the figure
turns around,
and for a split
second it's manifest,
and then grabs him by the neck,
tosses him onto the
floor, and says,
shouldn't be up at this hour.
Yeah, man, and so the next
morning my uncle wakes up
with a sore throat, and he
comes down into the kitchen,
and his mom looks at his neck,
and he's got two
bruise marks there
as though from two
very large hands.
You're kidding, right?
MICHAEL: No I'm not.
Yeah, nice story Michael.
You should sell it online.
JULIA: Yeah.
Look, I didn't
make this up, okay?
This is personal, and
it actually happened.
You know what, you're crazy.
Yeah, you should know.
- Guys, we're here.
- Yeah well I do, actually.
Siedlerweg number 10.
What, here?
- Oh.
- Here is Mrs. White's.
Yo, this place looks
kinda dope, I mean,
I'm not trying to go in, but
I bet you she has hella money.
MARY: That is what I said,
she's famous in this scene.
I don't know, I still think
it looks kinda creepy, guys.
MICHAEL: Yeah, well maybe
you should head in first,
see who's gonna chop us
all in half, one by one.
Shut up you
idiot, I'm serious.
MICHAEL: All right,
I'm sorry, okay?
Mary, I'm sorry too,
but Julia's got a point,
this place is creepy.
Dude are you kidding
me, what is that?
A drone!
MICHAEL: Are you actively
trying to take my head off?
MARY: Michael,
stop overreacting,
this is gonna be so
good for the footage.
MICHAEL: Oh yeah sure,
let the dimwit over
there have a drone,
what could possibly go wrong?
JOSH: Are we done?
MARY: Right, you guys ready?
JULIA: I dunno.
MICHAEL: Yeah, ready.
Are you guys ready?
MICHAEL: Yeah, ready.
MARY: Okay.
Yeah, all right, just take it.
Yeah, I'm coming, it's not me.
Michael, I always
have to wait for you.
It's Dave. (LAUGHING)
MICHAEL: Yeah, I bet
you wait for me, baby.
JULIA: (laughing)
Right, you wish.
JOSH: Well, looks
like nobody's home.
JULIA: Let's just leave.
But we had an appointment,
I don't know how
this has happened.
JOSH: Well she's not here,
let's just leave
and come back later.
Come on guys, out of the way.
Yo, ghost bitch, open
up or I'll huff and puff
and blow this place down.
Don't be so rude.
Oh come on, that old
crone's fast asleep.
I'm not that old.
Frau Weiss, I am so sorry,
my crewmate Michael over
here completely overreacted.
He doesn't seem to be the
brightest bulb in chandelier.
MICHAEL: Excuse me?
Frau Weiss, I'm
Mary Sheffield,
I'm from the Humboldt
University in Berlin,
we spoke on the
phone the other day?
Oh, the little filmmaker.
I'm sorry, I'm not
interested in helping you.
Frau Weiss, please!
Sorry, I really do need
this for my final paper.
I don't care.
I've got the 400.
Um, yeah, all there.
Are you serious?
Don't know what
you're laughing at.
I will make it up to
you, I promise, okay?
Follow me.
MARY: Thank you.
Not you.
MICHAEL: Are you serious?
- All right.
JULIA: Bye Michael.
Yeah, I'll see
you next Tuesday.
- Ah.
- Yeah, sure, take it.
The camera.
MICHAEL: Have fun without me.
FRAU WEISS: Follow me.
JULIA: Wow, um.
This is just, big.
Do you live here?
I inherited this house.
MARY: Do you
live on your own?
JOSH: It's like
MTV Cribs. (laughing)
Oh shit.
JULIA: Nice place.
Frau Weiss, do you think,
if my cameraman
sets up our camera?
So why did you come here?
So as you know,
we're all at the Humboldt
University in Berlin,
and for my final paper,
we're wanting to make
a documentary report
on the idea that ghosts
are actually real.
Very nice, a believer.
So and how did you come
to this realization?
Um, well, um,
my uncle actually,
it happened with my uncle
when he was a child.
His grandfather died,
and they kept his
body inside the house,
and quite often when my
uncle would be in his bed,
at the foot of his bed, his
granddad would come back.
It was just one time,
it wasn't a good ghost,
and unfortunately my
uncle was attacked.
Yeah, the demons are
everywhere around us.
Sometimes they even take
possession of people
and cause misery in our world.
I certainly experience
this many times.
I'm sorry, but, where you
want to shoot your movie?
Um, here, we want to
shoot it at this house.
The house of the devil.
- Sorry?
- No.
JULIA: Wait, what
about the house?
The devil lives there, I
saw him with my own eyes.
Okay, and what
happened at this house?
Everybody's dead.
Please, Frau Weiss, we need
a little bit more information.
What kind of show is this?
FRAU WEISS: Take my hand.
JULIA: Oh man.
JOSH: Come on.
MICHAEL: What the
bloody hell happened?
totally freaked out,
and the table hit Josh
in the face, like...
- What?
- Yes.
Oh my god, you know,
that thing just hit
me in the face, man.
Aw, I can't see.
Mary are you okay?
- Yeah, yeah, yeah I'm...
- You sure?
- Yeah, I'm fine.
- Aw.
Look guys, that was a really
good performance in there.
She must have some
bloody good technology,
special effects...
- Oh my god.
- What?
I'm bleeding,
you think this is,
you think this is fake?
Look, I still just have
to get into that house.
JOSH: No, no, no, no, no.
No, you know guys, I don't
think I wanna do this anymore,
seriously, I mean what
just happened in there?
That was, I don't know
either, but that was real.
You gotta talk to
Mary about this.
Like guys, could you
please just fill me in
on what happened?
Anyone, Mary, Julia, Josh?
Dave come on, just
give me the camera.
Are you serious?
Guys, come on, you
can't be serious.
Stay here.
Hi Dave.
How's the recording?
MARY: How's the recording?
But, guys, seriously, what
the fuck happened in there?
Come on, Josh, tell me.
I have no idea man, that
lady started acting all crazy.
Next thing I knew I was
blacked out on the ground.
How's your head?
It's okay, like
I'm a little dizzy,
but should be okay.
How about little miss
Hitchcock over here?
I dunno.
Hey, Mary.
Oh my god, hey, it's
okay, what's up?
Look, Mary, what
happened in there?
Nothing, it was all fake.
But there's no point
in talking about this,
'cause it's not going
in the film anyway,
and we just wasted 500
euros on a liar for nothing.
That didn't look
like nothing to me.
Oh, so you believe
in this as well now?
All I'm saying is, it's
looking pretty believable.
Well it was merely special
effects and poor acting.
Yeah, let's hope for that.
Okay, I think this is
our street right here.
We're finally here.
Little cold out here, man.
that's pretty sweet.
Whoa, what a mansion, man.
According to my research,
it was built in the 18th century
and survived both
of the World Wars.
And during the Second World War,
it was redone a
military hospital.
And when East communism came in,
it completely decayed and
didn't find a new owner.
Wow, that is truly boring.
Is this really where we're
gonna spend the night?
I mean, come on.
I don't even have service,
like how am I gonna upload
my new YouTube video?
Oh, I'm sorry, but
we can be your YouTube.
These two fools are the feed,
and I'll be the mean comments.
- Are you guys serious?
- Shut up, seriously.
Yeah I'm serious,
there's more to life
than old military
hospitals, Mary.
You should try it once.
Oh, guys, look!
Hey, check this out.
JULIA: That's terrible.
JOSH: Oh my god,
what is it, it's a fox?
MARY: And what is the
point of this, Michael?
JULIA: Is it real?
Look, I'm saving it, okay?
Applying CPR, stat!
Nope, I'm calling it,
Dave you got this?
This is Fox News telling you
that liberals are ruining
ghost stories everywhere.
JULIA: Stop it, you idiot.
MICHAEL: Ooh, how
you doin', foxy lady?
I'd swipe right for you
any day of the week.
You're sick.
You're dumb, fool.
What do you say, Mr. Fox?
I think she should
chill the fuck out.
What he said.
JOSH: You're an idiot.
MICHAEL: Get your
fucking hands off her.
Are you out of
your fucking mind?
I'm sorry, you wanna be
alone when you rape her?
- Michael!
- Let go of him!
- Leave!
- Let him go, you're choking.
I don't tolerate intruders.
I watch over this building!
- Leave!
- Let him go!
He can't breathe!
Let me go or I'm
gonna fucking kill you.
Now move back, nice and slow.
Hold up here.
Or I'm gonna put a
fucking bullet in your face!
What is going on, Michael?
Get a move on.
Bro, put the fucking gun down.
Why'd you bring
that thing anyway?
Dude relax, it's
only blanks all right?
Are you completely crazy?
Did you see what
just happened?
That guy nearly choked me,
and that's precisely
why I brought a gun.
You are such an asshole.
I just saved your life,
how am I the asshole?
JOSH: 'Cause you are.
Dude get a fucking move on.
Michael, you are
completely deranged.
You're putting my
entire project at risk.
Your project?
I thought this was
supposed to be our project.
Oh I don't need
any more surprises.
We don't need the
police coming here.
Oh yeah, you know what?
Next surprise comes
headed our way,
you'll be glad I brought this.
Dude, gimme that shit, bro.
Excuse me, did
your balls just drop?
Give it back to me.
MARY: Josh.
Yeah, listen to your
lady love and give it back.
Yeah, thanks bro.
Okay, come on guys, we still
need to set the technics up
and somehow get
inside the building.
You wanna keep filming?
Are you fucking serious?
You're serious, I
need a cigarette.
MARY: Wow.
MICHAEL: Yeah, you gotta
admit, this looks pretty dope.
JULIA: It looks
pretty though.
Hell no, hell no, this shit,
I can already tell it's haunted.
MARY: You getting
scared, Josh?
JOSH: I am scared.
MICHAEL: Come on, admit
it looks pretty scary,
doesn't it?
JOSH: I mean, look at
all these buildings, Mary.
Nothing's gonna harm us.
- So old.
- How do we know?
MARY: Julia.
Yeah, like that guy
over there, seriously.
JOSH: Yeah, what if
his homies are inside?
I know right?
MICHAEL: I mean, it
looks pretty locked to me.
JOSH: Then how are we,
how are we gonna get in?
MICHAEL: Maybe our
new friend's got a key?
Dude, shut up man.
JOSH: Fuck that,
I'll show you key.
MICHAEL: Come on,
take it down like a man.
JOSH: Voila.
right, let's move.
But I'm not going
in first. (LAUGHING)
MARY: Shotgun.
right, let's do this.
JULIA: This is so spooky.
MARY: All right
guys, this way.
MICHAEL: You sure?
MARY: Let's unpack the
lights that I gave earlier.
MICHAEL: Yeah, mom.
- Lights on.
- Lights on.
Put the lights on.
MICHAEL: Lights on!
All right, it's pretty dark.
- Looks pretty dark.
- Yeah, put the lights on now.
All right,
- is this how it works?
- Are you sure, I'm...
- Yes, Josh,
- Is my light on?
MARY: Just put
the lights on, okay?
JOSH: No, I mean, are you
sure you wanna go down there?
MARY: Trust me.
It is probably
gonna be fine, right?
- Right?
- Am I on?
- Yeah.
- All right.
- Okay.
- All right.
Don't forget your gloves.
JOSH: Am I on?
- Yeah.
- Yeah, you're good.
- No.
- No, you're off again.
- Oh.
- Okay.
And might I say, you
look like an idiot.
Yeah right, bro.
All right, well
thank god you don't.
Okay, we're all ready?
MICHAEL: Excuse me?
JULIA: You heard me.
MARY: Oh come on.
handsome idiot.
- Oh my god.
- Oh jeez.
MICHAEL: So, eenie
meenie miney mo.
JULIA: This is creepy.
MARY: I quite like it.
Watch out though, there's
like holes and stuff.
- Good, mainly stuff.
- Well, certainly looks
like no-one's been cleaning
up in here in a while.
Seriously, what a shithole.
It looks like
it's gonna collapse.
MARY: Watch your head.
It looks like it's gonna
collapse like any minute, though.
MICHAEL: Come on, just
brighten up, Sunshine Sally.
Looks safe enough to me.
JOSH: Just watch your step.
be such a pessimist.
(LAUGHING) Bro, I told you,
- Fine, fine, fine.
- Didn't I,
didn't I just tell
you, I just told him.
- Guys watch out.
- Look, just go ahead, okay?
- Fine, yeah.
- Oh, Michael,
there's a hole in the ground.
MICHAEL: Oh, I'm sorry,
I saw the hole in your face
that keeps talking.
- Watch out, bro. (LAUGHING)
- You guys, come on.
MICHAEL: I mean, you
want this film to be good,
or do you want me to be safe?
JULIA: Either way.
JOSH: Shit, I
don't even care.
MARY: Watch your head.
MICHAEL: All right.
MARY: Oh my god,
this is so creepy.
Imagine all the ghosts
that have come down here.
JULIA: Are we
gonna get anything?
MICHAEL: It's funny now.
JULIA: I know right?
careful, careful, careful.
JOSH: Rocks, boulders.
MARY: Uh, yeah.
JOSH: Oh, beer bottle.
JULIA: Oh, a poison bottle,
in case anyone wants a drink.
MICHAEL: What is this
room, with all the beer?
Oh this looks dope.
JOSH: Come on, bro, let's go.
sorry for keeping you up.
JOSH: I just wanna spend
the least amount of time
in here.
MARY: Oh here we go.
Everyone okay?
- Yeah.
- Sure.
MARY: Mind your heads.
heaven, the walls.
MARY: Guys, I think we're
gonna set the cameras up here.
JULIA: In here?
MARY: By the center,
close to two exits.
So, Julia and Michael,
can you go straightaway,
and start to set up
the light stands?
- I dunno, can we?
- Straightaway.
All right, fine, we'll go.
And Josh, can you
go upstairs with Dave
and sort the night
vision cameras out?
But also, do not forget the
flour, it's very important.
For the alleged footprints?
Ah, okay.
Cool, let's go.
And Josh, do take
care of yourself, okay?
Got you.
So, um, when did you get
into like filming and stuff?
Are you, you don't talk
or anything? (LAUGHING)
You like Jurassic Park?
You got the t-shirt on.
I'm not talking to
you anymore, bro.
So do you think Josh
and Mary are gonna fuck?
I dunno, what gives
you that impression?
Have you looked
at them lately?
I dunno, they're flatmates.
Seriously, I think
Josh looks so sad.
I don't think Mary has any idea
about the feelings
he has for her.
Well, I know what kinds
of feelings you have for me.
You had your chance.
Well, how about
a second change?
Come on, I've changed,
I've grown as a person.
Have you?
Well here's your chance.
All right, fine, I'll take it.
Because I have no self respect.
Yep, it's gonna be
a fantastic night.
MARY: Is it working?
Oh, shh, yeah, okay.
Ooh, this is creepy.
Ooh, spooky.
Ooh, wow.
I've got to go somewhere.
So many rooms.
Okay, that's a bit eerie.
Maybe not.
Yeah, I'm gonna leave it.
It's cold.
Ooh, what were these wires for?
I don't wanna look in there.
Oh my gosh.
Who even walked down
these corridors?
Anything else?
Oh that's weird.
That's sweet!
Oh, a children's book!
Someone must have
left this behind.
I don't think I actually
had a teddy as a kid.
Did I?
Oh gosh.
This looks so traumatic.
This poor child.
Oh my god.
Michael, did you hear that?
Yeah, what's going on?
It's Mary!
Come on, let's take a look.
What was that?
Dude, let's go.
Guys, what's wrong?
Where's Mary?
- I heard her scream.
- What's going on?
- Oh my god.
- Oh, what happened?
I saw him!
MICHAEL: You saw who?
- I saw...
- Calm down.
The man, a man!
But was it that
creep from earlier?
Wait, okay, I'll
take care of it.
JULIA: No, no,
no, Michael, wait.
JOSH: Seriously,
are you okay, Mary?
I was walking down that
corridor, and I found this.
JOSH: What is that?
I dunno, I was,
I was looking up
and there was this man
looking down at me.
MICHAEL: Was it that
creep from earlier?
MARY: I don't know!
Look, maybe that guy...
What kind of
sick shit is this?
Look at that.
You know what,
that guy really needs
to be taught a lesson.
Dude, he's long gone
already man, he's...
- Oh yeah?
- Not in there.
So what, he's gonna
come back, and then what?
What, then you're gone?
Who's gonna, who's gonna
take care of Julia and Mary,
protect them?
Well it's obviously not
gonna be you, Princess Peach.
You better take
that shit back, bro.
(LAUGHING) Oh yeah, or else?
calm down, please.
MARY: Look, just
forget it, okay?
I didn't see, I
must have imagined it.
Nobody was there.
MICHAEL: Are you kidding me?
I have to have imagined it.
Look, let's just carry on, it's
gonna be getting dark soon.
JOSH: Are you sure, Mary?
Yes, please, Josh, can we
just change the conversation?
Are the cameras set up?
- Yeah, they're upstairs.
- And the lights
are installed, yeah?
Yeah, they're installed.
Then let's just go
straight to the hall.
I'm sure we can get some fake
image manipulation there.
MICHAEL: All right.
Are you okay?
Yes, I'm fine, thank you.
- What did you really see?
- Nothing, okay?
I didn't see anything.
JOSH: This place is dope.
Crazy, how long
has this been around?
Well Rick was saying,
this place has been around
for already over
a hundred years.
It used to be a lung sanitarium
for people who had tuberculosis.
Then during the World
War, the Nazis came in,
and turned this
whole entire place
into an experimental station.
Apparently they used to
test on the residents
of the Sachsenhausen
concentration camp.
- Ooh, that's terrible.
- Sick.
I know, so many people
must have died here.
What a fucking disgrace.
And then I think
it was the Russians
who then moved in, and
also turned this institute
into a military hospital
for their troops.
Dave, can you swing up there?
Communism's the killing
stroke of this area.
House left empty, no
investors could be found.
This building was
left forgotten.
MICHAEL: Until today.
Well, until a few
years ago, actually.
When the first ghost
stories were found.
And it was these videos that
went all over the internet
and naturally just
encouraged them to spread.
Yeah, and today we're
gonna prove it's all true.
No, we're gonna
prove it's all fake.
And it's here we're
gonna continue that.
Do you remember that
video we watched?
And we saw that chair that
looked like it was being pulled
by invisible hands?
Yeah, that was crazy.
Yeah, exactly.
So, here we've got a chair.
Chair and a piano.
Josh, do you got
that fishing line?
JOSH: Uh, yeah?
Thank you.
Dave, can you go to the stand,
put the camera up, and
get this in a wide angle?
Meanwhile, I'm just gonna
tie this fishing line
to the chair.
JULIA: Will you
let me help you?
MARY: Thank you.
- Right.
- Okay.
So Josh, what do you
remember seeing in that video?
- Um, there's a chair.
- Yeah.
- And then a ghost...
- Yeah.
Pushed it. (LAUGHING)
- Just pushed it, exactly.
- Yeah.
And I'm gonna show
you how easy it is
to fake that video, ready?
JOSH: What?
But for now, just
clear the space.
Needs to be as
empty as possible.
And just like that you've got
yourself a fake ghost video.
Thank you, I know, I try, I try.
- Whoa, what was that?
- Whoa, whoa, whoa.
- Oh my god, what...
- That's, this shit is real.
Let's get out of here.
The chair was
unbalanced, okay?
- Unbalanced?
- Unbalanced?
MARY: Yes, unbalanced!
Did you see what
just happened?
You're unbalanced.
Have you ever heard
of a coincidence?
Come on, you saw what happened.
That was a coincidence,
and you're just
those typical people
who fall for all things fake,
and read into
everything they see.
Well you know
what, fine, okay?
Let's say it was a coincidence.
- Which it was.
- Which it wasn't.
But did you see the
way the chair moved?
Yes, but it's all
in our imagination.
This is what this is all about!
All right, fine.
- Do you know what I think?
- What?
These fake videos aren't as
fake as you'd like them to be.
Fine, I'm sure there is
some sort of explanation.
But for now, we've got
plenty to do before night,
so let's grab our stuff
and move to the hall.
We've still got to
work with the flour,
work with the footprints,
and I also want to show you
how easy it is to fake EVPs.
Josh, are you okay?
Yeah, I just always
wanted to play the piano.
Are you fucking kidding?
MICHAEL: I really need
something to drink, man.
JOSH: I know right, I've
been craving all day. (laughing)
There you go.
JOSH: Got the beer,
got the backpack.
Yep, comme ca.
JULIA: Hi, come
over here, look!
JOSH: That's
deep in the forest.
JOSH: It's pretty.
MICHAEL: So that's where
you've been! (laughing)
Come on!
JOSH: Just been hiding.
Yes, found a hiding place.
JOSH: Now we're stuck.
Oh my god, this is dope.
I know right?
We just found it.
JOSH: Cool, what happened?
I dunno, it looked like
the place burned down?
I think it's beautiful.
- Yes.
- Yeah, and seems we
don't know it's safe
Hey, do you guys
see making a fire
and watch the sunset?
- Such a great idea!
- Ah, yeah, you wanna,
you wanna beer?
Yeah, sure, and then
I'll grab one for you too.
Thanks, bro.
- Sure.
- Y'all want one?
- Thanks.
- I'm all right, thank you.
JOSH: Dave?
My guy, work it in.
You have one?
- Cheers.
- Cheers!
Do you remember that
sweet game from last year?
When that dude
tried to tackle you,
you just passed him on the left,
drove past him on the right,
passed the ball to you,
pat it into the box,
you brought it
back to me, had a,
and we scored.
- Scored, and to win the game.
- Yeah.
Championship, too.
Man, those were the days.
- Yeah.
- I miss that shit.
Boys and their
balls, huh? (LAUGHING)
Oh, I'm sorry we can't talk
about sophisticated topics
like, um, how do I
apply my makeup best?
And like, what's this brand?
And would you like to like,
comment, and subscribe?
All the sweet glamor
of the YouTube life.
Yeah well, would you like to
be a fucking retard for once?
Excuse me?
Well just 'cause you
haven't a clue about fashion,
- I mean...
- I don't need
to have a clue about fashion.
I can dress myself
and that's fine.
Oh yeah, I can tell.
Seriously though, like,
speaking of YouTube,
Mary, why do you think
all the ghost videos
on YouTube are fake?
Simply because they are?
But what is your,
what's your source?
Like who tells you
that they're fake?
Or how do you know that?
Well you know me,
I'm really sick.
And no-one's told
me, but we just know
that there are no
ghosts that affect us
with the way we live, 'cause
as humans we differ from that.
We can make our own decisions
and affect the way
we live ourselves,
in our own ways of doing it.
You know Mary, I think
that's really, really pathetic.
No, seriously, no,
honestly, come on now.
There's no scientific proof
to prove anything that exists
from the beyond, and if
there are photos and videos,
they can be almost
proved 100% wrong.
Exactly, key word, almost.
You know exactly what
I'm trying to say here.
And there might be
some unknown cases,
- but no.
- Well what if it's exactly
those unknown cases that
explain the whole thing?
- I mean, who knows?
- Who knows?
- Yeah, who knows?
- Uh, physicists?
Chemists, biologists?
What about parapsychologists?
- Thank you!
- Oh please, I beg you.
No seriously, just try
and be a bit more open
minded about this.
Okay, I will try and be a
bit more open minded about this
and say that, from now on,
I'll believe that ghosts exist.
- Thank you.
- Yes, because they do exist.
Oh please, not
you as well, Julia.
Oh come on, Mary, you
promised to be more open, right?
- Right.
- Okay, so now listen.
Okay, I'm listening.
When I was about
eight or nine years old,
we moved into this new house.
I started having
trouble falling asleep
but I don't even know why.
But night after
night I would wake up
soaked in sweat,
crying for my mom.
She would come and comfort me
and tell me that I'd
just had a bad dream.
That could've
been from stress.
You moved to a new house,
that obviously disturbed
the way you were feeling.
That was not it, all right?
I loved the house, I
had this big garden,
so much room to play, my parents
were happy, we were happy.
Still, night after night I would
be having those nightmares.
So after three or four
weeks, my mom promised
that she would stay up until
I'd fallen asleep, in my room.
Guess she couldn't bear
my crying any longer.
It was probably also a
way to comfort herself.
You know what, sounds
like a great mom.
Yeah, she is, and it worked.
Last thing I remember was
her kind face smiling at me.
And then I woke up.
I saw my mom sitting in
the corner, staring at me,
and her face was frozen.
Then I noticed that she
wasn't looking at me.
But right above me.
So I turned around.
And I looked at this black face,
with like white
fangs and red eyes.
It was bending over me
and pulling my hair.
I started screaming,
so the lights went on
and my dad came in and
pulled me out of the bed,
and I did a lot of
crying that night.
Shortly after that I
fell asleep in the car,
and we never went back
to that house again.
Pretty soon after
that, we moved.
My parents told me that the
house had gotten too expensive
and we would have to
look for a new one,
blah, blah, blah. (LAUGHING)
I didn't ask any questions.
But every time I looked
into my mom's eyes,
I was reminded of that shocked
look on her face that night.
That's really deep.
Yeah, you're sure, you know,
it wasn't just a
delusion or something?
No, I wasn't delusional,
it was real, and it still is.
Even though the memory
may be slowly fading,
but that doesn't
change anything.
I personally think
that might've just been
a case of sleep paralysis,
most kids tend to get that
when their brains are still
developing at a young age.
They're still fast asleep
in a deep REM sleep,
but they believe
that they're awake,
so it's as if they're
paralyzed, you know?
And your dreams could've
become mixed with reality
and reality could've
become blurred.
It was not sleep
paralysis, all right Mary?
I dunno, everything can
be scientifically explained.
It just, to us it sounds like
vanities of a young child.
You know what?
Seriously, I know
what happened, okay?
And if you don't wanna
understand, fine.
Just forget about it.
JOSH: Oh my god.
It's all right, it's
fine, I'll take care of her.
Don't do anything you couldn't
scientifically explain.
That was kind of fucked up.
Yeah, maybe, but come
on, it's sleep paralysis.
Look, I'll even look it, I'll
double check it up on YouTube.
On YouTube, doesn't, like,
that's not even a
reliable source.
You can post anything
on YouTube, seriously.
But what's more important
is that they just left,
and we need to go find them.
- Come on.
- Fine.
MARY: This is going to
be so bloody ridiculous.
It was definitely
sleep paralysis.
Hi Julia.
I just want to
apologize for earlier.
It's okay, just promise me
that you'll be more open, okay?
I hate it when you're
being such a smart ass.
Yeah, I know, I can be
a bit of a shit friend.
I know.
- You bitch.
- Hey, so are you!
Didn't want to ruin your
little lesbian moment,
but where's Michael at?
I mean, he's not with you?
No, why, I have
no idea where he is.
I don't believe this.
We gotta go find him, I have
no idea where he is either.
Thought he was with y'all.
Where's this guy?
Michael, Michael!
JOSH: Michael!
JULIA: Dude where are you?
JOSH: I bet you he's
hiding somewhere, that fucker.
MARY: God, it's like
he's in bloody kindergarten.
JULIA: If he jumps out now,
I'm gonna fucking kill him.
- I just saw a bat,
and another bat.
JULIA: No, no, no, no.
- Augh!
- Michael!
Michael, it's not funny anymore.
Michael, where are you?
JOSH: I mean, the
fool could be anywhere.
MARY: I'm telling you,
- if I get my hands on him.
- Josh, wait!
Don't just leave without us.
Oh this is pointless, let's
just go back to the hall.
All right, stay
together though,
this is some scary shit.
JOSH: Michael.
Wasting our time.
JULIA: Where's he gone?
JOSH: Michael!
DEMON: Julia.
JULIA: It's so cold,
this isn't funny anymore.
When I get ahold of him,
I'm gonna fucking kill him.
JOSH: Chill out, we
don't need him, right?
It'll be cool, like,
just, what the fuck?
MARY: Does that mean the
batteries are running low?
JULIA: No, I just
changed the batteries.
Guys, let's go, guys, come on.
You fucking asshole.
We have to go!
Look, guys, we have to
get out of here right now.
- Why?
- Chill out man,
what the fuck are
you talking about?
No, he's gonna get us.
- Michael!
- No.
- Bro.
- We have to go!
Let's go!
No, no.
JULIA: Wait for Michael!
What is going on?
MICHAEL: Go, go, go!
MICHAEL: Go, go, Julia!
Come on!
MICHAEL: Oh, shit!
Come on, fuck it!
Michael, what the fuck?
Who was that, man?
He's been watching
us this entire time.
I told you, and you
wouldn't listen.
Michael calm down, we
need to look after Julia.
No we don't, we need
to look after ourselves.
Whoa, whoa,
whoa, fuck you man.
Mary, do you have
that first aid kit?
Dave, do you?
Are you serious?
MARY: Wait, Josh.
Dude, what, what
did you do, man?
Look I didn't do
anything, it was just,
it was there, it was
just, it was in my head
- all of a sudden.
- Such a god damn idiot!
No, we need to get out!
We're not supposed to be here!
No, we're fine, we're safe
in here, bro, chill out!
What the fuck?
We're not safe,
give me the car keys.
- No, we gotta stay.
- No, we need to
take Julia out.
MICHAEL: Car keys!
Julia, I'm sorry.
JULIA: Michael.
JOSH: The fuck, man?
- The hell's wrong with you?
- Michael, come back!
- Please.
- Oh my god.
- It hurts so bad.
- Oh my god.
Hey, this isn't good.
MICHAEL: Come on, come
on, come on, just go on.
Just go on!
Come on, come on.
Oh god!
JOSH: Okay, I got it.
Come on.
Yeah I think the
coast is clear,
we'll find our way out,
but we've got to keep
as quiet as possible.
JOSH: What about Michael?
MARY: Oh, he's
already at the car.
He would've had the car
started if he was at the car.
Hey we've gotta keep,
Julia's getting worse,
you guys, we gotta go.
MARY: I know, I'm sorry.
I think it's this way.
JOSH: I think we came
from that way though.
JULIA: I can't remember.
JOSH: Maybe down here.
MARY: It's
definitely going in...
- Hey, come on.
MARY: We've
got to stay quiet.
JOSH: Shh, shh, shh.
It could be anywhere
right now, seriously.
Keep an eye out.
MARY: Which, what way?
JOSH: Over here.
JOSH: Watch your step.
You okay?
MARY: You okay Julia?
JOSH: Come on.
- What, what's going on?
- Are you okay?
Yeah, I'm fine.
As it was that thing.
JOSH: What?
From the book.
From, what are you
talking about, what thing?
That thing from
the children's book.
JOSH: What, seriously?
- What the fuck.
Guys, we really should
not be standing still.
Yeah, we gotta go.
Josh come on, we
need to help her.
MARY: Josh, can you
help with it, please?
JOSH: I'm trying, we
gotta move as fast as we can.
- Watch out.
- We've got
to turn right now, okay?
JOSH: This is
not, are you sure?
MARY: This is where
we went through it.
No, we haven't
been here, this is,
everything looks so different.
MARY: This
wasn't here before.
The room keeps
changing its shape.
That's not, that's
not even possible.
This is a dead
end, where are we?
- What the fuck?
- Stop talking.
- What?
- Shh.
JOSH: Hey I remember, I
remember this hallway, yeah.
This is the way,
this is the way out.
Guys I, I can't keep going.
MARY: Julia!
Josh, she feels really warm.
Why are you looking like this?
Hey, we have to
get out of here fast.
- Oh!
- Julia!
Oh shit!
We've got to get her out!
JOSH: She's gone now.
MICHAEL: Oh great.
MICHAEL: What is going on?
DEMON: Michael.
JOSH: Oh shit.
MICHAEL: Hey asshole!
MICHAEL: Oh god.
Fuck you.
JOSH: Michael!
Dude just shot and killed him!
Dude you told me that thing
was empty with blanks.
Well you know what, it
came in handy after all.
What even is it,
it's not human.
And that stench.
Well man, we gotta
get out of here.
We gotta go, where's Julia?
He took her.
What do you mean, took her?
Dude, never mind,
let's just find Julia
and get the hell
out of here, man.
No, no, we just have
to get out of here.
Oh, and pro tip, the car
doesn't start anymore.
So here's your choice,
you're gonna stay here,
look for Julia, and die,
or you're gonna come
with me and live.
So tell me, what's it gonna be?
Michael, we're not
leaving without Julia.
All right, then
stay here and die.
JOSH: God damn it, no!
Son of a bitch!
MARY: Josh, let's go!
JOSH: Go, let him go, Mary!
God damn it, it fucking
killed Michael, man.
MARY: Come on!
JOSH: Where are we going?
MARY: Just keep going,
just keep going straight.
Watch out.
JOSH: Wait, wait,
wait, wait, come on.
MARY: No Josh, come on,
we have to get out of here.
Come on with me and trust me.
MARY: Oh please.
I really do not want
to be here any longer.
JOSH: Sit down,
just chill out.
Dave, you too, just
be, just be quiet.
I think we're safe, I
think we'll be fine in here
if we just stay quiet and calm.
He ripped off his head.
I know, but don't
worry about it right now.
There's nothing we...
Michael's dead.
Julia's also probably dead.
- We're going to die here.
- No we're not.
I'm gonna get us out
of here, I promise.
We good.
It's all true.
That was Julia!
What, wait, what, hold on.
Hey, it came from
that way, wait.
Oh no, please no!
JOSH: I'm so, I'm sorry.
MARY: Where is
this door coming from?
We just came from here!
JOSH: We gotta get
out of here, come on.
MARY: This way!
A tunnel?
Where does it go?
Let's just hope out.
JOSH: Oh shit.
- God damn...
- Ow!
- Josh come on!
- I'm going!
Oh shit, come on.
- What the...
- What is this?
MARY: Josh don't touch it!
JOSH: We should
not go that way.
Dave, watch out!
JOSH: Come on, we gotta
hurry up, though, seriously.
- Fuck, Mary, oh my god,
oh my god.
Shit, dude, drop the camera
and help me open this shit.
God damn it.
MARY: Where am I?
JOSH: Mary, Mary!
MARY: Hello?
JOSH: What the, dude,
that was downstairs.
Dude, come on, let's go!
This way.
MARY: Josh, there you are!
Thank god you're okay.
I can't do this
anymore, they're all dead.
No, no.
Hey, listen, I'm gonna get
us the fuck out of here
but we have to go now,
right now, come on.
- Okay.
- Dave, let's go.
MARY: Josh, hurry up.
- I'm going.
- Come on!
This way!
What, why, why, why?
MARY: It's the teddy.
JOSH: What teddy, what
are you talking about?
- The teddy!
From, from the notebook!
JOSH: What?
MARY: Trust me, okay?
Hey, come on.
Hi, hi, hi, all right, come on.
Get down, get down,
Dave get down.
- Lights off.
JOSH: He's gone, he's
gone, he's gone, he's gone.
Now's our chance.
Okay, come on, let's go.
We made it!
Oh my god, shit!
Time to die!
DAVE: No, no, no, no, no!
MARY: It's all true!
Took a right turn
Down the wrong street
Me and them, but I
felt like it was all me
Lights dim
Got me starin'
down a long street
No bars, but I feel
like they could call me
I took a step to the left
just to clear the way
Couple breaths on my chest
for the night and day
Turn around and
errybody was so far away
I seen a dude but he ain't
had nothin' nice to say
Where you at, what you doin'
What you want from me
I figured out he used to live
right down the block from me
I reach into my pocket
thinkin' that I lost my keys
He grabbed my by
the neck and told me
Ho, you best not
start with me
So I paused, said man
I ain't startin' this
I pushed him back, tried to
hit me but he swung and missed
Caught the corner, someone
came and hit him with a brick
They said that I was next
So I quickly grabbed
my phone and dipped