Paranormal Entity (2009) Movie Script

October 25 recording of a police 4:35
You dialed 911, what is your emergency?
Send help, they killed her,
they killed...
...My family is dead!
Can you tell me what is happening?
Just send help...
They killed my mother...
They are dead! My sister is dead!
Possible 217, we need all
Killed! My sister is dead!
s is my wonderful family.
My wonderful mother, Ellen.
Mother, say hello to the camera.
- Hello.
- Smile. And here we have
my beautiful sister, Samantha.
smile for the camera.
- Smile.
- Is not she beautiful?!
You two... ah...
You matched the colors tonight?
I must have forgotten
read the memo.
Yes, indeed,
let you out of the memo.
Yeah, you left out
because we hate you.
Mom, this is weird.
This is not for you
help wash the dishes, Thomas?
Ah... not...
- Why do not you come help us?
- Of course not.
Mom, thank you for dinner.
Your welcome.
It was a wonderful dinner.
Thomas... I just want to ask...
I understand that Dr. Lauren
wants us to do this whole thing...
But... that only has cameras
in our rooms and not on yours?
Because... you would not like
see what happens in my room.
Someone would like to...
say something...
on our experiment here?
How you will
make money with the fact that...
I will not make money from nothing!
Mr. Medium said to document everything,
then, what better way to do this
than with a camera?
- And why do not you write?
- I will not write it.
Last fall, Thomas Finley
was arrested by rape...
...and murder of his sister
aged 19, Samantha Finley.
He also was convicted of murder
Lauren Edgar, a paranormal investigator.
Thomas says that the victims were attacked
by a demonic entity of unknown origin.
He committed suicide soon after,
while in prison.
The recording below was found a year later,
hidden in the attic of the family.
Is being shown to the public
the first time.
We are running... Testing, testing,
one, two, three.
Camera focus.
And here we are.
Thomas Finley...
This is my fourth.
Here is where I sleep.
Today is the day off the employee.
We're walking down the aisle...
to the living room.
We have a camera... corner...
Filming in night vision...
with a battery of 8 hours...
to shoot all night and
pra that we can see...
whatever happens... this room.
This is the fourth of Samantha.
We have a...
camera on the tripod,
recording in night vision
battery with 8 hours
to film whatever happens
or not happen.
And then... if we go down the hall...
And the mother's room,
we have a camera in the corner...
This is the daddy?
First night October 32:06
Hi, you've reached the Finleys.
We can not answer now,
But if you leave a message;
we will return. Thank you.
Good morning.
Someone is wonderful
this morning.
What we are doing pro coffee?
You will make me...
I will not do anything for you.
I'm doing this to myself.
This seems to vomit.
Is, do something for you.
I see that someone is
a great mood this morning.
I know.
Especially when they call
my food vomiting.
It makes me really happy.
It makes me great.
You do not have a job
or something to do?
Today I am officially unemployed.
Oh, I'm shocked.
Really shocked.
See, this is my surprise face.
Ah, that's good.
Yes it is recording?
Is that I'm surprised
for you being unemployed.
I think I'll win
an award for it.
It is a real loser.
So... um...
Some dad's visit
Not funny.
Let your sister in peace, Tommy.
Just stop.
What about you, mother?
Something happened that night?
He made coffee, Sam?
- Yes, Tommy.
- Something happened?
- I do not want to talk about it.
- I think we should talk.
I think it is important to discuss
about what is happening in this house.
- Turn off the camera.
- And what is happening.
Turn off the camera.
I think if you say
who is talking to Dad...
Turn that damn camera!
About a year
my husband David...
died in a car accident.
And I'm sorry to miss him.
There is even a day
I do not think it...
A couple of months...
I just started talking to him.
Know... I just...
Just got a...
talk, pretending
store very strange... weird...
And there was a lady there,
and she was telling us that...
You can actually...
can speak with the dead...
writing for them.
So I said, "Okay. "
So I went home e...
I picked up a pen and
a pad of paper...
I started writing one night.
I wrote e...
just wrote...
I felt that something was me...
was taking care of me.
I just...
I felt I was really
talking with David
and that he was
really responding, you know?
I mean...
each... every word I wrote...
it was as if he were there with me.
And then every night I went to my room
and wrote to him and he answered me.
I really think
I was talking to David.
But then these...
Then some strange things
started happening e...
I do not know, it's like...
I do not know... bad things...
Things happening riuns
with Samantha.
Bad things happening.
That is not David, OK?
David does not...
not do these things.
What do you think that is?
I do not know.
I do not know.
I do not know what the hell is this.
Whatever it is,
not his father.
What was that?
Oh shit!
He left.
And the camera is...
'm In the next room.
Monday night October 43:43
I found this on the floor.
Give me that.
What I am saying to Sam is...
...that it is possible that the
cross has fallen from the wall.
And ended up in the corner...?
Things do not fall from the walls,
hit the ground and move to the corners.
No, they do not fly diagonal e...
- Who said that?
- Things do not square roll.
I did not say rolled,
but what if the wall fell diagonally...
I was far away.
So you can have kicked...
And if she kicked?
What if...
No, if the cross fell from the wall,
that does not mean she
kicked, that's what I'm saying.
I do not like the fact that you
suggest that your sister is lying.
- I'm not suggesting that.
- You are.
I even said that she
Well, these things may have happened.
If the cross fell from the wall, it does not
means that the ghost dropped.
- No, no, you're right.
- Not to say that the ghost did it.
You're right...
Did not mean it.
Yes, I am sure, Sam.
Yeah, you're totally right.
Not mean anything.
There is nothing happening here, Mom.
I just say that this does not mean anything.
Yeah, he's trying to say that this gives
a good scene pra a fucking movie, that's all.
Shut up, damn it, really.
I'm tired of hearing you say that.
- I do not give a damn.
- Stop with the words, OK.
Stop! Stop!
I want you to stop!
He has to keep shit
camera on?!
In fact, he does not live here anymore.
Very well done...
fucking asshole.
Last night, my cross fell from the wall.
Only I'm sure it was played there.
Thomas refuses to believe me.
Or he does not want. 'm Very scared.
Please God, help me!
Where are You?
Why am I seeing this?
Sorry for yelling.
Why do you say that now
I'm ready to sleep?
Why an apology and
I thought I would go on record.
But you still think I
do not believe in you.
- You do not believe.
- I believe.
Everything is confusing, you know.
So sorry, I do not
wanted to scream.
See you tomorrow.
Thursday Night 7 October 1:02
You did that?
I did what?
Wrote on the table.
- What the fuck?
- Not funny, man.
Look, I did not.
- What the hell does that mean?
- Mom
- What?
- U C.
Come here!
U C...
Mom, you did it?
I did not write it.
Someone wrote!
What does it mean?
Do not you remember doing that?
I do not remember any of it.
Well, you did.
I do not remember getting off the bed.
3:30 in the morning.
You think I was sleepwalking?
I mean, never heard of anyone
sleepwalker and writing at a desk...
I do not know, Thomas, not
I have no idea.
And you do not know what to write?
- You do not know what it means?
- I do not remember being lifted.
So you do not know what
the letters on the table mean?
And you took the paper to somewhere.
You were with the paper in hand.
Oh, God.
And that's all.
It's very bizarre mother.
What's wrong with me?
There is something wrong with me.
I do not remember any of it.
What the hell is happening?
I'm going crazy!
Mom, I think it has something
happening in this house.
Do not know if there is
something wrong with you.
There is something
wrong with this house.
Where is this doctor?
Dr. Lauren, I called him several times,
he is still on vacation.
And he goes on to say that when you return
he will come back here as soon as possible.
He knows what's going on?
He know what is happening with Samantha?
Because... um... mother...
I think she is going crazy with it.
I increasingly I think all
has something to do with it.
I know, of course... I i know.
- I think you're right.
- Well, let's...
Tomorrow, I think...
So let's call this new Dr. Lauren
and say that he needs to come here
as soon as possible.
I'll call him tomorrow morning again.
Or I'll find someone else.
You okay?
I'll think of something.
I'll think of something.
So I...
There is a time, I began to feel like...
if something was in the room...
me while I slept.
When I was trying to sleep...
And then...
a week ago...
I woke up for something...
I do not know what woke me up...
I could not...
out of bed.
I was just...
lying there...
and I could not sit,
... I could not
turn my head to see
what woke me up...
I just...
And then it was as if...
something came...
and pressed... my chest, very strong.
It was as if...
was holding me, as if...
did not want me to move.
It was very strange, it took everything...
All energy that I could check for...
to sit...
and look around the room...
It was as if someone was me
squeezing with one hand...
But then... I got up e...
turned on the lights e...
there was nothing...
...I thought I mean...
the time I thought I was crazy...
and then these other things
started happening...
I just do not understand why
this is happening to me.
So this was the first time that happened?
Do you think it will happen again?
I do not know.
I do not know, it's like every time I
go to sleep, I was lying there e...
wanting to sleep, but if I...
if I sleep, I'm afraid
wake up and happen.
and if I stay up, nothing happens, then...
So I did not even sleep e...
I do not know.
And no one comes out winning.
Nobody wins.
Friday Night 8 October 2:34
Open the door!
- Tommy... stop!
- Open the door!
It's okay, I'm here!
I'm here.
You okay?
Oh, yes. Hello, Dr. Lauren,
here is Ellen Finley e...
'm Linking back e...
Probably you are still on vacation
But I need to talk to you.
So... you could call them
to hear this message?
It is very important that I talk to you, OK?
So I think you have our new number...
If you dial is: 3237919157
Thank you, Dr. Fin... ah... Lauren...
I... I have to talk to you. Ok
- Honey!
- Yes
I'll take your sister for a walk.
Need something?
No, okay.
What you...
Seventh Night 9 October 1:22
Hi, you've reached the
Finleys. We can not answer now,
but if you leave a message,
will return. Thank you.
Ohh mother...
What is this?!
It seems that someone is...
I do not know, I do not know.
- Come on, all is well.
- What was that?
I do not know.
Hear, hear!
Go, go!
Stay behind me.
We are here, here.
Oh, my God! Damn!
Listen! Listen!
- There is something in the room with us!
- Oh, my God.
I can feel, I...
- I can feel as if he were standing here!
- Stop! Stop!
What the fuck...?
Guys, what is it?
You hear it?!
What the hell is that?
Look at it...
Wait, wait.
My God!
Look at it, is a footprint!
I want to see where he is going.
- No!
- Come on! Okay!
Thomas, no! No!
- Stay here, I want to see where he is going!
- Stop it!
No! Stop!
Let me go!
I just want to see where he is going.
Stay with me, it's okay!
All right.
They are everywhere!
What the fuck...?
Why... is going to my room?!
Oh, Jesus! Stop!
Alright! Okay!
Sam, come here, come here!
All right.
All right, come.
Oh, Christ.
Where does it come from?
Oh, shit!
Oh, no!
Oh, mother...
What the fuck?
Oh, mother...
Who was it?
How are you?
All right?
Sam, you okay?
I think it's time to... think of leaving.
- And where do we go?
- I do not know, to a motel for a few nights.
- This is our home...
- I know, Mom, but I do not think...
- Where do we go?
- It's getting...
This thing just goes... us out of our house?
Mom, I do not know, but I think...
I can not...
- Mom, I know, but...
- By Dr. Lauren not called yet?!
Do not know! Do not know where he is,
But until he calls and
people think of something...
I think you should stay
in a motel for a few nights.
So? That solves everything?
The thing will just go away?!
No, I'm saying this, Mom.
But until Dr. Lauren comes, you go,
I stay and take care of everything...
I see what happens.
You'll see what happens?
I will record what happens.
I'll keep shooting and see what
happens while you are away.
Ok and you'll stay here alone
with this thing?
I want you to be cautelozo, Thomas.
You know where you're getting into?
I know, Mom, but...
Whatever this thing is,
it does not seem interested in me.
And that seems to be interested in it,
which is another reason for you leave here.
I know, I'll take it. We will.
- Sam, you do not want to leave?
- Ok?
- Prepare to pack.
- We go now, but I want you to promise...
- That if something bad happens...
- Mom, believe me, I promise, trust me.
I do not want you just film
I want you to leave here.
I will.
Right? Come! Prepare to pack.
And I want you to call us,
if anything happens.
- You'll be okay? Are you sure?
- I'll be fine.
- Just go, call me when they arrive.
- Ok
I love you.
I love you too.
Call me when they arrive.
Be careful, dear.
You too.
Camera on.
And then, asshole!
Oitva Night October 102:28
Oh, shit!
Mother, calm down. As well
they followed you?
Wait, Mom, listen! Just come home, right?
Just come as fast as you can!
Just come home.
Jesus! What the hell happened?
What happened?!?!
Oh, Christ! You all right?
What happened to you?
- They have followed us to the motel.
- What do you follow?
They followed us to the motel, Thomas.
How could they follow you?
I do not know. I do not know how they could.
But it was in the room with the
people and attacked his sister.
As well, was in the room with you?
- I was in bed with us, Thomas.
- How it attacked...?
Talk to me, you're scaring me...
As they attacked?
What happened?
I do not know what happened, Thomas.
We were just sleeping...
I thought everything was...
He felt that all was well.
And then...
Suddenly I felt that...
something was sighing in my ear.
And I woke up and looked at her sister...
And she was still asleep.
But I looked down e...
It seemed that something was...
holding, pressing her arms.
That threw me off the bed.
This thing...
threw the bed.
I cried... I I could not do anything.
There was nothing I could do.
This thing... we have to do this thing
go. We must stop this!
I could not do anything.
Will be alright.
There was nothing I could do.
I'm sorry, honey, I'm sorry.
Thirteenth Night October 153:01
You'll be okay here alone?
You okay?
Call me if you need anything.
What is it?
Jesus Christ! Samantha!
Can you hear me?
I came here.
How so?
C'mon, Sam, is freezing here,
we go down.
Watch your walk.
Come on, it's all legal,
we go down.
Watch your walk.
Come on, Sam, is freezing,
we go down.
You okay?
You okay?
Will be alright.
Hi, I want to talk to Mrs. Mackenzie.
Mrs. Mackenzie hello, here is Thomas Finley.
My parents bought their house a few years.
Sure. Hmm...
Listen, sorry for taking your time,
but I wonder if I can help.
You know, by chance, if someone... ah...
If someone died in this house?
Someone named Maron?
Or Marn?
Nobody? Spells as M-A-R-O-N.
No one with that name?
Ah... No, do not worry.
Thank you.
Sorry for taking your time.
What is this thing doing?
Come here, come here.
Come here!
Sam, all right!
Sam, me, come with me.
Jesus Christ!
What the fuck, come here.
It's all right, right!
All right.
Come, come.
Sam, I got you.
I got you, everything is fine.
Okay, I got you.
Come on, Sam.
Yes, yes.
She's in bed now.
No, I'm sure.
This never happened before.
No, I have no idea.
He just found it that way.
Well, I mean...
Is there something I can do?
I mean... should I...
You can... can find someone
to find out what's going on?
You can prescribe a remedy
when I see you tomorrow?
I then... so I hope.
Thank you.
Oh, Jesus Christ.
Oh, Jesus.
Jesus! Mother!
Mom, come here. Jesus Christ!
What a bummer.
Mom, come on! Come on, Mom, get up.
Mother, get up.
Come on, you have to get up.
- It's my fault!
- Nothing is your fault, Mom.
Come, it's all right.
- I killed her!
- Mother, you did not kill anyone.
It will kill her.
Mother! Nothing will kill her mother.
Seventeenth Night 18 October 4:29
Jesus Christ!
What did you do, mother?!
Oh, my God, what have you done to yourself?!
Oh, mother, what did you do?
Oh, my God.
Jesus! Mother!
Help me Somebody help me!
Oh, mother, what you did!?!?
Oh, my God!
Twenty-Third Night 25 October 2:51
If you see this... ah...
They said you'll be fine.
They just need...
Heard you for a few days...
I just like to say I'm sorry.
I should have listened to you.
I should be there for you.
And Samantha.
And I was not.
I just like to say I'm sorry, Mom.
I want us to be a family again.
What's happening?
Dr. Lauren, hello.
This is my sister, Samantha.
- Hello, Samantha, nice to meet you.
- Also.
Thanks for coming.
If I could come here
earlier, I would...
I want to say how I feel
from what I heard about your mother.
How is she?
She is... okay.
She has to stay under observation, but...
She'll be fine.
- Well, if I could I would be here before.
- You can make it stop?
I'll try.
Samantha, I understand
all events here...
acontedendo are in your room.
- Yes
- Take me there.
First, I want to thank
the two did not go away.
Because that would follow.
And probably leave this thing more angry.
So I think you acted right
for calling me.
We just want to make it stop.
I understand, Sam.
But I want to assure them that there is
an incredible presence in this house.
It is a very negative presence.
And it's very attracted to you, Sam.
Now, as I understand it, his mother tried to
make contact, or believes he made contact...
with his father. Is this true?
Ok, now...
What made her think that she was exposed?
Ah, she was writing him...
She was writing to him and then...
she thought he was responding.
Ok Well, that...
This is quite common, because when...
when someone loses a loved one...
and try to make contact with this person...
They sometimes do not know...
Invite an obscure entity.
It's like an open door, so to speak.
A free pass.
And most of the time is that this entity
personifies... and takes the place of
that loved one...
to enter our world.
For some reason. Ok?
And in this case...
I believe...
Sam is the reason.
Ok Then...
Before we begin, I want you to know...
I want you to think...
Is there anything I have forgotten.
Anything that can tell me.
I just wanted...
show it.
We do not know what it means.
is Germanic for "nightmare".
Ok? In Germanic folklore...
a nightmare is an evil spirit...
attacking women while they sleep.
Much like the Christian Incubus...
that violent women.
Now, before you start, I just want to...
are extremely, extremly clean.
And I have 100% of your attention
and its concentration.
Oh, my God, damn!
Oh, Samantha!
Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
Samantha, oh my God!
Oh, my... Oh, my God!
Oh, my God!
On October 25, the bodies were
removed from the residence of Finleys.
The body of Samantha Finley was found
dead in the arms of his brother.
With the news of the death of their children,
Ellen Finley took his own life in hospital.
It is the opinion of the
people closest Finley family...
...that this video
is shown to the public
as a final testimony of inexplicable and
terrible events occurred in their Finleys.