Paranormal Evil (2017) Movie Script

Aunt Pat!
Aunt Pat!
Stop it!
What's wrong.
Oh my god, why are you shaking?
It's happening again.
What's happening again?
I was in the tub and I
thought I heard somebody
or something.
I don't know.
It was there and it touched
me and then I ran out
of the bathroom, and when
I came back the mirror
was busted.
Oh my god, are you serious?
Come on Lex.
What the hell are you doing
taking a bath in 200 degree
water for?
It's obvious you opened the
door too fast and you let
the cold air in,
and it's cracked.
Are you seriously
saying that right now?
Look at it Paul.
Look, I don't know,
it's just physics.
Just breath.
Don't tell me to fucking breath.
I'm sick of you always
acting like I'm crazy,
when I'm showing
you these things!
I'm sorry.
What are you apologizing for?
I don't know I just am.
Just breath.
I'm getting dressed.
Oh, hey Paul.
Hi aunt Pat.
You're almost done packing huh?
What's going on?
Are you okay?
What happened?
I must of had the
bathroom too hot,
and when I opened the
door, I cracked the glass.
Oh, well.
I'll take care of that later.
Just be careful in there okay?
Oh, the lawyer is going to
give you the deed and the keys
to the house in
Victorville tomorrow.
Have you decided what
your'e gonna do with it?
You know what aunt Pat,
I think I'm gonna keep it.
Live in it.
I mean it is the house
I grew up in after all.
Only if you're ready.
Stay for dinner Paul,
I'm making meatloaf
and apple cobbler for dessert.
Homemade meatloaf or ramen
noodles at the dorms.
I choose homemade meatloaf.
Good choice.
So I was thinking that
I would take a road trip
with Paul,
and see Dorian after
we sign the paperwork.
Maybe give him some money.
Sweetheart, that man is gonna
be locked in that nuthouse
for the rest of his life.
He don't need money.
He needs things.
I'm sure there's
stuff he wants to buy.
Like personal items.
Besides it's his money too.
Well, even after
all that's happening,
guess he's still
your stepfather.
I'm just happy you
keeping us in your home.
You're my family.
Even though my brother
doesn't deserve a daughter
like you.
Well, here are your
keys to the house,
and we're done here.
Thank you.
Thank you mister.
So good seeing you.
Good to see you.
Oh I'm gonna miss you honey.
I'm gonna miss you too.
We'll see each other lots okay.
Alright you take care.
Now be careful.
Take care of my baby.
You good?
Whens the last
time you seen him?
I think I was 15.
He moved in right after
my dad's overdose.
He was really there
for me and my mom.
I guess that's why I
keep trying so hard.
Of course you keep trying.
He's the only dad you've known.
Thank you for coming.
I know this isn't a
normal way a guy meets his
girlfriends father.
I'm here for you.
We don't normally do
visitations like this.
Have a seat Dorian.
You look good, Dad.
Really good.
This is my boyfriend Paul.
It's good to meet you sir.
You're not even
gonna shake his hand?
I came to bring
you money Dorian.
I never thought
I'd see you again.
What happened, Dad?
Why did you let her in?
Dorian this is
your stepdaughter.
Why is she in here!
Hey man she's just
trying to reach out to you.
You're the only family she has.
Don't say anything else to him.
What happened in that house?
I didn't understand it then.
What happened to my mother?
I didn't understand.
Tell me!
Ms. King, I'm gonna have to
ask you to lower your voice
you're upsetting my patient.
Dorian, hands in your lap.
Remember your calming words.
When you can talk to
me like a real person
you contact me.
I'm not coming back here.
I didn't wanna believe it.
I didn't wanna believe
it till it was too late.
But now I see.
The truth is digging
it's way out it's grave.
I wish it was you.
I wish it was that
was dead not her.
No, let's go.
Get off me!
Are you okay?
Alexis are you alright?
It's big.
You ready?
Do I have a choice?
Come on.
You're aunt really kept this
place up all these years.
She did.
How do you feel?
I feel, surprised.
Surprised that I feel at home.
It's been 13 years
since I've been here.
I'm surprised there
aren't any rodents running
around here.
There better not be sir.
Come on lets start unpacking
before it gets too late.
Where do you want it?
I guess we should see
which room we're sleeping in.
It's my Dad's room.
Look at this.
You look just like her.
Is that you?
No that's my brother.
I haven't seen a
picture of him in ages.
You remember him at all?
I do.
You say I'm a crybaby,
no he was a crybaby.
The silence in this house
was so heavy when he died.
Nothing's the same
after a baby's death.
Yeah but my mom really
blamed herself you know?
He drowned in that
tub right there.
Are you sure you're
ready for this?
There are three rooms.
This one's this biggest
so I'll take this one.
Kira can have my old room
and I remember my mother
used the other one as a
sewing room after Joshua died.
I think.
Let's go check it out.
I don't know why I'm scared.
It's exactly how I left it.
Do you remember it?
Any of it?
It's weird I don't but
I feel like I lived here
my whole life.
Like I never left.
I remember that tree.
Tell Kira to keep the bed.
She's a little girl anyway.
I said do you want
Chinese for dinner?
Yeah that's fine.
It's the basement
but it's locked.
You know what they
say about basements.
I didn't really have an
answer prepared for that.
One thing we must
do is kiss in there.
Every single room in this house.
Every single room?
Every nook.
And closet.
Better get to it before
my roommate gets here.
Damn Lex!
I think you drew blood.
Peace offering?
I'm really sorry.
Forget it.
How bad do you
think this house is?
Maintenance wise?
It's not good,
but it's not bad.
Well that's a good thing
of having a new boyfriend.
I gotta be good for something.
Wait till after we eat.
No do it now.
And whatever it says lets
follow it with in bed.
It says...
New and exciting
adventures await you.
In bed.
Hell yeah.
It's about time.
Kidding, do yours.
It says...
Hope for the best
except the worst.
What kind of fortune
cookie is that?
You forgot to say in bed.
Hell no.
We'll share yours.
Here you can have it, I
don't like the way they taste.
Good lord.
My roomie's here.
Hey Alexis.
Home sweet home huh?
This place is awesome!
It's got just the
right amount of creepy.
Come on I'll show you your room,
or you can pick one there's two.
I take it you already
got the biggest one.
Of course.
Yo man you need some help?
Nah, I'm good bro.
Come on.
It's like a time
capsule in here.
I know we probably
should have waited.
No, I like it.
Hey where do you
want all your crap?
Right there is fine.
I'll help you unpack the car.
Alright that's it.
All your craps in the house.
Thank you darling.
Your welcome.
Alright I'm heading back to LA.
'Cause there's nothing
to do in fumblefuck.
I mean Victorville.
There is plenty to
do in Victorville.
Oh yeah?
Not in my little bed you don't.
Might as well stay man,
they're not gonna let you go.
I feel like I've
been trapped here.
Now you're over the
limit, you have to stay.
Oh yeah?
Well, in that case.
So how'd your mom get so rich?
I don't know.
We should invest.
It's we now?
We are one.
One million dollars in one.
You don't have any life
insurance policies on me do you?
You're life is full
of drama already.
No need to add this
to the Lifetime movie.
I'm sorry babe.
Wait, what happened?
I went to visit my father
today and he attacked me.
Shit Lex.
You think he killed your mom?
I don't know.
I don't remember him to
be that type of person.
I consider him to be my father.
It happens all the time.
Yeah but he wasn't
there when I...
When you what?
Can we not talk about that,
I'm trying to put
that all behind me.
I agree, let's
lighten up the mood,
and play a game.
Play a game?
What game?
Hide and seek.
Hide and seek?
In the dark?
Yes, in the dark.
What other way is there
to play hide and seek?
Besides it'll help me
get to know the house.
No but what if we...
You guys are thinking too much.
Hey Lex, your bedroom
fits this kid perfectly.
Ready or not, here I come.
Who's upstairs?
I found you!
I found you huh!
Find your own spot.
Let's get them back.
What are you talking about?
Now don't play this
with me, we both know
what they're doing.
Lets get them back.
Crazy bitch.
Son of a...
You didn't even try.
I'm fine with all
the losers alright.
Wasn't even here.
You're out.
You lose.
Let me get a chance to hide.
What happened?
I saw...
A what?
I thought I saw a mouse.
A mouse?
Oh come on Lex, are you serious?
I'll let you know, I'd
probably scream like a girl too.
I hate mice.
I'll just go find some
mouse traps or something.
Oh man.
It wasn't a mouse, was it?
Was it?
What's wrong?
It wasn't a mouse.
Oh come on Kira.
I don't want to hear
shit about a ghost.
No ghosts?
After what happened here?
Did you guys find it?
What the hell
are you gonna with that?
Hm, if you'd like I
can demonstrate on you.
How do you deal
with this girl man?
All she does is talk
about ghosts and shit.
He used to believe
Ray, and I'll get you
to believe too.
Oh yeah? No.
I'm far too sane for that shit.
Listen if Alexis is
seeing something she needs
to let me know.
If Alexis is seeing
something she needs to be
in a looney bin.
I can't believe
you would say that.
I'm serious.
No ghost stories.
We're all adults here.
Yeah, all adults
playing hide and seek.
Seriously, I think
we should order a psychic
to come in and
cleanse the house.
Just in case.
You know I think that
you should leave since
you don't live here.
You wanna be crazy,
do it by yourself.
Don't get in the middle of it.
He's right.
There are no ghosts.
Ever since I've been back
in this house I've been
I guess you could say
remembering things.
That's normal.
Being here is triggering
childhood memories.
I mean Lex,
your baby brother died in here,
and you found your mother dead.
That's the most traumatizing
thing I can think of.
I don't remember being
that close to my mother.
I don't think...
I don't feel like I
lost somebody I love.
I don't know.
I don't have any fond
childhood memories
because of...
Listen, I'm sure you and
your mother were close.
The memories, they're
probably masked by the most
daunting memory.
Finding her dead,
and that's very, very
traumatizing Lex.
You have to give yourself
credit for even being able
to sleep here.
I have nightmares.
Bad ones.
Not only that, even
when I'm awake.
It's almost like hallucinations.
Well, a drowning and a
suicide occurred in this house.
If your mother and brother
spirits are lingering...
Don't talk like that.
Listen, all that psychology
babble they taught you
in school may help
you rationalize,
but Lex, there are
somethings in this world
that are way beyond
our understanding.
I think we should order
a psychic to come in
and cleanse the house.
I do have to live here to.
Oh, well thank you.
I'm sure that will help
you sleep at night.
You'll thank me later.
Did he leave?
No he's out back smoking.
Stay here with her.
Yeah, don't get
in the middle of it.
Alright, I'ma take off.
Alexis is gonna
kill you for smoking.
I don't care.
You good?
How about you?
I broke up with Ray.
What the hell are you
two doing here then?
He doesn't know it yet.
I do live in bumblefuck now.
I don't love him.
Don't you think you should...
I'm gonna marry her.
You know what?
I don't get guys.
You call her crazy and
psycho behind her back
hell to her face and
yet, I don't get it.
You feel like hero for
sticking by the crazy chick?
She's not the
craziest chick I know.
I'm sick of you Paul.
So what are you saying?
You're really gonna marry her?
I guess her inheritance
sealed that deal.
You don't know what the
fuck you're talking about.
What about me?
I thought you wanted
to be with me?
She needs me.
Well then next time your
psycho flips out on you,
don't come running into my bed.
I don't have a peace offering.
What you're not
talking to me now?
What's wrong?
It was so real.
What was so real?
I saw my mother.
The way I found her
when I was eight.
I was right there.
It was so real.
Let's go to sleep.
I really hope Ray brings
my mattress like he promised.
He can be such a
douche sometimes.
You gotta tell me what
you want to keep in here.
I'd hate to throw away
anything memorable.
Just get rid of it all.
You sure?
Nice touch.
Like the mattress.
Upstairs to the left.
Oh fuck this man.
I just came to drop it off.
She can take it from here.
Come on man.
Let her go.
Great now I have
to deal with this.
No you don't.
No drama.
No meddling.
Yes I do.
I don't want Ray to...
To what?
I don't want him
to break up with her.
No meddling.
I have to carry
this shit by myself.
What a dick.
You know I could talk
to him if you want.
It's fine.
You have your own
relationship to deal with.
Hey aunt Pat.
So, hows the
settling coming along?
Good, we're do the
whole out with the old,
in with the new thing.
I'm not getting rid of too
much, just making it mine,
you know?
Yeah, I understand.
Hey why don't I bring
you kids some dinner?
No, you don't have to
come all the way out here.
I won't have you
starving to death.
I'll be fine.
I'm gonna rest later anyways.
Just don't forget about
your old auntie okay?
I'm not.
I love you.
Love you too honey.
I'm gonna check the
roof and the foundation.
See if any repairs
need to be made.
You alright?
Yeah I just hope Kira's okay.
Seriously, how many
times have they broken up?
I'll be back.
What are you doing?
Just scrubbing the floor.
What do you want me
to do with this stuff?
Just put it in the
dumpster out back?
Okay dokey.
You gotta go.
What are you doing?
I'm cutting down
this old bird house.
The wood is rotten, besides
it's bad to feed the birds...
What is wrong with you?
I'm not gonna get
rid of everything.
Can you have a little
consideration and ask me before
you get rid of stuff?
Why the hell did
you leave like that?
Paul, there are no
pictures of me in this house.
There are no pictures
anywhere of me in this house.
They're all boxed up.
I saw some
hanging around somewhere.
No, those are my brother.
I don't understand why
they wouldn't have pictures
of me hanging up everywhere.
I don't know Lex.
Look, try not to stress over it.
Ask your aunt.
I'm sure she knows what's up.
She doesn't have any
pictures of me this young.
Let me see this picture.
Were you an ugly baby?
I was an adorable baby.
You good?
I'm gonna head out.
Well, it was good to
spend some time with you.
I know.
It's like you
live another state.
I was thinking that after
you get out of your classes
you could move down here.
In here.
Unless you know, you have
to go work with your dad
and I get it.
No, no.
It's actually not a bad idea.
I can start my own
construction company.
Make him proud.
Hey you two.
Oh look.
I've never seen a
baby photo of you.
Someone thinks it's cute.
I didn't say a word.
Alright, I'll see you
guys later alright.
Well, it's just me and you.
Come on lets go
start this new chapter
in our lives.
Law school for me, psycho
babble school for you.
What time is your first class?
Did you wanna carpool?
It's not till 10.
You good?
I'll see you later.
Okay, see ya.
Leave me alone!
Jesus Lexi what the
hell is wrong with you?
I'm sorry.
Let me get you a towel.
I cannot deal with this.
I'm sorry.
Fucking shit.
Hey whats up?
What's wrong?
It's Alexis.
How is she?
Not good.
Jesus Christ, Lex.
Where's Alexis?
Mind if I crash here tonight?
Of course not.
You know I think my
manifestations will go away
now that I figured it out.
Do you think you
need to see somebody?
Like a doctor or something?
I'm fine.
Well maybe we can focus on
being a little normal now.
You don't like normal,
that's why you're with me.
That's not why I'm with you.
I don't wanna know
why you're with me,
I just wanna know that you are.
Are you leaving?
I have class.
So do you.
What time is it?
If I leave now, I should
make it to LA by tomorrow.
It's not that far.
See you soon babe.
Oh my god.
Are you up?
What times your first class?
Wanna carpool?
You're right by my job.
It's not the way.
I really figured
it out this time.
I don't like to
see you like this.
Hold your horses.
Hold your horses.
Hello, may I speak
to Patricia King please?
This is she.
Who is this?
This is nurse
Amy I'm calling regarding
your brother Dorian.
I didn't think
you'd beat me home.
How are your classes?
Well, I don't
have a lot of time.
I can make you some dinner.
Before I go if you'd like.
It's fine.
I'm telling you
Ray, something's up.
I don't think she
went to class today.
She's wearing the same clothes.
I don't know what to do.
Did you call her aunt?
She takes some pretty
heavy pills doesn't she?
Mood disorder stuff.
Stuff I don't wanna deal with.
I really, really should
have gotten my own place.
This place is starting
to creep me out.
She said she's
already seen ghosts.
Oh come on.
I think she's possessed.
Alright look just, stop
being as nutty as she is
and call her aunt.
I wanna see you.
Ha, yeah right.
You miss Pauly.
Would you stop that?
I really wanna see you.
Manana, I gotta go.
She locked me away.
Who Alexis?
She's at the
bottom of the stairs.
He will be too.
Alexis maybe you
should lie back down.
You don't see her.
Not like I do.
Okay, I'm calling your aunt.
Don't call her.
I don't wanna worry her.
Besides, no one
will believe you.
Alexis, you're really
fucking scary me.
She's here.
No one is here.
No one is here.
Lex I can't just
leave you like this.
Are you ready for your bath?
What's up?
What's the emergency now?
She's babbling.
I don't know what she's saying.
You need to help her.
I think she needs you.
It's me.
She's sleeping.
It's never been like this.
I was so scared.
Thank god you came.
What are you doing here?
You said you missed me.
You hung up on me,
I don't miss that.
Come on babe, I'm making amends.
Okay, well I'll come inside,
see as that you won't let me.
Paul's sleeping on the couch.
Why the hell is he
sleeping on the couch?
Would you stop.
It's 11 o'clock yo bro
wake up, I got beer.
I told you something
happened with Lex.
Damn she do that?
I didn't know it
was that serious.
That's because you
don't listen to me.
It took me a while,
to calm her down.
That's it,
You guys need to have
this girl committed.
It's not her.
It's this house.
Would you stop.
It's her.
She's crazy okay, just like
her mother and her father.
And I don't know what...
Sorry I didn't mean
to scare you guys.
How you feeling?
Much better.
Thank you.
Hey Ray, thanks for coming over.
Hey Lexi, how you doing?
Good, thanks.
Good, good.
I'ma take this to the fridge.
I'll be back.
I didn't...
Hey, it's okay.
I'm gonna grab a
beer, do you want one?
I don't think it's a
good idea that you drink
with the medication.
Will you stop?
Don't do that, okay honey.
I've been going through a lot.
Just been a little
distraught that's all.
I'm fine now.
Oh fuck.
I knew you'd come around Kira.
Fuck, Lex.
What are you doing here?
Paul's in the other room.
You were right about them.
So let's get them back.
No, no, no, no.
They're fucking Ray.
You and I both know it.
No, no they're not.
You're psycho.
Why the fuck would
I listen to you?
Why do people always do that?
Call someone else crazy.
You came to me first.
So wouldn't that
make you crazy too?
Fuck you.
Fuck it man this bitch.
Crazy ass motherfucker.
I don't know if...
I'm thinking of moving to
Colorado after graduation.
There's a company there
that offered me a project
manager position.
A real good job.
I'll come with you.
I think you need to stay here.
And get some help.
I'll be fine.
I'm making it through this.
Are you okay?
Yeah I'm fine aunt Pat.
What's wrong?
It's Dorian, you're step father,
I don't know how he did it.
He's out Lex.
He was here in my house.
He attacked me.
Okay I'll send
Paul to come get you.
No, no he said
he's coming for you.
You've got to get
out of that house!
Lex what's wrong?
It's Dorian.
He's coming after me.
We have to get out of here.
He's dangerous.
Oh fuck man!
She locked me away.
She locked me away to
keep him from getting me.
Oh damn man!
Yo Ray, come on man we gotta go.
I'm serious man we gotta
get the fuck out of here.
Lex's crazy ass pops
is on the loose!
You drunk ass motherfucker!
Ray did you hear me?
Why you playing man we gotta...
Oh my god.
Alexis what the
hell is going on?
He's coming after me.
I'm sorry.
Alexis, Kira we gotta get
the fuck out of here now!
Is that blood?
What the hell is going on?
We gotta go.
Lex now!
Fine where's Ray?
We gotta go, now!
Oh fuck.
Oh shit.
Kira what the hell
are you doing!
We gotta get the fuck
out of here right now!
We have to go!
No I can't just
leave him like this.
Paul do something!
Do something!
Fucking help me pick him up.
Get the legs, get legs
help me pick him up.
Wait, wait.
Can't we just go man!
Oh my god be careful!
Get his legs man.
Lets go.
Can you be careful!
Fucking idiot.
Come on.
Fucking dying!
Fuck man.
Paul do something.
I don't know what to do man!
We gotta get the
fuck out of here!
Kira we gotta go leave him!
Come on!
What the fuck!
Fuck man!
He's already dead we have to go!
Fuck man!
Oh my god.
What am I gonna do?
What am I gonna do?
What do I do?
What do I do?
Where the fuck did Alexis go!
Shit man!
Oh my god.
Where are you?
You sick bastard.
Where are you?
It's got to stop!
Aunt Pat look what I found.
I'm clumsy though, do
you have another frame?
Oh, look how cute.
I'm sure I have a frame
in the attic, I'll check.
Thank you.
Don't wait up, I have
internship after class.
You work too hard.
You know aunt Pat, I really
don't think I need those.
You're right.
I don't want you over
medicated you have to focus.
Go on get out of here.
Don't be late.
Dearest Dorian.
Dorian I
hope this letter finds it's
way to you somehow.
Not just physically
but, in understanding.
I don't want to harm Alexis.
She's my child.
But what else can I do?
Who would believe the
evil that's inside her?
Josh no!
I tried to tell you
a million times.
I think she had something to
do with her father's death.
I thought he was crazy
when he tried to warn me
about her.
I really don't know how.
And I know it sounds crazy but,
she drowned Joshua.
Then she came for me.
You were next.
Baby, wake up!
No one would believe me.
No one will believe you.
No one will ever believe
evil is born and lives
in this child.
No one will ever believe.
I'm not gonna hurt you.
Where is she?
She lives in the
house in Victorville.
Aunt Pat, what are you doing?