Paranormal Whacktivity (2013) Movie Script

Hollywood Production would like to thank No,
especially Michaels and Kaseys families.
Do not mention the police or the place
where Michael licked Kasey... once.
- Look at that. For crying out loud!
- What are you doing?
See my new camera. Now we can
record the sex movies we've talked about.
- It will be a short film.
- We are recording our first fuck.
I'm almost glad
you have kept me waiting for 1 1/2 years.
- You know I have problems.
- Will you tell us about that?
It should be in the movie.
Share it with empathy.
Michael, you know I have problems.
Perfect. If it is
so naughty that I think -
- We can win a prize
at the film festival CumDance.
- Do you think we can win?
- Yes. To get you in the mood...
Get ready for Dunk Festival 2011.
Beautiful, is not it?
I have planned it all.
First I lick you in the bedroom.
A 69'er in the kitchen,
a blowjob in the hall and...
I have asked the priests come
to bless the house.
- Hi there.
- That I upload to Grace Book.
- Why should the house be blessed?
- I talked about that thing.
The evil spirit that haunts
her when she gets excited.
- The house needs no blessing.
- Son of a bitch.
It will be all right. it is
your uncle's house. What can happen?
It was weird.
You do not see every day.
It means nothing. Are you ready
to jump on sextoget?
- I do not want.
- Say it again, with empathy.
- I do not want.
- Perfect.
I'm serious.
We look happy in the photos.
I hope nothing happens to them.
She 's in the shower. She might feel like,
if I make her company.
If this is successful,
will shower a new water sports.
What the hell? What are you doing?
I try my new bikini.
- Why do you dress the?
- I thought...
- Get out.
- Just a little.
In addition, Michael.
Running it? I have not
I said this to Michael -
- But I have not been wanting,
since we moved into the house.
I have had erotic dreams -
- And is woken satisfied.
It's probably nerves that haunts.
But I wish that the priests had
blessed the house, to be sure.
I feel an evil presence. The
has haunted me since I was 15 -
- And lost innocence,
when I slipped and fell.
- What the hell is that?
- It should explode when I come.
What's going on?
I increase the value of our sex tape.
When you are ready.
They get overtime pay after
than eight hours. Can we get a little speed?
How many assistants does it take
to screw in a light bulb?
- What's a light bulb?
- He's assistant.
This is gonna be great.
Look at that guy there.
- Quiet. Stop.
- How.
This I will not see.
It's a prop, nothing more.
This is Bandit Arcadia.
He makes a motion that we make
documentary about our sex movies.
Who had the idea?
Bandit, this is Kasey.
- Who is it?
- It's your stand-in.
Are you filming us?
She is a stunt woman and be with
in dangerous positions.
- She's my cocksucker.
- Do you like that?
I knew that you would be mad
so I chose one that looks like you.
Give it to me.
Stay here.
- Are my breasts?
- Of course.
You missed a spot.
Is it a background screen?
We need an animated vampire
with boobs which is taken from behind.
- We will keep the interest up.
- Is not it over our budget?
It will be.
This is crazy. It should be
be you, me and a camera.
You are right.
I'll get my cocksucker.
Congratulations. You have taken
the desire from me a second time.
- Say it again.
- No.
- You have to shoot when I come.
- Get the girl.
We get well our salary?
No numbers with the union.
Hello. I saw you all.
I know that I'm exaggerating a little,
but only because I love Kasey.
We met online, when we played
Wizards of Warcraft.
She fell for my name Demon Sack,
which she thought was sexy.
She seems certain that my
silly side suit her humor.
She is special and has good churns.
Am I not right?
- I still do not like it.
- Okay.
- Now what?
- I say, when I want.
I also have much else to do.
- You do not masturbate.
- I would never do.
It's me who washes. I do not know
others use three socks.
I 'm going to slip.
What the hell is going on?
What should I do
to stop thinking about sex?
Sex, sex, sex, sex.
Why will not you sleep with me
when I want to sleep with you?
You will not sleep with me
because you do not love me
Forgive me. I sin again.
I sins.
Kasey, come back to me
- Michael.
- Sorry.
- Get it away. Forget about it.
- Come on.
- What was that?
- I do not know.
We investigate it.
- You have to look scared.
- Stop. Here is perhaps no.
What is it?
What is it?
It is a used pikring. It's yours.
You know I do not use call
the dick. Why do you keep it?
There is something about it,
which makes me excited.
Say something sexy, Michael.
- I do not use pikring.
- Want to try?
- Yes, I want to call on my cock.
- We go upstairs.
Prepare yourself for a wonderful trip.
I have botox on testicles.
Is that why
they always look the same?
Namely, my naughty little cat.
I get naked.
- How many undies do you have?
- A couple of.
Now I come.
This position is illegal
in 12 states. Now I'm gonna give you.
Take the Sun semen.
Was it great for you?
- Do you Sudoku?
- Sorry.
- Missed me that you came?
- Come back later.
- What is wrong with this man?
- It was you who hired him.
What 's the matter?
I can not relax,
when the crazy spirit is here.
- What the hell!
- I can not have an orgasm.
There was extinguished,
while we... I had sex.
- It's the crazy spirit.
- I think it 's about me.
- That's not true.
- So is it enough for you.
You may be frigid.
Cool, cold and bitchet.
You look as if
you get an epileptic seizure.
My name is Kasey
and has difficulty speaking.
Go to hell.
I want to see what the camera
says about evil spirits.
1 night
16 September 2010
- I did not think I was sleepwalking.
- There's more.
Your erection excites me.
Did you dream about me?
Of course. I was hoping to see something
supernatural, but it's fun to watch.
That's what my movie needs.
A little comedy.
- I'm filming on the night.
- This is real.
Meanwhile, I will be proactive,
when it comes to our sex life.
- What does it involve?
- Wait and see.
Before Michael was dating I bullies.
A doorman at a strip club
a band member, antichrist.
I thought Andy Greis. insurance
agent and a member of Fight Club.
I broke the first rule.
Bisser is exciting,
but I wanted reassurance.
I was attracted by Michaels
intelligence, kindness and humor.
He is a little unsure in the bedroom.
When I have satisfied him,
he says sorry... writing.
With a map and muffins.
I do not eat carbs.
- I'm home, honey.
- Where have you been all day?
- Voil.
- What is it?
I have realized that you need
the correct stimulus.
It makes you forget
ghosts and demons.
- What is it?
- Sex Toys.
- I will not soon...
- I have bought all sorts of sizes.
Anal Beads, for a change.
Black penis asian penis
an anal plug.
I do not know what it is,
but will try it.
- Cool. I whip my boomerang.
- Michael.
- Does this one? Yes.
- Stop.
- We do not need sex toys.
- I forgot the best.
- Hey, baby.
- An inflatable doll. Honestly?
- Is that Sarah Palin?
- Frdigoppustet.
What was it?
Now we kill
dragon, monster, demon.
- Why do you wash you so late?
- You come too often.
Film me when I go into.
There are socks everywhere.
- What is it?
- You play enough not golf.
There comes a voice from inside.
- It is my meditation CD.
- Wait.
Say it again.
- My meditation CD.
- Case closed, for now.
For next time...
- Was it fun?
- No.
I have thought of,
maybe I 'm crazy.
There is perhaps no
something supernatural.
I think you're right.
There is nothing that can jump.
It was not funny.
You scared me.
Why are my nipples stiff?
The mask is is sexy.
Put it on again.
Come here, my little sextrold.
Finally we make it.
I'm underworld king!
Good grief. I'm coming.
- It was great.
- Our sex?
You saw the terror in your face.
I must have a close up.
Do it right again.
- Perfect.
- I heard footsteps in the hall.
- Hold it. Can you see anything?
- No.
We 've scoured the hall.
Now we have sex.
- Have you done it?
- No.
Some thugs broke into and rummaged,
but cleaned up, except it here.
Why do not you realize that it is
something supernatural? Bullies?
Bullies. I've even been to one.
Now I'm gonna give you.
- Where were we?
- The mask.
I put it here.
Where are you, you devil?
We do it without it.
I do not want anymore.
Good night.
Take it easy, folks.
The film needs conflict.
We have her where we want her.
We'll get her. Calm down.
2 night
17 September 2010
What the hell.
Get your tongue out of my boyfriend!
What are you doing?
- I had a glorious oral sex dream.
- It was not a dream.
Something on our couch gave you oral sex.
It rhymed.
It must have been daemon. he can
really use his forked tongue.
That's why I have not been wanting.
I am satisfied every night.
- Do you believe me now?
- I'm sorry I doubted.
Every night?
The demon is obsessed with your cherry.
We must do something.
We should not have sex,
before we know what it is.
- It's a go... bad idea.
- We must call a prof
I like the idea.
- I 've ordered a prof
- She looks smart.
Come on, Miss hussy. Is it French?
Michael told me about your problem.
It costs extra if you're filming.
It's no problem. Sit down.
Do you often at home?
Homes, hotels, offices, space shuttle
- I am, where I'm needed.
- Space Shuttle?
- It was not impressive.
Sandwich without gravity
is nothing special.
You have a partner. Great.
I must just ask.
Can you feel anything in the house?
My nipples are stiff.
I did not know that it was
a sign of evil spirits.
Are they trying to communicate?
They say:
" Caress me. Sweets me."
- Sexy.
- It was as weird.
Can you reassign them?
Cardio and aerobics -
we can do whatever you want with them.
- Okay. We go right ahead.
- Of course.
- What are you doing?
- Want to participate or just watch?
- You should hire a prof
- She is Professor
A whore. The nameplate.
I thought
you would like help with sex.
Our demon problem.
A medium or something.
- I am intuitive.
- Get out.
You must still pay
the full amount.
Do you want to show me her breasts again?
I want a different angle.
We need a medium.
You get no tip.
- I hear, I need a medium.
- You sensed it.
I heard it. I am registered
sex offender and amateur medium.
I am obliged to tell you
I have moved into the neighborhood.
Come in, I think.
- I can not be here.
- Is it the camera?
- Do you demon angry?
- The reason fetters.
I can not go further
than 450 meters from my house.
- Can you help us anyway?
- I'm not a viable medium.
- But I do card tricks. Is this card?
- I have not selected any map.
- But you would have chosen it here.
- How did you do?
Be nice to go.
If one more person knocking on...
Beat it, pervert. I'm sorry,
I thought you were someone else.
- Do you spray against termites?
- Oh no. I am a Ghostbuster.
- I imitate Ernie Hudson.
- Is it the black?
- I am definitely black.
- African American Ghostbuster.
- Can we help you?
- I need a medium.
- Are you media?
- Can a black man not be?
Should we give him my wallet?
When the subject falls on race, I come
up and running. I'll take a look.
Come inside.
Being Ernie Hudson imitator
is not as profitable as you think.
I have to supplement my income
with a little of everything.
I also Notary Public,
craftsman -
- And I pick seeds of marijuana.
Do your work, mr. Hudson. Let me know
if you see something supernatural.
The film has brig for this.
- It's probably not something that I film?
- Oh no.
- Interesting.
- Can you feel spirits?
Sponge. It may you immediately
do something about. It's disgusting.
Why do you Ghostbuster equipment?
- I feel fine. Problems?
- No.
- Should I look around the house, or not?
- Yes. What should we do?
Do you have grass?
This card means that there is
much love between you two.
This means that there is a force,
who are trying to divide you.
- What power is it?
- It does not say the cards are not.
- I must have the large weapon.
- Is it your Ghostbuster weapons?
I had a real Ghostbuster - weapons
but did not get it approved.
This makes the best margaritas
on this side of Tiajuani.
- Tiajuani?
- A little excitement benefit my rutini.
- Rutini?
- You know what I mean.
Is that you, Dad? You would go out
to buy into. Has passed 30 years.
Does this one?
I hate you.
- No!
- What did you see?
Lakers lose to Portland tomorrow.
- What about us?
- You have a demon.
You must not under any circumstances
communicate with it.
If it is a demon,
you are in trouble.
Demons like rumper. I would
to expel demons from the rump.
I'm flattered, but I sexstrejker.
Where are you going?
I will be in court.
Child support is no joke.
Are you kidding?
Good night.
3 night
17 September 2010
Proof that it is supernatural.
I 'm excited to cut the movie.
- Scary.
- There's more.
We can show daemon on Broadway.
- How could we sleep while?
- I put a pill in your cornflakes.
- Rape pill?
- You should be relaxed and cheeky.
How dare you?
It is the worst thing you've done.
- How was I?
- I did nothing.
I was hungry, ate cereal flakes
and fell asleep.
How can I be attracted to someone
who can not even rape me?
Sorry. Let me make amends.
Should we eat dinner at Pietro 's?
Only because I love their warm, salty
garlic buns. I feel the taste.
- The buns get more action than mine.
- What?
Nothing. Now we go.
Banks bought kreditswaps to
improve their poor credit.
I'll fucking.
Do you know where the camera is? I have
put the world's most beautiful bruno.
I do not know if it fits into
in sexfilmen, but I'll film it.
I thought I put it here.
What is that?
Is there anything you want to tell me?
It is not my gay porn magazines.
Certainly not.
My goodness!
The daemon will get messy me.
Demon come here from hell
to become your masturbation fantasy.
It tries
to drive a wedge between us.
It has certainly carved my camera
so I can not make the film.
To hell with the movie.
I might have demon herpes.
- Thinking you do not trust us?
- Of course I do.
I forget the movie.
I am here for you.
Here is my camera. Thank God.
- My masterpiece continues.
- You are ridiculous.
Do you think it is...
- Demon Cum.
- Disgusting.
Now it personally.
Are you doing tai chi naked again?
The neighbors hate it.
They are prejudiced against
the oriental way of thinking.
And your naked ass.
Go forward quickly.
Go to hell, neighbors.
That was what
happened to my panties.
- The demon wants you.
- Stop it. You are crazy.
He's obsessed with you.
It is perhaps due to my new perfume.
It is Snookis from " Jersey Shore ".
- Does she have a perfume?
- Orange whore.
I've spent lots of it.
I want to swim it off.
Orange whore? Good grief.
I 'm just about daemon
put the leaves there.
Get out of your dmonpik.
You get neither my camera
or my boyfriend. I crush you!
- What is it?
- Here is very cold.
- What is it now?
- I found my old earring.
- What is it?
- The acoustics are smaddergod here.
What is it in the mirror?
" You think about demons?
Select an answer."
- Demon love you.
- Quiet.
- Kasey and demon sitting in a tree.
- You are childish.
- How many demon children do you want?
- I will not play.
Two? One, two.
I will be staying in a castle... in hell.
I am a demon.
I love you, Kasey.
You do not take it seriously.
We must do something,
so the demon release taken in you.
Guys hate it when you talk about
blowjobs at expert guys.
- I hear nothing.
- We must find something.
We have to talk about something else
than the hundreds...
...of blowjobs,
I have given my locking.
We 're having a party.
I have not explained why.
All problems can be solved
with a good party.
We invite all city looking girls.
A little alcohol and dancing. The daemon is
still another, he will bun.
- Now I feel really special.
- You will probably also drop the daemon?
So we can have sex again.
Can you let someone else be the most sexy
and yourself non-sexy?
Okay. I will take overalls on.
SKID, demon
We take a picture.
- You like the missionary position.
- Wrong. From behind.
Was this your card?
TAKE HOME, demon
Good sangria.
Their sex life is so bad,
I can never shoot when they come.
Therefore, I record
a film with breasts.
Pillow fight.
If this demon fuss succeed
I'm finally a real Ghostbuster.
- Are not you dj?
- It's only because I'm black.
- You do not say to Harold Ramis.
- Safely. Who is Harold Ramis?
Hit it.
For the heck.
It is a good ass.
- So you are Ernie's wife?
- Yes.
You are lucky.
I thought he was Ernie Hudson.
He told the truth last year.
He's the best fake-Ghostbuster,
I know of.
Beware. Move, bitch!
- What are you doing?
- I'm studying. Michael is a daytrader.
Lovely, so you can be home
almost all the time.
What the hell was that?
I think this will work.
- For pillow fight.
- For pillow fight.
- I need to piss.
- Are recorded.
I piss like crosswise.
Before I met you,
everything was gray and cold with Kasey.
I love you.
- And I you. I'm not ashamed.
- Why should we be ashamed?
I will shout it from the rooftops.
I want to shout:
"I love my best friend Micha."
- Michael.
- Never mind.
I love you. I love you the most.
I love you, Micha.
How did you fetters of?
The nurse with big boobs
is an engineer.
- Well, you're under 17?
- I'm 18
How could I be wrong?
I just close your eyes.
What happened yesterday?
What was in those margaritas?
I do not know. I went into the boards.
- What the hell?
- Hell.
I have been circumcised,
and I did not filmed it.
- Glazing 4 missing. Here it is.
- Do not touch me.
The last thing I remember is the words:
" Release the Kraken."
- Did anyone " Release the Kraken "?
- No.
- Put me down before I kick you.
- Are you about to get teeth?
Good grief. Someone said,
it is a tiger in the bathroom.
Cover me.
- I'm struggling on the second hole.
- Sorry, Tiger... Mr. Woods.
Can I have an autograph?
Sure. Where do I sign?
- Can I run it?
- Sorry.
Can I have everyone's attention?
Hello? Listen right here.
Was there anyone who so
or fondling with a demon yesterday?
- Was he cute?
- Yes. I got his number.
- It's probably good, right?
- Is he interested, he takes yours.
He does not like you.
He said that I should call.
You have been dmondisset, bitch.
No, I was not, bitch.
- As I thought - a fake number.
- Everybody out.
Out. Inge objections.
The demon did not fall for another.
This means that I'm most sexy
in spite of my overalls.
I have received increased sensitivity
top of my Nosse.
I may never find out,
when I'm at home with people.
Assuming here? No, not here.
I hate doors.
I think it 's here.
There are so many doors.
I choose it here.
Goddamn it.
- Demon 's still here.
- The devil.
He's right.
You have only made things worse.
I need someone who can
protect and satisfy me.
I need a girl
with three breasts, sucking me -
- While I play video games,
but I'm not complaining.
- Kasey.
- I listen.
I hate that we argue.
You showed much emotion.
Say that again. It was perfect.
You're a lousy lover
and filmmaker.
We can not make a sex film,
if we do not have sex.
- Kasey?
- You're a lousy lover.
- Do you understand what I mean?
- And you little prick.
7 night
22 September 2010
I can not
I stripped in their sleep.
- If you were so awake...
- I was sexy.
I'm still mad at you.
- Why did you do it?
- You can see the rest, if you will forgive me
You can not bribe me
for forgiveness.
Okay, I forgive you. Proceed
to where I throw panties.
That part is good!
- Have I made tax return?
- We get a lot of money back.
- I'm tired of this.
- Find an auditor for next year.
I think demon problem.
- What will you do?
- Talk to him.
Will you tweet or send sexual text messages
to each other?
Where is your microphone?
- Testing. 1, 2, 3
- What are you doing?
I will talk to the daemon, and you must
analyzing his voice on the computer.
- Why are you a pig demon?
- Annoying h him.
Mr. Demon, if you have something to say
then this is an excellent forum.
Do you dare not show you a day
your sissy?
- This is pointless.
- I can hear something.
To analyze the sound in all
frequencies. It also makes fart sounds.
Play it.
- Did you?
- Yes. Map?
- Wrong movie.
- Records you when we pet?
Sorry. Map?
I will isolate the sound.
Where do you come from?
Is this on?
Have you noticed the difference
of a daemon and a politician?
One is a soulless,
pathetic wreck -
- Without hope,
and the other is a demon.
- Thank you. I'm here all week.
- Does he stand-up?
- What is the problem with flymad?
- Do you dare not show you, sissy?
You look really an idiot.
I tracker not you at work.
- That's right. I'm doing it right now.
- Taunting he me?
- " Taunts he me?"
- Pigs.
It's worse than I thought.
He is both demon and comedian.
- Now what? At least two drinks?
- Diabolical.
The demon does not like me.
I do not know why it was sur -
- Beyond that I have tracked the
and date the girl is obsessed.
It goes really bad
between Kasey and me.
I started to read goofy
romance novels to remember sex.
I have masturbated to luderens
business cards. It's sexy.
It is written with
Arial Rounded Bold.
But the positive is that my film
could be better.
The worse my life gets,
the better my film.
- Now?
- Yes.
Is it turned on?
- What is this a surprise?
- Wait and see.
- What is it?
- Virtual reality glasses.
You also have a few. our brains
moved to a simulated environment...
...where we can get up their sex life.
- How so?
Lie here. Fine.
Next time we meet, we buns in a
magical land full of sexy sexvenner.
Should not we be
in a magical jungle?
I had only afford the basic model.
- Where are we?
- In our own garden.
In standing on a purple easel.
The best that is available.
- Is it a crackhus? See you there.
- No. Never mind.
- Here's more.
- Should we have sex here?
Why not?
He does not disturb us.
This is weird.
In the stars I see that we should
rubbing against each other horses tails -
- In order to achieve a great pleasure
in our garden. It is easy.
Okay, now we go.
Can you feel anything? It does not work.
- Am I in?
- Maybe it's the wrong model.
I need head.
Why are you lying there like dead fish?
- Your model might be gay.
- It's not gay.
- Our garden is stupid. We advocate.
- Okay.
I hope you get your money back
for sexavatar - things.
- What are you doing?
- Demon footprints may give answers.
- Feet size reveals...
- Forget it.
Your tenacity to get rid of
with daemon is flattering.
With a nice ass
comes great responsibility.
It's kind of sexy.
Say something more.
Ask not what your ass can do
you, but what you can do for your butt.
Four bright and seven rob ago
formed the ancestors of a new rump - nation.
- Camera.
- Keep going.
I have a dream... ass!
- I am the best.
- It's great. It's close.
I did it.
I got her to come!
I got her to come
I got her to come
I got her to come
I got her to come
- I got her to come.
- I have tuberculosis.
- I got her to come.
- I filmed it.
I got her to come
Now she is all right
I got her to come.
- Sorry, I just sneezed.
- What?
We can try again. I can get
the best orgasm. I faker well.
Forget it.
I wish you had not said it.
11 night
On September 26, 2010
You're safe.
Now you are safe.
- Try not demon.
- It hurts.
Do something to forget the pain.
Read a book or something.
- I can not. Read to me.
- I'm trying to save your life.
It's always about you.
- Works romance?
- Where did you get it from?
Does it matter?
I'm trying to save your life.
- I think it's over.
- Av.
Something hit me in the butt.
- I think it's over.
- Av.
- How's the butt?
- It hurts.
We must do something.
The demon becomes bolder.
There is perhaps nothing at
Wikipedia about what we can do.
- What is it?
- The demon has blocked our Wi-Fi.
Can we use mobiles?
He has taken our mobiles.
We pick up the Xbox.
- Here it is.
- Where was it?
Under the bed. I was looking there,
and 20 minutes after it was there.
- Have you found anything?
- Not yet.
Is that where it should be?
Focus. We must find a solution
in our demon problem.
- See here.
- It looks painful.
But in a good way.
Make a dog ear. You never know.
See. The demon takes control of animals
and get them to attack their owners.
This occupying pregnant
and destroy the child's DNA.
This has given millions to
interest in the family Kardashian
These pages are linked.
It's called dmonatrix and clasps
on couples with sexual problems.
- Very harmful for couples.
- It sounds logical.
He is trying to get me to look
as if I masturbate constantly.
What the..
- No.
- Come on!
That explains why you are
occupied by masturbating.
It was definitely daemon.
But sexproblemet hangs up on me.
You have no sexproblem.
I can not think
about someone who...
I have not told Michael it here -
- But I made
some very dark things.
I've done things that many
others may not have heard of:
The cheeky bassoon,
Chamomile maneuver -
- The slobbering rabbi. L' chaim.
But it should be
different with Michael.
The daemon does not let me do it.
When a demon 've seen you use
an advanced sexstilling, he is locked.
- What do you think the demon want with me?
- We should ask a ouijabrt.
- I will not go in that direction.
- They are harmless.
I believe the way to the store.
The road is too bad.
I would not buy a oujiabrt.
- We use one on my new iPad.
- Michael.
- I would not buy a board.
- What should we ask it?
- What are you my boyfriend?
- It moves.
What does that say?
R- D -M-P-E.
- A. Dehisced. Ernie was right.
- You get it. This is mine.
You must tear it off, like any other
guys who dream about her.
For one day you full, and she
surprisingly says yes. How about.
It's not real.
It is your Zippo app.
It looked real. What's it doing?
- Have daemon Facebook?
- It has more friends than me.
- Is this demon porn?
- It is succubaporno.
It is a female demon
who seduces men while they sleep.
She sucks the life out of them,
and they are condemned forever. Sexy.
I know what is sexy. It is not
sexy. I do not know you anymore.
It is a new solvent app.
It cost nearly $ 1,000.
Gab or something.
Pretend you want to sleep.
- Good.
- I'm tired.
- Did you hear that?
- It was upstairs.
The ceiling.
It was just
my artificial sound machine.
- Do you prefer rainforest?
- We have to go up there.
No. We must bring us to safety.
We leave the house and stops
to try to handle this yourself.
I'm kidding.
Of course we up in the attic.
- Be careful.
- Demon hunter is after you.
I'll get at you.
Damn, there's something up there.
- I'm going up.
- I will go with.
You go first so I can film
up under your clothes.
- Can you see anything?
- No. Wait. What is it?
- Is it just you?
- What are you doing here?
- Smells have the coconut?
- You have a good sense of smell.
- I just made pia colada.
- Thank you.
- I would warn you.
- Use the door.
- Crime tape covering it.
- It is not good.
I had a session with lesbians as
one of their dead friends took me.
- Was she cute?
- Not my type.
Ugly legs and bad breath.
Spirit knew a spirit
who knew a guardian angel -
- Who had worked
with a friend of yours demon.
- He's a pig.
- I know.
Did you know that Tupac and Biggie doing
a plate where Rick James plays bass?
Spirit said daemon
will take over your body and soul.
- What about me?
- You get a Porsche and a longer penis.
He will also kill you.
- I found it here.
- Things from school.
- My first bra.
- Damn.
- I have lost a lot.
- Not bad.
A letter from Tony Landen, where he
asks if he can cuddle my beaver.
- Hussy.
- My beaver boots. They were soft.
Greg McConnell will use my cactus.
It was a kind of pencils.
Ricardo Florez asks if he can
caressing my pussy.
- I assume that it was your cat.
- No.
See. My first pregnancy test.
It's still wet.
- My second test.
- Have you heard of condoms?
- One of them was positive.
- My first foot ball.
- Stop.
- Adolescence.
What does it mean, in addition to
she has lived another life?
It's worse than I thought. The demon
has followed your sex life for years.
If he can reconcile his malice with
the power of your strange inclinations -
- You do not know what he might do.
Why did not you tell,
that you are a pervert?
I wanted a fresh start. you should
not have a girl who used grater.
I'm going, so I can talk.
I walk alone into the dark
kitchen, where all the blades.
Have I mentioned that there is a demon
in the house that will kill us?
I got you!
- You scared the shit out of us.
- Yes. You should have seen your faces.
- Are you okay?
- He can not breathe.
- I got you again.
- I was about to shit his pants.
- It was good.
- He's good.
It was realistic.
The wires are connected incorrectly.
He's got an electric shock.
- The demon killed him.
- Demon killed Ernie.
For the best fake Ghostbuster,
I have ever met.
Ironic that you died of the things -
- Which you devoted your life to capture.
- Do you think his wife pick him up?
- We get it.
- I'll give myself to the daemon.
- Why is that?
- So he leaves maybe you live.
- No. I have an idea.
- Film me.
- Be careful.
Why is this?
It lay in the attic.
We must find something Kasey.
Movies you?
Your devil.
Hi there.
I do not know what it is.
Thank God you're alive.
- Your eyes are green.
- They have always been.
Is it true? I thought you were
death or something worse.
The last thing I remember is,
I went against a green light.
- Do you remember anything else?
- I felt a trembling ecstasy.
- What?
- The best orgasm I've had.
- Have you had sex with a demon?
- His name is David and knows his stuff.
You need to be tested for AIDS,
syphilis, gonorrhea, crabs...
Relax. It meant nothing.
I still love you.
Did he have a big, devilish dick?
It does not depend on the size,
but the evil in it.
You can take him. I will disappear
with my somewhat above normal large penis.
- Go.
- Take the book with demons positions.
- Give it to your girlfriend.
- What is it?
"To get rid of a dmonatrix
must see a couple who fondles."
" Dmonatrix get confused and get
taint of kissing lovers."
- It is our solution.
- It should be about love.
- Do you love me still?
- Yes. See it as an early bachelorette party.
I have had my life's best sex -
- And I will settle for
mediocre sex with you.
- You know how to boost a guy's ego.
- Now we do it.
" The emancipation dmonatrix may affect
the entire universe."
- " And is uncomfortable to watch."
- We can not stop kissing.
No matter what happens. Wait.
- Ready?
- Yes.
I gave David oral sex,
so it can taste a little strange.
Right hand yellow.
Why is Precious here?
- Left chest. Chicken.
- I'm confused.
- Do it, or I'll eat you.
- It's wrong.
I found something in his pocket.
I knew it.
I'm jew, and this is a dream.
It's just dead bodies on the ceiling.
Kiss me.
Nobody loves me.
A weird dream. I will be with
the one where you can not run fast.
Slow motion.
You must continue to kiss me,
so we can leave the dream.
- I think it's over.
- Thank God.
Did you shoot it?
I have the best supernatural
phenomenon that is captured on film.
Someone has carved memory card.
- Did you hear that?
- Yes. We go down.
- Did you see anything?
- I put a new one in.
- What is it?
- A clapperboard, but it is not mine.
" Love The couple, who I live with.
Directed by David."
- What's up, kids?
- Who are you?
I 'm David
and the demon of another class.
I belong to the third grade, when I have
freed you. My boss gets angry.
- Where did you get the camera from?
- I got tired of borrowing yours.
The seller gave me discount
and extra long guarantee.
Why have you troubled us?
It is part of the job. demons talents
are few: take people possess and kill.
- Why me?
- I like photography and sex.
I selected you as the object of
long ago, but had no camera.
But when Michael bought a camera
I realized that the time had come.
I am a demon, but it
I really want to do is direct.
First you kill Ernie, and now you want
make a porn movie with my girlfriend.
Come with me and be my star.
We can do things in porn industry -
- As perverts and deviants
could only dream of.
- Get out of my house.
- Wait.
- I would go with him.
- What?
Ever since he touched me,
He has opened Pandora's box.
I did not know that orgasms could
be so intense and enjoyable unsavory.
- I love you.
- I will always love you.
- He has a great dmonpik.
- But...
- Goodbye, Michael.
- See you, bitch.
Would you say it again? It sounded good.
- See you, bitch.
- Thank you.
For hell.
My memory card was stolen, and
Kasey selected daemon before me.
What the hell!
- I stumbled across your stupid doll.
- She is not stupid.
Viagraen starts to work, and we have
a long journey to the gates of hell.
- We can take samkrselsbanen.
- Are you taking Viagra?
I is 300,000 years old.
What do you think?
As I slowly walked up the stairs,
I had time to think.
- There are more important things than sex.
- Is there? Yes, it is.
I am willing to sacrifice my vagina
happiness for my heart's happiness.
- Romantic.
- Sorry, I 'll stay with Michael.
Are you kidding? How do I
one that can replace you?
Anyone know how to get out?
I have walked around here forever.
- Well then. Do you want to be a star?
- Yes.
I am glad that you came back.
I would make the heart and vagina happy.
We begin immediately.
Say it with heart and vagina
again. It was just for an Oscar.
I am willing to sacrifice my vagina
happiness for my heart's happiness.
- Is it okay?
- Yes.
- Did not you have a demon with?
- We would meet outside.
I did not find the door.
- What is this shit?
- Smoking we shit?
- You are fucking stupid.
- I take that as a compliment.
Surely there are movies
in this mgkamera?