Parasite (2019) Movie Script

We're screwed.
No more free Wi-Fi.
Hey, Ki-jung!
The lady upstairs
put a password on "iptime".
A password?
Did you try 123456789?
No luck.
Do it the other way.
I tried that too!
Fuck, then we can't get WhatsApp?
Hey, Jim Ki-taek.
Don't fucking pretend to sleep.
What do you think?
Our phones are shut off.
Now our Wi-Fi is shut off.
What's your plan?
- Ki-woo.
- Yes, Dad?
For Wi-Fi, held it high.
Stick it in every corner and so on.
Damn stink bugs.
Over here! I got it!
Really? You got a signal?
Yeah, see?
This one, "coffeeland 2G".
Did a new cafe open?
Why can't I get it?
Climb up here.
Hey kids.
- Does it work?
- Yeah.
Then check WhatsApp.
Pizza Generation said they'd contact me.
Hold on.
Here it is.
Pizza Generation.
Check this out, guys.
If we go as fast as her,
we can finish today.
Then we can get paid.
- Should we stand up too?
- She's a pro.
What? Fumigation?
They still do that kind of thing?
Guess so.
Shut the window.
Leave it open.
We'll get free extermination.
Kill the stink bugs.
Right, too many
stink bugs these days...
God, that smells!
I told you to shut it!
Should I shut it, Dad?
What exactly is the problem?
Take this one as an example.
You call this a straight line?
And why's it folded here?
Why is this sticking up?
You didn't even fold it.
A quarter of them look like this.
So 1 out of 4 are rejects.
So you're really docking
10% off our pay?
Considering the rejects
that's a low penalty, isn't it?
Our pay is so low already!
How can you do this?
Look here.
This is not some minor issue.
You know what one shitty boss
can do to our brand image?
Brand? You can't even
afford a box folder!
What did you say?
This is all because
of that guy, right?
What guy?
Your part-time worker.
He's gone AWOL, right?
Just when the Love of God Church
made a huge group order?
How do you know all that?
Who told you?
My sister knows the guy.
He's always been a bit strange.
Got a bad reputation.
Speaking of which, Boss.
We'll accept a 10% penalty.
In return.
In return?
Any thought of hiring
a new part-time worker?
Sis, we need someone!
Ditch the guy you've got now.
Just fire him.
Tomorrow I'll come for
a formal interview. What time?
Wait, hold on a sec.
Let me think about it.
Then for now,
just pay for the boxes.
So wee all gathered here today.
To celebrate the
reconnection of our phones,
and this bounteous Wi-Fi!
Look at that bastard.
It's not even dark yet.
Why didn't you put up a
'No Urinating' sign?
I told you!
No, signs like that just make
them piss even more.
At least shout at him!
Don't shout.
"Please don't piss!"
Hey, is that Min?
Hey mister, that's not a toilet.
Way to go, Min.
Hey, punk!
Who are you staring at, asshole?
Come here!
You little shit.
Get a fucking grip!
That's an impressive friend.
College students have
a real vigor to them.
Not like my brother.
But is he coming here?
Did you invite him?
Oh hi, Min!
Are you well, sir?
- Sure.
- What are you doing here?
I texted you.
Didn't you see it?
Sorry, were you eating?
No, we weren't eating.
- How are you, Ki-jung?
- Fine, you too?
We could've met outside,
why come here?
Because of this.
It's for you, but it's so heavy.
Put it down here.
Wow, what is that?
When I said I was meeting Ki-woo,
my grandfather insisted
I bring this to you.
Is this a landscape type?
Or you can see it as
an abstract type.
Wow, you know these!
My grandpa has collected
scholar's rocks since his cadet days.
Now the annex, the study,
every room in the house
is filled with these things.
But this stone here is said to
bring material wealth to families...
This is so metaphorical.
For sure.
It's a very opportune gift.
Of course.
Please relay our deepest thanks
to your grandpa.
Food would be better.
What was that called?
A landscape stone?
You collect those rocks too?
Hey, thanks to that rock I saw
your parents, they look healthy.
They're plenty healthy,
just out of work.
Is Ki-jung taking lessons
these days?
She can't afford lessons.
Cute, huh?
She's the one you're tutoring?
Park Da-hye.
High school sophomore.
You take over as her English tutor.
What do you mean?
Tutor a rich kid.
It pays well.
She's a nice girl.
Look after her while
I'm studying abroad.
What about your
university friends?
Why ask a loser like me?
Why do you think?
Just the thought makes me sick.
Those disgusting frat boys
slavering over Da-hye?
It's revolting.
You like her?
Hey, I'm serious.
When she enters university,
I'll officially ask her out.
So you take care of her
until then.
If it's you,
I can leave in peace.
Thanks for your trust,
but do I have to pretend
to be a college student?
Ki-woo, think about it.
For years including
your military service,
you took the university
entrance exam 4 times.
Grammar, vocabulary,
composition, conversation...
When it comes to English,
you can teach 10 times better than
those drunken college pricks.
- I guess so.
- Sure!
But will they hire me?
I'm not a college student.
Just fake it.
Don't worry, you'll have
my recommendation, plus...
How should I describe the mother...?
She's a bit simple.
Young and simple.
What do you mean?
Anyway, it's all good.
I had fun there.
So you agree?
I guess so.
Hey, you said your sister
is artistic?
Good at Photoshop?
God, with skills like this,
why can't you get into art school?
Shut up.
Hey, no smoking in here.
Yeah, yeah.
Gimme that.
Now the cherry on top...
Wow, does Oxford have a major
in document forgery?
Ki-jung would be top of her class.
She's amazing, huh?
Our boy's going for a job interview.
Wish him luck.
I'm proud of you.
I don't think of this
as forgery or crime.
I'll go this university
next year.
So you've got a plan!
I just printed out
the document a bit early.
Who is it?
Good afternoon.
I'm here on
Min's recommendation...
Oh right, come in.
Thank you.
Hello, Madame.
I just work here.
Come this way.
The yard is so nice.
The insider's nice too.
You know the architect Namgoong?
He's famous.
He used to live in this house.
He designed it himself.
As you can see,
now it's a playpen.
This way.
Sit yourself down here.
I'll bring the madame.
He's here.
The tutoring candidate.
I don't care about documents.
Min recommended you, after all.
As you know, Min is such
a brilliant human being.
Da-hye and I were
quite happy with him.
Regardless of her grades.
Know what I mean?
He was marvelous.
So to be honest, we wanted to stick
with him through high school.
But all of a sudden
he's going abroad.
Anyway, excuse me,
but if I can speak directly,
if you're not up to
Min's level, then,
I'm not sure what the point is.
So anyway,
what I want to say is,
for your first lesson today,
do you mind if I sit in.
I want to see it full time,
how you run your lesson.
Is it okay with you?
You sure about #24?
Da-hye, you solved those later
problems then went back to #24.
If that were the first question
on a real exam, you'd be screwed.
Look at this.
Your pulse is racing.
The heart doesn't lie.
An exam is like
slashing through a jungle.
Lose that momentum
and you're finished.
The answer to #24?
I don't care.
Slashing through the exam,
dominating it!
That's all I care about.
What you need is vigor.
So I'll pay you
this time each month.
3 classes a week,
2 hours each, okay?
As for the fee,
I was going to pay Min's rate,
then I added a bit for inflation.
Thank you.
How about a proper introduction?
Da-hye' tutor,
we'll call him Kevin.
Mr. Kevin!
If you feel like snacking during
your lesson, just call me.
If you need anything, ask her.
She knows this house
better than I...
Da-song, stop it!
I'm sorry, did he startle you?
How cute.
His name's Da-song?
Yes, our youngest.
Da-song, come say hi!
This is Mr. Kevin!
This is an Indian arrow.
I ordered it from the U.S.
From last year he's been
an Indian fanatic.
He's got a fanboy personality?
Well, he's eccentric
and easily distracted.
he can barely sit still!
So last year I enrolled him
in Cub Scouts.
hoping he'd learn
moderation and focus.
But look.
He's even worse.
His scout leader is an
Indian fanatic, maybe that's why.
The American Indian is
the very spirit of the Cub Scouts.
It's a good thing.
Were you a Cub Scout, Kevin?
Sure. I'm a Scout by nature.
Da-song is an artist by nature.
Look at this painting.
It so metaphorical.
It's really strong.
Strong, right?
You've got an eye for this.
It's a chimpanzee, right?
A self-portrait.
Sure enough!
The perspective of a young artist
eludes understanding.
Or perhaps it's Da-song's
expressive genius...
Anyway, we've been through
so many art teachers.
None of them lasts even a month.
And Da-song is just
so hard to control.
- Just a moment. Madame.
- Yes?
Someone just came to mind.
What was her name?
Right, Jessica...
She was in the same
art school as my cousin.
What was her Korean name?
Anyway, after studying applied arts
at Illinois State University,
she returned to Korea
Illinois... tell me more.
Her teaching is unusual, but she
knows how to handle kids.
She's got a special
reputation in her field.
But even though her methods
are unique,
she can help kids
get into good art schools.
Now I'm really curious.
What is she like?
Would you like to meet her?
Though I heard
she's in high demand...
Hold on.
Jessica, only child,
Illinois Chicago,
classmate Kim Jin-mo,
he's your cousin.
Look at how he painted
the side dishes on the tablecloth
in this mosaic arrangement.
But within that too,
there are repeating patterns.
Gochujang is red,
the rice... well, anyway,
he has a Basquiat-esque sense,
even at age 9!
How exciting.
I'm sure Miss Jessica must have
already sensed this,
so I'll leave you two,
and go up for Da-hye's lesson.
Have a nice lesson, Jessica.
Yes, thank you
for the introduction.
So as you can see,
Da-song's eccentric genius...
So we'll start with #38?
Did you know that
Da-song is faking it all?
Huh? What do you mean?
It's all a show.
Acting like a genius, that
4th dimension stuff is all fake.
An artist cosplay.
You know that thing,
when he freezes and stares at
the sky, as if struck by inspiration.
So he's walking along, then he
stares at the clouds for 10 minutes.
So you know what I mean?
He gives me the creeps.
He pretends that he
can't live a normal life.
Makes me want to puke.
So Da-song is pretending...
But what's that got to do with
your studies?
Well, I'm just saying.
Sure, so in that sense,
what you told me about Da-song
was very interesting,
so let's write about it in English.
And be sure to use the word
'pretend' at least twice.
Then, can I ask you a question?
That teacher Jessica.
Is she really
your cousin's classmate?
What do you mean?
She's your girlfriend, right?
No way...
I just met her today.
Jessica's really pretty.
isn't she?
Aren't you interested?
You saw her?
Sure, she's pretty.
She's a beautiful woman.
I knew it.
So you are interested.
So, if we can compare
Jessica to a rose,
then you are...
- Let's study.
- Yes.
Please understand that my boy
has trouble keeping still.
I understand.
Da-song, get up!
Come on, Da-song!
In your butt...
- Madame, please leave us.
- What?
I never teach with
a parent in the room.
But today is our first day,
and as you can see, he's...
Wait downstairs.
Park Da-song?
Want some plum extract?
It's mixed with honey.
To ease your tension.
Yeah, that would be great.
- Hey.
- Yes?
I've got an idea.
Take two glasses of plum extract
to Da-song's room.
You're not a parent,
so you can go in!
Oh, that's right!
Then I'll report back
on what's going on in there...
Why didn't I think of it earlier?
They came out?
So you're done already?
Come sit next to me.
Da-song, go upstairs.
Hurry up!
Da-son just painted this.
I see...
I'd rather speak with
Madame alone.
Oh, but she is...
No, leave us.
Madame, I told you I study
art psychology and art therapy?
Did anything happen to Da-song
in first grade?
To be frank,
before I decide whether
to take on Da-song,
I need to hear about this.
But this is hard for me
to talk about right now.
What to do?
Never mind, then.
The lower-right region of a painting
is called the "schizophrenia zone".
Psychotic symptoms often
reveal themselves here.
Oh, phrenia...
Look here.
Da-song painted this
unusual shape, right?
I see.
Over there, it's the same!
It's the same, right?
Yes, that's correct.
A similar shape in the same zone.
You see it now?
I've stared at that painting
at every meal!
But I had no idea.
Calm down.
Let's compose ourselves.
This is all a black box
into Da-song's mind.
Would you like to open
that box with me, Madame?
I want to open it.
Then we'll need 4
two-hour sessions per week,
and this is not simple tutoring,
it's art therapy, right?
Of course.
Because of that my rate is set
at a very high level.
Are you okay with that?
It's my pleasure.
Da-songs dad is home.
Honey, Da-song's new
art teacher is here.
Her name's Jessica,
from Illinois.
Jessica! This is Dong-ik.
- Hello.
- Hi.
Thanks for your help.
Class is over?
Yes, just finished.
- Driver Yoon.
- Yes?
- Are you free?
- Yes, I am.
Then give her a lift, okay?
Sure, we don't want her
going down alone at night, right?
Of course.
Miss Jessica?
Shall I drive you
all the way home, then?
- Which neighborhood?
- No. that's fine.
You can just drop me off
at Hyehwa station.
Thank you.
I don't mind if it's far away.
- My shift is finished, anyway.
- I'll get off at Hyehwa.
Looks like it's going to rain.
Ride the Benz, not the subway!
I'm meeting my boyfriend
at exit 3 of Hyehwa Station!
Dad, when you worked as a driver,
did you drive a lot of Benzes?
Benzes? Not then, but I did
when I worked as a valet.
You worked as a valet?
Sure, after the chicken place went bust,
before the Taiwan cake shop,
in that 6-month window?
No, it was after
the cake shop went bust.
We're moving to
the next stage already?
I set a trap in the Benz.
Then we're diving right in.
Wow this is so metaphorical.
Look Dad, we're eating in a
driver's cafeteria right now!
Right, a driver's cafeteria!
Eat as much as you want, kids.
You didn't even pay for it.
they did!
Son, have some more.
Eat up!
Yes, Dad.
Eat your fill!
What did you do
to that woman yesterday?
She was freaking out.
Saying she was so moved,
you put her in shock.
Fuck. I don't know!
I googled "art therapy".
and ad-libbed the rest.
Then suddenly she's weeping.
Crazy bitch,
I couldn't believe it.
Oh, you're home?
Did you eat yet?
Is something wrong?
Is the housekeeper out?
She's walking the dogs.
This was under my car seat.
Driver Yoon is such a scumbag.
What is this?
I'm sorry, honey.
I didn know he was
this kind of guy.
Don't you pay him well?
Is he saving up by
not paying for a motel?
He must be a pervert.
He likes it in the car.
Oh, that's gross.
In his boss' car!
A young guy's sex life is
his own business, that's all fine.
But why in my car?
And if so, why not in his seat?
Why cross the line like that?
You're right.
Does dripping his sperm
on my seat turn him on?
I can't believe this.
But you know what's
strangest of all?
Usually if you have car sex,
you might leave behind
a strand of hair, or an earring.
But how can you forget
your own panties?
That's right.
It's hard to overlook.
So it makes me quite suspicious
of this woman's condition.
You get me?
Oh my... meth or cocaine?
Shh! The kids...
What do we do?
What if anyone finds
white powder in your car?
Calm down, relax.
For now it's just supposition.
A rational guess.
But no need to call the police.
Not that!
Still, for a busy man like me to ask,
"Why are you fucking in my car?"
So instead...
Can you just invent some
bland excuse to let him go?
Okay sure.
No need to mention
panties or car sex.
We don't need to stoop
to that level, do we?
Surely not!
But what if he goes online
and accuses us...
Just give him a good severance.
How was Da-song today?
He was fine.
- So class is finished?
- Yes.
Jessica, the last time you came,
our driver gave you a ride, right?
That's right.
This may be an odd question,
but nothing happened then?
No, he was very nice.
I told him to go
to Hyehwa Station,
but he insisted on
driving me home.
That jerk!
He took you home late at night?
Revealing where you live?
No, I got off at Hyehwa.
Oh, good girl. Very good.
Jessica nice...
Did something happen with him?
He won't be working for us any more.
A slightly shameful incident.
What incident?
Oh, you don't need to know.
But I'm surprised.
He was so gentlemanly and cool.
Jessica, you're too
young and innocent!
You have a lot to learn about people.
But we were excited to have
such a young, hip driver, too.
But isn't an older driver better?
That's true. They drive better,
have better manners.
My father's brother had
a driver just like that.
Mr. Kim.
He was so congenial and nice,
I used to call him Uncle
when I was young.
You know a man like that?
Yes, he was so mild-mannered.
Oh, but my relatives
relocated to Chicago.
I wonder if
Mr. Kim's free now?
I'm really interested!
Could I meet him?
I don't trust anyone now.
I only trust someone recommended
by a person I know well.
But if you've known him so long,
I'd feel much more at ease.
Do you really want to meet him?
I'm deadly serious.
This chain of
recommendations is best.
How should I describe it?
A belt of trust?
- This one's different.
- Here.
Oh, right.
And this one.
Looks like a touch screen now.
It's not touch,
it says you have to turn it.
Wow, this thing?
Taking our time, are we?
This is a nice car.
This is en
it! Come over here.
He's in a meeting now.
Have a seat and wait here.
Hello, nice to meet...
But is it compatible
with a phone?
Oh, not with a phone.
You need more computing power.
This isn't any sort of test,
so don't be nervous.
I was worn out at the office,
so I came out for a bit.
I understand.
Constant chatter, all that bother.
At least the car is peaceful.
Thank you.
You seem to know the road well?
Anything below the 38th parallel.
After 30 years behind the wheel,
the car almost drives itself.
I respect those who work
in one field for a long time.
Well, to be honest
this is a simple vocation.
But... the head of a household,
the leader of a company?
Or else just a lonely man setting off
on the road each morning...
It's companionship of a sort,
so that's how
I've approached each day.
The years sure pass quickly.
Sure enough,
your cornering is excellent.
Well, it may look simple,
but it's one of the fundamentals.
She may look like a sheep,
but inside, she's a fox.
Sometimes she acts like
she owns the house.
Of all the people in that house,
she's lived there the longest.
She was housekeeper
to the architect Namgoong,
but then she went on
to work for this family.
When the architect moved out,
he introduced this woman
to Park's family,
telling them, "This is a great
housekeeper, you should hire her."
So she survived
a change of ownership.
She won't give up good job easily.
To extract a woman like that,
we need to prepare well.
Right, we need a plan.
I want to eat peaches.
I like peaches best.
Why not ask for some?
No peaches at our house.
It's a forbidden fruit.
So according to what
Da-hye told me,
she's got a massively serious
allergy to peaches.
You know that fuzz
on a peach's skin?
If she's anywhere near it,
she gets a full body rash,
has trouble breathing,
asthma, a total meltdown!
No no, there weren't
any peaches anywhere.
That's what I'm saying!
Usually when I get
symptoms like this,
I run to my room
and take my medicine,
but it was so sudden,
I wasn't sure where I left it.
Madame, this woman
behind me, is that?
Oh, it's our housekeeper!
So it's true.
Oh, how sad.
I wasn't sure if that
was really her.
I've only seen her a couple times
in the living room.
This was in the hospital?
A few days ago I went for
my annual medical exam.
I took a selfie for my wife,
and there she was behind me.
Is she talking
on the phone there?
Anyway. I wasn't trying to eavesdrop...
but her words came through clearly!
- So I couldn't help but..
- Cut, cut!
Dad, your emotions are up to here.
Bring them down to about there. I couldn't help but overhear.
Keep it focused!
What I'm trying to say is,
it's just that,
your housekeeper's voice
is quite loud, you know?
I understand, it's all right.
Just tell me, okay?
She said she got diagnosed
with active TB,
and she was shouting
on the phone,
so upset she could
barely control herself!
Tuberculosis? Come on...
It's true, she phoned someone
saying she had active TB.
Do people still get TB?
Back in the day, people used
to buy Christmas Seals, right?
Feels like a bygone era.
But I saw it on the internet.
Korea has the #1 rate of TB
of all the OECD countries.
But she's still working,
as if nothing's wrong.
With a kid like Da-song
in the house.
So you've got a young kid
like Da-song in the house,
and a TB patient is doing dishes,
cooking, spraying spittle...
Stop it, please!
Dad: arriving in 3 mins.
If you get the chance,
this'll be icing on the cake.
2nd floor sauna room.
- Have a seat.
- Yes.
Mr. Kim.
Please don't tell any of this
to my husband, okay?
If he hears I brought a
TB patient to our home,
I'll be hanged and quartered!
Don't worry, Madame.
And if I may presume
to say one thing.
I have no feelings
against that woman.
I felt I had to speak up for the
sake of public health and hygiene.
But this could be seen
as snitching or...
Don't you worry.
I won't mention the TB.
I'll just make up some excuse
to dismiss her.
Simply and quietly.
It's a proven method.
That's the best.
Okay, then.
Have you...
washed your hands?
Mr. Kim, do you know
a good braised ribs place?
Somewhere close by.
- Then you'll be eating out?
- That's right.
Why such a craving for
braised ribs today?
Our old housekeeper made
delicious ribs.
The one who quit this week?
My wife wouldn't even
tell me why she quit.
Sure, it's easy enough
to hire a new one.
Still, it's a shame.
She was a great housekeeper
I see.
She kept the house
in great shape,
and she knew never to
cross the line.
I can't stand people
who cross the line.
Perhaps just one weak point?
Eating too much.
She always ate enough for two.
But considering
all the work she did...
Then you better find someone new.
A new housekeeper.
We're in trouble now.
In a week,
our house will be a trash can.
My clothes will start to smell.
My wife has no talent
for housework.
She's bad at cleaning,
and her cooking's awful.
Still, you love her, right?
Of course.
I love her.
We'll call it love.
Then would this help?
The Care?
What is this?
I just recently
found out about them.
How to describe it?
It's like a membership service.
The company provides veteran-grade
help to VIP customers such as you.
For example maids, caregivers.
or drivers like myself.
You can tell from the card
they're high-class.
Cool design.
Then how do you
know about this company?
They contacted me
as a veteran-grade driver.
You might say they scouted me?
But when their call came I had
already arranged to meet with you.
I see...
You turned down this
famous company to work for me.
I won't forget that.
Son of a bitch!
Anyway, I can give this card
to my wife, right?
Yes, that's why I brought it up.
No need to mention me.
You can tell her
you found the company yourself.
Thanks to you I can
play the good husband.
On the back, there's
a number for consultations.
Tell her to call there...
Eyes on the road!
Hello, this is Senior Advisor Yeo
of The Care.
Yes, this is The Care's main office?
If she wanted, she'd be
a fucking great con artist.
Isn't her voice tone great?
Takes after me.
From what I've heard,
it's a full membership service?
So you're not currently
a member, I assume?
That's right,
What steps do I need to take?
We'll just need to receive
a few documents from you.
Are you ready to write this down?
Your family register,
citizenship ID cards...
documents to prove
your income level,
i.e the title to your property, etc.
Our property title?
Wow, peaches!
You have some too, Mr. Kevin.
Thank you.
Leave it outside the door
next time.
- And knock!
- Yes.
No entering during my lesson!
Yes, miss!
Park Da-song!
Where are you?
Walkie talkies!
Walkie talkies!
Who do you like better,
your dad or the walkie talkie?
Da-song, how could you
run out from your lesson?
When did you buy all this?
It's no big deal.
What is it?
What's he doing now?
Da-song, don't do that!
It's the same!
They smell the same!
What are you talking about?
Go up to Jessica.
Jessica smells like that, too.
So do we all need to use
different soap, now?
Dad, we'll need to use
different laundry soap, too.
And fabric softener.
You mean doing four separate
loads of laundry each time?
That's not it.
It's the semi-basement smell.
We need to leave this home
to lose the smell.
Anyway, aren't we fortunate to be
worrying about things like this?
In an age like ours,
when an opening for a security guard
attracts 500 university graduates.
Our entire family got hired!
That's right, Dad!
If we put our 4 salaries together?
The amount of cash coming from
that house into ours is immense!
Let's offer a prayer of gratitude
to the great Mr. Park.
And to Min!
Ki-woo, that friend of yours
turned into such a fine guy,
and thanks to him we're all...
Fuck, not again!
That asshole's dead.
Ki-woo's on the rampage!
Don't overdo it!
Use this instead.
Damn you!
Get a fucking grip!
Get a grip!
It's a deluge!
Current weather is clear, over.
The clouds are moving.
But they're not rain clouds, over.
I hear you, over.
Currently your sister's lip
is pouting like a duck's bill.
She's super annoyed, over.
Can't I stay home and study English?
And call Kevin?
Hey! Don't make a scene
just as we're leaving.
If we have to go,
let's have fun.
Da-hye, this is no
ordinary camping trip.
That's right!
How could you miss
your brother's birthday?
No way!
Even your busy father
is taking time off to go.
Right! If you don't go,
you'll regret it!
Oh, right.
You know the beam projector?
The outdoor theater?
Right, bring the outdoor
beam projector.
And look for Da-song's
camping raincoat.
He loves it when it rains.
You remember now?
Zoonie, Berry, and Fofoo.
Zoome and Berry get this.
Yes, Natural Balance Original Ultra.
Right, and for Foofoo...
Japanese crab sticks.
When you walk Zoonie,
give him a long leash.
He needs to run around
to feel happy.
He's like the canine version
of Da-song!
Why are you lying down outside?
Isn't he hot out there?
I'm gazing at the sky from home.
It's so great.
Mom, want some water?
There's sparkling, right?
Ki-jung, some water?
Telepathy... thank you.
Wow, all these
varieties or alcohol.
Dad! Let me add
another to the mix!
This is pretty classy.
Rain falling on the lawn,
as we sip our whiskey...
Ki-woo, what's that yellow
notebook you've been carrying?
This? It's Da-hye's diary.
Her diary?
What a scumbag.
How could you read her diary?
Just so we can
understand each other deeper.
Fuck, are you two dating?
I'm serious.
She really likes me too.
Awhile back...
Never mind.
When she enters university.
I'll officially ask her out.
My son!
Then this house will be
your in-laws' house?
That's right.
Fuck, then I'm washing dishes
at my daughter-in-law's?
Sure, washing your
daughter-in-law's socks!
I like her.
She's a good kid.
She's pretty,
but she's not wild.
Well, now that
we're daydreaming...
If Da-hye and I marry,
we can bring in actors
to be my mom and dad.
Look at her.
She got so many jobs
acting in weddings last year.
even caught the bouquet
from a bitch I've never met.
If you get the bouquet,
they pay an extra $10.
That's how your acting
got so good!
Acting is one thing, but this
family is so gullible, right?
The madame especially.
You said it.
She's so naive, and nice.
She's rich, but still nice.
Not "rich, but still nice."
"Nice because she's rich."
You know?
Hell, if I had all this money.
I'd be nice too!
Even nicer!
That's true.
Your mom's right.
Rich people are naive.
No resentments.
No creases on them.
It all gets ironed out.
Money is an iron.
Those creases all get smoothed out.
Hey, Ki-woo.
You know that driver, Yoon?
Was it Yoon?
The driver before me.
Yeah, Yoon.
He must be working
somewhere else now, right?
Sure, he must be.
He's young, got a nice physique.
He must've found a better job.
Fucking hell!
What's with her now?
We're the ones who need help.
Worry about us, okay?
Dad! Come on, Dad!
Just focus on us, okay?
On us!
Not Driver Yoon, but me, please.
Awesome timing, huh?
She speaks,
and the lightning crashes!
Hey, Jessica. Cheers.
Hey, when I went up before,
and you were in the bath...
What about it?
How to put it?
You fit in here.
This rich house suits you.
Not like us.
Fuck off.
I'm serious!
Dad, before...
She was lying back in the tub,
watching TV.
Like she's lived here for years.
Speaking of which,
if this became our house,
if we lived here,
which room would you want?
What room in this masterwork
by the great Namgoong?
Fuck, I don't know.
Get me the house first.
Then I'll think about it.
We live here now, don't we?
Getting drunk in the living room.
Right, we live here.
Why not?
This is our home right now.
It's cosy.
Are you feeling cosy?
Sure, but suppose Park
walked through that door now.
What about your dad?
He'd run and hide
like a cockroach.
Kids, you know at our house,
when you turn on the light,
and the cockroaches scatter?
You know what I mean?
I'm getting fucking tired of this.
- A cockroach?
- Yeah.
Huh? What's wrong?
What's the matter?
Dad, don't do that.
You only live once.
What the hell?
I fooled you! Didn't I?
Jesus, Dad.
I fooled you too, Ki-woo?
Did it look for real?
If it was for real,
I'd fucking kill you.
What is this?
Fucking puppy.
Who is it at this hour'?
What is it?
What's she doing here?
The old housekeeper?
What's she here for?
She won't stop ringing it.
Raising a racket.
Who is it?
Oh, hello! I'm...
The madame's not in, right?
I worked here
for a very long time.
Above the monitor there,
you see a photo of 3 dogs, right?
Zoome, Berry, Foofoo.
I get it, but why are you here?
You're my successor
as housekeeper, right?
I'm very sorry to
call on you so late.
It's just that...
I forgot something in the
basement under the kitchen.
When I left,
they pushed me out so quickly...
Would you let me in?
What do we do?
This isn't in the plan.
Sorry for the trouble.
This way.
Yes, thank you.
You can put your raincoat...
It'll just be a second.
Quite a meal there.
That'll be a job to clean up.
But what did you leave below?
Want to come down with me?
Well, just go ahead.
Help me push this!
Pull it! From over there.
Pull it hard!
Are you okay?
Did I scare you?
Thank you!
Thank you.
What the hell?
Honey, I'm here!
What is all this?
Honey, I'm fine.
No you're not!
I'm fine, really.
How can you say that?
But I'm really hungry.
Suck it!
How many days has it been?
You must've been so hungry!
It's okay.
She's a nice woman.
She let me in.
There was an iron plate,
for grilling meat.
It was wedged under the shelf.
So that's why.
I couldn't open it from the inside.
- What's going on here?
- I know you must be startled.
I would be too in this situation.
But as two fellow workers...
Right, Chung-sook?
How do you know my name?
To be honest I'm still texting
with the boy Da-song.
I knew they were going camping,
so I came today.
I wanted to speak to you alone.
Talking about.
Don't worry, Chung-sook.
I cut the wire
on the CCTV by the gate.
Nobody knows I came.
Isn't that good, sis?
Don't call me sis!
Sis, my name is Moon-gwang.
This is my hubbie Oh Geun-sae.
Say hello, honey.
This tastes great.
What happened to your face?
I'll tell you later.
So you'd steal food every day
while working in the kitchen.
Feeding your husband.
Not at all! I bought
all his food with my salary.
That's so unfair!
But how long has
your husband been down here?
Hold on a sec.
4 years?
4 years, 3 months and 17 days.
Right, it's June now.
Four years ago when
Mr. Namgoong moved to Paris,
in the time before
Mr. Park's family moved in,
I brought my husband down here.
Many rich houses have secret bunkers,
where you can hide
in case North Korea attacks,
or if creditors break in.
But it seems Mr. Namgoong was
a bit embarrassed about this,
because he never mentioned it
to Mr. Park's family.
So only I know about it.
So that how it happened.
But now that I know, I've no
choice but to call the police!
No please, sis!
As fellow members
of the needy, please don't.
I'm not needy!
But we're needy!
We've no house, no money,
only debts!
Sis, please!
Even after 4 years of hiding,
those debt collectors won't give up.
They're still searching for him,
threatening to stab him.
You used loan sharks?
It's all my fault.
The Taiwan cake shop.
My Taiwanese Wangshui
castella shop went bust.
I was overwhelmed by debt.
Please take this.
What's that?
It's not much,
just a modest sum.
But we'll send it
to you every month.
In return,
just once every 2 days.
please leave him some food.
No no, just once a week.
There's a refrigerator here.
Just once a week.
You've got some nerve!
I'm calling the police.
Who is that?
Wait... Jessica?
Mr. Kim?
What the hell?
Dad, my ankle!
You okay? Sorry.
Dad, my foot.
Don't call me Dad!
I thought it was weird
when the driver was fired.
- Let's talk things over.
- What the hell?
Are you some
family of charlatans?
So, sis...
Don't fucking call me sis,
you filthy bitch!
I'm gonna send this video
to the madame, how about that?
Dad, my foot.
No reception in
the basement, right?
- The phone works fine.
- Fuck.
Ma'am, to be honest,
the jobs we have here...
Shut up!
It's too late now!
Let's all go to jail!
We're fucking going down!
Lady, are you crazy?
If they see that video, Mr. Park
and his wife will be so shocked!
What did those nice people
ever do wrong?
Why do this to them?
Stop right there!
Or I'll push the 'send' button.
Follow me.
Calm down, ma'am.
Don't push!
Let's go up, honey.
Time for you
to get some fresh air!
Honey, this 'send' button
is like a missile launcher.
What do you mean, honey?
If we threaten to push it.
those people can't do anything.
It's like a North Korean rocket.
A North Korean missile button!
Today our beloved
Great Leader Kim Jong-un,
after witnessing the
charlatan family video,
was unable to contain
his shock and fury
at their wicked,
despicable provocation!
I've missed your jokes, honey!
Therefore our Great Leader,
in this age of denuclearization,
has commanded that the nation's
last remaining nuclear warhead
be driven down the throats
of this wicked family!
No one can imitate North Korean
news anchors like you!
With their stinking guts serving
as the last nuclear graveyard,
our Dear Leaders wish to denuclearize
and bring world peace can...
Hands in the air, fuckers!
You scumbag family.
- Daughter?
- Daughter.
You neanderthals.
Is that all you can think to do,
drink yourselves stupid?
In this home suffused with
Mr. Namgoong's creative spirit?
You cretins!
What do you know about art?
What would they know?
When the sun was nice,
we'd bask in those sunbeam, right?
At such moments we could feel
his artistic touch.
Give it to me!
Good job! Delete it!
Careful, don't send it
by accident.
Listen, do you know how
to make ram-don?
Da-song likes ram-don
more than anything.
If you boil the water now,
the timing will be perfect.
There's sirloin in the fridge,
add that too.
Then, the camping...?
My god, what a disaster.
The river overflowed and
everyone was packing their tents,
but Da-song was crying and
refusing to go home.
Anyway, ram-don
as soon as we walk in, okay?
Then you're almost here?
8 minutes, according to the GPS.
You arrive in 8 minutes...
Start boiling
the water right away!
What the hell is ram-don?
Move, quickly!
Dad, I can't drag her
any further!
What are you doing?
Go up quickly!
Help upstairs.
Take this!
Welcome home!
Da-song, look!
Let's eat ram-don!
Why don't you just
eat the ram-don?
Shall I?
No, wait.
I can give it to my husband.
There's sirloin in here.
It's cooked through?
Medium well done.
Returning after a day's work...
I love you so much, Mr. Park!
Home from the office,
Mr. Park is off duty now.
Returning after a day's work...
I love you so much, Mr. Park!
- What are you doing?
- Shut up!
Honey, do you want
some ram-don?
Da-song doesn't want it?
No, I'm tired.
I'm going to bed.
Why are you staring?
Mr. Park, you feed me
and house me.
You do this every day?
Sure, I even send whole
sentences to thank him.
Someone of your age
should know it.
Know what?
Morse Code.
That sensor's going batty.
Da-song will know it,
since he's a Scout.
It's ridiculous, right?
Running around.
trying to please a kid.
He's not some kind of prince.
He's the youngest.
It's common.
Please understand.
Da-song's a bit... unwell.
He's receiving trauma therapy
and art therapy.
There was an incident.
What incident?
Sis, you believe in ghosts, too?
Da-song saw a ghost in the house
when he was in 1st grade.
He had a birthday party
at home that day.
Late that night,
when everyone was sleeping,
Da-song crept down to the kitchen
and took the cake out.
The whipped cream
on that cake was amazing.
Even in bed, he couldn't
stop thinking about it.
So Da-song was sitting,
eating his cake...
He screamed,
and I ran downstairs,
and he was all...
his eyes rolled back in his head,
convulsions, foam in his mouth.
Have you ever seen a child
have a seizure?
They need 15-minute treatment,
or they're done for.
That's the time you have to reach
an emergency room, 15 minutes.
How can you live
in a place like this?
Well, lots of people
live underground.
Especially if you count
What'll you do?
You don't have a plan?
I just feel comfortable here.
It feels like I was born here.
Maybe I had
my wedding here, too.
As for the National Pension,
I don't qualify.
In my old age,
love will comfort me.
So please.
Let me live down here.
My husband was away on business,
so I had to deal with it all.
Since then we've always
gone out for his birthday.
Last year my mother's house,
this year, camping.
Da-song's dad says it's
just a part of growing up.
They say a ghost in the
house brings wealth.
Actually, the money's
been good recently.
Thank god.
Just stay here for now.
Zoonie, what's wrong?
Something under there?
What is it?
Damn it!
- Mom!
- Yeah?
- How could you?
- What?
I like ram-don too!
How could you not even ask me?
Da-song didn't want it, so you
asked Dad, then ate it yourself.
Want her to make one?
That's not the point!
- Stop fighting over ramen!
- Why didn't you ask me?
Oh, stop it! Just go to bed
Go get changed.
This way!
Under there! Hurry!
One, two, three! One two three!
Da-song, cut it out!
He's gone crazy!
Get an umbrella.
Hey Park Da-song!
What a monster.
What the hell is he doing?
Da-song, it time for bed!
You know how late it is?
Honey, here.
Who do you take after to be
so stubborn! Look at this rain!
OMG Kevin.
Da-song camping in the yard.
Hey, channel 3 for emergencies!
Keep it turned on.
Let me have it.
I can't believe him.
Just leave him.
He'll come in if he's tired.
- I want you here, honey.
- I'm with you.
Hey, Da-hye!
Stop using your phone.
Go to bed.
Go sleep in your room.
We'll take care of things.
This is the living room,
do you copy?
Copy, over.
Daddy is standing by
for emergencies, over.
Got it, over.
Is that tent going to leak?
We ordered from the U.S.,
it'll be fine.
- Should we sleep here?
- What?
We've got a full view of the tent.
Good idea.
I'll feel much better.
Let watch over him as we sleep.
What a kid...
Wait a minute.
Where's that smell coming from?
What smell?
Mr. Kim's smell.
- Mr. Kim?
- Yeah.
Not sure what you mean.
You must have smelled it.
That smell that wafts through
the car, how to describe it?
- An old man's smell?
- No no, it's not that.
What is it?
Like an old radish?
You know when you boil a rag?
It smells like that.
Anyway, even though he always
seems about to cross the line,
he never does cross it.
That's good.
- I'll give him credit.
- Yeah.
But that smell crosses the line.
It powers through
right into the back seat.
How bad can it be?
I don't know.
It's hard to describe.
But you sometimes smell it
on the subway.
It's been ages
since I rode a subway.
People who ride the subway
have a special smell.
Isn't this like
the cars back seat?
What if Da-song comes back in?
Don't worry!
I can just pull my hand back.
We shouldn't...
Do it clockwise.
You know where.
You still have those cheap panties?
The ones Yoon's girlfriend
left behind.
If you wear those,
I'll get really fucking hard.
Then buy me drugs.
Buy me drugs!
Eat this instead.
You like it?
They're passed out cold.
Sneak out now.
Emergency, over!
- Emergency!
- What?
What is it, over!
Da-song, what's wrong?
I can't sleep, over.
So stop it and come in, okay?
Go sleep in your soft bed. over.
I don't want to. over.
Hey, Park Da-song.
Let's just sleep...
How did it turn out back there?
The people in the basement.
Well, I tied them up.
What will we do now?
What do we do now,
what's our plan?
I've been wondering...
What would Min do
in this situation?
Min wouldn't be
in this situation!
Look kids, we made it
out of there safely, right?
And besides us, nobody knows
what happened there. Right?
So nothing happened.
You understand?
I've got my own plan.
So you two just
forget about it, okay?
Let's go home.
Let's go take a bath.
What are you doing there?
Hurry up!
What's going on?
You stay there.
This is all sewage water.
Was our window open?
Help me out, Ki-taek!
Hey Ki-woo,
close the window!
You got shocked?
I'm dizzy.
Hold on a sec.
Shit, I'm dizzy.
Ki-jung, be careful.
Don't touch anything.
Honey, I've got a concussion.
I can't see you.
Honey, that woman Chung-sook...
Oh, god.
What a nice person.
She kicked me down the stairs.
Repeat after me.
Hey, Ki-woo!
What at are you doing there?
H O L P... M...
What was your plan?
What are you talking about?
Before, you said you had a plan.
What will you do?
the basement.
Ki-woo, you know what kind
of plan never fails?
No plan at all.
No plan.
You know why?
If you make a plan,
life never works out that way.
Look around us.
Did these people think,
"Let's all spend the night in a gym?"
But look now.
Everyone's sleeping
on the floor, us included.
That's why people
shouldn't make plans.
With no plan,
nothing can go wrong.
And if something spins out
of control, it doesn't matter.
Whether you kill someone
or betray your country.
None of it fucking matters.
Got it?
I'm sorry.
For what?
All of it.
I'll take care of everything.
What are you talking about?
Why are you hugging that stone?
It keeps clinging to me.
I think you need some sleep.
I'm serious.
It keeps following me.
Miss Jessica!
Sorry to call on Sunday morning.
Are you free for lunch today?
We're having a birthday
impromptu for Da-song.
A birthday party?
If you come too,
Da-song will be so happy.
And have as much pasta, gratin,
and salmon steak as you want.
Please come by 1PM,
and I'll count today as
one of your lessons.
You know what I mean?
See you soon!
- Mom.
- Yeah?
For the impromptu,
should we invite Kevin too?
Great idea! Why not?
Will you call him?
Get some more sleep, honey!
You must be tired after yesterday.
If we have a party,
won't you need to do the rounds?
Right, the wine shop,
supermarket, bakery, florist...
But I already told Mr. Kim
to hurry over.
I'll pay him overtime.
Everyone it down, I'll explain!
Da-hye: We're having a party,
and mom said to invite you!
Sis, in the basement...
we have 10 outdoor tables.
First take them all out,
then arrange them...
No, come to the window.
I need to show you.
With Da-song's tent in the middle,
curve the tables outward...
A crane's wing formation!
Like Admiral Yi used, you know?
The Battle of Hansan Island!
Think of the tent as
the Japanese warship.
And our tables will make a
semicircular crane's wing formation.
Then near the tent will be the
barbeque grill, firewood and such.
Arrange them all there!
Oh sure, bring your husband too!
And definitely no presents,
just come!
What dress code?
It's an impromptu.
You can wear sweat pants!
And definitely no presents!
Just come and eat hors d'oeuvres!
You know my culinary skills!
We'll get drunk in the daytime.
If you'd sing, that'd be grand!
You know the one...
Quiet, he's sleeping!
Today the sky's so blue,
and no pollution!
Thanks to all the rain yesterday.
So we traded camping
for a garden party.
Lemons into lemonade.
Right, that rain
was such a blessing!
And definitely no presents,
I mean it!
Right, just squeeze your
Mini Cooper into the garage.
Go on up!
Right, back it in.
Just don't block the Benz!
You're here!
It's been so long!
I told you no presents!
You were thinking of
something else.
While kissing me,
you thought of something else.
What do you mean?
You're doing it now, too.
Everyone looks gorgeous, right?
Even for a sudden gathering,
they're so cool.
And look so natural.
Do I fit in here?
In this setting, do I fit in?
Hey, where are you going?
I need to go down.
Just stay with me.
I need to go down there.
Why go to those boring people?
Can't you stay here?
Not to those people, down lover.
Wow, what is that?
God, I can't believe
I'm doing this at my age.
It's so embarrassing.
I'm really sorry, Mr. Kim.
Da-song's mom insisted,
it can be helped.
But the concept is simple.
There'll be a parade with
Jessica carrying a birthday cake.
Then we jump out
and attack Jessica.
Swinging our tomahawks!
Just then, Da-song the good Indian
will jump out and we'll do battle.
Finally, he'll save Jessica,
the cake princess, and they'll all cheer.
Something like that.
Silly, isn't it?
I guess your wife likes
events and surprises.
Yeah, she does.
But she's particularly into this party.
You're trying your best, too.
Well, you love her, after all.
Mr. Kim.
You're getting paid extra.
Think of this as
part of your work, okay?
Did you go down below?
- Not yet.
- Shouldn't we talk to them?
Reach an understanding?
We all got too fucking
worked up last night.
Dad was going on
about some plan...
- I'm just going down there.
- Hold on.
Take this down to them.
- They must be hungry.
- Right.
Let them eat first.
Coffee next time for Sure!
Here you are, Jessica.
- This is so amazing.
- Isn't it great?
I've got a special favor to ask.
What is it?
This is... how to describe it?
Da-song's trauma recovery cake?
So it needs to be you who does it.
Today's highlight!
Hey, are you okay?
Are you...?
Wait, mister!
Kevin? Kevin!
Da-song, happy birthday!
Come out here, Chung-sook!
Stop the blood!
Push down on the wound!
Let go, don't!
It hurts.
The emergency room!
Get the car!
Mr. Kim!
What are you doing?
We can't wait for an ambulance!
Stop pushing, Dad!
Makes it hurt more.
Car keys!
The car keys!
Throw them!
Throw me the key!
Are you okay?
Don't touch it!
Hello, Mr. Park.
You know me?
Opening my eyes for
the first time in a month,
I saw a detective.
You have the right
to an attorney...
Who looked nothing
like a detective.
Is he laughing?
Just a sec.
Then the doctor who looked
nothing like a doctor spoke.
That happens sometimes
after brain surgery.
They keep laughing.
For no reason.
Do you hear me?
Can you hear me?
Then do I have to do it again?
Do what?
The Miranda thing.
You have the right to remain silent.
Anything you say can and
will be used against you...
He keeps laughing, look!
Even when I heard how much
Ki-jung bled that day...
Even when I heard the words forgery,
trespassing, foul play, self-defense
and we were lucky to
get away with a probation...
Even when I finally
got to see Ki-jung's face...
Kim Ki-jung. RIP.
I kept laughing.
Still, when I went back and
watched the news reports,
I didn't laugh.
This sudden rampage in the
back yard of an upper-class home
is a highly unusual case.
Since the homeless man who sparked
the rampage died at the scene,
police are struggling to even
establish a clear motive.
The driver Kim and the slain Mr. Park
are said to have been on good terms.
For now the police investigation is
focused on locating the driver Kim.
Kim, after exiting this door
and descending the stairs,
disappeared into the
neighboring alleys.
Police searched the CCTVs
of nearby homes to no avail,
and they have yet
to find any witnesses.
Given the situation,
it's not an exaggeration to say
that Kim vanished into thin air.
Actually Mom and I had
no idea where Dad was.
But those detectives still
wore themselves out tailing us.
Eventually the news went quiet,
and after the tails stopped,
I started going up that mountain.
From up there, you get
a great view of the house.
That day, despite the cold.
I felt like staying longer.
Perhaps you, if no one else.
will be able to read this letter.
You were a Boy Scout,
so I'm writing this just in case.
Have your injuries healed?
I'm sure your mom
is plenty healthy.
I'm doing fine in here.
Though thinking
of Ki-jung makes me cry.
Even now, what happened
that day doesn't seem real.
It feels like a dream,
and yet it doesn't.
That day as I went out the gate,
I suddenly knew.
Where I needed to go...
A house where such
grisly crime took place
would surely not
be easy to sell.
I'm sorry, Mr. Park.
I struggled to hold out
like that in an empty house.
Still, thanks to
the house being empty.
what was her name?
I was able to give her
a proper send off.
I hear tree-side burials are trendy.
so hell, I did my best.
But those real estate sharks
sure are clever.
They hoodwinked some people
who had just arrived in Korea
and managed to sell the house.
With the parents working,
and the kids attending school,
the family is usually out.
But the goddamned housekeeper
stays there 24 hours a day.
Each time I go upstairs,
I take my life in my hands.
It turns out Germans eat more
than just sausage and beer.
What a relief.
Passing the time down here,
everything starts to go hazy.
Today at least
I was able to write you a letter.
If I send out the letter
this way every night,
maybe someday you'll see it.
So long.
You're home, Ki-woo?
Dad, today I made a plan.
A fundamental plan.
I'm going to earn money.
A lot of it.
University, a career, marriage.
those are all fine,
but first I'll earn money.
You'll see once you go in,
but it's very spacious.
Actually, we don't show
this house to just anyone.
When I have money,
I'll buy that house.
On the day we move in,
Mom and I will be in the yard.
Because the sunshine
is so nice there.
All you'll need to do
is walk up the stairs.
Take care until then.
So long.