Parasyte: Part 2 (2015) Movie Script

What's the point of our existence?
What are we even doing here?
Human life is precious.
What's precious is one's own life.
You only got into his arm...fascinating.
Attack this human and I'll kill you.
It's vital that we make a network.
I researched that "devil" concept.
You humans are the closest life form to it.
- Mum, is it you?
- It's Mr A!
Tell me it's not true!
You two are blending on a cellular level...
I'm turning into one of you?
You are Shinichi Izumi, right?
There's no way we can coexist.
No human moves like that.
What's happening?
Motherhood is a mysterious thing.
The tears won't come.
Devour their entire species.
We're grateful for your help.
He won't be any use to you.
We've got reason to believe
he'll be a good tool.
Send the first one in.
A person of interest in the parasite murders.
Uragami, what do you think?
Reckon he's human?
Of course he is.
And not one of your monsters?
He's obviously human.
That's the kind I like.
Don't bring me old ladies, for hell's sake.
You're wasting your time on this nutcase.
I reckon you're the crazy ones.
Can't even recognise your fellow men.
Keep running, honey. I'll get you!
The reason I became special
is because I got to toy around
with all sorts of people.
Calm down...
It was a surprise when I first saw one.
Dressed like a human,
looking as sweet as a puppy.
Alien or not,
I was anticipating some fun...
But it was no big deal.
He just did the same as me.
In any case,
even wild animals have the ability
to distinguish their own kind.
Have him look straight forward.
Tell him.
Please look forward.
I'm mistaken...
Something bothered you?
Thought I saw a flash
of something else in his eyes.
I imagined it.
Someone is hunting down these parasites.
Most of the dead ones have turned up
not far from Shinichi Izumi's place.
Shinichi, I'm detecting
brain-waves...close by.
What direction?
Hard left, about 70 meters.
One of them happened to be
his own mother.
What's more, the school
he happens to attend
was where Hideo Shimada
carried out that massacre.
He was then killed by persons unknown.
Is that just a coincidence?
Mr Hirama, sir...
Isn't this way over our heads?
You're one of us?
No, you're human.
I get it...
I know you...
Migi, get ready to fight.
If only I'd got here sooner.
What's wrong?
I'm certain someone's tailing me.
Don't you feel anything?
Sensing human presence isn't my speciality.
Cops would've arrested me ages ago.
In any case, it's not good.
Stop this senseless behaviour.
Killing my kind won't bring back
your mum or your friends.
You just put us in danger.
Sympathising with fellow aliens?
Just concerned for our safety.
Every kill reduces the toll of human lives.
You're pissing in the wind.
When I've honed my technique,
I'll go kill the boss.
The boss?
Having a monster as mayor is beyond a joke.
Taking over City Hall, controlling our town.
I'll kill them all.
Higashi Fukuyama
This is human humour, right?
Let's have a taste.
Am I right?
It's delicious.
Your miso soup is really very good.
You know City Hall is
a fortress of them now?
Higashi Fukuyama City Hall
Another incident?
Another one of us was killed.
In the E block eating area.
How long do we tolerate this?
That human must die.
Ms Tamiya, what's your opinion?
Shinichi Izumi's mother was killed.
And his girlfriend almost died, too.
He's venting his anger in random violence.
It's a temporary phenomenon.
Let it pass.
You prefer to side with a human?
We should leave them for observation.
It holds greater merit for our kind.
If our aim is coexistence with humanity,
they remain our greatest hope.
Hope, huh?
I'd like to hear Mr Goto on this.
Where is he?
Still training, I should think.
We don't need to hear his opinion.
Be quiet.
In this country, 30,000 people a year
commit suicide and 80,000 disappear.
If we plan our predation systematically,
it'll calm down
and we can live in harmony.
In fact, it's already happening.
I get it. I agree.
After all, it's thanks to Ms Tamiya
that our colony thrives.
Mizoguchi Sogyo
What the hell's your problem?
This is a yakuza office, right?
How many are you?
None of your damn business!
You play well, Goto.
The piano is good training.
Eight dead at a yakuza hangout.
Overdoing it, perhaps?
It wasn't me. it was Miki's doing.
Miki, huh?
In search of your approval, no doubt.
He sustained three stab wounds.
Admittedly his opponents weren't amateurs,
but it's a poor performance.
Tell him his human expressions
are unnatural.
By the way, Goto...
Some say Migi and Shinichi should be killed.
Kill them, then.
Ms Tamiya won't allow it.
She wants them under observation.
She thinks they're our main hope.
Our hope, huh?
How is she observing them?
Any approach would be detected, right?
She's employing a human, apparently.
Manipulating human emotions
to control the situation.
Waited long?
Not at all.
Ms Tamiya...
I really think we should go public.
You mean sell to the mass media?
I know how you must feel.
You don't want to hurt a former pupil.
But the public should know the truth
about these parasites.
The government is concealing information.
I'm no elite journalist
but I can't remain silent.
I'm sorry to say this,
but surely you could use the money?
Life's hard as a single parent.
As a widower, I know this too well.
I'm not trying to use you.
On the contrary...
I want us to share the experience.
Ryoko, I...
Since we both lost our spouses...
Mr Kuramori.
Please wait a little longer.
Let me think it over.
What we share is very important to me.
I'm home.
You ate already?
Would you like a new mum?
Of course it has to be someone you like...
Don't talk nonsense.
Nobody would want you anyway.
Maybe my luck's changing.
Stop acting weird. Calm down.
You're no fun...
Entry Forbidden
Everyone's back to normal
as if nothing happened.
All those grown-ups
telling me to forget everything,
to keep it to myself.
Isn't that odd?
- Forgetting is important
- How could I?
Shinichi, are you mad?
Maybe you knew all along, about Shimada.
About all of this.
You noticed him, too?
What do you want?
What do you mean?
- Kill him.
- Stop.
He knows our secret. He must die.
He's human.
You kill us without a thought.
We can't kill a human.
Please, don't. I've got a daughter...
Show us your footage.
You've shot loads of stuff.
I don't look good on camera.
No one cares.
Delete it all.
It should go public.
For the sake of society
you should surrender yourself for research.
That's the last straw.
Wait. It's my job to spread the truth.
You just need money.
Izumi, if you hate the parasites,
cooperate with the authorities
and trust the police.
The thing that killed my mother
was a police officer.
Mr Kuramori.
How do you even know about us?
Well, a woman came to me for advice,
worried that a pupil might be a parasite.
A Pupil?
Ryoko Tamiya?
She's played you like a harp, Mr Kuramori.
Played me? She's not like that...
Ryoko Tamiya just happens to be
the smartest parasite out there.
Her, a parasite?
No way.
It's been a while. You've grown strong.
Come on up, I'll make coffee.
Stop pretending to be human.
You're actually raising a human child...
An experiment to understand motherhood.
How dare you even use that word...
A savage monster freak
could never be worthy.
You should worry about yourselves.
My colleagues are eager to kill you.
The mayor and his gang?
They still want human flesh.
But gradually I'll train them
to take other food.
Give me a little time.
So I turn a blind eye while people die?
Trust me.
Then I'll be able to ensure your safety.
I'll never trust what a monster says.
Can human words be trusted?
She's got a point.
Shut up.
Got the picture now?
She's the leader,
organising all the parasites in this area.
City Hall is their stronghold.
Don't get involved.
Forget everything you know
and get out of here.
The second you're no use, she'll kill you.
You've been warned.
So leave us alone.
Goddamn it...
How dare she?
Goddamn it...
She thought I'd just roll over?
Higashi Fukuyama City Hall
Yes, we're actively attracting
new industry to the area,
but development only happens alongside
historical and environmental protection.
OK, I've got that.
Thank you for granting
a last minute request.
I'll send you my article when it's done.
Thank you.
It's a bug he planted earlier.
Kill him.
You're sure?
And the one with the arm, while we're at it.
What do we tell Ryoko Tamiya?
No need to tell her.
Sorry for the horrid things
I said the other day.
I know you saved me.
You're experiencing a lot worse,
with your mum and all...
Forget it. No need to worry about me.
You're pretty tough
considering you were always such a chicken.
Sun dragging that up?
I can't cry any more.
The tears...
They won't come.
I'm losing the human side of my emotions.
You'll always be Shinichi.
I know that.
Shinichi, enemy in range.
I've got to be somewhere. See you.
Get this straight,
you're short by a couple of zeroes.
I risk my life for this stuff.
I'll shop it to the other TV stations.
Think it over.
I'll be in touch.
What's up, Dad?
You're acting all tough.
If there's anything you want
let me buy it for you.
I bagged a once-in-a-lifetime scoop.
Don't over-do it, Dad.
You're one of the little guys.
Remember who you are.
You sure piss me off.
But if you insist and it goes well,
you can buy a new version of this.
You're so patronising.
I'll go get some cigarettes.
Get toilet paper while you're at it.
She's getting like her mother.
Where is it?
They're following close.
Tailing by 300 meters.
It's not Tamiya?
No. And I sense incredible bloodlust.
They're out to kill us.
Do we go on the offensive?
There are five of them.
What about that promise of safety, Tamiya?
They're on our tail.
It's no use hiding.
Brain-waves give us both away.
- We have to fight.
- It's five against one.
That's just one guy.
That can't be right.
He's clearly alone.
Ah, there you are.
You're pretty fast, kid.
What's going on?
This guy has five of them.
Head, both arms and both legs
are parasites...
One body with five parasites...
This is crazy!
You're agile, too.
Our odds aren't good.
Don't despair just yet.
His moves are sloppy and inaccurate.
Give up, kid.
His limbs get in each other's way.
There's the key.
Key to what?
We'll use our speed. Let's go Shinichi!
Time to wrap this up!
Here we go!
We did it!
The head's supposed to control
but it couldn't handle it.
Coordinating four parasites is no easy task.
Let's stab him in the heart.
This isn't good.
Miki, come on back.
The right arm's your best position after all.
We shouldn't go home tonight.
The entire organisation
is on the lookout for us.
Life on the run, huh?
Make your bed and lie in it.
Don't forget who got you elected.
I'm aware it was you.
Then why do you act
without my permission?
Ms Tamiya.
We must eliminate
any threat to our organisation.
He's right.
Take Shinichi, Migi or that journalist...
Your so-called "experiments"
are the problem.
The problem is your failure
to eliminate them!
Letting the journalist escape
and only killing his child.
I despair at your ineptitude.
It's important to remove all trace of him.
A single human is an easy target.
You totally fail to grasp
their essential nature.
The key human trait
is to care for another
more than for themselves.
When robbed of that person,
their anger and hatred
drives them to the point of insanity.
Don't you remember anything?
It'll already have happened...
That journalist's very being
will be fundamentally transformed.
Did you stumble across
some incredible secret?
Mr Kuramori, give us something.
But humans are feeble creatures.
Judged on an individual basis, yes.
But you're incorrect.
The fact you must grasp is that
when humans gather
in their tens, hundreds,
thousands, tens of thousands,
they become a distinct organism,
part of another human intelligence,
a vast, collective brain.
The moment we defy that,
we will be defeated.
You must never again behave so rashly!
If you do,
you invite our total destruction.
Any problem with that, Hirokawa?
Mr Mayor, what do we do?
I'll be back soon.
Mr Hirama!
Kuramori escaped from his hotel room.
What about his guards?
He caught them by surprise.
In that state, he might do anything.
Do you know what human beings call this?
A "coup d'tat" or a "purge," maybe...
"Factional in-fighting" or "lynch mob"?
The birth of an organisation
is not without complications.
You're too involved with humans.
You thought three of you could defeat me?
I've got your baby.
Playing hardball, Mr Journalist...
It's time for tactical operations.
We're to spearhead
the extermination of the parasites.
I want this to go by the book.
All units, embark!
Mr Kuramori?
I'm glad you answered.
Where are you?
I'll help you.
Let's avenge your daughter.
I'll do it alone.
I'll kill the leader of the monsters...
And the kid.
Hello? Mr Kuramori?
Did they get a trace?
Seems so.
Ms Tamiya?
Satomi Murano, right?
Do you know where Izumi is?
I'm looking for him, too.
He won't answer his phone.
Excuse me...
If you find out something,
please let me know.
You're worried?
Higashi Fukuyama Zoo
Tell me Izumi's mobile number.
You're safe, then?
It's you...
You sent that five-in-one thing to kill me?
It wasn't me who sent him.
But he was the result
of one of my experiments.
You and your goddamn experiments.
Maybe you're right.
Let's go on a date.
I need you to take care of something.
Come to Higashi Fukuyama Zoo.
Higashi Fukuyama City Hall
This is an emergency.
I'm Mizukami of the Metropolitan Police.
It's vital that you all please listen.
A suspect with a hunting rifle
is loose in the building.
At this time, he's holed up on the roof.
We need all occupants to assemble
in the ground floor lobby.
I repeat.
All occupants are to assemble
in the ground floor lobby.
That's practically everyone.
Now we start the extermination.
Stay calm, we will guide everyone
to safety outside.
To avoid confusion, you'll be led in turn.
Please do as you're told and stay calm.
This line is to continue forward.
Everyone proceed in a calm manner.
No need to hurry.
Please proceed in single file.
Keep going straight ahead.
Watch your step, take it slow.
Target sighted.
Excuse me, this way, please.
Others please proceed straight.
This way.
That's one. Next...
You often brought your daughter here?
Am I right?
I expected a bunch of police
but you're alone.
What do you want?
I wonder...
I'm not quite sure myself.
I wanted to get my revenge
for getting me caught up in this.
I knew I couldn't easily kill you,
but I figured I could kill the kid.
So you'd know how I feel.
To make it worse,
I'd do it right in front of you.
Or so I planned...
Totally illogical and yet so very human.
Don't come any closer.
I'm a pretty useless father.
But after my wife died,
I did my best to raise her well...
You know, it wasn't me
who took your daughter.
It doesn't matter.
You're still the ring-leader.
Mr Kuramori, what are you doing?
You mustn't do that!
Don't step out of line!
Please do not move!
Please get back in line!
Calm down!
Parasites appearing on ground floor.
Get me the portable scanner.
Is he holding a baby?
That's dangerous.
Killing the kid won't give you revenge.
For her, motherhood is
all just an experiment.
They don't have feelings like we do.
The goddamn parasite won't mourn
the kid's death.
Then why the hell did she turn up here?
Ryoko Tamiya!
If your kid's precious, come take it.
Show the good folk here
your monstrous transformation.
Don't persecute us.
We're frail creatures.
In what way are you frail?
Compared to the terrifying strength
of the human species,
we are wretched and frail.
We can't survive by ourselves.
We're just a collection of cells.
So please...
Go easy on us.
I was just passing by...
What's the disturbance about?
I've been thinking...
What is it that we represent?
And what do humans represent to us?
The conclusion I reached is that
humans and parasites are like a family.
A family?
It's as though
we're your children.
And you two...
Binding us together...
Are our hope for the future.
Shinichi Izumi?
I'd like you to return my child.
Mr Kuramori, let's stop this.
Show everyone who you really are.
Humans and parasites
can never be family!
That had you fooled.
As if a human being...
Would ever kill a human child.
Mr Kuramori!
Don't move!
I'm surprised your parasite form
saved the child.
I was surprised, too.
Excellent work.
Your drastic measures
have exceeded expectations.
I guess we can call it your victory.
But then, when it comes to massacres
humans excel every time.
But the day will come when you realise
murder doesn't compare to your crime
of despoiling the environment.
Then it won't be long
before you value our existence
and protect us parasites.
Value the role of your arch-enemy.
Stop caring about your own species.
Think of all life on earth.
Then you'll be the Lords of Creation.
You humans babble on about justice,
but what about the greater justice?
While we maintain a balance
between all life forms,
it's you humans who are parasitizing
every aspect of this planet!
You're something worse than a parasite.
You're a pestilence.
Are you done with your speech?
This guy was human!
That was obvious from the start.
That doesn't change the matter.
Hirokawa, huh?
One human that impressed Ryoko Tamiya.
She pinned high hopes on him.
He was a unique individual.
What about this one?
Does he look human for even a second?
I hear a voice in my head...
Telling me to devour them.
Izumi, back away from her.
Wait, don't go...
I've got something for you.
Don't move.
If you move, I'll shoot!
Stay still. You'll be shot!
This is my final warning!
Stop or we'll shoot!
Shinichi Izumi, Migi...
This is good-bye.
Open fire!
Don't shoot. Stop!
Stop. The baby's human!
You could easily have escaped.
I've always asked the question...
Why are we put on this earth?
We solve one mystery
only for another to emerge.
We long for beginnings only to
then long for endings.
Heads spinning, we stumble forward.
Maybe it's all pointless.
So then why even bother?
Then, when it all comes to an end,
we just have to resign ourselves.
In any case, today...
I found an answer to one of my questions.
I wish we could've had a life,
this child and I together...
Raise him to be a normal child, please.
He's a happy, healthy little boy.
The other day, I tried acting human.
I laughed out loud.
It felt pretty good.
She's dead.
She's dead.
Your mother's dead.
She died protecting you.
My tears...
Came back.
I'll take him now.
Izumi, I don't understand
your connection to these parasites,
but I'd like some information from you.
But Shinichi...
Don't worry.
That can't be true. Check again.
What is it?
That operation at City Hall...
The SAT team...
It's been wiped out.
No way...
It's the five-in-one parasite you killed.
Yet it's totally transformed.
He's in total control of the other four.
He's an overwhelming force.
Let's run, I'm scared.
Get out of here.
What on earth is it?
Mr Hirama, sir!
Mr Hirama!
Can you drive?
Japanese only took me a day.
We're safe...
Don't count your chickens.
Goto is 100 metres away.
Where the hell is he?
Fifty meters.
What's going on?
Zero meters...
Did we do it?
No, not yet.
He's a tough bastard.
It's no use. This is impossible.
A spear's no match for a gun.
Out-fought and out-run.
What would a human do?
Hiding's the only option.
But your brain-waves give us away.
Let's use that against him.
It's me he can detect, not you.
But if it doesn't work?
There's always plan B. Let's go.
Didn't cut deep enough!
Shinichi, I failed. Switch to plan B!
What the hell's that?
Just do what I say.
What do I do?
We mustn't both die.
As long as one lives, we've succeeded.
Don't be stupid!
You're the one being stupid!
Get out of here!
- Migi!
- Quick, get away!
I'm done for...
Run, Shinichi...
That's right...
Without me, he'll never find you...
Good job, Shinichi...
When we met,
I failed to infect your brain.
I'm glad now...
Say NO to Nuclear Waste
Shinichi, where are you?
Did that hurt?
Everyone's gone.
Everyone's dead.
I'm here.
I'm right here!
You're still the old Shinichi.
The chicken, the cry-baby.
The Shinichi I love...
I feel as though...
All this was just a bad dream.
It was a dream...
All Of it.
Were some of your cells left behind?
This isn't good.
He'll find us.
He'll be here!
Excuse me, this is no entry.
We should run, Shinichi.
- He's looking for me.
- Let's escape.
Keep running as far as it takes.
- I've got to face him.
- Why? What can you do?
I don't know. But Migi tried.
I promise I'll return.
I'm here!
Time to crush all hope.
Give up. It's over.
For ages, a voice
has been ringing in my ears
urging me to devour humans.
Someone on this planet had the idea
that all life needs protecting.
Who was that? Another life form?
It's you, yourselves.
What do you mean?
Above all, mankind's increase
is a threat to mankind itself.
It's man that whispers in my ear.
We're actually trying to save you.
You were absorbed into him?
I sabotaged his nervous system, too.
It was my plan C.
I swear...
You're a law unto yourself.
A rebellion's going on.
The subordinate parasite cells
are fleeing the impending danger.
Victory is yours, Shinichi.
Wasn't it intentional?
That pipe you used was coated
with radioactive waste.
Radioactive waste?
Let's put him out of his misery.
You fought well.
Let me help you, comrade.
The strongest parasite is dead.
Incredible. His heart is still beating.
The head is still putting out a call,
trying to summon all the fragments
to somehow regenerate.
Is that possible?
A 50/50 chance.
We should finish him off.
We're frail creatures...
So please...
Go easy on us.
No final blow?
Do we really...
Have the right to kill him?
If that's your decision, so be it.
What is it?
You weren't in the wrong...
You're not to blame.
It's just that I...
I had something to protect.
I'm sorry...
Us, humans...
We still want to keep living.
No time to rest if you're trying to catch up.
Just a few minutes.
I've been thinking recently.
Parasite activity is out of the news, right?
That's true.
It's not like you were all exterminated.
Tamiya, Goto and those massacred
were a small minority.
Why are the others behaving?
I wonder...
They've changed.
They've changed lifestyles
and feeding habits
and become adept at blending in.
Ryoko Tamiya's "coexistence"
is becoming a reality.
I have changed, too.
You have?
Shinichi, I'm thinking of leaving.
What are you talking about?
That nuclear waste caused havoc
to my cellular structure.
I've been working on the repair ever since,
exhausting healthy cells in the process.
With the result that
it's hard for me to maintain this form.
I need to begin a long period of dormancy.
It might be years, decades...
My entire life, maybe.
It means you get your right hand back.
Wait a minute...
Don't worry. It's just a shut-down.
Now's a good time to take my own path.
A journey deep inside myself.
What do you mean?
Imagine this was all a dream...
I can't do that.
You're right in front of me.
For sure, I'm definitely real.
And although we endured
so much hardship,
we have to part now.
I'm leaving, flipping the switch...
Don't I get to talk to you again?
Maybe not...
Talking to your own hand is odd, anyway.
You know how you forget a dream
when you wake?
Forget me the same way.
Wait a minute, Migi.
This is just a hand here.
The right hand you missed so badly.
Thanks for everything.
Wake up, Migi...
Is that it?
I swear...
You're just a law unto yourself.
Don't ask me to forget you.
How could I ever do that, you jerk?
Sorry, sorry...
Hey, you...
I thought you stood me up.
I fell back to sleep again.
You're terrible.
Taiki Tamiya.
Will he grow tall?
Look, they're selling coffee.
You're right.
It looks good.
I have to get you one?
Your punishment for being late.
Hey, what are you doing?
Do you hear me?
It's so damn cute...
So scared, she barely makes a noise.
Stop it. What do you want?
You might not know me but...
I remember you very well.
Which brings me to my question.
I need answers from a non-human viewpoint.
Monsters kill us for food, that's simple.
What am I, then? Why do I kill?
The answer is that I'm a genuine human.
Humans have always been
a murderous species.
Slaughtering each other
for thousands of years.
I want a monster's opinion from you.
I'm a truly representative human, right?
Answer me!
I guess so...
- Maybe you're right.
- Shinichi!
You don't have to answer this jerk.
There's nothing human about you.
Quiet as a mouse and now all full of energy.
I'm not afraid of you one bit. I pity you.
That's enough. Stay quiet.
Shinichi is truly human.
He values life, no matter how small.
You're the monster!
It's OK...
I'm going to save you...
Believe me...
Why, for chrissakes?
Remember that dead puppy
by the side of the road?
It meant nothing to us, right?
Then why were we sad?
Because human beings sympathise
with the suffering of others.
They like to live in proximity
with other species.
That's one endearing characteristic
you guys have.
You can't help but offer a hand sometimes.
So Shinichi, will you please quit moping?
I'm tired. Take hold of her.
Are you OK?
Is it you, Migi?
Are you there?
Thank you.
That dead puppy?
The one I threw in the trash?
I meant to tell you for ages...
I thought it over,
and buried it under a tree.
I know...
Because that's who you are.
Because you're Shinichi...
Shota Sometani
Eri Fukatsu
Sadawo Abe
Ai Hashimoto
Tadanobu Asano
Based on the manga "PARASYTE" by Hitoshi
Iwaaki (published by KODANSHA LTD.)
Ryota Kosawa Takashi Yamazaki
Director & VFX:
Takashi Yamazaki
Kennedy Taylor