Parava (2017) Movie Script

Go to the shop.
I told you to go to the shop.
How long are you taking?
If you don't listen,
I'll fry all of it.
If you touch my fishes, I'll kill you.
Go away. I'll kill you.
Why are schools giving
so many holidays?
I wish they open as soon as possible.
You took only this fish?
He stole only this
fish from here...Right !!
For what? We just needed
to take our fish back.
Go away lchaPPi!
Come, Haseeb!
Come on.
The boys have started
training their pigeons.
It seems like they will participate
in Pigeon Tournament this time
That male pigeon won't
fly long enough without its mate
These two won all the
tournaments in the past.
Even now the boys
don't know where it is.
All our tournaments
are won by its babies.
He is still searching for his partner.
Today they will fly very well,
Damn! He is landing back.
Just shut up Haseeb!
Not even 2 minutes
Let us feed them. They must be hungry.
Just Get lost.
There is problem
with the carrom board.
For everyone else there is no problem.
Don't waste time! play!
There is no time.
I have to go for marriage.
You do one thing. You fly
the other Blue rock Pigeon's baby.
What is happening?
Where are they all going?
Come... come...
Come! Come!
Rauf ikka! Looks like
they are attracting our pigeon
Get our birds down.
What are you guys waiting for?
Whose bluerock pigeon is that?
Yah! Which pigeon is that?
They are looking here.
Its theirs only ...Fly it away
Have you started your play?
When the cage opened
up they all flew away.
From there we saw what you were doing.
I know you will fly one day
- No I wont
They have set eyes on
our 'Double Eyed Pigeon'.
That 'Double Kanni' is good.
Informing Rafooka we'll steal that.
- What?
- It is ours.
You are back again...
To eat my mung beans...
I'll close this window
and will never let you in
What is that on top?
Will you guys break everything?
Mother is calling for breakfast.
I'm terribly hungry.
It is 'Rice pancake' and beef.
Without coconut milk
nothing tastes that good.
What is this, lchappi?
Don't finish the water?
- Haseeb, did you wash your hands?
- I'll wash after having food.
Go and wash. There is no cleanliness.
From morning you have
been chasing pigeon and fish.
Saad Lamjarred - lm3allem (song)
- Don't scare me
- Look at that...
After vacation other children appear
healthy by eating good food from home.
But both of you appear dark like apes.
- What is this?
- Its a flower arrangement
Haseeb, how did you pass?
By copying from him.
Then what about the
subject in which he failed?
What is this? Shouldnt
you have given it to him also?
Haseeb! Haseeb! Give it.
I haven't written anything.
Give it.
Okay, that's it.
Tie up your papers please!
Just because he failed in
one subject my son lost one year.
should I put cover for your book?
You put yours and
the remaining for me.
I'm done with mine.
To write the failed subject?
He is going to learn the
same book this year also, isn't it?
He hasn't written anything
in the previous year.
You write properly at least this year.
Mother, didn't you
give them clam meat?
Is there clam meat?
She is fooling you both.
There is no clam meat in here.
Go away!
She unnecessarily made me greedy.
Give this to your mother.
Make sure it reaches home.
lchappi, I'm leaving.
Your breakfast is here. Have it.
- Come on!
- lchappi! lchappi! lchappi! lchappi!
lchappi! lchappi! lchappi! lchappi!
- Come on!
- lchappi! lchappi! lchappi! lchappi!
lchappi! lchappi! lchappi! lchappi!
lchappi! lchappi! lchappi! lchappi!
lchappi! lchappi! lchappi! lchappi!
What is this, lchappi?
Is this sports?
Everyone else learned how to flip
Somebody make him understand
He won't understand even if taught.
What happened to you?
You jump and roll.
If you do it once, its easy.
That's only if I can do it once right?
(Children Chattering)
(Children Chattering)
Come on.
Come on! Come!
(Children Chattering)
(Children Chattering)
(Children Chattering)
Haseeb, is it not
time for you to go home?
Tell lchappi to put them in cage
and come down. Else I'll come there.
Mom asked to get
them back to their cage
Come... come...
From tomorrow we have
to go to school, isn't it?
Dear Haseeb! Don't tell
me boring words at mid night.
Hearing this I lost my sleep. Get in.
Yes. I had.
Yah! Yah...!
lchappi! Get up!
Don't you need to go to school?
This will be over soon.
Just 5 minutes.
You can sleep for 10 more minutes.
After that I'll come and wake you up.
He did it! Yes! He has done it!
lchappi! Get up. Ten minutes is over.
Fooled you.
Only just 2 minutes passed by.
Mother. Look at this.
(Students Chattering)
Maya Miss is here
- Good morning.
- Everyone looks happy.
I shall call out each one by name.
They need to stand up
and go to other class, ok.
Teacher, only lchaapi has failed.
You can ask only him to stand up and
send rest of us to the other class.
That's right.
Do you have any
problem to stand up?
You can mention if you have any.
I shall speak to him and make you
sit here itself, I have no problem.
Do you want?
Then stand up when
name is called out.
Don't be over smart.
Poor boy made fun of himself.
Atheena, Ahmad Fardheen
Anita, Ameen, Junaid, Lucky
Sahil K A, Akash, Nishita, Rasheed
Smrithi, Surya, Sreeshma.
- Salman, Saigal.
- lchaapi, I guess I failed too.
And Haseeb.
You all need to go to Xth B.
What? Xth B?
Its Kaanchana Miss there,
she will pinch badly.
So move on fast,
everything is over here.
Shall I leave? See
you during lunch break.
Shame ! What is this?
lchaapi, are you crying?
Are you sad because you have
to sit here for one more year?
I have been in this same
class for the last seven years.
Am not I sad about it? I
shall help you in all subjects.
Come wipe off your tears.
Everyone looks happy.
So, from today I'm
your class teacher.
- My name is.
- Maya Teacher.
Well done. From today
lchaapi will be...
lrshad will be your class leader.
He has one year experience
compared to all of you here.
You should be doing all
things perfectly. Alright?
- Who is your leader?
- lrshad.
Leader, can I sit on your bench?
Ok, leader.
- You?
- Yes.
- You mean class leader?
- Yes.
Damn! I shouldn't have passed.
If I were in your class. Atleast I
could have become the vice captain.
Because of suffocation, I
can't even sit in my new class.
Which one is that with white head?
Which one? Where?
Not here! There!
That's the new girl from our class.
Did you see his tuning process?
Shall meet you in afternoon.
Where are you going with this crow?
Its not a crow uncle.
Its a Jokku pigeon
What's it?
Shall go to mosque and come back.
Wow! It's nice right, look there.
Come slowly.
Wait let it come down.
Why is the double eyed
pigeon following her?
The female pigeon is a superb one.
Haseeb... Be quite...
Let it get into the cage.
Get in, get in.
Got in.
Even then it didn't pair
with any... Saw him now ?
Is this magic or what?
Come here let me have a look.
Super pigeon, isn't it?
'Verse from Qu ran'
Son of late Pandari
Koyasen' s and father of
Abdul Mujeeb's father,Abdul Khadar who
resided in Kochangaadi, passed away.
Funeral at 9 am in the morning
in Moideen Masjid Graveyard.
Mujeeb's father passed away.
When will Mujeeb arrive?
Manaf and Kabir have
gone to pick him up.
Come son.
The house construction
is about to finish.
Its been three years
after you left from here.
I would want to see you.
Please come back son.
' P raye r'
' P raye r'
' P raye r'
' P raye r'
She is good in her studies, I
shall take her all responsibility
Sir, please do have a
word with the management.
I shall take care of
the uniform as well.
As she is good looking so many
bad proposals are also shooting up.
They shall get her married as
soon as she becomes an adult.
- Oh! Mother.
- Look who is coming.
- What happend you, didn't you like?
- This is for the third time.
- No didn't like it, get away.
- Isn't he fed up?
- Let him come.
- You need not worry we are with you.
Shall we bash him?
I'm not finding words, my god.
What's it I forgot.
Hey man, stop it.
First learn and come.
Ok, I need to learn.
What is it guys, didn't like it?
Yes really.
Look your tail just got chopped off
- Where? Get away.
- You get away.
Is she taller than you?
Look ! lchaapi is coming.
- He is not that type.
- What happend to him?
Why have you put up a wall, move
aside. Don't people need to walk?
I told you, lchaapi
is not that type.
- Did your pigeon lay eggs?
- Which pigeon?
- The one I gave.
- When did you give?
- What?
- I know you won't remember.
- No one saw.
- Must have seen.
No, no one noticed.
Leave it no one saw it.
See the other one has landed up.
Now what have you got to tell her?
I don't have to say her, I
need to speak with you guys.
Since morning you all are
standing like chained up.
That girl might be
feeling suffocated.
Four of them have come
dressed up in a coat.
Then why don't they go
for a bodyguard's work?
Haven't you kept the
leftovers along, brother?
- For feeding pigeons.
- Ok, give that. Yes I shall give.
It's completing, still
some work is pending.
So now you are not
going back right?
Work is going on and there is
no one either to look after.
Anyways, after finishing
the house construction.
Shall I make a move now?
Workers are waiting there.
Assalmu Alaikum (peace to you)
No, bathing. Zulfi, come sit down.
Zulfi, your wedding
bells are ringing right?
- Yes.
- God. Who is giving you bride?
Hakkim, When will you give us
a wedding invitation like this ?
It's been so long,
will anything work out?
First you shave off your beard
then you shall find a bride.
His wedding bell is ringing too.
- Is it?
- Yes.
God! Then we can have briyani soon.
It's not briyani,
Manaf it's meat rice.
It's fine. Meat will be
there right,shall eat that.
Stop whining and play, Manaf.
- Shall come.
- Ok Zulfi, See you on your wedding.
Manaf, you don't
come for my wedding.
It sounded serious to us.
What's up?
After returning back, you
did not turn up to club.
Thought of coming after finishing
the work left. I shall come.
Don't you meet up Shane?
I see him but he doesn't mind us.
Wait let me see.
Superb pigeons, right?
Amazing, right?
You wait and watch . I shall fly
their kid for pigeon tournament
Which one is that Farzi?
Looks like its new.
They will fly pigeons
in tournament this time.
Superb. The pigeons are amazing.
Stop staring and start
attracting those pigeons.
Let out our pigeons and
attract them and capture them.
Look Haseeb, they have
flew their pigeons.
Come, come, come.
Come, come.
Come, come.
Come, come.
They got down. I think the
female pigeon got tamed.
Come, come. Come, come, come.
I think they attracted their
own pigeons and got them down.
Look lchappi. Both of them
have become a pair now.
Long jump participants
are requested to
...collect their chest
numbers at the earliest...
Sir, its a foul.
Ichaapi, lchaapi.
Ichaapi, lchaapi.
- On!
- Sir, I'm first.
It's the race, sir.
You won, reach the finish line.
Please go till the red ribbon.
Hey! lchaapi.
(Children Chattering)
(Children Chattering)
(Children Chattering)
(Children Chattering)
Need to clear up this place
Out! Out!
- Let me see.
- What?
I'm also from here right.
Just one ball friend.
Move aside or the bat shall hurt you.
Watch out.
- Out! Out!
- Sixer.
You are out, if you hit six over here.
- What's it?
- Six is out here, come on next player.
I'm going.
Hit a six for the first
time and out it seems
Idiots don't know how to play
Get that grey pigeon,
let me have a look.
It's nice one,
where did you get it from?
Am I supposed to give you
address from where I stole it?
Get lost you need not see it.
(Children Chattering)
- Someone slapped me from there.
- Slapped!!
One man hit me on my face,
when I went to fetch the ball.
Come along.
Stop running, and
tell me what's the matter?
- They are the ones...
I swear on God,I have
no idea how that happened
The Marlboros
Are facing courageous
Six Four team mates.
Do not let Shane get the strike.
Bolwer Sheji Mathilakam
Bowl him down
Bowl him down
Captain of Six Four Mattancherry.
Non striker Shane taking
advice from captain
Last two balls remaining.
Mashar...Come forward
That way.
Malbords have covered all the field.
With 5 runs to win on last two balls.
Captain of Six Four
Manttancherry on strike.
Brother, finish it.
Come on... Come on...
Shane run back, run.
Hey man.
Super run out, with super captaincy...
...and with a smart move captain
lmran have got Shane on strike.
Malbords have lost all their hopes.
Where is Mujeeb? Mujeeb come play.
- Me?
- Yes.
Last batsman Mujeeb.
Thanking all our sponsors once again.
The winners will receive trophy
from Mattancherry cricket association
What's it? Watch out for his game.
Shall watch.
With 5 runs to win from
1 ball for Six Four Manttancherry.
Players of Malboro.
Have closed all the scope of winning.
If I had to bat the last ball.
Be brave and play you frog.
Do you want the bat?
You just go and stand there.
He will make us win.
- Mujeeb.
- One ball 5 runs.
It's the last ball, right?
Stand there, did you get it?
Shane at strike
- There?
- Shane just smash it.
- Last one, right?
- Yes, only one.
We have won.
Only by hitting 6 and 4.
Did you see? We won. We won.
You guys leave, I'll be back.
What is it?
Take out.
- Did you forget the bet?
- Which bet.
You told we shall lose.
It was a joke.
- I only have 300.
- 300 Rupees.
Why do you keep bet
when you don't have money.
Give the money.
- I don't have anything more.
- You don't have 100 rupees.
- Give this.
- Okay.
- Want to bet?
- Get away boy.
When you don't have
money why do you keep bets?
You pawed so we.
And brother your sixer too.
I shall come. It's semi final.
- I shall come now.
- Sharaf come and help me at work
Hey Son! Come here please.
I shall came father, it's final today.
Please come and help me son, Sharafu...
My son.
Brother, will this do?
Yes this one is ok.
She is our darling
Let this 1 gram sovereign be for you.
Saw her eyes.
She is an awesome pigeon.
What's the plan.
Its for kids in nursery
Fish biryani? Won't I get some?
- In my house?
- We are cooking it there.
I'm hungry,
got a stomach similar to kids.
- Papadum?
- I shall give it
Some lemon pickle?
What's your name?
Say your name.
It's Appu.
Hey! Shane don't miss it.
Don't take single,
I wont be able to hit.
Defence, brother.
did you see Shane just got out.
Brother, shall I go.
Hakeem, just bash it.
What are you doing?
So why do you have to be out for that?
What were you talking to her
in public? What will people think?
Really! ls talking in public a problem?
Is there any problem in doing that?
I don't have any problem.
Simply don't ruin her life.
- People will start gossiping, brother.
- What?
That's what even I have got to say.
What you think I'm not aware of anything.
Just to get backbitten by pople.
Won't work either.
What? Brother.
If you would have played carefully,
you wouldn't have been out now.
Where are your eyes?
Watch and walk properly.
How weirdly you got out?
What's wrong, humans get out.
- Even Sachin does, so what?
- Pity.
It was good ball,
that's why I got out. What's wrong?
Look hakeem has gone crazy.
Hakeem, I'm not out.
I'm starving, the puff I ate
in afternoon couldn't satisfy me.
I shall go myself.
He was simply saying.
Don't I know I'm perfectly fine.
In 2 days, he will turn 30.
Please tell him to do
anything now if he wants to do
There is no point doing
anything after our death.
You convince him.
Ask him to work and take
up responsiblity of the family...
...instead of playing
and wandering around.
Father you hold these medicine
it's prescribed in it when to have it.
Hold this file too, they shall
ask for it on next week's visit.
Why? its you who take and pay money,
so keep it yourself.
Have something and go, lmran.
I shall go to mosque and come,
I had not been there.
Oh God! Got frightened.
What happened?
Smile, show your teeth just like this.
Yes, coming.
- What is it brother?
- Yes.
If you touch that poor orphan girl,
I shall bash you, you swine.
Look straight and drive.
- No mother.
- Have little.
I just ate meat rice.
She is a good girl, I know her.
She shall suite for our family
No, not to get him married now.
We shall make proposal and keep.
And marriage later.
As you are so sure,
we can think about it, right?
Get the bag here.
This time collection is less.
Then to I have kept
two cover extra. ok.
It's very rush out here please help.
Stay back!! Whenever I ask you
At home you are punctual
at having food all time.
Only eat and play, eat and play.
Look if you have to say anything
say it at home, not in public.
When do I find you at home?
Why are you getting hyper?
Stop it ,
I wouldnt consider you as my father.
Don't you all have father back home,
is he like this?
Are you yelling at your father?
Which digging treasure
work you have got?
If you hurt your father,
you'll be cursed.
Leave it.
- Scratch here.
- How much is this for?
That's for 250
rupees do you want it?
A smaller size one.
- Small one.
- Then take that one.
- Then what?
I'm taking your bike.
- I shall come back soon.
- I need to go to harbour.
You get away. I'm already late
and waiting here since long.
For god sake shut up.
- On your way drop her at shop.
- Ok.
Put on the helmet.
Father, I have just set my hair.
You take and wear it over.
Anyone has to wear it,
I have wore it, father.
Then why don't you
call a helicopter.
Really I'm late.
This vehicle isn't
speeding up what can I do?
- Stop here.
- Don't jump let me park.
You and your parking.
Hey, helmet. Don't put it over.
- Wear it and go.
- Never mind.
What? Get lost.
Is it your turn in pigeon
tournament tomorrow?
No, then what?
Nice joke.
You are stinking.
Go and have a bath.
No, you come and bathe me, swine.
- Come and bathe me?
- Swine?
What swine?
Get away you petty fellow.
Are you messing around
with me you swine?
Shall smash your head.
- What is it?
- What are you staring at? You swine.
I shall really bash you hard.
It's him not me.
- I have told you all don't mess up.
- He is lying.
- You get lost.
- It's you who hit first.
Come along.
He started with fiddling.
It's scratching all over.
Come scratch all over.
Rauf forget it
- Don't mind.
Don't mess come on.
- He has come to bathe me it seems.
- Get lost.
Do you have a thugs mind?
What shall I do, he
unnecessarily messed up.
To cry , talk and
open up my mind.
L have no one else
other than you .
- What is it?
- Brother when did you leave?
Morning itself.
Is it, oh God.
I had asked you all
to come and help.
All vanished together.
No, its like... You will
back today itself, right?
- Why should I be back today itself?
- What is it brother?
- What you guys are cooking up?
- Nothing, brother.
We were missing you.
Come along.
They all feel that I'm
not aware of anything.
They are planning to have beer.
- Look that one there.
- The reddish one.
Is it for me Shane?
- I'm not able to get it.
- Shall try from other side.
- Why go by other side?
- Pull it over
- Thais wire.
- From this side.
Poke it.
It's easy to order, I
know how I'm doing it.
What happend? Why are you crying?
Nothing, I need to go home.
If you cry and go home
won't they be scared?
You sit here tell what happened.
What is it sister?
- Why are you crying sister?
- Nothing.
- How much?
- 45.
Take it after having food, mother.
Sir, the thing I
had mentioned before.
What did you ask earlier?
Yes, do you want the salary now?
Then, Habeeba wipe
that and keep it clean.
People will buy only
when they see it.
One day just come before the shop
opens, no one will know about it.
Don't go the shop from now on.
Tell family that the
shop is closed for Eid.
Let that rush get over.
- Brother shall we leave?
- Ok.
- We are going.
- Ok.
After dinner.
Come leis go.
Do you have change of 20?
Pay three rupees later.
- What?
- Give it.
Don't put in all that, give it.
Get me one.
For precaution only we use.
Introduce me as well,
if you got anyone.
- Get him.
- Come here you swine.
You misbehaved with our sister.
What are you going to show?
You want to show, then show.
Is this how you treat our sister?
You asshole.
Hey man.
Break this dirty swine's
shop. Break it up.
Hey! Shane.
Wait I want to burn his
shop also, that dirty swine
Hakeem Come
- Leave me Shane
- Run. Run
Should not spare those swines.
What's it? Tomorrow's special?
Ichaapi, are you applying
henna like girls?
- Hasn't Shane come here yet?
- Didn't he come there?
Oh! God, he must have gone to club.
I came here instead of going there.
- Ok I shall leave mother.
- Ok.
- What happened?
- They are not aware.
Why is your face so dull?
- It's not your fault.
- What's the use?
This wouldn't have happened,
if he was employed.
Look if we are watching the tides,
it wouldnt end
It will come one after another.
After doing all this,
what do you think can be done?
Haven't I warned you
to stay away from fights.
You have applied for passport.
...neither anything, you swine.
Look at your face
Who do you think you are?
Who the hell you think you are?
Thug? To pick up fights.
I shall shut down your club.
I shall ban you all.
What's it?
Nothing. Nothing.
Where are you learning all this from?
Aren't you the eldest?
Don't tickle.
I'm dead. I'm dead.
Leave. Leave.
Come here. Look here.
Why did you go and mess up with them.
We want that boy in white.
- Heard?
- Come. come.
Not you, you move aside.
Not you, he.
Kids? Who he?
- We shall solve it.
- What solve?
Hey man get away.
- What is it?
- What is it?
- Brother move aside.
- Leave him.
Get away.
Get away.
Brother. Run... Run...
- Hold him.
- Mujeeb.
You swine.
Get up.
Leave I say.
Shane, what are you doing?
Run you swine.
Kill him.
I told you all that we shall solve.
One of the guy's leg
is badly injured by Shane
We shall make sure
that they don't disclose it.
Warn all our spoiled ones
from stepping out of the house.
If then, I shall break their leg.
That poor guy has lost his life.
What is it?
I lost my brother.
I want to kill.
I want to kill.
What are you standing here for?
Go away.
What is happening here?
What is happening out here?
Where are you all going?
Where and whom are you going to show?
Yesterday I didn't see
this temper in anyone of you.
Left him alone and you
all ran away, you swines.
If I had lost you.
I wouldn't have any sorrow.
Shame on the name of friendship.
No one should dare come
into my house henceforth.
Shame on the friends,
you dirty swines.
Get out fast. Get out all of you.
Where are you going?
Get inside.
- No. I want to kill.
- Stop it.
- Want to kill.
- Do you want to hit me.
Will you hit me?
- Hit me.
- I will
You want to hit your father you,
you swine.
Then as you were sentimental,
I kept listening.
They are psychos
Tell all our children to be vigilant.
You are scared.
It's on your face.
I can't bare to see all this. Get up.
Looks like oppana (A muslin":
dance form) team are walking down.
Where were you missing for few days?
Had gone to gulf?
You have become fair and healthier.
Yes, she has become
fair and healthier. So what?
Yes ,she has become
fair and healthier.
She became big like us. So what?
Move aside.
He wants to know everything.
Look lchaapi. Don't fight
with your elder sister like before.
Your sister have grown up.
Come, come did you
see the amour of water?
- What is the colour?
- Violet?
Surumi, I want to say one thing.
What's it?
Vomit and see?
Just a minute.
I shall whisper in your ears.
- Why Is that for?
- I told you its a secret.
Yes that is white.
Yes water is colourless...
Its transparent
You didn't know that?
- Why did you hit?
- Mother.
I knew you will be here.
Why did you kiss when
you had gone to propose her?
Simply to embarrass me.
You got it, right?
I stopped everything.
It won't work out now.
What will you do now?
She was talking to
her friends in classroom.
Did she have Discuss it with anyone?
Touch me and see if I caught fever?
Yes you have.
Will mother believe?
What illness will I say at home?
You go to school tomorrow.
Then see if she tells
about it to teachers or not
Who is that?
Looks like her
Are they going to my house?
No, they are going to next door.
Just don't scare me.
What happened, fell down?
Come here, let me check.
Temperature is cool as compared
to the one when you come from terrace.
Take bath you will be fine.
He must have done something mother.
Can make out from his face itself?
- Severe Pain.
- Pain?
- Look like I'm going to get severe fever.
- Yes, it's arriving by bus.
He is lying.
He looks dull.
Do you have fever?
Give him medicine if there is any.
You can leave only after finishing
what's there on the board, understood?
Everything seems fine,
then I shall go and talk.
- Shall we go?
- Come Surumi.
I'm not feeling good you go.
How stupid he is?
She hasn't told neither
to her friends or teacher.
- I asked?
- What did you ask?
You Fool!
My dear Haseeb if you ask her,
then they will go and ask Surumi.
And then surumi will
have to disclose it right...
But I asked whether anything
went wrong with her?
Haseeb, check if my fever has shot up?
Yes! It has increased.
That means I will have
to go to school tomorrow.
- Haseeb.
- Haseeb? Which Haseeb?
Where is lrshad?
He is down with fever. Heavy fever.
Ask him not to pretend
false fever and bunk.
I haven't discussed it with anyone.
Ask him to attend the class
or else I will inform the teacher.
Ask him to stop pretending to be sick
She is innocent.
She hasn't told it to anyone.
I have even told her
not to share it with anyone.
She had asked you to stop
all this and attend the school.
Hope all is fine?
Move aside.
She is absent.
No, should I?
So 1,2,3 Stan.
The other guy got embarrassed.
Only after I whistle
you should be pulling.
Ready on your marks set, Go
Pull straight,
Vaman just stand this side.
Teacher had told them.
She won't come to school anymore.
They have also enquired about it.
No one was there either,
they have shifted their home it seems.
- Money.
- I'm not coming.
What's wrong with, lchaapi?
If so, then come we shall
go to one place and come.
Come lchaapi and Haseeb
we shall go and come.
- I'm not coming.
- Come along lchaapi.
I'm not coming you go.
- Haseeb come with us. Leis go.
- Come
There is nothing to be afraid off,
I had seen it thrice already...
What are you doing?
What's it?
Haseeb, what are you doing?
- Do you want water?
- No.
Listen, I'm going.
Come leis leave.
No,he wouldn't as he
had also been there.
You left since morning, saying
that you are going to school.
Haseeb, stay there.
You come home, let father
come back. you will have it.
We toil day and night for our kids.
- Our kids are wandering around.
- Do you want?
Disobedient, kurutham kettavan
(one who is up to no good)
What should be said to you guys?
Come on. Come up.
Or leave it, I shall come down.
Or I shall push you down from here.
Where had you gone?
To humiliate us.
- Spare him mother.
- Get into the house.
Look he is here.
Then go and study.
- Baasha...
- Then did you watch it?
Then which movie did you watch?
Did you understand now?
You shouldn't be
watching all those.
Henceforth you shouldn't watch. Ok.
Get refreshed and have food.
No, it isn't over.
Have come to see the fair.
What have you done, you should have
at least frightened him, right?.
Before him, I had tried
doing it with the elder one.
Now by saying him anything.
Serve the food. I have been
asking for it for long time.
- ls there someone?
- No, come.
Yesterday was a strange experience.
- What?
- Yesterday's first experience.
Cut his Kite.
It has good market.
Come all, come.
- How many people are participating?
- 20 people
So we are last, its good.
Come up. Why did you stop there?
No, mother.
Yes, have come to invite.
Why these formalities?
We shall come.
- We all will come.
- I want one.
No, there are many
houses to be invited
I thought of starting it from here.
- Bye
- Bye.
- Is this your regular timing?
- Yes, and yours.
Introduce us to the bride and go.
They are tired of walking, let her
take rest. Shall introduce her later
First I shall introduce you
and everyone there after.
You had already before
serving, that's nice.
- Then have rice.
- Come all.
- All of you come.
- Son, give a seat to Manaf.
Ichaapi. Come here.
He is at home.
Remember Shane, I
had told you about.
His younger brother.
I have studied in their
school for one year.
Yes, you had studied
there for some time. Right?
You don't remember?
Yes, he had failed
and I had passed.
Now I remember.
Shall we leave? Bye bhabhi.
Get it down.
I'm not coming to
club anymore, Haseeb.
Why are you getting scared?
Didn't you hear what I said?
Everything will be fine
just term her as "BHABHI".
That bhabhi doesn't
even remember anything.
Today you got hit with an iron rod?
Why are you guys going
through the torture there?
Are you guys getting paid for it?
If you love pigeons so
much then come to my home.
And then, you want them
to steal away our pigeons.
Watch your word! We don't steal.
It's those big guys who steals.
It's with them.
- What?
- Which?
Your white head female pigeon
Come here.
It will look like its
locked. But it isn't locked.
Just pull over.
Don't disclose it to any one.
We shall set everything and give.
Shit! What kind of
dirty swine's they are?
Did you see its eyes
She is my darling
Come we shall put them in the cage.
- Why? - What If they come
looking for it and find it.
That's right. Take it.
What happened? Who did this cruelty?
Who did this cruelty to my son?
God, who the hell killed my son?
Yesterday you all had seen my child.
Did you see how he is lying today?
- I'm can't bare this sight, see how he
is lying here. - What's happening here?
- Get lost.
- What is it? - Get lost you dog.
Hearing your mourning,
people will think I'm dead.
- Won't give any peace.
- Unnecessarily to humiliate.
Get up and get lost. Go away everyone.
God dammit! Dog is dead not me.
What happened, now who is my support?
I have lost my support.
I'm unable to bare this.
My god, which felonious
did this cruelty?
They will never prosper in their life.
Now they may be at
peace after killing my son.
Let them all be happy.
It's only my loss, my god.
Manaf Deaf Manaf
- What's the flying time?
- 4.45
When is their turn?
Those kids? They are last.
Nice flying. Have good temper.
Did you see his pigeon?
Last time also he was super.
Come first.
It got down.
Rauf its the best
timing as of now, 5.45
Congratulation! Dear
- Tomorrow?
- Yes.
There are techniques
to keep them flying for long
- No need.
- I shall make you win.
- Will fly?
Let me know if you want. - Yes
My dear Manaf
Haven't I warned you against
unnecessarily talking in club.
What a nuisance is this?
What do you want? Come and sit here.
From now I shall be quite.
Will unnecessarily
talk and disturb others.
Tomorrow you need to rock.
- They have won.
- Its nice timing.
Someone stole away our pigeons
So there is no other
pigeon to be flied?
- Let come and speak
with the committee. - Yes.
We have pigeons to be flied.
- Look there Rauf.
- See which one is flying.
Rain started.
They will take more time now.
What are you waiting here for?
Five more minutes to go,
Will these guys win now?
- Ichaapi
What happened? What's going on here?
- Father pigeon's cage is stolen.
- ls cage stolen?
Are you satisfied now?
- What are you doing here?
- Tournament.
- There is no need of any tournament
or anything else. - Father!
Father don't send them.
There is no need of anything.
Since long time, with great love you...
you raised them up.
Are you happy,
when someone stole it away. Get in.
You go to your house.
- There is no need of pigeon
or anything. - Father, why father?
They crossed our time record
Yes. No comments.
Our Bluerock Pigeon!
- Brother, please return our pigeons.
- Brother, please return our pigeons.
- Which pigeons?
- My pigeons.
- Move away.
- Please, brother.
Brother, please return them.
Rauf, which pigeons
are they talking about?
Move away.
Don't get into worthless act.
Go home.
You swine.
- Return back the pigeons.
- Who are you?
Move away.
- Who is he?
- Move away.
Move away.
- You come this way.
- Come on.
If you hit once more,
then I will hit you hard.
Move away. Sit there.
I told you we haven't stolen it.
You will have it.
Don't you understand.
First itself I told we shall solve it.
Come throw. Come.
Come, Sachin's son throw.
- Leave it Shane
- Don't do it
- No! Don't do that.
- Leave it.
- Go
- Shane
Take this. If you touch my children,
I shall not spare you guys.
- Brother, leave.
- Leave I say.
I'll kill him today. - I w
- Its enough leave it.
Henceforth if these
swines are seen here.
I will not give you
nor to your police.
- Brother. - Swear on God,
I will take care of them
- I shall look after it.
- Go.
Th row.
Already she has circled
the ground 4-5 times.
- Go.
- Why are you shy?
You are my baby.
You are my gem.
You my sweet heart.
My sweetie pie, my lovely baby.